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Title: The Criminal Underworld [T]
Post by: SCP 457 on April 18, 2018, 10:03:53 PM
I have decided to discontinue 2nd person choices fiction. It was way too cringe for my mind. I'm gonna continue Elementals, not sure what FGT 2018 is gonna do, it's just gonna sit there I guess. So, here is my teen rated (violence, mature language, mature scenes) criminal underworld fan fiction. This is based on the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and I've been watching a few criminal films recently. All the locations are based on American cities.

Chapter One: The First Heist

2 years ago, in San Garidoss (GARE-ID-OSS)(based on San Diego)

J: Gavin, you motherbleep. (pointing gun to head)
Gavin: J, I'm sorry..just please don't kill me, I-I-I-I-
Gavin: I have a wife, and kids.
J: Gavin, you're bleeping 23.
Gavin: She-she-she forgot to take a pill on a few nights..
J: Okay, forget that. I don't care about your life, give me your banking information.
Gavin logged into his fake bank account, showing thousands of dollars.
J: Psh, poser. Log into your REAL bank account.
Gavin logged into his real bank account, showing millions of dollars.
Gavin: Y-yes.
Gavin: ...I don't know what to say J.
J: Nothing.
J: Kai, put this money in our fake bank account.
Kai: Alright sir.
Kai started transferring the money into the fake bank account.
Gavin ran out quickly.

J: Alright, he's 100% calling the cops. Let's get out of here.
J, Kai and Sebastian ran out of the apartment building and into their escape vehicle.
Locron: Yo, what took yall so long?
Sebastian: Shut up and drive.
Locron started driving to the escape spot.
Sebastian: SCORE!
Kai: Let's all buy beer and get drunk when this all cools down.
J: Or we can just go to the club.
Sebastian: Either one, we're doing it.
J: Cops, they're here.

Sirens could be heard in the distance.

Title: Re: The Criminal Underworld [T]
Post by: SCP 457 on April 26, 2018, 09:01:18 PM
Chapter Two: The Escape

Locron: We're in Garidoss, they've got the biggest bleeping police force in Newstate(basically California)
J: I needed revenge on that dirtbag Gavin.
Sebastian: He stole millions from him.
Locron: Alright then.


Locron: Not in a million years!
Locron rammed into the cop car.
Ramming into the cop car resulted in Kai's window to be broken.
Kai pulled out an assault rifle and looked out the window and started shooting.
Cop cars started drifting out of control.
Sebastian: Chopper's passed the Mariachi bloop Theatre
Locron: Got it.
Locron took a right.
Kai: They got a bleeping swat team after us.
J: Keep shooting the tires.
One of the swat team members shot one of their tires.
The car coincidentally rammed into a tire shop.

J got out and kicked the door open.
J pointed a gun at the manager and told them to replace the tire.
The swat team came in and started loading their guns.
J shot one of the members and ran out the door.
One of the swat members shot J.
Kai, Sebastian and Locron got out of the car, finished all the cops and swat team off.

The Funeral:
J watched the funeral from a far distance.
J: Morons.

Title: Re: The Criminal Underworld [T]
Post by: SCP 457 on April 30, 2018, 03:12:58 PM
Chapter Three: Present Time
Doran(counselor): And, your brother, J?
J: My brother? He's part of the bleeping PCB's.
Doran: And that stands for?
J: Oh, they're actually known as bleeped little kids. We just call them PCB's because they go around Pine City, smoking weed, drinking vodka, screaming "Pine City B****!" out of my dad's convertible.
Doran: And you consider that..?
J: What do you mean?
Doran: You're dismissed.
J walked out.

Kensington: Yo, you know where Main St. is?
J: Do I look like I know where Main St. is?
Kensington: Chill out, just looking for the Ludacris house.
J: Ludacris is that house with the red roof down the street, actually.
Kensington: Thanks.
Kensington walked over to that house.

Title: Re: The Criminal Underworld [T]
Post by: SCP 457 on May 04, 2018, 10:07:40 PM
Chapter Four: Present Day Heist
Kai sees J sitting and walks up to him.
Kai: Want to go heist? I mean, I'm under 2 M's, so why not?
J: Are you seriously going to walk up to me randomly with no planning asking me to heist? I mean the last time we did a heist was in Garidoss in Friligor! Across the country!
Kai: Right, we have no members. Sebastian, your brother is in the PCB's now, Locron now owns a str*p club now..Lucas is probably dead..
J: If you really want me to, I'll go ask some people at the Ludacris house. I saw this guy holding a gun going into the Ludacris house. (Kensington) He was carrying a gun, so he looks aight.
Kai: You can carry a gun in Pine City? Let alone Main Street?
J: Nope, that's the point why we could invite him.
Kai: Well let's go to the Ludacris house then.

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Post by: SCP 457 on May 05, 2018, 05:19:14 PM
Chapter Five: Lucas Who?
Kai and J were walking over to the Ludacris house.
J: Oh, you mentioned a dead dude named Lucas? Who's that?
Kai: Oh, Marcus's cousin. Y'know that smart guy you met when you were like 14.
J: Oh yeaaaah. That dude ain't dead. He's chilling in the Viridian Hills hangin' out with people like Dale.
Kai: In the Viridian Hills hanging out with actors?
J: Yeah that dude made it big. He kinda a bleep now, fame and money got to his head, y'know what I'm saying?
Kai: Yeah but he was a bleep since day one, what you on about?
J: Ye, true. (laughing)

Title: Re: The Criminal Underworld [T]
Post by: SCP 457 on May 09, 2018, 03:09:03 PM
Chapter Six: Who Has A Party At 2PM?
J: Here it is.
Kai opened the door.
J: They really having a party at 2pm..what the hell?
Kai: *laughing*
J: Hey, there's that dude and he's with Locron..?
Kai walked up to Locron.
Locron: Oh hey, Kai, J. Long time no see.
J: You got that right, where you been?
Locron: Running my club, y'know.
Kai told Locron about the heist.
Locron: We could hire this man right here. *points to Kensington*
Kensington looked at J.
Kensington: You that dude that directed me to the Ludacris house, right?
J: Yeah, J.
Kensington: Kensington.
They shook hands.
Kensington: Yeah, but what we gonna heist?
J: We need one more guy first.
Kensington: I got the guy that can find us people and plan it out.

Verona, Aerocross

Kensington drove J, Kai and Locron to a house in Verona.

J woke up.
J: That was a long ride..
Kensington: Yeah, we went from Pine City to Verona.
J: We in Verona now? Damn.
Kensington: Yeah.
Kai: We at this huge a** mansion now?
Locron woke up.
Locron: Damn. This is definitely Verona.
Kensington: Yes, and yes.
They all got out.
Kensington knocked on the front door.
J: Damn, these guys living it big.
Kensington: Yeah, they got this cash from heists.
Kai: Daaaamn.
Locron: Folk must be good then.

Devin: Oh hey, Kensington, what's up.
Kensington: What's up Devin, we need to plan a heist.
Devin: No problem, come in.
Devin: So men, I've got a heist I've been wanting to do for a long time, but it's in Viridia. Y'all up to it?
J: Yeah.
Kai: If it makes M's, why the hell not?
Locron: Aight.
Devin: There's this kid named Lucas, makin' it big, but he's a bleep to me and has robbed me. I wanna get him back and I've been planning this.
Kai and J, whispering to eachother: Oh s***...
J: Alright..what's the plan?
Devin: We need a getaway driver.
Locron raised his hand for a second.
Devin: Aight, we need 4 shooters.
J: Me, Kai and Kensington.
Devin: We need one more, but I could find them.
Devin: We need a hacker, I'll find them.
Devin: And finally we need someone to play a fake cop. And that'll be me.
J: Alright, how we gonna get to Viridia then?
Devin: I collect plane tickets. *opens case*
Kai: Damn, that's like 400.
J: OK, WE SET ON THAT. *laughing*
Locron: When we going?
Devin: Tomorrow, 9AM sharp. Better get packing. Meet back here tomorrow at 8:30AM.
J: Let's go pack guys.

Title: Re: The Criminal Underworld [T]
Post by: SCP 457 on May 15, 2018, 11:35:05 PM
Chapter Seven: The Bombing Of The Veronan Airport
J and Kai were at home packing.
J: 9AM sharp, we better get to sleep..damn..and it's in Verona. We've got a ways to drive.
Kai: True, but Kensington'll drive us.
J: Yeah..
J: Hopefully Locron's not sleeping at his club again.
Kai: Hope not.
J: I'm done packing, I--
Kai: Dude, you have assault rifles in your suitcase you can't bring those on a plane.
J: Fool, we're going on a private jet.
Kai: Still..
J: They ain't even going to look through my sh*t.
Kai: You sure?
J: Ye.
J: If they do, They won't find it..my suitcase weird asf and got secret compartments.
Kai: Man you sound stupid right now.
J: Shut up, let's just go sleep.

The next day..
J: Let's go Kai, wake up.
Kai: Ight..where's Kensington at?
J: He lives on Locksmith Ave.
Kai: The hell? He lives far away.
J: He can't live on Main St, he bombed it once.
Kai: But he can be here?
J: I'on know, maybe cops weren't paying attention.
Kai: Let's just go.

Kai: Locksmith Ave. is in the hood?
J: Yeah, we're on Pine City's border to Kole. Locksmith Ave. is right next to Blossom Rd.
Kai: So Kensington lives in the hood, there's literally a riot here 24/7.
J: That's why I brought guns.
Kai: We already at Kole?
J: Pine City isn't that big, Kole's like 60% of Aerocross.
Kai: True.
Kai: Why they gotta use the most ironic road for the hood? "Blossom Rd."
J just laughed.
J: Let's get in and get out.
J knocked on Kensington's door.

Kensington: Yo, we going now?
J: Mhm, let's get the bleep outta here first.
Kai: 'For someone shoots us.
Kensington laughed, then got in the car.
J sat in the passenger's seat.
Kai got in the back.
Kensington: We going around Main St. , cuz y'know, I can't even be there.
Kai: Right. We going to Viola Blvd.?
Kensington: Verona is northwest, fool.
Kai: Ah, right.
Kensington: Y'all brought guns to the airport?
Kai: Yeah, that was J.
J: Shut up, and by the way, Locron's already at the airport.
Kensington: One less stop for me..

1 hour later..

Kensington: We're here, let's go.
They walk inside and..

Bystander: Hey, there's  the street bomber right there, he definitely did it!
Security aimed guns at Kensington.
Kensington: Good thing y'all brought guns..

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Chapter Eight: Oh Criminals..
J: Take this AR.
Security started shooting.
Kai: Take cover!
J threw Kai a shotgun.
Kai: Like I can use a shotty?
J: Shut up, take this then.
Kai threw the shotgun back.
Kai: Let's go.
Kensington was already shooting.

J: Could really use Locron now!
Meanwhile, Locron was aiming his rocket launcher, and shot it.
Locron screamed through a walki talki..
Kai, J and Kensington took cover.
Kai looked behind him and saw the rocket, and Locron.
The glass blasted.
They all blocked their faces.
The rocket almost single-handedly destroyed the main building of the airport.
There lied a bunch of unconsious people.
Kai: Where's Devin?
J: Crap..we forgot about Devin..now we need to go back to his place.
Kensington: DAMNIT!

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Chapter Nine: Where Were You Guys?
(all in the car)
J: Idiots.
Kensington: Shut up, I forgot. We're here.

They walked inside Devin's house.

Devin: Where were you guys? It's 10:12AM now. We're late to the airport, let's get going.
J: About that..we destroyed the airport.
Devin: You what?
J: Well someone bombed the airport, thought it was Kensington, we shot, then Locron shot a rocket.
Devin facepalmed.
Devin: You idiots. What are we gonna do now?
Locron: ...Go to Tarian?
Devin started ranting and screaming at them.
Devin: WHATEVER, we will.
Devin: Let's plan first, we'll have to do it tomorrow.
Devin: Here's our options for the 4th shooter.
Harry Lorfoin
Nuke Dominic
Alan Workostington
Gavin Fokus..
J: Hold up, rip up that Gavin paper for me.
Devin: Uh..
J: Just do it.
Devin ripped up the Gavin paper.
Marion Will
Isaac Wradtol
Devin: And that's all..under them will be their skill.
J: Marion Will looks decent. 7.6 in shooting.
Kensington: But Alan has decent physical in 7.7
Locron: True, true. But look at Isaac Wradtol, he has 8 in shooting and 7.5 in physical, he's pretty balanced.
J: We'll take Isaac.
Devin: Alright, I'll contact him later. Now the hacker.
Julie Anderson
Patrick Wornuck
Cecilia Lettersman
J and Locron: Definitely Cecilia.
Devin: Alright and we're fini-Oh we need FIVE shooters not 4, I read it wrong. But all the others got out of contact. Here's some we could hire.
Baneo Lettersman
Illion Gurk
Frank Machilion
J: Definitely Baneo.
Locron: 9 in both physical and shooting.
Devin: Cool, we're done here. Meet here tomorrow at 10:30AM.

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Chapter Ten: The Jet
J: What's up Devin?! Y'know how it is.
Devin: Y'all ready? We're not actually going to Tarian.
Kensington: Wait what?
Devin: I got a private jet, it's on my roof, it's all good...
Kensington: In 1 day? You kidding me?
Locron: This dude really got a bleeping jet to fly us across the country.
Locron facepalmed laughing.
Devin: It's fine, this heist will go well anyway.
Devin got all the staff in, Isaac, Baneo and Cecilia.
Isaac: What's up? We about to make bank at this heist.
Locron: What's up my man?
Kai shook hands with everyone.
Baneo: What's up?
Kensington: Oh sh*t, this man is wearing Supreme
Cecilia: Hey, we gonna go on the plane now?
Devin: Yeah, let's go.

Everyone got on the plane.
Kai: This jet fire though..
Devin: I even hired pilots and flight attendants.
Locron: This joint looks like it drops bombs though..
J laughed.
Cecilia sat down and pulled out a laptop and started decoding and hacking into Lucas's house security.
Baneo got his guns ready.
Isaac was chugging beer mixed with red bull.
J: The hell is that?
Isaac: Not sure, the flight attendant gave me it.
J whispered to Devin: Do they know we're flying to Viridia because of a heist?
Devin: Of course not, we wouldnt've been able to hire them.
J: That's wild..

8 hours later...

Everyone got their stuff and got off the plane.
Locron: Hold up, I'm grabbing my champagne.
Kai: Shut up goof.
Devin: Locron, here's the keys to the car.
Locron: What? Oh..ohhhhhhhh....Yeah thanks.
Devin: Cecilia finished hacking into their security and the alarm will not go off.
Devin: Lucas lives in Viridian Hills, so we'll have to drive up there.
Kai: We're in Polidon?
Devin: Yup.
Kai: Dang.
Some got in one vehicle, the rest got in another.
Locron: Wow, this car is fast.
Devin: What do you expect from a getaway car?
Locron: True.
J: Lucas, here we come.