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Chapter 3
Part I
Behold, Welcome the Mistress of Mystique ~ Burnt Umber

“Alola, Alola!” In the Alola region, people greet each other by saying “Alola” while raising both of their hands to complete a sideways oval in front their upper body, palms facing forward. Whoever this person is, they were greeting the entirety of Alola. “Poni Island is expecting a beautiful day today with clear skies and a cool breeze. Optimal weather for going out-*bzzt*”

“Can we just talk about Trial Captain Mallow’s stellar victory last night at Master Chef: Alola?”

“Oh yes, that girl’s got talent in cooking, battling, and being a trial captain! Akala Island’s proud triple threat that will send anyone amazed by her authentic Alolan beauty!”

“The twist last night was amazing! Who knew that the four judges would be replaced by the island guardians, Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu, and Tapu Fini (they’re all Pokémon)! Mallow single-handedly satisfied their stomachs with healthy and delicious mea-*bzzt*”

“Champion Leon of the Galar Region is about to have his most challenging battle yet! Will he retain his zero loss record, or will he lose to his opponent, a fearsome trainer that gives us so much protagonist vibes and therefore we are expecting Leon to lose but are still unconditionally supporting him at this very moment because of some hidden plot that we’re all just contributing towards as fictional characters in a multimedia billion dollar franchise that is currently receiving immense backlash from fans, both competitive and casual, due to a horrible but inevitable decision that has consequently and quite strongly divided the fandom? Just joking! Find out on tonight’s ultra special Challenge Cup matc-*bzzt*“

“Stay tuned for the brand new reality show, ‘Tangerine Queen’, featuring none other than Alola’s favourite rising star, Trish-*bzzt*” The screen shuts off.

Yesterday, Zachy was surfing on a wave. Today, he’s surfing through television channels. “Good morning, Nye! Did you sleep well?” When I woke up, the first thing I noticed was Zachy’s sweet but masculine scent. Then I heard the weather forecast. After that, I noticed that Zachy had his left arm around me. He was lying down with me on the same bed. A hotel bed. We slept together.

“What’s important is you. Did you have a restful sleep, Zachy?”

“Indeed I did, even though I slept inside a hotel that’s shaped like a Wailord. It’s floating on the surface of ocean water too, but that’s its specialty. It’s not a cruise ship, though, so it’s always docked. They said that the soft rocking of the hotel helps people sleep. The natural ocean ambience further adds to this. Indeed they were right. Some people may even experience this sensation called the ‘autonomous sensory meridian response’. It’s an extremely relaxing experience.” Huh, interesting. Is that why I felt soft and satisfying tingling in my head and spine last night? It wasn’t a new experience for me, though. What he said made me realize that I experience exactly that everytime I go to him for a massage.

I pace around the room for a while and I start pondering about the recent events. “I wonder how Primarina’s doing. Hopefully it’s safe.”

“About Primarina…” Zachy confides, “Before you took Primarina out of the rental station last night, I checked the virtual ecosystem that all the rental Pokémon are connected to. Primarina was peacefully swimming in a river. Behind it was a massive group of Pokémon that looked like they were chasing after it. Their eyes pretty much told me that they had the intention to harm Primarina, but Primarina was so oblivious to the imminent danger. It was frightening, so I was relieved that out of all the Pokémon in that virtual world, you picked that Primarina. I wanted to tell you about this, but Lillie came. Then I thought it’d be better if I told you about it later. I wasn’t totally sure about what was happening in the first place.”

At times I wonder how the Pokémon in the virtual ecosystem interact with each other. I had imagined it to be some harmonious place for Pokémon, but it doesn’t seem to be like that anymore. It seems closer to a dog-eat-dog world. Although one may argue that nature was, from the very beginning, designed to be a dog-eat-dog world. Keyword is was. “Tell me, Zachy… Is Pokémon hunting other Pokémon commonplace in the virtual ecosystem?”

“Not at all. Most of the Pokémon are actually tame. Seeing those fierce Pokémon chasing after Primarina like that was the first time I witnessed such violent behaviour in the virtual ecosystem. But it’s totally possible that I misinterpreted what was happening.”

“You’re right, it’s probably nothing. But let’s not keep our guards down, even if Primarina seems alright living there.”

“Something tells me Primarina is hiding something, Nye.” At that moment, Zachy’s eyes widen with fear. This is the second time I’ve seen him with that expression now. He stays like that for a while, as if he just had a horrifying realization he wished he had never come to. “It’s possible that Primarina could be… nevermind. Forget about it, Nye. Nothing wrong is going on.”

I want to say something, but I decide to just end it there as Zachy wishes.

We check out of the Wailord hotel. We’re still in Seafolk Village, but we had to stay for the night due to unforeseen circumstances. The sun still has yet to fully rise. Golden hour picture-taking time! Zachy and I both own Aether Phones, and since they are waterproof, they are still as perfectly functional as they were yesterday.

Seafolk Village is a small and peaceful community living just off the shore, above water, on wooden planks. It’s conveniently beside the beach I was planning to go to last night. We also let Primarina off to its family last night and let it bond with them and experience the Alolan wildlife for a while. Lillie texted me that we don’t have to worry about taking Primarina out at an inappropriate time and that she’ll take care of any problems that could arise. Being caught by her last night actually ended up being in my favour. I got Aether Balls out of it too. Five of them.

I quickly take a bust shot selfie, capturing my face as the focal point of the photo, as well as the seaside scenery behind me. “Oh, wow, this picture is perfect! That’s quite rare for a first shot.”

“Haha, so you’re quite finicky with your pictures, aren’t you? I knew that already, of course.” Zachy snickers.

“Of course! My pictures have to be a ten in my eyes. Also, what gave that away? Do I look like someone who’s a bit self-obsessed or something?” Somehow, it seems like Zachy already knows what kind of person I am. Are psychologists just good at reading minds?

“No, not at all, don’t worry too much about it. It was just a feeling. An intuition. My sixth sense. Kind of.” Zachy takes my phone and examines my most recent selfie. “Anyway, that picture isn’t quite perfect. You ought to be nitpicking about that person in the background.”

Somewhat concerned, I snatch my phone from Zachy’s hands and spot the flaw in the selfie. “Oh, you’re right! She looks sort of out of place too, how did I not notice her hiding in plain sight? It looks like I can’t crop her out the photo as well...”

“Everything else about the photo is perfect, though. One person in the background is fine, right? We have things to do.” Zachy urges, rushing me. “If you care that much, just edit her out. The background behind her isn’t too complex.”

“Fine, I’ll edit her out later.” When I look at the photo again, I notice something about the woman in the background. She’s sporting a wine velvet sundress, walking somewhat elegantly on high heels, almost looks like she’s being strangled by that brown velvet neckerchief, yet she’s breathing freely under that wine velvet beach hat. On her left upper arm is a tattoo. It’s a tattoo I somewhat recognize. Where have I seen it before?

“Kindly and immediately make way for Madamoiselle Corinna, gentlemen.” Madamoiselle Corinna! That’s really her! She’s a socialite with a frighteningly large following on social media. Behind her is an approaching entourage of mostly younger women, one of which just prompted Zachy and I to move. They’re all chanting, “Stan Corinna!” in a messy chorus. Giving into her charisma, Zachy and I make room for Corinna, who is now eyeing on Zachy rather weirdly and intently. She moves closer to Zachy, inspecting his physical features from a distance as if she’s studying him. She winks and smirks at him seductively, which infuriates me. The entourage is squealing, but this time, in perfect unison. One of the now-hairless girls flings her own wig to the ocean. “Yasss gurl use your charm!”

“Sorry, ‘madamoiselle’, but I have standards.” Zachy says, rejecting Corinna without any mercy whatsoever. That felt satisfying. “I’m also only into men.” That felt even more satisfying.

The entourage starts fuming, throwing wild insults at Zachy. Uh oh. “Cancel him!” shouts one of the girls. Zachy remains stoic.

“Don’t mind my fans, they’re all talk and pretty much harmless.” Corinna affirms Zachy, although she didn’t need to say that. Her voice and tone gives anyone the impression that she’s of high sophistication, but it does seem a bit unnatural and forced. “I’d like to get them off my shoulders for once, but they’re everywhere. Fame is so overwhelming.” Corinna sighs. “More importantly, I humbly apologize for my behaviour. That was very inappropriate. I’m truly sorry.” She glances at me. “Oh, and it seems that you’re taken too. Well, you two look very cute together actually!”

I should be more angry at Corinna for flirting with my (unofficial) man, but I don’t exactly blame her. Zachy is extremely attractive, and I do have my salacious side. Although if you’re as attractive as Zachy, a lot of people likely flirt with you anyway and you eventually get used to that kind of attention. During the times I’ve been with Zachy, I did notice that a lot of people had their eyes on me, but it was all because of being beside Zachy.

Without a warning, Zachy utters something out of his mouth as Corinna successfully tames her fans. “Battle me, Corinna.” demands Zachy. What? What could he gain from battling her? If you look at the entourage, you can sense their overflowing desire to berate Zachy further as he just challenged Corinna to a battle, but they’re too loyal to Corinna to do so. “Also, I’m not in a relationship with this guy, but I think he’s cute. Don’t get the wrong idea, though.” His cheeks redden and so do mine, but I have a more pronounced blush. I remind myself to be realistic and to take things slow. There’s no way he’s actually interested in me, at least not in the way I hope he’d be.

Corinna receives Zachy’s invitation to a battle, carefully digesting the thought of battling him, and then finally comes to a verdict. “I accept your challenge, uh… Wait, what’s your name?” The entourage screams in shock. One of them faints, almost sinking into the ocean before another one rescues them. They all have a lengthy sentimental session of crying, blabbing spiels about the virtues of friendship, loyalty, and trust. The sea gets saltier. Such exaggerated, unnecessary melodrama. Zachy promptly reveals his name. “Okay, thank you, Zachy. Shall we have a one-on-one battle in the waters? We’ll be on the planks, but our Pokémon will be in the sea.”

“That’s fine with me. You’ll send out Ophelia in this battle, won’t you? It only makes sense.” “Ophelia” is just Corinna’s nickname for her ace.

“How do you know about Ophe- Wait, you follow my social media? Well, I’m super flattered! Speaking of social media, can I have yours?”

Zachy exchanges his social media. “Of course I follow you. Now, let’s begin!” Corinna takes out a Luxury Ball, which is a type of Poké ball that makes a Pokémon more friendly. On the opposition, Zachy takes out an Aether Ball. He twists the diamond in the center to turn off the health restoration feature and show that he did. Since both trainers will be using only one Pokémon, that was completely unnecessary. Simultaneously, Corinna and Zachy send out their Pokémon out into the sea.
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It’s so nice to see edited FCs. Well done!
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Honey mustard soup
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I would like to buy them for collection’s sake
66  Community / Fan Fiction / Re: Alola, Nye! on: August 27, 2019, 10:26:45 PM
Chapter 3 sneak peek!

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Less repetitive holiday ingredients
68  General / Suggestions / Re: A flipline forum app on: August 27, 2019, 06:26:49 PM
It’ll be interesting to have a forum app but I can’t see it happening
69  General / Off-Topic / Re: School on: August 27, 2019, 06:15:44 PM
I believe I can manage.
I think you can, just don’t prioritize the forum over college
70  General / General Discussion / Re: Hilarious Facebook Comments on: August 27, 2019, 06:14:10 PM
Lmao "Honeymoon is a copycat because she is blonde like Nye" Nye was the first ever blonde winner and because of that anyone who is blonde that wins is considered unoriginal?
technically Nye’s real hair color is dark brown
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This is Yeruti's clean-up!

I stan this glow-up
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73  General / Off-Topic / Re: Confessions on: August 26, 2019, 08:07:29 PM
My right arm is stronger than my left arm so I do some things with my right hand (like carrying a bag)

Most things I can do with both hands but I don’t consider myself ambidextrous

I can draw with both hands but I can only write properly with my left hand it’s weird
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It annoys me when you go to greet a family member whom you haven't seen in a long time at an family even and their response in return is: "Oh my goodness! You look just like your mom, dad, brother or sister." That bothers me sometimes because they are solely focused on a person's features but not on anything else that could be of importance. It makes you feel kind of awkward and embarrassed when they say it extremely loud around a group of people.
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I don't go to church anymore, but I used to go twice a week.
This is gonna be me in about two weeks cuz I’m honestly so tired of it like

It’s such a waste of time for me
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