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Title: Canyon's FC Archive
Post by: Canyon on March 30, 2020, 03:15:23 PM
Hello, and welcome to Canyon's FC Archive! FC Archives have exploded in popularity recently (credit to Ianiant for the original idea), so I thought I'd make one of my own. My main FC topic can be found here (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=59481.0).

This topic will be locked at all times except when I'm adding new FCs here. If you ever see this topic unlocked, please do not post in it.

Please enjoy your stay, and I hope you like my FCs. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

The post below contains FC icons. In order to visit a specific FC's post, click their respective icon below.

March 30, 2020: Created FC Archive, added Calvin and Jennifer.
March 31, 2020: Added April and Philip.
April 2, 2020: Added Sally.
April 6, 2020: Added Lucia.
April 9, 2020: Added Aidan.
April 24, 2020: Added Ahmad.
April 28, 2020: Added Timothy.
May 9, 2020: Added Bitton.
May 16, 2020: Added Patrick.
May 27, 2020: Added Beatrix. Gave April eye spacing.
May 28, 2020: Added birthday list.
June 5, 2020: Added Anita.
June 11, 2020: Began updating icons.
June 12, 2020: Finished updating icons. Added Lucy and Rosie.
June 17, 2020: Added Ashlyn and George.
June 28, 2020: Added Peter, Rick, Gemma, Robert, Rebecca, Ichika, Bernard, Abby, Nolan, Tang, Molly, Riku, Anya, Kari, Charlie, and Leslie. Added a location list.
June 29, 2020: Began adding last names, ages, and nationalities. Added Cynthia and Abbott.

Title: FC Icons
Post by: Canyon on March 30, 2020, 03:15:59 PM
(https://i.ibb.co/Hh2ZFTq/Add-Text-06-11-09-04-39.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2352114#msg2352114)(https://i.ibb.co/WfQ4Csh/Add-Text-06-11-10-01-20.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2352147#msg2352147)(https://i.ibb.co/d4vVn9p/Add-Text-06-12-10-00-55.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2352774#msg2352774)(https://i.ibb.co/f4GqrWX/Add-Text-06-12-10-08-00.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2353103#msg2353103)(https://i.ibb.co/PYmy65H/Add-Text-06-20-05-39-04.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2354947#msg2354947)(https://i.ibb.co/bKn6NjK/Add-Text-06-19-07-29-12.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2359022#msg2359022)(https://i.ibb.co/qYZjcVN/Add-Text-06-12-10-27-01.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2361126#msg2361126)(https://i.ibb.co/whCc6R4/Add-Text-06-12-10-30-00.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2377750#msg2377750)(https://i.ibb.co/mvkcNdJ/Add-Text-06-12-10-31-35.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2383145#msg2383145)(https://i.ibb.co/prGPhJt/Add-Text-06-12-10-33-29.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2394561#msg2394561)(https://i.ibb.co/5Gh45zk/Add-Text-06-12-10-37-36.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2402677#msg2402677)(https://i.ibb.co/kX50yq3/Add-Text-06-20-05-47-45.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2416967#msg2416967)(https://i.ibb.co/nL82DvD/Add-Text-06-12-10-39-43.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2425535#msg2425535)(https://i.ibb.co/CW91BXg/Add-Text-06-12-02-11-08.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2432336#msg2432336)(https://i.ibb.co/s9NmxgY/Add-Text-06-12-02-21-28.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2432341#msg2432341)(https://i.ibb.co/b2z252S/Add-Text-06-17-03-05-52.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2437391#msg2437391)(https://i.ibb.co/09HQCFC/Add-Text-06-17-03-07-22.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2437402#msg2437402)(https://i.ibb.co/phdgvYh/Add-Text-06-28-09-52-10.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2446823#msg2446823)(https://i.ibb.co/grKZCGB/Add-Text-06-28-09-53-14.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2446825#msg2446825)(https://i.ibb.co/Xjs1xtv/Add-Text-06-28-09-54-16.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2446826#msg2446826)(https://i.ibb.co/kyLsp5n/Add-Text-06-28-09-56-17.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2446828#msg2446828)(https://i.ibb.co/PDJv6m2/Add-Text-06-28-10-01-24.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2446830#msg2446830)(https://i.ibb.co/wCk7QjV/Add-Text-06-28-10-03-22.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2446835#msg2446835)(https://i.ibb.co/L96zhsH/Add-Text-06-28-10-05-47.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2446836#msg2446836)(https://i.ibb.co/yWkxbDj/Add-Text-06-28-12-16-49.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2446837#msg2446837)(https://i.ibb.co/w6P5YgQ/Add-Text-06-28-01-55-29.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2446839#msg2446839)(https://i.ibb.co/WncTRS5/Add-Text-06-28-01-56-44.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2446841#msg2446841)(https://i.ibb.co/M1BR0Zc/Add-Text-06-28-02-04-52.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2446925#msg2446925)(https://i.ibb.co/NtDkTHd/Add-Text-06-28-02-05-50.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2446928#msg2446928)(https://i.ibb.co/Vmv8P9k/Add-Text-06-28-04-46-06.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2446931#msg2446931)(https://i.ibb.co/rwn4QzV/Add-Text-06-28-04-49-33.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2446932#msg2446932)(https://i.ibb.co/0VCMdmw/Add-Text-06-28-04-51-02.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2446934#msg2446934)(https://i.ibb.co/nmKVzHS/Add-Text-06-28-04-53-14.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2446935#msg2446935)(https://i.ibb.co/RvyWSJX/Add-Text-06-29-06-37-13.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2447661#msg2447661)(https://i.ibb.co/Cv96Jmq/Add-Text-06-29-06-38-11.jpg) (http://www.flipline.com/forum/index.php?topic=64517.msg2447662#msg2447662)

Title: FC Birthday List
Post by: Canyon on March 30, 2020, 03:16:15 PM
2 - Sally
16 - Abby

16 - Rebecca
27 - Jennifer

1 - Robert
6 - Timothy
18 - Abbott
28 - Ashlyn

15 - April
23 - Rick
28 - Leslie

1 - Riku
4 - George
21 - Rosie

12 - Philip
16 - Peter
27 - Nolan

3 - Aidan
18 - Lucia
27 - Kari
31 - Lucy

4 - Cynthia
10 - Ichika
13 - Bitton

9 - Calvin
19 - Patrick
27 - Gemma

3 - Tang
17 - Beatrix
22 - Ahmad
28 - Bernard

8 - Anya
11 - Anita

2 - Charlie
12 - Molly

Title: FC Location List
Post by: Canyon on March 30, 2020, 03:16:42 PM
(credit to CosmicFizzo)




Calypso Island

Maple Mountain

Starlight City



Powder Point



Sakura Bay


Title: Reserve
Post by: Canyon on March 30, 2020, 03:16:59 PM
Final reserve!

Title: #001: Calvin
Post by: Canyon on March 30, 2020, 03:33:12 PM
#001: Calvin


  • Name: Calvin Montgomery
  • Age: 30
  • Birthday: September 9
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Hometown: Maple Mountain
  • Occupation: Park Ranger
  • Loves: Exploring
  • Hates: Thorns
  • Favorite Food: Goldfish
  • Favorite Holiday: St. Paddy's Day
  • Flipdeck Info: Calvin is a happy tour guide residing in his large log cabin in the woods near Maple Mountain. During the week, he spends his time inside the local national park helping to educate visitors about the park. Occasionally, he's assigned to patrol the trails to make sure that all the tourists are safe. When he's not working, Calvin can be found sipping a cup of coffee on his front porch. On the weekends, he hikes down the mountain to the city of Powder Point where he shows off his skills at Pop Dart.


  • He was the winner of Ecopania's Summerpalooza FC Tournament, which took place in June 2020.

By Super Boomen
By KylesRandomContent

Title: #002: Jennifer
Post by: Canyon on March 30, 2020, 04:17:13 PM
#002: Jennifer


  • Name: Jennifer Walton
  • Age: 35
  • Birthday: February 27
  • Nationality: Italian
  • Hometown: Burgerburgh
  • Occupation: Antique Collector
  • Loves: Stuffed Toys
  • Hates: Dusty Vases
  • Favorite Food: Cranberry Nut Muffins
  • Favorite Holiday: Grōōvstock
  • Flipdeck Info: Jennifer is an antique collector from Burgerburgh. Her store, The Treasure Trove, is a very popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Jennifer enjoys her job, but she always loves her Sundays, the only day she has off. On those precious days, Jennifer heads over to the local library where she unwinds and reads a variety of different books. She has recently taken a liking to William Shakespeare's plays, although she can't determine her favorite just yet!


Title: #003: April
Post by: Canyon on March 31, 2020, 10:31:36 AM
#003: April


  • Name: April Schultz
  • Age: 24
  • Birthday: April 15
  • Nationality: American
  • Hometown: Starlight City
  • Occupation: Owner of Garments for Gamblers
  • Loves: Fancy Clothes
  • Hates: Snow
  • Favorite Food: French Fries
  • Favorite Holiday: Mardi Gras
  • Flipdeck Info: April lives in a large house in Starlight City. She owns and manages Garments for Gamblers, a chain of stores that sell high-end clothes. As the name suggests, the store chain is very popular with gamblers in the city. In her spare time, April usually relaxes in the large hot tub in her backyard. She enjoys the water, which is why she hosts an extravagant pool party every September. These parties are so massive that they attract the attention of news outlets around the Flipverse. Unfortunately for them, they're never allowed inside the gates.

                         Style A                                  Style B                             The FC Games 3

By Naegi

By PastaFan3000

By Cacti

Title: #004: Philip
Post by: Canyon on March 31, 2020, 04:42:29 PM
#004: Philip


  • Name: Philip
  • Birthday: June 12
  • Hometown: Oniontown
  • Occupation: Chief Advisor
  • Loves: Sand
  • Hates: Long Flights
  • Favorite Food: Cucumber
  • Favorite Holiday: Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Flipdeck Info: Philip is the chief advisor to the mayor of Oniontown. He helps the mayor make important decisions that will better the city of Oniontown. He enjoys his job, especially since he can easily take the subway to and from work. On the weekends, Philip heads to the local home improvement store where he browses around for stuff that he can use to better both the interior and exterior of his house. His biggest project was building a whole new floor at the top of his house. Because he did it alone, it took him over two years, but it was worth it!


Title: #005: Sally
Post by: Canyon on April 02, 2020, 06:57:14 PM
#005: Sally


  • Name: Sally
  • Birthday: January 2
  • Hometown: Frostfield
  • Occupation: College Student
  • Loves: Cold Weather
  • Hates: Geckos
  • Favorite Food: Dark Chocolate
  • Favorite Holiday: New Year
  • Flipdeck Info: Sally is a college student at Frostfield University. She enjoys her college life, even though the work can be difficult at times. She tries her best to get good grades, and she has a great work ethic. When she doesn't have classes, Sally can be found doing homework in her dorm or knitting a new hat or scarf for herself. She loves the cold weather, so she definitely needs a large supply of them to keep her warm. She currently has about twenty scarves and hats that are all in different colors, and she doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon!


Title: #006: Lucia
Post by: Canyon on April 06, 2020, 08:09:07 PM
#006: Lucia


  • Name: Lucia
  • Birthday: July 18
  • Hometown: Oniontown
  • Occupation: Taste Tester
  • Loves: Cherries
  • Hates: Mice
  • Favorite Food: Ice Cream
  • Favorite Holiday: Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Flipdeck Info: Lucia is the official taste tester at The Creamery, an amazing ice cream parlor. She taste tests every single flavor of ice cream to make sure that they are sufficient enough to be sold to customers. She likes most of the flavors she tries, but for others, she sometimes questions the sanity of the product development team. When she's not working, she can be found eating waffles at her favorite restaurants around the Flipverse. She usually orders three jumbo-sized waffles with three cherries on top of each of them.


By Sagittarius
By Petey K

Title: #007: Aidan
Post by: Canyon on April 09, 2020, 11:41:05 AM
#007: Aidan


  • Name: Aidan
  • Birthday: July 3
  • Hometown: Calypso Island
  • Occupation: Surfer
  • Loves: Deep Water
  • Hates: Thunderstorms
  • Favorite Food: Cheetos
  • Favorite Holiday: Summer Luau
  • Flipdeck Info: Aidan is a professional surfer from Calypso Island. He first started surfing when he was a boy, and he eventually grew to like it so much that he wanted to do it for a living. Now, Aidan competes in over twenty professional competitions every year across the Flipverse. Although he usually places in the top ten (out of fifty), he's aiming to take home a gold medal within the next few years. When he's resting between competitions, Aidan reads surfing magazines and hangs out with his ninety pet fish living in an extremely large aquarium in his house.


By Petey K

Title: #008: Ahmad
Post by: Canyon on April 24, 2020, 08:51:52 AM
#008: Ahmad


  • Name: Ahmad
  • Birthday: October 22
  • Hometown: Toastwood
  • Occupation: Urban Planner
  • Loves: Farms
  • Hates: Parking Lots
  • Favorite Food: Pretzels
  • Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
  • Flipdeck Info: Ahmad is an urban designer from Toastwood. He's responsible for most of the layout of Toastwood, including the location of the famous Papa's Cheeseria. Ahmad is also a strong supporter of farms, and he tries to limit the urban sprawl from taking over all the farms found outside the city. On the other hand, he dislikes parking lots simply because they're wasted space that could be replaced with something much more valuable to the community. In his free time, Ahmad makes sure to take his pet cocker spaniel, Fluffy, to the local trails for a nice long walk.


Title: #009: Timothy
Post by: Canyon on April 28, 2020, 02:14:43 PM
#009: Timothy


  • Name: Timothy
  • Birthday: March 6
  • Hometown: Tastyville
  • Occupation: Head of security
  • Loves: Windows
  • Hates: Water Bottles
  • Favorite Food: Peanuts
  • Favorite Holiday: Gondola 500
  • Flipdeck Info: Timothy enjoys his job at Tastyville International Airport. He makes sure passengers aren't bringing hazardous materials onto the aircraft. During off-peak hours, Timothy walks up and down the terminals and helps people get to where they need to be. On Tuesdays, his days off, Timothy relaxes at his 44,000 square-foot mansion and reads his favorite book, Ghost Island, in one of the twenty-two bedrooms. He doesn't enjoy any other book, which is why he's only been reading Ghost Island. He wishes for a sequel, but the author is no longer alive.


Title: #010: Bitton
Post by: Canyon on May 09, 2020, 09:48:51 AM
#010: Bitton


  • Name: Bitton
  • Birthday: August 13
  • Hometown: Toastwood
  • Occupation: Owner of Bitton's Buttons
  • Loves: Buttons
  • Hates: T-Shirts
  • Favorite Food: Bananas
  • Favorite Holiday: Summer Luau
  • Flipdeck Info: Bitton has a good time working with customers at his store, Bitton's Buttons. He loves seeing the different color preferences of each customer. He personally likes blue buttons, but he doesn't complain when customers order purple buttons, his least favorite color. When the store is closed on Sundays, Bitton loves to get away from all the fame and glory he has. He usually travels to the Sun and Fun Resort on Calypso Island and enjoys his day under the alias of Nottib.


Title: #011: Patrick
Post by: Canyon on May 16, 2020, 08:28:02 AM
#011: Patrick


  • Name: Patrick
  • Birthday: September 19
  • Hometown: Maple Mountain
  • Occupation: Emergency Dispatcher
  • Loves: Reliable Vehicles
  • Hates: Slippery Trails
  • Favorite Food: Blueberries
  • Favorite Holiday: Neptune's Feast
  • Flipdeck Info: When working, Patrick knows that all of Maple Mountain's residents are relying on him to be a dependable emergency dispatcher. Whenever the local emergency hotline is dialed, Patrick's the one to pick up and send first responders to the scene. He can't afford to make any mistakes, as lives are on the line every single time he answers a call. This sometimes causes stress for him, so he's sure to practice careful meditation techniques for half an hour a day. When Patrick has a rare day off, he heads over to Papa's Pancakeria, where he volunteers to help cook some delicious breakfast to accommodate the constant rush of customers.


Title: #012: Beatrix
Post by: Canyon on May 27, 2020, 04:33:32 PM
#012: Beatrix


  • Name: Beatrix
  • Birthday: October 17
  • Hometown: Sakura Bay
  • Occupation: Librarian
  • Loves: Cats
  • Hates: Loudspeakers
  • Favorite Food: Cranberry Juice
  • Favorite Holiday: Sky Ninja Returns
  • Flipdeck Info: While Beatrix may look like someone from the magical realm, she's certainly no witch! She's just a normal librarian living in Sakura Bay. She loves being surrounded by literature and can always be found reading something. Her favorite things to read are newspapers from the 1800s, which fascinate her. Occasionally, just like any sane person, she needs a break, which is why she camps out in a tent for the weekend in the lush forests of Sakura Bay a few times a year. One time, a stray cat managed to sneak into tent and fell asleep on her back. Beatrix gladly took the cat home, where she then provided for it. The cat, who she named Trevor, soon became her favorite animal of all time.


  • Her name was suggested by -PastelPenguins-

Title: #013: Anita
Post by: Canyon on June 05, 2020, 07:35:02 AM
#013: Anita


  • Name: Anita
  • Birthday: November 11
  • Hometown: Whiskview
  • Occupation: Train Engineer
  • Loves: Paper
  • Hates: Tape Measures
  • Favorite Food: Toffee
  • Favorite Holiday: Christmas
  • Flipdeck Info: While Anita may not have the highest-paying job in the Flipverse, that doesn't stop her from enjoying it. She's always had a passion for trains, which is part of the reason why she decided to become an engineer for the commuter trains in the Flipverse. She's responsible for getting thousands of people to where they need to be every single day. After her rush-hour shift, she comes home, relaxes on the couch, and watches a movie. She usually falls asleep during it, but her 5:00 AM alarm is always there to wake her up the next day for another long day of work.


Title: #014: Lucy
Post by: Canyon on June 12, 2020, 12:07:39 PM
#014: Lucy


  • Name: Lucy
  • Birthday: July 31
  • Hometown: Tacodale
  • Occupation: Judge
  • Loves: Police Officers
  • Hates: Loud Children
  • Favorite Food: Noodles
  • Favorite Holiday: Chilifest
  • Flipdeck Info: Lucy is a no-nonsense judge from Tacodale. She handles each case with precision, and she always analyzes every single aspect before making a ruling. Because of this, she's never regretted any decision she's made while on the job, which has caused her to live a rather peaceful life rather than constantly dwelling over the past. When Lucy's not banging the gavel, she rides around the city's sidewalks, occasionally popping in to say hi to her former clients (well, the ones she likes).


Title: #015: Rosie
Post by: Canyon on June 12, 2020, 12:18:26 PM
#015: Rosie


  • Name: Rosie
  • Birthday: May 21
  • Hometown: Oniontown
  • Occupation: Scientist
  • Loves: Fridges
  • Hates: Plastic Utensils
  • Favorite Food: Peppermint Bark
  • Favorite Holiday: Big Top Carnival
  • Flipdeck Info: Rosie is a hardworking scientist who spends her time testing different chemicals and substances at the Federal Bureau of Material Analysis in Oniontown. Her discoveries and findings help uncover new information about the many secrets of the planet. In her spare time, Rosie loves to mountain climb at the Rocks R Us Resort in Maple Mountain. Mountain climbing has always been a fun experience for her, and sometimes, she encounters interesting substances to analyze during her trips up and down the slope!


Title: #016: Ashlyn
Post by: Canyon on June 17, 2020, 12:52:32 PM
#016: Ashlyn


  • Birthday: March 28
  • Hometown: Sakura Bay
  • Occupation: Veterinarian
  • Loves: Fish
  • Hates: Slippery Floors
  • Favorite Food: Peppermint Bark
  • Favorite Holiday: Lucky Lucky Matsuri
  • Flipdeck Info: Ashlyn is a well-known veterinarian from Sakura Bay. Because of the diversity in wildlife, she handles creatures from toucans to ocelots on a daily basis. No vet school teaches students how to repair the bill of a toucan, so Ashlyn's had to learn many procedures by herself. Some people are skeptical of this, but she doesn't let that get to her. After her job, she usually passes time by taking a walk around the city. There's always something new for her to look at.


By Spumoni

Title: #017: George
Post by: Canyon on June 17, 2020, 12:59:05 PM
#017: George


  • Birthday: May 4
  • Hometown: Starlight City
  • Occupation: Storm Chaser
  • Relatives: Peter (brother)
  • Loves: Tornadoes
  • Hates: Rules
  • Favorite Food: Maple Syrup
  • Favorite Holiday: Maple Mornings
  • Flipdeck Info: George is an independent storm chaser who makes his money from selling his high-quality video footage to news stations. Whenever a hurricane forms, George hops in his sturdy luxurious yacht and follows the storm. Tornadoes are his favorite, although they rarely strike nearby his hometown of Starlight City. In his free time, George likes to sleep. The most he's ever slept at one time is 23 hours, when he went to bed at 3:00 PM and didn't wake up until 2:00 PM the next day.


Title: #018: Peter
Post by: Canyon on June 28, 2020, 03:58:07 PM
#018: Peter


  • Name: Peter
  • Birthday: June 16
  • Hometown: Sakura Bay
  • Occupation: Lawyer
  • Relatives: George (brother)
  • Loves: Pianos
  • Hates: Shoelaces
  • Favorite Food: Chocolate Cake
  • Favorite Holiday: Halloween
  • Flipdeck Info: Peter works in his own law firm, Ridge Law Offices, in Sakura Bay with his associates. He's an all-around lawyer, so he doesn't really specialize in one specific type. As a result, he's gotten lots of experience in a variety of different fields as a lawyer. When he's not dealing with legal matters, Peter's probably kayaking through the peaceful Showa Pond. He finds kayaking extremely relaxing, especially in quiet environments.


Title: #019: Rick
Post by: Canyon on June 28, 2020, 04:02:55 PM
#019: Rick


  • Name: Rick
  • Birthday: April 23
  • Hometown: Tastyville
  • Occupation: Dentist
  • Loves: Seagulls
  • Hates: Stop Signs
  • Favorite Food: Chocolate Cake
  • Favorite Holiday: Valentine's Day
  • Flipdeck Info: Rick is a dentist who works with his partner, Jimmy, in a building they own called Building 301. The two of them provide dental services for the majority of the city along with Rebecca, another dentist working in the building. While Rebecca runs a different dental office, she still gets along well with Rick and Jimmy. After a day of filling cavities and playing with teeth, he heads home, grabs a chocolate cake, and eats it (yes, the entire full-sized chocolate cake) while watching mystery movies.


Title: #020: Gemma
Post by: Canyon on June 28, 2020, 04:05:11 PM
#020: Gemma


  • Name: Gemma
  • Birthday: September 27
  • Hometown: Burgerburgh
  • Occupation: Interior Designer
  • Loves: Lamps
  • Hates: Chandeliers
  • Favorite Food: Strawberries
  • Favorite Holiday: New Year
  • Flipdeck Info: Gemma is a cheerful interior designer from Burgerburgh. She treats her customers like family, and she helps plan every aspect of their homes. Her customers appreciate her services, and almost every one of them is satisfied with how their homes look on the inside. When she's not visiting homes, she's almost always going online to research decorations and other elements that would make a great addition to a home. Although she's good at designing, building is her Achilles heel. She's tried many times, but success has been limited for her, especially after she stepped in an open can of paint.


  • She was originally created for Season 3 of the Anonymous FC Tournament, in which she made it to the semi-finals.

Title: #021: Robert
Post by: Canyon on June 28, 2020, 04:09:05 PM
#021: Robert


  • Name: Robert
  • Birthday: March 1
  • Hometown: Whiskview
  • Occupation: Meteorologist
  • Loves: Warm Fronts
  • Hates: Blizzards
  • Favorite Food: Animal Crackers
  • Favorite Holiday: New Year
  • Flipdeck Info: Meteorology is and has always been Robert's passion. Ever since he was little, he constantly asked questions and was fascinated by the weather. It only made sense that he pursued a career in meteorology, and now he's one of Whiskview's top reporters. He can often be seen on the huge TVs in Whiskview Mall, so he's well-known around town. After a day at work, he goes home and takes a nap. He then eats dinner, reads, and then goes to sleep. When he wakes up the next morning, the first thing he does is check the weather, and so begins another day in the life of Robert.


  • He was originally created for Season 3 of the Anonymous FC Tournament, in which he lost in the first round.

Title: #022: Rebecca
Post by: Canyon on June 28, 2020, 04:13:54 PM
#022: Rebecca


  • Name: Rebecca
  • Birthday: February 16
  • Hometown: Oniontown
  • Occupation: Dentist
  • Loves: Mint Toothpaste
  • Hates: X-Rays
  • Favorite Food: Coconut Chocolate Almond Ice Cream
  • Favorite Holiday: Valentine's Day
  • Flipdeck Info: Rebecca works as a dentist in Building 301 along with Rick and Jimmy Lax, although they run a different dental office. Her favorite part about her job is seeing kids go home with shiny teeth, but on the other hand, she hates pulling teeth out. In her free time, Rebecca spends time in downtown Oniontown looking for new stores and restaurants to visit. She also enjoys helping out at the local greenhouse, since she's always had a place in her heart for plants and flowers.


Title: #023: Ichika
Post by: Canyon on June 28, 2020, 04:17:31 PM
#023: Ichika


  • Name: Ichika
  • Birthday: August 10
  • Hometown: Starlight City
  • Occupation: Museum Curator
  • Loves: Stone
  • Hates: Dirty Glass
  • Favorite Food: Donuts
  • Favorite Holiday: Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Flipdeck Info: Ichika is a curator at the Museum of Ancient Currency located in Starlight City. She makes sure that the museum is an organized and fun place for people to visit when they have some time to spare. The price to enter the museum is rather low, so she tends to see many visitors. This is a good thing, but more people make more of a mess. She has to clean all the display cases at least three times a day, which can get boring. After work, Ichika usually heads over to the fountain and relaxes for a little bit before going home.


  • She was originally going to be submitted into Season 3 of the Anonymous FC Tournament, but I ended up submitting Gemma instead.

Title: #024: Bernard
Post by: Canyon on June 28, 2020, 04:20:17 PM
#024: Bernard


  • Name: Bernard
  • Birthday: October 28
  • Hometown: Powder Point
  • Occupation: Cafe Owner
  • Loves: Berets
  • Hates: Gloves
  • Favorite Food: Vanilla Drizzle
  • Favorite Holiday: BavariaFest
  • Flipdeck Info: Bernard is the owner of the Powdery Place Cafe, which of course, is located in Powder Point. He's mostly behind the scenes, so he's rarely seen in the main area of the cafe or interacting with customers. He's usually in his office dealing with the cafe's finances, menu, employees, and the other many things that it takes to run an independent cafe. Occasionally, he'll come downstairs to grab a bite to eat, although he sometimes sneaks out to buy a donut from the cafe's main competitor, Papa's Donuteria.


Title: #025: Abby
Post by: Canyon on June 28, 2020, 04:22:35 PM
#025: Abby


  • Name: Abby
  • Birthday: January 16
  • Hometown: Tacodale
  • Occupation: Detective
  • Loves: Driving
  • Hates: Chairs
  • Favorite Food: Lemon Cookies
  • Favorite Holiday: New Year
  • Flipdeck Info: Abby is a private detective who is often hired by the Tacodale Police Department whenever a major crime occurs. Her fees are high, as she does an amazing job finding and analyzing evidence. In her free time, she likes to eat candy. It is one of her personal goals to go to every candy store in the Flipverse at least once. She is almost done with the city of Tacodale, which will be her first city to complete. She will then go on to Toastwood.


Title: #026: Nolan
Post by: Canyon on June 28, 2020, 04:25:06 PM
#026: Nolan


  • Name: Nolan
  • Birthday: June 27
  • Hometown: Tacodale
  • Occupation: Supermarket Employee
  • Loves: Rocky Terrain
  • Hates: Oceans
  • Favorite Food: Buffalo Sauce
  • Favorite Holiday: Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Flipdeck Info: Nolan is an energetic college student residing in Tacodale. He has a part-time job at El Supermercado, which is one of the main supermarkets in Tacodale. He's an all-around employee, meaning that he can be a cashier one day and a janitor the next. It just depends on what the supermarket needs at the moment. As a kid, he loved playing with his older brother, Ben. Now that they're both grown up, they can't spend much time together, but they try visit each other every two months. Most of his time is occupied by work and school, so Nolan doesn't have much free time. But when he does, he usually spends it by taking his motorcycle out to the country roads. He revs the engine and drive at a hundred miles an hour through the hilly countryside. Oddly, he hasn't been given a speeding ticket yet.


Title: #027: Tang
Post by: Canyon on June 28, 2020, 04:28:02 PM
#027: Tang


  • Name: Tang
  • Birthday: October 3
  • Hometown: Powder Point
  • Occupation: Architect
  • Loves: Cookie Jars
  • Hates: Glowsticks
  • Favorite Food: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
  • Favorite Holiday: Thanksgiving
  • Flipdeck Info: Tang is one of the most respected architects at Blueprints Corporation, one of the largest architectural firms in the Flipverse. Tang mainly draws blueprints for major projects, such as the many bridges found in Oniontown. In his free time, Tang likes to explore the wilderness. He often journeys to the taiga and tundra, where he walks for days on end to explore. He carries an extremely heavy backpack containing all the food, water, and supplies he needs to keep him healthy and safe in these unpopulated areas. He's managed to not come across any particularly dangerous situations, although he has glimpsed a bear and multiple wolves from afar.


Title: #028: Molly
Post by: Canyon on June 28, 2020, 07:16:38 PM
#028: Molly


  • Name: Molly
  • Birthday: December 12
  • Hometown: Whiskview
  • Occupation: Travel Blogger
  • Loves: Reliable Internet
  • Hates: Post Offices
  • Favorite Food: Tangerine Pop
  • Favorite Holiday: Summer Luau
  • Flipdeck Info: Molly is a travel blogger who works for Travel Trout, the main travel agency of the Flipverse. Molly has a spacious office inside their Whiskview location, so she's able to relax while also writing about various travel locations, which are then posted on the Travel Trout website. Her blogs vary on a daily basis. She may write about food, drinks, culture, weather, current events, tourist attractions and more for a variety of different locations around the Flipverse. When she's not at work writing, she's traveling, of course! Travel Trout covers all her expenses, so she can spend as much as she wants. However, on one trip to Oniontown, she was pickpocketed. The thief took her Travel Trout identification card, which all employees must have when traveling. Luckily, law enforcement officials were able to capture the thief using footage from a nearby security camera. Molly got her ID card back and made sure that her ID card was around her neck at all times rather than in her pocket.


  • Credit to AskJoe for her occupation.

Title: #029: Riku
Post by: Canyon on June 28, 2020, 07:20:38 PM
#029: Riku


  • Name: Riku
  • Birthday: May 1
  • Hometown: Sakura Bay
  • Occupation: Street Racer
  • Loves: Action Movies
  • Hates: Speed Limits
  • Favorite Food: Almonds
  • Favorite Holiday: Gondola 500
  • Flipdeck Info: Riku is a street racer who simply loves the thrill of speeding along city roads. Being from the peaceful town of Sakura Bay, no street races are organized or held nearby. Rather than traveling to a big city to race in such events, he just participate in illegal street races in Sakura Bay. The organizers don't get permission from the town, so everyone must keep it under wraps so the police doesn't get involved. A race usually takes place once a month in the middle of the night. When the race begins, the sports cars roar down the main road, which awakens the residents (and the police). By the time the cops arrive, the race is over and everyone has fled the scene. Even though Riku may be participating in illegal activities, her, the other racers, and the event organizes are friendly and fun people. They just want to have a thrilling and exciting night, even though it may not abide by the law. However, a great night can easily go downhill when a racer hits a building, lightpost, or other obstruction. This happens rarely, but Riku makes sure to stay focused nevertheless.


Title: #030: Anya
Post by: Canyon on June 28, 2020, 07:24:41 PM
#030: Anya


  • Name: Anya
  • Birthday: November 8
  • Hometown: Tastyville
  • Occupation: Sign Language Interpreter
  • Loves: Meditation
  • Hates: Mosquitoes
  • Favorite Food: Spinach
  • Favorite Holiday: Holi
  • Flipdeck Info: Anya grew up with deaf parents. Because of this, her parents found it more important to teach her sign language rather than English. Anya didn't learn to speak until she was eight years old when she was first sent to school. This put her far behind her classmates, but as a bright student, she was able to catch up fairly quickly. When she graduated from high school, Anya wanted to give back to the deaf community, since she knows what hardships these families face. This is why she chose to become a sign language interpreter. In schools across the city, she translates the teacher's words into sign language so deaf students are able to follow along. Her work is greatly appreciated by her students and their families, and many of her students grow to become successful people, despite their inability to hear. She knows that no matter what setbacks you suffer, you can push through with success.


Title: #031: Kari
Post by: Canyon on June 28, 2020, 07:26:51 PM
#031: Kari


  • Name: Kari
  • Birthday: July 27
  • Hometown: Starlight City
  • Occupation: Crayon Specialist
  • Loves: Tie-Dye
  • Hates: Cloudy Nights
  • Favorite Food: Spinach
  • Favorite Holiday: New Year
  • Flipdeck Info: Ever since she was a child, Kari has always loved crayons. She couldn't go an hour without picking up a crayon. She drew on paper, furniture, the walls, or anything else that was available to her. She may have gotten into serious trouble, but that didn't stop her from loving crayons. Her passion for these artistic utensils remained with her all the way through school, and she finally decided that she wanted to make a career out of it. She chose to become an advisor to one of the major art suppliers in the Flipverse. She goes around the Flipverse and researches the demand of certain crayon colors. She then reports back to the company and advises them to stop production of certain colors while also creating brand new colors. Her entire life is based on crayons, and she loves it. She has a huge drawing on a wall in her house, and the drawing contains every single crayon color in existence. Some say Kari's over the top, but she doesn't really mind. As long as she has access to crayons, she's happy.


Title: #032: Charlie
Post by: Canyon on June 28, 2020, 07:28:07 PM
#032: Charlie


  • Name: Charlie
  • Birthday: December 2
  • Hometown: Starlight City
  • Occupation: Teacher
  • Loves: Bugs
  • Hates: Water Balloons
  • Favorite Food: All types of nuts
  • Favorite Holiday: New Year
  • Flipdeck Info: Charlie is the youngest teacher at Starlight City High School. Despite that, he's considered one of the best teachers. He's the most recent teacher to have gone through the high school experience, so he understands his students better than anyone else. He knows what it's like to be a student, so he helps ensure that the classes he teach are enjoyable rather than stressful. His students are grateful for this, and they tend to get relatively high scores in Charlie's classes compared to classes taught by other teachers. On weekends or during breaks, Charlie enjoys biking in the trails of Maple Mountain. It's an adventure that helps him relax while also helping him get his exercise in. He's thinking about getting a bit more serious, which is why he's saving up some money to purchase a professional bike rather than the standard model he currently owns.


Title: #033: Leslie
Post by: Canyon on June 28, 2020, 07:29:30 PM
#033: Leslie


  • Name: Leslie
  • Birthday: April 28
  • Hometown: Calypso Island
  • Occupation: Doctor
  • Loves: Cherry Blossoms
  • Hates: Bumpy Roads
  • Favorite Food: Shrimp
  • Favorite Holiday: Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Flipdeck Info: Leslie is a doctor who works at a major hospital in Calypso Island. She enjoys taking care of the patients and ensuring that they recover successfully. Just like any other doctor, she's sad whenever one of her patients pass away, but she understands that's inevitable. She tries not to dwell on the subject too long, and if she does, the sunny weather of Calypso Island always cheers her up. Despite the great weather, Leslie needs to get away once in a while. She travels to the mainland, where she visits a national park to walk around and enjoy the sights. Being in nature is always a good thing for her, and it just allows her to escape from the pressure surrounding her job. When she arrives back at work, she's almost always in a better mood. Her co-workers have figured this out, so they always ask her favors within a day of her return, because she's almost guaranteed to agree.


Title: #034: Cynthia
Post by: Canyon on June 29, 2020, 04:17:27 PM
#034: Cynthia


  • Name: Cynthia Fairfax
  • Age: 24
  • Birthday: August 4
  • Nationality: American
  • Hometown: Starlight City
  • Occupation: Model
  • Loves: Cloudy Days
  • Hates: Waffles
  • Favorite Food: Spinach
  • Favorite Holiday: Sugarplex Film Fest
  • Flipdeck Info: Cynthia is a model working for a well-known modeling agency in Starlight City. She enjoys her job, especially because she gets to interact with lots of different people on a daily basis. Cynthia's always loved attention, even when she was young. She was an only child, so she received a lot of attention from her parents. That's one of the reasons why she chose to go into modeling. She wanted the world to be aware of her existence. Since she appears in advertisements for many major companies in the Flipverse, she's immediately recognized almost every place she goes. Occasionally, this can be tiring for her, so she tries to disguise herself as best she can. By wearing contacts and completely switching up her outfit, she's able to act as a normal person, which is exactly what she wants. Unfortunately for her, she knows that she can't be a model forever. Once she ends her modeling career, she wants to go into politics. Her main goal is to become a representative for the Starlight City region.

Title: #035: Abbott
Post by: Canyon on June 29, 2020, 04:17:44 PM
#035: Abbott


  • Name: Abbott Warwick
  • Age: 31
  • Birthday: March 18
  • Nationality: British
  • Hometown: Portallini
  • Occupation: Bank Teller
  • Loves: Classical Music
  • Hates: Counterfeit Money
  • Favorite Food: Meatballs
  • Favorite Holiday: Comet Con
  • Flipdeck Info: Abbott is a bank teller at the Portallini Bank. It's not the best job in the world, but it allows him to further develop his social skills, which was a significant problem when he was a child. He was extremely shy and didn't interact with anyone except his parents. He didn't have many friends, and his whole life as a kid wasn't pleasant for him. Luckily, he had supportive parents who slowly helped Abbott become into the person he is today. People interacting with him would never guess the problems he faced not even two decades earlier. Abbott enjoys his job, and he has a somewhat extensive knowledge of the banking process. He would like to become the branch manager in the future, but for now, he's content. He doesn't have to worry about robbers, since Portallini is virtually free of all crime. It's a peaceful town, and he loves living there.