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Title: Common Sense to Fan Art
Post by: magicmusic on January 15, 2014, 04:12:06 PM
So.... I have seen some problems in this recently and therefore I wrote this as a guideline to people using it.

New content are in bold and color

All the codes listed here will be shown with < and > instead of [ and ]

Please follow the other guidelines
As part of the forum all the forum guidelines must be followed, especially "Don’t be rude or harass others." and "Post threads in the correct forums."

Avoid making new topics
The topics that exist mostly cover all types of fan art that can possibly be made, there is not much point in making more topics just to stand out, as when the topic gets old and people stop commenting, the topic is still going to sink to the deeper pages where most users no longer visit them. Therefore, it is advised that new topics should be made only if it is an entirely new type of fan art (such as music, video, interactive art) or it is a project that you and/or your fellow forumers will continuously work on.

Posting images
You can post your work in two ways, one is through a file uploading website, and post it using the code <img>the link here</img>. Another way is through the forum built-in attachment function, click the "Additional Options..." button below the text box and choose you file, please notice the allowed file type, maximum size, and number of attachments per post. Notice that if you are uploading a png file on attach, if either the width or height is more than roughly 450 pixel, the image might get a black background, to avoid it, simply resize your file or use the <img> code

Avoid posting huge images
When using the <img></img> code, there is a possibility that the resulting image will be too big, so it is advised that user limit the size by using <img width=512> or <img height=512>, the number can vary but it is advised that the height of the displaced image is not greater than the height of the screen of your device.

Reasonable quoting
Be minded about what have you quote, if there's a large image in it, please either remove it or resize it

Do not claim others' art as yours
It is a crime to plagiarize others' art, and taking credit for someone else's art with no effort. If you are reposting someone's art, please credit them in words and if possible, provide a link to the original page

Be sure the original artist allows/doesn't mind if you the edit/use their design.
It is important that the artist knows in what way their art is used. If the art is free for editing (for example bases, templates) you can feel free to use it. If it is not, please either PM the artist or make sure the art is posted somewhere the original artist frequently visits. If the original artist wishes it to be taken down, please respect the artist and do as he/she says.

Please do not lock important/public topics
It is okay to lock requests and/or collaboration topics (especially the no longer active ones), but please do not lock topics that are used by the whole community (such as the main Fan Art topic, FCs and User, etc).

Empty topics will be deleted
If your topic dont have any fan art in it, why posting it in this board?

It should also be noted that the entire fan art section was approved by the admin before the first fan art topic was made, and it is not necessary to ask the admins for using their characters in fan art, but it is not allowed to make any sellable products using their graphics, animations, games, code, logos, characters, music, trademarks, or names without their written permission.

As the forum now restrict to jpg only, it should be notice that if you are drawing in layers via photoshop and/or other drawing software, there is a chance that your image quality will decrease greatly if you are using attachment in the forum. To prevent that, you may use the link code instead or make sure your image in within 480x480 pixels, anything bigger in either axis will result in the forum modifying the image down as a thumbnail, and the full sized image will only be visible by click the image as a light box

Title: Re: Common Sense to Fan Art
Post by: magicmusic on May 10, 2016, 11:10:01 AM
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