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16  Community / Fan Fiction / The Dust: Tohru's story on: August 18, 2013, 10:33:30 PM
Just another fan story passing by.
Genre: Action/Adventure
Warnings: Many references (Don't worry I will tell you when a reference pops up and inform where it comes from), small romance (Needed for this story, sorry), Pride (from the author because she was praised too much by her friends and some strangers as she was writing this. Although I will accept criticism and request on the way I executed the story not the story itself), Procrastination (most likely). Relationships you will probably disagree with.
Age Group: For the awesome \o/

I'll put up the first chapter tomorrow (It's getting late here)

Here is a preview for the story (written in Tohru's POV):

You probably know me as Tohru. Always a customer, never a chef. My life has generally been uneventful. My parents are forcing me to go on a summer vacation like we do every year. We’re going to Illicium Verum (a six pointed star Chinese spice. Also known as Star Anais) this year. A six section city with many sights to see. I hear it is pretty, but has some dangerous areas that one should be a little more cautious around. That’s in every city though. I thought this vacation would be like the others. See some things, take pics, eat their food, and sit in places I’ve never sat in before. Little did I know, a lot would change during my time here.


I'm rewriting the chapters. Rewritten chapters start here:
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