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Title: Anomalies [T] (Completed)
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in which anomalies must be destroyed.

The Council:
-Cleanser Lusamine, Ruler of All, Head of Judicial Department, The Judge {Age: 34 years} [Status: Deceased]
  -his former aide, Robin {Age: 19 years} [Status: ???]
-Councillor Zetsu Beau, Head of Matchmaking Department, Head of Housing Assignments Department {Age: 32 years} [Status: Escaped]
-Councillor Joe Twentyfour, Head of Education Department, Head of Treasury Department, Head of Technology Department {Age: 54 years} [Status: Escaped]
-Councillor Matthew Neff, Head of Cleansing Department, Overseer of Captured Anomalies, Head of Detaining Department {Age: 49 years (IDK how old Matt is LMAO)} [Status: Deceased]
-Former Councillor Kenny Penguin (is referred to as Penguin), Head of Food Creation & Distribution Department {Age: 28 years} [Status: ???]
-Councillor Isabelle Mae, Head of Medical Department {Age: 45 years} [Status: Deceased]

The Detainers:
-Joey Bluze, Detainer One {Age: 24 years} [Status: Deceased]
-Nick Ito, Detainer Two {Age: 23 years} [Status: Deceasedl]
-Ross Ome (pronounced oh-may), Detainer Three {Age: 18 years} [Status: Deceased]
-Leia Lu, Detainer Four {Age: 23 years} [Status: ???]
-Sean Shawn, Detainer Five {Age: 18 years} [Status: Deceased]
-Ianiant Bamordian, Detainer Six {Age: 19 years} [Status: Deceased]

The Anomalies:
-Sophia Amber {Age: Somewhere in between 18 and 26 years} [Status: Escaped]
-Ted Moisues {Age: Unknown} [Status: Escaped]
-Cosmic Isola {Age: 17 years) [Status: Escaped]
-Usopp Affa {Age: 27 years} [Status: Deceased]
-Faith Escue {Age: 15 years} [Status: Deceased]

'everyone can start again, not through love, but through revenge.'
Seven years in the past...
"DETAINER ONE, report on your sighting."

"Nothing, Detainer Three. Detainer Five, report."

"Just a kid and his parents."

"Investigate, Detainer Five."

"Roger that."

A little boy was walking with his parents when he saw a man in all black wearing a Detainer badge. The boy knew he was a Detainer immediately and ducked his head down so the man wouldn't see it. He was scared of the Detainers and their large, threatening weapons. Kids in his class told stories about how they captured Anomalies, but the boy didn't really know what Anomalies were, besides that they were bad and the Detainers got rid of them.

His little heart pounded when he saw the Detainer walking towards him and his parents.

"Walk faster, Cosmic." his father muttered, and the boy struggled to catch up with his parents' speed.

"Freeze!" the Detainer yelled. "Turn around. Hold up your hands."

The family did, and the Detainer brought out one of his large weapons, which looked like the things the cashier used at the store to scan the barcodes on items, and pointed it towards the boy.

His heart pounded as the red light emitting from the scanner was directed around him, and nothing happened. The Detainer nodded and proceeded to his mother, where nothing happened again.

The Detainer then scanned his father, and Cosmic's heart pounded. There was silence for a while, and then the device started beeping really loudly.

"We need backup, now! I found one!"

"Cosmic, run!" his father yelled, and Cosmic dashed off. He was an athlete so he was fast, and the Detainer didn't even bother to get him-he wasn't even looking at Cosmic-, and Cosmic dashed into an alley, peeking out, and he gasped when he saw four Detainers approaching his parents.

He watched his mom charge towards one of them and launch herself at him, and be promptly shot down. She crumpled to the ground and a more slender Detainer nodded at his father, who looked stunned and fell to his knees. The original Detainer who had found his family pressed one of his big weapons to Cosmic's father's head and fired it.

There was silence for a few seconds, and Cosmic was sure everyone in the city had heard the boom of the weapon, and then he realized reality.


He screamed and felt a grip on his right arm, nails digging into his skin. He was pulled deeper into the alley and then found himself facing a girl. She looked younger than him and had wide open eyes.

"You're gonna get us killed!" she hissed.

"But...but...my parents!" Cosmic blubbered.

"Look, you'll have time to grieve. You're lucky I'm here, or else they'd kill you for seeing a Detain live. Nobody's supposed to see those!"

"But...what about you?" he asked, his voice cracking.

The girl shook her head. "Follow me."

"No!" Cosmic cried out. "No! I don't even know you!"

"Follow me!" the girl said, her eyes widening and growing more alert. "They'll be coming for you! You might not be an Anomaly, but you're sure as dead anyway, so you have to come now or you'll die!"

"My parents...my parents...my parents...they're..."

"You don't have to say it." The girl had adopted a more sympathetic tone, and looked at Cosmic sadly. "Please."

Cosmic nodded tearfully, not realizing that he was crying, and the girl disappeared into the shadows of the alley, Cosmic following her.

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This is amazing

And I'm finally a character

Now I wait until I get killed first

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Omg this looks really good :o

Like I have to say with every good fanfic, please don't abandon this

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This is amazing

And I'm finally a character

Now I wait until I get killed first

u didn't get killed first, cosmic's parents did

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Ooohhh no one knows my last name so spooky

I'm liking this

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Present day...(which is in the future clearly)
"The new Detainers were instated today, it was all over the news." Faith comments during dinner one day at the dinner box. Tonight's dinner is pizza, and we all sit on cushions around the dinner box, which is a cardboard box propped up as a makeshift table.

"I don't care." Cosmic mutters.

Cosmic is now seventeen and Faith is fifteen, but he doesn't realize how much younger she was when she found him in the first place. He looks around the dinner box and thinks about the other people sitting with them.

For instance, Usopp is a twenty-seven year old hardened war veteran who was shot in the head on duty and survived, but the injury caused brain damage, ruling him an Anomaly. Nobody knows anything about Red, but he appears to be in his twenties. Faith was experimented on as a child by her sadistic scientist parents, changing her permanently and ruling her an Anomaly. Sophia was always an Anomaly, for reasons she refuses to disclose, but the girl had been running away for years. She is older than Cosmic but younger than Usopp.

And Cosmic...well...Cosmic's situation was plain.

After his parents had died, Cosmic had noticed changes in the way he perceived the world. The way he'd perceived the government, and the way he'd perceived other people. Usopp had come up with a theory that trauma caused one to be an Anomaly, but genetics could play a part as well, he had said. Cosmic wasn't sure. He didn't want to think about his trauma.

The pizza is quickly finished.
Cleanser Lusamine sits in his office, in his chair, reading reports on his computer.

Subject: Anomaly 456. ELIMINATED

Anomaly 456, also known as Flipfan Oofis, was found on the corner of 7th and H St., attempting to be casual, but it was the middle of the night and they were scanned and detained.

A knock sounds on Lusamine's door, and he clears his throat.

"Come in."

Cleanser Lusamine has a very languid voice, almost lazy, but is always completely on point and focused. It's very good for giving speeches as it almost always sounds very laid-back and relaxed, relaxing the listeners instantly.

The person who enters the room is Robin, Lusamine's aide. Robin is a skinny, pale, petite girl with messy pale blonde hair, and she's shy as all hell, but very loyal. She is probably the only person whose company Lusamine actually enjoys. The girl claims to not be smart, but she really is. She takes things up easily, and she has a certain innocent charm to her that makes Lusamine feel safer, because she's so protected from the evil the world is. Lusamine's almost adopted her in a sense, but he would never tell the girl that.

Lusamine's supposed to be cold and emotionless, anyway.

"Um...Cleanser...sir...I brought...tea." the girl stutters, and Lusamine nods and gestures toward a cart for her to set the tray on top of. She does so and attempts to leave, before Lusamine coughs purposely, causing the girl to turn around with a worried expression on her face. "Um...yes?" she asks tentatively.

"Please, Robin, I've told you to call me Lusamine multiple times." he says calmly.


Lusamine smiles, although it doesn't reach his eyes, and Robin notices that. "You're dismissed, I'll summon you when necessary."

The girl nods, hurriedly bows to Lusamine (a custom in which he loathes) and rushes out the door, eager to do something. Lusamine doesn't know what. Hopefully she goes to the library and reads. Education is very important, and Lusamine's personal library is stocked with far too many books.

Being his aide, Robin has to live with Lusamine to provide for him at untimely hours just in case, and Lusamine allows Robin to roam wherever she pleases in his penthouse. He knows the girl loves his library, and it does please him deep down to see how happy she is.

But he can't show that. He can never show that.

And if someone were to hurt her...

They would be dead.

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I probably shot myself in the head  :crylaugh:

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lmfao twenties ouchie

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lmfao twenties ouchie

lmao ikr

I probably shot myself in the head  :crylaugh:


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Yass I love this. Can't wait for more.

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This is great so far! You bring out the relationships between the characters very well, and it's only the first chapter.

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Ooh I like lusamine's character! Despite being a villain he isn't the "I am evil for the sake of evil" type
Great chapter~

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"Go to hell," Usopp mutters at a bystander who gives him an odd look. The scar on his face over his left eye is very distinct, and while he was in the war, his head was shaved and his hair never grew back, but for some reason, his facial hair just keeps growing, so he is essentially a bald guy with a long scar reaching from his eyebrow to the center of the top of his head and dark, messily shaved stubble. He isn't someone who blends in, so usually Usopp wears dark clothing and a hood that covers his head, and he ducks his head down and looks down so people can't see his face unless they really try.

He stands on the corner of 8th and X St. listening to the passersby mutter to each other. He lights a cigarette (he had gotten addicted during the war, cigarettes were in large supply and his damn bunkmates thought it'd be a good idea to force him to smoke with them) and watches.

"Penguin's going crazy. The new food restrictions are awful."

"Penguin's always been wack. Nothing new."

Usopp smirks. The government had always been something regular citizens would bow down to and not question, and he loved hearing things like this because he detested the government. The war they had sent Usopp and his fellow soldiers out to was brutal, and the government did nothing to help aid the soldiers if they came home. Any PTSD they developed during the war was treated harshly, and was mostly a 'grow up, you'll get over it' thing, and Usopp hated it. The only help they gave him during the war after he'd been shot in the head and miraculously survived was surgery to get the bullet out and five days of bed rest, then he was sent home, deemed unfit to fight anymore, and deemed an Anomaly, and he was really sent to be detained, but he managed to escape.

Usopp is probably the only one who has any idea of who Red really is, and that was revealed to him when Red slipped up and revealed that he used to work for the government. Usopp attempted to get him to slip up again, but Red this time was firm on not revealing anything about his past. Usopp is under the impression that everyone just thinks Red's an amnesiac.

But Usopp knows he's not.
Ten years in the past...
"Mommy! Please! Stop it!" Faith cried out, trashing inside the heated tank. She pounded on the glass, but her mother, in her signature mint-and-white lab coat, adjusted her glasses, glanced at her daughter, and wrote something down in her notebook, before leaning towards Faith's father and muttering something, Faith's father nodding an affirmation.

"Mommy! Daddy! Please! I'm sorry! I'll be good!" she begged. She pounded on the glass and screamed and screamed, but her parents didn't respond. She held the mask and slammed her head against the glass, screaming, watching her parents walk out of the cellar as she crumpled to the bottom of the tank, hugging her knees to her chest and slowly breathing in and out through the oxygen mask.
Present time...
"Faith? Are you alright?"

Faith looks up and sees Sophia staring at her, a mask of concern on her face. She nods. "Yes. I'm fine. Just thinking."

Faith knows Sophia doesn't believe her, but the other girl dismisses it, knowing that Faith doesn't want to talk about it.

Faith stares enviously at the other girl, shorter than her but still carrying an aura of maturity that Faith could never carry. Faith will always be the little girl of the group, but her experiences are much more traumatic than Sophia's ever could be. Faith wishes she was Sophia.

She wishes she was natural.
Cleanser Lusamine enters the boardroom and nods to his fellow Councillors. They sit with stoic expressions on their face, waiting for Lusamine to stand in front of his chair at the front. When he does, they stand and all mutter the same thing in the same monotone voices.

"Welcome, Cleanser Lusamine."

Lusamine nods, and they all sit in unison. Robin stands by the door, ready for all of Lusamine's commands. She has her headset on just in case Lusamine requires her to do something else while she's out of the board room.

Lusamine clears his throat. "Robin, could you check in on the caterer? I believe you scheduled a catered lunch for this meeting. Thank you."

Robin nods, diligent as usual, and rushes out of the room.

"So, let's start with our meeting." he suggests. "Councillor Beau, report on the latest Matches."

Zetsu Beau, Head of the Matchmaking Department, stands, bows to Lusamine, and proceeds talking. "An Anomaly, more specifically, Anomaly 192, attempted to lie low and be Matched. They were easily found and detained."

Matthew Neff, Head of Detaining and Overseer of Captured Anomalies, speaks up. "I've noticed that Anomalies have been growing in size. We should find out what causes this... disease." He says the word 'disease' with a hint of disgust in his voice.

"Thank you for the comment, Councillor Neff." Lusamine says. The other Councillors nod. "Councillor Beau, you may continue."

Zetsu continues speaking. "And so far, the new Matchmaking technology has been working perfectly. All Matches have been 100% compatible so far."

Lusamine then stares Zetsu in the eye and his tone becomes even more dangerous. "And have there been any new homosexual relationships?"

Zetsu noticeably gulps. "Yes, sir." he says.

Lusamine visibly relaxes. "Good. It gives off an aura of normality, having both hetero and homosexual relationships being exposed to our populations. It's more refreshing to the eye. You may sit, Councillor Beau." Zetsu sits, and his shoulders slump in relief. Lusamine turns his attention towards the next Council member. "Councillor Mae. Report on our medical facilities."

Isabelle Mae, Head of the Medical Department, confidently stands. "There have been only four recorded lost lives in surgery since the incident and creation of the new surgery materials." she says briskly. "The lives were lost due to loss of blood, brain death, heart complications, and error due to a surgeon puncturing a vein. The surgeon was scanned and detained."

"Was the surgeon an Anomaly?" Lusamine asks.

Isabelle pauses slightly before shaking her head. "No, they were not deemed an Anomaly."

"Interesting!" Lusamine then says grandly. "So we've learned that Anomalies aren't the only people who make errors! Note that when it comes to your research." he says to the table.

A knock sounds on the door.

"Come in." Lusamine says.

It's Robin, with the caterer. They set down trays of food for the Councillors, and the caterer bows to Lusamine and all of the Councillors before exiting hurriedly, most likely out of fear. Robin closes the door behind them.

"Anything else?" she asks, with a squeak to her voice.

Lusamine shakes his head. "No, you may stay here."

"But sir," Isabelle interjects, "this is a board meeting! Your aide doesn't need to hear-"

Lusamine silences the woman with a glare.

"She will stay in here, and there will be no questions asked."

Isabelle gulps.

Okay, so I've added in the ages of everyone that doesn't have an undisclosed age to the first post! You can check that out if you want. Thanks for reading! :)

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omg hella ptsd

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Breadlord: *master of gay shipping*

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I read the chapter, this is great! I hope to see the cleansers interacting more as the story progresses!

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Intrigued to see where this goes.

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Most people know Kenny Penguin as just Penguin, and they know that he's the youngest member to be instated on the Council. Most people also remember Kenny Penguin as Penguin, the male model who decided to go into politics. They remember being little kids who had huge crushes on him, but now his model career has ended, although Penguin still is very egotistical and confident about his looks like he used to be.

Isabelle, an older woman who used to be the best surgeon in the Citadel, is the head of the medical department. She has black hair cut in a very no-nonsense bob with greying roots, and she wears the same glasses every day and is very no-nonsense with her fashion, usually wearing pantsuits and heels to make herself look taller, even though the woman is very tall already, but her shoe choice reason is that she believes taller figures look more authoritarian, although she does mention Joe Twentyfour in her response. ("He may not be tall, yes, and he may look shorter than he really is, yes, but he a very important figure. He's probably one of my few exceptions to my height philosophy.")

Joe, whom people have questioned for his weird last name, was one of the Citadel's first scientists, and eventually, after the Great War, was appointed to the Council by the newly proclaimed leader, Lusamine. He is very adamant against religion, which isn't a major part of people's lives now, but Joe still holds forums for debating about religion. Besides science and math, he doesn't care for much.

Zetsu was probably from the weirdest background. After the War, Cleanser Lusamine wanted to eliminate divorce as a possibility, so he set up the Matchmaking system, which had everyone who wanted to be married participate in a survey and a scan to determine the most compatible match for them. Critics raved over it. Before the War, Zetsu was the main developer of Magical Girl!!! Love Forever~, a wildly popular dating simulator. Lusamine appointed him to be the head of Matchmaking for reasons undisclosed to the public, but so far Zetsu was doing well at his job.

And Matthew Neff...well...he was the main prison head before the War and known for very ruthless ways of disposing of and imprisoning criminals. He was very successful, though, and Lusamine's anti-Anomaly system was a perfect new job opportunity for Matt.

Lusamine, after leading the Revolution which started the War, which he won, proclaimed himself Ruler of All and used his incredible technological skills to create the Scanners which found Anomalies. He was brilliant, a foreigner who overtook all of the land formerly known as New York City and renamed it to the Citadel, renovating it in the most brilliant technological ways possible.

But of course, people still disagree with the Council and had their own little opinions of the members. For instance, they believe that Penguin is a psychopath, Isabelle secretly harvests organs to practice surgery on them for her own amusement, Zetsu is incompetent and too obsessed with other people's relationships, and modifies the test results to see which ones would make the best stories, Joe is emotionless and cares for nothing but science, Matt is a sadist, and there were far too many theories and opinions about Lusamine.

But then there is Robin.

Many call Robin the only ray of light in the darkness of the Council. She isn't even a member of the Council, but everyone knows who she is. They know her as Lusamine's aide, and they know her backstory.

Robin Magey was a broke college student studying marine biology when she met Lusamine in a library in Rhode Island, where she used to live. Lusamine, at this time, was secretly planning and plotting and recruiting people to join his cause, and he and Robin struck up a conversation about nature, and totally hit it off. He called her brilliant, and asked her to be his aide, with a list of amenities plus pay.

A broke college student with a crazy good job offer? Of course they would accept! She mulled it over and then gave him a call a few weeks later, and was known as his aide from then on.

People have noticed how fatherly he acts towards her.

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Omg these backstories are amazing:3 :3
I like penguin's and Izzy's a lot, and of course Zetsu's

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I agree Matt Neff is a sadist

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Cat Kyle [Aug 15 07:42 PM]: /s and i'll kill u before redacted in my story

I require an explanation

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I wanted him to sign up for the playlist game

No deaths are guaranteed, for all we know I could have been lying out of my bleep

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I love my character in this already.

Also, I think Cat Kyle should kill everyone who doesn't sign-up for my game

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I love this plz more when you have the time

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"What do you mean I have to do it? It's Neff's job," Penguin shoots back at Isabelle, who had a cold, calculating look on her face. She enjoys his boyish annoyance and smiles, but it doesn't meet her eyes.

"Neff's busy, so they delegated it to me, but I have an emergency surgery. You have no excuses." she says, smirking, her arms crossed over her lab coat.

"God damn it," he mutters.

"Have fun!" she says, laughing at him coldly, before shaking her stupid bob and sauntering away.

Penguin gets in the transport and programs it to take him to the Detaining Center, where the Detainers trained and where Anomalies were held after being captured for information. Penguin hated it there. It was cold and metallic and so damn boring. He had gone there once a few years back, when new Detainers were just starting their training. They were all stoic and unremarkable. It was as if they had no personality at all. How pathetic.

The transport lifts off and Penguin flies off on it, holding onto the handlebars so he doesn't fall off. It's a speedy transport, and it lands on the helicopter pad. Penguin gets off of it, and it flies back to the Council building, the big, ominous white skyscraper right in the middle of the Citadel.

He then is greeted by a guard in a bulletproof vest and dark sunglasses, who nods at him and then leads him down a hatch. Penguin climbs down the ladder and is in a room with a door. The guard closes the hatch above him, and he looks towards the door, before opening it.

He's in the lobby, and he brushes off his shirt before walking up towards the front desk, being worked at by a middle-aged woman. She gasps once she sees him.

"Kenny Penguin!" she exclaims. "You're-you're Kenny Penguin!"

"Pleased to meet you," he responds nonchalantly, and the woman looks like she's about to faint.

"Sorry, you were scheduled to arrive, yes, but I was just caught off guard." she says, flushing. "You should meet my daughter, she's about your age and I'm sure she'd recognize you-"

"Mom, please," a girl says, and Penguin turns towards the voice. The girl walking towards the desk is short, shorter than him, and reasonably pretty, although she clearly couldn't care about it. She wears the typical Detainer uniform, but doesn't have any weapons. She stops and stands with her hands on her hips and nods curtly at him. "Hey."

"Hey." he responds, intrigued by her casualness. He offers her a smile, which she doesn't return.

"You're Penguin, right?" she asks. "I've heard a lot of things about you."

"Such as..." he trails off, slightly raising an eyebrow. She doesn't move.

"Like you're a psycho." she says bluntly.

"Leia!" the middle-aged woman finally speaks up, out of her stupor. "Don't talk to him like that! He's a Council member, and you could be a council member if you were more ambitious-"

The girl looks over at Penguin and shares a real smile with him, rolling her eyes. "I was kidding about you being a psycho. If anyone's psycho, it's my mom-"

"Leia! I can hear you-"

"Anyway," Penguin cuts in smoothly. "I'm here to confer with the new Detainers."

The girl, Leia, nods. "Yeah, that's why I came here. You're supposed to come with me." she says. "We're all going to gather in a boardroom."

Penguin looks annoyed, and he knows it. "Great." he mutters to himself, and the girl tosses her braid over her shoulder, walking off and gesturing for him to follow.

"It was lovely to meet you!" the receptionist says as he walks by the desk, and then she gestures her head towards her daughter walking away.

"She needs a boyfriend." she says, lowering her voice.


The receptionist laughs and sends Penguin on his way, and he chuckles to himself. He catches up to the girl and walks beside her. She looks annoyed.

"You hate me, don't you."

"I only said the thing about not believing you to be a psycho so my mom wouldn't yell at me." she says flatly, crossing her arms over her chest. "I know you're crazy."

"Oh darling," he says, his voice laced with sarcasm. "You have to prove that."

She hmmphs and then opens the boardroom door and letting him in, before closing it behind her.

Naturally, he sits at the front of the table and the six new Detainers sit, three on each side. Leia sits to Penguin's left, at the seat farthest away from him. Penguin immediately notices she's the only girl in the group of new Detainers.

"So. Should we introduce ourselves?" one of the other boys asks.

"Sure," another boy says.

"Uh, okay." The boy to my right closest to Penguin speaks. "I'm Ianiant Bamordian, don't call me Ian."

"Gotcha, Ian." Penguin says, because he's a Council member, and what other people prefer to be called doesn't matter to him.

Ian glares at him.

Going counterclockwise from Penguin's right, the new Detainers are Ian, a boy named Joey Bluze, a boy named Sean Shawn, Leia, a guy named Nick Ito and a boy named Ross Ome. Ross was particularly uptight about the pronunciation of his last name. To tick these kids off, Penguin would mispronounce their names and get them wrong, hoping it would get him out of this job.

"So, why are you here instead of Councillor Neff?" Leia's voice cuts through the silence and Penguin's mischievous scheming. "It's not like you're the one who handles these things. There are too many people, that's why you spend your time cutting down food supply and profiting off of it, because you don't have to see actual people during it."

"Neff was busy." Penguin replies shortly, all the while keeping up his exterior as the charismatic Councillor. He couldn't tarnish his reputation.

"Damn." Leia says. She looks him in the eyes, a challenging expression on her face. "If only he were here, then this would go a lot more smoothly."

She gestures towards the clock behind Penguin, and he looks behind himself and frowns when he sees it's only 10:36.

"You're here until three, right?"

Damn receptionist. She'd definitely told her daughter about his arrival. Penguin has no choice but to nod slowly and keep his indifferent expression.

"Great." she says sarcastically, and Penguin notices that the males around her are completely silent and looking anywhere but the exchange.

"This'll be fun."

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i knew this is what the forum thought about me

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you're a psycho former male model

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you're a psycho former male model
Pretty sure that's close to what I'm going to end up being in Moana's fan-fic too.

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Pretty sure that's close to what I'm going to end up being in Moana's fan-fic too.

no i think u just made a cameo

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"What are we even supposed to discuss?" Penguin hisses on his phone call to Matt. Leia laughs to herself, and he shoots a glare at her. "No, I don't want to talk to these kids! That is a goddamn stupid excuse for not being available and you know it! What, am I supposed to overview the facility? Talk to them? ...no. I am NOT talking to these kids for four hours! I hate you. I hope you die. No, I don't care if Cleanser Lusamine hears of this, I am not spending my precious time in a boardroom with the kids you're supposed to supervise! ****ing hell, Matt, I swear to God if you hang up-"

Joey sighs. This is going to be a long day.
Lusamine sighs after reading the report from Matt complaining about how Penguin treated him. He already knows about this phone call, and frankly, Lusamine does not care. These two bicker all the time, and they aren't ever dead serious about it, so Lusamine tosses the report into the paper shredder and listens to the satisfying sound of the paper being shredded.
"Daddy, please! Stop hurting me!"

The memories plague Faith as she tosses and turns and fails to sleep. She cries out in her sleep as she recounts everything that had happened to her as a five year old.

"Please! I'll be good! I won't be bad! I won't disobey you anymore!"

She screams, and feels someone shake her awake.

"Faith. Faith! Wake up!"

Her eyes shoot open and she gasps as she sees Cosmic kneeling down next to her, a fearful look on his face. "...are...are you okay?" he asks, stunned.

"I'm fine." she lies. "Just a nightmare."

"You don't have to talk about it," Cosmic says. "You were screaming, and it seemed really bad."

She shakes her head. "Really. It's okay."

Her face is blotchy and red and tear-stained, not helping her argument, but Cosmic then nods slowly and leaves her alone. He knows trauma, and he knows trauma victims a lot of the time don't want to talk about it, as it just makes them think more. He's learned that from inquiring about Usopp's past. It never went well.

And Faith was just a kid. He didn't want to freak her out or make her think of her past, because Cosmic knew that Faith had been through things as hard as Usopp had.
Penguin thinks of death. Eventually, all the protocol things to talk about had been discussed, so there is no need to talk anymore, but he's not allowed to leave until three, thanks to the appointment Cleanser Lusamine had set up.

"Screw it." he finally mutters, and gets up. "Let's just go. You guys aren't gonna get punished. Just go and train, I guess. I don't want to be here. I'm leaving.

"You can't do that!" Leia yells. "We could get in trouble too!"

"For what?" he snaps back. "I'll pretend it never happened. Lusamine doesn't care."

He brushes past her without a second glance, opens the door, and exits out to the lobby, ignoring Leia calling after him. He opens the door that leads up to the latch and climbs up, before opening it up and standing on the door.

"Wait! You can't leave, the security-"

He stands on the roof, and two security guards stand there too, and see him.

"Cleanser Lusamine ordered you stay until three." one of them says. "Please go back."

"bleep off." he responds, with relish.

"Sir, we are ordering you to return-"

He hears the latch close behind him, and something else, but he doesn't register what that other thing is.

"Sir, we are going to have to detain you-"

It's all a blur, but Penguin remembers some things.

He remembers rushing towards one of the men, grabbing the arm with the gun in it, and twisting it so it points towards the other guard, and shooting.

He remembers hearing a loud ringing noise in his ears, and a high pitched noise.

He remembers charging at the other guard, tackling the fat bleep, and seeing, loving, enjoying, relishing the fear in his eyes, before he takes the gun out of the man's hand far too fast, holds it up, and brings it down on his head.

and down

and down

and down

and down.

He understands the color of blood far too well, and he likes that shade of red. It's a nice dark color, and he almost wants to touch it, to see it, to feel it on his fingers. It's sticky, and it gets on clothes, and Penguin can't get it on his white button-up, so he refrains from touching it.

He registers the high pitched noise as screaming now, and he turns his head slowly and curses to himself once he sees the girl. He gets up as fast as she can, and she immediately opens the hatch and starts climbing down, too shocked to close the hatch. Penguin, not caring about how messy the job is (nobody visits here anyway, he can get it cleaned up), follows her. Witnesses are dangerous.

He finds her in the hallway, and her fingers are trembling as she tries to open the door. He grabs her arm, she gasps in shock, and then she finds herself being thrown against the wall.

"Get off of me, you bleeping psycho!" she hisses.

His breath is hot on her ear.

"If you tell anyone what just happened I'll have you personally killed."

She doesn't respond.

writing this last part was Very Uncomfortable

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Does anyone question why his name is "Penguin"

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This is interesting. I wonder who that cornflake is at the end?

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ah disharmony within the council love it

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and down

and down

and down

and down

and down

and down

and down

and down

and down

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Does anyone question why his name is "Penguin"

ppl have weird last names here, and he goes by his last name

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so by closing my eyes i am anywhere but here
Three months later...
"I hate you." Leia spits out as she sits in the passenger seat, arms crossed and staring out the window. It's tinted dark so people can't see inside it, and she stares as bystanders walk down the street with their umbrellas up. The sidewalks, from what Leia can tell, are wet and puddled.

After, well, the Incident, as Leia started calling it, she found herself being forced to live life as a double-agent of sorts. She had to keep up her Detainer façade, but in reality she was roped into working with Penguin to take down Matt Neff. She knew she was under watch at all times, so she had learned to be incredibly guarded and controlled, to prevent anything from slipping out, because Leia's main objective was to survive. She knew she'd get out of all this Penguin bullcrap eventually. Revealing the information or not, he'd get caught. She was still shocked nobody reported the guards missing, and if they had, it'd been hushed.

"I'm sorry you feel that way," Penguin responds, but Leia can tell he wasn't really paying attention, and he sure as hell didn't care. He kept driving.

The rain got heavier and the windshield wipers sped up to a furious speed.

Leia heard yelling and saw people in Detainer uniforms chasing a girl, who was running quite fast down the sidewalk, before making a sharp right turn and dashing down the street. Leia got a glimpse of the girl's face and gasped. She knew the girl.

"STOP THE CAR!" she screamed at Penguin, but he didn't. He narrowed his eyes and sped up. She saw the girl getting closer to the car, and her heart was beating a million miles a minute. They were going to hit her. He was going to hit her on purpose...because she was totally an Anomaly.

But to Leia's surprise, the girl shot the two of them a smirk (even though she knew the girl couldn't see them), and jumped onto the hood, running across, and jumping off onto the other side of the street. Penguin's head blocked Leia from seeing it, and she unclenched her fists, not realizing how tightly she had clenched them before.

Because Leia knew who that was.

She and that girl were friends a long time ago.
Nine years prior...
"Lena! Lena!" Leia yelled, running after her friend. "Did you get your class schedule?"

Lena nodded, and showed it to Leia.

"Damn it!" Leia exclaims. "Nothing! Ugh, I can't believe I'm going to spend my first year of high school without you in my classes!"

"Sorry about that," Lena said, but she seems preoccupied, looking around.

"What are you looking at?" Leia asked. "Oooh, do you have a crush you're waiting for?"

"No, and be quiet, Leia." Lena snapped back. Leia recoiled at her tone, muttered 'jeez, sorry' and stalked off.

A week later she didn't see Lena at all, but heard whispers about her in the halls.

"Did you hear about Lena Rostova?"

"Yeah...she's crazy..."

"What a freak."

Leia went home that afternoon and searched 'lena rostova' on the web, and the response she had gotten was from the Citadel government's main website under 'list of detained Anomalies'.

Lena Rostova. Known Anomaly. Eliminated.
"I know her..." she whispers.


Leia shuts up. "Nothing."

Surprisingly, Penguin lets it go. He seems more focused on getting wherever he's supposed to be going, and the two don't talk for the rest of the car ride.

He parks in a secluded alleyway outside a restaurant and gets out. "You too." he says, then pausing where he is. "Don't forget your gun," he orders, and Leia nods, her gun in its holster, and gets out of the car. He locks the doors with the press of a button and enters through a side door into the restaurant, Leia unwillingly trailing behind.
"Kill him." Penguin orders, and Leia, with her gun raised, trembles.

"I can't kill someone!" she stutters. "That's murder!"

"I said kill him!" Penguin yells, and Leia stares at the patron of the restaurant, all the other customers having fled after the chandelier was shot to distract them and the offending patron Penguin wanted killed was pulled aside and tied up, whimpering behind the gag, sweat drops glistening under the glaring light.

"No!" Leia yells back, and for a split second Penguin looks furious, before resuming his calm expression and taking out his cell phone, typing in a few numbers, and holding it up to his ear.

"I need a favor." he mutters. "You know where to meet."

He turns off his phone, slides it back in his pocket, and almost out of nowhere, pulls out a gun, holds it to the customer's head, and fires, before slipping it back wherever it used to be.

"You're coming with me," he says, not meeting her eyes.

She passes out in the car later, and she doesn't know how it happened.
Leia wakes up in a tank, with nothing but her underwear on and a helmet over her head. A middle-aged woman and man enter the room with tablets in their hands and stand near a large control panel. Leia knows who they are from criminology studies she'd taken in college.

"You're the Escues," she breathes out.

Penguin enters the weird chamber, and doesn't look at her at all. He just nods at the Escues, and Leia hears faint words.


He leaves.

Her screams fill the room for hours and the Escues stand there, emotionless, writing down notes, adjusting settings, and Leia finally understands that they're performing surgery and analyzing her brain. But the Escues stop, stare at her, confused, before the process stops, and they write down notes, and then one of them presses a button on the wall. And Leia knows they know. And she realizes that she's been used this whole time, that she's nothing but a pawn, and that Penguin was never going to kill her, he was just keeping her on his radar at all times for her to break so he can confirm his suspicions.

For Leia is an Anomaly, and she's always been known to hide under the radar.

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another great chapy :D

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that was a rollercoaster of emotions next chapter plz

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this bush us getting updated i swear it

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They're all pawns to Lusamine. Even his fellow Council members all follow his orders without question. And he knows it's out of fear, knowing that Lusamine controls the technology and the technology controls everyone else. Lusamine is fine with that, because he likes feeling free and being the Ruler of All allows him to be free.

He reads a book at his desk with occasional visits from Robin to make sure he's alright, in which he dismisses her every time. She looks concerned after the latest visit, but she hasn't appeared in an hour which is good.

Another knock on his door. Scratch that last statement. "Come in," he says, visibly annoyed. But it's not Robin who enters, it's Matt with a tablet, which he carelessly drops on Lusamine's desk. Lusamine looks up at him, and he has a confident smirk on his face.

"Penguin's working behind our backs with the Escues and an Anomaly." he says casually, knowing this will get Lusamine's attention. He puts down his book.

"Say that again."

Thinking he was literal, Matt repeats, "Penguin's working behind our backs with the Escues and an Anomaly-"

"You're FIRED!" Lusamine screams at Matt, and the other man stands there in shock, and Lusamine hurriedly gets up, marches past Matt, and storms out of the room. He sees Robin walking towards him with a tray of tea, and the way he snarls at her scares her.

"Cancel all of my appointments for the next three days."

Robin nods and flees.
"Do you think they know?" Marie Escue asks. Leia floats in the tank, asleep.

"Matt's a goddamn stalker. They know." Penguin responds, stressed out and clearly without sleep.

George Escue frowns, his wrinkles quite pronounced. "You're trying to get us killed? We're already in hiding after our scandal with Faith was exposed."

"George, please." Marie hushes him. "He's a Council member, I'm sure he has something planned."

"He better." George mutters.

"Someone will come here to escort you out later today. The chamber will be destroyed afterward. There will be no evidence."

"What about the girl?" Marie asks, gesturing towards Leia.

"She'll stay where she is." He hesitates, before speaking again. "She's an Anomaly. Anomalies deserve to die."
Sophia Amber sits in the hideout she and the other four had started regularly gathering in.

"You almost got detained!" Faith yells at her. "What the hell were you thinking?"

"I'm so bleeping bored of hiding." Sophia mutters. "I want fresh air."

"When you hide, you're safe!" Faith hisses.

"You know what's hiding?" Sophia yells. "Being shoved down in someone's basement so you're not exposed to the world!"

Faith goes silent, stands up, and leaves.

"What the hell?" Red asks. "She's super sensitive. Her past was way worse than yours, and she actually worried about you. Be sympathetic for once." He stalks off too.

Cosmic just shakes his head and leaves to comfort Faith. Now it's just Sophia and Usopp.

"That was kinda assholish," Usopp says.

"Whatever." Sophia replies, staring at the floor.

"You're kind of assholish."

"I know." she mutters. "It's the only way I get through now. Just remind myself that there are other people that hate me more than I hate myself and I can't let myself get killed because they'll be happy."

"That's depressing." Usopp comments.

"Who shot you in the head?" Sophia asks out of the blue.

Usopp sighs. "I shot myself. I tried to kill myself after my best friend was killed."

Sophia is genuinely surprised. "Wow. I'm..."

"Please don't say you're sorry. It happened nine years ago. I'm...better now, I guess, but I'm a bleeping Anomaly now."

"I hate being an Anomaly," Sophia says. "You feel too much, and you feel everyone else's pain."

"Your brain expands to others," Usopp echoes.

"Damn right." Sophia mutters. "bleep, I'm dead according to the rest of the world."

"What do you mean?" Usopp questions.

"Technically, my name is Lena Rostova and I was detained and eliminated in high school."

"How did you get out of that?"

"Pretended to hang myself in the prison cell. Nobody gave a damn as long as you looked dead."

Usopp is genuinely surprised. "Wow." He then hesitates, before asking his next question. "How old are you?"

Sophia laughs. "23."

"Must have been a while back."

Sophia sighs. "Times have changed."
"Country roads...take me home...to the place...I belong..." the radio softly sings.

Joey sits in the car, a new Anomaly having been identified. He's not the one driving, that's Ross, and it's still raining pretty heavily.

"What's the name again?" Ross asks.

Joey reads the paper. "Bob Sponge."

"Don't know the name."

"They were an Anomaly," Joey reasons. "Probably always in hiding. How's the tracker?"

Ross looks at the dashboard. "Fine. We're going in the right place."

"Technology is crazy now..." Joey muses. "With security cameras you get information on every person like it's a criminal record."

Ross nods. "It's wild. Anomalies must hate their lives. I'm really glad I'm not one." He stops the car. "This is the place. Let's go, and don't forget your scanner."

Joey nods. "I won't."

The two men exit the car and stand outside an abandoned-looking warehouse. Joey frowns. "Why would he be here?"

"Anomalies hide out in places people don't go." Ross reasons. "That must be it. Let's go."

Joey nods and the two enter, pulling the rusted door open. It creaks along the porch step, and they step into the building. It's completely empty and looks like it's being reconstructed or it was a project never followed through on that the builders completely abandoned, as there are paint cans and tarps on the floor, and the walls are drywall.

There is a hallway at the top right corner of the rectangular room, and Joey and Ross carefully and quietly walk down the floor until they get to the hallway. It is short and turned right, into another room Joey assumes.

"You go first and then jump out and yell that the Detainers are here." Ross whispers. Joey nods in affirmation, and then creeps down the hallway before jumping out, yelling. He closes his eyes as he hears the thump of his feet and lightly holds down on his trigger so it's not being fired but he can easily fire it.


Silence. Joey opens his eyes, and the sight causes him to yell.

Ross rushes over. "What is it?"

The two men stare at a skinny, pale man hanging lifelessly from the ceiling, a rope tied tightly around his neck.
George Escue looks over at his wife, who is shivering and hugging herself tightly, a thin scarf wrapped around her neck. The chamber is cold, and the two sit on a step and look at Leia in the tank, still floating unconsciously, breathing normally.

"It's been hours," Marie huffs. "When are they coming?"

"I don't know." George responds.

"We're losing so much money if this gets destroyed..." Marie mutters. "It took us years to construct it secretly."

"Well, it's better than being detained or anything." George responds, and Marie sighs.

The two hear footsteps coming from upstairs and rush to stand up, facing the entrance to the basement.

"Oh, thank God they're here." Marie says, shivering. "I'm so hungry."

But then the footsteps seem to multiply, and George frowns. "I thought Penguin said he was sending an escort? Not multiple people?"

Marie frowns, and then the two hear the footsteps getting louder, louder, louder, and then they stop.

There's pure silence except for Leia's breathing, and then the door opens with a bang.

There are seven officers all in black bulletproof vests, and they rush out of the entrance and towards Marie and George.

"These are the Escues!" the leading officer barks. "They have extensive criminal records and have been classified as No Mercy! Fire at will!"

Marie screams and the two are left completely vulnerable as the two are shot down.

Penguin had lied to them.
Marie and George Escue lie in a puddle of blood together, with bloody spots on their chests where the bullets had entered. The leading officer looks towards the tank where Leia is.

"This is the Anomaly. Must be." he says. "Take her to the prison, then we'll have the bombers come in and destroy this."

"Yes, sir."

The other officers work on getting unconscious Leia out of the tank, and she doesn't wake up.

Slight rumbles were felt as the chamber was blown up, and cracks appeared at the apartment building's foundation.

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I haven't finished reading but I am certain that this will be interesting.

And Matt's a stalker, eh? XD

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Omg every chapter keeps getting better and better

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looks like one of my first post gave you ideas :J


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"Faith? Are you okay?"

"Faith, I'm sorry. Please talk to us."

"Faith, please."

"Faith, you have to eat."

"Faith? Faith?"

"We're going to leave you alone for now, but please eat."

"Faith? You didn't eat."



Matt Neff is disappointed as he shamefully walks down the city streets, keeping his head down and with a hood on his head. People have recognized him, and muttered things, but haven't faced him openly.

He was stupid. He thought that this would hurt Penguin, but as far as he knew, Penguin hadn't been affected work-wise at all. He didn't know where Penguin even was. He just wanted Penguin to be fired so Matt would have a higher standing on the Council, but that sure as hell didn't work.

And he didn't know where to go from here.

"The Council is in disarray, just as you planned it, sir."

"Good. What is the status of Neff?"


"Perfect. And Lusamine?"

"In a state of confusion and fury. Slowly descending into madness."

"Splendid. You've done well, Robin."

"Thank you, sir."

"Faith, did you sleep at all?"

"Faith, please talk to me. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell at you yesterday."

"Faith? You have to eat or drink something, you'll kill yourself."



"This is your cell. You'll be here for your stay. Your cellmate isn't here right now, but she'll be here."

Leia nods shakily and enters the cell.

The handcuffs chafe her wrists and the loss of hair feels weird. She's used to having shoulder-length hair. She instinctively reaches up to touch her shaved head, and it's just weird.

She lies down on the bed on the right, the one that looks unused. In between the two beds is a toilet, and there's a Bible on a shelf, but that's it for this cold metallic room.

Leia doesn't know how long it's been. She doesn't know what time it is, where she is, the date.

She hears footsteps enter the cell. She assumes it's open because they were waiting for the other prisoner to enter. The bars slide shut after the footsteps stall to a stop. Leia turns her head and sees a girl. The girl is tall, very skinny, and has a shaved head too.

"You're here already, huh." she says. "I'm Alisa."

"Leia." Leia croaks out. Her voice is hoarse from not speaking. "Do you know where we are?"

"Besides the obvious? We're about a mile underground, it's roughly 5 PM, and I don't know the date. I think it's October."

"How long have you been here?"

"A week." Alisa says. "I don't have much time left."

"What do you mean?" Leia asks, furrowing her brow.

"On average, prisoners here get two weeks before their injection. The injection is the execution. It's a lot more anticlimactic, and you can go to other people's injections, but people usually don't."

"Do you know anything about the world above?" Leia questions.

Alisa shakes her head. "News to down here is forbidden. The guards are really stone cold." She flops down on her bed. "Welcome to the Anomaly Girls' Prison, Leia. You'll have to make the most of your last days."

"Great." Leia whispers, and her eyes flutter shut, and she forces herself not to cry.


"Faith? It's been two days. Please drink something."

"Faith? You're going to die."

"Faith, please, I'm sorry, please don't do this, please don't do this!"


"Faith, please respond."




Faith Escue passes away in her sleep on October 14. Some say she chose to die.

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Top 10 Anime Betrayals.

And seriously? I am intrigued where this goes. Rest In Peace, Faith.

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November 18, 2035, one month later...
A person lies dead in the middle of the intersection between 14th Street and E Street. The car that ran over this person has caused their face to become so mauled they are unidentifiable by anyone except for a Detainer's scanner. People and cars deliberately avoid the chaos and the gore of the mauled corpse.

The cracks at the apartment building have gotten longer and started to open up. Occupants of the building are told that it's nothing major and will be fixed.

The walls of the Citadel are still extremely sturdy.

Cleanser Lusamine hasn't reported anything in weeks. The Council has been silent. A replacement for Matt Neff has not been revealed. The Citadel is in shambles. People panic, afraid that the lack of control and leadership will cause them to not have a predetermined purpose or goal to follow.

For the Anomalies, the feelings of panic and desperation are stronger than ever, and the Anomalies absorb all feelings of others.

Robin Magey reports to her superior in silence, their goal having been worked towards.

A shootout between a Detainer and a crazy homeless person causes the news sources to panic for days about the lack of control the Detainers have now that the Council hasn't reported anything.

Someone sits behind the scenes, smiling to themselves.

Usopp Affa lies dead in the street, his face unidentified to anyone but himself.
One week from where we left off...
"Leia? Wake up. It's time to eat."

Leia's eyes slowly open and she sees Alisa above her, beckoning her to rise and follow the other girl. Leia sits up and then stands and follows the girl to the mess hall, where the other females welcome them. They are all united in death, their chains and the emotions they feed off of each other.

Breakfast is silent, the grits being overcooked and bland, until two guards enter.

"Alisa Flores, it is time for your injection. Please follow us."

There is a stunned silence, before Alisa gets up dully and walks towards the guards. The other prisoners get up too.

"You're all coming?" one of the guard says. "We can't house that many people."

"She's my friend," one of the women says, a muscled, short woman named Hillary. "She welcomed me here."

"I'm her cellmate," Leia speaks out. She doesn't know why she does.

"You should go then," another girl says. This one's a tall, blonde, skinny girl named Marika. "You probably know her pretty well."

Alisa looks at Leia, pleading eyes.

Leia nods and then gets up.

"Come on, then." the guards say, and Leia follows them, feeling like a liar and cheater because she doesn't even know Alisa that well besides the fact that the two were cellmates. Leia hasn't gotten to know anything about her fellow Anomalies besides their names.

"You sit outside." the guards say to Leia, and she sits on the flat metal bench in this little room that looks like a penalty box in hockey, with a window viewing a room with medical tools and a chair. She watches Alisa sit in the chair, stare her in the eyes, and get strapped into the chair.

A doctor in a dark lab coat approaches her with a syringe and slowly, uneventfully, injects it into one of Alisa's wrist veins.

There's nothing for a second. Alisa just sits there and doesn't move or blink.

Then, exuding itself from every noticeable hole in her body, her nose, her eye sockets, her ears, her mouth, is this green foamy pus. The doctor inside panics, rushing around, and Leia just watches numbly as Alisa's body is slowly enveloped in pus. But it doesn't end there.

Alisa starts seizing and choking, evidently not dead yet, and thrashes around, screaming. Leia's mouth opens in horror, and her heart pounds.

Eventually the doctor gets a scalpel and then digs it down deep into the pus and slits Alisa's throat. But the pus doesn't stop oozing for a while, and soon it gets mixed in with the blood and it turns into this psychedelic, bleeped up Christmas color, and then the guards appear to drag Leia away.

"You will tell NO ONE of what just happened," and Leia just nods, her heart feeling like it was going to jump out of her chest.
"Is it working, Lusamine?" Robin asks, peering down at Lusamine, who's wearing a pair of black gloves and a silver circlet wrapped around his head. He holds his hand out, and lifts it up, pointing it at a book.

The book floats upward.

"YES!" Lusamine screams as he pumps his fists, and the book comes crashing down. "I DID IT!" He cackles, and his face melts back to a stoic, dead expression.

"Now I can deal with Penguin myself. I must rest. Goodbye Robin."

Lusamine abruptly leaves the room, and Robin waits until the door's been closed, before sitting down on his computer. She types some things in, and then frowns, typing more things in, before leaning back in Lusamine's chair.

"Good," she whispers.

A face appears on the screen.

"He's unlocked it, hasn't he."

"Yes, sir, but I can-"

"You've done enough. Let him think he's won. He doesn't know his closest ally is his worst enemy."

"Yes, sir." Robin says.

"When the time is right, he'll end up killing who he loves most."

"And who is that?" Robin asks.

"Why, himself of course."

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oof me D;

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I like this chapter. The Anomalies undergo horror, while Lusamine is outsmarted (possibly).

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That death was so brutal :-X blehhhhhhh
(That means it was well written though, great job!)

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November 19, 2035





Present time

"Leia. It's me, Alisa."

"Leia, listen to me."

"I...I can't..." Leia groans. "You-you're dead..."

"Leia, you have to get out of there."

"I...I...I can't...there's no way out..."

"Leia...please...look what's closest to you..."


"Please Leia...for all of us..."

"...I don't know..."

Alisa doesn't respond and Leia wakes up, and she knows Alisa's right.

She throws herself out of bed and then starts scouring the room for something she could escape from. There is nothing. She looks under the bed for holes like in movies, but nothing except metal sheet floors and walls. She looks above herself and gasps.

A vent.

But the vent is so high up, how could she reach it?

Her first attempt was to reach it from her bed, but her fingers couldn't reach the grate. She tries to jump on the bed, but that didn't help either. She leaps from the bed to grab the grate and pull it off, but that only causes her fingers to be sore.

Eventually the guards come to let people out for breakfast, and Leia saw someone new escort her. And she recognized that person.


Ianiant Bamordian is her new cell guard.
"Ian, what happened?"

"We all got demoted because you were in our group," he says flatly. "I got assigned here."

"Ian, you have to help me get out of here. Please. It's for the good of the Citadel." she whispers.

"I could have you immediately injected for saying that."

Flashbacks to Alisa's injection causes Leia to go completely still.


Her heart starts thumping faster and faster.


She falls and her head hits the cold, hard ground.
"...Leia. Wake up."

Leia groans. "...my head hurts."

"Leia. I'm going to get you out of here."

Leia shoots up. "You're what?"

Ian stands awkwardly in her cell, shuffling his feet and muttering. "I said I was going to get you out of here. I thought about what you said. You're right. The world is not good right now Leia."

"There's gotta be a catch." Leia says.

Ian shuffles his feet some more. "Your injection date is tomorrow."


"So, basically, I'm going to lift you up, and you're going to pull the grate off, and then you're going to have to pull yourself into the vent. Can you do that?"

Leia nods shakily, goosebumps having appeared on her skin and her hair being on edge.

"Okay. Come on."

She nervously walks towards him and allows him to boost her up, and she pulls off the grate and tosses it to the ground. It makes a loud clattering noise. She feels in the vent for a ledge to pull herself into, and then shakily grabs onto it and pulls herself in.

"Okay." she whispers to herself. "I can do this."

"Leia." Ian's voice says from below. "They're going to know you're doing this. There are security cameras everywhere. They're going to know where you are. I'm sorry." He pauses. "I had to do this to get promoted."



"bleep you."

She crawls away as fast as she can.

She has to throw them off her trail. There's gotta be more exits here.
"Get OUT of my head!" Lusamine screams at the ceiling as he lies down in bed.

He blames the circlet, but he can't take it off. The power is too great, but they won't leave him alone.

He doesn't know how long they've been here, but it's had to be the circlet. It has to be. All good things have a cost. It has to be the circlet. It has to be the new power. It has to be.

Lusamine wakes up with a headache and they won't leave him alone. They keep whispering him ideas and he doesn't want their input, he is fine thank you very much.

They keep pestering him and he whispers back his answers but they won't stop persisting. Robin gives him odd looks and asks if he's okay sometimes but he always snaps back that he's fine, and Robin has disappeared. He feels bad, but he's just being fed anger and lies by this devil on his shoulder and he hates it.

But he can't get rid of it.

"He talks to himself now. I think he's going mad."

"Hmm. That's unexpected. We can't cause mental instability obviously, so he must have caused this himself."

"Maybe so, sir. But when are you going to reveal yourself?"

"In time, Robin."

"And then?"

"And then the one thing Lusamine has tried to eliminate will come back to haunt him."

"Which is us, correct?"

"Not just you and me, no, but all of the alive Anomalies in hiding. We will rise up against Lusamine and his cleansing system."

"When will Neff be disposed of?"

"I want to do that myself."

Robin bows her head. "Yes, sir."

"You're very good at listening, Robin."

"The perks of being an aide, I suppose."
Leia doesn't know how long she's been crawling, but she knows she's gotten past the cells. She knows there must be an elevator or something in this place, and she's sure she'll get to it eventually.

She's heard whispers and talk from the vents about her, but she knows they really don't know where she is, just that she exited through her room. She's learned from gossip that Ianiant and the guards believed she'd starve to death up in the vents, unable to find an exit, and she wouldn't have a reaction to the injection like Alisa did.

It's quite weird how much she learns while hiding.

She's really hungry now, but she has to persevere. She can't die alone in here. She has to get back to people. She has to get back to the Citadel. She has to find a way to hide as an Anomaly and be safe in the Citadel. She has to hide from everyone in the Citadel. But...how?

How could she live like this?

Leia realizes the one thing she could do. It was pretty much a myth, but the Citadel has walls. What's outside of the walls? She had read in history books that the Citadel was where New York City used to be, in America. America still had to exist, right? The Citadel was formed in 2004, after New York City revolted after George W. Bush was elected president, and that was all that was said in history books. Living outside the walls could cause Leia to be able to start all over. People wouldn't know who she is. It would be the best option.

She has to get out of the Citadel.

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So, this is an alternate universe and not a dystopia in this world.

Great psychology on all characters.

I will continue to wait for more.

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Robin hears Lusamine's screams and grimaces. "I assume you can hear him, sir?"

"Clearly." is the snorted response. "How pathetic."

"It's maddening how people fear him," Robin echoes, but she secretly fears Lusamine despite his lack of mental stability at this point.

"Time will show us the way, Robin. Then I will reveal myself and what we've been working on, and then we and the other Anomalies will finally be able to roam without fear. We will rise and we will take over."

"Yes, sir."
Leia crawls on and on, and then she turns a corner. The light is bright, and she sees it. She finally sees it.

A window.

She's so skinny at this point, so skinny to the point where she knows she can fit through it and she'll be able to run, even though she's in her grey prison sack still. She'll be able to be free, and she hopes she's near the walls, and that she can break through the border patrol.

The light seems so much closer now.

The glass is thin, and she can push it off. She hears the crash of it, but the fall doesn't seem that high up. She sticks her head out of the window and is overcome with euphoria when she sees the top of an elevator and a hatch, before slowly wedging herself out of it and onto the top of the elevator.

Some of the glass cuts her skin but Leia can't care less. She's going up to the ground level, and making a break for the border. For the walls. She'll make it through. She has to.

It's her destiny.

"What is it, Cosmic?" Red sounds a hundred years older when he answers the question.

"I miss Faith." is Cosmic's simple, boyish answer.

"Me too, Cosmic."

Red lies down on his back on the rug and closes his eyes. He's so tired and he feels so old. His bones ache from so much running, and he can't move anymore. He feels ancient compared to Sophia, Usopp, and Cosmic. The three seem so much younger than him. He remembers when he was young, and when he could go live under a real name instead of a redacted one.

"I said don't call me that." Ted mutters as he closes his locker. "It's weird. I don't want to be called a dude."

"Sorry, Ted."

Ted and his friend-not-friend, Mark, walk to their next class. ted doesn't really have friends, but he knows the negativity they feed him would cause him to eventually hate them. He doesn't really like Mark, anyway, because Mark just reeks of stupidity.

Mark and Ted sit next to each other in English class. Today there's a new student. Her name is Gracie and she looks at Ted for a very long time before sitting down in her assigned seat. Ted buries his nose in his book to hide his face from her, but she continues staring him down. He doesn't even know her.

This goes on for a week or so, and then one day an official-looking man comes into the classroom and barks, "I need to see Gracie Baranyi."

And then Ted never sees Gracie again, but it all clicks for him.

And when the same man comes in asking for Ted Moisues, he won't find him. Because Ted will be nothing but redacted.

"Red? You there?" Cosmic asks, waving his hand in front of Red's face.

Red nods.

"What's up, Red?" Cosmic asks. "You have a weird look on your face."

There's silence for a little bit.

"Ted." Red finally says. "Call me Ted."
There's blood on the floor when Leia exits the elevator into an empty hallway and runs as fast as she can out the door.

The hit of fresh air is exhilarating, and Leia spins around for a minute as she stands in what seems to be a parking lot before she realizes where she is.

She's right outside of the border patrol area, and she grits her teeth.

Now or never.

As Leia makes a break for it, she thinks about the strategic placing of the prison. She thinks it's too convenient for it to be so close to the border, as any escapees could easily leave the Citadel, couldn't they? This is too easy, but Leia will take it. She wants out. She wants to be free, because she'll never be able to live like this anymore.

Border patrol seems nonexistent as Leia runs through the ruined buildings and the fallen over trees until something faint in the distance grows larger and larger and larger.

It's a white light, and as Leia runs down the lonely, broken road, she sees a blonde woman with a picture-perfect face and a form-fitting red dress and heels stand near the light. She runs towards the woman.

When she gets to the woman, she stops and looks up at her.

"Welcome," the woman says. "Are you one of the Anomalies from the Citadel?"

Leia nods.

"We're excited to have you here. Step into the light and you'll finally be free."

Leia reaches towards the light with a hunger she'd never had before, and as she is slowly enveloped by it she thinks she can hear people talking, but it's so faint she can't tell what they're saying, and then she hears a woman crying.

She looks back at the woman, who smiles at her, and the last thing Leia notices before being completely taken by the light is that the woman's teeth are brown like old wood and they're so little, as if she's slowly grinded them all away into dust.
Leia Lu. Known Anomaly. Imprisoned. End of Term.

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"I don't want to be called a dude."

I'm actually cisgender so

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"I don't want to be called a dude."

I'm actually cisgender so

He said that because he finds 'dude' a stupid term

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I wasn't trying to convey anything gender-wise

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Am I dead I think I'm dead

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It's up to you

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He said that because he finds 'dude' a stupid term
im kidding

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But you won't appear anymore except if you're mentioned by other characters

im kidding


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Am I dead I think I'm dead
pre sure you're dead sorry

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"Is it time?"


Lusamine screams in his sleep and sometimes Robin thinks it's so loud the whole Citadel can hear it. It makes her shudder how fragile Lusamine is now, and Robin wonders how it was caused, besides the obvious. Lusamine used to be so perfectly calm and collected and still and now he's a raging mess obsessed with power.

Well, Lusamine has always been obsessed with power.

For Robin, it's not a power thing as it is a revenge thing. Lusamine had been preaching the 'destroy Anomalies' thing ever since he had started campaigning to become the Ruler of the Citadel, and Robin, knowing the whole time she was an Anomaly, decided to work the inside, in hopes that she would be able to help destroy the power system from the inside.

The man Robin has been talking to and working with is currently unknown to all but Robin. Their smaller goals, such as: get Neff fired, cause Penguin to go missing for a while, disappear the Escues, find the Anomaly plaguing the Detainer ranks, have all been completed. So for Robin, it seems that it's perfect timing for the man to reveal himself and for them to strike at Lusamine's weakest point.

But the man does not agree.

The revolution was never planned so they would make history, no, it was for a completely different reason. They didn't want people to be famous for it, they just wanted revenge and the ability to live freely for themselves.

But all good things come at a cost.

As Robin knows people will die if this revolution works. People always die when these things happen. The Detainers' weapons will be powerful tools in this, but only if they're used correctly. Slowly causing people to lose the control on them is powerful, because these Citadel residents are so used to living under rules dictating what they do everyday, and losing those specifically listed rules will help them go run rampant, causing discord and chaos.

But chaos is needed for a phoenix to rise from the ashes.
The five men meet in the Detainer board room where they had first met Penguin.

"...you should be glad you didn't see Bob Sponge dead..." Joey says. "It was horrifying."

"Why would anyone kill themself?" Ross asks. "It's selfish and sinful."

"I don't know..." Nick responds.

Ianiant offers, "Maybe they thought death was better than being alive as an Anomaly."

"Anomaly life must be horrible if they would kill themselves to get out of it," Ross responds. "Defiance like that...wow."

"I wouldn't want to dream of being an Anomaly," Nick says. "Anomalies have it awful."

"The prison injectors have it worse though," Ianiant says. "They have to execute the detained Anomalies."

"Must be horrifying to watch someone slowly die." Joey muses. "I'm glad we got repromoted."

"We only got repromoted because Squad Q was killed in a protest." Sean says, speaking up for the first time. "Otherwise, we'd still be demoted."

"We shouldn't be thankful for their deaths because their deaths got us promoted," Ross warns. "That's a terrible thing to be thankful for."

"Let's just let them rest in peace. They did their jobs." Nick finally says, and the group goes silent, thinking.


"Is Lusamine sleeping?"

"Yes. Without screaming, for once."

"It's time. I will reveal myself, and now we will strike."

Nervousness bubbles up in Robin's stomach.

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These chapters are so good! :love:

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November 21, 2035
"Wake up."

"No, please. I don't want to wake up."

"Sophia, get up."

"No. Let me die here."

"It's sinking."

"I don't care. I don't want to live here anymore."

"If you're not going to get up, I'll make you get up."

"Don't put me on that thing. I don't want to be rolled around. Let me die."

"No. Not after Usopp and Faith. Our group can't be disbanded anymore."

"I killed Faith."

"No, you didn't."

"My words. It was my words that caused her to refuse to live. It was all my fault. I killed Faith."

"The only person that killed Faith was herself."

"Cosmic...I don't want to live anymore."

"You have to. I'm sorry, but you have to."

"Where are they all?"

"...they're on the roof."

"Of the Council building?"


"Okay. They'll sink too."

"Everyone will."
Robin paces around the room anxiously. It's as if Lusamine knew something is going to happen today, as he is up and seems somewhat stable and in control. He wanders around whispering to himself and practicing his telekinesis.


"What is it, Robin." It is not posed as a question.

"You need to make a speech. Tell the world if you're okay. If you're not, just fake it. There's chaos..."

"I don't care about their chaos." Lusamine flatly states.

"They're saying you're a bad Ruler."

"...they are?"

Robin nods. "Yes."

Lusamine then turns toward Robin, and he looks like death. "Then we'll make a speech and I'll show off my power. Come with me, now."

Robin nods, almost eager. "Yes, Lusamine." She waits for Lusamine to exit the room and then inserts an earpiece into her ear with a microphone extending from it - identical to the one she used with Lusamine, but she was not communicating with Lusamine now.

"It's time. He's making a speech now. He's perfectly vulnerable."

Lusamine stands at the podium, and a crowd has gathered below the platform, muttering amongst themselves. Robin stands slightly behind Lusamine, holding a tablet and with her earpiece on. Lusamine taps on the microphone, silencing the crowd. They look up at him expectantly.

A technician begins to broadcast the speech on screens everywhere except for the ones used by the government.

"People of the Citadel," Lusamine's voice rings out, confidently and calmly, like before. "I have heard rumors that you are calling me a bad leader. I have heard rumors that you are creating chaos amongst yourselves and blaming it on me. Saying that is both wrong and considered slander, as the only ones ruining your lives are yourselves and the Anomalies you fail to control."

"You're a bloop leader! You disappear when we need you most!" a brave man yells out from the crowd.

Lusamine's eyes narrow as he peers down on the crowd, before centering on one target. He holds out his hand and raises it, and to the crowd's shock and fright, the man starts rising up.

"What did you say?" Lusamine icily asks.

The man, still brave and stupid, yells back at Lusamine, "I said you're a bloop leader who doesn't care about his people-"

The man's statement is cut off by a loud choking noise as Lusamine slowly crumples his hand into a fist. The man instinctively brings his hands up to his throat to attempt to stop the choking, but it's useless. Lusamine thrusts his hand towards the ground and the man goes rocketing down before an unsatisfying crunch.

There's chaos for half a minute, people screaming and running away from the body.

"SILENCE!" Lusamine roars into the microphone, and people look up at him with a newfound fear.

"Now!" Robin hisses into the earpiece.

"I'm on my way."

"You think you can be insubordinate?" Lusamine's anger is evident in his tone. "You think you can run amok? You are not free." he spits. "You're citizens under a higher power. You may think you're free but you never will be, and that was not my fault. That was your parents and grandparents' fault for deciding to live here. Blame your own blood. Blame your dirty, rotten blood!"

Lusamine cuts off his statement with a snap, and then a loud bang is heard to his and Robin's right. Robin's heart pounds, knowing this could be the end-

But Lusamine holds his hand out, stopping the bullet, and crushes it, dropping it to the ground like it was nothing. He then turns towards his right and Robin's left, and Robin's pretty much paralyzed as she watches him hold out his hand and pull it towards him.

"No!" Robin whispers.

Lusamine's voice is still enhanced by the microphone as he speaks. "You thought you could kill me? You thought you could kill ME? You're deranged. I am all-powerful. I command an army of Detainers and I single-handedly unlocked telekinesis. I am the most brilliant person known to man! I have been devoting everything to controlling this hellhole of a world!" The hooded figure in black is seen floating helplessly through the sky before they're propped on their knees on the platform and unmasked by Lusamine, oh so pathetically.

"And what do you have to say for yourself, Kenny Penguin?"

Robin's heart sinks. Lusamine had known all along.

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kkalsdjflaksdf i hate this already

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[Insert yet another make another chapter now post here]

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why its amazing

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no its so bad the plot twist was bloopy and obvious

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I like the chapter, I do think it could be revised though :P Good luck on whatever you decide to do!

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its so bad i wish i deleted it lmaooaooao

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no its so bad the plot twist was bloopy and obvious
the plot twist was guessable but hoLY bloop THIS IS STILL GOOD WRITE MORE

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well before i posted it

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if you really want just delete it and come up with a better twist

i personally think it's fine rn thoug

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ew no i'm not redoing it that's stupid

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because like i dont want to just be like 'SYKE it was zetsu' or some other bloop because that's bad and random xD

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my next chapter will be better though 8)

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my next chapter will be better though 8)
:3 :3

The plot twist will end up being better when you write out what happens after

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shock horror that one
Still love this though, gotta find a way to beat Lusamine.

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my name is now ted-ed talks

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I am intrigued as to how Lusamine will be stopped, since he has discovered telepathy with Robin. Will someone switch sides to support him? Or vice-versa? I can't wait to see!

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"I know everything." Lusamine snaps. "I knew from the start that you were working together when you logged in on my computer. So I started putting trackers on your devices to see what you were doing and who you were talking to. I know both of you are Anomalies, and I know that both of you were plotting to kill me from the very beginning so your anarchy can rule the world. However, the firing Matt thing and the orchestrating of the killing of the Escues was very smart. However...how is the Anomaly you were with?"

Penguin grits his teeth and doesn't respond.

"Leia, her name was? Wasn't she an Anomaly who slipped into the Detainer system? Part of the reason why Matt's firing wasn't reversed when I found out you were working against me."

"She was taken to the prison after. I didn't hear about her since." Penguin finally mutters.

"Well, I did." Lusamine brags. "She was found dead from a fall from a window."


"She managed to escape the prison, yes, but she didn't realize the height of the window, and the impact killed her instantly."

Robin is frozen. She hears the Detainers come, and she feels the rage vibrating off of the two men near her, and it hurts her head. She balls her fists and then sees a red glow from the corner of her eye, and looks down.

Her hands are enveloped with an angry red glow.

She looks over at a speechless Penguin and a triumphant Lusamine.

"Detainers, take them to the high prison." Lusamine orders. "I don't wish to surround myself with these lowlifes."

"Yes, Cleanser Lusamine." one of the Detainers says, and then Robin looks down and sees the glow gone, and handcuffs attached to her wrists.

The Detainers march them through the building with no protest.
Away from the situation, the ground rumbles.

"You have to get out of here!" a man yells at a woman clutching her cat.

"No! I can't leave my stuff here!" the woman barks back.

"The building is going to sink into the ground! Please-"

The woman screams as the ground starts shaking more and the building drops. "Take my cat!" she screeches, and tosses the fat orange cat to the man. The man catches the cat and instinctively holds it to his chest, and then the woman is about to step off of the porch over the cracks when the building shoots down and the ground starts to crumble.

For a second, the man stands there in shock, before he looks down at the cat and sees its tag.

"Well...Paco...you're coming with me."

Ted runs away from the slowly crumbling ground, holding Paco the fat orange cat who promptly falls asleep in his arms after a lazy yawn.
Cosmic lies down on a cushion. He nervously listens to the sounds of faint rumbling in the background, before he hears the door of the warehouse creak open. He sits up and sees Ted come in, holding a fat orange cat who looks royally pissed.

"Uh...this is Paco."

"Why the bleep do you have a cat?" Sophia's loud voice is heard from behind Cosmic. She had probably gone to the bathroom.

"His owner died, and I couldn't leave him," Ted says.

"Jesus, Red, we can barely care for ourselves, god forbid a cat." Sophia says. After a period of silence, she mutters, "...he is cute though."

Ted half-smiles at Sophia.

"Oh my god."

Cosmic turns his head towards Usopp who speedwalks over to Ted.

"Is that a cat? Can I hold it? Can we keep it?"

"Sure," Ted says, and hands Usopp Paco. "This is Paco."

"You're such a fluffy boy, Paco!" Usopp baby-talks to the cat.

"So...you like cats?" Cosmic asks.

"Cats are great." Usopp says. "I had one as a kid. Tyrone was the best. Rest in peace, buddy." He then looks up at Ted. "How did you get a cat?"

"Um...you heard the rumbling sound, right?" Ted asks. The group nods. "That was a building sinking into the ground. Paco's owner gave me her cat and she didn't...uh...come back."

"...wow. Poor Paco..." Sophia whispers.

"So you're saying the ground is crumbling. The Citadel is literally falling apart." Cosmic says. He can't believe this.

"...yeah." Ted admits.

Sophia sighs. "We're bleeped."

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Also great job! I was unsure about the plot twist at first but you worked around it, now the story's great! I am so excited to see what happens next :3

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Can’t wait to see how this develops.

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Paco gonna kill everyone just watch

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he is a CATTO he will be happy and live forever :3

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Robin and Penguin are being lead away through the building, and Robin still can feel Lusamine's rage from so far away. It's insane how powerful Lusamine's emotions are.

A hot sensation chafes her wrists. She looks down at her hands and sees a faint red glow heating up the handcuffs. She adjusts her hands so it doesn't burn her, and then the Detainer prods his weapon into her back.

"Move along, or we'll have to shoot you right now."

"Why aren't you?" Penguin asks. The Detainers don't respond.

The hallway they're taken down has glass windows showing the insides of many boardrooms, where black spinny chairs are left astray. There are tasteless, bland pieces of art on the walls to show...creativity? Every room is the same.

"So, why aren't you?" Penguin presses.

One of the Detainers sighs. "It'll make too much noise. People will hear it."

Robin sees Penguin roll his eyes out of the corner of her eye.

"Anyway," the younger-sounding Detainer says casually, chewing gum, "you're being taken to be immediately executed."

The burning sensation gets even hotter until Robin sees nothing but red, and instinctively she pulls her hands apart and hears the snap of the chain holding the cuffs together.

"What the-"

Robin screams like an animal as she swings her arm at a Detainer, and then she can see again, but the glow amongst her hands is firetruck red and it's so hot, it's cold.

She punches the bulletproof vest and it melts.

"KILL THEM! NOW!" the older Detainer screeches, and then Robin charges towards him and launches herself up at his neck, wrapping her hands around his neck. He gurgles and she can feel his flesh melting, but she can't control herself, the anger and rage and fury consuming her from the inside.

When she's satisfied with his mangled state, she sprints towards the other Detainer who attempts to shoot at her but can't find the trigger. His hands fumble with the gun before he drops it and drops to his knees.

"Please, please, I'm only eighteen, Penguin, you know me, you've met me, please tell her to spare me, please Penguin, please-"

"Shut up." Penguin snaps, and then the blood curdling screams of Sean Shawn are heard as Robin grabs his face with her white-hot hands, drops his body, and promptly collapses.
"Robin?" The voice seems to be that of Penguin's.

"Not today..." she mutters in response, rolling over to quiet the voices.

"Wake up." It's a new voice, one she's not familiar with. It's a gruff, male voice. "We don't have time for you to be lying around."

"She's just experienced a lot of stuff," a calmer male voice says. "Didn't you see it on the screens?"

"Yeah, with Lusamine's telekinesis." a snappy female voice says.

Robin blinks softly and winces when she sees the light. Above her stand Penguin, a bald, scarred man, a serene, yet concerned man, a tall boy who looks teenaged, and a rectangular-faced woman.

"...who...who are you...?"

"Robin, this is Usopp." he says, pointing at the bald man. "This is Ted," he says, gesturing at the other man, "and these are Cosmic and Sophia." He points to the teenage boy and the woman respectively. "They're all Anomalies, and they've been in hiding for years."

"In hiding from you and your old master," Sophia mutters, and Cosmic nudges her, shaking his head and mouthing 'not now' at her.

"Anyway," Ted says, coughing awkwardly. "We want to help you. ...Penguin...told us about what happened."

"...oh." Robin says. "Can...can we do this later? I'm...so...tired..."

And the group starts fading and turning blurry before it all turns white.
Time passes, from October to November. The ground around the center of the Citadel, where the apartment building was, continues crumbling, to the point where the group has to leave their warehouse and move to the outskirts of the Citadel, but nowhere near the border. Cleanser Lusamine, with more power than ever, refuses to speak on the topic, and people questioning him about it seem to mysteriously disappear. Robin learns to control her powers and realizes that she can use them to inflict the emotion she consumes on others.

Then the fated day approaches.

NOVEMBER 18, 2035.

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Amaze chap

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(it from one piece btw)

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I c o n i c  image

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I don’t like the presence of penguin still

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I don’t like the presence of penguin still
This isn't the TWG topic smh

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NOVEMBER 18, 2035.
"I don't like it, still," Cosmic mutters to Usopp while they walk on the outskirts of the Citadel, claiming they need fresh air. "They're plotting again. They're under the impression that they can still win this."

"Who? Robin and Penguin?" Usopp says, not really paying attention. He looks around at the buildings and the screens with jumbled news reports.

"Yeah." Cosmic says. "They've been sneaking off."

"Cosmic, you're being paranoid. Go back. You can watch them."

"Should I?" Cosmic asks, unsure.

"Sure." Usopp says. "I'll be back soon."

Cosmic nods. "Okay. I'll see you later."

Usopp crosses the street without looking and then hears shouting before a car going way over the speed limit rushes towards him, and he blocks his face with his hands to no avail.
"Where's Usopp?" Sophia asks when Cosmic opens the warehouse door.

"He said he'd be back soon. Where are Robin and Penguin?"

"Robin's sleeping in the attic. Penguin's reading somewhere upstairs."

"Okay. Thanks."

"Wait, did you get anything-" Sophia says, but Cosmic dashes off and carefully climbs the ladder up to the attic where Robin's supposedly sleeping and Penguin's supposedly leading. He quietly and carefully opens the trap door and listens."

"We have not been stopped. We'll rise up again."

"Yeah...I hope so..."

"You know so. Lusamine doesn't know of your inflicting power."


Cosmic notes how reluctant Robin sounds, and how commanding and controlling Penguin sounds. The relationship is clearly not one of equals. He continues listening in.

"And we'll strike again. He won't ever expect it. He'll plan another big speech, I know it. Then we'll strike and we'll kill him."

"...I don't want to be a murderer..."

"Sometimes you have to do what's right."

"But...but he..."

"Do you want to be a coward?! Do you want to spend the rest of your life hiding because you've been exposed to the world? Do you want to have money on your head? Stop whining and grow up!"

There's silence, and then Cosmic decides it's time to make his appearance known. He hates Penguin, he hates Penguin's values, and he wants Penguin out.

"I KNEW IT!" Cosmic yells, pulling himself into the attic. "You're still plotting! You still have this delusion that you'll get your perfect revenge on Lusamine, but you don't look at the bigger picture! Do you not get that the Citadel is crumbling and we're all going to die?! GET OUT! WE DON'T WANT YOU HERE! GET THE HELL OUT OF OUR LIVES!"

Penguin and Robin stare at him in shock.

"I want you out by dinner." Cosmic spits before climbing down the ladder.

"Cosmic?" Sophia's voice is heard from the kitchen area. "Cosmic? When will Usopp be getting back?"

Cosmic sighs. "I don't know. I'm going to get pizza. When I'm back, Penguin and Robin better be gone."
When he does return with a slightly soggy cheese pizza, Penguin and Robin are gone and Usopp still isn't back. Ted sits on a cushion at the dinner box with Sophia who look anxiously at Cosmic.

"Cosmic, it's been over two hours since you two left." Ted says. "Where's Usopp?"

Cosmic shakes his head. "I don't know. But I got pizza." He puts the pizza on the box and the three of them eat in silence, not acknowledging how chewy the dough is or how cold the middle is. They worry in silence about when Usopp's getting back, and they all go to sleep worrying about that too.

Well, they probably don't go to sleep. But they like to pretend they do.
Usopp isn't back by the morning, and when Cosmic wakes up, Sophia's gone out, Ted says, looking for him.

When Sophia does return, teary with news about Usopp's death, Cosmic is incredibly saddened, but deep down, he knows he's not surprised.

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"Lusamine!" Isabelle snaps as she and Zetsu enter Lusamine's office, furious. "Are you not going to do anything about the constant stream of deaths and the Citadel literally destroying itself from the inside? Are you just going to let everyone die? Don't you care about your people?"

Lusamine doesn't respond.

"Does your society even matter to you?" Isabelle continues. "Hell, does anything even matter to you at this point? Everyone could die and you wouldn't care, as long as you were alive and you got to play with your magic gloves!"

"Shut up." Lusamine mutters quietly.

"Because you think you're so much better than everyone because you're the leader, you're the Cleanser, you have everything you want, but you don't think about anyone else except for yourself! You're obsessed with being perfect, and you're obsessed with your stupid magic powers that you think makes everyone better than you! You're obsessed with death! You're obsessed with power! You don't even care about your fellow council members! You could watch us all die and then wow, isn't my moving ability MAGICAL?!"


Isabelle doesn't have time to scream and Zetsu stands there in shock as Lusamine jolts out of his chair and hurls his fist towards the wall, and she flies towards it too, crashing into it. He pulls back and repeats the action.

"SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" he screams with every repetition. The two could all see the blood on Isabelle now and the two knew she was definitely dead by now, as her body was bent in odd angles and her eyes were open and blank, an fake-seeming expression of shock on her face.

He then looks at Zetsu, and Zetsu immediately drops to his knees, bowing his head towards the ground, whispering things to himself.

"You will not report anything to anyone. You'll keep yourself silent, and you'll make sure NOBODY SEES YOU, or I'll kill you myself."

Zetsu's response is a quivering whisper. "...yes, Cleanser Lusamine..."
"ANOMALY SCUM!" Ianiant Bamordian yells as he shoots his weapon at them. Former training partner Joey Bluze stands next to him, the two firing in uniform. Some Anomalies fall, and some duck behind the cars to dodge the shots.

"CLEAR OUT!" a husky male voice bellows, and then the Anomalies  move to the side to reveal a girl with white-blonde hair.

"That's Lusamine's former aide!" one of the other Detainers comments, and then the girl lifts her arms in an x shape above her head, revealing an angry red glow, before throwing her arms to the ground. The Detainers stand in shock as a red-hot wave of energy zooms down the street, and they shoot at it, but it doesn't relent, and their screams can be heard for miles as the heat slowly cooks them from the inside.

The rogue Anomalies cheer and host a bonfire that night in a rural junkyard.
"This is madness," Sophia whispers as she, Ted, and Cosmic watch a news report. "It was never supposed to be like this..."

"The Citadel is doomed." Ted says.

"...yeah," Cosmic echoes. "What do we do?"

There's silence as everyone thinks and watches the report, before Sophia quietly speaks up.

"In all of this chaos, the Detainers must be super focused on protecting Lusamine and eliminating the rogue Anomalies who just want vengeance and death, right?" she asks.

"What are you getting at?" Cosmic replies.

"Well, I'm sure border patrol is hardly an issue to Lusamine, right? He probably couldn't care less if the Anomalies left, it gets them out of his hair anyway."

"What do you mean?" Ted asks, interested.

Sophia then turns around and grins at the two men, inspired by her idea, and proposes, "What if we left the Citadel?"

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So that's how I died... At least I went out in a cool way 8)

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cool kids go out in cool ways 8)

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Wait why wasn't anything censored? What happened to the filter
Also cool I murdered everyone

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Wait why wasn't anything censored? What happened to the filter

used bbcode to make it uncensored, report me if you want

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yes get penguin out he’s being suspicious again

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'tryna break the chains but the chains only break me'

November 25, 2035. Thanksgiving Day.
Some people can see a giant sinkhole from their apartment window. Some people commit suicide by jumping down into it.

Penguin leads a gang called the Rogues, with Robin as his right-hand-person. He uses her power to scare the Detainers into letting their gang run rampant. He's drunk with power, and everyone knows it, but Robin's too flimsy to rebel against him.

Lusamine hasn't made any statements, and Zetsu Beau and Isabelle Mae have been reported to have gone missing. Matt Neff has been found dead in an alleyway, half his face melted off. The official cause of death was 'freak accident'.

Sophia Amber, Cosmic Isola, and Ted Moisues are on the run, and currently run through city ruins, hoping border patrol has been reassigned to fighting against the Rogues.

It's Thanksgiving Day, but hardly anyone is thankful at this point. Detainers are dead, people are dead, and children are hidden away. The Citadel is crumbling faster now, to the point where the air quality is horrible and filled with dust.

For Sophia, Cosmic, and Ted, it's time that motivates them.

For Penguin, it's revenge that motivates him.

For Robin, it's fear that motivates her.

For Nick, Detainer Two, it's duty that motivates him.

For Ross, Detainer Three, it's religion that motivates him.

For Zetsu, it's survival that motivates him.

And for Lusamine, the only thing that motivates him are the voices in his head, hungry for power, hungry for death, sadistically ordering him around to the point where he can't control it and to the point where he believes the circlet around his head is controlling him, not the other way around.

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well isn’t everything all peaceful, Lusamine is making people disappear and die, Penguin is leading a drunk gang whilst exploiting a poor young person and everyone else is just panicking

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story is coming to a close.

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"OW! God damn it, that hurts!" Sophia hisses as she slowly inserts her left leg into the pool of salt water. She finally understood the term 'rubbing salt in a wound', but the salt water was their best option.

After all, they were on a boat in a large, salt water lake, paddling feverishly to get to the border they only faintly saw.

After the city started ending and descending into ruins that were never attempted to be fixed, Sophia, Cosmic, and Ted were tired already, and had to start scrounging, until they got to the forest.

Surprisingly, the Food Distribution Department had not been using this forest, which was luscious with fruit, to provide food for the Citadel citizens. Maybe they didn't know of it, or they didn't want to go so far out to retrieve the food.

The group stocked up on fruit as the rations they had taken from their home soon ran out, and they had fruit for days...unless of course the boat capsized.

Sophia was constantly anxious about the boat capsizing while the group slept, but she also did have to sleep, so she slept as still as she could to not disturb the other group members.

Eventually, by the fourth day, the group was about halfway through the lake and absolutely sick of the fruit. Unsurprisingly so, the fruit's taste became redundant after constantly having it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But they couldn't complain because it was their only source of food.

They took turns rowing while others slept, and when all three of them were awake, that was when they would eat and talk to each other. Conversations were quite dull since there was nothing new to talk about, so the group's days were filled with rowing, sleeping, and eating.

But they knew it was for the best, as they would finally break free from the control the Citadel had on them, and they would finally be fearless.
Anya Disgal was one of the Rogues, and she had tanned skin, thin eyes, and a ponytail so high and tight people were afraid her hair would rip out of her scalp. She was one of the more dangerous Anomalies, and was known mostly for her sharp teeth and her snarky humor.  Penguin didn't particularly like her, but she was one of his strongest Rogues, so he typically had her in the front to fight the Detainers when confrontations arised.

Harry Toasty was another one of Penguin's Rogue warriors. He was known for being a master of puns and witty humor and for eating a lot of toast. He was one of the biggest guys on the team due to his diet. Penguin thought he was a nice person, but puns got old quickly.

Claire Vanilla was probably Penguin's fastest warrior, but she was a total bleep. Her commentary was always stupid, uninsightful, and rude. She never added her own ideas and only relied on her speed to get her through places. She also used people's emotions against them. Penguin hated her, but she was a really fast warrior and was useful at times.

Penguin stands facing a squad of Detainers with their weapons up, guarding Robin while she prepared to attack.

"CHARGE!" he bellows, and the front line charges, evading the attacks. The second line, the more disposable ones, take the hits. It's a specifically orchestrated line preserving his good Rogues and disposing of the weaker Rogues.

"I'm done," Robin's soft voice whispers, and Penguin doesn't directly respond to her.

"CLEAR OUT!" is his response, and the uninjured Detainers then sprint off to the sides while Robin attacks. With each wave of attacks from the Rogues, Robin gets faster and faster at preparing and then eliminating the Detainers. It's a gross site to see melted flesh, but what's done has to be done.

After all, vengeance was never pretty.

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so we know where we're going?

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Ya you're going to the big shadow you see in the distance

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I finally caught up
Best character is Detainer 2, such a complex story arc right there.

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IKR he's just the most well developed character

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where's Joe Twentyfour
the first post says he's alive but you didn't mention him in the update chapter

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He's just chillin

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(aka i forgot about him and he's just chillin and lusamine's leaving him alone because lusamine finds joe weak)

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inb4 joe has a way too OP power

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"What's your progress on the modified circlet?" Lusamine asks, barging into Joe's laboratory. Joe turns his wheelchair around and looks at Lusamine, a calm expression on his face.

"Wonderfully, sir. I should have it completed in a few days." Joe says. "How is the new matching algorithm going?"

"It's not." Lusamine bluntly says. "I don't see a need for matching anymore." He turns to leave before turning back and looking at Joe. "Get the circlet done ASAP. It is my top priority for now. Once it is finished, I'll be confident enough to make a speech without...interruptions."

"...really?" Joe asks, astounded.

"Yes." Lusamine says boldly. "These Rogues have not gone unnoticed."

Once the door clicks, Joe sighs in relief. Lusamine hadn't noticed.

For Joe has made no progress at all and the circlet is the exact same as the one Lusamine wears, but he hopes the placebo effect will work on Lusamine's head.
"I'm so sick of apples." Sophia mutters. "Like, we see that dark shadow and it seems so close, but it's so far..."

Ted and Cosmic are asleep, and Sophia's currently the one rowing. Her hair is soaked from her having washed it earlier using the lake water, and it hangs stringy around her face, any attempts to brush it back failing.

She squints ahead of her and frowns. This shadow hasn't changed in the long period of time she's been rowing.  She doesn't know how long it's been, and none of the three had brought watches. It's just a waiting game.

Sophia wonders how the Citadel was doing, and if the city had collapsed yet.
Claire Vanilla's white-blonde hair is stained with blood.

Penguin frowns as the other Rogues attempt to help her, but the shot to her head is probably fatal. He honestly doesn't know why everyone is trying to help her when Claire is never nice or helpful to anyone. But then, Penguin is hardly nice either, so he wondered if the Rogues have some secret respect for Claire. She is fast and ninja-like after all.

Anya Disgal stands off to the side, anxiously looking around for enemies. Penguin likes her alertness, but he also notes how cutthroat she is. Anya is in it for herself and herself only, and she's only working as a subordinate because she thinks she can take him down.

Harry Toasty is one of the front line people who died. He was expendable anyway.

Penguin notices how the Detainers aren't attacking as often anymore, and a small shard of hope glimmers in his heart that they're diminishing in number. Because if the Detainers are gone, then Lusamine is all alone, and then they finally stand a fighting chance.

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About 3 chapters left btw

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About 3 chapters left btw

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3 chapters to go, come on Detainer 2 you can make it

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kill ted

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love how Joe just git his cameo lol

still don’t like penguin.

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"Ito, you've been promoted."

"What? Ito? Why him?"

"Ito's bloop, why out of everyone are you promoting him? This is bull."

Nick Ito stands in the Detainer changing room, cleaning out his locker. He's just been promoted to one of the Lusamine's main guards, and his former squadmate Ross Ome is pissed about it.

"Why the hell is Ito promoted? He hasn't done anything noteworthy." Ross yells at the news informer. "This is stupid!"

"I'm sorry you feel this way." the informer says coldly. "But Lusamine himself requested this."

Silence falls upon the room.

"Come with me, Mr. Ito."

Nick follows the informer out of the locker room, his small bundle from his locker being held tightly to his chest.
Paco meows, annoyed.

"I know, Paco," Ted says quietly, so not to disturb Cosmic or Sophia. He doesn't know how Cosmic isn't awake when Paco's using him as a large bed, stretching out on him lazily. Ted looks over at the grumpy cat. "I can't wait to get out of here."

Paco meows again, cocking his head towards Ted.

"Yeah, I can see the buildings too." Ted says. "They're starting to form shapes. We're almost there. Just give us a few more days."

Paco jumps off of Cosmic into the lake.

"PACO!" Ted screams, and Cosmic and Sophia jolt awake.

"What the hell?!" Sophia yells. "Why'd you wake me up?"


"I can't swim!" Sophia yells back. "You do it!"

"No! I'm rowing."

"Good lord, I'll get him." Cosmic mutters, before rolling out of the boat and splashing into the lake with a large crash. Ted sees the cat bobbing slightly, looking even more pissed, and now his fur is matted down with water. Cosmic swims slowly over to the cat, before scooping him up and sidestroking his way back to the boat, tossing Paco over the edge to Ted, whom he catches, and pulling himself into the boat, causing it to almost capsize in the process.

"Ugh. Now the boat's gonna smell like wet cat." Sophia mutters drowsily.

"We're almost there, guys!" Ted yells. "Look! I can see the shore!"

Cosmic and Sophia jolt up and look over. Sophia yells out a whoop of happiness.

"WE'RE COMING GUYS!" she yells across the lake. "WE'RE COMING TO FREEDOM!"
"Welcome, Mr. Ito. I've reviewed your test results and I have a very specific job for you." Lusamine says. Nick Ito stands, paralyzed by fear.

"...yes, Cleanser Lusamine?" Nick finally musters out.

"You're to become my new assassin. I want Robin Magey dead. Do you hear me? It's best to eliminate these...things without getting my hands dirty, you get me?"


"Good." Lusamine says. He then laughs heartily. "Penguin won't know what's coming."

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kill detainer 2

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"He's making a speech!" their scout reports.

Penguin's expression is one of determination and fury.


The group of Anomalies rushes to the platform where Lusamine stands.

Little do they know their plans conflict.
"ROW FASTER!" Sophia screeches, holding Paco. "WE'RE ALMOST THERE!" She calmingly strokes Paco, who looks annoyed as usual.

"I'M TRYING!" Ted yells, and then he looks over at Cosmic eating a peach. "Aren't you an athlete? You should row."

"Uh...no." Cosmic's response is, and he takes another bite of his peach.

Ted groans and continues rowing. They're only a mile away now, they assume, and it's scary how excited they are.

"We're going to get out of here, Paco," Sophia coos. "We're gonna get out of here! CONTINUE ROWING! DO IT FASTER!"
"Guard the entrance," Lusamine says quietly to Nick before he stands on the platform, the diminished population of the Citadel standing on the cracked ground, muttering amongst themselves, but not looking up at Lusamine.

"If they arrive, kill them. Kill them all. If they don't, and the speech ends, go find Robin, and kill her."

"Yes, sir." Nick says quietly before leaving the platform, making Lusamine completely unprotected, but he's calm and confident he'll make it through the day. He taps the microphone, and the audience stops their whispering and looks up at him expectantly.

"Citizens of the Citadel, I believe I should apologize." He starts his speech.
"Do you really think we should go for the entrance?" Anya Disgal asks dubiously.

"Yes." Penguin says. "There are hardly any Detainers left, and we have weapons now besides Robin's raw power."

The group does have weapons, guns stolen from Detainers they'd killed. They would use those against the guards, and then Robin and Penguin and Lusamine would show down on the platform. Then Robin would inflict anger on Lusamine, distracting him and making him believe it was the circlet causing all of these unwanted feelings, allowing Penguin to shoot him and kill him. It's foolproof.

"Now!" Anya yells at the group of Detainers, and then they push through the doors, shooting at the amount of guards.
Nick Ito fires back in fear, and his main goal to survive is compromised, because he knows he won't survive this situation. He just fires back and closes his eyes as he waits for his death.

He sees Ross, his former squadmate, go down, and then he realizes, as he looks around at the Anomalies with expressions of hunger and bloodlust on their rabid faces, and he closes his eyes and braces himself for the pain.
"YOU ALL STAY HERE JUST IN CASE MORE DETAINERS COME HERE!" Penguin roars at the group of Anomalies. "WE'RE GOING UP."

The Anomalies nod restlessly and fidget. Penguin and Robin then go to the elevator and press the button for the top floor, where the platform stands outside.

"I'm scared," Robin whispers.

"I know." Penguin says. "Robin..."


"Thank you. And I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry too," Robin whispers, and then the elevator dings.
"Do you know how to fly this thing?" Zetsu asks incredulously.

"Of course. I used to be a pilot before I was forced to be wheelchaired, and then my plane here was custom built to accommodate for my disability." Joe says matter-of-factly. "We'll be perfectly safe. We'll go to Canada." He pauses, before speaking again. "There are no walls around the Citadel, people just think there are. We'll be fine."

"Oh, if you say so.." Zetsu says doubtfully, and then the plane takes off.
"...impossible." Lusamine whispers as he hears the ding of the doors opening, and turns around. Kenny Penguin stands there, a cruel smirk on his face, and promptly fires a bullet at Lusamine, who swipes it away telekinetically.

"You think you can kill me?" He yells at Penguin, who doesn't say a word, continues smiling, and continues firing. The two slowly turn, Lusamine's back to the door, unable to kill Penguin telekinetically, too focused on firing. He doesn't even notice the doors open.

Robin quietly walks towards Lusamine before holding her hands out and focusing on Lusamine and Penguin's rage. Her hands start glowing red as she lightly touches them to the back of Lusamine's head, and he screams.

"GET OUT OF MY HEAD!" he yells, before turning one of his hands towards his head, attempting to get the circlet off. Robin increases her strength, sweat beads forming at her hairline as she grunts.

"I WON'T LET YOU HURT ME ANY LONGER!" Lusamine screams at the voices in his head. "GET OUT OF MY MIND!"

Penguin fires the bullet, Robin increases her strength, and Lusamine clenches the hand he's aiming at his own brain.

There's complete silence for a split second, and then the building detonates in an explosion of red.
The rowboat stops at the harbor.

"Hey, do you guys need some help?"

A middle-aged man gestures towards the three.

"Thank you," Cosmic manages.

"Wow, your accents are weird." the man says. His own accent is a low, sarcastic drawl.

"They are?" Cosmic asks.

"Yeah. Where do y'all come from?" the man asks, helping them out of their boat.

Cosmic almost says the Citadel, but he holds his tongue and smiles up at the man who looks down on him questioningly.

"Across the lake."

The man laughs. "That's pretty damn far. Welcome to Ontario, kids."

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"welcome to ontario" XD

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What an interesting ending. I wonder what led to the creation of the Citadel and its isolation, exactly. I assume that everyone left in there died. Good confrontation.

(We don't talk like that in Ontario though...!)

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That's the ending?

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hence alternate universe ;)

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Well Paco survived so I'm happy

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Are you mad that I didn't kill you off 8)

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That's the ending?
It is.

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Are you mad that I didn't kill you off 8)
A bit

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Well there's an epilogue that I'm writing

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Please end me

Make Paco claw out my eyes or some bloop

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'this is a wild game of survival'

Two years later...

After the sinkhole consumes the Citadel, New York City is finally starting to be rebuilt. The official cause of destruction was terrorist bombers. None of the original Citadel citizens who survived talk about the Citadel. To everyone else, they're just people who talk together on the streets, people who stay together because they're the only ones they can trust, people who are surprisingly normal now.

Sophia, Cosmic, and Ted live together in an apartment. Sophia's become a well-known dystopian fiction writer, and Cosmic became famous after a video of him balancing a particular 'thicc orange cat' on his head while playing 'soccer' (he called it football, for some reason) became viral on YouTube. He's now an occasional soccer/football player with a Flipdidas sponsorship which makes him most of his money. Ted's now a semi-famous YouTuber and Twitch streamer making videos and parodies about being 'dead inside' and streaming Hitman games.

Joe's an accomplished science professor at Harvard University, and Zetsu's currently developing "Magical Girl!~ Love Actually~ 5", the fifth in a series of quite famous dating simulators.

And Paco the cat, also known as the 'that thicc orange cat' is also a YouTube star, with his own channel 'paco the thicc orange cat' having millions of subscribers.

Life is so different now, and the five are okay with that. Except Paco. He's still pissed off.

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Paco need a taco

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This, my friends, is the art of reverse psychology

I keep saying that I want to die so CK purposefully doesn't kill me just to annoy me but in reality I didn't want to die

inb4 another chapter comes where I die

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Since my previous comment was frowned upon, I'll be more sincere. That was an awesome story and I'm so glad you finished it :3 I hope you make more stories like this

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Yes this fic was my life

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Paco is such a good character thank you for adding him

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ayy we made it to Ontario guys, survived all the chapters.

and yes it’s football

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no it's not xd

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This was a good fanfiction. You placed a lot of effort into the inter-character relationships. I enjoyed it!

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Obviously not writing a sequel, but I will give y'all a little sneak peek of my next fic: Of Crowns and Candles, about the forum royal family!

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Make me King Swift III

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Post by: The color of mood is blue on September 02, 2018, 01:33:59 PM
Obviously not writing a sequel, but I will give y'all a little sneak peek of my next fic: Of Crowns and Candles, about the forum royal family!


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i should have ended this with

"welcome to canada yall yeehaw"

"what the bleep is a canada"

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we need a sequel for diss

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can we confirm that the plan to keep myself alive by constantly bleeping about getting killed off next chapter was successful

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we need a sequel for diss


can we confirm that the plan to keep myself alive by constantly bleeping about getting killed off next chapter was successful

congrats u win

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just use new characters *big brain*

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Phil Swift (not the flex tape dude)

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i lied not everyone died

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Can I un-die