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Title: Pseudorandom Survivor Flipline (please comment!)
Post by: Soundbord on November 12, 2018, 10:41:48 AM

Papa "Probst not Jeff" Louie: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Flipline's first ever pseudorandom list-generated season of survivor! Ten gentlemen and ten ladies of varying ages, ethnic backgrounds, and of course professions will be grouped into two tribes and pitted against each other until there is only one sole survivor! The tribes this year are the Cebollas and Tomates tribes, also known as the Onions and Tomatoes! The winner will receive a million dollars and a gold plated statue of themselves displayed proudly in the visitor center in Munchmore. Now for the contestants~

Cebollas: Sarge Fan (17), Cecilia (36), Matt (early 30s), Joy/Ninjoy (20), Iggy (14), Willow (18), Skip (50), Quinn (34), Deano (28), Indigo (21)
Tomates: Greg (14), Bruna Romano (32), Tony (early 30s), Scarlett (25), Moe (22), Utah (16), Rico (47), Xandra (15), Roy (19), Ripley (29)

Papa notJeff Louie: You will each be staying on a different island in Munchmore, so food will not be an issue! However, getting enough sleep and building relationships with people is extremely important, and of course both tribes will be participating in challenges for reward and tribal immunity. Your first challenge will take place on a rather 'cheesy' obstacle course my team and I have set up for you, and the reward is several tarps and tent poles to help you build the camp of your dreams!

Sarge Fan: wow, a team named after my favorite food in the world, this is a dream come true!
Iggy: we have to take this seriously guys, a good camp can make all the difference.
Quinn: Iggy is right, this may seem like a game, but even a reward challenge is no joke.
Skip: I'll try my best, I work in construction so even if we don't win I'll help build a good camp for everyone.

Greg: amazing, a team after my own heart! Sarge Fan is probably excited too...
Tony: wow, I have to work for the Louie man yet again, this is how he thanks me for helping make Munchmore a better place for the wildlife.
Scarlett: wow, this is way different from a Shakers concert. I welcome the challenge!
Ripley: I'm already familiar with Munchmore since I've traveled her for research many times, so if anyone has trouble navigating I can help.

Papa Louie: For the first challenge, the competitors will be crossing a shaky cheese string bridge two feet off the ground, and if anyone falls off they have to start from the beginning. Once every member on the tribe is across, four members will untie some mozzarella knots to let down cheesy mack parcels that contains wooden puzzle pieces. Two other members must carry the parcels over to a wooden table where the last four team members will solve the puzzle which has a Survivor Flipline related image on it. Cebollas, are you ready? Tomates, are you ready? All right then... 3, 2, 1, go!

to be continued~

next chapter: reward challenge and more~

Cecilia (c)
Joy/Ninjoy (c) {e} (immunity idol)
Iggy (c) {q}
Willow (c) {q}
Skip (c) {f}
Quinn (c) {g}
Deano (c) {f}
Indigo (c) {g}
Greg (t) {g}
Bruna Romano (t) {g}
Tony (t) {g}
Moe (t) {q}
Utah (t) {q}
Rico (t) {f}
Xandra (t) {f}
Roy (t) {f} (extra vote)
Ripley (t) {q}

legacy advantage
vote steal
immunity idol (multiple)

Title: ONION STRONG, part 2
Post by: Soundbord on November 13, 2018, 03:24:36 PM
episode 1, part 2

Reward Challenge

Papa Louie: The Cebollas and Tomates both start off strong, with several members already making their way across the string cheese bridge! Sarge Fan and Indigo make it across quickly for the Cebollas, Matt and Deano are close behind and Quinn has just started to make her way over. Meanwhile, the Tomates are neck and neck, with Ripley and Utah already across and Greg, Roy and Xandra making their way across!

Skip: I'm not sure how good I'll be at this, I'm nervous I might break the bridge.
Indigo: come on, you can do it, they wouldn't make a bridge that's not strong enough for everyone!
Skip: Yeah, I guess you're right...

Papa Louie: The older competitors are now slowly making their way across the bridge! Rico is taking a carefree approach, while Skip is being more cautious. Oh no, Rico accidentally stepped off the bridge, he has to go back and start again! Skip has already made it across and Cecilia is now crossing. Scarlett and Moe are across for the Tomates, and Rico is now making his second attempt... the Tomates are catching up! Rico is across, and now Bruna and Tony are crossing, while Iggy just fell off the bridge on the Cebollas side. Now all the Tomates are across, you may now send four people to untie the mozzarella knots! Only Iggy has to cross for the Cebollas, they still have a chance to catch up.

Ripley: I'll take one of the sets of knots, I learned how to tie and untie knots in a survival course.
Greg: I'm not super strong or great at puzzles so I'll take a knot too.
Moe: I'll go with the puzzle, I love that kind of challenge.
Rico: I'll carry packages, I'm used to lifting large pots of chili!

Papa Louie: It looks like the Tomates forgot to decide who would do which part of the challenge beforehand, and now the Cebollas have finished crossing the bridge! Joy, Deano, Willow and Sarge Fan are now untying knots for the Cebollas. Now Greg, Ripley, Scarlett and Xandra are untying knots for the Tomates. The Cebollas are slightly ahead, Deano has already untied his knot, and Joy is close behind! Ripley just finished untying her knot! Now the Cebollas are all done untying, your team is all set to carry the Cheesy Mack parcels!

Skip: This is not as heavy as I expected, construction work really pays off a lot in this game.
Indigo: If it's so easy for you, you can carry three of them.
Willow: Uh, guys, no need to worry, you're both doing great!

Papa Louie: The Cebollas have two of their parcels across now, and the Tomates have finally finished untying their knots and they can go! Wow, Rico is taking two at a time, that can't be easy, but he's definitely making up time. The Cebollas are carrying the last two parcels, once they have all four parcels across they can open them and start their puzzle! Bruna is carrying the third parcel for the Tomates, and Rico is already running back for the final package. The Cebollas now have all their parcels across and can start their puzzle! The Tomates are only seconds behind, they're now all set and can also start their puzzle!

Tony: I got this, I play puzzles in my sleep, I will definitely lead the Tomates to victory.
Matt: Oh yeah? I play puzzles ON my other puzzles! I can help my favorite onions win!
Tony: I play puzzles while watching my kids!
Matt: I play puzzles while moderating Flipline Forum!

Papa Louie: It looks like the other tribe members have started the puzzles without Matt and Tony. Moe is doing an excellent job of sorting the pieces, while Quinn has started systematically putting edge pieces in the rectangular indentation. Matt and Tony have just realized that the challenge is moving on without them and are rushing to help. Matt is helping Quinn by finding more edge pieces, while Tony is... I'm not sure what Tony is doing, he seems to be trying to put random pieces together before putting them in the table. Both teams are neck and neck, who will win?

Matt: Aha, I know where every piece goes now! Here Iggy, these pieces go on your side near the edge...
Iggy: Thanks! Oh wow, we're actually winning...
Tony: Hey, we have almost as many pieces in! Uh, I think I just put this in the wrong place, oops...
Cecilia: Oh, I got the last two pieces, this should be a piece of cake~

Papa Louie: And just like that, the Cebollas have won reward! They get all this camping equipment. Tomates, I'm sorry, I got nothing for you.
Tony: Dang it, we only had three pieces left!
Matt: Bam in your face, have fun making camp though, I'm sure your tribe mates will PITCH in to help!
Tony: Ugh, if you were on my tribe, I would totally vote you out!

Papa Louie: It looks like there's already tension between the two tribes, stay tuned for immunity challenge after the break! *cut to a commercial for Papa's Pancakeria*

Title: Re: Pseudorandom Survivor Flipline (please comment!)
Post by: Oofis on November 13, 2018, 03:39:56 PM
Calling it now, Joy is gonna win the game by a unanimous jury vote
The winner's edit is so obvious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Title: ONION STRONG, part 3
Post by: Soundbord on November 13, 2018, 03:57:54 PM
Episode 1, part 3~

Camp Cebollas

Matt: Great job, everyone!
Quinn: *sighs* it was an excellent effort, but it would have been even better if you hadn't quarreled with Tony.
Willow: It doesn't matter to me, I think everyone did amazing!

Sarge Fan: So Willow, what's up?
Willow: Not much, I'm surprised there's so much drama already on the first day though.
Sarge Fan: I was thinking, perhaps you and I could start to form an early alliance, maybe ask four other Cebollas to join. I was thinking Skip and Indigo, they seem strong and reliable.
Willow: Hmm, not a bad idea.

Cecilia: Hello Skip, mind if I help you set up the camp? *takes a tent pole*
Skip: Not at all, I can use all the help I can get! Thank you so much.
Indigo: I'll help build a fire pit!
Joy: I'll unfold the tarp and help Skip put it over the tent poles.

Quinn: Matt, it would be great if I could work WITH you instead of against you.
Matt: You're right, also I apologize for arguing with Tony during the challenge, he and I have been close friends for years. If our tribe can stick together and make it to the merge and so does he, we would definitely want to work together.
Quinn: Perhaps. If we stay Cebollas strong the whole game and continue to win challenges, we won't have to worry about voting someone out. But if we're throwing out names already, I'd say Iggy or Sarge Fan, they're younger and less athletic.
Matt: Yeah, although Sarge Fan seems like he'd be more of a threat because he's already started playing a social game while Iggy is just helping Indigo build a fire.

Camp Tomates

Roy: Well, that was rather disappointing.
Greg: I know, right? If Tony had been less distracted, we could have won...
Bruna: I agree. I think if we don't win immunity either... *whispers* I'd definitely probably vote for Tony.
Greg, Roy: *both nod*

Tony: So guys, I'm sorry about the rivalry with Matt, it was mostly my fault we lost the challenge.
Scarlett: Meh. You're saying that now. Anyway, what's done is done.
Rico: Come on now, we still have the immunity challenge tomorrow! Also, I noticed plenty of large tree branches scattered around that we can use to help build a shelter.
Ripley: I'll collect palm leaves for the roof!

Utah: Hey Moe, what's up?
Moe: Not much, I'm just going to help clear an area for the shelter.
Utah: I'll help! Also, we should totally work together. Rico and Roy and maybe Greg too.
Moe: Yeah, why not. Also I heard people throwing Tony's name out already because you know, the first challenge.
Utah: I'll ask some of the others if that's the plan, although I'm hoping we can win the immunity challenge tomorrow.

Papa Louie: As the evening approaches, both tribes need to eat and rest up since the immunity challenge starts tomorrow morning! *cut scene, commercial for Papa Louie Pals custom packs commercial*

Immunity Challenge

Papa Louie: We're back to Survivor Flipline, and both tribes have rested up! Hopefully, the Cebollas and Tomates are ready to take on their first immunity challenge. This time, each tribe will row a boat out to a floating dock out in the ocean, where five people will have to dive in the water and retrieve ten coconuts that are stashed in nets underneath the docks! Each person must dive in at least once and recover at least one coconut. After that, the remaining five players must toss the coconuts into a basket that's five yards (just under five meters) away from the dock. If the coconuts fall in the water, someone has to dive in and bring it back to the dock! The first team to have all five coconuts in the basket wins tribal immunity. The other team must face tribal council where one member will be the first person voted out of Survivor Flipline!

(to be continued~)

Title: ONION STRONG, part 4
Post by: Soundbord on November 13, 2018, 04:36:14 PM
Calling it now, Joy is gonna win the game by a unanimous jury vote
The winner's edit is so obvious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't know, you'll just have to wait and see >:] Also near the end, I'm going to set up a poll for fan favorite, so even if she doesn't win, you'll have a chance to vote for her lol.

Episode 1, part 4~ (including tribal council muwahaha.)

Papa Louie: All the team members have decided who's going to do which part of the challenge. Cebollas, Tomates, are you ready? Set... go! Deano is already practically single-handedly rowing the Cebollas out to the dock, they're already in the lead. Rico, Roy and Bruna are doing a decent job as well, but their boat seems to be veering in the wrong direction... the Tomates have to correct their course! The Cebollas are already halfway to the dock, while the Tomates are turning around, and now they're heading in the right direction. The Cebollas are now at the dock, with the Tomates only halfway there!

Skip: Wow, you're great at this, I'm so glad to have a gondolier on our tribe.
Deano: Thanks, you're doing pretty well yourself though.
Cecilia: Haha, I feel like my oar is just dragging.

Tony: Dang, I wish I'd spent more time doing arm workouts.
Scarlett: Too late now! Maybe you should just sit and let other people row...
Greg: Guys, there's no need to fight! We're almost there.

Papa Louie: The Cebollas are at their dock now and can start diving for their coconuts! The Tomates only have several yards left to go. Willow is diving for the Cebollas first, and she's actually pretty good at swimming. She's back with one coconut! Iggy's diving next, and he's having a bit more trouble, but he's back too! Now the Tomates are at their dock, struggling to tie the boat to the dock. The Cebollas have four coconuts already, the Tomates have finally tied their boat and can start diving for coconuts! The Cebollas are way ahead, it would take quite a bit of effort but it wouldn't be impossible for the Tomates to make a comeback.

Utah: Once you others have gone, I'll dive for the rest of the coconuts because I do lots of swimming.
Moe: Sounds like a good plan to me! *dives and brings up two coconuts at once*
Roy: Not bad. *dives and brings up a coconut* oh dang, the Cebollas already have eight...

Papa Louie: The Cebollas are almost there, now they have all their coconuts and can start tossing them toward the basket! The Tomates only have four, but Utah is a fast swimmer... now they have six! The Cebollas are starting to toss their coconuts, and Indigo already got one in, the second one fell into the water. Joy is swimming out to get them and she's nearly as fast as Utah, who has brought two more coconuts for the Tomates and is going for the last two. The Cebollas have two coconuts in the basket, now three... two more missed, but Joy is wasting no time bringing them back. Even Matt got one coconut in the basket to make four! The Tomates have started tossing coconuts into their basket, but they keep missing and Utah seems to be growing tired. They only have one coconut in while the Cebollas now have six! It would take a momentous effort for the Tomates to make a comeback. The Tomates have two now and the Cebollas are at seven, make that eight!

Cecilia: Dang I missed, Deano should finish this.
Deano: Sure *tosses the ninth coconut in*
Joy: *brings back the last one* Here, you can do it!

Papa Louie: The Cebollas have just got their last coconut in, they've won by a landslide! Or is that a waterslide? The Cebollas are safe and win this lovely Papa Louie bust immunity trophy. The Tomates now have to go to tribal council this evening where sadly they must vote out one of their members.

Camp Tomates

Tony: Wow, twice in a row, what a bummer.
Scarlett: You barely even tried though.
Tony: That's not true, I tossed several coconuts at the basket! I'm sorry for not being athletic!
Scarlett: Maybe if you let Rico toss them, we would have been able to catch up.

Greg: I'm sorry guys, I wasn't able to help much.
Rico: It's all right, everyone put in a good effort.
Roy: Well, I guess we have to choose someone to vote out, and it seems like Tony has been arguing a lot...
Rico: I agree, the camp would probably be more peaceful if Tony wasn't here.
Greg: Scarlett is arguing too though, and she's more likely to be a threat later.
Roy: I know, I'll tell Tony that we're thinking of voting Scarlett.

Xandra: Hey Tony, how's it going?
Tony: Not great, I heard people are throwing my name out already thanks to my foolish argument with Matt yesterday.
Xandra: Yeah, that wasn't the best move. However, I'm more likely to want to work with you, you seem like a trustworthy guy. Scarlett also seems to be trying to stir up drama with you, maybe we can help get her voted out, I don't trust her at all.
Tony: Hmm, you have a point...

Roy: So Tony, we're thinking of voting Scarlett.
Tony: All right, Xandra and I were thinking the same thing actually.
Xandra: Yeah, actually I think Scarlett is probably a bigger threat in the end.
Utah: Hey guys, I heard Scarlett's name. I'm on board with voting Scarlett if you guys are, I'll tell Moe...
Tony: Sure, why not?

Greg: Hey Scarlett, I heard some people want to vote you out. I think Tony would be a bigger threat than you Scarlett, maybe we can work together.
Scarlett: Dang, that's ******* terrible! I was already planning to vote Tony, but now I'm even more sure.
Greg: Okay, that's cool... *goes over to Roy*

Greg: Hey Roy, I think Scarlett is more annoying than Tony, I might vote her instead.
Roy: Okay, so we're switching to Scarlett? That's fine too.
Xandra: Oh hey guys! Yeah, I totally agree.

Scarlett: Hey Utah, what's up?
Utah: Not much, I'm gonna fish and try to catch something for supper.
Scarlett: Is it all right if I help?
Utah: Okay, why not.
Scarlett: So I heard there's two plans, one to vote Tony and another to vote me.
Utah: Pretty much yeah, I was thinking of voting Tony too.
Scarlett: Nice. Maybe we could form an alliance, maybe a girls' alliance, although I'm not sure if Xandra would be on board since I saw her talking to Tony.
Utah: We'll see. Ooh I caught a medium sized mangoby! This will make a great dinner.

Scarlett: Hey Rico, hey Ripley, I'll help you guys fix up the shelter. So, I talked to Utah and she said she'd be on board with voting for Tony.
Ripley: Hmm, sounds like a plan, he seems like he'd be a threat.
Rico: I'll vote for Tony I guess.
Scarlett: Awesome~

Tribal Council

Papa Louie: All right, welcome, Tomates tribe! Each of you gets a torch, you get to light it, when you get voted out your torch is extinguished, then you all get to blab for a while and then we'll vote!

*everyone blabs about how they think Tony or Scarlett should be voted out*

Papa Louie: All right, time to vote! Greg, you're first... *everyone votes, etc.*
Papa Louie: If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and wants to play it, now would be the time to do so! *nobody has one* all right, time to read the votes! First vote: Scarlett! Second vote: Tony. next vote: Tony. next vote: Tony. That's one vote Scarlett, three votes Tony. Fifth vote: Scarlett. Sixth vote: Scarlett. Now it's tied! Seventh vote: Scarlett. next vote: Scarlett. next vote, and first person voted out of Survivor Flipline: Scarlett. Sorry Scarlett, please bring your torch over here. Tomates, the rest of you may now go back to camp. Stay tuned for votes and scenes from the next episode of Survivor!

*Flipliney themed music plays and a Pizzeria To Go commercial plays*

Voted for Tony: Scarlett, Rico, Ripley
Voted for Scarlett: Greg, Roy, Utah, Moe, Bruna, Tony, Xandra

Papa Louie: In our next episode of survivor, players will face a dessert themed challenge! Plus, possible immunity idol? Join us next week [not actually a week LOL] for the next episode of Survivor Flipline!

Title: Re: Pseudorandom Survivor Flipline (please comment!)
Post by: Oofis on November 13, 2018, 04:45:36 PM
This tribe is gonna be screwed if they throw out names willy nilly like that after the merge XD

Title: Re: Pseudorandom Survivor Flipline (please comment!)
Post by: Kangablue on November 13, 2018, 05:06:04 PM
We have 14 year olds here? The youngest player in the real show was 18 lol. Also are confessionals not a thing?

Nice job actually getting an episode done!

Post by: Soundbord on November 14, 2018, 08:45:24 PM
We have 14 year olds here? The youngest player in the real show was 18 lol. Also are confessionals not a thing?

Nice job actually getting an episode done!
Yeah I just wanted to finish an episode and it got so long I didn't have room for the confessionals LOL, I wanted to add them and I will in the second episode. And yes I decreased the minimum age because I just felt like it muwahahaha.
This tribe is gonna be screwed if they throw out names willy nilly like that after the merge XD
the whole fanfic is basically me trolling, also it wasn't willy nilly this time ;p

Episode 2, part 1~

Papa Louie: Welcome to the second episode of Survivor Flipline! Last time we had some interesting challenges and totally not predictable social dynamics! [trolololo]

Tony: So last time, I was nearly voted out, and that really opened my eyes. I need to take this game as seriously as my job making Flipline games, or I'll be gone so fast my head will spin. If I won a million dollars, I would use some of it to help make Flipline Studios a better website and save the rest for my kids' future college education.*

Rico: I'm not sure what happened, I thought everyone was voting for Tony, then suddenly I turn around and Scarlett is voted out. I guess I was really out of the loop, I should probably start upping my social game.

Matt: I'm really proud of how well the Cebollas tribe is doing so far, if we can keep this up we can stay onion strong! If I win the million dollars, I will use half of it to get a better office for Flipline Studios and donate the other half to various charities to help underprivileged children.*

Papa Louie: All right, it's day three and time for both tribes to complete their next reward challenge! This time, each tribe will send three members to a small cookie island across some cake ball stepping stones on a chocolate milk lake! If anyone falls in the lake, he or she will have to swim back to shore and start again. Once each person is across, they must grab the end of one of the three knotted twizzle ropes with loops on the ends and carry it back across the stepping stones. Three more tribe members will then bring those ropes to a wall with hooks ten feet above the ground and lasso the ropes onto the hooks and climb the ropes to the platform on top and retrieve a bag of giant marshmallows which they will toss down to the three remaining tribe members. Those last three people will balance all the giant marshmallows on a cookie dough balance beam, and all marshmallows must be balanced at once for at least five seconds. The first tribe to have their entire line of marshmallows balanced on their cookie dough beam wins a stack of blankets and pillows to bring back to their camp!


*Disclaimer: This is a complete 100% work of fiction, none of this is based at all on anything Matt or Tony actually said.

Title: Re: Pseudorandom Survivor Flipline (please comment!)
Post by: Kangablue on November 14, 2018, 08:54:28 PM
*Disclaimer: This is a complete 100% work of fiction, none of this is based at all on anything Matt or Tony actually said.
Wait it is, I thought this was real!

Post by: Soundbord on November 15, 2018, 05:19:33 PM
Wait it is, I thought this was real!
I totally love being called out for starting false rumors though and that's why I wanted everyone to think it was! nah it's just because someone could take the fanfic and ask "DID MATT AND TONY SAY THOSE THINGS?" or just steal it and quote them on that lmao. just being overly cautious XD

Episode 2, part 2~

Reward Challenge!

Papa Louie: So as I was blabbing about before the break, complicated dessert themed obstacle course! Everyone must decide what they're going to do first. Cebollas, one of your members must sit out.
Iggy: That'll be me, I'm not very athletic.
Papa Louie: All right, Cebollas and Tomates! Three, two, one... GO! Bruna, Roy and Greg are crossing on the cake balls... Bruna made it across, but Roy fell in and must go back! The Cebollas aren't doing much better, Willow hesitated too long and toppled into the chocolate milk as well.
sURVIVORE: you could say they... FELL FOR EACH OTHER AHAHAHA *tased*
Papa Louie: Hey, I'm the host, not you, you're just transcribing the show for me! Anyway, Greg barely makes it across on his first try, and Roy is following behind, while Bruna already has her twizzle rope! Willow made it across and so has Sarge Fan and Indigo. The Tomates are still ahead of the Cebollas, but it's a close race!

Bruna: Who's taking this rope? Tony? Tony, why are you starting at that cookie dough man?
Tony: Sorry, I got it! *grabs the twizzle rope and drags it to the wall, tossing it up* oh this is harder than I thought.

Papa Louie: The Cebollas are starting to catch up, Matt and Deano have their twizzle ropes near the wall and are tossing them up, and Deano has hooked his lasso! Willow is still making her way back, and she fell in the lake again. Roy hands his twizzle rope to Xandra who tosses the rope at the hook and misses! Deano is climbing the knotted rope, and Matt is starting to climb too! Willow is still making her way through the chocolate milk, she doesn't have to go back this time. Tony, Xandra and Ripley have all the ropes up for the Tomates and are now climbing.

Willow: Here you are Joy, I'm sorry for being so clumsy, you can do this!
Joy: Thanks! *takes the rope and runs, easily lassoing it on the first try.* Guess all that training paid off!

Papa Louie: The Cebollas have two of their bags of giant marshmallows, three now! The Tomates have already tossed all three bags down where Rico, Moe and Utah have to carry them over to the balance beam. Meanwhile, Skip, Cecilia and Quinn are now carrying over their bags of marshmallows. This is going to be a very close race. The Tomates are placing marshmallows quickly, two of them just fell! The Cebollas are being more careful, all of their marshmallows are staying in place... and the Cebollas have all their marshmallows balanced and win reward! Cebollas, you may come claim your blankets and pillows.

Utah: I was upset since the Cebollas have won every challenge so far, and they have all the nice camp stuff while we have to work for everything. I mean, this is even worse than the time Papa Louie tricked me into working at the Pastaria!

Cecilia: I'm so relieved to have the pillows and blankets, I had a hard time sleeping last night. The tent is a blessing though, it rained a little in the night and at least we were able to stay dry. I'm so grateful to be on the Cebollas tribe, I hope we can stay Cebollas strong!

Camp Cebollas

Cecilia: Congratulations everyone, you did amazing!
Joy: Thanks~
Matt: Wow, I really did end up on the best team, I feel kind of bad for Tony and the Tomates.

Sarge Fan: Hey Skip, how's it going
Skip: Pretty well~
Sarge Fan: So we've won all the challenges so far, but if for some reason we don't, I'd like to work with you.
Skip: Okay, sounds great to me. Who would you be thinking of voting for?
Sarge Fan: I'm not sure, but Iggy and Willow don't have the same athletic skills and might make it harder to win challenges, so maybe one of them.
Skip: Yeah, perhaps...

Willow: Hey Sarge Fan, how's it going
Sarge Fan: Uh, really great actually!
Willow: I'm sorry for not performing great in the challenge, I should have done the balancing. Anyway, I was thinking maybe of working with you and maybe Quinn and Deano
Sarge Fan: Perhaps, I'll think about it.

Camp Tomates

Xandra: Dang, I'm almost desperate enough to try and sneak over to the Cebollas camp to sleep tonight.
Tony: I don't think they'd let you, plus, if we work together we can make our camp more comfortable even without the reward. I'm going to gather some giant marshmallows and put my jacket over them for a pillow.
Xandra: Hey, that's a great idea!

Roy: Hi Greg, wanna get some water? I saw a stream, and I think if we follow it inland we might be able to find some fresh water or at least mineral water, it would be better than the soda and chocolate milk that's everywhere else.
Greg: Sure, I'm so glad I have my trusty tomato canteen, I'll fill it up!
Roy: *as they head out* plus, this is Survivor, there might be idols hidden on the island! You and I aren't likely to win Survivor, but if we find an idol or advantage, we might actually have a chance.
Greg: Oh yeah, that sounds amazing!
Roy: But keep it down, we don't want everyone hearing us or they'll definitely vote us out next.

*Roy and Greg find the stream and get some water, Greg looks near the stream while Roy looks among a thick tangle spaghetti vines, breadstick trees and broccoli bushes.*

Roy: So I was just casually pushing aside random spaghetti vines when I noticed a strange red vine tied to one of the breadstick trees. I walked around the tree to find a small parcel tied with red licorice! Inside was a thick piece of parchment that read 'Secret Advantage: You may use an extra vote at any one tribal council.' I was super excited, and of course I found Greg and told him about it, I trust the kid.

Greg: Oh wow, what's that?
Roy: It's an extra vote! If you and I find a few more allies early on in the game, we can possibly make a difference if there's a split decision.
Greg: Oh sweet! Um, should I tell anyone about this?
Roy: No, that'll backfire, you know how Survivor works.
Greg: Yeah, you're probably right. Thanks for telling me anyway, I'll see if I can talk to some people.

Papa Louie: As the day concludes, we have a lot of conversation going on. After the break, there will be an immunity challenge and someone will be the second person voted out of Survivor Flipline! *cut to commercial for Wingeria HD*

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lol, thanks btw. the next part of course is here~

Episode 2, part 3~

Papa Louie: Welcome back to Survivor Flipline! The contestants have hopefully had a respectable amount of sleep since the weather has been fantastic, and soon they will face their second immunity challenge!

Roy: Honestly, I don't know about everyone else in my tribe, but I had a hard time sleeping even with covered marshmallow pillows. Papa Louie works me hard enough in the Pizzeria, and now he's just sticking it in my face by forcing me to participate in this ridiculous challenge. If I win the million dollars, I'm going to open my own Pizzeria and my uncle will be forbidden from darkening its doors.

Deano: I personally have had a fantastic time here in my first season of Survivor, but I've been on the winning team with all the camping supplies. Honestly, I'm just glad I'm on a team with lots of hard workers like myself. If I win Survivor Flipline, I'm going to use the money to start my own boating business so I can hire other people with the same type of work ethics I believe in.

Ripley: The Tomates might not have the best supplies, but at least we're staying in a land filled with food. I'm certainly not complaining, Munchmore is my favorite part of the entire Flipverse. I'm extremely grateful that I'm here on Survivor Flipline, and if I win the million dollars I'm going to use it to open a nature program to help teach kids about Munchmore and all it's wonderful diversity.

Immunity Challenge

Papa Louie: Welcome back, Cebollas and Tomates! For today's a-MAZE-ing immunity challenge, each team will be walking through a pretzel maze that looks deceptively simpler than it is! Each tribe will send four members through the maze to collect four keys, all of which are needed to unlock a small box at the start of the maze which contains a brussel sprout [no living brussel larks were harmed in the making of this challenge]. When all four members have retrieved one bag, four other members will hold the corners of a large table maze while one member directs them as they try to maneuver the brussel sprout through the table maze and into the hole at the end! The first tribe to complete the challenge wins immunity, while the other team must face tribal council where one of their members will become the second person voted out of Survivor Flipline!

Tony: I'm a huge fan of mazes, this should be a breeze.
Matt: Really? I like mazes just as much as you do.
Tony: Is that a challenge?
Matt: Maybe...
Tony: Oh, it's on!

Papa Louie: The Cebollas have decided that Cecilia will sit out this time for a change, and all other tribe members have decided which part of the challenge they will be taking on. Get ready... 3, 2, 1, go! Matt and Tony have already rushed into their tribe's mazes with other teammates close behind. Each member must recover a different key, so they must each find a different path. Matt seems to be closing in on one of the keys, but he has encountered a dead end and must backtrack! Tony has just reached his key, he can now find his way out of the maze. Meanwhile, it looks like Willow and Iggy both have found keys already, this part of the challenge does not favor athletic people as much as the last challenge! Bruna and Xandra also have keys and are returning to the start, the Tomates are staying neck and neck with the Cebollas! Matt just returned with his key, but it looks like Sarge Fan is having some trouble finding that last key, he keeps taking incorrect paths. Ripley returns with the last key for the Tomates, and they have now unlocked the box with their brussel sprout, which they may now bring to the table maze!

Matt: Come on Sarge Fan, YOU CAN DO IT!!
Tony: Haha, I beat you this time, in your face!
Matt: This is not over, we're still gonna kick your butts!
Tony: Hey, this is a G rated show.
Matt: 'butts' is a perfectly G rated word and you know it.

Papa Louie: While these two are arguing, Sarge Fan has finally found the last key and unlocked the brussel sprout for the Cebollas! However, the Tomates have a commanding lead, they have maneuvered their brussel sprout almost halfway through the large table maze  under the instructions of Moe, and it seems his comics and gaming background has paid off! He is cheering them on just like a superhero's sidekick even as he shouts out directions.

Moe: For the record, I'm not pleased at being called a sidekick, but at the time I didn't really care what Papa Louie said as long as we won that challenge. If I win the million dollars, I'm going to use it to... well, I'm not entirely sure yet, but I'll be saving some of it and using some to get a spiffy new wardrobe and sweet ride, my old car is breaking down. Oh, and there's a girl I kind of like but I can't tell her because she's on the other tribe, I'll probably ask her out to the movies, one of those huge-screened 4D superhero films, I think she'd really like that...

Papa Louie: Now the challenge seems to be nearly over, the Tomates are so close! The Cebollas are way behind, their brussel sprout keeps going in the wrong direction, and Quinn is not happy about it. She's speaking very sharply to the tribe members holding the handles on the corners of the maze, and it doesn't seem to be helping much. The Tomates are at the end now and just have to get that brussel sprout into the hole... and the Tomates are in! Tomates win tribal immunity and are safe from the tribal council. Cebollas, unfortunately you will be heading to tribal council tonight, you have several hours to do all that social drama and decide who you're voting for.


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episode 2, part 4~ (SOMEONE GETS SCRATCHED!!)

Papa Louie: Welcome back to Survivor Flipline! YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAY!

Greg: Honestly, that guy is seriously annoying. Why couldn't we have had a different announcer? I personally suggest Jojo, he might be critical but at least he's always polite and treats people fairly. If I win the million dollars, I will donate some of it to charities to help the poor, and I will use the rest to save for college. I want to go to a school with a good baseball team so I can be as good as Pinch Hitwell.

Tomates Tribe

Tony: So, great job everybody! You all did fantastic, no exceptions.
Xandra: Thanks! Heehee I love mazes, in the X-Zone I make mazes out of the landscape for fun, my favorite are the sky mazes. I hope we have a sky challenge in the future!
Tony: Is that so? Well, I've certainly designed stuff like that for my games based on Munchmore, so it's possible.
Xandra: Oh yeah, they'll have to have safety nets though, wouldn't want anyone to get hurt, they can't all fly or float down with their tutu parachutes like I did.

Roy: Boy, Xandra sure is talkative.
Greg: Yeah, I kinda wanted to work with her before, but I'm not sure now.
Roy: Well, on the bright side, we don't have to vote anyone out today, and we have an advantage!
Greg: Maybe we could use it to vote Xandra out, camp would be less annoying...

Camp Cebollas

Matt: Sorry everyone, it was partly my fault, I should have focused more on helping the rest of you in the pretzel maze, but I was distracted.
Sarge Fan: Dude, it wasn't your fault I had trouble with the maze, it's just been a while since I infiltrated Fort Onion and I'm rusty.
Willow: Both of you made a valiant effort, sadly we still have to go to tribal council.

Skip: So Cecilia, I was thinking of voting Matt, since he's been you know, a bit distracted with his rivalry with Tony the entire time.
Cecilia: I definitely agree, what do you think, Quinn?
Quinn: Matt would probably be a logical vote, but we must also consider who will make the team strongest.

Willow: So I was thinking perhaps we could vote out someone who maybe doesn't boost morale around camp...
Sarge Fan: You mean like Quinn? Yeah, she was awfully harsh.
Deano: I agree, I was trying my hardest to get that stubborn brussel sprout through the maze, she didn't have to be so mean.
Indigo: Me too, I'll vote Quinn with you guys.
Matt: Sure, makes sense to me.

Tribal Council

Papa Louie: All right guys, time to do a lot of blabbing and then vote!

Quinn: Matt has been distracting, that definitely messes up camp.
Matt: Quinn was rather harsh during the challenge, causing undue frustration.
Willow: I wish we didn't have to vote anyone else.


Papa Louie: Time to read the votes! First vote, Matt. Second vote, Quinn. Third vote, Matt. Fourth vote, Quinn. fifth vote, Matt. sixth vote, Quinn. seventh vote, Quinn. eighth vote... Matt. Ninth vote, and second person voted out of Survivor Flipline is... MATT! Sorry Matt, bring your torch, etc.

Matt: Dang, I have so many regrets, I wish I hadn't been so annoying at the beginning. Tony is my best friend in real life, I guess I took it too far.


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The last sentence reminds me of the last season of Survivor NZ where two of the contestants were real life friends, they both made it to the merge and one even made the final without anyone knowing XD

EDIT: Just remembered one of the friends was actually called Matt  :crylaugh:

Title: Episode 3: Something Fishy
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The last sentence reminds me of the last season of Survivor NZ where two of the contestants were real life friends, they both made it to the merge and one even made the final without anyone knowing XD

EDIT: Just remembered one of the friends was actually called Matt  :crylaugh:
ROFL, that would be hilarious. also I'd definitely watch it someday if I can find it for free (don't have the time to find it right now though lol.) Also it's probably no secret that I totally targeted poor Matt from the very start of this fanfic muwahahahaha.

Episode 3: Something Fishy, part 1~

Papa Louie: Welcome to the third episode of Survivor Flipline! It has now been nearly a week for the contestants, and they seem to be holding up pretty well in the wilds of Munchmore.

Reward Challenge

Papa Louie: It is time for the third reward challenge. Cebollas, Tomates, welcome to a little course I like to call PAIN IN THE ICING! All members of each tribe must climb up a ladder onto a narrow icing-covered bridge over a safety net and onto a platform which is also covered in slippery icing.

Quinn: Is this even legal?
Skip: I'm probably going to fall on the first step across that bridge...
Rico: I'm crawling across the bridge, he never said we had to walk across only on our feet.

Papa Louie: I assure you all, this is 100% legal, I cleared it with my personal lawyer and you signed a contract before playing Survivor! Plus, if anything does happen, the best medical staff is standing by. *camera pans to Clair who holds a doctor's bag and waves*

Greg: Oh good, I feel so much better now.
Roy: Haha Greg, you're funny.
Quinn: Hmph. Guess I can't really sue him, he's right, I signed a risk and release form.

Papa Louie: Anyway, once you reach the icing-covered platform, you will slide down a candy cane pole into a frosting pit where you must dig your way under three horizontal candy canes. Whoever is in front should probably be a stronger or larger person so all their team mates can easily crawl behind them. Once you're finished crawling underneath those poles, you must all make your way to a word scramble puzzle where the entire team will try to rearrange the toast letters provided in a platter with specifically sized sections to make a certain phrase. Wanna know what you're playing for?

Everyone: YEAH, DUH!!

Papa Louie: The prize will be pots, pans, and a firemaking kit.

Everyone: OH OKAY, COOL.

Papa Louie: Is everyone ready? 3, 2, 1... GO! Rico takes the lead for the Tomates, climbing up the ladder and slowly crawling across the frosted bridge! Deano starts for the Cebollas, with a commanding lead. However, all nine tribe members must make it through the obstacle course before anyone starts tackling the puzzle! Deano is digging under the first horizontal candy cane, and his gondola rowing strength is a huge advantage. Rico is only halfway across the bridge with several teammates following right behind. Half of the Cebollas are already across the bridge, and Deano is digging under the second horizontal bar! Rico has finally made it across the bridge and slides down quickly, prepared to start digging frosting.

Rico: Honestly, during that challenge, all I could think about was not collapsing from exhaustion and letting my tribe down. The most grueling thing I usually do is ride my motorcycle and cook chili, that's nothing compared to Survivor. I just wish I'd gone to the gym more often back home.

Papa Louie: All the Cebollas are across the bridge now, and Deano is digging the third tunnel. Rico is digging his first and trying to gain, but the Tomates will probably have to make up time on the puzzle. Deano is through, and the rest of the tribe follows easily underneath the candy canes! Rico is finally through the first and moves onto the second, and he looks tired. All the Cebollas are now through the frosting pit, they can now move on to the puzzle! The Tomates are way behind and it would take a Herculean effort for them to catch up. The Cebollas are starting to unscramble the puzzle, it looks like Iggy and Quinn are already starting to place toast letters together in the platter! The Tomates are still crawling through frosting, but Rico has made it through the second candy cane and is starting to dig under the third! He appears to be eating some of the frosting as well, which probably defeats the purpose of trying to fit under there as easily as possible. The Cebollas are already well into solving their puzzle, ready to make a Survivor sweep! So far they've won both reward challenges, will they make this the third?

Quinn: I was very grateful for my tribe during that challenge, I think we worked together very well. Deano was fantastic when he dug underneath the candy canes, and Iggy helped me figure out the puzzle while Willow and Sarge Fan helped place the toasted letters. Overall, I really do think we will be able to stay Cebollas Strong, even without... no, especially without Matt.

Papa Louie: Rico is finally through the last candy cane and his team follows behind. They may now start figuring out their puzzle! They look over to see the other tribe's progress, hoping it will help. Tony and Xandra are beginning to place letters together in random orders, but Moe seems to be yelling at them to let him take the letters... Meanwhile, the Cebollas are getting excited, it seems like they've figured something out, only a few more toast letters to place! They think they've got it, let me check: "PAPA LOUIE TAKES THE CAKE" is correct, the Cebollas win reward! You may come claim your cooking supplies.

Camp Cebollas

Willow: Great job everyone! Deano, that was amazing the way you dug like that. Quinn, Iggy, you were really good at figuring out the puzzle!
Quinn: I wasn't surprised that it turned out to be something related to that big-headed chef host, that made it easier to solve.
Deano: Thanks everyone, and hopefully I can help us win tribal immunity again too!

Iggy: Hey Sarge Fan, so I know it's a bit early to be thinking of big moves, but Deano's really strong and maybe he'd be a big threat later on.
Sarge Fan: Oh yeah? You do have a point. He would be a logical target, but I'm thinking maybe later after we've won some more challenges.
Iggy: Perhaps, who were you thinking of voting?
Sarge Fan: Well, Willow's really nice, but she's not as strong. If we voted her out, we'd still have the same advantage in challenges for now.
Iggy: Maybe. But we haven't even done the immunity challenge yet, let's hope we can stay Cebollas strong!

Tomates Tribe

Greg: Honestly, I think someone other than Rico should have dug in the frosting pit, but he wouldn't let anyone take his place.
Roy: I agree, if we lose the immunity challenge, I'll definitely vote for Rico, he's our weakest link right now.

Rico: I'm so sorry, I tried as hard as I could, I wish I was more physically fit.
Bruna: Oh well, there's always the immunity challenge. Perhaps next time there's something that takes a lot of physical exertion, someone else can do it.
Rico: Yeah, you're right, sorry for being so stubborn.
Ripley: It's all water under the bridge. A frosting covered bridge anyway, haha.

Xandra: Rico seems so nice, it would be a shame to have to vote him out, but I would if we had to.
Tony: Yeah, but maybe it would be better to vote someone who's a bigger threat in the long run. Ripley's really smart and skilled, and now that our camp is made, she would be likely to be able to find idols and advantages.
Utah: Hmm, you guys have a point. I'd totally vote for Ripley now, it would be easier for us to make it to the merge that way.
Moe: I'm on board with that, and we'd still have people who are good at challenges.


Title: Something Fishy, part 2
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Episode 3, part 2~ (someone finds an IDOL OOOOOOOOOH!)

Papa Louie: Welcome back to Survivor Flipline! After a rather eventful night, the contestants will be tackling the next tribal immunity challenge.


Joy: I'm used to staying up late to finish college assignments, so it made sense for me to stay up late to go out and look for idols. I was careful not to accidentally disturb anyone else, it would be foolish to disturb the unity of the tribe. I took a small flashlight with me and looked for clues, and I found something... *switch to night view scene*

Joy: *looks in some salad-like shrubbery* usually, the clues are hidden in some plants, and the idol is buried near a tree or another obvious landmark. *peeks under some candy rocks* ah, here's a clue! It looks like a very sketchy map showing a river, some kind of ferns and flowers, and a weird shaped rock, with an X in the middle. *switch to confessional*

Joy: I was ecstatic, any advantage in this game could help me survive longer. It's well known that eventually, people start voting out strategic threats, and I definitely fall under that category. Plus, if I make it to the merge without using this, my brother's sure to want to vote me out. *switch to night view*

Joy: *searches for a river* ah here it is, of course it's the seltzer river, extra bubbly. I've bathed in the lower parts of this river several times, it's rather refreshing. Now, I have to find some ferns... I see some further upriver, with the same kind of red and yellow flowers. But where's the rock? *walks upriver further* Oh, there it is. Hmm, this patch of ground where the X is has definitely been dug up before, I'll just dig right here with this candy cane... YES!!! I FOUND IT!!! *opens small package* 'you have found an authentic Survivor Flipline immunity idol! It may be used at any one tribal council, and any votes cast against you during that tribal council will not count.' SWEET! Now I'll just stick this in my clothes and go back to camp and get some sleep...

(The next morning)

Immunity Challenge

Papa Louie: Cebollas, Tomates! It is time for the next immunity challenge. This time, you will be facing an extra bouncy challenge! Each tribe member must jump across ten jellybacks. If you fall off into the pit of marshmallows, you must go back to the start and try again. After everyone has made it across the jellybacks, you must form a human pyramid so someone can reach up and untie a sack full of extra hard biscuits. Then, each person must take at least one shot at the nine mini pizza paddle targets and attempt to knock them down with the biscuits from behind a line drawn in the ground. The first team to knock all nine mini targets down wins immunity, while the losers have to go to tribal council and vote someone out!

Skip: Oh boy, I'm not very good at jumping...
Cecilia: There's no rule against helping though.
Deano: Great idea, maybe if we stand in the marshmallow pit while you jump across, we can help you stay balanced.

Papa Louie: Well, it's not in the rules, so it's legal! Cebollas, Tomates, are you ready? 3, 2, 1... GO! The Cebollas have started with a team-oriented strategy, helping their less athletic members across the jellybacks! The Tomates are taking a similar strategy, helping Rico across this time so he doesn't get stuck behind like he did in the previous challenge. Both teams are super close, but it seems like Rico is bouncing along slightly ahead of Skip. Now both of them are across and their teammates are hopping behind them, it's still too close to call! Five Cebollas are across, and six Tomates! Iggy is struggling a bit, but some of his teammates have climbed back into the marshmallow pit to help him across as well. The Tomates are now all across, and the Cebollas only have two members left!

Iggy: Honestly, I feel like an easy target to be voted out if we don't win this challenge, but I'm so happy that everybody else in my tribe is so nice and work together well. If I somehow make it to the end and win the million dollars, I will use the money to help my grandpa Fitz with his science lab and to help other kids learn science too.

Papa Louie: The Tomates are forming a human pyramid with the smaller members climbing on top to untie their sack. The Cebollas are now all across and can begin building their own human pyramid. The Tomates are taking some time to untie their sack, Greg struggles with the multiple knots. The Cebollas have built their pyramid and Joy is making up time by untying those knots super quickly! The Cebollas have untied their sacks and are now slightly in the lead.

Greg: I wish someone else had been chosen to untie the knots, I bet Ripley would have been better at it. They only chose me because I'm small and light compared to the rest of them. Oh well, I guess at least the other members worked really hard, so I can't complain.

Papa Louie: Now the Cebollas have their biscuits and can start throwing them at the targets! Deano starts, and with only one throw he's knocked down one of the paddles! Indigo is next, and she too has a great arm and knocks down the second. Willow chooses to go third, but her biscuit is nowhere near any of the targets. Meanwhile, the Tomates have their sack untied and can now start throwing biscuits. Rico goes first and misses, Bruna goes second and somehow hits a paddle, knocking it down right away. The Tomates still have a chance to catch up, as Sarge Fan and Quinn both miss... Tony and Xandra both hit targets on the first try, and Skip knocks a paddle down as well, the Cebollas and Tomates are tied! Ripley knocks down a fourth paddle, Roy knocks down a fifth, Utah and Moe both try and miss. Meanwhile, Cecilia misses but Joy knocks down a fourth for the Cebollas! The Tomates have now all gone, Skip volunteers to throw the rest for the Tomates with his strong arms. Six, now seven are down for the Tomates! The Cebollas have now all gone and have five paddles knocked down, and Indigo volunteers to go for the Cebollas, since she plays baseball. Eight are down for the Tomates, and only six for the Cebollas... and Tomates have won tribal immunity and are safe from the vote! Come and get your Papa Louie bust immunity statue. Cebollas, unfortunately you must go to tribal council tonight. Everyone, stay tuned for more social drama and tribal council after the break!

*cut scene to an ad for Papa Louie chat stickers*

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*Joey watches the TV.*
Joey: Wow, what an exciting challenge! :) Congratulations to the Tomates! ;)

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*Joey watches from the stands.*
There are no stands in survivor, you'd be watching from home, behind your TV.

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Joey: OK, I'll watch it behind my TV. ;)
(Fixed it.)

Title: Something Fishy, part 3
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lol stands in Survivore, now that would be interesting~

episode 3 conclusion: BLABBING AND VOTING YAY

Sarge Fan: Hey Cecilia, how's it going
Cecilia: Hi Sarge Fan, is this about voting strategy
Sarge Fan: Yeah, so I was thinking about voting for someone who has less physical potential, like Willow or Iggy
Cecilia: We'll see, what do you think Skip?
Skip: I'm not sure, Iggy and Willow are both super nice, but it's true that they're weaker links in physical challenges.
Sarge Fan: all right, well I'll think about it and maybe you can too

Willow: Quinn, you're excellent at strategy. Who would you say is a good candidate to um, go? I mean, I hate the idea of voting out any of my friends, you're a lawyer so I figured you'd be better at that kind of analysis.
Quinn: It looks like Sarge Fan is walking around and talking to lots of people, it's likely he's trying to sway the vote. I'll go talk to him and see what's up.
Willow: Ah, that's a good idea.

Quinn: How's it going, Sarge Fan?
Sarge Fan: Not much, just figuring out who I'm going to vote for. It's really tough, but I was thinking someone who's a smaller physical threat but has a really good social game, maybe Willow
Quinn: You have a point there. Are you looking to create an alliance, by any chance?
Sarge Fan: Oh, I haven't really thought of it, but an alliance with trustworthy people would definitely be a way to help us make it to the merge.
Quinn: I'll think about it, I'm going to talk to Cecilia and Skip, they seem to be in an alliance already.

Cecilia: Oh hello Quinn, how's it going? Did Sarge Fan tell you his uh, plan?
Quinn: Yes, yes he did. I'm not entirely sure I agree with him though. I also spoke to Willow and she seems like she would make a more trustworthy ally than Sarge Fan, he smells too strongly of fish.
Skip: Speaking of fish, I caught a medium sized one for dinner and we're about to fry it and share it with everyone.
Cecilia: Skip, you're such a great handyman. I'd definitely want to make it to the merge with someone like you, and maybe a strategist like Quinn and a diplomat like Willow. Speaking of which, here she comes.
Willow: Hi everyone, I smell wood burning. Is there anything I can help with?
Cecilia: Oh yeah, if you could gather some more dry branches, that would help, we're cooking a fish that Skip caught, then we can talk about you know, tribal council.
Willow: Sure! *brings back an armful of sticks* I was asking Quinn before who she thought would be a logical vote.
Quinn: Yes, I spoke to Sarge Fan, and he actually mentioned Willow's name.
Willow: Whaaat? I thought he was my friend!
Cecilia: Yes, he said the same thing to us.
Skip: I'd rather vote out a busybody like Sarge Fan honestly.
Willow: Yeah, I'll go talk to Joy and ask her if she wouldn't mind forming an alliance with us.

Ninjoy: Hello Willow~
Willow: Hey Joy, how's it going?
Ninjoy: Kinda boring actually. Do you have any plans for the vote?
Willow: Well, Sarge Fan's been going around asking people to vote for me, so a few people have been talking about voting for him.
Ninjoy: Sounds like a plan to me.

Ninjoy: I was just glad it wasn't my name going around, I can keep this idol good and hidden for now. I considered telling Willow, but she's so nice that she might end up sharing that information with somebody less trustworthy, so I'll work with her for now but this baby is staying right where I want it- in my pocket. *holds up the immunity idol, which looks like a pancake and blueberries on a cord*

Sarge Fan: Hi Iggy, that is so cool, what are you making?
Iggy: I'm using old dried-out food to make a model solar system.
Sarge Fan: Wow, that's incredible. Anyway, have you given thought to who you're voting for at tribal council?
Iggy: Not really, I guess I was waiting for someone else to suggest someone.
Sarge Fan: Sure, well I was thinking Willow, because she's super nice and later on that might give her a big advantage in the game.
Iggy: Sure, I'd vote for her.

Deano: Hey Cecilia, hi Skip. Wow, that fish smells amazing, thanks for cooking it!
Cecilia: No problem, and Skip caught it. So, we were thinking of voting Sarge Fan, because he's been going around asking everyone to vote for Willow, and she's not really a big threat, also she's really nice.
Deano: True, that makes sense. If Sarge Fan is trying to stir people up, that automatically puts a target on his back.
Skip: Definitely...

Joy: Hey Indigo, I heard Sarge Fan is stirring up trouble and trying to randomly vote Willow out, so I was planning to vote for him.
Indigo: Hmm, really? Sounds good to me.

Indigo: I'll go along with other people's plans for now, but eventually, I plan to make a bigger move. I'm used to playing sports and working for just one team, so it'll be easy to pretend I'm on this one big Cebollas tribe team, but what they don't know is that this girl can flip like  a coin. If I win the million dollars, I'm saving it all for my future family, I wanna live in a mansion, baby!


Papa Louie: *Asks people questions, hears mixed answers about Willow, Sarge Fan, fish, and teams* All right, time to vote! *everyone votes* Let's read the votes yay. First vote: Sarge Fan. Second vote, Willow. Third vote: Willow. Fourth vote, Sarge Fan. It's tied oooh suspense! Fifth vote: Sarge Fan. Sixth vote: Sarge Fan. Seventh vote, and the third person voted out of Survivor Flipline: Sarge Fan. Sarge Fan, bring your torch over here so I CAN SNUFF IT OUT MUWAHAHA!

Sarge Fan: Boy is that guy unhinged. Also, I mostly feel out of the loop, guess I got blindsided, maybe I was too confident. I tried too hard to get people to agree with me, maybe I should have let other people make suggestions of who to vote out before it became me. Oh well, at least it was fun while I was here.

Papa Louie: Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode of survivor flipline! *cut scene to another Papa louie themed commercial* Okay, we're back. Next time: More arguing, more challenges, and pointless idol hunting that only breeds distrust! OOOOOH I'LL BE BACK!

Title: Episode 4: BYE-BYE ALLIANCES, part 1
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Episode 4, part 1~

Reward Challenge

Papa Louie: Welcome back to Survivorrrrrr FLIPLINE!!!!@!!! Take a look Tomates, the Cebollas have voted out SARGE FAN the onion man. Anyway, It's time for all the people to return to another one of my special reward challenges. This time, based on an idea taken from Xandra herself, we will be doing a SKY CHALLENGE! Obviously there will be safety nets below everything blah blah blah.

Xandra: I was simultaneously flattered and irritated that Papa Louie used a conversation that I had days ago and turned it into an obstacle course. Naturally, I'm really good at this kind of challenge, so I wasn't daunted in the least.

Papa Louie: Each contestant will climb a ten foot ladder and walk across a swinging rope bridge to the first checkpoint, where they will take a small flag. If they fall off, they must start from the beginning. Then they will cross a bunch of floating steps that aren't actually floating, they're suspended on super tall poles, and if they fall off this time, they only have to go back to the first checkpoint, but if they drop their flag and it falls through the net, they must climb down and retrieve their flag before climbing back up to the checkpoint. Once they finish climbing the stairs, they must take a short zipline to the next station which is a suspended mini-maze consisting of tunnels, still carrying their flags. If you go the wrong way, you could end up sliding down a long tube slide and have to climb all the way up another ladder to the top of the zipline and start that part again! The first tribe to have all eight team members have brought their flags to the finish will win a trip to a spa where you can relax in hot tubs and get a nice massage! Tomates, you must select one member to sit out, obviously.

Moe: I have chosen to sit out, I'm better at the puzzle challenges.

Papa Louie: Very well then, survivors, are you ready? 3, 2, 1... GO! The Tomates are doing an excellent job on the bridge, only Tony fell off into the net near the beginning and has to go back. The Cebollas are having a little more trouble, both Iggy and Skip fell off and had to try again. Now all the Tomates are across and have their flags, Ripley leads and starts climbing the floating steps! The Cebollas are now all across the bridge and take their flags, trying to make up time on the suspended steps. Oh no, Greg falls onto the net between the second and third stair, he has to go back to the first checkpoint. This allows the Cebollas to catch up, both tribes are neck and neck!

Greg: I'm honestly surprised I didn't fall on the first obstacle. I'm grateful for my athletic ability, that way people don't see me as a weak link and vote me out early.

Papa Louie: Utah has dropped her flag while climbing floating steps, but so has Quinn on the other tribe. Now most of the Tomates and Cebollas are across and are taking the zipline to the final part of the challenge. Quinn seems to be having trouble finding her purple flag on the dark speckled ground, now she's found it but she has to make up time for the Cebollas. Ripley and Xandra are already making their way through the tube maze, but Ripley accidentally goes the wrong way and slides all the way down to the base of the zipline platform! She has to climb up twenty feet in the air and try again.

Ripley: I'm usually better at navigation than that, I probably should have let Xandra go before me. If Cebollas hadn't made more mistakes, my mistake could have been costly. I was relieved, but also surprised that there was something I wasn't good at. Oh well, I'll have to try harder next time.

Papa Louie: Xandra is calling out to the rest of her teammates not to take that route, so they can follow her to the end. Xandra is now out, with Roy and Utah following. Meanwhile, the Cebollas are making their way through the maze, but both Indigo and Cecilia have taken the wrong path and slid down, they have to take the zipline again! The Tomates are almost finished, only Ripley and Bruna have yet to start the tunnel maze and Rico is making his way through. The Cebollas only have three people finished and the Tomates have five, now six! The last two are making their way through... and the Tomates win the spa trip! Congratulations, you've finally won a reward challenge. Cebollas, sorry but I got nothin' for ya.

Moe: Congrats everyone, you did fantastic!
Xandra: Thanks, that was definitely my kind of challenge. I wish Papa Louie hadn't called me out like that though, haha.

Camp Cebollas

Willow: Well, we all tried our best.
Skip: Sorry again, I got thrown for a loop at first.
Cecilia: You did better than I did, I went all the way down the slide.
Quinn: Papa Louie made the course more challenging than before, he is really ramping up the difficulty level. This Survivor is no joke, it was even difficult for me.
Indigo: Hey, at least we got the comfy camp to go back to.
Willow: Yeah, that's true!

Tomates tribe

Greg: Woohoo, that was amazing! I wouldn't mind taking a vacation in the X-Zone.
Ripley: I've never actually been to the X-Zone, I guess I wasn't as prepared as I hoped, but I'm so glad we were able to win that challenge.
Moe: I feel bad that I wasn't helping, but I'm so glad I can finally take a real bath in something that's not full of milk or sugar.
Bruna: Agreed, and my back is sore from sleeping on squished covered marshmallows, they sure don't stay fluffy forever.

*at the spa*

Utah: Wow, this is even better than a relaxing day on Calypso Island.
Tony: Agreed, it almost makes up for all the abuse from being one of Papa Louie's restaurant chefs.
Roy: Absolutely, I wish we could do this every day.
Utah: So, I was thinking that maybe you guys and Moe and I might want to form an alliance. Ripley seems like a threat, and Rico might not be able to give us an advantage in challenges.
Roy: You have a point. Also, I've been working with Greg, he's a little underdog all right, I'd keep him in the game for now but he might be a threat later.
Tony: You guys have a good point, and an alliance sounds like a fantastic idea.

Ripley: Hey Greg, how's it going?
Greg: Really awesome, I never realized that a massage would be that awesome until I played Survivor Flipline.
Ripley: So true. Anyway I heard that you're fascinated with Munchmore creatures.
Greg: Oh yeah, I heard about you too, you wrote that article about living carrots and tomatoes!
Ripley: Absolutely, and I've been working on one about tribal onions too with the help of Sarge Fan. It's too bad he was voted out, I would've loved to work with him after the merge. But I'd also love to work with you!
Greg: That's really great. Also I probably shouldn't tell you, but I was with Roy and he found an advantage, it's an extra vote.
Ripley: Oh... wow. Definitely not something you should tell everyone, but that's good to know for the future, I might be able to use that information to help both of us.

Papa Louie: Anyway, stay tuned for the immunity challenge and more drama after the break! *cut to a commercial for Flipline plush onions and tomatoes (CEBOLLAS Y TOMATES) lol*

Title: BYE-BYE ALLIANCES, part 2
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Episode 4, part 2~

Papa Louie: Welcome back to the first season of Survivor Flipline! Even though we're only on the fourth episode, there is plenty of drama going around already. And it seems like once one idol is found, people start looking for more... well, enough of that, it's time for the immunity challenge.

Immunity Challenge

Papa Louie: This time, the tribes will each be competing in an endurance challenge. All members will be holding up a shallow trough of soda. Whichever team drops the trough or spills over half the soda first goes to tribal council, and the team that holds their trough longer wins tribal immunity! Of course, the Tomates must select one person to sit out of this challenge, and it looks like they've chosen Bruna. Is everyone in position? Get ready to lift the troughs, the challenge will start as soon as everyone has lifted their team's trough and is holding it steadily. 3, 2, 1... GO!

Deano: This isn't that hard, it's certainly easier than the last challenge.
Iggy: Maybe for you, I'm not good at lifting stuff.
Skip: Don't worry, I'll hold this up so you don't have to do as much work.

Xandra: Dang, the last challenge was way easier.
Utah: Yeah, this is also really boring.
Ripley: If you guys just think of the reward, think of the immunity we'll have if we win this, it makes it a little easier.

Papa Louie: Five minutes have elapsed, and both teams are going strong.
Moe: It's only been five minutes? Feels like fifteen to me...
Greg: Yeah, it's too bad we can't drink this soda.
Rico: I agree, that would make it easier for sure.
Tony: Gross, you don't know where this soda came from, it's probably from the wilds of Munchmore and was full of mangobies.
Greg: Mangobies are delicious!
Tony: ...

Papa Louie: Ten minutes have elapsed, and it looks like some people are starting to get tired! Remember, you can take turns letting people take breaks, but you must be careful not to let the trough fall.

Iggy: I think if I just rest for half a minute, I can hold it up for a minute at a time...
Quinn: If each of us takes half a minute rest at a time, we will also have to spend three and a half minutes holding the trough at a time, but then it would be fair.
Indigo: Sounds fine to me, even I'm starting to feel the burn in my arms.

Papa Louie: Fifteen minutes have now elapsed, and the teams are definitely getting tired now, taking short breaks often. Some people seem to be holding up better than others, but this is a brutal and tiring challenge! .... Now twenty minutes are up, and you can see the perspiration and looks of concentration on the contestants' faces... Twenty-five minutes have passed, and Iggy looks ready to pass out... Thirty minutes now, and half of the Tomates seem about to collapse, even though they too are taking turns at short breaks. The Cebollas are also struggling greatly... and three of the Cebollas on one side give out in quick succession, sending that side of the trough falling down despite Skip's effort to hold it up! Tomates have won tribal immunity for the third time in a row!

Greg: Whew, I can finally let go for good! That was the worst challenge we've done so far.
Ripley: Yeah, but it was totally worth it.
Tony: What happened to "Cebollas Strong?" I wish Matt could see us now, haha.

Iggy: I feel really bad that I haven't been able to help the team, and I feel like any day now I'll be voted out next. It's really frustrating being the short nerdy kid, ya know?

Tony: I'm so proud of our tribe, the only thing that would make it better would be if Matt had been on it. I know I made fun of him a lot, but if he'd been here instead of Scarlett, I bet we would've won ALL the immunity challenges, because I would have been working with him instead of against him.

Papa Louie: As Tony Solary gloats over another tomato win, the Cebollas have to decide who to eliminate next when we come back after the break! *cut scene to a commercial about Flipdeck packs*

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Joey: Another great round! :)

Title: BYE-BYE ALLIANCES, part 3
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Episode 4, part 3 (conclusion~)

Papa Louie: Welcome back to Survivor Flipline's first season! It's time to show you some exclusive footage of my favorite animal in their natural habitat: a land filled with food.

Tomates Tribe

Roy: Well, I guess we're probably not gonna be a unified tribe for much longer.
Greg: Yeah, we'll have to start thinking about cross-tribe alliances.
Roy: I'll probably want to work with my sister Joy, and Willow, she's really nice.
Greg: Good idea, also I was talking to Ripley and asked her if she'd want to work with me because we're both really interested in Munchmore, she could join us.
Roy: Perhaps... she might be a threat later in the game though.

Ripley: Hello Tony, hi Xandra, how's it going?
Xandra: Fantabulous! We were just frying up some pineapple and coconut, feel free to join us.
Tony: Uh, yeah, go ahead...
Ripley: There's probably going to be some kind of tribal reshuffling since the tribes are so uneven now.
Xandra: Oh yeah you're probably right. That should be super fun!
Tony: Maybe, we'll have to form new alliances though.
Xandra: That'll be even more exciting!
Ripley: It's true, perhaps now isn't a good time to discuss alliances, but eventually people will be making it to the merge. Also, I was thinking maybe we could start to think about who on the Cebollas tribe would be good to vote out.
Tony: I guess you're right. Are you talking about who's the biggest threat?
Ripley: Probably. Deano is very strong, and he's most likely to be a physical threat. Also Joy is super athletic and doesn't really spend a lot of time with the group, a vote for her might be a good idea since I feel like she's smarter than she appears.
Xandra: Hmm. Guess so, I'd vote for Deano early if I had the chance.

Utah: So Moe, are we still going to be allies if our tribe is separated?
Moe: I guess so, also there are still more Tomates than Cebollas and we would probably have an advantage if we all stuck together.
Utah: That's true. I think I'll probably try to make new allies as well though no matter what tribe they're on.
Moe: Yeah, you're probably right. People like Willow, Iggy and maybe Joy would be nice allies and maybe not pose a huge threat.

Bruna: Hello Rico, I haven't had much of a chance to talk to you so far.
Rico: Hi, how's it going, I'm just making a batch of TOMATES chili, haha.
Bruna: Tomato is my favorite. Anyway, do you have any strategies for the future game?
Rico: Not sure, just trying to stay alive and help everyone else get a good meal.
Bruna: Well, I think it would be good to try to keep the Tomates in the game for now, and then later start to vote out people who might be a big threat, I personally know I'm not the most athletic and my social game is not that great either.
Rico: That's true. Well, I guess we'll see what happens.

Camp Cebollas

Joy: Well, here comes the worst part of Survivor, deciding who to vote out.
Indigo: Yeah, ain't that the truth...
Willow: Do any of you have any plans? I don't want to pick on anyone.
Indigo: I was thinking someone who you wouldn't want to make it to the merge with.
Joy: Or perhaps someone who you wouldn't expect to be a threat.
Indigo: Cecilia has been really quiet the whole game, she hasn't talked to anyone much except Skip. They're almost like a power couple only without any actual power. And I wouldn't want to vote Skip out yet, he's great with building and whatnot.
Joy: Hmm, I could talk to Quinn about that. She'd likely be on board with it.

Quinn: Oh hello Joy, Deano and I were just talking about tribal council.
Deano: I was thinking that voting out a weaker member like Iggy might be a good idea, but Quinn is not so sure about that.
Joy: Indigo suggested taking out someone who might be quietly scheming, she said that Cecilia and Skip look awfully like a 'power couple.'
Quinn: I'm not certain about the power, but they are awfully close allies. I suppose voting out one of them might be a strategic move for us.
Deano: Well, Skip has been a great help building camp, I don't necessarily think it would be good to get rid of him right away, but Cecilia perhaps.
Joy: Yes, Indigo said something along the same lines.

Cecilia: So, have you given any thought as to who to vote out?
Skip: I'm not sure, Deano is a pretty big physical threat though. Iggy, what do you think?
Iggy: Oh you're asking me? Well I've heard my name plenty of times and I'm not sure but I'd definitely feel good if we got rid of a stronger opponent, especially since they keep going on about getting rid of weaker opponents.
Cecilia: That's certainly true. I'll see if I can talk to other people about this.

Indigo: Hey Cecilia, how's it going?
Willow: Hi~
Cecilia: So, have you guys decided who to vote for?
Indigo: We're still thinking about it, actually. How about you?
Cecilia: Iggy suggested a stronger threat, maybe Deano.
Willow: That's a good point...
Indigo: Well, we'll tell Joy, maybe she'll go with that!
Cecilia: All right, see you later~

Indigo: Joy, Deano, my good friends! So, Cecilia was gunning for you, Deano.
Deano: Whaaat?
Indigo: I know, right? Anyway, it makes me more convinced that she needs to go before her scheming weakens the remaining Cebollas tribe.
Joy: I'm not even sure that our tribes will stay together. There might be a tribe reshuffle after today.
Indigo: Even more reason to keep the strong ones in the contest so the Cebollas have a chance at remaining strong!
Deano: Yeah, I agree. If I had any doubts before, I now have none, I'll be voting Cecilia.

Tribal Council

Papa Louie: All right, everyone! TIME TO VOTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! *Everyone votes* If anyone has an idol or something that they want to use, NOW OR NEVER would be the time to do so!! *nobody uses idols or advantages yay.* Time to read the votes! First vote, Cecilia. Second vote, Deano. Third vote, Cecilia. Fourth vote, Deano. Fifth vote, Deano. Sixth vote, Cecilia. IT'S TIED, YAY! Seventh vote, Cecilia. Eighth vote and fourth person voted out of Survivor Flipline is Cecilia. Sorry my fantastic female Bakeria chef, it's time for you to bring your torch over TO BE SNUFFED! AHAHAHAHAHA!

Cecilia: Oh well, I wish I hadn't been so close to only Skip, I guess people found that threatening. Our alliance was close but otherwise I should've had a better social game, and maybe helped a little more besides cooking...

Papa: Join us next week for a PLOT TWIST- TRIBAL RESHUFFLING, WOOHOOOOO! *cut to a commercial for Papa's Wingeria HD*

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are you gonna continue this?

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le bump because yes I am, I'll write the next chapter (TRIBE SWAP YESSSSS) when I'm inspired by the new season of Survivor that starts in like two weeks~

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Brother E: Welcome back, Survivor! :)

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Guess I'm not leaving this place for good

EDIT: Never mind then