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46  General / Other Games / Re: Pokémon on: September 05, 2019, 01:30:00 AM
I always love inanimate object ghost type pokemon, I hope polteageist has an evolutionary line. Possible teacup pre-evo?
47  General / Off-Topic / Re: Manga, Anime and Japanese Music Discussion on: September 02, 2019, 08:28:18 AM
Touhou 17

Also just rename it to Japanese media or something to include games and visual novels and stuff
48  General / Off-Topic / Re: What Annoyed You Today on: August 31, 2019, 04:07:59 AM
Rip 7 month period
49  General / Forum Discussion / Re: Forum & Shoutbox Randomness on: August 30, 2019, 09:28:53 PM
Brother E: How? It makes us believe more
It allowed me to spot the contradictions and connect the dots.
50  General / Forum Discussion / Re: Forum & Shoutbox Randomness on: August 30, 2019, 09:16:22 PM
Brother E: None of the Scriptures pop in my mind at this moment, but the Bible says it's not right. I'll have to study it, you can too if you want.
I have and the only thing it did was make me not believe
51  General / Off-Topic / Re: If flipline opened up real papa Louie restaurants would you eat there on: August 30, 2019, 08:33:28 PM
Of course
52  General / Off-Topic / Re: What Annoyed You Today on: August 30, 2019, 08:32:50 PM
Starting on tuesday
53  Community / Fan Characters / Re: FC Discussion on: August 30, 2019, 08:12:39 PM
Looks good!

I love it, although I wish she had kept the neapolitan motif. The green is nice though
I know I deleted her from my FC topic but now she's back and with a new look!

54  Community / Fan Characters / Re: FC Discussion on: August 30, 2019, 03:29:27 PM
Aurore style A and style B
She’s so goood
55  General / Forum Discussion / Re: Forum & Shoutbox Randomness on: August 29, 2019, 05:48:32 PM
Yet another throwback
56  Community / Fan Fiction / Re: Alola, Nye! [Teen] on: August 29, 2019, 05:31:18 PM
Thank you!

Chapter 3
Part II
Duel at the Break of Dawn ~ Miracle Duet

“Go, Starmie!” Zachy throws his Aether Ball to release Starmie.

“Ophelia, may the odds be ever in your favour!” exclaims Corinna as she sends out the aforementioned Pokémon. Ophelia is a Dhelmise, which is Grass- and Ghost-type. It’s quite a weird-looking creature, and an enormous one too, but it fits Corinna somehow. It’s a mass of seaweed coiled around an anchor that’s attached to a ship’s wheel. The compass on the ship’s wheel acts like its eye. In terms of typing, Ophelia has the upper hand. Starmie is a Water- and Psychic-type. Defensively, Water is weak to Grass and Psychic is weak to Ghost. Dhelmise is also quite the offensive powerhouse. However, type matchups and sheer strength do not decide the outcome of a battle. Unlike the common Dhelmise which has a dark minty moss body of seaweed, Ophelia’s seaweed is a bright wine hue. Its extremely rare colouration classifies Ophelia as a “Shiny Pokémon.” Every Pokémon species has their own Shiny Pokémon.

“Ophelia, use Power Whip!” commands Corinna. “A powerful Grass-type move will surely eliminate that Water-type in only one hit!” Corinna’s entourage talk in boisterous chatter, but I’m going to ignore every commentary and reaction they make for the entire battle. I am now fixated solely on Zachy and Corinna’s battle.

“I agree that my Starmie will be knocked out in one hit by that powerful Pokémon, but…” Zachy pauses. “...the faster Pokémon gets to land a hit first! Starmie, use Confuse Ray!”

A portion of Ophelia’s seaweed uncoils around the anchor and thickens into a massive and impenetrable stem of seaweed. The whip is strong enough to wreck buildings. Ophelia stretches its formidable whip to attack Starmie, but just before Ophelia could deliver the blow, a wispy ball of light is expelled from Starmie and injects itself into Ophelia’s psyche. The Dhelmise struggles to remain in balance, making heavy splashes with its seaweed as it rotates about in an attempt to whip Starmie under confusion. To Zachy’s favour, Ophelia fails to hit Starmie and whips itself instead.

“Trying to stall your inevitable loss, hm?” taunts Corinna. “Snap out of it, my dear Ophelia! I believe in you!” Almost instantly, Ophelia returns to a normal state and Corinna cheers. It must love its trainer a lot if those words were enough for it to shake its confusion off at will. Corinna does treat her Pokémon well. “That’s it, Ophelia! I’m so proud of you! Let’s finish this battle quick! I need to check in the hotel soon, after all.”

“Your bond with your Pokémon is stronger than I thought. Impressive. I’m almost jealous.” Zachy admits. “If you wish to end this battle so quickly, I’ll gladly end it for you.” Yes, Zachy! Finish it! You were the one who told me that we had things to do in the first place! What makes this battle so urgent?

“Hah, as if! I’m the one who’ll end the battle victoriously. Just watch my dear Ophelia end your hopeless Pokémon! Ophelia, use Phantom Force!” A deathly gap materializes behind Ophelia. The Dhelmise enters the abyss and fades out of existence along with it. Starmie waits in fear and anticipation of Ophelia’s eventual but unpredictable return. “Oh, no, you can’t see her? Too bad!”

“Stealth instead of strength now, huh? Still not good enough, though. Starmie, get on the planks and use Camouflage!” Starmie spins its way into the planks where it now lies flat on. Its color rapidly changes into the entire colour wheel in random order, then returns to its original colour. “Ophelia is still using Phantom Force, hiding in the abyss. Starmie, use Ice Beam to freeze the surface of the ocean!” Moves such as Phantom Force take some time to execute, so Zachy has a free turn.

Starmie jumps off the planks, directing a ray of ice into the ocean. The surface of the ocean crystallizes into a sheet of ice as Starmie lands on it, sliding like a hockey puck until it loses momentum. “Well done, Starmie. Now, everyone knows that a Ghost-type move would deal double the regular damage against a Psychic-type Pokémon, but…” The deathly gap which Ophelia summoned reappears and out comes Ophelia, ambushing Starmie except it simply phases through Starmie’s body dealing no damage whatsoever. “...thanks to Camouflage, this Starmie is now a Normal-type and therefore immune to Ghost-type moves!”

Corinna sarcastically congratulates Zachy for bypassing Ophelia’s attack yet again, is what I expected her to do. However, her mouth immediately spills a truckload of cursing due to frustration. Surprisingly, she’s got quite the rambunctious vocabulary of a sailor. Corinna manages to compose herself out of embarrassment, but it did seem like cursing uplifted her spirits a bit. “Never again shall you witness me having an ungraceful episode. Anyway, even though I haven’t landed a hit on you yet, the same could be said for you. And sorry to say this, but turning the battlefield into ice won’t hinder my Ophelia. It’s weight and power will smash everything in sight, including your poor Starmie! Now, Ophelia, use Power Whip once more!” The giant anchor drills into the ice to get itself in the water, for better mobility. It prepares its seaweed whip menacingly, swirling a mini whirlpool around it.

“I love a determined, strong-willed opponent. I’m really enjoying this battle. Starmie, use Camouflage on the ice!” Starmie’s colours shuffle once again, on ice this time. Earlier, Starmie lost its weakness to Grass-type moves when it turned into a Normal-type. Now it has become an Ice-type, but it’s still not weak to Grass-type moves. Being an Ice-type means that Starmie’s Ice Beam will become more powerful as the type of the move matches the type of the Pokémon. Ophelia, who is part Grass-type, has a weakness to Ice-type moves. Zachy is finally putting on some offensive pressure after the dirty tricks he’s been playing on Corinna.

“A double-edged sword.” Corinna states blankly. What is she talking about? “Steelworker.” Steelworker? Oh, Steelworker! As far as I know, only Dhelmise have that ability.

“Steelworker.” Zachy repeats. “That’s Ophelia’s signature ability, am I right?” Every Pokémon has an ability and some are unique to certain Pokémon. I wonder what Starmie’s ability could be.

“Yes. It gives Ophelia the offensive benefits of the Steel type without being Steel-type. That means its Steel-type moves are stronger.” Corinna explains. “Ice is weak to Steel. Grass is weak to Ice. Steelworker. Camouflage. You unsheathed a double-edged sword. Raising the stakes for both of us? I like that a lot.”

“I see what you mean now, but let me remind you again. The faster Pokémon lands its hit first! It doesn’t matter if my Starmie is now weak to boosted Steel-type moves! Finish Ophelia off with Ice Beam, Starmie!”

With no time to waste on dialogue, Corinna makes her move. “Ophelia, quick! Counter-attack with Anchor Shot!” Starmie, lying on the ice, aims its impending Ice Beam at the underwater Ophelia, who is also preparing its move. The icy beam travels through the air before entering the water, where its velocity decreases. Branches of ice form on the underwater Ice Beam as it travels relatively slowly in the liquid medium. Before the ray of ice could hit Ophelia, steel chains noisily extend from Ophelia’s anchor and shatter the frozen line of ice. The chains immediately unreel back to Ophelia’s anchor. “Close call. Ophelia, use Anchor Shot! This time, on Starmie!”

“Who’s stalling their loss now? Starmie, dive and use Ice Beam!” As Starmie spins its way underwater, Ophelia’s chains hungrily chase after it. Starmie begins revolving around Ophelia while using Ice Beam from a long radius, slowly forming a large icy globe around Ophelia. Ophelia is frozen, stationary, and immobile, but its chains are still actively hunting Starmie. The scene can be clearly seen from above.

“A waltz of steel and ice under the sea.” I think out loud. The chains and the ice are dancing underwater together.

The icy globe snowballs into a size that’s rather imposing and an anchor-like figure, along with latitudes and longitudes of chains, is now frozen therein. “Ophelia! No!” Corinna cries out, but Ophelia has already lost the match at this point.

“And now for a grand ending! Starmie, use Psychic!” Rings of psychic waves form around the equator of the icy globe, moving back and forth between the poles. The psychic energy lifts up the globe until it is hovering above the ocean, gradually cracking the ice in the process. Spaces between the cracks expand as the icy globe shatters into a shower of ice pellets. Ophelia’s network of chains aggressively unreels from the sustained tension. I’m awed by the beauty of this brutality and the sunrise makes this look even more beautiful. Who knew Zachy was so extra? “Battle is over, Corinna. Thank you.”

“Even though I lost, it was definitely an entertaining battle. I’m so glad you challenged me! I’d do it again! Ophelia must have had a lot of fun too! But for now, it needs some rest. Ophelia, retur-! Oh, wait, what’s that thing behind Ophelia?”

As Ophelia thaws out of the ice, a small sea lion Pokémon which had apparently been trapped along with Ophelia during the battle falls into the ocean. Poor thing! Out of pure reflex, I instantly dive into the ocean to rescue it despite the bitter cold and icy obstacles that I have to endure.

The Pokémon continues to sink and I keep swimming downwards. The water isn’t too deep but drowning is possible. Eventually, I catch up to the Pokémon. I scoop it with my arms and safely reach the planks. Like a baby, the Pokémon nestles within my arms. It looks hurt. Now that I can examine the Pokémon, I’m able to identify that it’s a Popplio, but something about it seems different. Is it the size? The shape? This Popplio has subtly different features from the common Popplio, but I can’t identify said features. I examine the Popplio once more, and I find out that nothing about its shape is uniquely different. It’s the nuanced colouration.

“Young gentleman, the Pokémon that you’re holding there—that’s a shiny Popplio. It’s a bit subtle, but there’s no doubt about it.” Corinna observes. “More importantly, what are you doing just sitting there? Take it to a Pokémon center!”
57  Community / Fan Characters / Re: Suzuki's FC's! on: August 29, 2019, 05:02:38 PM
Name: Kaede Tamiyo
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Hometown: Whiskview
Occupation: Film Student
First Appearance: Papa's Bakeria
Kaede Akamatsu
58  Community / Fan Characters / Re: FC Discussion on: August 29, 2019, 09:31:37 AM
Vanesa is good
59  Community / Fan Fiction / Re: Alola, Nye! on: August 29, 2019, 09:18:15 AM
It’s intentionally not described and there’s a reason. Nervous

Also Chapter 3 is just long so I divided it into two parts. Why I didn’t just make it separate chapters? IDK but whatever

EDIT: Also gave this fanfic the teen rating
60  Community / Contests / Re: Customerpalooza 2019 Discussion on: August 29, 2019, 09:10:46 AM
Jacob Shoey
The only reason why people are voting Rosalia is because they want Fran to win, not Elise, Mesa or Honeymoon
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I agree. That's so unfair having a pre-determined winner and making sure he/she is not going to be beaten by someone equally good.
The confirmation bias is strong
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