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1  General / General Discussion / I came back, can someone tell whats happening right now? on: April 06, 2019, 04:58:29 AM
So, after years and years of absence, I forgot about this website entirely, but after playing Jacksmith, I remembered I have account here.

So, after coming here, what has MAJORLY changed over the past years? What is planned on flipline studios as next?
2  Flipline Web Games / Papa's Donuteria / The game crashes everytime... on: June 16, 2014, 09:24:50 AM
...I open the tab with the game.

Just few games from Flipline are getting broken todays. Hmm

(Yes,I am still here...)

EDIT: I open the game,it freezes after some seconds,without even the game responding (its still black) and then shockwave flash stopped responding.
3  General / Suggestions / [Suggestion] Training Station on: March 29, 2014, 04:41:13 AM
every time,you will finish your day,you can then go to "training station" anytime you want

how it works?
Normally like you are in work,except the customers would be robots (yea,logic is dumb,but it makes a little sense for "training" Tongue). You can chance difficulty/level by pressing up or down buttons.

Level/difficulty system is like your level,are you level 5? then set it to 5 level in training! are you level 10 but still suck at it? set it lower than 10!

Robots will do like costumers,normally say rate of waiting,making and decoraitng of your food!

You can anytime click button "clean" if you are under pressure! Or just click "stop" to stop the game and freshly breath! Then just after cleaning/stoping,just click "play" to begin!

The decorating freshness will not lower,nor increase! But it doesnt affect robots,because training is for your skill with NO BONUS!

Do you like this idea? Comment below!
4  Community / Fan Fiction / The History Of Flipline Forum! on: March 14, 2014, 08:57:54 AM
(Secret Project,may not be perfect!!!!)

..with ElectricAngel!

The story is about our lovely flipline forum,but how did it get created? when it was? who created it?
You will ifnd out,our heroes coming to the day,of this forum gets created! However,there will be many problems with many obstacles....will they make it?

The story will represent characters from our forum,so be maybe suprised that you are in. Cheesy
I dont want to get in problems,but i want add all friends into this fan.fic,so please,dont be angry. Smiley

If you want know,what category of this fan-fic is,it is adventure category! It looks for this category....yeah...right,eh?

Prologue - Heroes Rise N Shine!
Luigi was walking along the street,watching shops and people,boring around like a normal citizen.
His belowed mission was to buy some food,clothes and games. Along the road,he eye-peeked on one hobo,that was just sad and didnt even said anything. Neither even knows talk to person! Luigi in mind appeared,that he could spent one buck.Luigi said "Here one coin,mister,for atleast be lucky in someday!" and continue to his journey. Not so far,there is a shop called "Buy And GO!" just in few metres. Luigi waaas just next to the door,but something happened. There was angry sound and fight,just indoor. Luigi checked it out. It couldnt be! These two dudes was...

(electricAngel turn,you can PM me if you want change a little bit!)
5  Community / Fan Fiction / I dont know... on: January 27, 2014, 08:48:56 AM
i am something missing in my fan fics...can someone help me?

I keep making good horror fan fics,but it looks like nobody is interested than others fan-fic..even its newer than me..still get interested than my old fan-fics...
6  Community / Fan Fiction / Ten Red Nights on: January 23, 2014, 11:09:17 AM
(Horror Story,bloody hell i am going doing horror story spree soon...)
(Based on a game called "Seven Mysteries")

Amestia: "You heard about that night?"
Meko: "Yeah,but exactly which you mean?"
Amestia: "I Tell you,but you need promise for me you need then do something after that..."
Meko: "Promise"
Amestia: "It starts at the classroom..."

Update list:
-Chapter 2 released
-Minor edit on chapter 1/part 2
7  Community / Fan Fiction / The Flipline Escape! on: January 19, 2014, 02:25:59 AM
-Goldie Alien
-Zorro Metal
-Albert Wesker

You all users was teleported to labyrint/maze by a mysterious person! You all are in different places with different things in it!

You will begin alone,as along when you find each other and make a group,then escape together!

You may die,you need lunk and a lot of rep in this forum,thats how it will be going!

So,lets begin,shall we? Lets see who is where for now...

!_Felix_! : unknown room
wearestars7 (sleeping and mid-stuck) : Water Engine Room
Luigi (stuck) : Pet Room
-cookies- : Arcade Room
Almeidinha : Puzzle Room
Goldie Alien : Strange Room
Zorro Metal : Colored Room
Albert Wesker (stuck) : Joke Room
Alondra : Horror Room
jkimnot (stuck) : Exit Room

All you will be in,so each you if you get a puzzle,you need post an answer or just solve it!

Good Luck!

(i will post chapter soon dont worry!)

PS: It may be for you comedy-horror fan-fic!
8  Community / Fan Fiction / The Flipline Escape! (Sign-Up!) on: January 15, 2014, 10:55:03 AM
Well,this is my first fan fic,which YOU can go in!

Just sign up,by commenting your name!

You can whanever leave during sign-up or during fan-fic

but you cant join while fan-fic is going!

-Goldie Alien
-Zorro Metal
-Albert Wesker

9  Community / Fan Fiction / All my fan-fic thread... on: January 09, 2014, 10:15:10 AM
just like others,i make list too..

Mysterious & Forbidden

Secret Project:
The History Of Flipline Forum!

Loved Belowed! - closed(/removed)
Mysterious & Forbidden 2: Sudden Death - closed(/removed)
The Flipline Escape! - unfinished(/opened)
Ten Red Nights - unfinished(/opened)

10  Community / Fan Fiction / Mysterious & Forbidden on: December 19, 2013, 03:13:34 AM
(epilogue is sort of changed,due of reached max limit of characters...)

It was night,silent and scary at night. Olga was just walking in the streets,just to find restaurant. She was hungry,ALOT that could even eat a whole human. After some minutes,she found one,it was empty....wait,it was closed. Olga didnt have any energy to walk too long track to another resaturant,so she silently walked to the back door,which was opened....

Olga: "Hmm,strange,the door isnt opened everyday,nor other restaurant let back door opened like that....anyway i am really hungry....mayyyybe i just could a peek inside? hmm"

Olga entered back door,the door behind her closed...and a scream was heard after that...

Chapter 1 - A New Day
Its morning! Utah waked up in her house......being still tired of working!
Met Utah! She is specialist at pastaria restaurant and serve customers every day except saturday and sunday! Now lets go back to story!

Utah was going to the restaurant,where she remembered its pay day! Then Utah thinks for a minute and seen that she is going in sunday to restaurant....

Utah: "great,i just wasted time going there..well..atleast i check some things to make sure i have all ingredients enough to make enough pastas food for next day..."

Utah unlocked resturant,checked time and went to the storage,where was all food hiden and dragged! Utah knows well storage as it well was big! His partner, Tony, isnt here! Maybe he got holiday for some days! When she was checking for tomatoes, there was red liquid next to it...

Utah: "What th-"
Utah: "?!"

Someone screamed,there was no one in storage,nothing except the mysterious red liquid. She tasted the liquid,thank god it was from tastes with something else. Utah checked back door,it was closed. She was thinking about how it happened? Utah went back home. She ring to the friend....Sportakus (Bum ts! you didnt expect that,do you?), you can call him "sport"...

Utah: " do you know about it?"
Sport: "well,um,last time i checked on camera there was nothing on entrance..."
Utah: "Can you check back-door camera?"
Sport: "well,it was broken last night,so no..sorry.."
Utah: "Well thanks for the information about it!"

Utah closed. She had a fear in few seconds...

Chapter 2 - Mysterious Blood
Utah came back again at cold place,the restaurant..
Utah: "well,time to get scared in fear again"
*unlocked door*
*door itself....slowly....OPENS"
Utah: "hm,strange...i dont see any customers at night goes to my restaurant either.."
Utah: ".....well....nope...."

Utah slowly walks with flaslight into the darkness...into the void of the storage room!
Cold,darkness and slowly sounds of like door being not oiled since a year...
Utah slowly approached to a door,opened it slowly..

very slowly...



Utah jumped and run to the nearest bag of spagheties...being safe..

Utah: "i am sure,i am not alone,but i am unsure,if i am safe still"

Utah slowly approaches with flaslight..she know that lights are not working for now,every night all lights are off...for just being sure..

She silently turned the light on....


Utah turned of flashlight...turned back,and seen blood on door...slowly going down...utah panicked and run to upstairs...the door was locked...

Chapter 3 - Locked N Trapped
Tonight,was the night....Utah was trapped,and psuhed foward to the darkness..ful of monsters,creepy potatoes..

Utah was going again downstairs slowly,the stairs was making squeezzy sounds..

Utah: "sheesh,this restaurant sure wasnt cleaned and renew lately.."
*at the door*
Utah: "maybe i should call my friend to open door..."
*no battery*
Utah: "forget it,may i panicked this darkness.."
*utah fast as scout was going trought darkness..yet she stoped in nowhere..."
Utah: "W-w-who is there?"
*wood broken sound*
Utah: this isnt funny! i have my weapon! my flaslight!"
*flaslight died*
Utah: "i am bleeped...time to go to nopeland.."
*scream,like somebody is dying...*
Utah: " me...some...body?"

sport: "utah wasnt calling me lately about her current situation..."
*looked at camera*
sport: "neither i see her in any of my cameras.."
*caling....she is ded*
sport: "her battery must died ago.Well i should go to her restaurant"
*goes to the door..*

Utah is hidden darkness..she is trapped and dont know what to do...she even hear things that other doesnt...she is going INSANE...and crazy of nuts..
Utah luckily....found an old year battery...but she didnt seen the opener for flashlight...
Utah heared an another was louder..

*a wind goes around Utah like someone was brathing at her*

*its more..and more...*

*a something was breathing behind Utah..*

*Utah panicked and falled to the ground of too much insanity..*

Chapter 4 - Sportakus1 (me)
..meanwhile at restaurant...

sport: "uf,grg...that was too much running for me..anyway,where i was? oh,utah yeah..."
*door is somehow locked*
sport: "well,atleast my key is in my pocket!"
*pocket empty*
sport: "...backdoor should use it!"

Sport camed to the backdoor,it was suddenly opened. Sport peeked a bit,seems get goosebumps...
After sport entered the building,the door closed behind him!

there is light coming!


bit close to you..

Sport just automically switching light up and down,because light isnt he tried if light works now..but..he must hide..

Hides behind a something,because sport forget bring a light source..great..

Nvm,sport listened the steps and the unkown talking sounds..

???: "..who just peeked into my house! I am gonna wrek u you son of a potato!"
*something falls...with sound*
???: "HM? who i-i-is it? i have a light!"
the unkown run away,with a light source falling off...not breaking..

Sport fast grabed it! Sport recieved a lantern!

The darkness is dange-oh,we know it already!

she still is trapped somewhere..
...she waked up!

Utah: "....uhhhh...i am hungry! maybe is there some food near close me?"

*grabs something...its spider*

utah: "spider,eeewww!"

so she is still...trapped..

Sport: "..potatoes,meat,pastas,tomatoes,blood.....wait,wah?"
*tasting proccesing*
Sport: "........."
*goes foward*
Something is winding on sport...breathing....
Sport didnt moved any inch,excpet the lantern,if sport would make lights out,sport would be traped in darkness...

It was moving...slowly...heavily...into Sport...

Sport didnt have anything to hide,there was no hiding place...nor he cant come back,since monster would know there is something near him..

Sport was trapped...what he will do? He is TRAPPED...

Utah and Sport is trapped...Sport needs help...and Utah doesnt have light to move..

What they will do? All will be explained in the next chapter!

Chapter 5 - Forbidden
This was end of our two belowed character...Utah was trapped and running from a monster...waiiiit what?

Sport indeed was running,because has no chance if he would stay a long. While running,sport feeled and even heard of footsteps running behind sport...

Sport: "i need save Utah,i cant leave her alone! but even i need save my life! i need to do something!"

Sport stoped,looked backward,and maked faith upon yourself...

Our belowed sport,maked a faith..or rather kill yourself...

Sport is forbidden..

But lets look at utah situation...for now..

Utah was walking in the darkness, because she had no chance to survive to stay in the same damned spot...

Utah is same forbidden,like lost..

Our belowed heroes is forbidden,unkown,we now dont know they never existed...

Sport was looking at the monster,but the moment....

The monster was a small rabbit following him,he was crying of being lost...

Sport: "aww,it was rabbit! and i was scared for such believing for monsters..."

Sport taked the rabbit, and goes to the unkown areas..again..

So there is moment of saving both of our heroes...but not loong..

Sport´s lantern was running on low of oil...

Sport: "damned! rabbit,if we dont find any oils here,we will be trapped here...and being mystery of being vanished in our belowed city.."

Sport was running,looking every corner,yet no such a luck...

While sport was running,Utah heard of a speed footstep sounds..

Utah was scared and rescued..she couldnt choose both!

So utah,was in many of choice.....utah couldnt handle it..

Sport needed find utah before utah will maybe kill yourself...of insanity.....

It was just sport/utah in this plot twisting darkness of fear,blood and such dangerous place...of insanity...

Chapter 6 - Chance
This is it,sport has only final hour find utah before she kill myself...or lost...ehm..

moving on!

Sport was running fast with cute bunny! Too fast even clock didnt maked a second!
Sport falls...because he poked with his leg on something...the lamp falls..breaks...only a light source,that fades away..left..

Sport had no choice,only maybe take the fading light with it...and goes..and fast as it find Utah..and get

Suddenly...Bunny jumped from sport´s arms!!

Sport: "..NOOOOO!!!! BUNNNY!!!!!!"

Bunny was going into didnt catched the bunny..and bunny was was going alone...crying...thinking...what he will do if the light dies....because his time was shortened in some minutes before saving Utah...belowed...fairly loved...

Sport crouched...looking on light it fades out..
no chance...
Utah was in dark,stil crying for help...but something pushed Utah on part of her body...she with her hands was finding the "thing" pushing her...
she feeled it..
she had it on hands..
she knowed what it was..
Utah....suddenly stoped crying. She taked the bunny to heart,and talked to the bunny..
All memories...all happy days.....death..was more happier...than sad...
Bunny suddenly jumped from utah´s hands...
Utah folowed bunny´s sounds..

...and then! ESCAPE.

There was a CHANCE!

Utah can folow the bunny,bunny knows where did entered or where did he this labyrint..

Utah...runned...crying happily getting chance to make a life again....with friends...

She had to do it! for friends,

She seen a small light in the darkness...bunny was lovely going into it...

Sport looked direction where was someone running...

Sport...seen Utah...

Our...ehm..."lovers" just hugged each other..

Bunny was running somewhere..

Utah: "sport! we need follow the bunny! knows the way...
Sport: "then,hand please"

sport grabbed utah hands and followed sounds of bunny

Sport: "utah,close your eyes,dont think darkness will panic you!"

both closed yes,listened sounds...

Many sounds...but they know the exact follow the dream..

They had an chance....

Chapter 7 - Mystery Bunny
They seen a light...

They escaped...

Utah and sport...

They found secret door way out..

But they was in unkown place...

It was a desert....

Sport taked bunny and talked to Utah:

Sport: "Utah,do you think bunny live here?"
Utah: "well,maybe,but i am sure this cute animal will die here...there is no water! nor food!"
Sport: "thats right..then..what or where is coming from?"
Utah: "i dunno,maybe bunny feeled a way out...or..."
Sport: "...maybe that unkown person had this bunny.."
Utah:  "What person?
Sport: "Well,i had my light source,but it brokened as soon as i felld on floor,it brokened..."
Utah: "But i say what person?"
Sport: "He/she had the light source...but it scared ecause of some sound near him..he runned somewhere..i dunno.."
Utah: "So what now?"
Sport: " find some stuff here before going back..because...we are in desert...somehow.."

They inspected this place as mouses...

Sport found broken flashlight and some old food..
Utah found battery....and green liquid...ew...

Utah: "the **** is that thing?!"
Sport: " dunno.."

*something moved*

Utah: "..what the hell?!"
Sport: "...we arent alone...not yet...and we need get THE HELL OUT HERE!"

Both get back to the darkness,they heard behind them sounds moving of some liquid..

A sudden there was many sounds of a monsters...they maybe awaked those "monsters"..

They was runnng fast,with bunny...into darkness..

Their flashlight was flickering,because it was brokened....

They was in deep maze..deep..they even dont know where came from...

They crashed to a wall....and falled to the ground...the sounds stopped...but someone was approaching them....someone BIG....someone with muscles....this was no good...

Sport and Utah just was ourselfes hiddened behind something...

*??? approached sounds*

???: "..I am gonna kill them and slice their meat with they blood in my tongue..they will pay my wrath visiting here..."

Sport silently moved a little to see the unkown person better...but unlucky,with sounds...

???: "who is that? Who ever you are,get my back the bunny!"

Sport was trapped between death and life...He had no choice just let bunny go to him to make the sounds like bunny did it..

???: "...bunny! there you are! you was just playing hide N sek with me? come with me,we will make plans little cute..."

The unkown person left...

Sport and utah again hugged yourself and talked..

Utah: "..why you let bunny go?" (she said with sad expression)
Sport: "Well,you dont want help me save from that maniac...dont you?..ever...this bunny wasnt our"
Utah: "I think you are we need folow that unkown person before we will be lost"
Sport: "Ok,lets go!"

And followed the
Chapter 8 - Bloody Person
...and our "heroes" continues...
???: "damn,where is my potions?"
Sport: "so there the person lives there..."
Utah: "why the person live here? In my restaurant?"
Sport: "I dunno,maybe the person doesnt have"
Utah: "...wait! do you see on person there?"

Sport looked up at that was olga..

Olga has rope tied on every body,she cant move...

Olga was worried...

Olga: "Let me out of this!"
???: "Silent you fat baby!"
Olga: "What did you said?"
???: "..want to be in my SOUP!?!?!"

Olga´s mouth shut...

Utah: "Any ideas?"
Sport: "Well,we can make distract of that we can have chance do something more than now.."
Utah: " you see that bunny? we distract that person,you then go save bunny,the person when comes will then again go somewhere else to ifnd her it?"
Sport: "eh..ok..."

Sport throwed a rock somewhere,where was enough to make that person go ther and get enough time to get all know.."plans"...

Utah grabbed bunny...Both hided again..

The person came back,and bloody yelled:
???: "I am gonna blow you up who stealed my bunny! I am the witch of this world,and no one will play with me!"

Witch runs to other rooms...

Sport and Utah fastly taked Olga...

Olga: "What are you doing here?"
Sport/Utah: "long story"
Olga: "Why did you comed to this ____?"

Utah somehow didnt understand the word,it word...

Utah: "Well,to be saved,but we met you...first the witch and then you..ehm.."
Sport: "Ok,lets get outta here! Olga,do you know how do we get from this ____?"
Utah: "Wait,what place?"
Sport: "From this ____ of course!"
Utah "Ehhhh,ok lets go!"

Utah somehow had an fear,why she cant hear the word? Is she just cant hear too good?

They was going to some rooms,they seen the exit....But witch appeared and said:


Witch spelled:
Witch(?): "_____ _____!"

A some "colorful" thing goes to the Utah...

Sport jumped and stoped that thing!

Sport felled...and stunned....on ground...

Utah: "_______!!!!"

Utah cant yell sport....the sport dissapeared....Olga just was scared from that witch...

Utah: "Olga,where did ____ go!"
Olga: "Who? there is no ____!"

Utah is getting dizzy...there is WrOnG here...

Witch(?): "Hahahaa!....Wait,what is the l1gHt?!?!? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!"

Olga: "Cops saved us!"
Utah: "wait,whaaaaa?!"

A error goes to Utah and 0lga...

EcoRROR: "0K G1rls,c0me b5ck to our s5f3 l0c5ti0n!"
0lg5: "Th5nk you ____!"
???: "erroroor"
Utah: "what the hell?"

Utah just seen persons more "blurry" and get dizzy more...what is happening in this damn place?

Chapter 9 - Illusions
3nd 1s N35R!

Utah and 0lg5 was going in a cop car,0lg5 was talking more in an alien speech,everything is getting blury...what the damn hell is happening in this place?

When the cop´s car stopped,cops opened doors,so 0lg5 and Utah can go out..

Utah just screamed.....cops looks like a drawing blurry people...

Ut5h: "W-w-why you all are b-b-blurry!?"
C0p6: "Wh5t y0u 5r3 t5alk1ng 5b0ut ____?"
???: " name.....its gone?!??!"
ERROR: "Y0u sh0uld g3t 5 l1ttl3 sl33p...____"
?!?: ",,,,,,ror..."
0RRG5: "78546847576...."

Utah name,was forbidden,everyone is getting forbidden in Utah´s head..even her head is getting...dizzy..

Utah was going to sleep...just to forget all abut this....Sport....somehow dissapeared.....maybe...he is still alive? Maybe the witch hit Utah? Maybe Sport now waking me up? dream?

All is getting white,the world is scrambling and is vanishing...

Utah fast runned to exit,going out...the building vanished...

When utah seen some people,she runned to them and said..

???: "You people need escape this place! Now!"

The people didnt even heared or even looking to Utah....

Utah...was forbidden...and soon...she will...dissapear...

Utah´s mind was going on full of nonsense...

All things..just....doesnt make any sense...Even in the trapped darkness place....its just..monsters...witch...they dont even exist..

She just _____.....and she need to _____.....soon...

Utah´s body is getting vanished...

654: "What theh Hel? Why am disspearing and tlking wth n grmmr?"

The her head...just said..."wake up"...

"wake up Utah,you are dreaming.."
"Just let it be,realise and wake up...."

Wake up...

Utah...stopped her fear...she knowed...that this world is illusion...its just her "mind"...

All goes sense now....Utah closed her eyes,falled on ground...even ground didnt exist..she was falling...or even...fyling...

"Utah...i am here with you...."

Utah....knowed the was Sport....

Sport: "wake...UPPPP!!!!"

Utah waked up...

She was in her home all time...sleeping in her bed....
Sport was standing next to Utah,he was angry...

Sport: "finally! You waked up,you are going late to have job,remember?"

Utah standed,hugged Sport,and cries happily...
Her nightmare...ended
She just hugged Sport hard as can.
And Utah leaved to go to restaurant.
An this is...
11  Flipline Web Games / Papa's Pastaria / Pastaria Discussion on: December 09, 2013, 10:11:21 AM
talk here all things you know and want to talk!

please,do not create thread same like this...

- Build station is hardest on this gameria game! (never happened on other gameria games!)
- :more coming soon:
12  Flipline Web Games / Papa's Pastaria / CLOSE TOPICS on: December 09, 2013, 09:59:59 AM
..before the game was released,they are not need!

thanks for reading!

EDIT: i mean,the topics that was created/maked before the game was released!!
13  Flipline Web Games / Papa's Pastaria / Opinion about double topics on: November 24, 2013, 08:09:31 AM
any idea? i see double same point topics

please,delete them or IAM GONNA HYPERPOST ONE OF THESE!  Evil

rly,tere is too much hype going here all time now!
14  Flipline Web Games / Papa's Pastaria / Calm Down With These Posts! on: November 09, 2013, 05:55:21 AM

i see after the annouce of the new gameria,a posts like 465746543 spawns in one minute

calm the fricking down guys!

and get it right! dont expect new features or things,maybe the dont add new things in this gameria one...

(and iwill get this topic active if it goes to page other page of topics...)
15  Flipline Web Games / Papa's Pastaria / I think i WAS right! on: November 06, 2013, 08:33:19 AM
about suggestion with wedding in restaurant,maybe its ture that the wedding (eduardo and olga) will be in that restaurant!

so my suggestion gets accepted,yet you all users almost didnt!  Tongue

nvm,do you think there will be weddings in this game?
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