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1  Community / Fan Fiction / Mocha Loca (a Mocharia fanfic, contains mild spoilers) on: March 03, 2021, 04:42:56 PM
They say you should be careful what you wish for or you just might get it.


My life is sooo boring... Bobert watched her dorky parents, AU Chuck and Olivia, dancing to even dorkier luau music around the firepit. I wish I could live in another time, in an alternate reality where life is less boring!

She snuck back in the Calypso Island cottage, flopped down on her bed, and took out her phone. Two new notifications on her Flipchat. One was a selfie of Hank and Wendy's son Leo flexing his biceps. The other was a selfie of their other twin son Frank holding like eight bags of groceries. "And they think people are supposed to be impressed or something?" She scrolled down, looking for something more intelligent when she came upon an ad.

Would you like to experience an alternate reality? Come to Rad Dish Laboratories and you might have the chance of a lifetime! Okay, this was freaky. Could Bobert's phone literally read her mind? Still, she was desperately bored, so the next day she set out to find this Rad Dish lab. She didn't tell her parents or they would've warned her about Radley Madish, but Bobert was better known for making rash decisions and rarely looked before she leapt. But a radish by any other name is still an insidious villain, and Bobert was about to realize she'd bitten off more than she could chew.

Bobert finally found Rad Dish Laboratories with her phone's GPS after riding the S. S. Louie, taking a bus from Starlight City to Maple Mountain, and walking several miles beyond Maple Mountain's official border into the wild woods. "Whoa, sweet! This looks just like a real mad scientist lab!" She wondered if she needed permission to enter, but the front gate opened for her and so did the lab's front doors- not ominous or anything. She was greeted by a guy in a lab coat with a giant radish for a head.

"Hey, step on over here and experience an ALTERNATE REALITY!" He boomed, gesturing to a warp portal that stood right in the middle of the front lobby.
Bobert shrugged. "Sure, why not, I'll be your guinea pig." She stepped through the portal, tumbling around like she was in a giant washing machine, and fell out... into the exact same lab, only this time the portal was up by the ceiling and she landed on a giant cushion that certainly wasn't there before. An identically-dressed Radley Madish stood there, a wide grin splitting his radish head in a ghoulish manner. "Fantastic, the parallel portal is a complete success!"

"Okay, can I leave now?" Bobert asked.
"Sure, have a nice day!" Original Radley Madish politely ushered Bobert out the door. "Feel free to come back any time if you'd like to help us again!" But Bobert was too busy running outside to notice. The first difference she noticed was that her Flipchat account on her phone was missing, but the GPS worked perfectly. She found her way over to Maple Mountain no problem and took a bus back to Starlight City. As she rode the bus, she noticed an ad on her phone for a job opportunity with nice living quarters and great working experience. "Ooh, maybe I'll check this out tomorrow!" She caught the S. S. Louie to Calypso island only to find that her house DIDN'T EXIST, and something else was off. Was that her dad on the beach, holding a surfboard? And he looked awfully young...

2  General / Suggestions / KCP voting was weird this year and not very random. on: October 21, 2020, 08:35:45 AM
We all noticed that the same characters often appeared together, which means not all the characters with high star ranking were equally qualified in our opinions.

I also suggest if you do KCP next year, maybe a SECOND round of voting for those entries that have 4 stars or higher so the fans can narrow it down even further! That would make it easier to find entries that more people like and will reduce the "what the heck, how did this character get in the top 32?" reactions.
3  General / Suggestions / Petition to let forumers pick the next chefs (Indigo and Kaleb!) on: October 02, 2020, 07:07:28 AM
Indigo and Kaleb won the fan tournament rematch of KCP 2020, and I think they'd be great chefs if you made another game after whichever one is coming up! Especially if they have a good backstory, to me they look like they could be sister and brother and that would be a first, plus there aren't as many darker skinned chefs so it would be good for diversity.
4  Community / Fan Tournaments / Soundbord's Monotone FC Customerpalooza (temporary hold, KCP) on: August 31, 2020, 06:37:41 AM
The rules are simple! You may use as many neutrals (black/white/gray) as you like and ONE color for your entries, with the exception of hair/skin color. You may use multiple shades of the SAME color (for example, if you use sky blue, you can also use royal blue, and if you use pale pink, you can also use magenta.) However, it must be the same color with different brightness levels. Please submit the FCs from PLP on the plain white background like you usually would. Each person may enter one male and one female FC (total of 32 FCs).

1. Raph (Kora, Ahmed)
2. EndermanTuxedo (Douglas, Jessie)
3. Girosolito Happy (Kophy, Silvina)
4. Dslja (Dwain, Demi)
5. #Sweet cake (Lola, Kent)
6. Toph (Roald, JJ)
7. Petey K (Debbie, Chris)
8. LuisAngel01 (Azura, Alfredo)
9. Hermes (Fabian, Charlize)
10. Ingredient (Curt, Jenna)
11. ColinGIBAO (David Hall, Maria)
12. marrxl/Poseidon (Clare, Ezra)
13. RudyTheRockstar/Silver Shades (Evan, London)
14. Canyon (Josef, Rebecca)
15. LuntianDose (from Facebook- Polique, Lido)
16. Gratuitous Self Insertion (Tiramisu, Cyan)

Evening division

Dwain vs. Ahmed    |    Clare vs. Maria

Josef vs. Curt    |    Polique vs. Charlize

Dwain vs. Josef    |    Clare vs. Charlize

Morning division

Roald vs. Chris    |    Lola vs. Silvina

Alfredo vs. Evan    |    Tiramisu vs. Jessie

Chris vs. Evan    |    Lola vs. Tiramisu

Noon division

Ezra vs. David Hall    |    Kora vs. Demi

Fabian vs. Lido    |    Rebecca vs. Jenna

Ezra vs. Fabian    |    Demi vs. Jenna

Midnight division

Kophy vs. Kent    |    Debbie vs. JJ

Douglas vs. Cyan    |    London vs. Azura

Kent vs. Cyan    |    Debbie vs. London
5  Community / Fan Fiction / Burgah Queen (Soundbord's Adventures in Munchmore) on: August 07, 2020, 06:32:14 PM
This is an entirely factual account of Soundbord, my flipsona, and her adventures in Munchmore (the scene of the soon defunct Papa Louie platformer games.) Image of Customerpalooza edition of Soundbord:

We begin with your everyday irregular weirdo, Soundbord, girl who totally applied to work at the Hot Doggeria for one reason only: Her truly terrible crush on Taylor. Soundbord is loud, annoying, and makes a lot of bad jokes, so Taylor often listens to his favorite music through his headphones or trusty weapon, the earbuds, while she is working with him. So she also brings her headphones and listens in on his music via Tealtooth (it's the Flipverse so everything has to have a different name) and leaves comments on his Flipbook page instead. Taylor doesn't mind this nearly as much because it's not loud, merely full of bad jokes.

But one day, everything changes: A mysterious figure in a white coat and hat walks in. "Is that you, Radlynn? You lookin' rad!" Soundbord exclaims. However, it is NOT Radlynn, but Radley himself, as she sees when he takes his hat off. "Aw buffalo sauce!" She squirts literal buffalo sauce at Radley, but seeing as his head is a literal radish, it has no effect on him. He silently glares in her direction and tosses a warp coin onto the counter. "TAYLOR!" Soundbord screams, at the volume reserved only for true emergencies like grill fires and broken pop machines. He turns around and takes out his earbuds to smack some sense into Radley, but it's too late: The radish-headed villain has disappeared and the warp coin is beginning to suck in Soundbord, her bottle of buffalo sauce, and all the hotdogs. Taylor makes a split-second decision and jumps into the warp instead of running away, still holding his trusty earbuds.

All Soundbord can see are a bunch of swirling colors filled with flying hotdogs... and Taylor's feet?


you can spoil the future characters who will appear in this fanfic if you like here, or not.:
more TBD
6  Community / Fan Fiction / Bord Experimental Mini Dating Sim: Willow/James (complete!) on: July 21, 2020, 07:50:02 AM
This is a multiple choice adventure, posts will link to each other and almost everything will be in spoilers except the post titles. You can either read it the way it's intended to be read, or spoil it for yourself.

One sunny morning, you travel to the Cupcakeria to see your secret crush...

7  General / Suggestions / Tony and Matt! Please fix the eyebrow/facial hair for the unusual hair colors! on: July 17, 2020, 05:33:24 PM
I mean, I CAN'T EVEN GIVE MY FCs BLUE EYEBROWS! This is extremely annoying, because even for my FCs with dyed hair, sometimes their eyebrows are supposed to be black or blond or reddish, and all I get is that STUPID MEDIUM BROWN! I can't possibly be the only person who's this bothered by this annoying problem!
8  Community / Fan Fiction / Ember's Dragon Daughter (10+ for pyrokinesis: Chapter 5 out) on: July 15, 2020, 07:04:25 PM
SO Starting with the joke FC I invented in my troll fanfic Pope Papa's Pepperia, Sally, the fire-breathing daughter of Ember (because I can) is growing and changing, but one thing has stayed the same: SHE BREATHES FIRE AND DESTRUCTION WHEREVER SHE GOES!

pic of Sally, made in PLP:

Prologue/Chapter 1

Johnny was unsure whether he was the father of Sally or not, and he and Ember had many HEATED arguments about it. Eventually, they realized that the reason why their daughter breathes fire is because Ember ate way too many of Professor Fitz's genetically modified extra-hot giant peppers.

"I'm so sorry my products have caused you damage, and in return I will give you an unlimited supply of my non-hazardous FFDA (Flipline Food and Drug Association) approved fruits and veggies!" Professor Fitz told Ember. Ember reluctantly agreed, also having an endless supply of produce helped when SHE KEPT HAVING TO REPLACE STUFF THAT GOT BURNED BY SALLY! Nearly everything in her house was fireproof with the exception of the toilet paper and well, the actual food. Sally always has to be extra careful when using the toilet! But otherwise, it's all good!

9  Community / Fan Tournaments / Bord as hecc FC tournament: Season 2! (Treeboi vs. Luis) on: July 13, 2020, 05:49:06 PM
For the latest ones I made on PLP. Finally have enough FCs and alternate styles for the tournament.

Season 1 winners: Annika and Maui

Season 2

Marooned division:

Latte vs. beach Alondra     Fran vs. Tiramisu II

Frank vs. Leo     Reuben vs. baseball Mace


Latte vs. Tiramisu II     Frank vs. Reuben

Stranded division:

Absence vs. Hawaii (classic)     Tab vs. Salome

Koji vs. Bolt     Bugs vs. Lionrock


Hawaii vs. Tab     Koji vs. Bugs

Castaway division:

Soundbord vs. costume Silence     Pearl vs. Brynja

Zulek vs. Kale     Ronaldo vs. Cyan


Silence vs. Pearl     Zulek vs. Cyan

Hermit division:

Viridian vs. Telisiane    alt style Byffi vs. Milan, style B

Treeboi vs. Jeddah     Lief vs. Luis (remake)


Viridian vs. Milan     Treeboi vs. Luis

10  Community / Fan Games / Pope Papa's Pepperia: teh game (signing up of FCs welcome!) on: July 11, 2020, 07:16:43 AM
Suggestions is very yes! Anything not includes may adding!!


Big things u can order:
green bell pepper
yellow bell pepper
orange bell pepper
red bell pepper
rainbow bell pepper (thank teh xeppers)
jalapeno pepper
habanero pepper
serrano pepper
ghost pepper
california reaper pepper
cayenne pepper
chipotle pepper
poblano pepper
banana pepper
pimento pepper
fresno pepper
scotch bonnet pepper
thai chili pepper
pepperoncini pepper
rainbow varying-hotness pepper (thanx again xeppers!)

Queso (no spicy)

Sriracha sauce
Mild (tomato based) salsa
Medium salsa
Hot salsa
Queso salsa (medium)
Queso blanco salsa (mild)
Mole sauce
Tabasco sauce
Green Tabasco sauce
Wasabi sauce
Salsa Picante (non tomato)
Chili Garlic sauce
Harissa sauce (North African, contains unique spice blend)
Gochujang (Korean)
Sweet pepper-tomato sauce (no spice)
Hot mustard
Yellow mustard
Honey mustard
Sriracha ketchup
Original ketchup
Onion sauce
Tahini (sesame sauce)
Soy sauce
Spicy soy sauce (CONTAINS HOT PEPPER!)
Thai coconut curry sauce
Red relish
Green relish

Black peppercorn
Rainbow peppercorn
Red chili flakes
Chipotle powder
Cayenne powder
Chili powder
Coffee chili blend
Bird's eye chili powder
Turmeric (a main ingredient in yellow curry)
Sea salt
Spicy salt (contains hot pepper)
Paprika powder
Brown sugar (not everything has to be spicy!!1!)
Ginger powder
Cajun seasoning
Jalepeno powder
Citrus zest
Italian herb blend
Wasabi powder
Sesame seeds
Coriander (cilantro) seeds
Parmesan cheese
Shredded pepper jack
Shredded sharp cheddar
Shredded parsnip
11  Community / Fan Fiction / Pope Papa's Pepperia (Presenting Part 2) on: July 09, 2020, 07:31:31 PM
One day Xandra and Xolo got tricked into worrking at the papa's new rstaurant the Pepperia! It hapened like this, thwy saw easter eggs and kept looking for the easter eggs and the last eggs was in this rly cool restarant! So Pape said "hey if u want unlimited kandy why not work here?" and Xandra and Xolo is candy junkies so they accepted! Now they serve the hot pepprs and th e wseet peppers to all the customers and everyone is hapy!

12  Community / Fan Fiction / The Sand Witch (how many SANDwiches can she make?) on: October 30, 2019, 12:48:44 PM
In a certain AU where everybody was undead or a monster, a witch cackled in her secret shack in the middle of the... desert?

"I will make a potion that will make the world a better place!" She cackled some more. "Then the whole world will be in my hands!" The witch finished her brew, then emptied the contents of her cauldron into several bottles. Then she grabbed her broom and zoomed out the window.

Only minutes later, she entered a quaint local restaurant known for its grilled sandwiches. Specifically, Papa Booie's Cheeseria. The chefs had made her grilled cheese sandwich just a little extra toasty the last time she visited, and she was gonna get a little payback.

"Why hello Scarlett Fever," she said to the redheaded demon girl behind the counter. "I have a special new ingredient for your lovely restaurant, it's a special new spice called Spicy Sand!"
Scarlett looked at the bottle for a few seconds. "Well, if it's anything as good as that Cauldron powder they got over at the Pastaria, my customers are gonna love it! Thanks, Rhonda." She took the bottle and gave the witch a grilled cheese sandwich on the house.

Rhonda zoomed away on her broom, taking a bite from the sandwich. "Blech, too bland," she said. "I can make better sandwiches than this." Whether she was right, though, was for her to know... and YOU TO FIND OUT!
13  Apps / Papa Louie Pals / LE RANDOM ADVENTURES OF SOUNDBORD IN LE FLIPVERSE on: September 19, 2019, 10:53:11 AM
I'm even gonna give another dollar to Flipline Studios so I can put Taylor in this! and the other baseball stuff maybe

14  Community / Fan Fiction / Flipline Bachelorette (finally wrapped up, sorry for brevity) on: July 20, 2019, 09:27:50 AM

Shannon: "Welcome to Flipline's new reality show where one young lady will search for true love with one of a dozen potential suitors. Kingsley wanted this job but he's busy with Customerpalooza so here I am. I don't know what Dukey's gonna do without me..."
Rita (camera lead): "Hurry up and introduce the bachelorette already!"
Shannon: "Sorry. Without further ado, please welcome... Willow!"
Willow: *walks in wearing a stunning deep teal dress* "H-hello Shannon, hi everyone, I hope you're having a great day."
Shannon: "So I heard you're looking for true love. Tell us about yourself!"
Willow: "Um, I like reading, animals, and writing poetry. I work at the Cupcakeria in Frostfield and I have a pet tarantula named Jackie Two. May you forever rest in peace, Jackie. I'm twenty-three years old, almost twenty-four, and my favorite food is of course cupcakes with black frosting."
Shannon: "Well that's a good start, I guess. Coming up next, time to meet the bachelors!"

*cut to commercial for Papa's Cupcakeria*
15  Community / Fan Fiction / Pseudorandom Survivor Flipline (please comment!) on: November 12, 2018, 10:41:48 AM

Papa "Probst not Jeff" Louie: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Flipline's first ever pseudorandom list-generated season of survivor! Ten gentlemen and ten ladies of varying ages, ethnic backgrounds, and of course professions will be grouped into two tribes and pitted against each other until there is only one sole survivor! The tribes this year are the Cebollas and Tomates tribes, also known as the Onions and Tomatoes! The winner will receive a million dollars and a gold plated statue of themselves displayed proudly in the visitor center in Munchmore. Now for the contestants~

Cebollas: Sarge Fan (17), Cecilia (36), Matt (early 30s), Joy/Ninjoy (20), Iggy (14), Willow (18), Skip (50), Quinn (34), Deano (28), Indigo (21)
Tomates: Greg (14), Bruna Romano (32), Tony (early 30s), Scarlett (25), Moe (22), Utah (16), Rico (47), Xandra (15), Roy (19), Ripley (29)

Papa notJeff Louie: You will each be staying on a different island in Munchmore, so food will not be an issue! However, getting enough sleep and building relationships with people is extremely important, and of course both tribes will be participating in challenges for reward and tribal immunity. Your first challenge will take place on a rather 'cheesy' obstacle course my team and I have set up for you, and the reward is several tarps and tent poles to help you build the camp of your dreams!

Sarge Fan: wow, a team named after my favorite food in the world, this is a dream come true!
Iggy: we have to take this seriously guys, a good camp can make all the difference.
Quinn: Iggy is right, this may seem like a game, but even a reward challenge is no joke.
Skip: I'll try my best, I work in construction so even if we don't win I'll help build a good camp for everyone.

Greg: amazing, a team after my own heart! Sarge Fan is probably excited too...
Tony: wow, I have to work for the Louie man yet again, this is how he thanks me for helping make Munchmore a better place for the wildlife.
Scarlett: wow, this is way different from a Shakers concert. I welcome the challenge!
Ripley: I'm already familiar with Munchmore since I've traveled her for research many times, so if anyone has trouble navigating I can help.

Papa Louie: For the first challenge, the competitors will be crossing a shaky cheese string bridge two feet off the ground, and if anyone falls off they have to start from the beginning. Once every member on the tribe is across, four members will untie some mozzarella knots to let down cheesy mack parcels that contains wooden puzzle pieces. Two other members must carry the parcels over to a wooden table where the last four team members will solve the puzzle which has a Survivor Flipline related image on it. Cebollas, are you ready? Tomates, are you ready? All right then... 3, 2, 1, go!

to be continued~

next chapter: reward challenge and more~

character list for
Cecilia (c)
Joy/Ninjoy (c) {e} (immunity idol)
Iggy (c) {q}
Willow (c) {q}
Skip (c) {f}
Quinn (c) {g}
Deano (c) {f}
Indigo (c) {g}
Greg (t) {g}
Bruna Romano (t) {g}
Tony (t) {g}
Moe (t) {q}
Utah (t) {q}
Rico (t) {f}
Xandra (t) {f}
Roy (t) {f} (extra vote)
Ripley (t) {q}

legacy advantage
vote steal
immunity idol (multiple)
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