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Title: I AM... [Part Four. The Prophecy Of The Guardians.] [T] ©
Post by: rainbowcherry on January 03, 2016, 05:21:32 AM
This is a story of my Oc's. (This is is not flipverse, so... That's all I have to say...  XD)  

Chapter One... Loyal.    

Let's start from the very beginning. Where there was no Empress Evilcherry and her people... It all starts with Loyal and his brother and the other Gods and Goddesses...

A very small flower bud is starting to poke out of the soft dirt and limps as it waits for rain that never showered. Then a gold and white sword that gleams slightly as it brushes the soil.

Loyal: Gentle flower... Grow.

The flower blooms up slowly standing tall in front of the man who helped it. The man smiles at the beauty of the flowers and touches it softly. The man then walks around the garden drinking in its beauty. Then he lifts then up his powerful white wings and fly's off...

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Title: Re: I AM...
Post by: rainbowcherry on January 03, 2016, 01:49:19 PM
Chapter two... Death.

Loyal fly's past the temples and the towering sparkling castles till he see's a man all in black and red walking by. Loyal swoops down and lands in front him. The dark man stares at the white and gold God.

Death: You sure know how to make a entrance, brother.
Loyal: I'm just so happy at the moment.

Death see's his brothers eyebrows knit together.

Death: And? There must be more to that.
Loyal: The rain Goddess forgot to make it rain... AGAIN!! I had to help the garden grow.
Death: Go and tell her then.
Loyal: Oh. I will...

Loyal swoops off leaving Death standing there shaking his head.

Title: Re: I AM...
Post by: rainbowcherry on January 03, 2016, 04:50:46 PM
Chapter three... Cherry Blossom.

Cherry Blossom walks in with the God of fire where they find Loyal and the rain Goddess arguing with each other.

Fire God: Loyal. What is it now?

Before Loyal had a chance to talk, the Rain Goddess opened her mouth.

Rain Goddess: Loyal is all ticked off because I didn't make it rain!
Loyal: Your job is to make it rain so the plants can grow. And the people survive with food and water. I had to do it myself due to your laziness.
Rain Goddess: Now that you finished it. Why are you mad at me?!
Loyal: Because you were slacking off!! If you did your work then this argument could have been avoided.

Loyal and the Goddess start arguing again.

Cherry Blossom: Please stop. Loyal is is right. You should have been doing your work, Rain. The people have been praying for rain!!
Fire God: I'm with Loyal this time... Rain Goddess. Do your work.

The Rain Goddess stomps off cursing Loyal. The Fire God walks after her leaving Loyal and Cherry Blossom alone.

Loyal:  ;D
Cherry Blossom: You are devoted to these people, Loyal. It's nice to see you working nonstop.
Loyal: You work hard too.
Cherry Blossom: But not as hard as you do...

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Post by: Neprune Efron on January 03, 2016, 07:24:11 PM
This is very interesting, can't wait to see more

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Post by: Summer4ever on January 03, 2016, 08:03:19 PM
Yes, it really is.

Title: Re: I AM...
Post by: rainbowcherry on January 04, 2016, 03:29:33 AM
Yes, it really is.
This is very interesting, can't wait to see more
Thanks.  :)

Title: Re: I AM...
Post by: Black Hole on January 04, 2016, 04:14:57 AM
This is off to a very good start. The characters are very well developed, and they were introduced perfectly.

Loyal was introduced as elegant, but kind, caring and loving. Already, I like him.

Death did seem to care for his brother. "Death sees his brother's eyebrows knit together."

The Rain Goddess seems to be very lazy and selfish, and is one of those characters I love to hate.

"Please stop. Loyal is right. You should have been doing your work, Rain. The people have been praying for rain!" Cherry Blossom seems to be the person that's kind, and tries to get other people to see from other perspectives.

"I'm with Loyal this time..." Fire God doesn't seem to like Loyal, but agrees with Loyal about this.

I'm very impressed at these well-developed characters, and I hope to be seeing more of them soon.

Title: Re: I AM...
Post by: rainbowcherry on January 04, 2016, 09:38:31 PM
This is off to a very good start. The characters are very well developed, and they were introduced perfectly.

Loyal was introduced as elegant, but kind, caring and loving. Already, I like him.

Death did seem to care for his brother. "Death sees his brother's eyebrows knit together."

The Rain Goddess seems to be very lazy and selfish, and is one of those characters I love to hate.

"Please stop. Loyal is right. You should have been doing your work, Rain. The people have been praying for rain!" Cherry Blossom seems to be the person that's kind, and tries to get other people to see from other perspectives.

"I'm with Loyal this time..." Fire God doesn't seem to like Loyal, but agrees with Loyal about this.

I'm very impressed at these well-developed characters, and I hope to be seeing more of them soon.

Thank you.  :)

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Post by: rainbowcherry on January 04, 2016, 10:10:45 PM
Chapter four.... Talking

As always, Loyal Cherry flew around the place to see if everything is in place. Deep in thought, Loyal didn't see that his brother was flying beside him.

Death: HEY!!
Loyal: Wha-... Hello, Death.
Death: Hi... So... How did it go?
Loyal: Pardon?
Death: You know, with the Rain Goddess?
Loyal: HMMPH!! She got mad like always. Goddess of the rain? HA!!
Death: Not surprised. Was there anybody else there?
Loyal: Just Cherry Blossom and The Fire God...

Loyals voice always trailed off whenever he mention the fire Gods name.

Death: Who's side did he take?
Loyal: Mine...
Death: Really? He must have been in a good mood.
Loyal: Yes...
Death: Did Cherry Blossom agree with you?
Loyal: *Nods head*

Death waited for his brother to talk, but Loyal stayed silent. So the two brothers kept flying.

Death: Come.
Loyal: ?

Death leads his troubled brother to the temples.

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Post by: rainbowcherry on January 31, 2016, 02:28:52 PM
Chapter Five... Who are you?

Death arrives at the temples with Loyal right behind him. Walking in slowly, The two brothers are bumped into the Goddess of earth who is carelessly walking fast.

Death: Hello, Dirt.
Earth God: Hello, Death. The name is Earth, not Dirt. I have to go now, Goodbye.

The Earth Goddess walks away ignoring Loyal. Loyal watches Earth leave.

Death: Come on. No use in crying over a worthless Goddess with bad manners.
Loyal: I am not crying, Death. I'm just wondering.

Death hears the anger in his brothers voice.

Death: Well? Let's get inside.

Death and Loyal walk into one of the temples. Loyal looks around near the large statues of the other Gods and Goddesses while Death lights a candle that went out in front of Cherry Blossoms statue. Loyal walk's to his brothers statue that is right next to his. Death's statue is litted with candle's like the other statues that circle around the room. Only one statue is left in the dark. His. Death stands next to Loyal and looks at the un-used candles that wait silently to be litted.

Death: Well. I like your statue in the dark. I hate mine all litted up with silly candles.
Loyal: I know that, Death...

Death and Loyal stand quietly for a few sad minutes. At last Death starts talking.

Death: Who am I, Loyal?
Loyal: What?
Death: Who. Am I, Loyal?
Loyal: The God of Death.
Death: What does that mean?
Loyal: You are in charge of Death.
Death: And the other's. Who are they.
Loyal: Whatever they are Gods or Goddesses of.
Death: Who are you?
Loyal: Loyal.
Death: What are you?
Loyal: The God of Life, Power and Loyalty.
Death: And?
Loyal: Fruits.
Death: You are the God of four things. No other God or Goddesses have three things to care for.

Death pulls out a small cherry from his pocket. Not bothering to eat it, Death just holds it in his hand and looks at Loyal.

Death: Four things, Loyal. I would hate to be you. You in charge of life which means you can control everything because you give life and power to everything. Why are you so upset of their jealous acts that they give you?
Loyal: ...
Death: It hurts?
Loyal: *Nods head and looks at the floor*
Death: Look at me.

Loyal looks up and makes eye contact with his brothers red and black eyes. Death opens his hand where the small cherry sat in. Sadly, the poor fruit rotted away in Death's hand leaving a cherry pit.

Death: See how it rotted away? That's what can happen if someone lives in envy and hate over somebody. I take over and then they are no more.
Loyal: But the seed?
Death: You take over and start a new life.
Loyal: I see...
Death: They will hate for everything you have done for them. Whatever you do, hate and envy will try to shut you down. But it will not work, because you are the God of Life, and nothing can stop you from doing what you love.

Death presses the cherry pit in Loyal's palm.

Death: Something is going to happen that will tear you apart. You will have to decided, and it won't be easy. Whatever you choose, I'll be with you the whole way.

Death slaps Loyal's face softly.

Death: You heart is too soft. If you were a human, you'll be dead... Like I said, I would hate to be you.

Death then turns sharply to the entrance to leave. Looking over his shoulder, Death stared at Loyal's white glowing eyes. Then walked away. Loyal looked at the cherry pit in his hand thinking about what Death told him. Putting the cherry pit in his pocket, Loyal stands in the empty temple with only the statues to keep him company.

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Post by: Abu on January 31, 2016, 06:07:08 PM
Interesting! I love the random cherry references XD

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Post by: rainbowcherry on February 01, 2016, 05:43:59 PM
Chapter Six... The Meeting

Waiting impatiently for Loyal to show up, The Gods and Goddesses began to talk about their day and what they did. Death just waitied and made small talk with The Fire God.

Fire: So.. Death. What did you do today?
Death: My job. Taking souls, saying which should stay or be dammed, talking.
Fire: To who?
Death: My brother. Why are you so harsh to him? Without him the world's are-

Death didn't get to say the rest because the doors bursted open and Loyal ran in. The Gods and Goddesses stared at Loyal who just stood there looking for a place to sit. He always sits at the head of the tables, but his chair was missing.

Fire: *Ahem* Loyal. If you plan to sit down soon, we can get started.

Loyal ignored the rude comment and kept looking. Cherry Blossom waved him over to sit next to her. Loyal walked stiffly to the empty seat.

Cherry Blossom: Saved you a seat.   :)
Loyal: Thank you. Where did my chair go? It's gone.
Cherry Blossom: I don't know. But it's nice to sit next to the God of Life.

Loyal grinned at his pink friend and stood up.

Loyal: Attention, Everyone. Let's begin now. I HOPE we all did our work. Did anything happen today? Mistakes? Birth?

Death stood up.

Death: Twenty people have died today due to the floods.
Loyal: Floods? How did that happen?
Death: Ask her.

Death points to The Rain Goddess.

Rain: So I made a mistake. It's just twenty people.
Loyal: Was it the people that prayed for rain?
Rain: ... No.
Loyal: WHAT?!

I have to run for now. I'll finish this later.  ;)

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Post by: rainbowcherry on April 03, 2016, 12:48:18 PM
Chapter Seven... Disgusting acts.

Loyal: Okay. Rain? Why didn't you give the people the rain they prayed for? And why on earth did you kill twenty people!?
Rain: It was an accident, all right? I didn't mean too. Besides, it was only twenty peopl-
Loyal: This was no accident. You did this to get revenge on me. And because of that, innocent people had to suffer for your disgusting acts.
Rain: I did not!! Now you are accusing me of something that was just a mis-
Cherry Blossom: Rain. He knows that you are telling a lie. So just stop and admit that what you did was wrong.

Laughter breaks out in the front of the room. Cherry Blossom looked in the front angrily at the  laughing God and Goddess.
Moon: That is not enough, Cherry Blossom!! Rain will probably have to beg for mercy from Loyal!!
Sun: Moon is right. *Snicker* Imagine. Getting revenge on Loyal!? Big mistake. Loyal. What do you say?

Death looked at his brother who had a bitter look on his face.

Loyal: *sigh* I hate doing this. Rain. Due to your careless acts. Your punishment is that you shall-
Fire: This really is not her fault, Loyal. You drove her into it by being harsh about her work. My advice is that-

The whole room went silent. Death bit down hard on his tongue and stared at his angry brother and the surprise Fire God. Loyal never yells at the Gods especially the Fire God.

Death: *A-hem* Loyal. Continue... Please?
Loyal: Rain. Your punishment is that you will clean up the damage that you made and remove the dead bodies with Death.
Rain: What?! I DON'T want to do that!! That's disgusting and touching a dead body is unsanitary!!
Loyal: Your acts were disgusting... And so are you.

Rain glared at Loyal who stood there sharply as Death begins to tease the punishment that the rain Goddess got.

Death: Wonderful choice, Loyal!! I love clearing up the dead bodies with a Stupid Goddess who thinks she knows everything!! Do you agree with, Loyal?!
Loyal: Just... Go.
Death: Come on, Rainy!! We must go!!
Rain: Shut up, Death.
Death: Wait!!

Death grabs Rain and drags her to Loyal and shoves her on her knees.

Death:  :)
Rain: Don't make me do this!!
Death:  :)
Rain: I ask for forgiveness, Loyal.
Loyal: You are forgiven, Rain. I hope you will learn from this.

The angry rain goddess stands up and walks out of the room loking at the floor as Death trotted after her taunting.

Loyal: Shall we continue?

The Gods and Goddesses reported what happened in the worlds that they take care of... Nobody noticed the livid fire god who didn't take his eyes off Loyal.

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Post by: VampireGirl12 on April 03, 2016, 12:50:51 PM
This is really good :D

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This is really good :D
Thanks!!  ;D

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Post by: Chandagrigus on April 03, 2016, 04:42:41 PM
By Death, do you mean me?

Title: Re: I AM...
Post by: rainbowcherry on April 04, 2016, 03:06:27 PM
By Death, do you mean me?
Hah-hah. You're funny.  XD

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Post by: rainbowcherry on April 10, 2016, 12:45:30 PM
Chapter Eight... Jealous.

Moon: Goodness!! Look at the time, I must get going.
Loyal: Oops... Sorry, Moon. I held this meeting a little too long...
Sun: Maybe if some whiny rain Goddess didn't mess up, we would have been out of here already.
Moon: Sshh!! It's not His fault.
Sun: I know that, Moon. I wasn't born yesterday.

Getting out of his chair, Loyal walked to the front of the room and looked at the Gods and Goddesses.

Loyal: I ask for forgiveness from all of you for yelling like a fool. I hope you all know... That I'm not a evil God, I only do what is right for you because I care for all of you...

The room went quiet and still like the air before a storm hits. Loyal nervously started to fiddle around with one of the gold ribbons on his robe, even Cherry Blossom didn't know what to say. She didn't want to say it was okay when it wasn't and she certainly didn't want Loyal to ask for forgiveness when he did nothing wrong. So she kicked the Earth Goddess in the leg for her to say something.

Earth: *Erp* It's alright, Loyal. We all blow up when we are frustrated... Isn't that right, everyone? Ouch...

The Gods and Goddesses bobbed their heads eagerly.

Loyal: Thank you... Good night.

After a quick good night, all the Gods and Goddesses scurried out. Loyal didn't know what caused them to get out so fast, either they were tired and just wanted to go home or they were afraid. But afraid of what? Sweeping up the flower petals that Cherry Blossom left behind, Loyal bumped into the Fire God.

Loyal: *Gulp*
Fire: I just came back to get something.
Loyal: Go ahead. I was just cleaning up...

Fire went to the spot where he sat and picked up large book, taking his time, Fire flipped through the pages. Loyal waited for Fire to leave so he can finish cleaning. Closing the book and tucking it under his arm, Fire headed to the doors where Loyal stood and stopped right next to Loyal.

Loyal: ...
Fire: ...

Fire said nothing but just stared at Loyal's glowing white eyes... Loyal held his breath afraid that Fire might start a fight with him but he said nothing about what happened. After a few minutes but felt like hours to Loyal, Fire walked away. Groaning, Loyal slunked against of one the large pillers and began to think. Why was Fire so angry? Was he still angry that he yelled at him or was he jealous? Why would he be jealous of him? Being the God of power was not all fun and games.It's hard work, especially knowing the fact that none of the other Gods and Goddesses have his power. Loyal curled in to a tight ball and put his face in his knees.

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Chapter Nine... Walking and Talking.

                                                             A few minutes later...

Cherry Blossom: Loyal?
Loyal: Cherry Blossom? Why are you still awake?
Cherry Blossom: I was waiting for you.
Loyal: For what?
Cherry Blossom: I wanted to talk to you...

Loyal scooted sideways to make room for the pink Goddess to sit. Cherry Blossom sat herself down and pressed against Loyal's side.

Cherry Blossom: Poor bee-bee... Dealing with a stupid mean fire God...
Loyal:I don't want to talk about it... Now. What did you want to talk about, Cherry?
Cherry Blossom: Why did you ask for forgiveness? You did nothing wrong.
Loyal: I yelled like an imbecile.
Cherry Blossom: So? I yell at them too! And you don't see ME asking for forgiveness.
Loyal: You don't care sometimes. I do.
Cherry Blossom: *Shrugs* Let's go.

Loyal and Cherry Blossom stand up and loop their arms together and walk out. Standing outside they stop and stare at Moon and Sun who are pressing their foreheads together. Cherry Blossom sees that they are holding hands.

Moon: I should have left already... The moon needs me.
Sun: I need you more.
Moon: And I need you... How else would I make the moon shine?
Sun: You know what I mean, Love.
Moon: I'm just playing with you, Sunny. I'll see you soon... Good night.
Sun: Good morning for you.

Moon walks off slowly breaking the loving bond that they were in. Sun watches her walk away before she disappeared, Sun ran after her and kissed her. Loyal pulled Cherry Blossom aside so the Sun God and Moon Goddess can have a private moment. At last, the moon Goddess and Sun God left.

Cherry Blossom: Wow.
Loyal: Why were you still staring at them? Giving them a bit of privacy would be nice
Cherry Blossom: If they wanted some of P-R-I-V-A-C-Y, They should of gone to an empty temple.
Loyal: Everyone is asleep. Outside was perfect.
Cherry Blossom:  ^-^

Loyal and Cherry Blossom walked on.

Loyal: I knew they liked each other, but... Not like that.
Cherry Blossom: Who do you want for a wife, Loyal?
Loyal: I don't know. What about you? The matching ceremony is about to begin. I wonder which God wants for his wife.
Cherry Blossom I know who I want... I hope he wants me, too...

Loyal looks at what Cherry Blossom is staring at. His eyes land on Deaths home.

Loyal: Death?
Cherry Blossom: I have fallen for your brother, Loyal. Is that alright?
Loyal: Yes. No goddess has ever wanted Death, you're the first one.
Cherry Blossom: Everybody thinks that we are going to be together.
Loyal: We are only friends. Why does everyone think that just because a man and woman are friendly to each other, people think that they are in love?!
Cherry Blossom: I don't know. Heh-heh.
Loyal: Anyway. I don't mind that you want my brother. It's the best news that I have heard today.  

Loyal grinned at Cherry Blossom who grins back

Cherry Blossom: I'm glad, Loyal... But will he want a flower godess like me?
Loyal: I hope so.
Cherry Blossom: *Sigh* Which goddess will want you?

Loyal closed his eyes and thought about how each goddess turned up their nose at him. Not that he cared about the snobby mean Goddesses, he only wanted one who really cared for him and he has the same feelings for her. But who is she? Loyal and Cherry Blossom continued walking till they got to Cherry Blossom's house.

Cherry Blossom: I have to go now. Thank you for walking and talking with me.
Loyal: You're welcome. Good night, Cherry Blossom.
Cherry Blossom: Good night, Loyal.

Cherry Blossom pressed her hands together and bowed. Loyal did the same. Then the pink flowery Goddess was gone and Loyal is alone again.

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Chapter Ten... Ignorance.

Death: Oh... This is just so fun!
Rain: For you, maybe. But not me.
Death: Do shut up and finish cleaning.
Rain: *grumbles*
Death: What was that?
Rain: What was what? I didn't say anything.
Death: You did. I heard you. I heard you curse Loyal... He can sense it you know.
Rain: So what if I did? What's the wimp going to do? Kill me?!
Death: I don't even know HOW he deals with tactless Goddess like you. If I was in charge, I would have killed you off along time ago.
Rain: Well you're not him. Now leave me alone.

Rain continues to remove the bodies while Death sits in a tree with closed eyes.

Death: You idiot's don't get it. Do you?
Rain: *Blows a raspberry*
Death: Fine. Be unaware of what could happen if you all thought you can take over. Good night, Rain.
Rain: Wait. What are you talking about?! DEATH!!

Death fly's off ignoring Rain yelling at him to come back.

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Death because obvs...

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Death because obvs...
I should have guessed that one.  ^-^

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Chapter Eleven... Doragon.

Death: Hel-lo, Loyal.
Loyal: Hi... Did you help Rain?
Death: No. She can do it by herself.
Loyal: Err. You can help her just a bit, you know she can't do it by herself.
Death: No I didn't know that. Only you know, not me. I don't care for these stupid Goddesses and Gods.
Loyal: Not even a little itty bitty bit?
Death: Not even a little itty bitty bit.
Loyal: Alright...

Loyal looked up at his brother who was sitting on the roof of Loyal's garden house. Loyal knew that his brother wasn't always a jerk, he could be a bit nice sometimes but that was very rare when it showed up.

Loyal: What about Cherry Blossom? She's nice.
Death: Her? She's nice and all but a bit silly.
Loyal: In a good way or bad way?
Death: I don't know. We both have different views, Loyal. I say it's a bad thing because I can't stand it when she is acting silly. You say it's a good thing because she is not trying to take over. So in other words let's drop it.
Loyal: Mm-hmm.

Death jumped down from the roof and walked towards Loyal.

Death: How can you stand them?
Loyal: Who?
Death: All of them. Each and every single one of them. They are all... All...
Loyal: Careless.
Death: Yes. How do you-

All of a sudden, Death was alone and Loyal was gone. All Death heard was his brother yelping.

Loyal: *Screaming faintly*
Death: LLLOOO-YYYAAALLL!!! Where the hell is he? LOYAL!!

Death looked up at the sky and saw a massive shadowy figure flying high with something small glowing in its mouth.

Death: What?

Loyal's P.O.V.

Loyal: Stop!! Stop, Dragon!! Knock it off!! Put me down!!

Loyal hit and kicked at the the mouth of the flying creature but it didn't let go.

Loyal: Stop!! Doragon!! Please let me go... Now!!!

Loyal looked into the creature's flaming purple eyes and realised he made a huge mistake.

Loyal: No wait!! Whoop!!

Loyal went spiraling down.

Death's P.O.V.

Death continue looking at the flying creature that had Loyal.

Death: What is that thing? Could it be?... Oh-no.

Death saw Loyal falling down and the creature just flapping it's huge wings.

Loyal's P.O.V.

Loyal continue to fall he couldn't get his wings to work because he was falling too fast and the wing's were tangled with each other. Loyal saw the ground getting closer and closer Loyal shield his face with his arms and at last he hit something. Loyal moved his arms away from his face and saw that he landed on top Doragon.The massive creature kept flying around for a while making small rumbling sounds.

Loyal: Hello, My dear dragon.
Doragon: *Rumble's*

Finally they reached the ground where Death was waiting. Loyal jumped off before Doragon landed his white hair sticking up wildly. Death glared at his grinning brother.

Death: What is wrong with her?
Loyal: She didn't mean it. It's just a game we play.
Death: Game!!? That's a pretty sick game!! What is you fell too far and landed in another world?!
Loyal: She catches me before I hit the ground or I'm about to fall somewhere else.
Death: Whatever. Now as I was saying. How can you stand them? How do you keep yourself from bursting?
Loyal: I burst sometimes...
Death: Yeah but you say sorry when you feel bad about. Don't deny it.
Loyal: What are you getting at, Death?
Death: Don't you think you should... You know...

The two brothers looked into each other's eye's. Loyal knew what Death was talking about.

Loyal: I just don't Death...
Death: Why?
Loyal: Nothing bad has happened, Death.
Death: ... Yet...

Then Death ran off into the night leaving Loyal and Doragon alone.

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Post by: rainbowcherry on May 08, 2016, 12:37:43 PM
Chapter Twelve... Doragon and Loyal.

Loyal wrapped his arms around Doragon's neck and smiled at her.

Loyal: Hi!! Why are you still awake?
Doragon: *Purrs*
Loyal: Couldn't sleep? That's alright, I like your company.

Loyal releases Doragon and runs to his house to open the huge door.

Loyal: Come on!!

Doragon squeezes in while Loyal walks off talking to her.

Loyal: I enjoy your games, Doragon. It's Death who is afraid, if something goes wrong, then he'll be in charge until I get back. How was your day? Good? See anything new or something you like?

Doragon rolled her eyes as she walked after Loyal who was still babbling. At last they reached Loyal's room.

Loyal: I wonder, Doragon... How should I dress for the matching ceremony?

Doragon sharply sucked in her breath thinking about the matching ceremony.

Loyal: No answer? *Shrugs*

Doragon stared out in balcony hearing Loyal sing softly. She thought about some Goddess choosing Loyal for a husband. Where would that leave her? Would Loyal forget about her? Whould his mind wander away thinking about having children with his wife? Why should she care? All Doragon knows is that if Loyal gets married... She will be depressed. Doragon was so deep in thought, she didn't hear Loyal whisper quietly to her.

Loyal: What you looking at?...

Doragon turned her head and looked at Loyal leaning against her in his the robes that he sleeps in.

Doragon: *Growls softly*
Loyal: The stars? I know it's more the that... But I won't pry in your personal business...

Doragon turned away and sat next to Loyal's bed waiting for him. Loyal crawled under the blankets and poked his head out looking at Doragon.

Loyal: There is something about you, Doragon... I just can't put my finger on it... Goodnight.
Doragon: *Purrs*

Doragon watched Loyal fall asleep. After a few minutes, Doragon put her massive head on her front feet and went to bed.

Doragon: *Sighs softly and sadly*

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New chapter soon.

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Chapter Thirteen... Reflections.

Death: 99... 100...

It was now the early morning hours and Death was still awake. Being himself he rarely went to sleep, so he just sits on the roof of his house and watches the sun rise. Sun walked by waving at Death.

Death: Good Morning, Sun.
Sun: Morning!! Watching the sun rise, eh?
Death: It's my favorite thing to do to pass the time... Don't tell anyone else, they'll think I'm a weenie.
Sun: Heh. I always respect what people like to do, I won't say a word. See ya!!
Death: *Nods*

Death watched Sun swagger off down the trail. Death didn't mind about older brother's good looks, but today...  it bother him deeply... Sun had beautiful long thick red and yellow hair. Death had short, black and dry hair. Sun was strong and taller then Fire, Death and Loyal. Each Goddess cooed about how handsome he was, but they never said anything about Death... Loyal said he was a handsome God but Death didn't take him seriously.

Death: ... Damn...

Death notice a rain puddle and went to look at his reflection. He saw a God with a gaunt dark face with red and black eyes. He didn't look related to Loyal at all. As everyone says... Death is ugly.

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Chapter Fourteen... The painting.

Already bored, Death walked over to Loyal's house hoping that his brother was awake. Death walked right in, knowing his weird younger brother Loyal always left the door unlocked.

Death: Loyal? Are you awake? Hello?...

Death wander around the rooms looking for Loyal, but Loyal never responded or made a noise.

Death: Loyal? I'm not playing games... where are you? *Cough cough*

Death walked right into Loyal's room and saw him sitting on a chair covered with paint splats beside him was a canvas. Death noticed the dark and ugly painting and saw that Loyal was glareing outside.

Death: Hello, Loyal. Are you painting? That's nice. What are you painting this time? Mountains? Flowers?
Loyal: Why are you mindlessly babbling? You know it's nothing like that.

Death ignored Loyal's cold voice and went straight to the painting. It wasn't a very nice looking painting. The sky was black and had dark blue streaks going across it. There was no blue sky, grass, water. Nothing. Just a dark dead looking world. Death put the canvas down and smirked at Loyal who was frowning at him.

Loyal: You're not funny.
Death: I have no idea what you're talking about. But I like the picture.
Loyal: Well, yeah. You would. Why did you give me that dream?
Death: ... I didn't. Someone else must have, but not me... Honest.

Loyal's face softened after hearing that Death was telling the truth. The painting was a dream that Loyal had. He didn't know why he had it, only Death would.

Loyal: ... What does this dream mean, Death? It was horrible... Nothing but a cold dark world... I saw no one standing around
Death: You don't want to know... Although you probably already guessed it... I have to go now...

Death picked up the picture. Hugging it to his chest, he silently and slowly walked out the room with the painting. Loyal bit his down hard on his lip and stared outside... It was not going to be a good day.

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This is really good. Poor Loyal...

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This is really good. Poor Loyal...
Thank you, Blueberry.  :3
I feel bad for Loyal too...  :(

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Chapter Fifteen... Such a beautiful afternoon...

The next day...

Cherry Blossom: Wheeeee!!
Loyal: Hang on!
Cherry Blossom: Wheee!!

Death stood outside watching his brother push Cherry Blossom on her flower swing. It was nice seeing Loyal having fun despite what happen yesterday... Death's thoughts were disturbed by Cherry Blossom yell higher at Loyal. Each time Loyal touched the pink Goddess, Death bristled. He didn't mind that they were having fun without him, it's just that whenever he saw a God talking or touching Cherry Blossom, he couldn't help but get slightly jealous.


Cherry Blossom: Yikes!!
Loyal:  D:

Cherry Blossom's swing broke in midair sending her flying in air and onto Death.


Death: *Growls*
Cherry Blossom: Hee-hee... Sorry, Death. I guess Loyal pushed the swing too hard. Thanks for breaking my fall.
Death: Hmmph! You'll be more sorry if you landed on my hands.
Cherry Blossom: Oh don't be silly, Death. You can't kill anyone unless you choose them!!

Death swatted away Cherry Blossom from playing with his winged arms. Loyal messed around with the broken swing.

Loyal: I'm pretty sure we can fix this, but for now... *Whistles* Yeah... Cherry Blossom. If you still want to play, there is another swing right over there.
Cherry Blossom: Okay!! Come on, Death. Join us!!
Death: No. This playing on the swings stuff is so childish. Count me out.
Loyal: Very well, Death. You can just stand there... Again and watch.
Death: I will thank you very much.

Cherry Blossom ran to the swing with Loyal walking behind her. Death almost didn't see Loyal turn his head around and mouthed the words 'Stuck up' at him.

Death: I saw that, Loyal.
Loyal: I didn't say anything.
Death: I am not stuck up. And I'll prove it.
Cherry Blossom: *Grins*

Death ignored Loyal's smirky smile and started to push Cherry Blossom.

Cherry Blossom: Yahoo!!
Loyal: I have to head off now. Goodbye, Death, Cherry Blossom.
Death: Wait!!

Loyal winked at Death before running off.

Cherry Blossom: You can stop pushing so hard now... push softly please?
Death: ... Sure.

Cherry Blossom was now alone with the nervous God. To her it was truly a miracle, to him it was a pure nightmare.

Cherry Blossom: *Sigh* Alone at last...
Death: What?
Cherry Blossom: Nothing... Just keep pushing.

Death pushed more a tad bit slower even though Cherry Blossom didn't tell him to do so. All was silent except for the birds tweeting their happy loving songs. Now Death was feeling the mood that Cherry Blossom was feeling. It was truly a miracle that they were both alone in the quiet romantic garden so Death decided to talk to Cherry Blossom how he felt about being here with her. Sadly, Death's voice came out with a raspy squeak.

Cherry Blossom: ?
Death: So!! Cherry Blossom. Have you made your choice yet? Is it Loyal that you want for a husband?
Cherry Blossom: No.
Death: Fire?
Cherry Blossom: Definitely no.
Death: Rock?
Cherry Blossom: *Blows a raspberry*
Death: So... You haven't picked yet.
Cherry Blossom: Oh I have.
Death: Who is it?
Cherry Blossom: I can't tell you.

Death continued pushing the swing.

Death: Hint?
Cherry Blossom: Alright... He's strong... he treats the other's with respect... And he's very handsome.

Death stopped pushing the swing and stared into space.

Cherry Blossom: Death?...
Death: Handsome?
Cherry Blossom: Y- yes...
Death: I see...

They stood there for a while which seem like centuries, even the birds went silent.

Death: Well... would you look at the time!! I need to get going already. I'll see you later, Cherry Blossom.

Death flew off before Cherry Blossom could object. Crying, the broken heart Goddess ran off to find Loyal.

Their beautiful miracle afternoon was nothing but a horrible memory now.

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Oh... poor Death and Cherry Blossom...

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Very sad.   :'(

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Chapter Sixteen... Tears and questions.

Night Time...

Death: Idiot!!

Back at his house, Death was flat in his back looking at his face in a mirror and curseing his reflection.

Death: Did I really think I had a chance with her?! She's beautiful and I'm ugly!! Why? Why did I think of that? *Sigh*

Death put the mirror down and stared at the ceiling for a long time...

Death: Well... I like her... Does she like me? She's friendly and kind to me... Wait... She's kind to everyone, she talks to each and every single Goddess and God... Each God? This makes me wonder... is she?...

Death sits up and stares out the window. After a few minutes he plops back down on his back .

Death: Nah... She's just very loving to everyone. She needs a God who is like her... Sweet... caring... And most of all... Handsome... Sort of like Loyal... *Groans* She probably wants him for a husband... Not me... Never me...

Upset, Death gets up and drags his tired body to his room.


Loyal: Okay... Tell me again what happen?
Cherry Blossom: *Keeps crying*
Loyal: Cherry Blossom. You cried yourself to sleep on my bed. And you woke up crying... try to tell me without crying. What happen?
Cherry Blossom: I- *sniff* I tried to tell *Hicup* your brother about how I *whimpers* feel about him. But... but...
Loyal: ... He ran off?
Cherry Blossom: HE RAN OFF!! *Cries bitterly*

Loyal stood by his bed that Cherry Blossom took up all the room just to have her pity party. Doragon made a rumbling sound and peeked at Loyal who just shrugged.
Cherry Blossom: He doesn't feel the same way I feel about him, Loyal!! Why?!
Loyal: I'm pretty sure he likes you. But not in a romantic way, if it's that, you must except that fact... oops...
Doragon: *Hiss*

Cherry Blossom cry's harder after hearing what Loyal said. Loyal felt the blood rushing to his face as Doragon hissed at him and Cherry Blossom cried at the harsh words that came out of his big mouth. He tried to clear to patch things up, but Cherry Blossom continued to cry.

Thirty minutes later...

Cherry Blossom picked up her head to face Loyal. She knew she was acting ridiculous, but she couldn't help it. To her surprise, Cherry Blossom saw Loyal sitting down with his head in his hands and Doragon giving him an ugly look.

Cherry Blossom: Loyal?
Loyal: Listen. I'm bad at trying to tell you the cold harsh truth. I'm terrible at telling anybody the truth, it just comes out... I'm sorry...

Cherry Blossom crawls out bed and sits next to Loyal.

Cherry Blossom: I'm sorry too. I shouldn't have bothered you about my love problem's... you have way too much on your mind.
Loyal: *Nods*

Loyal and Cherry Blossom sit there together quietly watching the moon rise...

Loyal: I'm sure he'll come around someday...
Cherry Blossom: What if he likes another Goddess?
Loyal: ... I don't know...

Cherry Blossom slowly put her head on Loyal's lap and started crying softly while Loyal ran his long fingers through her thick pink hair singing softly.

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Chapter Seventeen... Summer Solstice.

Night time.

Sun: Come on, Death. Come and join us.
Death: I think I'll stay home...
Sun: You can't stay like this forever. Upset about your Cherry Bl-
Death:For your information. I'm not upset about that. And plus, immortal. You can't tell me what to do.
Sun: It's the Summer Solstice party. You Have to come and join us!!
Death: Who said?
Sun: I did and so did Loyal.
Death: Go away.
Sun: You're going break your brother's heart if you don't come.
Death: I won't break his heart. Now you're milking it.
Sun: Whatever. Just come, alright?
Death: ...

Over at the party. Loyal putters around looking for Death. Irritated, Loyal interrupts Fire who was talking to Earth.

Loyal: Have you seen Death?
Fire: No. He's not coming, Loyal.
Loyal: ... Where's Sun then?
Fire: He went to see if he can drag Death over here. Why do you want your brother over here? Let him stay home.
Loyal: It's a Summer Solstice, Fire. Everyone must join.

Fire just shrugs and starts talking to Earth again. Loyal scurries off.

Loyal: Have you seen Death?
Rain: No.
Loyal: Have you seen Death?
Rock: Nope.

Loyal was going to ask Moon but she was no where to be seen. So he gave up.

Loyal: Grrrrrr...
Cherry Blossom: Hello, Loyal.
Loyal: Hi...
Cherry Blossom: What's wrong?
Loyal: Death never showed up. Now the party has begun without him..
Cherry Blossom: Oh...

Cherry Blossom was about to ask Loyal if he wanted to dance with her but a loud crashing noise stopped her.

Sun: Oops!! Looks like we broke something.
Death: Let go!!

Everyone turned to stare at Sun walking in dragging Death behind him. Sun walked up to Cherry Blossom and shoved Death at her feet.

Death: Oof!!
Sun: There we are. Now go have some fun, Death!!

Sun walked off in search for Moon. Death kept his eyes on the floor like a stubborn child.

Cherry Blossom: Death?...

Death still kept his eyes on the floor until Cherry Blossom put her hand under his chin and gently made him look up.

Cherry Blossom: Are you alright?

Death held his breath as he looked at Cherry Blossom. Time seem to stop as he looked at her up and down.She looked so beautiful in her light pink kimono. Her long pink hair was picked up into a bun and cherry blossoms decorated it. Death didn't say a word...

Cherry Blossom: Do you need any help?
Death: ... Please?

Cherry Blossom took both of his hands and helped him up. They stood there looking into each other's eyes...

Cherry Blossom: I'm glad that you made it.
Death: ...
Cherry Blossom: Do you want to dance?
Death: That would be nice...
Cherry Blossom: Somewhere else...

Quietly they left the the garden and went to the gazebo.

Sun: Where's Moon?
Loyal: I don't know. She said she'll be right back.... Hey... Look!

Sun turned around and saw the moon peaking over the hills. Only it wasn't white or a pale yellow. It was a reddish color.

Sun: A strawberry moon?... how?
Moon: Looking for someone, Sun?

Sun turned around so fast his long red hair slapped Loyal.

Loyal: !

Sun's eyes found Moon. She hardly ever worn red, just blue or white. But today, she was in red shimmery gown. Sun just stared while Loyal walked away.

Moon: A Strawberry Moon. This rarely happens when I do it. A perfect moon for a perfect night.
Sun: Perfect like you...
Moon: *Smiles*

Sun slowly walk towards Moon and looked into her large blue eyes. He knew she couldn't stay for long so he better make the most of it.

Sun: They say if you dance during the summer solstice when there is a strawberry moon it means that you will have a long and happy marriage.
Moon: So... What are you waiting for?

Sun took Moon in his arms and together they danced.

Looking around the place, Loyal checked to see if everything and everyone was okay. Of course it was because nobody was fighting or insulting each other, they all had some Goddess or God to dance with. Except Loyal... He didn't mind though he wasn't a good dancer anyway or at least he kept telling himself that. Sitting down with Doragon, Loyal watched the red moon rise higher and higher. Such a perfect night.

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Chapter Eighteen... Newcomer.

A few weeks after the Summer Solstice.

Sun was walking down the trail with his younger brother walking by his side.

Sun: *Hums* Nice day, Loyal?
Loyal: It'll be nicer if the clouds moved away...
Sun: Well, move them.
Loyal: It needs to rain today. Or at least that's what Rain said she was going to do when I told her.
Sun: She might have been messing with you to shut you up.

Sun looks off into the distance where the dark blue clouds moved slowly towards them. Thunder rumbled softly.

Sun: Hmmm... She might have been messing with you.
Loyal: She better not be. Goodbye, Sun.
Sun: I'll see you later.

Loyal flew off in search of Earth while Sun just kept walking down the trail singing to himself. Then Sun heard sharp yelling in the distance followed by someone yelping. The voice sounded like Fire but the other voice didn't sound like anybody Sun knew.

Sun: Fire? Fiiiii-rrre!? Where are you?
Fire: What?
Sun: What are you hollering about? Who's screaming?
Fire: I don't know... I was walking back home and someone fell out of the trees and scurried into that bush!!...
Sun: Who is it?
Fire: ... I. Don't. Know.
Sun: You have an ugly attitude, Fire. Let me see.
Fire: Wait!!

Sun knelt down and looked into the bush. There he saw someone stareing back at him.

Sun: ! ... Hello...
Newcomer: Hi...
Sun: I'm Sun. This is Fire, my younger brother. Who are you?
Newcomer: I'm Max.
Sun: Max... Well, Hello, Max.
Max: Hello again.
Sun: Why are hiding in this bush?
Max: He scared me.
Sun: Well, you have nothing to fear, Fire won't hurt you... Wait... fire can burn you...
Max: I gather that.
Fire: Enough!!

Max scooted farther into the bush. Sun glared at Fire.

Sun: Seriously? Yelling will get us no where.

Fire opened his mouth too speak but warm rain begin to fall.

Sun:  :)
Fire: Shoot. I didn't get home in time.
Sun: Well, come on.

Fire pulled his hood over his head to keep from going out. Sun trotted after him.

Sun: Wait.
Fire: What?
Sun: What about Max?
Fire: ... Bring him along. We need to talk about how he got here...

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This is so good! I love it!
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Chapter Nineteen... Curious human and half brothers.

Inside the temples...

Sun: Loyal? Loyal!? Where are you!?
Fire: He might not be here. He must be where we always have our meetings...
Max: Meetings?
Sun: Just a thing we do. Now come along.
Fire: You go on. I'll catch up.
Max: Why?
Fire: I don't like rain. It makes me all wet and I can't stand getting wet.
Sun: I like the rain.
Fire: Who asked you?
Max: The rain is nice. I love it. So cool a refreshing...
Fire: For you, maybe. But not for a Fire God. Now go.

Sun tugged on Max's arm who stood there with an open mouth. After a quick run through the rain. Sun and Max were in the meeting room.

Max: Fire God?
Sun: Huh? What did you say?
Max: Fire God. Your brother said he is Fire God.
Sun: ................Yeah.
Max: If he is God, then what are you?
Sun: It's kinda obvious, Max. I'm a Sun God.
Max: No.
Sun: Yeah. I am.


Sun and Max both jump as Fire runs in.

Fire: Wow. The storm is getting pretty bad out there.
Sun:  ;D
Max: ... Who are we looking for?
Sun: Oh!! I forgot. Come.

The two Gods and the human set off.

Fire: I hear voices. Let's try this room.

Opening the door, they find Loyal sitting crossed legged on the floor writing in a book. Death sat next to him with his eyes closed.

Sun: *Ahem* Death? Loyal?

Death opened his eyes and stared at them. Loyal looked up in surprise.

Sun: Look what we found!

Max's mouth flew open as he made eye contact with Death. He couldn't stop staring at his dark red and black eyes. Was it normal for this man to have such evil looking eyes?

Loyal: What is this?
Sun: I don't know. Fire found him.
Death: How did he get here?
Fire: Ask him. Go on, Max.

Max hid behind Sun. Although he was afraid of him, he couldn't help but hide.

Loyal: Shy thing.Come closer...

Hearing Loyal's gentle voice, Max knew he wouldn't hurt him... He wasn't too sure about the man with red and black eyes. Max slowly left Sun and walked to Loyal. Loyal stood up and stood there.

Max: *GASP*
Loyal: ?

Max stopped walking and just stood there. Max couldn't believe how tall Loyal was. It was crazy. Max looked back at Sun and Fire. Max was so afraid of the land he was in, he never noticed how tall they were. Max whimpered.

Loyal: What is it?
Max: ... Where am I?
Death: Umm... Let us do the talking, then it's your turn.
Max: ... Tell me who are, please!!
Loyal: I'm Loyal. This is my brother Death. Those are my other brothers, I'm pretty sure you know who they are. *Nods head at Sun and Fire*

Max's eyes darted at each brother.

Max: All of you guys are brothers?
Loyal: Yes.
Max: You don't look alike...
Loyal: *Laughs* We get that a lot.
Death: HALF brothers. Sun and Fire are biological brothers. Me and Loyal were adopted.
Max: Okay.
Loyal: Death. You know I don't like that word. Half brothers. It sounds like we are not worthy and loved enough to be part of the family.
Death: Don't start please.
Loyal: Hmmph!!
Max: Who's the oldest?
Sun: Me. Then comes Fire and then Death and Loyal.
Max: Ah.
Loyal: So. Where are you from...?
Max: Max.
Loyal: Max.
Fire: This should be good.

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Chapter Twenty... Unknown hole.

Loyal: Strange...
Death: How in Gods name did this get here?
Max: I don't know. I just found it and crawled inside.
Loyal: Why on earth would you crawl into an unknown hole?!
Max: I wanted to explore.

The four Gods and human continue to study the black hole. It was large enough for a man to fall in but where did it come from?

Sun: *Leans forward* Hellllooooo in there?! Does anyone live here? Hellllooooo!!!
Death: Sun. Stop. I don't think anyone can hear you.
Sun: There must be someone or something living in there.
Fire: Not likely.
Sun: Oh yeah? How did HE he get here then, huh? *Points at Max*
Fire: ... Good point.
Loyal: Who lives in there?
Death: It must be some unknown world. Probably freaks.
Max: Freaks?! I'm not a freak!!
Death: I don't know... Look at you. You're kinda short.
Max: This is the natural height of a man. Not yours!!
Death: You came from a another world, home, whatever you call it. This is my home. So here-
Loyal: Stop it! Both of you! From his world, he's normal and we're not. From our world, we're normal, he's not. End of discussion.
Fire: Well. Anyone could have thought of that, Death.
Death: Shut up.
Fire: You shut up. Your ignorance is showing.
Death: Go to hell. I'm not going to take that s--- from a God who's wearing a plastic cover over his body.
Fire: Now you're cursing. Real intelligent.

Death shoved Fire so hard that he fell inside the hole.

Max: Ahhh!!!
Sun: Fire!!
Death: Oops...

Max saw Loyal run to the hole and jumped inside.

Max: Are you crazy?!
Loyal: *Far away* Nooooooo...

Death and Sun stood there next to Max looking inside the hole yelling their names. Loyal and Fire never responded.

Death: ... Are they dead?
Sun: How?
Max: What if something was waiting for them?
Sun: ...


Sun: Fire?

More silence. Rain continue to fall.

Death: Loyal?

*Flap flap flap flap*

Max: !?


Death and Sun pulled Max away and Loyal bursted out holding Fire. They both landed on the soft wet mud.

Fire: Oof!!
Loyal: Hmmph.

Max's eyes widened when he saw Loyal. Two large white wings protruded out and gleamed brightly. Loyal noticed Max stareing at his wings.

Loyal: Oh yeah... Like my older brother... I have a pair myself.
Max: Can I touch them?
Loyal: What a odd question, but alright.

Max went around Loyal and rubbed the glowing wings. Loyal kept an eye on him. Max gave each wing a small tug before burying his face in it.

Loyal: ... What are you doing?
Max: Just curious.  
Loyal: I think we better go home now.
Death: Who is he going to stay with?
Sun: I'll take care of him for now.
Fire: Are you sure, Sun?
Sun: Sure! It'll be fun!! He'll be like child that me and Moon can practice on before having our own.
Fire: What?
Sun: Da- Da- Da-.... He'll be just fine with me. *Grins awkwardly*
Loyal: Alright, Sun. Max. You go on with Sun. He is your caretaker for now.

Max walked off with Sun and Fire. Faintly, Max heard Loyal angrily talking to Death.

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Lol max burying his face in Loyal's wings

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Chapter Twenty One... Wandering about.

Sun: Alrighty then. This is where you'll be staying, Max.

Max stood near the doorway and scanned the room.

Max: Who's room does this belong too?
Sun: Mine. Now you can sleep on this wee couch here.

Sun picked up Max and dropped him like a sack of flour on the couch. Max's feet barely touched the floor.

Max: Wee, huh? It's pretty big in my opinion.
Sun: *Shrug* Whatever. I have a headache, think I'll go to bed. Night.

Max watched Sun land face down on his bed. Max squirmed a little and looked out the window, he saw tall figure walking near the house and then disappear.

Max: Is it okay if I can explore around?
Sun: No you may Not What if you get lost.
Max: I won't. Please?
Sun: Gotobed.

Max crossed his arms and tucked his knees in. He tried to sleep but Sun was snoring way too loud. Realising that Sun was conked out, Max quietly left the room and tiptoed down the hall and out the door. Max was outside now and scampering all over the place. Max couldn't believe where he was and how glorious and beautiful it was here.

Somewhere outside...

Max wander around for at least an hour before sitting in the cool wet grass. He was almost asleep before he heard a short and a small sigh.

Max: ! ... Hello?
Loyal: Hello yourself.

Max picked up his head and found himself in front of huge massive feet. Slowly looking up, Max's eyes widened when he saw what was stareing at him. A dragon. Max couldn't believe it. He had just arrived and now he was this dragon's midnight snack.

Max: ...  D:
Loyal: Up here.

Loyal was peeking out above the dragon's head.

Max: ... I was.... I....
Loyal: You escaped from Sun's house.
Max: .................... Yes....
Loyal: That wasn't very wise, Max. What if it wasn't me and Doragon who found you?
Max: Doragon?
Loyal: This dragon. *Pats Doragon on the ears*
Max: I wanted to look around.
Loyal: Couldn't you wait?
Max: Not really, no.

Loyal squinted for a moment and then patted Doragon who placed her head down on the grass.

Loyal: Come on.
Max: Cool!!

Max climbed on Doragon's head and sat next to Loyal. Doragon rumbled.

Loyal: She likes you.
Max:  ;D
Doragon: *Rumble*
Max: What's this?

Max held up a heavy dark brown and blue book.

Loyal: This? Oh... just my photo album.
Max: May I?
Loyal: Go ahead.

Max opened the album and looked at the pictures. One picture had four boys piled on top of each other grinning like maniacs at whoever is taking the photo. Two of the had read hair, the other had black hair and the last one had white hair.

Max: Is that you guys when you were little?
Loyal: Yes. We had so much fun back then.
Max: Wow. What happen?
Loyal: We grew up. We sometimes play tricks on each other, but we don't do that often... I guess... Never mind.

Max watched Loyal's face turn from happy to thoughtful and sad. Not wanting to pry, Max kept looking at the photos while Loyal watched the stars twinkle. Doragon looked up at Loyal and whimpered.

Haha!! Chapter twenty on 7/20/16!!

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aw this chapter makes me sad though

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Chapter Twenty Two... Sweet Memories.

Himitsu: Loyal!! Death!! Where are you!!?
Rayon: Forget it, Himitsu. They are out playing with Sun and Fire.
Himitsu: They should be practicing.
Rayon: They are only six. Give them a day to play.
Himitsu: Hmmph!! I'm raising two Gods. Not idiots.
Rayon: Oh! Relax. They will learn soon.

Death: Come on, Fire.
Fire: Is this safe?
Sun: If it's safe, it's no fun.
Loyal: Come on!!
Fire: Oooo... Alright!!

Fire climbs on Death's back. Sun smiles while Loyal wobbles to hold his friend up.
Death: Oof!! Ever thought of dropping a few pounds?
Fire: Shut up and fly.
Loyal: I'm not good at flying, Sun.
Sun: That's alright. Just do your best.
Death: Here we go!!

Loyal and Death jumped of the cliff with Sun and Fire hanging on. Death spread his winged arms and begin to fly around while Fire laughed and gripped Death. Loyal was still falling.

Loyal: I'm trying!! I won't let us crash!!
Loyal: I AM!!

Loyal and Sun screamed as they fell. Death and Fire held their breath. Sun wrapped his arms and legs around Loyal bracing both of their bodies before they hit the ground. But Sun heard a flapping sound and felt the cool air blow in his red hair. Sun opened his eyes and saw that they were in the sky next to Death and Fire.

Death and Fire: Hi!!
Sun: You did it Loyal!! YOU DID IT!!
Loyal: I DID IT!!

The four Gods laughed and flew around like birds for a hour before heading back home.

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Chapter Twenty Three... Father's.

Death: That was fun!
Fire: We should do it again soon.

The four young Gods flew around the houses looking for something to do.

Himitsu: DEATH!!

Death looked down and saw his father yelling at him. Loyal looked down as well.

Death: ... Hi, Papa.
Himitsu: Get down here!!

Death and Loyal made a beeline to Himitsu, but a huge gust of wind blew them aside and Loyal crashed into Death.

Loyal: Yikes!!
Death: OW!! Watch it!!

Death and Loyal's wings were tangled together. Afraid, Death begin to slap Loyal away from him. Loyal shoved Death hoping that  their wings will untangle themselves. Sun tried to untangle the wings but fell down, Fire fell down as well.

Himitsu: NO!!

Death and Loyal continue to fight and fall.


Sun was face forward in the dirt with Fire on top of him. Death was kicking his legs while Loyal squirmed.

Death: My arms. MY ARMS!!
Loyal: Wait!!

Himitsu and Rayon ran to help their children. Rayon brushed the dirt of Sun and Fire. Himitsu pulled Loyal away from Death.

Rayon: Are you alright?
Sun and Fire: Yes, Papa. Thank you, Papa.
Rayon: What were two doing?
Sun: Flying... *Sigh* It was so much fun.

Rayon smiled at his children silly careless adventures. Himitsu? Not so much.

Himitsu: What were you two doing?
Death: Flying, duh.
Loyal: *Steps on Death's foot* Just playing, Papa.
Himitsu: You can't even fly properly, Loyal. Why were you doing it?
Loyal: I'm sorry.
Himitsu: Sorry? You hurted your brother's wings. Do you think sorry will be enough if you damaged them?
Death: I'm fine, Papa.
Loyal: I didn't mean too.

Loyal kept his eyes on the ground hanging his head in shame. Himitsu continue to lecture his son with Death telling his father to stop. Rayon felt horrible just watching.

Rayon: Himitsu. He is just a boy. He's not even seven yet, give him a break.
Himitsu: If he doesn't learn now, he never will.
Rayon: Just stop.

Even though his arms hurt, Death put his arm around Loyal and felt him shivering.

Himitsu: Go home. Both of you.
Death: Fine. We will. Come on, Loyal.

Death pulled Loyal along down the trail. Himitsu glared at them as they walked away.

Rayon: You two go home or whatever. Daddy needs to talk with Himitsu.

Sun and Fire ran down to the lake.

Rayon: If there was the worst father award, I'm pretty sure you'll get first place.
Himitsu: For what? For teaching them?
Rayon: No. You know what I mean.

Sun and Fire acted like they didn't hear Himitsu and Rayon aguering with each other.

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Chapter Twenty Four... Breakfast.

A few hours later...

Sun: *Yawn* Boy!! That was a sleep that will haunt me for the next few weeks.

Sun keeps his eyes closed while pushing the lumps couch where Max left pillows so it look like he was asleep. Only Sun didn't know that.

Sun: Get up, Max. It's a brand new day.


Sun: Max?

More silence...

Sun takes the covers of the couch and finds the decoy.

Outside in the garden...


Loyal: Looks like Sun found your decoy.
Max: Uh, oh...

Loyal and Max watched Sun run out of his house frantically yell out Max's name.

Loyal: Sun!!
Sun: What?!
Loyal: Over here!!

Sun looked where Loyal was yelling and saw Max.

Sun: Gggrrrrr!!...
Max: Oops...

After a stern lecture, Sun told Max that he needs to stay with someone for the meantime. Whistling quietly, Loyal tried to get away, but Sun caught him.

Sun: Please watch him.
Loyal: I have to work too you know.
Sun: Then leave him with someone else.
Max: I can look after myself.
Sun and Loyal: NO.

Max backed off.

Doragon: *Rumbles*
Loyal: What's that?
Doragon: *Rumble*
Loyal: Fine. Max. Doragon will watch you.
Sun: I have to go!! The sun can't rise without me!!

Sun runs away leaving Loyal behind.

Max: *Stomach growls*
Loyal: ... I take it that you are hungry.

Inside Loyal's kitchen...

Max: *Looking out the window* Nice place.
Loyal: Thank you. I don't know what you like...
Max: Eggs and sausage would be nice... Please?

Max didn't hear Loyal respond... It made Max pretty nervous.

Max: Did you hear me?


Max turned to look a Loyal who was hiding his face in embarrassment.

Loyal: I don't have any sausage.
Max: You don't? That's alright, I'll take bacon instead.
Loyal: I don't have that either.
Max: Not even that? Okay... How about a-
Loyal: I don't have and meat here.
Max: Why?
Death: Because Loyal is a vegetarian.

Max looked at Death who walked in.

Death: He eats like a damn rabbit.
Loyal: Better then eating like savage.

Death tossed a small tomato at Loyal's forehead.

Death: You won't find any meat here unless you take some from Doragon. But the meat she has is raw.
Max: I can cook it.
Loyal: Leave her breakfast alone!! She might bite you.
Max: But I'm hungry!! I don't want salad for breakfast!!

Loyal grabbed Max's arm and gave him a small push.

Loyal: Then go with Death. He won't harm you.
Death: Come along.
Max: Fine.

What surprised me is that someone guessed that Loyal was the vegetarian in the poll!! You were correct!!  XD

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Chapter Twenty Five... Measurements and pain.

After breakfast...

Death: Alright. You head back to Doragon like a good little creature and stay with her.
Max: Question?
Death: Go ahead.
Max: Where did your brother get a dragon?
Death: I think Cosmic's parents found a dragon egg and Doragon was in it... I... was it his parents? I can't remember. It's been years.
Max: Who are Cosmic and Galactic?
Death: Oh. They are some other God and Goddess.
Max: There's Goddesses too?
Death: Max. Be quiet and go!

Max ran out the door and back to Loyal who was getting ready to take off.

Max: Bye.
Loyal: Goodbye. Sun might be home late tonight, so Doragon will watch you.
Doragon: *Purr*

Max sat next to Doragon and watched Loyal fly off.

At Rain's house...

Cherry Blossom: Hello, Death.
Death: Hi.
Cherry Blossom: Rain is waiting inside for you to take your measurements.
Death: Okay.

Absent minded, Death walked inside, he didn't notice Cherry Blossom glareing at him.

Rain: Hello, Death. Are you ready?
Death: I hate this. Yes I'm ready.
Rain: Good! Just stand on this wee chair here.
Death: *Sigh*

An hour later...

Rain: Hold out you arms again.

Irritated, Death stretched his winged arms. With a scowl, Rain ruffled the feathers.

Rain: Is there anyway you can get rid of these?
Death: No. Pluck one and I'll scream bloody murder.
Rain: Uummm...

On the other side of the room...

Loyal: Yipe!!
Water: Oops. Sorry. I forgot about that needle.

Loyal rubbed the sore spot where the needle poked him. Loyal knew that Water was a filthy liar, but what was the point? Water was just going to object.


Loyal and Water both looked at the door where the scream had come from.

Rain: So it does hurt.
Death: I SAID NO!!

*Insults and adult language*

Loyal jumped off the chair and opened the door. Death and Rain stopped insulting each other and glared at Loyal.
Death: This cow here pulled out one of the feathers on my wings!
Rain: Stop being a stupid baby. It couldn't have hurt that much!
Loyal: It does, Rain. Look.

Rain squinted at the spot where the feather was pulled out. A thin trail of blood leaked out of Death's wing and fell on the carpet.

Death: Uh oh! It's on the carpet. This is a horrible day!

Rain ignored Death's sarcasm and scowled at the blood splat.

Loyal: *Ahem* Death. Rain. Continue?

Rain picked up her needles and got back to work. Death looked at a bird chirping outside the window.


Loyal: Hello, Cherry Blossom. What are you doing?
Cherry Blossom: Nothing.

Loyal flinched at Cherry Blossom's cruel voice.

Cherry Blossom: Rain is in there with Death.
Loyal: So?
Cherry Blossom: She told not to be sad if Death picks her for a wife. Disgusting Goddess. Who the heck does she think she is?! Miss IcanpickanyGodIlike!? Can you be-

Cherry Blossom stopped ranting when Loyal burst out laughing.

Loyal: He doesn't want her, and she doesn't want him!! What are you whining about?
Cherry Blossom:  :(
Loyal: Don't worry. Rain is just messing with your head.
Cherry Blossom: *Sigh* I need to go. Goodbye, Loyal.
Loyal: Goodbye.

Cherry Blossom runs off whimpering softly.

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Chapter Twenty Six... Getting ready.

A few weeks later...

Moon: Golly. Is it time for The Matching Ceremony already?
Cherry Blossom: Yes it is. Are you excited?
Moon: Nervous is the word for me right now... What if Sun chooses Galactic instead of me?
Cherry Blossom: Oh, he'll pick you. I saw you guys a few months back kissing like there is no tomorrow.
Moon: What?
Cherry Blossom: Forget what I said.
Moon: You were spying on us?!
Cherry Blossom: Just a little...
Moon: Oh, Blossom. Why? Why were you spying on us?
Cherry Blossom: I'm sorry, Moon. But Loyal saw too.

Cherry Blossom hung her head while Moon repeatedly smashed her head on her desk.

At Fire's house...

Sun: Are you ready?
Fire: Just gotta get my robes on.
Sun: Where is Loyal and Death?
Fire: I don't know. Maybe they are getting ready also.
Sun: Good.

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the awkward moments when moon finds out cherry blossom was spying on her

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Chapter Twenty Seven... Sleeves and Doragon's feelings.

Inside Death's house...

Death: ... Oh, boy. Will this even fit?

Death lifted up his robes that Rain had painfully made. It was made perfectly to fit his severely under weighted body, but the only problem was the sleeves. To the other Gods, it was beautiful, the silky red and black cloth gleamed slightly in the brightly litted room. Death thought it looked nice too, but with his clothing. Death needed small buttons to open the sleeves for his arms, otherwise he would have to find something else. Death looked for the buttons to open the sleeve so his wings could solve in. But sadly, they were not there. Frustrated, Death sat in The floor holding the robes to his chest.

At Loyal's house...

Doragon: *Rumble*
Loyal: Thank you. I think it looks nice too.

Loyal smiled at his reflection in the tall mirror. The long gold and white robes fit his body like a glove. Loyal knew that Water and Rain had worked hard on the robes so Loyal must be careful. If his robes looked this beautiful, how would Death's look? Excited, Loyal ran out of his room, he couldn't wait to see how Death looked. Doragon stopped him and purred.

Loyal: Oh, right. Goodbye, Doragon. I'll see you tonight.
Doragon: *Growl*
Loyal: You'll be fine. Max is asleep, so he won't bother you. Don't wait up, it'll late by the time I come back with my wife. Ha-ha.

Loyal flew off leaving Doragon in cold sweat. Doragon knew that he was just joking about getting married, but she was still scared. Each year, Doragon worried that Loyal might come home some snooty Goddess by his side. But he always comes home alone. Doragon didn't want Loyal to become a husband to some Goddess. Doragon wanted Loyal for herself. It never occurred to Loyal that Doragon loves him... But she is a dragon... And Loyal is a God... Her love for him would never be accepted.

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Chapter Twenty Eight... What do you see?

Death: Damn it!! Why is this so hard!?

Painfully, Death tried to push his winged arm through the narrow sleeve. But with each push, one or two feathers fell off.
Death: Why am I even trying?
Looking at the sleeves again, Death roughly pulled his arm through hoping that the faster he pulls his arm though, the feathers would stay on. Five feathers fell off.


Yelling in anger, Death slammed his fists on his drawer. After a few good minutes, Death looked at himself in the mirror. In the mirror he saw Loyal standing by the doorway staring at him.

Death: ...
Loyal: ...

Silently, Loyal walked towards Death. each step that Loyal took was so small and quiet. Like he was walking towards a wild animal. Soon, Loyal was right next to Death. Looking sadly into Death's eyes, Loyal picked up Death's arm and slid it slowly and carefully into the sleeves. Death just sat there embarrassed that Loyal did it without hurting him. After Loyal helped Death get ready they both stood in front of the mirror looking at each others reflection. Loyal smiled at Death hoping to cheer him up., but Death just looked at the floor.
Loyal: You look very handsome.
Death: What do you see, Loyal?
Loyal: What?
Death: What do you see?
Loyal: I see... Our faces?
Death: No...
Loyal: I see... Two Gods. One is the God of Death. The other is The God of Life.
Death: No!! Look at us, Loyal. We look nothing alike. You look like our mother. Beautiful!!
Loyal: I never saw our mama.
Death: I look... Look...
Loyal: Don't say it.
Death: Ugly.

Loyal scowled at Death.

Loyal: What makes you think that?
Death: People draw me as dark and evil.
Loyal: Their negative opinion should not matter to you.
Death: Why dose it bother you?
Loyal: We are not talking about me, this is about you.
Death: Why do they see me like that?
Loyal: Because death to them is a punishment. That's why they see you like that.
Death: Our parents said that death is an ugly thing. That is why I came out ugly.
Loyal: Our parents are wrong. Everyone is wrong. You are not ugly.
Death: Then tell me what you see!!

Loyal put his hand under Death's chin and smiled sadly at him.

Loyal: I see a God. A God with golden eyes and a beautiful smile. His face is beautiful as the blessing he was born with. That's what I see... I don't see you with your red and black eyes and thin face like how our mom made you look and our dad's rotten opinion.... I see you differently. You're beautiful, Death. What they say is wrong. Death is not a punishment... It's a blessing. You are freeing someone from the pain that they are born with. That's what I see. I see the real you. And you are the most handsome God here.

Loyal hung his head and let out a shuddering sigh. Death held onto Loyal's hands and listen to him cry softly. Death knew that Loyal was crying for him because how their parents and everyone saw death like. An ugly punishment. It wasn't right.

Death and Loyal embraced each other and stayed like that for a long time...

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Chapter Twenty Nine... Goddesses and Gods.

Moon: Thanks a lot, Cherry Blossom. Now I'm a wreck.
Cherry Blossom: I said I was sorry. Nobody told you to smash your head on the desk.

Cherry Blossom stood next to Moon while she put on concealer on her bruised forehead.

Rain: Is it time yet?
Sand: No. We still have ten minutes left.
Earth: I wonder who is going to pick Wind?
Sand: You. Duh.
Earth: No. Not him...
Rain: Then who?
Earth: You'll see.
Moon: Who will pick Death?
Sand: Tee-hee. No one. Who would pick him?
Earth: He's okay. Not my choice of a husband, though.
Rain: Any Goddess who picks him is just desperate.
Moon: That's cold, Rain.
Cloud: It seems like it.
Cherry Blossom bit into her closed fist hearing the Goddesses talk bad about Death.

Moon: Stop it. All of you.
Sand: Uh, oh... It looks like Moon wants Death for her husband.
Moon: That's not true, Sand.
Cloud: Then why are you defending him?
Moon: Because what you girls are doing is cruel
Galactic: Who are you picking, Cherry Blossom?
Cherry Blossom: ... Mind your own business.
Cloud: Sand. Everyone knows it's Rock.
Moon: Rock is a jerk. She wants someone else.
Rain: Sun?
Moon: Uuuuhhhhh... No.
Cloud: Fire?
Cherry Blossom: Lord no.
Sand: Loyal?

The Goddesses stopped talking.

Sand: Just saying.
Cloud: Loyal is nice... But I don't think Cherry Blossom wants him.
Moon: Some Goddess will pick him.
Earth: Yeah? Who? It's been 34 years already and no Goddess picked him.
Galactic: She's right... But I'm sure this is it.
Earth: I hope so...
Rain: Who would pick Loyal? He is so insecure and moody.
Moon: Shut up, Rain.
Rain: Stop hiding from the facts, Moon.
Sand: Rain. Shut your fat trap.
Galactic: Yeah, Rain.
Rain: You all know that if he gets married, he won't pay any attention to his wife. He'll be too busy taking care of those blasted people!
Earth: Well. It is his job. That's why he was born.
Rain: The one who takes care of life was always a Goddess.
Cherry Blossom: He can't help being born a God!
Rain: The Goddesses of life were strong willed and they knew what they were doing. Loyal is weak.His brothers are stronger the him.
Galactic: That is quite enough, Rain. You don't know anything about Loyal.
Rain: I know enough.

Rain stormed out of the room. She didn't see Loyal hiding behind the curtains. Loyal hung his head and sighed.

Loyal: Sorry.

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Chapter Thirty... Gods and Goddesses

Cloud: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
Loyal: Stop it. I'm more scared then you are right now.

Sand ran over to Cloud and led her away.

Cherry Blossom: Hi! What brings you here?
Loyal: I just wanted to wish you girls good luck.

Loyal looked at each Goddess in the room.

Loyal: You all look so beautiful...
Goddesses: Thank you, Loyal.
Loyal: I'll see you all there.
Sand: Bye!

Before Loyal walked out, he made a beeline towards Cherry Blossom and held her hands. Each Goddess stared at them, but Loyal and Cherry Blossom were to busy looking into each other's eyes. Moon watched as Loyal told her something in her ear and then Loyal left the room.

Earth: *Tsk* It's totally Loyal she is choosing.
Sand: Good. A wife would do wonders for him.
Cloud: Or chaos.

The Goddesses talked and giggled before Galactic lined them and they left the room.

Somewhere outside...

Water: Well. I'm tired.
Rock: You're always tired.
Fire: No he is not really. The water moves everywhere.
Sun: I think he means he is tired of waiting.
Water: Duh.

The Gods stood around talking to one another each nervously waiting the Goddesses to appear. Loyal went to Death who was near the tables shoving Cordial Blueberries in his mouth and was drinking.

Loyal: You're going to make yourself sick.
Death: I'm trying.
Loyal: Give me that. You had too much to drink.

Death gripped the cup, but Loyal managed to pull it away.
Rock: Relax, Death. They are just Goddesses.
Cosmic: What do you mean just Goddesses?!
Loyal: Stop. They are not Just Goddesses, Rock. They are the ones who can create a new Goddess or God with us.
Wind: True... Idiot.
Rock: What? I just said tha-
Sky: Nobody wants you to state your opinion.

The Gods argued while Loyal sat Death on a chair and patted him on the shoulders.

Loyal: Don't worry... Everything will fall into place.
Death: *Sigh* Can I please have another drink?
Loyal: No. What will you new wife of you think if you show up drunk?
Death: What makes you think a Goddess will choose me tonight?

Loyal wrapped his arms around Death's neck and didn't say anything.

Fire: The Goddesses are coming. Hurry up!!

Sun scurried over to his chair but tripped on the stairs.

Fire: Damn it, Sun. Get up!
Sun: Ow...

There was a loud ripping sound as Death stood up.

Death: Oh God. Did my robes rip from the back?...
Loyal: No. Just your sleeves.
Death: I'm going!!

Before Death had the chance to run away, the Goddesses walked in.

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oh my god it's coming up!!!

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Chapter Thirty One... Choosing...

Loyal: *Ahem* Hello, everyone. Tonight is the night when each Goddess will choose a God for her husband. Now I know we are all excited and nervous, but please restrain yourself.

The Goddesses sat on the floor with their heads down not looking at the Gods who sat in the front.

Death: You all know the rules. The Goddesses must keep their heads down until one sent their message and they are ready to ready to perform for her chosen God.
Loyal: If one of the Gods feel the message she is sending. Allow her to stand up and do what ever she wishes. And soon you will have your new wife.
Fire: If you don't hear the message. Do not allow her to get up. This is forcing a Goddess to do something she doesn't want to do.
Sun: If that happens tonight. You will be severely punished. If you didn't feel anything, you'll get your chance next time.

The Goddesses talk quietly to one another.

Loyal: Quiet please. Are we all ready? Let's begin.

Loyal sat down and bowed his head, so did his brother's. Everything was silent.

Earth: Achoo!! Move it, Sand.
Sand: You move.
Sun: Ssshhh.

Everyone kept quiet listening for the message. Moon stood up, but before she could perform Sun stood up as well and ran towards her.

Rain: Him?
Cloud: I guess.

The Gods and Goddesses clapped and cheered for Sun and Moon who stood there holding each other's hands.

Loyal: Is this the God who choose, Moon?
Moon: Yes.
Loyal: Do you agree to this, Sun?
Sun: Yes.
Loyal: Then you have my blessing. May you both live in peace, love, and whatever happens you'll be together forever. You are now Husband and Wife. Congratulations.

The cheering went on as Moon and Sun hugged each other and left to the side of the room and sat there.

Loyal: Quiet...

Galactic stood up and stood in the front. She goes slightly and the room went dark. Soon there was tiny twinkling lights dancing around in the room followed by wispy clouds floating in the room. Galactic continue to glow. The Goddesses and Gods looked up at the dark sky. They saw the planets going by slowly each of them glowing like Galactic. It was a beautiful sight, but they wondered who was she doing it for. At last it was over and the room was lighted up again and Galactic stopped glowing.

Cosmic: That was beautiful, Galactic. But you are more beautiful.

Galactic and Cosmic hugged each other and went to Loyal.

Loyal: Is this the God you have chosen, Galactic?
Galactic: Yes.
Loyal: Do you agree to this, Cosmic?
Cosmic: Hell yeah!! I mean... Yes.
Loyal: Then you both have my blessings. May you both live in peace, love and whatever happens you'll live together forever. You are now Husband and Wife. Congratulations.

Everyone cheered and clapped for Cosmic and Galactic who left to sit with Sun and Moon.

An hour later...

Death clapped as Cloud and Water left to sit with the other newlyweds. It was pretty boring for Death because he didn't get a message yet. The only time things got interesting is when rock teased Sand saying that she chose him. Sand ran off and Rock received and hard slap across the face from Fire and Rock had to beg forgiveness from Loyal and Sand who slapped him as well. Death bowed his head again.

Then there was a small sweet voice...

Cherry Blossom: Death?
Death: Cherry Blossom?
Cherry Blossom: Hi.
Death: What are you doing? Stop it!! Why are you teasing me? Talk to Loyal. Not me. Go on.
Cherry Blossom: It's not you brother that I want. It's you.
Death: ... Do you really mean that?
Cherry Blossom: I love you, Death.
Death: ... I love you too...
Cherry Blossom: Well?
Death: Go ahead and stand up...

The Goddesses heads snapped up when Cherry Blossom got up from her spot. She walked towards the front with her pink ribbons trailing behind her. But before she could dance Death jumped out of his chair and just stood there not saying anything. Loyal watched.

Sun: Say something, Fool!

Death stuttered and then went silent. Chery Blossom's face redden with embarrassment.

Cherry Blossom: Death? I cho-

Cherry Blossom was interrupted by the loud crashing of the chair as it fell down. Death had run away.

The Goddesses hands flew to their mouth to hold their yelps of terror in. A few of the Gods stood up and ran after Death who was already long gone. The Goddesses jumped up and crowded around Cherry Blossom comforting her and telling her she didn't need him. Cherry Blossom held her tears in. Loyal send a message to Cherry Blossom.

Loyal: Cherry Blossom?... I'm sorry...

Cherry Blossom burst into tears.

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(Whew. Chapter thirty one. I was trying to reach it before July ended.  XD)
Chapter Thirty Two... Never underestimate the power of love.

The Goddess walked out of the temples in a straight line lead by Moon. The Gods were lead out by Sun.

Loyal: Goodnight, everyone. I'll see you all in the morning.
Gods and Goddess: Goodnight, Loyal.

As they walked out of the temples, Loyal began to clean up the place. He didn't get far when he felt somebody in the back wrap their arms around his neck and begin to cry in his hair. Loyal patted the arms.

Loyal: Again. I'm sorry, Cherry Blossom.

Cherry Blossom: *Sob*

Loyal turned around and hugged the crying Goddess. After a few long sad minutes, they walked out of the temples.

Loyal: Do you want to stay at my place tonight? I won't mind if you take my bed and cry for hours on it.

Cherry Blossom squinted at Loyal's smiling face. She knew he didn't mean it he was just trying to cheer her up.

Cherry Blossom: No... No thank you. I'll head home. Goodnight.
Loyal: Goodnight.

Cherry Blossom took the long way home. She needed time to think.

A few minutes later...

Cherry Blossom turned her head to see how far she went. Behind her was tons cherry blossom trees that grew when her tears hit the soft dirt.

Cherry Blossom:  -_-

Cherry Blossom kept walking. Then she heard a cracking sound.

Cherry Blossom: Who's there?
Death: Me...

Cherry Blossom looked up and saw Death sitting inside a tree looking down at her.

Cherry Blossom: What do you want?
Death: Be nice, Cherry Blossom. Being a jerk doesn't become you.
Cherry Blossom: Leave me alone. I hate you.

Death winched and place his hand on his chest like something inside hurt him. It probluy did but Cherry Blossom didn't give a damn at the moment. Cherry Blossom stalked off.

Death: Wait!!

Death fell out of the tree. Cherry Blossom glared at him. Death limped over to her.

Cherry Blossom: Can't you even take care of yourself?!

Cherry Blossom looked at Death as he stood there. The top of his robe was ripped and hanging down. It look like he was wearing a thick long skirt.
Death: I'm sorry...
Cherry Blossom: Sorry!? I look like an idiot up there and all you can say is sorry!? GO HOME, DEATH!!
Death: Cherry Blossom, PLEASE!!
Cherry Blossom I SAID GO!!

Cherry Blossom flew off with Death flying behind her. She flew into small closed trees hoping to lose him,  Death yelped as the trees hit and scratched him, still he flew after her.
Cherry Blossom: GO AWAY!!

Cherry Blossom flew down and crossed her arms. Death landed next to her.

Cherry Blossom: Well?
Death: I'm sorry I ran off like that... But I just realized something.
Cherry Blossom: What? You are too good for me?
Death: No... Look.

Death touched a small flower and they watched it wither away.

Cherry Blossom: So?
Death: Can't you see? I'm the God of Death. I have the power to end everything if I touch it.
Cherry Blossom: And?
Death: I can destroy a God or Goddess too.

Cherry Blossom sharply sucked in her breath.

Death: I'm sorry, Cherry Blossom... That's why I ran off.
Cherry Blossom: I... I... I still love you, Death.
Death: So do I... But we can never be together...
Loyal: You know what I hate? I hate it when two people cannot be together.

Death and Cherry Blossom jumped after Loyal talked. Loyal came out from behind the trees.

Loyal: I hate it so much.
Death: Shoo!! We are talking.
Loyal: That's why I am doing whatever I can to prevent this.
Cherry Blossom: What are you saying?

Loyal smiled and touched Cherry Blossom on the arm. Small pink markings appeared on her arms and legs.

Loyal: There we are. With these markings, Death cannot harm you.
Death: What?
Loyal: Touch her.

Death hesitated, but Loyal insisted. slowly, Death touched Cherry Blossom on the arm. Death shut his eyes and waited for Cherry Blossom to vanish, but she stood there with wide eyes.

Death: I can't believe it...
Loyal:  ;D
Cherry Blossom: I this a dream?
Loyal: Nope! For you and everyone. I'll find a way.

Death and Cherry Blossom looked at each other. The a small giggle came out of Cherry Blossom. Death laughed quietly. Then they both burst out laughing.

Death: It's a miracle!!
Cherry Blossom: It truly is!!

Still laughing, Cherry Blossom wrapped her arms around Death's neck. Death pick her up and swung her around. Loyal smiled at them. At last Death put Cherry Blossom down and held her hand.

Death: Are you ready?
Cherry Blossom: *Nods*

Death and Cherry Blossom turned to face Loyal.

Loyal: Is this the God you choose, Cherry Blossom?
Cherry Blossom: Yes.
Loyal: Do you agree to this, Death?
Death: Yes.
Loyal: Then you both have my blessings. May you live in peace, love and whatever may happen, you'll be together forever. You now both Husband and Wife. Congratulations.

Death faced Cherry Blossom who grinned at him. Slowly, Death leaned forward and kissed Cherry Blossom on the lips. Loyal clapped for both of them.

Now it was truly a miracle for Cherry Blossom and Death.

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Chapter Thirty Three... Loyal and Doragon...

Doragon woke up as she heard small footsteps crossing the room.

Doragon: *Rumble*
Loyal: Oh. You're awake... Go back to bed.

Doragon bumped her large head against Loyal's back. Loyal hugged her.

Loyal: My brothers got married.
Doragon: *Rumble?*
Loyal: No luck. No Goddess wanted me..  
Doragon: *Purrs*
Loyal: That's alright though. I'm sure next time I'll be lucky.

Loyal hugged Doragon even tight.

Loyal: I'm tired. Good night, Doragon.

Loyal went to his bed but Doragon bit down on Loyal's robes and lifted him in the air.

Loyal: Doragon?

Doragon placed him next to her neck and placed her head next to him and purred.

Loyal: Alright. Goodnight now.

Loyal curled around her massive paws and closed his eyes. Doragon waited until he was fully asleep before closing her eyes as well. Soon they were both dreaming together.

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Chapter Thirty Four... Eclipse

Max was walking after Loyal who was listening to Sand complain.

Sand: I don't understand.
Loyal: About what?
Sand: Why did you let Sun and Moon get married?
Loyal: Because they asked me and I allowed it.
Sand: She is a Moon.
Loyal: So?
Sand: She can't be with him. She is a Goddess of the night.
Loyal: But they love each other. You can't stop someone from falling in love.
Sand: But they are always separated. It's impossible for them to be together.
Loyal: When you fall in love with someone and they love you back. The impossible becomes the possible. Right?
Sand: I guess...
Max: I agree with Sand. How will they get together?
Loyal: Oh. They'll find a way.

After Loyal spoke, everything went dark. Sand cried out in terror and Max jumped. All the Goddesses and Gods yelped and ran about. Loyal looked up at the dark sky and saw a large round object covering the sun. The sun was black.

Loyal: What on earth?...
Sun: Hello, brother!!

Loyal spun around and saw Sun standing behind him grinning. Moon was right at his side.

Loyal: What is going on?!
Sun: What? You mean this? *Points at the dark sky*
Loyal: Yes. This. What are you doing?
Moon: Just something we wanted to try out. We call it the Eclipse.
Loyal: Eclipse?
Sun: Eclipse.
Loyal: Why is it named that?
Moon: I don't know. It sounded cute.

Loyal looked back up at the dark sky. Sun and Moon held hands and did a small dance.

Loyal: How long will this last?

Sun stopped and looked at Moon.

Sun: How long will it last, Moon?
Moon: ... I didn't get that far. I just wanted some time with you.
Sun:   :3
Loyal: Well... Start thinking. Because everyone is scared.
Moon: Right.

A few minutes later...

Loyal looked up at the black Sun and saw the black round object moving away. Moon walked off to her house.

Sun: Hey. The sky is blue and bright again!!
Loyal: That was very interesting, Sun. I like it.
Sun: Do you, Loyal!! Can me and Moon do it again?!

Loyal stared at Sun. His older brother was so excited like a little kid, Loyal couldn't say no.

Loyal: Oh, alright.
Sun: Yes!! Thank you!!

Sun grabbed Loyal and hugged him tightly.

Loyal: *Wheeze*

Sun let go of his brother and went off.

Sand: What was that?
Max: Eclipse.
Sand: Eclipse?
Max: Yes. Moon did it because she wanted some time with Sun.

Sand looked at Loyal who grinned at her.

Loyal: The impossible becomes the possible.

Loyal then walked off.

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Chapter Thirty Five... Houses.

Death: NO!!
Cherry Blossom: YES!!
Death: NO!! And that's final!!
Cherry Blossom: No it is not!!
Loyal: I don't know much about marriage, but I take it that this is he first disagreement?
Death: She wants to live in her house, not mine!
Cherry Blossom: Yours is too dark and morbid looking! I'm already depressed just standing in it!
Death: All that pinky flowery stuff makes me sick!! My house is just fine.
Cherry Blossom: It is not!! It's run down.
Death: No it isn't.


Death jumped out of the way and watched in embarrassment as the roof caved in. Loyal raised an eyebrow.

Death: I can fix that.
Cherry Blossom: Uh, huh.
Loyal: Until you fix the roof, stay at her house.
Cherry Blossom: That'll be nice. Come on, Death.
Death:  ^^;

Cherry Blossom took her embarrassed husband and left. Pretty soon there was more yelling.

Loyal: What now?
Death: She said that we must live in her house!
Cherry Blossom: What will our children think if we live in his?!
Death: Children? ARE YOU CRAZY?!!
Loyal: Now, now, Death. She just wants kids.
Death: First it's bugging me about her house. Next it's kids!? What cheek!!
Loyal and Cherry Blossom: What's wrong with that?!
Death: Err-... Umm... CherryBlossomcanItalkwithyou?
Cherry Blossom: ...

Now... Cherry Blossom and Death walked off. Loyal left as well.

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Chapter Thirty Six... Facts and children.

Max was sitting with Sun and his brothers. All five of them were sitting in a circle, Max stared at each of them. Sun and Fire almost looked alike except the fact that Sun had long red hair with blond hair growing out blending in with the red. Fire had short red hair. Loyal had tan skin and white that covered his ears. Death had dark skin with a red hue. Death also had uneven thick black hair. Loyal and Death looked nothing alike, but they came from the same mother.

Loyal: What are looking at?
Max: Huh? Sorry.
Loyal: That's alright.

Max looked away and wrote in his journal. Each brother had a different attitude. Sun was playful and played roughly even though it hurts his brothers. Fire was aggressive and wanted things to go hisway. Death was sarcastic and blunt. Death usefully keeps to himself. Loyal was sympathetic and loving. Loyal made sure that everything is alright. Max wondered why no Goddess wanted him.

Fire: So... Loyal. Did any Goddess pick you?

Loyal looked up from his book and glared at Fire. Loyal knew that his brother was taunting him.

Loyal: No.
Death: Shut up, Fire.
Sun: Here we go...

Max didn't know why Fire disliked Loyal. Loyal did nothing and yet Fire despised him.

Fire: Just asking.
Sun: She'll come one day.
Death: She better get off her butt and get over here.
Max: *Snicker*
Loyal: Sshh. Death. Have you decided yet?
Fire: Decided what?
Sun: Kids.

Death threw a acorn at Sun who was laughing at him.

Death: We decided later.

Death's brothers groaned.

Death: what is it?
Sun: I want to be an uncle now.
Fire: Me too.
Loyal: Me three.
Max:  ...
Fire: Why are you waiting?
Death: Just...
Loyal: Do you want kids, Sun?
Sun: Yes. But I'm not sure how...
Death: Well. Loyal did say the impossible becomes the possible.
Fire: Then why isn't Loyal married yet?

Everyone went silent.

Death: That's cold, Fire. What the hell is wrong with you?
Fire: Nothing. I'm just asking.
Sun: Why do you act ugly towards Loyal? Dad would be ashamed of you.
Fire: for asking questions? Like right now?
Death: No.Dad would be ashamed of you for being a ba-
Loyal: Enough. Let's do something else now.

Each brother walked off, but Max tagged along after Sun.

Max: Why is Fire so mean?
Sun: ... I wish I knew...

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Chapter Thirty Seven... Memories...

Himitsu watched Death, Fire and Sun as they dug up Loyal in the sand. The young Goddesses watched them, as soon as Loyal was covered up, Everyone started laughing.

Death: Go on. Try getting out.
Loyal: *Flap* Oof! *Flap* Miff! *Flap flap*
Sand: EEEEEE!! Stop it!! You are blowing sand everywhere!!
Cloud: Ouch!! There is sand in my eyes!! I'm outta here!!


Himitsu walked over to where the young Goddesses and Gods were playing. Some of the Goddesses ran off in tears because of the sand. Some Goddesses and God covered their faces wait for Loyal to get out.

Himitsu: Loyal...

Loyal stopped flapping his wings and looked up at his father.

Loyal: Hi, Papa...
Himitsu: What are you doing?
Fire: It's my fault, Himitsu. I told Death and Sun that we should bury him... I'm a little concern about him.
Himitsu: Concern? Why?
Fire: Well... He's a deep sleeper... is he alright?
Himitsu: Of course he is, Fire.
Fire: I just wanted to know.
Himitsu: Alright...

Fire kicked the sand.

Himitsu: Come on, Loyal.

Loyal wiggled out of the sand and stood in front of his father.

Loyal: Papa?
Himitsu: Loyal. Go clean yourself up.
bb]Fire:[/b] We'll clean him up, Himitsu. Come.

The four young Gods nearly knocked over Himitsu as they rushed past. Arriving at the far side of the beach, Sun repeatedly dunked Loyal in the salty water. Fire sat in the sand holding towels.

Sun: Why did you lie like that? Loyal told us that he wanted to be buried in the sand.
Death: That was a pretty good lie.
Loyal: *Glub*

After the sand washed off Loyal, Sun carried his friend to where Fire was waiting. While Fire wrapped up Loyal in the fuzzy towels, Loyal was curious.

Loyal: Why did you lie to me father?
Fire: He was getting mad already. I couldn't let him punish you.
Sun: Now we know for sure. Never play in front of Himitsu.
Death: Correct.

Fire patted Loyal on the head.

Loyal: Thank you.
Fire: You're welcome.

The four young Gods sat down and watched as the sunset.

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Chapter Thirty Eight... No?

In the temples...

Max: How do you fly, Death?
Death: I just lift my arms and fly.
Max: But yours are on your arms. Loyal has his on his back. Is it hard sometimes?
Death: It was at first, but I learned.
Max: Oh.... Death?
Death: Yes?
Max: Does Loyal hate Fire?
Death: No. He doesn't hate anyone.
Max: Does Fire hate Loyal?
Death: I think he is just jealous? Sun?
Sun: Leave me out of this.
Death: But Max... Never mind.

Sun and Death walked off leaving Max behind.

Rain: What was that about?
Max: I don't know... Rain? Who is Death and Loyal's father?
Rain: Their father is Himitsu.
Max: Mother?
Rain: Seikatsu.
Max: Where is she?
Rain: Seikatsu died after she gave birth to Loyal. Only Death saw her not Loyal.
Max: Isn't she immortal like Loyal?
Cloud: Long story...
Max: Where is Himitsu?
Cloud: He died just as well.
Max: Why? I thought he would be immortal like his children?
Cloud: Well... That one is a sad story... It all-
Doragon: *Growls*
Rain: Silence, Cloud. Don't say anything.
Max: Please?
Water: Sorry. Death doesn't want anybody to talk about this. Good afternoon, Girls, Max.

Water walked out of the temples. Max went to Doragon.

Max: What happen to Himitsu?

Doragon pulled Max close to her body with her tail and just sighed.

Max: No? Okay... You like Loyal, don't you, Doragon?

Doragon nodded her head.

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Doragon pulled Max close to her body with her tail and just signed.
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Chapter Thirty Nine... Adorable Memories...

Loyal: Papa!!
Himitsu: What is it now, Loyal?

Himitsu looked up and saw his son smiling at him holding a blue and black ball.

Loyal: Me and Death are in a playful mood. Wanna play with us?
Himitsu: Loyal. I'm really busy, next time, okay?
Loyal: ... Alright... Next time... Promise?
Himitsu: Promise. It's night time already. So come back in twenty minutes.

Loyal patted his father's hand before running off.

In the living room...

Loyal run up to Death who was eating a beetle that found it's way into the house.

Loyal: Papa said next time.
Death: He said next time last year.
Loyal: Lie's. He said it only last week.
Death: But he promised that he'd play with us last week. This is ridiculous.
Loyal: He's busy.
Death: Sure, sure. Busy.
Loyal: Come on.


Loyal and Death ran after their ball that was rolling away from them and down the hill.

Death: Stop that ball!!
Loyal: Come back here!!

The ball kept rolling away until it stopped at somebody's feet.

Loyal: Excuse me. That's our ball. Could you please toss it back?

The person tossed the ball back. Loyal looked closely and saw the person was just a child.

Death: Come on.
Loyal: Just wait... Hello!! Who are you?!

The child walked up to where Death and Loyal stood.

Death: I never saw you here before. Who are you?
Moon: My name is Moon.
Loyal: Moon. What are you doing outside?
Moon: I stay awake at night, so I'm watching and taking care of the moon.
Death: So. I guess you are a Goddess?
Moon: Yep! You?
Death: I'm Death. A Death God. This is my brother.
Loyal: I'm Loyal. The Loyalty God.
Death: There's more then that, but never mind. Wanna play?
Moon: Oh. You are so kind!
Death: I'm just wondering if you want to play. *Chuckle*
Moon: At night, I'm always alone with nobody. Everyone is sleeping...
Loyal: Sad. Let's play!!

Moon, Death and Loyal ran around tossing the ball to one another before Himitsu called his sons back in.

Moon: Tomorrow?
Death: Sure! We'll be here.

Moon held out the ball to Loyal.

Loyal: You can keep it.
Moon: Thanks!! Now I can play with it when I'm alone.

Loyal and Death pressed their hands together and bowed down to the Moon Goddess. Moon did the same thing as well.

Death and Loyal: Good night!!
Moon: Goodnight!! We'll have another happy night tomorrow!!

Death and Loyal ran back to their house. Moon threw the ball around playing by herself.

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Chapter Forty... Power..

It was a humid starry night.

Moon sat next to Death near the beach and watched the moon rise up slowly.

Moon: Nice night.
Death: Yes...
Moon: Death?
Death: What is it, Moon?
Moon: I was talking with Rain today, an-
Death: Why were you wasting your time with her? Rain is an idiot.
Moon: Don't interrupt. Well, we were talking and she sa-
Death: Oh. Rain can talk alright.
Moon: Shut up for a minute, will ya? GOD!!

Moon and Death kept quiet.

Death: Go on.
Moon: Rain said this that you know Loyal's hidden power and it's not a good one. Is this true?
Death: Yes.
Moon: I'm scared.
Death: You should be.
Moon: What is it?
Death: I trust you deeply, Moon. Will you keep it a secret?
Moon: I'm good at that.
Death: You better be or else.

Moon slapped the back of Death's head for threatening her.

Death: We all know that I am the older brother of Loyal, right?
Moon: Correct.
Death: What was I born for?
Moon: To end the pain.
Death: Good, good... Me and Loyal came from the same mother?
Moon: Yes...
Death: We shared the same womb, the same parents, house, feelings, and we share the power... Now... tell me. What was the last one...
Moon: *Gulp*
Death: Answer me.
Moon: P-... Power...

Death stood up and looked down at Moon who was trembling.

Death: Good Night, Moon.

Moon didn't respond. Death flew off into the night leaving the frighten Goddess alone. A large black cloud covered the moon promising a midnight storm. Moon didn't want to believe Death, but his cold harsh words echoed in her mind.

We share the same power...

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Chapter Forty One... Fighting.

Loyal: What are we doing up here, Sun?!
Sun: It's time for you to act and fight like a real God!

Loyal tugged on his long jacket to keep out the cold.

Sun: Now, Loyal. Today we are fight.
Loyal: No thank you.

While Sun and Loyal stood in the fields arguing with one another, Fire just watched and looked up at the purple sky. Morning was coming and soon it will be time for work. The cold wind that whipped around them made it hard for Loyal to hear his brother.

Sun: Come on now. Don't be a wimp.
Loyal: Fighting gets us nowhere.
Sun: What?
Loyal: Fighting gets us nowhere.
Sun: WHAT!? I can't hear you!! The wind is too loud!!
Sun: YES!!
Fire: *Rolls eyes*

Sun gave Loyal a hard shove to the ground.

Loyal: OOF!! What is wrong with you!?
Sun: Come on!! PUT 'EM UP!!
Loyal: NO.

Loyal started to crawl away, but Sun wasn't finish yet. After a few tumbles, Loyal landed on his face in some wet stuff.

Loyal: Gross...
Sun: At least it is mud!!
Loyal: It's not mud...

Loyal couldn't stand the way Fire and Sun laughed at him. Wiping his face as best as he could, Loyal got up and stormed over to is brother who grinned at him.

Loyal: You guys are disgusting.
Fire: Well. I wouldn't be talking if I had crap all over my face.

Sun and Fire roared with laughter while Loyal hissed softly. Without a warning, Loyal gave Sun a hard shove. Sun looked up at Loyal in surprise.

Sun: That's good.
Fire: Not good enough.
Loyal:  *Growls* I'll be back...

Making small talk, Sun and Fire waited for Loyal to return. The sun was peeking over the hills as Loyal returned with a cleaner face and a better attitude.

Loyal: Now what?
Sun: Now we start...... Idiot.
Loyal: That's not nice.
Sun: NO! You insult me back!!
Loyal: No. I'm not doing that.
Fire: Give it up, Sun. He won't do it.
Sun: Fine. Let's spar a bit.

Of course, Loyal was beaten by Sun. Rubbing his face, Loyal wobbled as he got up.

Loyal: I think I'm ready for a break.

Fire pulled Loyal by the arm and slapped his head.

Sun: Loyal... Fight.
Loyal: I won't. Fighting is the source of evil.
Sun: Fight...
Loyal: Please don't make me do this.

Sun really expected a small hit from Loyal but instead he saw stars and felt a sharp burning pain, Sun found himself on the ground tucked up like a bug.

Loyal: I'M SORRY!! I'M SORRY!!
Fire: Loyal. Shut up. Sun was practically asking for this.

Sun winced in pain.

Loyal: He said to hit.
Fire: Fight. A swift kick to the most sensitive part is enough to bring a man down.
Loyal: Oh, dear...

Sun slowly got up and looked at Loyal.

Sun: Good job.

After a few seconds of stuttering, Loyal put his hands together and bowed.

Loyal: Thank you...

Sun, Fire and Loyal walked back home together.

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Chapter Forty Two... Ring Of Fire  Eclipse.

Death clapped his hands over his ears to block out the Goddesses shrill screaming. Again, Sun and Moon were at it again. It was Twelve o'clock in the afternoon, and sky was black. Everything was in complete darkness as the moon went over the sun. The Goddesses were shrieking in terror.

Death: Sshhuutt uupp!!

The Goddesses ran around like ants in a rainstorm.

Loyal: Quiet!! QUIET!!

The Goddesses stopped and looked at Loyal who was standing on top of his house.

Loyal: Good. Now. Nobody worry, the sun is begin covered by the moon again, we are having the  eclipse  again. The sun will shine once more in no time. So... please let's go one with our day?
Earth: I'm cold!! We need the sun for warmth!!
Loyal: Pull your jacket on until the sun shows.

Earth button up her long thick robe and walked away. Loyal made a brushing motion with his hands at the relieved Goddesses. As soon as they left, Death flew over to Loyal.

Death: Nice sky.
Loyal: I like it, too. It's darker the last time... I guess that's why the Goddesses ran about.

Death smiled at Loyal who was laughing softly. Fire was walking by slowly looking at the sky.

Fire: Notice how the moon and Sun look likes there is a ring of fire around it, Death? It looks nice.

Death nodded his head in agreement trying to ignore the fact that Fire was snubbing Loyal. Loyal kept looking at the sky.

Fire:  Eclipse?
Death: Yep.

Fire walked on looking for Sand. Death and Loyal flew off in different directions to do other things. Loyal flew around mindlessly thinking about yesterday. After himself and his brother's came back from training, Moon was shaking and making small whimpering noises. When Sun teased her, Moon snapped at him. Why was she acting like that? It must have been something.

Sun and Moon: Hhhiiii!!!
Loyal: Hello. Having fun?
Moon: Yes!
Sun: We call this eclipse The Ring Of Fire  Eclipse!!
Loyal: The Ring Of Fire  Eclipse?
Sun: Sounds great, huh?
Loyal: Very nice. Now run along.

Sun and Moon held hands and walked off. Loyal kicked the dirt and shivered as the cold snappy wind blew about.

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Chapter Forty Three... Memories...

Moon and Death were tossing a ball back forth with Loyal and Fire.

Moon:  :3
Death: This is so much fun. Wouldn't you agree, Fire?
Fire: Yep! Who knew that there was a Moon Goddess.
Moon: Everyone is asleep when I show up. Only the adult Gods and Goddesses see me.

Loyal caught the ball and stopped tossing it.

Loyal: That means Papa knows you.
Moon: Who is your dad?
Death: Himitsu.
Moon: Oh! I know him. He sometimes plays with me.

Moon noticed that Death gave Loyal a side look and growled. Loyal shrugged.

Fire: You should meet my older brother. Sun!
Moon: I didn't know there was a sun god.
Fire: Well... there is.... I guess we learn something new everyday.

Fire heard his father yelling for him, pretty soon Himitsu was yelling as well. The young Gods and Goddess said goodbye and left. Rayon smiled as he saw Fire running up to him.

Rayon: What were you doing?
Fire: Playing with the Moon Goddess!!
Rayon: Had fun?
Fire: You bet!! Good night, Loyal, Death. I'll see you tomorrow.

Loyal and Death waved goodbye and walked off with their father.

At the house...

Himitsu pulled the blanket over Death and sat on the edge of his bed. Loyal looked on.

Himitsu: Good night, Death.
Death: Good night, Papa.
Himitsu: I love you.
Death: I love you, too....

Himitsu waited until Death fell asleep. When the sleepy god fell asleep, Himitsu kissed Death on the head and went over where Loyal was lying down.

Himitsu: Good night, Loyal.
Loyal: Good night, Papa.
Himitsu: Did you have fun playing with the Moon Goddess?
Loyal: Yes.
Himitsu: Good. Now get some sleep.

Himitsu got up but felt a small tug on his robes. Himitsu looked at Loyal who was gripping his robes.

Loyal: I know you hate me. You love Death more then me.
Himitsu: I do not.
Loyal: Don't lie. I know when you are lying or not. I can see it...
Himitsu: You don't what you're talking about.
Loyal: I do. But, Papa... I want you to know this... I love you. Even if you hate me, I still love you.

Loyal jumped up and wrapped his small arms around his father's neck and hugged tightly. Himitsu felt Loyal breathing softly in his ear.

Himitsu: ...

Loyal whispered softly in his father's ear...

Loyal: Whatever may happen... I will take care of Death... this is a promise that I give you...

Slowly, Himitsu put Loyal back in bed and left the room feeling Loyal's eyes burn into his back.

Himitsu: He felt so soft and small...

Himitsu closed his eyes and thought about Seikatsu. Quietly Himitsu went to his room and sat on his bed. Himitsu rubbed the spot where Seikatsu use to sleep.

Heartbroken, Loyal curled up into a ball and went to sleep.

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Will there be pics of the Gods or not? And what about the FC I sent herr?

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I love this :3
Thanks!!  :)

This was good, waiting for more!
Will there be pics of the Gods or not? And what about the FC I sent herr?
Thanks!! I'll get the pictures asap.  ^-^

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When will another chapter come?
I know, I'm sorry. I have been so depressed lately that I couldn't write.  :(
But I'm posting a new chapter today. Thank you for being so patient and sticking around.  :)

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But I'm posting a new chapter today. Thank you for being so patient and sticking around.  :)

I'm really sorry for your depression... :(

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Chapter Forty Four... Ben and Lulanie...

Sun stood outside in front of his house breathing in the morning air. The puffy dark blue and white storm clouds floated by promising an early thunderstorm making the morning colder. Sun set off to be with the sun. Sun waved good morning at Earth who didn't wave back. Earth scurried around with flower pots and shovels

Sun: Good morninnnggg, Earth! Why are you so rude today?
Earth: I'm not being rude. You see those clouds? Those are storm clouds. They want to destroy my plants and crop.
Sun: Oh? Well what are you doing?
Earth: I've been up all night long trying to protect my plants from the storm, I won't let them die.
Sun: I still got a few minutes, need any help?
Earth: Please.

Earth and Sun went around the garden digging up herb's, fruits and vegetables. Sun picked the last of the oranges from th orange tree before hearing a noise.


Sun stopped.

Sun: ... Hello?...
Earth: We did it, Sun!! We saved my crops and herbs!!

Earth ran over to Sun.

Earth: For your reward, I'm gonna make you mint tea with honey!! ... Sun?
Sun: There is something in the the tree.
Earth: Probably a bird.
Sun: Birds don't sneeze like humans...
Earth: Somebody is in my orange tree!? Unexceptionable!! Hey you!! Outta my tree!!

Earth grabbed her stick and started poked inside the tree looking for the orange thief.


Earth: Ouch!! The thief threw an orange at me, Sun!!
Sun: Hmm... Just wait...

Sun climbed up the ladder to find whoever was inside. Earth heard another thwack sound and saw a squished orange fall down. Then it was silent.

Earth: Sun? Are you alright?
Sun: Dandy.

Earth pulled on her shawl tighter. The wind picked up speed and rain drops began to fall. At last Sun came down with somebody hanging on to him.

Earth: What is this?
Sun: Another one of these people.
Ben: I'm Ben.
Earth: ? ... I'm Earth.
Ben: Hi.

Sun gently pushed Ben to Earth.

Ben: I'm sorry about your oranges. I didn't know they belonged to you.
Earth: I- ... well... That's alright, Ben. I'm sorry about jabbing you with my stick.
Ben: Yes.
Sun: *Ahem* Well, I must be go-
Moon: You're late.

Sun cringed from hearing his wife's cold voice. Earth bit her fist and Ben turned around to see who was talking. There stood a tall women with her arms crossed glareing at Sun. Sun turned around and gave the irritated women a crooked grin.

Sun: Hey, sweetheart! I was just-
Moon: It's passed time for the sun to rise. No excuses, Sun.
Sun: But, Moon-
Moon: Why are you still here? Go!!

Sun ran off in a hurry. Moon grumbled about having a husband.

Earth: Good Morning, Moon. Look what Sun found.

Earth patted Ben on the head. Moon stared.

Moon: That's weird... I found one last night.

Moon stepped aside and there stood a girl with light brown coloured hair. Ben couldn't believe it.

Moon: Tell them your name.
Lulanie: My name is Lulanie. Yours?
Ben: I'm Ben. This is Earth.
Earth: Cute. Where are all these little people coming from?
Moon: No idea. Come on everyone.

Earth, Moon carried the orange basket and walked in front of Ben and Lulanie who were carrying the oranges that fell out.

Earth: Any news today?
Moon: I'm tired and my head hurts.
Earth: You need some sleep, Moon. Don't worry, I'll take over.

Moon walked away to her house. Earth carried the basket filled oranges.

Lulanie: I'm cold.
Ben: I'm hungry.
Earth: Both of you eat a orange, we are almost there.
Ben: Can we stop?
Lulanie: Please?

Earth groaned and sat down. Ben and Lulanie sat next to her for warmth. Lulanie peeled three oranges for Earth, herself and Ben.

Lulanie: You are awfully tall... what are you?
Earth: A Earth Goddess.
Ben: Really?
Earth: Yes.
Lulanie: That's cool. These oranges are sweet and good, how did you grow them?
Earth: A seed, dirt, water, sun... And I told them goodnight each time the sun went down. Nothing new...

Earth and the two new people finished off their oranges and walked on.

Ben and Lulanie: Where are we going, Earth?
Earth: Keep walking... I hope he is still there.

Then it started to rain. Ben and Lulanie yipped as the cold rain hit their skin, Earth scowled at the sky.

Earth: You two get under my shawl.

Ben and Lulanie covered themselves in the shawl and ran with Earth. Soon, Ben and Lulanie felt that the rain stopped and heard a door slam. Peeking out from the shawl, Ben and Lulanie saw that they were inside a house and in someone's kitchen.

Earth: Knock knock?
Random Voice: What is it, Earth?
Earth: Look.

Earth took off her shawl and put her hands on Ben and Lulanie 's head. Lulanie shivered and Ben eyes met with a tall man standing by the window stareing at them in surprise.

Earth: This is Ben and Lulanie. Say good morning, guys.
Ben and Lulanie: Good Morning?
Loyal: Good Morning... I'm Loyal.

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Here are Ben and Lulaine, everyone.  ;D

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they have no idea what's going on i'm assuming

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They don't look alike but these are cool!
Thank you!! Well, Sun and Fire are blood related brothers, Death and Loyal are their adopted younger brothers. (Death and Loyal mixed race twins)  ;D

Wow , they r amazing
Thanks!!  :D

New chapter soon.

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Chapter Forty Four... Autumn and News

Water: Darn, it's cold tonight! I hate this.
Fire: Well... It is autumn now. Time for the weather to get colder and the moon will show up soon.
Earth: I hate the cold air. Makes my plants die.
Cloud: But you saved them just in time.
Earth: Big deal. You remember what happen last year.
Sand: Bad day... bad day.

Fire walked away from the irritated Goddesses and God. Sun sat on the bench biting his nails and waiting for Moon.

Fire: What are you so jittery about?
Sun: Moon said she needed to tell me something... I'm so nervous.
Fire: Ah. It's probably bad news.

Sun kicked his brother on the leg and went back to chewing his nails.

Loyal: Don't tease your brother like that. I'm sure it is good news.
Fire: I didn't ask you, Loyal.
Death: Shut up, Fire. Leave them alone. Why are you nervous tonight, Sun?
Sun: Moon wants to talk to me and what if it is bad news?
Loyal: You didn't do anything wrong.
Sun: I married her.
Fire: Ouch.
Sun: Not that way!! I mean... what if she is leaving me. We are never together, we must be separated or else. Moon must think she made a mistake when she said yes...
Loyal: Pffttt. You're crazy. She married you because she loves you and nothing can stop you guys.
Death: Don't blame yourself for something that is not even your fault.
Fire: These words of wisdom are coming from the God who still does it.

At that snarky remark, Death grabbed Fire by his shirt collar and rammed him against the stone pillar. Death was so close to Fire's face that their noses were almost touching.

Death: Would like to repeat that?
Fire: Yes. I would... Th-
Loyal: Stop it.
Sun: Can you guys get lost? I'd like to be alone.
Loyal: Wonderful. Let's go, Death. Death?

Death stood there glareing at Fire and not letting go of his collar. Fire gave Death a rude smile.

Fire: You know it's true.
Death: Foolish God..
Loyal: ENOUGH!!

Loyal yanked Death away before he had a chance to slap Fire. Fire fell to ground and laughed at Death who was screaming rather insulting words at him. Loyal had his brother over his shoulder and scurried away.

Death: Grrrrrr...
Loyal: What is wrong with you?! One slap and you would have killed him.
Death: Who cares. I need a drink...

Sun waited for Moon to show up.

Sand: Look!

Sun looked up and saw the moon raising slowly. It was a deep orange and it goes slightly.

Moon: Sun?
Sun: Hi...
Moon: How are you?

Sun turned around and saw his wife smiling and gazing down at him. Moon look so beautiful in her orange gown and her long white hair turned orange. Sun bit his fingers.

Sun: Nervous.
Moon: Don't be.

The Gods and Goddesses danced around with one another not paying any mind to Sun and Moon. Moon sat next to Sun and wrapped her arms around him.

Moon: I love you.
Sun: I love you as well...

They broke apart and Moon leaned over and whispered softly into Sun's ear. Nobody saw how Sun broke into a smile when Moon told him what she had to say.

Sun: Really?
Moon: I said so didn't I?

Moon laughed as Sun turned away and covered his face with his hands so his wife wouldn't see him cry.

Moon: Come on...

Moon took hold of Sun's and and together they walked off thinking of the day they first met.

Death: What do you think Moon told Sun?
Loyal: Something beautiful...

The moon was still rising when Moon and Sun arrived at the lake.

Sun: I love you... I love you both.
Moon: We love you as well.

An hour passed and Sun fell asleep with his head on Moon's lap. Moon sat there smiling looking up at the stars.

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so I haven't been following this at all but

Hah-hah! I'm glad you liked it.   ;D
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I haven't read this in a long while...good job in the last chapter!
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Totally agreeing
Cool Chapter. Best fanfic
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Chapter Forty Seven... In the temples

Loyal: Tell me again how you winding up here?
Lulanie: Well, I don't know Ben's story. I was walking along and found a... to be honest with you, I wasn't paying attention to where I was walking and that's when I fell into a large black hole in the ground.
Ben: Sounds like my story except I peaked in and lost my balance.
Max: I went in the hole on purpose.
Loyal: Right.

Loyal sat on the floor with Lulanie and Max sitting next to him, Ben was looking inside drawers and opening jars that had sweet smelling goo inside.

Max: So. Enough about us. I saw you fighting with Sun and Fire. What happened? Who won?
Loyal: It wasn't an act of violence. Sun was training with me. But I guess you could say that Fire won.

Lulanie turned her head to Loyal and stared at him. Loyal had a black eye and his bruises on his arms. Loyal said it was just an accident, but Lulanie and Loyal both knew what Fire did was no accident.

Ben: I'm bored. What shall we do?
Loyal: I need to go. Doragon will show up soon.
Max: Can't we go with you?
Loyal: No.
Lulanie: Please?

After a small argument, Loyal gave up and walked out of his house with Lulanie, Ben and Max trotting behind him.

Ben: What's that?

Loyal stopped and looked at what Ben was pointing at.

Max: It's a temple, duh.
Ben: I know that, but something is glowing inside.
Lulanie: Must be a candle.
Ben: Please?
Loyal: Alright. You won't find anything exciting in there.

Ben ran off with Max and Lulanie on his heels. Loyal rolled his eyes.

Loyal: I only meant Ben.

Loyal walked in after them. Inside the temple, Ben was looking up a a large statue, Lulanie and Max ran around looking at the other statues.

Lulanie: WOW!! THIS IS SO COOL!!
Loyal: Quiet!!

Lulanie and Max shut up and stared at Loyal who had his finger to his lip. Ben continued to look at the statue.

Loyal: Shush.

Loyal walked slowly to where Ben was standing, got down on his knees and lit a candle. Lulanie run up and giggled as the small flames danced around. Max looked up.

Max: Whoever made this statue of Death did a really bad job. It doesn't look like him at all.
Loyal: That's because it is not Death... it's our father...

Max sucked in his breath and held it. Lulanie turned her attention to the statue. The statue of the God looked a little bit like Death only the face shape was different and it had arms. Not arms like Death. Lulanie lit a candle.

Ben: Father? That's your father? Where is he?
Loyal: He died.
Ben: Sorry about that. When did he die?
Loyal: We were both eleven years old when it happened. Death's birthday was in a few weeks.
Max: That sucks.
Lulanie: What was his name?
Loyal: Himitsu.
Ben: That's a nice name. He must have been nice as well.
Loyal: Yes.

Max went over to the statue and patted it. Loyal looked up at the statue of his father. Lulanie noticed that Loyal looked terrified of the statue like it was going to get him.

Ben: Who is that?
Loyal: That one? Oh, that's my mother.
Ben: Is she?
Loyal: Dead? Yes.
Max: Name?
Loyal: Seikatsu.
Lulanie: She's beautiful. Was she nice?
Ben: Of course she was. Seikatsu is mom, right?
Lulanie: How did she sound?
Loyal: I don't know... she died after she brought me into the world...
Lulanie: That's depressing...
Max: There are more statues. Who are they?
Loyal: Those are our the Gods and Goddesses before us.
Max: Shoot. We are in a temple with dead Gods and Goddesses...
Ben: Oops.
Lulanie: Pay respect.

Ben, Max and Lulanie dropped onto their knees and bowed their heads like Loyal. Max heard Loyal saying something softly.

Max: What?
Ben: Shush! Can't you see he is praying?!

Lulanie bumped her shoulder against Ben and glared at him. Everyone kept silent and kept their heads down. Max felt an strange presence in the room. It wasn't the presence of the dead Gods and Goddesses, it was someone else.Max looked at Ben and Lulanie who felt it as well. Lulanie whimpered and Ben was shivering The cold wind blew in making the place colder and creepier. Max wanted to get out of the place and go home. Ben got up and poked Loyal on the shoulder. Ben failed to see that Loyal was glaring at the stone floor.

Ben: Loyal? Can we-
Loyal: NO!!

Lulanie yelped and fell over. Max and Ben scurried to the corner. Lulanie crawled under one of the tables and watched in horror as Loyal slammed his fist on the stone floor.

Loyal: NO!! It wasn't his fault!! Himitsu's death was not my brother's fault!! AMANGA OKUBI!! THIS WASN'T HIS FAULT!! I WON'T LOSE HIM AGAIN!! LEAVE THIS PLACE!!

Lulanie looked at Ben and Max who were staring at Loyal yelling at the strange presence in the temple. At last the cold presence was gone and Loyal was was flat on his face. Ben and Max tiptoed over to Loyal and nudged him with their foot.

Max: Hello? Loyal?
Loyal: You saw that... didn't you?
Ben: Yes.
Loyal: ........

Lulanie looked around and noticed that the candles went out and only the moonlight lit the room. Loyal was still on his face.

Lulanie: Who... was that?
Loyal: Amanga Okubi.
Max: I don't wanna know.
Loyal: Good. I don't want to mention his history.

Loyal got up and stalked out of the temples. Ben and Max ran after him. Lulanie turned to the statues and squinted at them.

Lulanie: Amanga Okubi...

Whoever he or she was... it wasn't good... Lulanie turned around and ran after Loyal and her friend's.

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Oh, poor Loyal. :(

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Chapter Forty Seven... Tricks and Jokes.

Max: Jeez. It's cold out here.
Ben: I like it. Feels good.
Lulanie: Me too. Do you like the cold air, Loyal?
Loyal: Sometimes. But tonight is just perfect.
Ben: Where are we going?
Loyal: We always have a meeting in one of the temples. I'm already late and I have to be there.

Loyal walked a bit faster. Lulanie, Max and Ben had to trot after him to catch up.  

At the bridge...


Something pounced on Loyal. The creature and Loyal rolled off the bridge and into the water. Max, Ben and Lulanie screamed in terror, leaning over the bridge railing the three terrified kids yelled for Loyal who was still in the cold black water.

Ben, Lulanie, Max: Loyal!!? Loyal?!!


Max: He is not dead... right?
Lulanie: I don't know...
Ben: Look!

In the water, the creature appeared out of the water and turned it's head looking for it's prey. Loyal popped up and scowled at the creature. The creature saw his "prey" and laughed at it.

Max: !?
Sun: Hi!!
Sun: I thought it was funny. You weren't watching your surroundings like I warned you.
Loyal: I'm already late, and you come in and.... GOD!!

Loyal slapped the water and swam away from Sun.

Sun: *Snicker*

Loyal was already walking away when Sun got out of the water. Loyal stomped ahead with the kids in tow. Sun run up and times into Loyal almost knocking down.

Sun: Come on, Loyal. Smile a bit, you'll feel better!!
Loyal: I'm not listening to you.
Sun: Come on... Let's see that smile of yours!!
Loyal: *Growls*

Sun stopped in front of Loyal. Ben, Lulanie and bumped into each other and toppled over like dominoes. Loyal scowled at Sun who was grinning like a joker.

Sun: Like this... *Grins*
Loyal: Grrrrrr...
Sun: Come on.
Loyal: If I smile will that count?
Sun: Sure!!

Loyal slapped Sun on the shoulder and smiled.

Sun: That's better.
Loyal: Let's go.
Sun: It was funny, right? I did it with Fire but he got mad and set my hair on fire.

Sun showed Loyal the part of his hair that was scorched.  

Loyal: I'm not sure... jokes and tricks can be silly and also dangerous.
Sun: Wanna know another trick?
Loyal: What?
Sun: This.

Sun pushed Loyal off the bridge.


Loyal: I'm getting really tired of your tricks, Sun. REALLY tired.
Sun: You asked. Cheer up. Nobody likes a mean old God. Heh-heh.
Ben: Grow up.
Max: That word doesn't work for him.
Lulanie: Nobody really grows up anyway.

Loyal pulled his head underneath the water.

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Chapter Forty Eight... Good news.

Sun: Hey everyone!!
Loyal: ... Good evening.
Rain: You're late.
Loyal: I had a bit of trouble getting here...

Death turned his head towards the doors where is brothers walked in. Sun was grinning and while Loyal looked like a drowned cat.

Ben: Is this where you all meet?
Max: Yes. They meet here.
Lulanie: Nice place.
Earth: !
Cherry Blossom: What are they doing here?
Loyal: Not now.

Loyal kicked off his sandles and padded barefooted to the head of the table.

Fire: What happened to you?
Sun: Oh, we were playing.
Loyal: I was not.  
Sun: *shrugs*
Ben: Sun shoved Loyal into the water.
Loyal: ...
Fire: Ah. Well... It seems that Sun had some fun tonight.

There was small snickering in the room. Loyal squinted at Fire.

Loyal: Anyways... Does anyone have anything to say?
Water: A star fell in the water and messed up one of my ponds!! Cosmic should be punished!!
Cosmic: I can't control the darn stars. If it fell in your silly pond, it fell! Nothing happened to you.
Water: My fishes died!!

Water jumped across the table to where Cosmic was sitting and shoved dead fishes in Cosmic's face.

Water: Look at them!! They crisped because of you!!
Cosmic: Poor fishes. They will breed soon. And I didn't do anything.
Rock: I love fried fish~
Cosmic and Water: SHUT  UP, ROCK!!
Loyal: Silence!!

Lulanie bit her lip.

Loyal: I'm sorry about the fishes, Water. I'm pretty sure more will show up in your pond.
Water: The fishes didn't deserve this painful death, Loyal!
Death: Listening to you whine about your stupid fishes is painful enough.

The Gods and Goddesses bursted out laughing. Loyal held up his hand and everything went silent.

Loyal: Again... I'm sorry about your fishes, Water. Since Cosmic can't control the stars, I'm afraid I can't punish him.
Water: What?! Loyal-
Loyal: I'm not finished. I'll clean up the pond and fix up the place.
Water: ...
Loyal: Deal?
Water: Deal.
Loyal: Good. Now... Moon, Sun. You had something to say?

Sun patted Moon's hand and smiled at her. Moon stood up and took a deep breath.

Moon: Me and Sun are blessed with a baby.

The Goddesses screamed shrilling and ran over to Moon each of them talking at once. Sun crawled out from the crowd and sighed.

Sun: Goddesses.
Fire: That's great, Sun! You're going to be a father in a few months!
Death: Congratulations, Sun!
Loyal: Congratulations! Is it a boy or girl?
Sun: I want a girl. Moon wants a boy. But either way, we'll be happy with whatever we get.
Fire: Now the only thing left is to act mature.
Sun: I'm mature... a little. Who wants a dull father anyways? Kids like to laugh and play.
Max: My dad is funny.
Ben: Mine too!
Lulanie: Mine as well.
Death: That's nice.

Loyal eyes turned to Death who drinking water and stareing into space. Cherry Blossom was giving her husband a nasty look.

Loyal: Ah.

After a few minutes inside the temples it was time to go home. Loyal walked Lulanie, Max and Ben to his home. Death walked home with Cherry Blossom making hints that they should have a baby.

Sun: I have to go now. Good night, Fire.
Fire: Good night, Sun... Hey?
Sun: Yeah?
Fire: Father would have been so proud of you.
Sun: ... Yes... he would have.

Fire and Sun stood there lost in their past for a while.

Sun: Good night, Fire.
Fire: Good night, Sun.

The two brothers smiled at each other and walked away.

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Chapter Forty Nine... Promises and dreams...

Moon tossed more wood into the fire she built to keep warm. It indeed was a a chilly night and Death should be arriving soon. The ocean waves crashed against the humongous black rocks.

Moon: *hums*

At last Moon saw the familiar shape walking up the sand hills.

Death: *smiles shyly*
Moon: Hi, Death! What took you so long?
Death: Sorry. Loyal is getting a fever and I had to stick around for a few minutes. The dummy walked home in wet clothes so he'll be sick for a while.
Moon: That's too bad. Sit with me.

Death plopped down next to Moon and patted her hand.

Death: You never told me you were pregnant.
Moon: I wanted it to be a surprise. Besides, you didn't tell me that you were in love with Cherry Blossom.
Death: Ah. I can't wait to see if it's a boy or girl.
Moon: Me too.

Moon and Death kept quiet and watched the stars wink at them.

Moon: Moon rock for your thoughts...
Death: Well... You're becoming a mother in a few months.
Moon: Yes?
Death: Cherry Blossom is getting a little jealous.
Moon: Oh, she needs to wait. Whenever you're ready then she'll become a mommy.
Death: I want to become a father, but...
Moon: What?
Death: Well. What if something happens.
Moon: Like what?
Death: What she hates my face. I know it's a stupid reason.
Moon: You're not telling the truth.
Death: You got me. I don't want anything to happen to Cherry Blossom or the baby.
Moon: You're scared?
Death: Yes. My mother died after she had Loyal. What if Cherry Blossom dies? Or the baby we plan to have?
Moon: She won't. The baby won't. You'll be fine.
Death: Are you sure?
Moon: Trust me. Your brother won't let her die.
Death: That makes me feel a lot better.
Moon: Wonderful. Now... you promise to be a good Uncle when your niece or nephew show up?
Death: I will.
Moon: Dandy!! Will you play with me and Sun's child?
Death: Yes.

Moon took out a round dark blue ball and gave it to Death. The cold night air became heavy with memories.

Moon: Do you remember the day we all met?
Death: Yes...
Moon: Will you play ball with the child like how we did when we were children?
Death: I will.
Moon: You'll be there when the time comes? Everything will change in a few months, but we'll remain friends, right? Do you promise me that? Do you promise that you won't leave again?

Moon sniffed and looked up at Death. Death took her face into his thin bony hands and wiped her tears. Death knew what she was thinking of and he hated himself for the past.

Death: I promise.
Moon: Thank you.

Death stood up rolled the ball to Moon and smiled. Moon got up as well and tossed the ball to Death. Moon and Death tossed the ball back and forth like they were children again.

Somewhere else...

Loyal pulled the covers over his head and coughed. Doragon whimpered.

Loyal: A fine time to get sick, Doragon...
Doragon: *Huff*
Loyal: I'm glad you're here, nobody else is here with me... Good night.

Loyal turned over and soon he was asleep. Doragon closed her eyes and was asleep as well. Instead of dreaming about that night, Loyal was dreaming of something else. In the dream he was standing near the mountains looking up. On top of the rocks a Goddess or person looked down at him grinning.

Loyal: Hello?
Unknown person: Hello.
Loyal: Who are you?
Unknown person: Call me Meiyo.
Loyal: Very well, Meiyo. Can you climb down?
Meiyo: I can.

Large red and black wings shot out of Meiyo's back and she flew down. Loyal's eye's widened at Meiyo. Meiyo smiled at him.

Meiyo: Let's take a walk.
Loyal: ... Alright.

Meiyo and Loyal walked off to the forest making small talk.

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Chapter Fifty... Marriage problems and Meiyo.

Death: Oooooo... All this pink is giving me nausea.
Lulanie: I like it. This house has a bit of of different colors so it's not a complete doll house.
Death: I hate it.
Ben: Then why do you visit Cherry Blossom? You know she loves this color.
Death: I don't visit her. I live with her.
Ben: I'm gonna stop here. No need to get into further details.
Death: I married her.

Lulanie eyes widened at what Death said. Death tapped his foot and scowled at the soft pink ceiling.

Lulanie: I didn't know that, Death.
Death: Now you do.
Ben: Maybe a little bit of darker colors would be nice.
Death: I told her the room should be red or black. But nothing so far, I'll tell her again... later.
Max: Heh heh. Well once you get married, the lady is in charge.
Death: Not true.
Max: Yeah? Then why hasn't she listen to you? And why haven't you said anything yet?
Death: ...
Max: You're not going to say anything about it.
Death: This is only temporarily. My own house is still being fixed.
Lulanie: You mean that black house that had a hole in the roof?
Death: Yes.
Max: The roof is already patched up and everything is fixed.
Death: Since when?
Max: Don't play dumb. It's been like that since last month.
Death: Oh.

Death picked up pink towel that fell on the floor and threw it out the window.

Death: I don't have time to deal with this. I need to go.
Max, Lulanie, Ben: See ya.

Death scampered out of the room and out of the house. Behind the fountains, Water peeked out and blinked at Death

Water: Hello, Death.
Death: Hello.
Water: Where are you going?
Death: I need to see Loyal. He's sick and nobody is there with him.
Water: That's nice. Have fun, I guess.

Water climb into the fountain and disappeared in the water. Death kept walking until he was at Loyal's house.

Death: Hello, Loyal. How are you feeling?
Loyal: Awful. I threw up twice this morning.
Death: Gross. Did anyone come by to see you?
Loyal: No. They are busy.

Death patted his brother on the head and sat on the bed next to him.

Death: Did you sleep well at least?
Loyal: I did.

Death saw that Loyal smiled for a minute.

Loyal: *koff*
Death: What did you dream of that made you happy?
Loyal: You'll think I'm crazy if I tell you.
Death: Try me.
Loyal: For the past few days... there is this woman that shows up in my dream.

Loyal saw that Death looked nervous and wasn't making eye contact with him.

Loyal: ... Forget I said anything.
Death: I'm listening.
Loyal: I bet.
Death: Come on.
Loyal: Anyways... She understands everything that I tell her. She listens without complaining about what I do...
Death: Oh? What's her name
Loyal: Meiyo.
Death: Is she a dead Goddess?
Loyal: She might be. Meiyo hasn't said anything yet.
Death: She seems nice. Anything else you two do?
Loyal: Besides walking and talking... we paint or make things.
Death: How long has this been happening again?
Loyal: *koff* Two days.
Death: Huh. Does she show up just for you?
Loyal: Yes.
Death: Well... I gotta go now. Squeak if you need anything... Okay? You haven't been doing it.
Loyal: I will.

Death hugged Loyal goodbye.

Death: I'll be back soon.
Loyal: Don't worry about me. *koff*

Death left the room and Loyal was alone again. Doragon scratched at the floor.

Loyal: I think I'll get some more sleep.

Death perched atop of Loyal's house and watched the clouds float by.

Death: Meiyo?... Who are you?

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Chapter Fifty One... Amanga Okubi.

*Squish, squish, squish, squish*

Alone in his rundown house, Death sang softly as he crushed the berries for jam.

Death: Who's there?

A moth fly's away in fear.

Death: Who's there?

Death looked around until his eyes saw a cloud floating in the corner of the room.

Amanga Okubi: Hey, remember me?
Death: I'm trying to forget your hideous face.
Amanga Okubi: Don't act like that, you are no looker yourself.
Death: Someone thinks otherwise.
Amanga Okubi: Do you mean Loyal? How is your lovely brother? He yelled at me a week ago. Nice man.
Death: His back sometimes hurts from where you thew him. Enough about him. What the hell do you want?
Amanga Okubi: I heard you were a married God already. Congrats. Too bad I wasn't there.
Death: I'm glad you weren't. You bleep up everything.
Amanga Okubi: You cut me to the quick, Death. And no swearing, it's very bad.
Death: Don't tell me what to do. You are not my father, Amanga Okubi.
Amanga Okubi: Himitsu? I'm better then him.
Death: That's a laugh. Why are you here?
Amanga Okubi: Plan on having any children with that pink idiot? I just love babies!! so soft and innocent with clear minds.
Death: Maybe later, but I won't let you get near the child.
Amanga Okubi: But... I love babies. They are-
Death: You like to get anyone with innocent minds because they are still so pure and will believe anything. You don't give a damn about anything or anyone.
Amanga Okubi: Guilty.
Death: Huh. Get out of here.
Amanga Okubi: It's so cramped inside that small shell you trapped me in. That's no way to treat friends.

Death looked at the cloudy black and red spirit floating next to him.

Death: You. Are not my friend. You are the one who ruined my life. If wasn't for Loyal, I would have lost everything. Go away.

Amanga Okubi swirled around for a while before speaking. The spirit was getting angry.

Amanga Okubi: And I would've gotten away with it if your brother didn't get in my way.
Death: Just go.
Amanga Okubi: And nobody told you to run away, you piece of crap. You thought that was the only way out. Running away from the sin you committed, real smart.
Death: Just leave, Amanga Okubi. I am no longer your prisoner.

There was a flash of red and Death found himself on the floor. Death spat out the blood that filled his mouth and scowled at the spirit that was hovering above him.

Amanga Okubi: That's what you think...

Amanga Okubi vanished and left Death alone with the crushed berries.

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Chapter Fifty... Amanga Okubi.

*Squish, squish, squish, squish*

Alone in his rundown house, Death sang softly as he crushed the berries for jam.

Death: Who's there?

A moth fly's away in fear.

Death: Who's there?

Death looked around until his eyes saw a cloud floating in the corner of the room.

Amanga Okubi: Hey, remember me?
Death: I'm trying to forget your hideous face.
Amanga Okubi: Don't act like that, you are no looker yourself.
Death: Someone thinks otherwise.
Amanga Okubi: Do you mean Loyal? How is your lovely brother? He yelled at me a week ago. Nice man.
Death: His back sometimes hurts from where you thew him. Enough about him. What the hell do you want?
Amanga Okubi: I heard you were a married God already. Congrats. Too bad I wasn't there.
Death: I'm glad you weren't. You ∗∗∗∗ up everything.
Amanga Okubi: You cut me to the quick, Death. And no swearing, it's very bad.
Death: Don't tell me what to do. You are not my father, Amanga Okubi.
Amanga Okubi: Himitsu? I'm better then him.
Death: That's a laugh. Why are you here?
Amanga Okubi: Plan on having any children with that pink idiot? I just love babies!! so soft and innocent with clear minds.
Death: Maybe later, but I won't let you get near the child.
Amanga Okubi: But... I love babies. They are-
Death: You like to get anyone with innocent minds because they are still so pure and will believe anything. You don't give a damn about anything or anyone.
Amanga Okubi: Guilty.
Death: Huh. Get out of here.
Amanga Okubi: It's so cramped inside that small shell you trapped me in. That's no way to treat friends.

Death looked at the cloudy black and red spirit floating next to him.

Death: You. Are not my friend. You are the one who ruined my life. If wasn't for Loyal, I would have lost everything. Go away.

Amanga Okubi swirled around for a while before speaking. The spirit was getting angry.

Amanga Okubi: And I would've gotten away with it if your brother didn't get in my way.
Death: Just go.
Amanga Okubi: And nobody told you to run away, you piece of crap. You thought that was the only way out. Running away from the sin you committed, real smart.
Death: Just leave, Amanga Okubi. I am no longer your prisoner.

There was a flash of red and Death found himself on the floor. Death spat out the blood that filled his mouth and scowled at the spirit that was hovering above him.

Amanga Okubi: That's what you think...

Amanga Okubi vanished and left Death alone with the crushed berries.
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I love how it seems to have no ending, how it has new twists and turns each chapter

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Chapter Fifty Two... More pregnancy?

Boom!! Crackle!!

Moon went inside her little house and looked at the rain though the window. Even though the moon was covered by the black clouds, she still had to watch for it.

*Knock knock*

Moon: Who is it?
Galactic: Open the door.
Moon: Oh, it's you.

Moon yanked open the door and Galactic ran inside.

Moon: Hello, Galactic. What brings you here on this bad night?
Galactic: Just dropped by... Literally.
Moon: How's Cosmic?
Galactic: Hiding with his hands over his ears. He hates storms and loud noises... wimp.
Moon: Poor guy. Why aren't you with him?
Galactic: He said I could head over to you.
Moon: Well, you guys are welcome to drop by anytime.
Galactic: I needed to talk with someone who is going through the same thing.
Moon: Same thing?
Galactic: I didn't tell anyone at the meeting because the Goddesses act so silly with their screaming and it gets on my nerves. I'm pregnant.

Moon screamed and hugged Galactic who rolled her eyes.

Galactic: You don't listen.
Moon: You're pregnant!?
Galactic: So you only heard that? Eh.
Moon: Oh Galactic. I'm so happy for you!!
Galactic: Thank you kindly, Moon. Cosmic is excited as well.
Moon: Come on. I'll make you some tea.

Moon scurried around in the kitchen dropping cups and spoons. Galactic sat at the table seething at the rain. Finally Moon came in with two mugs.

Moon: Tell me, how did you find out?
Galactic: I hurled in the morning.
Moon: Tmi.
Galactic: You asked.
Moon: I can't wait to see baby.
Galactic: Babies
Moon: ... Oh! You're having twins?
Galactic: More then two. It's a multiple pregnancy.
Moon: That's even better!!

Galactic sipped her tea.... The Goddess looked more scared then excited.

Galactic: Is it, Moon?... I am scared.
Moon: Scared?
Galactic: I'm scared of the pain. I don't know how many are living inside of me... what if...
Moon: I'm scared too.
Galactic: Really?
Moon: I have low tolerance for pain.
Galactic: Me too. You won't have to deal with a lot. I might be in labour for weeks.
Moon: But it'll be worth it.
Galactic: Yes... I'm still afraid. I want Cosmic with me when it's happening.
Moon: You're lucky. I don't know if Sun will be with me.
Galactic: I'll be with you.
Moon: Awwwww. I'll be with you as well.


The lights went out and the wind banged against the door like it was trying to get in. Moon smiled at Galactic in the dark and patted her hand. Galactic smiled back.

Galactic: I hope Cosmic is alright.
Moon: He'll be fine. A little storm won't hurt him.

Moon and Galactic talked through the night discussing about names and baby clothes.

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Chapter Fifty Three... So many questions.

Cherry Blossom slumped against the side of Loyal's workshop and glared at his garden that was swarming with rabbits.

Cherry Blossom: Stupid rabbits.
Loyal: Watch your mouth.

The hammering started up again.

Cherry Blossom: I'm bored.

Bam bam!!

Loyal ignored the angry Goddess. Cherry Blossom stomped her foot but Loyal still ignored her.

Cherry Blossom: You're not making this any better. A REAL God would've...

Loyal started whistling and Cherry Blossom kept quiet and turned away so fast she almost fell down.


Death was walking by carrying a box that held cactus in it, Earth was walking behind him with her box of mud. Cherry Blossom felt so tired and yet angry at Death. Moon, Galactic and a few other Goddesses were all expecting a baby but Cherry Blossom had nothing to look forward to. Deep in thought, Cherry Blossom didn't hear the whistling stop and hear Loyal walking towards her. Before Cherry Blossom knew it, Loyal was next to her.

Loyal: If you keep bothering him about it, you can say bye bye to motherhood.
Cherry Blossom: He keeps saying soon!
Loyal: I know.
Cherry Blossom: Hmmph!
Loyal: Give him time... Maybe next year?
Cherry Blossom: ... I'm jealous. Most of the Goddesses are going to have a baby and I want to be part of the crowd.
Loyal: Most of the Gods have Goddesses and I'm alone. Don't fret. Death will agree to it soon.

Cherry Blossom picked at her fingernails and Loyal rubbed the back of his neck.The air became thick with unanswered questions. Why was Death so nervous and why was Loyal still alone after so many years?

Loyal: Do you like it?

Loyal held up a wooden mobile painted dark blue with little a moon, sun and tiny stars hanging by twine spinning slowly. Cherry Blossom touched the stars and smiled.

Cherry Blossom: It's adorable.
Loyal: Thanks. I hope Moon's new baby will like it. I'm still working on Galactic's present.
Cherry Blossom: That's nice.

Cherry Blossom was no longer angry... just tired and miserable. Loyal heard Doragon sniffing around for something to eat. Seeing the rabbits eating away in the garden, Doragon crept up slowly. The rabbits disappeared into their holes and Doragon growled.

Loyal: Don't worry... Something will show up.

Doragon and Cherry Blossom didn't know who Loyal was trying to reassure, Loyal didn't know either if he was talking to Doragon, Cherry Blossom, himself or just talking to the air.

Doragon: and Cherry Blossom:  ?
Loyal: ?

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Chapter Fifty Four... New clothes.

Loyal walked about in the room with caution feeling trapped with each step. Max stood by the window smiling. Lulanie and Ben stood with the other Gods and Goddesses and kept an eye on Loyal.

Lulanie: Perfect!!
Water: This is insane!
Cosmic: This is not going to work.
Sand: Quiet!
Loyal: What do you call these again?
Max: Pants!
Loyal: Pants?
Ben: Yes! It is more convenient then the robes you wear. With these you can do just about anything!!

Loyal padded around the room again. His legs had a fuzzy tingling sensation.

Loyal: I like my robes.
Max: It's difficult to wear those long heavy things all day. Even the Goddesses can wear pants.
Rain: Really?

Lulanie strutted Earth around who was wearing pants as well. Death raised an eyebrow. Although Earth legs were covered, it still felt dirty looking at her. Earth whimpered.

Earth: I feel so scandalous.
Lulanie: What? You look good. Now get going, show everyone how you look.

Earth walked to the door and left the room. Loyal put his hand to his mouth and tried not to burst out laughing. The Goddesses giggled. Lulanie glared at the door.

Max: I guess she is scared?
Loyal: Give Earth a minute, this is her first time.
Lulanie: Fine. I'll give her a minute.
Death: So... These pants are more convenient then the robes?
Max: Yes! Try some.
Death: Maybe later. They don't look like they fit my waist.

Loyal tugged at the pant leg and felt embarrassed. Death was right, how will this new clothing style fit his brother? Death was way too thin.

Ben: How do you feel?
Loyal: Fat.
Ben: What?
Loyal: I feel... good. Very good.
Max: That's great!!
Loyal: Hmm...
Rain: When Earth stops acting like a baby, I want a turn.

Thunder rumbled softly in the distance. Cosmic bit his fingertips.

Cosmic: Can you run in these pants?
Ben: You sure can! Run, Loyal.

Loyal ran out of the room and came back.

Sand: Flying? How about that one!?
Cherry Blossom: Yes, that one. Can we?
Lulanie: Yep! Show them, Loyal. Fly out the window!
Loyal: Seriously?
Ben: Go!

Loyal jumped out the window and flew about. The Gods and Goddesses ran to the window and gasped.

Water: This is still insane. In a good way.
Cosmic: It just might work.
Max: Look at him go!! It's amazing!!
Rock: Our robes protect us from the danger we might encounter. Will these pants do that?

There was a loud crackling noise. Max, Ben and Lulanie turned around in time to see a jagged lightning bolt hit Loyal. Loyal fell to the ground and didn't move. The Goddesses screamed in terror.

Ben: *Ahem* Someone has to take care of that.
Rock: Yeah...

Loyal twitched his foot.

Death: Well, he's alive.
Sand: That was scary.
Max: ...
Lulanie: Oh, boi.
Loyal got up and limped back inside.

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Chapter Fifty Five... Embarrassment.

In the dream...

Loyal: Hello, Meiyo.
Meiyo: Hello, Loyal! How are you?
Loyal: Tired.
Meiyo: Another hard day?
Loyal: Ridiculous.
Meyio: What happened?
Loyal: Don't ask. I'm in no mood.
Meyio: Sorry.

Meyio sat next to Loyal and nipped at her fingernails. Loyal continued to watch the trees sway in the wind.

Loyal: Meyio?
Meyio: Yes?
Loyal: How long have we been meeting each other?
Meyio: About two months. That's pretty good.
Loyal: Two months? ... Meyio?
Meyio: Hmmm?
Loyal: Why won't you tell me who you are? You can't be just a woman who appears in my dreams. Tell me.
Meyio: I'll tell you when I'm ready. But for now, I'll remain a secret.
Loyal: Secret... That was my Father's name...
Meyio: I know.
Loyal: See? You knew that one. You obviously live in my mind or whatever, but you are not just a woman who shows up in dreams and dies when during the sun rise.
Meyio: Why are you so curious? It's not that big of a deal.
Loyal: Not a big deal? It is, Meyio! You respect me. You always have time to sit with me and hear about my day, each night I look forward to meeting with you.
Meyio: You're losing it.
Loyal: I am not. I'm pointing out what you do for me. Plus, you listen to me.

Loyal held Meyio's hand and squeezed it.

Loyal: And that means so much to me.
Meyio: They listen to you... sometimes.
Loyal: But you are the one who will listen to me when I tell you about my deep hidden troubles, the ones I never tell anyone about. Not once have I heard you tell me off.
Meyio: We all need someone who will listen and not judge.
Loyal: Thank you.
Meyio: Anytime, Loyal.

Loyal pressed against Meyio. Meyio smiled at him.

Loyal: What are you looking at?
Meyio: You. You are so handsome.
Loyal: Oooooo. You know I don't like it when you do that.
Meyio: But you are.
Loyal: And you are beautiful.

Loyal looked into Meyio's eyes. All of this was crazy, Meyio only appeared in Loyal's dream, why not in the real world? Meyio was so close to Loyal that it was scary.

Loyal: ...
Meyio: ...

Loyal closed his eyes and leaned forward, Meyio did the same. Both of them wanting the same thing.

Nothing happened.

God, this was embarrassing for both of them.

Loyal: Uummm.... Sorry.
Meyio: I'm sorry as well.

Loyal just grinned awkwardly and let go of Meyio's hand. Meyio sweated nervously.

Loyal: Nice day.
Meyio: Yes.

Loyal and Meyio talked quietly to one another even though no one was there.

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Chapter Fifty Six... The Super Moon and Cosmic and Galactic.

Ben: Look at that moon!! It's huge!!
Sun: It is a super moon. So it'll be pretty big tonight.
Lulanie: Why is that?
Sun: Because Moon is pretty fat herself tonight and for the next few months.
Moon: I heard that, you jerk.
Sun: Chubby, chubby.

Moon stepped out from the house and playfully slapped Sun's head. It was true. Moon stomach was starting to pop out. Pretty soon they will see what the baby will look like and it's gender.

Sun: Nice night. I'd love to stay, but I'm getting sleepy. Good night.
Max: I think I'll head off to explore. Anyone want to come?

Max, Ben and Lulanie went off to look for anything that might interest them. Moon watched the moon slowly rise. Sure her pregnancy was a bit difficult but not as bad as Galactic. Galactic has always been a little bit salty and the pregnancy wasn't helping.

At Galactic and Cosmic's house...

Cosmic looked down and saw the huge glowing Moon rise. Galactic sat in her chair gripping arm rests. Cosmic was grinning at the world below.... Galactic? Not so much.

Cosmic: Look at the moon! Isn't beautiful?
Galactic: *snort*
Cosmic: How are you feeling?
Galactic: Like crap. This is crazy, why did you do this to me?
Cosmic: You went with it. Plus you wanted kids so don't get snippy with me, Galactic.
Galactic: I feel so fat and ugly.
Cosmic: You look beautiful. Don't worry.
Galactic: Hah! You're just saying that. *Growls* I need something to eat.

Galactic took a deep breath and lifted herself out of her chair. Galactic ignored Cosmic smiling at her and briskly walked off.

Galactic: What the?... what happened to yogurt?
Cosmic: Whoops....
Galactic: Never mind. I'll find something else.
Cosmic: I can make you something. What would you like?
Galactic: That yogurt.
Cosmic: Look. I'm sorry I ate it.
Galactic: It had to be the peach one too. Nice going.
Cosmic: Sorry.
Galactic: Sorry doesn't bring back the peach yogurt, Cosmic.
Cosmic: I'll get some later. For now, I'll find you something else.
Galactic: No, I can do it.

Galactic made a beeline to the cupboard. Without a warning, all of the cups and saucers toppled on Galactic's head. Cosmic's mouth flew open.

Cosmic: Are you alright, Galactic?... sweetie?

Cosmic heard the sound of wood breaking. Galactic slammed her hands down on the counter top in her right hand was the wooden handle from the cupboard. Cosmic picked up a broken cup.

Galactic: I told you... I told you a thousand times... Do... Not... Stack.... the glass cups... On... The.... Saucers. Didn't I?
Cosmic: Yes, Galactic.
Galactic: Did you listen to me?
Cosmic: ... I forgot.
Galactic: Forgot is just a silly word that husbands use. You didn't listen to me.
Cosmic: I'll fix up everything. Go sit down.
Galactic: I can do it. You'll just mess up the place.
Cosmic: Galactic... what's wrong?

Cosmic immediately regretted those words.

Galactic: What's wrong? What's wrong?! I'll tell you what's wrong! One. I have a husband who doesn't listen to me! Two. The cups and saucers are broken!

Galactic to sweep up the broken cups and toss them away. Cosmic reached out and grabbed the broom.

Cosmic: Let me do it.
Galactic: You did enough. Go away, I can do it.
Cosmic: Please, Galactic. Allow me.
Galactic: I SAID I CAN DO IT!!

Galactic sharply slapped Cosmic across the face. Cosmic took a few steps back and stared dumfounded at Galactic with his dark black hand on his face. Galactic held her breath, never in her whole life has she struck Cosmic. He was too gentle and kind.

Two minutes slowly went by. Cosmic slowly took his hand from his face still looking at Galactic. Galactic reached out to Cosmic but quickly pulled her hand back. Cosmic put both of his hands behind his his back and kindly smiled at Galactic. Galactic's eyes filled with tears. Cosmic was already telling her it was okay with his smile, Galactic tasted the sour taste of shame in her mouth. Dropping the broom, Galactic ran out of the kitchen.

In the bathroom...

Even though the door was open, Cosmic knocked on it anyways.

Cosmic: Galactic?
Galactic: Go away, Cosmic.
Cosmic: Can I come in?
Galactic: ...

Cosmic gently pushed open the door and walked in. Galactic stood in front of the mirror looking at herself. Cosmic walked up behind her, wrapped his arms around her and smiled at her again. Galactic looked down trying not to cry.

Cosmic: I'm sorry.
Galactic: For what? I should be sorry. I slapped you.
Cosmic: Remember what you told me? Sometimes you have to slap the person so they'll listen.
Galactic: I shouldn't have done it.
Cosmic: It's alright.
Galactic: No it isn't.
Cosmic: Yes it is. You are just upset because of your pregnancy. It's a mood swing.
Galactic: ... These babies will never love a horrible mother like me. A mother who can't control her emotions. A mother who hits her husband.

Cosmic's arms tighten around Galactic as she burst into tears.

Cosmic: It's alright... come on, no more tears. Our I'll start crying because my wife is upset.

Galactic looked up at Cosmic to see if he was joking. Cosmic was dead serious.

Galactic: *whimper*
Cosmic: *whine*

Cosmic took Galactic hand and they both walked to the small library in their house.

Cosmic: *hums softly*

Cosmic sat in his chair and pulled Galactic onto his lap. Galactic placed her head on his shoulder and sighed. Cosmic looked out the window and saw the moon.

Cosmic: It's a beautiful night...
Galactic: yes...
Cosmic: But you are more beautiful...
Galactic: Pushover.
Cosmic: For you, yes. For anyone else, no.
Galactic: Cosmic?
Cosmic: Yes?
Galactic: You're beautiful too.
Cosmic: I love you... and the ones you carry.

Cosmic put his black hand on Galactic's large stomach. It was so quiet in the room, that Galactic could hear their heartbeats. After a few minutes, Galactic  and Cosmic heard four tiny heartbeats thumping so softly and small. Cosmic grinned and Galactic smiled at her stomach.

Cosmic: Four?
Galactic: Four.

Cosmic and Galactic sat there looking at the huge white moon until they drifted off to sleep.

It certainly was a beautiful night.

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Chapter Fifty Seven... Facts.

Ben: I'm bored.
Loyal: Go outside.
Ben: It's too cold outside.
Loyal: Read a book.
Ben: Tell me a little bit about yourself.
Loyal: Ah. That's what you wanted.
Max: That would sound good right now.
Doragon: *Rumble*

Loyal stood in front of his mirror holding gold scissors. Lulanie sat next to him smiling at a large quartz she found.


Lulanie: What are you doing?
Loyal: Cutting my hair... trimming it actually.
Lulanie: Oh... why?
Loyal: Because it grows rapidly.
Max: He's not kidding, one time his hair was covering his shoulders.
Ben: Why?
Loyal: It grows when I'm stressed or whatever.
Lulanie: Most people lose their hair when they are stressed.
Loyal: I'm not those people.


Ben: That was a nice fact, but I want a little more.
Loyal: Go ahead.

Ben was about to talk but Lulanie interrupted.

Lulanie: Were Cosmic and Galactic always lovers?
Loyal: No. They were rivals.
Max: What?!
Loyal: The minute they met each other, they just...
Max: Hated?
Loyal: That is a strong word. Dislike... They disliked each other.
Ben: Why?
Loyal: I don't know. Each day, they fought or set traps for one another. I think they actually liked each other but this how they said it.

All was quiet for a moment until they heard a distant voice yelling.

Cosmic: Not true! Galactic didn't like me!!

Loyal: Excuse me.

Loyal leaned out the window and yelled back.

Loyal: When did she like you?!
Cosmic: We started dating a year agooooo!!

Loyal kept looking out the window.

Loyal: There you have it.
Max: Oh.
Ben: Who is Amanga Okubi?

Max and Lulanie both slapped their hands on Ben's mouth but Loyal heard Ben's question.

Max: Shut up, Ben.
Lulanie: What's wrong with you?
Loyal: I knew that question was coming.
Ben: *smirk*
Loyal: I'll tell you all later... someone is by the door listening.

Max looked at the door and saw a shadow. That cold feeling filled the warm room.

Loyal: I'm late. I'll meet up with you all later, Doragon, watch them.
Ben: Late for what?
Loyal: Some of the Gods and Goddesses want to have talk with me.
Lulanie: About what?
Loyal: What they need or things that need improvement.

Loyal grabbed a list that had the names of each God or Goddess who needed to talk with him. Lulanie peeked at the list, Fire's name was on it.

Ben: When will you be back?
Loyal: Uummm.... it depends. Goodbye.
Max: Your hair is touching your shoulders.
Loyal: *Growls*

Loyal flew out of the room. Doragon huffed.

Max: I'm bored. Doragon, tell us a little about yourself or someone.

Doragon sniffed the air and growled.

Max saw that the shadow was gone and it was warm in the room again.

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Chapter Fifty Eight.... Memories...

Loyal stood in front of the mirror with his eyes closed feeling the wooden comb slide slowly through his hair. Loyal repeatedly told his father that he could stop now, but Himitsu kept brushing but didn't say anything to his son. It was almost midnight and Loyal would be turning seven years old.

Loyal: Papa? You can stop now.

Silence... The clock made small ticking noises.

Loyal bit hard on his tongue and kept quiet. Himitsu kept brushing.

Himitsu: What do you want for your birthday?

Loyal desperately wanted to ask for his father's love, but it's pointless.

Loyal: ... Chocolate covered fruit.
Himitsu: Anything else.
Loyal: I want this night to go well.
Himitsu: Alright.

Himitsu stopped brushing. Loyal quickly moved away. Himitsu looked at Loyal... there was no warmth in his eyes.

Loyal: Thank you, Father.

The door flew open and Death walked in.

Death: Hi! Is everything lovely in here?
Himitsu: Yes. What are you doing?
Death: Me? Oh, just getting ready. Loyal?! You look wonderful tonight!

Death talked rather loud whenever Himitsu was in the room with them. It was pretty obvious what Death was doing.

Loyal: Thanks. You look good too.
Himitsu: Death, come here.

Death hurried over to his father. Himitsu straighted Death's robes and smooth down Death's wings. Loyal watched the clock.

Loyal: Tick tock, tick tock...

Death stood next to Loyal while Himitsu looked at them up and down.

Himitsu: Good.

Death gripped Loyal's hand tightly. Himitsu gave them a few rules and order's.

Himitsu: You make me so proud.

Death and Loyal said thank you but Loyal knew that Himitsu was not talking to him.

Himitsu: Come on now.
Loyal: Give me a few minutes. I'll be there.

Himitsu left the room without any questions if Loyal was alright. Death ran after him.

Loyal: *sigh*

Loyal walked around in his room that he shared with Death. Miserable, Loyal headed to the mirror again and glared at his reflection. Loyal looked nothing like his father or brother, in fact, Loyal looked nothing like any God in the place. Lost in thought, Loyal didn't hear Rayon knocking.

Quietly Rayon walked in and placed his hands on Loyal's shoulders. Loyal jumped and relaxed when he saw it was Rayon.

Rayon: Hi.
Loyal: Hello.
Rayon: You look so handsome tonight.
Loyal: Father doesn't think so.
Rayon: He said that?
Loyal: No, but I could see it in his eyes.

Rayon squeezed Loyal's shoulders and looked upset.

Rayon: I'm sure he doesn't mean it.
Loyal: I appreciate your concern, Rayon... it's alright.

Rayon couldn't believe what he was hearing.

Rayon: This is wrong. Himitsu shouldn't be like this to you. You who keeps everything and everyone alive. Especially him.
Loyal: It's alright. He'll come around someday.

Rayon turned Loyal to face him. Such an innocent God who never felt the love of a father or mother. Getting down on his knees, Rayon held Loyal's hands and kissed them.

Loyal: Rayon, please. There is no need for this. Father is just upset, and...

Rayon hugged Loyal tightly to him and didn't let him go. Loyal returned Rayon's hug. Loyal didn't want Rayon to leave him with Himitsu, but Rayon was not his father. Loyal silently said a small prayer giving thanks that Sun and Fire were blessed with a thoughtful and loving father. But who was he praying to? Everyone prayed to Loyal but who would hear the prayer's of a young heartbroken God?

The clock kept ticking... Tick tock, tick tock...

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Chapter Fifty Nine.... Hello...

A month later... Ben, Lulaine, and Max are still living with Sun without a care in the world. Loyal is still studying the mysterious hole that they flew out of, Sun doesn't mind. With the new people, Sun can practice taking care of children before Moon gives birth. Death agreed to giving Cherry Blossom a baby but for some odd reason, Death vanished for two weeks. Death returned on the day of his birthday tired and irritated, Cloud ate the cake that Cherry Blossom made for her husband. Cosmic and Moon are trying to guess the genders of Galactic's babies, Galactic won't tell anyone until she gives birth... which to her annoyance won't be until another year because like her mother it takes a while for a Goddess like her to bear children. Loyal and Meiyo still meet with each other daily, each day Loyal learn something new about her but can't figure out who she is. Loyal tells Doragon about this women and Doragon just's growls at him. As the days get colder so does the Fire's attitude. Fire and Loyal bicker about the new laws that Fire wants to allow but Loyal burns the papers that Fire gave him calls Fire a sick minded God. Weeks fly by and Fire still has't talked to his brother. Around new years eve, Max, Ben and Lulaine are still living in the kingdom, Loyal turns a thousand years old at midnight. Days turn into weeks and into months... Things were going fine in Death's opinion... Fire and Rain agreed to get married... Loyal gets suspicious... why is a fire god going with a rain goddess? Loyal was about to find out...

Sun tears apart a sheet a paper waiting for the Goddesses to call him in. It was one in the morning and Sun was not allowed to awake at this time. But Moon went into labor way too early. Fire tapped the window repeatedly, Death read a book waiting for his wife while she helped Moon. Loyal watched the clock.

Tick, tock, tick, tock

Death: Dammit! Fire, stop tapping the bleeping window!
Fire: Silence, Death.
Death: *Growls*
Sun: Why so early? Why is did the child come out so early?!
Loyal: It'll be alright. Nothing will happen... why isn't it crying?  
Fire: What if the child was stillborn?

Fire, Loyal and Sun looked at Death who hid his face behind his book.

Death: Don't look at me! I don't know if the baby is dead.
Loyal: You must know.
Death: I don't.
Fire: Why?
Death: I just don't know.

Sun started shaking, before Fire could stop him, Sun ran over to where Death was standing.

Death: You're scaring me.
Sun: Tell me if the child was stillborn or not!!

Death's mouth made a tight thin line. Fire and Loyal grabbed Sun yelling at him to calm down. The four Gods were scared and upset, each of them failed at being calm. Sun was about to say something but a small tiny cry echoed in the room. The brothers stopped fighting and yelling and went silent. The cry went on.

Loyal: Ohmygoshohmygosh!!
Death: See? It's alive.
Fire: !

Rain opened the doors and smiled proudly.

Rain: It wasn't breathing for a while, but it's okay now. Sun... Congratulations!!

Inside the room, Sun heard Moon calling for him.

Sun: ...
Fire: Go on!

Sun slowly walked to the room with his brothers walking after him.

Earth: Look who's here!! Congrats, Sun!!

The Goddesses squealed and clapped for Sun. Moon was still lying down in her bed with a small wrapped up bundle next to her. Sun went over to Moon's bedside and held her hand.

Sun: Hi.
Moon: Why aren't you asleep. It's night time.
Sun: Earth woke me up.
Moon: No she didn't.
Sun: You got me... I wanted to be here when the child is born.

Sun and Moon grinned at each other. The bundle squirmed.

Moon: And here she is.

Moon held out the bundle to Sun. Carefully, Sun cradled the bundle and rocked it slowly. The Goddesses were smiling at one another.

Moon: Lift the blanket

With caution, Sun lifted the blanket and saw her.

Her... She had pale white skin like her mother and such soft golden hair like her father. The baby opened her eyes for the first time, Sun gazed into his daughters huge blue eyes that glittered softly. Sun couldn't believe it... This was his and Moon's daughter... Already Sun knew what her power was... This small baby could control and read the stars. Sun and Moon pressed against each other and looked at their daughter, neither of them could control their tears. The baby reached out her tiny white hand and squeezed her fathers finger as a hello.

Sun: Hello... Starlight.

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Awe :3 this is so sweet

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Awe :3 this is so sweet
Thank you for posting, I thought this was forgotten.  :)

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I've read every chapter you've updated this with but haven't commented, just wanted you to know that this story is wonderful and you should continue it for as long as you can.

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I've read every chapter you've updated this with but haven't commented, just wanted you to know that this story is wonderful and you should continue it for as long as you can.
Aww! Thank you, Cheesecake! I knew that someone was reading it (You), but sometimes I saw one or no votes in the voting poll and I thought nobody else was here.  :-*

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Chapter Sixty... Nightmare...

Loyal knelt by a Goddesses body and yelled for her to wake up.The Goddess didn't respond. The beautiful majestic kingdom that Loyal knew was burning and falling apart, looking up, Loyal saw the sky was a revolting shade of red. The stars were falling and lighting struck the dry trees causing it to catch on fire. Hearing the screams of other Gods and Goddesses, Loyal got up and ran down to where the screams were. The once soft earth was hard and dry making it harder for Loyal to run. Humongous meteors fell from the sky landing on the temples and people. Loyal tripped over the debris but mostly the bodies of a God or Goddess. The screams of agony continued.

Loyal: Where are you!!? Anyone?! What is going on?!

Letting out a scream in terror, Loyal saw that the sun that USE to shine brightly was red and black, it was getting closer and closer towards the earth. Loyal turned around and sprinted off... where could he hide? The screams went on. Loyal's eyes were burning from the smoke, still he kept running.


Loyal fell on his face. A medium sized meteor that was on fire landed on his cape and his leg setting his cape on fire along with Loyal. Loyal wailed in agony as the fire covered his whole body, without thinking, Loyal breathed in the sickly sweet stench of a burning body causing him to vomit on the dry earth. In vain, Loyal tried to get the meteor off his leg. Nothing worked... It was the end of Loyal and everyone he knew and loved.

Slap! Slap!

Cosmic: Wake up, dammit! Loyal!! Wake the hell up!!

Cosmic was shaking Loyal and slapping him hard across the face. Loyal woke up and let out a small yelp.

Cosmic: Why are you yelling that you're sorry? What is going on!?
Loyal: I.... I... ?!
Cosmic: Nightmare?
Loyal: .......... Y- yes.
Cosmic: Again? Loyal, you've got to stop eating before going to bed.

Loyal frowned at Cosmic.

Cosmic: Sorry, I was just joking. What was it about?

Loyal spilled out the details to Cosmic who listened intently.

Cosmic:Eee... That's creepy. But dreams are not real, so don't worry.
Loyal: It felt real.

Loyal lifted up his blanket to see if his legs were still there.

Loyal:  ^^;
Cosmic: I came in to check on you because you didn't get up a the crack of dawn like you always do.
Loyal: Thank you!

Loyal hopped out of bed, ran to the window and opened it. It was gray and clammy outside but the sun was still there hiding behind the gray clouds. The kingdom was still standing and the Gods were walking around with the Goddesses. The Gods and Goddesses gave Loyal a funny look because he was still in his robes that he wore when it was time for bed. Loyal didn't care, he counted each God and Goddess.

Loyal: That's weird.

Cosmic left the room and out of the house petting Doragon as he walked away.

Loyal: Doragon!!

Doragon huffed and lifted her powerful wings and flew to the balcony where Loyal was. Loyal was leaning over the balcony looking for her. Before Doragon could reach him, Loyal fell over the balcony and into a rose bush. Doragon rolled her eyes.

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Chapter Sixty One.... Starlight.

Lulanie: Hi baby! Aren't you adorable! Hiiiiiii!! Who's a pretty baby?!
Starlight: !
Lulanie: That's right! You are!
Ben: She didn't say anything.
Lulanie: Yes she did.
Max: She's cute, a perfect healthy baby!
Moon: Err. She's actually premature.
Ben: She looks normal sized to me.

Ben looked down, his legs looked very short next to Moon's long ones.

Ben: Right.
Sun: What worries me is that Starlight was born too early.
Moon: So? You came out early, your father told me.
Sun: But why? Why so early?
Moon: I guess Starlight was so excited that she had to arrive early.

Moon raised her eyebrow at Sun who nodded his head.

Max: What?
Lulanie: What Moon means is that Starlight is taking after her father.
Max: Oh.
Starlight: *Drools*

An hour later...

Moon: Well, that was fun, but I need to go. Say bye-bye, Starlight.
Starlight: *Blinks*
Lulanie:  :-*
Max: Night, Starlight. Didja see what I did there?
Ben: Whatever. Bye-bye, Starlight.

Moon left the room and out of the house. At the beach, Moon saw a swing chair big enough for two sitting alone on her hill. Moon sat down, closed her eyes and started to swing slowly. Starlight began to feel sleepy.

Death: Do you like it?

Moon smiled but kept her eyes closed.

Moon: It's beautiful, Death.
Death: I made it for you.
Moon: I love it. Thank you.

Death kicked the sand trying to hide his smile. Moon opened her eyes and grinned at him.

Moon: Sit with me.

Death went over to where Moon was sitting and sat down.

Death: How are you feeling?
Moon: It hurts to sit down, but I can deal with it.

Death nodded and saw that Starlight was looking at him with wide eyes. Moon saw them stareing at each other.

Moon: Hold her.
Death: Me? No way. Starlight doesn't want to be held by me.
Moon: How do you know? I'm sure that Starlight wants to be held by her uncle.

Death blurted out excuses to make Moon stop, but Moon placed Starlight in his winged arms.

Death: ..........
Starlight: .........

Moon put her hand to her mouth to keep from laughing. Death's face was priceless and Starlight looked so surprised.

Death: .... Hello.
Starlight: *Sneezes*

Death rocked Starlight slightly and rubbed her cheek with back of his hand. Without warning Starlight's reached out and gently placed her fat white little hand on Death's dark bony one.

Death: She's touching me.
Moon: That's good. At least she is not crying.

Starlight blinked slowly, Death knew she was getting tired.

Moon: Sing for her, Death... sing.

Starlight nuzzled against Death and yawned. Death opened his mouth and started to sing. The ocean seem to calm down when it heard Death's deep voice singing the beautiful haunting lullaby to Starlight, the stars twinkled brightly, if she knew how, Starlight would've smiled. Hearing Death sing made Moon sleepy herself. For what seem like a beautiful eternity, Starlight fell asleep.

Moon: Thank you, Death. Who taught you that lullaby?
Death: My father use to sing it to me when I was afraid.
Moon: Oh? It's beautiful.
Death: I thought it was the most beautiful song in the world, I still do to this day.
Moon: I'm sure your children will love it as well.
Death: Yeah...

Moon and Death continued to rock.

Moon: What do you think of Fire getting married to Rain?
Death: I don't care, whatever makes them happy.
Moon: My thoughts exactly.
Starlight: zzzzzzzzz.
Moon: I never thought I would have children.
Death: I never thought that I would get married.
Moon: It's funny what the future can hold.
Death: It sure is.

Death gave Starlight back to Moon. Moon cradled Starlight to her chest and kissed her head. Death closed his eyes and thought about Himitsu use to hold him like how Moon was holding  her child.

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oh that was so sweet :3

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Chapter Sixty One... A wedding and more problems

Inside of the temples

Already bored of the wedding, Ben quietly tiptoed up the stairs with Max and Lulanie in tow. In the front, Ben saw Loyal bowing down to Fire.

Max: Watch yourself.
Lulanie: Ssh!

Ignoring his friends, Ben watched Loyal give Fire and Rain his blessing. A loud cheer erupted from the Gods and Goddesses making Starlight wake up from her nap and bursting into tears. Max and Lulanie started clapping. Ben clapped as well and noticed that Sand was clapping but not smiling.

Max: What are we clapping for?
Ben:  -_-

Later on...

Doragon sat down in the grass and watched Lulanie and Ben play roughly on the swing. Max jumped off with a huff angry that Lulanie was swing to hard.

Lulanie: Wheee!!
Ben: Stop, Lulanie! We're going to break this flower swing!

With a sigh, Lulanie slowed down. Max looked up at the sky.

Max: What a nice warm night.
Ben: It's going get cold again. Just watch.
Lulaine: I think we should make the most of it before this flower swing dies.

Again, Lulanie started swinging wildly deaf to Ben's screams of terror. Doragon growled loudly to make Lulanie stop. Ben jumped off and went over to Doragon.

Lulanie: Did you like the wedding?
Doragon: *Huffs*
Ben: I liked it as well. Did you see Sand?
Doragon: ?
Ben: She looked awfully mad.
Doragon: *Hums*
Max: Why?
Lulanie: Who knows. Doragon?! Who do you think Loyal will marry? He can't go off with you no offence.
Max: Earth?
Ben: No, Sand. He wants Sand.
Lulanie: No. Sky would be perfect.
Max: Sky is a guy, Lulanie.
Lulanie: He is? He looks like a Goddess...
Ben: Ha-ha! How about Starlight?
Lulanie: She's a baby for God's sake.
Ben: So? They are immortal, right? Loyal can wait for her to grow up.
Max: That's gross. Starlight is Loyal's niece.
Ben: ... I forgot about that fact.

Doragon didn't want to listen anymore. In a haste, Doragon left Lulanie, Max and Ben to play matchmaker. Flying around, Doragon saw Cosmic sitting with Galactic on the roof of the temples. Gently, Doragon landed on the roof behind Cosmic.

Cosmic: Doragon? Are you alright?
Doragon: *Whines*
Galactic: Are you upset of the wedding? Don't worry, Doragon. Cosmic will find a male dragon for you.

Cosmic and Galactic gave Doragon a cheerful smile. Doragon just whimpered.

In the temples

Sun: That was fun.
Moon: Yes it was, but Starlight is getting fussy.
Sun: You're right. I better take her home... I need to sleep.

Sun took the fussy baby from Moon and waltzed out o the temple. Moon walked over to Cherry Blossom.

Moon: Hello, sister.
Cherry Blossom: Hi, Moon. How's Starlight?
Moon: Sun took her home. Are you happy that you got a new sister-in-law?
Cherry Blossom: I'm okay with it. I just wish it wasn't Rain.
Moon: Guilty. I wish it wan't her too. Now, she'll be pestering Loyal each day.

Moon and Cherry Blossom stared at Loyal who stopped talking to Wind when he saw them watching him.

Loyal: ...?

Moon turned to Cherry Blossom and they continued to talk. Death and Sand went over to Fire and Rain.

Death: At last. You are married, Fire. Congrats.
Fire: Thank you, Death.
Sand: Congrats, Rain.
Rain: Thank you very much, Sand. Don't worry. I'm pretty sure Rock would like a pretty Goddess like you.

Sand gave Rain dirty look. Death and Fire held their breaths hoping that they wouldn't start fighting. At last Sand stalked off pushing the gods and Goddess out of her way.

Cloud: Ow! Watch where you're going, Sand!

Sand kept walking.

Death: Jeez... What's her problem?

Fire shrugged and stared at Sand as she vanished from the crowd.

Later on that night...

Loyal patted Doragon... Doragon acted like she was asleep already.

Loyal: I know you are awake, Doragon. But if you're angry or upset, I'm right here if you need to talk with me. Goodnight.
Doragon: ...

A few minutes went by and Loyal was finally asleep. Doragon whimpered to Loyal wishing that she could tell him how she felt, but how?

Late at night in the temples...

Death perched on the roof and peered down from the window and saw a few of the Gods and Goddesses sitting at the table listening to Fire speak. Loyal was nowhere to be seen. Death just sat there hearing his brother talk.

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loyal you can't fall in love with a dragon it's sweet but it won't work

but the matchmaker part tho XD

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Chapter Sixty Two... Wink.

Loyal walked about the place asking the other Gods if they could watch Starlight, but they said no.

Loyal: Please, Rock!
Rock: Get lost, Loyal. I'm busy.

Loyal: Water?

Water jumped into the lake and didn't return. Loyal begged Earth, but she was way too busy.

Loyal: Cloud, please!
Cloud: I can't, Loyal. Go ask Sky.
Loyal: Sky is stuck up. He won't do it.
Cloud: Did you ask?
Loyal: No.
Cloud: If you don't ask, you'll never know. Get going.

Loyal flew off looking for Sky. At last he found Sky walking a white peacock. Landing, Loyal scurried over to Sky who winkled his nose at him.

Loyal: Hello, Sky.

Sky gave Loyal a tight smile.

Loyal: How are you?
Sky: I'm fine, you?
Loyal: My foot hurts, but other then that, it's a good day.

Sky nodded and continued to walk his snowy white peacock.

Loyal: Sky?
Sky: Yes, Loyal?
Loyal: I'm a bit busy today, and so is Sun.
Sky: That's too bad.
Loyal: Moon is asleep and Starlight woke up crying...

Sky heard a small coo in the basket that Loyal had. Sky lifted the basket lid and saw Starlight squinting at him.

Loyal: Can you... Watch-
Sky: No.
Loyal: Just for today, I'll be back soon. You're not doing anything.
Sky: Just no.
Loyal: Why not?!
Sky: Babies are... icky.

Sky made a sick face at Starlight who was fussing again.

Sky: And gross.
Loyal: Please? It won't be long.
Ben: We can help Sky.

Loyal looked at Ben with surprise.

Loyal: Where is Doragon? Why is she not with you?
Ben: She told us to get lost because she threw up.
Sky: ...
Loyal: So... Sky? You'll do it?

Sky frowned at Loyal and said no. Ben shook his head.

Ben: Alright... I guess...


Loyal cringed at the sound of cloth ripping, Starlight stopped fussing. Sky took a jumped back, gasped and held a piece of his sky blue robe. Ben smirked at Sky who was staring wide eyed at his robe. The peacock ran off.

Sky: You... You... You little bast-
Ben: That'll teach you to say no.
Sky: Do you know how long it took to make this?!
Ben: If it ripped that easily, it should take an hour... Trash.

Sky raised his hand to slap Ben, but Ben got Sky first. Sky made a small whine noise and hissed at Ben.

Ben: Want to try that again?
Sky: You vermin! Do you know who I am!?
Ben: A stuck up God who thinks very low of others. That's who you are.
Sky: Loyal!! Do you see this!!

Loyal nodded his head and rocked Starlight who began to cry. Death flew overhead and yelled at Loyal to hurry up.

Ben: Are you going to watch Starlight or no?

Sky glared at Ben who didn't flinch. Loyal held his breath.

Sky:.... fine....
Loyal: Thank you!!

Loyal gave Starlight to Sky, ruffled Ben's hair and flew off with Death.

In Sun's house...

Sky placed Starlight in her crib. Starlight watched the mobile that Loyal made for her spin slowly.

Max: This will be fun!
Sky: For you it will.

Lulaine smiled at Starlight... Starlight winked.

Lulaine: That was weird...

Lulaine hopped off the stool and hurried over to Ben and told him about the strange feeling she had.


Sky ran over to the crib and looked at Starlight who was screaming and crying. Sky looked around for something to keep Starlight quiet.

Max: She's hungry!
Sky: She's tired!
Ben: She wants a toy!
Lulaine: Hold her, you idiots.

Sky gently lifted Starlight out of the crib and rocked her close to him... Big mistake. Starlight grabbed a handful of Sky's long white hair and yanked it hard.

Lulaine and Max fell over, Ben jumped as the window shattered when Sky screamed shrilly. Starlight kept a tight grip on Sky's hair. Sky screamed at Starlight to release his hair.

Max: For God's sake, Sky. Pry her fingers off!!

The screaming went on.

Laughter filled the room.

Ben: ?

Sky stopped screaming and saw that Rock, Sand, Rain and Water were laughing at him.

Sky: What the hell?!
Sand: Sky. You are doing a awful job!
Rock: You look like a stupid idiot.
Sky: I don't know how to take care of babies!

The Gods and Goddesses burst out laughing again and made fun of Sky. Sky put Starlight in her crib and stalked out of the room.

Water: What a moron.

Lulaine went over to Starlight's crib, peeked inside and saw Starlight looking up at her... Calm ad quiet... Not crying or making a sound... Starlight winked.

Lulaine: You're tricky. Like your dad... I like you, Starlight.

Starlight winked again and went to sleep.

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Chapter Sixty Three... Sun and Starlight

Two weeks later...

Rock: Ah! Where are you going?
Sky: Somewhere far away from that creature!
Death: What's the matter? Is Sky afraid of a little baby?
Sun: Sky! Come back!!

Ben, Lulanie and Max stood outside with the other Gods and watched Sky stomp off.

Sky: Find another idiot who will watch Starlight!
Sun: She's just a baby! She doesn't know any better!
Sky: She does know, Sun.... She knows.
Rock: Wimp!! This is why you're not married!!
Sky: Insult me all you want, Rock! I'm glad I will never have a wife to pester me about children! I HATE KIDS!!

Max looked up at Death who snickered at Sky.

Death: You're going to eat those words on day, Sky!
Sky: No I won't!

Rock shook his head at Sky who was running away now. Lulanie turned around to Sun.

Lulanie: I can watch Starlight❣
Sun: I can't leave you alone with her. But thanks. Moon should be waking up soon.
Max: I'm cold.
Rock: I swear. Sky needs to man up.

Moon walked out of the house and looked puzzled.

Moon: Starlight is sleeping. She should sleep through the night, Sun.
Sun: That's good. I better scoot. Good night everyone.

Death and Moon left together, Rock went home and Ben left with Lulanie and Max to see where Doragon was.

Inside the house...

Sun peeked over the crib. Starlight was snoring softly.

Sun:  :cheery:

Quietly, Sun crawled into bed and drifted off to sleep.

Starlight: Zzzzzzzzz...
Sun: Zzzzzzzzz...

An hour later...


Sun smashed his face into the pillow wishing that Starlight would shut up and go to bed.

Starlight: Waaahhh!!
Sun: Starlight, please! Daddy is tired and needs his sleep!

Starlight continued to cry. Remembering what Moon said about babies cry for attention, Sun turned his back to Starlight.

Sun: Go to sleep, sweetie.

Starlight kept crying. Sun grew more irritated. At last Starlight's screaming turned into whimpers and finally silence. Sun smiled and went to sleep failing to see that Starlight was still awake and looking at him.

Five minutes later...

Starlight was getting pretty angry that her father was ignoring her... As minutes ticked by, Starlight continued to stare at Sun.

Starlight: !

Without a moment to lose, Starlight pointed at Sun and let out a yelp.

Sun: !

Sun sat up as if he woke up from a nightmare... but it wasn't... some strange force woke him up and was beckoning him to Starlight's crib.

Sun: What's going on?!

Stiffly, Sun threw off the covers, got out of bed and walked towards Starlight's crib. Starlight was still pointing at her father. Sun didn't know what was going on, all he knew is that SOMETHING was controlling him. But what?

Starlight: Yip!

Finally, Sun was at Starlight's crib. Surprised, Sun saw that Starlight's eyes were no longer blue, but white... glowing white like Loyal's eyes.

Sun: Sweetheart?
Starlight:  :)

Bending over to pick her up, Sun caught his reflection in the mirror. Like Starlight's eyes, Sun's eyes were glowing as well. Sun was terrified now. Something was wrong with Starlight....

Sun: Starlight? What is wrong?

Starlight kept pointing at Sun who was trying to break away from the strange powerful force.

Starlight: Hmmph!
Sun: Someone help!!!

Sun now had Starlight in his arms and was walking back to his bed. Starlight made small grunting noises and kept pointing. Sun whimpered in fear. For what seemed like eternity, Sun was back in bed with Starlight at his side. The strange force vanished from Sun's body.

Sun: What the hell was that?
Starlight: *Gurgle*

Starlight looked up at Sun. Her eyes were a deep blue again. Afraid to move, Sun watched Starlight blink at him. At last, Starlight went to sleep... Sun stayed awake all night...

The next morning...

Fire: Are you drunk?
Sun: I am not drunk. How dare you think that!
Fire: You came in here ranting and raving about how Starlight was possessed or something.

Fire quickly glanced at Starlight who was sucking on her fingers.

Sun: I'm not crazy!! Something was wrong with her!!
Fire: Right. Her eyes were glowing and so were yours. Anything else?
Sun: Something was controlling me!
Fire: Oh?
Sun: Yes! Starlight was pointing at me when it was happening!!
Fire: Starlight was pointing at you?
Sun: Did I bleeping stutter!?

Fire slowly looked at Starlight.... then looked at Sun. Rain swallowed loudly.

Sun: Well?
Fire: I see it now...
Rain: What is it?
Fire: Starlight controls the stars... right?
Rain: Yes...
Fire: What is the sun?
Sun: A huge burning star of course.

The puzzle pieces were falling into place...

Fire: Duh.
Sun: How can this be?! She is a baby!
Fire: Sometimes they inherit their powers early. You should know this, Sun. Mom told us that you controlled the sun the minute you were born. It's obvious that Starlight is like her father.

Fire grinned at Starlight who was drinking out of her bottle. Sun opened his mouth but didn't say anything. Rain gave her husband a tight smile.

Fire: Are you sane now?
Sun: Pretty much... what do I do?
Fire: Starlight can control you, but you're a God. You can contact as well... But don't do it at the same time. What if you kill each other. We can't have that.
Rain: Yikes... You better get going, Sun. I'll watch her today.

Fire patted Sun on the head like he was a dog and lead him outside.

Sun: I hope this never becomes a habit for Starlight to get her way...
Fire: She'll learn how to use her power when she gets older. Okay? Bye now.

Fire left to find Cloud leaving his brother alone outside... Sun stood there trembling thinking about what Sky had said.

She Knows...

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Chapter Sixty Five.... Questions and information.

Ben sat crossed legged on the floor in front of Sun and Fire asking them questions. Sun was happy to oblige... Fire? Ben couldn't tell because Fire's face was hidden behind a book.

Ben: Who are your parents, Sun?
Sun: Rayon and Faisceau.
Ben: Where are they?
Sun: They're dead.
Ben: Sorry about that.
Sun: It's alright.
Ben: Do you have any more blood related siblings?
Sun: Nope. Just Fire. The best surprise in the family.
Ben: Surprise?
Sun: Sure, Ma didn't know she was pregnant with Fire until he came out. Fire was a surprise to everyone.
Fire: By surprise, he means an accident.
Sun: I do not! You were a surprise to everyone!

Sun gave Fire a sidehug and squeezed him tightly.

Sun: The best surprise that mom and dad gave me❣

Fire rolled his eyes and stuck out his tongue.

Fire: If I agree with you, Sun, will you let me go?

Sun kept hugging Fire who was squirming around trying to escape his brothers hug. Ben read through his notebook. Max, Lulanie and himself got down some pretty interesting information from the other Gods and Goddesses.

Fire: Leggo!!
Sun:  ;D

Ben kept reading.

Cloud has a pet duck that chases after Rock whenever he shows up. Cosmic's parents found Doragon before Cosmic was born which makes her Cosmic's older sister. Sky doesn't have any wings, the only way he can fly is by his long robes. Rain plays the harp and guitar during ceremonies and festivals. Water hates the smell of fish which is pretty strange for a water God. Sand is romantic Goddess who dreams of getting married one day, she oftens writes love poems and stories but hides them from the other Gods and Goddesses. Loyal and Cherry Blossom love to play games and dance around together, Death doesn't mind that his brother and his wife act like children. Although Rock teases the Goddesses, he actually enjoys listening to sing and each morning Rock leaves flowers or a candy for them, the Goddess don't know it's Rock doing this. Galatic hates the smell and taste of candy but enjoys sour food. Wind hates Sky for his snotty attitude and Sky hates Wind for the time he made the wind blow a little too hard and Sky crashed into a tree. Wind didn't care.

Ben: I'll be going now. See ya.
Sun: Bye-bye.
Fire: Bye.

Ben headed outside to look for Max and Lulanie who were talking with Water.

Max:  :)
Ben: Got any more information?
Lulanie: I did. And Water is still telling us some stuff.
Water: One more thing. Sky is the only God who looks like a Goddess.
Sky:  I heard that!!

Water jumped back into the river and hid from Sky. Lulanie wrote what Water said down.

Max: We pretty much knew that one...
Ben: Eh. Who cares.
Max: At least Doragon told me some interesting information about Loyal and Death.
Lulanie: What's that?

Max looked around to see if anyone was watching. Ben and Lulanie were waiting impatiently for Max to speak.

Max: Here. Turn to the back pages.

Max gave Lulanie his notebook. Lulanie and Ben turned the pages and read what Doragon had told Max.

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Chapter Sixty Six... Hate and Himitsu.

Max: Loyal?

Max, Lulaine and Ben stood around in Loyal's living room like lost ducklings. Each of them hoping to get a little more information from Loyal about his father, but Loyal was nowhere to be found. All this silence gave Ben and Lulaine cold feet.

Ben: Maybe we shouldn't do this.
Lulaine: Eeee.... Let's go back.
Max: Stop being babies.
Lulaine: Come on!

A door opened and Loyal saw Lulaine and Ben yanking Max to the doorway. All three of them stopped arguing and stared at Loyal.

Ben: Damn.
Loyal: What?
Lulaine: Nothing. We were just leaving.
Loyal: I heard you calling for me.
Ben: Oh, it's nothing.
Loyal: Don't you lie to me. I know you have something to ask.

Ben and Lulaine released Max and pushed him towards Loyal.

Ben: Go on.
Lulaine: *hums*
Max: Oh.... Ummm.... Loyal?
Loyal: Yes?
Max: Is it true.... Is it true that your father Himitsu loved Death more then you?

Loyal tugged at his sleeves nervously.

Loyal: Who told you that?
Max: Doragon told me.
Loyal: She did, huh? It looks like Someone doesn't know how to keep their mouths shut.

With that being said, Max heard something heavy running out the door. Loyal glared at the window, Lulaine and Ben saw Doragon flying away in a haste and accidentally knocking down a few trees with her huge wings.

Loyal: Yeah.... It's true. My father loved Death more then me.
Max: Doragon said Himitsu hated you...
Lulaine: God, Max.
Ben: What the hell, Max. Way to lay it on.
Loyal: I wouldn't say hate, just... Strongly disliked me.
Death: Now who's not telling the truth.
Loyal: I didn't ask you.

Loyal frowned at Death who climbed in through the window.

Max: But why? Why would your own father hate you?
Loyal: Because in my father's eyes, I killed his wife.... Murder is the word he yelled at me.
Ben: How can a newborn baby murder his mother. That's stupid.
Loyal: Well, my mother mother's all died when they gave birth.
Max: Why?
Loyal: Each Goddess of life dies after they give birth to the Next Goddess of life.
Max: How?
Loyal: Their mother lose their power when they give birth. So basically, the Goddess used up all of their power when their daughter is being born.
Lulaine: But you're a God.
Loyal: That was a big surprise when my mother died and they saw my gender.
Ben: So... There was no Goddess of life. After your mom died... You were the God of life.
Loyal: Correct. My parents both knew that Seikatsu was meant to die after she gave birth to me... I guess Himitsu couldn't accept the fact that Seikatsu was going to leave him. Death was born first. I stayed in Seikatsu a little longer. So Himitsu loved Death more because He didn't kill Seikatsu. After I was born...
Lulaine: But you said Himitsu was a good man, Loyal. He wasn't. He was a awful father. Himitsu took out all his anger on his own son.
Loyal: Lulaine, please. Don't talk about him like that. Himitsu was a good man... He just needed some time.
Death: Loyaaaaalllll!!
Loyal: He was a good man in MY eyes, Death!
Death: Wake up and smell the coffee, Loyal! Himitsu didn't give a damn about you.
Loyal: True. But Himitsu didn't have to take care of me. He could've left me alone with some God. He took me to his home and raised me.
Death: Himitsu would've left you to the wild beasts if Rayon didn't stop him. Plus, Himitsu raised you wrong. Look at yourself. You are living in fear because you're afraid of Himitsu. You are scared that Himitsu will come back and hurt you!
Loyal: He didn't hurt me!
Death: Loyal... Himitsu slapped you so hard your nose began to bleed.
Loyal: Ah!

Loyal raised his hand to stop Death from saying what happened next. The room went deathly silent...

Max: Why?.... Why, Loyal?
Loyal: Max...

Loyal put both of hands on Max's shoulders and stared deeply in his eyes. Max no longer saw the strong powerful God who controls the world... But a broken terrified God. A God who still lives in his father's shadow of hate.

Loyal: I've been asking myself why for years. And I still do.

Death felt guilty for fighting with his brother. He knew he wasn't suppose to do that... The guilt was thick like clay.

Death: I'm sorry, brother...
Loyal: It's alright... I'll live... Besides... I dealt with worse things.

Death looked up and saw Loyal giving him a sad weak smile. Death tried to smile back but he felt silly and stupid.

Loyal: So that's part of the truth of Himitsu... There's more to it, but I'll tell you all later.

Loyal turned to walk out of the room, but felt arms wrap tightly around his waist. Looking down, Loyal saw Lulaine hugging him. And then Ben and Max came up and did the same thing as Lulaine. Loyal patted each of their heads and was about to break away before he started crying, but Death hugged Loyal as well. Loyal gave up and hugged his brother back trying so hard not to break down and start crying.

But Loyal did anyways.

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Chapter Sixty Seven... Disappointment

Cloud was on her knees listening for a sound in Cherry Blossom's stomach... Nothing. Cherry Blossom held Death's hand tightly.

Cloud: Anyone in there? Hello?!


Sadly, Cloud got up and shook her at Cherry Blossom. Death squeezed Cherry Blossom's hand.

Cherry Blossom: Can you check again, Cloud?
Death: Blossy. Cloud is very busy, if it wasn't a catch, then we'll try again later.
Cherry Blossom: Please? What if it was sleeping?
Death: There's nothing in there. Just stomach acid.
Cloud: It'll be okay, Cherry Blossom, Death. I'm sure next time someone will be in there.
Cherry Blossom: We tried so many times. Why am I not pregnant yet?
Cloud: The first time is not always the catch. Now cheer up. Smile, Blossom.

Cloud gave Cherry Blossom a big smile... Cherry Blossom put her head in her hands.


Death put his winged arm around Cherry Blossom's shoulder and kissed the top of her head. Cherry Blossom played with Death's fingers. It was a cool windy day just the type of weather Death liked but he couldn't enjoy it knowing the fact that Cherry Blossom was upset.

Death: What do you want to do?
Cherry Blossom: ... Nothing...
Death: Do you want to keep walking? We can go to your flower swing.
Cherry Blossom: No.

Cherry Blossom pressed against Death. A million thoughts raced around in Death's mind

Death: Why isn't Cherry Blossom pregnant yet? She's fertile, healthy and ready for children... But what about me... Am I healthy? No... God, how could I think that I'm healthy? I'm a God of Death, damnit. It's obviously me who is the problem. What if I'm killing my children before they had a chance to grow inside of her? ... Yeah... Whatever... It's me... I'm the damn problem.

Death was so deep in his thoughts that he didn't hear Cherry Blossom saying his name.


Death: Ow! Don't pinch my ear.
Cherry Blossom: Pay attention. When do you want to try again?

Death looked around. They were both in a quiet secluded area... So quiet and peaceful...

Death: Not here.
Cherry Blossom: I know not here!
Death:  ^^;
Cherry Blossom: Well?
Death: Whenever... I don't know.

Cherry Blossom sat down with a small whump. Death sat down next to her.

Death: *Hums*
Cherry Blossom: Are you disappointed with me?
Death: What? Are you crazy?
Cherry Blossom: I just thought that... Well it's been a while and I haven't given you any children...
Death: You'll get pregnant soon, enough of this nonsense. Think positive.
Cherry Blossom: Oh, alright. When it happens... God or Goddess?
Death: Maybe both... Twins?
Cherry Blossom: That'll be fun.
Death: Or more?
Cherry Blossom: We have all the time in the world. ❤
Death: I hope so. From the way things are going, it looks like pretty bad.
Cherry Blossom: What?
Death: Oh... Heh-heh. Forget what I said... I'll tell you later.
Cherry Blossom: Why not now?
Death: Shhh.

Again, Death put his arms around his puzzled wife shoulders. Death and Cherry Blossom talked about children and listened to the birds chirping in the trees.

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im so lost

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im so lost
What do you mean?  ^-^

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You have broken a record for longest running fan fiction on the forum.

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You have broken a record for longest running fan fiction on the forum.
That'll be cool.  8)

*EDIT. I just reread the story, it was pretty long. Thanks.  :cheery:

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Chapter Sixty Eight... Fire's lies...

At the beach...

Lulaine and Max were standing by the swaying palm trees watching the waves crashing against the humongous black glossy wet rocks, they wanted to to play near the rocks but after Max slipped and fell into the water, they weren't allowed to get any closer. If they did Sand would yell at them to get away from there. Ben picked up seashells.

Max: They look pretty from a distance.
Lulaine: It'd be better if we could climb on the rocks.
Max: I said sorry.
Ben: Picking seashells is fun, come join me.
Lulaine: Oh alright. Come on, Max.

While Lulaine and Max were picking seashells, Sand sat with Sun talking about their day, Starlight slept on a blanket next to her father. Cherry Blossom was making a sand castle while Death was flat on black staring up at the sky. It seemed like most couples were out today, even Fire and Rain who rarely step out were outside came to the beach.

*Flap flap*

Fire: Well, look who's here.
Loyal: Hello.
Doragon: *Snorts*
Fire: Thought you'd be too busy to come by.
Loyal: Doragon made me.
Rain: And you say I'm careless with my work.

Death threw wet sand at Rain and told her to shut up. Loyal slid off of Doragon and hugged her leg.

Loyal: Good girl.

Max made a beeline to Loyal.

Max: Loyal?
Loyal: Yes?
Max: Why do you still love your father? He didn't like you.
Ben: Max.
Lulaine: Drop it.
Loyal: Well... I guess I just loved him deeply. Himitsu was a God who lost his wife and had to raise two powerful sons. Wouldn't that make you feel sorry for a God?
Max: If he treated you like his son, yes.
Cherry Blossom: I don't like Himitsu.
Death: You never met him.
Sand: She heard enough stories about him.
Ben: If someone hated me, I just ignore them. Because I'm awesome.
Lulaine: *claps*
Max: Didn't you hate Himitsu because of the way he treated you?
Loyal: He was my father... I loved him even though he didn't love me... You know how you love someone or something but it can get on your nerves?
Max: Plenty.
Loyal: That's how it was for Himitsu.
Sun: *Ahem*
Loyal: Okay, not Himitsu. Me.
Max: Alright. You loved your dad but he sometimes got on your nerves.
Loyal: Correct.
Fire: It's foolish to love someone that hates you with a passion.

Before Loyal could answer back, an ugly laugh stopped him.

Death: That's funny, Fire. Loyal loves you as well even though you hate him. That's probably why you're still alive. If I was in charge, I would have killed you a long time ago.

Everyone went silent. Fire glared at Death who was smirking at his brother daring him to say anything... Nothing... Moon and Wind came walking up.

Moon: Hi! Why I everyone quiet?
Wind: Better head home Sun. The sun is setting.

Ben turned around and saw the sun going down slowly. The orangey moon was peeking out.

Sun: I have to go. Goodnight, Sand.

Sun got up quickly with Starlight who was still sleeping. Rain left with Fire.

Death: Let's go now, Blossy.
Cherry Blossom: That's weird.
Ben: What?
Cherry Blossom: One of the sand castles fell over but the rest are still standing.
Death: It probably just fell.
Cherry Blossom: I don't know...

Death helped Cherry Blossom to her feet and they were gone. Wind left with Loyal and Doragon who let Lulaine, Max and Ben climb on her back. Moon left to her tiny house.

Sand was left alone...

Sticks were washed up on the beach and then we're taken away when the salty water came up again. Sand watched as the sticks drowned because they were no match for the strong waves. Bitterly, Sand wished that it was Rain who was drowning and not the sticks... If Rain was the one who drowned then maybe Fire could be hers. It wasn't possible though, Rain could stand the water because she was a rain Goddess. But how in god's name is she going to have children with Fire? It was a thought that Sand hated so much. The thought of Rain carrying Fire's children when it should be her. Sand was so deep in thought she didn't hear someone coming up.

Fire: Sand?

Sand jumped at the sound of Fire's voice.

Sand: Fire!? I thought you went home.
Fire: I came back to check if you already left.
Sand: I was just leaving.

Sand got up and begin to walk away. Fire grabbed her arm.

Sand: ?
Fire: Tell me, Sand... Do you sometimes wonder if you'll ever get married?
Sand: Yes.
Fire: But the God you loved picked another Goddess?
Sand: Yes.
Fire: Do you wish that sometimes... You were married to the God you loved?
Sand: Yes.
Fire: Then maybe that God could have the one he picked... And another Goddess as his wife.
Sand: Two wives? That's crazy.
Fire: How?
Sand: What if the wives hate each other? Besides, it's against Loyal's law.
Fire: What if... I changed that law?

Sand pulled away from Fire.

Sand: No. Don't. Don't change the law... That law keeps married couples together.
Fire: So... You say no?
Sand: My answer is no.
Fire: Would you think differently if I gave you this?

Fire stretched out his arm and gave Sand a ring... Sand flinched at the sight of it.

Sand: Oh... Fire.
Fire: Well?
Sand: What about Rain? Isn't she the one you loved?
Fire: Rain loves me, but I can't leave you by yourself... Alone... Afraid... Forever wondering if you'll ever get married.
Sand: ...
Fire: Didn't Loyal say the impossible becomes the possible?
Sand: Yes.
Fire: And it's terrible to keep someone away from the one they love. Right?
Sand: It is...
Fire: So... Say yes and we might be able to change Loyal's sick law... Many other Gods and Goddesses have said yes to my thought.

Sand looked at Fire... And then at the ring.... If she said yes, she would be going against Loyal's law... If she said no.... She would have to forever watch Fire play with the children that could've been hers... And his...

Sand: .......... Fire...... I'll take your offer.

Sand took the ring and slipped it onto her finger.

Poor lovesick Sand thought she got what she wanted.... But it was Fire who got what HE wanted... Everything was falling into place.

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gigity gigity
soooooo um fire loves someone else but is giving the ring to sand i don't flipping know

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gigity gigity
soooooo um fire loves someone else but is giving the ring to sand i don't flipping know
Actually Fire tricked Sand into a loveless engagement.

Fire doesn't love any Goddess. Soooo... Yikes!  D:

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This is a story of my Fc's. (This is is not flipverse, so... That's all I have to say...  XD)

Chapter one... Loyal.

Let's start from the very beginning. Where there was no Queen Evilcherry and her people... It all starts with Loyal Cherry and his brother and the other Gods and Goddesses...

A very small flower bud is starting to poke out of the soft dirt and limps as it waits for rain that never showered. Then a gold and white sword that gleams slightly as it brushes the soil.

Loyal: Gentle flower... Grow.

The flower blooms up slowly standing tall in front of the man who helped it. The man smiles at the flowers beauty and touches it softly. The man then walks around the garden drinking in its beauty. Then he lifts then up his powerful white wings and fly's off...
Goodness!! I can't believe a whole year flew by!! Look! The very first chapter!  :cheery:

If I'm lucky, I'll write a new chapter.  ;)

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aaahhh nice job!!

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Thanks❣  :cheery:

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Chapter Sixty Nine... Careless and more disappointment.
Frustrated, Water sat down with a painful thud next to Starlight and watched her play with her hands. Wind repeatedly poked Sky in the face with a stick. Earth was making Rock roll up some yarn into a ball.

Wind: Just testing if this stick is strong enough.
Water: I'm bored. I don't want to watch Starlight. I want to go to my lake.
Earth: It's just for a while.
Water: It's still boring.
Earth: Oh, well.


Rock looked up to see Sky pointing the broken stick at Wind who was rubbing his hand that had a red welt on it.

Sky: I warned you!!
Wind: ow

Sky slapped Wind across the face and went back to combing his long hair. Wind now had TWO sticks. Wind began to poke Sky in the face with one stick, and with the other, Wind poked Sky's back.

Water: Sky? Why don't you watch Starlight for a minute.

Sky stomped on Wind's foot before getting up and sat down next to Starlight.

Starlight: *Burps*
Sky: Filthy creature. Why did I leave my peaceful home just to be with idiots?

Everyone in the room scowled at Sky who continued to comb his hair. Starlight stared at Sky...

Starlight: coo

Earth looked at Starlight and smiled at her, Starlight held up a small glowing orb. The white flames danced on the orb.

Earth: What are you doing? Put that down. What is that thing?

Everyone except for Sky turned their heads to watch Starlight toss the orb in the air and catch it.

Rock: How strange.
Water: Take it away from her. She'll burn herself.
Wind: It's not harming her, she'll cry if we take it away.
Earth: What is it?
Rock: It must be a star or something...
Water: A star!? I don't like stars, they always land in my lake.
Wind: Aren't stars bigger then that?
Rock: Starlight is a baby. So she probably makes wee tiny stars.

Sky ignored them all.

Starlight: Whee!!

Without warning, Starlight thew the small star at Sky. The star exploded and burst into flames... on Sky

Rock: What the bleep!!
Water:  D:
Wind: Ohmygod!! Sky is on fire!!..........good.

Screaming, Sky jumped up and ran around in the place, the white flames got larger. Earth, Rock and Water ran after Sky. Wind bounced Starlight on his knee.

Earth: Sky! Drop and roll!
Rock: Sky! Stop running and roll!!
Water: Hold still, you idiot!!

Sky was still running around.

The large doors flew open and Sun burst in.

Sun: What in Gods name going in here!!

Sun jumped out of the way as Sky ran to the open door with Earth running after him. Rock and Water gave up.

What's amazing is that Sky made it to the bridge that Cloud was on.

Furious, Cloud kick Sky off the bridge.  


Sky: ...

Earth ran up and looked into the water. Sun run up next to Earth holding Starlight.

Sky's head popped out from the clear water.

Sky: Damn it, Sun! Your daughter is little demon!!

Sun squeezed Starlight close to his body and glared at Sky.

Sun: How dare you! Starlight is no demon, Sky! She doesn't know what's right or wrong, she's a baby!
Death: Demon? Not true. Doesn't know from right or wrong? Also not true. Starlight knows.

Death came up and with one hand, Death gripped the bridge railing.

Sun: What are you talking about? Starlight doesn't know right or wrong.
Death: She does, Sun. Starlight is a daughter of a Goddess and God, she is not like the other babies from the world below. I have to admit, setting Sky on fire was pretty funny.

Sky pulled his head under the water.

Death: But... It was also dangerous. Starlight thew some stars at the other Gods and Goddesses because she couldn't have her way. What you did was bad, Starlight. Very bad. Don't do it again.

Starlight threw a small star at death. Death caught it and it automatically turned into ashes.

Death: See?

Death glared at Starlight for her disobedience. Starlight never saw her uncle so mad at her before, sure Death sometimes frowned at her for yanking his wings, but this time he was really mad. Starlight's eyes filled up and she burst into tears.

Sun: Death...
Death: Don't, Sun. Starlight is wild and she uses her power carelessly. Teach her.

Death flew off. Starlight continued to cry.

Earth: Come on, Sky. I'll take you home.

Sky crawled out from the water and left with Cloud and Earth. Sun sat down on the bridge and rocked Starlight.

Sun: Oh, Starlight. Death is right. You are careless with your power.
Starlight:  :'(
Sun: Don't worry, you'll learn. Okay? Now, no more tears.

Starlight whimpered softly.

At Cherry Blossom's house...

Death walked in and saw Cherry Blossom sitting at the table. Death alread knew the news but he asked anyways.

Death: Well?
Cherry Blossom: No... Loyal said no one was in there.

Cherry Blossom put her head on the table. Cherry Blossom and Death have been trying for months for a baby, but still there was nothing. Death leaned against the wall.

Death: When?
Cherry Blossom: I don't know... What am I doing wrong?
Death: What am I doing wrong?
Cherry Blossom: We can try again.
Death: Why?
Cherry Blossom: Because.
Death: It's just... pointless.
Cherry Blossom: Pointless?
Death: Yes... Nothing is growing inside you. Face the facts.
Cherry Blossom: This time might be it.

Death looked at Cherry Blossom. Sure, they'll try again, but deep down inside, they were both thinking of the same thing...

It's hopeless.

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Chapter Seventy... Who am I?

In a dream...

Loyal and Meiyo ran about in the fields trying to catch butterfly's. Another sunny bright day with Meiyo and Loyal was enjoying it.

Meiyo: I caught one!
Loyal: Good for you! You can keep it if you want.

Meiyo peeked inside the the net, the blue and black butterfly flew out and bopped against Meiyo's nose and flew off into the sky.

Meiyo: Dang.
Loyal: It's alright. You can have mine.
Meiyo: No thank you. Let's sit down now.

Loyal took hold of Meiyo's hand and together they sat near the cliff.

Loyal: Nice day.
Meiyo: Lovely day. It's even more lovely with you.
Loyal: Heh-heh. Thank you. My day brightens when I see you.

Meiyo and Loyal grinned at on another and turned their attention to the birds flying overhead. Pretty soon, Meiyo begin to get bored...

Meiyo: Loyal?
Loyal: Yes?
Meiyo: Do you know who I am?
Loyal: No.
Meiyo: Did you even try guessing?
Loyal: A little bit.
Meiyo: Well?
Loyal: Are you Sand in another body?
Maiyo: No.
Loyal: Rain?
Meiyo: No.

Loyal slumped and said a silent prayer of thanks.

Loyal: Are you Earth?
Meiyo: Try again.
Loyal: Are you Cherry Blossom? If you are, I'm telling Death that you're cheating.

Meiyo punched Loyal on the shoulder and said no.

Loyal: Are you Sun's mother?
Meiyo: No.
Loyal: My mother?
Meiyo: No, Loyal.

Loyal was disappointed, but he hid it.

Meiyo: I'm not a Goddess, so try again.
Loyal: Okay... You better not be Rock playing tricks on me.
Meiyo: No! Quick game, wanna play?
Loyal: That would be great.
Meiyo: Good.

Meiyo shoved Loyal so hard that he fell off the cliff.

Loyal: ACK!!

Again, Loyal's wings were tangled as they shot out. Loyal desperately tried to untangle them, but they wouldn't go. Loyal braced himself as he got closer and closer to the ground.


Loyal felt somebody grab him by his wings. Looking up, Loyal saw Meiyo flying back to the cliff edge.

Loyal: Why did you do that, Meiyo!?
Meyio: Because. Now... back to my question... Who am I?
Loyal: I don't know! Some nutty women who shoved me off a cliff!
Meiyo: Had fun?
Loyal: I... I did...
Meiyo: Are you catching on yet?
Loyal: Not really.

Meiyo covered her face with her hands and muttered something about Gods. Loyal sniffed the air.

Meiyo: Okay... Look at me.

Loyal stared at Meiyo.

Meiyo: What do you see?
Loyal: Well... You have long red brown hair... Tan skin... Huge red black wings... Purple eyes with flames rising out of them...

Loyal stopped abruptly... What he said seemed crazy, but it matched so perfectly.

Loyal: That game.
Meiyo: Yes.
Loyal: Someone I know... we both love that game.
Meiyo: Go on.

Loyal went cold. Meiyo looked into Loyal's eyes imploringly.

Loyal: It can't be... It just can't.
Meiyo: It is, My God... I am Doragon.

Loyal took a step back and accidentally fell off the cliff again.


Loyal awoke with a yelp, he was back in his house, in his room and on the floor. The moonlight lit Loyal's dark room. Loyal scrambled out from the bed sheets and ran outside.

Loyal: DORAGON?!

Doragon was missing. She could have been hunting or just avoiding Loyal. Who knew.... Loyal continued to run around the place screaming for Doragon.

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Sorry everyone. I'll try to post a chapter soon.  :(

For now, here is a recolorme image of Sky.   :)

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English: I AM...
Spanish: YO SOY...

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English: I AM...
Spanish: YO SOY...
Yeah.  XD

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Chapter Seventy One... Sky's Story. Part one.

A few weeks flew by and Doragon was still missing, Loyal searched high and low for her but Doragon didn't appear. Loyal left Sun in charge to watch over the kingdom but Sun had problems of his own. Starlight was now crawling around the house and getting into trouble. Moon and Sun were busy and couldn't keep an eye on her 24/7, so Lulaine volunteered to watch her. Max and Ben went along with Lulaine. During Loyal's departure, Fire continued to have his secret meetings at night. Death watched the meetings from the window above the temple.

At night...

Lulaine, Max and Ben sat outside by the edge of a cliff, Starlight crawled around playing with her small glowing orbs.

Lulaine: It's so beautiful here.
Max: Yeah... Question. How do we get home?
Ben: I don't know. Lulaine?
Lulaine: Don't look at me. Starlight? Do you know?

Starlight stopped playing with her orbs and stared at Lulaine. Poor Starlight was so confused that she covered her face with her small fat baby hands.

Lulaine: I was joking with you, silly baby.
Starlight: *Whimper*

Laughing at Starlight's embarrassment, Lulaine didn't see that Max and Ben were looking at the trees behind them.

Ben: Did you hear that?
Lulaine: No, what?
Max: That noise... Is someone spying on us?

Everyone listened for the noise...

*Snap* *Crunch*

Max: Who's there?!

Starlight threw one on the orbs at the trees. The human or creature got closer. Before the group could make a run for it, a tall figure came out.

Ben: Oh, it's some God. Who are you? I never seen you before.
Sky: Of course you have. You tore my robes.
Max: Sky?
Sky: I am he.
Lulaine: What happened to you?
Sky: Nothing. Why do you ask?
Max: You look different... what did you do to yourself?

Lulaine stared at Sky. His once long white blue hair was now a pitch black. Sky stepped forward, Ben held his breath. Sky didn't look the same. His snow white skin was now a warm cinnamon color, the pale blue robes were a dark blue with deep purple flowers. The only thing that stayed the same was Sky's steel blue eyes. Lulaine, Max, Ben and Starlight gasped. Sky frowned.

Sky: What?
Lulaine: How can you be Sky? Are you Rock playing tricks on us?
Sky: Do I look like that idiot?

Starlight squeaked and threw another orb.

Sky: He... He didn't tell you, did he?
Max: Who?
Sky: Loyal.
Ben: Tell us what?
Sky: That this is my real form.
Lulaine: This? This is your real form?
Sky: Yes.
Ben: How? I thought you were pale with white hair?
Sky: That's my Day Time appearance, this is my true and Night Time look.
Max: Why?
Sky: Why what?
Max: Why do you change your look?
Sky: Simple. I'm a Sky God.
Max: And? That doesn't answer our question.
Sky: If you shut up, you'll get your damn answer.

Max shut up.

Sky: What color is the sky during the day? Blue. Night? Navy or black. Dawn? Purple, light blue, pink. Sunset? Pink, orange, red, whatever. As a Sky God, I turn into those colors because I'm the one who controls the sky. Whenever the sun rises, the sky and myself change colors.
Lulaine: That sounds pretty! A colorful God!... But what if the sun never rises?
Sky: I stay like this.
Max: You don't do much then.
Sky: What?
Max: You just change colors. Nothing powerful about that.

Max nearly fell over from Sky's loud voice.

Sky: I'm the one who keeps Cosmic, Galactic, Moon, Sun, and that.

Sky pointed at Starlight.

Sky: I keep them all safe. Safe from Amagna Okubi.
Ben: Really?
Sky: Amagna Okubi cannot get pass me. The world that Cosmic and Galactic live in is very fragile and I keep them safe from whatever may enter. If a human try's to get into their world, I throw them back. If Amagna Okubi try's, I'll kill him. He knows that though, so he doesn't try it.
Max: Wow.
Sky: Still think I'm worthless?

Sky stalked pass them and sat on a rock.

Sky: Why are you guys on my spot? I sit here each night.
Ben: Oops. We didn't know.
Sky: Now you do. Shoo.

Sky turned his back to them and looked up at the stars. Lulaine tiptoed towards Sky.

Sky: Now what?
Lulaine: Quick question. Who are your parents, Sky?
Sky: My parents?
Lulaine: Yes. Your parents. Your father was a God of what?
Sky: Nothing.
Luaine: Nothing? What about your mom? Goddess of...
Sky: Nothing. They were just humans.
Max: What?!

To be continued...

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Chapter Seventy Two... Loyal and Doragon.

Loyal: I know you are around here, Doragon. give up and show yourself.

Loyal stalked around the forest listening for the sound of wings flapping.


Loyal: Doragon. This game cannot go on forever. Come on out.


Loyal crossed his arms and glanced around. Doragon was still hiding from Loyal who was getting more and more irritated.

Loyal: You know? From someone who is in love with me sure is acting like a coward. I thought dragons were brave and fearless? Am I wrong? I guess I was.


Loyal stomped his foot like a child. His taunting didn't bring Doragon out.

Loyal: DORAGON!! Enough is enough! You're the one who toyed with my mind, now come out and tell me what was your plan!!

A lizard streaked by... Doragon was still hiding. Loyal stood in the same spot for a few good minutes...Then Loyal grinned wickedly at the idea that bloomed in his mind.

Loyal: Alright. Be like that. Be a coward, Doragon. Before I leave... Let's play a game...

Loyal could sense the fear in the air. Skipping to the edge of a cliff, Loyal danced around the edge.

Loyal: Look. A cliff. Perfect for jumping off.

Loyal tucked his wings under his cape. The air was thick with fear.

Loyal: But not perfect for those without wings... Are you ready? I'm going to jump.


Loyal: I'm not lying, Doragon. I never lie to anyone... 3...

Birds chirped...

Loyal: 2...

The wind stopped blowing...

Loyal: 1...

Loyal jumped.

The wind slapped Loyal in the face as he kept falling downward. Doragon didn't show up yet. The rocks below were not very friendly looking, their sharp jagged edges could cut or kill anyone who was foolish enough to play near it. Loyal closed his eyes.


Loyal stilled had his eyes close as Doragon flew back to the safety of the forest.


Loyal tumbled onto the soft earth while Doragon landed.

Loyal: Ha! I knew it! I knew you wouldn't let me fall.

Loyal jumped up and begin to punch Doragon's thick tail. Doragon swatted him away and turned her back to him.

Loyal: What's this? You're mad at me?

Doragon growled at Loyal.

Loyal: Oh, that's nice. Getting mad at me for something I didn't even do.
Doragon *Hiss*
Loyal: I'm used to this garbage. Everyone getting mad at me for nothing, I didn't expected it from you.

Loyal turned his back towards Doragon.

Loyal: You can be mad, Doragon. Just remember this. I wasn't the one who messed with someones dreams.

Doragon felt a pine cone hit her ears.

Loyal: Coward.
Doragon: *Growls*

Loyal and Doragon ignored each other for a few hours.

Doragon felt someone jumping onto her foot. Looking down, Doragon saw Loyal beaming at her.

Loyal: Look at us. Fighting like a real couple. Now I know what it's like.

Doragon sucked in her breath a Loyal hugged her neck.

Loyal: How is this ever going to work out?
Doragon: *Huff*
Loyal: Why didn't you tell me?
Doragon: *Whines*
Loyal: Scared? That's alright...
Doragon: *Huff*

Loyal scurried up onto Doragon's mouth.

Loyal: Doragon?
Doragon: ?
Loyal: I love you as well.

Doragon's eyes burned with tears after hearing what Loyal said.

Loyal: I love you so much.
Doragon: *Whines*

Loyal hugged Doragon's muzzle tightly. Doragon purred softly.

A God that fell in love with a Dragon... A Dragon that fell in love with a God... Loyal and Doragon's new life together was just beginning.

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You know who else ships?


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Yes! I'm glad you ship it!  ;D

You know who else ships?


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Chapter Seventy Three... Sky's story part two.

Max: Okay... So you were born into a normal family?
Sky: Correct.
Lulaine: They were just... Normal. And you were a Sky God?
Sky: Yes.
Lulaine: Who told you what you were?
Sky: A very wise man.
Lulaine: Where is he?
Sky: Lulaine, I'm old. The man is dead already.
Lulaine: Ah.
Ben: Where are your parents?
Sky: ...
Ben: Sorry,. I forgot.
Sky: Dead. The flu took them away from me like how it took many others.
Lulaine: I'm sorry, Sky.
Sky: It's alright. The were suffering. From the disease and from me.
Ben: What did you do?
Sky: For starters, my parents were born with a dark hue and I kept changing colors. They were  outcasts among our tribe.
Max: Tribe?
Sky: Yes. We lived in the forest.
Lulaine: Oh, so you know what to do if you are left alone. You're not a pampered priss like we thought you were.
Sky: Ouch.
Ben: What happened?
Sky: After they died, I was sent to live with my aunts and their children.
Max: Where are they?
Sky: Dead?.. damned? I don't know and don't care.
Ben: But they raised you.
Sky: Huh. They sold me off for a measly bag of gems.
Lulaine: They sold you?!
Sky: Yeah... As soon as summer rolled around, I was placed near a stand wearing a leash.
Max: What did you do?
Sky: Well, I was thrashing, screaming, crying, and hitting.
Max: That's not what I meant.
Sky: Okay... I was sent to live some man... a rich man... then I was sold off again.
Ben: Damn.
Sky: After all of that, I ran away back to my tribe.
Lulaine: Good!!
Sky: But as soon as they brought out the ax, I ran.
Lulaine: Bad.
Sky: So... After that I lived alone in the forest. Until Rock found me.
Lulaine: Oh.
Sky: But I ran away again. Then Loyal found me, I ran again, and Rock brought me here. I guessed I got a little spoiled.

Sky broke a stick in half.

Max: What a horrible life.
Sky: That's the past now.
Ben: So... why are you stuck up?
Sky: I don't know. I think highly of myself because I'm a God...
Max: Well. Enough of that.
Sky: ...
Lulaine: After all of that... Now that you are free... how do you feel?
Sky: Empty.
Lulaine: Empty?
Sky: When I was a child... I saw the other children playing... I wasn't with them... When I was a teenager... I saw the others doing what the enjoyed... I was sitting in the dirt waiting for someone to buy me.
Lulaine: ...
Sky: So... That was me... Unloved... Outcast... Used...
Ben: And then Loyal found you. A God who was like you.
Sky: Yes. That's my story...
Lulaine: How sad.
Sky: It's alright...
Ben: I'm glad everything is better for you now.
Sky: Much better.

Everything went silent... Nobody knew what to say next...

An hour later...

Starlight crawled next to Max and pointed at the mountains.

Max: What?
Starlight: Doop.
Max: Doop?
Starlight: Doop!
Sky: What is she saying?
Lulaine: Beats me.

Ben looked at what starlight was frantically pointing at. In the distance, there was a large shadowy figure slowly flying towards them. It had wings and a small glowing light was sitting on it.

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Chapter Seventy Four. Loyal's return.

Max and Ben started screaming hysterically as the black figure got closer. Lulaine tugged at Sky's robes yelling at him to look, Starlight started screaming as well. Sky snapped at all of them to shut up, but they still continued to scream.  The black figure came into focus. It was Doragon with Loyal sitting on her neck.

Luaine: LOYAL!! HI!! OVER HERE!!
Sky: For the love of God!! Will all of you shut it?!
Starlight: Eeeeee!!

Doragon flew overhead past the screaming group to land somewhere else. Loyal grinned and waved at the group.

Lulaine: Come on!!

Max scooped up Starlight and ran after Ben and Lulaine. Sky ran after them as well.

In the temples.

Death and Cherry Blossom were holding hands and danced around on the cold stone floors.

Cherry Blossom: Are you sure this will work?
Death: Of course! Kamsahamnida loved to dance and she was the Goddess of Life before Seikatsu was born.
Cherry Blossom: But she's dead.
Death: Hush, Love. Don't speak ill of the dead.
Cherry Blossom: She can't hear us.
Death: Shut up and concentrate.

Death bowed Cherry Blossom so low that her head almost hit the floor. Cherry Blossom's world was upside down, just like how she felt inside. Death and her have been trying for a baby for months but each new month was a bitter disappointment. Death suggested that they should dance in front of the statue of his deceased grandmother hoping that she would be pleased with their dance and bless them with a child.

Death swung Cherry Blossom back up and she yelled in Death's face.

Cherry Blossom: This is crazy!
Death: Silence!! Kamsahamnide will not be happy with your acts, you're being very difficult!
Cherry Blossom: She can't hear us!! She's dead!! Her daughter and granddaughter's are dead! All is left her granddaughters son.
Death: Maybe we should dance in front of Loyal when he returns.
Cherry Blossom: No! Death since whe-
Death: Stop. Do you hear that?

Cherry Blossom and Death stopped dancing...

There was screaming in the distance.
Death: ?
Cherry Blossom: Let's go see.

Cherry Blossom ran outside. Death hesitated, looked back at the statue of Kamsahamnide.

Kamsahamnide still had that blank look. The blank look that most of the statues have.

Death:  D:

Death ran off.

Cherry Blossom was jumping up and down screaming Loyal's name. Death looked up and saw Doragon and Loyal, at this point, Death was excited as well. Doragon landed, Loyal slid off and opened his arms  to Cherry Blossom who ran was running towards him. Lulaine, Ben and Max who still had Starlight in his backpack ran up. Sky lagged behind.

Cherry Blossom: You're back!!
Sky: So, you decide to come home.
Loyal: You know I won't leave you all like that.
Sky: I know. Welcome home, Loyal. Hello, Doragon.

Doragon sniffed Sky.

Max, Ben and Lulaine gathered around Loyal yapping questions and saying hello. Death looked at Loyal and then at Doragon. Something felt strange... At last, everything was silent. Lulaine, Max and Ben left.  and Sky went home. All was left was Loyal, Doragon, Cherry Blossom and Death.

Death: Loyal?
Loyal: Death! I found out who was the women in my dreams!
Death: That's great, Loyal! Who was she?

Loyal patted Doragon on the leg. Death's smile vanished.

Loyal: Well?
Death: Brother. Can I talk with you for a moment?

Loyal's smile vanished as well. Death quickly grabbed Loyal and both of them walked hastily into the temples. Cherry Blossom looked up at Doragon and shrugged.

Cherry Blossom: So you told him. Now what?

Doragon huffed at Cherry Blossom. Doragon was wondering the same thing.

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Chapter Seventy Five.. Meetings.

Death: Okaaay... Let me get this straight.

Death was lying on the floor curled up into fetal position. Loyal sat next to him.

Death: You. You fell in love with a women who only appeared in your dreams?
Loyal: Looks like it.
Death: This women turned out to be Doragon. The dragon who met you when were very young.
Loyal: Correct.
Death: It sounds kinda strange. A God and a dragon... ?
Loyal: Strange?
Death: Yes. Look at yourself, looks at her. Doragon is a huge flying beast, you're a small winged God. It's weird.
Loyal: So is a Death God and Love Goddess.
Death: We are not talking about me and my wife. This is about you.  
Loyal: Go on.
Death: Well... how will it ever work?
Loyal: We'll find a way, Deathy.
Death: Don't call me that.
Loyal: Whatever. But we'll find a way.
Death: How?! It's impossible!! You are a God, she is a dragon!! It won't work, how are you going it make it work?
Loyal: I did it for you.

Death bit his bottom lip and stood up.

Death: That's... true.
Loyal:: It's not we are doing anything immoral.
Death: ... you better not be, or I'll slap the bloop out of you.
Loyal: Death.
Death: Don't.
Loyal: You don't approve, Death?
Death: It's very strange...
Loyal: I know, but...  there is some way to change her into a human.
Death: There is?
Loyal: Yes. I just need to find it.
Death: How long will it take?
Loyal: Years.
Death:  -_-
Loyal: I'll find it... and then will you approve?
Death: Uh... Yes.
Loyal: Good. Now, give me a hug.

Loyal wrapped his arms around Death clinging onto him like a barnacle.

Loyal: I missed you.
Death: I missed you too.
Loyal: Was everything alright when I left?

Death's mind raced as he thought about those secret meetings.

Death: No. Everything was fine.

Later on at night in the temples...

Death peeked from the roof windows to spy on the meetings. There was Fire and the rest of the Gods and Goddesses.

Water: So, all I have to do is write my name and it breaks me away from Loyal's Law and that's it?
Fire: That is correct.
Water: Who are the ones who wrote their names?
Fire: Me, Rain, Sand, Cloud and a few more. You could be next.
Water: What's in it for me?
Fire: You won't have to obey Loyal when he tells you what to do.
Water: Like what?
Fire: Like when he tells you not to fight with Cosmic when those pesky stars fall in and pollute the waters.

Water scribbled down his name.

Fire: Come on, Rock. Just write your name and you are free from this damned law.
Rock: Free? I can be free? Anything I want?
Fire: If you want it.
Rock: Two wives like you?
Fire: Or more.
Rock: I'll do it.

Rock wrote down his name. The list was getting longer and longer just how Fire had wanted it.

Water: When everyone breaks from Loyal's Law, who will be our Leader?
Rain: Fire, of course.
Rock: Really? I thought Death might be it.
Fire: Death didn't break away from this law... yet.
Sand: Even if he does, I think Fire would be a good leader.
Fire: Thank you, Sand.

Sand beamed. Fire grimaced behind the list. the doors flew open and in trotted Sky.

Sky: ?
Rain: Ah! You came.
Sky: What is everyone doing?
Water: We are breaking from Loyal's Law for freedom! Isn't this great!?
Sky: Why would you want to do that?
Rain: For freedom, duh.
Sky: Aren't we free already?
Fire: If you think freedom is only marrying one Goddess or God, you're wrong. Loyal's wrong.
Sky: Who wants so many wives or husbands anyways? Sounds like a pain in the bleep.

Some of the Gods snickered. Fire smirked.

Sky: Who agreed to marry more then one person?
Fire: Rock and Sand. If you didn't know, Sand is already my second wife.

Sky made a sick face at Sand and mouth the words, 'Ew, him?' Sand shrugged.

Fire: Not just that, Sky. Don't you think it's stupid to only follow one God's rule? Why not the others? We have rights too.
Sky: Sometimes.
Fire: Don't you want to help, Sky?
Sky: Huh?
Fire: Like the people? Don't you think they could use a little push. They don't have to listen to Loyal. Like us, they'll be free.
Sky: Free...
Fire: Yes. No more single marriages. No orders from Loyal. Nothing you can do whatever you want. just help me persuade the people and I promise you, you'll be my right hand God when I become the Leader.
Sky: Really?
Fire: Do I look like someone who would lie?

Fire handed Sky the list. Sky read though it.  

It seemed pretty promising...

Sky looked at Fire who held out a pen for him to sign it.

The Gods and Goddess all looked at Sky who took the pen. Death kept watching.

Sky smiled at Fire and scribbled down the three letters.

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Best Fan fiction ever!!!


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Best Fan fiction ever!!!

Pearl!! You're here!! Welcome back!! Btw, thanks! :hooray:

Aw. Thanks, you two are so sweet❣❣

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Chapter Seventy Six... Portals.

Max, Ben and Lulaine were sitting outside in the garden watching Loyal mix paints. There was no canvas or paper anywhere near Loyal so what was he doing?

Max: Mind if I ask?
Loyal: Go ahead.
Max: What's with the paint?
Loyal: The world.
Ben: Huh? Is this some sort of special paint?
Loyal: Blessed paint is more like it.
Lulaine: Ooo. That sounds pretty. Can we see how do you use it?
Loyal: I guess. Come along.

Loyal got up from his chair and walked towards the gates. Lulaine, Max and Ben jumped up scampered after him. The group left the garden and walked farther and farther into the woods. Soon they couldn't see the temples or hear the consent chatter of Earth bothering Cloud.
Max: Where are we going?
Loyal: You'll see.
Ben: How exciting, are we there yet?
Loyal: Almost.

The group continued to walk.

Max: Okay. Now we can't see the sun, this is a bit scary.
Lulaine: Dude, it looks like it's nighttime here.
Loyal: Shh... We're here.

There right in the middle of the darkest part of the forest, stood a white marble temple.

Lulaine: Oh wow... Now what?
Loyal: Come on, I'll show you what's inside.

Loyal made a beeline towards the temple doors. Lulaine, Max and Ben quickly followed, but bumped in Loyal who stopped walking.

Bump, bump, bump.

Max: Ouch.
Lulaine: Hey?
Ben: Loyal?
Loyal: This is a sacred place. My mother mothers use to come in here and bless the worlds before their passing. It must stay pure. No cursing, no shouting, no running around or you'll break something. talk quietly, keep it clean.  
Max: Alright. Can we go in?

Loyal looked down at Max's shoes. They had dry mud and grass sticking to it. Lulaine and Ben shoes looked the same as Max's. Loyal cleared his throat.

Ben: Oh! Pop off your shoes, everyone.
Lulaine: Okay, why?
Ben: In some blessed temples they remove their shoes to keep the place clean and pure.
Max: Alright.

The group left their shoes outside and together they walked in. Inside the temple was not white like it was on the outside, instead it was a navy and purple color like the fabric on Galactic's dress. The roof was black with constellations decorating it. The walls had ancient symbols going around, each one for Loyal's grandmothers.  

Lulaine: It's beautiful in here...
Loyal: I know...
Max: Has anyone else been in here?
Loyal: A few.
Ben: Look. What's that, Loyal?

In the middle of the temple was large portals going around in a circle. A small white light came out of each of them. Loyal went over to one and looked inside. Ben, Lulaine, and Max each went to one.

Lulaine: There's more paint in this one.
Ben: I see small people walking in this one.
Max: This one has fishes in it.
Loyal: More then fishes. Each sea creature lives in it.
Max: Awesome! Anything else?
Loyal: And people who live and breath in the ocean.
Lulaine: Mermaids?
Loyal: I think so. Doragon knows.
Ben: Now. The paint?
Loyal: Watch.

Loyal pulled out a small black gray oddly shaped clay from his pouch. Loyal dipped his paintbrush into the paint and gently... Loyal painted it. The clay became a small human.

Lulaine: It's a baby!
Loyal: Someone down there wants someone so innocent to hold.
Max: Who?
Loyal: A couple.
Ben: It's not breathing. It's dead.
Loyal: He'll breath soon.

Loyal kissed the baby on the head. The small baby gasped and begin to breath. Inside the temple, there was a a small thumping sound.

Ben: He's alive!
Loyal: Isn't he beautiful?
Lulaine:  :3
Max: This is so cool!
Loyal: Now, he's going to live in his mother. He'll be born in nine months.
Max: How will send him to his mama?
Loyal: You see that portal? The one that Ben looked into?
Max: Uh-huh.
Loyal: He's going to his family in there. In that portal, people live and breath there. That's the world where the people live in.
Lulaine: It won't hurt him when you drop him?
Loyal: No, he'll be fine.
Ben: He's awfully small.
Loyal: He'll grow. That's what all unborn babies do.
Ben: Oh yeah.

The baby was now asleep, Loyal slowly walked to the portal holding the baby.

Loyal: Farewell, Naturaleza.

Loyal let go of the baby and into the water Naturaleza fell.

Lulaine: Amazing...
Ben: What happens with the unused paint.
Loyal: I pour it into that portal with paint in it, it will be used later on. Nothing is wasted here.
Max: How many of these humans do you make?
Loyal: At least a thousand. If I'm lucky, I make four thousand.
Max:  :-X
Ben: Do you ever get tired?
Loyal: Tired? Tired of doing something I love? Never.
Ben: Nice.
Lulaine: How sweet~
Max: What if we fall in?
Loyal: You might hurt yourself when you land in their world. I'll take you guys later.
Lulaine: Can't wait!
Loyal: This is where I work. That's why you don't see me sometimes.
Ben: Cool!
Loyal: Now, I must start working. You can leave now.
Ben, Lulaine, Max: Goodbye, Loyal. Thank you, Loyal.

Lulaine, Ben and Max walked out talking about what they just experienced. Loyal painted another clay baby. Before Loyal could drop her in, he saw something.

Orange and red smoke came out from the portal that the people lived in and then vanished. The white light returned as if nothing happened. Loyal knew something was wrong, but what was it? Loyal ran to the portal and jumped in.

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how do you come up with such ideas ?
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how do you come up with such ideas ?
and i was inactive(and will soon be inactive again) because of exams
Aw. Good luck with your exams.  :)

My ideas? Good question. Sometimes at night the ideas start to float around in my head building into a story. It happens a lot, sometimes I just sit there staring into space making the story in my mind. It's fun. Thanks for asking. ;D

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Is this a threat? jk.

I'll try to write a chapter before this month is over. I hope I'm lucky today.  ;)

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Chapter Seventy Seventy... Fire's Betrayal.

Nighttime in the temples...

Cloud peaked outside. A horrible thunderstorm raged outside like it was furious with the world and everyone in it. But no rain fell. Sand and Earth were back at their homes nursing a cold.

Cloud: Jeez, Rain. Why are you so mad?
Rain: I'm not. I don't know why there is a thunderstorm..
Cloud: You are not making doing it ?
Rain: No.
Cloud: How strange...
Water: I hope it rains a little bit. I don't want my fish to get swept out from the lakes
Wind: Your silly fishes will be fine.
Water: Don't call my fish silly, Wind.
Wind: They're jut stupid fish.
Water: They are not!
Fire: Shut up, you idiots. Let's get started with the meeting.

Death was hiding. The rain begin to fall down hard.

Fire: Okay, now. Practically every single human in the worlds agreed to break away from Loyal's Law.
Cloud: Fantastic!
Fire: I haven't been able to reach Cosmic and Galactic or Sun and Moon. I was hoping to get them to sign the paper, but they are gone.
Wind: They'll show up soon.
Fire: The better. Anyways, next week I'll show this petition to Loyal. He can't object to this now.
Cloud: What if he tears it up like he did last time?
Fire: He won't. Loyal can't actually. He is not-

Everyone jumped as the temple doors flew open and a hooded red and black figure trudged in.

Fire: Oh, look. Death showed up.
Cloud: Dandy! Now get him to sign the petition.

Fire scampered over to where the hooded figure stood dripping water on the floor.

Fire: It's wonderful to have here with us, Death. Please. Let me help you with your cape.

Fire took the hood off and there stood Loyal.

Fire: What the hell? Why are you here?
Loyal: That is what I was about to ask you. Fire, what is going on?
Fire: *Sigh* What do you mean?
Loyal: A few weeks back, I went down to visit the people and they threw rocks at me! It was terrible. What's going on?
Fire: Of course they threw rocks at you, Loyal. You are no longer their God.
Loyal: What? but... I am. I am their God. What are you trying to say?
Fire: Loyal, they no longer trust or obey you. The broke away from the law.
Loyal: What?! How!? They can't do this!!
Rain; They just did, Loyal.
Loyal: How!? Who let them? It was Amagna Okubi, wasn't it? Is that why you are all here? To  talk about what Amanga did?
Fire: He didn't do anything. It was me.

Lightning flashed. Loyal heart skipped a beat.

Loyal: You?... you did this? Fire.. Why?
Fire: Because they are sick of obeying you, Loyal. Don't you think they had enough of obeying you? You and your ∗∗∗∗ sick laws.
Loyal: My laws are not sick! Those laws are what keeps them safe and contented.
Fire: Oh, yeah? If they are so contented, why did they sign the papers?
Loyal: I find out soon. But, now I must bring them back. I'm glad that you are all still part of my law.
Wind: We are not. We broke away from your law as well.

Loyal felt like he was slapped across the face hearing Wind's words. Hail started to fall and the thunder boomed outside. Loyal puled his brothers cape on tighter. Loyal felt very cold and small inside the huge temple. Each God and Goddess glared at him.

Loyal: why...? ... why would you do that?
Rain: Because we are sick and tired of obeying a weak sappy God!!
Loyal: but? the laws... these laws protect you...

Loyal slowly pulled out his laws from his pocket and implorely held it out.

Loyal: these laws... we must obey them..

Fire snatched the laws from Loyal's hands.


Loyal put his head down, Fire kept yelling at him. Death crept out slowly from behind the pillar. The way Fire yelled at Loyal reminded Death of Himitsu.

Fire: Did you really think these laws help us?!

Loyal didn't respond. Fire slapped Loyal hard.

Loyal: yes...

Loyal received another slap.

Fire: Stupid ∗∗∗∗!

Fire grabbed Loyal by the arm and begin to shake him violently.

Fire: See how simple and foolish your mind is!? This is why you shouldn't be our God!!
Loyal: Please, Himitsu. You're hurting me!

Death gritted his teeth. Loyal's mind was flashing back to when he was ten years old and how his father Himitsu hurt him.

Fire slapped Loyal again and Loyal fell to the ground. Shaking, Loyal put his hand to his nose and felt the warm thick blood oozing out. Tears gathered in Loyal's eyes.

Fire: *Scoffs* Look at you. Shaking and weeping like a little baby.

Loyal let out a small whine.

Fire: No wonder Himitsu hated you. Your mother shouldn't have died for you. A weak powerless God.
Loyal: my mothers death wasn't my fault... she didn't love me anyways... when she as about to give birth to me... she said that she didn't love me...
Fire: Good thing, too. You're nothing.

Fire kicked Loyal in the ribs. Loyal hugged his knees.

Fire: Nothing.

Loyal reached up to take the laws from Fire, but Fire quickly pulled the away.

Loyal: Fire?
Fire: And these laws?

The laws quickly burst into flames. Loyal stared dumbly at the burning laws.

Loyal: Fire? Don't do this... we're family, remember? Sun, you, Death and me? Rayon said so, your father?
Fire: I am not your brother.

Loyal picked up the ashes that were once his laws. The storm still raged on.

Fire: Now... you are no longer our God. Don't you think it's time that we treat you like a differently?

Loyal looked up at Fire.

Fire: Everyone. There is an intruder in here. In this temple.

The Gods and Goddesses got out from their chairs and attacked Loyal. Fire just stood there watching them with a smile.

Loyal couldn't do anything about the hits and spit that hit him but he did cover his ears trying to block out the hateful insults. But the insults were so loud.

Stupid... Ugly... Foolish... Mistake... Worthless... Murderer... Weak... Idiot...

Loyal tried not to cry...

At last. The madness stopped... Loyal opened his eyes to look at Fire.

Loyal: Fine... Fire. If you think you can handle this... let's see what you can do, I won't interfere.
Fire: Gladly.
Loyal: If anyone wants to come with me... come on...

No one walked to Loyal.

Fire picked Loyal by his hair and forced him to get on his feet.

Fire: Come on.

Fire opened the temple doors. The wind screamed and rain was pouring down.

Fire: You see the storm, Loyal?

Loyal felt dizzy.

Fire: It's awful and unfriendly, right? Nobody is it's friend. The storm has no friends, just like you. It's alone.
Loyal: Rayon? Papa?

Fire leaned close to Loyal's ear.

Fire: Now join it.

Fire shoved Loyal. Everything seemed to move in slow motion. Time felt like it stood still as Death saw Loyal fall.

Loyal fell down the stairs. Each step felt like a stinging punch like they hated him as well. At last, Loyal landed on the pavement face first.

Loyal looked up and saw Fire's gloating face as he shut the doors.

Loyal sat on the pavement as the rain poured down on him. The storm didn't stop not even for him. Painfully, Loyal lifted his head towards the black sky and repeatedly called for Rayon.

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Chapter Seventy Eight... Lost.

Death was kneeling in front of Kamsahamnide statue waiting for Cherry Blossom to show up. Death tried to pray, but he couldn't get his mind off Loyal. It was only a week ago since Loyal was caste aside. Death tried to help him, but Loyal told him to leave or he would lash out like a wounded lion. Death tried everything to help his brother, but Loyal didn't want his help.

What could Death do? Loyal was hurt inside and out. Death felt awful.

Cherry Blossom: Hi.
Death: Hi..
Cherry Blossom: What are you doing?
Death: Praying. So?
Cherry Blossom: I think your grandmother is saying that...
Death: You're not pregnant?
Cherry Blossom: No, we can try again later?

Death glared at the statue.  

Death: bleep you!
Cherry Blossom: That's enough, Death.
Death: Oh! It's pointless.
Cherry Blossom: What is?
Death: All of this trying! You're not going to become a mother. I'm not going to be a father. It's time to give up!
Cherry Blossom: Something will show up, Death.
Death: Like what?! More disappointment? More tears!?
Cherry Blossom: You're yelling, Death.
Death: Let's just give up.
Cherry Blossom: Go outside. The air will clear your mind.
Death: No.

Death found himself outside.

Death: Hey!
Cherry Blossom: Go away~

Death stormed off.

Death: Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Near the river...

Death slapped the tree branches out of his way. Death heard the familiar sound of the water rushing by, maybe he could relax there.

Death pushed the branch away so he could get the rocks. On the rocks sat a snowy white figure. Surprised, Death saw it was Loyal... doing nothing. Death wondered if he should go over there to say hi, but what is Loyal throws him in the water. It was a risk Death was going to take.

Death: Hello, brother!
Loyal: ...
Death: It's me. Death!
Loyal: *Sighs*

Death ran down to where Loyal was sitting. Loyal kept staring straight ahead.

Death: I didn't know you where out here.
Loyal: ...
Death: Mind if I sit with you?

Loyal didn't respond, so Death sat down with a hard thud next to him. Death saw on of Loyal's arm in a sling and his foot in a cast. Loyal's face was still pretty battered up.

Death: What are you doing?
Loyal: *shrugs*

Death looked down and saw a photo album on Loyal's lap. The album was opened to the picture where Sun, Fire, himself and Loyal were playing by the river... the river that Death and Loyal were by right now.

Death: Loyal? are you alright?
Loyal: No.
Death: Want to talk about it?

Loyal didn't say anything, he just placed his finger on Fire's smiling face.

Loyal: What happened, Death?
Death: I don't know.
Loyal: What happened to the happy carefree Fire I used to know?
Death: If I knew, I would tell you.
Loyal: I know...
Death: Is there anything you want?

Loyal hugged the album close to his chest.  

Loyal:Bring me Fire... the one I used to know...

Death put his winged arm around Loyal and pulled him close.

Death: You know I can't do that.
Loyal: It's all my fault.
Death: How?
Loyal: I should have spend more time with him, listen to him... let him know I was there.
Death: You did listen. You didn't like what he was saying, but you listened.
Loyal: It wasn't enough, now he's gone... I lost my brother... I let Rayon down.
Death: At least you still have Sun.
Loyal: yes...
Death: Think about Sun. He lost his little brother, he knew Fire more then we did. Now Sun is truly alone... No parents, no brother. Sun is alone.
Loyal: My heart bleeds for Sun...
Death: You have a brother... me
Loyal: ...
Death: You've been so distant lately...
Loyal: *sighs*
Death: I don't want to lose you, too. I lost you once... I don't want it to happen again.

Loyal pressed against Death so hard, Death felt one of his fragile ribs crack.

Loyal: I'm sorry for they way I was acting, Deathy
Death: It's alright.
Loyal: I was depressed, but that was no excuse to push you away.

Loyal bit down into his clenched fist. Death rubbed Loyal's soft white hair.

Loyal: I want to go back... back to when we were mindless children...
Death: So do I...

The two brothers sat there until it was night.

Loyal: I'm scared...
Death: Of what?
Loyal: Of what's next.
Death: We'll be fine... I'll be with you whatever may happen.
Loyal: Death?
Death: Yes, Loyal?
Loyal: Is this what you were talking about? That they will hate me?
Death: Yes.
Loyal: Oh... I didn't think it'd be this bad...... poop.

Death laughed softly, Loyal scowled. All was quiet for a while.

Death: Do you want to go now?

Death saw that Loyal fell asleep on him. Death sat there listening to Loyal's soft breathing...

Death: If I could, I would... I would bring Fire back, Loyal... just to see your smile again.

Death hugged his brother tightly...

I would...

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oh my god the brother love is beautiful <3

also i love your new name

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I think it's beautiful, too.

And thanks!  ;D 

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This part was AMAZING!!!!

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Chapter Seventy Nine... Sky's promise. (Part one)


Death: Now what?
Loyal: Huh?
Death: Now that you are no longer in charge, what will happen to the rest of us who didn't follow Fire?
Loyal: I don't know. They are still under my rule, but what can I do now?
Death: Me and Cherry Blossom didn't sign it, so?
Loyal: I don't know what's going to happen. It's best if you two stay with me and Doragon.
Death: I can do that. But the others?
Loyal: I don't know who broke away from the Law, so would it be okay if you looked around for the others?
Death: Alright.

Death flew away leaving Loyal alone in the gazebo. Loyal limped off hoping to find Doragon who left early to hunt for small animals to eat. The sun was beginning to rise but Sun was nowhere to be seen and Moon wasn't walking back to her house carrying Starlight. Sun and his family were gone, not even Death knew was Moon hiding, she didn't tell him. It was very nerve-racking. Loyal limped on until he saw someone walking up to him. Loyal shielded his eyes from the bright sun and saw that it was Sky.

Loyal: !
Sky: Good morning, Loyal. How's Doragon?
Loyal: I'm looking for her.

There was an awkward silence. Sky looked up at the clouds, Loyal stared at Sky. Sky rarely comes out to greet Loyal. Sky kept to himself and thought very low of the others. This bother Loyal.

Sky: It's rude to stare, Loyal. What are you looking at?
Loyal: Nothing.. nothing.
Sky: Okay?
Loyal: What are you doing, Sky?
Sky: Oh, not much. I was going to get something for my peacocks. I better get going.

Now Loyal was really nervous. Why was Sky being so friendly with him? Why wasn't Sky hurling insults at him?

Sky: The nerve of Fire. Thinking he's some tough stuff.
Loyal: What?... Sky?
Sky: Yes?
Loyal: Why are you talking about Fire like that? I thought you signed the new laws.
Sky: Me? Me signed those laws?! You're crazy.
Loyal: You didn't?
Sky: Of course not! Really, Loyal.. I thought you knew me better than that.
Loyal: But? I thought you did, Death told me that you did.
Sky: Death said that? He was there? Huh. He probably didn't see what happened next.
Loyal: What happened?

Sky smiled at Loyal and thought about last week.

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Chapter Eighty... Sky's promise. (Part two)


Fire: What!? You're saying no this this offer, Sky?!
Sky: Duh.
Fire: Why are you turning down this offer!!?
Sky: Because I can. Look, Fire. This law is messed up. Why the hell do you think I want to join this? Damn you and your laws.
Fire: You want to be trapped in Loyal's Laws?
Sky: Better than yours. Loyal helped me so much, without him, where would I be?
Fire: Oh, so your kissing up to him?
Sky: Say what you like, ∗∗∗∗. The answer is no.

Sky turned around and stalked off.

Fire: What you going to do now?

Seething, Sky marched back to Fire.

Sky: I'm a Sky God. I have to take care of Sun and his family along with Cosmic and Galactic. If I signed up, Amanga Okubi will get them. So, Bye!
Fire: They will sign this law as well.
Sky: Yeah?
Fire: Sun is my brother, so I'm sure he'll sign this. Galactic will sign this as well when I bribe her to it and Cosmic will have no choice because he's a pushover when it comes to Galactic.
Sky: So... You're going to feed them lies?
Fire: Not lies, the truth. Freedom. And after they sign it, you'll be-

Fire didn't get to finish his sentence. Instead he found himself on the floor, Sky's danity foot on his head holding him down. Fire was a bit surprised that Sky was so strong... Or maybe he caught him off guard?

Sky: Don't you talk to them.
Fire: And why? You want to trap them as well?
Sky: Don't... You... Ever talk to them.
Fire: Give me one good reason... Goddess?

Fire laughed quietly at Sky who was furious at the insult.

Sky: If I catch you talking to them.


Fire saw his reflection in the axe that Sky carried around in case Amangna Okubi ever showed up. The axe was so close to Fire's face.

Sky: I'll kill you. Don't look at them, don't get near them. Do not associate with them.
Fire: ...

Sky kicked Fire's head, spat at him and then stormed off.

Fire: You can't keep Sun away from me, Sky. I'll find a way!

Sky kept walking until he was outside.

Sky: Idiot.

Now Sky was a bit scared. Fire was going to get Sun to sign the law. Of course Sun wouldn't sign it, but Galactic? She might fall for it. And then what? Galactic and Cosmic might die.

Sky sat down and brainstormed for a few minutes... what if? They lived with him?

Sky: Noooo...

Sky couldn't let that happen, his house was so small. Galactic will give birth soon to four babies and Moon had Starlight with her. Ten people including Sky living in that tiny house. Sky was horrified. His privacy being invaded. No!... But, they needed him. Sun had a family, so did Cosmic. If Sky didn't help them, they'll die.

Sky: Dammit.

Sky quickly jumped up and ran to find Moon and the others.

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Chapter Eighty One... Sky's promise. (Part three)

Loyal: So... You're the one keeping them safe?
Sky: Yes I am.
Loyal: Mind if I ask why, or should I mind my own business?
Sky: They need me. I can't leave them not in a time like this.
Loyal: You didn't want to join Fire?
Sky: No.
Loyal: Why?
Sky: Loyal. I can't betray the God who helped me. Even if I wanted to join Fire, I wouldn't
Loyal: Sky...
Sky: It's selfish... To hurt someone who was there for you. I can't do that. When you first brought me here, I thought about how I should repay you back.

Sky took hold of Loyal's good hand.

Sky: Now I know. I'll be by your side in your time of need no matter what the cost is. Fights, betrayal, death... If there ever is a day that I am not found. Wherever you are, Loyal

Sky pointed up to the sky, Loyal looked up.

Sky: I'll be with you. Just look up and know that I am forever following you. I promise.
Loyal: You're a good God, Sky... Thank you.
Sky: Thank you, Loyal.
Loyal: How are they?
Sky: Cosmic and Galactic are doing fine, Galactic is a bit achy, but she's fine. Moon and Starlight are well, Starlight is still bugging me.
Loyal: You? I know you can't stand such a heavy crowd.
Sky: I'm fine. I'll adjust to my new "Family"
Loyal: Heh.
Sky: I want to keep them in the sky away from this madness and so Fire and his followers won't get near them, especially Water who bothers Cosmic. They'll be safe with me. Don't worry.

Sky bowed to Loyal and walked past him to find bugs for his pet. Loyal made a noise so small it was almost silent, but Sky heard him.

Sky: Hmm?
Loyal: Sun.
Sky: ?
Loyal: How is Sun?

Sky looked at the dirt and kept quiet. Loyal felt his throat tighten.

Sky: He's breaking down inside. Sun acts like it doesn't matter and he's fine. But. Sun sits there staring at the wall.
Loyal: Why won't he say he's upset?
Sky: Sun is trying to remain strong for his family. He doesn't want to break in these dark hours.
Loyal: Can you take him this for me?

Loyal gave Sky a rope that had gold and black stones stringed to it.  

Loyal: Tell Sun that me and Death are thinking of him. Tell him that we love him.
Sky: I will, Loyal.

Sky smiled at Loyal and then sprinted off. Loyal watched the sun rise... The sun shone brilliantly as it got higher and higher but Loyal noticed it had a dull look.

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awwwwww this is so bittersweet

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Chapter Eighty Two... Trouble?

Things seem to go smoothly for Fire. Everything was falling in place, people were following the new rule of polygamy, sacrifices, and other messed up laws. Nobody seemed to mind it and Loyal was quickly forgotten just like how Fire planned it. Now that Loyal was taking his unwanted "break", Death was lazing around. Death was not doing his work because it doesn't matter anymore and because he never signed the Fire's new laws. Death just relaxed and let this play on it's own. Somehow the people were not dying. It didn't bother the the people one bit because Fire fed them the lies that dying was a hideous form of punishment the Loyal allowed.

Cherry Blossom moved out of her pink house and move in with Loyal and Doragon to keep away from Rain who sometimes pestered her. Lulaine, Ben and Max stayed with Doragon asking questions, playing games and telling wacky stupid stories. Sky kept Sun, Moon and Starlight in his house along with Cosmic and Galactic. Sure Starlight bothered Sky quite frequently, but he managed to get her to stop. The once happy joking Sun that Moon married was no longer the same. Sun withdrew from everyone, he sat outside in the trees staring off into the distance for hours. Moon tried to cheer him up by dressing Starlight up in frilly dresses and colorful bows, Sun smiled weakly and turned his attention back to the trees far away... Starlight sometimes burst into tears for her father. Moon clutched Starlight tightly so she herself wouldn't cry.

A few weeks later...

Loyal was outside when Death crawled over to where he was sitting.

Death: Hello.
Loyal: hi.
Death: Whatcha doing?
Loyal: Nothing... as usual. Did you take my letter to Fire?
Death: Yup.
Loyal: And?

Death scattered tore pieces of paper on Loyal's lap.

Death:  Give up?
Loyal: No.
Death: Why don't you? Everyone forgot about you. I think you should.
Loyal: They can forget about me all they want, I'm not giving up on Fire. He'll come around someday.
Death: I think y-

Loyal glared at Death.

Death: Alright fine! Keep hanging onto false hope, Lunatic.
Loyal: I will, thank you very much.
Death: Fine!
Loyal: Good!

Like small immature children again, Loyal stuck out his tongue at Death. Death reached out, grabbed Loyal's nose and pinched it so hard that Loyal began to sneeze.

Death: Don't mess with me.
Loyal: *sneeze*

Death sat there smiling smugly listening to Loyal sneeze. At last Loyal stopped and all was quiet for a while.

Loyal: My head hurts now.
Death: Oh, well.
Loyal: Death? How's Cherry Blossom?
Death: She's fine. A little sad for her house, but other then that, she's fine.
Loyal: I hope so...
Death: Did you talk with Sky?
Loyal: Yes, he said that everything was fine and peachy.
Death: Poor guy. Living with a family with a baby and another family who are expecting newborns.
Loyal: Yeah.

Loyal and Death listened to the birds chirp.  

Death: I wonder what Fire is doing.
Loyal: I hope he's alright...

Outside near the temples...

Cloud: Fire. I'm just asking for the spot you offered Sky.
Fire: I said I'll think about it, Cloud. Now shoo.
Cloud: Fine. I'll give you two more days to think about it, Fire

Rain and Sand sat with Fire and watched Cloud storm away. Sand pressed against Fire.

Rain: What a jerk.
Sand: Fire? Why can't she just accept the fact that what you said to Sky was a lie?
Rain: Because Cloud is stupid and can't take a hint. Just like you.
Sand: What's that suppose to mean?

Sand and Rain started to bicker, Fire told Rain to shut up.

Rain: It's true...
Fire: Shush, Rain. I have to go now. I'll be back later.

Fire ran off leaving Rain and Sand alone. Fire tried to block out his worried thoughts.

Sand and Rain were fighting a lot now. If it wasn't yelling, it was sometimes slaps across the face until Fire broke them apart. But now the fights were getting worse.

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Chapter Eighty Three... Visiting.

Max: I'm bored.
Loyal: Again? You just went swimming an hour ago.
Max: Yes, but now I'm bored again.
Lulaine: I'm feeling peckish.
Loyal: *Sigh* We'll eat in a minute.
Ben: I think she means that she is"peckish" entertainment.
Loyal: Later, okay?
Max: How about now?
Loyal: Hush.
Lulaine: I got a great idea! How about we visit Galactic and Cosmic!?
Loyal: I don't know.. Sky doesn't want anyone near.
Lulaine: Aren't you coming?

Loyal dragged his feet while Lulaine, Max and Ben ran ahead yelling at Loyal to hurry up.

Ben: Look! We're almost there!

Sky stood in front of the gate holding his ax. Ben tripped on something.

Sky: HALT!!
Ben: Yipe!
Sky: Why are you here?
Lulaine: We came to see Galactic.
Sky: I can not let you in without a God or Goddess with you.
Max: But Loyal is with us!

Loyal came trudging up.

Loyal: Peace, Sky. I am with them.
Sky: Prove to me that you are Loyal.

Loyal's wings shot out from his back. Sky nodded and opened the gates. Loyal took hold of Max and Ben's hands. Ben grabbed Lulaine's hand.

Lulaine: Jeez. What's his problem?
Loyal: Nothing. Sky is protecting the others.
Max: Sky doesn't have to be a jerk about it. He knew it was you and us.
Loyal: Sky must be stern with visitors. Because they might be someone else.
Ben: Oh? Who?
Loyal: Amangna Okubi.
Lulaine: Can he disguise himself or something?
Loyal: Amangna can come in any form. Human, God, Goddess, animal, you name it.
Max: How can Sky tell is the visitor is lying?
Loyal: Amangna has no wings.
Lulaine: Us? we don't have wings, what if we were that demon?
Loyal: If you were, I would've stabbed you by now.

Lulaine's mouth flew open. Loyal kept walking.

Moon: Loyal!

Moon came running up holding Starlight.

Loyal: Hello, Moon. It's been a while.
Moon: I'd say it is!
Loyal: How's Starlight? My goodness. Starlight is getting so big!

Starlight reached out her chubby baby arms so Loyal hold her. Grinning, Loyal took Starlight from Moon. Moon went over to where Max, Lulaine and Ben were standing.

Moon: Hello, kids.  
Lulaine, Max, Ben: Hi!
Moon: How you all?
Max: Fine, fine. We came to see you guys.

Moon smiled gently and walked back to Loyal who was trying to get Starlight to stop eating his hair.
Moon: How are you?

Loyal's smile vanished.

Loyal: I'll be okay. Don't worry about me.
Moon: But I can't stop thinking about the way-
Loyal: Sshh. Later. Tell me How are you and Sun holding up?

Moon glanced back at where Max was standing with the others.

Moon: He's...

Loyal put his arm around Moon and lead her away. Ben could her Moon's voice breaking.

Lulaine: That was bad.
Max: Yes, it was.
Ben: Let's find Cosmic.

Ben ran off with Lulaine and Max at his heels.

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Chapter Eighty Four... Big and small problems.

Cosmic was sitting on a chair reading when the small group ran up.

Ben: Hi, Cosmic, Galactic.
Cosmic: Hi guys. Shhh.. Galactic is sleeping.
Lulaine: We just came to visit you. How is Galactic?
Cosmic: Still pregnant and cranky. But she's fine.
Galactic: I heard that.  

Galactic shifted onto her side squinting at Cosmic.

Max: How many are you carrying again?
Galactic: Four. It's not easy.
Lulaine: Four little beebee's~
Galactic: It could be worse though.
Cosmic: Oh? Pregnancy sounds like hell to me.
Galactic: What I mean is that we could still be trying, Cosmic. Like how Death and Cherry Blossom are.

Cosmic put his book down and stared at Galactic.

Cosmic: I thought they gave up?
Galactic: No, they keep saying they are not trying again, but they both want to start a family.
Ben: How sad.
Lulaine: Poor Cherry Blossom. She deserves a baby.
Max: Why doesn't she adopt one?
Cosmic: That's a little dangerous knowing the fact that her husband is the God of Death. But if this keeps up, she'll adopt one... I think.
Galactic: I hope she has her own one day.
Ben: Me too.
Lulaine: Do you know the genders of your babies, Galactic?
Galactic: No. We're guessing two boys and two girls.
Max: Well whatever you have, I hope you'll be okay.

Galactic reached out her hand and patted Max on the head.

Galactic: That's sweet.
Max:  :3

Loyal walked in still holding Starlight.

Loyal: Is everything fine in here?
Cosmic: Oh we're all fine, except that Max is trying to steal my wife.

Cosmic smiled at Max.

Lulaine: Hey heh. Max and Galactic.
Max: Humph!

Loyal went to Cosmic.

Loyal: How are you and Galactic?
Cosmic: Fine. Sky gave us the guest room and Sun and Moon got Sky's room.
Loyal: He gave up his own room? That's nice of him, where does Sky sleep?
Galactic: I think he sleeps in the bathtub.
Lulaine: Sounds cramped.
Cosmic: Sky says that he is fine, but I don't think he is.
Loyal: As long as he is protecting you all, he is fine.
Ben: I guess that's what really matters to him.

After a few good minutes of talking, it was time to leave.

Ben, Max, Lulaine: Bye bye!!
Cosmic: Bye! Be good.
Galactic: Goodbye guys.

Lulaine ran outside with Max. Loyal limped with Ben at his side.

Ben: Is Galactic going to be okay?
Loyal: Of course she will, why?
Ben: She look kinda sick.
Loyal: I'm sure it's just a stomach bug.
Ben: Alright.

Sky was waiting for them at the gate.

Lulaine: Loyal?
Loyal: Yes?
Lulaine: Can we please, please see the other worlds? Please?
Sky: I know what you're going to say, Loyal. Don't do it.
Loyal: Why not? It'll be really fast.
Sky: What if you get hurt?
Loyal: I'll be fine.

Sky glared at Loyal.

Sky: Will you?
Max: !
Loyal: I'll put on different clothes, they won't notice me.
Sky: Alright. But I want you to come back over here and prove that you're fine.
Loyal: Yes, Daddy.

Sky kicked dirt at Loyal and told them to move along.

Lulaine: Bye!

Sky waved to the odd group as they walked away. All was peaceful until Sky saw a shadowy black figure floating above the trees.

Sky: *Hisses*

Sky held his axe and glared at the spirit. The shadowy spirit left in a haste. Sky put his axe down, it was peaceful and silent again, but Sky was still angry.

Sky felt something warm under his nose. Quickly, Sky put his hand to his nose to stop the bleeding. Lately Sky was bleeding from the nose and mouth. Sky didn't tell anyone about it though, he didn't want them to get scared like how he is right now.

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Sometimes i am just amazed by how wonderful you are at this fan fic

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Sometimes i am just amazed by how wonderful you are at this fan fic
That's so sweet, thank you.  :cheery:

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Chapter Eighty Five... Walking in town and gems.

Loyal somehow manage to get Lulaine, Ben and Max into the portal's without losing or hurting one, and causing a scene. It was pretty exciting that they despite the fact that Max fell in headfirst and Loyal had to dive in after him with Ben and Lulaine hanging on.

Loyal: Ssh! Don't call me Loyal here, got it?
Max: What can we call you?
Loyal: ...
Ben: Let's call you Sunao no!
Loyal: Sunao no?
Lulaine: I like it. It's pretty.
Loyal: Alright. Give me a minute. I need to do something...

Twenty Minutes Later...

Loyal: Okay let's go.

To stay hidden, Loyal changed his white hair into a ashy color and wore sunglasses to hide his white glowing eyes. Loyal also ditched his snow white robes and changed into dark blue robes.

Ben:  ::)
Loyal: Let's go.
Lulaine: Are you sure no one will notice you?
Loyal: Positive.

Loyal pushed them along. Soon they were all in the town.

Max: Wow...

People walked about shopping, talking, and laughing just like regular humans except they had different hair colors and they wore colorful robes and dresses. Loyal blended in quite well.

Loyal: Go on.
Lulaine: What should we do first?
Loyal: Anything you want. Just don't fight and steal.
Max: Awesome!
Ben: Let's see what they are selling over there!

Loyal stayed behind. Max, Lulaine and Max ran up to a stand that was selling small watermelon bowl fruit salad.

Lulaine: Oh! how cute! how much?
Max: Lulaine!
Lulaine: What?
Ben: I don't think we can pay for it. Look, everyone is paying with gem, not paper money.

Ben was right. The people were paying with small gems. How could they pay? They were walking away until they heard a sharp whistle. Max turned his head and saw that Loyal was patting his hips.

Lulaine: What's he saying?
Max: I don't know.

Loyal was still patting his hips.

Ben: Wait...

Ben put his hands in his pockets. Something felt hard and cool in there. Like rocks.


Ben pulled out his hands. Max and Lulaine couldn't believe their eyes when they saw the glittery gems resting in Ben's open hand. Loyal acted like he didn't see anything.

Lulaine:   ;D
Max: Amazing!
Ben: Now we can buy a fruit salad!

They ran back to the fruit salad stand and bought three watermelon bowls filled to the brim with fresh succulent fruit.

Max: Let's try something else!

Max, Ben and Lulaine ran to each stand they saw each one holding a new surprise for them. No matter how much they bought, the gems in their pockets never ran out. Loyal watched them from a distance. Max, Ben and Lulaine were having so much fun that Loyal's heart ached. They were so young and carefree, like small children. Someone came up to Loyal who was lost in thought.

Person: Are those kids yours?

Loyal stared at the small group running around.

Loyal: Yeah, they're mine...

It was a small lie, but Loyal didn't want to say no. Watching them run about and play gave Loyal a soft buttery feeling like how a father feels with his children... The feeling that Loyal tried to bury. Now Loyal knew how Death was feeling, Will he ever get the chance of starting a family?
Ben: Hey? You okay?

Loyal snapped back into reality. Ben stood in front of Loyal with Lulaine and Max.

Loyal: I'm fine. What's wrong?
Lulaine: We saw a temple. Want to go look in it with us?
Loyal: Sure.

Together hand in hand, they all walked to the temple. That buttery feeling was still there.

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Chapter Eighty Six... Missing Statue.

Inside the temples...

Lulaine: Oh so cool. They built a temple here!
Ben: Why?
Max: To pray, stupid.
Ben: You're stupid.
Lulaine: Quiet, you dips.
Loyal: Be quiet. All of you. Don't fight and curse in these temples.
Ben, Lulaine, Max: Yes, Sunao.

The temples were empty, the only ones who were there was the odd group and the statues... There was a statue for each God and Goddess that they knew and a few more that they never saw. One was missing.

Max scurried over to one of the statues that was Fire's.

Max:  :P
Loyal: Stop that. Be mature and show respect.
Ben: Why? Fire is an idiot
Loyal: I said no cursing here!
Lulaine: I don't want to show respect, not for these jerks.
Loyal: Just... Behave then.

Ben counted the statues of the Gods and Goddess he knew.

Ben: LOYAL!!

Loyal cringed as Ben's voice echoed loudly around the room.

Lulaine: Seriously?
Ben: What?
Max: First of all. You just yelled in here. Second. You said his real name.
Ben: Whoops.
Loyal: What is it, Ben?
Ben: Your statue is gone.

Loyal stared at the empty spot where his statue use to be. Empty... Cold... Dark...

Loyal: Oh well.
Lulaine: I cannot believe these people. Especially Fire.
Loyal: It's alright.
Ben: No it's not.
Fire: They probably destroyed it.
Loyal: If they did, so what? The stone was most likely used for a house. So that's good.
Lulaine: It's rude.
Max: Very.
Loyal: It's okay. I'll adjust to this.

Loyal patted Fire's statue and left the temple. Lulaine ran after him. Max and Ben lingered inside the temple.

Max: So...
Ben: I have a permanent marker.

Ten Minutes Later...

Lulaine: Come on!! We still have places to explore!
Ben: Coming!

Ben and Max ran out laughing. Lulaine and Loyal were puzzled. Ben and Max knew they would get in trouble if Loyal saw, but Loyal didn't head back inside.

The next person who walks into the temple to pray, will see a nasty surprise.

Ben and Max drew and wrote bad words all over Fire's statue.

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Chapter Eighty Seven... Homesick...

Loyal: It's getting pretty late. We should be heading back now.

The sun was beginning to set. The blue sky a soft lavender and small grey clouds pushed by.

Max: Too bad. We were having fun.
Lulaine: I'm getting tired.
Loyal: Well come on then.

Loyal lead the way. People were now closing their shops and going home. Ben saw a few kids walking home with their parents. Ben stopped walking.

There was a small ache in his heart.

Ben felt someone's hand on his shoulder. Looking up, Ben​ saw that Loyal was behind them.

Loyal: Are you alright?
Ben: I'm fine.
Loyal: You miss your family?
Ben: A bit.

Loyal watched as two young boys run to their fathers ​open arms.

Lulaine stared at a mother and daughter walk hand in hand.

Max couldn't stop thinking about his parents.

The air was heavy with memories.

Lulaine desperately wanted to see her parents again. As well as Max and Ben. Their hearts ached so much that it hurt. Loyal swallowed the heavy hard lump that formed in his throat.

It was fun being with them, but Loyal had to get them home fast. The way things were going, Loyal knew that it was no longer safe here. They were not like Loyal and the rest of the people, something or someone might hurt them. Loyal was a God and they are humans.

Max: I'm sad.
Ben: My heart is aching.
Lulaine: I want to go home.

Loyal pulled them close to him. Loyal could hear sniffling.

Loyal: I'll find a way. I'll get you all back home.

God. Human. It didn't matter. They each had a heart. Loyal could hear their breaking hearts beating with his shattered one.

Loyal: I promise.

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Chapter Eighty Eight... Disease.

Three days later...

Death looked down into one of the portals watching the people live their pitiful lives. Death didn't feel like doing it, but it was starting to bother him. Death ran out from the temple to find Fire.

Death:  :)
Fire: What do you want, Death?
Death: I want to show you something.
Water: Can I come?
Sand: Me too?
Death: Sure. Just brace yourselves.

Sand and Water were puzzled, they looked at Fire who was just as confused, but they followed Death anyways. While walking, Earth tagged along and yelled at Rock to come along.

Fire: Death, what is going on?
Death: You'll see.

At last the arrived in the temple. Death pushed Fire to one of the portal. Fire looked in, it seemed pretty normal, what was Death on about?

Fire: Okay... what are looking for?
Death: Well. First. Tell me what you see?
Fire: Trees, water, clouds, and so on.
Death: What are the people doing?
Fire: Living. Death, what are you up to?
Death: Look, Fire. Look closely.

Fire leaned forward.


Fire: Okay, I give up. What is it?
Death: The pathetic people are learning a few things.
Fire: Good for them.
Death: A few things that Loyal hid away from them for years.
Water: What's that?

Sand nudged Water and told him to shut up, but Death heard Water's question.

Death: Something very wrong. Something called Disease.
Fire: I'm pretty sure they knew that existed.
Death: No, they didn't. Loyal hid it from them so they wouldn't suffer. The only thing he gave them was a slight cold and sniffles. Nothing that could severely hurt their bodies.
Sand: That's... not a good thing. Is it, Death?
Death: No, sweetheart.
Fire: Pish. If they found out about this new disease, they can find a way to cure it.

Fire was about to walk out, but Earth stopped him.

Earth: Listen to Death. Something is wrong. What can this disease do, Death?
Death: It can kill someone within a few days, months, years. A disease can advance and spread.
Water: Will this disease affect the waters?
Death: Yes.
Rock: The food?
Death: Anything, you name it.
Earth: Is there only one disease?
Death: There are more then just one.
Sand: How long will it last?
Death: There is no end.

Water and Rock gave Fire the evil eye. Sand's throat was dry. Earth whimpered.

Fire: I already told you. If they found a disease, they will find a way to cure it.

Fire turned to walk out.

Death: Some of them are incurable, Fire.

Fire stopped cold in his tracks. Slowly, Fire turned to face Death.

Fire: Incurable...?
Death: That is correct. Some can be cured, some can not. If they can not cure it.

Death pointed to himself.

Water began to hyperventilate. Earth fell to her knees, Sand shivered and clung onto Rock. Rock patted her. Fire was afraid, but he didn't show it.

Fire: Is there anything we can do?
Death: We? Who's we?

Sand, Water, Rock and Earth glanced at Fire.

Rock: What can we do, Fire?
Fire: Shut up, I'm thinking.

Fire's mind raced.

Earth: Well?
Fire: I'll think of something.

Death scratched his hand.

Death: Now, Loyal hid this awful thing in me to keep it safe. But now it's starting to bother me.

Death backed away.

Death: I hope I remember how to do this... Ah!

Death began to cough violently. Fire was surprised just like the others. Water scurried over to where Death was standing.

Water: Hey? Are you alright? Do want some water?

Still coughing, Death brushed Water away.

Fire: Death? Are you okay?

Death kept coughing. The coughing was loud and wet. Death fell to his knees and pounded the stone floor with his fists. Earth panicked, why was Death coughing like that? Was this new disease killing the God of Death?

Earth: For God's sake, Fire!! Go get help!!

Death stood up. Fire, Sand, Rock, Water and Earth stared at Death. Death's cough was now small weak coughs.

That's when they saw it.

There was a wet black floppy string hanging out from Death's mouth.

Water: What the ∗∗∗∗?
Earth: What is that? Death? Let me get that out.

Earth reached out to get the wet string.

It moved.

Earth fell over backwards, she pointed and started to scream loud and shrill. Rock ran over to where Earth was and held her

Fire: What?! What is it!?
Rock: Earth?! What's wrong?!

Death took hold of the wet string that was flipping around. Slowly, Death pulled the string.


The string got longer and soon there were more stringy like vines coming out of Death's mouth. The creature put it's small legs on Death's face and pushed upwards trying to escape. Sand watched in horror as the stringy creature began to show.

At last, Death pulled the creature out of his mouth. It was the size of a small cat. The creature was black and oily looking with spider like legs. It crawled onto Death's head and opened one eye. The greenish yellow eye stared at the terrified Gods and Goddesses. Earth was still screaming.

Fire: Death, that's disgusting!! If you wanted to get that thing out, go outside!!
Death: Why? It needs to get out.

Earth continued to scream.

Rock: What is that?!

Rock placed his hand over Earth's mouth and told her to be silent. Earth's screams dwindled down into silence.

Water: What is that thing?

Death held out his hand. The Spider like creature jumped into Death's open hand.

Death: This? This is what was bothering me. Say hello to...

Death thrust the creature at Fire.

Death: Disease.
Sand: Oh my god...
Water: Good heavens!! Destroy it, Death!
Death: I can't. The people found out about it. I cannot get rid of it.  
Fire: Why can't you get rid of it!? Don't let the people get a hold of it!

Fire was about to grab the creature, but it jumped onto Death's shoulders.

Death: I can't. Fire. The people want to know what this is, I have to set it free! This is what you wanted for the people. To find new things.

Death was so close to Fire's face that their noses almost touched.

Death: You got what you wanted, you ∗∗∗∗.

Fire was speechless.  

Death walked over to the portals. The creature nuzzled Death.

Death: Go.

The creature jumped into the portal.

Water, Sand, Earth, Fire all stared at Death. Death gave them all a sharp nod and flew out of the temple.

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This is really nice :D

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This is really nice :D
Why, thank you, Tangerine!  :cheery:

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also "incurable" made me think of cancer and AIDS :(

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also "incurable" made me think of cancer and AIDS :(
Death: Correct.

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Chapter Eighty Nine... Famine.


Loyal and Death sat inside the temples where the portals were. Loyal shook his head sadly when Death told him about a new disease. Doragon waited outside.

Loyal: Oh, Death. Why on earth did you do that?
Death: It was bothering me.
Loyal: That wasn't right. You shouldn't have let it loose.
Death: It woke up.

Loyal squinted at his brother. Death frowned.

Death: Loyal. When a mosquito stings you. It starts to itch, right?
Loyal: I got rid of the mosquitoes.
Death: Answer the damn question.
Loyal: It itches like crazy!
Death: That's right. What do you do to stop the itch?
Loyal: Scratch it.
Death: And?
Ben: Put toothpaste on it!!
Death: I wasn't asking you.
Loyal: How did you three get in?
Lulaine: Oh, we just walked in.
Max: What's going on?

Loyal looked down. At least they took off​ their shoes.

Loyal: *Sigh*
Death: Back to the question.

Loyal blinked twice before answering.

Loyal: Well... Like Ben said, put toothpaste on it if you have no rash cream.
Death: Yes.
Loyal: Why, Death?
Death: I wanted it to stop bothering me, the only way to get rid of my "itch" was to spit it out.
Loyal: How do you feel?
Death: I still feel sick.
Loyal: Can't you destroy whatever comes out of you?
Death: Loyal. The people are finding out new things. Things that they want to know, things that are starting to wake up inside me and are begging to get out.
Max: What kind of things?
Death: I cannot remember what is hiding inside me.

Death crossed his arms, tapped his foot rapidly​ and started to pant. Loyal closed his eyes.

Five minutes later...

Max: That was... Gross.

Death held small paper thin bag of bones. It was a brown fleshy like bag coated with black spit.

Loyal: Death. That was disgusting.
Death: The people are disgusting. Look! Look what woke up now.

Death shoved the bag in Loyal's face. Loyal didn't seem to mind when the bag squirmed.

Max: Ewwww...
Ben: Oh, God, why...
Lulaine: I'm going to pretend I didn't see that.

The bag fell onto the floor and rolled around.

Lulaine:  :blank:
Loyal: Death. Stop that.
Death: I can't. The people are finding out. They want to know.
Max: What is that thing?

Death kicked the bag.

Death: Famine. Sick people are no longer sharing their food with the others and disease is poisoning the crops. So are the people to seek revenge.
Loyal: Death...
Death: I'm sorry, Loyal. But they found out... It'll take a few days to advance...

Death kicked the bag and it fell into the portal.

Loyal: Now what?
Death: I don't know yet... But... It's getting bad, Loyal...
Loyal: I know...

Max scooted past Ben.

Max: What will happen, Loyal? It won't affect us, will it?

Seething, Loyal rubbed the rim of the portal.

Loyal: I won't let it, I'll get you home. I have to get Fire back.

Loyal pushed past Death. Doragon's head lifted when she saw Loyal rushing past.

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Omg , What will happen next ?
The suspense is killing me

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I'm just gonna read this in my spare time...
Read whenever you want but do read because this is the best fan fiction

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Read whenever you want but do read because this is the best fan fiction

I totally agree with this, I also love how simple it is because of the script-y way you write this

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Omg , What will happen next ?
The suspense is killing me
I love it when that happens.  XD

I'm just gonna read this in my spare time...
Uh-huh. Eighty Eight chapters.  ;)
I hope you enjoy this story.  :)

Read whenever you want but do read because this is the best fan fiction
Thanks!  :cheery:

I totally agree with this, I also love how simple it is because of the script-y way you write this
Thank you, Pernelle.  :3

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Take your time.  :)

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Chapter Ninety... Dead to us.

Loyal kept walking even after Death yelled at him to come back.

Death: Loyal! Get your skinny butt back here!! LOYAL!!

Loyal walked faster. Death thought that Loyal wasn't listening because of what he said, so Death tried to be polite
Death: Please?!

Loyal didn't turn around but he snapped his fingers at Death. Death cursed and ran after his stubborn brother. Loyal heard the sound of running feet, but Loyal didn't stop to see his brother.

Death caught up to Loyal and grabbed his hair.

Death: Are you crazy?! Why the hell do want to see Fire?!
Loyal: I'm going to try bring him back, cut him away from his laws.

Death gaped at Loyal, Loyal kept walking. Death ran up to his nutty brother.

Death: You really lost it now, Loy.
Loyal: Nope. I'm fine.
Death: Get back here!

Loyal dodged Death's hand and continued to walk. Death ran and stood in front of Loyal. Loyal stopped walking and glared coldly at Death.

Loyal: What?
Death: Stop with your false hope. Fire is not going to listen to you.
Loyal: I'm not giving up that easily.
Death: You told Fire you weren't going to interfere.
Loyal: I have to now. Something bad is going to happen, I have to save him. Now MOVE!!
Death: Not a chance, forget it, Loyal. Just come on home and maybe I won't slap you for your disobedience.  
Loyal: Step aside.
Death: Don't talk back to me, now get moving.
Loyal: You're not dad.

Loyal pushed Death away from him, Death scurried up to Loyal, got in front of him laughed to keep from yelling.

Death: Heh-heh. You're funny, Loyal. That's why I like you. That's why I'm trying to protect you. Turn your bleep around and go home.

Loyal pushed Death out of his way. Death shoved Loyal. Loyal slapped Death with his wings so hard that Death fell over.

Loyal started to walk fast, Death tackled Loyal. The two Gods fought, yelled at each other and kicked the the dusty trail. Loyal was flat on his back Death sitting on top him holding onto his neck.

Loyal: HE'S LOST!!

Loyal struggled to get his brother off, but Death held him down.

Ten minutes later...

Death wiped the sweat from his forehead and glanced at Loyal who was in the grass, hogtied and gagged with a sock. Loyal refused to look at Death.

Death: You're crazy.

Loyal squirmed and mumbled something, Death didn't pay attention to him. Loyal tried to get the knots loose, but his hands couldn't reach them. Death pulled out his small pan flute and begin to play it.

The sun was now high is the sky glowing brightly. Death kept playing his pan flute. Loyal rested his head on the warm soft grass listening to the soft warm notes float away.

At last Death stopped playing and scooted next to Loyal. Loyal turned his head away like a spoiled child. Death scratched Loyal's head, Death knew that was his younger brothers weakness. Death kept scratching until Loyal was practically purring.

Death: Why, Loyal?
Loyal: *whuff?*
Death: Fire doesn't want help. He hates you.
Loyal: *mafliy*
Death: Fire no longer calls us family. Loyal. It's too late.
Loyal: *Mof*
Death: Loyal... it's over.

Loyal hid his face in the grass. All was silent except for the birds tweeting in the sky. Death heard Loyal's voice is his head.

Loyal: No, no, no, no! I won't give up, I will go back for Fire. He needs help. I can't give up!
Death: Oh, Loyal...

Death sighed sadly and patted his distraught brothers head.

Loyal: I can't...

Death stared up at the sky and felt sick again.

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Chapter Ninety One... Sun meets Fire.

Sun tiptoed by the rooms not wanting to wake up anyone in Sky's room. Moon was asleep even tough it was night, and Starlight escaped out of her crib and crawled off. On quick feet, Sun made it past the room that Comic and Galactic were in. Sun had to see Fire. It's been a month already and Sun was going to lose it if he didn't see him.  

In the Living Room...

Sun avoided the windows so Sky wouldn't see his silhouette. Sun looked down and saw Starlight sleeping on a pillow. Sun gently picked her up and placed her on the sofa. Starlight squeaked but kept her eyes closed. Sun smoothed down her soft yellow hair.

Sun got to the front door and opened it wide enough for him to squeeze out, the door screeched, Sun cursed the door...

Sky didn't show up.

Sun:  ^^;

Sun scurried over to the trees and climbed up. Sun peeked out from the leaves and saw Sky walking back and forth by the gate. Even though there was only one God guarding it, Sun knew that it would be impossible to escape.


Sun jumped and saw that the front door flew open. Sky unlocked the gates and ran inside. From the distance, Sun could see Starlight crawling out with her plush seal in her mouth. Starlight was looking for Sun.

Sky: What are you doing out here?!

Sun heard Starlight's baby hands slapping the steps. Sun took this moment to escape, he knew that Sky won't bother putting Starlight back in her crib, he'll just toss her in her play pen and lock the doors. Quicker the wildfire, Sun climb out of the tree, out of the garden and past the gates.

By the houses...

Sun ran as fast as he could to Fire's house hoping to see if Fire was outside. Fire walked by holding a small potted plant, Sun could hear Rain and Sand arguing. Sun hid in the bushes and waited until he saw Fire's feet go past.

Sun: Psst! Fire!
Fire: ...?
Sun: Fire!

Fire puttered around... Sun tugged at Fire's pant leg. Fire jumped and dropped the potted plant.


Sand opened the window and stared at Fire. Sun could see the light streaming from the open window.

Sand: Are you alright, Fire?
Fire: Peachy. Why are still up? Go to bed.
Sand: I was trying too, but big mouth won't get lost.
Fire: Rain, shut up and leave Sand alone.
Rain: She started it.
Fire: I'm not stupid, it was you of course.

Sand gave Rain a phony grin.

Fire: Off to bed. Now.

Sand and Rain left. Fire watched as the lights in the house turned off, Sun waited. Without a warning, Sun was pulled out from the bushes and dragged away from the house. Fire slammed Sun against the wall, Sun could barely see Fire's face in the shadows.

Sun: Ouch!
Fire: Why are you here!? Are you nuts!?
Sun: Probably.
Fire: Go home.
Sun: Fire-
Fire: Go! Before Sky finds us.
Sun: Fire!

Fire slapped Sun's mouth.

Fire: Shut up! You're talking too loud! Why are you here? Go home, you idiot!
Sun: Fire, I wanted to talk to you.
Fire: Why? I thought you-
Sun: I missed you...

Fire stopped talking and kept quiet. Sun saw a small flame on Fire's hand, Fire lifted his fiery hand to see Sun's face. Sun had changed so much since Fire had last seen him. Sun couldn't believe how Fire looked now. Softly, Sun brushed Fire's red hair out from his eyes.

Sun: I missed you so much.
Fire: I... I missed you too...

Sun wrapped his arms around Fire. Fire felt his body being lifted.

Fire: Stop it, you dolt. Don't bear hug me. Let me go right now.

Sun held onto Fire. Fire felt his throat getting tight.

Fire: Well... not right away. Take your time.

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Chapter Ninety Two.... Blind


Loyal sat outside whittling on a block of wood. It has been already two months and one weeks since Loyal left the other deities who joined Fire... Loyal was bored numb, he had nothing to do and the consent chatter of Cherry Blossom was starting to irk Loyal.

Death: Hello, Loyal!
Loyal: Hello.

Loyal tried not to look at his brothers smiling face. That plastic nervous smile... Something was up.

Death: Whatcha doing?
Loyal: Keeping myself entertained.

Death looked around the lawn. Wooden toys, wood shavings and other wooden objects where scattered all over the place.
Death: I see.

Loyal sighed sadly and placed down a wooden duck on the grass.

Loyal: I think... I think Starlight will like this duck here.
Death: I'm pretty sure she will.
Loyal: Yes.

Now Death was bored of this tasteless conversation. Death was about to speak about what he came here for, but Loyal said something that made Death stop cold.

Loyal: I think your son or daughter will like this.

Loyal held up a wooden lion.

Death: Cherry Blossom is not pregnant.
Loyal: I thought she was..
Death: Loyal?

Loyal dropped the wooden lino but held the knife.

Death: Loyal, it's been kinda ugly looking-
Loyal: Ugly?
Death: Okay, bleeping hideous in the world.
Loyal: Watch your mouth... go on.
Death: *Ahem*... Yes.. Well it's bad down there in the worlds. Polygamy, forced marriages, fights, stealing, injustice, discrimination.
Loyal: Not discrimination.  
Death: Yeah, it's there. I barfed it up two days ago.
Loyal: I don't want to hear anymore.

Death's mouth made a tight line. The words he wanted to say were so heavy and bitter in his mouth.

Death: I mean really bad.
Loyal: Okay.
Death: So bad and gross, it makes a God- *Burps*

Loyal ignored the sound of Death retching. It was pretty obvious that Death was stalling.  

Loyal: Death, why are you here?
Death: Oh, it was just vomit. Isn't this one ugly? This one is abuse.
Loyal: DEATH!!

Death shut up and released the purple crawling creature.

Loyal: What are you trying to say?

Death rubbed his hands.

Death: It's so ugly, that you wouldn't want to see it...
Loyal: Oh...

Death pulled out a white blindfold from his jacket.  

Death: I don't want you to see any of it.
Loyal: No, Death. My eyes are what give life to this world.
Death: Loyal. Your eyes have only seen innocence and nothing else. Seeing all that filth in the world will only harm you.
Loyal: No.
Death: Stop it.
Loyal: I'm not giving up hope yet, Death.
Death: Loyal. You have to protect your eyes. Do you want to get hurt?
Loyal: I don't care.

Death grabbed Loyal by the arm and shook him.

Death: Enough! Loyal, you are going to get hurt if you don't hide your eyes. I have to keep you safe.
Loyal: What will happen?
Death: I don't know yet, just hide your eyes.

Loyal sucked in his breath.

Loyal: My eyes give life to the worlds... I see their past... whatever they suffered from..
Death: It's too late to save them now. Whatever you see will harm you because they no longer belong to you... it's over, Loyal.
Loyal: No, it's not-
Death:Loyal. It's. Over.
Loyal: Please.
Death: Loyal, you're forgotten. We all are.

Loyal gripped the open jackknife. The sharp silvery blade cut deeply into Loyal's hand.

Death: You... Me... Sun and Moon... Sky... Cherry Blossom and Starlight. We are all forgotten. cast aside, dead.
Loyal: Forgotten...
Death: All hope is lost. It's time to give up, the people, Fire and the others are no longer under your power, Loyal. They all follow Fire. I'm sorry. It's time to let go.

Loyal looked down at his palm. Loyal had gripped the knife so tight, that it was stuck. Blood poured out from the open deep wound and splattered onto Loyal's feet.

Loyal: Let go?
Death: Yes... I'll give you a few minutes.

Death walked away and left Loyal by himself.

Loyal watched the sun shine brightly and small puffy white clouds floated by. The birds were cheeping joyfully and the wind blew softly making the trees swing their branches. Flowers dropped to the ground and on Loyal. Everything seemed perfect but it wasn't. Loyal smiled.

Loyal: It is so beautiful out here...

Loyal's world slowly went black as Death pull the blindfold over Loyal's eyes.  

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Chapter Ninety Three... Murder...

One week ago...

One abnormal steamy spring night, Fire sat inside his house reading the angry letters that the other deities sent to him, Sand and Rain were fighting again. The letter from Earth ordering Fire to do something because the drought that Rain had caused. Wind's letter was cursing at Fire because the dry  winds started wildfires and one demolished a forest. That wasn't Fire's fault, the drought was destroying everything. Cloud was complaining about why isn't she the one in charge and that there are strange clouds floating about. Fire had a blistering headache and was sick of the fighting.

Fire: Alright. That's enough. Quit fighting!
Rain: Sand started it.
Sand: I did not! Rain insulted me!
Fire: And you're going to take that from her? Ignore her, Sand!
Sand: I try, but Rain doesn't know how to shut her goddamn mouth.
Rain: Look who's talking.

Fire rolls his eyes as Sand and Rain scream at one another.

Fire: Rain, shut up and leave Sand alone.
Rain: Why don't you leave me the hell alone! You're not the boss of me!
Fire: That's enough.

Rain shoved Fire so hard that he fell down. Sand hurried over to Fire.

Fire: WHAT THE ∗∗∗∗, RAIN!?
Rain: I told you to leave me alone! I can do whatever I want!
Sand: Who said?!

Rain pointed at Fire.

Rain: He did. I'm free to do whatever I want, remember?

For the hundredth time, Fire cursed a few rules in the his laws.

Fire: You're being very difficult, Rain. You're not doing your work.
Rain: Pfft. Get Water to do something.
Fire: The rivers are drying up, Water can't do anything!
Rain: Hhmm. Too bad. Something will show up.
Fire: Make it rain! The earth is drying up!
Rain: Make me.

With a toss of her head, Rain sauntered out of the room. Fire and Sand were speechless.

Sand: What a disgusting women! Do something, Fire!
Fire: Like what, huh? I can't make it rain. I'm a Fire God!
Sand: Make her do her work!
Fire: I will, now it's time to go to sleep. Goodnight, Sand.

Fire quickly got up and left the room. Sand just sat there... thinking... Rain and a few others were becoming reckless with her their work. It irritated Sand. And another thing is that Rain was still the wife of Fire... so was she. Rain was getting in her way and laughed at Sand for thinking that she and Fire could start a family. Fire said he'll think about starting a family with her, but Sand feared that it was Rain who was feeding Fire all those lies about the troubles of having a family. If only Rain was gone... not away in a different house, Sand was thinking... gone... Forever. Sand often dreamed of grabbing Rain by the neck and strangling her until she couldn't breathe. But that was just a dream, it can't happen. could it?

Two weeks later...

Late at night...

Cherry Blossom sat on the edge of the bed rubbing Death's bony back. Death was sick again only this time whatever was trying to escape was stuck. Death coughed but nothing came out. It's been two hours and nothing came out.

Cherry Blossom: Anything?
Death: No... I feel awful.
Cherry Blossom: I would too.
Death:And to make matter's worse, I lost one of my knives.
Cherry Blossom: We'll find it... What do you think this thing is?
Death: I wish I knew. Whatever it is, will be... be... ?
Cherry Blossom: *sigh*

In the temples...

Rock: Dammit!! Fire! Why haven't you done anything?!
Fire: I'm working on it!
Rock: Look!! Look at him!!

Rock stood at the doorway holding Water. Fire motioned for Rock to come closer. Rock rushed forward and gently placed Water on the table. Fire grimaced. Water's pale skin was now a ashy gray color and very dry. His once short blue hair was a deep puce and brittle. Water opened his mouth to beg for water, his lips were so dry that the skin cracked and begin to bleed. Water drank the blood that leaked out from the split. Fire couldn't believe this

Fire: Where did you find him?
Rock: I found him in the sun parched land that was his lake. He was crying for water, no tears came out because he's dehydrated.
Fire: What's wrong with him?
Fire: Me?!
Rock: Yes!! That stupid wife of yours is slacking around!!

Earth patted Water and gave him a little bit of water from her plants, it wasn't enough and Water kept begging for more. Fire closed his eyes.

Rock: What are going to do, fire? Water is begging for more, give him some?
Fire: I don't have any.
Earth: Please, Fire. Do something.

Fire rubbed his head. Water's small cry's turned into whimpers.

Fire: Rain?
Rain: What?
Fire: Are you going to make it rain or not?
Rain: I would like too, but something is wrong... I can't.
Fire: What?
Rain: I tried to make the rain fall, but I couldn't... I... don't have control of it anymore...
Earth: What?! How did this happen!?
Rain: I don't know. I keep trying, but it won't work.

Rain shivered. Rock glared coldly at Fire. For a moment, Fire thought Rock was going to strike him.

Rock: This is all your fault.
Fire: Wait!

Rock carried Water out of the temples. The goddesses turned to Rain.

Earth: Look at what you have done!
Rain: I'm sorry!
Cloud: Sorry doesn't cut it! Who knows when the next rainfall when happen!!

The goddesses squabbled and Fire was trying to see what he can do to save Water.

Rain: Is Water going to die?
Fire: I hope he lives.
Wind: You hope!? You have to save him!!
Rain: If Water dies maybe he'll come back when it begins to rain...
Sand: Who knows. Fire?
Fire: I'm thinking....

Fire couldn't think straight. There was a drought, Water was more dead then alive, Rain lost her powers, Rock was angry and he wasn't one to mess with.

This part contains graphic fighting and a bit of gore. Do not read if you are under 13 or are squeamish about blood. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Fire: Rain... maybe we should take a break.
Rain: Why?
Fire: Maybe your power is gone because you're a Rain Goddess. I'm a Fire God. Maybe my powers are affecting you... yours might return if you are away from me.

Sand sucked in her breath.

Rain: Very well. I'll go. On the bright side of this, Fire. Is that we both got what we wanted.

Fire smiled at Rain who smiled back. Sand's whole body turned cold... Sand couldn't keep silent anymore.

Sand: What? Got what?! What did you two do?!
Fire: Calm down, Sand. Nothing to get so upset about.
Sand: What did you two do?! Is Rain pregnant!? You said that we, me and you will start a family!!
Fire: I don't remember saying that, Sand-

Fire was about to talk but Sand slapped him hard across the face. Rain stared at Sand.

Sand: You said you loved me!! How could you!!
Cloud: Sand! What the hell is wrong with you?!

Sand wailed loudly and sorrowfully at the thought of Rain carrying Fire's children and that they were together... It was too much for Sand. Sand crumpled to the floor and started crying.

Earth: Sand?
Rain: Are you or real, Sand?!

Sand peaked out from behind her figures.

Rain: Did you really think that Fire loved you!? You a Sand Goddess. A stupid weak goddess of the sand! Fire is more powerful then you!! He doesn't need you! He wanted someone with more power!!
Sand: ...you?

Rain took advantage of Sand's sorrow. Seeing Sand so upset didn't fill Rain with remorse... It  only made Rain more nefarious than ever.

Rain: Yes.

Sand cried bitterly and she slammed her fists on the stone floor.

Fire: Rain! That's-
Rain: See... Sand.

With her eyes full of tears, Sand looked up.

Rain: You are pathetic. A loser. The Goddess of Sand is a pitiful, love scorned, gullible idiot.
Sand: SHUT UP!!

With a wild shrill scream, Sand tackled Rain and the two goddesses began to fight on the floor. Fire and Cloud tried to break them apart, but Sand had a tight grip on Rain's neck.


Sand and Rain screamed and fought like animals, they couldn't be taken apart. They rolled across the floor and bumped into the tables. The Gods tried to yank them apart and the goddesses yelped and ran to the corner.


Rain was screaming in pain as Sand pulled at her viciously and kicked her. Swearing loudly Fire pulled Sand away, but Sand broke free from Fire's grip and again, she attacked Rain.

When all of this was happening... Death finally threw up what was stuck inside of him.

Cherry Blossom: What is that...

Death held the squealing sticky black creature.

Death: It's... it's...

Back at the temples....

Rain and Sand were still on the floor hitting and screaming at each other. Sand screamed at Rain to take it back, Rain refused. The Goddesses screamed at Rain to take it back so the fighting can stop, but Rain was so stubborn that she kept hurling insults at Sand.

Sand slammed Rain's face on the hard floor repeatedly.  Rain's blood splattered everywhere and on Sand making it harder for Fire to pull her off. Then it was silent.... Sand stop smashing Rain's face on the floor. Rain groaned. Blood spilled out from Rain's nose and her mouth making a large crimson puddle on the stone floor... Sand breathe deeply...

Sand: Take... it... back...

Rain didn't respond. The deities held their breath. At last Rain spoke.

Rain: Foolish ∗∗∗∗.

Sand's anger boiled up again and turned into something else. Something that Sand had never felt before now it was her chance.

Sand pulled out a long sharp red and black knife ... Death's lost kinfe.

Sand: This will shut you up.

The goddesses screamed as Sand placed the knife on Rain's throat. Fire tried to grab Sand's arm but it was too late. Sand pulled the knife swiftly across Rain's smooth neck.

Blood sprayed from the long gaping wound. Blood sprayed all over Fire and Sand's face. Rain held her throat with both of her hands, her dark eyes were large and full of fear. Sand sat there letting the blood spray all over her. Earth ran up to Rain and pressed her shirt on Rain's open neck wound. Blood drenched Earth's clothes.

Earth: Goddammit!! Wind!! Go get help!!
Wind: Get who?!

Wind ran to get Loyal but was stopped by Cloud.

Cloud: Stop!!... it's over...

Wind slowly turned around... Rain was limp in Earth's arms... The blood was now coming out slowly... the whole room was silent... Rain was dead...

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Chapter Ninety Four... Remember us ...

A day later...

Wind licked a thin but strong thread to straighten it. Slowly, Wind slid the thread into the needles eye. Earth was sawing a plank of wood in half. Rain? Rain was hidden under a sheet in front of Wind. Earth glanced up at Wind who smiled sadly at her.

Wind: I'm sorry I wasn't fast enough to get help.
Earth: It's alright. It was too late anyways... I just wanted... I don't know.

Wind uncovered Rain's body. Even though Cloud said she "fixed up" Rain's body, it was still pretty ugly. Rain's nose was almost flatten down from the multiple hits, her mouth was caked dried blood. The deep open neck wound was open. Wind Wind tilted Rain's head the gash closed like a mouth, Wind sucked in his breath.

Earth: Are you alright?
Wind: Peachy.

Wind began to sew the gash closed so nobody will see it. Earth started hammering a nail in the wooden planks, Wind enjoyed the sound of the hammer, it muffled the soft fleshly sound as the needle went through Rain's skin.

Earth: We are going to bury her, right?
Wind: We are... I won't let anyone cremate her.
Earth: Why?
Wind: Because we cremate her, I'm wasting my damn time sewing this up.

Earth grinned at the disgusted sick Wind God. Before Earth could respond, Rock walked in. It was too dark and shadowy where Rock stood.

Rock: Hi
Earth: Hello?
Rock: What are you two doing?
Wind: Sewing
Earth: Making a coffin.

Rock didn't say anything, he just watched Earth finish up.  

Rock: Earth?
Earth: Yes?
Rock: Do you have anymore wood?
Earth: Yes...
Rock: Will you be busy later?
Earth: I don't know, why?
Rock: I was hoping you could make another coffin. Please?

Rock abruptly stopped talking and looked away. Wind and Earth stopped with their work and stared at Rock.

Two hours ago in Rock's house...

Rock held Water close to his body holding a glass bowl of brown water to his mouth. Water struggled to drink it but he couldn't.

Rock: Please, Water. Please drink it. It's filthy, but it's all I found here.
Water: *Whine*
Rock: Water? What is it?
Water: .... scared
Rock: You're scared? That's alright... I'm a little scared, too.

Rock made the feeble attempt to laugh. Water blinked, his eyes begin to bleed.

Rock: uh-oh. Let me clean that up.
Water: no... it's... late.
Rock: What? It's late alright, I haven't eaten yet.
Water: too... late...
Rock: Too late?
Water: yeah... It... hurts...
Rock: What hurts?
Water: ...thing...
Rock: Huh?
Water: Every... thing... hurts...
Rock: Is there anything you want me to do?

Water shook his head and whimpered, Rock held Water tightly. Silently, Water made small week crying sounds, Rock rubbed Water's head quietly telling him it was going to be okay, but Water kept crying... Rock's throat felt tight, Water was in pain...  and there was nothing that Rock could do.

Water: Rock?
Rock: Yes?

Painfully, Water reached up to touch Rock's face. Rock held Water's hand.

Water: Don't... be... scared... don't...

Water's eyes kept bleeding, Rock wiped his eyes.

Rock: Water? Don't worry about me. I'm going to get Earth.
Water: No... no....
Rock: Water?
Water: Loy... right...
Rock: Who? Water?

Water's hand fell down to his side.

Water: Farewell, Rock... farewell.
Rock: No.. No. Water?

Water didn't move, his bleeding eyes stared into space. Rock's eyes filled with tears.

Rock: Water? Please? Don't go...

Water just laid in Rock's arms... Rock's tears fell onto the deceased Gods face.

Rock: Farewell, Water... Wherever you are... Remember us...

Rock hugged Water's body and rocked back and forth. Rock continued to cry.  

Rock: Remember us...

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You were warned!

Yeah, Sand did that.  :-X

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holy crap i really didn't see the rain death coming but since rain died water had to die :(

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Couldnt read this fan-fic because i was so busy.Sorry Spring Cherry
but will read today

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holy crap i really didn't see the rain death coming but since rain died water had to die :(
I love it when nobody sees it coming. TBH, I'm glad Rain died.  :P

Even though Water is traitor, I feel bad for him...

Couldnt read this fan-fic because i was so busy.Sorry Spring Cherry
but will read today
That's alright. No rush.  ;)

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Chapter Ninety Five... Long two weeks.

Two weeks later...

Death pulled the covers over his face trying to get some sleep but Max and Ben were fighting over a chess game. Loyal sat by the window looking at nothing because his eyes were covered, Doragon slept.

Max: Enough of chess. I'm sick of it.
Ben: You're sick of it because I keep winning.
Lulaine: Let's try something else.
Death: good.
Lulaine: Let's hear the story I wrote. It happened early morning.
Death: Oh, god.

Lulaine cleared her throat and started to read.

Lulaine: One morning, I woke up hearing thunder. The was no Sunlight.
Ben: !
Lulaine: I ran to the window and saw Rain! The sky was covered up by dark Clouds.
Max:  Hoo-boy. I can their names.
Lulaine: The Sand was soft and runny, and my pet Rock needed to go outside.

Loyal gripped the seat of his chair.

Lulaine: So I took him out. The Rain was cold. I didn't want to step in the Water because that too looked cold.
Loyal: ENOUGH!!

Lulaine dropped her note pad. Death peaked out from the covers.

Loyal: Enough...
Lulaine: Sorry.

Loyal just nodded at Lulaine.

Max: What's with you?

Loyal didn't say anything.

Ben: You alright, Loy-loy?
Loyal: Dandy.

Loyal turned his head to look out the window again. It's been a whole week already since Death told him that Rain and Water died. Loyal tried not to care or think about it, but inside he was breaking. A few days ago when no one was around at the cemetery, Loyal went over there and decorated the tombstones with flowers and Rain and Water's favorite fruits. A day ago, Death told Loyal that Sand was in dungeon.

Loyal has been feeling rather touchy lately.

Death: Loyal?
Loyal: What?
Death: Uh... never mind.
Loyal: Then don't talk if you have nothing to say, Death.
Death: Shut up, Loyal.

Lulaine, Ben and Max kept quiet.

Death: I'm sick of your attitude.
Loyal: I'm sick of yours.
Death: You've been acting like a jerk since they died. They are not worth it for to get this angry.
Loyal: OH! Now you're talking! I thought you nothing to say.
Death: Yeah I'm talking!

Death jumped out of bed. Loyal stared at where Death was standing even though his eyes were covered. Doragon woke up.

Death: Ever since they left, you have been moping around. Now two are dead... And now you are being a jerk. You are being rude to me, and the others. Especially Doragon!
Loyal: Is it wrong to get upset?
Death: No, but you are letting-

Loyal got up and faced his brother. Death glared at Loyal but remained calm.

Death: You shouldn't bottle it up. Tell me about it...
Death: No.
Death: Loyal. Do hear yourself?
Loyal: ...
Death: Do you remember those words?

Loyal stood there... those words.

Death: Do you remember? Who said those words?
Loyal: You did...
Death: When?
Loyal: When I found you... I was ninety nine. You were going to one hundred.
Death: Those were the words I never got to say to you... I kept it inside of for that long. How old were we when I left?
Loyal: I was eleven.... you were going to be a twelve...
Death: Why did I leave?
Loyal: Himitsu was dead...
Death: That's right. See what happens when you hold it in too long.
Loyal: You hurt the ones you love...
Death: What do you think would have happened if you never said anything?

Loyal's knees felt soft. Lulaine, Max and Ben stared. Doragon huffed.

Loyal: I... don't... know. I don't want to know.

Loyal fell onto the floor and covered his face with his cape.

Death: Loyal.

Loyal's voice came out muffled.

Loyal: I have failed them, Death.
Death: Loyal. Look at me.
Loyal: I won't... Don't look at me, Death.
Death: Look at me!

Loyal peaked out... Death was standing in front of him staring down.

Death: You're not.
Loyal: ...
Death: You're not. You didn't fail anyone.

Loyal covered his face again.
Death: Two weeks. It's been way too long, hasn't?
Loyal: Yes...

Death grabbed Loyal by the collar of his shirt and dragged him out of the room like a ragdoll. Loyal didn't move. Lulaine and Max looked at each other. Doragon eyed Ben who was pulling out his chess board.

Ben: Who wants to play a game?

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no ben just no

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no ben just no
Poor Ben. He's only trying to lighten up everyone.

But the story Lulaine wrote was partly true. There was a bad thunderstorm here where I live, I just wanted to write it.  ^-^

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I also have problems with a bad Thunderstorm
This story is so close to 100 chapters!  :o
I know! I can't believe it!  :hooray:

Thunderstorms are awful in the springtime

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I know! I can't believe it!  :hooray:

Thunderstorms are awful in the springtime
you cant believe it ?
Well i can because this fan fic is so awesome that it ought to go to chapter 100

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you cant believe it ?
Well i can because this fan fic is so awesome that it ought to go to chapter 100
That's sweet~

I thought I was going to get a writers block sooner or later and this story was going to be dropped. Last year in September it almost happened. I was scared and depressed that I couldn't think straight. But someone ask me when is the next chapter going to show up. That made me so happy because someone was waiting along with the other readers.  :cheery:

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This is really great.
More please.~

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This is really great.
More please.~
Thank you!  ;D

I'll post another chapter soon. :)

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Chapter Ninety Six... Lost it.

It was a warm windy day. Perfect enough to hang outside... Well. It would be perfect for some people, but not all. A perfect day... for now.

Cherry Blossom watched her brightly colored butterfly kite swoop around in the air. Lulaine made her box kite do small circles.

Max: IS NOT!
Ben: IS SO!
Max: IS NOT!!
Ben: IS SO!!

Death covered his ears and hissed. Loyal patted his Death's arm. Loyal and Death's kites sat there on the floor.

Loyal: Relax.
Death: Why must they scream like that? It making my head pulse.

Max and Ben's argument got louder and louder over which kite is the highest. Doragon rolled her eyes.

Lulaine: Shut up. You idiots are way too loud.
Ben: Fine. Max your kite is the highest.
Max: Good.

Max smiled smugly at Ben.

Ben: The ones who are the highest and proudest, are the ones who mess up.
Max: What?


Max watched in horror as the string on his bird kite broke off and the strong wind took the kite away. Ben's sun kite was safe and dancing around in the blue sky.

Max: NO!!
Ben: Ha-ha!!

Cherry Blossom frowned at the bird kite that was now a small black dot.

Cherry Blossom: Hush, Ben. Don't worry, Max. You can fly mine.
Max: Thank you.

Cherry Blossom gave her kite to Max and went over to where Death and Loyal were sitting.

Cherry Blossom: Hi~
Death: Hi.

Death smiled stupidly at his smiling wife. It seems that whenever Cherry Blossom shows up, Death acts like a love struck teenager even if he's mad. Loyal crossed his arms and Doragon huffed at him.

Loyal: How come you don't act like that with me?
Meyio: Get a life.

Doragon felt a pine cone hit her ear.

Lulaine: Careful. Don't let the kite fly up too high.
Max: Nice day! The wind is blowing nice and strong enough for kites.
Ben: Indeed. After we get bored of flying kites, what shall-

Ben didn't get finish, a strong blast of wind hit him and nearly knocked him down. The kites fluttered in the sky. Lulaine and Max stood in shock.

Ben: Huh?

Another gust of wind hit them. Quickly, Lulaine, Max and Ben pulled down their kites. The wind kept blowing strong and furiously. Death stood up.

Cherry Blossom: Get down from there guys! You're going to get hurt!

Max, Lulaine and Ben ran down the hill to get to Cherry Blossom. The wind was so strong it felt like someone was shoving them.

Death: Loyal?
Loyal: Shh.

Lulaine, Max and Ben ran over and gripped onto Cherry Blossom. Cherry Blossom could barely hear them asking questions over the roar of the wind.

Lulaine: What's going on!?
Cherry Blossom: I don't know! Death?!
Death: Wind is probably going to make it end soon!! Don't worry!!
Loyal: How? Wind lost it all.

Death heard Loyal's soft voice. So calm... he wasn't yelling. Death turned his head to see Loyal standing there watching the sky as it turned a blackish purple, clouds covered the sun. Lightning flashed.

Death: Loyal!?
Loyal: ...

There was a sharp scream in the distance. Cherry Blossom shielded her eyes from the flying dirt and saw a small figure running up. The figure got closer. Cherry Blossom saw it was Sky running up. Sky's face was bleeding. Cherry Blossom guessed it was from the flying debris that hit him but his robes were not torn.


Lulaine screamed while Max and Ben yanked at Cherry Blossom's dress yelling at her to run. A massive black tornado was heading towards them. Sky zoomed past them to get to his house where the others were.

Death: Cherry Blossom!? Come on!!
Cherry Blossom: LOYAL!!
Loyal: Doragon. Keep them safe.

Cherry Blossom helped Lulaine get on Doragon's back. Max and Ben climbed on.

Cherry Blossom: Death!?
Death: Go! I'll be fine!!

Cherry Blossom covered the small group to protect them and Doragon flew away to safer as fast as she could. Death stiffly walked over to Loyal.

Death: Loyal?
Loyal: I can't believe this.

One of the tornadoes got closer to where Loyal and Death were until it was in front of them. The roaring wind was so loud and earsplitting, but Death and Loyal just stood there. The tornado was not moving but it was still sucking up whatever was there. Everything except Death and his brother.

Loyal: Why do you disobey? Why are not listening to the God who controls you?  

The tornado shrieked in anger at Loyal. Death squinted. Lightning flashed rapidly hitting at the same spots it already struck, and the thunder boomed deeply like everything was furious at Loyal.

Loyal: I see... Go now.

The tornado in front of Loyal grew weaker and smaller until it vanished. The thunder continued to boom, hail fell down hitting Loyal and Death. The sky was still a dark and black color. Loyal and Death stood there watching the wind blow more calmly.

Death: What the hell? I thought you said you were not going to help?
Loyal: I couldn't let it get Cherry Blossom, Sky and the others. Don't think the tornado didn't hit anything because it did. My eyes are hidden, but as we speak, I can see that Fire and the other deities are trying to get out from the rubble of the ruined temples.

Death held his breath. Loyal pulled his cape tighter around his body.

Loyal thought about the large black holes that Max and his friends came out of.

Loyal: It's getting worse... I have to get them home...

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I voted that I'll hunt you down because then I can catch up with the chapters  :P
Troublemaker.  :P

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well in this poll,i voted Yes but not gonna tell which one :P Nice chapter though

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well in this poll,i voted Yes but not gonna tell which one :P Nice chapter though
I voted that one as well because I cry a lot at most of the chapters. :P

Thank you!

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I voted no because I didn't read all of the chapters yet  :P
I knew it was you!  :P (Okay, we better stop with the silly faces. We might get in trouble and this topic might get locked or worse.)

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Chapter Ninety Seven... Returning and a Mothers Love.

In Loyal's house...

Loyal sat on his soft blue colored chair just looking at his lap. Lulaine sat on the floor with Max and Ben. It has been a few days after that wild tornado.

Loyal: I have found a way to get you all back to your home.
Max: That's great!
Loyal: Yeah, it is.
Ben: When can we go back?
Loyal: Most likely tonight.
Lulaine: What's wrong, Benny?
Ben: That's a little early, don't ya think?
Lulaine: I guess so.
Loyal: It's not an easy process. I don't know what will happen. I promise you this. You will get back home safely.
Lulaine: So what's the problem?
Max: How will Loyal return?

Loyal kept staring at the floor. Loyal's eyes were still hidden behind the blindfold.

Ben: Loyal?
Loyal: Don't worry about me. I'll get home.
Max: What if you don't?
Loyal: I will.
Ben: If you say so.
Loyal: I know so. Besides. There is another hurdle we all have to jump.

Max went over to where Loyal sitting.

Max: It's been fun being here, Loy-loy.
Lulaine: We'll come again and visit you.
Loyal: That's the hurdle. I'm afraid that once you go back, you can never return.

Everyone went silent. No returning? Loyal pulled out three golden colored envelopes from his pocket and held them up.

Loyal: I want you all to each take a letter that I wrote. This letter holds the rest of our story of how we began.
Max: There's more?
Loyal: Yes. Our story is not yet finish.
Lulaine: Will it answer the questions we had ask before?
Loyal: Yes. No question will be left unanswered.
Ben: Loyal? Why can't we return?
Loyal: Because it's not safe here anymore. The only safest place you can go to is back to your home.
Ben: It would be nice to stay...
Loyal: It would be nice.
Max: What if we never go back?
Lulaine and Ben: MAX!!
Max: What!? It's just a question!
Loyal: Max, I can't keep you here. I'm not your father. It would be an awful thing to do if I kept you from your family. Don't you want to see your parents?
Max: Yes. I want to see them.
Loyal: There you have it. We all must return back to our home.
Ben: I can't wait to see them.

Loyal smiled and patted Ben's head.

Loyal: It must be nice to have a mother and father to welcome you back home. I wouldn't know the feeling.
Max:  :(
Loyal: Can I ask you all a question?
Lulaine: Yes!
Loyal: How does it feel?
Lulaine:How does what feel?
Loyal: To have a mother love you? To hold you in her arms? What is a Mothers Love?

Lulaine thought hard with her friends. Loyal waited for an answer.

Ben: Well... it's a soft warm feeling.
Loyal: And?
Ben: It feels like... like. You know when it's your birthday?
Loyal: Yes.
Ben: Well, think about that. A mother who goes through so much pain to have and to see her new baby. And then she holds you in her arms with care and her eyes full of love for you. That's a Mothers Love.
Loyal: Sounds lovely.
Max: How do you know she held you in her arms?
Ben: It's obvious, stupid. What kind of a mother doesn't hold her child and love it when it's in her?

Loyal bit his bottom lip.
Loyal: My mother.
Max: Ah.
Loyal: She loved Death more than me.
Lulaine: I have to say, Loyal. You have pretty bloopy parents.
Loyal: Don't swear. Yes, my parents are no the best, but I love them.
Ben: That's crazy. How can a mother hate her own child.
Loyal: She was afraid of dying.
Max: So? We all die. Your ma needed to buck up and accept death when it came for her.

Loyal heard Death laughing behind the door.

Loyal: I guess so. Anything else?
Lulaine: It feels amazing when a mother holds you and tells you that she love you and will do anything to keep you safe.

Loyal nodded.

Max: I miss my ma. I miss her hugs. When I get back home, I'm going to give her a big hug.
Lualine: I miss my mama, too. I want to see her smile again. I'm so excited to go back home and see her.
Ben: I want to see my mother. I can't wait to see her face when she sees me.
Loyal: I want a Mothers Love...

Max, Ben and Lulaine went on talking about their mother and what they plan to do when they get home. Loyal hid his face in his knees and sighed.

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Chapter Ninety Eight.... Goodbye. Part one...

Late at night...

Max and Lulaine stood around with Cherry Blossom by the gardens. Doragon was getting Ben. Death showed up holding a small box.

Cherry Blossom: Are you guys alright?
Lulaine: Just a little nervous.
Max: And excited. We get to see our family again!
Cherry Blossom: Wonderful! You are so lucky.
Max: Where are your parents, Blossy?
Cherry Blossom: I don't know if I have any. I came out from the ground like a tree.
Lulaine: How?
Cherry Blossom: When two lovers kissed for the first time by my tree, I came out that night. It was so beautiful.

Max and Lulaine grinned at Cherry Blossom who smiled back.

Such a nice night and it was time to return back home. Max and his friends were a little frighten but also very sad. They are leaving Loyal and his friends. After they go back to their home, they couldn't go back. It was all very depressing.

Doragon came back with Ben walking besides her. There was a low horn blowing in the distance. Loyal was calling them

Death: Well! I guess we better go see Loyal.
Ben: Can we wait for a few more minutes?
Death: Of course we can... No rush...

The group sat there watching the moon rise.

An hour later.

Death: Whoops. We stayed too long.
Max: It was fun. I'm sure Loyal doesn't mind.
Cherry Blossom: I'm sure he doesn't mind at all. Let's go now.

Lulaine, Max and Ben slowly climbed onto Doragon's back. Slowly and quietly, Doragon lifted her powerful wings and took off. Death and Cherry Blossom flew by Doragon. The flight seem to be going very slow but at this moment, who cared. At last they arrived at where Loyal was waiting. The horn sounded off again. Doragon landed softly on the ground.

Loyal: Took you a while..
Death: We had a bit of trouble.
Loyal: Alright. Guys? Are you ready?
Ben: No.
Loyal: I'm not ready as well.

Max and Ben and Lulaine slid down from Doragon and trudged over to Loyal.

Sun: Wait!

Sun came running up with Moon and Starlight in tow. Cosmic and Galactic came up after them.

Loyal: I did not know you were coming. Why are you not with Sky?
Sun: He let us out to say goodbye.
Cherry Blossom: Oh, how nice.

Sky came up slowly.

Sky: I hope we are not too late.
Death: No, Loyal was just getting ready.

Starlight crawled around on the floor playing with her glowing orbs. Sky nervously played with his long black hair.

Moon: Sky cannot stay long, he must return back to his home in case anything gets inside.
Sky: I want to make this quick.

Stiffly, Sky walked over to where Max, Ben and Lulaine were standing. Sky looked down at them, his eyes were filled with pain and sadness.

Sky: Max. Lulaine. Ben... Farewell.
Max: Goodbye, Sky...
Lulaine: Bye bye, Sky...
Ben: ...
Sky: Goodbye.

Sky turned around to leave but heard a voice call his name. Sky turned around and Ben ran into him hugging him.

Ben: Oh, Sky! I wish we didn't have to leave! I'll miss you!!
Sky: I am going to miss you as well.. vermin.

Ben hugged Sky even tighter remembering the day when he tore Sky's robe on purpose and Sky called him a vermin. Sky got down on his knees and hugged Ben who was crying softly. Sky talked quietly to Ben. Sun went over to Sky and patted his shoulder, Sky got up and ruffled Ben's hair.

Sky: Don't be sad, Ben. It'll be just fine. Don't worry...
Ben: I'm a little scared.
Sky: Don't be. When you get home... Just look at the sky.

Sky pointed up the the starry night sky.

Sky: And remember me. Whenever you think of me, I'll remember each of of you all as well... I love you all... Farewell Ben.
Ben: Goodbye Sky...

Sky got up and left. Moon and Galactic wiped away the tears away from their eyes. Ben trudged back to Loyal. Max and Lulaine smiled sadly at Ben.

Sun: Wow. Sky is more emotional than I thought.
Death: Silence.

Moon came over with Starlight in her arms.

Moon: Goodbye, Lulaine.
Lulaine: Goodbye, Moon. Goodbye, Beebee! I'll miss you

Lulaine hugged Moon and Starlight goodbye. Starlight grabbed Lulaine's hair and squeaked. Lulaine gently pried Starlight's fingers off and kissed her small baby hands.

Moon: Goodbye, Ben.
Ben: Goodbye, Moon.

Moon hugged Ben and went over to Max.

Moon: Goodbye, Max.
Max: Goodbye, Moon.

Starlight started to cry a bit but not loudly. Moon left to where Sun was standing. Cosmic and Galactic went over to Ben

Cosmic: Goodbye Ben.
Galactic: Farewell.
Ben: Bye, Cosmic and Galactic. I'm sorry I won't be there to see your babies, Galactic. I hope you'll be fine when you are giving birth.
Galactic: That's sweet. I'm sure they don't mind.

Cosmic and Galactic said goodbye to Lulaine who started to cry a bit and then Cosmic and Galactic went over to Max.

Cosmic: Goodbye Max. Take care.
Max: Good bye Cosmic.
Galactic: Goodbye Max. Be safe.
Max: Bye, Galactic. I love you.
Galactic: I love you, too.
Death: He doesn't mean it like that!! Max actually loves you!! He had a crush on you when you first met!!

Ben and Lulaine started laughing loudly and Max cringed. Sun and Cosmic started laughing as well.

Death didn't see the shoe coming at him until it hit him square in the face. Death looked at Loyal who was standing proudly missing a sandal. Galactic smiled sweetly at Max and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Max felt light-headed

Galactic: There you are. A kiss from a goddess. May you stay safe and strong forever. I'll miss you terribly, Max. Goodbye.

Galactic hugged Max and went back to Cosmic. It was Sun's turn.

Sun: Goodbye, Ben. Stay well.
Ben: Bye, Sun. Take good care of yourself.

Sun smiled weakly and looked down. Lulaine noticed how thin and weak Sun looked. When they first arrived, Sun was strong and healthy, but now...

Sun: Goodbye Lulaine. Be good.
Lulaine: Bye-bye, Sun. I'll miss you lots.
Sun: Me too.

Max came up to Sun. Sun got down on his knees.

Sun: I guess this is goodbye forever, Max.
Max: Yes. Remember when Fire found me?
Sun: I remember... It was about to rain... That's when I met you and still had Fire.

Max and Sun kept quiet. Sun had lost Fire and now he was going to leave Max. Max felt sick.

Max: I'll miss you, Sun.
Sun: I'll miss you too.

Sun hugged Max goodbye.

Loyal: Well. I guess it's time for you all to go.

Sun took Moon's hand and they stood by the trees. Cosmic and Galactic went to where Moon and Sun were.

Max Lulaine Ben: Goodbye. We love you and will miss you.
Sun: Farewell. We all love you as well.

One by one. Sun and left with the others until they were no longer to be seen.

Loyal's heart felt heavy.

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Chapter Ninety Nine... Going home.

After Sun and the others left all was silent again and the warm air was thick and heavy with sadness.

Cherry Blossom walked up.

Cherry Blossom: Farewell, kids. Be safe and stay happy. I won't forget you all.
Max: Bye, Blossy.
Lulaine: Goodbye, Cherry Blossom.
Ben: Bye-bye, Blossom.
Cherry Blossom: Don't be scared. Loyal will get you home.

Cherry Blossom's voice broke. Death patted his crying wife on the back.

Death: Don't cry, Blossy. You're only making it harder for them to let go.
Cherry Blossom: I know! It's just that...

Max and Lulaine and Ben quickly scrambled over to Cherry Blossom and hugged her. Cherry Blossom wrapped her arms around them.

Cherry Blossom I love you all. Keep safe. Thank you for letting me take care of you like your mother.

Slowly, Cherry Blossom got up and broke away from the hug. Loyal's heart felt heavy and it hurted terribly.    

Loudly, Death cleared his throat.

Death: So!... This is goodbye.
Ben Yeah... Goodbye, Death. Be safe.
Death: Bye, Benny. Be well. Don't do drugs and drink. Or else.

Death smiled and held up both of his hands that had a small red aura around them.

Death: Or else.
Ben: Gotcha. I'll be good.
Death: You guys as well, Max and Lulaine. Make good choices or you'll die way too early.
Max: Deal. Goodbye forever, Death.
Death: Bye-bye, Max. Goodbye, Lulaine.
Lulaine: Bye, Death. Don't worry. I'm sure you and Cherry Blossom will have a child one day.
Death: Thanks. Live you lives like the world is going to end, you never know when your time is up.

Death nodded at each of them and he went back to Cherry Blossom. Doragon sneezed.

Ben: Bye, Doragon.
Lulaine: Goodbye, Doragon. Be good.
Max: So long.

Doragon purred and rubbed her head against the small group. Max, Lulaine and Ben hugged Doragon's head.

Meyio: Farewell.

If anyone could see and hear the sound of a heart breaking, everyone would have heard Ben's, Lulaine's and Max's heart breaking into small sharp pieces as they walked over to where Loyal was standing.

Loyal removed the blindfold that hid his eyes. Death opened his mouth to say something but shut it quickly.

Loyal: Ben. Lulaine. Max.

Loyal got down on his knees and looked deeply into their eyes.

Loyal: It's been years since I felt that fatherly feeling.
Max: ?
Loyal: I'll never get to be a father. But taking care of you all made me feel like one. Remember when we all went down to the worlds?
Ben: Yes.
Loyal: Watching you guys play and laugh made me nearly burst with joy. You were all so young... innocent and carefree. I pray that when you grow up, you all find joy in everything you see and do like a child.

Death went over to Loyal and handed him the small box. Loyal opened it and pulled out three golden necklaces that had a small gold pendant on it.  
Loyal: I made these for you. Please keep them on. No harm will come to you if you wear these. These will help you get home and keep you safe from now on.

Loyal put the necklace on Max first, then Ben and at last Lulaine.

Loyal: Thank you. Thank you for everything.
Max: Thank you, Loyal.
Ben: Thanks, Loyal.

Lulaine didn't say anything, she just stared at the floor. Loyal touched her hand gently, Lulaine tucked hands in her pockets.

Loyal: Goodbyes are hard, I know. It could mean you'll never meet the person again. But blessed beautiful memories are forever. No one can take that away from a human. Beautiful memories are what keeps us together even if we are far apart.

Loyal held Lulaine's face with his hands and smiled at her.

Loyal: I'll see you soon.

Lulaine threw her arms around Loyal and began to cry. Loyal smiled and hugged Lulaine tightly.

Lulaine: Oh, Loyal! Thank you for all you have done! I'll miss you, I will never forget you!
Loyal: Goodbye, Lulaine. I love you... all of you.

Loyal held out his other arm for Max and Ben who ran to Loyal and hugged him tightly. Cherry Blossom wiped her eyes and Death complained about the dirt that flew into his eyes. A large tear came out from Doragon's eye and plopped onto the earth. Loyal's begin to cry softly because that buttery father feeling came back.

Loyal: Come on... it's time for you all to go home.

Loyal took hold of Lulaine's hand and held onto Max and Ben's hands.

Loyal: Don't let go.

Together they all walked over to the large black hole. When it was first found, it seem so dark and cold. Now it looked welcoming and safe.

Loyal: One last look?

Ben and Max and Lulaine turned around. Death and Cherry Blossom were standing by Doragon. Cherry Blossom waved at them and Death smiled. Doragon slapped her tail on the ground. Max and his friend waved goodbye.

Ben pointed to the hills. Max and Lulaine saw a tall man in the distance standing on the rocks. There stood a few other deities. They knew who it was. Sky lifted his ax high in high air and yelled. Sun and the others began to yell and jump about. They were far away, but everyone knew that Sky and his deities were saying one last farewell.

Loyal: Are you mark... get ready.

Loyal, Max, Ben and Lulaine crouched down getting ready to jump.

Loyal: Jump!

At once, Loyal, Max, Ben sand Lulaine all jumped together into the hole.

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Chapter One Hundred.. Nothingness...

Max, Ben and Lulaine gripped onto Loyal tightly as they fell further and deeper into the earth's black cavity. Loyal looked back for a second to see how far they had gone, the small shaft of light was gone and they were all falling into pitch black nothingness. To keep from going insane with fear, Loyal flew slightly to show them it was okay and nothing was wrong. It was safe to talk, but no one said a word. Perhaps they were afraid that if they said one word, everything will go off course. As they fell, everyone but Loyal thought the worse... Were they lost? A few minutes went by and still nothing, Max was about to say something but at that moment, the air became tight and cold. Ben shivered with fear. What was going on? Were they lost? Were they all being swallowed into nothingness where they will be seen no more? Did Loyal lie to them? Loyal's ​wings shot out to the side to help him go faster. The air became tighter and tighter until there was a loud deafening pop.

The air was gone, how would they breath!? They all panicked except Loyal. Lulaine was poking Loyal on the shoulder to ask him something, but he didn't answer. There was a small almost silent whooshing sound... Like wind.

The wind hit them all of a sudden like it was trying to push them back, Loyal picked up speed flew downward as the wind kept hitting them. Loyal heard small crys of terror but he had to keep going, if he stopped the wind will push them back and who knows where they might head to.

Squinting, Loyal saw a light far off into the distance. They were almost there! Ignoring the angry wind, Loyal grabbed Max, Ben and Lulaine by their hands. The wind was screaming and shrieking so loud that Loyal had to yell at them to hang on to each other and not let go.

Quickly, Ben grabbed Max and Lulaine's ​hand and squeezed ​it tightly. No words were said, but they knew why Ben squeezed their hands. It was time to say goodbye.

Loyal hugged them farewell.

Then before they knew what he was doing, Loyal tucked his wings back in threw them into wind. They didn't see what had happened to Loyal. The wind struck Loyal so hard that he was tossed back up like a rag-doll.

It was dangerous, but Loyal knew what he was doing. Ben, Lulaine and Max all saw the bright  hole and there was the loud pop again.

All was quiet... No wind... Just silence...

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Chapter One Hundred One.... Where?

Max P.O.V
There was a bight glowing warm light shining in Max's face. It was so bright that Max shielded his eyes with his hands and rolled over. There was a sift scratching sound as he moved... It was warm and bristly.

Ben's P.O.V

Ben was asleep on the side of his face. It felt smooth and grainy. Ben woke up and saw a few bugs walking by not paying any mind to Ben. Ben sat up and saw that he was alone near the beach... Was he home? Where were Lulaine and Max?

Lulaine's P.O.V

Lulaine sat on her knees looking around. It had been a least an hour since she woke up in a bird sanctuary.  Some of the birds cheeped ignoring Lulaine. Some birds watched Lulaine as she looked from side to side. Where was everybody? Loyal? Max? Ben? They were gone. Each of them were somewhere else.


Was it all a dream? Was Loyal and his family just a dream that will soon vanish as they grew up? Were they drugged and they saw all that stuff? It seem so real... was it?

Max's P.O.V

Max fell back asleep and never saw the women coming up.

Ben's P.O.V

Ben stood up and saw beachcombers hunting for sea glass and other ocean treasurers.

Lulaine's P.O.V

Lulaine saw a bird-keeper entering the sanctuary.  

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You're doing a really great job, keep up the good work.

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Congrats!! 100 Chapters of the best fan fic i know!!
i was really exicted for this moment  ;D

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100 Chapters!!!!!
Yeaaaahhh!! I did it! :hooray:

You're doing a really great job, keep up the good work.
Thank you kindly!  :cheery:

Congrats!! 100 Chapters of the best fan fic i know!!
i was really exicted for this moment  ;D
Thank you!!  I was excited as well! :hooray:

I did it! The first chapter started with Loyal and chapter one hundred was about Max, Lulaine and Ben! Let's see if I can keep posting a new chapter each day until May 10th.  8)

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Chapter 102... Dig!

Death gripped Cherry Blossom's hand tightly. It's already been four hours and Loyal was still inside that blasted hole.

Death: Do you think he lost his way?
Cherry Blossom: No. Loyal will come soon... I hope.

Doragon wrapped her large tail around Death and Cherry and pulled them close to her side. Death could hear Doragon's loud heartbeat thumping rapidly.

Death: Don't be scared, Doragon. Loyal will come soon.
Doragon: *whimper*
Cherry Blossom: Tell us, Doragon. Do you want kids with Loyal?
Death: Blossy. What the ∗∗∗∗?! Doragon is a dragon and Loyal is a God. They can't have children!
Cherry Blossom: They can adopt.
Death: ... I didn't think of that... who though?
Cherry Blossom: Loyal will find a kid to adopt. But in the meantime, when will Galactic have hers?
Death: I don't know. She should have them soon... But it takes a while for a Goddess like her to have children.
Cherry Blossom: Death? What will happen to Sand and Fire? Sand murdered Rain, which is sad because I heard Rain was pregnant and-
Death: Rain wasn't pregnant.
Cherry Blossom: What?
Death: Rain wasn't pregnant at all. Fire and her never got together, Rain was still a virgin. She only takes it to taunt Sand who was already losing it. Rain didn't think that Sand would kill her.

Death stared off into the distance. Cherry Blossom and Doragon were dumbstruck after hearing what Death said.

Death: But it wouldn't have mattered. Sand was going to kill Rain either way. Remember that day when I got really sick and couldn't throw up until two hours later?
Cherry Blossom: Yes.
Death: Well, that was Murder. Now the people are thinking that they only way to get what they want is murdering a love one for it.
Cherry Blossom: Oh, Death.
Death: Can't do anything about it now. Fire will sort it out.

Cherry Blossom pressed her face into Death's neck. Everything was out of control now, murder, polygamy, disease, famine, severe weather... It was a miracle that Loyal took Ben, Lulaine and Max home.

Cherry Blossom felt Death twitch.

Cherry Blossom: Deathy?
Death: The hole... Something grew over it!

Death broke away from Cherry Blossom and Doragon, ran to the dirt covered hole and begin to dig with his hands yelling for his brother.

Cherry Blossom: Death! What happened!?
Death: I don't know! Help me!

Cherry Blossom got down on her knees and started to claw at the dry earth. Dorgon hurried over to help. Her massive sharp claws made the dry earth break and large pieces were being tossed aside.

Death heard a small yelp.

Death: Wait!! Stop!

Blossom and Doragon stopped digging...

The yelp went off again.

Death: LOYAL!!


Death: Loyal! Stay still, we're going to get you out!!

can't breathe!

Death, his wife and Doragon started digging faster. They dug as fast as they could but Loyal was still far away. Dorgon scratched something.

Loyal: Yow!!
Death: Doragon, stop! You scratched him!
Loyal: I'm bleeding!

Cherry Blossom and Death kept digging until they saw Loyal's hand reaching out. Grabbing on tightly, Death and Cherry Blossom pulled Loyal out from the earth.

Cherry Blossom: Loyal!

Loyal was coughing up dirt and rocks.

Death: What the hell just happened!? I thought the hole was going to be covered until you came back!
Loyal: I don't *cough* know why *cough cough* it did *wheeze* that.

Loyal flopped onto Doragon's paw, coughed up some more dirt and smiled.

Death: Loyal! I thought you knew what you were doing! Why di-
Loyal: Thank you all for getting me out~ ❤

Death couldn't help but smile. Cherry Blossom grinned weakly at Loyal. Doragon licked at the large deep gash where she accidentally scratched Loyal.

Cherry Blossom: Loyal?
Loyal: Yes?
Cherry Blossom: Did they get home?

Loyal reached out and squeezed Cherry Blossom's hand. He didn't answer, but the squeeze said everything.

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Chapter 103... So many questions so little time...

Lulaine's P.O.V

Lulaine sat on a hard plastic chair waiting for the police to come and pick her up. It was all still confusing, was it all a dream? It couldn't be. A year ago, she was walking and searching for Indian Arrowhead's when she saw the hole and tumbled into it. So all of it must have been real. Lulaine remember the necklace that Loyal had given her. Desperately, Lulaine pulled it out from her shirt praying that it wasn't just a cheap store bought one on her, it was still there. Loyal's gift to her was still on her neck. The necklace was glittering as the sunlight hit it. Lulaine rubbed it gently and smiled. It was all real. Loyal and everything was real. It wasn't a silly dream. Lulaine decided not to tell anyone about her experience in Loyal's kingdom, that story will stay with her. Lulaine looked out the window and saw a police car pulling in.

Ben's P.O.V

Ben sat quietly in the back of a moving truck just mindlessly slapping the side. The beachcombers were driving Ben to the police station, they asked Ben a few questions but Ben barely responded. Where was Lulaine? And Max? Did they get home? Did Loyal get home? So many questions he wanted to ask, but he couldn't because they might think he is crazy. After a while the beachcombers stopped asking Ben questions and kept driving. Ben thought up a story to tell the police how he disappeared. Ben pulled out his necklace and squinted at it. It was true. Loyal did get him home and the necklace worked. Ben was alright and nothing went haywire. Ben glanced up at the sky. It was so beautiful and blue. Ben grinned.

Max's P.O.V

Max held on tightly to his necklace as he laid in a hospital bed. It has been already whole day since the police called for his parents and the doctors rushed back and forth checking on him. Max's parents lived far away from the hospital, but knew they were heading over here as fast as they could. The doctors told Max that a year has gone by since he vanished. Max gripped the necklace tighter, where was everyone? Was Lulaine home? Was Ben home? Max had to know. Max got up from his bed and checked the missing kids bulletin. There were all sorts of children missing some from places that were too far to reach. Max saw a picture of Ben and another picture far away of Lulaine. Did they get home?

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Wow! You came a long way, great job!

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Wow! You came a long way, great job!
Thanks~ ❤

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Chapter 104... Tea and Tick tock

At Sky's house...

Annoyed from begin woken up, Sky pricked his pinkie with a thick sewing needle to see if it was sharp enough. Loyal sat on a wooden stool waiting for Sky.

Sky: Remember. If you squirm, I'll mess up and the stitches will be crooked.
Loyal: Yes, Sky.
Sky: I'm not Earth, okay? I don't have any medicine to numb the pain, it'll hurt so bite down on this wood.
Loyal: Just hurry before I flip.

Sky brushed away part of Loyal's blood coated hair and glared at the wound. The long open wound went from the top of Loyal's head all the way down to his neck.

Sky: God, why wasn't Doragon careful?
Loyal: She didn't do it on purpose, she didn't see me.
Sky: Right. Hold still.

Slowly, Sky stuck the needle into Loyal's skin. Loyal winced as the needle made it's way through his skin and out, Sky hummed loudly to block out the fleshly sound.  

Sky: So... did you get them home?
Loyal: I did. It wasn't very easy carrying all three of them. The hardest part was letting go.
Sky: Sounds like it. But what matters the most is that they are safe and the flu epidemic didn't get them.
Loyal: Plague?
Sky: oops... I didn't mean to ruin your night, Loyal, but Death told me there is a flu epidemic and it's killing millions.
Loyal: Anything else?
Sky: Death wants you to know that if dare try you go down there to help them, he'll tie you to a chair.

Loyal balled his fist but kept quiet. Sky continued to sew the cut. The clock ticked quietly.

Tick tock... tick tock...

At last, Sky finished sewing the wound and wrapped a large black bandage on Loyal's head.

Sky: Do you want anything? I still have plenty of hot water, we can have tea.
Loyal: That would be nice, thanks.

As Sky puttered around in the kitchen, Loyal wandered around in the living room. Baby toys were scattered all over the place, near the doorway was a line of shoes against the wall. Shoes that didn't even belong to Sky. Loyal felt bad for Sky, his once tidy house was now messy ever since he took in Sun and his family along with Cosmic and Galactic. Loyal begin to put away toys when Sky came in holding two mugs of black tea. Sky frowned and kicked at Starlight's teething ring.  

Sky: Dang kid. Starlight is already growing her teeth and she won't stop crying. Sun finally shut her up an hour ago.
Loyal: Poor baby... poor Sky.
Sky: Twice she bit me. I almost lost it, but she's a baby. It hurts her.

Loyal and Sky sat on the floor drinking their tea and not saying much. The silence was painful, maybe they were sad that their little guests were back home or that the world was falling apart? Loyal's head throbbed.
Loyal: Anything else about the flu?
Sky: One of the Goddesses got it and Earth is taking care of her.
Loyal: Which one?
Sky: Cloud, I think?
Loyal: Sad... do you think I should do something?
Sky: No. You said you wouldn't interfere. I don't want anyone going down to help. My parents died from that epidemic and if you go down there, I won't let even you get near Sun and the others! I'll chop you up with my ax!
Loyal: Alright, alright. Relax.
Sky:It's madness down there. I've seen what that disease can do, I won't have any of that creepy bloop all over my deities!
Loyal: Alright, Sky!

Sky was so angry that his hands shook when he lifted the mug to take a drink. Loyal's mouth made a tight line, Sky was really passionate about his new small family. Loyal looked back at Sky. Sky held a stained red cloth in his dark hands.

Sky's nose was bleeding.

Sky: Damn.
Loyal: Sky? Are you alright?
Sky: It's just the allergies, I'll live.
Loyal: Has this been happening lately?
Sky: No. It just started.
Loyal: Why is that cloth stained like this has been going on for a while?
Sky: I didn't have a bandage when Starlight bit me so I used this.

Sky shoved the cloth back into his robe.

Loyal and Sky didn't say anymore. Something was wrong and Sky refused to say what it was. Loyal stared at the clock's hands move slowly.

Tick tock... tick tock...

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This is so beautiful, I love how you still incorporate Lulaine, Max and Ben

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This is so beautiful, I love how you still incorporate Lulaine, Max and Ben
*Tips hat* Thank you. ❤

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Chapter 105... Reunited.

Ben's P.O.V

Ben sat inside of the police station waiting for his parents who were on their way to pick him up. It's been a whole day already and still no sign of his friends. In the corner of his eye, Ben saw a missing child bulletin board. Quickly, Ben jump off the bench, ran to the board and held onto it desperately. There were so many missing kids that it made Ben's heart ache, some had stamps on the pictures that said:

Missing For Five Years
Still Lost

It was all so depressing that Ben didn't want to look anymore, but he had to see if Max and Lulaine's picture were there. After a few minutes of searching, Ben saw the picture of Max. His face had red stamp on it that said


Ben nearly fainted when he saw the picture,
wherever Max was, they found him. Ben stated looking for Lulaine's picture... Nothing. Ben broke out in cold sweat. Where was Lulaine? Did she make it? Did someone find her? Or was she still missing? Ben pawed at the board praying that Lulaine's picture was hidden underneath the others. At last, Ben found her picture but it said the words he didn't want to see.

Still Missing.

Upset, Ben trudge back to his beach, sat down and covered his face with his hands. Was Lulaine ever going to be found? Ben clutched onto his necklace praying so hard for a sign. Ben didn't see
one of the police walk by to the board. After a few sad minutes, Ben looked up and saw Lulaine's picture,
this time with a different stamp.


Ben didn't care anymore if they thought he was crazy, it didn't matter anymore. Ben ran around in the station yelling loudly until his throat hurt.

"Loyal did it! He kept his promise! Loyal did it!!"

Lulaine's P.O.V

The sun was going down making the firefly's dance about in the balmy spring air. Lulaine sat outside on a porch swing swinging to and fro waiting for her parents. It was dull sitting outside and every four minutes, someone would peek out the window to check on her. Later on in the week, the police will ask her questions, Lulaine made up a lie to say to them. Lulaine made a promise  that she'll never tell anyone about her adventure. No one would believe her and she wanted to keep to herself. Lulaine watched a man on his porch light a candle to ward off mosquito's who were out to eat. The candle flickered softly reminding Lulaine of the temples. Families were walking by with their children enjoying the night which made Lulaine's heart ached remembering Death and Cherry Blossom who were still trying to start a family. Lulaine saw a car pull in and two adults came out quickly. Lulaine and the two adults were still.

Max P.O.V

Max read the missing children board that had Lulaine's and Ben's picture on it. The stamp was in dark green letters that read,


Max's hands shook as he reread the words. Lulaine and Ben were found. Loyal got them all home just like he promised. Max heard a door slam and saw two adults standing there in his hospital room.

Ben's P.O.V

Ben finally stopped running when he saw his parents car pulling in. The police told Ben to hold still and wait, but Ben was too excited. Quicker then wildfire, Ben darted outside to his parents. Ben's mother and father jumped out of the car and ran to Ben screaming their child's name. Nearly crying tears of joy, Ben ran into his mothers outstretched arms, Ben's father wrapped his arms around his wife and child. It hurt when Ben ran into them, but who cared? Ben was reunited with his family... Ben's eyes filled with tears as he thought of Loyal's promise. Loyal wasn't there, but Ben said it anyways.

"Thank you, Loyal."

The wind blew softly... Ben's voice was heard by someone else

Lulaine's P.O.V

Screaming madly, Lulaine ran down the porch to her parents. Lulaine didn't even give them a chance to reach her, Lulaine ran into them so hard that she nearly dropped her mother. Lulaine's parents hugged her so tight that it hurt. All three of them were crying hysterically and they couldn't say anything without crying.  After a while, everything was silent. Lulaine was still wrapped up in her parents arms. Lulaine peeked over her fathers shoulder and stared at the candle that was now glowing brightly. Lulaine whispered so softly that her parents didn't hear her.

"Thank you."

The candle flicked and shined... Someone heard Lulaine.

Max's P.O.V

Max's parents ran to him screaming his name so loud that people turned to look. Max was so excited that he fell down, before Max could get up, his mother and father already lifted him up and had him in a bear hug. Max shut his eyes tightly to keep from crying. Max thought about his friends and wished that he knew if they were okay...

Behind Max's closed eyelids, he saw a brown haired boy with and man and women.


The next image was a girl with medium brown hair hugging a crying happy couple.


Max was so surprised. Loyal got them home...Loyal stayed true to his words... he got them home... Max begin to cry tears of joy.

"Thank you so much, Loyal."

Flowers begin to bloom by the window... He heard.

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that was beautifully written

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that was beautifully written

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Chapter 106... Sand and Death.

The next day...


Sand sat alone in her jail cell playing with the beetles that skittered around near her feet. The cold wind blew in snow making her cell colder. It was mid-spring, but there was snow covering the ground like it was the first snowfall of winter. Something was wrong with the weather, but no could do anything about it. It has been a month since Rain's death and still Fire has not met with her. Even though Sand was locked away, she could still see what was going on. From her window, Sand watched as the deities buried Rain and Water. On good days, Sand saw Fire walking by, but he never met with her. One night, Sand watched Wind walking by carrying a bag. Wind walked past the jail, past the temples, pass the houses and just kept walking until he was no longer seen. That morning, everyone searched for Wind, but he was gone. Sand knew that Wind was never coming back.

Sand's thoughts were interrupted by someone tapping the jail bars, Sand looked up and saw Death standing there.

Sand: Hello, Death. It's been a while.
Death: Hi. How are you, Sand?

Reaching out, Sand took hold of Death's scarf.

Sand: Broken, Death. I'm broken inside.
Death: I'm sorry to hear that... Well, anyone would feel like this when they kill someone.
Sand: I don't feel bad about her, Death. I'm depressed... Fire has not seen me.
Death: bleep him, you don't need him, Sand.
Sand: I think he is mad at me because I killed his wife and his child she was holding inside.
Death: Chill, Sand. Rain wasn't pregnant. She was only saying that to hurt you. Surprise?
Sand: !
Death: I have to say, you shut her up pretty good.

Sand groaned loudly making Death laugh.

Death: Oh well. At least she is gone.
Sand Water is dead, too.
Death: I know, I felt it.

Sand gaze turned up to Death.

Sand: Death? How does it feel? When a God or Goddess dies?
Death: Feel? It feels very hot... and then I get cold.
Sand: If they are their death is near, what happens to you?
Death: I start to bleed.
Sand: Why?
Death: I don't know, when it happens, I know that they are going to die.
Sand: Where do they go when they are gone?
Death: I don't know... I have been searching for years, but I haven't gotten my answer yet.
Sand: Do you cry when they die?
Death: No. I felt it so many times, it numbed me.

Death removed his scarf and jacket and handed them to Sand.

Death: Here. It's cold in here and you need this more than me.

Sand gratefully took Death's scarf and jacket and put it on quickly. Sand smiled at Death

Death: I feel for you, Sand. You don't deserve this.

Death reached in and tucked the scarf in the jacket.

Death: Don't worry. You'll be free soon. Feeling better?
Sand: Much better. Thank you for visiting, Death. Why though?
Death: Just to see you. Bye, Sand.
Sand: Bye, Death.

Death grinned at Sand and turned to walk out. Sand called out to him.

Sand: Death? Take care of yourself, okay?
Death: I'll try. See you later!

Sand waved goodbye to Death and went back to playing with the beetles.


Death walked around carelessly watching the snow gently fall to the ground. Death stood still stupidly looking up at the sky. It was a nice day Death had to admit. Who cared that it was spring, everything looked so peaceful. Death let go of his troubles and was enjoying the day... Death felt at peace. What could go wrong?

Death didn't see the black spirit slowly coming towards him.

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Although this scene was very enlightening, it helped the audience understand Death more. You develop your characters so well!

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Enjoying this a lot  :D

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Although this scene was very enlightening, it helped the audience understand Death more. You develop your characters so well!
Thank you~❣
Enjoying this a lot  :D
Glad to hear that❣
Me too!  :D
These chapters are great!
Thank you❣ What chapter are you on now?  :P

Glad to hear all of your positive comments. I was sick last night, and I'm so glad I didn't screw up this chapter.  XD

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Chapter 107... White​ box with a gold ribbon

A day later...

Lulaine's P.O.V

Lulaine dragged her feet in the hallway. She was tired and irritated after a two hour long session with the police. The police didn't seem to believe the story she made up of how she was "kidnapped" and she managed to escape. But who could tell? Lulaine wasn't about to tell them about her adventure, they will toss her in the looney bin. Lulaine opened the door that led to her room, it seem very small now. After spending a year and a half in a different world, everything seemed a bit pathetic. Lulaine scanned the room and on her desk she noticed a box with waiting patiently for her. It didn't look like any old mail order box that she got, this one was different. It was white with a gold ribbon tied on it. Lulaine rushed into her room, locked the door and rushed over to her desk. The box had nothing written on it, no fragile stickers, no zip code, nothing. It was just a plain white box. Lulaine picked it up, the box was heavy which made Lulaine excited. Lulaine sat on the floor with a this and impatiently pulled at the ribbons. The ribbons came undone and Lulaine opened the the box. Inside was the large quartz she had found when she was with Loyal. Besides the the quartz was a few gems and her kite was wrapped up into a small square. The same kite that Cherry Blossom made for her. Lulaine dumped out the goodies in the box, something round and golden fell out as well. Lulaine picked it up... It was the golden circlet that Loyal always wore. Lulaine never noticed that Loyal's circlet was missing when he took them home. Lulaine scooted the gifts aside and found a thick envelope at the bottom. Lulaine picked it up and shook it, not much sound came out, just rustling inside. Lulaine opened it and found a letter inside. A pretty long letter, enough pages to make a small book. Lulaine unfolded the letter. The letter was from Loyal of course. Lulaine wiped her eyes and begin to read.

Max's P.O.V

Max hurried to his room away from his family who threw a welcome back celebration for him. Max enjoyed the party, but he needed a break stat. Inside his dark room, Max could hear the music playing in the living room, his aunt's and uncles talking and his cousins running around. Max felt a ache in his heart as he remembered the celebrations over where Loyal was. Their celebrations were nothing like this. For some reason, the celebrations in the other world were a bit calmer. Max pushed the thought away and turned on the light. Max's eyes widened when he saw a white box with a gold ribbon sitting on his bed.  Max scurried to his bed and grabbed the box. It was kinda heavy, but Max didn't care. Quickly, Max yanked off the ribbons and opened the box. Inside was a small squared object. A kite. The kite that he lost when the string snapped. Max rolled his eyes when he read the small note.

I believe this is yours.

Max shook out the gifts on his bed, inside was gems and other little things. Max picked up a golden bracelet. The bracelet that Loyal. Max put it on and smiled at the glittering treasure. Max looked back at the gifts and saw a envelop underneath. Max pulled it out and tore it open. Inside was a long letter, long enough to make a short book. Max sat on his bed and started to read.

Ben's P.O.V

Ben hurried up to his room with box he found waiting for him in the trunk of the car.
It has already been a whole day of questions and lies. The police asked him who is this man named, "Loyal" Ben ingored them when they laughed at such a name and said what kind of a kidnapper is named Loyal. The police ordered Ben to tell them how Loyal looked like and if ever sees him again to report it to them. Ben's heart felt heavy when they said that. He knew that he could never see Loyal again. Walking back to the car, Ben opened the trunk to put in a few jackets.

Ben nearly choked when he saw the box. Quickly, Ben hid it under the jackets and tucked it in the back. On the drive home, Ben couldn't wait to open the box. Now at last, he was home. Ben untied the ribbons and tore opened the box. Inside was gems and some other things he found that he forgot, especially the kite. Something was glittering besides a envelope, a ring that Loyal wore on his finger. The ring that Ben sometimes swiped just to play with it, now it was his. Ben slipped the ring onto his finger and vainly grinned at it. After a few minutes of goofing around, Ben grabbed the envelope, tore it opened and stared at it in shock. The letter was from Loyal, how did he deliver the gift? Who knew? Ben begin to read.

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What is written in the letter ?? There is so much suspense
BTW how are you feeling now ?

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What is written in the letter ?? There is so much suspense
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Chapter 108... Talking in secret and gift.

At Sky's house...

Cosmic and Galactic sat on the floor watching Starlight chew on her plush seal.

Cosmic: How you feeling?
Galactic: Achy, but okay.
Cosmic: When you give birth? Next month?
Galactic: Later then that, it'll take a while.
Cosmic: I want to see them now! I'm starting to lose it over here.
Galactic: Well, get a grip on yourself. You're not the one with four babies inside of you.

Starlight stopped chewing on her toy and on her wobbly legs she stood up to head to the door. Cherry Blossom walked in.

Cherry Blossom: Hello, Starlight, Cosmic, Galactic. How is everyone?
Galactic: Cosmic is being a whiny baby.
Cosmic: I am not! I jut want to see out kids, Galactic... I'm really excited about it.

Galactic patted Cosmic on the head reassuring him that they will show up soon. Cosmic pulled Starlight onto his lap. While Cosmic played with Starlight, Cherry Blossom and Galactic left the room.

Galactic: Any luck?
Cherry Blossom: No. I went down into the worlds to talk with Fire about ditching his laws and coming back, but he doesn't want to hear it.
Galactic: *Tsk* Stubborn God. Why won't he admit he did wrong?
Cherry Blossom: I don't know, Fire was always a bit headstrong, but this is too much.
Galactic: What did he say to you?
Cherry Blossom: He said if I knew what's good for my health it's best not to come back.
Galactic: How awful!
Cherry Blossom: It wasn't a threat. Just a warning...
Galactic: Warning?
Cherry Blossom: Something weird is going on in the worlds...
Galactic: Like what?

Cherry Blossom looked around the room to see if anyone was around. No one was there, Cosmic left the house to show Starlight the flowers. Galactic stared at the clock.

Tick tock... tick tock...

For some reason, the clock didn't seem like just like an any old household device to tell time... More like a countdown to despair and insanity now.

Tick tock... Tic tock...

Cherry Blossom took hold of Galactic's hand and led her to the hallway.

At Loyal's house...

Loyal sat in front of his mirror cautiously removed the used bandage off his head to wrap a cleaner one on. Death leaned against Doragon. All was quiet except for the clock.  

Tick tock... Tick tock...

Loyal almost screamed.

Doragon: *Huff*
Death: ?
Loyal: Sing me a song or something, Death. I can't stand the silence.

Death pulled out his small pan flute and started to play a few notes. Loyal wrapped on a clean bandage while listening to Death play. Doragon just stared out the window watching the birds fly about in the sky as if nothing was wrong.

Loyal: It's so quiet without them.
Death: Yeah, but they are happy. No one wanted them to get hurt over here.
Loyal: You're right. It's still kinda sad without them... Do you miss them?

Death played a shrill high note to answer Loyal's question followed by a scale which made Doragon whine. Loyal nodded his head.

Doragon: *Snort*
Death: Oh well.
Loyal: I hope they liked the gifts.

After hearing that, Doragon quickly got up and left the room.

Death: What's her problem?
Loyal: She is hungry I guess.

Doragon returned with a box in her mouth, dropped at Loyal's feet and sat back down with Death.

Death: How cute. They left you something as well.

Death begin to play on his flute again watching his smiling brother open the box.

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okay i keep imagining death playing "my heart will go on" on the flute XD
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okay i keep imagining death playing "my heart will go on" on the flute XD
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Chapter 109... Loyal's Letter. Part One...

Dear Child of another World

By the time you get this letter, you have already made to your home and most likely no one believes your lie that you made up. You might have said where you were, but no one believes you. Crazy year for you, huh? I'm sure you will catch up on your schoolwork and other hobbies. You may be wondering why I am writing to you, I'm writing this letter to answer our questions that I never answered. As I write this, I am sitting at the same spot where my father died. The exact same spot where he took his last breath and vanished. That's what happens when a God or Goddess dies, they vanish into thin air. Where do they go? They forever live in the mind of those who knew them, but it's very hard to find them. Sometimes it's best to let them go, they head off to some unknown land... it's impossible to find them. We cannot bring them back. For past few months you have been asking me how did Himitsu die and what was a God of. One. Himtsu was the God of Secrets. Any secrets that are never to be told went to him. You might be thinking lame, but I thought it was pretty cool.The only catch was this. If Himitsu the God of Secrets ever said or whispered a secret that was not suppose be told, he could lose his voice forever to silence him. Pretty scary, so Himitsu never admitted his hate for me out loud. Two. Himitsu's death wasn't suppose to happen. Did he kill himself? No. A disease? No. did he turn away from my laws like Fire? No. Was he murdered? Yes. Himitsu was murdered. Who? It wasn't Amanga Okubi. It wasn't me.

It was his beloved son. It was Death.

Death did not do it in cold blood, it was an accident. Death was only twelve when he lost his father It was a long night, Himitsu and me were fighting with each other. We were all at a meeting, Me, Death, Fire, sun, and the other, but not Sky and Cherry Blossom. They were not born with us. I was receiving a lot of praise because I somehow managed to stop the black hole from sucking our worlds. I guess Himitsu had enough of me and he cursed me under his breath. Death and me heard him. Himitsu told me not to get so big-headed (I wasn't) because it won't redeem me that I'm a murderer. Fire's father told Himitsu to be quiet but Himitsu just couldn't hold it in anymore. Himitsu finally admitted his hate for me he kept inside so long. I was hurt. Death was furious but didn't say anything. Rayon was angry that Himitsu would say that to me. Me. His son who gives life to everything, who keeps him alive. Himitsu didn't want to hear it. Himitsu didn't know that he was slowly losing his voice.

At that point, I told Himitsu that needs to let go of the past already. And that it wasn't my fault that Seikatsu was dead. I went a little overboard. I said to Himitsu that he was being foolish like his wife who cursed her sons before they were born. Saying the truth only made my father more hateful. Himitsu didn't say anything. He slapped me... it was pretty violent. My nose started to bleed. I really couldn't do anything, Himitsu was my father. Plus hitting back would only lead to more trouble. Everyone n the room was staring at me and Himitsu. It was pretty embarrassing.

I was trying so hard not to cry because of what Himitsu said and his slap... Death?

Death couldn't take it anymore.

Death went right up to Himitsu and slapped him for being a terrible father. I guess Death forgot about his powers.

After Death slapped Himitsu. Himitsu vanished leaving only his robes behind. Everyone especially me in the room lost it and started to panic. Death was terrified. It was foolish of me to get upset, it only scared Death even more. Himitsu was gone. We lost our father. We had no one but ourselves. After a few minutes, Rayon managed to calm everyone down and tell them that Himitsu's death was an accident and that they shouldn't fear Death.

My brother was never the same after that night. Death withdrew from everyone. No matter how many times I told him that I don't hate him and that I still loved him Death didn't say anything. He became very depress because he killed his own father. We tried everything to make him smile.

How could he? Death lost his father, he was only eleven. Even though Death was angry at his father, he still loved him. Death would do anything to bring his father back to start all over...

That's when Amanga Okubi came in.

I'm now telling you the aftermath of Himitsu's death... Nobody knows where Amanga came from or how he came to be, he just showed up to Death. Amanga told Death that there is a way to bring back Himitsu all Death had to do was follow him to teach Death how to bring back deceased loved ones. Death was only wanted his father so he left with Amanga  without telling me. Death didn't know that Amanga Okubi's name means Evil Lies. I won't blame my brother for listening to Amanga, he didn't know. Death was a child who was longing for his father, who could blame him? Death turned twelve the next day. I was eleven... Me and Death grew up without each other. By the time we met up again, Death was already ninety nine and so was I. It was upsetting for the both of us. I'm crying as I write this... it was years ago, but the pain is still so raw. Amanga took away my brother when he was crying for his father. He took advantage of an orphan, Death didn't know. I didn't know... I lost my brother for so many years, I tried looking for him, but he was nowhere to be seen... All those years, Death listened to Amanga because he wanted to bring his father back... It was all lies... ugly, evil, black lies. Amanga Okubi took away Death's years as a child and ruined his life.

That is the story of Himitsu's death and Death's disappearance. Your questions are answered... I still have a few more questions to answer... continue reading... the rest of the pages should answer everything.

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Chapter 110... Loyal's Letter. Part Two

I'm sure of it. I know this answered all your questions. Everything that I wrote happened years ago. Not to be mean, but I'm glad you kids were not there. I'm afraid if you were there, she would taken advantage of you, or worse... Well. I guess that's it. What's a shame is that you all came during Fire's Rebellion. I don't know what's going to happen... okay. I kinda do, that is another reason I had to get you all home. Like a dummy, I'm still hanging onto false hope. Death tells me to let go, but I can't, Fire is my brother, even if we are not blood related and he says that we are enemies, I still have a little bit of hope in him. Call me foolish, I know I am. But what can you do? I'm still trying to bring him back... the skin my hand still feels tight from where he burned me. But that's my fault. Cosmic tells me I should stop because I told Fire I would not interfere. He's right. Maybe Fire will get the hang of it, he won't need me anymore. Or he might come back and everything will change! We'll be brothers again!!


You see? I can be foolish sometimes. Our worlds are in shambles and Death is releasing vomiting out all the pain and suffering that we agreed to hide. They say it's Fire's fault, but I kinda think it's mine... Now don't start thinking Fire is bad person, he's not. If you seen him before his mothers death, you'll be surprised. Fire was a happy, headstrong, gentle God. You saw the photo of us when we were all smiles and innocence. Fire is truly a good God. I have to say this. Fire's mothers death was my fault. I wasn't being careful and she and a bunch of others died. I still can't get over it... neither can Fire. He has the right to hate me, but also the right to forgive. Buuut... he won't.

It's still pretty bad here. Death is sick right now, and there is a bad thunderstorm happening. I would like to say something. I'm sorry you won't be here to see Galactic's babies. I'm sure they will be adorable and would have loved you all. I'm sorry that your time here was so short. It would have been nice if you stayed here forever, but you have a family, I keep you away from them.

I'm still wonder how those holes appeared... If you ever see another one of those holes, don't fall in. Leave it alone. I am looking for each one and covering it. I don't know what's going to happen here, whatever it is, it's not good. I don't want you to get hurt. I beg you. Do. Not. Enter. Those. Holes. Even if things turn out smoothly which they won't, it's best not to take anymore chances. I'm sorry, but this is the only way to keep you all safe.

I'm done. It's time to end this letter.

Even though you are not mine, I love you. I love you all. I want you to be safe and to live like the end is near. All of us love you. Me, Doragon, Death, Cherry Blossom, Sun, Moon, Starlight, Cosmic, Galactic, Sky. We all love you. Me and Doragon will never have children because of our forms. But you were like my children to me... Thanks. Thanks for everything.


And to let you know, no one can see this letter or your gifts. In fact they can't even hold them! Isn't that funny?! Only you guys can see and hold my gifts and letter.

Surprised? ;)

Well, I guess it's time to say goodbye... I love you all. I'll never forget you.

This letter is my story... and you know what? It's not over yet. I still have more chapters to write. A life is like a book. We write that chapters each day and the ones who knew us keep writing after we are gone. A Life Story never ends. It goes on, and on, and on, and on... This is going to be so much fun. Sorry you won't be there to write with me, but you are in my story now. The word "The End" does not exists to me.
P.S. I love my gifts. They're beautiful. I'll cherish them forever. How did I know? I practically know everything... Now one last question to answer. The question that entered you mind when we first met... Who am I?

I AM LOYAL!! My story is not over, I will forever write my story!! Goodbye!!

Yours truly.
     Loyal Silent Voice

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Chapter 111... Together Again

Max's P.O.V

Max folded the letter back into its envelope. Loyal had a lot to say and finish but so much havoc and betrayal was piling on top of him... And yet, he still had hope. It was amazing. Loyal was losing everything but he never gave up. The minute his mother found out about him, he still kept going when she cursed his life. His father loved Death more than him, but Loyal didn't let Himitsu's hate poison his gentle spirit. Death went missing for years, but Loyal kept searching for him. And then more insanity happened, but Loyal led his deities and the others to freedom... and yet they hated him. But Loyal is still hanging on and waiting for them to return to him. If that's not love then what is? Max went outside with his box and sat on the porch steps watching the gray clouds pass the moon. It was a beautiful night, Max wondered if Loyal was looking outside and thinking of them like how he was. Max pulled out the small candle from the box and lit it... the candle flickered. Max slipped on his bracelet and looked up at the bright full moon.

Good luck, Loyal.

Max ran inside to see his loving parents who were calling him. The candle kept flickering.

Ben's P.O.V

Ben sat on his bed re-reading the letter. How can Loyal stay sane after all of this? And there is still more trouble to come! Loyal's childhood to adulthood was ruined, but he's not letting the past swallow him up into insanity. Loyal is willing to lose his life to keep his brothers and deities safe. And Himitsu? How can Loyal love such a awful God? Was Loyal a bit soft headed? No. It is love. One question that Loyal cannot answer. Ben asked him one time how can he still love the ones who hated him Loyal smiled and shrugged. Ben lit his candle and stared at the small flame. The flame danced around and reminded Ben that Loyal is still waiting for Fire to return. Ben hoped that Fire will return to his brother sooner or later. Ben slipped on his ring.

We are apart but never forgotten, Loyal. Goodbye.

Ben pulled out a sheet a paper to write a letter to his parents to thank them hanging on and waiting a year for him to come home... and most of all... For loving him.

Lulaine's P.O.V

Lulaine fiddled around with the candle that Loyal gave her. His letter was too heartbreaking but yet so full of hope and love. Loyal and his brother went through so much... but they are together at last.
All it took was love and hope to bring them back. They didn't need their powers to reunite, it was the love that everyone is born with that helped them. Even if one say they don't need love and hope, it was hiding in the back waiting for them to return. Lulaine took off her necklace and admired the orb. On the orb was a small dragon with it's wings spread out, the wings had some elements tattooed onto it. Doragon and the other deities. Loyal didn't forget about them. And behind the dragon was a sun and moon with stars decorating it. Starlight and her parents Sun and Moon. Behind the the sun and moon was a dark purple swirls, planets and other questionable designs. Cosmic and Galactic. Inside the glassy orb was a light blue background that changed colors and hovered over the sun, moon, stars and space. Sky. Lulaine looked closer. Inside was small flowers and hearts that rested lovingly on a black scythe. Cherry Blossom and Death. Above the flowers was a infinity ring with white pair of wings attached to it. The ring was on fire.
Loyal and Fire. The Fire God who threw his brothers aside to gain more power, but The God of Life never forgot him.

You're crazy but amazing, Loyal. I love you.

Lulaine put the circlet on her head and thought about the words that Loyal told her when she was too upset to say goodbye. Lulaine lit her candle. The flame danced about like it was happy. Lulaine smiled closed her eyes and remembered the beautiful place that she left.

Loyal's P.O.V

Loyal wiped his eyes and held the card to his chest. Death and Doragon left to give Loyal the privacy he needed. On Loyal's lap was Max's sunglasses that he wore, a small white pawn from Ben's chess board. And Lulaine's earrings. Loyal picked up the small gifts and placed them in a trunk that held his belongings. Inside the trunk was Seikatsu's crown, Himitsu's sash that he wore. Rayon's and his wife's rings. Sun's glass duck that he gave him when Loyal turned 14. Death's red and black ring that Loyal kept during Death's kidnapping. A few things that Cosmic, Galactic, Starlight, Doragon, Sky and the other deities gave him. And the red and orange stone that Fire gave him. Loyal placed Ben's, Lulaine's and Max's gifts on top of his treasurers.

I love you all, too. I'll miss you and never forget you.

Loyal went to the window and watched the moon rise. There is still so much happening. Loyal's troubles are starting all over again. Loyal pushed away the thought, lit one of his candles and thought about his guests from another world. Loyal climbed out of the window and flew into the starry night sky. Loyal didn't know where he was heading, but it didn't matter. Loyal closed his eyes and saw them.

Loyal saw Max, Ben and Lulaine jumping up and down waving at him and laughing. Where Max and Ben and Lulaine were, they saw Loyal flying by waving and grinning at them.

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Am i allow to cry ? :'(
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Once again another good chapter.
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And it was so awesome~ You all should thank Perenelle for this. She practically gave me the idea.  :)

BTW. Don't say who your God or Goddess is until I put them in the chapter, then you can say if it's ours!  :cheery:

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Chapter 111... Bleeding.

Months have passed and the worlds were still out of control. Cloud left the kingdom declaring war on Fire's people. Her plan was to overthrow Fire and gain more power, the deities knew this and were terribly frighten. Fire told them to relax because Cloud was not one to be taken seriously. Death threw up a round cracked object in front of Sand one day which scared her stiff. That was a sure sign of war and of course Fire didn't listen to the warnings of Death. It wasn't until one of the temples blew up with a Goddess inside killing her. That's when Fire took action. War raged on and people were getting slaughter like pigs and the innocent were being forced into this madness. The war grew and grew until nobody knew what they were fighting for or whose side they were on. Loyal stood guard the gates of his home to keep out Cloud's Terrorist's. Sure a few bombs landed on Loyal's roof and some landed right in front of Sky, other than that, Death said that things should cool down soon. One night, Sky took his deities out of his home after spying in the temples. Fire said, "More recruits" That was enough to make Sky panic. It just wasn't safe anymore, Loyal closed the gates of his home to keep Death, Cherry Blossom, Doragon, Sky and his deities safe. Anyone who tried to enter would have to deal with Death. Things were okay, they were all safe. Everyone tried to lighten the mood by cracking a joke or singing, but it seem so sinful to be happy when people were dying. Sun wanted to talk with Fire, but Sky made him stay back. Galactic didn't Cosmic to worry, but something was terribly wrong...

Two weeks later...

Starlight was crying loud and strong because she wanted Moon, Sun tried to quiet her but Starlight just kept crying and crying. Cosmic paced back and forth while Sky sat with Loyal and Death. Doragon peaked in through the window. Moon and Cherry Blossom were in the other room with Galactic.

Galactic was giving birth... but it was way too early for them to be born.

Loyal closed his eyes and pressed closed hands on his forehead.

Sun: I'm trying! But she wants her mom!
Sky: Don't talk to him like that, Death. Can't you see that things are going off course!? You are making Cosmic nervous!
Death: I wasn't bleeping born last week, Sky! You think I can't hear Galactic cry in pain in that room!? Keep Starlight quiet!

Sky kicked Death hard in the knee, stormed over to Sun and took Starlight away from Sun. Cosmic was shaking all over.
Sky: Loyal, do something.

Loyal got up painfully and took the squalling child from Sky.

Loyal: What's wrong, sweetie?

Starlight kept crying and kicking her legs. Loyal looked up at the clock. It was still making that horrid ticking sound.

Tick tock... tick tock...

Loyal held Starlight close to his body and sang Himitsu's Lullaby in her ear... At last Starlight fell asleep. Everything was silent... Cosmic glanced at Death to ask him what did Loyal do.

Death was bleeding from the mouth.

Sky pointed at Death and screamed. Cosmic began to hyperventilate.

Moon walked into the room with Cherry Blossom. Sky jumped up and darted over to Moon and Cherry Blossom. They talked quietly with each other... Cosmic felt sick... Doragon padded into the room.

Sky went to Cosmic holding a white towel. Slowly, Sky knelt down in front of Cosmic still holding onto the towel.

Cosmic: Sky...?
Sky: She's alright, Cosmic. She doesn't want you to see her at the moment... Cosmic... they...

Sky gave the towel to Cosmic... it was soft and lumpy. Why weren't they crying?

Sky: I'm sorry, Cosmic... They didn't make it... I'm sorry

Sky's voice broke. Sky got up quickly and ran out of the room. Moon and Cherry Blossom burst into tears and ran out of the room as well. Sun looked at Loyal who was hugging Starlight. Death wiped away the blood from his mouth. Cosmic felt numb... they died. All four babies are gone... Did Galactic knew? What went wrong? Cosmic felt his chest tighten...

Doragon went over to her brother and nudged her head at Cosmic. Cosmic turned around to face Doragon. Her eyes were soft.

Cosmic: Oh, Doragon!!

Cosmic threw his arms around sisters paw still hanging onto his dead children.


Cosmic buried his face into Doragon's neck crying loudly. Doragon wrapped her wings around Cosmic as if to shield them all away from the stares. Sun, Loyal and Death could still hear Cosmic wailing under Doragon's wings.

Galactic cried on her bed listening to her husbands wailing.

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No poor Galactic :'(
I felt a bit teary eyed when I posted this chapter.  :'(

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Chapter 113... I'm Here...

That night...

Doragon followed Cosmic to the room where Galactic was resting. Twice Doragon tried to take the towel from Cosmic, but he wouldn't give it up. Desperately, Cosmic tried to breath life into his children but they never moved. Cosmic placed the towel under Doragon's wings for warmth, but their small lifeless bodies were stiff and cold already. Seeing Cosmic like this broke Doragon's heart. This shouldn't have happened. Cosmic and Galactic were suppose to have four strong healthy children. FOUR! How many Goddesses can have four inside of her? All of this was just too much to handle. Cosmic cradled the wrapped bodies to his chest singing softly. It took all of Doragon's strength to hold back her tears.
Galactic's Room...

Cosmic hesitated at the door to Galactic's room. Maybe he should head back? Galactic might get angry if he walks in when she didn't call him. Cosmic placed his hands on the door knob...

Meyio: Well?
Cosmic: I can't!
Meyio: Cosmic, why are you afraid?
Cosmic: She'll get mad at me for walking in.
Meyio: It's not that.

Doragon wrapped her tail around Cosmic, pulled him close and whined.

Cosmic: I failed her, Doragon!! I should've have done better, it's my fault she lost her children!

Comic started crying again. Doragon held her brother close and made a small humming noise listening to Cosmic cry about how he was pressuring about her children and how he wasn't always watching out for her. Doragon didn't say anything until Cosmic's cry's turned into small whimpers.
Meyio: I heard those words all day... Sky told me... Moon told me... You. And Galactic.

Cosmic stopped crying and gawked at Doragon.

Cosmic: Galactic said that?
Meyio: Cosmic... Galactic thinks the same way you are. She is thinking that she failed you. Right now, she is in there telling the others about she is a failure because she didn't give you the children that you wanted.

Cosmic hugged the bundle and sighed.

Cosmic: She didn't fail... My beautiful Galaxy Goddess is not a failure... I love her so much, Doragon. Her and these little guys.

Cosmic held the bundle out to Doragon.

Cosmic: Now I feel bad. Here I was crying like a child and I didn't even think about how my wife felt.
Meyio: Go to her. Let her know you are there.

Cosmic smiled weekly at Doragon, left the bundle with Doragon and went into Galactic's room.

Sky was rubbing Galactic's back. He looked up in surprise when he saw Cosmic. Cherry Blossom sat with Loyal. Sun and Moon were talking quietly by the window. Death and Starlight were no where to be seen.

Cosmic boldly walked over to Galactic's bed. Galactic didn't stir.

Cosmic: Galactic?

Galactic pulled the blanket over her head. Cosmic gently squeezed her shoulder.

Cosmic: Galactic... It's me.

Galactic's shoulders went limp. She didn't move.

Cosmic sat on the edge of her bed. Galactic scooted away.

Sky: Galactic? Cos-

Sky stopped talking and practically ran off. Cosmic patted Galactic's back, but she never responded.

Cosmic: Galactic.

Galactic moved the blanket away and stared at Cosmic.

Cosmic: Come here.

Cosmic gently pulled Galactic out from the sheets and held her on his lap. The same way he did to her a year ago when she was pregnant and upset. Now...

Galactic started to cry, she buried her face in Cosmic's shoulder crying bitterly. Cosmic smoothed down Galactic's hair and rocking her back and forth. Galactic kept crying and saying she was sorry for failing him. Cosmic hugged her closer.

Cosmic: Galactic. I'm here... Don't be sorry, you didn't fail me. Even though this had happened, I still love you, my Goddess. It's not your fault... Galactic.. I'm here...

Cosmic's throat tighten as he listened to Galactic's muffled cry's. Cosmic wanted to go back... Back to when Galactic and him were first married and so happy and stay in that beautiful year for a long time.. but they couldn't.

Cosmic: I'm here...

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This was so sweet and sad at the same time it made me teary-eyed

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After reading this, i was literally heart broken and crying  :'(
So did I.  :'(
This was so sweet and sad at the same time it made me teary-eyed
Awww.  :'(

Seriously. Reading stories of miscarriages or writing about it make me cry.  :(

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My eye started to water reading this.

It's wonderful though.

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My eye started to water reading this.

It's wonderful though.
Yeah, I cried a bit, too.  :(

Thank you though~

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Chapter 114... Cold Hand

The next day...

Death sauntered in with Starlight who was hanging onto his wings and repeatably hitting him with her plush seal. Doragon frowned when she saw them.

Whap, whap, whap!

Death heard Doragon's voice in his head.

Meyio: Don't take that from her, show her who's boss.
Death: She is the boss apparently. Starlight is fussy and I'm going crazy. Where's Sun? He said he was going to get this termite soon.
Meyio: He's still with Cosmic and Galactic.

Death yanked away Starlight's plush and dangled it above her head. Doragon watched Starlight reaching for her toy. She prayed that Cosmic won't walk in and see Starlight.

Meyio: Death?
Death: Yessum?
Meyio: Why? Couldn't you have leave them one at least?
Death: You know I can't do that. When your time is up, it's up. No one in the world can stop death.
Meyio: But a child? Death, how can you live with that?

Before Death could answer, Cherry Blossom briskly walked in.

Cherry Blossom: Ah! Death. Come in.
Death: Ahhh... No. I don't think they want to see me, Blossy.
Cherry Blossom: Come on. See them before we... we.

Cherry Blossom gave Death a toothy smile and ran back into Galactic's room. Death winked at Doragon and left her alone with Starlight.

Death: Morning.

Everyone glanced up at Death. Death broke out in cold sweat. Were they mad at him? Did they blame him for the death of Galactic's unborn children? Loyal hurried over to where his brother was standing. Loyal leaned forward and whispered gruffly in his ear

Loyal: Everyone in this room are still upset. Don't say anything that might make Cosmic and his wife cry, okay?
Death: He still hasn't let go of that bundle? What if they start to stink?
Loyal: Shush! Just say your sorry and everything will be okayish.
Death: Loyal?
Loyal: They are not blaming you for what happened. Relax.

Loyal patted Death on the shoulders and went back to where he was sitting. Galactic smiled at Death.

Galactic: Death? would you like to hold them?
Death: Uh... Um...

Death glanced helplessly at Sky who gave him an ugly look.

Death: Sure... let me see.

Cosmic handed the bundle to Death. Death felt a bit sick when felt the lumpy towel. They were in there but they didn't stir. Hopefully they were napping but they were dead. Death lifted the corner of the towel  to see them.

Sky: What the hell are you doing! Respect the dead and don't touch!
Death: I'm sorry. I didn't-
Cosmic: It's alright, Sky... He can look. It'll be the first and last time for him anyways.

Cosmic lifted the towel for Death to see. There they were... Tiny and transparent. Two of them had pure black like their father and the other two had bluish purple skin like Galactic. Death gingerly placed his finger under the baby's head. It flopped back onto the towel, but like he expected it, it wasn't alive. Death moved one of their arms it was as long as his pinkie but it was the hand that scared Death the most. Its small gooey soft hand was the size of his black nail on on his finger. So tiny and so cold... It didn't seem real, but it was. Death could handle an dead body, it was his job to remove a body he didn't mind doing it, but this time he felt terrible.

Death wanted to run away.

Cosmic sensed Death's fear and patted him on the shoulder.
Death: I'm... I'm so sorry. This-
Cosmic: It's alright. You did what you had to do.
Death: ...

With shaky hands, Death covered the bodies with the towel and gave it back to Cosmic.

Cosmic: I'm sure they would have loved you, Death.

Death doubted that but didn't say anything.

Death: Two boys and two girls?

Cosmic nodded and went back to Galactic. Everyone kept quiet and stared at the floor. Death closed his eyes tightly and tried to think of something else, but the image of the small hand on his finger haunted him.  

An hour later...

Moon sat on the edge of the bed holding Cosmic's hand. Galactic fell asleep with the towel and Death was sitting on the floor rubbing his bony knees. He didn't say anything that might start any tears, it seem to be going pretty good. Loyal left with Cherry Blossom and Sky. Sun tapped his foot

Not entirely though.

Moon: Now, Cosmic. You can name them if you like, it'll make it easier for you to part with them
Death: No it doesn't. It makes it harder to let them go.

Moon smiled at Galactic and glanced at Death.

Moon: No it doesn't.
Death: Yes it does.
Moon: It does not!
Death: It does so!
Sun: Ssst!!

Sun held is finger to his mouth and glared at them. Cosmic didn't seem to be listening, he just stared at the wall.

Sun: Well, whatever you want, Cosmic. No rush. We can freeze the little ones until it's time to bury them.
Cosmic: Freeze them?
Moon: Yes. We can't let them decay.
Cosmic: Will you give them a box to rest in?
Sun: Yes, we can do that!
Cosmic: A blanket?
Moon: Yes, Cosmic. They'll have their own box to rest in.
Cosmic: No. Let them sleep together.
Sun: No problem! It'll be a perfect bed to rest in.
Cosmic: Yeah... rest.

Sun and Moon took the towel promising Cosmic that they'll fix everything up. Cosmic didn't say a word. After Sun and Moon and Death were gone. Cosmic laid down next to Galactic who was still sleeping. Cosmic pulled Galactic close to his body.  

Cosmic: I'm sorry, Galactic.

Cosmic pulled the blanket over his body and went to sleep.

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Chapter 115... Night-night, bee-bee.


Sky sat outside watching Starlight pour water on the anthills that decorated the lawn. Night was approaching at a snails pace which suited Sky just fine. He had enough time to finish digging the grave. The sun melted slowly into the hills making everything look orange and red. Sky looked up at the pink orange sky with rose colored clouds passing by, even the clouds looked sad like they knew about Galactic's miscarriage. Sky felt his pale skin slowly turn pink like his sky. Starlight squealed in pain as one ant bit her. Cherry Blossom came up with Moon, Sun and Death. Moon had a small indigo crystal box in her hands.

Moon: Hello, Sky. What's wrong?
Sky: Nothing. Just thinking.
Cherry Blossom: Isn't this the best bed in the world!? Makes me wish I was dead and resting in it.
Cherry Blossom: It's a joke, Death. But I wish I had nice bed like this, take a look, Sky.

Sky peeked inside the indigo crystal box that Galactic's children were in. They were wrapped up a silky plum colored cloth that Sky tore off his robe earlier. The bundle rested on a white fluffy pillow. Thinking it was for her Starlight reached up and making small squeaking sounds.

Sky: It's cute~
Moon: Thank you! I thought it didn't look that good.
Death: It's the most fanciest funeral casket I've ever seen.  
Sun: Poor babes...

Everyone except Starlight was sorrowful for a moment. Doragon crawled up slowly as if she was counting her steps.

Sun: 'ello, Doragon. Where's Cosmic?

Doragon grunted and with her tail she pointed to the house.

Cherry Blossom: Can you go get him? We're ready.
Sky: We are ready, but are they?

In the house...

Galactic combed her hair staring at one of Starlight's toy ducks sitting on the floor. Cosmic pulled at loose thread on his dark blue Kurta.

Cosmic: Look, Galactic, a loose thread.
Galactic: When will you learn to not yank at those treads?
Cosmic: I don't know. I guess you'll have to slap some sense into this dummy forever.

Galactic scoffed at Cosmic who was smiling impishly at her.

Galactic: You are not a dummy, Cosmic. You are the best God I married.
Cosmic: Aww. That's so sweet, Galactic. I feel the same way about you, my beautiful Goddess.

Galactic went back to combing her hair. She didn't feel beautiful. Galactic felt ugly and empty...

And worthless.

Cosmic: Galactic?
Galactic: Hmm?
Cosmic: We can always try again... the next time might be it.
Galactic: I'll think about it. We'll see what shows up.

Cosmic smiled sheepishly at his wife and left the room. Galactic slammed down he comb on the bed, hid her face in her hands and burst into tears.

That night...

Sky threw more sticks into the fire as they waited for Cosmic and Galactic to show up. Each deity was dressed in black and holding a bowl that had a small purple candle in it. Death lit one of Moon's candles that sat in a small bowl. Starlight hung onto Moon watching the flame dance. The fire reflected in her watery starry eyes.

Starlight: Mama?
Moon: Yes?

Starlight held up a white blue star in her small hands. The star seem to be spinning but no one could tell.

Moon: That's very beautiful, Starlight. Be careful.

Starlight rubbed her head against Moon. Loyal sat on the floor wearing a pitch black kimono that Cherry Blossom made for him years ago. He thought he would never have to wear it...  

Sun: Where are they?
Sky: Ssh.

Cosmic came up with Galactic who had her arm looped around his. Doragon came up slowly behind them. Sky walked up to them holding the box.
Sky: Cosmic? Galactic? Did you name them? If you didn't, it's fine. We can just continue with the ceremony.
Galactic: We did...

Galactic lifted the lid on the box and pointed to each lump.

Galactic: This one is Nova. This one is Planet. They're named after Cosmic's parents.
Cosmic: This one is Orbit. And this one is Constellation. They are named after Galactic's parents.
Sky: Oh, how lovely... Just lovely.

Galactic shut the lid and took it from Sky.

Death: You can hold them for one last time...

Cosmic and Galactic stared at each other and then at the box. Slowly, Cosmic opened the lid once more. Galactic pulled out the bundle and unwrapped them. They looked like they were napping...

Cosmic pulled Galactic close and rubbed the bundle. The lump in Galactic's throat almost choked her.

Cosmic: Goodbye, Constellation, Nova, Orbit, and Planet. Daddy loves you, all of you... We'll never forget our sweet beautiful children. Whatever may happen, you'll be in our hearts forever... death cannot part us.

Cosmic kissed each baby on the head. Tears plopped onto the cloth. Galactic held the bundle close to her chest. She could hear her heartbeat and Cosmic's beating strongly. Her children's heartbeat never thumped softly with hers. Galactic mind raced back to when she heard Cosmic's, hers and their children's heartbeat all beating together. She never told Cosmic that one night she only heard is and hers.

Now it seems like that horrible night came back.

Galactic's vision blurred with tears.

Galactic: I'm sorry. Mommy is sorry. I love you all. You are my everything and still are. Nothing can change that... This is the last time Mommy will ever hold you and I'm not ready to let go. I'm sorry I failed you, you are all so beautiful that I should have died and not you... I'm sorry, forgive me. Please... please breath for me... we can be together if you breath for mommy... Please?

Galactic's children didn't move. Galactic hid her face in the bundle crying softly. Cosmic wrapped both of his arms around her crying into her hair. Galactic gently kissed her children's head.

Galactic: Mommy loves you... Daddy loves you.
We love you with are whole hearts.

Galactic's tried in vain to talk to them in their minds, but inside was black and empty.

Galactic: I'm not ready... Never in a million years will I be ready to part with my baby's... Mommy loves you...

Cosmic and Galactic closed the lid together and stood there just hanging onto the box.

Sky covered his face in his long black sleeves trying to hide his tears. Moon gripped onto Starlight and hid her face in Sun's neck. Tearfully, Sun patted his wife on the back while she sobbed quietly, Starlight hugged Moon.

Doragon pulled Loyal close to her wings. Loyal's whole body shook as he cried into Doragon's wings. Doragon watched as her tears hit the dry earth.

Death put his head down and started to cry bitterly. With tear filled eyes, Cherry Blossom hugged her husband letting him cry on her shoulder. Death nails dug into Cherry Blossom's back. Death never really showed emotion but this was enough to make him break. At moments like this, Death wished he was never the God of Death.

The same night....

Sky held up the lantern for Cosmic and Galactic to put the box in. Together, Galactic and Cosmic gently put the box in the grave. Starlight toddled up looking into the grave that now held the crystal box. Everyone watched as Starlight threw on of her stars in the grave so when the dirt covered the box, the star will forever glow to keep out the darkness.
Starlight: Bee-bee. Night-night, bee-bee.

The deities smiled a bit, but the tears came back.

Death and Sun begin to throw dirt back into the hole and soon it was covered. Cosmic and Galactic stared at the covered grave. Tonight they would head back to their bed and their children will rest in the earth... it felt so wrong.

Sun and Moon left with Starlight. Death and Cherry Blossom left hand-in-hand. Loyal was dragged off by Doragon. Sky sat alone with Cosmic and Galactic.

Sky: I'm sorry. In time, you will heal. If I could, I would give up my life for them to live.
Cosmic: Thank you for everything, Sky. We appreciate it.

Sky kissed Galactic on the head and then Cosmic before leaving.

Galactic and Cosmic sat alone by the grave listening to the fire crackle. Galactic slowly got on her stomach and placed her head on the grave.

Cosmic: Galactic?

Galactic fell asleep with her children so they wouldn't be alone. Cosmic didn't hesitate to sleep with her and his children.

Their children

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Yeah, my little brother was staring at me when I wiped my eyes.  :'(

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Chapter 116... Vultures.

A Few Days Later...

Cherry Blossom wiped the sweat off her forehead and glared at the sun. Moon sat in the shade fanning Starlight with a paper fan.

Starlight: Hot!
Moon: I know it's hot, baby. But mama can't do much about it.
Cherry Blossom: it's so hot, I think I'm going to melt.

Moon threw her head back and stared at sun. The sun shone brightly and the cicadas chipped and made rapid clicking sounds that grew louder and louder.
Moon: I can't take it! It's so hot!
Starlight: Hot!
Cherry Blossom: Why don't we take Starlight to the lake? I'm pretty sure she'll like it.

Moon scooped up Starlight and stalked off to the lake. On their way to the lake, Cherry Blossom and Moon bumped into Death.

Death: Ouch. Where are you three going in such a hurry?
Cherry Blossom: We are going to the lake, come with us, Death! It'll be fun!
Death: I was going to do something else. Blossy? I was thinking... I just found this plant that helps any women conceive... I was wondering if you wanted it.

Cherry Blossom raised her eyebrow at Death.

Cherry Blossom: About that, Deathy. We are living in your brothers house.
Death: So?
Cherry Blossom: I think there are enough "Guests" in the house already.
Death: I know it bothers you and it kinda bothers me. Seven deities not counting you and me. And one dragon. We can arrange something.

Moon walked away with Starlight in a haste.

Cherry Blossom: Death. You're embarrassing me and yourself. Why did you say that in front of Moon?
Death: I talk about this all the time with her about how we can't have a child, but, Blossy! We can try now. From what I heard, these plants do wonders.

Death held up a fistful of uprooted plants.
Cherry Blossom: Those look gross. I'm not eating that.
Death: Do you want a child or not?
Cherry Blossom: Death... I don't.
Death: What?

Sun came up whistling cheerfully.  
Sun: Hi there! What's going on? Is there a problem?
Cherry Blossom: Nothing.
Death: Blossy doesn't want any kids.

Sun eyes widened at Cherry Blossom.

Sun: Well... Death, if she doesn't want them, you can't do anything about it. Respect her wishes.
Death: But... excuse me.

Death scurried off to the woods. Sun shrugged at Cherry Blossom who looked a little sad. There was a loud furious scream followed by the loud cracking sound of trees falling. A shrill scream rang out as the tree was falling. Sun and Cherry Blossom felt the earth vibrate as the sycamore trees crash to the ground. Sky ran pass Sun and Cherry Blossom like a scared chicken. Sun rolled his eyes at Sky who was cursing Death at the top of his lungs.

Death came back out of breath. Twigs and leafs were sticking to his clothes and hair.

Death: At least tell me why, Blossy.
Cherry Blossom: I was about to say it, but Sun came up.
Sun: I better go.

Sun darted to the lake.

Death: Well?
Cherry Blossom: I don't want to get pregnant, Death... it doesn't feel right.
Death: And?
Cherry Blossom: The worlds are falling apart, I don't want to bring a child into this world in these dark hours.
Death: So you are scared for the child I might give you?
Cherry Blossom: Yes, not only that, but what if it dies inside of me or I die?
Death: That could happen. My mom died after she had my brother. But how can the child die?
Cherry Blossom: Well. The worlds are messed up, Death. Do you know how Galactic's children died?
Death: No, how?
Cherry Blossom: Look at the sun.

Death squinted at the brilliant bright sun. It was burning hot, but how can that kill a unborn baby? A few vultures flew by.

Death: I give up. What is it?
Cherry Blossom: Do you think this heat is normal? It's only nine in the morning! How high will the temperature rise in the afternoon?!
Death: Pretty bleeping high.

Death rubbed the sweat out of his eyes. His eyes stung as he rubbed them.

Cherry Blossom: Do you remember when it snowed? It was the middle of spring.
Death: Go on, Blossy.
Cherry Blossom: The tornadoes, the snowstorm, this heat, the floods, typhoons, other severe weather. What dose this tell you, Death?
Death: We're screwed?
Cherry Blossom: We might be next. All of this is what killed Galactic's baby's!
Death: Yikes, I thought Sky was watching out for them?
Cherry Blossom: All of this is effecting him, too. Why do you think he's bleeding?
Death: Can I be honest here?
Cherry Blossom: Go ahead.
Death: I thought it was allergies.
Cherry Blossom: Too bad it isn't. All of this is making Sky sick, but he won't tell anyone!
Death: How do you know?
Cherry Blossom: It's pretty obvious, Death. Sky might be dying and yet he protects them.

Death clamped his mouth shut. A few birds flew by cheeping. Cherry Blossom held Death's face in her small white hands. Death looked very hurt, tired and sick and yet he wanted her to carry a daughter or son to care for. Cherry Blossom desperately wanted to give him the child he wanted. But she couldn't. She didn't want to hurt him if it dies.

Death: So...
Cherry Blossom: I'm sorry, Deathy. Maybe is Fire gives up and Loyal fixes everything, we'll have a child.  
Death: Don't hold your breath, Cherry Blossom.

Death's face harden and he took Cherry Blossom's hands from his face.

Cherry Blossom: Why don't we head to the lake?
Death: Anything to get away from here.

Cherry Blossom and Death slowly walked to the lake. Vultures were circling the area.

Where Sky was...

Sky laid flat on the dry itchy grass next to his beloved white peacock that was now dead. Some slow killing disease killed Sky's pet, he did everything he could to save him, but now it was dead. Sky could feel the stares of the vultures as they sat silently to see if Sky was dead yet. It wasn't the peacock the vultures were there for. It was Sky that they wanted more. The vultures had been following Sky lately which made him panic inside. They knew something was wrong with him and they wanted to eat already...

Sky: Why do you show up, vultures? Why is it that when we look for you, you are nowhere to be seen? When a beautiful animal dies or human, you show up? Why? Why is it that you appear out of nowhere and vanish into nowhere?

One vulture landed on the earth and clumsily hopped towards Sky and his peacock. The vulture bit Sky's face making it bleed. Sky opened his eyes. His vision was blurred with a warm red substance. Sky wiped the blood away that his eyes were leaking.

Sky sat up on his elbows and the vulture stared quizzical at Sky. The other vultures sat nearby watching Sky.

Sky: Not yet... I need to keep them safe.

Sky wiped his eyes once more, picked up his peacock and walked away to bury him. As Sky slowly trudged away, the vultures went after him.

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Chapter 117... Sand and Fire.

Sand counted each sand flea that bounced off her and into her open hands. Earlier, Earth told her that Fire was coming by to talk with her. Sand was so excited she couldn't eat what Rock had given her for lunch. Sand finally heard the heavy wooden doors opening and Sand saw Fire's shadow slowly walking to her cell. Sand jumped up when she saw Fire standing there with Rock.

Sand: FIRE!
Fire: Hello, Sand.

Sand ran up to the cell doors and grabbed Fire's sleeve.

Sand: You came! Thank you so much~
Fire: I need to talk with you. Rock do you mind?

Rock glared at Fire coldly before walking away. Sand saw that Rock was limping.

Sand: I'm so glad you came. Why didn't you visit me?
Fire I had some work to finish.

Sand stared gazed at Fire, she was so lost in thought she didn't hear what he said next. Fire had changed so much. His once clear unblemished face now had scars crisscrossing all over it. Fire was a bit thinner and his red hair was now touching his shoulders. Sand noticed that he was growing a beard and his eyes were still bright and gold like when he was younger. Sand forgot how to breath.

Fire poked Sand's forehead four times

Fire: He-llooo? Is anyone home? PAY ATTENTION!!
Sand: Huh? Oh. Sorry about that, Fire. I was thinking.

Fire frowned at Sand who just held her hands to her chest smiling stupidly.

Fire: What are you looking at?
Sand: You. You're so handsome~

Fire jabbed Sand on the forehead again to make her listen.

Fire: I didn't come here for you drool over, Sand.
Sand: Then say what you came for.
Fire: One. I came to say I got what I wanted, it's a little bit **** up, but I'll get everything under control soon. Two. I came to say you'll be set free next year.

Sand hugged Fire tightly through the cell door. Fire didn't return the hug, he just patted Sand on the back and made her let go.

Fire: So, next year, you can get out of this cell.
Sand: And I'll help you with your work! Two heads are better than one, Fire!
Fire: Maybe, Sand.
Sand: Oh, it'll be perfect! You and me. Working side-by-side as husband and wife!

Fire stood up a bit straighter. Sand grabbed hold of Fire's hand.

Fire: That's another thing, Sand. I'm leaving you.

Sand's smile vanished, but came back.

Sand: Hah-hah! You're funny, Fire! I love it when you joke around.
Fire: I'm not joking, you stupid thing.

Sand cried out in pain as Fire burned her hand to make her let go. Sand quickly pulled her hand away and stared at Fire who was glaring at her with hate burning in his eyes.

Sand tried to speak but nothing came out. Why Fire acting like this? Why was he leaving her? Sand had to know.

Sand: Fire? I thought... you can't leave me, I'm you're wife!
Fire: Give me one reason why I can't.
Sand: Loyal said-
Fire: Loyal is not here, is he? He is not in charge anymore, Sand. You broke away from his laws.

Sand blew on her stinging hand. Sand remembered the day she wrote her name on the paper. She left everything just to be with Fire...
Sand: Fire?
Fire: I am in charge now, Sand. I can leave you.
Sand: But what about Rain? Were you going to leave her, too?
Fire: We were about to separate, but you killed her before it was settled.
Sand: I thought you loved her...
Fire: I didn't. Me and Rain couldn't stand each other. I have to admit, you did a pretty good job getting her out of my way.
Sand: But... what about me? I left those laws to be with you, Fire!
Fire: It was pretty damn stupid of you to do that. I didn't love or care for you, Sand. Couldn't you see that? Oh! I guess you couldn't because you are a stupid ****.

Sand took a step back from the cell door gaping at Fire.

Sand: Fire?
Fire: Really, Sand. You should have married Loyal. Two stupids together. That would have been something to laugh about.
Sand: Fire! I love you and this is how you treat me?!
Fire: Sand... I don't care.

Sand fell to her knees. Her ring glittered brightly at her. Sand held up her hand to Fire for him to look at the ring he gave her.

Sand: What about this? You told me you loved me when you gave me this ring!
Fire yanked the ring off Sand's finger and threw it. Sand watched in horror as the ring flew pass her and out the window.

Sand: Fire... why?

Fire knelt down in front of Sand. Sand didn't break eye contact with him.

Fire: You know, Sand. Sometimes you have to get the most gullible to make a plan work. Too bad you were that gullible one.

Sand glanced at her finger and then at Fire's... his ring was gone as well.

Sand: Fire...
Fire: Goodbye, Sand.

Sand reached out to touch Fire but he was already out of her reach and walking away.

Sand held onto the cell bars with one arm outstretched for Fire...

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bleep YOU FIRE

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That's it. Rosalina, bring me the fire extinguisher.

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That's it. Rosalina, bring me the fire extinguisher.

I love this comment

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Ditto. XD

That's it. Rosalina, bring me the fire extinguisher.
You do that, Koo. Sand is going to need it for that major burn. *Stabbed in the eyes*

No, seriously. That's just so wrong, Fire.

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Chapter 118... A Small Bittersweet Visit.

Rock and Earth were outside walking together looking around at rubble from the ruined temples. It seemed that most of the deities were already gone or they died. Cloud was still fighting with Fire warning him to give up, but Fire refused. Earth, Sand, Rock and a few of the remaining deities had a feeling that Fire didn't know what he was doing. Earth watched the black gray clouds slowly float by and cover the sun, thunder rumbled in the distance.

Earth: Rock? How long will this go on?
Rock: What? The war? I don't know, Earthy. All I know is that-
Earth: No... About Fire and his brothers... Sun hasn't seen his Fire for a long time. Death told me that Sun is not looking so good.
Rock: Who can be all flowers and rainbows when their own brother left them? I'd be a mess if I had siblings who left... wait... never mind.

Rock limped over to the rubble pile and slowly but painfully sat down. Rock winced and rubbed his bad leg. Earth crouched down next to him.

Earth: Oh, Rock. I wish I could help you with your leg, but I can't.
Rock: It's alright. As long as I can walk, I'll be fine.
Earth: Rock? Can we... can we go visit Sky?
Rock: ... I don't know, Earth. Sky doesn't want anyone to him or his friends.
Earth: I know, but we can talk with him through the gate, right?

Rock was about to say no but stopped when he saw Earth's pleading face.

Rock: Come on then.

Earth jumped up and helped Rock to his feet. Slowly, Earth and Rock went to find Sky.

At Sky's gate.

Sky: Stop! You cannot pass any further!
Earth: Good old stuck up Sky. How are you?

Sky didn't put his ax down. Earth and Rock stood by the gate grinning at Sky

Sky: I've had better days, Earth. Right now, it's not so good.
Rock: How's everyone?
Sky: Okay, I guess. Not counting the anger, tears, nightmares and miscarriage. Other than that, everyone is good.
Earth: Miscarriage? Who was it? Cherry Blossom? Moon? Galactic?

Sky pointed at the small tombstone.

Sky: Galactic... she miscarried.
Rock: That's terrible... when did it happen?
Sky: Last week...

Earth's hand flew to her mouth to keep from crying out loud.

Rock: I'm sorry to her about this misfortune, Sky.
Earth: Tell her we send out love.
Sky: I'll let her know... why are you two here?
Rock: Just wanted to visit you.

Smiling, Earth pulled out her teapot and three cups. Sky sat on the ground, Earth and Rock down as well. Sky was on the other side of the gate and Earth and Rock couldn't get in. But they could still talk with each other.

For a long time, Sky, Earth, and Rock talked about old times when they first met each other, they shared a few laughs whenever one of them shared their story about an embarrassing moment. The three deities  shared a few secrets that they held in for so long and promised that they will never tell anyone. Sky was shocked when Earth told him about how Wind left one night and never came back. Sky admitted that he felt guilty about how he and Wind always fought and they never made peace with one another and that if Wind ever comes back Sky wants to Earth to tell him that he is sorry. Earth promised. After a few hours, it was time to go. Earth helped Rock get up while Sky gathered Earth's cups and teapot. Earth said her goodbye and quickly walked away. Rock lingered a bit before limping off.

Sky: Rock?
Rock: Sky?
Sky: Thanks. Thanks for finding me.

Rock turned around to face Sky. Sky smiled tiredly at him.

Rock: You're welcome, Sky... you still remember that day?
Sky: Always. Remember how you thought I was a women?
Rock: Yeah, you were so pissed when I called you that.
Sky: *Laughs* Your face was a sight when you saw that I was a man.

Sky and Rock started laughing so hard that they had to wipe their eyes. Slowly their laughs went down and they just stood there smiling at each other. Rock smiled at the thought when he first saw Sky alone by himself living like a wild animal in the forest. Rock had reported to Loyal that a Sky God was living alone. Sky refused to go with them, but Rock managed to get Sky to go with them. Sky smiled at Rock thinking of the same thing.

But that was years ago... Now everything changed.

Rock: Good times, Sky.
Sky: Good times.

Rock hobbled over to where Sky was and held out his hand. Sky didn't accept the handshake, instead he hugged Rock goodbye. Rock squeezed Sky tightly, until Sky squeaked in pain. Rock and Sky broke their hug and stood there.

Rock: Take care of yourself, Sky. Be strong.
Sky: You take care of yourself, Rock. I'll be fine because I'm fabulous.

Rock laughed lightly at Sky who was acting stuck up again. Their smiles went down when it was time to leave.

Rock turned to go after Earth. After a few minutes of hobbling, Rock looked back to see if Sky left... Sky stood there at the gate watching him. The rain begin to fall making the mood worse. Rock balled his left hand into a fist and shook it at Sky. Sky did the same.

Rock limped off with the rain beating down on him. Sky stood there in the rain staring sadly at Rock leave until he was gone. Sky let his ax dropped into the mud. It was true. The rain does hide your tears. Especially for these two Gods needed it the most right now.

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Chapter 119... Silence.

A few weeks later...

At Death's old home...

Death was back in his old home to pick up a few of his belongings and some other things his friends need. He had to get his books that he left behind and Cherry Blossom's flowers seeds. Death went back and forth at each house, first Moon and Sun's home, then Sky, then Cosmic and Galactic's house. The last stop was Death old house. As Death walked in he noticed how strangely silent it was. The silence bothered Death even though he lived alone in the silence for years. Death couldn't believe that he use to live in this old house alone, now he was back. It felt kinda relaxing to be alone in this old welcoming silence. Death packed up his books and his photo album. Stalling for a minute, Death opened the album. Death smiled at the picture of Moon when she was eight poking a dead turtle that he found outside. The next picture was Fire when Water pushed him into the river, Water was laughing but Fire wasn't.

That was when they were seven...

Death turned to the next page, the next photo showed Sand and Galactic chasing a sheep that got loose. They were ten in that picture. The photo page on the side was empty. Death felt the guilt rushing back to him, quickly, Death turned the page. Death stared at the picture. It was a picture that Rayon took. It was the picture of Himitsu and Death. Death was hugging Himitsu tightly around the neck and Himitsu was smiling proudly at his little boy. They were both so happy and their problems were gone.

Loyal was not in the picture.

Death flipped to the next page. There in the last page was Death when he was baby and Seikatsu. Seikatsu was holding him in her lap smiling at Death.

Death remembered his mothers hug. The next photo was Himitsu, Seikatsu and Death... All together so happy that they were together.

Death hugged the photo album to his chest. That was a long time ago but it felt like yesterday. Death closed his eyes and sighed. He still could feel the warm loving touch of his mother when she held him. Death smiled at the thought when his father held him telling him that he loved him with his whole heart.

Death was wrapped up in memories that he see the black cloudy hands in front of his face.

One of the hands grabbed Death around the neck and one clamped over his mouth, the rest wrapped around Death to keep him from moving. Death's eyes snapped open and he saw him close to his face. Amagna Okubi's hands gripped tighter to silence Death.

Death was not alone in his house.

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Chapter 120... Dust Storm.

Mindlessly, Sand walked right into Death's house just in time to see him tumble down from the stairs and onto the stone floor.

Sand: Eek!
Death: Sand, please. It didn't hurt.

Sand rushed over to where Death was.

Sand: What happened?
Death: I just tripped, nothing to worry about.

Sand pushed Death into sitting position. His face had cuts and scratches all over and his mouth had long bruises streaking across like someones hand was there.

Death: Don't look at me like that. I just fell down the stairs.
Sand: It's more than that, Death.

Sand glanced up the staircase to see if anyone was there.

Nothing. Just the clock ticking.

Death: Why are you here?
Sand: Rock said I could take a walk if I behave myself, so I made my way over here.
Death: Hmm! You always said that this house was scary.
Sand: When you're alone, yes, but you're here.

Death wiped away the blood that came out from his split lip, got up and put away his picture album. Sand fallowed closely behind him that she was practically stepping on his heels. Death felt her press her face in his back.

Death: You alright, Sandy?

Sand hugged Death tightly and let out a muffled scream that turned into crying.

Death: I see...

Death patted Sand's arms telling her it'll be alright and that she should rejoice she is away from Fire. Sand kept crying in Death's back.

Sand: I loved him, Death.
Death: I know, sweetie.
Sand: The first day I met him, I couldn't stop thinking about him.
Death: It's okay, Sand.
Sand: NO! It's not, he tricked me into this...
Death: *Sigh* That worthless sod. You deserve better than this, Sand.

Sand's muffled sobs turned into whimpers. Death knew how much her heart was breaking. Death felt awful about all of this. Fire had no right to treat a Goddess like this, it didn't matter who you are. It's never alright to use someone and break their heart.

Death knew a lot about that.

Death turned around to face Sand who was toying with his dagger he kept around his belt. Sand let go and glanced up at Death.

Sand: Death?
Death: Yes?
Sand: I'm sorry.
Death: It's alright, don't apologize for letting it all out.

The back of Death's shirt was damp with Sand's tears. Sand hugged herself and rocked back and forth.

Death: Sand?
Sand: Hmm?
Death: Are you alright?
Sand: Yeah. Just thinking.

Death glanced out the window, the wind was eerily still and the air got heavier.

Death heard it very faintly at first but then the whooshing got louder and louder. Death ran to the window and saw the other deities screaming and taking cover. In the distance was a golden brown dust storm heading their way.
Death: Sand! There is a dust storm!!
Sand: Beautiful, isn't?

Death stared at Sand who was stupidly sticking her head out the window.
Death: Get away from there!! You'll hurt yourself!!

Death yanked Sand away from the windows and shut them. Quicker than wildfire, Sand knocked Death to the ground, jumped on top of him to shield him from the flying debris.

Sand: Don't move! Keep your hands over your head and shut your eyes!!

Death did what Sand ordered him to do. Sand covered her and his body with her long golden cape.

The dust storm was shrieking as it got closer to Death's home. Death could barely hear his own thoughts as the storm hit the house and the windows begin to shatter. Death couldn't help but scream in terror, but Sand was just so quiet.

Thirty minutes later...

Sand crawled off Death. Death rubbed the itchy sand out of his hair and eyes. Sand didn't mind that the sand was all over her.

Death: What... happened?
Sand: Just a dust storm, Death. Nothing to worry about.

Death dashed over to the broken window, the storm was gone. All was left was the sand covered land. Deities were crawling out from their shelter coughing out the sand that made it' way into their mouths.

Death was chewing at the small grains of sand in his mouth when Rock burst in.

Rock: SAND!! Are you alright?!
Sand: I'm fine, Rock. Just fine.

Rock limped over to Sand and carefully touched her face.

Rock: No cuts and bruises... Are you alright, Death?

Death looked at himself covered with sand.

Death: Fine, fine...
Rock: Why are you here, Death?
Death: I came to get some of my belongings.
Sand: Well, do you need any help?
Death: No, I can take care of this. Go on and enjoy your walk.

Sand and Rock insisted on helping Death pack up, but Death politely said no. Finally, Sand and Rock gave up and went off leaving Death alone with his boxes, memories and bleeding mouth.

Death didn't notice that his dagger was gone.

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Chapter 121... Rock and Sand

In the prison room.

Rock locked the doors of Sand's cell. Sand sat down on her straw tick brushing the sand from her light brown hair. Rock watched her feeling worthless. How can Fire hurt such a beautiful Goddess? Sand was so full of hope and she was very romantic. She loved Fire with her whole heart, she gave everything up for him the least he could do is love her back or respect her, was that too much to ∗∗∗∗ ask for? It disgusted Rock.

Sand: Thank you, Rocky. I had fun taking a stroll.
Rock: No problem, Sand. I'm glad you had fun.

Sand glanced up at Rock who was standing like a lopsided tree by the locked door.

Sand: Rock, how did you hurt your leg?
Rock: My leg? That stupid Cloud threw a bomb in the temple and part of the wall landed on me and my leg. Earth said it's going to stay like that, so I'll be limping or now on.
Sand: I'm sorry to hear that, Rock...
Rock: I'll be fine, Sand. A little limp won't kill me. As long as I can walk a teeny bit and breathe, I'll be okay.

Rock smiled at Sand who looked awfully sad. Rock didn't tell her that Fire got rid of him since he could no longer work around and how Earth came over each day to help him around in his house.

Sand: Well, when I get out, I'll help Earth with you.
Rock: Excited to get the freedom you deserve?
Sand: No, everyone will stare at me because I foolishly fell for Fire like a stupid love sick teenager.
Rock: I wouldn't say everyone. Mostly everyone left or died or lost their power.

Sand crossed her arms and growled. Rock knew what she was thinking, Sand would rather stay in her cell than face the world again.

Rock: When you're free, I'll throw a party for you
Sand: Don't do that. Don't waste your time on a stupid broken heart Goddess.

Rock opened his mouth to object, but Sand turned over on her straw tick and shuddered. Rock wanted to go in he cell to let her know he was there, but Sand needed some space for a while.

Rock: Goodbye, Sand.
Sand: Goodbye, Rock. Tell the others I'm sorry for everything.
Rock: Sand...?
Sand: I'm sorry, Rock. Goodbye.

Sand didn't say anything anymore. Rock turned away painfully.

Rock glanced over his shoulder to see if Sand moved. Sand just curled up into a tight ball and didn't move from her spot. Rock walked out of the prison with a heavy heart.

Sand pulled out the red and black dagger from the inside pocket that she sewed inside her blouse.

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Chapter 122... The Dagger...

Late at night...

Sand sat hunched over picking at the fleas that jumped on her and placed them in a neat pile. The moonlight shone through the caged window casting thin white lines on the floor and on Sand. Sand lifted her hand to her face, white lines and black lines crossed all over her hand. Sand went back to picking at the fleas.

Where Sky Was...

Sky wiped away the blood that flowed freely from his eyes making hard for him to see. Moon fell asleep with Starlight on her chest. Starlight cried out in her sleep but was soon quiet again. Sky got up and walked away to where Cosmic and Galactic's children were buried. Sky knelt down next to the grave, the small tombstone had tiny stars and swirls decorating it. Sky sighed, sat down and placed his hands on his forehead. This shouldn't be happening. The children shouldn't have died. Fire, the deities and the people shouldn't have betrayed Loyal. The worlds were slowly falling apart with all this sin that Loyal hid away from them... but it was now being released. Sky felt cold and clammy. Someone was with him. Sky opened his blood filled eyes to see who it was. Loyal sat next to Sky holding a small lantern. Sky stared at Loyal who had a black blindfold over his eyes. The night was peaceful but it bothered Sky. Loyal blew out the lantern.

Where Sand Was...

Sand poked the dagger into the keyhole of the padlock hoping to get it open. Sand had enough of this.
As soon as she opens the cell, she'll be free and never return to this awful place.

Tick! Screeeee...

Sand gritted her teeth when the door screeched open. Sand stood still waiting and listening for voices... Nothing. On silent feet, Sand padded out of her cell, out the front door and pass the the entrance. No one was around, Sand almost whooped for joy but stopped herself before she could. Quickly but quietly, Sand ran to where the temple were. Sand scampered inside to see her parents statue. Sand lit a candle for both of them, said a quick prayer before leaving. The dagger bounced inside of Sand's blouse as she ran. Sand had to make a quick stop before leaving. Sand ran to Fire's house...

Sand took a deep breath to stop the tears that burned her eyes. She remembered how after she and Fire were "married" Sand was lead into this house. Sand was so happy and so goddamn blind to see through Fire's lies. Sand's thoughts were broken when a small cockroach scurried past on her bare feet. Disgusted, Sand went to the window that Fire always kept open for Sun in case he dropped by. Sand quietly opened it and slipped inside.The house was pitch black except for the spots where the moonlight shone coldly through the windows, Sand crept past the windows in case Sun was around. Sand tiptoed up the wooden stairs that lead to Fire's room, the door was open which made it easier for Sand to crawl in. Sand peeked over the bed to see if Fire was there. Fire slept soundly. Sand crawled under the window to avoid the moonlight. In the pitch blackness, Sand stood by the side of Fire's bed. Fire snored softly unaware of Sand standing there like blending in with the inky black room. Sand pulled the dagger out from her blouse and slowly raised it above Fire's head. Fire didn't wake up, Sand's arm shook but she gripped the handle. It will all be over soon. As soon as the dagger plunged into the flesh, she would be free... All it took was... was...

Sand made her move. There was a soft sound as the dagger went in.

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Chapter 123... Running Away.

Sand plopped to the floor. The dagger was still stuck in the pillow. Fire was still asleep.

Sand: One job, Sand. You had ONE job to do!

Sand peeked over the side of the bed and glared fiercely at Fire who was still sleeping. Sand glanced at the dagger, the small skull on the handle frowned at her as if it was mad at her as well.

Furious, Sand yanked the the dagger out from the pillow, feathers flew out of the pillow and landed on her and Fire. Sand's fury bubbled up inside of her making it harder for her to think clearly. There...

RIGHT there Fire slept so peacefully, while Sand was angry and depress. Fire should be the one who should be suffering Sand's pain, not her. The more Sand thought about it, the fire inside of her grew and raged in every part of her body.

If Fire woke up, he would have saw the angry sparking gold eyes of Sand glaring fiercely at him.

The moonlight was no longer there. Sand's eyes widened when she saw the moon outside going down slowly. The sun would be rising in a few more hours, Sand had to get out and leave the kingdom quickly before anyone sees her. Sand tucked the dagger back into her hidden pocket and looked back at Fire. He wasn't the same anymore, but he was still the God of Fire that she fell in love with when she was a young girl. The God that she always dreamed of being his.

But Fire was no longer the same. He lied to her and her hurt her but she still loved him when he did this to her...

The day Fire left Sand, if he cared or knew... he would have seen the monster that he created inside of Sand.

Sand wanted him to suffer for all those wasted years.

Sand stood up slowly still glaring at Fire. It was time to go... Sand had to get out quickly and run to her freedom. Quietly, Sand left a small wrapped up gift on Fire's pillow for him to open when he wakes up.

Sadly, Sand turned to leave the room. Sand glanced over her shoulder to look at Fire one more time. Fire was still asleep with the ruined pillow

Sand left the house. Owls hooted softly to one another and the warm air seemed like it what she was up to. Large gray clouds covered the moon making it look foggy and hazy.

Sand ran away from Fire's house, past the houses that some of deities lived in, past the ruined temples and to the gate. Sand pushed open the gate doors and stopped to catch her breath. Outside the kingdom looked very open and unfriendly... Was this how Loyal felt when Fire got rid of him? Sand didn't want to think of it... Sand turned to look back at the kingdom she was leaving... It was kinda pathetic looking now that Loyal was gone. Ruined temples, dry earth, a few dead deities here and there rotting away.

But it was still home.

Sand turned around and ran as fast as she could to the hills where her freedom was waiting for her like an old friend.

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Chapter 124... Freedom For A Sand Goddess


Night was fading away slowly. There was a small glowing arch in the distance warning the night creatures that morning was near and it's time to go to sleep.

A few bats flew overhead in a group never noticing a tall Goddess running underneath them.

Tripping multiple times on the dry rocky trail, Sand's banged up knees could barely bend as she ran. But she never stopped not even for a breath....

The glowing arch was now gone, the clouds covered it up. Sand didn't see it... All she saw was the open fields.

After a few miles and trips, Sand had to stop mainly because she tripped over a large stone and her knees were bleeding too much to get up. Sand laid on the grass breathing short dry gasps, her lungs were burning and her throat was dry,Sand begin to cough dryly and harshly scaring away the rabbits that were out looking for clovers to eat. Sand inhaled deeply breathing in the morning air, Sand wondered how long has she been running and how far did she get?
Sand stood up painfully and looked back...

The kingdom was far away and it was safe to rest, Sand wanted to get away from it as far as possible. Sand tried to run again, but fell once more. Sand could hear her mind screaming and everything else was too. Sand flopped over onto her back watching the purple gray clouds pass by.

If Sand wasn't so tired she would have enjoyed such a morning.

Sand stood up once more on her scraped bleeding legs to see the sunrise...

The glowing arch was now beginning to brighten. A morning bird was singing its sweet song waken up the his friends to join him to see this beautiful morning. The birds begin to sing together drowning out the the screams in Sand's mind.

Everything in Sand went silent...all Sand could hear was the birds singing and their wings flapping as they flew over her head. These birds were so free, they did whatever they pleased. Freedom was theirs.

Sand was next to be free.

Sand looked up and saw two doves flying and singing together, Sand watched as the doves flew to a nest with peeping fluffy white chicks. The other birds kept singing making Sand's heart ache. The doves sat close to their young and preened each other.

Sand begin to cry.

Sand cried for her friends who were suffering and the ones who died.

She cried for the children that she will never have.

She cried for the ones she hurt in the past and the ones who will find her missing.

She cried for Fire who was lost and though he was free. He wasn't... He'll never be free until he forgives his brother.

Sand continued to cry bitterly. She longed for her father and mother to hold her and to let her know it'll be okay, but they were gone... they were dead like the other deities.

Sand softly whispered her mistakes and apologized for everything.

She said sorry to Rock, Earth, Rain, Sky, Cosmic and Galactic, Doragon, Water. She apologized to her family and her friends family, to Sun and his wife and child. Sand apologized to Cloud and Wind and to Death and Cherry Blossom. No one could hear Sand...

Sand: I'm sorry, Loyal...

The wind blew softly brushing Sand's hair out of her face... Sand opened her eyes. The clouds that covered the sun were gone.

The resplendent golden sun was peeking over the hills releasing its bright rays. The suns light painted the sky a soft blue and the once gray clouds turned pink. The birds sang even louder now that the sun was up. Sand stood still. The wind blew softly drying her tears, her long light brown hair flew back along with the wind making her feel fresh and cooler. Sand smiled softly, it was a beautiful morning. Sand took out the dagger from her blouse. Sand held in in her palm, she thought about when she last met with Death... She could still hear his words to her...

It'll be alright.

Sand prayed that Death will find it as soon as she leaves. Her freedom was about to begin.

Sand opened her mouth and shoved the dagger into the roof of her mouth. The birds stopped singing.

Sand fell to the dry grass with the dagger still in her mouth.

The pain in her broken heart was beginning to cease. Sand felt her body slowly beginning to lose function. Her heart made slow thumping sounds. Sand's eyelids felt heavy, she never took her eyes away from the baby blue sky with soft white clouds going by. Sand's heart stopped...

Sand smiled once more, closed her eyes and died...

The pain was over... Sand was free.

Her freedom... was her death.

An hour later...

Rock limped up the hill talking to himself and to a small box in his hands.

Rock: Sand? I  know you are in pain-... No. Sand. You don't deserve that bleeping Fire-... Damn. Okay... Sand. I want you to know...

Rock stomped on a stone turning it into dust. Why was this so hard? Rock opened the box, inside was a ring with a small pink diamond. He made the ring band and used a diamond that he found years ago.

Rock: Sand. You don't deserve this pain. I know we always had bad blood between us, but I only teased you because it is I who loves you. Will marry a limping God like me?

Rock beamed proudly. He found the words he wanted to say to Sand. Rock walked a few more minutes before he heads back.


Rock looked down at his feet. He was no longer walking on grass...

It was sand... Why was there sand in these grassy hills? Especially a large mound of it.

Rock crouched down, picked up a handful of sand and squinted at it. Slowly, Rock let the sand trail through his fingers. Rock saw a black handle hidden in the sand. Rock pulled it out.

It was a dagger... Death's dagger, the one he lost. How did it get here?

Rock scratched his chin and held the dagger with great care. It was dangerous to have one of Death's weapons. One cut can kill a God or Goddess. That's why Death never lets anyone hold them.

Something glittered in the sand. Rock knelt down and brushed away the sand with his bad leg to see what it was.

It was a necklace... the one that Sand always wore.

The dagger... the sand in the open grassy fields... the necklace... It dawned onto Rock.

Rock fell to his knees and stared into space...He didn't want to admit it, but it was true...

Sand... The Beautiful Sand Goddess was no more.

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Chapter 125... Rock and Fire


Rock: HEY!!

Fire jumped when they heard the door fall to the ground. Fire stared at Rock who stood there breathing hard.

Fire: Me?
Rock: Yeah, you! I'm talking to you!!

Rock stormed to where Fire was sitting. Fire jumped out of his chair to escape, but Rock was too fast. Grabbing Fire by the collar, Rock pinned him to the wall.

Fire: I got up?

Rock slapped Fire so hard that he saw stars.

Fire: She is? How?
Rock: She killed herself because of you! YOU!!
Fire: What did I do?!

Rock shoved Fire to the floor, Fire quickly got up, but Rock didn't let him get away.

Rock: All because of your sick lies, she took her own life!!
Fire: Well, Rock, Sand should've been a bit smarter, don't you think?

Big mistake.

Fire groaned in pain after being kicked repeatedly in the ribs and on the head.

Rock: You knew how much Sand loved you and you used her, you sick ∗∗∗∗!!

Fire rolled away from Rock who was about to kick him again.

Fire: Rock, to get what you want, you have to use...

A glass vase flew by Fire and shattered as it hit the wall. Fire ducked under the table to avoid the flying objects Rock threw at him. Rock threw the table over, Fire scurried under another, Rock flipped that one as well.

Rock: You!




Fire: YIKES!!


Rock: ∗∗∗∗ YOU! ∗∗∗∗ YOU! ∗∗∗∗ YOU, YOU ∗∗∗∗ MURDERER!!

Fire ran off when Rock lifted the table he was hiding under. Before Rock could grab him, Fire burst into flames.

Fire: Back! Don't get near or else! GET BACK!!

Rock stumbled back away from Fire. Fire stood up still burning with flames

Rock bumped into the wall and slid onto the floor.

Fire stared at Rock who looked so tired and upset. The flames on Fire went out quickly, Rock sat there staring at Fire who stared back...  

Rock: She killed herself... she died because she couldn't take it anymore... you... you messed her up...
Fire: Rock...?
Rock: Sand is gone... I'll never see her again... She though the only way out was to kill herself...
Fire: She's no longer suffering, right? Isn't that good?
Rock: No... no it's not...

Rock pulled out the box that held the ring from his pocket. Fire shifted from one foot to the other.

Rock: It's over... Sand is gone... this shouldn't have happened...

Fire sat next to Rock who buried his head in his hands, Fire placed his hand on Rock's shoulder but Rock slapped his hand away.

Rock: ∗∗∗∗ off.
Fire: I'm-
Rock: You hurt her, Fire... I hope you're happy...
Fire: I'm sorry.
Rock: Man, whatever you say, WON'T bring her back.
Fire: Nothing will bring her back... Sand shouldn't have killed herself...
Rock: She was so depress that she couldn't get out of it...
Fire: Well... Maybe it was for the best? If she couldn't get out of it maybe it was right to kill herself?

Rock looked up at Fire... Fire stared back...

Rock begin to laugh softly, Fire laughed a bit too. Rock started to laugh a bit stronger, Fire laughed nervously. Soon they were both laughing.  


Fire groaned painfully after being tossed through the stone wall and landing on the rocky land.

Rock crawled out from the hole he made when he threw Fire. Slowly, Rock limped over to where Fire was.

Rock: I can't believe you.
Fire: Rock...

Rock kicked Fire in the head. Fire coughed up a thick hot glob of blood.

Rock: I'm not going to kill you, Fire. I'll let your own stupidity do it.

Rock turned away to leave.

Fire: I said I was sorry!

Rock glared at Fire over his shoulder.

Rock: I never said it was accepted, Fire.

Rock limped off leaving Fire alone in the trail.

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fire deserved that so much

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Take that, Sand-destroying... thing! *attacks with fire extinguisher*

Rosalina: Stop! STOP! ...Oh, good one, AyChao, you've wrecked your computer!


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fire deserved that so much
My thoughts exactly!
Take that, Sand-destroying... thing! *attacks with fire extinguisher*

Rosalina: Stop! STOP! ...Oh, good one, AyChao, you've wrecked your computer!

Uh oh.  :P

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Chapter 126... Earth and Rock.


Rock stumbled on the bumpy trail hanging onto the box and his cane.

Now what? Sand was gone and he was practically alone now. He still had Earth, bu they were only friends. There was no other Goddess that Rock loved...

Rock didn't hear the frantic screaming.

Earth: Eeeee!! Sand!! Where are you!? Ssa-aannnddd!?

Rock picked up his head just in time to see Earth running up the trail to see him.

Earth: ROCK! I'm so glad I found you! I can't find Sand, she escaped from her cell! Do you know where she is?
Rock: Kinda.
Earth: You do? Where is she, it's time for her daily walk.

Rock didn't answer. He just hobbled over to a tree stump, sat down and looked at his knees. Earth was too flustered to see the pain Rock's black eyes.

Earth: Come, come, Rock. Tell me where Sand is.

Rock slowly reached into his pocket and pulled out a small bag. Earth balanced on her heels waiting for Rock to answer.

Rock: Here... take this bag.

Earth took the bag from Rock and gingerly held it to her eyes.

Earth: What a lovely bag, Rock. Now tell me where Sand is.
Rock: Open the bag.

Earth peeked into the bag.

Inside was sand and small glittering chain.

Earth poked at the chain with her index finger. It was Sand's necklace...

Earth was confused at first but it then hit her.

Earth: Rock... is Sand...

Rock turned his head away from Earth.

Earth: Sand is... dead.

Rock nodded his head quickly.

Earth slowly walked over to Rock and sat next to him.

Earth: How?
Rock: She killed herself...

Earth gave the bag back to Rock who just placed it in his lap... All was quiet... There were no tears, no wailing or blaming each other... Just silence.

An hour later...

Rock pulled out Death's dagger from his pocket.
Rock: Please... please give this back to Death. I can't go, my leg hurts.

Earth nodded solemnly, she knew Rock wanted to be alone to morn over Sand. Earth got up quietly and left. Rock just sat there with Sand in his lap.

Where Sky was...

Sky paced back and forth. Bored out of his mind, Death hummed off-key to annoy Sky.
Sky saw someone walking up.

Earth: Sky!

Sky stood still by the gate, Death stop humming and stared at what Sky was looking at. Earth came up out of breath.

Earth: Sky, can you giv- oh! Death, you're here.
Death: Hello~
Earth: Death. Here's the dagger you lost
Death: Thank you, Earth. I thought it was gone forever.

Death took the dagger from Earth, it felt grainy and rough.

Death: Poor Sand...

Earth closed her eyes and sighed sadly.

Back where Rock was...

Rock was still sitting on the stump and staring dumbly into space. A few birds cheeped and stared rudely at Rock.

Rock held the bag to his mouth and whispered into it.

Happy birthday, Sand.

Rock put his head down and cried for Sand who died alone thinking that no one cared for her. Rock did care for her... he was going to tell her... now it was too late...

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Aw, dang. It wasn't a surprise then.  :P

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Aw, dang. It wasn't a surprise then.  :P

i felt it in my soul

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i felt it in my soul
I'm going to be honest with you... That sounded beautiful~  :cheery:

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I'm going to be honest with you... That sounded beautiful~  :cheery:

aww :3

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Chapter 127... Do You Remember?

In the Temples.

Rock and Earth sat on the floor in front of Sand's statue pressing hard against each other. Earth stared up at the statue with her arm around Rock who had his eyes closed and his head down.

Earth: Now what? Sand is gone, Rock... how many more will we lose?

Rock shrugged and went limp.

Earth: Talk to me. I'm going crazy over here.
Rock: I don't know...
Earth: Rain is gone. Water is gone. Wind is gone. I guess we can count Cloud, she betrayed Fire.
Rock: I'm staring to think that we should leave as well.

Earth gaped at Rock. Was Rock joking or was he serious?

Rock looked up at Earth frowning.

Rock: I'm serious. We should leave as well. Fire doesn't know what he is doing.
Earth: But... shouldn't we stick together?
Rock: With a murderer? Please, Earth. We should just go.
Earth: Some of the other deities won't leave.
Rock: That's not my problem, is it, Earth?
Earth: I guess not...

Earth stayed quiet thinking about what Rock just said...

Leaving did seem pretty exciting and rebellious. But also very terrifying.

Rock: Well?
Earth: Kinda scary... we won't know what to do when we leave this place...
Rock: True.
Earth: With all this madness going on and Cloud terrorizing this place... We're stuck.
Rock: Better dead than to be stuck here with Fire.

Rock and Earth felt cold all of a sudden... they both looked up at Sand's statue... Her stony face looking into space...

Did she hear?

Earth: That's what Sand thought... it was better to be dead than being stuck here.

Rock and Earth fell silent thinking about Sand and her life. She was so cheerful and she wasn't prissy like Sky who always kept clean. Sand was a talented dancer and she knew how to get out of trouble... suicide was her way to get out of trouble in the end.

How can one happy romantic Goddess die like this? It seem so mind numbing. Why did Fire take advantage of her like this? Using her innocence to get his way.

That's how evil works. One uses the innocent to get it's way... There was plenty of proof of how evil works.

Rock pulled out Sand's necklace from the bag and fasted the clasp around Earth's neck

Earth: What's this?
Rock: I can't let this pretty necklace sit in this bag. You should wear it.
Earth: Me? Oh-no, Rock. I can't wear it. Sand-
Rock: Sand would have wanted you to wear it. Keep it.

Earth toyed with the necklace. On the golden chain was a tiny hourglass with white sand in it. It was a pretty thing, the sand was still falling to the the other half of the glass.

Earth put her head on Rock's shoulder blinking back tears. Rock put his arm on Earth and sighed.

Earth: Poor Sand...
Rock: Yeah...
Earth She was a good Goddess...
Rock: Yes... she was.

Earth and Rock sat there on the cold stone floor looking up at the statue of Sand.

Where Fire Was...

Fire limped back to his house to rest after that beating from Rock an hour ago. Fire was in pain, but he was quite surprised. Even though Rock had a bad leg, he still had it in him.

Fire glanced up at the sky. The sun was shining brightly as if nothing was wrong...

Fire wondered how Sun was doing...

At last Fire made it to his home and flopped down on his bed.


Fire opened his eyes when he heard the sound. Roughly, Fire felt under the pillows and blankets with his hands. His right hand slapped a small object. Puzzled, Fire pulled it out. It was a present. Fire read the note.

To Fire.

Fire untied the ribbons and a small folded letter fell out. Fire unfolded the paper. It was from Sand.

Dear Fire.

By the time you get this note, I'm already dead and out of your way just how you wanted it. I want you to know this... I'm scared. I know what I have to do to end this pain that you gave me. I'm not scared of dying, I'm scared for the others... maybe I'm scared for myself, too. I don't know anymore. I'm so numb right now, but you obviously don't give a damn, so I'll cut to the chase. I want to ask you a few things. Do you remember? Do you remember when we were silly kids always getting into trouble and our parents scolding us for our acts? Do you remember? Do you remember the day we met for the first time? We were both four... you were dared by your​ brother to jump off a small balcony and land on your feet, you didn't land on you feet... you landed right on top  of me. I was picking up a small chip of wood shaped like a heart. I burst into tears after you landed on me and you calmed me down... Oh, those days. Days of innocence and peace... Do you remember those days? I wish we could go back, Fire. When I saw you for the first time. I though you were so cute. As you grew older. Oh! I couldn't stop thinking about you, I was so deep in love. You grew up to be so handsome and so loving... but you changed so much after your mother died. I'm going to end this letter with one last question that I will never hear you answer... Do you remember how to forgive?

Love Sand.

Inside the box was the heart shaped wood chip Sand had found when she was little. Fire sighed miserably and fell asleep. Sand's letter laid folded on the ripped pillow.

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Okay.  ^-^
The ****!?
Now, now. He did nothing wrong. :)

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My apologies, I got really confused there
Sorry Shrek  ^^;
It's cool. Mistakes happen.  ;)

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Chapter 128... A Wish and a Prayer

In Loyal's house...

Irritated and tired, Sky tossed a few dirty rags into a basket to wash later, Starlight hung onto his billowy pale blue pants hugging her squeaky kiwi bird. Cherry Blossom wanted Sky to rest while she watched the gate for intruders. Sky didn't want to rest and Starlight wasn't sleepy, So Sky decide to clean.  It was a long tiring day for Sky, but he felt better if he was cleaning the house... his heart still ached for Galactic and Cosmic.

Starlight: Kiwi?
Sky: Whatever. Come on, I have to wash these.

Sky walked fast to the washing tubs outside with Starlight hanging onto him. Starlight stood by Sky as he scrubbed the rags roughly. Every five minutes, Sky would stop to wipe his eyes and then start scrubbing again. Starlight wondered if Sky was wiping the blood out of his eyes or the tears of failure.

Most likely both.

After Sky was done with his washing, he rushed back inside to clean up something else. The place that scared Starlight the most.

The attic.

Starlight stayed below by the ladder while Sky tossed down old dusty boxes grumbling about how messy the attic was. A large empty box fell next to Starlight. Starlight was thrilled. The box was large enough for her to play in. Starlight lifted the lid to get inside.

A cockroach skittered up her arm.

Starlight: A BUG! A BUG! A BUG!!

Terrified, Sky jumped down the ladder to see what Starlight was screaming about.

Starlight: A BUG!!

Sky frowned at Starlight and then at the roach running away. Starlight whined and rubbed her arm.

Sky: Don't you scream like that again.

Starlight played inside the box while Sky worked. At last, Sky went to the living room to rest for a while. Painfully, Sky plopped onto the couch. Sky's bones and legs ached terribly and to make it worse, Sky's head pulsed. But this pain was nothing compare to the pain in his heart. Starlight toddled around looking for her plush seal. Sky covered his eyes with his arm to block out the light in the room.

Last week, Earth came by to tell Sky that they found Wind's teared up bloody robes but his body was nowhere to be found. Later on, Earth told Sky that Wind was eaten by wild beasts.

Sky hated himself for Wind's death.

Rock was depress. Sand and Wind were dead. Earth was doing everything she can to help Rock and the other deities. It was terrible there.

Sky's thoughts wandered to his problems.

Cosmic and Galactic were depressed. Death and Cherry Blossom were constantly bickering and Loyal snapped at them for fighting. Doragon was angry Sun when he told Cosmic to get a hold of himself. Moon had the "Lady Problems" which made her hungry and quite snappy. Starlight was talking now and learning the "Colorful Language" that came out of Death's mouth making Moon and Sun yell at Death to watch his mouth. Everyone was at the breaking point. Loyal was no longer in charge which bored him. Everyone else was feeling cramped in the house.

And Sky? Sky was dying... Literally.

Sky wasn't paying attention to Starlight who found her plush seal stuck in the doorway. Starlight tugged at it.


Sky's head screamed at the sound of cloth ripping.

Sky quickly moved his arm from his eyes to see Starlight who was on the floor holding onto one half of her seal. The other half was stuck behind the door.

Sky panicked when he saw Starlight's blue eyes fill with tears. Starlight opened her mouth.

Sky braced himself for the next part.

Starlight begin to wail for her seal. Her crying was so loud Sky was afraid she wake up Moon, heaven knows Starlight is already bothering Cosmic and Galactic. Sky rushed over to Starlight who was kicking the door for hurting her seal.

Sky: Shh! Starlight, be quiet. You'll wake up your mommy.

Still crying, Starlight held up her ripped seal to Sky's face and pointed at the door. Sky opened the door and nudged the seals tail back to Starlight. Starlight tried to put her seal back together but it didn't work.

Whining, Starlight held up the seal to Sky. Sky took the seal from Starlight's pudgy hands, picked up the stuffing and went back to the couch. Starlight walked behind him.

Sky: Ahhh... Poor seal.
Starlight: Fix? No die. Fix.
Sky: Your seal won't die. I'll fix it up.

Sky went to the kitchen to find the sewing box. Starlight hugged the ripped seal. After finding the sewing box, Sky and Starlight went back to the living room.

Starlight watched as Sky carefully sewed the seal back together. nineteen minutes later, Sky held up the plush seal to Starlight and smiled at her. Starlight squealed and hugged her beloved toy. Ignoring the pain in his head, Sky smiled at the sight. He didn't like kids, but Starlight was okay. A bit of a pain, but she was okay.

Sky laid down on the couch hoping for a bit of peace now. Before Sky could close his eyes, Starlight crawled onto Sky's stomach and went to sleep on his chest. Sky was about to move her, but she looked so conformable, so Sky let her rest. Sky ran his long fingers through Starlight's soft gold hair. Everything was so simple for her. Sleeping, playing and doing absolutely nothing to make people melt over her. To her, everything could be fix just like seal. Sky wiped his eyes thinking about Galactic. Sky wished for a way to fix everything for her. He wished he made peace with Wind before his death. He wished that the people never found the evil that Loyal hid. He wished that Fire never left his brothers law. Sky cried himself to sleep.

Cosmic tiptoed downstairs to see if Sky and Starlight were alright. Cosmic peeked over the couch and saw them sleeping. Cosmic smiled softly and just watched them sleep.

Where Rock was...

Rock sat alone in the temple right next to Sand's statue. A candle melted away in front of Rock until it was nothing but a white waxy mess on the stone floor. Rock rocked back in forth thinking about what he should do now, but the sad face of Sand kept breaking into his thoughts. Rock let out a frustrated groan and held his head in his hands.

Rock wished that he told Sand about his feelings for her. Why did he wait? Rock hated the thought of all those wasted years.

Rock threw his arms around the statue and looked up at it. Sand's face never looked back at him. Rock begin to pray out loud hoping someone would hear his plea.

Rock: Please! Please give me another chance, I want her to know that there is hope for her! Please give me a second chance! I know I'm not a good God, but I want her back! I promise I won't let anyone hurt her... another chance...

Rock pressed his forehead to Sand's feet.

Rock: For her... give her a second chance... hear my prayer... bring her back to me...

Someone did hear Rock's prayer... His prayer fell into the wrong ears.

The large black spirit floated out temples.

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Chapter 128... A Wish and a Prayer

In Loyal's house...

Irritated and tired, Sky tossed a few dirty rags into a basket to wash later, Starlight hung onto his billowy pale blue pants hugging her squeaky kiwi bird. Cherry Blossom wanted Sky to rest while she watched the gate for intruders. Sky didn't want to rest and Starlight wasn't sleepy, So Sky decide to clean.  It was a long tiring day for Sky, but he felt better if he was cleaning the house... his heart still ached for Galactic and Cosmic.

Starlight: Kiwi?
Sky: Whatever. Come on, I have to wash these.

Sky walked fast to the washing tubs outside with Starlight hanging onto him. Starlight stood by Sky as he scrubbed the rags roughly. Every five minutes, Sky would stop to wipe his eyes and then start scrubbing again. Starlight wondered if Sky was wiping the blood out of his eyes or the tears of failure.

Most likely both.

After Sky was done with his washing, he rushed back inside to clean up something else. The place that scared Starlight the most.

The attic.

Starlight stayed below by the ladder while Sky tossed down old dusty boxes grumbling about how messy the attic was. A large empty box fell next to Starlight. Starlight was thrilled. The box was large enough for her to play in. Starlight lifted the lid to get inside.

A cockroach skittered up her arm.

Starlight: A BUG! A BUG! A BUG!!

Terrified, Sky jumped down the ladder to see what Starlight was screaming about.

Starlight: A BUG!!

Sky frowned at Starlight and then at the roach running away. Starlight whined and rubbed her arm.

Sky: Don't you scream like that again.

Starlight played inside the box while Sky worked. At last, Sky went to the living room to rest for a while. Painfully, Sky plopped onto the couch. Sky's bones and legs ached terribly and to make it worse, Sky's head pulsed. But this pain was nothing compare to the pain in his heart. Starlight toddled around looking for her plush seal. Sky covered his eyes with his arm to block out the light in the room.

Last week, Earth came by to tell Sky that they found Wind's teared up bloody robes but his body was nowhere to be found. Later on, Earth told Sky that Wind was eaten by wild beasts.

Sky hated himself for Wind's death.

Rock was depress. Sand and Wind were dead. Earth was doing everything she can to help Rock and the other deities. It was terrible there.

Sky's thoughts wandered to his problems.

Cosmic and Galactic were depressed. Death and Cherry Blossom were constantly bickering and Loyal snapped at them for fighting. Doragon was angry Sun when he told Cosmic to get a hold of himself. Moon had the "Lady Problems" which made her hungry and quite snappy. Starlight was talking now and learning the "Colorful Language" that came out of Death's mouth making Moon and Sun yell at Death to watch his mouth. Everyone was at the breaking point. Loyal was no longer in charge which bored him. Everyone else was feeling cramped in the house.

And Sky? Sky was dying... Literally.

Sky wasn't paying attention to Starlight who found her plush seal stuck in the doorway. Starlight tugged at it.


Sky's head screamed at the sound of cloth ripping.

Sky quickly moved his arm from his eyes to see Starlight who was on the floor holding onto one half of her seal. The other half was stuck behind the door.

Sky panicked when he saw Starlight's blue eyes fill with tears. Starlight opened her mouth.

Sky braced himself for the next part.

Starlight begin to wail for her seal. Her crying was so loud Sky was afraid she wake up Moon, heaven knows Starlight is already bothering Cosmic and Galactic. Sky rushed over to Starlight who was kicking the door for hurting her seal.

Sky: Shh! Starlight, be quiet. You'll wake up your mommy.

Still crying, Starlight held up her ripped seal to Sky's face and pointed at the door. Sky opened the door and nudged the seals tail back to Starlight. Starlight tried to put her seal back together but it didn't work.

Whining, Starlight held up the seal to Sky. Sky took the seal from Starlight's pudgy hands, picked up the stuffing and went back to the couch. Starlight walked behind him.

Sky: Ahhh... Poor seal.
Starlight: Fix? No die. Fix.
Sky: Your seal won't die. I'll fix it up.

Sky went to the kitchen to find the sewing box. Starlight hugged the ripped seal. After finding the sewing box, Sky and Starlight went back to the living room.

Starlight watched as Sky carefully sewed the seal back together. nineteen minutes later, Sky held up the plush seal to Starlight and smiled at her. Starlight squealed and hugged her beloved toy. Ignoring the pain in his head, Sky smiled at the sight. He didn't like kids, but Starlight was okay. A bit of a pain, but she was okay.

Sky laid down on the couch hoping for a bit of peace now. Before Sky could close his eyes, Starlight crawled onto Sky's stomach and went to sleep on his chest. Sky was about to move her, but she looked so conformable, so Sky let her rest. Sky ran his long fingers through Starlight's soft gold hair. Everything was so simple for her. Sleeping, playing and doing absolutely nothing to make people melt over her. To her, everything could be fix just like seal. Sky wiped his eyes thinking about Galactic. Sky wished for a way to fix everything for her. He wished he made peace with Wind before his death. He wished that the people never found the evil that Loyal hid. He wished that Fire never left his brothers law. Sky cried himself to sleep.

Cosmic tiptoed downstairs to see if Sky and Starlight were alright. Cosmic peeked over the couch and saw them sleeping. Cosmic smiled softly and just watched them sleep.

Where Rock was...

Rock sat alone in the temple right next to Sand's statue. A candle melted away in front of Rock until it was nothing but a white waxy mess on the stone floor. Rock rocked back in forth thinking about what he should do now, but the sad face of Sand kept breaking into his thoughts. Rock let out a frustrated groan and held his head in his hands.

Rock wished that he told Sand about his feelings for her. Why did he wait? Rock hated the thought of all those wasted years.

Rock threw his arms around the statue and looked up at it. Sand's face never looked back at him. Rock begin to pray out loud hoping someone would hear his plea.

Rock: Please! Please give me another chance, I want her to know that there is hope for her! Please give me a second chance! I know I'm not a good God, but I want her back! I promise I won't let anyone hurt her... another chance...

Rock pressed his forehead to Sand's feet.

Rock: For her... give her a second chance... hear my prayer... bring her back to me...

Someone did hear Rock's prayer... His prayer fell into the wrong ears.

The large black spirit floated out temples.
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 i was so inactive that i couldnt read but i  just read the 5 chapters and the chapters were amazing.

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Anti-Pops from Regular Show
Ah. Creepy dude.  ^-^
i was so inactive that i couldnt read but i  just read the 5 chapters and the chapters were amazing.
Hi, Lolipop! So glad to see you!  :cheery:


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Chapter 129... Because

Night time in the garden...

Death's watched as a few bats flew upside down hunting for their next meal. Everything was upside down, even the trees. The top of the trees touched the almost cloudy sky were swishing gently with the wind. Curious, Death reached out his hands touch one of the puffy gray clouds but he didn't feel anything. Death's world was upside down as he hung from his tree by his legs.

Death saw someone walking upside down in the sky as if it was solid ground. Sky looked at him.

Sky: ʇɐɥʍ ǝɹɐ noʎ ƃuıop¿
Death: ¿ɯǝ ƃuıɥʇou ɥɔnɯ.
Sky: ¿uʍop ǝpısdn noʎ ǝɹɐ ʎɥʍ
Death: pǝɹoq ɯ,ı

Sky frowned at Death and fell headfirst landing upside down next to Death.

Death: ¿ʍǝu s,ʇɐɥʍ
Sky:  ˙ƃuıɥʇou ˙˙˙ʇɐɥʇ uɐɥʇ ɹǝɥʇo 'ƃuıʎp ǝɹɐ sǝıʇıǝp ǝɥʇ puɐ sǝlqɯɐɥs uı sı plɹoʍ ǝɥʇ

Death flipped up, his world was right side up again. Sky flipped up as well and straddled the tree limb with his legs to keep from falling

Sky: Why don't you go do something?
Death: Like what? Loyal threw me out.
Sky: What did you do now? Loyal never throws anybody out unless they are making trouble.
Death: I... I replaced the toothpaste with glue

Sky kicked Death's foot gently.  

Sky: That's not very safe, you know.
Death: I know. I wanted some entertainment.
Sky: Yeah, gluing your brothers teeth together is not funny.
Death: It was for me. It was funny watching him squirm.

Death was laughing now. Before he could tell Sky more, large black winged birds flew out of the trees and attacked Sky who lost his balance.


Sky screamed furiously and punched at the birds.

Sky: AHH!! ∗∗∗∗ OFF! GET LOST!

Death couldn't believe it. Vultures were attacking Sky? Death jumped out of the tree and slapped the vultures away.

Death: What on earth...?
Sky: Stupid things.

The vultures hopped over to Death and sat down next to his feet. Death helped Sky up to his feet.

Sky was bleeding again.

Death: Not again, Sky.
Sky: Death, please. It's nothing. I do it for fun.

Sky hid his mouth with his hands, nodded to Death and tried to escape. Death grabbed Sky's long robe and turned him around to face him.

Death: It is something, Sky. Nobody bleeds just for fun. There is a reason for this...

Sky waited for Death to say it.

Death: You're dying...

Sky hid his face in Death's shoulder. Death could hear Sky's shaky breaths. Was he afraid of death or was he afraid of leaving them behind?

Sky: Yeah... I'm dying. Don't tell anyone. I don't want them to know.
Death: Why? They should know.
Sky: No! Don't tell them! I have to keep them safe.

Death nudged at a vulture who had Sky's robe in his beak.
Death: Sky. Tell Loyal at least.
Sky: No... not even him. I don't want Loyal to do something crazy. This is our secret, Death.

Sky poked Death in the ribs with his ax.

Sky: Got it?
Death: Yeah...

Sky turned away to leave, but Death had more to say.

Death: Sky, why won't you tell them? Why are you suffering like this?

Sky turned around to face Death. His steal blue eyes were soft but full of pain.

Sky: It hurts, Death. Each day feels like someone is beating me. It hurts so much, that I sometimes cry from the pain... But... I have to keep going. If I didn't, all this pain will get them.
Death: You take all the pain for them?
Sky: Yes.
Death: Why?

Sky looked up at the moon that was peeking from the clouds.

Sky: Because... I love them. I take it so they won't have too. I take it so Amagna Okubi won't get them.
Death: Why?
Sky: Death. When you love someone, you're willing to take any pain or lose it all to keep them safe. When it comes to keeping your loved one safe, the pain you have doesn't matter. You know how it's like, right?

Death didn't say anything but stare at Sky.

Where Rock was...

Rock limped past Cloud's old house that was rotting away slowly. Earth scurried up to Rock.

Earth: Hi, Rock. Need any help?
Rock: No thanks... I just want to be alone for a while.
Earth: I understand. Honk this horn if you need me.

Earth held up a small brass horn with a rubber ball at the end. Earth squeezed the rubber ball and the horn honked loudly. Earth begin to laugh as she honked it five more times.

Earth: Isn't this funny?! I found it by Water's old house and picked it up. I thought it was the most silliest thing!
Rock: Very cute.

Earth gave Rock the horn, said goodnight before walking back to her home.

Rock limped on miserably.

Rock winded up at Sand's old house. Her door was left open, so Rock limped inside and turned on the light.

Sand's house was so empty but it felt like she was still in it. Rock waited for Sand to waltz in cheerfully happy that she was free from Fire. But Sand never came in. Rock sat in her chair by the window that she always looked out from and talking with the other deities about their day. Rock looked out and only saw dried up wilted flowers. The walls of Sand's house were covered with pictures.

Rock studied each and every single one of them.

There were pictures of her parents, some pictures of Wind and Cloud making silly faces. A few pictures of the other deities and one picture of Death sleeping in the sand with Cherry Blossom and Earth burying him with the sand. A few pictures of Loyal sitting next to Doragon and a few pictures Sky brushing his long light blue hair. One lone picture of Rain with Water fishing with Fire.

And one picture made Rock tremble.

It was a picture of him leaving a small cake shape like a cat on her porch. Sand wrote something under the photo.

I knew it was him. Sweet Rock, I knew he wasn't that tough~

Rock never knew Sand caught him in the act. He always and still does leave goodies for the Goddesses.

Sand never gave him away. She kept it a secret for him because she was his friend.

Rock traced the words with his finger.
Rock: Oh, Sand... thank you... If there was a way to bring you back... I would do it.
Voice: Oh, but there is, Rock...

Rock swung around so fast, he knocked down vase and broke it.

Rock: Who's there? Come out and show yourself.

The light bulb popped making the house dark again. Rock begin to shake with fear... who was there? Before Rock could turn around to leave, the door slammed shut and made a loud clicking sound. Rock was locked inside Sand's house with someone... Rock took a deep breath and yelled at whoever was in there with him.

Rock: Enough of the game! SHOW YOURSELF!!

By the window, a shadowy black figure stood there just watching Rock. Rock took a step back and the figure zipped away.

Voice: Come now, Rock... you're not that brave. I know you're scared.
Rock: I'm not scared. The only scared one in this room is you. Why don't you show yourself, coward?

The shadowy figure didn't seem hurt by Rock's insult and Rock hated the way his voice trembled but he had to know who was with him.

Rock: Who are you?

The shadowy figure was right next to Rock. It whispered into Rock's ear.

Amagna Okubi.

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What another marvelous chapter.

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I'm scared for both.  D:

What another marvelous chapter.
Thanks~  :)

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Your writing skills are awesome!
Thank you, Tinny!  :cheery:

All these positive comments make me so happy, everyone.  :-*

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Chapter 130... Amagna Okubi and Rock

Rock bolted from Amagna and headed for the as fast as he could to the door. He had to get away from the spirit, Rock grabbed the doorknob and tried to get out.


Rock kicked at the door to knock it down but it never opened.

Amagna Okubi watched as Rock tried to windows that were also locked and couldn't shatter if you threw something at it. Rock tried the door again yanking at the doorknob and cursing it.

Amagna Okubi: Uhhh... Rock?

Rock stood still and didn't face the spirit. Amagna reached out to touch Rock...


Amagna flew back away from Rock who was yelling desperately for Earth and honking the horn she gave him in case he needed her.

Amagna Okubi: She can't hear you, Rock. You are under my power and she can't save you.
Rock: EARTH!!!


The horn honked two more times before letting out a raspy cough and stopped making noises completely. Rock stared at the horn in horror. How would Earth save him from Amagna Okubi?

Amagna Okubi: Finally. Now. As I was saying.


Amagna put his hand to his eyes letting out a screech from the pain. After a few seconds of rubbing his eyes, Amagna looked up.

Rock was gone.

With a sigh, Amagna searched the house for Rock. It shouldn't be hard to find him since he can't escape in this locked house.

Amagna Okubi: Come out, Rock. No time for games. Rock?!

Rock didn't respond. On light feet, Rock dashed to the next room.


Amagna Okubi: Rock? You're making this very difficult for me. Come on out.

Rock knew there was no way to escape, but maybe if he stayed away as far as possible, Amagna would give up and leave.

Rock hid in a open door that led to a small closet under the stairs, holding his breath, Rock heard Amagna coming down the stairs.

Creak... creak...

Rock's heart almost stopped when the footsteps stopped. Rock trembled but never made a sound. The footsteps went on and they left to the next room.

Rock felt someone tapping his shoulder.

Amagna Okubi: Found ya!

Rock tried to run, but Amagna tripped him. Rock crashed to the ground with a painful thud. His bad leg buzzed terribly from the fall. Rock tried to get up, but his bad leg screamed from the pain.

Amagna grabbed Rock by his bad leg and dragged him back into the closet. Rock screamed for Earth and dug his nails into the wooden floor. Amagna kept pulling Rock into the closet.

Tiny wood shards slipped under Rock's nails making the flesh under the nails bleed. Rock continued to scream for Earth as the spirit dragged him back into the closet.


Everything is the house was locked and silent except for Rock's screaming in the closet. The screaming stopped...

Rock had stopped screaming for help...

The clock ticked.

Tick... tock... tick... tock...

The closet door opened and Amagna walked out holding onto Rock who was shaking and slumped against him for support.

Amagna Okubi: Now if you had listen earlier, I would have been able to t-
Rock: I need a place to rest... my leg hurts terribly...

Amagna rolled his eyes at Rock who was dragging his legs. Rock looked up at Amagna. Even though Rock was scared and in pain, his black eyes glared fiercely at Amagna.

Rock: Now...

Amagna took Rock to the living room and placed him on the chair. Rock continued to shake.

Amagna Okubi: Are you alright now?
Rock: Tuh. With you around? No. Death told me all about you.
Amagna Okubi: Oh? What did he say?
Rock: He said if we ever see you is to give you this...

Rock spat at Amagna Okubi. Amagna recoiled back growling terribly at Rock.

Amagna Okubi: You deities are disgusting.
Rock: There's more where that came from, bleep.

Rock spat right into Amagna's eyes. Amagna hissed and rubbed his eyes. It was bad enough that one of his eyes were bruised, now spit?

Amagna was about to kill Rock, but he had to remain calm.

Rock turned away from Amagna and stared at the wall. Amagna smiled and patted Rock's hand. Rock smashed Amagna's hand with his fist.

Amagna gasped and lifted his hand to his face. The fingers on his hand were broken. A bone protruded from the flesh. He that he shouldn't touch Rock's hands. Those hands can break boulders like a egg shell.

It was a bad idea to change into his human form.

Amagna left his body form and changed back into a spirit. Rock turned his head and stared at Amagna Okubi. Rock laughed rudely at the spirit.

Rock: How's your hand?
Amagna Okubi: Just... Fine.
Rock: Loser. It's best if you go.
Amagna Okubi: Fine. I'll go. I'll leave you to cry over some stupid bleep who killed herself.

Rock smirked.

Amagna Okubi: Fine. I'm leaving. All I know is that your love is in hell for killing herself.

Rock sat up. Sand? Sand is in hell? Rock whipped around to talk to Amagna who was floating out of the room.

Rock: WAIT!!

Amagna came back. Rock got up from his chair, his bad leg pulsed from the weight.

Rock: What did you say?
Amagna Okubi: What? That Sand is in hell? Yeah, she's there. Suffering.
Rock: Why?!
Amagna Okubi: Because she took her own life, that's why. It's a sin to do that.
Rock: No, Loyal said it's not a sin because the poor soul only wanted the pain to end. It's not their fault if someone drove them to it.
Amagna Okubi: And you believed him?
Rock: Yes... Plus Fire changed those laws of Loyal. Sand can't be in there!
Amagna Okubi:: Rock. Fire lied to you.

Rock's head snapped back. Loyal  wouldn't lie about that.

Rock: Lies.
Amagna Okubi: No, it's true. Why do you think I'm down there?
Rock: Huh? You?
Amagna Okubi: Death never told you?
Rock: Tell me what?
Amagna Okubi: That I was once a human.
Rock: Bullbloop.
Amagna Okubi: It's true! I was once a human and I committed suicide. Loyal dammed me to hell for it.
Rock: Go on...
Amagna Okubi: That's why I am like this.
Rock: ...
Amagna Okubi: Believe me now?
Rock: Not really. I just want to know about Sand. I don't really care for anyone else... I only want Sand back. Is she there?
Amagna Okubi: She's down there.
Rock: Is there a way to get her out?
Amagna Okubi: Yes. There is.
Rock: Tell me. I want to get her out.
Amagna Okubi: Hmmm. I don't know.
Rock: Amagna Okubi. I'm willing to do anything for her.
Amagna Okubi: She won't remember you or anyone else. She is not a Goddess anymore.
Rock: If she doesn't remember me, I can live with that. I do anything.
Amagna Okubi: Anything, Rock...?
Rock: You heard me.

Amagna Okubi smiled at Rock, leaned over to whisper what he will need to do and give up for Sand.

Rock's eyes widened at what he must do...

Amagna Okubi: Okay. I'll be back later, Rock. Be ready and don't tell anyone.
Rock: I'll be there.

Amagna Okubi winked one of his eyes and left the room. The doors in the house clicked open.

Rock stood in the middle of living room of Sand's house... the clock ticked.

Tick... tock... tick... tock...

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Chapter 131... The Storm

Two weeks later...

Earth swept away the dirt that flew into her house from a broken window. Rock tossed out branches and small bugs that made it in from the severe thunderstorm they had last night.

Earth: Ewww... Can you get that?

Rock gingerly picked up a dead bird by its wing and tossed out the window. Fire was walking by.

Fire: Hello, Earth and Rock.
Rock: ∗∗∗∗ you~♪
Earth: Hello, Fire. Bad storm last night.
Fire: Yes it was... what happened?
Earth: Big old tree fell on my house. My roof is broken and a few windows are shattered.
Fire: Need any help?
Earth: No. We'll be fine. I have to get to work. Ta!

Earth went back in. Rock and Fire glared at each other for a while before Earth called for Rock to come in and help her. Rock limped back inside and Fire went on his way.

Earth: What were you and Fire talking about?
Rock: Nothing.
Earth: Alright... I wish I had some more help.
Rock: Why didn't you accept Fire's offer when he asked you?
Earth: I don't want him in my house.

Rock was startled hearing the anger in Earth's voice. He didn't know Earth was mad at Fire.

Rock: Earth?
Earth: Listen, Rock. I'm furious with Fire. He tricked Sand and drove her to her death. Fire thew you out because of your injury's, plus he won't admit that he SUCKS at taking care of the kingdom.  
Rock: Ah.
Earth: There! I said it.

Earth sat down on her wet carpet and huffed. Rock lowed himself next to her.

Earth: It's awful, Rock...
Rock: I know.
Earth: I wish Death would kill Fire, but he can't. Sun won't let him.
Rock: What if Death kills Sun?
Earth: Stop joking like that, it's scary to think like that.
Rock: Sorry. But what if he did?
Earth: Then we are doomed.
Rock: Soooo... why won't Sun let Death get rid of Fire?
Earth: Because Fire is Sun's brother. Death is respecting Sun's wishes and sparing Fire.

Rock thought about that. Sun and Fire were brothers and Sun still loved Fire each other even though he was messing up. Fire was only alive because of Sun and he knew this...

Did he?

Rock: Pffftt!
Earth: Oh, Rock.

A few more hours went by and Earth decide it was time to stop for now and head over to her garden to see if her plants were alright.

At the garden...

Earth: The pumpkins didn't make it.
Rock: The limes are just as bad... a few kumquats are squished but some will make it.

Earth scanned the garden. The once round tomatoes were squished red patties on the wet ground. A few blueberries were scattered and drowning in a puddle.

Earth: MY GARDEN!!
Rock: Don't get upset, Earth. I'll help you plant another one tomorrow.
Earth: How? There will be another severe thunderstorm tonight.
Rock: Who told you that?
Earth: It's obvious. Mind if I stay over at your house? Storms scare me.
Rock: Sure. You can stay.

Earth and Rock left the ruined garden alone. Earth felt a few raindrops hit her head.

That night...

Earth peeked out the window after hearing a tree fall from the force of the wind. Earth was right. There was another severe thunderstorm.

Earth yelped in terror as a large bolt of lighting struck another tree. Rock calmly sat on his chair holding the bag that held the remains of Sand.

Earth:  I hate these storms. They scare me half to death.
Rock: Get away from the window before you hurt yourself.
Earth: The flood waters are rising, Rock!
Rock: We'll be fine. My house is on high grounds.

Earth scooted away from the window and went to Rock.

Earth: Scared.
Rock: Don't be. At least the light is-


The lights in the house went out.

Rock: On.
Earth: Now I'm really scared!
Rock: Shh! Listen... sounds pretty, doesn't it?

Earth turned her head to listen. The wind was howling and thunder and lighting were everywhere. The rain pelted the roof. Hail begin to fall.

Earth: Sounds ugly.
Rock: Come on now. Nothing bad is even happening... yet.

Rock begin, but Earth just sat right next to Rock trembling. Rock stopped joking and squeezed Earth's hand.

Rock: We'll be fine.
Earth: I wish the others were here with us.

Rock and Earth kept quiet except for the storm outside.

Everything was once so fine and peaceful. If they brought back Loyal and got rid of Fire, would everything return back to normal? Should Rock tell Sand about the deal he made with Amagna Okubi?


Far from Loyal's house and away from the ruined kingdom, a hunched hooded man sat in the trees. The rain and hail hit the man but he never moved. Death pulled his hood back and watched the flood waters rush by destroying everything in its path. Death heard people screaming as the waters broke into their house and swept away their loved ones. Death just sat in the tree and watched as the people drowned. Death stared a small body of a baby that was pressing against the tree he was in. The water was an evil thing sometimes. If you fell in a river, it will never stop for you to get out. Death grimaced at the sight of a father trying to pull his both of sons out of the rushing water, he pulled out one but the other son was swept away. Death lifted the boy's Life Watch. Only a minute left.

Calmly, Death crawled down from his spot gripping the tree with his hands and bare feet. The boy kept crying for help and the waters kept pulling him under. Death crawled closer. No one could see Death hanging onto the trees body, not even boy saw Death. Swiftly, Death grabbed the young boy by the hand.

It was over now. The boy's Life Watch stopped ticking.

Death hung onto the tree like a squirrel and watched as the raging flood went rushed by with the lifeless body of the child. Death tried to block out the fathers scream as he saw his son vanish.

Death crawled back up to his spot, sat down and just watched as the flood waters destroyed more homes and lives.

Later on...

Rock pulled another blanket over the Earth who was already asleep and breathing softly. The worst of the storm was over, only rain hit the roof and an occasional thunder rumble in the distance. Rock left the room on silent feet, Earth was alone in the house.

Rock splashed through a few puddles by his house. Rock could hear the loud rushing of the flood waters down below. Rock went down the of stairs of his home, looking back, Rock never saw the light go on in the room that Earth was sleeping in.

Rock had to go the other way to avoid being taken away by the angry waters. Amagna Okubi was waiting for him...

At Loyal's house...

Death felt cold all of a sudden. Not because of the rain... something else. Why was that storm so strong? Something was wrong with this night...

Sky stood outside... Something was about to happen...

At the caves...  

Irritated Amagna Okubi floated around inside the cave waiting for Rock. Where was he? They both agreed to meet up here in the cave. Or did Rock lie and was bringing Loyal to defeat him once again?

Amagna Okubi saw a figure limping up to the cave.

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Chapter 132... The Fall of Rock.

At the Caves...

Rock stumbled up to the dark wet cave where Amagna Okubi was waiting. Boldly, Rock called out for the spirit to come. Amagna Okubi floated up.

Rock: I'm here. Where is she?
Amagna Okubi: Oh, I'll get it in a minute. Do you have what I want?

Rock reached into his pocket and pulled out a small gardening shovel, one of Rock's belongings and one of Sand's rings. Rock placed them on the floor and kicked it to the spirit. Amagna Okubi went into his human body form to pick up the objects. Amagna Okubi toyed around with them for a minute.

Sand's rings vanished except for the shovel and Rock's emeralds.

Rock: Mind if I ask?
Amagna Okubi: Go on.
Rock: Why do you need the shovel an-
Amagna Okubi: You'll see. You didn't get what I wanted..
Rock: What? I just crossed over the river to get here, what do you need now?
Amagna Okubi: You.
Rock: Huh?

Amagna Okubi pointed at Rock and grinned.

Amagna Okubi: You. I want you.
Rock: Me? What can I do? Our deal was this. I give you these things. You give me Sand.
Amagna Okubi: I asked for one of your belongings, you got me the wrong one.
Rock: Oh, God. No wonder Loyal hates you. What was it?
Amagna Okubi: I don't want this emerald.

Rock frowned as Amagna Okubi crushed the emerald with his foot.

Rock: Well. Tell me that I have that you want.
Amagna Okubi: I want the power of a God. I want you to give up your place as a God and give it to me.

Rock's heart skipped a beat.

Giving his Godly powers to a spirit?

It was crazy... why did Amagna want him? He wanted Death's or Loyal's power more...

Rock: Why? I thought you wanted Death's power since he is more powerful than me.
Amagna Okubi: I want your power so I can get Sand out. I can't enter because only Gods can. I'll only be there for a while you'll get it back when I return. But...
Rock: What?
Amagna Okubi: Whatever happens to you... you will belong to me.
Rock: What do you mean?
Amgana Okubi: Whatever happens to you... I get to keep you In my power forever.
Rock: So you're telling me this. Give up my Godly powers to you.
Amagna Okubi: Yes.
Rock: So... I'm practically selling my soul?
Amagna Okubi: I guess you can put it like that. But you'll get your powers  back.
Rock: What about me? What will happen to me when it happens?
Amagna Okubi: You could become a spirit like me or something else... just for a while...

Rock begin to shake again...

He would lose his powers to a spirit...

His powers...

The deities would reject him for making deals with a spirit.

It was only for a while...

What if Sand doesn't remember him? There is a high chance she won't.

If he dies somehow... Amagna Okubi will return to take him away...

Was all this worth it?


Rock sighed. Amagna Okubi waited.

Rock: I'm only doing this for Sand.
Amagna Okubi: Barf. Spare me the romance.
Rock: Do what you have to do. Keep your part of the deal and I will too.

Amagna Okubi jumped up and down clapping his hands.

Amagna Okubi: Oh, goody!!
Rock: Just... get on with it.
Amagna Okubi: Okay. It'll hurt a bit, but it won't take long...

Amagna Okubi grabbed Rock by the throat. His shadowy arms wrapped around Rock tightly. One of the arms wrapped over Rock's mouth to silence him.

Rock begin to shake.

Sky begin to pray to Death.

Death stood up.

Amagna Okubi: Hold still...

One of the arms reached out high in the air.


Death broke into a run. He had to get there

Sky started to pray out loud to Death to run faster.

Quickly, the arm penetrated into Rock's chest searching for his powers.

Pain exploded everywhere inside Rock. Rock begin to squirm, but the arms wrapped around tighter. Amagna Okubi slapped Rock hard across the face.


Rock didn't care, the pain was too much. Rock thrashed around screaming. The arms tighten their grips and gagged Rock.

Rock could feel the arm yank at something deep inside.

Death kept running.

Sky fell to his knees praying loudly. Blood came out of Sky's ear.

Rock heard it.

A small but painful tearing sound...

The arm has his power.

Wildly, the arm flew out of Rock's chest holding a small bright orb.

Death stopped. He was too late.

Sky hung onto the gates and begin to cry.

Rock felt empty and hallow.

Amagna Okubi held the orb in his hands grinning proudly.

Amagna Okubi: That was easy. How do you feel?

Rock held into the walls of the cave breathing hard.

Amagna Okubi shrugged. Rock fell onto his hands and knees gasping for air.

Amagna Okubi: Oh, Rock? I have to give you something...
Rock: What...?
Amagna Okubi: This...

Amagna Okubi held out his closed fist to Rock's face.


Amagna Okubi thew a fistful of sand at Rock's face.

Rock's mouth fell open and stared at the wet ground sprinkled with sand. Amagna Okubi cackled with glee.

Amagna Okubi lied to him!

Sand wasn't coming back. And now the spirit had Rock's power.

Amagna Okubi: You know, Rock... after hearing so many stories about me, you think one would've learned.

Amagna Okubi kicked Rock in the face.

Amagna Okubi: Your name fits you... Rock... It fits because you are dumb as one. Oh, yeah. You can use the shovel to scoop up the sand.

Rock looked up at Amagna Okubi who was grinning at him.

Amagna Okubi: Toodles~

Rock jumped up and ran at Amagna. Amagna Okubi vanished quickly leaving Rock alone in the cave.

There was nothing Rock could do...

He lost everything...

Rock was nothing but a weak human now...

Amagna Okubi won...

Later on...

While Earth waited for Rock, she was playing around by herself having a leaf boat race and skipping rocks. Earth got up to find another leaf.

A tall figure was was limping by.

Earth bolted to Rock to meet him.

Rock stood still and stared at Earth.

Earth stopped running...

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Depressing, isn't?  :'(

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Chapter 133... Finding Out.


Rock sat so silently on a foot rest just staring at the wall. Earth stood behind him running her fingers through his dark hair.

Earth: It's okay, Rock...
Rock: No. It's not okay, Earth. I'm not the same anymore...
Earth: Don't say that. You're playing aroun-
Rock: Earth, give up. I am no longer a deity... I'm nothing.
Earth: No. You're still Rock.
Rock: That won't help. Sooner or later, I will die of old age or some disease or some accident.
Earth: I'll protect you. I'll find a way for you to live on...
Rock: Earth. I'm going to die. I'm nothing but a human now. Humans are not immortal.
Earth: No! You're lying!

Earth picked up a small diamond on the table and pressed it hard into Rock's palm.

Earth: Please try. You're not a human. If you can crush this diamond, you are still a God!
Rock: Earth...
Earth: TRY IT!!

Slowly, Rock closed fingers around the diamond and squeezed it.


Rock tried harder. The diamond never broke in his hands.

Rock: See? Nothing. If I was a God, I'd have broke this by n-
Earth: NO!!

Earth was hysterical now. She ran to a small bowl that held colorful sea glass and shoved the bowl to Rock who smiled weakly at her.

Earth: TRY THESE!!
Rock: No, Earth. I can't...
Earth: YOU CAN!!

Rock gave the bowl back to Earth and left the room. Earth ran after him and turned him to face her.

Earth: You can't be a human, Rock!! Are you playing a joke on me? Please tell me it's a joke!!

Rock didn't say anything. His eyes said it all. Earth released him begin to hyperventilate.

Rock reached out to touch Earth's face but she took a step back.

Rock's heart never ached so much for Earth.

Earth: The Markings...
Rock: What?
Earth: THE MARKINGS!! You must have The Markings of a God on you!!
Rock: I don't, Earth.
Earth: You do!
Rock: Earth! I'm not a deity anymore! I'm just a human with

Earth grabbed at Rock's shirt and tore straight down in the middle. Rock pulled back from Earth's grasp.

Rock: Earth! What the heck?! Stop it!!
Earth: All God's have The Markings on their back! Tell me you still have yours!

Earth grabbed at Rock's torn shirt again, Rock tried to pry her fingers off.

Rock begin to push at Earth to make her let go. Earth kept yanking at his shirt.


Rock: GREAT! Look at what you just did!!

Earth held the a piece torn shirt in her hands and stared at Rock who stood there rigidly by the wall.

Rock: Now. If you please. I would like a new shirt.
Earth: Turn around. Let me see.
Rock: Back off!

Earth started towards Rock. Rock backed up against the wall looking for way to escape. Earth grabbed at Rock's arm and yanked him from the wall. Rock swatted at her but Earth kept a firm grip.

Rock: Stop!
Earth: If you keep objecting, you're joking about losing your powers. If you stop... then... you're telling the truth.

Rock stood still... she was right. The sooner he stops thrashing...

The sooner she'll see the truth.

Earth turned Rock around and pulled his torn shirt down past his shoulders.

The Markings were not there. Rock was telling the truth...

He was just a human.

Earth quickly pulled the shirt back up. Rock turned to face her, Earth kept her eyes to the floor. Rock put his hand under her chin to make her look up. Earth brushed his hand away.

Rock: Earth...
Earth: Don't.
Rock: Please...
Earth: Don't touch me.
Rock: You're making this harder for the both of us...
Earth: Me?!

Earth punched Rock hard in the face. Rock fell backwards onto the floor. and stared at Earth in shock.

Earth: Why did you do this!?
Rock: I did it for Sand!

Rock got up quickly and stood in front of Earth.

Rock: He said he'll bring her back!
Earth: WHO SAID!!?

Rock cringed. He never told Earth about Amagna Okubi.

Earth: Who said he'll bring her back!? Who were talking with?!
Rock: Uhhh!... umm! Death!

Earth took a step forward. Rock gulped.

Earth: Lies! You were talking with someone!
Rock: No! I wasn't!

Earth spied a black mark on Rock's chest. Rock tried to cover it up.

Earth: What is that?
Rock: Nothing! Just a bruise.

Earth yanked at Rock's shirt. There was a black marking on his chest.

Earth: That's not a bruise! Death has that mark behind his neck! And Loyal has that on his back when they were fighting!
Rock: It's nothing!
Earth: You were talking with Amagna Okubi!!
Rock: I wasn't!... okay, you got me. I was...

Earth begin to hit Rock on the head. Rock grabbed Earth's arms to make her stop.

Earth: You made a deal with a spirit!! Why!? Now look!! You're a human!!
Rock: Earth, stop!
Earth: No! I'm not ready!!

Earth stopped hitting Rock and buried her face in his chest crying.

Earth: I'm not ready to lose you...

Earth cried softly hugging Rock tightly. Rock wrapped her arms around her and smooth down her dark hair.

Rock: I'm not ready to lose you either...

Earth kept crying bitterly... Rock didn't say anything.

An hour later...

Earth didn't know how she winded up on Rock's lap... it was comforting. Rock sighed miserably but smiled at Earth.

A Goddess on the lap of a human.

How strange...

Earth: Now what...?
Rock: I don't know...
Earth: I wish that this didn't happen...
Rock: I do too...

Earth placed her head on Rock's shoulder playing with his fingers. Rock kept rubbing her head like she was a kitten.

Rock: Earth?
Earth: Yes?
Rock: Don't tear at my shirt again. I know I'm good looking, but control yourself.
Earth: Shaddaup.

Earth swat at Rock who was laughing at her.

Rock: Oh well. I got you this.

Rock held up a small tulip to Earth's nose. Earth's eye widen.

Earth: It was you! All those years, it was you leaving those gifts!

Rock smiled at Earth.

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Very faithful story

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that's so sad yet rock and earth are cute at the same time

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Very faithful story
Thank you~  :)

that's so sad yet rock and earth are cute at the same time
Yeah.   :3

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I voted for Amagna Okubi. Does the fire extinguisher work on him?

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I voted for Amagna Okubi. Does the fire extinguisher work on him?

Amagna Okubi: Sorry, love. It can't work.
Loyal: Don't talk to her, you filthy spirit. No, AyKooChao. It won't work...

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Amagna Okubi: Sorry, love. It can't work.
Loyal: Don't talk to her, you filthy spirit. No, AyKooChao. It won't work...
You say sorry

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Amagna Okubi: Sorry, love. It can't work.
Loyal: Don't talk to her, you filthy spirit. No, AyKooChao. It won't work...


What did that thing just call me?!

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You say sorry
He better.


What did that thing just call me?!

Death: Uh-oh! She's angry now, Amagna! You better run!

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Rosalina, bring me the Amagna Okubi extinguisher!

Rosalina: The what?  :eyebrow:

I don't know either.

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Rosalina, bring me the Amagna Okubi extinguisher!

Rosalina: The what?  :eyebrow:

I don't know either.
Loyal: If only it was that easy... -sigh-

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Chapter 134... More Problems.

At Loyal's Home...

Sun: This is disgusting!
Death: I know, right? Moon beat me at a brownie eating contest.
Sun: No, the way we live now!

Death looked around in the kitchen. Seemed clean, except for the dirty dishes in the sink. Moon gulped down another brownie and stared at her husband.

Sun: We shouldn't be living like this.
Moon: Yeah.
Sun: It's shameful that we live in your brothers house now, Death.
Death: Hey. No one told you all to come here. You were living with Sky at first. If you hate it so much, go back, dummy.

Death heard Sky yelling at him from the other room. It was faint, but Death still heard it.

Sky: It wasn't safe there anymore, Death! And don't talk to Sun like that!!

Starlight skipped in singing happily. Death picked up another brownie from the plate but didn't eat it.

Death: Okay. So it wasn't safe there. But! Be glad Loyal is here, Sun!
Sun: I think we all over stayed our welcome, Death.
Death: No we didn't. Loyal? You like having us here, right?

Loyal didn't answer. Moon picked up Starlight who was tugging at her skirt.

Death: Loyal!?
Sun: He's not answering, Death. What does that tell you?
Death: It tells me this... hmmm... He can't hear me.
Sun: God!
Moon: Sun, it's okay.
Sun: No it's not, Moon. We can't-
Death: We can't let our answers go unanswered! Great idea, Sun!

Death got up from his chair and swaggered out of the kitchen telling Sun to follow him. Seething, Sun went after Death. Moon went along carrying Starlight.

Sky stopped scrubbing the floor and looked up to see the group walk by.

Sky: Don't step on the clean floor! Where are you all going? What's going on?
Death: We need to ask Loyal a question.
Sky: Oh! Well go ahead then.

Death grinned, told the others to follow and he boldly walked across the clean floor. Sky sighed at the dirty footprints.

Death: Loyal? You in here!?

Death knocked loudly on the bathroom door. Moon put down Starlight and heard the water running.

Loyal: I'm taking a shower, Death. Not now.
Death: I need to ask you a question.
Loyal: Later!
Death: But we need an answer now!
Loyal: GO AWAY!!

Sun rolled his eyes at Death who leaned on the wall with his arms crossed. Moon snickered with Starlight.

Death: Alright, Loyal. We'll wait.
Loyal: Go away~♪
Death: Sun, Moon and Starlight and me are waiting, Loyal.
Loyal: Tell them to wait.
Death: Do you want us to go in there?
Moon: Death!

Death sighed. Moon and Sun walked away leaving Starlight with Death. Starlight knocked on the door with her small fist.

Starlight: Loy?
Death: Starlight? Do you want to do your uncle a favor? I'll let you stay up late.

Laughing, Starlight jumped up and down in front of Death. Death knelt down to Starlight.

Death: Go in there. You will see a large black glass bowl with a silver knob. Pull the knob down, okay?
Starlight: Okay!
Death: Good girl!

Quietly, Death opened the bathroom door and Starlight went right in.

Starlight's P.O.V

Starlight looked around. Loyal was nowhere to be seen, all Starlight could hear was water running behind a black curtain. Starlight walked around for a few seconds before she saw it. The large black bowl with a silver knob.

Starlight went right up to it and pulled down at the knob.

Where Moon and Sun were...

Moon jumped at the sound of Loyal screaming and Starlight's tiny shrill squeal that followed. Quickly, Moon and Sun ran back to the bathroom where Death was standing and laughing. Starlight was tossed out from the bathroom. Starlight ran to Moon crying.

Loyal burst out from the steaming bathroom wearing his bathrobe. Death grinned at Loyal who was shaking with rage.

Loyal: What's wrong with you?!
Death: We need our question answered, Loyal.
Loyal: WHAT?!!
Death: Do you like having us here?

Cherry Blossom yelled from across the room.


Starlight begin to scream. Loyal was yelling at Death who was trying to stifle his laughter. Sun scolded Death for being stupid, Moon told Sun to stop yelling because he was making Starlight upset. Cherry Blossom begin to snap at Death as well.

Everyone was out of control. All the yelling and crying was getting louder and louder.

Silently, Sky walked in.

Sky: Quiet!!

Loyal, Sun and Cherry Blossom stopped yelling at Death. Death stopped laughing. Starlight stopped crying and Moon let go of Sun's arm.

They all stared at Sky who was standing there stiffly.

Sky was angry. But he didn't say a word.

Cherry Blossom: Death-
Sky: I don't care who started it. Be quiet!

Everyone didn't dare to breath. Sky walked up to the group glaring at all of them.

Sky: Shame! The way you're all acting is shameful. Starlight has an excuse because she's a baby. You all don't!

Loyal bowed his head. Death rolled his eyes at Loyal. He was doing it again. Being ashamed about something he didn't even do.

Sky: Yelling like fools. The worlds are falling apart. Amagna is free and destroying lives, and here you are all yelling.

Doragon peeked in from the window.

Sky: This is never going to work if we can't get along. Sure we are all cooped up in here, but we have to try!

Moon patted Sun's arm. Sun took Moon's hand into his.

Sky: It's hard being together in here, but when Fire admits his mistakes... we won't be here anymore! For now... let's do something else... Loyal?

Loyal's head snapped up.

Sky: Can you answer the question again?
Loyal: Oh! Yes! I do enjoy having you all in here. It gets a little hard sometimes like Sky said, but I can deal with it.
Sun and Moon: Thank you, Loyal.
Death: Thanks.
Cherry Blossom: Thank you!
Starlight: -Whine-

Sky nodded his head and left. Loyal went back into the bathroom. Death and Cherry Blossom left the house to see Doragon. Moon and Sun went back to the kitchen with Starlight.

Sky walked all the way to Cosmic's room and knocked at the door softly.

Sky: Cosmic? You alright in there?
Cosmic: Come in, Sky.

Sky sucked in his breath at the way Cosmic's voice sounded...

Slowly, Sky opened the door and shut it. It was dark in the room. Sky's eyes adjusted to the darkness. Cosmic sat on the edge of the bed rubbing Galactic's back. Galactic just laid there wrapped up in her blanket. Sky went over to Cosmic and patted his arm.

Sky: What's wrong?
Cosmic: I don't know... she's not eating or going outside... She...

Cosmic didn't finish.

Sky: Galactic?
Cosmic: She won't talk... I have to help her around, but now she won't get up. Sky? Do something. I ran out of ideas.

Sky placed his hand on Cosmic's bony shoulder. Cosmic looked up at Sky's tired eyes. Sky smiled at Cosmic and went to Galactic.

Sky: Galactic?

Galactic didn't say a word. Sky knelt down to her and gently nudged her. Galactic peeked out from the blanket.

Sky: Tell me what's wrong...

Galactic beckoned Sky's to come closer. Sky turned his head to let Galactic whisper into his ear.

Cosmic didn't hear what his wife was saying... Sky nodded slowly while Galactic told him about her problems.

Sky sat on his knees and nodded to Galactic. Galactic blinked twice at Sky before hiding back under her blanket.  

Cosmic: Sky? What did she say?

Sky held both of Cosmic's pitch black hands and squeezed them.

Sky: Cosmic... Galactic is suffering from the lost of her babies. It's becoming very hard for her to go on... She really appreciates what you have been doing for her, Cosmic. But now...

Sky took a deep breath.

Sky: I can't tell you if you're going to get scared.
Cosmic: I won't... what did she say?
Sky: She wants you to...

Sky told Cosmic everything that Galactic said. Cosmic's shut his eyes tightly to keep his tears in. Sky released Cosmic's hands.

Sky: Be brave, Cosmic... It's for the best.
Cosmic: I know... I just...
Sky: It'll be alright. I'm here. You won't be alone.

Cosmic nodded sharply to Sky and turned to Galactic who poked her head out from the blankets.

Galactic: I love you, Cosmic. Don't be scared.
Cosmic: I love you, too.

Galactic sat up to hug Cosmic. Cosmic hugged his wife tightly trying hard not to cry. Sky got up and left the room.

Sky wandered into the kitchen. Sun, Moon and Starlight were gone. Sky sat down at the table and rubbed his hands together nervously.

Was this safe? What if something happens to her? Was he strong enough to do this? Sky heard a loud tap at the window. Looking up, Sky saw a large black vulture staring at him. It wanted to get inside to kill a sickly...


Furious, Sky closed the curtains. There was another tap at the window.

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Very good chapter.~

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Very good chapter.~
Thank you~  :-*

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You put some much emotion into your story.

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You put some much emotion into your story.
Yeah. Most of the emotion belongs to me when I'm sad.

So I put in these chapters.  :)

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I'm so scared now what did Galactic say :'(

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I'm so scared now what did Galactic say :'(
You'll see.  :'(

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Chapter 135... Impatient Spirit.

At the Duck Pond...

Quack, quack.

Earth threw a few more seeds to the ducks that gathered around her and Rock who sat behind her braiding her long dark hair. It has been already a week since Rock's mistake. Earth puttered around him and made sure everything was alright. One cough from Rock was enough to make Earth go crazy with fear. Earth watched over him with an eagle eye. To her, Rock was a fragile human.

And to be honest...

He is.

Earth: The weather is getting colder.

Rock glanced up at the sky. Long wispy clouds seem to be glued onto the sky.

Rock: I always liked the cold weather. It's been so hot lately.
Earth: The cold weather makes me nervous. It destroys my crops.
Rock: What crops?

Earth frowned. Even though Rock was joking, he was right. Earth's crops have been destroyed by the recent storms, grasshoppers, and dry weather.

Rock: Sorry.
Earth: No, it's alright... I'm just sad.
Rock: Who isn't...

Earth watched as the ducks waddled back to the pond quacking cheerfully.

Earth: I wish we had some good news at least...
Rock: We all do. Things have been so hard lately.

Earth wanted Rock to see Cherry Blossom and the others, but Rock didn't want to.

He didn't want them to see him like this. It's been hard for everyone.

Rock was tired and weak and Earth was stressed out.

Earth looked up at the sky.

The last time she saw Sky, he lost a lot of weight and he looked very sickly.

How was he doing?

Where Sky was...

Death knelt beside Sky patting his back. Sky was on his hands and knees in front of a clay pot. Death could hear Sky's rapid heartbeat.

Death: Okay. Take a deep breath.
Sky: I bleeping can't. It hurts too m-

Death backed away when he felt Sky convulse. Painfully, Sky vomited into the pot. Death tried not to look at the dark red blobs in the clay pot. Sky wiped his mouth with a black cloth, stood up and nudged Death with his foot.

Sky: Not a word out of you.
Death: I won't say anything.

Sky nodded sharply and walked away. Death sat alone with the pot full of bloody vomit. Far away, Death heard Moon's voice.

Moon: Death?

Death threw the pot far away. There was a muffled cracking sound as Moon came up with Starlight.

Starlight: Boom!
Moon: Huh?
Death: She's crazy. She doesn't know what she's on about. Is there anything you need, Moon?

Moon went up to Death. Her face was very sad and distraught.

Moon: Did you hear about Galactic?
Death: I heard just a bit... what did she say?
Moon: She told Sky... she told him to...

Death put his arm around Moon and lead her away.

Where Amagna Okubi is hiding...

With a sigh, Amagna Okubi tossed the small orb high in the air catching it each time it came down. This was boring the spirit already. He wanted to get Cosmic and Galactic, or Sun and Moon's power, they seem stronger than Rock, but Sky shot arrows at him which made him run away.

If only he got Death years ago then everything Amagna would have everything. Even Loyal's power.

But Loyal saw through his lies and stopped him.

And Sky? Sky just wouldn't die already.



What if Amagna had others to help him instead of Spirits? A little help to get rid of Sky so he can get one of the dieites of the universe.

It could work...

Amagna Okubi floated out of the cave.

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I'm in so much suspense to find out what Galactic said.

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Poor Sky. (What did Galactic say? I must find out! And by the way, are you still taking ideas for new characters?)

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Too bad I'm the only who knows. jk.  :-\

I'm in so much suspense to find out what Galactic said.
It won't be long before I post it. ✨

Poor Sky. (What did Galactic say? I must find out! And by the way, are you still taking ideas for new characters?)
It's too late for the normal characters, but you can put in a God or Goddess if you like! Just PM me your idea​. Don't say it out loud here, I like surprises! Other readers have already sent me their ideas, so don't be shy.  :)

Juniper? You can try, too! Take your time, girls~ ;D

If not, there is always next time which will take a loooooooonnnngggg time.

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Am I the only guy reading this (excluding guests of course!)? LOOOOL
Maybe. Prem would show up sometimes and leave a comment or two, he probably still reads this but hasn't commented on it.  :)

So far, you're the only active one.  ;)

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Chapter 136... Galactic's Request and Rock's Misfortune.

Amagna Okubi floated around to find where Rock was heading next. Looking down, Amagna saw Earth walking away from Rock to pick up the dead leaves that littered the lake. Rock kept walking.

Earth and Rock's P.O.V...

Earth: Yuck. I have to get those nasty leaves in the water. Look how brown the water is.

Rock glanced at the water and then turned away sharply. Seeing the filthy water only made him think about Water who died sick and dehydrated all because of Rain who didn't do her goddamn job.  

Rock could still feel Water's cold stiff body in his arms.

Earth: I don't want to bore you, you can go do something else. Will you be okay?
Rock: I'll be fine. Don't worry so much, Earth.

Earth gave Rock a small smile before walking to the lake. Rock hobbled off to find something to do. Rock couldn't get Water's image out of his head now.

Water was a bit pushy, but he was okay. He didn't deserve that horrible death. All he wanted was some water to drink, but by the time Rock was able to find some, it was too late.

Where Sky was...

Sky stood by Galactic's bed smoothing down her hair. Galactic blinked slowly staring at the ceiling. Cosmic sat beside Galactic holding her cold hand.

Sky: Galactic? Are you sure you want to do this?
Galactic: I have to it, Sky... If I don't...

Galactic didn't finish. Sky kept smoothing down her hair.

Cosmic: Galactic?
Galactic: Now, Cosmic. I'm too weak to go on, you have to keep going without me.
Cosmic: I'm not ready.
Galactic: No one ever is, Cos-cos. We were not ready when I miscarried, but... you kept going.
Cosmic: You di-
Galactic: No I didn't. Look at me, Cosmic. I'm half dead already.
Cosmic: Don't say that, Galactic.
Galactic: Alright, alright. I can't stick around any longer. I'm not strong enough. Cosmic...
Gently, Galactic placed her hand on Cosmic's face.

Galactic: For me... keep going.
Cosmic: I... I don't want you to go.
Galactic: I have to go, Cosmic.
Cosmic: Will I see you again?
Galactic: I don't know... Sky?
Sky: Most likely... when the worlds are at peace, you'll be reunited again.
Galactic: See? I'll see you soon, Cosmic.
Cosmic: But why? Why must you go?
Galactic: It's the only way to stay safe. If I keep going... I'll die, Cosmic.
Cosmic: No...
Sky: Doing this will keep her safe, Cosmic. She is doing this for you.

Shocked, Cosmic put his hands in his lap.

Good old Galactic. Always knows what's best for him.

Cosmic grinned at Galactic. Galactic grinned back at him.

Sky: And. If she does this, It'll be easier to watch over her from Amagna Okubi.
Galactic: Dandy!
Cosmic: I still don't want you to go...
Galactic: I don't want to leave you either. But I can't stay... You want me safe, right?
Cosmic: Yes. Yes, I do.
Sky: This is the only way, Cosmic.
Galactic: Be brave...

Cosmic laid his head on Galactic's stomach. Galactic ran her fingers through his hair...

Galactic and Sky didn't tell Cosmic everything.

Two days ago...

Galactic: Sky. I know you're dying.
Sky: No I'm not.
Galactic: Sky, I hear you when you get up late at night to vomit. You think I don't see those bloody napkins of yours?

Sky pushed his napkin further into his pockets.

Sky: Someone needs to mind their own business.
Galactic: This is part of my business, Sky. You are too weak to fight if Amagna Okubi gets in.
Sky: I can!
Galactic: No. You can't fight him in your condition, Sky. I'm weak as well. Amagna Okubi only attacks weak dieties. So he is looking for a way to get one of us. If he gets in, he'll kill you and he'll take away my powers because I cannot fight him.
Sky: True. Galactic? What do you want me to do?
Galactic: It's only way keep you and me safe, Sky. I have to leave my body and live inside of you.
Sky: That's crazy!
Galactic: Crazy, but safe. Amagna can't get me if I live inside of you. If you have me living in you, you're safe. Amagna won't kill you. If he does, he won't be able to get ahold of our powers.
Sky: I know.
Galactic: I have to do this. It's the only way to keep you and me safe. Even Cosmic.
Sky: Galactic...
Galactic: I won't tell Cosmic about your problems. You helped me... I'll help you. We are in this together, Sky.

Galactic and Sky embraced each other.

Where Rock is...

Rock kept walking up the hill. He didn't know where he was going. But for some reason, the smell of burning wood made him curious.  
Rock hobbled right up to a fiery pit. Although Rock was far way, the heat made him sweat. Rock squinted and saw Fire standing by the edge of the pit throwing planks of wood into the flames. Rock hobbled up to Fire. The air wavered from the heat of the flames making it hard for Rock to see.

Fire turned his head when he heard shuffling.

Fire: Rock? What are you doing here?
Rock: Just passing by. What are you doing?
Fire: Not much... I have to get rid of the dead bodies of the other deities and people. I can't bury them all, so I guess I have to burn them.
Rock: Oh. Need any help?

Fire looked at Rock in surprise. Why did Rock want to help him?

Fire: Sure... I guess. I have to get more planks of wood outside. Just toss the remaining ones into the flames.
Rock: Alright.

Fire gave Rock stared at Rock before leaving.

Rock begin to toss the planks of wood into the fire. The flames rose higher and higher which made Rock a tad bit nervous. Judging how Fire needed the pit, Rock guessed that there were quite a lot of bodies that needed to be cremated.

Rock watched as the flames greedily ate up the wooden planks.

Amagna Okubi hovered behind Rock.

Where Sky was...

Sky stood by Cosmic who was holding Galactic in his arms. Galactic glanced out the window. How long will she be asleep? Will she ever see the sun again?

Loyal stood beside Death and Cherry Blossom. Moon bounced Starlight on her lap, Sun watched Sky closely.

Sky: Galactic. After you do this, you won't be able to communicate with Cosmic. If you have to say something to him, say it now.

Galactic looked up at Cosmic. There was so much to say...

But she didn't know how.

Galactic: Cosmic. I'm doing this because I love you.
Cosmic: I know...
Galactic: We'll see each other soon...
Cosmic: I hope.

Galactic held Cosmic's hand.

Galactic: We will. I promise. Will you wait for me?
Cosmic: I will wait for you, Galactic. I love you.
Galactic: I love you too, Cosmic.

Cosmic and Galactic tenderly pressed their hands together. Who knows when they will see each other again... Loyal didn't know. Sky didn't know. No one could tell.

Sky: I'll take good care of her, Cosmic. Don't worry.
Cosmic: I know you will, Sky.

Galactic closed her eyes. Cosmic felt her hand squeeze his hand tightly. Galactic was afraid, but holding her husband's hand made her feel safer.

Praying softly, Sky pressed his hand onto Galactic's forehead.

Galactic felt very tired.

Slowly, Sky moved his hand right down to her chest.
Galactic's body grew heavier and heavier.

Sky held up left hand

Galactic could feel her power and Sky's power collide into each other.

Sky put his left hand down onto his chest.

Galactic's world went black.

Slowly, Sky put his hands together. Galactic's body still laid on the bed. She wasn't breathing. Her body was cold and stiff. She didn't need her body... she was already inside of Sky.

Sky could hear two heartbeats inside of him. His and Galactic's.

Cosmic released Galactic's hand. She was gone now... she was living in Sky.

Sky: It's for the best, Cosmic.
Cosmic: None of this would be happening if Fire didn't screw up.

Everyone but Sky was shocked hearing Cosmic's angry voice.

Sky stood there stiffly.

Sky: Everyone can leave now. I need to talk to Cosmic.

Moon, Sun, Loyal, Death, Cherry Blossom and Starlight left the room quietly.

Cosmic: This shouldn't be happening, Sky.
Sky: You think I don't know that, Cosmic.
Cosmic: Why doesn't Loyal do something?
Sky: Cosmic. Hold your tongue. Loyal did try.
Cosmic: Can't he try harder?
Sky: He did, Cosmic.
Cosmic: Doesn't look like it to me.

Sky glared coldly at Cosmic.

Sky: That's enough, Cosmic.
Cosmic: But Sky-
Sky: Hush!

Cosmic stopped talking. Sky sat down next to him.

Sky: I know you are angry, Cosmic. All of this is just anger. You're angry at Loyal because you think he didn't try. You're angry at Death for what happened to your children. You're angry at me because you need someone to get mad at.
Cosmic: I'm not-
Sky: Shut up and quit lying to me dammit. You're practically mad at the world.
Cosmic: Yes...
Sky: Galactic wouldn't want you to be like this, Cosmic. Don't let anger consume you. That's what happened to Fire. He let his anger swallow him up. Now he can't escape it.

Cosmic placed his head on Sky's shoulder. Sky rubbed Cosmic's head.

Cosmic: I wish Galactic was here.
Sky: She is.
Cosmic: I mean with me.
Sky: I know, Cosmic... I know.

Cosmic and Sky sat there alone in the room with Galactic's body.

Where Rock was...

Rock was lost in thought. He could still hear Water's unfinished sentence.

"Loy... right"

What did it mean?

Rock was about to find out.

Rock never saw Amagna Okubi rushing towards him.

Fire dragged two more planks of wood behind him. As soon as he gets to the pit, he'll be done.

Fire heard a faint screaming. Thinking it was someone else, Fire kept moving.

The screaming grew louder but it was still faint. Fire felt a bit nervous now.

Fire: It's just some idiot... it's just some idiot...

Fire kept walking. The screams got louder as Fire came closer to the fiery pit.

Man screams... like someone was in pain... the screams sounded like... like...


Fire dropped the planks and bolted to the pit. Rock wasn't there, all Fire could hear was his screams of agony.

Fire ran to the edge of the pit and looked inside.

Rock had fallen in!

Rock continued to scream as the flames burned every inch of his body. Fire jumped into the flames to get Rock.

Fire cursed himself for being so stupid. Why did he leave Rock alone? He knew Rock had a bad leg and yet he left him.

Fire: Rock!! I'm coming!!

Rock kept screaming.

Amagna Okubi watched in the distance.

Fire made it to Rock and tried to lift him up.

Rock's skin peeled off his body when Fire pulled him up. Fire felt sick when the smell of burning flesh struck his nose. Rock lost consciousness.

Fire: Come on, Rock! Don't give up!!

At last Fire found a way to get Rock out. Quickly, Fire lifted Rock out of the flames and ran out of the fiery pit.

Running outside to the cool air, Fire placed Rock on the ground. Rock woke up with a start and begin to scream in pain again. Fire didn't know what to do. Rock was burned badly and if he didn't get help now, Rock would die.

Fire pulled out a small horn that he kept around his belt and blew into it.

Where Earth was...

After picking out the leaves, Earth was looking for Rock so they can head home. She carried pecans in her bag. Earth planned to make pecan cookies for Rock.

Earth heard the sound of a horn in the distance.

The same horn that Fire uses when someone is hurt.


Where was Rock?

Earth dropped her bag and raced to the hills where the horn sounded.

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Chapter 137... Rock and Fire

Fire leaned against the wall watching Earth mix herbs together in a large wooden bowl. Rock was lying on his bed moaning softly. Earth notice Fire staring at her and scowled.

Earth: Did you do this?
Fire: Do what?
Earth: Did you push Rock into the fire?
Fire: No! I don't know what happened, Earth. I thought he fell in.
Earth: No. If Rock had fallen in, he would have landed straight down. You told me he was right smack in the middle.
Fire: And?
Earth: Someone shoved him into the flames, Fire.
Fire: Who? I left to get more wood and I return to see him in the fire!
Earth: I don't know who did it. Was this planned? Did you have someone to push Rock into that pit?
Fire: No. No, I didn't have it planned.
Earth: This is insane.
Fire: Do you think Rock tried to kill himself?
Earth: No. Someone pushed him.

Earth stalked away from Fire and sat next to Rock.
Earth: Rock? Can you hear me? Say something.

Rock said nothing.

Earth: If you can't speak, Rock. Blink once.  

Rock slowly closed his eyes and opened them.

Earth: I have this medicine for you. It should numb the pain. Open your mouth...

Rock didn't open his mouth

Earth: Rock... do you need any help?

Rock blinked at Earth. Fire wanted to leave, but he stayed rooted to the ground.

Gently, Earth opened Rock's mouth with a small stick. Earth gasped slightly.

Inside Rock's mouth, the skin was peeling from the roof and his tongue was a deep red with large painful blisters.

How could she do this?

Earth sat back down. Fire stepped up to her.

Fire: He needs some dropper or something...
Earth: Great idea. Probably the only best idea you'll ever have. Watch him for me.

Earth got up quickly leaving Fire alone with Rock.

Rock glanced at Fire and then closed his eyes. Fire looked at Rock up and down.

Rock's once salt and pepper hair was falling off in clumps. His olive skin was now burned severely with black burned flakes hanging on or peeling. Raw damaged tissue was showing. Fire jiggled his foot and tried not to stare again.

But he had to know...

Fire: Rock? Did you jump into the fire?

Rock made a small raspy sound...


Fire was relieved when Rock said no.

Fire: Who did this to you?

Rock tried to speak but nothing came out...

Fire: Do you know?
Rock: -Nods-
Fire: You do? Can you try to tell me?

Rock lifted his scorched hand to Fire's nose. Fire was shocked. Why was Rock saying it was him? Before Fire could say something, Rock grunted at him to move.

Rock wasn't pointed at Fire. Fire was in the way of what Rock was pointing at.

Fire glanced over his shoulder.

Fire: What the hell...

An inky black shadow was escaping out the window.

"Amag... Amag..."

Fire kept staring at the window where the shadow escaped. Earth came back with a dropper. Earth's lips made a tight line when she saw Fire looking at the window.

Earth: What are you looking at?
Fire: Earth? Rock said "Amag" What is he trying to say?

Earth's heart skipped a beat.

Amagna Okubi did this...

A few hours later...

Earth put away her bowl. Fire sat next to Rock who was staring at him with wide eyes.

Earth: I have to find some water. Will you keep an eye on him?
Fire: Sure...
Earth: Don't touch him.
Fire: I won't.

Earth smirked at Fire and left. Fire glanced at Rock. Fire's heart began to ache terribly for Rock. He was hurt and Fire couldn't do anything for him.

Fire: Rock...?
Rock: Yeah?
Fire: I want to tell you... you...

Fire wanted to scold Rock for all those years of teasing and tricks.

But he couldn't.

Rock was a pain-in-the-bleep, but he was still Fire's best friend. They have known each other since they were children. Catching small animals, dares, telling secrets, fighting, hiding from their parents when they broke something from the temples.

Rock would always set up booby-traps and laugh wickedly when Fire fell into one. It was annoying and Fire would yell at Rock for doing that. He never told his parents about Rock's nasty tricks. Squealing was for babies. Yelling and name-calling would go on between them until a God would tell them to shut up. These tricks went on for years and Fire would still yell at Rock to quit it. But at the end of the day, Fire forgave Rock.

Isn't that what best friends do?

Fire didn't realize he was crying until Rock reached out to wiped away his tear.

The salty tear burned Rock's raw burned flesh, but that didn't matter.

Fire: I'm sorry!... I'm sorry I hurt you in the past, Rock. I... I... I know you hate me for what happened... now...
Rock: I don't hate you, Fire... I was angry, but what happened in the past can't be helped.
Fire: I wish...
Rock: Wishing gets you nowhere, Fire.
Fire: This shouldn't have happened... I thought... I thought if...
Rock: Don't talk about it...

Fire couldn't talk anymore. Rock smiled at Fire attempt to talk but he kept hiccupping.

Rock: Fire...?
Fire: Mmm?
Rock: I need to tell you something...

Fire leaned forward to hear Rock's raspy dry voice. Rock talked to Fire for a long time...  

Earth came back with a jug of water. Fire rubbed his eyes and Rock put his head down to sleep.

Earth: Ummm...
Fire: I have to go... I still have to burn those bodies...
Earth: See ya.
Fire: Bye, Earth. Goodbye, Rock.

Rock nodded to Fire and tried to go to sleep. Earth squinted at Fire, she was about to ask Fire about what were they talking about, but Fire left quickly.

It wasn't their fault.

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This brings a tear to my eye. :'(
Aww. The next chapters are going to be pretty rough.  :'(

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Chapter 138... Wonderful Day.

Three days later...

Earth sat on a small stool reading out loud from a book that she brought. Rock tried to listen to her, but he couldn't concentrate.

Rock glanced out the window. The leaves in the trees were now gone and scattered on the ground. Rock could hear as the leaves skittered on the ground when the wind blew at them. The cold wind made its way into the house making Earth get up to shove rags under the door. Rock turned his head to see what was going on outside.

Nothing. But it was so peaceful.

Earth came back read the last chapter to Rock.

Last chapter...? Is it?

Earth: The End. Did you like that story, Rock?
Rock: Yeah. It was good.
Earth: You seem a bit surprised...
Rock: Just thinking...
Earth: Of what?
Rock: Just of what's next.
Earth: What do you mean?
Rock: The weather, Earth. I'm talking about the weather.

It was a small lie, Rock seriously didn't want to talk about it. He tried to push the thought back and talk with Earth about the weather, but it kept coming back. Earth fell for his lie.

Rock acted interested as Earth chattered away about the weather.

Why did Amagna Okubi push him into the fire? What was his reason? Was it for fun? Was he angry?

Earth: Rock?
Rock: Yes?
Earth: How does it feel to be a human?
Rock: Right now it's painful.
Earth: How painful?
Rock: Very painful. I can't heal as fast as I use to.
Earth: Oh... do you like being a human?
Rock: I don't know. I feel pretty sorry at the moment.
Earth: Sorry to hear that.

Earth begin to sweep the dirt that the spread around on the floor. Rock stared at his friend.

Earth's long dark hair was pulled back into a messy bun. Her once happy face was replaced with a sad tired look. Earth forgot to eat again. She was too busy taking care of Rock.

Now Rock felt worthless.

Rock: Earth? Why don't you go do something else? Take a break.
Earth: No. I left your side for an hour and look what happened.
Rock: Well... Then sit down at least.

Earth begin to protest, but Rock told her to hush and sit. Earth sat down on the stool again. Rock saw her wipe her eyes.

Rock: Are you okay?
Earth: No. That damn Amagna hurt you and I don't know what to do now.
Rock: You did a fantastic job with my burns.
Earth: But it's not enough. I feel

Earth sniffed and turned her head away from Rock.

Rock: I feel worthless watching you cry.
Earth: Oh, Rock. Don't worry about me.
Rock: Then don't worry about me, Earth.

Earth stared at Rock.

Earth: I have to wor-
Rock: Don't worry. Hmmm... what can we do?
Earth: I don't know. Worrying seems to be the only thing to do now.
Rock: Let's see... I got it!
Earth: What?
Rock: Okay. Do you remember what your mom said about trouble times?
Earth: Yes. She said that no matter how bad it gets, peace will conquer all.
Rock: Right. It looks bad right now. But...
Earth: Peace will conquer all.

Earth grinned cheerfully at Rock who smiled back at her.

Earth: Okay, Rock. If my mama said that peace will take over, I believe it.
Rock: Great! Let's not be gloomy things right now. Let's talk about our happy moments.
Earth: And secrets?
Rock: Alright. Secrets too.

Earth and Rock talked and shared secrets for a long time. Rock shared his secret with Earth about how it was him who destroyed one of the temples. It was an accident, but Rock didn't tell anyone it was him. Earth told Rock her secret about how she tried dating other Gods in secret but always messed up. Rock was surprised. He didn't know Earth was such a nervous wreck when it came to dates.

She tried to date Water, but she ran away.
Dated Loyal. Earth fell off the balcony and broke her foot. (No wonder Earth got kinda snippy with Loyal)
Thought about dating Rock. But decided to be friends.
Dated another God. Earth threw up on the floor.
Earth set up a date with Sky. She never showed up.
Dated Wind...

Earth admitted that it was Wind that she loved the most. That was a huge secret. Rock felt awful for Earth. She didn't get to marry Wind like how the other Goddesses married a God they loved. Now he was gone.

Rock: Sorry to hear about that, Earth.
Earth: Yeah, well, there is nothing I can do about it now.
Rock: I guess we are in the same boat, huh?
Earth: Yup. Two heartbroken deities.
Rock: I wonder what Cloud is doing...
Earth: Plotting her next move.
Rock: Doesn't she feel awful about how Water died? They were married.
Earth: They got a divorce. They couldn't take it anymore.
Rock: What went wrong?
Earth: I don't know. After she joined Fire, Cloud wanted more power and Water was disgusted with her, so they broke it off.
Rock: Didn't she feel sad when Water died?
Earth: She did. But she couldn't do anything about it.
Rock:  Poor Water... Poor Cloud.
Earth: Poor us...

Earth and Rock talked for a few more hours before it was time for Rock to go to sleep.

Rock: Thank you, Earth. I had a great time talking with you.
Earth: You're welcome, Rock. Thank you for listening.

Rock and Earth smiled at each other. A wounded human talking with a tired Earth Goddess... Despite all the problems...

This was a wonderful day for them~

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Awww that's sad and sweet

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Awww that's sad and sweet
So true.  :3 :'(

Tbh. I thought I didn't do a good job on this chapter...

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Chapter 139... The Human and Earth Goddess's Night.

Night time...


Suprised, Rock's eyes snapped open at the noise. He couldn't do much since Earth put more medicine on his body.


The night was so quiet that it made Rock nervous. Earth slept soundly on the bed she made on the floor.

Rock: Earth? Earth!?

Earth woke up terrified.

Earth: What?! What is it!?
Rock: Did you hear that?
Earth: No. What is it?
Rock: Ssh!

Rock listen for the noise again. Earth sat up looking around...


Rock: There! Did you hear it?
Earth: No! What is it?
Rock: A flap sound. Like a page turning in a book...


Earth: I don't hear it.
Rock: I heard it right now.
Earth: I didn't. I want to hear it.

Rock and Earth held their breaths and listen for the sound.


Rock: Did you hear it now?
Earth: No. This is getting very frustrating.
Rock: It's there! Is someone messing around?
Earth: Who? I don't see anyone in here.


Rock heard the sound but Earth didn't. Now they were both irritated.

Earth: Dang! I want to hear it, Rock!
Rock: I wonder what is it...
Earth: Did a moth fly in your ear?
Rock: What? No. A moth is not in my ear, I would have felt it by now.
Earth: Thank God. Well, what do think it is?
Rock: Hmmm. I don't know.


Rock heard it again. He poked Earth's head to let her know.

With a curse, Earth threw her book at the wall.


Nothing. No one...

Seething, Earth jumped up and ran outside. The cold wind hit her like a blow to the face, but she didn't care.

Earth: HEY!

Rock watched her as she jumped off the porch and searched the house. The cold wind blew inside the living room making Rock feel cooler.


Now Rock was beginning to get it.

Earth searched the sides of the house and the lawn.

All she could hear was the wind blowing rustling the long grass. Large gray clouds covered the moon.

Earth: -Hiss-


After a few minutes, Earth came back in shivering. Rock glanced at her.

Rock: Oh well.
Earth: I don't know who or what it was...
Rock: Earth?
Earth: Yeah?
Rock: Could you make me raspberry tea with mint in it, please?

Earth's eyes widen at Rock's strange request.

Earth: Sure... I can do that. Why do you want my favorite drink at this hour?
Rock: We'll see.

Earth didn't take her eyes off Rock as she headed to the kitchen. As Earth waited for the water to boil, she heard Rock singing in the other room.

Earth: ... How strange...

Earth dropped the tea leaves and raspberries in the water. Rock kept singing.

Thirty minutes later...

In the lightly lit room, Earth sat with her cup in her hands staring at the mint leaf. Rock cheerfully drank his tea. The wind knocked at the windows.

Earth: I give up! What are you doing?
Rock We'll see. Now, Earth. What is your favorite song to dance to?

Earth almost snapped. What is he doing...

Rock: Earth?
Earth: Pfft. I like to dance to any song, Rock. Why?
Rock: Do you have a favorite?
Earth: Uhhh. I really like The Goddesses Night love Song...
Rock: If I sing it, will you dance to it?

Earth nearly dropped her cup of tea. What is Rock doing? Earth stared at him. Rock just smiled.

Why not?

Earth: I would love to...

Earth got up and walked to the middle of the living room. Rock watched as she tied her bells on her feet and pulled out her ribbons.


Rock gripped the pouch that had Sand in it. Earth stood there proudly.

Earth: Ready when you are!


Rock took a deep breath and Earth begin to dance.

It was a long song, but Rock sang it just for Earth. Earth was laughing and dancing as if there was no tomorrow. While Rock sang the song, he heard the flapping noise again.

It was over too soon. The song was finished and Earth stopped dancing. Earth and Rock started to laugh loudly

Earth: Oh, Rock. Why are you doing this?
Rock: I just want to see you smile.

Earth shyly kicked at her bells.


Rock: Sit down, Earth.

Earth sat next to bed

Rock: Not there. Right here.

Rock pointed at the side of his bed. Curious, Earth got up again and sat near him

Earth: Thank you, Rock.
Rock: No, Earth. Thank you.
Earth: Huh?
Rock: Loyal is no longer here. It's you who keeps us going. Without you, we'll die.
Earth: That... is true. I didn't think about that.
Rock: Still feel like you're not doing much?
Earth: I feel so much better now.
Rock: Great. That's great.


Earth: I wonder what that noise was.
Rock: Just a book page turning.
Earth: What book? We finished the story yesterday.
Rock: I didn't.
Earth: Oh...
Rock: Smile, Earth. You have a beautiful smile.

Earth smiled again for Rock and held his hand. Rock's large burned hands closed over Earth's small dark ones and over the pouch that held Sand. The clouds moved away from the moon. Rock looked out the window.

Even though they were far away. Rock could see Sky standing by the gate holding the bars. Blinking, Rock saw Fire sitting outside looking up at the moon.

Rock: I hope they'll be alright.
Earth: I hope so too.


Rock turned his head to Earth and smiled gently at her. Earth mind went back to when she was in her garden with Rock and Wind. All three of them were picking flowers and pokeberries. Oh, how Earth wanted to go back.

Earth and Rock just sat there holding onto Sand and holding hands. Smiling, Rock closed his eyes.

Rock: Peace will conquer all, Earth.
Earth: Peace will conquer all, Rock.

Earth gripped Rock's hands. Rock patted hers reassuring.

Rock didn't move anymore. His heart stopped beating... the pain was over... Now Earth knew why Rock requested the song, dance, and tea.

He wanted to see her smile for one last time.

Earth didn't move. She just sat there on Rock's bed holding his hand. Earth knew what those flapping sounds were. Rock was finishing the last chapter in his book.

Earth sat there alone holding Rock's hand and the pouch Sand was in.

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Chapter 140... Snow.

Snow fell gently out of the light gray clouded sky. The ground was covered with snow like a soft cold white sheet, the trees were now barred with icicles hanging off the limbs. A small pudgy baby hand reached for the sky hoping to catch one of the clouds that held the soft snow like a present. The baby's hand caught nothing but she still squealed with joy at the falling snow. Starlight jumped around tossing the snow in the air along with her plush seal. Death sat on the bench watching her play.

Starlight: Snow! Snow, Deat, snow!
Death I see it, Starlight.
Starlight Cold! It's cold, Deat.

Starlight ran to where Death was sitting. She held out her pale hands to Death whining at him to warm them. Death took her pale cold hands into his thin dark ones.

Death ...

Death compared Starlight's small fingers to his long bony ones. Her tiny hands were balled up into a fist, on Death's hands, Starlight's fists looked like a tiny snowball on a dark earth.

Moon came up holding Starlight's blue hat.

Moon Found it! She must have tossed it into the snow when we were walking here.
Starlight Cold, Mama.
Moon I know, baby. That's why you should keep your hat on.

Moon placed the hat on Starlight, tied the strings and sent her off to play. While Starlight tossed the snow about, Moon and Death sat on the bench.

Death Nice day.
Moon Yeah... I can't believe it's snowing this early.
Death Oh well. It's only October first.
Moon That's the point.
Death I like snow. It's... pure.
Moon You sound so distant, Death. Are you alright?
Death Peachy.

Moon stared at Death in an intimidating for a long time. Death finally caved in.

Death Rock died yesterday...
Moon He did? That's terrible.
Death Yeah... Earth is really upset about this.
Moon Poor thing...
Death Fire is a bit sad, too. Just like how Sun is.
Moon I feel sorry for Sun. He lost his brother.
Death And Cosmic lost his wife. She is resting inside Sky. Who knows when the people in the worlds will behave and work together.
Moon What if they don't?
Starlight shrieked laughing when she saw a mouse running away from her. Death and Moon were so deep into their conversation, that they didn't see Starlight wander off.

Where Sky was...

Sky sat on his knees in the snow holding his arrows. The snow made tiny mountains on his shoulders. Cosmic was standing next to him.

Cosmic Can you try to get Galactic to talk to me?
Sky I told you no, Cosmic. Letting Galactic sleep will heal her. Drop it.
Cosmic Will it? I'm wondering how it will-
Sky Cosmic. I would like to be alone.

Cosmic was startled at Sky's harsh voice. He never uses such a cold voice to him. In a way, Cosmic felt a bit hurt.

Cosmic Sorry... I... I will go now.

Sky didn't move from his spot. As soon as the crunching of the snow faded, Sky felt like he could breathe more freely now.

It was only yesterday when Earth came to Sky to tell him what happened. Sky's heart ached so terribly that Sky wondered if it was ever going to heal.

How could Amagna Okubi do this? He knew Rock was heartbroken for Sand and the spirit still hurt Rock even more.

Sky's mind went back to when Earth and Rock came by to see him. The three of them spent a long time talking, laughing and sharing secrets. When it was time to go, Earth left first leaving Sky and Rock alone. Sky could still remember Rock's voice about how weird it was when he found him... It was so long ago... And now... Rock was dead and Sky was dying slowly.

Sky's heart felt like it was about to bursts out of his chest. Sky rubbed his eyes with his palm.

Sky never really knew what it was like to lose a friend who searched all over the place to find you to bring you home.

It hurts.

Sky's vision went blurry from his tears. Why?

Why did Amagna kill him? He did it slowly to torture Rock. Why did Amagna find it so enjoyable to hurt someone like this? Using them and then killing them.

What were his plans?

Sky kept crying thinking about how Rock gave up everything for Sand who was never coming back. Why?



Sky was crying so hard that he began to cough. He covered his mouth to silence the coughs so no one will hear him.

Sky never heard the soft crunching sounds.

Starlight placed her small hand on Sky's shoulder. Sky turned his head from Starlight and told her to go away.

Starlight didn't leave. She stood next to Sky with her hand still on his shoulder.

Starlight Sky?

Sky turned his head to face her. His steel blue eyes met with her large blue ones. Cautiously, Starlight touched Sky's thin face. Her small hand was cold on his face.

Starlight Don't cry. Sky... don't cry.

Sky begin to cry harder listening to Starlight. She was so young and yet she sounded like a mother comforting her child.

Sadly, Starlight just stood next to Sky. She knew he was hurting inside and there wasn't anything she could do. How can you help a person who just lost their friend? Simple.

Sit there with them to let them know you are there.

Starlight sat on Sky's lap holding onto her seal. Sky was crying softly now. Starlight took a strand of his long hair and twirled it around her finger.

Starlight looked up and saw a shadowy cloud hiding behind the trees looking at them. Starlight kept staring at him daring him to come and fight. Amagna Okubi vanished quickly from Starlight's angry eyes.

Sky rubbed Starlight's golden hair. She knew he was proud of her.


An evil spirit scared of a baby?


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*Juniper wipes tears from her eyes*

What! I wasn't crying there must be onions around here somewhere.

Nicely done once again.~

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This chapter is so sad :'(
( Sorry I can't cry for even the saddest things) ^^;

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*Juniper wipes tears from her eyes*

What! I wasn't crying there must be onions around here somewhere.

Nicely done once again.~
I-I'm not crying! There's invisible ninjas cutting invisible onions!
Ayyyy. Stupid onions.  :'( (Thank you, Juniper  :))

This chapter is so sad :'(
( Sorry I can't cry for even the saddest things) ^^;
Yeah. That's alright if you can't cry over stuff like this. I cry almost all the time.  :-\

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Chapter 141... No Choice.

Fire stood far away from Earth who was crawling out of the grave she had dug for Rock. Fire glanced at Rock's body that was covered with a gray sheet.


Fire looked away. Earth wiped the mud from her hands on her skirt and went over to where Rock was.

Earth: I'm finish, Rock... I told you I could dig a hole. Do you like it?

The wind blew harshly making the untucked end of the sheet snap around in the wind. Rock never answered. The wind was blowing so hard that it hurt to breathe.

Not for Rock though...

Fire called to Earth telling her it was time. Earth didn't answer him. She kept looking at Rock's covered body.

Earth was waiting for Rock to answer her.

Fire yelled Earth's name louder, but the loud wind drowned him out. Earth put her hand on Rock's head. Fire walked over to Earth, placed his hand on her back and yelled loudly so she can hear him above the roaring wind.

Fire: Earth!! It's time to put him in!

Earth stared at Fire and then back at Rock.

Earth: He doesn't like it when I throw dirt at him...
Fire: He'll be alright, Earth! Rock won't mind!

Earth kept her hand of Rock's body. Fire rubbed Earth's arm.

She wouldn't let Rock go.

Fire Earth?! Rock will be fine! It's time to let go already!

Earth swatted at Fire. The cold wind was blowing so hard that a few trees fell down. Earth pulled her long jacket tighter.

Fire: Earth... Let him go. Rock would've wanted you to let him go.
Earth: I let him go for a few minutes and a spirit got him. I let go for a while and now he is dead. I can't let him go, he is my friend.
Fire: Earth...

Earth glanced up at Fire with tears of anger in her eyes. Fire sighed tiredly.

Fire: Earth. If you are his friend, let him go. You can't keep this up.
Earth: No! You don't understand, Fire.
Fire: I do understand. Sky understands. If we really love our friend, we must let them go.
Earth: Give him a few minutes. I'm sure Rock is playing around like he does. He'll wake up.

Fire pulled Earth's hand away from Rock. Earth slapped Fire across the face.

Fire pulled Earth away from Rock's body. Earth begin to scream shrilly and started to hit Fire. Fire kept a strong grip and kept pulling her away.

Fire: Earth! Stop! He's gone! Rock is gone already!
Earth: No! Rock! Rock!!

Fire forced Earth to sit down. Earth kept hitting Fire's head and kicking him hard in the legs.

Fire: He's gone, Earth... let him go...

Earth stopped thrashing and begin to cry. Fire pulled his jacket around Earth to shield her from the cold wind. The wind kept blowing wickedly at Fire, Earth, and Rock.

Half an hour later...

Fire lifted Rock from the wooden boards and carried him to the grave. Earth knelt by the large hole looking up at Fire. Fire could see it in her eyes...

She wanted to say goodbye.

Fire crouched down next to Earth gripping Rock tightly.

Fire: Say goodbye now, Earth.

Earth reached out to Rock's body. Stupidly, Fire didn't do anything as Earth took Rock's body from Fire's arms.

Earth cradle Rock's covered body. Above the loud wind, Fire heard Earth singing softly. Her low voice was almost louder than the wind.

Earth: He'll be fine?
Fire: Rock will be fine.

Earth nodded. Softly, Earth pulled the sheet off Rock's head to look at him. Rock's skin was still burned and small patches of his hair were still hanging on. His black eyes were closed.

But it was still Rock.

Earth: Goodbye, Rock. I'm going to let you go now, Rock... I want you to know that wherever you are... I'll find you.

Earth's fingers brushed Rock's cheek.

Earth: And when I do... I'll keep you and Sand safe... forever... wait for me?

Rock didn't answer Earth. Fire took off his jacket to let the cold wind punch away at his warm body.

Perhaps the cold wind would stop the tears from falling...

Earth kissed the top of Rock's head and covered him again. Fire took Rock from Earth and placed him into the grave.

The grave is so cold and silent... Just like Rock's body.

Earth and Fire stared quietly at Rock's covered body in the large grave...

Fire: Goodbye, Friend...

The wind kept blowing at Earth and Fire. Rock was safe in his grave.

Earth watched as Fire begin to throw the dirt over Rock. After a few minutes, there was only a large pile of dirt covering the grave and Rock. Fire stood in front of Rock's grave with Earth.

The wind was blowing more strongly now. Earth and Fire didn't care.

Where Sky was...

Sky walked around upside down on the sky. He could see Earth and Fire standing by Rock's grave. Sky watched the whole thing...

Nimbly, Sky jumped and fell from the sky. Sky stretched out his arms to help him land. The long sleeves of his jacket puffed up from the wind. Gently, Sky flew over to the gate of Loyal's home.

Sky landed in front of the gate. A few owls stared at him in wonder.

Sky trotted over to the gate and pulled out Loyal's key to open it.

Something was wrong... Sky turned around quickly to see who was there.

Amagna Okubi was inside the tree looking at him. Sky gripped his bow and arrows. Amagna Okubi lept down from the tree and stood there staring at Sky.

Sky: You're just looking for trouble, Okubi.
Amagna Okubi: Is she gone?
Sky: HA! Is Amagna scared of a baby?
Amagna Okubi: Tuh! That little mistake is just as powerful as her parents. Who wouldn't be scared?
Sky: Ah-ha! You admit it! You're scared of Starlight. How lame!

Amagna Okubi frowned at Sky who was laughing rudely at him. He wasn't about to say he was scared of any deity he met.

Amagna Okubi: Look, Sky. I came to tell you something.
Sky: Pfft! Like I believe that! You are trying to get someone as always.
Amagna Okubi: You got me there.

Sky pointed the arrow at Amagna Okubi.

Sky: Better run...
Amagna Okubi: Sky. Stop trying to be a hero. I know you are slowly dying inside.
Sky: That may be, but as long as I am alive, I'll protect them from you.

Amagna Okubi took a step forward. One of the arrows hit one of Amagna's eyes. Red oily blood squirted out. The eye squealed in pain.

Amagna Okubi: Damn it! That hurts, Sky!!
Sky: Run, you ∗∗∗∗. Run.

Amagna was furious. Sky wouldn't let him pass. It couldn't be this hard to take down a dying Sky God! Was it? It was Amagna's first time trying...

Amagna Okubi: Sky. You are making it very difficult for me.
Sky: You're welcome.
Amagna Okubi: I'm a spirit who gets what he wants.
Sky: Really? I don't see it.

Amagna Okubi hissed at Sky who was smirking at him. He was right. Amagna didn't get what he wanted... Death got away. Loyal got away. Sky had the other deities far away from him. He only had a little bit of help now...

Amagna Okubi: In a few more days, Sky. I will have a few helpers with me.
Sky: Oh, yeah? Who are they?
Amagna Okubi: I don't have a name for them yet. All I know is that they will be just as powerful as me.
Sky: You? Don't be silly, Okubi. You are as weak as this pecan here.

Sky crushed a large pecan with his foot. Amagna Okubi sighed.
Sky: Now leave.
Amagna Okubi: I think you failed to hear that they will be as powerful as me...
Sky: I said go...
Amagna Okubi: Sky. You are weak. And these creatures are strong than you.
Sky: So?
Amagna Okubi: Plus, I know you have a weak Goddess in there.
Sky: Blah, blah, blah, blah. That's all you do. Talk.
Aagna Okubi: You are very salty for a dying God.
Sky: You make me blush, Okubi.
Amagna Okubi: Sky!! I'm not playing!!

Sky rolled his eyes. Amagna's eyes glared at Sky. Amagna pulled out a sword from his body.

Amagna Okubi: You see this? This can kill a weak God or Goddes like you. You don't have a choice anymore, Sky. If you want to live for a few more hours... just stand aside and let me take what I want. You are weak, remember? I can defeat you. It won't even be that hard.
Sky: And you failed to hear this...

Sky patted his chest with his hand.

Sky: As long as I am alive... I will protect them from you.

Amagna Okbui was furious now. He dashed over to where Sky was standing. Sky didn't move.

Amagna Okubi: Tough guy, huh? You are being very stupid, Sky
Sky: Say what you like...
Amagna Okubi: It doesn't take much to kill a God like you, Sky... Move it.

Sky stepped closer to Amagna. They were so close, that Sky could see his reflection in Amagna's eyes. Sky only said one word.


Amagna lifted his sword high in the air aiming at Sky's head. Sky didn't flinch.

Amagna Okubi's sword came down.

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*screams* nOO

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Chapter 142... Sky and Amagna Okubi.


Sky watched in awe as the tiny multicolored shards flew around slowly in the air.  So it was true... If a Goddess or God combine their powers together, they can stop an evil spirit. Sky reached up to touch the flying shards... the shards bounced off his outstretched hand.

Sky: Thank you, Galactic...

The shards fell at Sky's feet. Sky looked up at Amagna Okubi who stared in horror at his broken sword.

Amagna Okubi: WHAT!!? HOW?!!

Amagna Okubi reached out to grab Sky, but a purplish transparent shield came up in front of Sky. The shield was so strong that Amagna Okubi broke a finger when his hand hit it.

Amagna Okubi: No!! Why is this happening?!

Sky patted his chest gently.

Sky: Looks like I'm not defeated yet. Behold, Amagna Okubi...

Sky lifted his hand in the air. A purple and blue aura flew around slowly in Sky's hand.

Sky: Behold Galactic's power.
Amagna Okubi: WHAT?!! NO!! THAT bleep IS LIVING YOU, ISN'T SHE!?
Sky: She is. This was her plan all along. We are both weak, but she knew if combine our powers...

Sky put his hand down.

Sky: We can stop you from getting in.
Amagna Okubi: God dammit!! This isn't going as planned!!

Burning with fury, Amagna Okubi ripped out a tree from its roots and threw it a Sky. Sky stared at the tree that burst into splinters. Amagna Okubi was so furious, that he began to destroy everything in his site. Sky watched as mud, rocks, trees, and stones flew about. Irritated, Sky put his hands on his hips and stared at the ground.

Half an hour later, Sky looked up to see if Amagna Okubi stopped with his destruction. Amagna Okubi sat there glaring at Sky.

Amagna Okubi: You're not being fair, Sky.
Sky: Nothing is fair to you if it doesn't go your way.
Amagna Okubi: I was supposed to kill you, get in and get Galactic. But the cow is living in you. How long will she be in there?

Sky punched one of Amagna Okubi's eyes. Amagna screeched in pain and anger.

Sky: You don't learn, do you?
Amagna Okubi: How can I get in if she is in you? It was all so easy, but I never guessed Galactic would do that. Heck. I didn't even know a deity can do that. Live in another body... I should try it when I get one...

One of Amagna's eyes saw Sky's fist heading towards it. The eye clamped shut and begin to bleed. Amagna back away from Sky.

Amagna Okubi: This won't last long, Sky. I'll get in... you can't protect them forever.

Sky held large purple orb in his hands.

Sky: Whatever, Amagna. You will never get ahold of them.
Amagna Okubi: Sure I will. I will get more help. I will find a way.
Sky: Man, you couldn't even defeat me and Galactic. What makes you think you'll get in?
Amagna Okubi: You think you and Galactic can go on like this? You can't.
Sky: Sure we can. Watch us.
Amagna Okubi: Just you wait, Sky... Just wait. Something will happen... and I will get one of your "Deities"
Sky: Sure, Amagna. Sure.

Sky released the orb and it flew directly at Amagna Okubi. The orb exploded in Amagna's face making him scream in pain. One Amagna's eyes squinted at Sky who had his bow and arrows up and pointed at Amagna.

Sky: Now get the bleep out of here, Amagna Okubi. Get the HELL out of here
Amagna Okubi: I'll be back.

Amagna Okubi ran away from Sky. Sky shot arrow after arrow at Amagna until he was gone.

Sky stood there breathing hard and shaking. What did Amagna mean he had "Help" What did he have that Sky didn't know about?

Whatever it was... would have killed Sky.

Sky wasn't inside the gate. He was safe in there, but Amagna caught him when he was OUTSIDE of the gate. Amagna plan was about to fall into place, he was so close to killing Sky... it was a miracle that Galactic was living in Sky and Amagna and his "Helpers" can't get him now...

That was a close call.

If Galactic wasn't inside of Sky. Sky would be chopped in half on the ground right now.

Sky: God damn...

It was all so crazy and scary... Sky was only a second away from his death... So close.

Sky coughed lightly. His cough turned into a snicker... and then into a nervous laugh. Sky heard the bar in his mind that held back his fears snap.

Sky threw his head back and begin to laugh hysterically. Amagna Okubi was so close to defeating him! If Amagna did kill him, he would have gotten Galactic. Sure it was no laughing matter, but Sky couldn't help it.

After a while, Sky's laughter dwindled into soft snickers and at last, Sky just opened the gate and walked inside.

No, seriously. What the hell was Amagna Okubi planning?

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Hello and Welcome to...


You may or not know, but I have an older sister. A little info if you don't know her. She won KCP last year, she was named Clare. She uses this name to hide her real name. When I started this story, I never told her, but she caught me real quick. Since she doesn't want to make an account here, let us see what she has to say. (These are real comments. How do I know? She's my sister, she told me! )

After reading the first few chapters...

Clare: You didn't tell me you started a new story.
Maria: *Embarrassed* Oh! Um, yeah... I did. I thought you wouldn't care.
Clare: I care. I think you should keep writing it.
Maria: Really? I was a little discouraged about it... I'll keep going.
Clare: Good. Tell me. Why is it called "I AM"?
Maria: To be honest, I didn't have a title, so I just put the first thing that popped in my mind.
Clare: Oh. Well, keep it up. I'll be reading it.
Maria: Thanks!
Clare:  ;)

A week later...

Clare: Have you posted anymore chapters?
Maria: No. I got a Writers Block.
Clare: Start thinking! Don't let it die, plus I want to see what Fire is going to do.
Maria: Alright, alright. *Thinking*

(Clare's Comments will show up randomly, I will keep posting chapters.)

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Galactic saved Sky!  :hooray:

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Surprise!!  :)

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Chapter 143... Birthday.

A month later...

In Loyal's house...

Starlight peeked over the table top watching her Cherry Blossom sprinkle pink and white flower petals on the table. Starlight glanced behind her. Right there on the counter was a large pink frosted cake. Starlight licked her lips.

Starlight:  :)
Cherry Blossom: Not yet, sweetie. I have to add a few candles on the cake. And then we can give it to Death!

Moon walked in and frowned at the cake.

Moon: Hold up. Death likes dark purple frosting. Not pink.
Cherry Blossom: No, he likes pink. I'm his wife, so I know.
Moon: I'm his friend. I have known him since he was a little boy. He likes purple.
Cherry Blossom: Pink!
Moon: Purple!
Cherry Blossom: PINK!!
Moon: PURPLE!!
Loyal: Quiet! You'll ruin the surprise! Plus, Death doesn't like cake. He likes ice cream pie.

Starlight sighed miserably and kept her eyes in the cake while Moon and Cherry Blossom begin to argue with Loyal. Sun walked into the kitchen holding a small gift. Cosmic was right behind him. Doargon peeked in from the window.

Sun: Are you sure Death likes snow globes, Moon?
Cherry Blossom: Snow globes? Death finds snow globes boring.
Loyal: He does not! I'm sure he will love it, Moon.
Doragon: -Huffs-
Cosmic: I got him paint. Is that good?

Everyone seem to like Cosmic's gift. It was simple enough for Death.

Where Death was...

Death walked slowly right next to Sky. The cold November wind blew sharply at them.

Death: So...
Sky: Happy Birthday.
Death: Thank you, but that's not what I was going to ask about.
Sky: What then?
Death: What about Amagna? He was so close to killing you last month.
Sky: But he didn't. I still have some time.
Death: But what will happen when your time is up?
Sky: Shut up.
Death: I'm serious!
Sky: I'm thinking what to do.

Death and Sky kept walking around in the field.

Sky: I... I don't know, Death. I promise them that I'll take care of them. But my time is running out like the earth.
Death: The earth?
Sky: If the people keep acting like this, the earth will die.
Death: Oh... I'm sure that Fire will see that he is being an idiot and return.
Sky: Really, Death?
Death: Absolutely!
Sky: By then, I'll be dead.
Death: Don't talk like that.
Sky: You asked me about what will happen when I die three minutes ago.
Death: I was joking.
Sky: You said you were serious.
Death: That was also a joke.
Sky: Sure.
Death: Come on, Sky! I was joking!
Sky: Death.
Death: Screw it. Why did you want to take me on this walk?
Sky: Just wanted to talk. I have something to show you when we get back.
Death: Cool, Sky. I also need to show you something. Let's head back.

Sky walked closely behind Death who was in a hurry to get to Loyal's house.

Death opened the door. Inside was all dark and quiet.

Death: Sky? Where is everyone?

Death yelped when a bucket of confetti showered down on him.

Loyal: Hah-hah! Got you, Death!
Death: LOYAL!!

The room filled with light and everyone yelled "Happy Birthday" and blew party horns. Death looked around. The room was decorated with streamers and balloons. On the table was a large cake with a glob of purple frosting smeared on the pink frosting.

Cake? Death didn't like cake.

Sky walked in smiling at Death.

Sky: Happy birthday!
Death: Oh. So this is why you took me on a walk.
Sky: Yes. Whatever you have to show me can wait. Just celebrate your day.
Death: Between you and me... Parties make me queasy.
Sky: Shut up and have fun.

Death just shrugged and smiled sheepishly at everyone.

From Moon and Sun was a snow globe. From Cherry Blossom was a new pair of boots. Loyal gave his brother a case with a lock to hide his things and knives. From Doragon was strange plant she found. Cosmic gave him paint. From Starlight was a small scribble on a sheet of paper. Sky gave Death a long red and black satin robe like his.

Not a bad day. There have been worst birthdays Death had.

Death managed to choke down a few slices of the cake so Cherry Blossom and Moon wouldn't be disappointed. Everything was perfect. Remembering old stories and hobbies they used to have when they were younger, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves except for Starlight who grew bored just listening to the adults talk. Even Cosmic looked happy... Even though Galactic wasn't there.

Night time...

Death: Well, that was fun. Thank you all again~
Cherry Blossom: You're welcome, Deathy! I'm so glad you liked your party!
Death: I better scoot. I need to talk with Sky.

Sky and Death waved to their happy friends and went off. Death led Sky to his room that Loyal gave him.

Sky: Why are we here?
Death: I need to show you something.

Death scurried over to his boxes that held his belongings. Sky picked up each object Death threw aside. With a curse, Death pulled out a large square frame. Sky was nervous now.

Death: A few years back, Sky. I had this strange dream... so I painted what I saw... it's a little creepy, but I want you to see it.
Sky: What is it?
Death: See for yourself...

Death handed the frame to Sky. With shaking hands, Sky took the painting from Death. Sky glanced at Death... and then to the painting.

Like Death said... it was creepy.

The sky was completely black with blood raining down and filling the parched lakes. There were no clouds in the black sky or maybe Sky couldn't see them. At the at the bottom, the land was dark and dry with no signs of life. Sky looked up slowly at the painting. In the dark bloody sky was a boy... The boy was just floating in the sky holding nine shiny orbs. Sky couldn't see the boys face, but it certainly wasn't him.

Who was that boy? Did Sky know him? Was he someone Sky met a long time ago?

Sky stared at Death.

Sky: Who is this boy?
Death: I don't know... I saw him in the dream...
Sky: Did he say anything?
Death: Yes...
Sky: What did he say...?
Death: He said he was afraid...
Sky: Afraid of what?
Death: I don't know... the wind was blowing so loud and fierce that whatever he said was lost.
Sky: Anything else?
Death: No... he got away before I could ask.
Sky: How scary... I hope the boy is alright...
Death: I hope so, too.

Sky stared at the painting again... the boy was still in the air holding the orbs... who was he? Sky had to find out.

Sky: Here. Take this painting.
Death: You don't want it?
Sky: No. I don't want to see anymore. It's too... too...
Death: Sky?
Sky: Nothing. Happy Birthday, Death! Good night!

Sky ran away from Death. Death stood there in his room gripping the painting.


Sky: It's just a dream, it's just a dream, it's just a dream, it's just a stupid dream!

Not watching where he was going, Sky ran right into the gate and fell down flat on his back.

Sky could feel the blood pooling up in the back of his throat. Disgusted, Sky swallowed the hot salty blood back down.

It wasn't just a dream.

Sky sat up and crawled over to the gate... Sky gripped the bars and begin to shake them violently.


Screaming, Sky hit the gate with his fists repeatedly until they bled.

After a while, Sky just gripped the bars...

Sky: I'm not ready to lose them...

Sky thought of Galactic and Cosmic... he failed them both when Galactic miscarried. Sun and Starlight? He was already scared of losing Sun and Starlight. If the world gives up, Sky will lose Sun. If Sun dies, Starlight will die as well. Moon? Sky could protect her, but it was Sun. Sky knew he had to protect Sun at all costs.

And Cosmic? Cosmic cannot get out of the gate ever.

Sky didn't know what to do when his time is up... who will protect the Deities of the Universe? Sky couldn't ask Loyal, he had so much to do already. Sky needed a miracle.

Back at Loyal's house...

Death wandered back into the kitchen to put away the leftover cake. The kitchen was dark except for the moonlight shining from the window. Death found Starlight who had escaped out of her crib and was playing around on the floor. She giggled when she saw Death and held up a candle.

Starlight: Dandle, Deat. Blow?
Death: Alright.

Death picked up Starlight and lit the "Dandle". The small flame flickered brightly. Pointing at the candle, Starlight smiled at Death.

Starlight: Wish?
Death: Okay, Starlight. Help me?
Starlight: Yeah!
Death: Okay. I wish for...

Death and Starlight stared at each other.

Death: I wish... that Sky will find a way...

Death blew out the candle. Starlight clapped her hands, Death glanced at Starlight in the dark.

Death: Why didn't you blow out the candle with me?

Starlight just smiled and placed her head on Death's shoulder.

The stars begin to twinkle brightly.

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Chapter 144... Fighting. Part One...

One Morning...

Sky: No.

Sun cursed silently when he heard Sky's voice. Sky stood by the doorway with his arms crossed. Sun turned around to face the livid God.

Sun: I wasn't doing anything, Sky.
Sky: Not yet, Sun. Don't even think about seeing Fire.
Sun: But, Sky. He nee-
Sky: He doesn't need you, Sun. Forget it. Fire is long gone already.
Sun: That's not true, Sky.
Sky: Forget it, Sun. I don't want you seeing Fire.
Sun: You're not my father, Sky.
Sky: Good thing, too. I would hate to have a son acting like you right now. Stubborn and sarcastic.

Sun and Sky glared fiercely at each other.

Sky: Don't you even try going there, Sun.
Sun: Why, Sky. Is there a reason? If there is, tell me.

Sky stepped into the room still glaring at Sun.

Sky: A reason? Sure. I can give you a reason. One. If you head over there, who knows what kind of diseases you'll catch. Two. Amagna Okubi. Three. I made a promise to Loyal that I wouldn't let anyone hurt you. Four. You're not as strong as you use to be. Anything can hurt you if you don't watch out.
Sun: It hurts me that you are not letting me see my brother.
Sky: There is nothing I can do about your loss, Sun. All I can do is protect you.
Sun: I have to see him.
Sky: And I said no.
Sun: Sky. You are protecting us, right?
Sky: Yes.
Sun: Then protect us. Not suffocate us.
Sky: Be quiet, Sun. That is very selfish of you to say that to me.
Sun: Sky. You've been keeping us cooped in.
Sky: I'm only doing this for your own good.

Sky stalked off leaving Sun alone in the room. Starlight woke up from her nap and stared at her father.

Starlight: Dadee?
Sun: It's nothing, Starlight. I need to go.

Starlight crawled out of the bed and onto the floor where her toys were waiting for her. Sun walked out of the house and outside. Moon came up with Death. Sky sat nearby with his hands in his lap.

Moon: Bye, Sun! Have a nice time.
Sky: I'm watching you, Sun.

Sun ignored Sky's sharp voice and left pushing Death out of his way.

Death: Hey! Why don't watch where you're going, you big stupid idiot!!

Sun kept walking. Moon was hurt. Death was angry at Sun. Sky?

Sky sat by the gate proudly.

Later On...

Loyal: Good afternoon, Doragon! What's the news?

Doragon sighed and closed her eyes. Loyal climbed up to her head and scratched her horns.

Loyal: That bad, huh?
Meyio: Yes. Nothing is going right, Loyal. I think it's time to-
Loyal: I told Fire I wouldn't interfere, Doragon.
Meyio: It's not getting any better.
Loyal: Just a few more chances for Fire, Doragon. We'll see what happens.
Meyio Yeah, yeah. Whatever.

Death crawled out from Doragon's wings. Loyal perked up seeing his brother. Quickly, Loyal slid down off of Doragon and hurried over to Death. After seeing Death's angry face made Loyal's smile disappear.

Meyio: !
Death: I heard you two talking. And I think Doragon is right.
Loyal: Come on, Death! I gave you enough chances.
Death: But this has gone far enough, Loyal. Everything is released now. I think.
Loyal: A few more chances, Death.
Death: Lo-yaaaaalll!!

Death rolled his eyes, swatted Loyal and stomped off. Doragon and Loyal sat next to each other.

Loyal: Doragon?
Meyio: I'm glad that Death agrees with me.

Even though Doragon was bigger than Loyal, Loyal punched Doragon's legs complaining that she was supposed to be on his side. Doragon just sat there letting Loyal hit her legs.

That Night...

Sun tucked Starlight into a baby backpack carrier that he made. Starlight kicked her legs twice already mad about being in it. Sun pulled the backpack on and put a hat over Starlight's head.

Sun: Keep quiet, Starlight. Alright.
Starlight: Hmmph!
Sun: Good girl. Just keep silent.

Sun crawled out of the window with Starlight on his back. Good thing that Moon wanted the window open to let the cold air in. Starlight threw her seal on the floor so if Sky shows up, he'll know what is going on.

By the gate...

Sky walked back and forth by the gate like an angry tiger. He was still pretty ticked about his argument with Sun.

Sun and Starlight hid in the shadows. It was going to be pretty hard to get out since the trees are bare and scattered all over the ground. Sun waited for Sky to leave... Sky kept walking back and forth.

Sun: Come on, come on... leave.

Sky stopped walking. Sun's heart skipped a beat. Starlight frowned at her father.

Sky stood still like he heard them. Sun crouched down close to the ground in case Sky came over.

Cherry Blossom came up and went over to Sky to talk about what kind of theme should they have for Loyal's birthday and New Years. Sky walked off with her to the house.

Not very wise of Sky... Sun and Starlight got out easily.

Where Fire was...

Fire swept up the dust that made its way into the temple. Earth and the other deities were already asleep at their homes except for Earth. She slept in Rock's house now.

Fire sighed and stopped sweeping. He didn't think it would turn out this bad. What went wrong? Could this have been avoided? Some many questions, and very little answers.

Fire wondered how Sun was doing... was he alright? Was Sky taking care of him and the others? Was he dead?

Sun came up from behind and hugged Fire tightly. Fire let out a tiny yelp from the stranger's tight hug, but Fire soon realized it was his brother. Starlight at tugged Fire's hair.

Fire: It's not very safe for you to be here, Sun.
Sun: I had to see you, Fire.
Fire: Why? I thought you forgot about me already.
Sun: No. No, I didn't. You're my little brother... I will never forget you.

Sun didn't let go of Fire. Fire tried to squeeze out from Sun's tight hug but gave up after a while.

There was so much to say.

Fire held Starlight who was cooing and grabbing at his red hair. Sun stood in front of Fire smiling at both of them.

Fire: Look how big she's gotten!
Sun: I know. I can't believe this is the tiny baby I held...
Fire: Ahh. It looks like they will never grow up.
Sun: She's is talking pretty well, too. Picking up words left and right. Go on, Starlight. Say what I taught you.
Starlight: Fire.

Fire's heart ached a bit. Starlight was growing so fast... and he rarely got to see her. It was so long ago when Sun put Starlight in his arms for the first time. She was so tiny and almost doll-like.

Fire sat down with Starlight in his lap. Sun sat next to them.

Fire: How are you?
Sun: A little tired and achy, but fine.
Fire: Too bad. How's Moon?
Sun: She's great. There isn't much to do there and I miss you terribly.
Fire: So do I. It gets a little lonely without you.
Sun: Oh... Anything new?
Fire: No. Earth talks to herself now... It's pretty bad.
Sun: She does?
Fire: Yeah. She talks to herself and to a stone, the water, the wind and a cup of sand. Sometimes she sits with her "Friends" and makes dinner for them.
Sun: That's awful...
Fire: There is nothing I can do but go along with it. If I don't, she gets mad or starts crying...
Sun: Poor Earth
Fire: I hope she comes to her senses soon.

While Sun and Fire talked, Starlight played with Fire's fingers... where was he?

Sun: Well, Fire. I have to go.
Fire: I have to go check on Earth.
Sun: I better head back to the house before Sky finds out I'm gone.

Sun stood up. Fire held up Starlight to his brother, they didn't pay attention to what Starlight was pointing at. Sun reached to get Starlight, but before he could get her, Sun was yanked away from Starlight and Fire. Starlight squealed in terror, Fire hugged Starlight close.

Sun struggled to get up, but the stranger had a strong grip on his hair. The stranger shoved Sun hard against the wall. Sun opened his eyes and saw a pair of steel-blue eyes glaring at him.

Sun: I was going back, Sky!
Sky: You deliberately disobeyed me, Sun!! Why!!? And you took Starlight as well!? Are you trying to kill her!?
Sun: I wanted to see my brother!
Sky: You are endangering yourself and your daughter!! Why can't you let Fire go, Sun!?

Sky shoved Sun again. Starlight was crying now and Fire was terrified.

Sky: SHUT UP!! You're being stupid, Sun!!
Sun: And you're being overbearing!!

Even though Sky was furious, Sun could see that his eyes were not... it was something else.


But Sun was too angry to care.

Sky and Sun continued to yell at each other. Sun pushed Sky away from him. Sky fell to the ground and stared at Sun in shock. Fire yelled at Sun to stop it and Starlight screamed louder.

Sky: Sun...
Sun: This is stupid, Sky! All of it!! Why can't you just stop already!!
Sky: Be quiet, Sun! He might hear you!!
Sun: Who?! Who will hear me!!?
Sky: I'm only doing this is so you can be safe!! You think you are the only one with problems?! What about me!?
Sun: There is nothing wrong with you!

Sky got up from the floor.

Sky: If you shut up and listen, you would know.
Sun: About what.

Sky snapped his fingers at Sun's face.

Sky: Why do you care all of a sudden? It's time to go home already.
Sun: Not until you tell me.
Sky: Nah. You won't listen to me. I'm too overbearing.

Sun grabbed Sky by the arm, Sky slapped Sun hard across the face and they both started yelling at each other again, Starlight kept crying and Fire tried helplessly to calm her down.

Was it already taking its effect?

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Chapter 145... Fighting Part Two...

With all the yelling going on, Sun and Sky never heard Loyal and Death walk in.

Death: Break it up! Stop it! You are acting like animals!
Loyal: Animals don't understand. Death. Sun should know better than to fight with a God who looks out for him and his family.
Sky: THANK you, Loyal!!
Sun: Shut up, Loyal. Just butt out.
Death: You shut up, Sun. Don't talk to my brother like that.

Fire came up still holding Starlight who was squirming now. Fire put Starlight on the floor, Starlight ran off and hid behind a pillar.

Fire: What are you two doing here?
Loyal: We just...
Death: Loyal insisted that we should see you, Fire. Be nice.
Fire: I think it's more than a visit, Death. What is the reason?

Death nudged Loyal hard in the ribs. Loyal rubbed his hands together slowly.

Fire: Well?
Loyal: I'm surprised you haven't hit me yet, Fire! Heh-heh... Hi?

Fire's eyebrows went up slowly at Loyal. Loyal coughed quietly and glanced at Death.

Death: What is wrong? Speak, Loyal!!
Loyal: You say it. You have a better choice of words.
Death: I do not.
Loyal: Yes you do!
Death: I do not!
Loyal: Do so!
Death: I DO NOT!
Loyal: YOU DO!!

Fire:  I'm just going to leave now...

Fire turned to leave the temple but felt a hand grab his shoulder. Fire expected to see Loyal's hand but it was Sky.

Sky: Listen to him, Fire... Loyal needs to tell you this.

Fire stared at Sky and then at Loyal.

Fire: Alright... I'll listen. It better be worth my time, Loyal.
Loyal: It will! I promise...
Fire: First of all. Sky? How did you know that Sun ran off with Starlight?
Sky: Easy. I found a blond hair stuck in the gate. Before that, I walked in and found this.

Sky held up Starlight's plush seal. Starlight ran to Sky and tugged at his billow pants for her seal.

Sky: Thank you, Starlight. You helped me find your dad.

Sky placed the seal in Starlight's arms. Starlight hugged her seal and glared at her shocked father.

Sun: Starlight how could you?!
Starlight: Bad!!
Sky: Leave her alone, Sun. She had to do it.
Sun: ...

Fire put his hand over his mouth to stifle his laughter.

Loyal: So, Fire... I need to tell you something.
Fire: Go ahead, Loyal.

Sky leaned against a pillar listening to Loyal talk. Death sat on the floor with Starlight on his lap. Sun stood behind Fire.

Half-an-hour later...

Loyal sat stupidly on his chair. He couldn't see Fire's face because of the blindfold over his eyes. Fire had his head down

Fire: Is that it?
Loyal: Pretty much, yes.
Fire: I thought you said you wouldn't interfere?
Loyal: I'm not really. Just giving you a warning.

Fire got up from his chair, walked past Loyal and stood by the broken temple wall.

Fire could still feel the pain when Rock threw him through it.

Fire: Whatever, Loyal. It was a waste of time for you and Death to come here and persuade me. The answer is no.
Death: I told you, Loyal.
Loyal: Worth a shot. At least I got to see you, Fire.
Fire: I don't feel the same way, Loyal.

Loyal flinched at Fire's remark. Death glared at Fire.

Death: That's rude, Fire. Loyal didn't have to come here to give your dumb **** the warning.
Fire: It was best not to come at all, Death. You already lost hope for me.
Death: But Loyal didn't. He still loves you and is waiting for you to come back.
Fire: Tell him to stop being a sap.
Death: Oh, SHUT UP, FIRE!!

Everyone in the room gasped when they heard Death yell at Fire.
Death: Loyal was there for you when you were growing up! And this is how you treat him?!
Fire: I don't care anymore, Death.
Death: What kind of a brother are you! You treat dirt better than Loyal!!
Death: That was-
Fire: Was what? You left your brother when he needed you the most! Isn't that right, Loyal? Remember how you cried for him because he was gone?

Loyal didn't answer but stare into space.

Death: Is that true, Loyal?
Loyal: Oh, Death...
Fire: Before you start criticizing me, look at yourself, Death. You're just as bad as me.
Death: I am not! I came back!
Fire: Yeah, it was already too late. Loyal never healed after those years because of Himitsu's hate and your abandonment.
Loyal: Don't talk to Death like that, Fire.
Fire: Just saying the truth, Loyal. Now, why don't you go back, Death? Go back and think about what you did to Loyal. If it's too much... run away again.

Death was furious now after hearing Fire's cruel words. Death didn't want anyone to bring up his past ever. It was too much for Death to control.

Fire turned to leave.

He didn't see Death running at him clutching his knife.

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Chapter 146... Fighting. Part Three.

If Loyal saw his brother running at Fire, he would've bolted after him to stop him, but he didn't. Death ran at full speed towards Fire holding his knife high in the air. Fire heard the sound of running feet and the force of the wind. Fire turned around just in time to see Death.

Flying backward and crashing to the stone floor.

Sun stood next to Fire holding a metal pole and breathing hard. How close was Death? He must have been pretty close.

Death groaned in pain and pushed himself up with his elbows. Loyal jumped up from his chair and ran to Death.

Death put his hand to his mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood, fretfully, Loyal wiped his brother's mouth with his sleeve. Dark red blood stained the pure white cloth and Loyal's hand. Loyal pawed at Death's face, but Death never took his eyes off Sun who was seething. Fire looked at Sun in surprise. Did he really just hit him?


The God of Death?

It wasn't looking good.

Sun: Death.
Death: You hit me!
Sun: Don't you ever... Ever try to kill Fire.
Death: Me? You're telling ME not to kill?

Death threw the knife at Sun. The knife zoomed past Sun's head and stuck into the wall. Terrified, Sky held his hand to his mouth. The knife was so close to hitting Sun.

Death: Don't you tell me what to do, you worthless excuse of a God.
Sun: It's better to be this then to be a heartless murderer like you.
Loyal: Don't talk to Death like that, Sun!! He is not a murderer! Who do you think you are!?
Sun: Hush up, Loyal. You can be so annoying.

Loyal got up slowly.

Loyal: Oh? Is that how it is? I took that from my father and millions of others. Now, from you, too?
Sun: Just stop.
Loyal: Look at yourself. Disobeying Sky, fighting with Sky and Death. I'm ashamed of you, Sun. I thought you knew better than that.

Fire grabbed the pole from Sun and threw it at Loyal's forehead. Blood gushed out of the long open gash. Loyal held his hands to his hand to stop the bleeding.

Fire: That ought of shut you up, Loyal.

Sky ran up and punched Fire in the eyes.

Sky: How dare you do that to Loyal!!

Sun grabbed Sky's long raven hair and pulled him away from Fire. Sky screamed in pain and hit at Sun to make him release his hair. Death rammed Sun into the wall.

Death: Stop it, you're being a jerk, Sun!

Sun shot up and ran at Death. Death and Sun fell to the floor and begin to fight, Loyal tried to yank Sun off of Death but Fire yanked Loyal away and pulled both of his arms behind his back, Loyal screamed and pleaded at Sun to stop, but Sun wouldn't release Death. Sky didn't know who to stop. Fire or Sun? If he stopped Fire, Death would kill Sun. If he stopped Sun, Fire would hurt Loyal. Sky knew the answer.

Sky had to stop Sun and Death.

Sky pulled at Sun yelling at him to stop. Death and Sun were still kicking and punching each other. Starlight was crying for Moon.


The fighting and yelling stopped. All was silent except for Starlight's cries, Sun looked up, Death was gone. Loyal and Death were standing together.

How did they escape?

Sky was on the floor breathing hard. Fire was far away from them.

Cosmic stood by the open door with his hands in midair... Doragon was outside.

Cosmic: That's enough.

Starlight ran to Cosmic crying, Comic picked her up and held her close.

Sky: Cosmic? How did you get here?
Cosmic: Doragon brought me. She told me it was urgent.
Sky: You shouldn't be out here Cosmic.
Cosmic: I know, but I had to get here.
Fire: How did you break up the fight?
Cosmic: A little something I learned, Fire.

Cosmic walked in quietly still holding Starlight who was sobbing on his shoulder.

Cosmic: I can't believe you, Sun... How could you do such a thing?
Sun: Cosmic-
Cosmic: Be quiet. Don't talk.

Sun shut his mouth. Cosmic went on.

Cosmic: I know you wanted to see your brother. But if Sky says no, listen to him. He is doing this to keep you safe. It's not that he doesn't want you to see your brother. Sky just wants you to be safe. Right, Sky?
Sky: Yes...
Cosmic: Sky is going through so much for us, Sun. You should thank him for it.

Sun glanced at Sky who sighed sadly.

Cosmic: And Starlight... look what you were doing. You were fighting with your brothers and scared her. Is that what you wanted her to see? Is this why you brought her here? To let her see you lying to Sky and fighting with your brothers. Look at her.

Sun looked back at Cosmic and Starlight. Starlight whined and hid her face in Cosmic's shoulder. Sun could feel the shame burn inside of his body.

Cosmic: You are teaching her the wrong things. Lying, and hurting you family and friend. You are hurting her as well. Is this what you want her to learn?
Sun: No...
Cosmic: Of course no. Who wants their children to live like this?

Cosmic stopped for a minute and then went on.

Cosmic: It's by Sky that you are not dead, Sun. The reason he wants you to stay away from here is because evil lurks in each corner. I mean, it was already taking over you, Sun.

Sun didn't think of that. That was why Sky kept them far away from here.

Cosmic: And another thing. Amagna Okubi is hunting for weak Gods. It's a miracle that he isn't here.
Sun: Where is he?
Cosmic: I don't know. We have to head back.

Sun glanced at Fire who nodded his head at Sun. Death pressed his hand onto Loyal's forehead. The bleeding was still gushing out.

Cosmic: We have to go now, Fire.
Fire: Alright.

Sun held Fire's hand.

Sun: Goodbye, Fire.
Fire: Goodbye, Sun. It was wonderful to see you and your daughter again.

Sun smiled softly at his brother and let go of his hand. Cosmic walked out of the temple still holding Starlight.

Death pushed Fire out of his way and went after Cosmic. Sky patted Sun and told him it was time to go. Sun and Sky walked out of the temple.

Fire stood there watching them leave. Loyal came up from behind Fire and stood next to him.

Fire: I thought you left.
Loyal: I just wanted to let you know this.

Loyal held Fire's hand in his. Fire was about to pull away.

But for some reason he didn't.

Loyal: After all of that, I want you to know that I still love you and I'm waiting for you to come home.

Fire looked up at Loyal to see if he was joking. Even though he was blindfolded, Loyal smiled sadly at Fire.

Fire: Bye, Loyal.
Loyal: Goodbye, Fire. Don't think that no one cares about you anymore.

Loyal pressed a small object in Fire's palm.

Loyal: I still care...

Loyal let go of Fire's hand and ran after Death.

Fire opened his hand. Inside was a small gold infinity ring with a fire flame in the middle.

Gripping it tightly, Fire put it in his pocket.


Fire stood alone in the empty temple with only the rubble to keep him company.

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Chapter 147... Sky and Sun.

Starlight made small cooing noises on the way back home. Cosmic didn't give her back to Sun who still looked pretty embarrassed. 

Sky: Go on. Keep moving.

Sky nudged Sun along with his ax, Loyal and Death walked side-by-side.

Loyal: I'm sure he'll come back now.
Death: Sure. Fire is coming back, forget it, Loyal.
Loyal: I can't.

Death: Stop hanging onto false hope.
Loyal: It's not false hope. I waited for you to come home even when they told me to forget you.
Death: Yeah, whatever.

Loyal and Death kept walking next to Doragon.

Meyio: Are you alright, Loyal?
Loyal: Fine, fine. Just a cut. It'll heal soon.
Meyio: It's still bleeding.
Loyal: Soon.

At the house...

Doragon flew away and, Loyal and Death walked inside the house trying to avoid Cherry Blossom who was still awake. Sky heard Cherry Blossom shriek when she saw them. Cosmic laughed softly with Starlight.

Cosmic: Looks like your uncles are dog food.
Starlight: Mama?
Cosmic: Okay, let's find your mommy. You coming, Sky?
Sky: Can't. I have to watch the gate. Night.
Cosmic: Night-night~ Say night-night to Sky, Starlight.
Starlight: Night-night, Sky.

Sky nodded and told them to get inside. Sun stood by the gate rubbing his fingers together. Sky didn't look at him.

Sun: Sky?
Sky: Hmm?
Sun: I want to say I'm sorry for treating you like this. It was wrong.
Sky: It's alright. I should tone it down a bit and relax, but who can when you know an evil spirit is after your friends.
Sun: It's not alright.
Sky: Hey, when I say it's alright. It's alright.
Sun: How can it be alright?
Sky: Well... You're safe, right? Starlight is safe.
Sun: Yes, but-
Sky: Then it's alright.

Quickly, Sky pushed Sun inside the gate and locked it. Sun held the bars and stared at Sky.

Sun: Sky?
Sky: Ssh...

Sun kept quiet. Sky stood stiffly in front of the gate.

What did he hear?

Sun looked around.


Sun glanced at Sky and looked at where Sky was glaring at, the tail of a shadowy figure vanished from the trees.

Sun: Sky?
Sky: Wasn't that a close one? Now scoot! I have to keep an eye out.

Sun didn't leave, Sky poked him in the head and told him to go away, but Sun just stood there.

Sun: Sky? Why did you promise Loyal that you will take care of us?
Sky: Because Loyal helped me.
Sun: Do you mind it?
Sky: No. I'm fine.
Sun: Are you okay, though?

Sky thought about how he is slowly dying inside, but he couldn't tell Sun that.

Sky: Never been better. I feel so much better taking care of you all.
Sun: Why us, though?
Sky: Because Fire threaten me that he would get you and your family. He already got the others, so it was too late for me and Loyal to save them, I'll never forgive myself for that.
Sun: I didn't know Fire did that.
Sky: Know you know. I didn't tell you because I didn't want to scare you.
Sun: Anything else you are hiding?

Sky could hear the voice in his head screaming.


Sky: No, nothing at all.
Sun: Okay.
Sky: I had to do this. Aside from the threats and promise... I did it because you are family to me.

Sun glanced up at Sky. Sky had his eyes closed.

Sun: Oh, Sky.
Sky: I never really had a family when I was growing up. My parents died when I was little and then I was sold as a slave for years until I escaped.
Sun: That's awful.
Sky: Yeah, well. That was a wasted life, so I protect you all like your my family. But that's just wishful thinking.
Sun: No it's not.
Sky: -Shrugs-
Sun: It's not!
Sky: It's just a silly game I play. I'll never have or start a family of my own.

Sky didn't talk anymore. The cold wind blew sadly rustling the tree limbs.

Sky: Good night, Sun.
Sun: Good night, Sky.

Sun turned to leave, but he stopped when he heard Sky call his name.

Sun: What?
Sky: Cheer up, okay? Don't worry about me.

Sun looked over his shoulder at Sky. Sky just smiled at him and winked.

Sky: It'll be okay. Just go to your family and don't worry.
Sun: Alright, Sky.

Sky smiled at him again and turned around to keep watch. Sun went inside the house.

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Chapter 148... Who Will Hear?

A month later...

Loyal sat quietly in his bed. His head pulsed painfully, and he could barely think.

How about that? Being sick before the new year and birthday.

Sun: Well?
Sky: Hush. The clock is about to strike twelve.

Loyal looked up at the large clock.


Tick... Tock... Tick... Tock...

Loyal sighed tiredly and held Death's hand.

Death: Excited for your birthday?
Loyal: I'll try.
Death: Well, perk up a bit, Starlight is so excited for the new year.

Starlight ran around the room waving colorful streamers and tossing candy.

Starlight: New Year!!
Moon: Not yet, baby. Just a few more minutes.

Starlight pouted and sat next to her mom.

Starlight: I hate this.
Sun: Starlight. Don't talk like that.
Starlight: Humph.


Death: Come on.
Cherry Blossom: Oh! How exciting!!
Cosmic: Oooh!! Can the clock go any slower?!

Doragon huffed outside. Death opened the large windows so they can head outside to welcome the new year. Loyal was the last one to get out.

Why wasn't Fire home yet?

Where Fire was...

Fire sat outside with Earth and a few other remaining deities.

Earth: I think Water is excited for the new year, right, Fire?

Earth held up a cup full of stale water. Fire gave her a lopsided grin and said yes.

Poor Earth lost it already.

Fire: It's almost time, Earth. Get your "Friends"

Excited, Earth carried her small sand bag that held a small rock. And her water cup along with a jar of wind.






Who was next?

Fire gripped the pin that Loyal gave him tightly.


Where Loyal was...

Death: Loyal?
Loyal: What?
Death: Do you mind?

Loyal looked around. Cherry Blossom stood holding hands with Death. Sun and Moon were with Starlight. Cosmic was holding Galactic's ring. She wasn't there, but they knew she was alive. Loyal had Doragon.  

They all had someone except one.

Sky stood in the back.

Everyone spread out when Loyal walked over to Sky. Sky stared at Loyal.

Sky: Don't...
Loyal: You can stand with me and Doragon, Sky.
Sky: I don't want to get in your way.
Loyal: Come on. We are in this together, right?

Loyal held out his hand to Sky. Sky stared at Loyal's hand and then back at Loyal. Sky felt his throat tighten as he took Loyal's hand

Sky: Okay...

Loyal squeezed Sky's hand.


Sky never let go of Loyal's hand when they were praying.

Loyal: Seikatsu? We are-
Sky: Seikatsu? she's dead.
Loyal: Umm... uh...
Sky: If you don't know who to pray to, just pray to your great grandmother.
Loyal: Of course.

Loyal cleared his throat and started again.

Loyal: Kamsa Hamnida... We are all here tonight to welcome the New Year. It is by you and that we are here tonight. As your great grandson... I ask you to bless my family and friends.

Loyal gripped Sky's hand.

Loyal: I ask you to bless Sky who watches the Deities of the Universe and my brothers and sisters. For wisdom for whatever they encounter. Sky?
Sky: I pray to Loyal for the power to keep going.

Loyal eyes widened when he heard Sky. Him?

Sun: I pray to Loyal to bless my wife and daughter. To protect them and Sky. And to the others, I have met.
Moon: I pray to Loyal for my husband and daughter and Galactic. That Sun will heal, Starlight will grow to be a free healthy girl and Galactic will come back to her husband.

Now Loyal was shocked. Why him? Why not Kamsa Hamnida? The very first Goddess of Life.

Death: I pray to my brother for my wife that one day...

Death held Cherry Blossom's hand to his mouth and kissed it.

Death: That one day, she'll have the children that she wants.
Cherry Blossom: And I pray to Loyal for my husband. That he'll heal from his past and we will start a family.

Loyal felt very light-headed.


Meyio: I pray for my brother, Cosmic. That he'll see his wife again and that they will have more children.
Cosmic: I pray to Loyal... for my wife, friends, and sister. That they will be free one day.

Loyal looked up. Starlight was staring at him.

Loyal: You? Who do you pray for?

Starlight pointed at Loyal. She didn't know enough words to say it, but Loyal understood.

Loyal looked up at the dark night sky.


Sky: 10... 9... 8...

Where Fire was...  

Earth:  7... 6... 5...

Fire counted with Earth and the other deities. How time fly's. What would this year hold?


Earth and the dieites cheered loudly and threw candy. Fire let loose the fireworks and watched as they popped. Mulitcolored sparks decorated the sky.

Earth: Isn't this great!?
Fire: It sure is.

Where Loyal was.

Everyone screamed and tossed steamers in the sky. Starlight was running around and squealing shrilly.

Loyal looked into the distance. Fierworks were going off and there was faint cheering.

Was Fire ever going to come home?

Loyal turned around to face the others. Death stood in front of him holding a cake with a rainbow candle planted in it.

Death: Happy Birthday.
Loyal: Oh, Death...

Loyal smiled sadly at the candle while everyone sang to him. The small flame danced around reminding Loyal of Fire.

Happy Birthday tooooo yooooou~!

Meiyo: Make a wish, Loyal...

Loyal stared at the flame...

Loyal: I pray for my lost brother, Fire...

The flame never flickered like it does when someone prays to him.

Who will hear his prayer?

Loyal blew out the candle.

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Chapter 149... I...

Time continues to tick by knowing the fact of the havoc and insanity that have polluted the Worlds. It's not Time's fault; it has done nothing.





"Please stop."


"Why won't you stop?"

"If I stop, then everything else stops too, Loyal. And you know that"

Loyal turned away from the clock. They say Time has no voice.

It actually does. It says this.

"I will not stop for you."

Loyal begin to wonder how old Time was.



Or it has no age?

Everything and everyone has an age; Loyal just couldn't figure it out.



Loyal looked into the mirror. Why did he decide to go into the Mirror Room?


Loyal saw his reflection in the mirror, his hair touching his shoulders and his eyes were losing its white glow.

Why were they doing that? His eyes are the most powerful part of his body.

Was it?

Loyal just stared at his eyes.

Without any warning, Loyal's soft glowing eyes turned black.


Loyal fell to the floor.

Looking around the room, Loyal could see his reflection in each mirror.

Loyal from the sides.

Loyal from the back.

Loyal in the front.

Each mirror reflected each mirror they saw. The mirrors never seemed to end.

They really have no end. If you break one, the shards will still reflect the other shards.

"What is your purpose when you break?"

"I don't know how to explain it. When I break, I keep going."


"I show you that you can keep going. Even if you shred me into powder, I can still catch a reflection. There will be millions and millions of a human or object."






"What if I don't to keep going?"


"The Mirror keeps going on and on. It has no end."

"I was just asking..."

"Shush! A few minutes ago, you told me to stop."

"I just don't want to hear it."




"I will not stop until Loyal ends it."

"I keep going for someone."

"I live for..."

For who? Death? Fire?

The World?

"If you live for the world, Loyal, just give up."



"Stop it, Time. Leave Loyal alone."

"He wants to stop, but he is too foolish to end it all."

"Remember, Loyal. Nothing ends"

"Lies. Once you stop, you stop, Loyal."

Loyal looked up at the clock.



"End me."


"End... Me."

"No. I have to keep going."

"For who? and for what?"

"Because... Mirror told me."

"And you believe it?"

Be quiet, Time."

"End me, Loyal."




"Ticking away into insanity? How nice."

Loyal yanked the clock out from the wall, and begin to smash it onto the wooden floor. Millions of Loyal's were smashing millions of clocks.





Loyal knelt by the broken clock.

Tiny and heavy gears and springs were scattered all over the floor.

Loyal could still hear Time's voice.

"Couldn't even do it, huh? Whatever. I may not be here, but I am in other places and in your mind."

"I ended you, right?"

"Don't play dumb, Loyal. When you end it all, that is when I'll stop."

"How scary."

"No big deal. I get rather bored ticking away."



Loyal's reflection caught his eye.

His eyes were glowing white again.

Loyal laid down on his back and listen to the clock in his mind.



"I live for..."

"I keep going for someone"

"I will not stop until Loyal ends it."

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Leave Loyal alone, Time!

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Now, now. Time has done nothing but tick away.

It's kinda of a pain-in-the-butt, though.

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Chapter 150. The Flashing Dot.

A month later...

Cosmic walked around the galaxy checking on the planets and pushing the meteors aside. Doing this, reminded him of Galactic. It was a heartbreaking job, but he had to keep doing it.

Cosmic felt uneasy in space, but Sky was watching him, so he shouldn't worry.

Small meteors zipped past him and a few stuck into his robes, Cosmic pulled one off and examined it. Small, very hot, and heavy. It was normal for a meteor to be like this.

But shooting upwards?

Something was wrong. Cosmic watched as few more meteors zoom past, where were they heading?

Far off in the distance, Cosmic saw a small flashing dot. It was unseen to the naked eye, but Cosmic could see what it was clearly.

Cosmic ran as fast as he could to Sky.

Where Sky was.

Sky wiped his bloody mouth with a rusty colored cloth. He was glad no one saw him heaving his guts.


Sky looked up and saw Cosmic bouncing off the clouds.

Sky: Cosmic!? What are you doing?! Be careful!!
Cosmic: Sky!! I need you to come up here now!!
Sky: What for?!
Cosmic: No questions, just come!!

Sky scurried up a tree and jumped, Cosmic jiggled with impatience on the cloud.

Sky: What is it? Tell me!
Cosmic: There is something in space, you need to come and see it.
Sky: Alright, Cosmic. Take me there.

Cosmic ran farther and farther up the sky. Sky followed quickly behind him.

Cosmic: Do you see that?

Cosmic pointed at the small flashing dot. Sky squinted at it.

Sky: I see it. It's kinda cute.
Cosmic: No! It's not cute Sky! Do you know what it is?!
Sky: No, Cosmic. 
Cosmic: That is the Black Hole!!

Sky sucked in his breath. That. That small dot was the Black Hole?

Sky: How do you know?
Cosmic: I know these things, Sky! Look. The meteors are heading towards it. They are being sucked in.
Sky: Why is it here?
Cosmic: I don't know! I don't know why it is so close, Sky!
Sky: Close? It looks pretty far to me.
Cosmic: It's not. Sky, it's coming towards us.

Sky felt cold.

The Black Hole was coming towards them?

It can't be. Galactic got rid of it years ago.

Sky:  Pfft! No, it's not, Cosmic.
Cosmic: Sky, I can see it. My eyesight is stronger than yours.
Sky: Oh, yeah...
Cosmic: It's far away, for now, but it's racing towards us a sonic speed. In a few months, it could suck us into the unknown.
Sky: No... no!
Cosmic: It is, Sky. As we speak, it's coming to us.

Sky stared at the flashing dot. It was so small and yet so powerful.

Sky: Can you do something?
Cosmic: I don't know how to get rid of it unless Galactic is with me. Is she ready?
Sky: No, she is still too weak! Just try.
Cosmic: I will. It won't be easy, but I'll try.
Sky: Can it kill you?
Cosmic: It can if I don't watch out. Galactic is good at getting rid of these.
Sky: How much time do we have?
Cosmic: Depends. If Galactic comes to, she can make it vanish.
Sky: But she is sick!
Cosmic: I know that, Sky.
Sky: When she heals, she'll do something. Until then, stay away from it.
Cosmic: I can try to get-
Sky: I won't let you!!
Cosmic: Sky-
Sky: You are not as skilled as Galactic, I forbid you to get near it!
Cosmic: Sky, it's the only way.
Sky: No! You're going to get killed and what will happen then? The Galaxy Goddess is not well and without the Cosmic God; The Galaxy Goddess and the rest of us are doomed!
Cosmic: I have to try!
Sky: NO!!

Cosmic jumped when Sky screamed.

Sky: I can't let you, Cosmic. Galactic. Think of her.
Cosmic: We still have some time, Sky.
Sky: Not enough.
Cosmic: We have enough time. Not much, but some.
Sky: Please stay away from it.
Cosmic: I have to do something, Sky.
Sky: Galactic will do something. 
Cosmic: Sky. I have the feeling that Galactic is not going to heal in time.
Sky: Why do you feel that, Cosmic?
Cosmic: Because you are dying.

Sky heard a snap in his chest.

Sky: I am not.
Cosmic: That's why Galactic is living in you. She knew you were dying and that Amagna could kill you in your condition. That is why she is in you.
Sky: You're crazy.
Cosmic: I'm not. She is sick, and you are dying.
Sky: I need a nap.
Cosmic: She is doing this to protect you, you are are both working together on this.
Sky: No.
Cosmic: It's true, Sky. She is helping you until she is well.
Sky: Okay. It's true.
Cosmic: Why didn't you tell me before, Sky?
Sky: It wasn't any of your business. I'll be okay when Loyal restores peace.
Cosmic: No you won't. When that happens, you will be dead.
Sky: No I won't.
Cosmic: Don't lie to me.

Sky opened his mouth to tell Cosmic off. Without any warning, Sky coughed up black blood all over Cosmic's face. Cosmic shut his eyes and didn't say a word.

Embarrassed, Sky wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

Sky: My God. Why did that happen?
Cosmic: Sky.

Sky looked at Cosmic, His eyes were full of pain for Sky.

Cosmic: I don't want you to die.
Sky: I don't want to either.
Cosmic: Why are you doing this? Aren't you scared?
Sky: I am scared. Scared that you and the others will be caught by Amagna Okubi.
Cosmic: I mean for yourself, Sky.
Sky: I am not scared for myself.
Cosmic: Oh, Sky...
Sky: I'll be alright.

Cosmic and Sky stared at each other.

Cosmic: I'm not going to see Galactic again, am I?
Sky: Cosmic...

Sky placed both of his hands on Cosmic's shoulders.

Sky: I am going to die, but I promise you this, I am going to give her back to you.
Cosmic: How?
Sky: I'll find a way, Cosmic, for her and for you. I'll find a way.

Cosmic sighed sadly. Was Sky only saying this so he wouldn't worry?


Cosmic looked at Sky.
Sky: Believe in me, please.
Cosmic: It's so hard...
Sky: Please... I found a way to keep you all safe by taking you under my wing, I'll find a way to bring back Galactic to you.
Cosmic: Okay, Sky. I believe you can do this.
Sky: Good. I have to go now.

Sky patted Cosmic's shoulders before running off.

Cosmic looked back at the flashing dot. The dot was a bit larger now.

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Chapter 151.Fire and Amagna Okubi.

Snow fell gently to the ground and made a small pile on Earth's head. Earth looked up at the gray clouds and blinked rapidly as the snow fell into her eyes, this was the tenth time she went outside to find something.


She was looking for it inside her mind it kept telling her to find it, but it was never there.

Insanity is horrible.

Where Fire was.

Fire walked around aimlessly in the temple. Earth was getting any better; she forgot to eat, or she ate the wrong things. Twice, Fire had to stop Earth from eating the poison ivy that grew by her house.

On good days, Earth sat outside watching the birds fly about and sing. It was only a day ago when she said something normal.

Earth: I think I'll plant some flowers when the weather warms up, Fire.
Fire: Great idea! What kind?
Earth: Some Hyacinth's. It seems like the perfect flower to grow.
Fire: Okay, will you need any help?
Earth: No.

After that, Earth just stopped talking.

Fire looked out the window. The storm clouds were gathering fast. Fire had to get home to Earth before the blizzard hit.

Fire pulled on his jacket and headed for the door.


Fire stopped.

What was that noise? Nobody was in the temple but him.

Fire turned around slowly to face the intruder.

Sitting in Loyal's chair, was Amagna Okubi, Fire stood still looking at the spirit.

Amagna Okubi: Long time no see, Fire.
Fire: I have seen you, Amagna. You just never came by to talk to me.
Amagna Okubi: Sorry, Man. Been busy.
Fire: I didn't want you to talk to me. Goodbye.

Fire turned to leave, but the door slammed shut.


Fire tried to open the door.


Fire could hear Amagna Okubi chuckling behind him.

Amagan Okubi: I'm not finished with you.
Fire: Amagna, open the door.
Amagna Okubi: I'm impressed, Fire. Look how far you failed- I mean come!
Fire: This wasn't meant to happen, Amagna.
Amagna Okubi: Yes it was.
Fire: Amagna, open the damn door!
Amagna Okubi: But I'm not finished.
Fire: I have to get to Earth.
Amagna Okubi: Oh, her? Miss Nutcase?
Fire: It's Earth.
Amagna Okubi: Whatever. She's frozen on the ground right now, so you have to worry about her anymore.

Fire's heart stopped for a brief moment.

Amagna Okubi: Kidding!
Fire: You're **** disgusting, you know that?
Amagna Okubi: Isn't great?

Fire crossed his arms scowling at the spirit. Amagna Okubi stood up smiling at Fire.

Amagna Okubi: How are you, honey?
Fire: Why are you here?
Amagna Okubi: Can't old friends talk?

Amagna Okubi didn't see the fiery ball until it hit him.

Fire: WE are not friends!! Why are you here?!

Amagna Okubi pulled out one blacked eye off his arm. Fire stood there breathing hard. In each hand, Fire held a fiery orb.

Amagna Okbui: I just came to talk with you.
Fire: I'm leaving.

Amagna watched as Fire set the doors on fire, but nothing happened. Fire tried a few more times, but still nothing.

Amagna Okubi: You remind me of someone.
Fire: I don't care~
Amagna Okubi: You look like Rock.

Aggressively, Fire pushed at the door. He didn't want to hear what Amagna had to say about Rock.

Amagna Okubi: He looked hilarious when he was trying to open the door.
Fire: Shut up.
Amagna Okubi: But the door wouldn't open. Another funny thing is that you set me on fire!
Fire: Shut up!
Amagna Okubi: Only I lived and Rock died.
Fire: SHUT UP!!

Amagna Okubi kept quiet. Fire placed his hand on the locked doors and sighed.

Fire: What do you want from me...?
Amagna Okubi: Nothing yet. I just want to talk.
Fire: Please... don't talk about Rock.
Amagna Okubi: Fine. Only if you listen to me.
Fire: Alright.
Amagna Okubi: I just want you to know that things are going pretty smoothly for me. You? Not so much.
Fire: Good for you, Amagna. Good for you.
Amagna Okubi: I just need one thing.
Fire: What's that?
Amagna Okubi: I need a few more helpers. Got any?
Fire: No, I don't have any.
Amagna Okubi: Too bad. Well, I better get going, See ya.

Amagna walked past Fire.

Fire: Amagna? What happened to Rock?
Amagna Okubi: I thought you didn't want me to talk about him.
Fire: I have to know, Is he alright?
Amagna Okubi: I don't know. He's buried six feet under.
Fire: You know what I mean.
Amagna Okubi: Oh, He's alright. I guess.
Fire: Where did he go?
Amagna Okubi: Don't know, don't care.
Fire: I have the feeling you do know.
Amagna Okbui: -Shrugs- Believe what you want.

The doors flew open, and Amagna Okubi bolted out of the temple. Fire stood at the doorway watching the shadowy spirit turn into a black spot in the snow.

Silently, Earth came up wearing Wind's heavy robes, Fire trotted over to her and placed his hat on her snow-covered head.

Earth: Are you alright?

Fire stared wide-eyed at Earth. For a brief second, she looked and sounded like how she used to.

Fire: I'm alright. Are you okay?
Earth: A little tired. When is spring coming?
Fire: Soon. Let's get you home.

Fire put his arm around Earth's shoulders, and lead her back to Rock's home.

Earth: I think...
Fire: What?
Earth: It will happen soon.
Fire: What will?
Earth: I don't know the name. I think the first letter is an "A"
Fire: An "A"?
Earth: Yes.
Fire: Is it good?
Earth: Yes. For me it is.
Fire: Will I like it?
Earth: I think so.

Fire and Earth rushed home as the wind picked up speed and the temperature dropped.

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Chapter 152. Sky's Dreams. Part One.

One cold windy night.

Sky leaned back against the gate and watched the clouds move by slowly. It was a quiet, peaceful night. A peaceful night for Sky only means trouble.

The wind blew softly, but it was strong enough to blow the snow aside revealing tiny green stems of grass.

Sky's eyelids felt heavy and sandy; he hasn't slept peacefully since Cosmic told him about the Black Hole which was a week ago. How close was it now?

Sky closed his eyes telling himself only a short nap and then back to work. Sky's body went limp, and his mind turned black.


The sound of birds tweeting awoken Sky. Sky opened his eyes and found himself in a cave hidden in the forest.

The same cave where he used to live years ago.

The wind blew quietly.


Sky looked around for the voice. The birds continued to sing cheerfully and flew after each other.


Sky stood up and left his cave, the voice called out again.

"Sky, over here!!"

A tall figure was walking up to Sky, Sky squinted at the figure until it got closer.


Wind stood in front of Sky grinning widely.

Sky: Wind?
Wind: That's me!
Sky: What are you-... what's going on?
Wind: So far nothing.
Sky: Am I dead?
Wind: Not yet.
Sky: Are you really Wind or is Amagna tricking me?
Wind: See for yourself.

Sky stared at Wind with wide eyes. Wind didn't move.

Tentatively, Sky reached out and touched Wind on the nose.
Wind: Boop!

Terrified, Sky pulled his hand back when Wind spoke. Wind just smirked at Sky.

Sky: What's going on? Why are you here?
Wind: He said I could visit you shortly, just to settle some unfinished work.
Sky: Who said you could come to visit me?
Wind: I don't remember, Sky.
Sky: Did he tell you his name?
Wind: Let's not worry about who this guy, I came here to talk to you.
Sky: Why me? I don't want to talk to you.
Wind: Fine. Go ahead and leave, pansy.
Sky: I will.

Wind stuck his tongue out at Sky who turned around to leave.

Sky walked fast but stopped abruptly.

Wind just smiled at Sky's back. Sky turned around slowly and gazed at Wind who had his arms outstretched.    

Wind: Hug?

Casting his pride aside, Sky ran to Wind and hugged him tightly.
Laughing quietly, Wind wrapped his arms around Sky and patted his back gently.

Wind: It's been a while, Sky.

Sky didn't answer Wind. Wind just hugged Sky tightly and listen to the Sky's muffled crying.

Wind: Why are you crying? It's alright.
Sky: No, it's not. You're dead.
Wind: True.
Sky: You left because you were ashamed that you lost your power to control the wind.
Wind: That's also true.
Sky: Oh, Wind.
Wind: It can't be helped, Sky. What's done is done.

Sky released Wind and stared into his eyes. Wind's dark gray eyes were filled with joy and sadness.  

Sky: Wind? I want to-
Wind: Don't talk about it for a while... let's just talk about good times, I don't have much time.

Wind held up a small watch in front of Sky's face. The small ticking pierced Sky's ear drums.



Wind and Sky walked away from the cave and deeper into the forest.

Wind: Do you still remember the day when we first met?
Sky: You blew me into a tree for sick kicks.
Wind: That was funny!
Sky: For you it was.

Wind shrugged and waved his hand in the air. A strong gust of wind pushed Sky into a thorn bush.

Sky: Ouch!
Wind: Ha-ha! Didn't see that one coming!!
Sky jumped out of the bush and threw walnuts at Wind. Swiftly, Wind scooped up the walnuts and threw them back at Sky. Without a care in the world, the two Gods threw walnuts and yelled at each other for a long time

After a while, Wind and Sky walked out of the forest laughing until their sides hurt.

Wind: I knew you were not that tough!
Sky: Me!? Look who's talking! You squealed like a little girl when a walnut hit your nose!
Wind: Oh, shut up!

Sky and Wind kept laughing until they quieted down.

The wind blew strongly.

Wind: You know what, Sky.
Sky: What?
Wind: I know we were very good friends in a strange way.
Sky: Really?
Wind: Sure. For years, we tormented each other but never in a way to hurt each other.
Sky: What an odd way to show friendship.
Wind: What's sad is that we never admitted it. Why?
Sky: I guess pride got in our way.
Wind: Sad.
Sky: I'm sorry, Wind.
Wind: What for?
Sky: For all those years of silence.
Wind: It's alright, Sky.
Sky: It's not.
Wind: Why ever not?

Sky stopped Wind and forced him to look at him. The wind picked up speed.

Sky: It's not alright, Wind. It's only after your death that I admitted my damn mistakes.
Wind: It's alright now, Sky. I'm here with you to listen.
Sky: Is it truly alright now?
Wind: Sure! Do you have anything else to say?

Sky stared into Wind's gray eyes.

Sky: I'm sorry for everything. I want you to know that you really are my friend, Wind.
Wind: You are forgiven, Sky.
Sky: Wind?
Wind: I want you to know that-
Sky: Don't, Wind. Don't ask for forgiveness; you have done nothing.
Wind: Please?

The wind blew stronger like it was angry.

Sky: Okay, Wind, you are forgiven.
Wind: Really?
Sky: Sure. I forgive you.

Wind smiled at Sky thankfully and looked up at the cloudy sky. Sky looked up as well, he never noticed how dark it was getting.
Wind: I'm glad that the bad air is cleared between us, Sky.
Sky: I'm happy, too, Wind.
Wind: Let's keep walking, Sky. My time is almost up.

Wind held Sky's hand.

Sky could feel his hand shaking.


Wind didn't answer but smile at Sky.

The two Gods walked farther and farther, the wind blew fiercely making it hard for Sky to walk.

Wind: We're here.

Sky looked up. They stopped in front of a mountain, Sky glanced at Wind.

Sky: Why are we here?
Wind: This is where I leave.
Sky: Leave?
Wind: My time is almost up, Sky.
Sky: Will I get to see the man who let you visit me? I want to thank him.
Wind: We'll see. Sky? Am I truly forgiven?
Sky: Yes.
Wind: Do you love me as a friend?
Sky: I love you, Wind.
Wind: I love you, too. Give me a hug.

Sky hugged Wind.

Wind gripped Sky tightly.

Sky: Wind, are you alright?
Wind: Yeah.
Sky: Wind? What is wrong?
Wind: I'm scared, Sky.
Sky: Of what?
Wind: Of him.
Sky: Who? Wind, tell me!
Wind: I don't know his name, Sky!
Sky: Come with me, you'll be safe with me.
Wind: I can't, Sky! Please wake up, I don't want you to see him!
Sky: WHO!?
Wind: I don't know!!
Sky: Wind. Do you know who or what killed you?
Wind: Large beasts came out of nowhere and attacked me.
Sky: How did they look?
Wind: Black, ugly, and they were very loud.
Sky: Where are they?
Wind: I don't know, Sky, they listened to a man in black.
Sky: It's alright, Wind. Just come with me and you'll be safe.
Wind: I can't, Sky! I'm sorry, I cannot come with you!
Sky: Please, Wind!

The wind blew stronger making a few rocks fall the edge.

Wind: It doesn't matter, Sky. I'm forgiven now.
Sky: Wind?
Wind: Do you remember what Water's last words were?
Sky: Rock told me, but I didn't understand what he was trying to say.
Wind: I know what they were.

The wind shrieked loudly making Sky jump in fear. Wind grabbed Sky's hands.
Wind: Take this.

Wind placed his locket in Sky's palm.

Sky: Wind?

Wind kissed Sky's hands and walked away. He never took his eyes off Sky.

Wind: Tell Loyal that I'm sorry, Sky. Promise me that you'll tell Loyal that I and the others are sorry.
Sky: Who are the others?

Wind nodded his head at Sky and smiled.

Wind: You can wake up now.
Sky: Not until I see this man.

Wind didn't answer Sky. The strong gale hit Sky so hard, he went flying backward, Sky grabbed a large rock, clinging onto it, Sky looked up to see Wind.

Wind stood there pressing his hands together speaking softly.

Praying to Loyal.

On the rocks, Sky saw large black oily creatures growling at him and Wind.

Sky: Wind! Get away from there!
Wind: Thank you, Sky.

With a wild shriek, the beasts leaped down from the rocks and landed on top of Wind. Sky tried to get to Wind, but the strong evil wind held him back. Wind screamed in agony as the beasts tore away at him with their razor sharp teeth, Sky screamed Wind's name and begged for help.

Wind never stopped screaming.

Sky eyes filled with tears as he watched the beasts drag Wind's torn body away into their cave. Sky knew it was hopeless, but he screamed for Wind anyways.  

What were those beasts?

They were not any other wild beasts Sky had seen.

They were abnormally large and the noises they mad were unlike any other animal.

Sky's world went black.

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 :o Wind! Sky! NOOOOOOOO...!

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Chapter 153. Sky's Dream. Part Two

Sky woke up to the sound of thundering in the distance.


Painfully, Sky lifted his head up but fell back down.

Where was he?

Sky opened his eyes a crack and saw nothing but a dark purple and blue sky. Thunder rumbled softly.


Sky managed to pick himself up and stand up.

Sky heard the sound of wailing.

Sky: Wind?! Where are you!?

Sky looked around, the world he was in was vast, empty, and dark.

Where was everyone?

Boldly, Sky walked off to find Wind or anybody in the empty world.

Sky: Wind? Anyone!? Hello!?


A body landed far away from Sky. Sky stopped and stared at the body that fell.

Sky: Hello? Are you alright?

The body said nothing but lie there.

Sky: Hello? You have nothing to fear. I am Sky.
Water: I know.

Sky jumped back.


Sky: Water? What are you doing here?
Water: I keep asking myself that.
Sky: What is this place?
Water: I don't know the name, Sky. All I know is that whoever-

Water vanished into thin air.

Sky: Water!? Water!! Where are you!!?
Sand: He shouldn't have been talking.

Sky rubbed his eyes.

Now Sand?

What is going on?

Sky opened his eyes and saw Sand with her back turned to him.

Sky: Sand! 
Sand: Hello, Sky. How are you?
Sky: A little scared and angry, what is this place?
Sand: I can't tell you right now, Sky. He might be listening. 
Sky: Who? Sand? Are you alright?

Sand turned to face Sky. Sky held is hand to his mouth as he saw dry blood caked on Sand's mouth. Sand rubbed his hair and sighed wistfully.

Sand: No. I'm not alright, Sky.
Sky: Sand...?
Sand: Never mind, Sky. There is nothing we can do about my death.
Sky: Is this where everyone winds up when they die?
Sand: No, only us.
Sky: "Us?"
Sand: Yes, us. The ones who betrayed Loyal.
Sky: Is this what Loyal does to you all if you betray him?
Sand: Yes, Sky, this is worse than hell.

Sky stood still in shock.

This empty, vast world is where Loyal puts them if they betray him?

Sand: Sky? How about a hug? I could use one right now.

Sky walked over to Sand and hugged her tightly.

Sky: I can't believe Loyal would do this to you, Sand.
Sand: He's not as nice as we thought he was.

Sand leaned over and kissed Sky on the ear.

She didn't move.

Sky heard her whispering quietly in is ear.

"I'm lying. Loyal never sent us here, Sky. It was Amagna Okubi who sent us here. Run, Sky. Run and don't come back-"

Sand was gone. Sky rubbed the ear that Sand whispered into it.

Sky: Sand!? Come back!!

Sky felt a hand on his shoulder.

Rock: Scary, isn't?
Sky: Rock!!

Sky wrapped his skinny arms around Rock and squeezed him. Rock hugged Sky back rocking him back and forth.
Sky: Oh, Rock! I thought I would never see you all again, come! We must find the others!

Sky pulled at Rock's hand.

Rock didn't move. Sky pulled harder to make him come.


Sky: Rock? Come on, we have to get to the others.
Rock: I can't go with you, Sky.
Sky: You must! Rock, please!

Sky went behind Rock and begin to push him as hard as he could.

Sky: Let's go, Rock! Move your butt, move your butt!!
Rock: I can't.
Sky: Let's go!! Stop playing around dammit!!

Screaming, Sky punched furiously at Rock's back.

Sky: MOVE!! Rock, move it! I can't leave you behind!!

Rock never moved. Sky fell down to his hands and knees breathing heavily.

Sky: I didn't know moving a human would be this hard...
Rock: I'm sorry, Sky.
Sky: Please come, Rock? I need you to help me find the others.

Rock knelt down next to Sky and made him look up. Rock held his finger to his mouth and told Sky to talk quietly.

Rock: I need to tell you something, Sky.
Sky: What?
Rock: Don't let your deities fall into Amagan's trap.
Sky: Trap?
Rock: This is a trap, Sky. The ones who betray Loyal wind up here.
Sky: Loyal can fix that!
Rock: He can't, Sky. He doesn't know!
Sky: I'll tell him!
Rock: You can try, Sky, but it won't do anything. 
Sky: Why not?!
Rock: Ssh! It won't work for him or you, Sky. It's useless now.
Sky: We will try!
Rock: You can't! Only the ones who went with Fire wind up here!
Sky: So, it's Fire's fault!
Rock: Sky, listen to me! Fire doesn't know.
Sky: How the hell doesn't Fire know!?
Rock: It's a long story, you'll find out soon.
Sky: Rock? What's going to happen?
Rock: I don't know yet.
Sky: Rock, Amagna told me he going to get "Helpers" What does he mean?

The color drained from Rock's face.

Sky: Rock...?
Rock: That's why he pushed me into the fire.
Sky: Rock...?
Rock: It's too late now, Sky.
Sky: It's not!
Rock: I'm sorry, Sky.

Rock stood up and walked away from Sky.

Sky: Rock! I will do something to save you and the others!!
Rock: You can't, Sky. You are part of Loyal. We are not.

Rock held up his hands, black lines crossed around them leading down to his elbows.

Rock: We are part of Amagna Okubi now. Me and a million of others.
Sky: No!! You are not!!

Sky ran to Rock but fell backward when he ran into the shield that Galactic made.


The shield stayed around Sky.

Rock: It's alright, Sky. She is only protecting you.
Sky: No! Rock, please!!

Sky pounded on Galactic's shield screaming and begging Rock to stay.

Rock: Sky?
Sky looked up with tears in his eyes. Rock stood in front of the shield, and gently placed his hand on it. Sky reached out and placed his hand on Rock's.

Sky: We'll find a way to free you all.
Rock: Please don't...
Sky: We'll find a way.

Rock black eyes stared into Sky's steel blue ones.

Rock: Thank you, Sky.
Sky: I won't forget you, Rock. Not now, not ever.
Rock: Whatever Amagna will do to me, I will never forget you or Loyal and the others.

Rock took his hand away from the shield and waved goodbye.

Rock: Farewell, Sky.
Sky: Until we meet again, Rock. Farewell.
Rock: Stay fabulous, alright? And don't be scared.
Sky: Only if you and the others promise to hang on for us.
Rock: I will.

Rock stepped away from the shield and walked to where Water was once lying.

Sky jumped when he heard the sound of growling and the thunder became louder.

Sky looked to where Rock was. Rock stood there holding trembling Sand close to his body. Wind was covering Water's body with his bloody robes. Rock whispered something to shaking Sand and covered her thin body with his robes.

Rock never took his eyes off Sky.

Sky: I won't forget...
Rock: I know you won't, Sky. I know you won't.

Sky placed both of his hands on the shield.

A massive shadow came up from behind Rock and the others and grew larger.

Rock smiled at Sky.

Water screamed when he saw the shadow. Amagna Okubi shadowy body devoured Rock and the other deities. Sky could hear Wind and  Water screaming for help. Sand was wailing in agony, but Rock never made a noise.

Sky watched in horror as Amagna possessed his friends.

There was nothing he could do but watch.

Galactic's shield stayed around Sky.

Amagna Okubi looked up and saw Sky.

Sky pointed at Amagna Okubi and said quietly.

"You'll pay for this"

Amagna Okubi ran to Sky who never moved.

Sky woke up.

He was home behind the gate.

So that's what Amagna was doing. He was possessing weak deities or killing humans to help him get into Loyal's Kingdom.

Sky searched around in his pocket and pulled out Wind's locket. Sky opened it and inside was a scrap of paper with Water's last words scribbled onto it.

"Loyal was right."

Sky held to paper to his mouth and whispered into it.

"I'll find a way."

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Chapter 154. Thank You.

Where Earth and Fire were.

Earth walked around planting tulip bulbs in her garden. Fire sat far away watching her.

Earth: When do you think Cherry Blossom will coming back?
Fire: Never. Soon.
Earth: Good. I want to show her my new bird bath.

Earth pointed to a large gray bowl full of water, Fire nodded and leaned back against the tree base.

Earth: Are they ever coming back?
Fire: Sure they will. It's just taking them a while.
Earth: Will Death come?
Fire: I don't know, maybe.
Earth: Will Loyal come back?
Fire: We'll see.

Earth went back to planting the bulbs and Fire closed his eyes.

He was sure that Earth had already forgotten Loyal.

Why did she want to see him?

Earth: Fire?
Fire: Yeah?
Earth: When I find Rock and Sand, I want to protect them forever.
Fire: Good for you, Earth. Why though?
Earth: I don't know, I just feel that something happened to them.
Fire: Yeah? They'll be fine, don't worry.
Earth: Can we visit Sky?

Fire's eyes snapped open.

Sky? Visit Sky?

No way.

Fire: Sure. Get ready.

Damn it all.

Where Sky was...

Sky walked around back and forth by the gate gripping his ax until his hands were red.

Earth: Sky!

Sky looked up in time to see Earth bounding up. Fire was in the back.

Sky: Hello, Earth. It's been a while since I last saw you!
Earth: I have been busy, Sky. Look, Fire. It's Sky.
Fire: I see. Hello, Sky.
Sky: Hello, Fire. What brings you two here?
Fire: Earth wanted to see you.
Earth: I did?
Fire: Yes, you asked me if we could see Sky.
Earth: I don't remember that, but if you say so.

Earth smiled and rubbed her hands on the bars of the gates.

Sky stared at Fire.

Sky: What is wrong with her?
Fire: She kinda lost it after Rock died.
Sky: I guess losing too many friends was too much for her to handle?
Fire: Something like that, yes.
Sky: Fire? Did you ever talk with Amagna Okubi?

Fire looked back at Earth who was kicking the dirt.

Fire: Y-yes.
Sky: What did he tell you?
Fire: He wanted to know if- Wait. Why do you want to know?
Sky: Just tell me.
Fire: He wanted to know if I had any more helpers, deities, whatever.
Sky: Do you know what he is doing?
Fire: No, why?
Sky: Are you sure you don't know what he is up too?
Fire: Positive.

Sky frowned at Fire and turned his attention to Earth.

Earth: Look, Sky. Do you think Water will like this?

Earth held up an oddly shaped stick and her glass jar full of brown water.

Sky: Sure, what's with the jar-

Fire cleared his throat loudly.

Sky: What?
Fire: Play along. That jar of water is Water to her.
Sky: It is?
Fire: Shut up and answer her.

Sky looked back at Earth who was smiling and holding the jar to Sky's face.

Sky: I'm sure Water will love it, Earth.

Earth grinned shyly and turned around to find something else.

Sky just stared at Earth.

What happened to the Earth he knew?

She was so.


Sky: Earth?
Earth: Yes?
Sky: What are you looking for?
Earth: A flower for Wind.
Sky: A flower?
Earth: Yes. Wind like to watch the flowers move when the wind blew.

Earth gave Sky a jar with nothing in it.

Fire: Say hello to Wind.

Sky turned to jar slowly in his hands.

My God.

Earth wasn't getting any better. Each day, she lost more and more of her memory.

Earth: Should we go, Fire?
Fire: Yes. I think Sky needs to get back to work.
Earth: Goodbye, Sky.
Sky: Earth, wait.

Sky reached out to touch's Earth arm. Earth stared at Sky curiously.

Earth: What?
Sky: You don't understand anymore, but I want to tell you this.

Sky held her face in his hands and placed his forehead on hers.

Sky: Thank you, Earth Goddess. Thank you for everything you have done for me, and my people.
Earth: What did I do?
Sky: Plenty.
Earth: I don't understand, Sky.
Sky: It's alright. Just know this that I'm very grateful.
Earth: ?

Sky closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead against Earth's. Fire shifted from one foot to the other.

Earth had no memory of what she has done for Sky.

Sky: Goodbye, Earth. I love you.
Earth: I love you, too, Sky.

Sky let go of Earth's face and held her hands in his. Sky didn't look at Fire when he was speaking to him.

Sky: Take care of her, Fire. She has done so much for everyone.
Fire: I will, Sky.
Sky: Take care of her and cherish your days with her.

Sky kissed Earth's hands and pulled back from her. Earth smiled at Sky and turned to Fire.
Earth: Ready?
Fire: Let's go home, Earth.
Earth: Bye-bye, Sky.
Fire: Bye, Sky.
Sky: Goodbye, Earth. Goodbye, Fire.

Earth took Fire's hand and tugged him along. Fire looked back at Sky who was watching them leave.

Sky lifted his hand to wave goodbye.

Back at Fire's home.

Earth: Is Sky alright?
Fire: He's fine.

Earth left Fire and headed back outside.

Fire: I think...

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Chapter 155. What To Do.

Two months later...

Loyal peeked into one of the portals checking on the worlds below, as usual, the people were not fixing their sins.



Forced Marriages.


And more horrible things that made Loyal sick.

Death came up from behind his brother.

Death: Beautiful, isn't?
Loyal: Not now, Death, please.
Death: Just saying.
Loyal: It's horrible.
Death: It sure is. I went down to see what's going on, and they threw a broken glass bottle at my forehead and cut me.

Death lifted a tuft of his hair to show Loyal the large bleeding gash.

Loyal: I'm sorry to hear that.
Death: I don't know if it was because of my skin tone or that I'm a Death God.
Loyal: Most likely both.
Death: It's happening to everyone, Loyal.
Loyal: Please tell me you are lying.

The bitter look on Death's face told Loyal that Death wasn't lying.

Loyal: Maybe Fire-
Death: Don't start, Loyal. Fire is never coming back.
Loyal: But, Death. He might.
Death: Loyal. I'm sorry that I have to break it to you, but Fire is gone already. Dead. No more.
Loyal: He's dead?
Death: Well, not literally. Fire is gone already. He will not admit his mistakes to you.
Loyal: I'll give him a few more months.

Death opened his mouth to speak, but a sharp scream interrupted him.

Loyal: Was that Sky?
Death: I don't know, let's go see.

Loyal and Death ran out of the temple and headed to where they heard the scream. Arriving, they heard voices chattering frantically. Death hid behind a tree while Loyal peeked above the bushes trying to see who it was.

Cosmic was standing with Sky who peering into a long telescope.

Cosmic: Stop it! Loyal will hear!
Sky: I can't help it. It's so close!

Death pulled his clueless brother next to him.

Loyal: What are you doing? We shouldn't be here.
Death: Shut up! We have to listen to what they are talking about.

Death clamped his hand over Loyal's mouth, and listen intently to Sky and Cosmic's conversation.

Cosmic: The Black Hole getting way too close now, Sky
Sky: What can we do?
Cosmic: I could try to-
Sky: NO!!
Cosmic: Then don't **** ask me what should we do!! I gave you my answer, but you keep saying no!
Sky: I know, I'm sorry, but, Cosmic. What other choice do we have?
Cosmic: I don't know. Galactic is still too weak, and it's getting worse.
Sky: I know. Amagna is stealing the lives other people and deities.
Cosmic: How?
Sky: I don't know. Someone is corrupting the mind of the people, and that's how Amagna is getting them. Amagna already has Sand, Wind, Water, and Rock.
Cosmic: Have you told Loyal about this?
Sky: I have, but there isn't much we can do.

Death looked at Loyal who whined quietly.

Sky: I told him to do something, but he is still waiting for Fire.
Sky: He is still hanging on for him.
Cosmic: I hate to say this, but... Loyal is being pretty stupid.
Sky: Cosmic! Don't talk like that about your friend!
Cosmic: But, Sky!

Death turned to Loyal.

Death: I think you are being pretty damn stupid, too.
Loyal: If Fire wanted to take control, then, this is his problem. Not mine.
Death: Why are you waiting, though?
Loyal: I'm not just waiting for Fire, Death, it's someone else, too. Death. If Fire comes back, I will do something. If he doesn't, I'll do what you told me to do. Why do you think I had that dream?

Angrily, Loyal slapped Death's hand away from his mouth and walked back home. Death turned his attention back to Sky and Cosmic.  

Sky: I'm sorry, Cosmic.
Cosmic: I'm sorry, too, Sky.
Sky: I know it's getting worse and I would like to help you, but-
Cosmic: You have already done enough for me, Sky. I don't need much anymore.
Sky: Should we tell anyone about this?
Cosmic: No. I think he already knows what will happen.

Death ran off to find Doragon.

Where Earth was...

Earth let her arms dangle out the window feeling the warmth of the sun melt onto her arms like butter. It was spring already, and Earth was finished planting her Hyacinth's.

The wind blew softly ruffling her dark hair. It was a lovely day for her. Earth wanted to savor it as much as she can.

Earth could feel the disease race around inside of her body.

Fire walked in carrying a new clay flower pot for her.

Fire looked up and saw Earth's spotted sickly face.

The flower pot crashed to the ground and broke.

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Chapter 156. The Earth Goddess.

Cautiously, Fire unlocked the temple where he and the other deities use to hold their meetings. Fire stood in the middle of the room and gazed at each chair beside the tables.

All of them were empty.

Fire glanced over at Loyal's chair that was at the head of the table. Beside Loyal's chair was Death's black wood chair.

All silent and dark like Death.

Earth walked in carrying her flowers and belongings.

Fire: Earth?
Earth: What?
Fire: Are you sure this where you want to be quarantined?
Earth: Of course. I love this place; it gives me.

Silently, Earth gently placed her hand on Wind's chair and smiled sadly.

Earth: Memories
Fire: Ah, well.  
Earth: Can I have few minutes alone outside, Fire? I need a moment.

Fire hesitated but said yes. Earth slowly went down the stairs and headed into the fields while Fire watched her in the temple.

Earth stood in the long grass staring at the field.

The golden sun shone brightly casting a white glare on the green grass. The brilliant blue sky seems to touch the earth in the distance, small rabbits bounced around or stared at Earth quizzically. The wind blew gently making a few strands of Earth's dark hair fall into her face.

It was her earth.

Despite her fever, Earth broke into a run.

She was running so fast her feet almost didn't touch the ground. Earth could feel her hair come out of its braid flew about wildly as she ran.

Earth ignored Fire yelling to her to come back.

Earth laughed loudly as a few birds flew next to her releasing shrill chirps. The rabbits bounced after Earth trying to catch up, but Earth was faster.

The glare from the sun almost made it hard for Earth to see where she was going, but she didn't care.

She just wanted to run.

Earth could feel her green and brown transparent wings shoot out from her back, but she kept running.

Quickly, Earth jumped and flew about in the sky like the birds, the rabbits stopped their running and looked up at Earth in surprise.

Earth spread her arms out like how the birds spread their wings.

Fire watched in awe at Earth. For a Goddess who was sick, she was pretty good.

An hour later, Earth flew back to the ground and flopped onto her back.

Earth was laughing so hard that her sides ached terribly, but she didn't care. Earth could feel her rapid heartbeat pounding against her chest, her wings slowly slid back into her back.

Earth's laughter got quiet and quieter until she was just smiling at the sky.

Earth:  -sighs-

Earth stared up at the sky watching the birds fly away without her, she wondered how would it be like if she went with the birds, but Earth wanted to stay at the temple more.

Slowly, Earth got up, sat on her knees, and looked at the earthy spot she landed on. There was soft whispering as Earth dragged her finger in the dirt.

They were speaking to her.


The Earth Goddess.

Earth listened to the voices as they spoke to her in hushed tones. She didn't ask questions, she just listened.

Fire stood at the temple watching Earth sit in the grass playing with the dirt.

The voices were still talking as Earth got up and straighten her dress.

Earth: You are mine...

Earth swept her foot in the dirt and watched as flowers of all colors popped out from the ground.

Laughing, Earth spread her arms again dancing around in a circle as the voices were still whispering.

Flowers bloomed out from the ground, out of the trees, and bushes. The trees were heavy with fruit and flower petals were caught by the wind and were taken away.

Terrified and excited, Fire jumped off the steps and watched as Earth used her powers to create life once again to the almost dead land.  

Only for a while.

Rabbits bounded after each other and the birds flew around in the sky. The sweet-smelling wind almost made Fire dizzy.

Earth stopped dancing and stood still.

She could hear the people praising her name for the gifts she had given them.

Fire gawked at Earth as she sat down once again.

Earth got onto her hands and knees staring at the ground.

The Earth Goddess kissed her earth lovingly.

"Thank you. I love you."

The voices left the earth and went into the Goddess.  

Earth got up and walked back slowly to Fire. Flowers bloomed out of Earth's footprints.

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Chapter 157. Earth and Fire.

A few months later...

Fire checked on Earth from time to time to see if she was alright or needed anything.

Things were not looking good.

Earth was getting sicker and sicker from the disease that was taking over her body. Fire had noticed that ever since Earth got sick everything else was sick as well.

The birds were dying because of the infected fruits and insects.

Plants and crops were no longer growing properly due to the dying earth.

The people were starving and dropping like flys because of their sick crops, or they ate nothing.

Fire opened to temple door to give Earth her dinner.

Earth barely moved when Fire walked in.

It was becoming difficult for Earth to eat and could hardly swallow when Fire fed her.

One hot afternoon, Fire washed Earth's hot face with a cold damp rag to cool her off. Earth blinked sleepily.

Earth: Fire...?
Fire: Yeah?
Earth: Thank you for helping me in my time of need.
Fire: You're welcome, Earth. It's only fair to care for you when you helped us grow what we needed.
Earth: Fire...?
Fire: Yes?
Earth: Can you do me a favor?
Fire: What is it, Earth?
Earth: Please... don't come back to see me.
Fire: Earth?
Earth: Don't come back. I don't want you to catch whatever I have.
Fire: But, Earth...
Earth: Please... don't come back.
Fire: I-...
Earth: You have been so kind to me for the last few months, please let me do you one last favor.
Fire: Is this what you want, Earth?
Earth: Yes... I want to be here alone with my memories and knowing that you will be okay.

Fire brushed his hand on Earth's hot face. Her dark green eyes stared into Fire's gold ones.

Fire couldn't take it anymore.

Earth was dying.

Fire: This is all my fault!!
Earth: Ssh, Fire... it's alright.
Fire: No, Earth, it's not!
Earth: Don't be upset, Fire... I'll be fine.
Fire: How can you say this? You are dying and yet you still are comforting me?!
Earth: I'm the Earth Goddess, Fire. I love everything and everyone. It is not your fault.
Fire: It is, Earth!
Earth: No... no, it's not.
Fire: I'm stupid prideful God!

Slowly, Earth reached up to touch Fire's face.

Earth: No you are not. It's not your fault. Depression makes us do things we don't know it's wrong until it's too late.
Fire: This is a bit too much, Earth.
Earth: You didn't know, Fire. I still love and forgive you for what is happening and what you did years ago.

Fire looked down at Earth with his hand over his mouth.

Fire: How did you know...?
Earth: I just did. I know you are still there, Fire.

Gently, Earth drew Fire close to her chest and smoothed his red hair back. Fire could hear Earth's slow heartbeat.

Earth: Whatever may happen... I want to protect my brothers and sisters forever...
Fire: Even me?
Earth: Even you, Fire. Whatever happens, I'll be there to keep you and everyone else safe.
Fire: How will I know you are there?
Earth: You'll see me.

Fire put his arms around Earth like a child with his mother and sighed. Earth kept rubbing Fire's hair and humming softly.

Fire: Thank you for everything, Earth...
Earth: You are very welcome, Fire...

Earth's heartbeat and her humming lulled Fire to sleep.

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*throws out fire extinguisher again*

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*Stares the fire extinguisher*

Hmm... I'm going to guess you won't really need it anymore, Koo.

Btw. Did you ever want to add a God or Goddess in this story? You have such cute ideas, it'd be awesome to see yours in this story~  :)

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I know the name I'm going to use. I just need to decide on a personality...  :/

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I know the name I'm going to use. I just need to decide on a personality...  :/
No rush~ When you are ready, just PM me. I don't want any spoilers.  ;)

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Chapter 158. Heading Back.

Cosmic: Do you see it?
Sky: Yeah, there's no hiding it now. Loyal is going to see it like grease on silk.

Cosmic looked up at the night sky, the flashing dot was there, small, but anyone could see it if they looked hard enough.

Cosmic: So... how do we tell Loyal?
Sky: Just let him see it for himself, Cosmic.
Cosmic: We should tell him, Sky.
Sky: Go right ahead, Cosmic.
Cosmic: I actally mean you. You go tell Loyal.
Sky: You go do it, Cosmic.
Cosmic: Tell him.
Sky: No.
Cosmic: Tell him!
Sky: No!

Cosmic and Sky argued back and forth before Sky finally agreed to do it.

Cosmic: Break it to him slowly.
Sky: Don't you tell me what to do, Cosmic! If you are so smart, then why don't you do it?
Cosmic: Break it to Loyal slowly, Sky.
Sky: -Sigh- Fine. Wish me luck.

Sky marched off leaving Cosmic alone by the side of the house.

Nervously, Sky made his way to Loyal's room and knocked on the door.


Sky knocked again.

Still nothing.

Sky: Loyal?


Sky: Are you asleep? I need to tell you something.


Sky pushed the door open gradually.

Loyal didn't come up to shut the door.

Sky: Hello...?

Sky peeked around inside the room.

Where was he?

Starlight toddled up chewing on a shoe.

Starlight: Hi!
Sky: Hello, Starlight. Have you seen Loyal?
Starlight: No.
Sky: No? When did you last see him then?
Starlight: Outside.
Sky: Outside?
Starlight: Ay.
Sky: Alright. Thank you.

Starlight nodded her head and ran off. Sky hurried outside.

Doragon was asleep under the trees, but Loyal was not with her.

Sky: Loyal?!

Sky ran around the yard yelling for Loyal who never came up. If Loyal was not in his house or outside in his yard, there was only one option left.

The gate.

Sky ran to the gate where he found Loyal standing in front of the gate with a key.

Sky: HEY!

Loyal turned his head to see who was shouting at him. Sky ran up to where Loyal was standing and grabbed the key.

Sky: What are you doing!? Give me that!
Loyal: Sky, please.
Sky: Didn't I warn you if you go there, I won't let you near the others?
Loyal: I have to-
Sky: No excuse, Loyal! You are only looking for trouble!
Loyal: Sky, you don't understand. I-
Sky: Stop talking and go home.
Loyal: Sky, will you let me-
Sky: Go back home, Loyal or I'll tell your brother about your plans!
Loyal: SKY!!

Sky stopped ranting when Loyal shouted at him. The moon was slowly sinking away, and a small blue arch was coming up over the hills.

Loyal: Will you let me speak?! Gosh!
Sky: What are you doing out here?
Loyal: I have to go back.
Sky: What? No, I won't let you.
Loyal: It's urgent, Sky.
Sky: How?
Loyal: I-... I hear it.
Sky: Hear what?
Loyal: I don't know. Whatever it is, it's telling me to go.
Sky: Go to who or what?
Loyal: The temple, to her.
Sky: Her?
Loyal: Earth... I must see her, Sky.
Sky: Who is telling you?
Loyal: I don't know! Just let me get out!
Sky: Loyal. Earth has a disease.
Loyal: I must see her, Sky!
Sky: No. What if you catch what she has?
Loyal: Disease or not. I'm going.  
Sky: Oh, yeah. How? I have both of the keys.

Loyal glared at Sky who crossed his arms at him.

Loyal: And I have wings. Bye bye, Sky.

Loyal jumped up to fly over the gate, but Sky grabbed his leg and pulled him back to the ground.

Loyal: Sky!
Sky: Please, Loyal. Don't go.
Loyal: Sky, I have to see her.
Sky: Loyal. Earth is not right in the head, and there is an epidemic spreading all over the lands. Don't go.
Loyal: Sky, I'll be fine.
Sky: You are going to catch something, Loyal. Just watch.
Loyal: Sky, please. I have to see her.
Sky: Loyal...

Sky became silent and stared at the ground.

Loyal was right about seeing Earth. He had to go, but Sky was afraid for him.

What if he catches what she has?

Loyal took Sky's hand into his. Sky never looked up.

Loyal: Sky. Do you remember when your parents were dying from the flu?
Sky: Just like yesterday...
Loyal: Didn't the people in your tribe tell you to stay away from them because you will catch what they had?
Sky: Yes... they told me to stay away from them until it passed or they died.
Loyal: Did you listen?
Sky: No. I was with them when their time was up.
Loyal: Why didn't you listen to your elders? They were telling you to listen to their orders.
Sky: Elders or not, I had to see my mother and father.
Loyal: Why?
Sky: Because... I loved my parents, and I needed to be with them.
Loyal: Why do you think I want to see Earth?
Sky: ...
Loyal: Why, Sky? Why do I need to see her?
Sky: Because you love her like she is your sister.
Loyal: That's right. I must go to her. Trust me, Sky, I'll be okay.
Sky: Promise me this, you will return, right?
Loyal: Yes.
Sky: You won't stay there?
Loyal: I will come back to you all, Sky.

Sky pulled his hand away from Loyal.

Sky: Wait here.

Sky darted off back to the house. Loyal waited impatiently for Sky to come back.

The sun was now peeking over the hills.

Sky came back carrying one of his long robes in his arms.

Loyal: What's this?
Sky: We all know that my robes and clothing keep me safe from harm. It should work on you.

Sky pulled the robe over Loyal and fasted the ruby red pins around the neck  

Loyal: Very nice.
Sky: Keep the hood on, alright? Don't let anyone see you except for Earth.
Loyal: I will. Cover for me, don't tell Death where I am going.
Sky: I will, Loyal. Be careful.

Sky and Loyal hugged quickly before Sky opened the gates.

Quickly, Loyal walked out of the gates and headed to his old land.

Sky stood alone by the gate watching him.

Loyal broke into a run in case Death finds him missing.

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Chapter 159. Loyal and Earth.

The remaining deities walked around talking in hushed tones to each other as if someone was watching them. Some were in groups and were whispering to each other about the famine that is taking over the lands and their fields.

They were so deep in their conversations that they never saw the forgotten God shuffling by wearing a black hooded robe.

Loyal kept walking with his head down.

At the temple.

Earth laid on the floor scarcely breathing. It was so summery, but Earth was shivering so much that her teeth chattered.

No one was with her in her dark hours, Earth closed her eyes praying for someone to be with her.

Was anyone going to hear her?

All of a sudden, Earth felt herself being lifted, and gently being placed into someone's lap. Earth opened her eyes and saw Loyal gazing into her eyes.

The joy Earth felt was unlike any other joy she had known.

Earth: You came!
Loyal: I had to see you, Earth.
Earth: It's dangerous for you to be here, Loyal.
Loyal: Nothing can stop me from seeing my Deities.

Loyal rubbed a wet cloth on Earth's burning forehead, Earth closed her eyes and shivered as the cold rag went across her forehead.

Earth: Oh, Loyal. It hurts so much this pain. The earth is not well.
Loyal: Is there anything I can do fo you, Earth?
Earth: There is nothing you can do, Loyal.
Loyal: I can try, Earth.
Earth: It's already too late, Loyal. You can't do anything now.
Loyal: Earth... please.
Earth: Do you remember when we were all together?
Loyal: I remember it like it was yesterday. 
Earth: All of us together getting in trouble and living so free.
Loyal: Free...
Earth: I want to go back, Loyal. Back to when we were all so happy and free. And how we all loved one another.

Earth started to cry softly, Loyal pulled her close to his chest as she wept.

Crying because of a broken heart. Crying for the lives of their friends that all ended in tragic death.

Sorrowfully, Loyal smoothed down Earth's damp hair and listened to her repeatedly ask what happened to them.

Earth: Why, Loyal? Why did we all break apart?
Loyal: I don't know, Earth.
Earth: Tell me what it was and I won't do it again, Loyal. I promise!
Loyal: I don't know, Earth. I don't know. I pray for an answer.

Loyal covered his eyes with his free hand to hide his tears.


Loyal: I'm sorry, Earth. I'm sorry for everything that is happening to you and your beloved earth.

Earth hid her face in Loyal's robes crying so hard her shoulders shook.

Earth: I wish we could go back to when we were innocent.
Loyal: Oh, Earth. You don't know how many times I say that.

Loyal wrapped his arms around Earth's shivering body and rocked her back and forth.

"This shouldn't be happening."

A forgotten God and a dying Earth Goddess. It wasn't right.

Taking his hand away from his eyes, Loyal could see the faded girl and boy in the corner of the temple. The boy was holding the little girl as she slept.

Years ago, Loyal held Earth like that when she was afraid of a storm that raged in the night.

The little boy was him, and the little girl was Earth.

Earth stopped shivering and pressed harder against Loyal's warm body.

Loyal: Earth...?
Earth: Yes, Loyal?
Loyal: I love you so much.
Earth: I love you, too.

Loyal stopped talking and hung his head. Smiling, Earth reached up and wiped away his tears, Loyal took Earth's hand and held it to his cheek breathing in her earthy fragrance.

Earth: You're welcome, Loyal.
Loyal: -Nods-
Earth: Pray, Loyal.
Loyal: What?
Earth: Pray the Earth's Prayer for me.

Hastily, Loyal brushed away a few stray tears from his face and took a painful shuddery breath.

"Beautiful Holy Goddess of the Earth. I pray to you to give thanks for the blessings you have given me. I pray for my family and my loved ones.

You ask for nothing in return.

And to the other Deities, I give thanks, to.

To the God of the Sun. The God who lights up the day and gives life to my crops.

To the Goddess of Love. The Goddess who spreads her love for us all to show us that we are all equal to her.

To the God of Fire. The God who warms us on cold nights and lights our way in the night.

To the Moon Goddess and her child. They work together in the night to show us that in the night, they are always there with us.

To the Goddesses of the Clouds and Rain. The Goddess who work together in the sky for us.

To the Goddess of the Sand. It is her who holds the Sands of Time.

To the Water God who quenches or thirst and keeps our growing crops alive.

To the God of Rocks. The one who helps us build our homes, and build our cities.

To the Goddess and God of the universe. Who forever watch over the galaxy and us.

To the God of the Sky and Wind. The Sky God who reminds us that he is never going to leave us and the Wind God who breaths on us.

To the God of Death. The God who delivers me from whatever I am suffering from.

To the God of Life. The God who gives life to me and his deities.

When my time is up and the blessed earth covers my body with her robes; I wish to give back to the earth as she had once done for me.

Amen, amen.

Beautiful Earth Goddess, hear my prayer."

Loyal stopped praying and looked at Earth with tears in his glowing eyes. Earth smiled weakly at Loyal and held his hands to her chest.

Earth: Hold me close, Loyal. You know how scared I am of the dark.

Gently, Loyal drew Earth close to his body.

"I'm coming."

Earth grew cold in Loyal's arms.

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Chapter 160. Earthquake.


The floor underneath Loyal and Earth begin to shake violently. Loyal glanced up at the ceiling and saw parts of the roof falling down. The stone walls had huge cracks in them and split open.

Loyal held onto Earth's lifeless body tighter.

The stone floor of the temple cracked in half and was racing towards Loyal and Earth. Loyal never moved but sit in the same spot and stare at the cracking floor. It stopped where Loyal was sitting. A voice yelled loudly over the thundering noise and cracking temples.


Deities were screaming in terror as the saw the temples collapse like sand castles.

Where Fire was...

Fire was re-reading Sand's letter when the ground under his feet seem to jump and knocked him to the ground. There was screaming in the distance and loud crashing sounds.

The earth continued to shake and destroy everything that was built. Temples and houses fell down or split in half. Fire watched as the roof of his house cave in and the floor split in half.

Fire crawled under the table clinging onto the legs desperately.


Where Loyal was...

One the pillars in the temple fell sideways knocking down another pillar. Each pillar fell down like dominoes, Loyal could barely see as the world shook.

The Earth Goddess was gone.

Her earth was giving up as well.

Loyal pulled his hood back on and covered Earth with the robe to keep her safe.

Large pieces of the ceiling fell onto Loyal but never hurt him.

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Chapter 161. Never.

Gingerly, Loyal removed the hood off of his head to see if it was safe to move.

The temple that he once knew and loved was destroyed. The roof was broken and the walls were cracked in half or missing.

Loyal lifted his robe to check on Earth.

She wasn't there on Loyal's lap. The only thing Loyal found was dirt all over his lap and on the floor.


The dry dirt on Loyal's lap was so cold and grainy that it scared Loyal.

A few deities walked around the courtyard picking up their belongings or digging out their friends who are trapped under the rubble.

Fire blew the warning horn to call the remaining deities to his place.

Loyal almost stood up when he heard the horn. Looking at the floor, Loyal saw a small Hyacinth was growing in the remaining soil that was there.

Gently, Loyal touched it and whispered softly to it praying for a sign that the earth is still alive without it's Goddess.

"Gentle flower... Grow."

The flower wilted and died in front of Loyal.

It was true.

Without the Earth Goddess, nothing will grow ever again.

Holding back his tears, Loyal placed a candle in the soil and lit it for Earth.

"Goodbye, Earth."

Loyal left the temple with his head down, a few deities stared at him, but never said anything to Loyal because they never knew it was him.

Loyal kept walking, and never looked up until he was home.

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Chapter 162. Smile.

Sunlight shone into a inside of a crack that has split the the Earth's Goddesses beloved earth.

Inside was dark and very hot, too hot for a human to enter.

Ever so slowly, a women walked on the fiery hot coals peeking at the sunlight that had lighten up their home.

The crack was so large that the women held onto the earth's rocky dry half and peeked out.



The women fell back into the hole fearing it was a God who was watching her peek out.

No one came up to shut the earth's crevice. Again, the women lifted herself out to take a quick look.

The earth wasn't shutting itself together like it always does. Whatever was happening, the women already knew what it was...

Earth was dead along with her world and Loyal was gone and forgotten.

No one can stop the women now. Spirits and demons escaped from the crack screaming and shrieking loudly. The women crawled out of her home and stood outside bravely. She was free.

Cordelia smiled.

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Chapter 163. Fear. Part One.

Silently, Loyal trudged up the hill keeping his eyes on the ground. A voice screamed out his name in terror and relief.

Loyal looked up to see Sky running to him with Cosmic and Sun right at his heels.

Sky: Loyal! Oh my gosh, I thought you wouldn't make it when that earthquake started!
Loyal: I'm here now.
Sun: Didja feel that earthquake, Loyal!? I thought the earth would never stop shaking! Sky had to cover us with his robes to keep us safe.
Loyal: I felt it.
Cosmic: If I were you, Loyal, I would hide. Death is pretty an-


Cosmic's head dropped when he heard Death yelling. Sky and Loyal sighed miserably and waited for Death to come up.

Loyal: I thought you were going to cover for me?
Sky: I did, but after that earthquake, Death found out.

Loyal bowed his head and waited for his brother. Death came up furiously, grabbed Loyal by the ear, and pulled him close to his face.

Death: I told you not to return to that godforsaken kingdom!
Loyal: Death, I had to see-
Death: See what? To see how damaged the earth has become?!
Loyal: I had to see Earth.
Death: Earth? Whatever for?
Loyal: Death. She died.

Death released Loyal and stepped back.

Death: She died...? You're lying.
Loyal: I'm not. Earth is dead already.
Death: She can't be dead! She's the Earth Goddess!

Sky, Sun and Cosmic looked at each other and then back at Death.

Loyal: Well, she's gone.
Death: Do something.
Loyal: I can't, Death. Earth is dead, I'm forgotten so there isn't anything I can do but wait.
Cosmic: Wait? Wait for what?
Loyal: Don't act like you don't know, Cosmic. Why do you think that Black Hole is appearing?

Cosmic glanced up at the sky.

The flashing dot was getting bigger.

Cosmic: Ummm... Sky?
Sky: Don't look at me. Galactic isn't ready yet.
Loyal: She isn't going to be ready, Sky. By the time she is ready, the Apocalypse-
Death: Apocalypse?
Loyal: Death, don't start-

Death, Sky, Sun, and Cosmic begin to run around in circles screaming hysterically; Loyal covered his face with his hands and groaned.

Moon and Cherry Blossom rushed outside of the house with Starlight when they heard the screaming.

Cherry Blossom: What is going on?
Loyal: I shouldn't have said that word.
Moon: What are they scared of?
Loyal: Death scared them when he yelled Apocalypse.

Starlight screamed with laughter watching her father run about screaming hysterically with Cosmic and Sky and Death.

Moon stuck out her foot to trip her husband. Sun landed on Sky who tripped Cosmic with his arms.

Loyal grabbed Death by his scarf to make him stop.

Loyal: Death, you have got to get ahold of yourself when I say that word.
Death: But, Loyal! The Apocalypse!? Isn't there another way?
Loyal: No. The earth is already dead and the Black Hole is coming towards us, it won't be long before it sucks the world into it's-...Moon?
Moon: Black Hole!?

Cherry Blossom slapped her hand over Moon's mouth to silence her screaming. Of course. The Deities of the Universe were terrified of the Black Hole.

Even a Sky God.

Starlight hugged her mother's legs trying to reassure her.

Starligh: Sky is here, mama. Sky will save us, right, Sky?
Sky: Uhh... yeah. I'll do something about it, don't worry, Starry.

Sky grabbed Loyal by the collar and hissed into his ear.

"**** do something, you idiot!"

"I can't, do anything, Sky!"

"Bring Earth back!"

"I can't! She is gone."

"Say something, you already scared them enough already, now think!"

"There isn't anything we can do, Sky."

Death was listening to Sky and Loyal's conversation but turned to talk to Cosmic who was still lying on the floor.

Death: What will happen?
Cosmic: I don't know, Death. The earth is dead, and the Goddess of Punishment is now free.
Cosmic: What? He's not scared of-

Death broke free from his scarf and shot off back to the house.

Loyal: DEATH!!!

Loyal and Cherry Blossom bolted after Death leaving Sky alone.

Sky: Heyy...
Sun: Sky, do something!
Moon: What will happen to us?!
Cosmic: You promised that Galactic will come back!
Starlight: !

Sky held up his hands as the deities crowded around him blurted out questions and begging for answers.

Moon: Hang on, everyone. We are so wrapped up in our problems, what about Sky?
Sun: What do you mean?
Moon: Well, if we leave Sky alone, he'll come up with an answer, right, Sky? You'll protect us?
Sky: Of course. I'm the Sky God. Protector of-

Without any warning, Sky threw up a mouthful of blood. Starlight squeaked when some of it landed on her shoes.

Sky wiped his mouth and stared at Sun and Moon who had the mouths open in horror.

Sky: It's not what you think.
Sun: Sky, you're dying, aren't you?

Sky said nothing...

Moon reached out to touch Sky's hand, but Sky ran away.

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Oh, no... Not Sky!  D:

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Chapter 164. Fear Part Two.

Cherry Blossom was the first one to find Death who was hiding in the basement. Loyal came up shortly to join them.

Loyal: Death, come out of there.
Death: No.
Loyal: You're not scared of The Goddess of Punishment, are you?
Death: Who isn't?
Loyal: I'm not.
Death: Loyal, Cordelia is someone who isn't safe to hang out with.
Loyal: Neither are you.
Cherry Blossom: Who is Cordelia?
Loyal: Just a Goddess Death knows.
Cherry Blossom: What?! Who is she? Death, was there another Goddess before me?
Death: Blossy, you're my Goddess.
Cherry Blossom: It sounds like you know her better than I.
Death: Not really.
Loyal: Guys?
Cherry Blossom: Did you love this Goddess?
Death: No.
Loyal: Ewwwww, Cordelia was already a grown woman when Death was 15.
Cherry Blossom: I don't know... Things happen. Death and Cordelia seem like a perfect pair.
Death: I met her, but I never-
Cherry Blossom: What? Never what?
Loyal: God, Cherry Blossom. You're acting crazy. Death only talked to Cordelia, nothing else.
Cherry Blossom: Hmmm. I'll be watching you, Death.

Death scooted closer to the wall frowning at Loyal who was trying to grab him.

Death: What we do, Loyal?
Loyal: There isn't much I can do but get ready for it.
Cherry Blossom: Why is Death so afraid of Cordelia?
Loyal: I'll tell you later. Right now, I have to get Death out. Cherry Blossom? Be a dear and get boxes for us, please?
Cherry Blossom: What for?
Loyal: Just do it.

Cherry Blossom nodded her head and ran off. Death and Loyal stared at on another.

Loyal: Are you really that scared, Death?

Death hid his hands behind his back and nodded.

Death: She is the only Goddess I don't want to see again, Loyal.
Loyal: Death, don't be afraid.
Death: I am afraid, Loyal. She is free and I know what she is doing right now.
Loyal: I won't let her-
Death: Yeah, you said that and she-
Loyal: Look at me.

Death looked up at Loyal's gleaming white eyes.

Loyal: I promise I will keep you safe.
Death: Promise?
Loyal: I said so, didn't I?
Death: Okay.
Loyal: Come out now.
Death: Give me a few minutes, Loyal... I need to think.
Loyal: Alright, I'll be back to check on you.

Loyal left Death in the basement alone.


Loyal found Doragon who was sleeping outside by the house.

Loyal: Doragon?
Doragon: ?
Loyal: Start packing. The Apocalypse is near.
Doragon: !
Loyal: Go on. Go to your worlds and do what you have to do. Go!

Doragon flew off to the temple where she watches the mythical creatures.

Loyal looked off into the distance to see a smoke from a fire rising from the cities.

That fire wasn't from Fire. Cordelia was up to no good like always.

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Chapter 165. Mama.

In the temple.

Doragon closed her books and had Loyal to put them away in boxes for her. Each book held the anatomy and facts of the mythical creatures that roamed in a different world. She won't won't need them now it was best to put the away now.

Loyal placed the books inside of boxes and taped them shut; he never thought this day would ever happen. Death was inside the house wrapping his scythe in a dark red cloth so Cherry Blossom wouldn't scratch herself on the blade.

Sun and Moon were placing their books inside of the boxes and hiding them inside the temple. Starlight toddled behind them; this shouldn't be happening.

Sun and Moon didn't have the heart to tell Starlight that as soon as the Black Hole comes, they will all die.

Cosmic placed his share of books away and still wasn't talking to Sky.

At the blessed temples.

Loyal closed the lids of his paints and clay to put away. Walking past the portals that lead to the worlds, Loyal could still see his people walking about.


They were not his anymore.

Loyal pulled a heavy stone over each portal to keep from entering. It was so long ago...

Loyal was two years when Himitsu brought him to this blessed temple to show him that the portals held each human of race and tongue that lived in the world. And they all belonged to him.

Loyal looked around in the temple room. Each Goddess of Life was painted on the wall.

Kamsa Hamnida. The first Goddess of Life.

Ai. Kamsa Hamnida's daughter who took her mother's place.

Seishin. Ai's daughter who is the third Goddess of life.

Eien'nitomoni. The daughter of Seishin.

Seikatsu. Eien'nitomoni's daughter.

And the first and last God of Life, Loyal. The forgotten and rejected son of Seikatsu.  

Rumors were told that Eien'nitomoni was not proud of her daughter for being afraid, but that wasn't true. Eien'nitomoni was proud of her only and last child.

Loyal wondered if his grandmothers would have liked him, unlike Seikatsu who rejected him the second she found out about him.

So many questions that Loyal had left unanswered. Slowly, Loyal touched each painting of the Goddesses, his hand stopped at Seikatsu's.

Loyal: I'm sorry you were afraid of dying, Mama.

Seikatsu never responded to her child.

Loyal: It's alright to be scared, Mama. Who said that a Goddess shouldn't be afraid?


Loyal: I don't know if you can hear me, Mama, but I want you to know that Death is fine now. You know him, he is your favorite son.

Seikatsu was silent.

Loyal felt crazy talking to a painting, but who cared at the moment.

Loyal: Mama? I love you even though you never loved me.

Loyal glanced back to the painting of Ai.

Loyal: I love each and every one of you.

Seikatsu never spoke. Loyal back away from her painting and went to his.

The large painting of a God with white hair with gold streaks. His eyes were large and white like his mothers and her mothers.  

He really didn't deserve to be with these Goddesses.

Seizing a rock shard, Loyal dragged it across his painting talking to each Goddess as he ruined his picture.

Loyal: Ai? Do you like to play the harp or do you like to sing?


Loyal: Eien'nitomoni? Can you hear me?


Loyal: Kamsa Hamnida? Do you approve of your grandson loving a dragon?


Loyal: Mama?







Loyal dropped the stone at his feet. His painting was full of scratches and chipped paint.

Loyal: I deserve to be with you Goddesses. I failed just like how Himitsu said.

Irritated, Loyal kicked the wall.

Loyal: I thought I could do it, but failed. I can't keep lying to myself.

The Goddesses said nothing but stare into space.

Loyal: You will never hear from me again, I want you to know this.

Loyal stared at his mother and grandmothers.

Loyal: When the world ends, I will never start it again. I'm sorry, Kamsa Hamnida, I have destroyed the worlds you have created.

Kamsa Hamnida never responded to Loyal.

Loyal: Goodbye.

Loyal turned to leave the temples and never looked back to see his mother and grandmothers.


Loyal locked the Blessed Temple door.

"I'm sorry, Mama."

Loyal collapsed on the steps.

"I'm sorry I killed you, Mama. It should have been me."

Nobody saw Loyal lying on the steps crying.

"I'm sorry, Mama..."

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Poor Loyal...  :'(

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Stupid Seikatsu.

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Chapter 166. Dying of Doubt

Where Sky was.

Hiding inside a tree, Sky was spying on the tribe that he once belonged to. Men and women walked about with their children just enjoying or fretting about the day; they didn't know what was about to happen.

Sky stared at the his people. They all had cinnamon colored skin with raven black hair that matched their eyes. Sky stared at his hands. 

Long, slender and his skin was a cinnamon colored, too. Only at night though, but that was his real form.

Brushing back a strand of his black hair, Sky couldn't help but wonder if they would accept him now.

They believed in the Earth Goddess, would they believe in a Sky God?



Sky drew his knees up to his chin and kept an eye on them. He didn't just watch over the Deities of the Universe, Sky also guarded his old tribe, they didn't know that though.

Years ago, the Elders cursed Sky as the Devil. Sky could still feel the burning sensation when the Elders tattooed his back with the sign of Amagna Okubi.

Sky knew that tattoo was still on his back, but he never showed Loyal or any other deity.

Blinking slowly, Sky listened to the soft beating of the drums.

Later on.

Sky was sitting beside Death who was rolling up a ball of yarn to crochet a scarf later. Death looked at Sky who cut him a nasty look. It was obvious that Sky didn't want Death to ask any questions, but Death tested his luck

Death: So... Sun and Moon found out?
Sky: Yeah, now they are all scared but Starlight.

Wow. What luck~

Death: She isn't scared?
Sky: No, she keeps saying I will keep them all safe.
Death: You will, right?
Sky: Of course.
Death: How is Cosmic?
Sky: He's pissed.
Death: You will bring Galactic back, right?
Sky: Yes, but Cosmic is doubting my power.
Death: Wow, real smart. Kick him.
Sky: No!
Death: If Loyal doubting my power I would kick him.
Sky: Why?
Death: It's foolish for a God to doubts another God's power.
Sky: I didn't know that, Death. What can happen?
Death: Oh, the doubter can lose their power slowly and die if it keeps up.

Sky stared at Death. Death clamped his mouth shut.

Death: Oop.
Sky: How do you know that?
Death: Oh, Loyal told me. Dying of Doubt is what it is called, that's what happened to some old deity when she doubted Earth's mother.
Sky: When was that?
Death: Years ago, Earth was a wee baby.
Sky: That's scary.
Death: It sure is, that's why Cosmic should shut up and believe in you.
Sky: Tell him to be quiet.
Death: No can do, Sky. I just might kick him for being an idiot.
Sky: Well-... somebody has to do it.
Death: I don't know who should do it.
Sky: Get your brother to do it.
Death: I'll try.

Sky flopped onto his back while Death sang softly to himself.

Cosmic better stop or else.

Could Sky protect Cosmic from Dying of Doubt?

Sky: Death!
Death: What!? What is it?!
Sky: Is there a way to stop this?
Death: I don't know, Sky. Is this your first time keeping the Deities of the Universe safe?
Sky: In a way, yes.
Death: I'm not sure. I don't think any deity can avoid dying from doubt if it continues. It's a slow process, so you have plenty of time to relax.
Sky: NO! NO, I WON'T!!!

Death stopped singing and stared at Sky in shock.

Furiously, Sky leaped to his feet and ran away from Death to find Loyal.

Death: SKY!!

Sky kept running and screaming for Loyal.

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Chapter 167. No Hope.

A week later.

Loyal sat at his desk drawing on a sheet of paper. Cherry Blossom sat on the couch staring at the back of Loyal's head. Doragon was asleep by Loyal.

Cherry Blossom: Okay, we are officially going to die, aren't we?
Loyal: No.
Cherry Blossom: How can you say that? We are all going to die, Loyal.
Loyal: Trust me on this, we are not going to die. I have a plan.
Cherry Blossom: A plan? Let's hear it.
Loyal: As soon as the others... never mind.

Loyal stood up from his chair and walked around slowly in the room.

Loyal: Okay. We all know that the worlds are dying, right?
Cherry Blossom: Correct.
Loyal: There is no choice whatsoever, right?
Cherry Blossom: Bingo.
Loyal: The only healthy place is this one, right? Nothing is dying on the spot of land.
Cherry Blossom: Yes?
Loyal: What if... what if I make a small world for us, Blossom?

Cherry Blossom sat up straighter and held her breath. Loyal stopped pacing and looked at his shocked friend.

Cherry Blossom: That's...
Loyal: Crazy?
Cherry Blossom: Brilliant, Loyal!
Loyal: Really?
Cherry Blossom: Yes! That's amazing!
Loyal:  ;D
Cherry Blossom: A small world? That sounds great! Wait.
Loyal: What?
Cherry Blossom: What about the others?
Loyal: Well... that's the catch.
Cherry Blossom: Catch?

Death burst into the room carrying a box full of garbage.

Death: They die.
Cherry Blossom: What?
Death: Anyone who broke away Loyal's Law is practically dead already. A bunch of corrupted people.
Cherry Blossom: Loyal, are you really doing this?

Loyal turned away from Cherry Blossom and rubbed Doragon's head. Death stood next to Loyal.

Loyal: I have no choice.
Cherry Blossom: Why?
Loyal: They all are part of Amagna Okubi, now. I can no longer save them; I can't let the people hurt you all, they are already killing week deities for fun or a sacrifice.  
Cherry Blossom: Don't you love the people, Loyal?
Death: I don't. They tied me up and stoned me.
Loyal: I'm sorry to hear that, Death.
Death: It's fine, Loy-loy. I'm still here, aren't I?
Cherry Blossom: Loyal?
Loyal: Cherry Blossom. I do love them.
Cherry Blossom: Then why?
Loyal: They are suffering.
Death: Ick.
Loyal: When someone is in pain, what do you do?
Cherry Blossom: I pray that death may take them home already.
Death: I wait for their clock to stop ticking.
Loyal: There you have it.
Cherry Blossom: But what will happen to them? Will they show up in the tiny new world?

Loyal stayed quiet for a long time. Death patted Loyal's back

Death: No.
Cherry Blossom: Why?!
Death: Didn't you hear? They are part of Amagna Okubi, we can't let their corrupted ways taint out the world.
Cherry Blossom: Is this true, Loyal?

Loyal nodded his head sadly.

Cherry Blossom: But, Loyal.
Loyal: Cherry Blossom, there is no choice for them or for me.
Cherry Blossom: Can't you try to save them?
Death: He tried. The nearly chopped his head off.
Loyal: Death, please.
Cherry Blossom: Loyal-
Loyal: Stop it! I have no choice but to annihilate the world with the people in it.
Cherry Blossom: So, you're going to kill millions of innocent people? I thought you were merciful.
Loyal: Stop it, Cherry Blossom.
Cherry Blossom: No, you have a choice.
Loyal: I don't, Cherry Blossom.
Cherry Blossom: You are not trying hard enough, Loyal.
Loyal: I did try, there is no hope for them.
Cherry Blossom: I don't know who the murderer is at this moment. Amagna Okubi or you.

Loyal's head snapped back when Cherry Blossom spoke.

Loyal: How dare you. How dare you compare me with an evil spirit.
Cherry Blossom: I dared.

Doragon picked her head up and snarled at Cherry Blossom.

Death: STOP IT!! Just stop!
Cherry Blossom: Are you really letting your brother do this, Death?
Death: I am. The world and the people are just as evil as Amagna, Blossom.
Cherry Blossom: So, you are a murderer like Loyal?
Death: Ha! Loyal is only doing the right thing.
Cherry Blossom: What is that?
Death: Saving you and us, and someone's life who is just beginning from the powers of Amagna Okubi!

Death pointed at a picture of Starlight.

Death: If Loyal lets this go on, you might as well throw Starlight to Amagna Okubi. Is that that what you want, Blossom? To let some corrupted human to harm an innocent child?
Cherry Blossom: But, Death. There is still hope.
Death: Hope is dead! The only hope we all have left is Loyal, Blossom.
Cherry Blossom: ...
Death: There is no one left to save now.
Cherry Blossom: Really, Death?
Death: I'm not lying to you, Blossom.

Cherry Blossom ran her fingers through her her pink hair and sat on the floor.

No hope? No one left to save but the ones who stayed with Loyal?

It was true. The only hope they have is Loyal.

Loyal: Cherry Blossom?

Loyal held Cherry Blossom's face in his hands. Death stood next to Loyal frowning at his wife.

Death: There is no hope for the people or the world, Blossom.
Loyal: I'm sorry, Blossy. The only ones I can save are you and Death and Doragon.  
Cherry Blossom: Sky and the others?
Loyal: He has a plan to keep them safe.

Cherry Blossom stood up stiffly and headed to the door. Doragon never took her eyes of Cherry Blossom.

Cherry Blossom: I have to go.
Death: Hey! Apologize to him, damn!
Loyal: Death! Stop that. She doesn't have to, it's alright.
Death: Whatever. Help me with this garbage.

Loyal picked up a box and went with Death who was walking off. Cherry Blossom left the room and sat in the garden.

Soon there will be nothing.

Inside the house.

Doragon sniffed at the beetles that scurried around on her claws.


Doragon looked up and stared at the closet where the noise came from.


The closet door opened a crack and Sky peered out.

Sky: Are they gone?
Doragon: !?
Sky: I was listening to Loyal's plan, Doragon.
Doragon: *huff*
Sky: It should work. Him, you, Death, Cherry Blossom, Sun and Moon and Starlight, Cosmic and Galactic. Yes, it will work! See you, Doragon.

Sky ran away in a haste to avoid questions. Doragon stared at the door.

Sky never included himself.

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Chapter 168. Cordelia and Fire.

Fire walked mindlessly around the Kingdom. There were no deities to be seen anywhere in the courtyard or inside the temples.

Maybe they had enough and left, or they were dead, Fire didn't know anymore.


A plum pit landed on Fire's head. Looking up, Fire saw Cordelia sitting on the roof of the temple watching him walk by.

Fire: Cordelia?
Cordelia: Hello, Fire. Long time no see. The last time I saw you, you were with Loyal.
Fire: What are you doing now?
Cordelia: Not much, just set a city on fire. Nothing left now.
Fire: God, how can you live with yourself?
Cordelia: I like myself, Fire. What the bloody hell happened to this place?

Cordelia jumped down from the roof and held out her arms.

Cordelia: This place is no better than hell I was damned into, What happened?

Fire glanced at Cordelia her long black hair was touching her waist. Her flaming long dress burned the grass away.

God, it's been a long time.

Fire: Just a huge mistake.
Cordelia: Where is everyone? I thought Loyal would have stopped my fun, but he is gone.
Fire: He left.
Cordelia: Oh. I thought he was dead and that's why this place is so awful looking.
Fire: He had to leave.
Cordelia: Man, you **** up big time, Fire. How do you feel now?
Fire: I don't want to talk about it, Cordelia.
Cordelia: Why? Because you know you messed up?
Fire: Cordelia, why are you doing this?
Cordelia: Me?! Pfft! That's what Loyal asked you a long time ago. "Why are you doing this?"
Fire: I'm talking about you, not m- him.
Cordelia: M? M, what? "My brother." Is that what you were going to say?
Fire: Cordelia. Answer me. Why are you doing this?
Cordelia: Just finishing off what I wanted to do years ago, Fire.
Fire: There isn't much left, Cordelia.
Cordelia: Tell me about it.

Cordelia walked around Fire looking at him up and down.

Codelia: You changed, Fire. You look very.
Fire: Different?
Cordelia: Pathetic.
Fire: Oh, well. You look different, too. Not the same Goddess I met.
Cordelia: -Sniff-
Fire: You sure are getting cocky, Cordelia.
Cordelia: I have the right to be, you try living in hell for years.
Fire: Don't get too cocky, Cordelia. Keep an eye out for Amagna Okubi.
Cordelia: He is still here? I thought he was dead.
Fire: He's not, just watch out for him, Cordelia. He's looking for any God or Goddess to possess.
Cordelia: Why are you telling me this?
Fire: He already possessed a few deities.
Cordelia: Like who besides the others?
Fire: Rock.

Cordelia stared at Fire. Thunder rumbled in the distance.

Cordelia: Him? Last time I saw Rock, he was by his parents grave.
Fire: No, he's dead.
Cordelia: How?
Fire: I kinda said it already.
Cordelia: Why did Amagna kill him?
Fire: To gain the power of a Deity.
Cordelia: Ah, so you are giving me a warning?
Fire: Yes. So, if you see him or any unusual humans walking around

Fire put his hand on Cordelia's shoulder and squeezed it gently.

Fire: Don't get near them.
Cordelia: It's that bad? Jeez, not too long ago, I saw a strange looking creature in the temple staring at me.
Fire: Did you kill it?
Cordelia: No, was that the right thing to do?
Fire: Yes and No. If you killed it, Amagna Okubi will find out. If you didn't, it is going to report to Amagna what it saw.
Cordelia: There is no winning?
Fire: Sadly, no. I'm sorry that this is happening to you, Cordelia.
Cordelia: It's alright. I need to find somewhere to hide or- wait. What about you?
Fire: Don't worry about me.

Cordelia looked down at her bare feet. The rain begin to fall gently onto Cordelia and Fire.

Cordelia: You better go home, the rain is falling, and you hate rain.
Fire: I don't care anymore. Cordelia? Can you do me one favor?
Cordelia: Well, you did give me a warning, so what is it?
Fire: Can you sign this for me?

Fire held up a white sheet of paper and a golden pen. Cordelia stared at Fire and the paper.

Cordelia: Why? Is this a trick of yours?
Fire: No, just sign it, please.
Cordelia: Tell me why.
Fire: No questions, Cordelia. Sign it.

Gingerly, Cordelia took the pen from Fire's hand and signed the paper.


Fire: Thank you kindly, Cordelia.
Cordelia: What was that about?
Fire: You'll see. Good night.
Fire nodded his head sharply to Cordelia and turned to walk away. Cordelia was puzzled.
Cordelia: Will I see you again, Fire?
Fire: I don't know, Cordelia. If I were you, I would run from Amagna Okubi.
Amagna Okubi: Too late.

Amagna Okubi came out from the ruined temple glaring at Fire.

Amagna Okubi: So, you have decided to open your mouth, Fire?
Fire: I have, too. How will I eat?

Amagna Okubi slapped Fire hard across the face. Cordelia held her hand to her mouth and stared at Fire.

Amagna Okubi: Don't toy with me, you piece of ****.
Fire: You asked me, Amagna. So, I answered you truthfully.

Amagna Okubi grabbed Fire by the neck and lifted him high in the air. Choking, Fire kicked and pried at Amagna's fingers to make him let go.

Cordelia: Stop! Let him go!
Amagna Okubi: Hush, Cordelia. Fire and I are talking.

Fire's kicking was gradually stopping.

Amagna Okubi: Ah, Fire. It's almost over.

Amagna Okubi pulled out his long knife and held it to Fire's chest.

"Let's finish this."

Before Amagna Okubi could plunge the knife into Fire, a large coal hit Amagna and burst into flames setting him and Fire into flames. Amagna screeched in pain and released Fire. Fire plopped to the ground coughing.

Cordelia: I said let him go!!
Amagna Okubi: Little ****!

Amagna headed to Cordelia, but Fire grabbed his leg.

Fire: Leave her alone. This is my doing, Amagna. Cordelia is innocent.

Amagna stared at Fire and then at Cordelia. The rain pelted on Cordelia's head and in her eyes making it hard for her to see.

Amagna Okubi: Fine. I'll leave her alone, Fire. But I'm not finished with you.

One of Amagna's struck Fire so hard he passed out. Boldly, Cordelia took a step forward towards the spirit.

Cordelia: Let him go, Amagna.
Amagna Okubi: That's going to be impossible, Honey.
Cordelia: No it's not. Nothing is impossible.
Amagna Okubi: Darling, did Fire get you to sign that paper?
Cordelia: Yes, now let him go!
Amagna Okubi: Oops! I wished you told me before I knocked Fire out cold. I guess you fell for his lies.
Cordelia: What?
Cordelia stared delicately into Amagna's eyes.

Cordelia: What are you talking about?
Amagna Okubi: Looks like Fire snagged another one. Cordelia, Fire made you sign that paper to help me.
Cordelia: You're lying.
Amagna Okubi: Fire was the one lying to you.
Cordelia: No!
Amagna Okubi: This is part of me and Fire's deal. He gets deities or people to join, and I steal their power.

Cordelia stared at Amagna in shock.

Amagna Okubi: How do you think I am getting stronger, Cordelia?
Cordelia: How?
Amagna Okubi: I have the power of the deities.
Cordelia: What...?
Amagna Okubi: They are all in my power now.

Cordelia felt light headed.

Damn it.

Why didn't she listen to Death's story about how Fire is tricking everyone into this false freedom?

She didn't know Fire was with Amagna Okubi.

No one knew, but she still should have listened.

Now, she is part of the Devils Power.

Amagna Okubi: Too bad, Cordelia. Now you belong to me.

Laughing wickedly, Amagna Okubi dropped Fire.

Amagna Okubi: Now get over here.

Amagna Okubi rushed to where Cordelia was standing.

Cordelia screamed in terror for Death.

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Chapter 169. Not Yet.


Why did Amagna Okubi stop?

What was he waiting for?

Shaking, Cordelia opened her eyes to see what was happening.

Amagna stood still in front of her looking very annoyed.

Cordelia: Fire...?

Amagna tried again to get her, but each time he tried, something would shock him.

Fire: Stop. Cordelia is in the power of Loyal's Law. You cannot harm her.
Amagna Okubi: WHAT?! How is this possible?! She signed the paper!!

Laughing smugly, Fire held up the paper that Cordelia had signed.

On the top of paper said.

Loyal's Law.

Fire: Not yours, Amagna...
Fire: Surprise, Cordelia?

Cordelia couldn't speak.


Did Fire save her from Amagna Okubi?


She was in Loyal's power now.

Nothing can harm her now.

Cordelia: Fire... thank you.
Fire:  :)

Amagna Okubi screamed in frustration and anger at his defeat.

Amagna Okubi: NO!! This isn't going as I planned, why can't I ever possess the powerful deities?!
Cordelia: Because you are an idiot?
Fire: Because you suck?
Amagna Okubi: SHUT UP!!!

Amagna kicked Fire in the ribs so hard, Fire flipped over like a ragdoll.

Cordelia: Stop it!
Fire: Why are you still here!? RUN, CORDELIA!!

Cordelia looked helplessly at Fire and at then Amagna Okubi.

What could she do?

Get Loyal of course.

Fire: There isn't anything you can do, Cordelia.
Amagna Okubi: -Sigh- It's best to get lost, Cordelia.
Cordelia: No.
Fire: Dammit, Cordelia, run! Run to Loyal and don't look back!

Fire was right, she couldn't do anything to help.

Cordelia looked at Fire and nodded her head.

Fire watched as Cordelia run off into the night.

Amagna Okubi: I can't believe you would betray me like that.
Fire: I did what I had to do. It's over for me.
Amagna Okubi: I'm not done yet.

Amagna Okubi grabbed Fire by the hair and lifted him into sitting position.

Fire never fought back.
Amagna Okubi: You think you are so brave.
Fire: None of this would have happened if you just died.
Amagna Okubi: I'll come back sooner or later, I have my ways. You think you are a hero? You're not, Fire. You're a worthless **** who thinks-
Fire: Say what you like, Amagna.

Fire looked up at the rainy sky. He hated the rain, but it felt so good right now.

Fire: The world may not forgive me, but I know I'm forgiven by Him.

Fire held up the pin that Loyal had given him and shook it twice in Amagna's face.

Fire: My brother... my little brother, Loyal Silent Voice forgives me for my sins, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Fire laughed at Amagna rudely.

Fire: I'm forgiven.

Amagna raised up his clawed hand to kill Fire.

Fire closed his eyes waiting for the blow.

Death lifted his head.

Amagna did nothing but sigh tiredly.

Amagna Okubi: I'm going to kill you, Fire. I'll let someone else do it. I'm finish with you.
Fire: Not yet, huh?
Amagna Okubi: Not yet, Fire.


Fire fell to the wet ground.

The force of the blow knocked Fire out cold.

"Not Yet..."

A few of Amagna's demons stepped closer to Fire sniffing him. Amagna Okubi left Fire alone in the rain.

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Chapter 170. Cordelia.

Where Cordelia was.

Breathlessly, Cordelia ran all the way to where Loyal was now living.

Cordelia: Almost... there!

Cordelia never stopped to catch her breath, stumbling, Cordelia kept running until she saw the gate.

A flood of energy filled up inside of Cordelia when she saw the golden gate.


An arrow shot past Cordelia's face and landed in the mud.

Sky: Stop!! Don't step any closer!
Cordelia: Sky!
Sky: I said don't move!!

Although he was far away, Sky aimed the arrow to Cordelia's terrified face.

Sky: Why are you here, Cordelia? No Goddess of Punishment will enter this blessed land. Leave now!
Cordelia: Loyal!?
Sky: Shut up! Leave now!
Cordelia: Death!?
Sky: Cordelia! This is your last warning!!
Cordelia: DEATH!!?

Enraged at the stubborn Goddess, Sky pulled the string back aiming the arrow at Cordelia.

Cordelia took a step forward.

Loyal: Stop!

Loyal came out of nowhere and placed his hand on Sky's shoulder.

Loyal: Stop...
Sky: Loyal, she is trying to enter into your home! Disobedience of trespassers will not be tolerated!
Loyal: She has something to say, Sky.

Death came running up.

Death: Loyal! What is going on?
Loyal: She sounds desperate, Death.
Death: Who?

Quickly, Cordelia ran to the gate and seized the bars.

Death and Loyal jumped back; Sky held the arrow to Cordelia's face.

Sky: Watch it, you. Just because Loyal is here-
Cordelia: Death!

Cordelia reached through the bars and grabbed Death's scarf.

Cordelia: -Gasp-
Death: Let go, Cordelia.
Loyal: What is wrong with you?
Cordelia: I- I was set free when Earth died. -gasp- And- I was destroying the city and kingdoms.
Loyal: Uh-huh...
Cordelia: Don't look at me like that, Loyal. It was-
Loyal: Harmless fun? I've heard that one before.
Cordelia: Well, yes. I didn't know Amagna Okubi was loose and stealing the souls and powers of Deities.
Death: So, what's wrong?
Cordelia: I met with Fire who made me sign this paper-
Sky: Oh, ****, Cordelia. Did you sign it?
Cordelia: Yes, but-
Death: Shame, Cordelia. Didn't you-
Cordelia: It wasn't Fire's Law.

Everyone went silent when Cordelia spoke.

Not Fire's Law? Then whose?

Loyal: Who's law... was it then?
Cordelia: Fire made me sign your law to keep me safe, Loyal!

Loyal stood still, Death and Sky begin to whisper to each other.

"Fire? Fire made Cordelia sign Loyal's Law?"

"Lies! She is tricking us, Death."

"She might be telling the truth, Sky."

"How can we tell?"

"I'm thinking."

"Most of all. WHY did Fire help Cordelia?"


Loyal held up his hand to silence Death and Sky.

Loyal: Fire. Fire helped you, Cordelia?
Cordelia: That's he said to me.
Loyal: What happened?
Cordelia: Well, Amagna Okubi lied to me that Fire had tricked me into signing the Law, but when Amagna tried to get me, he couldn't.
Loyal: Show me your hands.

Cordelia stuck her hands out to Loyal.

Golden colored tattoos were decorated on her hands.

Loyal: It's true. Cordelia signed my law. The Goddess of Punishment is saved.

Death and Sky looked at each other.

Death gulped.


Cordelia was saved by Fire.


Not happening.

Death had a bad past with Cordelia.

Loyal couldn't just let her in now.

Can he?

Death: Loyal, you promised!
Loyal: I never knew this was going to happen, Death.
Death: Say no, please!
Loyal: Death.

Sighing loudly, Loyal looked into Cordelia's terror filled eyes and back at Death.

Death's eyes were begging Loyal to say no.

Loyal: Sky?
Sky: It's your choice, Loyal.

Loyal gripped Cordelia's hands.

She had caused so much trouble all those years and has done nothing but harm Death.

But she needed Loyal more than ever.


Death was his brother, and he promised him that he wouldn't let Cordelia get near him.

Death was afraid and so was Cordelia.


Loyal: If you even try to escape, I have no choice but to let Doragon kill you, Cordelia.
Cordelia: Okay, Loyal.
Death: Loyal, you promised me!!
Loyal: Death can you-
Death: You never break your promise!
Loyal: OhmyGod, I'm going to tear my hair out!
Death: Loyal!
Loyal: You're safe, Death!

Angrily, Death walked off with Loyal running after him begging him to listen.

Sky: See what you have done? I hope you are happy, Cordelia.
Cordelia: -Sigh-
Sky: No funny stuff, you.

Sky made sure the cage was locked.

Cordelia: Why the cage?
Sky: Hush.

Sky left the room. Doragon stared at Cordelia who was sitting with her hands tied behind her back.

Cordelia: I haven't seen you in a while, Doragon.
Doragon: *Growls*
Cordelia: Okay, okay.

At Loyal's room.

Loyal: Okay. New problem.

Moon sat with Sun on the couch, Starlight was hanging onto Cherry Blossom whining at her to pick her up. Cosmic was sitting with Sky by the window. Death sat far in the corner glaring at Loyal.

Loyal: Okay. How can I break this down...?
Death: Loyal is letting the Goddess of Punishment into this place.

Everyone but Death, Sky and Loyal panicked.

Loyal: Thank you to my brother for making matters worse.
Death: Shut up, Loyal.
Loyal: Please let me continue.

Moon, Sun, Cosmic and Cherry Blossom stopped talking.

Loyal: I'm sorry for this, everyone. But, Cordelia is part of my law.
Cosmic: Those laws are dead, Loyal.
Loyal: They are not, Cosmic. Fire has them.

Cosmic stared at Sky who nodded his head.

Sky: Fire has those laws, Cosmic.
Cosmic: Why did he save Cordelia? Isn't he against us?
Sky: That's what Loyal is trying to figure out. How did he get those laws, and why is he helping Cordelia?
Cherry Blossom: It's a trap! He knew Loyal would let Cordelia in!
Death: Duh. This is Fire's plan, but Loyal is too-
Sky: Death, You're overreacting.
Death: Better safe than sorry, Sky.
Sky: You're scared of Cordelia? The God of Death is scared of The Goddess of Punishment?
Death: Shut up. If you knew my past with her, you'd be scared, too.
Moon: Death could be right.
Loyal: No, he is not, Moon.
Moon: I think Death is right.
Sun: I think so as well.
Loyal: Guys.
Cosmic: I'm with Death. Cordelia needs to leave.

Sky stared at Loyal who was drinking out of his cup with shaking hands.


Not fear.



Death: Blossy?
Cherry Blossom: It's a trap. Fire is tricking us all.
Starlight: Mama?
Moon: Death is speaking the truth. Cordelia will get loose somehow.
Sun: We have to get rid of her before she gets rid of us!
Cosmic: Throw The Goddess of Punishment out!
Cherry Blossom: Loyal said to protect those whose lives are beginning! Starlight is in danger!
Starlight: -Shriek-
Loyal: I'm not throwing Cordelia out, everyone.
Sun: Then why don't you go with her?
Sky: Sun, shut your mouth!
Death: Throw the Goddess out!
Sky: Shush, Death. Obey your brother's orders.

The whole room was in an uproar. Each deity was yelling at each other, and Loyal sat there drinking his wine.

Don't snap.

Don't snap.


Everyone screamed and ran away to where Death was standing when Loyal flipped the table over.

Loyal stood there breathing hard with his hands balled up into tight fists.

Sky tapped his foot as if nothing had happened.

Loyal: SILENCE!! Why are you all acting like this!?


Loyal: I cannot believe you all.
Death: I can't believe you! Endangering everyone by letting her in!

Each deity parted when Loyal stomped over to Death. Gently, Loyal held Death's face in his hands and smiled at him with a crazed look on his face.

Loyal: I am going to slap your filthy mouth if you keep talking, Deathy~ Be... quiet.

Startled, Death didn't answer back.

Did Loyal just threaten him?

Loyal squeezed Death's cheeks and walked off.

Loyal: Now listen. I know this looks bad, but I have a plan for Cordelia and the others.
Sky: Others?
Loyal: Sure. I have to get to the other Goddess who haven't signed Fire's Law.
Sky: Who are they, Loyal?
Loyal: You'll see, Sky. Now, Cordelia is locked up away in the prison I made for her, guys. You have nothing to worry about, okay?
No one answered Loyal.

Loyal: Don't be scared.
Cosmic: We are, Loyal.
Loyal: Trust me. She won't break free.

The tension in the room subsided.

Loyal: About Fire? I'll talk to him. Now go to bed.

Everyone ran away in a hurry.

Sky and Loyal stood alone in the silent room. Casually, Sky walked to Loyal snapping his fingers.

Sky: Wow, Loyal. You went crazy there.
Loyal: I know, I shouldn't have done that.
Sky: They listened, right?
Loyal: Yeah...
Sky: Then it was the right thing to do. Good night, Loyal.
Loyal: Good night, Sky.

Sky left the room whistling to himself.

Loyal set the table back in place before leaving.

Why did Fire do this?

Why did he help Cordelia?

It was all so confusing.

Loyal walked out of the room. The hallway was dark unwelcoming.

Loyal carried his lantern to get back to his room.


Loyal lifted his lantern up to find Death sitting alone in the hallway with his face buried in his knees.

Loyal: Death...?
Death: Go away.

Loyal reached out to touch Death on the head, but Death slapped his hand away.

Death: I said go.
Loyal: Death, please.
Death: Please?
Loyal: Don't act like this to me, Death.
Death: Why shouldn't I? You broke your promise, and you threaten me.
Loyal: I didn't mean it, Death.
Death: You know how scared I am and yet you let her in.
Loyal: Cordelia was afraid like you.
Death: Who matters more, Loyal? Me or her?

Death looked up at Loyal with pure hate in his eyes.

Loyal: You both mean the world to me, Death.
Death: Loyal, she has done nothing to deserve mercy from you.
Loyal: Oh, Death.
Death: Who matters more?
Loyal: Death.
Death: Loyal, why are you giving into this?!

Loyal sat next to Death and wrapped his arms around him.

Loyal: Ssh. I love you as much as I love Cordelia; she is a handful, but I love her anyways.
Death: -Sigh-
Loyal: I didn't break most of my promise, Death. I won't let her near you.
Death: Can't you just throw her out?
Loyal: Death, she came to us begging for mercy. I can't let her get hurt.
Death: Me?
Loyal: I'll keep you safe no matter what, Death.

Loyal put his hand over Death's bony hand.

Loyal: I promised father that I would.
Death: What you going to do with her, Loyal?
Loyal: I'm thinking it out. Don't worry, Death.

Wistfully, Death buried his face in Loyal's neck, Gently, Loyal smoothed Death's hair down.

Loyal: I'm sorry, Death. Don't be scared.
Death: She's not the only thing I'm scared of.

Loyal kept rubbing Death's hair.

Loyal: Don't be afraid of the Apocalypse, Deathy.

Death never spoke.

Loyal hummed softly and kept smoothing Death's hair down.

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Chapter 171. Goddess of Flowers and Goddess of Happiness.

Moon: Loyal?
Loyal: I'll be fine.
Sun: Is this even safe?
Loyal: If it's safe, it's no fun, remember?
Sun: Whatever.
Death: We'll be back shortly.
Cherry Blossom: I wish I could go, too, Death.
Death: I know, but Sky needs your help around the place.
Sky: Me? You're leaving me in charge?
Loyal: Why not? You're strong and able to do this.
Sky: Can't Sun take over?
Death: No. Loyal said you.
Sun: Why him?
Loyal: Because I said so.
Sun: Why can't Death stay?
Loyal: I want him to come along with me.
Sun: It's because of Cordelia, isn't?
Death: Go play with a toaster, Sun. I need to get going.

Sky sighed miserably watching Loyal and Death pull on their knapsacks. How long will they be gone? Loyal and Death had to find the other deities they met years ago.

Sky: Please, Death. Can't you stay?
Death: Come, come, Sky. You'll be fine. Hell, you're doing a better job than me.

Death patted Sky on the head like he was a dog. Sky frowned and crossed his arms.

Cosmic: How long will you be gone, Loyal?
Loyal: I don't know, Cosmic. I'll be back though, so don't worry.

Starlight toddled by Death's legs and pulled at his jacket.

Death: What?
Starlight: Come back, okay?
Death: I will. Behave and take care of your daddy, alright?
Sun: I'm able to take care of myself, Death.
Death: Are you?

Loyal pushed Death away from Sun so they wouldn't start fighting. Cosmic picked up Starlight and carried back to Moon.

Loyal: We'll be back. Bye now.

Sky and the rest of the deities waved goodbye as Death and Loyal flew away from the kingdom.

Three days later.

Loyal and Death flew side by side looking straight ahead. Death looked at his brother who was looking at his flimsy map.

Death: What's the plan again?
Loyal: I told you already.
Death: Tell me again, Loyal.
Loyal: There are the other deities we have met who have not signed Fire's Law, right?
Death: Correct.
Loyal: The Apocalypse is near, Death. If we don't get to them now, they will die.
Death: Seems merciful. Who's first?

Smiling, Loyal pulled out a picture with two Goddesses smiling.

Loyal: Fiore and Happiness.
Death: Okay, Loyal. Where are they?

Loyal pointed to a spot on the map.

Death: Eternity Island? No one lives there, Loyal.
Loyal: They do.

Loyal swooped down to the mountains with Death catching up to fly next to him.

At Eternity Island.

Loyal grabbed at Death yelling that they were near the island. Weakly, Death looked down and saw the peaceful looking island. After looking at so much water and feeling the heat of the sun beat down on his head and body, Death was a getting a little nauseous.

Loyal flew down swiftly to the island never noticing that Death was spiraling head first into the salty water.

Landing quietly, Loyal glanced around. The palm trees waved in the wind making a few fruits plop down into the warm white sand.

Loyal: Fiore? Happiness?

Exotic birds screeched and flew by Loyal. The seawater washed up a few branches and seaweed that gathered around Loyal's bare feet.

Death washed up right next to Loyal.

Loyal: Come on, Death. No goofing around, we must find the Goddesses!

Death heaved and threw up all over Loyal's feet.

Death: -Wheez-
Loyal: Oh, sick. You alright, Death?
Death: No.

Loyal placed his hands on his hips still looking around.

Death: This air is making me sick, Loyal.
Loyal: For goodness sake, Death.

Annoyed, Loyal dragged his brother by the palm trees and propped him into sitting position.

Death: I want to go home.
Loyal: Death, please. We just got here. I need to find them, you sit here.

Death crossed his winged arms glaring at the ocean.

Death: I hate this.
Loyal: Death, this place is beautiful!
Death: This isn't a vacation, Loyal!! Shut up and find your girlfriends!

Fiore and Happiness were not Loyal's girlfriends but Loyal knew better than to argue with his brother.

Later on.

Loyal searched around the island hoping to see at least one Goddess.


Sighing sadly, Loyal had to go back to check on Death. Lifting his wings, Loyal flew back to the beach where Death was resting.


Loyal could hear voices chattering below.

Two soft clear voices chattering happily and asking questions. Death's heavy dark voice bitterly answering them.

Loyal flew faster to his brother.

There sitting with Death was Fiore and Happiness.

Happiness was smiling and hugging Death like he was a stuffed toy while Fiore was decorating Death with flowers.  

Loyal: Having fun, Death?
Death: It's not what you think, you jerk.

Happiness squealed hearing Loyal's voice, and bear hugged him. Fiore came running up to Loyal as well yammering questions.

Loyal hugged the two Goddesses close to his body and sighed.

It's been so long.

Loyal was only 112 when he met them

A year later, Cordelia came along and...

Got into a lot of trouble.

Happiness: Oh my gosh, Loyal! How are you? Where is Doragon?
Loyal: She is back home, Happiness~
Fiore: How is everything? Death told us that he is married already! I knew Cherry Blossom would ask him! I'm sorry we were not there to see your wedding, Loyal.
Loyal: I'm not married, Fiore.

Fiore and Happiness looked very disappointed hearing Loyal.

Loyal: Tut, tut! No sad faces, Girls. Let's see some smiles!

Happiness and Fiore perked up and begin to ask questions while Loyal with Death.

"How is Sun, Death?"

"Fine. Sun has a daughter now."

-Screams of delight-

"Is Cherry Blossom here?"


"Have any children, Death?"

"No. Me and Cherry Blossom will try again sooner or later"

"Loyal? Will you ever find a Goddess?"

"Nope. Doragon is the one for me."

"How is that going to work?"

"I'm still working on it."

"How are feeling, Death?"


Loyal and Death talked with Fiore and Happiness for a long time.


At last, the deities all fell quiet and stared at one another smiling.

Loyal wished he wasn't here to bring them bad news.

Happiness: What brings you two here?

Death looked at Loyal whose smile faded. Fiore and Happiness looked at each other.

Loyal: Well...
Death: It's kinda good news and bad news, girls.
Loyal: Mostly bad.

Happiness sat closer to Loyal and touched his hands. Fiore hugged Death.

Fiore: Death?
Happiness: Tell us, Loyal.

Loyal spilled out the whole story of Fire's Rebellion, the dying deities, and how the world is going to die soon.

Happiness and Fiore begin to shake.

Like the rest, Fiore and Happiness were going to die.

Loyal: I'm sorry that we came to tell you this horrible news.
Death: Fiore? Happiness?
Fiore: Yes...?
Death: You're not getting left behind.

Fiore stared at Death with wide eyes.


Fiore: What?
Death: The world is coming to an end, but you two are not going to die with it.
Happiness: No?
Loyal: Absolutely not. Here is my plan.

Loyal and Death told Fiore and Happiness about how they will live if they return to Loyal's Kingdom with them.

Happiness wasn't sure.

Leave this island?

Fiore was afraid and willing to listen to Loyal.

But Cordelia was there as well.

Can she face Cordelia again?

Fiore: Loyal? What about Cordelia?
Loyal: She is locked away, so she won't get you two.

Fiore felt like she could breathe again.

Not so much.

Happiness: Loyal? I don't want to leave this beautiful place.
Loyal: I don't want to leave you behind to die, Happiness. That's why we came to get you and Fiore.

Happiness pressed against Loyal.

This island was so beautiful and trusting.

She could get anything from here.

How can she leave?

But Loyal.

Loyal meant more to her than this island. He was the one who shielded her with his body when Cordelia set them on fire.

Happiness looked into Loyal's eyes.

Those large glowing eyes she fell in love with.

Death and Loyal came all this way to save them from their death.

So many times Loyal had saved them.

First from Cordelia.

Second, he made this island for them to keep them safe.

Now he was back to save them.

Happiness: Loyal?
Loyal: Yes?
Happiness: How many times will you save us?
Loyal: Forever, even if it means giving up my life.

Happiness made her choice.

Happiness: I'm going home with you, Loyal.
Fioe: So am I.

Loyal hugged Happiness and Fiore close.

Loyal: I won't let you two down.
Happiness: You never have, Loyal.
Fiore: Thank you for coming to get us.

Death wrapped his arms around the group and squeezed them all tightly.


Fiore: Happiness?
Hapiness: Yeah?
Fiore: Do you want to have one last party before we leave this place?
Hapiness: I love parties! How about you two? You guys ready to have some fun?

Death looked at Loyal and grinned.

Death: Come on, Loyal!
Loyal: I thought you didn't like parties.
Death: Shut up and get up.

Loyal smiled at his brother and stood up.

The small island party went on until dawn.

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Just to let my readers know. Cordelia, Fiore, and Happiness are not my oc's. They all came from the readers who wanted their oc in the story. (It was all Lucia's idea about adding deities. Miss you, Lucia. :( )

Cordelia. belongs to Lucia.

Fiore. belongs to Tin.

Happiness. belongs to Lollipop.

Characters in the past chapters.

Ben. belongs to Epic~Nerd.

Lulaine belongs to Lucia.

Max belongs to Maximus198. (Noooo idea where he went)

AyKooChao? Don't forget to PM me.  ;)

*Ahem* Clare? You can add one, too. If anyone else wants to add a deity, let me know.  ❤

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Chapter 172. Cloud.

About a week later.

For a few days, Loyal and Death were flying around with Fiore and Happiness looking for the rest of the deities that Loyal knew.

Back home, things were not looking good.

Sky and Cosmic kept an eye on the Black Hole each day.

Each day it kept getting closer and closer.

Moon had begun to notice that the sun was getting a bit dimmer and that her husband would get rather lazy with the sun.

Sky didn't want to tell her that her husband was dying inside.



Whatever it was, Sun was most likely to die from it.

Starlight sat with her father holding his hand and singing made up songs to him.

Even Starlight knew that her father was ill.