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Sneak Peek: Papa’s Burgeria To Go: Build Station

By , January 15, 2013 9:45 am

Hey Everyone,

We are making some major progress on Papa’s Burgeria To Go! For this sneak peek, we wanted to show off the new Build Station.

The biggest change that you will noticed is the topping location. One of the biggest problems with playing a Gameria on the small screen is that your fingers cover up most of the screen. So the traditional way to build a burger would be to drag and drop toppings. The only problem is that as you are dragging a topping, your finger is completely covering up the burger, so it’s very hard to line things up for that perfect score. In Papa’s Burgeria To Go, we moved all the toppings into the Bin Slider. To choose a topping, you simply slide the bins left and right until the topping you are looking for is over the burger. After carefully aligning the topping, you simply tap on the Drop button to release the topping from the bin. This ends up feeling very fluid, and allows you to build up your burger precisely without those pesky fingers getting in the way. There is also a Switch Button on the left side that allows you to switch between your unlocked toppings and the burger patties you just took off the grill. It might sound complicated, but the training will walk you through it without a hitch. Below is a breakdown of the buttons that appear in the Build Station.


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