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Sword Making: Hammering, Building, and Presenting

By , September 5, 2012 9:07 am

Hey Everyone!

We have been really busy fine-tuning and play-testing Jacksmith these last few weeks, and things are coming along great!

Last week we went over the first part of sword-making, which was the Casting Process. This week we have details on the second and third parts of making swords in Jacksmith.

The second part of crafting a sword is hammering. Once the blade is removed from the mold, the sword is ready to be hammered. Hammering sharpens the sword, and a properly sharpened sword results in a higher attack power. To hammer the sword, you repeatedly click around the edge of the blade. Be careful, you only have a certain amount of hammer strikes, so make sure they are well placed.

The third part of sword crafting is building the handle. A properly built handle results in a higher durability during battle. A sword handle has 3 parts: the guard, the grip, and the cap. You design the handle based off of what parts are available in your inventory at the time. Much like stacking a burger in Papa’s Burgeria, you must be careful in assembling the handle, making sure all the parts are properly aligned.

After the sword is built, you can review its stats and send it off to the warrior to be scored. What’s awesome about this process is that there’s an extra layer of strategy to picking your metal ore, mold, and handle parts that we haven’t even explained yet. Also, this is just the process for sword making, the process and steps vary for the other types of weapons you can craft.


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