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Title: Escapees [T] (Completed)
Post by: yeri on March 02, 2020, 09:28:36 AM
Yes, this is Anomalies 2. Hopefully better than the first.

Set roughly half a year after the ending of Anomalies.

Main Characters:
-Sophia Amber, born Lena Rostova {Age: 24 years}
-Ted Moisues {Age: Unknown}
-Cosmic Isola {Age: 18 years}

-Robin, former aide to the late Cleanser Lusamine, Ruler of All, Head of Judicial Department, has lost the powers she once possessed but managed to survive the building explosion {Age: 20 years}
-Kenny Penguin, former Citadel Councillor and Head of Food Creation and Distribution, survived the building explosion as well {Age: 29 years}
-Leia Lu, former Citadel Detainer, believed to have died in a prison escape attempt {Age: 23 years}

Other, Less Prominent Survivors:
-Joe Twentyfour, former Citadel Councillor and Head of Technology, Education, and Treasury {Age: 55 years}
-Zetsu Beau, former Citadel Councillor and Head of Matchmaking {Age: 32 years}

-Cleanser Lusamine, Ruler of All, Head of Judicial Department, The Judge, did not survive the building explosion caused by Robin and Penguin {Age: 34 years at death}


Everyone dies.

Everyone doesn't die.

Buried below the ruins, but still alive, a girl runs.

A former criminal, with memories of vengeance, searches.

Three refugees find themselves in a different place than they expected.

With reading this, please disregard Anomalies' epilogue for my sake.

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"Hey. Hey. Are you okay?"

The girl's eyelashes flutter ever so softly and she squints as her eyes adjust to the bright light. She wears the dilapidated, tattered offwhite jumpsuit. It looks like the combination of a hospital gown and a prison jumpsuit.

When she sees the man looking down at her, arm outstretched, she goes immediately on alert.

"Get back." she snaps. The man obeys her request, hands up.

"Hey. Hey. It's okay. I'm not gonna hurt you. What happened?"

"Nothing you need to know," The girl evades his question, getting up from the ground. She looks behind her, expecting to see the prison building looming behind her, but it's just ruins. New wildlife has already sprouted. In the distance is a city, but not the Citadel she knew.

"Impossible..." she whispers.

"What is?"

"Where is the Citadel?"

"What is that?"

"You know, the Citadel! It's over there!" she exclaims, pointing in the distance.

The man laughs. "Bruh, that's New York City."

"What is a New York City?"

The man laughs again.

The girl starts walking away in the direction of the city.

"Hey, wait! Where are you going?" the man shouts after her.

She turns back around and stares the man right in the face. Her face is determined and full of hate.

"I'm going to kill him."


Leia Lu doesn't smile, doesn't laugh, doesn't break her expression.

"I'm going to kill Kenny Penguin."

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Chapter One

So, it turned out, Sophia, Ted, and Cosmic were not in Canada. Apparently, in Canada, they do not say the word "y'all", and once someone dropped a "deadass", it was all over, and it turned out they were in a small town in the United State of New York, whatever that meant. They never saw the man who told them they were in Canada again, and it wasn't really a big issue to them. Their main focus was to survive and get past everything that had happened with the Citadel. Eventually they moved to the City of the United State of New York, also known as New York City, to blend in with the bunches of people living there.

They learned not to ask questions about the Citadel, because the people in the small town had no idea what it was, and the people in the city knew it as a 36-month study conducted by a certain Harvard University. The overwhelming lack of knowledge about the Citadel almost led the three to start believing the majority, even though they all knew that wasn't true.

Paco hates New York City. So does Ted. The three escapees are slowly growing less close to each other, united only by the struggles and trauma they faced in the Citadel. They are too scared to break apart, but they stay in their rooms for most of their time at their apartment, and they don't really talk to each other except when asking who's getting this week's groceries.

The people they know know them as people who are shy and closed off, and they assume they suffered bad childhoods they don't want to talk about. That isn't it at all, but they would never say that to anyone. Nobody could understand what they went through.

Except, of course, the other survivors.

Joe Twentyfour and Zetsu Beau keep in contact, but live separate, comfortable lives and slowly forget the Citadel. Zetsu develops dating simulators and dating apps, and Joe goes to school and becomes a high school science teacher. They forge elaborate pasts and live lives in false calm.

But they are not the only ones still alive.


Deep in the ruins of the building Cleanser Lusamine had once made his speech on, mere minutes after the fateful explosion, Robin wakes up.

Robin is not an Anomaly. She is different from that. It's different for her. She tries to find a feeling, tries to find the red glow in her hands, but there is nothing. All is still. Is she the only one to survive?

She crawls toward Lusamine, whose blood-matted hair she can see in the close distance, and fumbles around to find that one spot on his neck the pulse is. He is significantly less warm than herself. There is no pulse, no nothing, and Robin begins to panic. Did she kill him? Is she a murderer? No, she rationalizes, it must not have been her. It must have been Kenny Penguin's bullet that killed Cleanser Lusamine, Cleanser Lusamine who they betrayed. But it was a betrayal for the better, was it not? Lusamine was unstable, unfit to lead a society. Robin did the right thing.

But she feels like everything she did was wrong. There is no pulse. Lusamine is dead.

She crawls out of the rocks, slowly but steadily, and hobbles out of the broken Citadel. Everything is gone. There is nothing but death. If Robin is to survive, she is to leave this life behind. She does not look back.

Unfortunately for Robin, Kenny Penguin is also making his way out of the ruins. He is significantly more battered than the young Robin, whose powers may have saved her from a worse fate, but he is nonetheless alive. Blood drips from his nose, and he follows the young woman toward the walls in the distance, the borders he knew little of and never cared to explore.


Leia enters the city. She wanders aimlessly, walking around, staring at the bright lights of the billboards and various advertisements exploding in her face. Despite her already alienating presence of a battered prison uniform that isn't the traditional orange or black-and-white, she knows her street etiquette and crosses the streets only when others cross the street.

Leia runs into a problem quite quickly: money and food. She knows money exists, obviously, the Citadel hadn't deviated from real society all that much, but she doesn't know how to obtain money. She knows of ways, but they're less than ideal.

So she resorts to pickpocketing and sleeping in hidden corners of alleyways. To many, she's just a homeless person, and she learns to beg, because people will actually give money to beggars sometimes.

She learns to stop asking about Kenny Penguin. Nobody knows who she's talking about. The chances of him being in this city are low, but she just has a feeling. They can't stray too far from the Citadel, can they?

And one day, fatefully enough, when she is on the street begging, a familiar face shows up in the crowd. One she'd long believed to be dead, but also one she'd seen not too long ago when she was still Kenny Penguin's double agent, and one who was clearly still alive.

Lena. Her face is unmistakable.

She abruptly stops begging and begins to follow the young woman.

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Chapter Two

Leia follows Lena surprisingly well, and eventually the two turn into an apartment building. There is no doorman to stop Leia, so she catches the door before it closes and stands behind Lena at the elevator. Her heart races. What does she say to the girl she was best friends with that she thought had been executed? The one person who would understand what she meant about the Citadel?

"Lena." she says. Lena doesn't respond, doesn't move, just clenches her key in her right hand slightly more.


Lena doesn't move.

"Lena, I'm talking to you."

Lena turns around and sees Leia. If she hadn't recognized her by her voice, she does by her appearance, and her facial expression changes from irritated to shocked to focused.

"How the hell...never mind. We can't talk here. Follow me."

She goes into the elevator and beckons Leia to follow, which she supposed she had been doing the whole time.

As they wait in the elevator, Lena speaks up.

"You can't call me Lena anymore."


"You can't call me Lena anymore. As far as everyone knows, my name is Sophia."

"Why Sophia?"

"I don't know. Why do you care?"

"Lena's nicer."

Lena, no, Sophia scowls. "Whatever. That's beside the point. What are you doing here?"

"I followed you." Leia says simply. "And we can get to that later. What happened?"

Sophia sighs. "It's a long story. Come on."


Sophia's apartment is nothing special, but it gets the point across. It is devoid of personality and lacks any substance, but yet it fulfills every basic need. On the kitchen counter is an open pizza box, and Leia sees two guys silently eating pizza.

"Hey." Sophia says. The two guys turn their heads towards her. "This is Leia. I knew her in the Citadel. She was a former Detainer."

The guys are immediately on alert, probably from instinct, and then relax, probably because her status as a Detainer is null now.

"Leia's been...absent for a while." Sophia begins to explain.

"I was in prison and then I tried to escape and then I woke up on the ground and the Citadel was gone. What happened? Where's Kenny Penguin?"

One of the guys' expressions darkens. The other one smiles genially and says, "I haven't heard that name in a long time."


Kenny Penguin, now going by the name of Kenny McCoy, has somehow managed to weasel himself into a position of American relevance. Not by what you would assume, by being a famous YouTuber or Instagram personality or, gods forbid, TikTok star (even though the app had long faded out of popularity), but by going from nobody to somebody in the game of politics and debate, and, unfortunately, being a constant subject of thirst tweets; a modern Timothée Chalamet of sorts. Apparently, despite having broken his nose and deformed it significantly during the building explosion, Kenny Penguin/McCoy is attractive to the American audience. It also helps that he is amazing at arguing with people and analyzing them, similar to the level of a lawyer battering a witness with questions. It is noted that the audience viewership of debates has risen quite significantly, and it is easy to infer that Kenny himself is part of the reason.

And, of course, there is nothing any of the former Citadel residents can do about it, as to the general public, the Citadel was a 36 month long study conducted by the prestigious Harvard University. The world they had known was completely and totally fabricated, and it turned out that the world around the Citadel had been living quite fine.

"So, you're telling me, he's a...public figure?" Leia asks, disgust showing in her voice.

"Yup." one of the guys, whose name she's learned is Ted, says, biting into a peace of pizza. "That's exactly it."

"And we can't do anything to expose what he did."


"bleep!" she exclaims. "This bleeping sucks."

"What do you have to do with him?" the other guy, Cosmic, asks.

Leia and Sophia share a look. Sophia evidently remembers seeing Leia in the passenger seat of Kenny Penguin's car that one day. The windows were not as tinted as she believed.

"As Sophia told you, I was a Detainer. He visited the headquarters quite frequently when Matt was otherwise occupied, or he would just visit to piss Matt off." Leia lies smoothly. It's not a total lie, but she doesn't trust Ted and Cosmic enough to tell them her life story. "What happened to Lusamine?" she then asks, trying to make her focus on Penguin not too obvious.

The three share an uncomfortable look. "No one knows. We assume he's dead."

"And his aide? I met her once, she was a nice girl."

"Um...last we heard, before we left, she and Penguin were caught trying to overthrow Lusamine."

Ted then looks Leia clean in the eye. "So, we know of his plot to kill Lusamine, and I don't think you asking about him is just a casual question. You're associated with him somehow, aren't you. So, for your sake, since obviously you don't have a home or a stable income, that you tell us the truth, because this is our house and my hospitality and patience are wearing out. Why do you care about Penguin?"

Leia assumes he thinks she'll wilt and submit. But Leia was a Detainer, not a flower. So, she doesn't wilt, and she instead drops her casual, curious expression to one of loathing and laughs drily.

"I'm gonna find him." she says, staring Ted in the eyes, challenging him to break her expression. "And I'm gonna kill him. I'm gonna make him pay for everything he did and everything he thinks he can get away with. And I know that you'll be fine with that, so I suggest you pay me some respect, because I was trained with killing and you probably can't stab someone with a butter knife. So, let me handle this."

Ted doesn't respond. She turns towards Sophia and smiles.

"So. Do you have any extra clothes I can wear? This prison jumpsuit stands out terribly."

Sophia gives her a hint of a smile.

"Follow me."

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if i die looking like timothee chalamet it's ok

ur timothee chalamet but with a bIG NOSE hahahaAHAhaha

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I swear I will make like 2 more max if I make any more as I am a grown child now
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Chapter Three

Kenny Penguin (in this house, we refuse to call him Kenny McCoy) boredly posts another Tweet (this one just of a view of half of his face and the Statue of Liberty in the background, the epitome of bare minimum), all in lowercase to be relatable to the youth, and the comments flood in instantly. It is another day's work. Popularity is such a drag.

Kenny could be doing something more productive, but he finds ferry rides around the statue to be relaxing. If he wears a hood and obscures his face enough and wears something generic, he won't be stopped and noticed as Kenny McCoy.

On this same ferry is Robin Magey (or Jessica, as she is known to the people who know her), who finds ferry rides to also be quite relaxing. Robin is probably the most traumatized out of all of the Citadel survivors, save for Leia, and when she can't get Lusamine's corpse out of her head she leaves and focuses on the water instead.

This is the first time Robin and Kenny are in close proximity with each other. Kenny stands at the top deck, back of the ferry, looking like every San Francisco twenty something year-old on their way to work (even though they're in New York), and Robin is also on the top deck, actually sitting on one of the little benches, white blonde hair obscured by a group of giggly German tourist high school girls. The two have no idea the other is there.

Robin, unable to focus because of the loud talking in rather aggressive-sounding German, picks up her bag and stands up. She normally doesn't stand on ferries but the tourists today are even more annoying than usual, so she makes her way to the back and leans on the railing as well, even closer to Penguin.

She looks around the boat.

Her eyes land on the suspiciously familiar character in all black. And then she realizes who it is and her chest tightens.

Robin had always known that she and Penguin lived in the same city, and that he was somewhat famous, but she never thought of him. If she ever had to meet him she knew it would be different, but she could always ignore him and pretend he didn't exist, so long as they never came in contact.

And before she has the chance to turn her head away, he turns his right in her direction and it's too late now. Their eyes meet and he recognizes her.


"Do you know where you'd get a weapon?" Leia asks casually, sitting on the couch next to Sophia who looks distant, staring in the general direction of the cooking show on TV. The other girl nods, albeit hesitantly.

"You need an ID." she says vaguely.

"Do you know where you'd get an ID?"

Sophia breathes quite loudly, air hissing through her nose. "There are many reasons you can't get a real ID, but...I know someone who makes really good fakes. I can get one for you."

Leia nods. "Good. Could you do that as soon as possible? Time waits for no one."

Sophia nods stiffly. "Yeah. I'll...do it tomorrow."

"Thank you." Sophia looks up away from the TV and at Leia, meeting her eyes for the first time since Leia bluntly stated she wanted to personally kill Kenny Penguin. "Really. You're being really good to me."

"It's an apology for abandoning you all those years back. I'm sorry I never told you I was an Anomaly and that I was alive."

"It's not your fault. I was a Detainer. It was for the best."

Sophia nods and turns her head back to the TV. "You're welcome to sleep here tonight. Do you want the couch or do you want a bed? You can just sleep in mine, I'll take the couch."

Leia shakes her head vigorously. "No, no. You're being too hospitable already. I'll take the couch. It's better than nothing."

Sophia acknowledges that, and then her eyes widen in realization. "Oh, wait. Just a heads up, our cat, Paco, he likes the couch. He might climb on top of you while you're sleeping."

"You have a cat?"

"Yeah." Sophia laughs wryly. "He survived a lot of bloop. Good cat, though." She yawns, surprising the both of them, and then turns the television off. "Well, I should probably head to bed. You sure you're good on the couch? There are extra pillows and blankets in the closet next to the bathroom if you want or need any."

"I'm great. Thanks."

Sophia nods for the last time and leaves the living area.

Leia gets up from the couch, goes to get extra pillows and a blanket, and returns, turning the light off. She lies down on the couch, eyes wide open, unsure of whether or not to sleep.

Then, claws tapping on the wooden floor startle her and she shoots up from her position. In the dark, she makes out a plump shape.

The cat. Leia lies back down and the cat continues making its way to the couch. To Leia's surprise, it hops on the couch and plops down on her feet.

Well, she's not moving anymore. Leia closes her eyes and tries to sleep.


Robin's fight-or-flight instinct flares, but there is nowhere she can go to escape Penguin. The ferry is not large and they're in the middle of the water, and swimming doesn't sound that pleasurable.

It seems as if Penguin doesn't know what to do either, because he's standing there too, frozen. Neither of them break their gaze away from the other. A reminder of the Citadel is no good but it's quite present.'

And then he silently approaches her, but leaves her a significant amount of separation. They can pass as together or not together on this journey, but a conversation between the two is still hearable.

He speaks first, which calms Robin slightly. Robin, despite working as an aide for multiple years, still doesn't really know how to start a conversation.

"So. You're alive." he says, turning his head back to look forward at the statue the ferry is departing away from.

"Yes. And you, obviously, are too." Robin replies. His voice is even and calm, while hers wavers in nervousness.

"You've known I'm alive. I'm not exactly hiding out." Is that supposed to be a joke? Robin wonders. She thinks she can see a ghost of a smile on his face, but it's gone as soon as she tries to look into it.

"Why?" It's an innocent question.

He shrugs. "What's the point? Nobody else knows of it." He doesn't specifically name the Citadel, for a multitude of reasons, Robin only assumes. Someone could hear the Citadel and wonder what it means. The name could be triggering. "I was a public figure there. It's what I'm good at, so why not put it to use here?"

"Yeah, I know about your fan club." Robin says sarcastically.

He looks over at her and raises an eyebrow, a clearly teasing expression on his face. "What, are you stalking my social media?"

Robin turns red from embarrassment. "No, I-"

He laughs so easily. Robin doesn't get why he's so relaxed. He must remember all they did. "Relax. I'm just kidding. You know, Robin-"


He raises the same eyebrow once more. "...Jessica. You know, Jessica, there was one thing I always noticed about you. You were always so easily flustered by anything. So insecure. A lack of self confidence. Even when praised endlessly as Lusamine's aide."

Robin freezes up. The chest tightness is back, and she starts breathing fast. Her heart pounds in her chest, and she holds the railing like a lifeline, knuckles white from clutching it so hard. She can barely speak, but gets a few words out, her eyes brimming with tears.

"Don't say that name." she pleads quietly. "Please."

Robin doesn't know why she expects him to give her sympathy. She doesn't know why she expects Kenny Penguin to have changed since the Citadel, and be all warm and fuzzy now. But to her embarrassment and shame, he scoffs in pure ridicule.

"And you still haven't gotten over it." he says, and each word is an icicle stabbing her in the heart. "What a shame. You're just going to wallow in your own guilt until your untimely, lonely demise. Time has passed, Jessica." He says the name mockingly. "I suggest you grow along with it."

And with that, he leaves, giving her no opportunity to say something. And with his departure, Robin lets the tears slide down her cheeks.

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i like it when the swear filter happens because i like to imagine the characters actually saying "yeah he's been through a lot of BLOOP"

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Chapter Four

Three months before current events, three months after the escape from the Citadel wreckage

He isn't hard to track down. He thinks he's the only one still alive, and thus sees no issue with his rapid rise to fame. No one knows of the real state of the Citadel, so to them, he's just a guy.

Somehow, she manages to sneak into his office without detection. She's not sure if he knows who she is, but he recognizes her face from the Anomaly records. A dead girl with blue hair under the name Lena Rostova, and another citizen, this time a young woman with light brown hair under the name of Sophia Amber. Somehow, Sophia Amber managed to slip herself into the Citadel systems and pass as a regular, average Joe. He imagines she is experienced at the whole sneaking through places undetected thing.

They look at each other. Nobody speaks.

It seems as if minutes have passed when she finally does speak. The words surprise him.

"I forgive you."

He cries.

After the initial meeting, she returns sometimes, under the guise of just going out and getting fresh air for a while. They just talk. It's mostly him that talks and her that listens, but it's good for both of them. He never acknowledges her forgiveness and only references the Citadel in extremely vague ways. Sometimes they talk just about life and what they're doing. He makes jokes about his Twitter followers. She tells him about her cat, Paco. They are not friends. They are merely two broken people who repress their memories together.

"What do you go by?" he asks her one day.

She smiles, as if telling a joke. "Lena." They laugh.

This is not entirely true. With her friends, she stays Sophia. She's been Sophia for so many years that it feels strange to have her friends call her a totally different name. And, later, with Leia, it brings too many memories pre-Detainment to have the girl call her Lena. She hates remembering teenage Lena who did bad things and pretended to off herself. It makes her sick to her stomach.


Present day

"I saw her today." Penguin starts. "I thought she was dead." He looks distant, more distant than usual. Sophia watches him, heart pounding in her chest. She tries to keep a calm facade but the fear of Leia being discovered threatens to overwhelm her.

"Who?" she asks, as calmly as possible, but her voice cracks at the very end.

He doesn't appear to notice, and scoffs to himself. "Jessica." he spits vehemently. "Or, as I knew her, Robin goddamn Magey."

"She's alive?" Sophia gasps aloud. "I saw the building fall while leaving and I thought you were all dead. What about...?" She can't finish the sentence. She hasn't been able to say the name Lusamine since they left. Lusamine, who made her life hell. Lusamine, who deemed all people with what people here called mental disorders Anomalies.

"She's alive." he confirms. "And a wilted bleeping flower."

"What do you mean?"

"I said Lusamine's name and she had a flat-out panic attack." he says calmly.

"Did he...hurt her?" she asks, trying to work her way into understanding the dynamics of the Council.

Penguin shrugs. "If he did, it wasn't during meetings." he says flippantly. He sighs, from annoyance or tiredness Sophia doesn't know. "I just don't get it. She was so powerful and could kill us all if she wanted. She killed him. Why is she so scared of him now?"

"Guilt." Sophia replies softly. "She probably feels immense guilt towards him. Did they have a good relationship before everything happened?"

He nods. "They were like father and daughter."

"It's probably like killing your parents, then." she reasons.

"I killed my parents." he says casually.

"I'm sorry, what?"

He laughs, a real laugh. "I'm kidding, oh my God." A short pause. "Did you really think I killed my parents?"

She's ashamed, because she did.

"I'm not that terrible," he says easily, still smiling.

"I know." she replies, and forces a smile. She thinks he forgets how much she knows and that he doesn't realize how unconvincing he is.

Kenny McCoy is still Kenny Penguin but with a shiny new name and more secrets.

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Nice job!

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TW: Suicide mentioned in the following chapter.

Chapter Five

Leia and Sophia head on their way to make a fake ID. To the average viewer, they just look like a couple of friends walking around the city. They dress quite similarly (although this is obviously due to Leia wearing Sophia's clothes) and they don't talk to strangers. They are focused on their own searches.

The fake ID place is in a small, shady alley, under the guise of a tattoo parlor. Sophia enters first, followed by Leia.

The man working inside immediately recognizes Sophia. "Lena!" he exclaims. "What can I do for you?"

"Lena?" Leia asks, suspiciously.

"I'll tell you later." Sophia says through her teeth. To the man, she says, "It's great to see you, Stan." She turns to Leia. "Stan, this is my friend, Elle. She's here for an ID. Elle, meet the man, the myth, the legend. Stan Luna."

"It's nice to meet you." Leia says.

"Likewise." Stan replies. "Follow me into the back room."

Leia nods and follows Stan into a back door. Sophia sits down on a comfy chair and helps herself to a bag of chips from the box of bags of chips Stan keeps on the floor next to his desk for some reason. She's gonna be here for a while.

When Leia comes back a good amount of time later, she flashes the fake yet also real looking ID in Sophia's face. "I'm a real person now, apparently." she says. Sophia cracks a smile and nods.

She turns her attention to Stan. "How much do I owe you?" she asks him.

"Same as before." he says.

She nods and gives him quite a few expensive-looking bills. Leia raises her eyebrows and Sophia notices and smiles apologetically. "Card is traceable." she explains. "Cash is easier." Leia nods in understanding. Stan checks to see if she's cheated him, and she hasn't. He nods.

"Okay. Well, Lena, Elle, you have a good rest of your day." he says.

"See you when I see you," Sophia replies, and the two leave.


As soon as they return to the apartment, empty with a note from Cosmic saying he's getting groceries and a note from Ted saying he's out walking the cat, Leia turns on Sophia.

"So you're gonna tell me what that was about."

Sophia keeps her head forward. "I don't know what you're talking about." she replies smoothly.


Sophia sighs. "Look." she says flatly. "I go by Sophia at the house because they know me as Sophia. It's awkward if you refer to me as Lena and they Sophia."

"That doesn't explain why you go by Lena outside of the house." Leia points out. "Sophia isn't an unpopular name, as far as I know."

"We all have pseudonyms. Ted's is Theo, Cosmic's is Isa. It's easier to go by a pseudonym. Lena was the first one I thought of."

"I don't see a problem with me calling you Lena." Leia argues. "I'm sure they'll understand-"

Sophia cuts her off, her voice laced with a sudden, new anger. "The Lena you knew is not me. The Lena you knew is just a bunch of bad memories of terrible times you never experienced. I was in a state of constant fear and I never got to enjoy my childhood because I was in constant fear they'd find me and kill me. So whenever you call me Lena, I'm brought back to those times, and I'm trying so damn hard to get rid of those times. Do you get it?"

Leia frowns. "I was an Anomaly too-"

"Not as a child!" Sophia yells. "Childhood is supposed to be the best time of your life! Childhood is supposed to be a time of innocence! But as a child I was never focused on play and fun, I was focused on not dying!" She lowers her voice; it is sharp and steely and full of malice. "You'll never know what it was like to walk in on your parent's corpse hanging in a noose." she says, leaving room for silence.

Leia stands, stricken.

"I never told you any of this because I was afraid you would rat me out. I never trusted you. And now, here you are, standing in my GOD DAMN LIVING ROOM. Honestly, until yesterday, I was fine with never even seeing you again. But here we are."

"So you want me to leave?"

"I never said that. You don't get to guilt me about my decisions when you'll never understand the motives behind them."

Leia opens her mouth to say something, and then closes it and nods. "Okay. I'm sorry."

Sophia blinks. "Oh. Um, thank you."

"I don't want to argue with you, Sophia. You've been so good to me already. It's not my place to be horrible back."

Sophia doesn't know what to say. She just nods.


I'm terrified.

What am I doing? Am I playing both sides? Should I tell one of them what the other plans to do? If I don't, what's gonna happen? They could both be seriously hurt, and if they're hurt, I'm never going to forgive myself. And what if one of them finds out I'm in contact with the other? God, I'm so scared.

If I tell him she plans to kill him, does that make me his friend? What is the point in trying to help him in the first place? He's a terrible person and he's done so many terrible things and yet I'm actually considering telling him what she plans to do. Am I terrible for forgiving him?

I don't know how to explain it, but we understand each other. We're two damaged people and we both came from the same place, and I just don't know how to talk to Ted or Cosmic anymore. He was the only one I knew that was from there, and he had no right to judge me from the start. What am I doing? Why did I talk to him? I'm an idiot.

If I tell neither of them, what's going to happen? They could die, and I'm already too sensitive. I just know the guilt of not doing anything would eat me from the inside. I don't want to lose either of them right now. Maybe my thoughts on this will change in the future but right now I like having both of their company. Why can't there just be peace?

May there be a development in the future that gives me more insight on this and more guidance for me to listen to.

I could talk to her, but where could I find her?

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HOLY CRAP THATS A GOOD CHAPTER! So intense, it’s amazing so far

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what's the secret to making a good fan fic :pensive:

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spend too much time on it

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Chapter Six

The next evening, Leia waltzes into the apartment, proudly displaying a switchblade.

"...um. Hello." Cosmic says.

"Hi." she replies cheerfully. "How's everyone doing?"

"Well, to be honest," Ted drawls, "I'm kind of concerned for my life given how happily you're wielding that switchblade."

She scowls at him. "What, are you scared I'm gonna stab you?"

"Lay off," Sophia mutters, not even looking up from her book. "There will be no blood shed in my apartment."

"Your apartment," Ted mocks under his breath.

"I do the work here!" Sophia exclaims. Ted shrugs. She's right. Sophia single-handedly brings in the income. Ted's tried a lot of things: making Paco a meme on YouTube (didn't work), joining a cooking show (he was not given a callback), becoming TikTok famous (he quit making TikToks after learning the renegade tirelessly and getting hate comments from a thirteen year old named Greg on his terrible form). Cosmic just never bothered. Sometimes he'd stream video games on Twitch to a solid four viewers.

"Well. My plan is coming to fruition." Leia says cryptically.

"Please do not involve any of us in your future murder plans," Ted says airily. "We would like to live lives as normal as possible."

Cosmic hums in agreement. Sophia is oddly silent, focusing on her book, staring at the pages like she's trying to rip a hole in them with her eyes. She gets up from the couch, startling the sleeping Paco.

"I'm going to bed." she says sharply, and leaves the room.

Leia watches her leave with a concerned expression on her face. "What's up with her?"

"I think it's her time of the month." Ted says bluntly. Leia nods. This makes enough sense to her.

With a piece of paper and a Sharpie, Sophia fashions a "ON MY PERIOD - DO NOT ENTER" sign and tapes it to her bedroom door. The boys never question the legitimacy of her time of the month and leave her alone. This time, however, she is not going to just stay in her room and cry. Instead, she sneaks her way out of her room and leaves the apartment as quietly as she can.

It is not long until she finds herself in his office. She knows what she has to do.

"Where's Robin Magey?" she asks sharply. He doesn't even look up from the work he's doing.


Robin is laying as low as she can. As terrible as it sounds, she's taken advantage of an old white lady with dementia and managed to convince her that she is her granddaughter. Poor Yves has no clue that she has no granddaughter and that Robin is scamming her. But she gets a house and food out of it so it's fine with her, and Yves seems to enjoy her company. Robin finds herself with some sort of affinity with this old woman.

"Jessica, deary, if you could go to the store today and buy me some more prune juice and Lactaid, that would be most wonderful."

"Of course, Granny Yves." Robin says politely. "What are you planning on doing tonight?"

"Well," Yves says with a smile, "I was planning on watching some of the Real Housewives of New Jersey and knitting. Oh! Speaking of, could you get me some more yarn from the store? Thank you so much, deary." To Robin's chagrin, Yves seemed to have no idea that not everything came from the same store.

"Of course, Granny Yves. I'll be on my way soon."

"What did I do to deserve a granddaughter as good as you?" Yves beams. Robin feels a stab of guilt because she's lying to Yves. Yves' expression falls into forlornness. "I wish I could remember times I'd spent with you in the past." she says sadly. "But I can't seem to remember anything now."

"Oh Granny Yves..."

Yves smiles sadly. "It's okay, Jessica. You don't have to listen to me griping now, honey. Go ahead to the store."

"I will return soon, Granny Yves."

Yves waves goodbye to her and Robin leaves the house to head to the store.


"How the bleep am I supposed to know?" Penguin says drily. "I saw her once on the ferry and she freaked out and cried."

"You have to know something. You know her better than me. I need to see her."

"Why should I help you?" he challenges. "We aren't friends."

"You're the only one that can help me."

"I highly doubt that's true. What about Lusamine?"

She narrows her eyes. "He's dead."


"That's not even when you're supposed to use that phrase."


"I hate you."

"Not the first person to tell me that."

"Why are you so calm?"

He pauses, as if to think. "I don't know." he says pensively. "I'm not usually calm." He sighs and looks down at his work. "Rumor has it...a Jessica was recently spotted at the house of Ms. Yves Summers in Staten Island. Take with that what you will, and get out of my office."

She raises an eyebrow.

"We'll talk later. Tell me at least some of what young Jessica says. I was kind enough to give you the information."

"Fine. I'll find you."

"You always do. It's quite a pain."

She smiles, almost evilly. "I'm smart like that." She leaves without another word, on the way to Staten Island to find a certain Jessica.



Leia knocks on Sophia's bedroom door.

"Sophia? Soph? Lena? Are you okay?"

She knocks again. No response.

"Hey, can you respond to me, please? If I did anything that upset you, I'm sorry. Sophia?"

She knocks once more.

"Dude. Are you good? Please respond to me."

She hovers her hand over the doorknob an sighs. "Ugh. bleep it. I'm coming in."

She opens the door. It's unlocked.

"Sophia? You good?"

She looks around the room. It's empty. Nobody at the desk or in the chair by the bookcase. She slowly approaches the bed. It's the only place Sophia could be.

She throws the covers off the bed. There's nothing. Sophia's not here.

"Guys?" she yells from Sophia's room. "Sophia's gone."

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Ted is a meany :pensive:

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Chapter Seven

Sophia gets off the ferry and walks with a purpose. It is raining now. She expertly crowdweaves and looks around the terminal. No trademark pale blond hair in sight, although it would be obscured by a hood. She presses on and heads toward the right.

A million thoughts race through her head. Staten Island isn't that big, but what are the chances she even finds Robin? What are the chances that Robin's even here? What if Penguin's intel is all bullbloop? What if this is a wild goose chase? Who even is Yves Summers?

It is dark, and not many places are open, but one store is, its lights shining brightly. On a whim, Sophia enters it. It's pretty empty, but it seems to be your regular grocery store. She shrugs, kind of hungry, and peruses the store for something she can grab and go.

Of course, this happens to be the one store on Staten Island that sells Yves Summers' favorite brand of prune juice AND sells Lactaid as well, so, merely a few aisles over is Robin Magey, adding things to her hand basket.

The problem is Robin probably doesn't remember Sophia. She stayed in the group's hideout for a while with Penguin before being unceremoniously kicked out.

To her chagrin, Robin's phone rings loudly. It's Yves. She accepts the call. "Hi, what is it?"

Sophia hears Robin's voice and startles. Just her luck! She jumps in excitement before realizing she is in a public store. She follows the voice.

"Yes, I can hear you. What do you need?"

She looks down the aisles.

"Granny Yves...no, I am not buying you three rolls of premade cookie dough! That is bad for your health."

The voice gets louder. She is closer.

"No! I will compromise with one. Yes, I'll be home soon. Okay. Love you. Bye."

Sophia turns one more corner and there she is, browsing the Lactaid.

"Robin." she says.

Like an idiot, Robin turns towards her, and her eyes widen in shock. "You...I...what?"

"I need to talk to you."

Robin looks at her phone and winces when she sees the time. "Fine. Walk with me."

They pay for their food at the checkout and leave the store.


Leia tries to call her once, but the phone rings on Sophia's desk and she swears.

"She didn't bring her phone." she yells out to the living room.

"Let her be," Ted calls back. "She does that sometimes."

"Yeah, but aren't you concerned about what she could be doing?"


"But she was in a bad mood earlier-"

"Just leave her alone, Leia. She's an adult." Cosmic adds helpfully.

Leia sighs, and then leaves Sophia's room and heads back to the living area. "Fine." she says, sitting on the couch grumpily next to Paco, who seems to not care about anything.


Sophia walks with Robin in the rain.

"So." she says.


"How have you been?"

Robin rolls her eyes. "You can cut that out."

Sophia nods. "Okay. How did you survive? And how do you have a grandmother?"

Robin shrugs. "I don't. She just doesn't know that."

"Wow." Sophia says, impressed. "Never thought you had it in you."

Robin shrugs again, but somehow makes it more modest-looking. "You gotta do what you gotta do." she says sadly.

"You know Penguin's still alive, obviously." Sophia starts.

Robin nods. "Yes. I...saw him recently." she says. "It was...bad, to say the least."

"I'm sorry." Sophia says. "Do you...want to talk about it? I know we haven't really talked in a while and I know we never really got off on the right foot, but-"

"Yes." Robin interrupts. "Um, yeah. That'd be great." She sighs. "It was...weird, you know? Have you met him since?"

"Yeah." she says. It's a big gamble of her not to lie to Robin, since she's been talking to Penguin for a while, but she weirdly trusts Robin. "He hasn't really changed."

"Nope. He's just even more of a dick." Robin exhales. Sophia laughs.

"You knew him. He was...dangerous in the Citadel." Sophia says. "I need you to be 100% honest with me. I'm going to tell you something, and I'm going to ask you not to judge me, but to answer my question."


Sophia takes a deep breath, and tells Robin everything.

"I've been talking to him for a few months now. It's just been talking, usually vaguely about the Citadel, sometimes about regular life. But it's weirdly comfortable, you know. I'm wary of him, obviously, because I know who he was in the Citadel. Should I stop?"

Robin thinks about it. She doesn't just throw an answer out there. She considers it.

"When I knew Penguin...he was extremely unstable. I don't know if he's like that anymore, but I don't think he's magically a lovely, sane person now." she finally says. "I don't think I can answer your question with a yes or a no. I think that's a decision you have to make."

"I see."

Robin suddenly stops in front of a house. "This is me." she says. "Do you want to stay here for the night? It's dark and I don't know if the ferry's running anymore and it's dangerous at night sometimes-"

"Yeah. That sounds good." Sophia says. She smiles at Robin. "Thank you."

"No problem. You can meet my grandmother. She kind of looks like you, actually. But older, obviously." Robin says pensively. "Well, come on in."

Sophia follows Robin into the small house.

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I like granny yves

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Chapter Eight

Two weeks later

Two weeks later, all is going to Leia's plan. No one else in the apartment really knows why she's biding her time but she says there's a reason, and they allow themselves to believe it.

Since the initial talk, Sophia got "Jessica"'s phone number and they chat regularly, both on the phone and outside, in public. The other housemates never asked why she had left that one night, and she doesn't tell them.

She continues to talk to Penguin, despite the guilty feeling in her stomach. She doesn't tell anyone in the apartment, especially not Leia, and she lies and says she never found Jessica. He responds in an almost disappointed fashion, and they don't bring her up again.

Today's meeting, he brings up an old subject that they'd managed to avoid.

"Why have you never asked me why I did what I did in the Citadel?"

She dodges the question. "We're not in the Citadel anymore."

"God damn it, Sophia-"

"Don't you dare." she says, her voice steely. "Don't call me that."

"I'm sure they still call you that."

"Who, Ted and Cosmic?" she laughs.

"You can't be the only one who survived the Citadel."

She frowns. "I'm not." she says. "Robin's alive. Joe's alive. Zetsu's alive. I'm not the only one."

"You're not the type of person that'd go alone."

She narrows her eyes and scoffs. "What, are you psychoanalyzing me now?"

"Your lack of knowledge on actual psychoanalysis is deafening."

"Okay, Freud." she snaps. He brushes it off.

"Anyways..." he draws the word out with an exhale. "You wouldn't run alone. So I'm betting they're alive, and I'm betting you don't talk to them. Am I right or am I right?"

"bleep off." she mutters.

"So I'm right." He leans back in his seat, confident. She rolls her eyes and shrugs, giving up. "Why don't you talk to them?"

She shrugs again. "I don't know. It just isn't the same. We don't really bring it up in conversation. What about you? You don't talk to Joe or Zetsu?"

He laughs, really laughs, like it's the funniest joke she's ever said. "Joe and Zetsu? I've never even talked to them since the last Council meeting I attended. We all know we're alive, but I would never talk to those cowards." He clenches his fist around a paper he was absentmindedly holding. "...they bring back too many memories." he admits finally.

"Of what? Of who? Lusamine?"

He closes his eyes. "Don't...don't mention him." It's hypocritical, since he ridiculed Robin for refusing to acknowledge Lusamine all those days ago. He's a hypocrite.

"You brought this up!" she points out. "Don't crawl back into your shell now."

His nostrils flare in anger, but he doesn't says anything, just opens his mouth and closes it again. "You wouldn't understand." he finally replies darkly.

"I wouldn't understand?!" Sophia laughs sharply. "I wouldn't understand. Really, Penguin? Really?" She glares at him levelly and scoffs. "Whatever you think you experienced in the Citadel, I experienced at least three times worse. Remember who was the Anomaly here? ME!"

She gets up from the chair she was sitting in and begins to pace around the office.

"Don't ever forget you were a Councillor. You were never an Anomaly. You tricked and abused and used and exploited Anomalies. You were never one. You think you had it bad? You only had it bad because you tried to murder Lusamine and you were caught. You exploited Robin, you used a teenager for your own bleeped-up personal gains! So don't bleep to me about how you're broken, because I'M BROKEN TOO! If you wanted sympathy, you asked the wrong girl. Go find someone else to cry to. I'm done here. bleep you."

She stops pacing and turns to leave, but hears a rustling behind her, followed by a singular click and a cold laugh.

"If you leave, I swear to God I will shoot you."

She turns her head slightly and sees him, standing up, pointing a gun at her. She laughs.

"You think that scares me? You think I feel threatened by you? Go ahead, shoot me." she dares. "I have nothing to lose. I have nothing to live for. There is nothing stopping me from dying."

She thinks that for a split second, he is trembling as he holds the gun.

"Now, I'm going to leave now. If you want to shoot me, you will, and I won't care. You're too scared."

She walks out of the office, even taking the liberty to close the door, and Penguin doesn't shoot.

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Chapter Nine - Interlude

Soon is the day.

One will die. But that is not all.

You will never tell them.

Youth and birds.

Let the games begin.

Falling in reverse.

This means nothing.

A young woman finds her way into an office, determined and armed. She has been waiting for this moment for years. She is clueless of the following.

Two are unaware of perhaps everything and nothing. They could do more if they weren't so far apart.

But first, another rainy night.

She is dying.

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nice chapter wehnnn

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Chapter Ten

"Robin, I know you had powers in the Citadel."

Robin freezes while she cooks. Yves is asleep, and Sophia is sitting on her couch, hair in a towel, watching her. She had showered and borrowed some of Yves' clothes. They were remarkably the same size as what she normally wore, albeit a bit grandma-like.

"Do you still have them?"

Robin opens her mouth to speak, and nothing comes out.


Leia leaves the next night, and neither Ted nor Cosmic will question her. Leia has her knife, and she has her plan in her head. She knows where the office building is. She hopes he's there.

It is raining again.

Ted orders a pizza without a qualm.

He doesn't realize that her plan is being enacted much sooner than they all thought.

Hell, he hadn't even considered her being serious about her plans to kill Penguin. He thought it was all for show, to sound cool or tough or badass. He just thought it was for her to get brownie points with the apartment so she could just live there.

He was wrong.


Robin and Sophia stand outside, in Yves' backyard. Sophia stands a good distance away from Robin.

Robin had confessed that she hadn't tried using her powers ever since the confrontation on the building where she destroyed it. Robin was too scared to even try. She didn't even know if she did have the power.

"How did you summon it?" Sophia asks calmly.

Robin shrugs. "I just...got angry. Got really angry, and then it was there and I just...did what I was told."

"You followed his orders."

"Yes." Robin nods.

"Well, just think about how he took advantage of you. Think about how he exploited you for his own selfish gains for power. Think about how Penguin didn't care for you. Think about how Lusamine didn't care for you. You're alone, Robin."

Robin closes her eyes and thinks. She holds out her arm and thinks about how everyone mistreated her. How she was either just the aide or just the machine for destruction. She wasn't a real person.

She clenches her fist and squeezes her eyes shut.

"He used you. He abused you." she hears Sophia say, almost ominously, like she's chanting a cult summoning. "You are no one, and he's Kenny bleeping McCoy, lauded and loved."


"Look at how easily everyone's cast you aside, Jessica." She says Jessica mockingly, and it reminds Robin of how Kenny said it on the boat. Sophia could never know how he said that. "Look how small you are."

"Shut UP!"

She opens her eyes.

There is nothing. She is just a girl holding her arm out, wanting to call forward a power that is no longer there. Sophia looks at her with a somber expression.

"I'm sorry." she merely says.

Robin falls to her knees and begins to cry. Sophia gets down to her level and hugs her tight, like comforting a little sibling.

There is no power. There is just a girl.


Leia takes the bus. Nobody pays her a second glance. She gets off at the city square stop. It is not a far walk. She is ready. She will kill him, and she will enjoy it.

She wipes her brow. Damn the rain.

24 hours.

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damn the rain

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"Robin and Sophia stand outside, in Yves' backyard. Sophia stands a good distance away from Robin."

Social distancing during Coronavirus like a boss B)

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Chapter Eleven

12 hours.

Sophia returns the next morning and doesn't say anything about where she went. Nobody questions her. Leia is too focused on her blooming plan to even notice her arrival. She merely arrives, takes her phone, and leaves again.

"I'm on my way," she says to Robin on the phone. The two, after the previous night, have become fast friends. They are to take a walk together around Central Park and talk.

"Okay! I'm already there. Feeding ducks."

"You're not supposed to give them food," Sophia recalls vaguely from her memory.

"Oops. Already did."

Sophia finds herself laughing. It's weird how comfortable she and this girl are.

When she arrives, Robin is still ripping small pieces off a baguette and throwing them toward the ducks, who retrieve them happily. She stares in the water pensively and doesn't seem to notice Sophia's arrival. Sophia sits down next to her on the bench.


Robin nods in hello.

"What's on your mind?"

Robin shrugs. "Reality." she says. She straightens her posture and stands up. "Come on, let's go."

The two walk.


6 hours.

It is only midway through the day, and Kenny knows he's going to be in late. Work is just piling up and there is so much to do. He makes the preemptive decision to skip lunch and just have a late dinner, if he does eat. He just has so much work to do.

He's been inactive on social media for a little while, focused on the ever constant flow of work.

His mind wanders frequently. He can't focus.

He thinks about Robin. He wonders what she's doing. Why she's living such a menial life. He hadn't heard of her until that moment on the boat.

He thinks about Sophia. He hates Sophia. She's, frankly, a bleep. But she's still frequently in his life, and he can't deny that she helps him when reality is so screwed and the lines separating reality and his head are so blurred. She is grounding, as annoying as she is.

He shakes his head.

He must work.

He knows nothing.


4 hours.

"Are you okay? It's only been a few hours and you're really quiet."

Robin shrugs. "I just...remembered something that I don't want to remember."

"Is it about the Citadel?"

Robin shakes her head. "No..." she trails off. She doesn't elaborate, doesn't look at Sophia. She just stares straight ahead and keeps a brisk, all too steady pace.

"Do you...want to talk about it?"


"Oookay then."

They walk in stiff silence. It's the complete opposite of the prior day where they just talked. Sophia had known Robin a little bit while she and Kenny had stayed in their house and she knew the girl was meek, but she wasn't so distant as she is now.

They walk through the park. People are there. People are laughing, people are smiling, children are running around.


"What?" Robin snaps back.

Sophia sighs. "Look, I can't just walk around with you and you act like this toward me. What's wrong?"

Robin stops and turns to face Sophia. "You really want to know?"

"Yes. Are you okay?"

Robin laughs. "No, I'm not okay."

"What's wrong, then? Is there anything I can do to help?"

Robin shakes her head, still laughing. "Sophia, I'm dying. I just remembered that I have a month left."

Sophia stands there in shock. She doesn't move, but her eyes search Robin for a tell. Her face falls when she realizes the girl is not lying.


Robin shakes her head. "I don't want to get into the details, but two months ago the doctor said I had three months to live. And now here I am."


"Don't. Let's just walk, okay?"

Sophia doesn't protest. They walk.


Leia leaves, armed and with a mission.


1.5 hours.

That night, Sophia returns home. It rains. All is quiet. Too quiet. It's just Paco and Ted and Cosmic in the living room.

"Where's Leia?" she asks.

"Leia's not here." Ted replies.

"...what?" Sophia's heartbeat begins to increase.

"She's not here. She just left."

In a flurry, she asks, "Where is she? Did she...did she tell you where she was going?"

"No, I-"

"Guys!" Sophia yells. "Do you not get it?"

"What am I supposed to get?" Ted snaps.

"What if she left to kill Penguin?"

They pale.

"I-...Stay here, in case she comes back. I'm going to try to find her."

Sophia runs to the closet and digs through it, past all the spare blankets and pillows and containers of various things. Her hands stumble on a cool metal box and she hurries to unlock the combination lock. 15-35-25. In the box is a gun. Her mind is running with so many thoughts and she takes it without thinking. Just in case, just in case. She shoves it in her pants.

"I'll find her. Just...call me if she comes back." she says. "I'm probably panicking over nothing. Just...don't worry. I got it." She leaves the apartment in a hurry.

Ted and Cosmic look at each other, dumbfounded.

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Chapter Twelve

They both agree that she does not got it, but what can they do? They can't stop Leia. You can't save her. She's too far gone.


Robin has one month left to live. She leaves her room and makes a decision.

She knocks on Yves' door.

"...granny Yves?"

"Come in, sweetie." she hears Yves say from the other side. "I'm in here."

Yves is lying in her bed, just her bedside lamp on. She looks tired. The wrinkles on her face are ever so pronounced. "What is it?" she asks, noticing Robin's facial expression. "Come, sit."

Robin sits on the side of the bed and looks Yves in the eye. "I have to tell you something."

Yves nods. "Go ahead."

Robin takes a deep breath. "I'm not your granddaughter."

Yves doesn't respond, just furrows her brow ever so slightly.

Robin spills it out in a bunch of word vomit. "I lied to you. I took advantage of your mental state and lied to you. I'm not your granddaughter. My name isn't Jessica Summers. You've never met me before. I lied to you and took advantage of you so I could stay in your house and have a roof to live under. I'm so sorry."

Yves' facial expression doesn't change. She blinks. "Oh." is all she says.

"I'm so sorry, Yves."

Yves closes her eyes. "One night." she finally says. "You have one night to stay here, and then I want you out of my sight when I wake up. I'm not going to tell anyone. You will leave and I will never see you again. It will be as if nothing has happened."

"Yes, ma'am." Robin says demurely. She leaves the room and says again, "I'm so sorry." before closing the door. Yves doesn't respond. She doesn't even open her eyes.


Sophia runs to the bus stop in the rain and sees, in the distance, the bus with its neon lights stating that it's going to the city square. She's not far behind, but she can't wait for the bus. So she runs.

It is dark outside and Sophia's all black attire doesn't brighten anything up. She is breathing hard and loud, and normally wouldn't have any of this stamina, but she has to get there before Leia does anything bad. Before she does something unfixable. Before she ruins everything they've built.

"Hey!" someone yells as she brushes past them. Luckily it is night, so there aren't as many people walking about. She has more room to run. She hopes her phone will ring and that all of this will be for nothing. That Leia just left to go to the store and that she returned and that all was fine. Then she could actually talk to her and all would be fine. She could fix it.

But her phone never rings.

Sophia knows how to get to the city square on foot. She's done it so many times already, to talk to Penguin. She knows all her little shortcuts and hopes that helps her get there first. She hopes the bus is stuck in a lot of traffic and that Leia is being held back.

What if she's too late? What if it's all for nothing?

She doesn't think she's felt this much fear even as an Anomaly.


Leia gets off of the bus, switchblade in her hand, slipped up her jacket sleeve so nobody notices a thing.

She walks calmly through the city square, making her way to the looming skyscraper in the distance.

She has no cares. She is going to complete her mission. She is going to get her revenge.

The rain pours mercilessly. How fitting.


When Sophia reaches the city square, there is no bus in sight, in front or behind her. She hopes that means the bus was caught in horrible traffic and that she is way ahead of Leia, but she still runs through the rain, feet splashing in puddles, face and hair wet.

When she arrives at the building, she has to pull the door open. The automatic entry system is off now due to the late night.

She looks up, and her heart sinks.

The telltale red dot on the security camera isn't there. They're disabled. Leia is there. She's already turned off the cameras.

Sophia doesn't waste her time with the elevator. She makes a break for the stairwell and throws the door open, before running up the stairs.


Leia walks confidently out of the elevator on the level the directory stated Kenny McCoy's office to be on. She flips open her switchblade and pushes the door open. He is still in there, at his desk, working diligently.

"Hello, Penguin." she announces, smile bared on her face. "It's been a long while, hasn't it?"


Sophia continues running up the stairs. At this point, she's exhausted. She trips on one stair and falls, arms extended for balance. There is no one else on the stairwell. She cries out, but makes herself get up again. She has to stop this.


A knock on Robin's door. She opens it.

It's Yves, arms full with a bundle of folded clothes.

"...oh." Robin can only say.

"You weren't a bad fake granddaughter," is all Yves says, and pushes the bundle into her arms before turning around and leaving, closing the door behind her.

Robin looks down at the clothes and inhales. It smells like Yves' detergent.

"...thank you." she whispers.


At the sound of her voice, his head shoots up.

"No." he whispers, refusing to look in front of him.

"Haven't you been doing so well?" Leia says sharply. "Look at this office." He hears footsteps, slowly getting close. He reaches down and opens his bottom drawer, before quietly grabbing the revolver.

"Look at me." Leia barks. He finally looks up at her. He doesn't know what he expected her to look like, but it is not this. "You thought I was dead."

"You're not here." he murmurs.

She laughs, but it is not genuine. It's a cold, malicious laugh.

"I'm right bleeping here, and you're going to pay for everything you did to me."

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Chapter Thirteen

Robin packs clothes tightly into a backpack. She needs to fit as many things as she can in here. She feels terrible, because she's already used Yves enough, but she has to take some things essential to her survival. Even if she isn't going to make it.

God, what is she doing? What's the point?

It's stupid, but she wants to live as long as she can despite the time left estimate weighing her down.

She has nowhere to go. She will stay the night and leave early in the morning.

Robin collapses on the bed Yves had let her sleep in for these few months she's been at her house, and she cries.

She's a terrible person. She manipulated and used an old, senile woman for her own personal gain. As bloopy of a person as Penguin is, at least he worked his way up and forged an elaborate past. Robin just lied and said she was a certain Jessica Summers and Yves never questioned her.

Robin closes her eyes and tries to sleep, for this will probably be her last night sleeping somewhere comfortable. Her future is uncertain, so she just wants to try and get that eight hours of sleep.

She won't even get that. She's losing everything.


Ted and Cosmic haven't moved, on alert, waiting for Leia to return. Their phones are beside them, ready to call Sophia if Leia does return. There is nothing they can say, nothing they can do, except wait.

All they want is for the girls to come home and for this to all be moved past. They just want a calm, stable life, and they want a peaceful compromise. A happy ending to this mess.

But there are no happy endings. Just reality.


"You remember, don't you?"

Penguin's hand tightens around the revolver. He doesn't know how close she is to him, but her voice is louder than it was when she made her grand entrance.

"You remember how I watched you kill that poor, innocent man and then you orchestrated my sudden disappearance from the group of Detainers I had grown up with? How while you basically had me kidnapped you groomed and manipulated me? Hell, how you groomed and manipulated poor Robin Magey? I know what you did."

"Don't you bleeping bring Robin into this." he says lowly.

"I can bring whoever the hell I want into this!" she yells.

A bullet clicks into place.

"And then you sold me out to the Escues." she says softly. "You didn't even have the balls to watch them torture me. You sold me out and you sold them out and you were too much of a coward to watch it go on. And look at you now. A shining beacon of politics." She stares at him in contempt. "LOOK AT ME!" she shouts. "bleeping LOOK AT ME!"

He looks up and sees her, standing right in front of his desk, eyes boring down on him. He takes his chance and yanks the gun out of the container and shooting in her general vicinity.

He misses.

And it all goes to hell from there.

She screams and swings a knife in his face and he pushes back and rolls his chair backwards, before getting up and trying to get around the desk. She goes in the same direction, playing cat-and-mouse. She has the physical upper hand, he knows this. If she grabs him he will be vulnerable. He tries to shoot her again and misses again.

"I'll-I'll call security-" he tries to threaten.

"Nice try. No cameras, bleep." She doesn't mention that he's a painful distance away from where he could call security, anyway, but they know it.

He tries to run and she grabs his arm, the one without the gun, and pulls him and slams him against the wall. With the butt of her knife she knocks the revolver out of his hand onto the ground and kicks it across the room, past his desk. He pushes her off of him and tries to escape, and now they're on opposite sides from where they were at the beginning. She is behind the desk, he in front of it.

But she just jumps over the desk and whips around him before he can move and pins him against the desk, dangling her knife right above him.

"You're going to regret everything you did to me, and you're going to feel every little bit of the pain I felt." she promises. "You can't run away now." This is true; he is completely unable to run away.

"This isn't going to fix anything." he says. "You'll get your revenge, but now what? You'll be chased all your life. There's not a point to you doing this. The authorities will always be after you and you will never be able to feel the satisfaction of a revenge kill."

She says nothing.

"You're pathetic." he continues. "You could start your life all over and have an actually good life, but instead you can't get over your grudges. You're a follower, you always have been. That's why you were a Detainer, isn't it? Because you'll never be able to be a leader, because you don't have the capabilities. Instead, you lived in Lusamine's shadow, like every one of them. At least I tried to do something about it! You did nothing. You submitted to his control, to bleeping Matt Neff's control! And now you're trying to take your own destiny, but it's too late. Even if you still do this, it's not going to change anything, and you're going to spend the rest of your probably short life in a state of perpetual disgrace. Because you're pathetic and broken and you always will be."

"Shut up!" she yells, and stabs him in the chest.

"No!" A bloodcurdling scream sounds far in the distance, and then a loud crack. The bang of a gun firing.

Leia crumples and falls to the ground. Blood pools out of the back of her head.

Sophia Amber stands at the entrance to his office, handgun still pointed right at him. She doesn't realize what she's done.

It's too late.

She drops the gun and sinks to her knees.

"What have you done?" she whispers to herself. "What have you done?"

Penguin begins to laugh. She looks up at him, staring right at her, laughing despite the knife in his chest.

"You thought...you thought you could save me. You thought you could save her. Look who's too late now."

"No..." she whimpers, watching him continue to laugh, blood streaming out of his mouth. "No, no, no..."

Her eyes roam the room. Leia is dead, bullet in the back of her head. Penguin still laughs at her, laughs at her failure. Her eyes move to the ground in front of her.

"It wasn't supposed to be like this..." she says, but it's all for nothing.

She gets no response except a faint laugh still in the background, and then wheezing and coughing, and then soon nothing. She doesn't look at the bodies again. Slowly, she gets up and grabs her gun, and leaves the office.

She brushes past a janitor on her way out of the building. A witness.

When she leaves the building and returns to the square, she runs. She runs to the one person her mind can think of, the one person she thinks no one will look for, the one person who has nothing to lose.

Robin Magey is rudely awakened at about 3 in the morning by a hysterical woman, drenched in rain, begging for help.

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Roughly two weeks later

A letter.

Dear Ted and Cosmic,

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I’m sorry I couldn’t have gotten to you sooner but it’s been kind of hard. I hope you understand.

Unfortunately, this is my first and last letter to you. Obviously I’m not going to tell you where I am, but I wanted you to know that I am fine. I am running, but I am fine. I can’t explain to you what happened but you must know of this.

I was talking to Penguin for a while before the incident, for about eight months of random, somewhat frequent meetings. We just talked, it was nothing more than that. We were never friends, but we had mutual understanding of our situations. I didn’t know how to talk to the you about the Citadel and so I went to what I thought was my only option. It was him.

I had been talking to him for about six months when Leia arrived and told us she was going to kill him. Unfortunately, his public standing and public presence made him an easy target. One Google search could tell her where he was. From then on, I had to play both sides. I couldn't tell her not to kill him because she'd be suspicious, and I couldn't tell him she was planning to kill him because I knew he would lash out and I knew he would just make it worse. Either way, something bad was going to happen, and I tried my best to minimize it. But, in the end, I made the worst mistake and they’re both gone and I can’t bring them back. I couldn’t save either of them. I tried, and I failed, and it was too late, and the blood is on my hands as the person still alive. So I left.

You might be wondering if I regret doing it. To answer your question, I don’t at all. I don’t regret killing her. It was a rash decision fueled by fear and hysteria, but ultimately not one I regret. I’m saying this so bluntly because I trust you not to reveal this information to the authorities. I’m taking a huge risk already even sending this to you (if I send it at all), but I think you deserve closure because you must be confused and wondering what the hell happened and why I didn’t tell you about it.

Thank you for understanding. I hope to see you sometime again soon but this will most likely be impossible.

Please let me go. Please move on.



She seals the envelope shut and leaves the library, letter in her hand. Robin is outside, waiting for her in a Jeep (the only reason this car was chosen was because it was the only one in the parking lot that was left unlocked, and somehow they managed to hotwire it. It is temporary. All things have been for the past days). Sophia gets inside.

“You have every option to turn back.” she says. “This is probably your final chance.”

Robin shakes her head quickly.

“Robin, are you sure? You really want to spend your last few days on the run with me?”

Robin looks at Sophia, a firm expression on her face.

“There is nothing for me there.” she says resolutely. “If I go back, I will die quietly and uneventfully. I would rather spend my last few days with a friend.”

Sophia is quiet.

“My worry is if you’re going to be okay.”

“I’ll be fine.” Neither of them believe it.

“Sophia…I don’t want you to lie to me. After I die, you will be alone for probably the rest of your life. I want to be sure you’re going to be okay.”

“I’ll be fine.” But there are tears brimming in Sophia’s eyes.


“What?” she snaps, tears dripping down her pale face. “I killed her. I killed her and it was too late. I couldn’t even save him, and why do I feel guilty about that? We were never friends. He never liked me. But I thought I was doing the right thing. Did I do the right thing?”

Robin is now the quiet one. She breathes quietly through her nostrils and then speaks. “I can’t tell you if you did the right thing or not, Sophia. That is something for you to decide. I just want to know if you’ll be okay after I die.”

Sophia shakes her head. “Of course I won’t.” she says bitterly. “Everyone I love leaves.”

Robin is silent.

“I haven’t known you for long, Robin, but I love you like a sister. You’re someone I can just talk to without fear of judgement. I don’t want to lose that, but I know I will.” She smiles at the other girl, but it’s forced. “I won’t be okay for a little while, but I will get through it. You don’t need to worry about me.”

Robin nods.


The two get in the Jeep and drive away. The letter sits on the dashboard tentatively, not disturbed by anything. Apprehension hangs in the air. It has been for the past few weeks.

Yet all is quiet.


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Okay, a little explanation, since I'm sure it was very rushed.

I had more planned for this, but it was all random ideas that eventually faded away. I kind of lost interest with this story because I had the ending planned definitively and that was it. I felt like a lot of what I was gonna write was filler, which was why I kind of jumped to Leia executing her plan so quickly.

The ending is not supposed to be satisfying. I hope it isn't. I never planned for it to be a good ending. The characters all conflict too much for it to be a happy and realistic ending. Leia is too stubborn, too determined, and Sophia is too scared to tell her or Penguin what the hell's going on. Penguin is too arrogant to plead for mercy, so naturally he started mocking her and attacking her character even though she clearly had the upper hand (Idiot). Leia probably wouldn't have given him mercy, anyways. Ted and Cosmic are too out of the loop and they are too distant for Sophia to feel as if she can confide in them.

I actually wrote the epilogue about...two weeks ago? It's just been sitting in my computer notes app. So I had planned for Robin's time to be limited and for Sophia to be alone in the end with an uncertain future. Whether the letter is sent or not is up to your interpretation.

There is no medical backing to Robin's limited time to live. She is just dying. This is derived from her powers. Ultimately, a power as powerful as Robin's was is taxing and will take away her life in the end. By the time she tries to use it again to demonstrate for Sophia, it is dormant and she is far too weak to perform it. I did not make this clear at all which is why I'm explaining it now.

I hope this clears up more of the actual story and the ending because I know it's pretty bad and pretty rushed. Can you tell I don't plan a coherent plot? lmao

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I can’t believe how fast you made this! It was a really good read, I liked it quite a lot. You did an amazing job winter!

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nice job on this fan fic broo B)