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1  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWG One Hundred and Sixteen: Stan Loona Stream Butterfly Lounge (HUMANS WIN) on: June 27, 2019, 07:07:58 AM
can't update the main topic so yall just need to check here for up to date deaths and stuff

Human - No special ability but work with town to destroy the wolves
Disguised Wolf
- a wolf that shows Green in Seer check

Seer - receives the color of a player
Guardian - Each night, can choose a player to guard. Whoever they choose cannot be killed by most other roles.
Psycho - Once per game, can activate Psycho Mode. Anyone who visits them that night will die.
Necromancer - Can revive one dead player.

Confrere Wolf - Once per game, can check a player. If the player has a special ability, the Confrere Wolf will be able to use it once. The original player will not lose any uses of their role.
Wolf - a Wolf with no special abilities
Eidetic Wolf - Sees who visits them at night.
Mason - thinks they are a normal human but they show up as Red in Seer checks

Reverser -  3 times per game, can reverse a target. If their target tries to use an ability, the player the target's ability is targeting will use the ability on the Reverser's target, and the Reverser's target will use the ability of the player they targeted on the player they targeted. Wins if they make it to the end.
Cronie - Each night, chooses a player. All actions performed on that player are also performed on the Cronie. Wins if they make it past Night 4.

The List:
1. Pizzaccino
2. Jerks Ghost MODKILLED DAY 1
3. Oofis
4. Archie LYNCHED DAY 1
5. Poppy Gloria
6. hyewon
7. inb4
8. ColtsFan18
9. Zero Two
10. Q-Cumber
11. CursedSkylark
12. The Lukundo
13. Raven WOLFED NIGHT 1
14. LavenderTowne
2  General / General Discussion / whens cmc3 coming out on: February 28, 2019, 10:53:38 PM
whens cmc3 coming out
3  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWG CVII: Age of Mythology (Wolves Win) (ya didn't do stuff ffs) on: April 22, 2018, 08:25:26 PM
Have fun, kids

Game Info & Rolelist:
TWG: Age of Mythology

Gimmick: The humans are divided into three ancient cultures of Greek, Egyptian and Norse. Each culture must work to complete an additional, secondary objective, in addition to the main objective of killing all the bad guys. If the humans win, only the cultures that have completed their special objective will be considered victorious. If a culture completes their special objective, it will be announced publicly, and the culture will gain access to a god power. If 50% or more of the living humans in a culture privately vote to activate the power within a single night, it will be activated that night. The wolves also have a special objective, which they can fulfil to gain a god power. However, this is not required to be fulfilled for them to win.

Note: Greek/Egyptian/Norse Humans are just told they’re human. Will also be told if their team has fulfilled their special objective, so that they can vote to use it.

Greek Human (4) - Has no special ability.
Knot Expert (4) - Will not die the first time they receive the most lynch votes.
Seer (5) - sees someone’s color each night
Oracle (5) - Each night, predicts who will be lynched the next day. Each day, predicts who will be killed/attacked by wolves the next night. If they guess correctly, will receive the color of the next living person below the person they predicted who died on the list below (not the sign-ups list)
Special objective: Seer and Oracle must together find 2 red/black roles.
God power: Seer can check 2 people in one night. If Seer is dead, then one accurate priest prophecy is revealed publicly.

Egyptian Human (4)
Egyptian Human (4)
Engineer (5) - Able to build one of each building throughout the course of a game
→ Sentry Gun - Can choose to place a Sentry Gun on a specific player at night. Anyone who visits the player will be killed.
→ Teleporter - One living player is chosen by the Engineer. If the player has an ability, they will perform it twice the following night. If no ability, the player's lynch vote counts twice.
Architect (5) - Once in the game, can construct a safe house for a player of their choice. This will protect that player and both of their neighbours in the list below (not the sign-ups list) from all attacks for the rest of the game. This loops around for the first and last roles on the list. People in the safe house will not be protected if they choose to visit someone that night. If the people protected by the Architect's safe house make up the majority of the remaining humans, they are no longer protected.
Special objective: At least 2 buildings from either the Architect or Engineer must be effective (have their effects used at some point in the game). In the case of the Teleporter, it must be used to provide an additional ability use.
God power: Engineer can place one additional building (if the Engineer dies, then a random Egyptian Human will be able to place the building, or the Architect if both of them are dead).

Norse Human (4)
Norse Human (4)
Cop (5) - Can shoot 3 players in the game, 1 per night, from Night 2 onwards. Will kill themselves if they shoot a power role (in this case, a human role that can contribute to their team’s special objective).
Mercenary (5) - can guard against conversions/Kronos
Special objective: Must kill at least 2 evil roles (Kronos/Servant/Wolf) with Cop/Mercenary
God power: One random player from the team will gain Psycho abilities (can kill anyone who visits them for one night), which they must use within the next 3 nights.

Demolition Wolf (5) - Can visit three players in the game (one a night); if the player has a building from either the Architect or Engineer, then the building will be permanently destroyed.
Brutal Wolf (4) - When lynched, will kill a player.
Wolf Shaman (5) - Each night can choose to see one player's colour.
Cowardly Wolf (4) - A Cowardly Wolf that is equivalent to a Refugee, but only has two vests instead of the usual four, and also sided for the Wolves so he can't win with anyone but with Wolves. If all other wolves die, his team loses, as he can't kill out of his cowardice.
Optional objective: Prevent any team from winning
God power: Can kill 2 people on a night of their choice

Kronos - Chooses one player in game to convert to be his Servant (colored black). This player will lose their original ability if they had one, work with and earn points for Kronos at a constant rate each night, based on how powerful their role is. The number of points that a role earns each night is listed next to the roles. If Kronos and his servant achieves 20 points, then Kronos beats all + wins.
    → Servant Protection: once in the game, Kronos can choose to redirect an attack against his servant to another player of choice.
→  If Kronos dies, then the Servant returns back to their team as a Human or a regular Wolf (Maniac will stay Maniac however)
→ If the Servant dies, then Kronos dies too.

Maniac (4) - When lynched, kills one player. Wins if they are lynched.

Oracle/Architect list:
Norse Human
Demolition Wolf
Egyptian Human
Wolf Shaman
Greek Human
Knot Expert
Egyptian Human
Cowardly Wolf
Norse Human
Brutal Wolf

4. DeluxePizza WOLVED NIGHT 3
5. Blatant Wolf
6. Marlene
7. Sayori LYNCHED DAY 2
8. Boombleeb WOLVED NIGHT 5
9. CursedSkylark WOLVED NIGHT 4
10. Majo_Ellen WOLVED NIGHT 6
11. Keeza Andrews MODKILLED DAY 5
13. Robin the Wizard
14. Nickito WOLVED NIGHT 2
16. Kirby LYNCHED DAY 4
17. Prem LYNCHED DAY 3
18. Natsuki LYNCHED DAY 1
4  General / Off-Topic / Regarding my gender on: March 22, 2018, 08:49:23 PM
Lately, I've been experiencing moderate gender dysphoria. As such, I've been altering the way I'm expressing my gender wherever I feel safe doing so, and I've decided that this forum is somewhere where I can be safe. So, just a heads up, I'd prefer if you use female pronouns with me from now, and all that. A large amount of you barely interact with me, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem, just don't be dickish or purposefully misgender me, and it should be fine. Will be leaving reminders on my profile for the time being, if that makes it easier. Thanks for your consideration.

You can merge this with the LGBT2Q+ topic at a later date, but I'd like this to be separate/prominent for now so people are aware @Lusamine
5  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWG CV: The Sea-Sun of Visitations (Lounge) on: March 02, 2018, 06:41:37 PM
TWG CV: The Sea-Sun of Visitations
Hosts: KitKatastrophic, Qazikol

What's New: These roles alone? BORING! It’s just the roles you’d expect in a standard TWG game, nothing special right? Look again, because many of these roles either receive extra abilities caused by visitations from other roles or can use their abilities during BOTH Day and Night!

Island Sanctuary:
Island Sanctuary:  Once in a game, any player can choose to go out to SEA at Island Sanctuary for EITHER one day OR one night. These players will tell the host that they would like Sanctuary the shift PRIOR to the shift they want Sanctuary for. For example, if Cosmic and Blankin want sanctuary during Day 1, they will send in that they would like to go to Sanctuary during Night 1. Players in Island Sanctuary can still vote/perform their actions, except, they are immune to any actions performed against them, including lynching/killing. There will be a public list of all the players in Sanctuary for each shift. (No one can be in Sanctuary on N1) The Sanctuary function will not apply when the game reaches 8 or less players.

Human - receives an ability on N1 (Mason could potentially receive ability as well)
Human - receives an ability on N1
Human - rest of the remaining humans do not receive an ability
Knot Expert - can be lynched if roleblocked at day
Disguised Wolf - receives an ability on N1

Seer - can only check someone’s color during the Night.
Guardian - can guard at both day and night unless visited by the Decoy Wolf; can guard a total of ONLY 3 times, whether it works or not.
Coroner - receives the exact role of dead player if the Seer already checked the person (Mason included), otherwise just receives the color of players who died during the DAY. If player is painted by the Dauber Wolf, then they will just receive the false color if dies within the 2 nights that paint lasts.
Wolfsbane - immune the first three nights to wolves
Warden - Can check someone Night OR Day, but if chooses to watch during the Day, won't be able to watch the Night of the same number and vice versa

Brutal Wolf - can kill someone if lynched
Dauber Wolf - paint lasts 2 nights, can paint 3 players total in game, including any wolf
Decoy Wolf - can roleblock someone during the day and night, but cannot roleblock the same player twice in a row; can also RB someone from attending Island Sanctuary

Amnesiac - remembers as someone during the Night; if Wolves happen to kill the Amnesiac the same night the Amnesiac tries to remember as a wolf, the wolves simply wouldn’t kill.
Maniac - will not be able to kill a player if visited by the Decoy wolf during the day
SUN Devil - can see who visits them during the Day; chooses 3 players throughout the game to kill during the day, beats all if makes it to the end

Possible Abilities for 2 Humans and 1 Disguised Wolf:
- Autopsy: Sees colors of ONE dead player killed at NIGHT (will see the color of player’s choice - if multiple people die in a night)
- Hostile: Kills anyone who visits but only given one chance for this alert
- Faithful: Sees who their target visits
- Spy: Can see who visits their target
- Strength: Grants immunity for a night of choice

1. SupremePizza
2. HG
3. Flare
4. Panda-Chu
5. Hamilton
6. Blatant Wolf
7. CursedSkylark
8. Lore
9. Sodium Chloride
10. Red WOLVED N1
11. Penguin022
12. Majo_Ellen
13. Bandero
14. Cyrus
15. Nickito
16. Lusamine
17. Faith.xoxo
18. svefn-g-englar
6  General / Suggestions / Guideline suggestion: Harsher bans for acts that cause significant mental harm on: December 27, 2017, 10:18:55 PM
I'm not sure if those in charge are aware, but there are several users who have suffered a lot due to the actions of other users, and are justifiably upset that those other users received minimal or no punishment. Therefore, I request that people who cause such harm with intentional actions must receive proper punishments.
7  Community / The Werewolf Game / Bidding Topic Proposal on: November 28, 2017, 08:49:03 PM
Since the main topic is currently preoccupied with its own poll, I'll just post this here.

During the recent polling of the TWG bid Myths, I feel that 2 issues have come to light, and as such, I have 2 proposals for dealing with them. Assuming people are okay with them, they will be implemented upon the conclusion of the current poll, unless people choose otherwise.

Restriction of major changes to bids
Bidders may not make major changes to their bids while their bids are being polled. You are supposed to make changes to your bid before you put it on the poll, and it does not seem fair to just put a bid on the poll and be essentially guaranteed a game as you make changes to it. A major change is defined as:
  • Performing any these actions a total of 3 times:
    • Replacing roles that are not new
    • Making modifications to how roles function
    • Altering how part of a gimmick works
  • Replacing a new role
  • Overhauling a gimmick

Justification for yes-voting
If someone votes no, any subsequent yes-voters must address concerns raised by no-voters.
8  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWG XCII - Werewolves in SPACE! (Wolves + Amnesiac win) on: October 03, 2017, 06:06:05 AM
Night 1
18/18 survivors
4/4 wolves
100/100 oxygen tanks

The ship has been launched. The humans have yet to learn of the presence of danger, and are sleeping comfortably. This will not last long...
9  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWC Referendum on: September 30, 2017, 05:18:17 PM
As it is, TWG is in a bit of a weird position, in terms of how it's run. You've got TWC, 4 people who are supposedly in charge of TWG. However, in recent times, TWC's power has been gradually but greatly reduced, to the point where pretty much the only things they've done in the past 10 games have been approving Theory of Everything as the 100th TWG and kicking Lenny from their membership. Meanwhile, everything else, from games to major topics to bans, is being administered by regular members, or TWC members who are not acting on behalf of TWC. It is of my opinion that we should resolve this in-between state, and officially determine how TWG is run.

As far as I can see, there are two viable options. Either have a direct democracy, or a representative democracy.

Direct Democracy
TWC is dissolved, and every major decision is made in a public poll. Anyone can call a public poll. Major topics are owned by the person who created them, unless they choose to pass leadership to someone else. Game-specific decisions will be made by the host of that game. Current TWG rules will remain in place, though they will be able to be changed via polls.

Representative Democracy
Every 20 games, there will be a TWC election, where anyone can decide to run for election to TWC. The top 4 most voted members in the election will make up TWC for their term. TWC will be in charge of game bans and other punishments, will be the ones to vote on any issues which may arise (unless they choose to hold a referendum), and will own all major topics, unless they choose otherwise.
10  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWG XCII - Werewolves in SPACE! (Lounge) on: September 30, 2017, 07:21:25 AM
Gimmick: There is a limited oxygen supply of 100 oxygen units. At the end of each day/night, the amount of oxygen units decreases by the amount of players alive during that period. If the amount of oxygen goes below zero, the game ends with the alien winning.

Also: The gimmick from Blackout is back. Town members can lynch up to 3 people in a single day, but for every extra player lynched, the wolves get another kill the next night.

Also Also: If oxygen runs out and both the Alien and the Infected Human are dead, everyone loses.

Human - No special abilities.
Knot Expert
- Is immune to being lynched on one occasion.
Infected Human - If the Alien is lynched, will become an Alien in their place, but will not have the abilities of the original Alien. Cannot be lynched. Thinks they're human.
Disguised Wolf - Wolf, no special abilities.

Seer - Each night, can check the colour of a living player of their choice.
Mercenary - Each night, can guard a player of their choice, if target is attacked, both Mercenary and attacker will die.
Cop - 3 times in the game, can choose to shoot a player of their choice. Will die the next night if they kill a blue role.
Coroner - Will be informed of the colour of every player who dies as long as they are alive.
Wolfsbane - Is immune to being killed by wolves on one occasion.
Scientist - Each night, can choose if they want to restore some oxygen. If he chooses to do so, one oxygen unit will be restored for every 2 players excluding the alien, rounded down. Cannot restore more than 15 oxygen units over the course of the game.

Wolf - No special abilities.
Brutal Wolf - If lynched, can kill a player of their choice as they are lynched.
Dauber Wolf - 3 times in a game, can choose to paint a player of their choice a colour of their choice. Paint will last for 2 nights.
Mason - Human, no special abilities.

Amnesiac - Once in the game, can choose to take on the role of any dead player. Wins if they satisfy the win conditions of their chosen role.
Alien - 3 times in the game, can revive any dead player. Players revived by the Alien use up two times more oxygen than usual. Can choose his colour Night 1, but cannot change his colour past then. If inactive, will be automatically assigned the colour red. Doesn't need oxygen. Night immune. Wins if oxygen runs out.

1. Archi LYNCHED DAY 1
2. KrispyKremeExtreme LYNCHED DAY 2
3. Widow
4. Temmie
5. Chasi Cheesemaster Weran WOLVED NIGHT 1
6. Toasty WOLVED NIGHT 3
7. TheStarvingOne
8. blankin
9. greenviceroy
10. Nickito
12. ~CandyCorn~ WOLVED NIGHT 2
13. StarfallQueen LYNCHED DAY 2
14. Ravine Roth
15. Coach Huzzy LYNCHED DAY 3
16. CosmicCoolA34 WOLVED NIGHT 3
17. Jane the Killer LYNCHED DAY 3
18. Flipfan Oofis
11  Community / The Werewolf Game / Bidding Poll Topic Poll (no poll) on: September 15, 2017, 08:02:34 PM
The current bid being polled in the BPT, Locked and Loaded, has received 14 votes. Of these 14 votes, 7 were "No" votes. Of these 7 "No" votes, 0 were justified or explained.

I propose that instead of having a poll where people input their vote, we remove the poll and have people say their vote in the topic. Furthermore, those who wish to vote "No" must provide some form of justification for their vote.

12  General / Other Games / Run 3 on: September 01, 2017, 06:24:35 PM

13  Community / The Werewolf Game / The Sun Temple Poll on: August 29, 2017, 05:51:38 PM
As Archi cannot access the forum anymore, what happens to The Sun Temple?
14  Community / The Werewolf Game / Communication Poll on: August 11, 2017, 05:38:00 AM
Lenny is inactive. Also, it has been revealed that Lenny committed voter fraud while it was on the poll. What happens?
15  Community / The Werewolf Game / Catchphrases Poll on: August 04, 2017, 09:48:17 PM
Since the next game is supposed to be Catchphrases, and Nickito, the host, is inactive, what should happen to it?

I personally think that I should host it for him, but I imagine other people will have their own ideas.
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