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Introducing Papa’s Next Chefs 2012: Let the voting begin!

By , July 10, 2012 11:12 am

We are super excited to announce the start of Papa’s Next Chefs 2012! For those of you who are new to this, Papa’s Next Chefs is a tournament where the fans get to decide who will be running Papa’s newest restaurant! We did this last year for Papa’s Pancakeria, and the winners were Prudence and Cooper. We have changed up a few things this year for the tournament. First, there are less competitors in this year’s tournament. We decided to take out anyone who has already worked at a Papa’s restaurant or who already has a job, and those who do not meet our height and size requirements for our clothing shop. We will also be taking things a bit slow for now, with only one match per week. So lets get this thing started with our first match-ups!

Papa’s Next Chefs: Blueberry Division Round 1: Matt vs James and Scooter vs Kayla.
You decide who moves on to the Division Finals and closer to becoming Papa’s Next Chefs!

  • Matt (841 votes)
  • James (2,197 votes)

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  • Scooter (2,031 votes)
  • Kayla (976 votes)

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