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1  General / Help and Support / Post number hasn't changed on: June 17, 2018, 01:24:34 AM
I've checked how many posts I've made and the post counter in my profile still says 24. My position hasn't changed and I don't know why. ??? If anyone knows, please let me know.
2  Apps / Papa Louie Pals / My PLP fanstory (Chapter 2 Part 3 released!) on: June 05, 2018, 09:58:18 PM
I wasn't sure whether to post this in a new topic or if it mattered where I posted it but here I am. This little comic was something I did for fun and I have an idea for what to do storywise. This will mostly involve my own fancharacters but it will make references to the Papa Louie games at some point. Anyway, enough of me rambling!

I hope you all enjoy this regardless! Cheesy


Sometimes the closest friends we could ever make are found in the unlikeliest places...

This is the story of how four unlikely people met in a very unlikely situation...
... and became unlikely friends.

Shade is your average college student who games in her spare time. When an ordinary pizza delivery whisks her away to the Land of Munchmore, she suddenly finds herself in the company of happy-go-lucky traveler Finnegan, who is just as confused as she is about why they were brought here. With level heads and teamwork (hopefully), they both start the adventure of their lives as new friends are made, a mystery unfolds, and only by working together and overcoming their differences can they find out what exactly is going on in Munchmore...

... and how it could spell disaster for their home world.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1

Chapter 2
3  Community / Fan Characters / orihime20's FCs on: June 03, 2018, 02:05:23 PM
I haven't made fan characters in a long time. I have done so for other stuff before (mostly for Sonic the Hedgehog, though) but I never saw myself making one for Flipline... until the Customerpaloozas started. I created one and as more KCP's happened, I made more characters. It's not until recently that I wanted to start creating backstories for them; I even started making a little comic about four of them in PLP, haven't finished it yet but... I'm working on it. Nervous

Anyway... here are four of them, please judge them fairly.


Facts: This version of her is the one I submitted for KCP 2017, but the very first time I submitted her was when KCP first started. She had shorter hair back then!

Bio.: Shade is a college student who is also a hardcore gamer in her spare time. She's not a very social person and seemingly doesn't get along with others. Get to know her a bit better and underneath the antisocial persona is a pretty cool friend to hang out with.

Hometown: Starlight City (not sure where a college campus would be located but my guess would be around Tastyville? Not sure, but this place is where she originally lived)

Birthday: October 5th

Likes: music, coffee, fireworks, and video games

Dislikes: studying, pranks, and losing at video games

Favorite Food: Ice cream

Favorite Drink: Coffee (Mochas, usually)


Facts: He was the second character I created for the 2nd KCP event. Every year since, I've been changing up his clothes; I like these clothes on him though. Smiley He managed to get into the Spotlight but not the main bracket. Nervous Oh well, there's always 2018 to look forward to. Smiley

Bio.: Finnegan loves to travel and plans on traveling the whole world. Friendly to a fault, he's the kind of happy-go-lucky who just goes wherever life takes him. But he doesn't travel without being prepared and he always comes prepared... unless he forgot something. Nervous

Hometown: Maple Mountain

Birthday: April 10

Likes: traveling, hiking, exploration, and nature

Dislikes: uncomfortable situations, awkward silence, and being unprepared

Favorite Food: He travels a lot so he's not picky about what he likes to eat.

Favorite Drink: Water


Facts: I created Eliza for KCP 2015. First time I created her, I tried to make her look like a school girl. The picture shown here is her more current look (which was made for KCP 2016).

Bio.: Eliza is a studious high schooler aiming for honor roll. When not in school, she likes to relax and hang out with friends. Dedicated to her studies, Eliza stays on top of her grades and encourages others to study. You never know what you might have to learn!

Hometown: Sakura Bay

Birthday: January 13

Likes: studying, watching cherry blossoms, spending quality time with friends, and reading novels

Dislikes: the idea of playing hooky, sports, and late night cramming

Favorite Food: Pastries

Favorite Drink: Herbal Tea

Cocoa Butter

Facts: Created her for last year's KCP event. To be fair, I wanted to create a themed character and see how she did. But I also kinda wanted to do it for fun. Smiley

Bio.: Cocoa Butter isn't really her name. It's her stage name! Being an idol, Cocoa knows how to draw in a crowd. Perky and excitable, she's a force to be reckoned with. ((A/N: A part of me wants to make her Kingsley's daughter or relative of some kind. Should I do that or no? Nervous ))

Hometown: ((A/N: Not sure where to place her, yet. :\ Maybe Starlight City?))

Birthday: June 24

Likes: singing, dancing, throwing parties, and making new friends

Dislikes: hurting people's feelings, having her feelings hurt, and disappointing her fans

Favorite Food: Chocolate chip pancakes with butter and chocolate syrup

Favorite Drink: Hot cocoa

If anyone has questions or advice on how to improve them, please let me know. Hope you like them regardless. Smiley

Also, if I got the names of certain places wrong, I apologize. Nervous I'm not as familiar with the layout of every city and town in the Papa Louie series as others. I'll fix whatever I can. Smiley

Update 6/5/18: I changed Finnegan's hometown from Toastwood to Maple Mountain because I thought Toastwood was the name of the place the Pancakeria was from and I realized it wasn't. Nervous Maple Mountain has all the trees and nature, right? Hmm Hopefully some of his likes make more sense now.
4  Community / Fan Games / Predictions On Future Gamerias! on: November 16, 2013, 05:04:56 PM
I know the Pastaria is being made right now, but here's what I'm hoping for possible Gamerias:

-Cotton Canderia

... That's all I've got for predictions. Nervous; I'm really hoping for a future Coffeeria someday. ^^ What about everyone else? Any predictions you want to make? Smiley
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