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Title: Where Were You...? Where Are You...? [T] ©
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Title: Re: Where Were You...? Where Are You...?
Post by: rainbowcherry on May 09, 2018, 07:08:06 AM
Chapter One...

No one knew how the three tribes broke apart years ago. There were three tribes.

Eagle Tribe.

Peacock Tribe.

Vulture Tribe.

The Eagle Tribe was the strongest. The Peacock Tribe was the weakest, and the Vulture Tribe was the wisest. The three tribes were helpful to one another, but their friendship was being held by a thin hair.

Anything or anyone could break them apart.




Title: Re: Where Were You...? Where Are You...?
Post by: rainbowcherry on May 09, 2018, 07:08:42 AM
Chapter 2...

The tribes went hunting with each other because they all had a mouth to feed. Someone was sick in a tribe? Members of the tribes would get together to heal the sick or wounded.

Things were okay for them.

Each tribe had a chief.

Calling Bird from the Eagle Tribe.

Wandering Feet from the Peacock Tribe.

Skunk Pelt from the Vulture Tribe.

Each chief had the elders and one Wiseman.

Spotted Wings from the Eagle Tribe.

Burning Tracks from the Peacock Tribe.

BlackWater from the Vulture Tribe.

Skunk Pelt had no children nor wife. He was impotent.

Wandering Feet had a wife, but she died giving birth to a premature child.

Calling Bird had a son named White Feather. His pride and joy.

Burning Tracks had a daughter named Sun Dancer.




Title: Re: Where Were You...? Where Are You...?
Post by: rainbowcherry on May 09, 2018, 07:09:15 AM
Chapter 3...

Although the tribes were friendly, the laws were strict. Each tribe must marry member from their own tribe. If one makes a child with one member of another tribe, the punishment was severe.

Devil practicing was forbidden. If a woman or man has a child with the Devil, their child will be killed or thrown out with a marking on their skin.

Nothing about the father or mother. The sin was blamed on the child.

No one thought it was a bad thing.

Or did some think it was?



Title: Re: Where Were You...? Where Are You...?
Post by: rainbowcherry on May 09, 2018, 07:09:34 AM
Chapter 4...

Some say it was the parent's fault. Some say it was the child's fault. One said it was a curse of the Deities, and the person lived like that for years.

When it came down to it.

It was no one's fault.

Only no one believed the Vulture Tribe when he said it was a blessing.




Title: Re: Where Were You...? Where Are You...?
Post by: rainbowcherry on May 09, 2018, 07:10:28 AM
Chapter 5...

"It's because of you, we are no longer united. You are the demon who broke the bond."

"I- I'm- not- I'M NOT WHAT YOU THINK!! I'll do better... please..."

The cries were never heard.




Title: Re: Where Were You...? Where Are You...?
Post by: rainbowcherry on May 09, 2018, 07:10:48 AM

Chapter 6...

Let's go back.

It started one morning. The three tribes came together to celebrate the Growing to Bloom of White Feather. Normally the tribes stay away from these ceremonies, but the came together if it was the daughter or son of a Chief or Soothsayer.

That's how it started.

Calling Bird painted his son's face with red paint to show the others that he was no longer a child. Each chief and soothsayer sat next to Calling Bird.

After it was done, each member celebrated for Calling Bird's son. As the people dance or talk, White Feather was talking with his friends and messing around.

White Feather was shoved playfully by his friend and bumped into someone.

"Oh! I'm sorry. Here, take my hand."

Sun Dancer reached up to take White Feather's strong, rough hand. White Feather went back to talking to his friends, but his mind was on that girl he tripped.

When the Ceremony was over, each member said their goodbyes, but Sun Dancer?

Sun Dancer and White Feather were talking. It wasn't Sun Dancer's father told her to come with him.

No one saw the spark between the two.




Title: Re: Where Were You...? Where Are You...?
Post by: rainbowcherry on May 09, 2018, 07:11:14 AM
Chapter Seven...

Oh, the days were long for White Feather and Sun Dancer. Late, when everyone asleep, Sun Dancer would leave her hut and head over to the tall grass where White Feather was waiting.

It was forbidden to be with each other despite the bound that held the three Tribes together.

No one ever saw them together. No one ever saw them laughing silently with each other. Sun Dancer's family never took notice of their daughter. No one.

No one saw ever saw the two kiss for the first time.

They, themselves were blessed by someone, and they knew it.

No one saw when White Fether was with Sun Dancer were together in the grass.

No one found them.

Stupidly, White Feather and Sun Dancer were together too long.




Title: Re: Where Were You...? Where Are You...?
Post by: rainbowcherry on May 09, 2018, 07:11:39 AM
Chapter Eight...

White Feather was worried sick thinking about Sun Dancer. Where was she? She hasn't visited him for weeks.
White Feather was making a basket when he heard everyone talking and the sound of feet running. Getting up quickly, White Feather crawled out of his hut and followed the crowd.

His father, Calling Bird was in the front. Glaring at Wandering feet who was talking to him with hatred in each word.

"White Feather?"

White Feather stayed far back seeing everyone from The Peacock Tribe standing there behind Wandering Feet.

"White Feather, where are you, my son?" Calling Bird called again.

Everyone parted to give White Feather some room as he walked to his father.

"Yes, Father?"

"Come here," Calling Bird ordered.

"What is it?"

Calling Bird was about to speak, but Wandering Feet stopped him.

"You! You were-"

"Wandering Feet, you call my son by his name."

"Ha! Son?! More like a wild dog!"

Everyone yelped when Wandering Feet insulted Calling Bird's son. Calling Bird's black eyes sparked black fire as he tugged on White Feather to farther back.

"I will not stand for this, Wandering Feet. My son is not a dog."

"Your son. Your son..."


"Your son was with one of our women,"
Wandering Feet growled.

White Feather froze. He could feel the heat from his father who glared at him.

"Lies. My son-"

"Oh? See for yourself."

From the back, White Feather heard screams and curses.

"Sun Dancer..." White Feather whispered.

The men made their way and threw Sun Dancer on the floor. Shivering, Sun Dancer covered her stomach with her arms.

"White Feather, is this true? Were you with her?" Calling Bird said.

White Feather knew that his father was praying that it wasn't true. Looking down, White Feather gazed at Sun Dancer who was pleading to him.

Sun Dancer pleaded to White Feather to deny that he was with her so he would not have to suffer.

"Please, White Feather."

Her eyes begging him to deny it.

White Feather looked everywhere. Only a man with the morals of a wild beast would leave his wife with a child.

Boldly, White Feather picked Sun Dancer up.

"I was with her, Father," White Feather said as he gently rubbed Sun Dancer's bruised face with his hand.

"She will give me a child."

White Feather and Sun Dancer pressed their foreheads together. He could feel Sun Dancer's stomach that was slightly firm.

"White Feather! This is forbidden!"
Calling Bird boomed.

"It is? I didn't notice. I thought we were all brothers and sisters," White Feather retorted.

His face smirked at Wandering Feet.

Wandering Feet's sharp brown eyes glared into White Feather's steel-blue pair.




Title: Re: Where Were You...? Where Are You...?
Post by: rainbowcherry on May 09, 2018, 07:12:08 AM
Chapter Nine...

Not many people supported White Feather and Sun Dancer.

"I'm sorry for this, White Feather."

"Sorry? This is the best thing ever!!"

"Where should we go?"

"I don't know. I'll find a way, don't worry."

Sun Dancer nodded her head and stared at the purple clouds while White Feather scanned the land.

A week later...

"Here you go, Sun Dancer!! I have made you a hut!!"
White Feather yelled one morning.

Sun Dancer sat up; her rounding stomach made it harder for her to sit. Far off, a hut sat by the trees hidden by the bushes so no one could see them.

"Oh, White Feather!"

"Like it?"


Sun Dancer hugged White Feather.  Looking down, White Feather gazed at Sun Dancer's stomach.

"Is the child happy?"

"Yes, it can't wait to see its father."


"Yes. Already supporting us? You never fail to surprise me, White Feather."

Sun Dancer squeezed White Feather's rough hands and left to see how the hut looked inside. Before White Feather could hunt for the day's meal, Sun Dancer screamed.

"White Feather!! A snake!!!"

Laughing lightly, White Feather went to the hut and found a small snake resting on the floor. Sun Dancer was pressed against the wall breathing hard.

"No worries, Sun Dancer. It's harmless. We can keep it to eat the mice and bugs."

"It's small."

"It will grow."

White Feather picked up the snake and put it in a basket before leaving.




Title: Re: Where Were You...? Where Are You...?
Post by: rainbowcherry on May 09, 2018, 07:12:38 AM
Chapter Ten...

Things were fine with Sun Dancer and White Feather. Some friends Sun Dancer came over to see Sun Dancer, helped her, checked on her, and made small things for her baby.

White Feather worried when he saw the women teaching Sun Dancer how to breathe during birthing.

"Remember. Breath through your nose and exhale out your mouth. If you start panting, it will get worse."


"Bite down on the leather or a stick."

"Do not fight or hit when you are giving birth. The longer it takes, one or both might die."

"The cord might be wrapped around the neck. Untie it if it is."

"And then?"

"We'll be there. Don't worry.

After a quick goodbye, Sun Dancer's friends hurried out before the Elders in their tribe found them missing. White Feather stopped one.

"Let me go!"

"I'm going to hurt you. I want to thank you for helping her, Rotting Wood."


Rotting Wood nodded her head and ran after her friends. White Feather stared at them until they were out of sight.

"White Feather?"

White Feather walked into the hut and sat down in front of Sun Dancer who was rubbing her stomach.

"What is it?"

"Oh... the baby."

"What's wrong? It's not time yet, is it??"

"No... Listen."

Pulling White Feather close, Sun Dancer laid her husbands head to her stomach. Holding his breath, White Feather listened.



"Your child happy."

"Oh, I can hear the child."


Smiling, White Feather kissed Sun Dancer's stomach. Sun Dancer smiled at her husband who had his eyes closed and was listening to his child.





Title: Re: Where Were You...? Where Are You...?
Post by: rainbowcherry on May 09, 2018, 07:13:03 AM

Chapter Eleven...

A few months later...

The cold wind blew gently at White Feather as he walked with his father.

"White Feather."


"How is your woman?"

"She is due soon."

"Good, good. I need to tell you something."

"What is it?"

"About the child."


"I want you to stay with me and for Sun Dancer to return back to her people."


"I know she can't with the child. I need you back, my son."


"The only thing that is pulling you, and Sun Dancer away is the child."


"I have had enough of this. White Feather."


"When... when the child is born-"

Calling Bird stopped. White Feather was glaring at him.

"Say it. Say what you want."

"To keep peace among us all, you must-"


White Feather turned his head. Rotting Wood was running up.

"What is it??"

"It's Sun Dancer! Oh, please come quick!!!"

Giving his father hard look, White Feather ran after Rotting Wood.




Title: Re: Where Were You...? Where Are You...?
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Chapter Twelve...

White Feather sat behind Sun Dancer as she squeezed his hand. Sun Dancer's friends were bustling around.

"Are you okay?"

"For now."

"Do you want anything?"

Sun Dancer looked into her husbands' eyes. Their steel-blue eyes were heavy with sadness.

"Don't leave me, please..."

"I won't."

"Okay, Sun Dancer. Let's start."

Sun Dancer nearly cried for her child and for her husband.

Calling Bird stood outside next to Wandering Feet. It looked like everyone came.

Even the Vulture Tribe.

"Excited, Calling Bird?" Skunk Pelt chirped

"I do not know, Skunk Pelt."

"This is it. This is the one."

"You do not know what you are talking about, Skunk Pelt," Wandering Feet snapped. Skunk Pelt just smiled at him and looked at the hut.

"This it."


"It's a boy!"


"What is it?"

"It's dead."


"Look how pale- Aaaaahhhh!!!"

Windy Night screamed seeing Sun Dancer's baby. The baby was a pale color with soft light blue hair.



Sun Dancer sat up as her friends screamed and pointed at her baby. The baby was crying loudly and hitting around. White Feather's hand flew to his mouth.

"Don't touch him!!! It's diseased!!!"

"Oh! Oh!"

Despite the pain, Sun Dancer shoved her friends and her husband out of the way. Getting down, Sun Dancer knelt by her wailing baby and picked him up. He son was still wailing but stopped when his mother held him close to her chest.

"Oh... you are beautiful."

Sun Dancer's eyes filled with tears seeing her son. Gripping his mothers' finger, Sun Dancer's son opened his eyes.

Oh, they were steel-blue like hers.

Everyone calmed down and stared at Sun Dancer who was pressing her nose against her son's tiny nose. White Feather knelt down next to her and stared at his son.

"Why is he pale?"

"I don't know. I don't care."

Smiling, White Feather scooted closer to his wife and took the baby from her. White Feather's son looked up at him with wide eyes.




White Feather and Sun Dancer were engrossed with their son, that they never saw Sun Dancer's friends leave.

Calling Bird, Wandering Feet, and Skunk Pelt entered the hut.

"Oh-no..." White Feather whispered.

The baby started to cry again.




Title: Re: Where Were You...? Where Are You...?
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Chapter Thirteen.

White Feather stood up slowly when he saw his father and the others.


"Let us see him. Maybe we can think of something."

"I do not think so, Calling Bird,"
Wandering Feet said coldly. Skunk Pelt smiled kindly at White Feather which made him nervous. Why is Skunk Pelt happy? White Feather's thoughts popped when Skunk Pelt's grainy voice spoke.

"Is that him?"


"Oh. Oh, let me see."

Skunk Pelt pushed his way through and knelt down in front of Sun Dancer who was shaking slightly. Skunk Pelt's dark eyes sparkled seeing the pale squalling baby.

"May I?" Skunk Pelt said softly.

Sun Dancer gave him the crying baby. Gently, Skunk Pelt rocked Sun Dancer's baby. 

"Ah. He is a beauty. Be proud Sun Dancer and White Feather. Your son is-"

"It's born, Skunk Pelt. Nothing new about that."

"This one is not like us, you."



Calling Bird walked to where Skunk Pelt was. The baby was looking at Skunk Pelt who smiled down at him.

"Why are you holding him first, Skunk Pelt? It's only right if the father of the child to be held by its-"

"Forgive me. I had to wrestle the child from you. You had him too long," Skunk Pelt snorted.

Calling Bird cleared his throat after Skunk Pelt said that sarcastic quip.

"Let me see."


"Why is he pale?"

"That we do not know..."

"Hmmm. Wandering Feet?"


"Sun Dancer may have been with another man."

"No, she wasn't."

"You do not know that."

"Look at him."

Wandering Feet grabbed Sun Dancer's baby by the head and looked into his eyes.

"Blue. Blue like his parents'," Wandering Feet pointed out.

"That means nothing!"" Calling Bird shot back.

"Oh, he is their son," Skunk Pelt chirped.

Turning his head, Skunk Pelt smiled at White Feather.

"Be proud," Skunk Pelt whispered.

"I am. I am, Skunk Pelt."

"What is his name?"

"Skunk Pelt, why are you even here?? You are not part of this!" Wandering Feet snapped at Skunk Pelt who sighed tiredly.

Skunk Pelt shrugged, nodded his head to White Feather and Sun Dancer. Sun Dancer smiled when Skunk Pelt wiggled two fingers to her baby as a goodbye.

"I have to go now."

Skunk Pelt spun on his heels and went to the entrance. Wandering Feet grimaced when Skun Pelt dug his wood staff into his foot.

"I will kill you both myself if you hurt the child," Skunk Pelt hissed.

"Why do you even care?! Look at him! He is the bastard child of Sun Dancer! He is nothing-"

"I see the child. Born free of sin. Born between the Eagle Tribe and Peacock Tribe."


"I see the one who will unite us all. Where we can marry without this nonsense."

"Skunk Pelt, leave!"

"I see him. I see someone better than you, Wandering Feet,"
Skunk Pelt went on.

Skunk Pelt spat at Wandering Feet's face and then left.




Title: Re: Where Were You...? Where Are You...?
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Chapter Fourteen...

A day later.

Everyone from the two fighting tribes sat on the soft earth talking or arguing. Sun Dancer's friends were far away. They were forbidden to talk to her as well as White Feather's friends. Sun Dancer sat with a few women as she held her baby close to her.

White Feather stood before his father and Wandering Feet. Looking up, White Feather stared at the trees that swayed as the strong wind blew at them.

"White Feather, you may be wondering why this is happening-"

"All because of you and Wandering Feet who cannot understand."
White Feather said bitterly.

"That is enough, my son."

"Hear me out, White Feather,"
Wandering Feet said slowly.


"We can preserve peace. I will leave with Sun Dancer and everyone else from my tribe."

"Is there is more, Wandering Feet?"

"Yes. You, all of us can keep the bond between us all if you."

White Feather knew the answer.

"Kill. Kill the child," Wandering Feet said. His voice poisoned with hatred.

"And how will that keep us at peace?" White Feather countered.

"White Feather, the child was born yesterday. It won't be difficult if you do it now."


"I know how much you want to lead the people when it is time for your fathers' passing, White Feather."


"This child is getting in your way."

"Is he??" White Feather held his words making Wandering Feet pull back.

"Yes, not only you but everyone."


"He is getting in your way, you and Sun Dancer's lives will be destroyed. You will be outcasts. Your father will disown you."

"Father, are you hearing this? Do you agree with him?"

Calling Bird's eyebrows scrunched together.

"Please, White Feather. You know you are my sun and life-"

"Am I, Father? Am I everything you said? Is everything changing now because I won't kill my own son?"

"White Feather, please."

"Was everything you said to me a lie?"

"No! I love you, and I want you happy."


"Stay with me, White Feather. Just listen, and we can go on with life."

"What about Sun Dancer?"

"She will return home. Think, my son. If you refuse, you will hurt as well."


"If you love her let her free. Please listen,"
Calling Bird begged his son.

White Feather refused to show emotions.

"Everything will return to the way it was?"

"Yes, yes! Just, please end him."

White Feather looked at his father and Wandering Feet. The wind was blowing loudly. Slowly, White Feather walked to Sun Dancer and took her child from her. Sun Dancer screamed and tried to grab White Feather.

"No, White Feather!!"

"Down, woman!" One of the men snapped and pulled Sun Dancer.

"White Feather! Please!! It's not his fault!!!"

White Feather walked away as Sun Dancer screamed for her baby.

"It's for the best, White Feather," Calling Bird said grimly.

"Next time you will not be this foolish," Wandering Feet hissed.

White Feather nodded his head. Sun Dancer screamed even louder when White Feather stood by the river that he will use to kill his son.

Mothers covered their ears so they wouldn't hear the soft screaming. Men stared straight ahead.

White Feather raised his son to the heavens and looked up at him.

"Beautiful..." White Feather whispered.




Title: Re: Where Were You...? Where Are You...?
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Chapter 15...

White Feather lowered his son into the cold river.

To purify him. A blessing that all newborns go through to confirm that they are part of the earth forever.

The baby shrieked and wailed from the shock of the cold water.

"Now, you too are part of this earth. The earth will remember you forever, my son," White Feather said loud enough for everyone to hear. Sun Dancer held her hands to her mouth.

"WHITE FEATHER!!!" Wandering screamed.

"White Feather, what are-"

"My son is part of the earth now! This is my son; this is Sun Dancer's son."

White Feather held his son up high above his head. The wind blew, and the sun shone brighter as the birds began to sing.

"The earth and all its beauty rejoice for him!"

White Feather raised his arms up higher. His son stared up at the sky. It's beautiful...  A colorful bird flew by and cheeped shrilly. No one has ever seen this bird before. White Feather smiled seeing it.

"Bird of Many Colors! His name is Bird of Many Colors!" White Feather shouted as the earth continued to rejoice. Bird of Many Colors reached up to the sky.

Sun Dancer jumped up and ran to her husband as he lowered his son down into his strong arms. In Bird of Many Colors hands was a light blue cloth.

"Where did you get that for him?" Sun Dancer said.

"I... I didn't..." White Feather said as he examined the cloth.

"White Feather, you are making a tremendous mistake!!" Calling Bird yelled.

"Mistake? No."

"White Feather, you are endangering yourself and everyone!!!"

"Wandering Feet, don't you think it is time to cut that bond that parts us all?"
White Feather chirped.

"WHAT!!? This bond keeps us-"

"Afraid, separated, a bond that hurts us all."

Wandering Feet stood up and pointed his finger at White Feather.

"Shut your filthy mouth! This bond is the only thing that keeps us at peace!" Wandering Feet screamed.

White Feather glared.

"This isn't peace, Wandering Feet. This bond is not right. Look. To keep this so-called "peace", my son was going to die."

"It is-"

"No, Wandering Feet. My son."

White Feather and Sun Dancer looked at their son who stared back.

"Is the bond that will unite us all."

"No! No, he is not!!"

"I'm done with you, Wandering Feet."

"Calling Bird, do you hear this?!"

"I do."

Calling Bird stood up to face his son.

"White Feather?"



"If I cared, Father. I would've drowned my son by now."

"Goodbye, White Feather."


White Feather put his arm around Sun Dancer and walked back to their hut. Wandering Feet heard snickering.

Skunk Pelt walked away with his Wiseman, BlackWater. Both of them laughing at Wandering Feet and Calling Bird.



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Chapter 16...

Everyone ignored White Feather and his family for disobeying. White Feather had too much on his mind to worry about everyone else. The only people who came was Skunk Pelt and his Wiseman. They never entered the hut, they stayed outside and talked with the forgotten family.

"How is your son, White Feather?"

"Good, good; he's healthy and strong."

"That's great. How is your woman?"

"She's doing fine with the baby. Tell me, Skunk Pelt, why is it only you and BlackWater who come to see us?"
White Feather asked.

"Well, we don't think like the other fools there, my boy. You are brave, and we admire that. What happened to you, should be practiced by everyone." Skunk Pelt chirped.

"Your Tribe is truly the wisest among us," White Feather said softly.

Skunk Pelt made clicking noises with his tongue and brushed the air as if he was brushing White Feather's words away.

"You, my son, are the wisest. You threw everything into the river instead of your son," BlackWater rasped.

"I am slightly torn that my father threw me away as well..."

"Calling Bird is not meant to be a father when he left you."


"Enough of this. Do you have any food, White Feather?" BlackWater sad quickly.

"No, I haven't had any time with the baby and all."

BlackWater and Skunk Pelt smiled at White Feather. Since BlackWater had a stooped back it was wise for him to stay behind and watch over Sun Dancer while Skunk Pelt left with White Feather.




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Chapter 17...

One night while Sun Dancer and White Feather rested on the floor with Bird of Many Colors sleeping between them. Sun Dancer gently touched her baby on the nose. He didn't look like them.

"Are we making a mistake, White Feather?"


"We decided how to live, but we never asked our son..."

"He can't talk."

"I know, but I don't want to see him suffer because of us,"
Sun Dancer whispered softly.

"I know what will happen as soon as he starts walking."

"We are fine; we can take all this useless hate-"

Bird of Many Colors held onto Sun Dancers' finger.

"I don't want to see our baby getting hurt and not understanding why they hate him."

"I know, Sun Dancer. I know."

"Why can't they love him?"

"They are corrupted by their false bond."

"I don't want to see him crying because they hurt him."

Sun Dancer sounded close to crying as she smoothed down Bird of Many Colors hair down.

"Will he understand why? Will he hate us for doing this to him??"

"Do not talk like this, Sun Dancer."

"I know. Will he ever love us for the life he will live?"

Sun Dancer and White Feather looked down when the baby cooed. Bird of Many Colors was looking at both of them.

He couldn't speak, but the way he looked at them said everything.

"I love you both."

That's all Sun Dancer and White Feather needed.

Everything was going to be fine.




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Chapter 18...

Skunk Pelt knelt by BlackWater as he sprinkled his spicy smelling powder into a clay bowl before adding water and a few roots. The other Tribe members walked about with their daily tasks and children. Rubbing his hand through the white part of his black hair, Skunk Pelt handed a spoon to BlackWater.

"Taste this," BlackWater croaked.

Skunk Pelt made a face when he tasted the spicy bitter mush.

"Who is it for?"

"It is medicine in case Sun Dancer's baby gets sick."

"That baby is never sick,"
scoffed Skunk Pelt.

"Just in case something happens, Skunk Pelt."

"What are you doing now, BlackWater?"

"I need to get more roots. Help me."

Taking BlackWater by the arm, Skunk Pelt gently lead him outside. Outside, BlackWater hunted for roots while children hunted with him.

"Skunk Pelt, you have seen the child right?"

"What do you mean?"

"Remember when we were watching White Feather proclaim that the earth rejoices for his son?"

"Oh, yes. I remember."

"The earth was singing its joy, was it not?"

"It was, BlackWater."

"Did you see what the child had?"


"It had a cloth with him."


"Do you know where it came from?"

"No, you?"

"No. I'm about to find out, my son."

BlackWater struggled, got up and grabbed the roots from the children who were stealing it from his basket. Together, BlackWater and Skunk Pelt went back to the hut where BlacWater lived in.

"Do you have any idea, Skunk Pelt?"

"BlackWater, you are wiser than I. I beg you to tell me."

Smiling, BlackWater gave the cloth to curious Skunk Pelt. Gingerly, Skunk Pelt held the cloth and sniffed it.


"Just wait, Skunk Pelt."

Skunk Pelt held the cloth while BlackWater crushed the roots.




Title: Re: Where Were You...? Where Are You...?
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Chapter 19...

Skunk Pelt sat cross-legged by BlackWater as he lifted his gnarled hand to the darkening sky. The stars twinkled, and the sun stopped where it always stops. BlackWater held up his hand and an old cloth bag of his.

"BlackWater, what are you doing?"

"Hush now. I'm busy."

Skunk Pelt stared at the fireflies fluttering around them. Soon, BlackWater opened the bag and released the powder into the purple navy sky adding more to Skunk Pelt's curiosity. BlackWater held Bird of Many Colors cloth he had.

"I see it now."

"What is it?"

"Look up into the sky, Skunk Pelt."

Getting up, Skunk Pelt gazed into the sky with BlackWater.

"Do you see him?"

"Him who?"

"Keep looking. Hold this cloth."

Slipping the cloth into Skunk Pelt's hand, BlackWater went back to looking at the sky. The stars seem to spin slowly.

"BlackWater! The stars! They are-"

"Hush, Skunk Pelt."

Skunk Pelt gasped and took a step back from where he was standing as his mind flashed images from the sky.

The sun.

A large white sphere next to the sun.

Planets going by behind the sun and mysterious orb that had stars with it.

All of them hidden behind a glossy sheen of a cloth. Skunk Pelt felt small and insignificant looking. Far away on a crystalline trail, a man.

A man with long black hair walking down the trail with his arms held out to his sides. The same cloth was covering his slender body.

Skunk Pelt fell down when the visions vanished. BlackWater nudged him with his staff.

"Do you see now?"

"I saw him!"

Jumping up, Skunk Pelt yanked BlackWater up to his feet.

"Up, old man!"

"Careful, Skunk Pelt. I'm not as young as you."

"Come on!"

"What is the rush?"

Skunk Pelt was already racing up the hill to get to Sun Dancer and White Feather.




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Chapter 20...

Twenty minutes later...

Running up the hill, Skunk Pelt called for White Feather to hurry. White Feather raced up the hill with his son strapped to his back with Sun Dancer at his heels. BlackWater was waiting for them.


"What is it, Skunk Pelt??"

"Look at the sky!"

White Feather and Sun Dancer looked up. Nothing. Just the sky.

"Is something wrong?"

"No, can't you see him?!"

"See who??"

"Him! Your son!!"

"He is right here."


"Skunk Pelt, calm yourself,"
BlackWater snapped. Skunk Pelt was too excited. White Feather and Sun Dancer looked at each other and back at Skunk Pelt.

"BlackWater, do something,"
Skunk Pelt yapped.

"Alright, alright. White Feather, Sun Dancer?"


"I want you to hold this cloth for me, alright?"
BlackWater said softly.

White Feather took one end of the cloth as well as Sun Dancer. The cloth stretched. Bird of Many Colors snored softly behind White Feather.

"Now look into the sky."

Obeying BlackWater, Sun Dancer and White Feather looked up.

And saw him...




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Chapter 21...

"What kind of a trick are you playing on us, Skunk Pelt!?" White Feather snarled after seeing the visions.

"It is not a trick! It's the truth!" Skunk Pelt said loudly.

"It can't be! There is no such thing-"

"It is! It is true! You and Sun Dancer were blessed by the Gods and Goddesses!"
Skunk Pelt yelled.

"No, we are not."

"You are! You two are worthy to have a God for a son!!"

"Stop, Skunk Pelt! You are making it worse than it already is!!!"
White Feather yelled.

Sun Dancer kept looking at the sky as she held her son.

"It is true, White Feather! BlackWater said it was!"


"It is true, White Feather. You and Sun Dancer are the parents of a God."

"How can it be? I want to believe it-"

"You don't want to, White Feather. You are afraid to admit that you already believe it."

White Feather stammered and ran his fingers through hair. Sun Dancer looked down and her son.

Bird of Many Colors looked up at her.

Holding another cloth.

"Look! He has another!"

"Why us, BlackWater?! Tell us, please!"

"You two have proven yourself worthy to be the parents of him. You have broken the bond that we are all in."

"Shouldn't we be cursed?"

"No. This is your blessing for breaking the bond."

"What is this cloth the baby has?"

"It's the sky."

BlackWater rubbed Bird of Many Colors soft hair. White Feather and Sun Dancer smiled at each other before laughing with Skunk Pelt. BlackWater smiled as Skunk Pelt and his friends laugh and sing their praises. Skunk Pelt took Sun Dancer's son and held him up to the sky. Bird of Many Colors gasped when he felt himself being lifted higher and higher.

"Look! Look at your sky!"
Skunk Pelt yelled. Bird of Many Colors kicked his legs and reached up. Turning the baby around, Skunk Pelt was beaming at Bird of Many Colors while his parents stood behind Sunk Pelt with BlackWater.

"You new name is Sky! Son of White Feather and Sun Dancer! Our God of the Skies! We forever praise you, Sky!!!"

Before Sun. Before Moon. Before Cosmic. Before Galactic. Before Starlight.




This is Sky's lifestory.

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Go! It's my birthday! Happy birthday to me and here is my gift!!!  :hooray: :-*

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Chapter 22...

"I'm telling you the truth-"

"Skunk Pelt, no one believes your crazy story!"
Wandering Feet yelled.

"It's true! He is the God of the Skies!" Skunk Pelt shot back and angry Wandering Feet. Calling Bird sighed angrily. The people from the tribes sat around looking at Skunk Pelt and BlackWater.

"Therefore, since the child is-"

"No. Stop. We are not listening anymore,"
Calling Bird interrupted.

"The child is higher than us! He is a God, and you hate him! He is powerful than all of us!"
Yelled Skunk Pelt as he shook his fist. BlackWater sat up in case Skunk Pelt needed him. Standing up, Wandering Feet pointed his finger at Skunk Pelt.

"You now are slandering the Deities!? You will be punished, Skunk Pelt!!!"

"Now, Wandering Feet. He is a child himself-"

"I am not a child. I am 16 years old. I am a man already,"
snorted Skunk Pelt. It irritated Skunk Pelt whenever they call him a child. So, he became a Leader after his father died, it doesn't give the right to call him a child. Wandering Feet looked around the hut.

"Who here believes in the crazy child!? Who is delusional like him?!"

No answered. Smirking, Wandering Feet looked back a livid Skunk Pelt.

"There you have it. No one believes you."

"So, everyone is just a stupid as you and Calling Bird, Wandering Brain?"

"You stupid, foolish child!! The Deities will punish you and your idiot tribe!!!"
Screamed Wandering Feet.

"Go eat a snake, Wandering Feet. Fill your worthless life with more poison of the devil, you bastard," Skunk Pelt spat.

"Now, Skunk Pelt. That is wrong if Wandering Feet eats his own brethren,"
BlackWater taunted.

Now, Wandering Feet was enraged. Stalking to Skunk Pelt, Wandering Feet struck him hard across the face. Calling Bird yelled at Wandering Feet. Skunk Pelt kept his head turned. The pain burned on his face but he refused to cower from Wandering Feet. Doing so would make him look weak when he was not.

"Get out, you worthless excuse of a human," Wandering Feet hissed.

"Fine. I will leave. I will leave and never come back to this tribe nor Calling Bird's," Skunk Pelt said sharply.

"First wise idea coming from you-"

"There will be a day when the child will judge you, and you will have no one to save you."

With that, Skunk Pelt spat in Wandering Feet's face and went to BlackWater.

"Come on, old man."

Looking over his shoulder, BlackWater simpered at Calling Bird and Wandering Feet.

"Be ready. The time is coming when the God of the Skies will judge you."

BlackWater hobbled out with Skunk Pelt.




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Chapter 23...

White Feather a Sun Dancer didn't know what happened with Skunk Pelt and BlackWater, it didn't go well most likely by the way Skunk Pelt came back livid. White Feather knew that Skunk Pelt was banished for blasphemy.


"Where is the baby?"
Skunk Pelt interrupted.

Sun Dancer passed Sky over to Skunk Pelt who bounced him gently and looked intently into his face.

"I have no idea what is going to happen, Sky. All I know is that your life will be a hard one," Skunk Pelt said softly.

Sky looked up at Skunk Pelt's sad eyes.

"I want you to be brave, alright? Don't show any weakness."

"Skunk Pelt, he is a child-"

"Leave me be!"

White Feather backed off when Skunk Pelt snapped at him. Rubbing Sky's face, Skunk Pelt smiled down at him.

"I have to leave you for the meantime, Sky."


"Sky. My God, there will be a day when we will meet each other again."


"By then, they will know who you are."

Skunk Pelt pointed to the heavens.

"I don't have to worry if anyone can hear me. Whenever I am afraid, I will look up at the heavens and remember that you are with me forever for you watch over us all," Skunk Pelt choked out.

"Oh, Skunk Pelt, that was beautiful,"
Sun Dancer said softly.

"Not as beautiful as him," Skunk Pelt rasped.

Skunk Pelt kissed Sky's hands before passing him to BlackWater.

"Sky, Skunk Pelt and I ask for one thing from you."


"Remember who you are. You are Sky. God of the Skies. Guardian of the Universe. Never forget that."

Sky blinked twice before nodding his head slightly. Sun Dancer and White Feather were shocked seeing their son nod his head. BlackWater smiled and gave Sky back to his mother.

"Take good care of him."

"We will."

"Do not fear for him. He is the bond that will unite us all one day."

"I hope-"

BlackWater slapped White Feather on the legs.

"You don't hope! He will."

"Alright, I'm sorry. He will."

"It will take time, but Sky will show them."

"Especially Wandering Feet,"
Skunk Pelt grunted.

BlackWater smiled at scowling Skunk Pelt and told him it was time to go. Sun Dancer and White Feather waved goodbye to their retreating friends.

"I don't see why we can not talk to them, BlackWater. They threw them out!"

"I don't know, my boy. Calling Bird and Wandering Feet are- are- are what?"

"I don't know, old man..."
Skunk Pelt said sadly.

As Skunk Pelt and BlackWater trudged back to their tribe, Skunk Pelt noticed something.

"Hey, BlackWater. Where did you get the nice cape?"

"I was about to ask you where did you get yours."

BlackWater and Skunk Pelt felt the soft airy cloth. Looking up, BlackWater and Skunk Pelt grinned at each other.




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Chapter 24...

A few months later....

"AH!!! Where are you going!?"

Sky squeaked when his mother grabbed after he escaped from the basket that he rested in. White Feather smiled seeing his wife as she walked back to the basket and placed the runaway baby back in. Sky kicked his small legs in protest.

"Oi. He is getting faster."

"And smarter."


White Father pointed. An upturned basket was scooting away across the dirt floor until it bumped into the wall with a soft oof. Sun Dancer got up and placed her son on her lap. Giggling, tiny Sky played with his mothers' long fingers.

"Ever noticed how he changes colors?"

"Yes, he is funny that way."

Looking outside, Sky smiled at the rain that trapped them all inside the hut. These days were the best for Sky. He had his parents' all to himself. A long snake slithered across the floor eating the bugs that ran in to seek shelter from the rain only to fall into a death trap. Sky giggled seeing the snake and reached out to it.

"When do you think he will start walking?"

"Let him take his time. He is already crawling, and it's hard to catch him,"
Sun Dancer replied tiredly.

"Let me take him for today, Sun Dancer."

Thankfully, Sun Dancer gave Sky to his father and laid down. White Feather played with his son near the entrance of the hut. Someone landed on the roof and looked at White Feather and Sky upside down.

"Hey, how is everything going??"

"Oh! Withering Bark, don't scare us like that."

Withering Bark beamed at White Feather and waved at smiling Sky. Since Skunk Pelt couldn't visit them, he sent his cousin to check on the banished family.

"Rainy day. Hard to catch today's meal!" Withering Bark chirped.

"Oh, we'll eat the berries and dried meat we have."

"Saw a deer today, killed the deer, skinned the deer, here is your share."

White Feather thanked Withering Bark as he took the deer leg. Sky stared in awe at the long meaty leg. Withering Bark smiled at Sky.

"How is he?"

"Fine. He is crawling now."

"That's great. Take care of yourselves now!"

"Thank you, Withering Bark, give our thanks to Skunk Pelt."

"Bye now! Bye, cutie!"

Sky waved his fat baby hands at Withering Bark before he left. No one knew that Skunk Pelt was sending his cousin to take care of White Feather's family which was a blessing to them. Without Skunk Pelt and his tribe, White Feather wouldn't know what he would do. Sadly, White Feather didn't know how he would repay them all for their help even after Skunk Pelt said not to worry about it.

Sky played on the floor and thought carefully.

When he gets older, he would bless Skunk Pelt and his people for everything one day.




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Chapter 25...

Standing on top of the hill, White Feather shielded his eyes and scanned the area.

Down below, White Feather could see Sun Dancer making a pair of shoes from the leather Withering Bark gave them. Tiny Sky was crawling near her and playing with the smooth wood White Feather gave him.  Smiling, White Feather went back to searching for today's meal. With the dried deer meat in his pouch, White Feather wondered if he could catch a badger if he laid it out by its den. White Feather snorted at the thought. One badger will only feed them for two days.

Climber higher, White Feather stared at a stag grazing far away. Slightly excited, White Feather prepared his arrows to make his kill. Before White Feather could make his shot, he heard a soft coo.

White Feather looked down the hill. Sun Dancer was on her knees with her arms outstretched and calling happily to her baby. Tiny Sky was struggling to get to her. His wobbly legs shook as he took his baby steps. Lowering his bow, White Feather watched in awe as his son took his first steps.

Sun Dancer was still calling for her baby as he took wobbly steps. White Feather did nothing but watch.

After a falling down several times, Sky made it to his mother who gave him a bear-hug as she praised him. White Feather smiled seeing his small boy walk for the first time. The stag got away, but White Feather didn't care. Seeing his son meant more than the stag.


Tired, White Feather dragged his weary body back to the hut with a dead badger swung over his shoulder. It was a small badger, but Sun Dancer could use its pelt as a blanket for Sky. Seeing White Feather, Sky pointed, and Sun Dancer looked up from her looming.

"White Feather! I have a surprise for you!" Sun Dancer yelled.


"Sky was walking!"

"Oh, I saw him from the top of that hill over there,"
White Feather said, pointing to the hill he stood on.

"You saw?"

White Feather said dreamily. Sun Dancer picked up her baby and told him to walk for his daddy. Kneeling down, White Feather beckoned for his son to come to him. Grunting softly, Sky took one wobbly step when his mother let go of his hands. Sun Dancer watched with large eyes as Sky wobbled to White Feather who was encouraging him that he could do it. Looking at his father, Sky wanted desperately to get to him. Boldly, Sky took one unsteady step only to fall down on his rear.

White Feather and Sun Dancer laughed quietly as their son squealed in anger. Holding out his arms, White Feather coaxed Sky to keep trying.

Each step was difficult for Sky as he hobbled to his father. Sun Dancer kept a close eye on them both. White Feather started to laugh when his son was only two steps away from him. Smiling, small Sky picked up his pace and fell over in his fathers' arms. Picking him up, White Feather cradled his laughing son him. Looking up at the purple sky, White Feather said a small prayer of thanks. Sun Dancer walked up and asked White Feather why was he thanking the Deities.

"Oh... thanking them for giving me him and for letting me live to see him grow."




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Very interesting story~ I might actually read the whole thing.

One thing I'm confused about- one chapter says White Feather has steel blue eyes, and another says Sun Dancer has steel blue eyes (the baby had her eyes) but if it says the baby has her eyes and he also had blue eyes, why wouldn't the baby have his eyes? (Also I'm a huge supporter of couples with different eye/hair/skin colors, and it would also make more sense to me if they had different eye colors lol)

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Very interesting story~ I might actually read the whole thing.

One thing I'm confused about- one chapter says White Feather has steel blue eyes, and another says Sun Dancer has steel blue eyes (the baby had her eyes) but if it says the baby has her eyes and he also had blue eyes, why wouldn't the baby have his eyes? (Also I'm a huge supporter of couples with different eye/hair/skin colors, and it would also make more sense to me if they had different eye colors lol)
Thank you~  :)

White Feather and Sun Dancer both have steel-blue eyes to show that they are not like everyone else in the tribe they were born and banished in. ("A flaw" is what everyone says about them) Plus, White Feather and Sun Dancer's blue eyes get them into trouble sometimes because they don't look like the other dark-eyed tribe members.

So, like them, banished and hated, Sky received his parents' eyes.

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I am in love with this story

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I am in love with this story
Aw~ :3

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Chapter 26...

Standing beside White Feather, Sky hung onto his fathers' long legs sucking his thumb. White Feather held up his thumb to the west.

"Sky, don't suck your thumb," Sun Dancer said.

Looking down, White Feather smiled at small Sky.

"Oh, he just doing what I am doing," White Feather laughed.

"You suck your thumb?" Joked Sun Dancer.

"No. I'm checking the wind," White Feather bitterly replied while Sky held up his wet thumb to the east. Nothing. The wind was coming from the south. Far off, Sky saw smoke from a fire. White Feather and Sun Dancer looked up at the smoke as it rose higher into the cloudy sky.

"Looks like Burning Tracks is talking to Spotted Leaf with the smoke."

Sun Dancer nodded her head and looked upset as she remembered her father. Burning Tracks was furious with her before she left, but Sun Dancer knew that her father was only acting like that to keep from crying as she left him forever. Sky stared at the smoke for the longest time before scurrying back to his mother in fear.

"What is it?"

Sky said nothing but hide his face in his hands. White Feather and Sun Dancer shrugged and went back inside their hut.

Far off, Burning Tracks was drawing something in the black dirt as Wandering Feet stood in front of him with his arms crossed.

"Why does that crazy Skunk Pelt think Sun Dancer's baby is a God? Tell me, Burning Tracks. Why do they think such idiotic thoughts?" Wandering Feet said coldly to Burning Tracks as he drew in the dirt.

"This. The child himself is possessing those fools,"
Burning Tracks grumbled to irritated Wandering Feet.

Bending over, Wandering Feet studied the drawing in the dirt. A terrible looking monster with wings on its back as it stood on all fours like a dog.

"I should have known..." Smirked Wandering Feet.

Far off, Sky held onto his mother whimpering.

Those awful green and blue eyes in the smoke.




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Chapter 27...

A year later...

"Come on, Sky. You can do it."


"Say Mama."




"Sun Dancer, he'll talk when he is ready."

"He wants to talk now."

"Sure, sure."

"Just help me, please."

Getting up, White Feather stood beside Sun Dancer as she made weird noises to confused Sky. Already a year and Sky still wasn't talking.

Withering Bark said it was alright that Sky couldn't talk yet, but Sun Dancer as afraid that Sky was tongue-tied like other unfortunate children. Small Sky played with his feet and ignored his mother.

"Oh, baby. Why won't you talk?"

"He'll talk, Sun Dancer. Give him some time."

Sun Dancer sat up and sat her baby in sitting position to help him talk again. Sky clapped his hands at his mother who was trying hard to make him talk. Looking around, Sky spotted his smooth slab of wood and pointed at it. Sun Dancer sat up straighter.

"If you want your toy, you have to say mama or papa," Sun Dancer coaxed.


"Go on."

White Feather started to laugh when Sun Dancer glared at her baby that was starting to fuss and whine for his toy.

"No, Sky. Speak."

With a huff, Sky crawled to his toy, but Sun Dancer got there first. Angrily, Sky reached for his toy.

"Say something, Sky!"

"Say anything, Sky. Please, your mother and talk,"
White Feather groaned.


Sky frowned. He didn't want to talk. Whatever he might say will hurt his parents'.

If he said mama, his father might be hurt.

If he said papa, his mother will be sad.

He loved them both so much that he didn't want to hurt them.



Crossing his arms, Sky thought long and hard while his parents' stared at him. Only one word popped in Sky's mind. A word he often heard.

"Try again, baby," Sun Dancer said.

"Say anything,"
White Feather said.

"Family?" Sky said.

Sun Dancer and White Feather looked at each other and back at Sky before breaking into a smile.

"You did it!!!" Sun Dancer cheered. 

"Fantastic, Sky!" White Feather said.

Sky clapped his hands seeing his parents' cheer for him. All three of them relived and happy. Sky can talk, and Sky picked the right word for them all.




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Chapter 28...

"You see this, Sky? This is the earth. She is your mother," White Feather said slowly as his son played in the dirt by rubbing it on his face.

"I already have mama. Mama is in the hut making the meal,"
Sky piped.

"No, Sun Dancer is your mother, but this is your mother who gives you everything you need."

"Like what?"

"See that deer over there,"
White Feather said as he pointed to a small deer eating the grass.


"Without the earth, that deer would not even be alive."

"Oh? Anything else?"
Sky said as he scooped up a handful of dirt and looked at his father who towered over him.

"She gives you the food you need to live. From plants to the meat."

"Meat grows?"

"When the plants the animal eats, yes, meat grows."

"Dirt, too?"

Curiously, Sky looked at the handful of dirt in his hands before shoving it in his mouth.

White Feather yelled and slapped the back of Sky's gently head to make him spit out the dirt. Sky spat out the dirt and felt like crying.

"I don't like this food!" Sky pouted.

"That is because you do not eat the dirt, boy; the dirt is a blanket for the seeds."

Sky watched in wonder as his father buried a pecan in the dirt. Pointing up, White Feather stared at the tall trees.

"Look. Look what the earth has done for this tree."


"Look. The trees used to be a small seed and the earth raised it with her family to make it become the mighty tree that it is today. Without the earth, there would be no tree to give us pecans and other food,"
White Feather said softly.

"But, you planted the seed," Sky rasped.

"Yes, but if I only had the seed and no earth, the seed will spoil and not grow."

Sky nodded his head and looked at the pine nuts that were scattered on the ground. Birds twittered at him, and small animals ran around after each other.

"The earth is my mama?" Sky asked.

"She is the mother of everyone."

"Why do we use the tree branches sometimes then? Won't that hurt her?"

"As long as we give back to her, nothing will hurt her."

On wobbly feet, Sky hugged his father before plopping down on the dirt and kissed the earth.


"I love you, mama."

Getting up, Sky brushed the dirt off his legs and lifted his arms for White Feather to pick him up. As White Feather walked home, Sky smiled at the earth's beauty.

"I love the earth..." Sky said dreamily.

"I love her, too, Sky," White Feather said in the same tone of voice.

Oh, the earth is beautiful.




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Chapter 29...

Of course, even after White Feather and Sun Dancer were banished, most of the Tribe members bothered them.

White Feather found snakes in the basket that held the dried berries.

Sun Dancer's clay pots and jars were shattered.

Children would throw rocks of mud at Sky who was minding his own business.

One day as Sun Dancer cleaned a gash on whimpering Sky's shoulder, Sun Dancer turned around to White Feather who walked in. White Feather sighed tiredly seeing his angry wife and crying son.

"I can't take this anymore, White Feather! They are hurting him!!" Sun Dancer yelled after she dragged White Feather outside so Sky would not see them yelling.

"What do you want me to do, huh?! Tell them to stop!? It will only make matters worse!" White Feather shot back.

"We have to do something!!"

White Feather and Sun Dancer were to busy arguing to noticed Sky watching them.

"There is nothing we can do!"

"We can move farther away from them!"

"Sure, that's easier said than done, Sun Dancer!!

"Why do we have to live this close anyway!?"


White Feather stopped when Sky ran up to him and tugged on his pants.

"What is it?"


Sky pointed to the bush. There was nothing, but Sky was still scared.

"What did you see?"

"I saw a demon with berries!"

"How did this demon look, Sky?" Sun Dancer said quickly.

"He had a mask. A mask with black feathers and he told me to come to him."

White Feather picked up his whining son and bounced him gently as Sun Dancer glared.

"Burning Tracks..." White Feather said coldly. Sun Dancer nodded her head sharply. White Feather didn't wait for further questions. The three of them moved farther away nearer to the Vulture Tribe.



"IDIOT!! They got away!!!" Wander Feet barked at Burning Tracks who only kicked dirt at him. Calling Bird came out from the empty hut.

"How was I suppose to know!? I can not-"

"Why are we even doing this?"
Calling Bird interrupted.

"Burning Tracks was supposed to poison Sun Dancer's baby, but failed to do it!"

While Wandering Feet and Burning Tracks fought, Calling Bird looked back at the empty hut.




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Chapter 30...

Far away from the grassy fields, Sky held onto his fathers' hand as he watched the Buffalo hunt with wide-eyes.

"Papa, papa, I wanna do that!" Sky yelped as he bounced around beside his father. White Feather scowled seeing his father lead the hunt.

"Do what? Hunt a Buffalo?"

"Yes! I wanna hunt, too!"

"You'll be trampled on, Birdy,"
White Feather stated bluntly. Sky jumped around.

"No, I won't."

"Yes, you will. Those beasts are crazy."

"I can do a better job!"


"I need a wolf pelt to hide me."

"Sorry, no go. I won't let you," White Feather said sharply. Sky glared at White Feather before giving his last shot.

"Mama would let me."

"Sun Dancer wouldn't let you."

Looking down, White Feather noticed that Sky looked close to tears as he watched the hunt.

"Oh, Birdy. You and I will hunt for a Buffalo together one day. Don't cry," White Feather said as he ruffled Sky's blue hair.

"Only babies cry! I'm not crying!"
Sky said sharply, but White Feather wasn't convinced.

"Tell me what is wrong then?"

"I was hoping I could catch one so we could eat tonight,"
Came Sky's sad reply. White Feather just smiled and kneeled down to Sky's height.

"What makes you think we won't eat?" White Feather whispered

"They never share even if the animals belong to mama earth."

White Feather nodded his head knowingly to sad Sky. Looking over his shoulder, White Feather noticed Skunk Pelt arguing with Calling Bird.

"Do not worry, Birdy. Skunk Pelt and his Tribe never forget about us," White Feather smiled. Picking up Sky, White Feather walked back to their new hut where Sun Dancer was making soup. Two hours later, Withering Bark was walking up with a huge smile on his face as he lugged a heavy sack.

You'll never go hungry with a few friends.




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Chapter 31...

Autumn was approaching fast. White Feather and Sun Dancer had to collect berries and nuts to store away with the dried meat.

Carrying a basket full of dried berries, Sun Dancer walked back to the hut with one-year-old Sky running after her. Sun Dancer stopped walking and felt her son bump into her legs. White Feather came up with a crooked grin.

"Ummm. My sisters are here, Sun Dancer..." he said sheepishly.

"Why?? Why are those hags here?!"

"Hush! They might hear you! I guess my father forced them or they came on their own."

"Tell them to go."

"I can't."

Sun Dancer grimaced. White Feather's sisters came from Calling Bird's first wife who died of a disease in the chest. Calling Bird found another wife who gave birth to White Feather and died a year later. Sun Dancer hated White Feather's sisters as much as they hated her. They were always slandering Sun Dancer by saying she was with another man and other vile things.

"Sky is here," Sun Dancer said bitterly.

"That's alright; he can meet his aunts-"

"You have to get him."


"He's running,"
Sun Dancer said. Looking over Sun Dancer's shoulder, White Feather squawked seeing Sky running. White Feather cursed and bolted after his runaway son.


Sky was running fast, but White Feather caught him. Sun Dancer shook her head seeing White Feather walk back with Sky who was hanging onto his fathers' and digging his feet into the wet dirt.

"Don't you want to see your-



"NO, NO, NO!!!"

White Feather had enough and scooped up Sky in his arms. Squealing, Sky kicked and hit at White Feather as he was carried back to Sun Dancer.

"Can you blame him?"

"Let's go."

Like how Sun Dancer predicted, the family meeting went out of control. White Feather's sisters were ugly and rude as usual towards Sun Dancer and Sky. White Feather tried to make Sky behave and sit with his aunts, but Sky screamed and wailed for Sun Dancer to hold him. When White Feather tried to get Sky to show them a sheet of his sky, Sky kicked dirt at his aunts. The way their son was acting made White Feather embarrassed and Sun Dancer hide her snickering.

"A God, huh?"

"That's what BlackWater said."

"I see nothing Godly about him."

"He's a child, what do you expect?"

"More than this."

One of Sky's aunts spanked Sky to make him behave which only made matters worse. Sky kicked her and yelled at her to get away from him.

"Go away, snake piss!!!"

"Birdy- SKY!!!"
White Feather yelled.

Sun Dancer stared at White Feather in shock. Sky overheard his father and Withering Bark talk and curse about Wandering Feet and Calling Bird. Quickly, Sky ran to Sun Dancer, jumped into her arms and hugged her.

"Sky, that was not nice-" White Feather started, but Sky interrupted.

"I don't like them," Sky replied bluntly. Sun Dancer took her son inside the hut and didn't come out until White Feather's sisters left White Feather trudged inside. Sun Dancer was playing with Sky on the dirt floor.

"Sun Dancer-"

"They spanked him. Sky had the right to hit back."

"Where did he-"

"White Feather. Babies pick up words left and right. Be careful when talking."

Sitting down, White Feather rested next to Sun Dancer. Sky crawled onto White Feather's lap and sighed contently.




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interesting, it sucks that people keep trying to persecute the family and kill the child but makes the story more intense, and I like the part where he talks to his family. also I think you meant "you'll never go hungry with a few friends" (second to last chapter)

Thank you~  :)

White Feather and Sun Dancer both have steel-blue eyes to show that they are not like everyone else in the tribe they were born and banished in. ("A flaw" is what everyone says about them) Plus, White Feather and Sun Dancer's blue eyes get them into trouble sometimes because they don't look like the other dark-eyed tribe members.

So, like them, banished and hated, Sky received his parents' eyes.
okay, that makes more sense then.

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interesting, it sucks that people keep trying to persecute the family and kill the child but makes the story more intense, and I like the part where he talks to his family. also I think you meant "you'll never go hungry with a few friends" (second to last chapter)
 okay, that makes more sense then.
Thank you kindly~ I'll fix it.  :)

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Chapter 32...

Panting from the cold, Sun Dancer trudged through the snow with Sky leaping in her tracks to keep from sinking in the deep snow. Holding blocks of broken ice in her basket, Sun Dancer looked over her shoulder to see if her son was behind her since Sky was so pale that it would be hard to find him. It was a blessing that White Feather killed a black otter and used it's pelt to make a hood for Sky's cape. Humming, Sky hopped into the snow track and smiled up at Sun Dancer.

"Cold, mama."

"I know. I have to get ice to melt for water. Let's keep walking."

Sun Dancer trudged through the snow with Sky at her heels. The cold wind whipped at Sun Dancer and Sky as the sun begin to set. Afraid of wild animals, Sun Dancer had to wrap Sky around her back to keep him safe. It didn't take long for Sky to get bored and bother Sun Dancer on her back. To make him stop, Sun Dancer started to sing a lullaby to him to help him sleep. Fussy Sky tried hard to keep his eyes open, but it was futile for a baby like him. Soon, Sky was sleeping, and Sun Dancer smirked hearing his soft snores.

Sun Dancer hated how far the frozen river was because it took a long time to get home. But Sun Dancer hated bumping into her old tribe or White Feather's. Today, she was lucky.

Singing softly, Sun Dancer kept walking and never saw Calling Bird hiding in the tree looking at her.

And Sky.

Shaking slightly, Calling Bird lifted his bow to shoot an arrow at sleeping Sky's head. There was nothing that White Feather or Sun Dancer could do if they killed Sky. They were only two banished members. Burning Tracks and Wandering Feet told Calling Bird to do it after an argument two nights ago.

"Why are we trying to poison the child?"

"To make it look like he ate the poisonous berries,"
Burning Tracks explained to Calling Bird, Wandering Feet stared at Calling Bird rudely.

"Why? Why don't-"

"Calling Bird, I am starting to see that you are withdrawing from this,"
Wandering Feet interrupted.

"I am not! Why waste our time on the child?" Calling Bird said vehemently to Wandering Feet.

"The child is a demon remember? Anyone who practices the Devil's work will be punished."

"We already banished them, so-"

"Yes, we banished them, but White Feather refused to kill him!"
Burning Tracks snapped.


"Are you falling for this child, Calling Bird?"


"You are. That's why you are acting like this because of the child."

Calling Bird pulled back and looked away. All was quiet in the hut except for Wandering Feet who was shuffling around.

"Calling Bird?"

Turning his head, Calling Bird's eyes landed on arrows that Wandering Feet held in his hand.

"Kill him," Wandering Feet said coolly.


"Kill him. You are becoming too soft with that child."

Calling Bird looked up at Wandering Feet and back at the arrows. Seeing his hesitation, Wandering Feet and Burning Tracks started to say cruel jokes at Calling Bird until he snatched the arrows and left.

Now, Calling Bird was pointing the arrows at Sky's soft head from a tree. If he waited any longer, Sun Dancer would get away.

Calling Bird released the arrow.

The arrow made a soft whizzing sound as he headed towards Sky. Calling Bird hid his face behind his hands so he wouldn't see when the arrow landed.

The arrow broke when it hit the cloth that covered Sky's small body and head.

Calling Bird peeked out from his fingers and saw the broken arrow. Not sure if he should be relived, Calling Bird sighed and watched Sun Dancer leave. Before Sun Dancer took a turn, Calling Bird saw Sky looking at him.

After a few minutes, Sun Dancer noticed Sky was awake.

"Awake already? What are you looking at, baby?"

"... A monster."




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Chapter 33...

Swinging his basket, Sky wandered behind the hut to gather the berries that grew in a snow-covered bush.
White Feather was gone, and Sun Dancer was inside leaving Sky alone to find berries. Taking wobbly steps, Sky walked to the bush full of purple frozen berries. Happily, Sky picked his favorite berries and tossed them into the basket. The snow continued to fall from the cloudy sky and onto the small God. Getting on all fours, Sky crawled into the bush to find the berries that were hidden in the snow.

Soon, Sky gathered that he needed and crawled out from the bush and hopped back to the hut. Sun Dancer took the basket and let her baby play outside for a few more minutes. Sky ran outside into the snow and threw himself into the cold blanket. Squealing with joy, Sky tossed the snow around and rolled around in it. Behind the hut, Sky was gathering a few sticks to play with when he spotted berries scattered in the snow. Puzzled, Sky crawled over to the berries thinking that he dropped them.

Sky picked the berries and thought about taking them inside.

Four berries will not be missed, and it will be alright to eat them. Sky opened his mouth.

"I wouldn't eat those unless times became difficult."

Sky jumped and dropped the berries.

Jumping down from the tree, a man walked towards Sky and took the berries from him. Sky looked up at him in terror. The man was covered in a wooly pelt from a bear making him look twice his size.

Sky stood up and extended his hand.

"I'm Sky."

"... I'm Spotted Wings."

Slightly amused, Spotted Wings looked down at Sky before shaking his hand once. Kicking the snow, Sky kept staring at Spotted Wings who was poking the berries.

"I thought so..."

Getting down on his knees, Spotted Wings held out his hand to Sky who poked the juicy berries. Redish black juice bled out onto Spotted Wing's palm.

"These, Sky, are Devil Berries."


"The berries show no mercy when one eats them- the poison moves slowly before it takes away your soul like the devil."

"I didn't know that."

"Now, you do."

Spotted Wings hid the berries in his pouch before getting up to walk away. Sky took a few steps and grabbed Spotted Wings pant leg.

"Thank you," Sky said cheerfully.

Shocked, Spotted Wings stopped and looked down at Sky who smiled thankfully at him. Spotted Wings was unsure if he should be kind or reject the child. Calling Bird will be angry if he catches him talking to the enemy.

The enemy was a child. His innocence was as pure as the snow that fell.

"You're welcome..." Spotted Wings said carefully. Sky cocked his head as he looked up at towering Spotted Wings and saw the eagle feather in Spotted Wings braid.

"Why did you help me? Don't you hate me?" Sky questioned.

"I don't know. For some reason, I had to stop you from eating that fruit," Spotted Wings whispered to Sky. Not turning away, Sky nodded his head.

"Thank you..." Sky said again to confused Spotted Wings. Spotted Wings just grunted and turned to leave. Sky watched Spotted Wings trudging in the snow. Before Spotted Wings took a turn home, he looked over his shoulder to see if Sky was still there. Stiff as a tree, Sky was staring at Spotted Wings.

"I am the Wiseman of the Eagle Tribe. But, I don't know, Sky."

Spotted Wings turned and walked home. Sky stood there until Sun Dancer came out to get him.

Spotted Wings hid his tracks because he knew Burning Tracks will be back to see if the berries were eaten.




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hmm, interesting. so he's probably tough enough to be protected against physical attacks...

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Chapter 34...

A Month Later.

"Alright, Birdy, this is a beaver."

"Looks ugly, papa."

"Yes. It's not very pretty up close."

White Feather hung the beaver upside down on a wooden pole and took a knife. Sky walked up with a clay pot and set it under the beaver. The large animal's lifeless eyes were open. Throwing the whetstone on the floor, White Feather held the knife to the beaver's neck.


"I don't wanna; I want to go play."

"Sky, you have to learn, alright? My father taught me when I was your age,"
White Feather said bluntly and grabbed his son before he could take off.

"I don't wanna see you kill it."

"It's dead already. We have to let the blood drain out before it spoils inside and the meat will rot."

Sky sighed tiredly, nudged the bucket and told his father to go ahead. After pushing Sky back with his foot, White Feather sliced the neck of the beaver and let the blood spill out into the clay pot Sky set out. Sky watched is disgust as the dark blood poured into the pot like water. When the last of the blood dripped out, White Feather cut off the private parts, threw them aside, and cut from the tail all the way up to the neck. Sky watched his father as he swiftly sliced the pelt off and gave it to Sky. White Feather proceeded to remove the innards and threw them aside to cook later. Sun Dancer came up with another basket for the pelt.


"I'll take it, baby. Hand it over to me."

Sun Dancer smiled at Sky and took the pelt away to wash it. Sky didn't like seeing his father and mother do such things to an animal, but it wasn't for fun. White Feather and Sun Dancer did this to live.

The pelt was needed to keep warm and for other things.

The meat they would eat and not let it go to waste.

The blood?

Sky had no idea what the blood would do. Most likely dye the clothes Sun Dancer makes.

After a few hours, White Feather held up the skinned beaver and shook his head. Sky didn't notice how small it looked now that it no longer had its pelt and innards.

"It's not very big, is it, papa?" Sky questioned as he poked the carcass with a stick. White Feather stared at it for a long time before answering. "No. It's an adult, but rather small."

"Will it feed us?"

"Yeah, for a day..."
White Feather thought bitterly. Sun Dancer came up and looked at Sky.

"What's wrong?"

"The beaver is small."

"That's alright. We still have some dried meat in the hut."

Sun Dancer and Sky went back inside the hut leaving White Feather alone with the carcass. Taking the knife, White Feather began to cut off the legs and arms. Far off in the distance, White Feather could see his old Tribe walking back with the carcass of a bear. Calling Bird was in the lead. White Feather stared longing at the meat.

Would it hurt...?

No. It's best not to ask for a portion of it. Thinking of Sky's skinny legs and body, White Feather hacked away harder at the carcass. He couldn't take meat from Calling Bird nor Wandering Feet because it will make him look weak. The Vulture Tribe had to move far away from White Feather and Sun Dancer because there was some sickness going around and Skunk Pelt feared that they would get it. It's been a while since Withering Bark came by. Members from the two other Tribes were helping the Vulture Tribe by feeding them and giving them medicine; White Feather knew that Skunk Pelt was telling the other members not to let White Feather and his family not to starve and to send them food for the winter.

But with Calling Bird and Wandering Feet still breathing, it was oblivious what was happening to their share.

White Feather placed the meat aside and washed his knife clean. Like yesterday, White Feather won't eat tonight. He had to feed Sky since he was little.

White Feather walked slowly to the hut with a heavy heart; how can he be a good father when he couldn't even feed his son and wife?

A sharp whistle pierced White Feather's eardrums. White Feather looked over his shoulder and saw a hooded figure waving at him; White Feather waved, and turned to walk away but the hooded figure whistled again.

"What do you want?" White Feather called to the figure.

The mysterious figure ran to the middle of the plains and placed down a basket before running back. White Feather was confused.

The figure stared at White Feather for the longest time before pointing at the basket, and at White Feather.

It dawned on White Feather who it was. Hiding the beaver meat in a basket, White Feather ran to the basket and picked it up. They were both forbidden to talk to each other, but a wave would be alright.

White Feather bowed his head to Skunk Pelt who waved goodbye to him. Feeling his troubles disappear, White Feather jogged back to the hut where Sun Dancer and Sky were waiting for him. Both of them were surprised when the saw smiling White Feather.


"Skunk Pelt, you can get into a lot of trouble doing that!" Mossy Braid exclaimed while Skunk Pelt laid flat on his back trying to get some sleep.

"By who?" Skunk Pelt asked scared Mossy Braid.

"Wandering Feet! He forbid you to-"

"He said not to talk to them, Mossy. He never said I could not leave things from the distance. Plus, I wasn't talking. Wandering Brain never said I couldn't wave or whistle."

"It's obvious what Wandering Feet meant, Skunk Pelt!"

"Unless he says so, then I will stop."

"... You are going to keep this up, aren't you?"

"As long as I keep an eye out, I can keep doing this, Mossy."

Skunk Pelt smiled at Mossy Braid and told her she could go now. Still scared, Mossy Braid wandered out and looked at the smoke that rose where White Feather lived.

"Those poor saplings..." Mossy Braid whispered sadly to herself as she walked back to her hut.

The Vulture Tribe are the wisest.

And cunning. Calling Bird and Wandering Feet both suffered sprained ankles after falling into the traps Skunk Pelt set because they were starving Sky.

Skunk Pelt did warn them both.




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Just to let you peeps know, some chapters in this story will not be posted for adult content. Those chapters will be posted on Wattpad.

Just a heads up. :-\

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Aw. :(

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Aw. :(
Trust me. You will be shocked and hurt to read it. I can get into a lot of trouble if I post it without any warnings and this topic might be deleted.

But, I'll give links to my Wattpad through PM's if anyone asks me. I can censor the chapters by cutting some parts out, but the real chapter will be posted elsewhere.

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Trust me. You will be shocked and hurt to read it. I can get into a lot of trouble if I post it without any warnings and this topic might be deleted.

But, I'll give links to my Wattpad through PM's if anyone asks me. I can censor the chapters by cutting some parts out, but the real chapter will be posted elsewhere.
I agree that you should post the censored versions here, you can PM the links to me

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Chapter 35...

Sky jumped around in the puddles that the rain collected in large ditches that he set up for fun. Letting the warm spring rain shower onto him, Sky played leaf races in the puddles, giggling when a leaf drowned but its parent didn't. Sticks were better because they always floated back up and finished their race. Getting up, Sky ran to do something when he heard giggling and shrieks. Sky stood still, listening to the sound of children laughing. Soon a gaggle of children ran up playing with each other and stopped when they saw Sky. Sky and the children stared at each other for a long time. Sky noticed that some had Eagle feathers or Peacock feathers and Sky had a rainbow-colored feather. The spring fell on the kids as they stared at each other in wonder.



"Wanna play?"

Sky looked back at the hut, and at the kids before excitedly saying yes. Sky and the kids ran off screaming with laughter as the play-fought and had races.

Sky and the other children played splashed around in deep puddles still screaming with laughter as the rain fell.

Sky never played with other children nor had any playmates. The earth was his playmate, but that can get boring. Sky was caught up in the game with the other children that he never saw a mother coming up until she grabbed him by the hair. Sky screamed startling the other kids who stopped with their play and stared at Sky as he was dragged away by the angry mother.

"No! Get away from my child! Get out!"

Sky was too shocked to speak as he stood there and stared up at the mother as screamed at him to leave.

"Go on! Go back to your home, demon! Get out!!!"


Sky fell down in when the mother slapped him across the face. Sky held one hand to his face; he could feel the tears gather in his eyes as the mother shrieked at Sky.

Grabbing a stick, the mother hit Sky with it repeatedly as he screamed and struggled to get up. Sky fell down three times before he ran away. The sharp screaming and curses rang in Sky's ears until he made it back to the hut. Sky ran in, grabbed the soft pelt he slept with, and flopped to his side on the floor facing the wall.


Sun Dancer and White Feather came back with jars of rainwater. They both saw Sky on his side with red welts were on his bare back.

Sun Dancer gave the jar to shocked White Feather and ran to Sky.



"What happened?"


Sun Dancer picked up Sky and pulled his hands away from his face and saw the handprint from the slap.

"Who did this to you?"

"I did it myself."

"Your hand isn't that big. Who did this?"

"Looks like more than that."

White Feather pointed a the red welts all over Sky's pale body. Sky hugged himself to make his mother and father stop looking.



"Tell us what happened."

Outside, the rain could hide Sky's tears, but he couldn't hide them inside the hut. Sun Dancer pulled Sky onto her lap and smoothed down his pale blue hair. White Feather bit down hard on his tongue hearing Sky cry about what happened. After Sky told everything, White Feather stood by the entrance looking at the rain while Sun Dancer cradled Sky until he fell asleep.

They could put salve on the welts, but the worst pain was inside of Sky.

A wound they could not heal.




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Chapter 36...

White Feather put two fingers in his mouth and whistled. Another whistle echoed back to him. Sky and Sun Dancer stood beside White Feather who was waving a branch with feathers and leaves tied to it. Far away, there was another branch dancing around.


"Come on, Sky."

White Feather lifted Sky up to see the branch that was waving to them. Sky could barely see due to the bright sunlight in his eyes.

"See him? Wave back."

Sky waved his small hand to the mysterious stranger.

Skunk Pelt waved, ran to the middle of the field, and left a basket in the high grass. White Feather and Skunk Pelt waved their branches. Sun Dancer ran to get the basket before anyone saw her.

Inside the basket was meat, berries, medicine, and a toy for Sky. A braided doll made of soft yarn that the woman from the Vulture Tribe made with great care. Sky squealed with joy when Sun Dancer handed it to him. Sky wished he could thank whoever made it for him, but his parents' wouldn't let him for some reason.

Waving goodbye, White Feather and his family waved goodbye to Skunk Pelt and left back to their hut.

"Nice man that Skunk Pelt."

"That he is, Sun Dancer. Treats us like we are part of his Tribe."

"Too bad we can't go there with him."


Sky sat on the floor playing with his new toy and the other toys he had. This morning, White Feather checked how tall Sky was and carved another line into the long stick of wood they had. There were now two lines which excited Sky's mother and father. A few months back, there was only one.

Now a new toy? What was going on?

It is unclear when it is Sky's birthday. The only way White Feather and Sun Dancer could tell how old Sky was when colorful bird sang its song. The same bird that sang when Sky was born.




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Chapter 37...

Summer days were long and heavy with the heat that Sky would fall asleep outside sometimes when his mother would wash the clothes. The hunting was good since the animals were plump with the food that grew in the spring. Sun Dancer and White Feather grew a small garden beside the house. Sky would often check on it and pluck off any ripe fruit or vegetable to eat. Sun Dancer didn't like that, but what could she do? As long as Sky didn't waste it, he could eat it. Rabbits came by to eat whatever grew. White Feather set up traps to catch the thieving critters. One morning, the trap went off, and there was a small scream. Sun Dancer ran outside with White Feather to see what happened. Sky was whining and trying to escape the net.

"Looks like you caught one of the garden thieves, White Feather!" Sun Dancer joked as she help her baby out from the net.

"At least this one we can keep."

White Feather took Sky from Sun Dancer and went back to the hut with him. Sky was gnawing on a raw potato. Next time, Sky will avoid the net since his father works hard on it.

Each morning when Sun Dancer and Sky gathered water from the river, Sky would look longing at the other children play with each other and wonder why they wouldn't play with him.

"Can I go play with them?"

"... No."

"Why? Why can't I go?"

Sun Dancer's throat ached hearing Sky ask questions. What can she say? The kids were taught to run off Sky if they saw him.

"Umm. Those kids are dirty," Sun Dancer finally said.


"Yes. They have fleas," Sun Dancer lied to Sky as she dipped a clay jar into the river.


"They don't bathe, look how icky they are, Sky."

"Why don't they bathe?"

"They are nasty like that."

Sky nodded his head sadly as he looked at the kids. He would rather have fleas than be lonely. Sun Dancer told Sky to take one of the jars back home and that she'll catch up. Carefully, Sky carried the heavy jar home. Sun Dancer sat there for a few minutes before grabbing another empty jar.

Another woman came up with her empty jars. Sun Dancer and the woman looked at each other for a while.  Sun Dancer had seen her before. She was the sister of Wandering Feet's first wife. She kept to herself and stayed far away from Sun Dancer in fear.

"Hello, River Weeds..."


"How are you?"

"Fine... you?"

"I'm fine."


River Weeds dipped her jar into the river.

"Um, Sun Dancer?"


"How is your baby?"

"He is fine."



"Just asking..."

River Weeds looked like she wanted to say more, but didn't. She collected the water and hurried off. Sun Dancer picked up her jars and turned to leave.

"Sun Dancer!"

Sun Dancer turned around and saw River Weeds standing there, her wide with fear.

"What is it?"

"I'm not supposed to tell you this, but I overheard it."


"Don't eat any of those rabbits with black feet that show up near your house. They are poisoned by your father. I know you trust these paths for your baby but never leave his side. Not even for a minute!"

"River Weeds-"

River Weeds ran away.


Walking back slowly, Sun Dancer heard laughter at the hut. White Feather held up at dead rabbit by its legs as Sky laughed at it.

Sun Dancer saw the black feet. After Sky went inside, Sun Dancer asked White Feather how he got it.

"It was running around near the hut."

"Something is wrong with it.

"I know... only sick animals run around near humans when it is sick."

Far off, one of Skunk Pelt's friends came in with a rabbit with black feet.

Sky wasn't the only one Burning Tracks was trying to kill.





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oh ROFL, your new name XD

also, interesting....

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It's a ship name~! :cheery:

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Chapter 38...

Sky stood outside watching the go down slowly behind the mountains and then stop. All Sky could see now was a thin glowing light.

The day was ending now, and it was time to put away, eat and then go to sleep. Far away, Sky could see the other Tribes putting their things away and yelling at their children to come inside. The children, of course, wanted to keep playing, but they have to obey. Behind him, Sky heard his mother calling for him. White Feather was home already with sunsets dinner. Glancing at the mountains one more time, Sky toddled off with his toy.


Lying down between his parents, Sky hugged his toy tightly. He had no idea why he was light-headed. Listening to his parents, Sky stared at the entrance to the hut that was covered with brambles and foulsmelling weeds to ward off wild animals.

Sun Dancer rubbed Sky's back to help him sleep. Sky hugged his toy even tighter.


Sky woke up. His parents were gone. Sky looked around. The world was bright with a strange light.

Sky called for his mother, but heard no response. Looking around, Sky started walking until he heard a soft noise.

"Hello?" Sky called to the noise. The noise turned into small wailing. Sky started to jog towards the noise.

The wailing became shriller and sounded like a baby. Sky stopped when he saw a crying bundle on the floor.


The bundle kept crying as Sky approached it. Gingerly, Sky lifted the blanket. Inside was a baby. A baby with soft gold hair that had red tips. The baby was crying as he punched at the air. Sky looked at the baby with wide eyes.

Whose baby was this? Where were his parents? Sky touched the baby on the forehead to see if he had a fever. The crying baby had rays and beams of light shining off him.

The baby cried even louder to Sky. Hugging his toy, Sky rubbed the baby's round stomach.

"Sssh. Go to sleep, baby," Sky whispered to the crying baby. 

The baby went on crying but not as loud as it did when Sky found him. Sitting down on the warm floor, Sky rubbed the baby's soft hair and smiled at him.

"Go to sleep now, baby. It is sunset now, time to sleep."

The baby sniffed, whined and sighed from Sky's gentle touch. Sky smiled and laid down next to the baby. His arm draped over the sleeping baby.

"Good baby..."




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Chapter 39...

"Is there a storm coming, Spotted Wings?"

"How am I suppose to know? It's too dark!"
Spotted Wings snapped at his older sister, Red Snow. Red Snow frowned and peeked out of the hut. The sky was a black color with stars decorating it. The sun had vanished leaving only darkness. Calling Bird bumped into Spotted Wings hut. Spotted Wings stumbled out to see Calling Bird.

"What is going on? Where is the sun?" Calling Bird questioned Spotted Wings while looking up at the black sky. Spotted Wings shrugged, Red Snow bumped into him.



Far off, Wandering Feet was looking up at the sky. Where was the sun? Behind him, Wandering Feet heard the annoying high-pitched voice of his grandmother.

"Oh, Wandering Feeeeeet!?"

"Shut it. I can see the sky."

"Can you? All this blackness is straining my eyes."

Booting his grandmother back inside, Wandering Feet walked out of the hut grumbling that death would never come for that old woman.

"Burning Tracks?!"


"What is going on?"

"I do not know..."



BlackWater and Skunk Pelt were outside looking at the black sky. The sun had vanished.

"Is Sky alright?"

"I think so."

"Oh! I wish we could go ask, but we didn't collect enough wood for a fire!"

"Do not fret, Skunk Pelt."

"What is going on!?"

"The sun and sky are resting."

Skunk Pelt held his hands to his face praying that Sky was alright.

If anyone could see.

They would have seen Sky resting beside the Sun God.




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They would have seen Sky resting beside the Sun God.

I was right! :hooray:

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^ Alright~!  :)

That part has to be the cutest. :3

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aha, I knew the mystery baby had to be some sort of deity as soon as I read about him. more interesting again~

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Eeeeeeeeeeeee sky and sun baby are adorable

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Wee little bby's~  :3

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Chapter 40...

"Wake up, baby. Everyone is scared and we have to begin our day."

The baby snored softly beside Sky. Far away, Sky heard screaming. He had to wake up this baby.



"Burning Tracks, it was a just a minor mistake in the heavens."

"You say that? Why did the sun vanish?"


"No, I am sure it had to do with White Feather's leech."

"What do you say, Wandering Feet?"

"We will see. If the sun stays near the mountains later at sunset, it was a mistake."

"If it vanishes?"

"Then, it is White Feather's son."

The sun was high in the sky again, and everyone was working or hunting while the kids stayed with their mothers. Burning Tracks turned to Spotted Wings.

"Will the sun always do this now, Burning Tracks?"

"I do not know. If it does, so be it."

"Hmmm. How strange that a Sun God will do this each day."

"Sun God?? what is that??"

"A God."

"I know that for the love of- What does this Sun God do?!"
Buring Tracks barked at Spotted Wings who only looked up at the clouds. Wandering Feet and Calling Bird both pleaded to Spotted Wings to talk.

"A Sun God is... well- er?  He rises in the morning when he wakes up, he goes down to sleep and to let us now the day is done,"
Spotted Wings stated still looking up at the clouds.

"Hmmm. That seems more believable than Burning Tracks words," Piped Calling Bird. Burning Tracks frowned at him.

"You can not let your guard down with that child still around."

Burning Tracks stalked away with Wandering Feet in tow. Calling Bird and Spotted Wings went on with their walk.

"How do you know such things, Spotted Wings?"

"I do not know."

"You must-"

"Listen, Calling Bird. You and I both are having doubts about White Feather's son."

"I do not-"

"You do. We are both thinking that everything is a lie and Sky truly is the Sky God."

"Shut up! What if someone hears you!"

"You see? By now, you would've slapped me for talking like this."

Calling Bird sputtered and looked around before slapping Spotted Wings.

"Too late. You let your secret out."

"Oooh! Don't let Wandering Feet know about this!"


"We are already hanging by a string since Sun Dancer and White Feather got together! Any more trouble and The Peacock Tribe will leave!"


"Just, do not speak of this again!"

Calling Bird hurried off. Spotted Wings looked up at the sky again.




Late at night, Sun Dancer laid her head on White Feather's lap with Sky on her chest. Sky hugged his toy tightly as his mother ran her fings through Sky's dark hair.

The sun had vanished again.

"Look at you, Sky. You look like us."

Sky's pale skin turned as dark as his parents' and his light colored hair was now black. His eyes stayed blue.

"I don't know what is happening," Sky whispered. Sun Dancer looked up at White Feather.

"What's wrong, Birdy?"

"I- the sun..."

"What about it? It will come back."

"The baby..."


Sky's eyes were wide as he stared at the fire his mother made. Sky could hear the baby's soft snoring.

"I was in this room- a bright room... bright as the sun."


"There was this baby crying on the floor."


"I went to sleep next to him so he would calm down."

"Did he?"



"I felt this strange urge. An urge I never felt before, I knew what I had to do even though I have never felt it."

Sky pressed his head against his mother and squeezed White Feather's fingers.

"What does this mean...?" Sky implored to his parents.

"Why are you afraid?"

"Not for myself. Is the baby alright?"

"He is now. He has met his God. The God who will forever be with him."

Sky nodded his head. The fear left inside.

That's all he wanted to know.

"Good night, mama. Good night, papa."

"Good night, Sky."

"Good night, Birdy."




"Good night, baby."




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Chapter 41...

The sky was dark again as the sun went to sleep; Sky was walking behind with his mother and father as all three of them hauled back sticks to burn. Sun Dancer looked behind her and smiled seeing Sky struggle to carry his small bundle.

"Give it to me, baby."

"I can 'arry it."

"Come on, Sky. I'll carry it."

Sun Dancer stopped, stooped over, and took the sticks from Sky.

Sky's arms stopped burning when his mother took the sticks from him. Skipping ahead, Sky hummed as his parents' walked slowly behind.

"Do not run off too far, Birdy!" White Feather called when he saw Sky disappearing. Sky ran up and trotted beside White Feather. Soon, Sky's legs ached, and he wanted to rest.

"Pick me up!"

"Sky, papa is-"

"Pick me up!"

White Feather smiled painfully at Sky and let him scramble onto his back. Sky smiled and wrapped his arms around White Feather's neck.




Back at the hut, Sky was playing around with the beetles when he heard drums beating and whooping. Sun Dancer and White Feather looked up hearing the drums and whooping.

"What is going on, mama?"

"I don't know."

"Looks like someone from the Vulture Tribe is united or they have a baby," said White Feather, pulling Sky onto his lap. Sun Dancer clapped her hands together startling Sky. "Oh! That's nice!"

"A baby? Can I play with the baby?" Sky asked his father who shook his head no.

"Newborns are very little, and they need to stay with their mamas."


Sky sat back unhappily thinking about a new playmate. White Feather glance over at Sun Dancer.

"Should we?"

"Wait until he is a bit older. Right now he needs us."

White Feather nodded his head and patted Sky's back to help him sleep. The whooping and drums went on.

Far away in the Vulture Tribe, Skunk Pelt had untied one of his Withering Bark's sisters with one of their men.

It was a happy union, and Skunk Pelt was happy for them; Withering Bark was proud as well for his sister.

"Looks like she'll be a mother soon!" Withering Bark said, nudging Skunk Pelt.


Skunk Pelt looked back sadly at his own empty hut. It wasn't long ago when BlackWater told him that he couldn't give his wife any children. After that bad news, Skunk Pelt lost his wife to a disease in the skin before they were even united. 

Skunk Pelt decide to steer away from that kind of business.

Still, he felt lonely in his hut. With a tired sigh, Skunk Pelt looked up at the sky while everyone celebrated.




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Chapter 42...

Sky sat alone outside of the hut looking up at the night sky. Stars were blinking at him.

Everyone was asleep except for Sky. Sky reached up to the night sky to catch a star.

Far away, Sky stared at a strangely shaped object in the sky. It always showed up after the sun left. It has been doing that for weeks making Sky wonder what it was. First, it was a black orb in the sky. Then it started to change. It turned into a curved shaped gray object which reminded Sky of a dry reed.

Then it changed into half of a circle like a boat standing up.

When his parents were asleep, Sky would sneak outside to look at his strange friend. Tonight, it was full and hiding from the world.

Seeing it like this, Sky sang softly to it hoping to coax it out from hiding. The glowing object refused.

Getting up, Sky ran to the hill where he and his father always stood to look at the Tribes. The white object was still hiding. Sky made it to the top of the hill and waved to his friend. The peculiar, glowing orb floated upward higher above Sky's head.

Sky's blue eyes widened seeing his midnight friend. Slowly, Sky reached up to see if he could touch it since it was unusually close to him.

Sky touched the glowing orb. No one could see him. Sky's small dark hand rested on the white, cold surface.

Closing his eyes, Sky saw a small baby resting in her crib.

"You. You are the Moon..." Sky whispered to the moon. Sky pulled his hand back and watched as the moon lifted away from him and rose towards the sky.

She wasn't afraid anymore.




From the three Tribes, each Chief stood outside looking up at the moon.


Skunk Pelt held both hands to his chest seeing the moon. He didn't know why he felt like crying seeing such beauty.

"It's...beautiful..." Skunk Pelt choked out.


Wandering Feet reached out his hand towards the moon that seem to be calling him; his throat ached dreadfully seeing the moon.

"What are you...?" Wandering Feet rasped to the moon.


Calling Bird stood there looking up at the moon in a trance. What was this thing that was hunting him?

"Oh... oh..." Was all Calling Bird said to the moon.


Far away on the hill, Sky was dancing and singing his praise to the Moon Goddess.




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Chapter 43...

Someone tipped Wandering Feet about Spotted Wings and his doubt about Sky being a demon. Wandering Feet didn't tell Calling Bird nor Spotted Wings, but Spotted Wings could sense it. Late at night when everyone even Calling Bird were resting, Spotted Wings threw all of his belongings into a leather bag and grabbed his staff. He had to get out fast. Spotted wasn't afraid of Wandering Feet, he knew that if he stayed; it will only bring more trouble to the Tribes and Sky. Quickly, Spotted Wings tied the string on his bag and left his hut.

Looking back will only bring more heartache.

Trying to keep his ragged breathing down, Spotted Wings hurried past the huts and Calling Bird's. He couldn't say goodbye. For a long time, Spotted Wings told Calling Bird if something should ever happen and the secret got out, Calling Bird was to deny that he also had doubts and Spotted Wings was to take the blame. When Calling Bird finds out that he is missing, he'll know why.




Owls hooted and flew by above Spotted Wings head. Spotted Wings ran faster. He had to get away before the sun rose. Far away from his Tribe and Wandering Feet's. Far away from Skunk Pelt's Tribe.

Spotted Wings had to leave. Where? He didn't know. Spotted Wings crashed to the floor when he tripped on something.



Spotted Wings heart skipped a beat. Sky was getting up.

"What are you doing here!?" Spotted Wings hissed at Sky who was trying to get up; Spotted Wings picked him up, gently spanked him, and told him to go home. Sky looked up at him.

"Where are you going?"

"Away! Far away!"


Spotted Wings looked at Sky. Sky was holding his toy and waiting for Spotted Wings to speak.

"For you."

"For me?"

"Wandering Feet knows about my doubt; I have to get away to keep you and everyone safe."

"You don't have to do that..."

"I want to."

"Please don't."

"Sky, please."

"Where will you run?"

"I am meeting a few friends who will get me out of here,"
Spotted Wings lied as he looked around in fear. Sky looked down sadly at his bare feet.

"Will I see you again?"

"Why are you asking questions? You barely know me."

"I know you enough, Spotted Wings."


"All because of me, you are leaving.

Sky patted Spotted Wings on the leg. Spotted Wings knelt down to Sky and looked at him in the eyes.

"This is not your fault, Sky."

"It feels like it."

"It is not your fault."

"Then whose fault is it?"

"Take pity on those who hate you, Sky. They do not know."

"How come?"

"I do not know... all I know is that this is not your fault."


"Be brave, Sky. One day, they will all see who you are."


Smiling, Spotted Wings ruffled Sky's black hair. Sky hugged Spotted Wings goodbye. Holding his breath, Spotted Wings looked around.

Sky held onto him. Slowly, Spotted Wings hugged Sky back.

"Look at me. I'm hugging a God!"

Sky smiled and hugged Spotted Wings even tighter.




Sky stood far away waving goodbye to Spotted Wings. Spotted Wings was walking backward and waving both hands to Sky.

A long navy colored sheet of the sky covered Spotted Wings. Hugging his toy, Sky waited until he could no longer see Spotted Wings before going back home.




Calling Bird stood outside of Spotted Wing's hut with livid Wandering Feet.

"The fool ran, Calling Bird."

Calling Bird nodded his head slowly.




Far away from the other Tribes, Spotted Wings was singing as he traveled. Looking up at the sky, Spotted Wings smiled.

He will meet Sky again somewhere else in another world. He just had to wait.




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interesting. however, it's getting a bit hard to read it with all the ellipsis points, I think it would be easier if there was just one instead of three


more like this


not like this




with too much space in the middle that makes me have to scroll down a lot

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Okay.  :)

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Chapter 44...


A year had gone by, another line carved into the stick, Sky was getting slightly older. Today while playing around, Sky was too wrapped up in his hunting game that he didn't see the trap set out for small animals. A strong rope was knotted around Sky's ankle as he hung upside down from a tree- swinging back and forth, Sky screamed for help. Mainly his father or mother. White Feather walked up and found his son hanging upside down.

"Caught anything, boy?" White Feather quipped and leaned against the tree. Sky shook his head no and squirmed. "Help me!" Sky whined, reaching his small arms to White Feather. White Feather gently pushed Sky back and forth.


"Don't fret, Sky. Try to-"


"Sky, stop thrashing around and listen to me,"
White Feather said firmly and swung Sky into his arms so the blood wouldn't rush to his head; Sky sighed seeing his world right-side-up again.

"Sky, when you are caught in a trap or injured. Never make a noise or cause a scene."

"Huh? Who will come to my rescue?"

"When you caught in the enemies trap, don't let them see you or hear you.


"Do you want to be in any more trouble? Screaming like that will make you an easy target to kill."

"Oooohhhh... and?"

"You do not want that. You want to escape. "


"First step. Look around."

Sky looked around with his father; the string was still tied around his ankle.

"Tell me more, Papa."

"Everything clear? Good. Next, if you caught in a snare like this; find the weakest knot and start working on it until you are free."

White Feather lowered Sky until he was upside down again. Sky grunted as he tried to reach the rope around his ankle.

"I can't do it."

"Use the upper half of your body. The legs are no longer useful now that you are tied up. Push yourself up with the upper half to reach. Like this."

Quickly, White Feather climbed up the tree and hung upside down next to Sky. Sky smiled at him.


Swiftly, White Feather flipped himself forward and grabbed hold of the tree trunk. Sky watched in awe. It looked extremely easy for his father. "I can't do it." Sky complained. White Feather wasn't going to let that pass.

"You will never know unless you try, Sky."


"Do as I did."

White Feather waited for Sky to begin. Sky took a deep breath and swung his body weakly. White Feather told Sky to keep trying. Glaring, Sky tried over and over until he got it. Sky squealed with delight when he touched his ankle, but fell over again.


"That was fantastic, Sky!!"

Sky swung around while his father told him the next step. "Once you have flipped yourself up, look for the weakest part of the snare. Try it," White Feather ordered once Sky flipped himself up and hung onto his legs for dear life. Skys arched back burned because he wasn't use to being hunched over in mid-air trying to untie a snare.

White Feather watched as Sky poked and tugged at the snare.

"Found it!!" Sky crowed to his father. White Feather jerked his head sharply at Sky to go on. Sweat beaded up on Sky's forehead as he untied the snare; he could feel the tight rope becoming loose around his ankle.

"I got-"



Sky landed on the hard ground when he foolishly let go of the rope. White Feather cursed and jumped down to see if Sky was alright.

"Birdy? Are you alright??"


"This is my fault. I should have been holding onto you."

Sky's head rolled around as he looked up at the swaying trees. Sky looked at White Feather.

"Should I cry?"

"What an odd question. But yes, when you fall like that, it is best not to cry."


"But, since it's only me here, go ahead."

White Feather picked up Sky and let him weep on his shoulder. Sky rarely cries because he thinks only babies cry, but he couldn't help himself this time.


Sun Dancer scurried out from the hut like a squirrel when she saw White Feather walking up.

"What happened??"

"Oh, his lesson ended off painfully."

Sun Dancer took sniffling Sky from White Feather and cradled him close to her. Sky started to weep again now that he was with his mother. White Feather's eyebrow went up slowly seeing Sun Dancer fret and sooth her child. Now, Sky was only crying because he knew that Sun Dancer would give him the attention he wanted. White Feather knew his game.

"We'll try again tomorrow, eh, Birdy?" White Feather said to Sky who nodded his head.

"Tomorrow, White Feather. Make sure YOU get hurt and not our baby,"
Sun Dancer huffed and went back to the hut carrying smiling Sky.

"Sun Dancer!!" White Feather yelled.

Oh, well.




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Chapter 45...

"You see this, Birdy?"


"This is Turmeric."

White Feather pulled out a strangely shaped root that looked like an owl pellet. Sky wrinkled his nose.

"We use this to heal an wound and other uses."

White Feather handed it to Sky. Sky held in his hands before trying to eat it. White Feather gripped Sky's wrist to stop him.

"Let's see how it looks," White Feather told weary Sky who only shrugged. White Feather cut the Turmeric root in half. The inside of the Turmeric looked like a sweet potato to Sky.

"Looks funny."

"Yes, but watch."

Placing a stone bowl on the dirt, White Feather crushed the root until it turned into orange powder. Sky sat cross-legged in front of his father.

"Now what?"

"Now we save it in this jar."

"Is this the stuff mama used when a broken branch landed on you?"

"Yes, she also used this yesterday when you fell out of a tree."

Sky thought for a minute. Sun Dancer did pull out a jar full of orange powder.

"How does mama know how to use this stuff, pap?"

"Her father was a Wiseman, so he taught her when she was very young."


Sky took the jar of powdered Turmeric to Sun Dancer who received it gratefully. White Feather glared when his son came back with a small bowl of mush with raisins.

"Where did you get that?" White Feather growled when Sky sat next to him eating his mush with his fingers. "Mama. She said I was a smart baby and I deserve a treat." Sky said with his mouth full. White Feather honked and said he should go in next time to get some of that action.



A day later...

"Be careful, Birdy. Never leave your fingers where the arrowhead is. You'll cut yourself."


White Feather stood behind Sky as he taught him how to shoot an arrow. Sweating from the summer heat, Sky licked his dry lips and aimed his arrow at the bush where he was supposed to hit. He wasn't ready to shoot at wild game yet. White Feather lifted Sky's arms a bit higher and told him to take a step back. Sky stepped back.


The arrow landed not too far from the bush. Sky was disappointed.

"Do not fret, Birdy. Let's keep going."


Sun Dancer watched her husband teach their child how to shoot an arrow until the sun was beginning to set.

"Did you see, mama? I almost hit the tree," Sky said as Sun Dancer combed down his hair. "I saw you both, you did very well, baby," Said Sun Dancer. White Feather placed the prickly fence in the entrance of the hut to keep wild animals out.

"I wanna try some more tomorrow."

"You will."

"When can I learn how to mix herbs like you, mama?"

"Whenever you want."


"If you want."

While White Feather laid down to rest, Sun Dancer instructed Sky how to mix the right amount of herbs and water. Sky listened carefully.




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Chapter 46...

Crouching low in the high grass, Sky crawled alongside his father and mother as they watched quails that were cheeping and eating the seeds White Feather left.

"Look at them, Birdy."

"I like that funny thing on their head."

"Focus, Birdy."


"Watch them; We want the male."

"Why not the female?"

"If she has chicks with her, we must leave them alone."

"Okay. How can you tell which is the male?"

White Feather pointed to a quail that ruffling its feathers and acting big in front of the other quails. White Feather smiled at Sun Dancer while Sky nodded his head leisurely.

"That's him?"

"Yes. The male acts like that to impress a female."

"Did you do that with mama?"

"Maybe. Mama must have been-"

"I only picked papa because he was the dud and no one wanted him. Pity the poor fool, Sky."

White Feather frowned when Sky and Sun Dancer started to laugh at him. That was not true.

Sky watched a mother quail and her chicks walk past them without even noticing them.

"Oh, they are cute!" Sky squealed softly as the quail pecked at the seeds with her babies.


"We did a good job on these grass coverings."

"It's itchy though..."

Sun Dancer had to agree with her husband about the disguise they made. Taking out his slingshot, White Feather placed a stone in the pouch and prepared to swing it at the largest male. Sky grabbed White Feather's arm before he could take his shot.

"What are you doing!?"

"Going to-"

"No, don't! They are too cute!"

"So is a deer."

"No, not quails!"

"Stop, Birdy."

"They are too little for eating."

Sky whined and tugged at White's Feather's long hair while Sun Dancer was laughing at White Feather who was trying to get Sky off.


"What will we eat then?"

"Wait until the quails are older!"

"The silly birds won't grow anymore!"

"Forget it, White Feather. Sky will cry if you kill one."

Sky was close to tears and tugged at White Feather. White Feather sighed and let go of his slingshot.

"Alright. Not today."

The quails scattered when Sun Dancer stood up to take Sky home. White Feather watched the dinner run away.

Next time, he won't bring Sky. Sky never cared when they killed other animals, why did he care about a silly bird?

White Feather was annoyed when Sun Dancer told him that Sky doesn't eat birds because he loved them too much. White Feather and Sun Dancer had to hide the bird meat with vegetables so Sky wouldn't starve.




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Post a chapter later.

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Chapter 47...

Picking up his small spear, Sky aimed at a pelt that was hanging on a tree branch.

With a careful eye, Sky threw his stick at the pelt.


Sun Dancer came out from behind the bear pelt.

"Don't do that! You'll ruin the pelt!"

"Sorry, mama."

Sun Dancer pulled the spear out an frowned at the small hole in the pelt. Sky kicked at the dirt and smiled at his mother.

"Go practice on something else, baby. Not on the pelts I need."


Sky ran off with his spear while Sun Dancer patched up the hole. Far off, Sky practiced what his father taught him in the high grass. Small animals ran away from Sky; Sky chased after them hoping to catch one rabbit for tonight. Very soon the animals will hide for the winters.

They were very plump with fat and Sky wanted to catch as many as he could to please his parents and to feed them.

The winter was very hard for them all. It was hard for everyone who is lazy enough to slack off during the autumn season. Sky wasn't going to be like that ever. He wanted to be a swift hunter like his parents.

He was strong enough for it, why waste away your youth when you can be running and hunting?

But, there was more to life than that. White Feather taught him how to hunt and skin animals. Sun Dancer taught Sky how to cook and make medicine.

Sky was taught by both of them in growing, making clay pots and other useful things in life.

Most of all, Sky was taught to love and care for the earth and everything around him. Sky could do that.

Sky found his bow and arrows he left outside overnight and chased after a rabbit.

A rabbit with black feet.

Sky ran after the crazy rabbit that was filled with poison. Soon the rabbit came to a halt and laid there. Sky ran up to it to kill it. Looking down, Sky stared at the purple juice oozing out of the rabbit's open mouth. The dying rabbit was breathing heavily.

An animal knows when plants are not good for eating. Sky knew that one.

Far away, Burning Tracks was looking at him.

This time, Burning Tracks intention was to kill Sky along with his parents. He heard that Sky was learning how to hunt and was good at skinning his prize.

All it took was one foolish child to kill them all.


Sky stared at the rabbit before stabbing her. The rabbit stopped moving and died. Happily, Sky picked up his prize and looked over at her. Plump and its pelt was silky.

Burning Tracks watched, his wooden mask covered his face and part of his torso to help him blend in with the trees.

"Such a foolish "god"," Burning Tracks laughed to himself. Getting up from his spot, Burning Tracks stood up and looked back at Sky who would be running off.

Sky wasn't.

Instead, Sky was glaring at Burning Tracks with his bow pointed at him. Burning Tracks took a step back, Sky released his arrow, and it zoomed in at Burning Tracks face.



At the hut, Sky found that his father was already home. Sky hugged his father's leg and asked him what did he catch.

"Oh, fish- hey, where is your arrow?"

"I have them."

"You had ten; I only see nine."

"Oh, I killed a monster."

White Feather smiled thinking that Sky was lying to him, so he decided to humor him.

"Where was this monster?"

"Behind the trees."

"How did he look?"

"Like the trees. He had a wooden mask on!"

Sun Dancer stopped as well as White Feather. They both knew that Burning Tracks wore a wooden mask to hide his face.




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Chapter 48...

"Who were you shooting at!?" White Feather demanded as he shook Sky by the shoulders. Sky was too scared to answer his father. White Feather never shouted in anger at him. Sky's eyes were wide. "Who were you shooting at!?" White Feather repeated. "Answer me!"

"A- a-" Stuttered Sky. Sun Dancer came to Sky's rescue and took him away from White Feather. Sky hugged his mother tightly, tears gathered in his eyes, but he refused to let them fall.

"Stop it! You are scaring him!" Sun Dancer snapped at White Feather.

"He'll have more to be scared of when Wandering Feet finds out!"

"Stop it! Stop talking like that!!!"

Sky blinked twice. Wandering Feet? He heard about him. Giving White Feather one more nasty look, Sun Dancer told Sky to look at her. Sky turned to look at his mother. Her face clouded with fear.

"What did you shoot at?"

"A monster."

"What kind?"

"He had a big wooden mask on to hide his ugly face, mama."

Sun Dancer nodded her head. Her father always wore that mask. Sky shot at her father which will anger Wandering Feet.

"Why, baby?"

"He poisoned a rabbit! It was harmless, and the monster gave it Devil Berries!"

Sun Dancer looked at White Feather who was shocked.

"He poisoned it and was watching me as I killed it!"

"You killed that rabbit?"

"It was suffering."

"And? Why were you hunting?"

"I wanted to bring home food,"
Sky said sadly. He hated that monster with a passion. How dare he hurt the earth's children like this.



"Was this monster attacking you?"

Sky thought for a minute.

"No... but I wanted to kill him for hurting the rabbit."

"Oh, Sky... never kill to get revenge."

"But, he-"

"Never do that. It will not help, it will only give you more pain."


"You will have to live with that thought for the rest of your life."

"The rabbit, mama, the rabbit!"

Sun Dancer rubbed down Sky's hair and rocked him.

"It's hard to understand, baby. But when one hurts you or your friend, Mother Earth never forgets."


"Never, she has her way. Those who show her kindness and lives without fault, she will reward them when their time has come to an end."

"The monster?"

"The wicked will be punished by her and the other Deities."

Sky sighed and rested his head on his mothers' shoulder. White Feather felt guilty for yelling at Sky when Burning Tracks was the one who attacked Sky first.

"White Feather?"

"Yes, Sun Dancer?"

"Go see..."

"Alright. Sky, where was this monster?"

After Sky told him, White Feather left to see the body of Burning Tracks.


The body was gone.


An hour ago.

Groaning, Burning Tracks sat up. The head of Sky's arrow was stuck in his wooden mask and nearly hit between his eyes.

Yanking the arrow out, Burning Tracks got up to see if Sky had taken the rabbit. The poisonous rabbit was near Burning Tracks.

"Damn it."

Burning Tracks got up and went back home. Wandering Feet was swatting pesky children out his hut when Burning Tracks arrived.

"I never knew you had three eyes, Burning Tracks."

"What makes you say that, Wandering Feet?"

"The third hole in your mask. So! The kid got you first?"

Burning Tracks ignored Wandering Feet and went back to his hut. Burning Tracks swore on his life that he would never tell anyone how a child defeated him.




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he's getting pretty smart~

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Chapter 49...

As quickly as autumn came, winter moved in. The animals went into hiding, the trees lost their fruit, and the garden wouldn't grow until spring. While White Feather hunted and Sun Dancer made clothing from the warm pelts, Sky would hunt for frozen pecans, practice, or play outside. The meat was scarce, but the shamed family made it through with the help of friends, and a mysterious outsider who would leave them some food or herbs.

A few months later...

Pulling on his snug moccasins, Sky grumbled about how he wanted to play outside without them.

"Your feet will freeze, Sky."

"So? Just wait for them to heat up like-"

"They will."

"See? And-"

"But we will have to cut them off because they no longer have blood in them."

Sky ran outside with his moccasins on. Sun Dancer watched him from inside the hut and warned him if he was wandering away. Sun Dancer had to keep a close eye on Sky thanks to evil Wandering Feet and his sick-minded ways. That and Sky would gorge himself on the snow because it tasted good.



"Stop eating that!"

"It's good! Try some!"


"Come on! Let's put some berries in the snow!!"

Reluctantly, Sun walked out of the hut with berries. Sun Dancer told Sky that only for a few minutes.

Sky made small snow-cakes with sprinkled berries and gave it to his mother. Sun Dancer told Sky that they might get sick, but after eating the frozen cake with sweet berries; there was no going back.

Sun Dancer and Sky ate snow-cake after snow-cake until White Feather found them both groaning inside the hut.

"Sun Dancer..."

"I didn't think it will taste that good... ooohhh..."

Sky whined at White Feather to pick him up since Sun Dancer couldn't do it. Smirking at Sun Dancer, White Feather picked up Sky. His stomach swollen with snow. Cradling his whiny son, White Feather hunted for the herbs to help with Sky and Sun Dancer's stomachaches. After boiling the herb, White Feather held the bowl to Sky's mouth. Sky took one drink, made a face, and pushed it away.


"Come on, Birdy. It will make you feel better."

"I hate this stuff!"

"Don't say that word; the earth grew this, now you drink it."

Sky sighed and gulped down the rest of the hot drink. Placing Sky besides Sun Dancer and covering him with a blanket, White Feather turned to Sun Dancer.

"Your turn."

"Ew. I never did like that stuff."

"Come on."

Sun Dancer took the bowl and drank down the drink before she lost her nerve. Lying back down beside sleeping Sky, Sun Dancer thanked White Feather.

White Feather looked worried.

"What is it?" Sun Dancer asked him.

"There is a black cloud far away."


"It's the cloud of a winter storm,"
White Feather said, his voice shaking slightly. Sun Dancer looked at the pelts that White Feather will use to cover the entrance. Back at the other Tribes, everyone was preparing for the storm.

"We will be fine, don't worry."

"How do you know?"

"Hmmm. We have food, you are home, Sky is with us, and the hut is secure. We are going to be fine,"
Sun Dancer said happily to boost up White Feather's spirits. Feeling a bit better, White Feather smiled back at her. Since Sun Dancer and Sky were sick and White Feather wasn't that hungry, so he placed the spiky fence over the entrance, and nailed in the pelts. White Feather laid down next to Sky with a large blanket over him and Sun Dancer. Sky was snoring between them both. To know if the sun was going down, White Feather and Sun Dancer watched Sky gradually change colors. His pale skin turn a soft pink to a dark hue like them. His hair became pitch black showing them that it was night already.

Thunder rumbled in the distance, but White Feather was safe and warm with his family just like he wanted.




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Chapter 50...

While Sky was resting with his family, far away from the hidden Tribes, the town from the other side was in the middle of the storm. Thunder boomed, lightning flashed, the wind shrieked, and the night was pitch black as the snowstorm raged. The foolish who went out to get a petty thing got lost and froze outside in the snow. The people depended on the sunstones or warmth and used its rays to light their way and to keep warm. Sadly, they didn't collect enough of the sunstones that day because they never saw the black cloud.

Inside, families huddled together and prayed for the storm to cease. The snowstorm became even more powerful. Snow built up and trapped families or hermits inside of the homes, barns and other shelters. Fear grew inside of the people's hearts, were the Deities listening to their pleas?


He came into the world crying.

Instead of sunstones, the people were blessed greatly by a God.

He gave them fire.

In the heavens, a Goddess named Seikatsu listened to the cries of joy and songs of praise.

Nuzzling his small fist, the newborn God rested inside of the arms of his older brother.

Like Sky, no one will understand the newborn God.




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Chapter 51...

Sky stood outside watching the sunrise. His parents were behind him holding the stick they kept. Staring at the horizon, Sky heard it. The sound of wings of a bird.

His bird. The white bird with the rainbow train of feathers. It always came each year, and White Feather or Sun Dancer carve another line to the stick. Sky took a few steps and shielded his eyes from the sun.

The white bird was flying towards them.

"Mama! It's coming! My bird is coming!!! Papa!!"

"Now, Sky, don't get excited or it might fly pass us."

"That bird is not afraid of anything."

"Here it comes!!"

Sky was jumping up and down as the white bird flew over his head and perched in the tree. Sun Dancer and White Feather looked up at the bird that was chirping gaily; Sky scrambled into Sun Dancer's arms hoping to get a better look at the bird.

The white bird looked down at Sky and his family. Sky was waving to it and laughing. The white bird ruffled its feathers and flew away.


"Don't worry, Birdy it will come back soon."

"I wish it would stay..."

"Now. Would you like to carve the line, Birdy?"

Sky nodded his head eagerly to his smiling parents. Holding Sky in her arms, Sun Dancer watched as White Feather gave Sky the knife to carve the line.

"Careful, baby. Not too fast," Sun Dancer said quickly to eager Sky. Sky nodded his head and concentrated as he slowly dragged the knife across the smooth wood. The dark brown stick had a pale line from the knife.

As Sun Dancer and White Feather praised Sky, Sky stared at the lines.

Sky couldn't count, but there were not a lot of lines carved into the stick. Now, it was time to begin their busy day. Sun Dancer stayed by the hut; White Feather took Sky to the high grass where Skunk Pelt would be waiting on the other side with the basket and a gift for Sky.

This year it was a pair of moccasins with colorful beads sewed on top.

The beads were carefully sewed into the soft leather and made the shape of Sky's white bird. Skt was thrilled seeing his gift. White Feather held up Sky so he could wave to Skunk Pelt. It saddened Sky that he could not thank Skunk Pelt.

Heading back, White Feather went off to hunt while Sun Dancer did her work with Sky who stayed beside her. Sun Dancer went inside to collect the clothes that needed to be washed; Sky ran behind the hut to the garden. Sky loved to eat the rutabagas raw before his mother dug them up. Sun Dancer came back and found Sky on his rear with the fattest rutabaga in his hands.

"Oh, Sky. Find a smaller one."

"I like this one, mama."

"We can eat it when our father comes back."


Sky knew he had to share the food, so he pulled out a few more rutabagas until he found one small enough for him. Together, Sun Dancer and Sky headed to the river to wash the clothes.


Calling Bird was in the trees looking at them leave. Burning Tracks and Wandering Feet both failed at their plans to kill Sky, so it was now Calling Bird's turn. This time, he was supposed to poison their water.

Seeing how Sky was growing made Calling Bird's mind stray away from what he was supposed to believe.

Calling Bird spilled the poison onto the floor and broke the jar to make it look like an accident.


When Sun Dancer came back with Sky, they found a nice pelt and slab of meat waiting for them.




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Chapter 52...

Sky crushed roots alone in the hut, White Feather and Sun Dancer were out together hunting. Sky was trapped behind the prickly gate so he wouldn't get out, but it Sky wanted to stay inside the cool hut today. It was a blistering hot day, and Sun Dancer will take Sky out later to play by the river to cool off. For now, Sky has to practice with roots. Getting up, Sky dragged the water bucket to where he sat, grabbed the gourd and dipped water into the root powder.

Where Sun Dancer and White Feather were.

Wrapping a bandage on White Feather's bleeding leg, Sun Dancer frowned at the badger that was now dead on the floor. It was caught in the trap but scratched White Feather with its long claws.

"Ugly things," White Feather grumbled to Sun Dancer who only nodded her head. White Feather watched as his wife carefully tied the bandage on his leg. The medicine she rubbed on the wounds to keep it from getting infected still burned underneath the clean bandage.

"Are you alright?"

"Fine, fine."

"What are you thinking of? You look lost in thought."

"I'm thinking about Sky."

"Oh? What's wrong?"

"Do you think we should give him a little brother or sister?"

White Feather choked on the berries he was eating after hearing Sun Dancer.


"He is a bit older now, and I can't stand seeing him watching the other children play together. Sky has no one around his age to play with him.
" Sun Dancer pulled her legs up and rested her chin on her knees. A few days ago, Sky was staring at the other children play. If Sky even tried to get near them, a mother will come up and hit him.

Last time Sky tried, a mother hit Sky so hard it left a bruise on his face. Sun Dancer saw it all, and it took White Feather and another man to pull apart Sun Dancer and the mother from killing each other. Sun Dancer and White Feather don't take too kindly when someone hits their child. Even if there were no mothers in sight, the kids would chase off Sky as if he had the disease that makes your limbs fall off. Sky stayed by himself playing with his parents'.

But Sky wanted to play with a kid his age.

"Mama, why don't they like me?" Sky asked Sun Dancer one morning. The question broke Sun Dancer's heart. White Feather's coughing broke Sun Dancer out of her thoughts. Sun Dancer slapped White Feather's back.

"Well, Sun Dancer, how will you carry a child if I'm dead? I was choking on those blasted berries!!"

"I'm sorry."


Sun Dancer sat in silence before talking again.


"I guess if you want."


"Yes, but a few months from now. The baby will be born during the winter. That can be dangerous if it is small."

"Good thinking."

Sun Dancer helped White Feather up, and they headed home where Sky was peeking at them through the prickly gate. After White Feather put away the meat, Sun Dancer and White Feather took their child to the river to cool down.

Sure enough, other kids were playing by the far side of the river. Sky watched them. Sun Dancer and White Feather stared as well.

As soon as there is a baby, Sky won't be lonely. But for now, Sun Dancer and White Feather played with their only baby.




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aw another cute baby

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Chapter 53...

Summer was here and already bothering the Tribes. It was too hot to go hunting and making canoes, but complaining will get you nowhere. Sky was still little but helped his parents' with their work and hunting. Plus he wanted to learn in case something should happen.

White Feather and Sun Dancer watched Sky as he tried to catch fish in the net he made. Poor Sky sat sadly on the rocks waiting for the fish. What will they eat tonight if a stupid fish doesn't come? Sky sighed.

"They are coming," Sun Dancer said to boost up Sky's spirits. Sky only shrugged and pulled at the net hoping to see a perch at least.

"Nothing. I'm a bad hunter,"
Sky said. White Feather went up to the rock where Sky was and looked at the net. "I see nothing wrong with your net, Birdy. The fish must be lazy today."

"Dumb fish. This is my first time with a net and the fish won't swim into it."

"Oh, they will. If not, then you can try again later."

Sky pulled up his rested his head on White Feather's shoulder and sighed. Sun Dancer climbed up the rock to join them. The fish were not swimming into the net making Sky more depressed. The sun went up higher, the day became hotter, but Sky wasn't one to give up easily. After an hour, Sky heard the sound of cheering and whooping.

Far off in the Eagle Tribe, Calling Bird smeared red and black paint on the face of their new Wise Man. Black Eyes sat stiffly on the floor as Calling Bird painted his face. Calling Bird didn't like Black Eyes because he hated Sky as much as Wandering Feet and Burning Tracks did. But, he was the only one who was fit for this. Black Eyes was an arrogant man which made Calling Bird wonder how such a person can be so wise.

Spotted Wings was better, but he was gone. Red Snow glared at Black Eyes and refused to be part of this ceremony.

After it was done, Calling Bird made a mental note to stay far away from Black Eyes in fear that he would see that he believed what BlackWater and Skunk Pelt said about Sky. Red Snow stalked back to her hut burning with rage when she saw Black Eyes entering the hut her brother use to live in. Calling Bird knew how she felt.

If only everyone believed in Sky, then everything will be alright and Spotted Wings would still be here as their Wise Man instead of Black Eyes.




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hmm, I wonder what life will be like when Sky is a brother

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Chapter 54...

A month later...

After a few tries, Sky managed to catch one stupid pickerel in his net. Sun Dancer and White Feather had to praise Sky who was holding the dead pickerel between two fingers.

"It's wonderful, baby!" Sun Dancer said joyfully to bitter Sky.

"I don't like this stupid fish!!"

"You'll catch big fishes one day."

"I was hoping for one of those!"
Sky pointed at a trout swimming away freely. Sun Dancer and White Feather stared at their dinner swim away while Sky ran to catch it.

"SKY!! Don't you jump in that river, the current will take you away!!!"
White Feather yelled before Sky could jump into the river. Sky stopped, crossed his arms and huffed. It was embarrassing that he only caught a pickerel when his parents' could catch larger fish.

"Oh, Sky. Don't worry about it. We can dry it to eat for later."

"I wanted to catch a big fish."

White Feather and Sun Dancer smiled at each other as Sky complained. Sky was desperate and desired to help his father and mother in any way he can.

"We have something to eat, Sky. Don't worry."


"Um... we still have dried meat, Sky."


Picking up his net and pickerel, Sky walked over to Sun Dancer and hung onto her skirt. White Feather picked up Sky and told Sun Dancer it was time to go home.



Walking slowly and enjoying the day, White Feather and Sun Dancer talked to each other while Sky held his pickerel and looked up at the trees.

A dead snake was hanging over a tree branch like a pelt.

"Yuck," Sky said and pointed at the dead snake. White Feather squinted at it. "Look at that. A dead snake."

"Speaking of dead things, I heard that someone from the Peacock Tribe died of the coughing disease," Sun Dancer said to White Feather.

"Oh? Was it Wandering Feet?"

"You know it wasn't. It was an old man; he wasn't strong enough to fight it."

"Too bad."

White Feather and Sun Dancer walked in silence. They prayed that the disease wouldn't spread.




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Chapter 55...

Skunk Pelt sat inside of his hut waiting for Withering Bark to come back.

Withering Bark was with his wife in the hut where the women give birth. It was taking a while making Skunk Pelt worry. BlackWater was sitting beside him with a bowl.

"Do you think it is a boy or girl?" BlackWater asked Skunk Pelt. Skunk Pelt shrugged. "I hope it is alive."

A raspy squawk erased Skunk Pelt's fear; there was cheering inside of the birthing hut as well as a baby crying.

"Look at that. It lives. Boy or girl?"

"Hmmm. I hope it is a girl."

"A girl?"

"Yeah, maybe Sky can have himself a little wife when they get older?"

BlackWater pushed Skunk Pelt with his cane.

"Sure, sure, like we should pair Sky with someone from our Tribe."

"Why not? It does not have to be Withering Bark's child. It can be anyone from here."

"Over Wandering Feet's dead body."

"Damn him, let's go see."

Skunk Pelt helped BlackWater up and headed out of the hut with him. Withering Bark came out holding a squalling bundle.

"Look, Skunk Pelt! It's a boy!"

"Aw. I was hoping for a girl."

"Isn't he beautiful!?"

Skunk Pelt smiled at Withering Bark's new son who was still bawling.

"Look at his red skin; he looks like a pepper."

"You had red skin, too."

"We all did."

"Not Sky. He was pale."

BlackWater took Withering Bark's son in his arms to see how he looked. Withering Bark and Skunk Pelt yapped about what should the baby's name be.

"Speaking of babies, do you think Sun Dancer will have another one?"

"I don't know. Sky is old enough."

"It wouldn't be wise, would it?"

"... Why?"

"If they suffer, so will baby."

Skunk Pelt gulped hearing Withering Bark and turned to BlackWater.

"If they do, will it be a human of Deity, BlackWater?"

"I do not know."

Withering Bark took his son from BlackWater and went back to his wife. Skunk Pelt sighed seeing his cousin leave with his new son.

"If I get another wife, will she have a child?"

"From another man, yes. You? No."

"Why are all the other men fruitful and I am not?"

"Some men are born like that. Don't be ashamed that you are not like them."

"I get very jealous sometimes..."

"I would too."

BlackWater said nothing more and left. Skunk Pelt stood there listening to the men talk about how their wives were expecting a baby or calling for their children. Skunk Pelt felt empty inside.

He had no wife or child. It was embarrassing as well as depressing.

Looking up, Skunk Pelt stared at the lush greenery and spotted a dead leaf stuck in the leaves.




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Chapter 56...

Wandering Feet stood in front of the Sacred Bonfire and listened to Burning Tracks as he chanted softly and scattered spices into the flames. The heat was overpowering that Wandering Feet had to remove his warm cloak even though the night air was crisp and cold. Summer was ending soon and the night air was beginning to grow colder. Wandering Feet kept his dark eyes on the body that was in burning in the fire. Burning Tracks went around the fire and stood beside Wandering Feet.

"I am sorry for this, Wandering Feet."

"Bear Paw was bothersome, but she was my grandmother."

Wandering Feet threw in a few more sticks, praying that the Deities will guide her home. For weeks, Bear Paw has been sick and could barely breathe. After Burning Tracks gave her the medicine, Wandering Feet stayed close to his grandmother in case she needed him. Earlier that morning, Wandering Feet walked into the hut and found out that Bear Paw had died overnight; Wandering Feet knew it wasn't because of her old age, she died of the disease that takes many.

"Do not worry. She will walk home."


"It is late, Wandering Feet. You better get some rest before you go to the gathering."

Wandering Feet nodded his head, thanked Burning Tracks and went back to his hut. Lying on his side, Wandering Feet stared at the empty spot where his wife slept for a long time. A few years ago after Wandering Feet's wife died, he was given a soft pelt that had his son or daughter in it. Looking at it, Wandering Feet knew that it had died inside, and decomposed inside of his wife.

Turning his back to the empty spot, Wandering Feet went to sleep; his nightmares of a decaying baby screaming for him kept waking him up.




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super tragic :( and by the way it's spelled cloak rather than cloke. otherwise though very good chapters

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Thanks for noticing that typo. ^-^

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Chapter 57...

Calling Bird walked leisurely outside feeling the cold morning air on his skin; he was up before anyone else to attend gathering. All three Tribes will meet together. Calling Bird dreaded bringing Black Eyes with him, but it was a law for the Chief to bring its Wise Man. Calling Bird has been avoiding Black Eyes, but this time he couldn't.

Looking up, Calling Bird saw Black Eyes sitting outside of his hut wrapped in his bear pelt. His glittering eyes watched Calling Bird's every move. How long has he been sitting there?

"Good morning, Black Eyes..."

"Calling Bird."

"Couldn't sleep?"

Black Eyes did not reply to Calling Bird. Calling Bird stared at him for a few seconds before having enough sense to walk on. Even with his back turned, Calling Bird knew that Black Eyes was looking at him. Calling Bird walked down another path to get away from Black Eye's evil stare. The sun was not yet up, so the sky was a navy color like it was twilight. Calling Bird looked up at the inky black trees that swayed gently from the morning breeze.

Years ago when White Feather was a little boy, Calling Bird would take White Feather out for a morning walk. White Feather would run after Calling Bird to catch up because his stride was not as fast as Calling Bird's. Calling Bird would pick up his small son and carry him until it was time to head back. Those years vanished as well as White Feather. Calling Bird still had his daughters, but White Feather was his only son.

Calling Bird found himself at the river and knelt down to drink the cold water. Calling Bird drank his fill and splashed cold water onto his face.

A small giggle and the sound of a man's voice made Calling Bird look up. Far away White Feather was holding Sky and showing him a baby bat that was gripping the tree. The bat stared at Sky with large eyes. White Feather was talking to Sky and pointing at the bat.

Calling Bird stared at them, his hands still in the cold river. Sky dropped his straw toy, and White Feather knelt down to pick it up. White Feather and Calling Bird's eyes met.

Time seem to as stop as a father met eyes with his disowned son. White Feather was taking a morning walk with his son.

Calling Bird wanted to run through the water like a madman to be with White Feather and to talk with him.

But, Calling Bird couldn't in fear that someone might see them. White Feather stood up as well as Calling Bird.

It was still dark, but Calling Bird saw White Feather smile sadly at him before leaving with Sky. Calling Bird stood alone by the river until the bright arch of the sun showed over the hills.


Calling Bird walked back and found that Wandering Feet was already there with Burning Tracks. Skunk Pelt was there as well with BlackWater who smiled at him knowingly.

Black Eyes was still sitting there looking at Calling Bird as if he never left.

Although Black Eyes didn't follow him, Calling Bird felt that he knew what had happened by the river.




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at least the grandfather cares, now

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Chapter 58...

"Hmm, we seem to have a problem," Skunk Pelt said to Black Eyes who said nothing in response.

"There is a sickness going around,"
Calling Bird said to Skunk Pelt and Wandering Feet.

"Wandering Feet's grandmother died of it already."

"Oh? Did you burn her body?"

"Yes, we did. We can't let this sickness spread."

"I think it is already spreading."

"How so?"

"Red Snow had it, but recovered quickly,"
Black Eyes said roughly as if this annoyed him. Skunk Pelt turned to BlackWater and made a face; Calling Bird didn't blame him. Wandering Feet sighed and said that someone in his Tribe is sick. Skunk Pelt also said that a child from his Tribe died from the sickness. To make matters worse, winter was approaching, and that's when the worse of the disease strikes. Although the Tribes have broken apart, they wanted to stay close as possible in case they needed help.

The sickness was spreading rapidly, so the members of the Tribes built mud huts for the sick. There were a few mud huts for the dying, but no one talked about those.

Withering Bark told White Feather and Sun Dancer in secret after Skunk Pelt came back from the gathering with BlackWater.

For weeks, Burning Tracks, Black Eyes, BlackWater, and Sun Dancer made medicine for the winter. Sky worked alongside his mother and dug up the roots with his father.

Even with the medicine, Sky wondered if it will be enough.




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Chapter 59...

Winter has arrived, and the disease had already spread. Each Tribe had at least one or more members who were sick with the awful disease. Men and women walked in and out of the huts that held the sick to clean them or to give them the medicine that the Wise Men made.


The winter was brutal. Members from the three Tribes had to split their food among the people to keep them from starving. Withering Bark didn't forget about White Feather and his family. It was a miracle if one recovered from this awful disease and left the hut.

One of Calling Bird's daughters caught the disease and died from it.

The disease attacked Skunk Pelt, and BlackWater was doing everything he could to heal him.

Wandering Feet also got it, but it didn't stay long.

Sun Dancer was slightly sick but recovered.

Sky had not caught it nor White Feather.

The disease was showing no mercy to the Tribes. Each Leader had to keep up and help their friends in need.

A disease had not stopped them once, why should it stop them now? Late at night when everyone was asleep, Calling Bird would leave herbs and roots for Sun Dancer in secret. He never saw Sky looking at him.

BlackWater stayed close beside Skunk Pelt who was beginning to take a turn for the worse. Skunk Pelt held the cloth Sky gave him close to his mouth.

"Please, please..."


After helping White Feather, Withering Bark trudged back home to see his family. While walking in the snow, Withering Bark felt a painful squeezing in his chest, and he felt dizzy.

Withering Bark was not a fool. He knew what was about to happen.




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Chapter 60...

A month later...

Sitting outside by the hut, Sky watched the sunrise slowly behind the cold gray winter clouds. Sky could hear his father coughing inside. Holding his toy, Sky desperately wanted to see his bird. Withering Bark has not come by for a long time, and Sky knew that something had happened to him already. Sun Dancer was inside trying to give her husband the medicine he needed. White Feather could barely swallow.

Sky was not allowed near White Feather. Each night, Sky curled up beside Sun Dancer in the far side of the hut. Every night, Sky would wake up to the delusional cries from his father. Sun Dancer would sit beside him, feeding him the medicine to help him sleep, but White Feather would only wake up again like this in the morning.

Sitting in the frozen garden, Sky caught and killed small animals for his mother since White Feather was down with the disease. Sky often heard his mother coughing, but she was fine later on in the day.

Picking up the skinned squirrels, Sky ran inside and laid them on the straw mat next to his mother. Sun Dancer smiled, rubbed Sky's head, and left with the squirrels. Sky stole a peek at his father behind the curtain.

White Feather was on his back covered in a blanket. Sky gazed at his father silently praying that his breathing wouldn't stop.


A few weeks later...

Red Snow hobbled in the deep snow with more herbs for Sun Dancer who was waiting for her by the frozen river. Two weeks ago, Red Snow overheard BlackWater talking to Skunk Pelt that Withering Bark had died. Skunk Pelt was recovering, but his cousin was gone. Who would look after White Feather and his family? That's when Red Snow walked in.

Now, Red Snow was the one who was smuggling food and medicine for Sun Dancer. Arriving at the river, Red Snow didn't find Sun Dancer waiting for her.

Sky was standing on the other side of the river. His long furry pelt was dragging in the snow as he made his way over to her. Shaking a bit in fear, Red Snow knew that Sun Dancer knew that Sun Dancer was sick.

Why didn't Sky catch it?

"Where is your mama, Sky?"


Sky reached up for the basket that gave him hope. Red Snow looked around before handing it to him.

Thanking her, Sky trudged away with the heavy basket. Red Snow held onto her staff that her brother left behind for her.


Running to BlackWater's hut, Red Snow tripped and landed inside scaring him. Red Snow got up quickly and told BlackWater what had happened.

"BlackWater, he could die out there alone."

"I know, child. I know."

"Sun Dancer and White Feather are both sick."

"We can't tell the others about this, Red Snow."

"I know."

BlackWater sat in silence with Red Snow as they both tried to think of a plan.

"I will stay with him," Red Snow finally said to BlackWater.

Red Snow, are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure; I can't let him die alone out there."

"No, you better stay. I'll go."

"No. You are too old and the people need you here more than me."

"You can get into a lot of trouble."

"I know. But, Sky needs someone to help him. He is a child."

"If they catch you, what will you do then?"

"Do what my brother did. Run."


"Yes. No one ever checks on Sun Dancer and White Feather, so staying with Sky will not be a problem. When Sky's parents are well, I will leave my Tribe."

"Oh, Red Snow; this is too dangerous for you."

"I will be fine. If the worse happens to Sky's parents, I will take him with me."

"You will?"

"Yes, I will run away with him, BlackWater."

"Will you be alright?"

"Trust me. Don't say anything about me."

"I won't."

Red Snow and BlackWater embraced each other. The next day, Red Snow was missing, and no one noticed. Since Red Snow didn't have any friends, it was easy for her to slip away. BlackWater and Skunk Pelt prayed for Red Snow and Sky.

Sky was startled when Red Snow arrived at the hut.




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interesting. it's tragic that the nice people like skunk pelt and withering bark died ;(

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Chapter 61...

True to her promise, Red Snow stayed with Sky and his ailing mother and father. After Red Snow gave Sky's parents their medicine and fed them, Red Snow would do a few things with Sky like checking his traps to see if he caught a rabbit or to break off chunks of ice for water. Now that Red Snow was here to help, Sky had enough time to relax or play with Red Snow. To keep Sky from becoming scared for his mother and father, she would sit Sky on her lap and tell him hair-raising stories and play games with him. To keep Sky and herself safe from the disease, Red Snow had to build another hut for her and Sky. Red Snow had no idea how a long dark blue sheet was keeping them safe when it was time for bed. Sky would fall asleep in Red Snow's arms as she sang to him. As soon as Sky was asleep, Red Snow let her fear out. White Feather and Sun Dancer were not getting any better. Red Snow didn't dare go back to see BlackWater or Skunk Pelt in fear that someone might see her.

Especially that snake, Black Eyes. Red Snow disliked Black Eyes with a passion ever since he took Spotted Wings place. Red Snow missed her brother terribly and prayed that wherever he is that he is alright and nothing has harmed him.

The following week, Red Snow crawled into the hut to see if Sun Dancer was alright after hearing her moaning. White Feather was fast asleep next to Sun Dancer as she groaned in pain.

"Sun Dancer, are you alright?"

Sun Dancer groaned and squeezed Red Snow's hand weakly.

"Can you tell me what is wrong?"

"It hurts all over my body."

"Oh... I can give you this to numb the pain-"

"It won't help anymore. I know I am dying."

"Sun Dancer, don't talk like that."

"It is true. White Feather is close to it."


It was death. It was true. Red Snow knew that White Feather was close to dying, but he wasn't giving up. Sun Dancer blinked slowly and placed her hands on her chest. Red Snow rubbed her dark hair away from her face and wiped the sweat off of Sun Dancer's forehead.

"A child should never have to see his mother and father die," Sun Dancer rasped to Red Snow. Red Snow nodded her head. "What do you want me to do?" Red Snow whispered as she braided Sun Dancer's damp hair to keep it from getting in her face. Sun Dancer looked at Red Snow.

"Take care of him. Take care of my baby," Sun Dancer said softly to Red Snow. "If we don't make it, take good care of Sky and don't let him see us."


"I don't want him to see us... dead."


"Tell him why you left with when he is older. He will understand why."

Red Snow nodded her head, held Sun Dancer's hands and promised that she would take care of Sky.




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poor sky...  :'(

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Chapter 62...

A few weeks later...

Sky knew that spring was near when he found a green stem on the trees and that he could easily break ice from the river. Red Snow had to stop giving Sun Dancer and White Feather medicine and save it for her and Sky after Sun Dancer told her to stop.

Sun Dancer and White Feather were both far away from recovering, and it was only a matter of days before their passing. Red Snow didn't tell Sky because Sky was too little, and it will damage him inside.

Red Snow packed her sack and Sky's to leave the hut. Walking back to the hut to see Sun Dancer and White Feather, Red Snow found out that they could no longer eat.

So close, yet why was it so far? Why wouldn't death come for them? Red Snow sighed tiredly.

"Sun Dancer? White Feather? If you can hear me, I am leaving now with Sky."

Sun Dancer did not respond nor did White Feather. Red Snow took a deep breath and promised them that she would take good care of Sky.

"Thank you... thank you for giving me him. Goodbye. I pray the Mother Earth will unite us one day. Bye."

Red Snow got up quickly and ran out of the hut. She couldn't stay any longer; the longer Red Snow stayed, Sky would find out or worse. She had it planned out, Red Snow would tell Sky that they had to move, and his parents' would catch up as soon as they get well. Red Snow grabbed her sack and Sky's.

A sharp scream made Red Snow jump. Sky screamed again. Terrified, Red Snow dropped the sacks and raced to find Sky.

At the river, Red Snow found Sky in the snow trying to escape from Burning Tracks who was holding him down.

Burning Tracks held down small Sky with one hand and in the other was a knife high in the air aiming at Sky's chest. Sky screamed and hit at Burning Tracks, but he was too little to stop him.

"No!" Red Snow screamed, Burning Tracks looked up. He stopped seeing Red Snow.

Red Snow rammed into Burning Tracks knocking him over. Sky flopped over in the snow and crawling away as Red Snow and Burning Tracks fought in the snow.

Red Snow was hitting at Burning Tracks to make him stop, but Burning Tracks was still trying to get terrified Sky.

"Sky, run!"

"Red Snow!"

"Run, Sky, run!!!"

Sky got up and bolted. Burning Tracks and Red Snow continued to fight. Sky ran as fast as he could deeper into the forest. As Sky ran; he could hear Red Snow's screams and the cursing from the masked monster.

Without any warning, something hard struck Sky in the facing knocking him down.


Red Snow was still screaming and thrashing as Burning Tracks pushed her along.

"I should have known it was you reviving that idiot White Feather, Red Snow," Burning Tracks hissed to Red Snow.

"Why are you doing this!? Why can't you and Wandering Feet stop!!?"
Red Snow screamed at Burning Tracks. Her arms burned from being twisted behind her back.

"I hope you are proud of yourself, Red Snow! Protecting that devil-"

"He is a child!! Let me go!!!"

A small cry stopped Red Snow. Red Snow looked up and saw Sky. His face bleeding as he tried to get to Red Snow.

Black Eyes was gripping onto Sky's hair. Shocked, Red Snow stared at smirking Black Eyes. Sky cried and hit at Black Eyes.

Red Snow hung her head in shame.




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horrible :(

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Chapter 63...

Rocking Withering Bark's son in his arms, BlackWater sat outside of the hut listening to Skunk Pelt gripe about how he was feeling better, and he could get out now. BlackWater wouldn't let him. Mossy Braid came up and took the baby from BlackWater to give him a break. Withering Bark's wife was still sick inside of the hut where they kept the ailing.

Far away was the hut where the dying laid. BlackWater hated seeing that hut as well as everyone else.

Skunk Pelt pressed his hand on the wall of his hut.

"I can't believe Withering Bark is gone, BlackWater..."

"Oh, he is. Died in that hut over there."

"I miss him..."

"Don't we all, Skunk Pelt..."
BlackWater sighed. Skunk Pelt held up the necklace Withering Bark wore. "How many more will we lose?"

"I do not know. Wandering Feet's Tribe lost many, but you cannot expect them to live that long since they are all beauty and no strength."

Skunk Pelt shrugged even if BlackWater could not see him. It was true. The Peacock Tribe was the weakest, but their people were quite beautiful as the bird they are named after. Skunk Pelt poked his head out from the hut only to receive a small a whack on the head from BlackWater.

"How is Red Snow...?"

"I do not know."

"Do you think she ran away?"

"I saw her a full moon ago. She said that Sky's mother and father are near death."

Skunk Pelt gulped and thought about Sky alone.

"Red Snow said that she will be leaving, and taking Sky with her."

"She will? Oh, I'll miss him, but I don't want to see him suffer anymore here-"

Loud talking and running interrupted Skunk Pelt. BlackWater looked up in fear when he saw Wandering Feet and Calling Bird walking over to the scene.


"Come on."

Skunk Pelt crawled out already dizzy from moving too fast, but he got to BlackWater and helped him up. The sound of a child crying sent chills down BlackWater's spine. Skunk Pelt and BlackWater made it to the crowd and pushed their way up front.

Red Snow was walking in between Black Eyes and Burning Tracks. Sky had his face buried in her neck as he cried in fear and pain. Red Snow had her head up proudly to show the other members she was not afraid, but inside she was crying for Sky.

With all her heart she wished that she had left sooner. Skunk Pelt held one hand to his mouth seeing Red Snow and Sky.

Now, Red Snow will have to suffer for her betrayal.

Wandering Feet and Calling Bird stood stiffly as Burning Tracks and Black Eyes walked up with Red Snow.

"Red Snow. I didn't know you had left-"

"If you did not care about what had happened to me, Calling Bird, why do you care that I am doing this?"

Calling Bird kept silent an turned to angry Wandering Feet. Burning Tracks shoved Red Snow forward.

"Here she is. She was taking care of this devil here," Burning Tracks said to Wandering Feet as he slapped Sky's head. Sky whimpered and hugged Red Snow tighter.

"Why, Red Snow? Why could you leave him alone to die?" Wandering Feet asked. "Why do you care? Why can't you and your Tribe leave Sky alone? He is an innocent child!" Red Snow snapped. Black Eyes pulled at Red Snow's braid to silence her, but she yelled at him not to touch her.

"You do know that he-"

"He isn't what you say he is. I have been with Sky for a long time, and I see no devil in him."

Wandering Feet was burning with rage as well as Burning Tracks. Skunk Pelt and BlackWater made their way up front to see Red Snow.

"Was anyone else with you, Red Snow?" Calling Bird asked. Red Snow shook her head no. Wandering Feet knew she was lying, but nothing would make Red Snow talk.

"We need to talk about this inside, Red Snow."

"Fine by me."

"Give Sky to someone else for now."

Burning Tracks reached to get crying Sky, but Red Snow kicked him and said that Sky stays with her. Calling Bird sighed and told Burning Tracks to let her alone.

Skunk Pelt and BlackWater went inside the hut with Wandering Feet and Calling Bird. Sky clamped his eyes shut so he wouldn't see the masked monster and the monster with black snake eyes.




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Chapter 64...

Red Snow scampered out of the hut with Sky hanging onto her neck. His nose had stopped bleeding, but his left was beginning to swell shut. Red Snow touched Sky's face gently as she was lead into another hut.

"We are going to get out of this, Sky. Do you hear me? We are getting out!" Red Snow whispered fiercely to sniffing Sky. Sky was trying not to cry again because it hurt his bruised eye.

Red Snow hugged Sky close as he began to cry again from the throbbing pain and fear. Skt wanted his mother and father to come and rescue him and Red Snow from the monsters that haunted him since birth; Calling Bird was talking to Wandering Feet and Skunk Pelt, but the image of Sky burned in his mind.

Why was Red Snow with Sky? Where were Sky's mother and father?

Where was White Feather? Calling Bird made a noise, Wandering Feet shot Calling Bird a sour look.

Red Snow stared at the hut where she was to be held prisoner for her seditious activities. Sky looked up at Red Snow and gently touched her chin.

"Here we are, Red Snow. You can give us-"

Sky screamed when one of the men from the Peacock Tribe tried to take Sky from Red Snow's arms. Red Snow held onto Sky and glared at the men and women that were surrounding her.

"If I go in, Sky comes with me. Sky is safer with me than you."

"He is too little to be here-"

"If you care how little he is, why do you hurt him? Answer me that, Owl Claw."

"It is not my decision, Red Snow. It is theirs!"
Owl Claw said and pointed at Wandering Feet and Calling Bird. Red Snow glared at Wandering Feet and back at Owl Claw.

"How long will you be Wandering Feet's pet? A pet obeying every order for a scrap of food?"

Owl Claw said nothing. Red Snow went inside the hut with Sky in her arms.

"Why don't you let them run? Let them run, and a wild beast can eat them." Skunk Pelt said to Wandering Feet hoping that this will help Red Snow escape. Wandering Feet ignored him and turned to Calling Bird.

"Where are White Feather and Sun Dancer...?"




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yes, Red Snow should run away with Sky while she can

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Chapter 65...

Sitting at the entrance of the hut, Sky watched the people work while the children were at play.

Some were standing there and staring rudely at Sky. Red Snow was inside the hut, weaving a basket for Sky so he could have something when he is gathering pecans. Only Sky was allowed out since he was a child and in hopes that a lynx will drag him off. The children who were staring at Sky began to toss a few pebbles at Sky and called him names for being light-skinned and freakish looking. It was daytime and Sky shifts colors throughout the day, but Sky was not about to tell these stupid children that. Sky crawled back inside, curled up next to Red Snow, and asked for a story. Red Snow draped a warm blanket over Sky to make him comfortable before telling her story.


Wandering Feet burst out of the hut coughing and gagging from the horrendous smell of the hut. Calling Bird held his hand to his mouth and nose so he wouldn't inhale the stench.

"Are they alive in there??"
Skunk Pelt asked Wandering Feet "Alive!? They should be dead from that sickness!!" Wandering Feet coughed and swatted Skunk Pelt to give him room. Burning Tracks stood in the back with Black Eyes and BlackWater.

Calling Bird gulped. Why were they still alive? How long has White Feather been sick? Burning Tracks kicked at the stretcher they made for the sick.

"Well, who will go in?"

"I will."

"BlackWater, you are too old to carry an adult."

"I will."

"Skunk Pelt, you are getting over your sickness. You stay right here."



"Black Eyes?"

"No. It is filthy in there. I refuse."

Calling Bird pushed Wandering Feet out of his way and entered the hut. The smell was worse inside than outside, but Calling Bird made a beeline to where his son was. Calling Bird could hear White Feather groaning in pain behind a blanket that Red Snow made.

Pulling the blanket back, Calling Bird stared in shock at the scene. It was dark, but Calling Bird could see White Feather and Sun Dancer.

They were close to dying but were trying hard to recuperate after they heard Sky screaming a few hours before.


Wandering Feet held a cloth to his mouth and nose when Calling Bird came out of the hut holding Sun Dancer in his arms. Her face speckled with white spots and her blood dripped out of her mouth. Burning Tracks stared stupidly when Calling Bird laid Sun Dancer on the stretcher and covered her with a blanket. Sun Dancer had her eyes shut which suited Burning Tracks.

He didn't want her to see how he failed at being her father.

Skunk Pelt held his hand over his mouth when Calling Bird came up with White Feather in his arms. White Feather looked like more like dead branches than a man. Leaky sores covered White Feather's thin body as well as white dots. Skunk Pelt shut his eyes and prayed that this was an awful dream.

It wasn't.

White Feather could barely open his eyes, but he wanted to see who was holding him. White Feather looked up at his distressed father.

A small smile came to White Feather's face. On the way home, Wandering Feet and Black Eyes glared at Calling Bird who still had White Feather in his arms. Sunk Pelt was in the back helping BlackWater.

Burning Tracks was carrying Sun Dancer in his arms. Sun Dancer pressed her head against her fathers' chest, breathing in his smokey scent that she loved.




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dang, it would be amazing if they survive though.

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Chapter 66...

Red Snow was rubbing Sky's back hoping that he would go to sleep, but Sky was awake and looking at the basket she was making.

"Take a nap, Sky. It has been a long day."

"I'm not sleepy,"
Sky said with a yawn.

"Just close your eyes and sleep will come," Red Snow said to Sky, shifting him onto his back. Sky winced and touched his bruised face. The herbs and snow did wonders, but Sky's face was still beat-up.

"Close your eyes now."

"I don't want to sleep."


"I don't want them to hurt you..."

Red Snow smiled sadly at Sky. He was tired, but he wouldn't sleep in case something should happen to her. To help Sky sleep, Red Snow laid down next to him under the blanket. It wasn't long before Red Snow's eyelids begin to flutter and she fought the urge to sleep. Sky was already asleep by her.


A sharp scream woke up Red Snow who had fallen asleep. Sitting up, Red Snow covered Sky with the blanket before the cold air got him and woke him up.

Red Snow peeked out from the hut and saw Skunk Pelt and BlackWater walking past the excited crowd. Wandering Feet was in the back with Black Eyes.

The crowd was thick around Calling Bird and Burning Tracks. Red Snow felt her stomach twisting when she saw who Burning Tracks was holding. Calling Bird was leading the way to the hut where the sick laid.


Red Snow jumped and looked down, Sky had woken up and was getting out of the hut. Red Snow tried to grab him, but Sky was already running to the crowd.



"Sky, come back!!"

Red Snow ran out from the hut to get to Sky before he could see how his parents' looked. Sky was already lost in the crowd and pushing past to get to his parents'.


"Sky, no!"
Sky heard Red Snow scream, but he desperate to get to his mother and father so they can leave this awful place with Red Snow.

Red Snow shoved the other members aside to get Sky. Sky reached the front and saw his father.

"Papa!!" Sky screamed. White Feather's eyes opened, and he looked for Sky. Sky was running up with his arm outstretched to White Feather. Calling Bird and Burning Tracks stopped and turned around.

Sky grabbed his fathers' hot hand and held onto it. White Feather's hand squeezed Sky's small hand tightly and gazed into his sons' blue eyes.

"Calling Bird, for god's sake, do not let him see them!!!" Wandering Feet screamed at Calling Bird. Calling Bird and Burning Tracks turned around quickly, but Sky was still hanging onto White Feather's hand. "No! Where are you taking them!? Stop!" Sky wailed. Red Snow ran up and grabbed Sky. Sky was crying and trying to escape out of Red Snow's arms so he can run to his mother and father.


"Sky, please-"


Red Snow could feel the tears in her eyes as she turned to walk away with Sky. Sky was twisting around, still crying to his parents'.

Sun Dancer was awake and saw Red Snow's back turned with Sky still reaching and crying for her.

This time, Sun Dancer could not get to her own child.




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:'( this was a sad chapter

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Chapter 67...

Wiping Sky's tears, Red Snow hugged Sky close to her as she rocked him to and fro. Sky was still crying but not as hard a few hours ago. Red Snow noticed a few drops falling from the cloudless sky and thought it was nothing. The sun was going down already, and the air was growing colder. Red Snow hummed softly to Sky and closed her eyes.


Skunk Pelt took a painful breath and turned to Wandering Feet.

"Have you no heart? Look at him, Wandering Feet," Skunk Pelt said to Wandering Feet.

"What about him?"

"He is upset. He saw his mother and father, and you still imprison him and Red Snow!"


"Doesn't any of this hurt you as much as it hurts him, Wandering Feet?"

"Not even a little, Skunk Pelt..."
Wandering Feet said slowly for Skunk Pelt to understand. Skunk Pelt's head snapped back.

"Why don't you let them free? A wild animal could eat them both," Skunk Pelt asked, praying that Wandering Feet Feet will agree.  

"Ah, no," Wandering Feet said to Skunk Pelt. Wandering Feet knew that this horrible punishment was hurting Skunk Pelt and he wanted to keep up as long as possible.

"Why, Wandering Feet? At least let Red Snow and Sky come with me so you and Calling Bird can be rid of Sky."


"Wandering Feet, have a heart and let them both free. How long will this keep up?"

Wandering Feet shrugged and turned to leave.

"Please, Wandering Feet-"

"Skunk Pelt, I think you and your Tribe can go back home now. Spring is near, and the worse of the disease is over."


"I thank you and your Tribe for your support during those dark months."

"Wandering Feet-"

"I will leave at dawn; you better be gone as well, Skunk Pelt."

Skunk Pelt opened his mouth and said nothing. Wandering Feet walked away with his head up proudly.

"You need to know what evil is, Skunk Pelt. That demon that you think is a "god" has-"

"I know what evil is, Wandering Feet. It's you."

Wandering Feet glared at Skunk Pelt over his shoulder before leaving.

"Your wife would be ashamed of you, Wandering Feet! How sad it is that you became this..." Skunk Pelt called to Wandering Feet.

Wandering Feet gritted his teeth but kept walking and cursing Skunk Pelt in his thoughts. Walking past a tree, Wandering Feet failed to see Sky sitting on the thick branches looking at him.

Sky stared at Wandering Feet for a long time before looking at the moon. He could hear BackWater telling stories to the other children, but Sky was not allowed near them. Red Snow was by the entrance watching Sky.

Sky listened to the wondrous story about the Deities and spirits with a heavy heart.

Can anyone hear his prayers...?




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by the way I think you meant "a wild animal could eat them both" because "a wild" doesn't make sense. and wow that sounds pretty awful ;(

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by the way I think you meant "a wild animal could eat them both" because "a wild" doesn't make sense. and wow that sounds pretty awful ;(
Thanks. for catching that...  ^^;

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Chapter 68...

Bidding goodbye to Calling Bird and his Wiseman, Skunk Pelt left with BlackWater at his side and his Tribe behind him. There were more a few months back, but now there was very little. Skunk Pelt looked over his shoulder and raised one fist to Calling Bird as a goodbye. Calling Bird did the same.

Helping BlackWater up the hill, Skunk Pelt dug his staff into the dirt as he walked with Withering Bark's son was strapped to his chest. Withering Bark's son slept peacefully, unaware that his mother and father were both victims of the disease that wiped out half of the Tribes. Skunk Pelt rubbed the soft crown of Withering Bark's son. Calling Bird watched them leave with Black Eyes.

"Poor fools," was all Black Eyes said. Calling Bird ignored him. In the back, Wandering Feet was arguing with Burning Tracks.

"Do not tell me you are falling for-"

"I never said what you are thinking, Wandering Feet,"
Burning Tracks snapped.

"Then, what are you saying?" Wandering Feet said, crossing his arms. "I am saying that I will stay with Sun Dancer until-..." Burning Tracks trailed off and looked back at the hut where Sun Dancer was.

"I see..."

"You can go back, Wandering Feet. I'll stay with Sun Dancer."

"I thought you cut ties with her."

"Wandering Feet, enough."

Calling Bird took this opportunity to get away from Black Eyes.

"He can say for a while, Wandering Feet. No harm there," Calling Bird blurted to bristled Wandering Feet. Wandering Feet squinted at Burning Tracks.

"Why do you want to stay, Burning Tracks?"

"Leave him alone, Wandering Feet. Do you want to take Sun Dancer to your Tribe?"
Calling Bird said to scare Wandering Feet which seem to work. Wandering Feet sucked in his breath and agreed that it would be too risky.

"Then it is settled."

"I will return, Wandering Feet."

"I will be waiting..."
Wandering Feet said absentmindedly. Calling Bird brightened a bit seeing Black Eyes walking past.

"You can take Black Eyes for the meantime, Wandering Feet!" Calling Bird chirped, shoving Black Eyes to Wandering Feet. Wandering Feet made a disgusted noise from the back of his throat when he saw Black Eyes. Black Eyes did nothing but stand there stiffly. "Why?" Wandering Feet managed to say. "Well, if Burning Tracks dies or runs, you can keep Black Eyes since Burning Tracks messed up," Calling Bird said as if nothing was wrong with selling out Black Eyes. Licking his lips, Wandering Feet looked at Black Eyes and back at Burning Tracks. He knew that Burning Tracks was hiding his smile behind the mask he always wore.

"Come back, alright? We won't be far." Wandering Feet said desperately. Burning Tracks nodded his head.

Calling Bird and Burning Tracks waved goodbye to Wandering Feet and Black Eyes. Wandering Feet had his shoulders hunched, and Black Eyes walked proudly beside him.

"Glad I got rid of him,"
Calling Bird honked and Burning Tracks nodded his head before going back to the hut where Sun Dancer was. Walking back, Calling Bird noticed Sky watching him.




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Chapter 69...

Calling Bird sat on the floor wiping the perspiration off of White Feather's brow. White Feather groaned slightly startling Calling Bird. Sun Dancer was asleep next to White Feather, her hand holding his. Calling Bird desperately wanted help White Feather, but he was long gone already. Even though the sickness was takin over, White Feather would not go. Calling Bird knew he made a mistake when he let White Feather hold Sky's hand. Calling Bird cursed himself for being so stupid.

White Feather stirred and shivered. Calling Bird placed the warm blanket up to White Feather's chin. Calling Bird got up to leave.

White Feather held onto Calling Bird's hand. Calling Bird's throat tightened and he sat back down beside White Feather. White Feather struggled to open his eyes so he could see his father. Calling Bird held his breath, watching White Feather.

White Feather's blue eyes gazed longingly into Calling Bird's dark gaze. Carefully, Calling Bird touched White Feather's burning cheek. White Feather closed his eyes and nuzzled Calling Bird's hand as if he was a puppy with its mother. It was dangerous to touch someone who had contacted this disease, but Calling Bird didn't care anymore. Tonight, tomorrow, Calling Bird knew he was about to lose his son forever.

Taking White Feather's face in his hands, Calling Bird pressed his forehead to White Feather's and held it there. Both of them remembering the years when they were happy and together.

That early morning when Calling Bird held White Feather for the first time.

That day when White Feather took his first steps. Calling Bird was getting up to fill up the water jars, and White Feather wobbled after him.

That afternoon when Calling Bird held onto White Feather after hearing that White Feather's mother had died. White Feather did not understand and cried for days. Calling Bird would stay up until dawn with White Feather.

That day when Calling Bird painted White Feather's face to show he was no longer a child.


Calling Bird watched as White Feather left after being disowned. Calling Bird still had his daughters, but White Feather was his only son.


Calling Bird felt the tears in his eyes as he held White Feather. White Feather was smiling from the loving touch of his father.

After so many years, White Feather knew that his father still wanted and cherished him. White feather thought his fathers' was gone, but it never left.

Calling Bird and White Feather stayed there, pressing foreheads, cherishing the moment of being reunited. Words were not needed, being together answered it all.




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Chapter 70...

Late at night, Burning Tracks mashed up the food he had for Sun Dancer with a short-handled spoon he carved years ago. Sun Dancer was awake but kept her eyes closed. White Feather was asleep beside her.

Quietly knocking the spoon on the rim of the bowl to get the remains of the mush off, Burning Tracks crawled to Sun Dancer and patted her arm. Sun Dancer opened her eyes. Burning Tracks held up the bowl to her nose. Sun Dancer made a face, but she had to eat. Placing his hand under Sun Dancer's head, Burning Tracks gently lifted her head so she could drink the watery hominy. Sun Dancer's throat burned like a searing knife as she swallowed the food. When Sun Dancer pushed the bowl away, Burning Tracks gently lowered her head back onto the furry pillow and covered her with the blanket. Sun Dancer heard her father rustling around near the entrance, looking for anyone walking around. Sun Dancer heard him come back and sit next to her.

Already Sun Dancer knew that someone was walking by or nearby. Her father always did this when it became too hot under his mask.

Each night, Burning Tracks would remove his mask to feel to air on his face. No one dared asked why he always wore a mask and people forgot how Burning Tracks looked before he wore it.

Turning her head, Sun Dancer looked up at her father. Burning Tracks had one hand under the heavy wooden mask to wipe his sweaty face. Burning Tracks noticed her and smiled even though she couldn't see his face. Sun Dancer stared long and hard at her father who stared back at her.


Sun Dancer slowly reached out to her father and touched the mask. The wood that had designs carved into it felt rough as bark, but the paint was smooth as the rocks in the river. Sun Dancer always touched it when she was little even as she grew older. Burning Tracks placed his hand over Sun Dancer's, and sighed sadly.

Sun Dancer's hand went down to where the mask covered part of Burning Tracks torso, and she lifted it slowly. Burning Tracks gasped sharply, and he tried to place his mask back down, but Sun Dancer wouldn't let him. Sun Dancer firmly gripped Burning Tracks mask and lifted it up to see his face. Burning Tracks had both hands over his face and kept his head down.

Smiling weakly, Sun Dancer placed one hand under her fathers' chin, making him look at her. Between his fingers, Sun Dancer smiled seeing her fathers' eyes.

One eye was black, and the other was a dark brown. It was attractive for men in the Peacock Tribe to have different colored eyes, so why was Burning Tracks always hiding his face?

Using both hands, Sun Dancer pulled her fathers' hands away from his face. Burning Tracks was shaking as his daughter placed his hands on his lap. Sun Dancer smiled at him. Sun Dancer knew he father was as handsome as the other men in her Tribe.

The tip of Burning Tracks nose was cut off. Years ago, Sun Dancer's mother was caught with another man even though she already had a husband and Sun Dancer who was a newborn at the time. Burning Tracks wife ran away from the punishment for committing adultery. Since Burning Tracks wife ran off, it was Wandering Feet's father who was going to cut off Sun Dancer's nose so no man would ever want her. Burning Tracks didn't let Wandering Feet's father near and told him to cut off his nose instead. Wandering Feet watched as his father cut off Burning Tracks nose. After that, no woman wanted Burning Tracks for his monstrous appearance. Burning Tracks made a mask to hide his face from everyone, and the only one who ever saw him was Sun Dancer.

Looking closer, Sun Dancer stared at the raspberry blotches on Burning Tracks face from a disease that nearly took his life years ago. Sun Dancer waited by the hut for weeks when Burning Tracks was half-dead in the hut. Burning Tracks pushed himself beyond the limits so Sun Dancer would not have to live her life alone which scarred his face.

Still, Sun Dancer thought he was handsome. For years, men in the Tribe would make fun of Burning Tracks for taking the role of a mother since his wife ran. Burning Tracks would strap Sun Dancer his chest like how all mothers do with their babies and carry him around. Sun Dancer knew that they laughed at her father for his face and how he took care of her like a woman. The men would laugh when small Sun Dancer would yell at them until Burning Tracks ran up and carried her away. Sun Dancer saw nothing wrong with her father doing both parts since her mother was gone.

Isn't that how it should be?

Burning Tracks looked at smiling Sun Dancer, wondering why she was smiling. Sun Dancer waved her hand near her ear, beckoning her father to come close. Curious, Burning Tracks leaned forward to listen what his daughter had to say. Sun Dancer kissed her father on the cheek.

"You still are the most handsome father in the Peacock Tribe..." Sun Dancer whispered in Burning Tracks ear. Burning Tracks eyes filled with tears when Sun Dancer said this. No one but her called him handsome. She had done this for years, but it felt like Burning Tracks was hearing it for the first time again.


No one came by to see why Buring Tracks was in the hut for so long. If they did, they would have found Burning Tracks holding Sun Dancer on his lap as if she was a baby.

Both of them crying. Sun Dancer was happy that she was with her father; Burning Tracks wanted another chance.




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Chapter 71...

Sky sat in the tree next to the hut where he and Red Snow stayed. Sky often found Red Snow looking at the trees, planning their escape. Sky didn't want to bother her by asking if she had a plan. To get his mind off sad Red Snow, Sky looked over at the other children playing together and the adults working. Red Snow was inside whittling a slab of wood. Sky sighed and closed his eyes.

He hasn't seen his father or mother for days. They were still in that hut that he was not allowed to enter. Sky wanted to see them and tell them what was going on, but he was not allowed. Sky's mind wandered back to when that funny stooped-back old man who was telling stories to the children who couldn't sleep. Sky was hiding in the trees listening.

Sky loved hearing about the earth and her children around her. Sun Dancer told that story to Sky over, and over each time he asked for it. He couldn't get enough of it.


Sky heard another story. The story of a God. Sky's eyebrows scrunched together and thought about this story.


Looking down, Sky looked at Red Snow who had a basket for him.


"Can you go and find walnuts and pecans for me?"


"Be careful, look around, and don't talk to anybody," Red Snow warned before handing Sky his basket to go searching. Sky wondered why he had to go hunting each day. On some days when he came home with nothing, Red Snow didn't scold him. She put the basket away and sat down staring at the trees.

Sky didn't know the real reason why Red Snow sent him out. Red Snow sent Sky out so he wouldn't see the hateful looks people were giving him. Climbing down from his tree, Sky hugged Red Snow's leg and walked away to find walnuts. Red Snow waved goodbye.


Crawling on all fours, Sky picked up a walnut, scratched away the dirt and tossed it in his basket. Birds chirped and flew past or landed next to Sky. The hopped along beside him, cocking their heads at what he was doing. Sky sang softly to himself as he threw more pecans in the basket.


Red Snow sat outside, staring at the trees where Sky had left. For days, all she has done was think of a plan to escape this awful place. Red Snow's fear grew when she saw Skunk Pelt leave. Skunk Pelt couldn't do anything for her.

Red Snow stood outside the day he and his Tribe left; all Skunk Pelt told her was that he was sorry and that he will try to find a way for her and Sky to escape. Now, it was up to Red Snow.


Holding his basket with great care, Sky made his way back home. The sun was going down, and Sky could feel his pale skin turn into a rosy pink shade and his pale blue hair turning purple. Sky was too lost in thought to laugh at this like he always does. He was too busy thinking about the stories.

Gods? Goddesses? Sky knew about the Deities, but only one is more powerful than all of them combine? Impossible. It sounded like blasphemy, but Sky had to know. Who was this God? Did Sky know him? Was that baby in the sun him? No, it couldn't be. Sky heard that old man say that this God was born later after he met that sun baby. This God must still be a child himself. Sky scoffed at the thought of a baby helping him.



Back at the hut, Sky was lying on his side watching the flames dance around while Red Snow cracked the shells of the nuts.

Sky stared intently at the flames until Red Snow laid down next to him to go to sleep. Still awake, Sky thought long and hard about this God.


"Hello? No, excuse me- Greetings, powerful-"


I don't know if you are there... I don't know how to ask, but I need you to do something... Please, please help Red Snow and I. If you can't, help my mother and father..."

Sky stared at the flames that flickered.


Late at night after Sky had fallen asleep, Red Snow woke up from a strange dream.

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Chapter 72...

Walking by a cliff with two guards from the Eagle Tribe behind her, Red Snow scanned the area with Sky holding her hand. Sky squeezed her hand; Red Snow squeezed back, still scanning the area. Somehow, Red Snow could feel it in her blood that this was the very same place where her brother ran. If he was able to run, so can she. All she need was some time.

Day one. Red Snow scanned the area.

Day two. Red Snow acted like she had to go and she wouldn't go until she got some privacy. The two guards waited with their backs turned. Red Snow hid a rope she had swiped.

Day three. Sky distracted the guards by goofing around and bothering them while Red Snow scratched the trees with a knife to mark where the cliff was so that when she and Sky escape, they won't fall off.

Day four. Red Snow collected Valerian roots to make the guards sleep or make them sick. As soon as they were out of sight, Red Snow would get Sky and run.

It was all working out perfectly. Red Snow had no idea where this plan came from. All she knew was that it came in a dream.

A day later, Red Snow glared at the storm outside. She could run now, but it was too risky to run in this storm since it was night. Sky laid on his side looking at her. Sky decided to pray.


"Again, it is I. I do not know who you are, all I know is that you are helping Red Snow. Please, make this storm stop so we can go..."




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Chapter 72...

Walking by a cliff with two guards from the Eagle Tribe behind her, Red Snow scanned the area with Sky holding her hand. Sky squeezed her hand; Red Snow squeezed back, still scanning the area. Somehow, Red Snow could feel it in her blood that this was the very same place where her brother ran. If he was able to run, so can she. All she need was some time.

Day one. Red Snow scanned the area.

Day two. Red Snow acted like she had to go and she wouldn't go until she got some privacy. The two guards waited with their backs turned. Red Snow hid a rope she had swiped.

Day three. Sky distracted the guards by goofing around and bothering them while Red Snow scratched the trees with a knife to mark where the cliff was so that when she and Sky escape, they won't fall off.

Day four. Red Snow collected Valerian roots to make the guards sleep or make them sick. As soon as they were out of sight, Red Snow would get Sky and run.

It was all working out perfectly. Red Snow had no idea where this plan came from. All she knew was that it came in a dream.

A day later, Red Snow glared at the storm outside. She could run now, but it was too risky to run in this storm since it was night. Sky laid on his side looking at her. Sky decided to pray.


"Again, it is I. I do not know who you are, all I know is that you are helping Red Snow. Please, make this storm stop so we can go..."



Oooooh I wonder if we will find a new deity soon

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Chapter 73...

Red Snow poked her head out from the hut. The guards who watched over her and Sky were fast asleep after drinking the tea she drugged. A trick she learned from Spotted Wings. The rain was still falling, but not as hard a few hours ago. Red Snow looked at sleepy Sky. It was too dangerous to take him with her right now since it was still raining and it was dark. Red Snow had to check on the spot where she had laid out the ropes and sacks for her and Sky. As soon as Red Snow got back, she will get Sky.

Red Snow crawled out of the hut and ran off.


Feeling the cuts on the trees, Red Snow patted the trees to where the cliff was. The earth will forgive her for cutting the trees. If it was to save a life, then she will be forgiven. Red Snow felt a cut in the tree. Walking along, Red Snow felt the other cuts.




She was near the cliff. A few more steps and Red Snow will fall. Smiling to herself, Red Snow turned to head back. The rain had turned into a soft drizzle. Red Snow said a silent prayer of thanks for the ceasing rain.


Red Snow bumped into someone. Closing her eyes, Red Snow got up.

Squinting her eyes, Red Snow glared at the person she bumped. Black Eyes stood there. Red Snow sucked in her breath but didn't say anything.

"What are you doing, Red Snow?" Black Eyes said harshly. Red Snow stood up straighter.

"I had to go. Can't a woman have privacy when relieving herself?" Red Snow said as if she was bothered that Black Eyes saw her. Black Eyes nodded his head.

"What are you doing here, Black Eyes?"

"I was talking with Burning Tracks."

"About what?"

"That is our business, Red Snow."

"Fine, I don't care,"
Red Snow said coolly before shoving past Black Eyes. Black Eyes blocked Red Snow's path.

"What are you doing? Let me-"

"I know we have bad-blood running between us both, Red Snow."


"You don't like me-"

"And you do not like me, Black Eyes. It looks like we get along quite nicely."

Red Snow tried to get away, but Black Eyes wouldn't let her.

"I think it is time to clear this hate, Red Snow."


"I know you do not like me because of your brother."


"You do know I was not the one who made him run off."

"Go on."

"I was only chosen to take his place, nothing more."

Red Snow said nothing but stared at Black Eyes. The rain had stopped.

"So, Black Eyes, what are you trying to say?"

"Nothing. I am only telling you that we should clear this hate we created."

"Hmm. I'll think about it, Black Eyes."

Black Eyes gave a sharp jerk of his head and turned to leave. Red Snow sighed heavily and took one step to head back.

Black Eyes whirled around and punched Red Snow in the throat. Red Snow saw stars as she fell back into the mud. Her breaths came out in harsh sharp sounds like a sick dog. Black Eyes knelt down, grabbed Red Snow by her hair and punched her in the throat again to silence her. Tears smarted Red Snow's eyes and blood shot out of her mouth when she coughed. Her dark red blood splattered onto Black Eyes' face. Black Eyes slowly nodded his head slowly as he stared into Red Snow's fearful eyes.

She couldn't scream. Before Red Snow could strike Black Eyes, Black Eyes hit her arms with his staff. Red Snow wheezed loudly, still trying to scream for help.

Standing up, Black Eyes yanked Red Snow up by her hair, twisted her arms behind her back, and dragged her past the trees. Red Snow's dark eyes rolled around, and she rasped for help. Her thoughts stayed on Sky.

Black Eyes stopped and forced Red Snow to look at him. His breath was cold like the winter morning air which puzzled Red Snow.

"I didn't have enough time to deal with your brother, Red Snow,"
Black Eyes hissed. Red Snow couldn't meet his eyes.

"Your idiot brother ran after I tipped Wandering Feet off; it is easy to spot a traitor, Red Snow and I don't let traitors get away, Spotted Wings was the only one who escaped! I am not one to lose that easily, Red Snow. Do you know what his punishment was going to be?"Black Eyes said as he forced Red Snow to look down.

They were at the edge of the cliff. Red Snow began to panic and tried to escape, but Black Eyes had a strong grip on her broken arms Black Eyes laughed harshly and pulled Red Snow's head to look at the sky.

"Take a good look at the sky, Red Snow. Look at it."

Red Snow's vision clouded with tears.

"I'm sorry, Sky..."

Black Eyes pushed Red Snow off the cliff. Everything seem to move slowly for Red Snow as her life flashed.

Her parents'.

Spotted Wings.

White Feather.

Sun Dancer.






Calling Bird and Wandering Feet looked over the edge of the cliff, grimacing when they saw Red Snow lying at the bottom. Pink fleshy mush was by her head.

Sky stared at Red Snow.

"Wandering Feet...?"

"Looks like she took her own life, Calling Bird..."
Wandering Feet said, unaware that it was Black Eyes doing. Wandering Feet and Calling Bird stared at Red Snow's body for a long time.

Sky said nothing but stare sadly at Red Snow. He knew who it was.

Sky's head lifted when someone put their arm around him. Calling Bird looked down at him, his eyes heavy with sadness.

Wandering Feet turned around, Calling Bird yanked his arm away.

"I have nothing to say." was all Wandering Feet said before turning and walking away. Calling Bird left as well leaving Sky alone to mourn for Red Snow.
Sky got down on his knees, one hand reaching for her.

"Tell me a story, Red Snow... the one about the earth. And... how she never forgets, Red Snow." Sky whispered to Red Snow. Red Snow never answered Sky.



"Now, Red Snow is gone. You need to heal my mama and papa so we can leave this place. Please help me..."

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Chapter 74...

Skunk Pelt looked up at the cloudy sky, staring at the black silhouette of a Vulture that was flying high above his head. Skunk Pelt pulled out a wooden whistle that was the shape of a Vulture's head and blew into it. The sharp sound of a Vulture squawked out. Skunk Pelt could make the noise, but he didn't want to at the moment.

The Vulture came down to landing and perched next to Skunk Pelt. Skunk Pelt knelt down and blew his wooden whistle again. The Vulture dropped an earring on Skunk Pelt's bare feet before flying away.

Skunk Pelt picked up the earring to examine it.

A red earring; the same earring Red Snow wore.


Skunk Pelt stared up at the sky, his eyes closed as he prayed. BlackWater found him sitting there alone.


"I haven't been out of this hut for days. I don't want to head out without Red Snow. Black Eyes killed Red Snow, and no one is doing anything about it! Why won't you do something? If you won't do away Black Eyes, at least help me and my parents'. That's all I ask."




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Chapter 75...

Calling Bird sat outside, watching Sky snake out of the hut with the basket Red Snow made for him. His arrows and spear slung over his shoulder along with his knife and net tied to his belt.

Sky brushed the dirt off his knees and walked away with his head up, ignoring the taunting children. Calling Bird stared at him as he swaggered off. Calling Bird had not seen Sky since Red Snow's death which was four suns ago, but now Sky was going hunting. Sky stopped to let a family of quail run by and then he left. Calling Bird waited for him to come back.


Sky lifted his net from the water and found a flopping fish. After killing the fish, Sky placed it along with the squirrel he shot with his arrow. "Tree rats" Sky liked to call them since they almost looked like one. Picking up his kill, Sky went to the pecan trees to find the tasty fruits of the trees. Sky's heart ached as he walked.

Who knew that losing someone would hurt this much?

Sky sighed and picked the pace. From the tree, a bobcat blinked sleepily at him. At the pecan trees, Sky got down and hunted for pecans. His mind heavy with the thoughts of the people he knew.

Spotted Wings.

Red Snow.

His mother and father.

That bird with the colorful train of feathers that always came each year.

The stories.

"I hope you-"


Sky stopped praying when he heard a crunch. Sitting up on his knees, Sky stared at the leafy bushes that were wiggling slightly. Pulling out his bow and arrow, Sky aimed it at the bushes in case it was a wild beast. Sky's sharp steel-blue eyes glared at his soon-to-be attacker hiding in the bushes. The bushes wiggled more and opened.

Sky stared at the gnarled hands that were parting the leaves. Still, Sky kept his arrow up in case it was one of those Tribe members who "talked" with children. An old man hobbled out from the bushes, smiling at Sky. Sky cocked his head.

He knew this old man. He was the one who told stories to the children. Sky sat in the trees listening to him.

BlackWater stood up straighter, Sky lowered his arrows, but kept one hand on his knife in case.




"Help me if it is one of those people."

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Chapter 76...

BlackWater stared at Sky for a while before getting to his knees. Sky stared at him.

"You have grown, Sky."

"I remember you. Not your name, but I have seen your face before."

"I have seen you before, too."

BlacWater smiled at Sky. Sky held out his basket of pecans to BlackWater and asked for his name. BlackWater told Sky his name, and politely turned down his offer.

"You need it more than I."

"We should respect our elders, BlackWater..."
Sky said, holding out his basket loser to BlackWater. BlackWater shrugged and took out the smallest pecan from Sky's basket.

"And I should respect and obey our God."


"You, Sky. You are our God of the Skies, did you know that?"

"I have heard it before but found it hard to believe,"
Sky said to BlackWater.


"Well... everyone keeps shunning me and telling me that I am not, so it must be true."

"What they say is wrong. I, myself know who you are,"
BlackWater said, tapping at his head. Sky wondered if he should run. This man was probably crazy.

"And... how do you know who I am, BlackWater?"

"I know. I have seen it, Sky."


"Years ago when you were born."

Sky looked around to see if anyone was watching them. He knew that he and BlackWater were not supposed to be talking, but it didn't matter since Sky was a mix of two different Tribes.

Why should the "Law" apply to him? Sky sat down in front of BlackWater.

"Tell me again who I am, BlackWater..."

"You are the God of the Skies. Guardian of the Sun and Moon, and the Deities beyond the heavens,"
BlackWater said, sweeping his hand high above his head. Sky looked up at his sky. How can this be?

"Are you telling the truth, BlackWater?"

"Yes, Sky. You are their Guardian-"

"What's that?"

"Someone who protects his or her Deity with their whole life."

Sky thought for a few minutes.

"The sun..."


"The sun. I saw a baby there."

"Go on..."

"On the moon, there was a sleeping baby. A girl. Were they...?"

"Yes, Sky. They were the Sun God and Moon Goddess,"
BlackWater said as he drew a strange loop in the dirt. Sky looked at it.

"What's that?"

"The Infinity Loop."

"What is that?"

"The eternal loop that never ends unless Loyal breaks it."


"Loyal. The God of Life. My father and your father."

"My father is White Feather."

"He is also White Feather's father."

"White Feather's father is that sorry man who leads the Eagle Tribe,"
Sky said. BlackWater laughed lightly. He was glad he had patience with children. "Like the earth, Loyal is also called our father because he rules and cares for us all. Each human, Deity, and Guardian are from him and his grandmothers," BlackWater said to confused Sky. Sky scooted closer to BlackWater as if whatever he said, Sky wouldn't hear.

"He is your father as well, Sky."

"Like the earth?"


"Is he the God you were talking about in your stories?"

"How did you hear that story?"

Sky shut his mouth. He wasn't watching what he was saying. BlackWater did nothing but simper at Sky.

"Loyal. Loy-al. Loyaaaaal!"
Sky said loudly, adjusting to the name.

"Yes. Like you, Sky. Loyal suffers."

"How? Was he born from humans like me?"

"No, a God and Goddess are his parents', but they do not treat him like a son."

"Too bad..."

"Loyal suffers but hears our prayers. When the summer heat is destroying our plants, Loyal sends the rain to cool the earth and help our plants."

"Does he hear mine?"

"Yes. He heard you. This morning I woke up and found these for you."

BlackWater held out his hands. Sky peeked at the seeds resting in BlackWater's palms.

"Grow the seeds, and they will heal your mother and father."



Sky eagerly took the seeds and hid them in his leather pouch. BlackWater stood up and bowed to Sky.


"It was an honor to talk to our God. Thank you, Sky."

"Thank you, BlackWater. Will I ever see you again?"

"I pray we will, Sky."

Sky got up and hugged BlackWater's legs. BlackWater ruffled Sky's light hair.

"If I should die before we meet again, remember me,"
BlackWater rasped as he gave Sky the colorful bracelet he wore around his wrist. Sky thankfully took it and gave BlackWater his "tree rat" in return. BlackWater gave it back to him.


Sky looked over his shoulder and shook his fist goodbye to BlackWater. BlackWater shook his fist weakly. Feeling slightly better, Sky jogged back to his hut.



"So. I finally know your name. Loyal. I am Sky. You can call me Bird of Many Colors since that is my real name. I heard that you hear prayers..."

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That was a great chapter!!

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Chapter 77...

For the next few days, Sky watered and fertilized his sacred plant. At first, it looked like a cruel joke, but the seeds produced a white leafy plant with glossy leaves like the mistletoe his mother warned him not to eat. Sky grew the plant inside of his hut so the stupid kids would not tear it out from the ground and poked a hole through the roof so it can get some sunshine. On rainy days, Sky let it have its drink and covered it carefully with a large pot so it wouldn't drown. The hunt became wet inside, but it didn't matter.

One day, while lugging river water, Sky was stopped by Calling Bird. Sky was in no mood to talk, so he pushed past Calling Bird.


Sky said with an eye-roll. Calling Bird walked over to Sky and looked at his pot. "Why are you always carrying that water jug? I see you dragging water into your hut, why?" Calling Bird asked like a silly child.

"I get thirsty late at night."

"I know that's not the truth."

Sky gave Calling Bird a nasty look before walking away. Water splashed out and onto Sky's pants. Sky frowned but kept walking. A few kids threw rocks at Sky but stopped and ran when Calling Bird looked at them. Quickly, Calling Bird trodden to Sky and took the pot from him and carried it back to Sky's hut with Sky at his heels.

"Thank you kindly," Sky said, picked up his pot, and crawled inside. Calling Bird stood outside for a few minutes. Sky poked out his head.

"You are not going to go away unless you get an answer, right?" Sky said flatly. Calling Bird eyes screwed up to the trees. This kid sounded too much like his father. "I guess not..." Calling Bird said sheepishly. Sky sighed and looked around.

"I'll show you if you promise not to tell anyone, alright?"

"You have my word."

"Okay, come on inside,"
Sky said and went back inside. Calling Bird crawled after him.


Sitting crossed-legged, Calling Bird watched Sky water a glossy plant. It was unlike any other plant Calling Bird had seen. Spotted Wings had shown him all sorts, but this was different. Sky pruned a few leaves before using his small broken spoon to fertilize it.

Sky washed his hands and sat down far away from Calling Bird. Clearing his throat, Calling Bird stared intently at the plant.
"Well? Seen enough?"

"What is it, Sky?"

"It doesn't have a name. It is something I prayed for."

"You prayed for it?"

"Yes. I prayed for something to heal my mama and papa, and Loyal sent this to me."

"What will it do? It looks surreal and poisonous."

"It isn't. Someone told me that this plant will heal my parents'."


Sky didn't answer Calling Bird. His long fingers gently caressed the leaves. Calling Bird gazed at the plant.
Sky must be telling the truth, or was this a lie? Looking at Sky and his plant filled Calling Bird with the hope that he thought was lost. Calling Bird had been praying too, was this the answer? It didn't matter if it wasn't given to him, all Calling Bird wanted was for White Feather to live. If White Feather pulls through with this plant, Calling Bird will take him and his family back, and the Peacock Tribe be damned. Calling Bird looked up.

"When will it be ready?"

Sky was surprised. Why does Calling Bird care all of a sudden? "I don't know yet. It's still small," Sky found himself saying to Calling Bird. Looking at the plant again, Calling Bird felt hope growing inside of him.



The next day, Calling Bird was in Sky's hut again helping him prune the plant. Sky was still fidgety with Calling Bird since he does nothing to help him with these monsters, but seeing how hopeful Calling Bird, Sky pitied Calling Bird.

After tending to the plant, Calling Bird would talk with Sky and look at the plant before leaving. A few days later, Sky told Calling Bird what the "forest spirit" told him when he first received the seeds.

Calling Bird couldn't tell if it was Skunk Pelt or BlackWater who told Sky, but it didn't matter. When Calling Bird stood up to leave, Sky fell off his lap. Startled, Calling Bird and Sky stared at each other in shock. How long were they like that?


Then Sky burst out laughing. Calling Bird tried to be stern and scold Sky that he was too big to be sitting on a lap, but Sky's happy laughter made him start laughing as well.

Not only was this a healing plant; it was also healing the wound that bled inside of Calling Bird and Sky for years.


"Loyal? When will my plant be ready? Is this all a dream? Is Calling Bird finally accepting me?"




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Chapter 78...

Sky clipped off a few leaves and ate them to test if they would heal the blister on his bottom lip.

It worked!

Sky was overjoyed when the plant healed the pesky blister on his lip that he ran out to find Calling Bird. Standing outside, Sky heard that Calling Bird was out hunting with a few of the men and would not return until night. Sky was disappointed but told himself to be patient. He couldn't give the plant to the Masked Monster because he wouldn't trust him since it was blind to believe who Sky was.

Sky would give it to Calling Bird who would give it to the Masked Monster for White Feather and Sun Dancer Simple as that.

Seeing that he was out of food, Sky left to go hunting as well. Joy was bursting in Sky's heart.



Walking back to the hut with Wandering Feet and Black Eyes, Calling Bird talked with Burning Tracks about White Feather. Burning Tracks rarely answered and kept his head down.

What can he say? They were not getting any better, and they both took a turn for the worst despite how long they held on. Any day now and White Feather or Sun Dancer could leave. Burning Tracks hated seeing Sun Dancer like this. Picking up his head, Burning Tracks stole a look at Black Eyes. Black Eyes stared straight ahead and ignored the chatter around him.


Sky scampered up the hill with a few fish in a basket. He saw Calling Bird's team walking back, and Sky hurried to get home. Avoiding the Peacock Tribe who were leaving, Sky ran to his hut and crawled in expecting to see his plant.

Sky stopped.

His plant from Loyal was ripped out from the pot and torn on the floor. The leaves were crushed into the wet dirt and ripped apart. Animal droppings coated some of the leaves and splattered all over the plant. Sky's eyes were wide as he stared at his plant.

Sky knew he couldn't save his plant. The plant was damaged, and the animal droppings made it unsafe to consume. Seeing the plant, Sky felt destroyed along with it.


Hiding his face in his blanket, Sky screamed in anger and defeat. Tears poured out from his shut eyes and onto the furry pelt. Sky screamed until his throat became sore. Lying on his side, Sky cried beside his plant.


"Oh, Loyal. An animal came in a destroyed my plant! How will I heal my mama and papa now?? I put the bramble over the entrance and still, an animal came in! Not the wild animal, but a human! A human did this to my plant. Who was the person who ruined my plant?? How will I get out now?

Do something."

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Chapter 79...

Hiding his face in his knees, Sky sat hunched up weeping. Sky didn't tell Calling Bird because he was forbidden to talk to the Leader of the Eagle Tribe. Turning his head, Sky felt the tears dampen the knees of his pants.

Inside the hut, the plant was beginning to turn a brown color. The thought of it made fresh tears in Sky's eyes. He didn't talk to anyone not even pray to Loyal. The shame and pain were suffocating Sky that he started to cough. He knew that his mother and father were hanging on for him. Sky had the medicine, but an evil person took it all away from him and his parents'.

Sky knew it was pointless to pray to Loyal for more. The dank scent of death hovered near the hut where Sun Dancer and White Feather were.

"Please... give me more time and seeds, Loyal. I'm not ready to lose them...

Sky cried harder because he heard nothing from Loyal. Far away, a fire flame flickered. Sky wiped his eyes.

It was too late already. Sky had failed. He failed them all.


Standing up, Sky walked to the hut where his parents' were. No one saw him walking to it.

Sky crawled inside the hut.




"Oh, Loyal... please. Please do something. Not for me, but for them."

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Chapter 80...

The fire was going out but gave out enough light for Sky to see. Breathing softly, Sky was on his knees looking at his mother and father. The stench of disease and pus permeated the hut, but Sky never left. Sky has not seen his parents' since the day they caught he and Red Snow and kept them here as prisoners. The same hand Sky held White Feather's felt numb. After rubbing life back into it, Sky crawled over in the middle of the mats. White Feather on the left. Sun Dancer on the right. Sky in the middle.


Sky turned his head when he heard White Feather moan. Sky smoothed back White Feather's damp hair away from his hot face and patted his cheek to wake him up from his delusional dream. White Feather opened his eyes; his blurred vision came to focus. Sky was looking at him. White Feather blinked a few times to see if Sky was real and not another illusion. Sky stayed there looking at him.

"Papa..." Sky whispered, touching White Feather's face. White Feather smiled weakly and held Sky's small hand to his face; feeling his Sky's soft touch. Swallowing the hard lump in his throat, Sky hunkered down so his face could be next to White Feather's cheek. White Feather closed his eyes.

"Papa... tell him to go away," Sky said to his father.


The sweet dark voice of Death was vocalizing outside of the hut. It was far, but they could hear it. Sky pressed his face hard against White Feather's cheek. Lifting his hand, White Feather placed it on Sky's head. Tears came to his eyes. Using the last ounce of energy he had, White Feather turned his head to look at Sky's face. He couldn't speak, his steel-blue eyes said it all:

"I'm sorry... Forgive those who do not know."

Tears clouded Sky's eyes as he pressed his forehead to White Feather's and rubbed it like a cat. White Feather closed his eyes and did the same for Sky.

The voice was getting closer.


Sky laid down between his parents and looked over to Sun Dancer. Sun Dancer was awake and looking at Sky. Her once smooth face was marked with spots and scars from the disease. And yet, her smile was beautiful. Sky reached out to Sun Dancer's outstretched hand and their fingers entwined. Sky stared at his mothers' steel-blue eyes that matched his and White Feather's. Sun Dancer gazed sadly at her son who was trying not to cry. Slowly, Sun Dancer wiped away Sky's tears that were falling.

"Mama..." Sky whimpered and touched Sun Dancer's face. Sun Dancer could feel her tears falling. She didn't want Sky to see her crying, but she couldn't hold back her tears. "Mama... tell him to stop singing," Sky said, pointing at the entrance. Sun Dancer had heard the voice long ago. It wasn't for her or White Feather yet. It was for someone else. Sky pressed his forehead to Sun Dancer's. Her forehead hot with fever but Sky didn't notice. Sun Dancer rubbed her forehead to Sky's. Sky heard her voice even though she never said a word.

"I love you. Your father and I both love you, Sky... forgive us both. We love you so much that we can't find the words to express it. Be brave and keep fighting."


Sky was sitting up, his hands holding White Feather's and Sun Dancer's. The singing was inside now that Sky wondered if the person was inside with them.


"Please, Loyal..."


"Please, Mother Earth..."


"Please give Sky the love you have given us... let him feel it in his darkest hours..."


The singing stopped. Sky lifted his head. The warmth was leaving White Feather's and Sun Dancer's hands.


Sky looked at his father. His chest was no longer moving. Sky gently prodded him.

"Papa? Papa, wake up. Wake up, the singing stopped. Wake up."

Sky knew he was gone, but he was not ready.

"Papa? Papa, please wake up. We have to go home. You, me, and mama are going home. Wake up so we can go and leave this awful place. Papa?"

White Feather's cold hand fell from Sky's. Sky turned to Sun Dancer.

"Mama? Mama, tell Papa to wake up. Please, Mama. Wake up, wake up. Mama?"

Sun Dancer never moved. Sky began to cry, praying that Sun Dancer will wake up to his crying.

"Mama, don't leave me. Don't leave me in this awful place. Take me with you and Papa. Don't leave. Papa? Papa, don't leave me. Take me with you and mama, Papa. Come back so we can go home. Mama? Papa? Don't leave me here alone. Please! Please come back so we can go home. Take me with you- come back- I don't know anymore, please don't leave me here alone. I don't want- I don't- please don't leave me."

Sky's tears wet the soft dirt. Sun Dancer and White Feather were gone. Sky was alone. Hiding his face in his arms, Sky wept for his parents'. The aching cold of being alone and the shattering of his heart tore at Sky. Sky rocked back and forth, crying.



Sky looked up when he heard someone enter the hut. 

Wandering Feet was there as well. His dark eyes burned with hatred. Sky didn't move. Behind Wandering Feet, Calling Bird held one hand to his mouth when he saw Sky. A few minutes ago, he found the plant but not Sky.

Calling Bird raced to get to Sky, but Wandering Feet found out first.

Sky stared at them both. He couldn't run. He knew that he was in trouble for being near White Feather and Sun Dancer.




"Loyal...? I don't know what to do... They are coming! The masked monster and the monster with black eyes are coming for me!! Loyal, please protect me!




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Chapter 81...

Sky trembled and squeezed his wrists as he knelt in front of the Tribe Leaders and their Wise Men. Wandering Feet looked at Calling Bird. Black Eyes? Black Eyes was smiling at terrified Sky. Every member from the Peacock and Eagle Tribe were there. Sky held back his tears.

"Why were you there with your parent's dead bodies?"

"I wanted to see them."

"Don't you have any respect for a resting body?"

"He doesn't. What can you expect from a demon?"

"Loyal, get me out of here..."

"I needed to see them for one last time."


"They are my parents..."

"Do you know how wrong it is to touch a deceased body?"

"No. The others get to do it, why can't I?"

Wandering Feet slapped Sky hard across the face. There was a flurry of whispers.


"For you, it is very wrong."

"Why? I want to know."

"A spirit is arising from the body, they must not be disturbed by some child of the devil! Is that why you were in there? To steal your parents' spirits?"

"I- I wasn't-"

"Shut up."

"I'm sorry, but I wasn't stealing-"

"How dare you talk when we said no."

Calling Bird said nothing. Wandering Feet and Black Eyes were the only ones questioning Sky. Sky looked at Calling Bird for help.

Calling Bird looked away.

Sky did nothing but hug himself wishing his mother was here to hold him. Everyone in the tribe stared at the Sky.

"Loyal, help!"

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing. I'm just..."

Crying now, Sky covered his face with his hands.

"I want to go home!"

"What home? You have no one."

"I want to go home!!"

"What were you whispering?"

"I was just talking to myself..."

"To yourself, or your father, the devil?"

"No! I wasn't talking to him!"

"Look at him. Look at the child of the devil on the floor."

Everyone in the tribe began to laugh at the Sky crying on the floor. Mud was thrown at him along with rocks, and the fecal matter of the animals.

Sky curled up into a ball still crying.


The jeering went on.


While Wandering Feet and Black Eyes ridiculed Sky along with the other members, Calling Bird did nothing but stare at the Sky. A few children ran up to kick Sky on the floor.

"I need you."

At last, Wandering Feet told the people to stop.


"First it was the lie that crazy man told you, and now this?"

Sky's head snapped up. Who told them about BlackWater? Sky looked at Calling Bird; Wandering Feet jerked Sky's face towards him. Their eyes glaring at each other.

"What do you have to say for yourself?"

"Nothing. Whatever I say, you won't believe."

"Right, get him."

Wandering Feet and Black Eyes shot up, grabbed Sky, and dragged him out of the hut. The sky was raining now and showering on Sky and the people.


No one listened to Sky who was screaming at the Wandering Feet to let him go. Soon, Sky was inside of a hut with Wandering Feet and Black Eyes. Sky saw a fire and sharp objects in front of him.

"What- what are you-"

Before Sky could finish his sentence, he was shoved hard onto the floor. Looking up, Sky saw the masked monster.

"This is for the people, so they don't let their children near the son of a demon."

"No! No, don't do this!!"

"Loyal, stop them!!!"

The man in the large mask took one of the objects on the floor, Sky screamed again for his parents.

"No! Mama!! Papa!! Someone help me, please!!"

Wandering Feet held Sky down for the Burning Tracks to mark him.

The sharp burning tool pierced into Sky's naked back. Everyone stood outside listening to the boys screaming in agony. The sky continued to rain.


Calling Bird hid his face in his hands, listening to Sky screaming and crying as Buring Tracks tattooed the mark of Amagna Okubi on his back.

"Loyal!! Stop them, it hurts!!!"

Burning Tracks finished, Wandering Feet and Black Eyes yanked screaming Sky up to his feet. Blood and ink oozed down Sky's cut back, stinging the open wounds. Sky was screaming, crying, and hitting at Wandering Feet and Black Eyes.

Wandering Feet punched Sky's face. Sky limped over, still crying as he was dragged out of the hut and thrown outside in the rain.

Two Hours Later...

Everyone was inside their huts sleeping or just spending time with their family sheltered from the rain.

Sky was lying on his stomach outside weeping from the pain of the tattoo but mostly because he was alone now.

The tears of the sky kept falling.


Somewhere, a boy stood outside. He didn't know why he was running and why he stopped. Something told him to get there, but now he couldn't remember what for. The boy stood there in the rain.


Sky laid outside, too tired to move and his back hurt too much to walk. Sky covered his face in his arms and cried himself to sleep.




"Oh, Loyal. Where were you...? Where are you...?"

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Chapter 82...

Walking slowly, Calling Bird went inside the hut where White Feather had died.

Once arriving, Calling Bird found Burning Tracks outside of the hut holding Sun Dancer on his lap. Calling Bird was about to talk, but Burning Tracks ran off with Sun Dancer.

Calling Bird sighed and went inside the hut. White Feather had a blanket over his face. Calling Bird swallowed the lump in his throat and knelt down. White Feather never stirred.

Pulling the blanket back, Calling Bird gazed at the sickly face of his son. White Feather's eyes were closed, and the last of his breath escaped from his lungs when Calling Bird pressed his hand down on his chest. Calling Bird sat staring at his son.

"Please, White Feather. You know you are my sun and life-"

"Am I, Father? Am I everything you said? Is everything changing now because I won't kill my own son?"

"White Feather, please."

"Was everything you said to me a lie?"

Crying now, Calling Bird hid his face in White Feather's chest.

"How can I have been so stupid? Oh, White Feather, White Feather! I'm sorry! I should have never listened to him! I'm sorry! You are my everything! Can you hear me? Please forgive me!! White Feather?! WHITE FEATHER!!!" Calling Bird yelled, his voice muffled in the blanket. White Feather laid still.

Calling Bird wept bitterly.



Seated alone in the clearing of the forest, Burning Tracks rubbed Sun Dancer's dark hair back- his tears hitting her dotted face.

A few moments ago, Wandering Feet was in the hut with him. A foul smell penetrated the air which was strange since White Feather and Sun Dancer had not been eating or drinking for days. The smell came from Sun Dancer.

Burning Tracks looked at Wandering Feet who had a faraway look. He knew that smell.

His first wife smelled like this after she miscarried.

Burning Tracks lifted the blanket, rubbed Sun Dancer between her legs, and glanced at his hand. His hand was covered with tarry goo. Wandering Feet stared at the fleshy mess. How long have they been in there, dead inside of Sun Dancer?

"Burning Tracks-"

"Wandering Feet, please go,"
Burning Tracks said, his voice heavy with emotion. Wandering Feet merely nodded and left.


Pulling his mask off, Burning Tracks gazed at his daughter.

"Sun Dancer-"

"Papa, are you going with this? Do you still love me...?"

Burning Tracks held both of his hands to his ears and screamed. His sorrowful screams woke up a few birds who began to cry with him.

Burning Tracks screamed until his screams turned into loud sobbing.

"I do love you, Sun Dancer! Sun Dancer, I'm sorry... I'm sorry..."




"Oh, Loyal... help them, please..."

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Nooo, the cornflakelings... and Sky's parents... :'(

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Nooo, the cornflakelings... and Sky's parents... :'(
Yeah...  And what really stinks is that Sky never knew about the cornflakelings and no one is going to tell him. :'(

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Chapter 83...

Still, on his stomach with wide open eyes, Sky stared at the dark bushes that moved from the cool breeze. The skies tears were now a drizzle and Sky stared. The iniquitous night was heavy with unknown spirits who were not Sky's ancestors. Sky's eyes widened when he felt someone or something touch his wounded back. Its cold fingers walked up against Sky's spine.

Sky kept his eyes on the bush. Ever so gently, the fingers brushed Sky's face.


Sky closed his eyes and shivered as the fingers brushed his hair off his back. Arms wrapped around Sky's thin body and lifted him up from the mud. Sky reached for the tree to anchor him back down, but arms pulled him up higher.

Past the trees and into the air. The world was gone. Sky was between heaven and hell. It was dark and unusually still. And yet, Sky felt at peace. The arms never dropped him, and they avoided touching his back. Sky closed his eyes, feeling the tranquillity of emptiness wrap around him. Was this death? Floating around in the abyss, Sky opened his eyes.

Lime-green eyes looked at him. Its navy pupils widened seeing Sky. Sky stared at the eyes.


The eyes blinked and left only to appear on Sky's side. The arms cradled Sky like a baby. Sky nuzzled the arms and hugged them.

The arms felt wet, but they were the only arms cradling Sky with care and love. Sky sighed contently as the arms hands ran their long fingers through Sky's dark hair. Sky was scared of the eyes, but the arms were safe. Sky opened one eye when he heard a voice.


Sky lifted his head. "How do you know my name...?" he asked. "Do you not remember me...?" the voice asked.




"I saw you long ago... you were still a babe running to be in the arms of your mother..."


"I was in the smoke... you saw me... you saw my eyes..."

Sky thought back. Years ago, he was hiding his face as his other asked him why was he upset. Sky had seen those eyes. The same eyes that were now looking at him.

Sky didn't feel safe anymore.

"Who are you...?"

The voice hummed softly to Sky, and the arms rocked Sky like a baby in the arms of its mother. Sky blinked drowsily.

"I am the spirit tattooed on your back. I am the hidden lie that they buried to keep me from you, my son..."


"I am Amagna Okubi..."




"I don't need your help this time, Loyal... I can take care of this one..."

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Meebling microwaves no! :o Run, Sky!

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Meebling microwaves no! :o Run, Sky!
Creepy, creepy. Sky is not falling for his lies. :grimace:

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Chapter 84...

Shifting Sky onto another arm, Amagna brushed down Sky's hair. Sky hugged the arms, playing the fool.

"Now do you remember...?"

Sky whispered. Amagna's arms held Sky close and never dropped him. Sky closed his eyes, "I thought you were a demon, Amagna?"

"Those lies. Those lies everyone has said about me."

"Are you? Why can't I see your face?"

"Ignore that for the meantime-"

"Why do you have so many arms?"

"A curse."

"What kind?"

"From the Deities?"

"I'm sorry to hear that... why did they do this to you??"

"Because of you."


Sky frowned, his eyes ached from being in the dark too long. Amagna ran his fingers on Sky's head making him whine.

"All because you are the offspring of me."

"What? No, I am not. White Feather is my father-"

"How long have you believed that lie?"

"It's not a lie. White Feather is my real father, Amagna."

"Lies, you are the offspring of my very flesh."

Sky thought for a minute while Amagna went on about Sky's birth and how Amagna was punished for having a God for a son.

"I never knew that they would do this and then take you away from me."

"Why did they send me to White Feather and Sun Dancer?"

"Sun Dancer is your real mother, but White Feather is not your father."

"White Feather is an honest man, and he would never lie to me."

"He was the one who told the Deities about you."

"Really, Amagna?"

"Yes, once they found you, they cursed me and took you away."

Sky hugged Amagna's arm tighter as they rocked him gently. Amagna hummed a lullaby for Sky.

"Now, that White Feather is gone, I have you back."

"Oh, Amagna..."

Sky closed his eyes once more and sighed. If this is how it was going to end, Sky wouldn't care. It felt wonderful being in the arms of someone who cared.

Wait for it.



After a few minutes of rocking, Amagna placed Sky on his knee. Sky wondered how big Amagna was since he was on standing on his knee. Amagna must be the size of the mountains. Amagna's long fingers touched Sky's thin face, tracing Sky's facial shape.

"My brother took you away."

"Brother? Does that mean Calling Bird is your father?"


"Oh, so... they never talked about you unless it was the lie?"


"I feel sorry for you, Amagna."

Sky limped around, wondering how was he going to get out.

"Now, I have you back since you carry my mark on your back."

"How will you claim me?"

"All is left is for you to surrender to me."

"What will happen if I do, Amagna?"

"You and I will punish those who have hurt you, Sky."

"Oh? Like Wandering Feet?"

"And Calling Bird."


"Has he helped you? No, he let them harm you."

Sky gulped. His anger for Calling Bird returned red-hot. How dare Calling Bird leave him when he needed him!

"It is simple, Sky."

"What must I do?"

"Just write your name down on this,"
Amagna held up a paper to Sky and gave him a quill. Sky took the quill and looked around. Ink dripped onto Sky's feet.

Amagna waited.




"Loyal, do you know about this?"

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Chapter 85...

"Well? Are you not going to write your name?"

"I don't know how to write."

Sky sensed an annoyance in Amagna huff, but Amagna didn't lash out.

"That is alright. Just draw a bird and I'll-"

"That and I do not believe a word you just said."


"I. Do not. Believe. A word. You just said,"
Sky hissed, and he threw the quill and ink bottle on the floor. 

"Do you believe those lies?" Amagna snapped. "I believe in those "Lies"; my people have harmed me, but I know who I am. I am the son of White Feather and Sun Dancer. I am a God of the Skies," Sky announced as he swept his hand above his head. Sky held up a rainbow-colored feather that was in his hair and shook it in Amagna's eyes, "My father named after the bird who sang during his dark hours. The hour when he had to choose if he would spare me or give up his happiness. You are not my father, nor the spirit of my ancestors."

"So you blindly follow their stories?"

"Yes. I know you, Amagna Okubi. You are the spirit of darkness. You only seek revenge for a past that you cannot let go of."

Amagna Okubi cursed and hit Sky off his knee. Sky landed on his side, knocking the wind out of him.

"Foolish child."

"What's the matter, Amagna?? Do you hate hearing the truth?"

"You see soon enough, Sky. Come the following years; you'll regret not acceding to my law."

"We shall see."

"I'll be back..."

Then Amagna Okubi was gone. Sky was alone in the dark. Shuddering from the pain in his back, Sky hugged himself and closed his eyes. The loving warmth of his mother and father was still there.




"Tell mama and papa that I remembered, Loyal..."

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Chapter 86...

Calling Bird stood outside next to Black Eyes while Burning Tracks held the covered body of Sun Dancer.

White Feather's covered body was already on the pile of sticks they will light soon. Burning Tracks nuzzled the top of Sun Dancer's head before placing her next to her husband. Wandering Feet stood on the other side gazing off.

"Two birds are being burned this morning..." Calling Bird said sadly to Burning Tracks. "Two eggs," Wandering Feet choked out. Calling Bird looked at Wandering Feet quizzically. "Two eggs," Wandering Feet repeated. Calling Bird was about to ask another question, but was silenced by Black Eyes.

"Show respect, you idiot!"


"Shut up!"
Black Eyes hissed at Calling Bird as he lit his torch. Wandering Feet stared off like Burning Tracks. Carefully, Black Eyes lowered the torch on the sticks and backed away before the flames that ate the dry wood like a starving animal could get him.

Calling Bird watched as the fire moved towards White Feather.

Taking a sharp breath, Calling Bird fought the urge to jump into the fire and grab his son. Burning Tracks knelt down as he watched the fire cover his daughter and her "two eggs."

Wandering Feet, Calling Bird, Burning Tracks, and Black Eyes stood around looking at the fire. Far away, Skunk Pelt and BlackWater gazed up at the black smoke that touched the heavens.


Sky sat in the tree looking at the men who were watching the flames burn his parents' body. Sky turned his head and saw a destroyed bird nest with a small baby bird inside.




"Oh, Loyal... what will become of me...?"

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Chapter 87...

Whistling, Calling Bird ambled outside, not wanting to go past the hut Sky was resting. He felt awful for letting Wandering Feet and Burning Tracks mark him with that tattoo. Calling Bird knew that whatever he said will not help Sky.

Somehow, Calling Bird got Black Eyes to put salve on Sky's raw back, but it wasn't enough. Each day, Calling Bird watched Black Eyes.

Foolish Calling Bird thought that Sky felt safer with him watching Black Eyes, but Sky didn't. Calling Bird tried to talk with Sky, but kept leaving. After White Feather's death, Calling Bird felt lost and empty, but Sky must be suffering worse because White Feather and Sun Dancer were his parents'. Calling Bird didn't know how to comfort Sky.


Sitting down, Calling Bird thought for a few minutes. He couldn't bring Sky with him but who would take Sky? Black Eyes wouldn't. He couldn't send Sky out alone. White Feather would have wanted Calling Bird to keep Sky safe.

Calling Bird sat up. He had his daughters! One of them would take Sky as her own!

Black Eyes glared when Calling Bird jumped to his feet and hurried over to Sky's hut only to lose his nerve and run to one of his daughters' hut.




"Loyal... I ache all over, but it hurts worse in my heart... do you feel like this sometimes?"

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Chapter 88...

A few days later...

Sky stood stiffly in front of his aunts, his head down. Calling Bird laid one hand on Sky's shoulder, Sky slapped it off.

"So...  Whispering Creek... you will take in Sky...?"

"I do not know, father... He will never fit in with my children."

"Sky needs someone to take care of him until he reaches the Blooming Age..."

"Just the Blooming?"

"Yes, then you can send him off."

Whispering Creek said, her dark eyes glaring at Sky. Shaking, Sky touched the soft leather that covered his raw back. Calling patted Sky on the shoulders and received another slap from Sky. "Be good to your aunt, Sky; she will be taking caring of you along with your other aunts," Calling Bird said in Sky's ear. Sky nodded his head sharply and stalked over to Whispering Creek. Calling Bird cleared his throat, "Take good care of him, Whispering Creek. Your brother would have wanted this."

Whispering Creek and Calling Bird said goodbye and parted ways. Calling Bird looked over his shoulder to see if Sky was with her.

Sky was glaring at him.

Sky said nothing but his eyes said it all.

I hate you.




"I hate him, Loyal. I hate him, I hate him, I hate him!"

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Chapter 89...

A few days later...

Sky sang to himself while he washed the clothes in the river where a few mothers were washing their clothes. Young children played around by their mothers or looked at Sky. Sky ignored them and scrubbed the dirt out of the clothes. He was use to kids gawking at him. Placing the clothes in the basket, Sky left the river and headed back home.


Still singing, Sky hung up the wet laundry on the tree branches to dry. Birds sang along with Sky on this beautiful day. The sun was high in the sky, and white clouds floated past. Standing back with his hands on his hips, Sky bobbed his head in satisfaction and left to collect wood for the fire.


A few hours later, Sky walked back to the hut with a tied bundle of sticks on his back. Sky looked up when he heard laughter.

The laundry. The clean laundry was dirtied and scattered in the dirt.

Sky's cousins tore the clothes off the branches, threw it the dirt, and stomped on them. "Hey! Stop it!!!" Sky yelled. "Why don't you make us!" Sky's cousin yelled back, still stomping on the clothes. Sky cursed, threw down his sticks, and ran at his cousins. Sky's cousins laughed even louder, and a few ran to the bundle of sticks to break them. Sky hit his cousins, trying to get the dirty clothes.

"Stop it!!!"

"Make us!"

"Why don't you all jump off a cliff! Stop ruining the clothes!!"

"Get lost, demon!"

"Piss off, Tea Flower!"


"I said stop it!!!"

Picking up a stick, Sky struck his cousins hard on the back of their legs or in the face. A few of Sky's cousins yelped and burst into tears; some tried to grab Sky but were hit in the face.

"I'm telling!!"

"Go ahead!"

After Sky's cousins left, Sky sighed seeing the dirty laundry and broken sticks. It was getting late.



Sky gritted his teeth while his aunt slapped him with a leather strap. "Why can't you do anything right, you lazy brat?" Sky's aunt snapped as she whipped him. "Look. You didn't wash the clothes, and you came back with broken sticks!" The strap came down on the back of Sky's legs a few more times before his aunt threw him outside. Sky's cousins snickered at him.

Groaning, Sky limped over to the tree where he rested. If he was lucky, maybe it won't rain.

Alas, the clouds released the rain and Sky had to hide under a sheet of the sky. Although his aunts said they would take care of Sky, they treated him like how the other people in the Tribe treated him.




"That stupid Calling Bird thinks he did a great job sending me with these witches, Loyal."

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I'll post later.  :grimace:

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Chapter 90...

A Few Months Later...

Sky rubbed his sore shoulders after carrying back a load of sticks to his aunt's hut. Looking around, Sky noticed that cousins were nowhere to be seen, but he was not taking any chances. After brushing the bugs out of his hair, Sky sat down on the bundle of sticks. Looking down at his lap, Sky sighed as he played with his messy braided hair. The scratchy thin rope pricked under Sky's fingernail, but he didn't care. Although Sky still had cousins, aunts, and his uncles, Sky knew he was still alone in this clan. Sky refused to talk to Calling Bird since he was still mad at him for standing there that night when they tattooed his back.

Sky rubbed his still sore back. He knew that the tattoo was still there, but he couldn't see it. After that, everything seems darker than ever. When Sky prayed, it felt like Sky was talking to himself. The nights were more ominous than peaceful. And each day and night, Sky was haunted or beaten by Amagna. When Sky would rest, he would lie there staring at the black night hoping that Amagna would leave him alone. Each day, Sky knew that someone was behind him, watching him, taunting him.

The fact that Amagna would never leave made Sky cry because he knew there was nothing he can do. How can one tattoo change everything? If it wasn't Amagna hurting him, it was his relatives.

Wiping his eyes, Sky got back up and walked to the hut where he saw one of his aunts waiting for him with a stick.

Sky did nothing; she was just beating him for the pleasure of it.




"Please, Loyal... Please."

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I was glad you took a break/vacation because it took me too long to catch up, but I'm also glad you're back~ anyway Sky is starting to seem a lot like the typical orphan character who's always mistreated, which is rly sad

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I was glad you took a break/vacation because it took me too long to catch up, but I'm also glad you're back~ anyway Sky is starting to seem a lot like the typical orphan character who's always mistreated, which is rly sad
Thank you~! Glad you caught up~ The modem died on us since it was an old model and the wireless wifi on our tablet ran out leaving us with nothing.  :depressed:

But, it's nice to be back to post chapters. :silly:

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Chapter 91...

The weather was growing warmer, but it was still cold at night. Sky was pulling tubers out from the ground while his younger cousins who were learning how to walk toddled around him, and played with the tubers in the pot. Sky's younger cousin held up a tuber to Sky's face and whined at him to take it. Sky smiled and took the dirty tuber. He didn't mind his younger cousins. They were still young and didn't know that they were supposed to treat Sky differently. To them, Sky was someone to follow, run to when they are in pain, feed and clean them, and friendlier than Black Eyes. Sky went back to the tubers but kept an eye on the toddlers who were making a way to an ant pile. Throwing a tuber in the pot, Sky heard someone walking up behind him. Sky braced himself.



Sky lifted his head in confusion. That voice sounded familiar. Sky looked up, and he found Calling Bird looking down at him. Their eyes met, but it still felt like they were strangers. Sky wrinkled his nose and went back to the tubers. "Sky?" Calling Bird said again. Sky slumped, but he devoted his attention to a stubborn tuber rooted deep in the ground. "What do you want?" Sky said coldly. He heard Calling Bird move around to face him. Sky looked at Calling Bird's moccasins and back at the tubers.

"Sky, I was-"

"I'm busy, Calling Bird,"
Sky interrupted. Calling Bird sighed. "Sky, I was wondering how are your aunts- ... How is your back?" Calling Bird said to Sky who wasn't looking at him. "Oh, fine. I like having my back sliced with burning knives and picks." Sky said sarcastically before calling to his cousins to get away from the rotten tree. Calling Bird looked at his youngest grandchildren before turning to Sky. "Sky, I will not tolerate that attitude of yours."

Sky laughed at Calling Bird and yanked out the tuber. "You tolerate that creep Wandering Feet who is worse than I. You don't scare me, Calling Bird."

Calling Bird's head snapped back, Sky picked up the pot and hissed when a few tubers fell out. Calling Bird picked them up and handed them back to Sky. Still not looking at Calling Bird's face, Sky yanked the tubers away and turned to walk off.

"Sky, I know you are mad at me for not doing anything that night..."

Sky stopped.

"I want you to know that I do care for you... I was..." Calling Bird trailed off. Slowly, Sky turned to face Calling Bird. "You were saddened by the death of your son?" Sky asked. Calling Bird nodded his head. "How do you think I felt!!?" Sky yelled. Calling Bird sucked in his breath. Sky's younger cousins stopped their play and stared at the scene. Sky took a few steps forward. "I was scared and alone! My parents' died, and you left me when I needed you! You heard me screaming for you when they dragged me away, and you stood there like an idiot!!"

Sky hated the way his vision blurred with tears, he swiped them away quickly and turned back to Calling Bird.

"Well?! Why don't you say the truth!?"

"I told you!"

"You're lying! You didn't stop them because you were afraid that Wandering Feet would turn to you! You fear that evil man!"

Calling Bird opened his mouth but said nothing. Sky was right; he was afraid of Wandering Feet. The shame was heavy, and it made Calling Bird sick to hear the truth coming from his grandson than from Wandering Feet. "I trusted you, and you let those wicked men brand me with the mark of a demon. I thought you would speak up, but you didn't," Sky said harshly, keeping his voice down so no one would hear them. Calling Bird looked at Sky with sad eyes.

"I honestly thought you would take me in that night, Calling Bird."


"I thought you changed, but I was wrong."

"We can-"


"I can-"


Sky called his little cousins to come to his side so they can go home. Sky's cousins ran to  Sky and smiled up at Calling Bird. Sky glared up at Calling Bird. "I should have seen this coming, Calling Bird. How can you, a weakling, be the Chief of the strongest Tribe?"

Calling Bird didn't answer.

"I thought so." Sky said softly. Lifting his head, Sky took a deep shuddering breath and walked away with his cousins.

Calling Bird stood alone watching Sky leave.



Sky walked slowly so his cousins wouldn't have to rush. The pain in Sky's heart was returning and his eyes filled with angry tears making it hard for him to walk.

"Pretty bird."

Sky lifted his head to see what his cousins were looking at. His cousins were pointing at the tree where the same white bird Sky knew, and love perched. While his cousins gurgled at the bird, Sky and the bird stared intently at each other.

Then the bird was gone and Sky was alone with his cousins. By now, White Feather or Sun Dancer would have marked the stick.




"I need to get out of here. I don't care what is out there, Loyal. I need to get out."

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Sky has already learned sarcasm, he must be at least elementary school age now lol, he sounds like he's about 8 or 9

I love your name change by the way XD

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Sky has already learned sarcasm, he must be at least elementary school age now lol, he sounds like he's about 8 or 9

I love your name change by the way XD
Yeah, he's around that age.  ^-^

lol, thanks. Getting ready for Halloween~ (Even though it is September. I need a creepy name~!)  :silly:

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Chapter 92...

A few months later...

Summertime was here, and so was the Summer fever. The Summer fever was nothing to fear if you are an adult, but children and babies were another story. While Sky's aunts were out talking with the other women and his uncles with their children, Sky stayed inside the hut with his sick younger cousin. Tiredly, Sky held up a wooden ladle filled with moist herbs to his cousins' mouth. His cousin fought it, still crying. "Come on, Brown Flower. Eat this so you can get some sleep," Sky pleaded. "No, no, no! Mama!!" Brown Flower bawled. Regretfully, Sky held Brown Flower's nose, pulled her head back, and spilled the herbs down her throat. Brown Flower gulped down the bitter herbs and cried again. Sky rocked her and patted her back as she cried. After a few minutes, Brown Flower's tears turned into whimpers. Sky walked around the hut, listening to Brown Feather whimper. Sky hated hearing babies cry. Their painful crying made his heart ache because babies are new and still learning about the world. They don't know why they are sick, so the cry hoping that their mother or father can take the sickness away, or any other pain besides a fever. Sky wondered if his mother and father felt the same way when he cried.


Brown Flower's fever went down and she was sleeping on the mat Sky laid out for her. After checking twice on her, Sky crawled out of the hut to hunt for more roots. Looking around, Sky made sure the coast was clear.

Only Black Eyes was sitting by the rotten tree. Sky turned and walked away.


The hot sun beat down on Sky as he dug the soft dirt looking for the roots. Pausing, Sky shielded his eyes from the bright sun to look up at the clouds. Birds flew past, chirping shrilly. Watching the birds, Sky wished he could fly away from this Clan and live somewhere else. He could run, but he wanted to stick around until he was a bit stronger. Right now, his back was too sore, and it will make him an easy target for bobcats.

Sky wandered further with his bag of roots.


Bending down to pick up an acorn, Sky saw something unusual in the wet dirt.

A strange print in the dirt that resembled like a footprint, but Sky couldn't tell since there were no toes and the point of the dirt print is pointed like an unsharpened spear. Sky stared at it for a long time.

It wasn't an animal because no animal leaves prints like that.

It wasn't a human because humans have foot prints.

It could be a strangely shaped spear, but Sky saw more prints like the first one. Fear gripped Sky's throat. Whatever this creature was, it was walking.

Sky followed the prints until it stopped at the river. Sky didn't bother crossing the river because he knew that those foreign prints were on the other side of the river.

"Sky-yyy? Sky-yyy! Or Bird Of Many Colors whatever it is, where are you?!"

Sky ran back before his uncle found him and the prints.




"What were those things, Loyal...?"

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ooooh, the strangeness of shoe prints lol

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Chapter 93...

Three nights have passed along with two nights of rainfall and Sky was still curious about those prints. When it rained, Sky stayed in the far corner of the hut painting the shoe print on buckskin. One of Sky's older cousins sat down next to Sky, eying his painting. Sky ignored her and went back to painting. "What's that?" River Stone asked, pointing at the drawing. "A spear. Go away," Sky replied, but River Stone kept looking. "That looks sorry. Can't you draw?" River Stone said meanly to livid Sky. "Better than you can, River. Now go drown yourself," snapped Sky before walking away with his painting. River Stone walked over to where Sky was sitting with Horse Spots behind her. Sky felt like slapping his cousins, but he didn't because he wanted to finish his painting. River Stone and Horse Spots looked over Sky's shoulder.

"What's that?" Horse Spots said to River. "Bird said it was a spear," Sky heard River Stone say.

"A spear? That is not how you draw a spear! This is how-"

"Don't touch, Horse Crap!!"
Sky yelled, slapping Horse Spots hand away.

"You can's call me that, Bird."

"Go cry to your mama, Horse Crap. I'm busy."

Horse Spots was too busy ogling Sky's drawing to tell on him. River Ston waved over her other siblings to look at what Sky was drawing. Soon the hut was filled with children asking questions and hurling insults.

"It's a spear."

"No, it's a fish."

"A fish? You are crazy."

"No, it's a fish! A fish looks like that sometimes."

"It's not a fish."

"Bird, what is it?"

"A spear."

"See? Bird said it is a spear."

"It does not look like a spear."

"This is how you draw-"


"Don't yell at me."

"Go away, all of you."

"Why won't you tell us what it is?"

"I told you. I'm drawing a spear."




"It is a sketch of a new spear I will make to kill you all."

Sky knew he would get in trouble saying that, but it was worth it. Sky smirked when his cousins scattered like roaches.

Humming to himself, Sky went back to his painting with his one-year-old cousin playing by his legs. The rain continued to fall.


The Next Day...

"I don't believe you were drawing a spear!" Sky's six-year-old cousin proclaimed as he ran beside Sky. "Believe what you want, Turtle Shell," Sky said, keeping his eyes on the trees. "I don't believe you are a God either!!!" Turtle Shell nearly screamed at Sky.

"Go ahead. Many people don't believe I am as well, so you're not the first."

"Are you truly going to kill us?"


"Not with the spear. I mean with your evil spells,"
Turtle Shell said as he jumped on the mushrooms.

"Who told you that?"

"Black Eyes. He said that you will kill us all if we anger you."

"I don't have any evil spells. I don't know why you all curse at me when Black Eyes knows too much about evil spells and hexes,"
Sky said breathlessly after Turtle Shell lost his footing and tried to regain his balance by stomping on Sky's feet. Turtle Shell had to agree with Sky about Black Eyes knowing too much about evil spells. That and Burning Tracks was the one who tattooed Sky with that mark. "Maybe Black Eyes and Burning Tracks are evil?" Turtle Shell asked Sky. Sky shrugged.

"I don't care, Turtle Shell."

"Are you a God, Sky?"

"They say I am."


"The people at the Vulture Tribe."

"Is that where BlackWater is?"


"Oh. well, if he says so, perhaps it is true."

"Turtle Shell, you are very doh-dee-doh,"
Sky said, using the word that people call gullible Tribe members. Turtle Shell walked a bit slower.

"If it is true, keep the stars high in the sky for me because I like stars."

"I will."

"Will you?"

"I said I will."

"Don't tell anyone what I was saying or they will give me a tattoo like yours."

"I promise."

Turtle Shell squinted at Sky before running off. Sky bolted into the forest to find the prints.

The prints were in the dirt when Sky arrived.




"I don't understand it at all, Loyal..."

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Chapter 94...

Four Nights Later...

"Okay, Bird. What is your story? Why were you playing near the river when you know that the current is too strong?" Sky's uncle asked. Sky held up his painting, "I was not playing by the river. Look, Uncle Red Tree. Look at my drawing."

"What about it? What does this have to do with you by the river?"

"I found these strange prints in the forest and by the river."

Red Tree frowned before taking the painting to examine. Sky heard is cousins heckling him but ignored them. "What are these strange prints?" Red Tree asked. Sky took his hand and walked away from the hut with him.


Sky scouted by the river for the footprints with Red Tree behind him. "There! Red Tree, look!" Sky exclaimed when he found a print. Red Tree walked up slowly and looked down. The prints were there in the dirt. Red Tree knelt down to get a better look. Like Sky's drawing, the prints matched perfectly.

"Bird, did you see anyone here?"


"No one at all?"

"No. No man nor beast."

Red Tree traced the prints with his fingers. He has never seen anything like this. What kind of person was here? By the looks of it, whoever had feet like these prints was snooping around the Tribe. Red Tree looked up at Sky.

"Bird, I don't want you looking around here anymore."

"Is something wrong?"




Wandering Feet, Calling, Bird, and Skunk Pelt gazed at Sky's drawing.

"Have you seen anything like this, Skunk Pelt?"

"Yes, and I found this strange hair. Look how brown it is."

"It could be an animal hair."

"No. It is a human hair."

"You, Wandering Feet?"

"Yes. I have this strange cloth."

Wandering Feet gingerly held up an odd-shaped cloth. The cloth smelled like sweat, and it was filthy inside which made Wandering Feet sick.

Calling Bird stared at the cloth. No holes, just tiny, tight stitches. It was fuzzy as well. Skunk Pelt stuck his hand inside the opening of the sock. "Like this?" Skunk Pelt asked, wiggling his mitted hand.

"No. I think it is a soft moccasin."

"A moccasin, Calling Bird?"

"Yes...? For children"

"No child has a foot this big."

"I don't know, Skunk Pelt. Take it off."

Skunk Pelt shrugged and gave the "moccasin" back to Wandering Feet. The three Tribe leaders stood around, lost in thought.

"Well? Any ideas?"


"We can spread out in search parties to see what is going on."

"That is not a bad idea, Calling Bird. Wandering Feet, what do you say?"

"If it gets rid of these filthy beings, I'm in."

After a quick planning and goodbye, Calling Bird left Wandering Feet and Skunk Pelt. Sky was way ahead of them. At night when Sky was on his mat, he could see visions.

Looking up at the heavens, Sky could see those beings with the strangely shaped feet.




"Loyal...? Keep our people in the search party safe..."

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aha, as I suspected, moccasins. lol. also Sky is starting to pick up the bad attitude he sadly learned from all those mean tribe people :(

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Chapter 95...

Two Nights Later...

Using the foliage to disguise, Wandering Feet and 14 of his Tribe members hid in the forest spying for these strangers. Far away, the sound of a crow cawed. Slowly, Wandering Feet and his people crawled on all fours.


Wandering Feet's heart skipped a beat, and he motioned for the people to get down and keep quiet.


Calling Bird hid in the trees with a few of his people hiding as well. Far away, he could hear the sound of a crow cawing. Calling Bird gulped. That cawing was not a crow. Skunk Pelt was blowing on his whistle, warning him and Wandering Feet that he could see the strangers near his Tribe.


Hiding in the caves, Skunk Pelt blew his whistle, still looking at the strangers who were snooping around near the bushes. Mossy Braid clutched her knife when she heard the sound of sticks snapping. Skunk Pelt held his breath. The shadow of a human walked past and stopped. The members who were with Skunk Pelt all held their breath.

Shaking, Skunk Pelt watched as the shadow walked away. Looking at Mossy Braid, Skunk Pelt drew what the shadow looked like in the dirt

A man.

The sound of another crow cawed, and Skunk Pelt broke into cold sweat. The man was getting too close to the Tribe.


Wandering Feet's eyes widened seeing the strangers a canoe with a wide-bottom to cross the river. Men were looking around, but Wandering Feet knew they were not like them. These men. They had snow-colored skin, and their hair was not dark like theirs. What disgusted Wandering Feet is that the men had their hair cropped too close to their head. Such foolishness. The men talked in a strange language that Wandering Feet and his people could not understand.

"What is that idiot warbling?"



Skunk Pelt sighed when he heard the men yelling in terror when a boar ran out from the bushes. One of Skunk Pelt's men saw that the strangers were getting too close, so he released the boar they caught in the morning. The frightened boar ran around crazily until it ran further into the forest squealing shrilly. The strangers talked harshly in their strange language and turned to leave. Skunk Pelt waited.


Calling Bird held his breath as the men stood near the tree he was hiding in. After the strangers had a brief argument, one threw a rope with a heavy rock on the branch to climb it.

Calling Bird's heart raced as the stranger tugged the rope to see if it was safe before climbing. Holding his breath, Calling Bird clutched his knife.


A high-pitched screech startled Calling Bird, but he stayed in his tree. The strangers yelled in terror when the shriek sounded off again and got closer. Looking up, Calling Bird saw a blackbird flying in the sky, shrieking. The strangers ran away in terror when they saw the bird. Feeling the blood warm in his body, Calling Bird sat there in shock. What happened? Did that bird know he was in danger?

About the same size of a condor, but it couldn't be.



"You go first, Wandering Feet."

"I saw these strange men. They had pale skin and light colored hair that was cut short."

"Cut short? Don't these men know it is unsafe to cut their hair? Long hair is what helps us sense danger."

"They must not, Calling Bird... Skunk Pelt? What did you see?"

"Those strange men were trying to get into my Clan."

"Horrible. Not only are they strangers, but rude as well."

"Calling Bird? You look kinda shaky, did those men see you?"

"N-no... They almost did, but a condor flew past and scared the men off."

"It did? A condor doing that? Were you by the nest?"


"Did you hear that shrieking? It was scary."

"I heard it, what was it?"

"That condor that flew past was the one shrieking."

"Condors don't shriek like a woman, Calling Bird."

"Then what was that thing??"

Skunk Pelt looked at Wandering Feet. Wandering Feet shrugged before turning to Calling Bird. What was that thing that flew?




"Oooo, Loyal. I found out about this technique I can do! Good thing I can pray in my head to you because my throat hurts bad."

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ooh mystical birds and weird Europeans. lol

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Chapter 96...

Sky blinked sleepily from the warm heat of the day.

The satin sheet of the sky was wrapped around Sky's skinny body as he lay in the grass. The leaves rustled and fluttered from the wind. Turning over, Sky dozed off. No one saw Sky resting under the tree on top of a cliff. The cliff is where Sky hides to get some privacy. No one dared walking to the cliff since that is the same cliff where Red Snow had "fallen" off. It is said that Red Snow's blackened soul is still alive at the bottom of the cliff and it should not be bothered. Sky rested there to be close to her. Looking down, Sky could see the dark frame of her body and her bones.

Sky woke up from his bad dream before going back to bed.



Sky growled and covered his head with his blanket.


Sitting up slowly, Sky glanced up at the tree to see what was wrong with the bird. On the low hanging branch was the same white bird Sky knew. Sky cocked his head in confusion. Why was that bird back? It doesn't come to see him twice in a year.

It comes once and does not return until the next year. Sky wondered if he was asleep too long or he died. Deep down inside, Sky hoped it was the second option.


The white bird flew down and rested on Sky's shoulder. Sky sucked in his breath. The bird never approaches anyone. The soft bird looked at Sky's eyes intently.


Swallowing his fear, Sky opened his mouth and made the same chirp sound. The white bird chirped back at Sky's face before ruffling it's white feathers until it looked like a cloud resting on Sky' shoulder. The bird looked at Sky, up at the tree, and at the cliff. Chirping a few more times, the white bird jumped off Sky's shoulder and hopped over to the edge of the cliff. Sky watched his friend hop around.


"Chirp!" Sky repeated. The bird lifted its beak at Sky as if it was insulted that Sky copied him. Getting up, Sky walked over to the bird. The bird hopped in front of Sky and looked up.

Sky didn't know why he did it, but for the next hour, Sky acted out the birds' every movement. The bird hopped. Sky hopped behind it. The bird chirped and Sky echoed it.


The bird screamed at Sky when he hopped too close to the edge. Such a scream spooked Sky so much that he screamed in terror! "Shhh-rrreeeeeeeeeee!!!"


Sky held one hand to his mouth as the bird hopped to him.


"Yikes, did I make that noise??" Sky thought out loud. That scream was horrible and shrill. Sky noticed that a few crows flew away in terror after that scream. Sky's bird shrilled at Sky to get away from the cliff and Sky stupidly copied it. Still stunned, Sky smiled at the thought of scaring his cousins with that scream.


The bone-rattling shriek rose goosebumps on Sky's skin, but he didn't care. After a few laughs and screams, Sky stopped after the bird hissed at him to stop it. With a toss of its head, Sky's bird spread out its wings.

Sky stared for a long time. His blanket was still around him.


Slowly, Sky spread out his blankest as if he had wings. The bird seems satisfied that Sky obeyed it. Hopping to the edge, the bird jumped off and flew to the other side of the cliff. Sky watched his friend leave. Feeling down, Sky turned away to go home.


The bird chirped at Sky and Sky listened. On the other side of the cliff, Sky's bird spread out its wings again and looked at Sky.

Sky stood there with his arms spread out. His blanket spread out like wings. Sky's fingers gripped his blanket.


Sky looked at the bird. The wind blew.


Sky ran and jumped. It would have been dangerous for a human to try flying with only a blanket, but Sky was not a human.

Sky didn't know why he listened to the crazy bird until the last minute. By now, Sky was no longer on the cliff but in the air.

"Ack!!!" Sky yelped and fell down the cliff. The bird stared at Sky in shock before diving down to him.




"Aaaah!!! Why did I listen to that crazy bird!? I'm gonna die, Loyal!!! Wait, wait, wait!! I- I-..."

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Chapter 97...


Sky whined after landing on the rock ledges. To protect his body from severe injuries, Sky wrapped his body with the sheet before landing. Sky's bird fluttered down and perched on his forehead.


Sky's eyes rolled up, and he stared at the bird. "Why did I listen to you? You are a bird, I cannot fly like you," Sky thought in his head as the bird sat down on Sky's forehead and ruffled. Sky laid wrapped up for a few minutes before he realized how close he was to Red Snow. Scrambling up, Sky looked down.

If Sky climbed down, he could reach the spot where Red Snow landed. The dark print of her twisted body was still there but no signs of decaying flesh. Her bones were scattered, and the jewelry she wore was still there. Sky looked at the bird for a few minutes.


Scorpions that were on Red Snow's bones scurried away after Sky slapped them with a stick. The cicadas shrilled from the heat and the sun burned down on Sky. The bird rested on Sky's shoulder. Getting down on his knees, Sky picked up the necklace Red Snow always wore. The hot leather rope and wooden beads burned Sky's fingers when he picked it up. Sky cradled the necklace. The colorful beads were still shiny even after being left out in the weather. The bird looked at Sky. His eyes were staring sadly at Red Snow's necklace. He never thought he would be this close to Red Snow ever again.


The bird sat at the far side of the cliff. Sky was on the other side with his blanket spread out. Red Snow's necklace around his neck.


Thirty minutes ago, Sky had ripped off long cloth strips and cut holes on the sheet with a sharp-edged rock. After sliding the cloth strips through the holes, Sky tied the cloth strips around his wrists and ankles.

The sheet blended in the sky when Sky lifted his arms and parted his legs. The bird watched him. Sky glared up at the sun. The hot wind blew at Sky's face, and his hair came loose from its braid. The bird watched him with its wings outstretched.

Sky closed his eyes.

Run, spread your wings and fly.

Sky ran and jumped his arms outstretched and his legs parted.


Sky opened his eyes. He was not falling downward, but gliding high above the cavity of the cliff. The bird looked up at him in wonder. Sky felt light-headed when he looked down.

"I'm flying... I'm flying!?" Sky said out loud as he soared past the cavity and onto the other side of the cliff. Tucking his legs up, Sky crashed down onto the rocks, but he didn't care. The bird flew up to where Sky was. "I was flying! I was flying like a duck!! I was flying like you!!!" Sky yelled at the bird. The white bird hopped to Sky and looked up. "That's why you came back to me, right? To show me how to fly with my sky sheets..." Sky said softly. The bird blinked at Sky.


Lifting its colorful wings, the bird flew away from Sky. The birds' rainbow feather train dropped one feather with a rainbow feathered tip. Sky watched his friend leave.

Sky picked up the feather and pinned it to his hair.


After a few minutes of practicing, Sky had to get home. It wouldn't hurt to fly back as long as no one caught him.


No one could see Sky, but Sky could see them. He saw Calling Bird hiding in the tree, and those white strangers were climbing up the tree where Calling Bird was.

Sky thought for a few seconds before swooping down. His blue sheet turned a black color.





"Loyal, I can fly! Can you fly? I bet you can. Why did I help Calling Bird? I don't know... I guess I felt a little sorry for him."

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nice~ I like that bird, and Sky's gliding ;p

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nice~ I like that bird, and Sky's gliding ;p
Thank you kindly~  :3

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Chapter 98...

Calling Bird wiped his forehead while Wandering Feet and Skunk Pelt squabbled about the white men. "They might need help, Wandering Feet! We should help them," Skunk Pelt said. "Yes, yes, I know we should help our strange white... brothers. If they want help, why are they not asking for it??" Wandering Feet said sourly. "Perhaps they are afraid?" Calling Bird suggested. Wandering Feet and Skunk Pelt both gave Calling Bird a cold look. Calling Bird cleared his throat. "If we choose to meet these white men, how should we do it? Wait for them to arrive?"

"Calling Bird, that's crazy. Who in the right mind will walk up to a stranger?"

"I will,"
Skunk Pelt said, boldly walking to see the strangers. Calling Bird grabbed his arm and pulled him back to the circle. "Wandering Feet, you bring them to us," Calling Bird ordered, but Wandering Feet shook his head no.

"We can't let Skunk Pelt go alone."

"Then you go, Calling Bird. You are older than both of us."


"Yes, you. The older, the wiser,"
Wandering Feet said, and he pushed Calling Bird out of the circle. "Stop! We can't keep throwing each other in the path of the wild buffalo! We need to think. Come together!" Skunk Pelt exclaimed, and he pulled Wandering Feet and Calling Bird closer so no one could hear.

"Well? What should we do, Skunk Pelt?"

"We all hunt together, right?"


"We all help each other. Now, we are going to do it again."

"Skunk Pelt, are you saying the three of us go a meet these white men? In person??"


Wandering Feet made a whining sound as he tried to run, but Calling Bird yanked him back into the circle. So it was settled. Skunk Pelt led the way with Calling Bird and Wandering Feet behind him. Burning Tracks, Black Eyes, and BlackWater in the back keeping up as best as they could. Sky watched them leave.




"There they go, Loyal. Keep them safe."

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hmm. at least they're not starting with violence

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hmm. at least they're not starting with violence
Yah. Better to think then act first.  :grimace:

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Chapter 99...

"There are the tracks but no men," Wandering Feet said, kneeling down and tracing the footprint with his finger. Calling Bird looked around with BlackWater behind him. Blacks Eyes stood there stiffly. "We can scout?" Skunk Pelt suggested, but Burning Tracks sad it was crazy, and they could get hurt if the strangers attacked. The tracks wandered around until it disappeared further in the forest. Calling Bird was shoved in the front to find out where the tracks were going. Calling Bird looked over his shoulder every five minutes to check if his friends didn't run and leave him alone. There was a faint scent of burning wood and Calling Bird went after it. Hiding, the men peeked out from the bushes. From the looks of it, it seems that these strangers were making themselves comfortable in the forest. There was a fire set up with a spit. "Are these men stupid? Because this can lead to a forest fire." Calling Bird whispered to Black Eyes by mistake. "We must be the stupid ones since we are here to talk to these strangers," Burning Tracks honked. BlackWater nudged Skunk Pelt."I think they are not here, everyone," Wandering Feet whispered. "Let's go home."

"No. Let's check out this camp."


"I don't think they will be back any time soon,"
Skunk Pelt said.

"Alright. We'll go out at the same time. Ready?" Calling Bird said.

everyone but Black Eyes said in unison.



No one moved.

"Okay. We got cold feet, but that's alright. Let's try again," Calling Bird said shakily. This time, the men crawled out from the bushes and into the empty camp. Standing up, the men walked around the camp slowly and gaped at the strange and wondrous objects the white men had. Calling Bird picked up a funny-shaped shoe and held it out to BlackWater. It wasn't a moccasin nor a soft boot. Wandering Feet picked up a strange bottle and stared at the liquid inside. "What's this?" he asked, holding it to Skunk Pelt. Skunk Pelt shrugged and took the bottle. It looked like the herbal tea BlackWater makes for stomach pains. Skunk Pelt took a drink and spat it out. "What is this? Piss??" Skunk Pelt growled as Wandering Feet held one hand over his mouth to stifle his laughter. "I don't know. Why did you drink it?" Wandering Feet asked, still laughing at Skunk Pelt who was sniffing the bottle. The rotten fruity taste tingled Skunk Pelt's taste buds. Skunk Pelt and Wandering Feet looked at the drawing on the tan square sticking to the bottle. They couldn't read the words, but they did know that the drawing on the bottle were grapes.

Everyone from the Tribes knows how grapes taste like, so why did this juice taste bad? Skunk Pelt gave the bottle back to Wandering Feet who took a drink.


Startled, Wandering Feet dropped the bottle when Calling Bird yelled at him.


Wandering Feet and Skunk Pelt stared at broken shards in confusion. The shards were thin and frail. Their pottery takes a few throws before it finally breaks. "What are you two doing!? You don't know what that stuff is!!" Calling Bird snapped at Wandering Feet and Skunk Pelt. Skunk Pelt nudged the glass shard with his foot. "It tasted bad."

"What if you two were drinking poison?!"

"We weren't. It had grapes on it."

"Stop fooling around and keep looking!"
Calling Bird barked before turning back to the spit. Skunk Pelt went off to the weak tent with BlackWater after him.  While Skunk Pelt and BlackWater messed with the funny tent, Wandering Feet and Burning Tracks found a round tinny object. Neither of them could read the words, so they pried it open. Small round flat objects flew out when Burning Tracks yanked the lid off.

"Careful! We need to put it back- what is it?"

"I don't know,"
Burning Tracks mumbled, looking at the round thing. There was a picture of a man designed on it. There were strange words on it.

Five Cents.

But no one could read it. Calling Bird looked at the dead deer hanging from the tree. Too young and not enough meat. These men were probably starving. A few dead birds were plucked and resting under a cloth. Calling Bird was glad that Sky was not here to see the dead birds ready to be cooked. Calling Bird played with a small heavy pot. Black Eyes played with a round, heavy trinket that had a black arrow behind the clear glass. Wandering Feet and BlackWater were messing with a hat with a wide brim. Wandering Feet put it on BlackWater's head and looked at him.


"It looks stupid, BlackWater."

"I think so, too."

Skunk Pelt crawled out of the tent holding a flat rectangle board. "Look at this," Skunk Pelt said, waving everyone over. Inside the board were thin sheets. Thinner than the buckskin they draw on. On the sheets were drawings. Everyone looked at each other. These white men were drawing them??

How long were they hiding and drawing? Skunk Pelt turned a page. On the sheet was a drawing of a woman with her baby strapped to her back.

The three Tribes leaders felt sick seeing the drawings and knowing that the white men were that close. Skunk Pelt turned to the next drawing.

The drawing was Burning Tracks. Everyone knew by looking at the mask.

Wandering Feet grabbed the book and shook it at Burning Tracks. "Look! Look how close they were to you and you didn't know!!" Wandering Feet almost yelled before turning to Skunk Pelt. "Look at this! There are more drawings in this thing! Why are they here!? What do they want?!"

"Wandering Feet, calm down. It's alright to be scared, but, stay calm-"

"I can't! They are getting too close and not talking! What if they are planning to hurt us?!"

"I don't think they are."

"Then why won't they come forward and talk??"

"I suppose we have to ask-"

"Ask? How can we if they keep hiding from us? This is too much- I'm leaving."

"Wandering Feet!!"

"I have to go back to see if my Tribe is safe from these white men."

Wandering Feet turned away to walk back but stopped in his tracks. "Wandering Feet?" BlackWater said softly, poking Wandering Feet's shoulder with his staff. Wandering Feet took a few steps back; his mouth open in terror. "He's right there!" Wandering Feet whispered to Black Eyes. Black Eyes turned his head. There in the bushes was one of the white strangers gaping at them in shock. He looked just as scared as Wandering Feet. Skunk Pelt pulled Wandering Feet back into the group. "Don't move or he'll run!" Calling Bird said hoarsely. The strangers stared at them. His large green eyes filled with fear.


How does one make peace with a stranger?


Calling Bird took one careful step. The stranger stood there, watching Calling Bird. "Hello?" Calling Bird said to the stranger. The stranger flinched as if Calling Bird poked him. "I am Calling Bird." Calling Bird said aloud to the stranger. The stranger took a step back. "I don't understand your language," the stranger said to Calling Bird. Calling Bird frowned when he heard the strange words again.  Skunk Pelt and Wandering Feet walked up.

"I am Calling Bird. Chief of the Eagle Tribe."


"What is your name, White-man."

"What is your name?"

"What is he saying, Skunk Pelt?"

"I don't know."

The stranger stared at Calling Bird. No one did anything.


After a few minutes, BlackWater hobbled over to where the stranger was hiding. The stranger watched BlackWater. BlackWater's dark eyes stared into the eyes of the stranger. He wasn't very old. The stranger must be around Skunk Pelt's age, he was still too young and already on an unknown land.

BlackWater held out his hand to the stranger. Everyone held their breath. The stranger looked at BlackWater's gnarled hand, and at BlackWater's face. "Come," BlackWater whispered. The stranger seemed to understand what BlackWater wanted, so he placed his pale hand in BlackWater's dark hand. For some reason, Burning Tracks felt warm inside seeing the stranger trusting BlackWater even though they were strangers. BlackWater helped the stranger get out from the bush and walked him over to where Calling Bird was standing.




"I think... everything went alright if they met those men, Loyal."

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lol, adult guys acting like kids when they found all that strange stuff XD

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lol, adult guys acting like kids when they found all that strange stuff XD
lol, yah.  XD

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Chapter 100...

Flurries of unknown languages mixed as the strangers talked and the Tribal people whispered. Sky stayed close to his cousins who were looking up at the tall white strangers. Calling sat in the front with Wandering Feet and Skunk Pelt. Sky looked at Skunk Pelt who gave him a small smile and a wave. The strangers looked at the Tribal people who were giving them curious looks and points at their strange clothes. Sky looked at his bare feet and at the strange shoes, the men were wearing. So, that's what those footprints were. A few of the white strangers were looking at Sky with mean eyes.

The white stranger who seems to be the leader stepped up to Calling Bird and the other Chiefs. Everyone fell silent.

"Good afternoon... Dark Stranger. A few months back, I was told by one of my men that there were dark strangers here, living like animals," the white stranger said. Calling Bird looked at Wandering Feet and Skunk Pelt. "So, we made our way over to this land to see for ourselves, and we were not disappointed," the white man went on. "What is this idiot oinking about?" Calling Bird sighed. Wandering Feet gave him a weary shrug. "What can we do? We don't know what they are saying," Skunk Pelt said sadly. "Let us try- I don't know!" Wandering Feet said, throwing his hands in the air. The white strangers braced themselves when they saw Wandering Feet throwing his hands. "Cool it. They might kill us all, Wandering Feet," Burning Tracks hissed. Black Eyes glared at the white strangers for getting aggressive when they were the ones snooping around. Calling Bird stood up. "My white brother, I do not know what you are saying."

The white strangers pointed at Calling Bird, said something, and laughed. Everyone but the white men were curious at what was funny, but Sky looked angry. "What did he say?" BlackWater asked stupidly. Everyone shrugged. "Nice people, huh? They laughed at Calling Bird," Wandering Feet said to Skunk Pelt.

"Maybe it wasn't as mean as we think it is? You always think the worst, Wandering Brain." Skunk Pelt suggested to Wandering Feet.

"I won't stand for it-" Wandering Feet began but was silenced by Black Eyes who pointed at Sky. Everyone looked at Sky who was walking up to the white stranger. "Sky!" Skunk Pelt whispered hoarsely, fearing for Sky's life. BlackWater shushed him. Sky tugged on the pant leg of the man who laughed at Calling Bird. "Show respect. You are our guests here," Sky snipped. The man pulled away from Sky. "It understands what we are saying!!" the man nearly yelled. Sky glared at him for calling him an "It." Sky's people gasped in shock when Sky spoke the strange language.

"Told you he was a demon," Black Eyes said to Burning Tracks. "Perhaps a blessing for right now?" Burning Tracks said gruffly. Skunk Pelt stuck out his tongue at Wandering Feet who frowned. "Sky, come here," Calling Bird ordered. Glaring at the white stranger one more time, Sky hurried over to Calling Bird- his light-blue sheet dragging behind him. "How are you doing that??" Calling Bird whispered in Sky's ear. "I don't know myself. I only spoke up because they were being rude," Sky whispered back.

"Oh? What were they saying?"

"They were laughing at you for having feathers in your hair, Calling Bird. Plus, they were saying mean things about us."

"See? They are not nice at all,"
Wandering Feet said to Skunk Pelt before sticking out his tongue at him. Skunk Pelt hated the way Wandering Feet was right. "Go on, Sky. You help us here," BlackWater said, gently prodding Sky with his staff. Taking Calling Bird by the hand, Sky pulled at him to get up. Calling Bird hesitated, but stood up. Wandering Feet watched him.

"This is Calling Bird. He is the Chief of the Eagle Tribe," Sky piped to the ashy faced white man. "Calling Bird; strange name. My name is Quill," the white man said as Sky translated to Calling Bird. Calling Bird nodded his head, said a few words to Sky, and pointed.

"My grandfather wants to know if you are all alright?"


"He wants to know if you are sick, hungry, or lost."

"Oh! Oh, tell him we are alright and that we were checking out the place, and people."

Sky quickly translated to Calling Bird who smiled at Sky. Sky smiled back.

"Aw, that's cute," one of the white men said, pointing at Sky and Calling Bird.

"Yes. Lucky for us that this little bastard speak our language!" The white leader said blatantly, not caring if Sky understood. A few of the men didn't laugh when the other men did. Sky looked at them when he heard the insult.

Sky didn't say a word. First, it was his people and now these strangers.




"When will it end, Loyal..."

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interesting, so he has special abilities

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Oh, yes. There will be more on how he knows the language. :)

Wheeee~!! 100 chapters~!! ;D

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Chapter 101...

The Next Day...

The white men seem to like Calling Bird's Tribe for their strength. Admire Wandering Feet's Tribe for their beauty, but didn't fancy Skunk Pelt's Tribe for their homely looking people and thought they were filthy.


"I already know who Calling Bird is, so why don't you show me around, Sky?"


"Who is this guy?"

"Him? That's Wandering Feet. He is the Chief of The Peacock Tribe."

"Alright. Wandering Feet, it is a pleasure to meet you," Quill said as he extended his hand for Wandering Feet to shake.
"Liar," Wandering Feet said flatly, staring at Quill's hand.


"He said hello."

Quill walked over to Skunk Pelt, giving him a funny look.

"Who is this guy with the funny hair?"

"He is Skunk Pelt. He earned his name because his hair is like the pelt of a skunk."

"Does he smell like one, too?!" One of the white men yelled from the back making the other men laugh. "At least he has respect," Sky said to himself. Quill was running his fingers through Skunk Pelt's hair and unraveled his braid as if Skunk Pelt gave Quill permission to do so. Sky pulled Quill's arm and snipped at him to not touch Skunk Pelt. "Okay. Who is this skunk Chief of?" Quill asked, eyeing offended Skunk Pelt.

"Vulture Tribe."

"Well, things just don't get any better for ol' Skunk and his ugly people!!"

Quill and a few of his men laughed even louder at this, and at Skunk Pelt. Sky patted Skunk Pelt's hand before turning to Quill. "I don't like having you and your men laughing at Skunk Pelt and his Tribe or the other Tribes, Quill. I won't help you if you keep this up," Sky snapped. The laughter dwindled down, and Quill agreed with Sky. Still glaring at him, Sky lead Quill to the hills with Calling Bird. BlackEyes stared at them.


Sky's people and the white men were walking on eggshells. Everything felt different now that the white men were there with them. Sky hated the way some of the men looked at the women from Wander Feet's Tribe.

"Why are the women here so beautiful?"

"The Peacock Tribe have the beauty... although, beauty is not everything."

The white men ignored Sky and went back to looking at the women. Wandering Feet didn't like the men leering at the women, so he told the women to stay in their huts with their children and young daughters. Calling Bird and Skunk Pelt did they same. Sky confronted the Quill one morning.

"Why are you letting your men look at the women and young girls here like a wild dog in heat? If you wish to  continue your research, keep them far away."

Again, Quill agreed with Sky and kept his men away so he could continue his research.


Not all was bad. Sky liked one of the men that he started calling him Big Brother. Big Brother and Sky sat by Sky's secret place each day talking and sharing stories. Sky even told him about his birth and the bird that always shows up each year. Big Brother sat there, listening to Sky.

A few of the white men stayed in the camps, playing with the little children, trying to learn the language, drawing, and taking pictures. Everyone even Sky ogled the heavy box in wonder. Only the adults could carry the box, but not the children. Seated on a tree stump, Burning Tracks squirmed as the men tried to take his picture. The man who Sky called Big Brother, tried to get Burning Tracks to remove his mask.

"Can he take off his mask? I want to get a good look at his face."

"Burning Tracks will not take off his mask for anything."

"Why? I want a picture of him."


The man shrugged and told Burning Tracks to sit up.


Each Tribe Chief and their WiseMan had their pictures taken. Sky was last.

"Why? I'm no Chief nor Wiseman, Big Brother."

"You're not? Aren't you a the son of Peacock women and Eagle man?"

"Yes, but what does that have to do with it?"

"You wear that feather with a rainbow tip. You said that the bird came after your birth."


"You are the start of a new Tribe, Sky."

"I am?"

"Pretty much, yes. Once you are on your own, you are already a Chief and Wiseman of a new Tribe."


"Eagle. Calling Bird. Peacock. Wandering Feet. Vulture. Skunk Pelt. That white bird. Bird Of Many Colors. You."

Sky stared up at Big Brother. He never thought of that. "That... means a lot, Big Brother..." Sky whispered.

Kneeling to Sky's height, Big Brother smiled kindly at Sky and helped him onto the tree stump. Sitting up, Sky stared at the box.





"That was nice of Big Brother, wasn't it, Loyal? Nice brother..."

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Chapter 102...

"This, Big Brother, is a yam. "

"A yam?"

"It's a small sweet potato. Try it."

"Ooohhh, no, thank you, Sky."

"Come on! It's good! Here, I'll take a bite to show you that everything will be fine."

Big Brother watched Sky stick the yam in his mouth, bite down, and began to chew. "Mmh, good. You try, Big Brother," Sky said and held up the yam to Big Brother's face. "Well, I trust you enough to know that you will not hurt me, so let's see," Big Brother said, taking the yam from Sky. Sky was practically bouncing as he watched Big Brother nibble into the yam. "Well??" Sky sang.

"It... has the taste of... those carrots you grow," Big Brother said, looking at the yams' orange flesh. "It's not bad, I like it."

"I knew you would!!"

Sky sat happily as Big Brother finished the rest of the yam. Calling Bird came looking for Sky. "Sky, tell me, how do you understand what I am saying to you?" Big Brother asked as Sky waved to Calling Bird. "I don't know... yet," Sky answered. Calling Bird walked over to Sky and sat down beside him. "The fish were slow today..." Calling Bird said tiredly to Sky. "Perhaps they are scared, Calling Bird?"

"No, I guess it was a lazy day for them."

"Oh... hey? Why don't we take Big Brother to fish with us??"

"If you want, ask him."

Sky turned to Big Brother. "Wanna go fishing with us?? We can hunt for some tree rats, too!!!"

"Tree rats?"

"You'll see when we find one, please say you want to come along!!"

Big Brother looked at Sky and Calling Bird before smiling and nodding his head. Sky jumped up, yanked at Calling Bird's arm and yelled for him to hurry up. Big Brother laughed when Calling Bird looked at him and rolled his eyes. Sky raced ahead with Big Brother and Calling Bird in tow. Black Eyes watched them leave.




"This is so exciting, Loyal!!"

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hmm, pretty interesting. the Big Brother character seems pretty cool

(also you put tiredly in the bracket with italics and also spelled it tieredly)

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hmm, pretty interesting. the Big Brother character seems pretty cool

(also you put tiredly in the bracket with italics and also spelled it tieredly)
Oh, shoot! I wasn't watching out!  XD

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Chapter 103...

"Watch yourself, don't fall into the water."

"Now what?"

"Lift the- Hurry! A fish is caught!!"

Calling Bird and Sky watched as Big Brother yanked the net out from the water and tried to grab the flopping fish. Calling Bird pointed at Big Brother. "Did you ever see such pale legs?" he snarked. Sky hit his shoulder. The fish flopped on the rocks, and back into the safety of the water. "This is too hard! Let's try with a fishing rod," Big Brother huffed as Sky peeked in the water for the fish.

"What's a fishing rod?" Calling Bird asked Big Brother made a face and turned to Sky for help. "What'd he say?"

"I was about to ask the same thing. What is a fishing rod?" Sky questioned Big Brother.

"Looks like it's my turn to teach something."


"Okay, don't touch the hook."


"I told you not to touch it, now, reel it back-"

Calling Bird's line caught a branch and was tangled in the leaves. Big Brother untangled the hook and told Calling Bird to be careful as Sky watched the cork bobbing in the water. Thinking of the puny worm impaled onto the hook, Sky whined to Calling Bird if the worm was dead. Dug out from his tree, stabbed, and drowned, the worm was most likely dead now. Calling Bird reassured Sky that it was already dead. After a few minutes, the fishing experience began to lose its glow because the fish were not biting. Sky was bristling, Big Brother was bored, and Calling Bird fell asleep.

"This is as boring as watching clothes dry."


"When will the fish bite?"

Before Big Brother could answer, the cork went under the water. "A bite! Calling Bird, reel it in!" Big Brother yelled frantically. Calling Bird woke up from the yelling and let go of the rod. The fish under the water swam away in fear.


"NO!" Big Brother shouted and jumped into the water to save the fishing rod. Calling Bird yelled for Big Brother to come back even though he didn't understand a word he was saying. The fishing rod was lost in the water, but Big Brother came back with a salmon in his arms. Sky cheered as Calling Bird examined it. "It's a big salmon, Big Brother. It is amazing how you were able to wrestle it out of the water," Calling Bird said in astonishment. Big Brother looked down for Sky to translate. Sky smiled and hugged Big Brother on the legs. By the way Sky was smiling and Calling Bird's voice, Big Brother knew that the words were praise.

"Let's look for tree rats!"



There were chirps and squeals of joy from the women as the white men pulled out colorful and hard stones with strong golden chains holding it together from the box. The stones were beautiful and attracted the women like magpies. As the men passed around their gems, Skunk Pelt and Wandering Feet stood far back, judging the men and their treasures.

"I don't like how these white men are bringing out their goods like this to these doh-dee-doh women," Wandering Feet whispered to Skunk Pelt even though they were far away. Skunk Pelt nodded his head in agreement. "One of the women came back with one of those stones. I asked her if they gave it to her as a gift, but she traded two baskets for it. TWO!" Skunk Pelt whispered loudly and Wandering Feet shushed him before agreeing.

"What good are these stones when they break?"

"Break? I thought-"

"They do break. I dropped one on the boulder and it broke, Skunk Pelt."

Skunk Pelt shrugged.

"You know that drink they had, and we broke the bottle, Skunk Pelt?"


"They become crazed as an animal when they drink it."

"I hate the taste. What is wine?"

"I don't know, but I think these men- cool it. Here comes Calling Bird."

Skunk Pelt and Wandering Feet smiled when Calling Bird walked up.

"What is going on?"

"Oh, nothing. What were you doing with Sky?




"Such a fun day, Loyal! I hope that Big Brother will stay with us when the white men go back home."

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lol, their reactions to discovering jewelry are hilarious

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Chapter 104...

"Big Brother, do you have a lady?"


"A wife?"

"A wife? No."

"Are you charming a girl?"

"No. I have never dated in my life."

"Date? Like the fruit?"

"No, we call them dates where I come from."

Sky nodded his head and thought seriously for a minute. "Tell me what else you do, Big Brother."

"Well, my job is... you know how your grandfather and those other men found that book with drawings? My friend drew those and I take the pictures," Big Brother said to Sky who was seated on his lap. Other younger children were play fighting in the grass. "Oh? Well, he draws very well. Tell him I like the drawings," Sky cooed as he looked through the drawing book again. "Your job is taking pictures?"

"Uh-huh. What's yours?" Big Brother teased and wished he hadn't after seeing Sky's happy face fall. "I take care of the babies and my cousins... I have to cook, clean, and hunt whenever their parents' are gone for the day..." Big Brother heard Sky whisper, his eyes staring at his aunts.

"Oh... I'm sorry to hear that..."

"It's alright. When I am no longer a child, they will kick me out, and I'm on my own forever!"

Big Brother hated the way Sky sounded so happy at the fact of being thrown out as if he were nothing but another mouth to feed. Sky played with his fingers.

"Big Brother, do you believe in Deities?"

"Why? Do you?"

"I do."

"Deities, huh? Mmmh, I suppose. I don't listen to most of the rules-"

"Would you believe me if I told you I was a God?"

Big Brother was taken aback. He never thought of Sky being one. Sky looked up at him waiting for an answer.

"Are... you?"

"The Vulture Tribe says I am and the pay homage to me. Do you believe them? Do you believe in me?"

"What kind of Deities do you believe in?"

"The Earth Goddess. The Sun God and Moon Goddess, and Loyal."

"Loyal? Back home, we pay homage to him, too."

Sky brightened when Big Brother said this. He wasn't alone on this! Big Brother was still stunned with Sky.

"But... I don't listen to most of Loyal's Laws, Sky."

"Laws? What's that? What are they?"

"Those Laws are the only time I curse him."

Before Sky could ask, he and Big Brother heard heckling and vulgar jokes as well as cruel remarks. Big Brother got up, and Sky slid off his lap. Skunk Pelt and Calling Bird at the white men who were laughing at the uniting ceremony. Wandering Feet went on as if the men were not there.

"What is so funny?"

"Look at him! Look how he is allowing two women to be married!"

Wandering Feet had no idea what the men were saying, but he knew it wasn't good. The laughing and cruel words went on. Big Brother's face redded with anger and humiliation. Sky looked up at him, and at Wandering Feet. "What is wrong? I see nothing wrong with this," Sky said; Wandering Feet still praying for the terrified women. The men laughed at Sky.

"It is a sin for the same sex to fall in love!"

"It is not. It is the two spirits falling in love."

"According to Loyal's Law, these women should be killed."

"Killed?? No, no-"

"Sky, let me handle this."

Big Brother stepped up to his friends and talked to them in a hushed voice. Wandering Feet went on, but held onto the women's hands.

"They don't listen to those laws here. Let them do what they want-"

"Keep living in sin like this? No, this ends now."

One of the men grabbed the women by the neck and she screamed in terror. Sky jumped out of the way when Wandering Feet stomped up. What happened next, Sky couldn't believe. Wandering Feet had the man pushed to the tree with a knife to his throat. Big Brother held some odd shaped thing in his hand, pointing at his friend.

Calling Bird and Skunk Pelt bother had their arrows pointed to the white man. Wandering Feet shoved the man harder to the tree. "If you ever taint my Tribe again with your ignorance I will kill you!" Wandering Feet snapped. The man was trying to push Wandering Feet away, but Wandering Feet wouldn't let him go. Calling Bird and Skunk Pelt walked closer and stood beside Wandering Feet.

"Stop! Wandering Feet, let him go!" BlackWater yelled, pulling weakly at Wandering Feet's arm. "Skunk Pelt, this isn't what we want, put your arrows down!"

Wandering Feet released the man, spat at his boots, and walked away with the women in front of him. "Get out! Get out and do not come back!!" Wandering Feet yelled as Skunk Pelt and Calling Bird followed him.

"What's he saying?"

"He's telling you to leave. I agree with him this time," Sky said cooly before walking to Calling Bird. "Sky..." Big Brother said, and Sky looked at him.

"Please, Big Brother. If you care for your life, do not come back to the Peacock Tribe. Ever."

Sky ran after Calling Bird. Big Brother felt horrible seeing Sky ran away.




"I don't... I don't feel like talking to you until I hear what Big Brother has to say."

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Chapter 105...

Standing at the bottom of the small hill, Quill shielded his eyes from the sun. Wandering Feet was standing at the top with his arms crossed and glaring the men. It has been two days since that bigoted action and some thought that Wandering Feet would forget about it, but he didn't. Calling Bird stood next to Skunk Pelt who was carrying Sky in his arms. Sky peeked over Skunk Pelt's shoulder and looked at the baby strapped to his back.

"Tell pretty boy that my men were joking around and meant no harm, kid," Quill said to Sky.

Sky shrugged and looked at Wandering Feet. If looks could kill, all of them would be dead in two seconds flat.
"Oi, Wandering Feet! Quill said that-"


"He said no, Quill."

Quill hissed and looked at his men before looking at Calling Bird. "You. You are always talking to pretty boy. You talk some sense into him."

Sky quickly translated and Calling Bird walked up the hill to talk with Wandering Feet. Everyone watched as Wandering Feet chewed Calling Bird out before Calling Bird hurried away with his head down.

"Wandering Feet? Stop being a baby and-"

"This was your idea talking to these ignorant white pigs, Skunk Pelt! Now they won't leave!"

"Wandering Feet, I already received my punishment from BlackWater, try to-"


Skunk Pelt shrugged. Who can blame Wandering Feet for being stubborn and not accepting Quill's apology? One of the women poked her head out from her hut only to be yelled at by Wandering Feet. Everyone, even Burning Tracks were ordered to stay in their huts whenever the white men came to the Tribe. Quill looked at Sky.

"Is he always this stubborn, Sky?"

"Wandering Feet is someone you don't want for an enemy. Treat him and his people poorly, and he won't let you forget."

Big Brother shook his head. They already angered one of Sky's people and had to be the one who holds grudges. "How are we going to study about the Peacock Tribe then?" Quill asked flatly.

"You can try the Vulture Tribe."

"The Vulture Tribe?! They are nothing interesting to take notes about!"

"Yes, they are!"

"No, they are not! They are dirty and no good! Look, look! Look at him!" Quill said, pointing at Skunk Pelt. Skunk Pelt was scratching his head while the baby on his back slapped him with his fluffy pelt scrap. Skunk Pelt looked up and said, "What is it?"

"You see?!"

Sky leaned forward from Skunk Pelt's arms and slapped Quill's face before anyone had time to stop him. Everyone gasped seeing this. "I will not have you talking about Skunk Pelt and his people like this, Quill. This has gone far enough. Skunk Pelt is not dirty, and Wandering Feet does not have to talk to you or your men after they way you treated them," Sky said sharply, pointing his finger to Quill's face. "We have given you nothing but kindness and respect, and you treat us as if we have no feelings. I'm warning you, Quill. If you or your men keep up this disgusting act, I will no longer help you."

Quill looked from side to side. Sky glared at Quill as he looked at his men.

"Fine. You drive a hard bargain, Sky. Tell pretty boy that my men are sorry and that we will leave him alone.

Sky glared at Quill for a few seconds before turning to tell Wandering Feet. Wandering Feet shook his head no and made a rude gesture with his hands before leaving.

"I don't need to know what he meant. I can tell he is still mad," Quill said, shocked that Wandering Feet did this. Even Calling Bird and Skunk Pelt looked shocked.

After the men left, Sky and Skunk Pelt grinned at Big Brother who came up with a gift. "Can you give this to Wandering Feet? I know he still mad but tell him that I am deeply sorry for the ignorance in my team."

Skunk Pelt took the gift after Sky translated. Before Sky could talk with Big Brother, Quill walked up.

"Since we cannot talk to Wandering Feet... why not you, Sky?"


"Yes, you. There is so much that we don't know about you."

"Like what?"


Sky grew cold, and he looked at Big Brother for help. Big Brother looked at Quill with large eyes. Skunk Pelt turned away quickly, still holding Sky in his arms.

Quill's gaze stayed on Sky as Big Brother talked to him.




"I think... they are overstaying their welcome..."

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hmm, seems like the tribe alliance is falling apart.

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hmm, seems like the tribe alliance is falling apart.
Oh, yeah.  :asleep:

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Chapter 106...

Seven Nights Later.

A Week Later.

Summer was coming to an end, and the white men were still with Sky's people. Wandering Feet was still furious, and he didn't like the gift as predicted. Quill was writing down in his book about the Tribes late one night.

The Eagle Tribe. (Already have enough information.)

The Peacock Tribe. (Forget about this Tribe until that priss calms the hell down)

The Vulture Tribe. (Give it a look)

Sky's whatever Tribe? (Look into this as soon as we return)

One day, Sky waved goodbye to Quill and the white men in the boat. Big Brother stayed behind with Sky and a few other men who will return home later. Sky was pleased and stayed by his Big Brother for the longest time. After the Quill left, Wandering Feet came down with Burning Tracks but went back home dragging Burning Tracks behind him when he saw a few of the white men and Big Brother. Calling Bird shrugged.


Then, Sky discovered something horrible. One afternoon while sitting with Big Brother and Skunk Pelt, Big Brother asked Sky if he could see the sky cloth that was always around Sky. Sky happily gave it to him and felt a wet rawness when it was off his shoulders and into Big Brother's hands.

"It is a very pretty cloth."

"Yes, Sky held it in his hands when his father gave him his name."

"Sky, what did Skunk Pelt say?"

The language that Sky understood and spoke fluently left him as soon as the sky cloth was gone. Big Brother's words came out distorted and hard whenever he spoke.


Sky looked at Skunk Pelt. "Big Brother is asking you a question..." Skunk Pelt whispered to Sky. Sky began to panic.

"I don't know what he is saying, Skunk Pelt!!"

"What?? What do you mean you don't know what he is saying?!"

"I don't know!! It's gone, and I wasted my ability!!!"
Sky wailed pitifully to Skunk Pelt. Skunk Pelt grinned at Big Brother and turned to Sky, hiding him and himself with the low hanging branches. Big Brother watched as Skunk Pelt tried to calm wailing Sky down. With all of this wailing, BlackWater hobbled up to Big Brother and pointed at the branches. Big Brother shrugged and said that he didn't know. BlackWater got down to his knees painfully and looked inside.



Quickly, Skunk Pelt came out from the branches rubbing his sore head. Sky gradually stopped crying and crawled out from underneath the branches. BlackWater came up as well. "Is everything alright?" Big Brother asked slowly to Sky who walked up to him. Sky gave him a sad look and tugged at the sky cloth in Big Brother's hands.

As soon as the cloth was back on Sky, the wet rawness left and Sky felt dry and whole again. Big Brother, Skunk Pelt, and BlackWater stared at Sky.


"It worked, BlackWater!"

"I am very glad, Sky. Now, tell your brother."

Sky quickly turned to Big Brother and told him that the cloth needs to stay with him so he can understand his language. Big Brother looked more shocked and terrified than relieved.

"Soooo, this has to stay with you?"


"Okay then."

Big Brother sat there in silence for a few minutes. BlackWater and Skunk Pelt played a game with Sky while Big Brother thought of his next plan.




"What is it, Big Brother?"

"How would you... like to learn my language?"

Sky looked at BlackWater and Skunk Pelt.

"Can they learn, too?"

"Only if they want to learn."




"That was scary, Loyal..."

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Chapter 107...

"This is too hard!" Sky groaned to Calling Bird as they practiced with Skunk Pelt in the hut. Calling Bird silenced Sky with a look before turning back to Skunk Pelt who was complaining like Sky. BlackWater sat far away, learning by himself. A few of Big Brother's friends were teaching the children and the other Tribe members in another hut.

Sky learned a few words. Calling Bird was able to speak 13 words, and Skunk Pelt spoke a five. BlackWater barely got it but learned four words.

Wandering Feet refused to learn when someone asked him if he wanted to learn. "Dirty devil language." Wandering Feet said, but Wandering Feet was no fool. Someone was teaching him a late at night because he wanted to know what these men were saying for caution.


Quill did return as he said with the ten men who went with him. Everyone waited for his return early in the morning. Quill was surprised seeing everyone waiting for him. "Oh, heck. How long were they waiting outside?" Quill said as he climbed out of the boat. "Not long," Big Brother said and explained how they can tell time and how many days have passed by reading the sky and the sun. Quill nodded his head and glared at his broken watch. Sky peeked from behind Big Brother's legs and saw a few more boats coming up to shore. Big Brother looked and swiped Sky's sheet off his shoulders so he wouldn't understand what he will be saying to Quill. As Sky climbed on Big Brother to get his sheet back, Big Brother and Quill argued.

"I told you not to bring them! Didn't I say not to bring more?!"

"Who gives orders here? You or me??"

"You, but can't -"

"Enough. It's not like we are going to live in this heathen place."
Big Brother's head snapped back at Quill's words. Heathens. Sky got his sheet back and Calling Bird pulled him off of Big Brother's back, his eyes staring at the boats. Skunk Pelt whispered to Mossy Braid who looked just as troubled.

Sure, there were new men on the boats, but women as well. Skunk Pelt swallowed his spit and feared that he made a huge mistake.

The day went on. The women of Sky's land mingled with the white women and showed them their huts and children. Some of the white women cooed at huts and the children; some sated their negative opinions as if Sky couldn't understand.


"Wandering Feet!!"

Wandering Feet hit the top of his head on a wooden plank connected inside of his hut when Burning Tracks crawled in yelling.

"What?! What is it!!?" Wandering Feet snapped as he rubbed his bruised head.

"What do we do!? The white-"

"Kill them! That was my damn order and you idiots forgot-"

"They are women!"

Cursing, Wandering Feet shoved Burning Tracks out off his way and ran out of the hut. "What the hell??" Wandering Feet almost yelled seeing all the women walk in his Tribe, looking and touching things as well as his people. Sky was trying hard to round them up, but it was like herding cats.

"Ladies, ladies, we are not supposed to be here."

"Why not? It's beautiful here as well as the people."

"That is very kind of you, lady. But, this is-"

Sky stopped when he saw Wandering Feet and Burning Tracks. "Damn, damn, damn, damn- Ladies! Let's go!!!" Sky yelled, pushing one of the women, but face-planted in the dress.

"Oi! what is the meaning of this!!?" Wandering Feet yelled, and Sky wasn't sure if he was talking to him. Wandering Feet stomped up, ignoring Burning Tracks who was after him.

"No, Wandering Feet! No!!!"

But, Wandering Feet fell into the trap. The white women surrounded him talking and touching him. Wandering Feet tried to run, but the women had him trapped.

"Help! Burning Tracks!"

"Hello! What is your name?"


"How old are you??"

"Burning Tracks!"

Burnin Tracks tried to get Wandering Feet, but a few of the women blocked his path, cooing how strong he was and touching his mask. Wandering Feet looked around in horror at the women around him. Men in the Peacock Tribe were also trapped by women who were admiring their looks. If it were men here, Wandering Feet would've killed them.

But women? Women. They were another story. Plus, Wandering Feet was scared that they might hit back.

Sky walked up to the women and scared Wandering Feet.

"Is this man your father, Sky?" one of the white women said to Sky. Sky could hear Wandering Feet telling the women to back off. "Him?? Nooooo, that's Wandering Feet," Sky replied.

"Oh? I thought Wandering Feet was your daddy since he is handsome as you."

"Noo, my mother was born here... so that's where it came from."

"Oh, how nice."

Sky was glad that the women didn't ask where Sky's mother was. As the women trapped Wandering Feet, Sky stood around, sticking things in his pouch as revenge. A few of the women in the Peacock Tribe were livid that the white women were near their men and husbands. Sky listened to the women chatter and joke about the men.

"Is he married?"

"Looking at the men here makes me forget that my husband is here!"

"Oh, stop!"


"How are they so handsome??"

"What's your name, handsome one?"

"Why does this one act as he has never seen a woman before?"

Wandering Feet had enough, broke away, and hid in his hut like a scared child making the women and Sky laugh. Burning Tracks got away as well, and the wives of the Peacock Tribe were trying to get their men back.

"Come on, ladies. Let's go back," Sky said to the disappointed women but left with him to look at Skunk Pelt's tribe. Wives scolded their husbands who were on the floor, taking the wrath of their wives.




"That was weird..."

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Chapter 108....

"Okay. What you all need are names," Quill said one day to Sky and Calling Bird. Sky translated, Calling Bird made a face. "I already have a name. My name is Calling Bird," Sky heard his grandfather say sourly to Quill. "I kinda understood what you said, Calling Bird, but you need real names," Quill replied nicely but Sky could hear the annoyance in his voice. "We have names, Quill and we are very proud of them," Sky said, eyeing the white men outside who were talking to Skunk Pelt in another hut. "Sure you are, now come on now. Let's find you a name, Sky," Quill said oblivious to Sky's words. "Uh, they want to keep their names as much as we do, Quill," Big Brother said but Quill ignored him.

"Let's start with you, Calling Bird."


"We will call you... Becker. Do you like that name? I like it on you."

"I am Calling Bird!!" Calling Bird said, his accent heavy like honey making it hard for Sky to understand clearly. Sky wrinkled his nose at the name his grandfather received. Quill turned to Black Eyes. "You. I will call you... Wade. That's a good name for you."

"No!" Black Eyes shouted at Quill's face. Quill frowned and moved on to Sky. "You can be called Bobby. My father was named Bob. Robert actually."


"Sky, keep your voice down!!" Calling Bird said sharply before pulling Sky to his side. Sky could feel Calling Bird's rough hands on his shoulders. Quill and Calling Bird looked at each through half-lidded eyes. "No Bobby. Sky. Sky is his name. Bird Of Many Colors also. He keeps name. Sky," Calling Bird said in choppy English and swept Sky out of the hut with Black Eyes behind him. Outside, Skunk Pelt was waving his hand as a no to his new name as the white men tried to force the name on him and BlackWater. "I. I am Skunk Pelt. BlackWater. Father. Mother gave him name," Skunk Pelt said in terrible English as soon as Sky and Calling Bird walked up. "No Victor. No Willard. BlackWater. Skunk Pelt." Skunk Pelt stated and walked away with BlackWater. Quill huffed.
"You people are very stubborn."

"So are you, Quill..."



Standing in a circle, Calling Bird was talking to Wandering Feet and Burning Tracks. Skunk Pelt was standing with BlackWater and Black Eyes. "They want to change our names, Wandering Feet!" Skunk Pelt nearly wailed. Wandering Feet had a tired look on his face. "I knew these men were nothing but trouble."

"Yes, they want to give you and Wandering Feet a new name as well," Calling Bird said to Burning Tracks.

"Let's hear it."

"Burning Tracks, your new name is... how do you say it?"


"Right. And Wandering Feet's name is Zack."

"I don't like that name! I don't any of this! I don't want to have a name their DIRTY DEVIL LANGUAGE!!!"
Wandering Feet yelled at Skunk Pelt and Calling Bird. Calling Bird shrugged. "The white men said that your name is stupid and that you need a new name."

"My father gave me this name," Wandering Feet said sharply to Calling Bird. Burning Tracks looked up at the dark sky. Wandering Feet only got his name because when he was little, all he did was wander off. People thought he was soft in the head, but Wandering Feet just liked to walk and think. Burning Tracks' daydreaming was interrupted by BlackWater's staff poking him. "Do you like your name, Burning Tracks?" BlackWater rasped. "You know he doesn't," Wandering Feet said for Burning Tracks. Burning Tracks merely nodded his head. Skunk Pelt turned back to Calling Bird.

"What do you say, Calling Bird? Have these white men overstay their welcome?"

"They eat too much, talk too much, and are rude as a boar; Look what they did to Wandering Feet."

Skunk Pelt nodded his head and told Wandering Feet what does he think. "These white men need to leave with their women. They bring us bad luck. How can we live in peace with them laughing and tearing apart our lives?" Wandering Feet said, his voice almost sounded desperate. Before Skunk Pelt could talk, BlackWater spoke up.

"Yes, these men are trouble, but we never turn down each other, do we?"

"They are different, BlackWater,"
Black Eyes said coldly. "These men are nothing like us."

"We are all brothers and sisters, Black Eyes."

"They are not. They are strangers who came only to curse, spit, and laugh at us."

"That is what you think, Black Eyes. I think differently."

"You are crazy, BlackWater. You are endangering your Tribe and Skunk Pelt. Even him."

Black Eyes pointed to Skunk Pelt's chest where Withering Bark's orphan son rested in the wrap. The baby nuzzled his fist and yawned. Everyone but Black Eyes looked at him with sad eyes.

"This meeting is over. Skunk Pelt, Calling Bird. You choose. Good night," Wandering Feet said and left with Burning Tracks.




"What do I do...? What would you do with these men, Loyal?"

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Chapter 109...

Autumn was here, and Calling Bird began to wonder if the white men were ever going to leave. Each day, Calling Bird woke up hearing them. Black Eyes didn't like them one bit and showed it whenever they were near. Calling Bird didn't blame him, most of the white men made fun of their language, skin color, and how they lived. The women were just as bad. They said awful things about women in each Tribe for their very little clothing on the upper half of their body. Judging them for how they fed their newborns in the open with no blanket over their bare chests. Calling Bird didn't see a problem with this since they were feeding their babies. Some of the women listened to Sky when he told them not to go to the Peacock Tribe because Wandering Feet didn't like it, most of them disobeyed and went anyways. Wandering Feet didn't do anything since they were women, and they took advantage of this. Skunk Pelt would go over to Wandering Feet's Tribe each day to help, but he couldn't be there all the time. Sky tried to make the women leave, but they only swatted Sky away. Since Wandering Feet didn't do anything, the white women would make fun of him, and they laughed at him for being weak.

Burning Tracks was also a victim of the teasing, but he didn't do anything. One day, while sitting by his hut and listening to the teasing, one of the women removed Burning Tracks mask.

"HEY!!!" Sky yelled stormed over to where Burning Tracks was hiding his face with his hands as the women laughed at him. Some of the women didn't laugh but scold their friends for doing this to Burning Tracks. Of course, they didn't listen. Burning Tracks refused to come out from his hut a day later.

One day, Calling Bird was walking up the hill to see Wandering Feet with one of his daughters and Big Brother where they found Sky trying hard to make the women stop as they teased Wandering Feet.

"Go away," Wandering Feet said as best as he could, pointing at the boats for them to go back home.

"He talks!"

"Go away!"

"Leave him alone!"

"Does he always act like this, Sky? Even with his wife?"

"His wife is dead, now go away!"

"Explains a lot because he is a weakling."

Sky yanked at the women to stop, but they wouldn't listen. Wandering Feet slapped their hands away and they laughed at him. Other men and women in the Peacock Tribe watched Wandering Feet from their huts because they were ordered to stay inside because Wandering Feet didn't want them getting hurt.

"I said go!"

"Ooo, showing some spice, are you?"

"What happened to your wife, Wandering Feet? Did she die because you couldn't take care of her?"

Wandering Feet knew very little, but he knew that they were making fun of his wife. Quickly, Wandering Feet turned away from the white women and their taunting. Sky yelled at them to stop and Calling Bird walked towards Wandering Feet to help him. Sky didn't catch what the women were saying and what happened next stunned him and everyone. One of the women kissed him on the mouth as a joke to hurt him since they heard that he believes that he will meet his wife in the spirit world. Everyone in the Peacock Tribe gasped in shock as Wandering Feet pulled away and ran. Big Brother stormed up to the women and picked up Sky.

"Shame on you! All of you!! Teasing Wandering Feet because his wife is gone!! Shame! How dare you touch a married man!!!"

"He isn't married anymore-"

"Wandering Feet knows he will meet with his wife again!!"

"Oh, please. That heathen place is not real."

"He believes it is."

"Face the facts; his wife is in hell, and so will he because-"

"All of you get out!!"
Big Brother yelled startling trembling Sky. On the walk home, Sky hugged Big Brother's neck.

Back at the Vulture Tribe.

BlackWater heard Skunk Pelt yelling and swearing as well as the white men. Clay pots and baskets flew out of Skunk Pelt's hut when BlackWater hobbled up, and he saw a few of the white men and their priests tumbled out of Skunk Pelt's hut. Skunk Pelt's black-eyes blazed with hatred as he raised his staff to hit the priest.

"Skunk Pelt, no!!!" BlackWater yelled, and Skunk Pelt stopped.

The white men and their priests all glared at seething Skunk Pelt. Stomping his foot and his staff to get everyone's attention, Skunk Pelt yelled, "My name is Skunk Pelt!!! My father is Moldy Bark, and my mother is Jumping Frog!! I do not believe this Loyal's laws! I am Skunk Pelt!!! When I die, I will go to the spirit world by the glory of Sky where I will live and hunt forever in the skies!!! I do not believe in Loyal who will damn me for being who I am! You white men have brought me nothing but pain and worry! Get out!! If I see you on my land again, I will kill you all!!" BlackWater pulled at Skunk Pelt to calm down, but Skunk Pelt yanked his arm away.

Big Brother was on top of the hill with Sky, both of them holding their breath.

"Big Brother-"

"I told Quill not to force it on them!!"

"Force what?!"

Big Brother said nothing as he ran down the hill with Sky. Sky could feel the tears in his eyes as he prayed.




"Loyal, get them out before something happens!!! Who are you and why are you letting this happen!?""