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1  Community / Fan Art / Weekly Art Challenge! on: October 04, 2013, 06:07:50 PM
Ok, making a neater 1st post...

The idea: Every week I'll give y'all a simple challenge. You can draw as many pictures as you want, as simple or complex as you want, and just post it here. It's not a competition, so don't worry if you're not as experienced as everybody else, the point of this topic is giving you guys a chance to practice and develop both your drawing skills and your creativity, as well as trying new things. Also, no need to stick to the theme too strictly, feel free to warp it into something else or add to it.

THIS WEEK'S THEME (10/12 - 10/19): Draw a food item anywhere in your drawing.

Last Weeks themes:
1st week (10/4 - 10/11):Your favorite flipline character dancing (any kind of dance!)

(if anyone has ideas for themes, just hit me up through PM. If too many people want it tho I'll have to make up some kind of system)
2  Community / Fan Games / Papa Defense on: October 03, 2013, 02:29:11 AM
So I've been playing some tower defense games (these games such as 'gemcraft' and 'zombies vs plants') and decided to make a little fangame to pass time... This is a work in progress, though, and for now it's pretty much just a teaser, as I still need to think a lot of details as to how the game would in fact work.

For those who don't know that kind of game, I put the basic rules under spoiler:
The game happens in a map (most games use different maps as you progress). Most maps have a path, places where you can place your towers alongside the path, and a destination enemies are trying to reach. Your towers will stay in place while the enemies (usually in small waves) move across the path, and when they get within their reach, the towers will attack the enemies until they're either dead or out of reach. If the enemy gets to the destination you're trying to protect you lose (some games have a HP system, some have an energy system, but the principle is the same, if enough of them reach it you lose). Here's an example from the game gemcraf:

Without further ado, have some drawings on how the beginning of the game would look like~ (I tried to make it more flipline style but as y'all know, I suck at it, so I just made some chibies... maybe I'll color everything when I'm finished? idk). I didn't realize how big it got... click for full view~:

(there was another one, but I think sai messed up the file again... well, I'd have to change some things anyway, so I can always do it again)
3  Community / Fan Art / Request to Hella, yay! on: July 29, 2013, 05:21:24 PM
But mooooom everyone is doing it!

Welp I'm bored, I like to draw, let's do it

Rule #1: is that you gotta have fun, nanana Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will make me cry so don't be a meanie to anyone.

Rule #2: just don't get attached to, nanana I don't usually deny requests, but I won't draw anything *:・゚✧~problematic~*:・゚✧ (sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic and the jits). I will draw couples but I think actual bleep is not allowed in the forums (i wouldn't know, I didn't read the rules and guidelines yolo) so please don't get me banned. The drawings will probs be sketchy like the ones I posted on the 77 portraits and fans art topic (I'm too lazy to fetch them, it's on the latest pages, heh). You can choose the color or ask me a full-color drawing, but it will get your request at the bottom of the list because it's harder and I'm lazy. You can also ask for a silly cartoon-ish doodles like this one which are very quick to make so they might come faster. (oooh, and give me pics and references for anything that is not a flipline character)


Rule #3: 5 prompts at a time. I don't know how to work slots, so I'll open five thingies here and as soon as I post a drawing or get a request I'll fill or clean the space so I don't get confused. If there's a blank space you may ask something else. Please do not make another request if I'm already working on something for you. I'm not very stable, so I may do 5 drawings in five hours or take a day to post another one, be patient.

- Radlynn and Radley cuddling
- someone being clumsy
- whatever I want
- Penny and Alberto hugging
- Gremmie/Kurt Cobain
- Yippy trying to blow a bubblegum

Rule #4: Keep in mind I'm not from an english-speaking country, so my english and american pop culture are "rusty"

Rule #5: Tell me I'm pretty  (◡‿◡✿)
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