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1  Community / Fan Games / Papa's Pastry Mia on: July 16, 2014, 09:37:31 AM
Papa's Pastry Mia
Welcome to Papa's Pastry Mia, located in the center of Creamopolis. Here you will be baking some lovable and mouthwatering pastries for picky, wacky, and hard to please customers.

General Info
Location: Creamopolis
Chefs: Matt and Clover

Monday: Jackson (local)
Tuesday: Rudy
Wednesday: Quinn
Thursday: Radlynn
Friday: Crystal
Saturday: Xolo
Sunday: Jojo (Food Critic)


Jackson (Closer)

Valentine's Day: Let's pay our respects to Saint Valentine.
St. Paddy's Day: You must be feeling lucky today.
Easter: Candy time!
Radishfest: Every year, the citizens of Creamopolis celebrate Radishfest to show how much they crave radishes.
Summer Luau: Have a great Summer Luau!
Starlight Jubilee: One of the most important days of American history.
Return of the Army: During WW II, Creamopolis' army was held in a secret enemy base, but finally, after being imprisoned for decades, they broke out and returned to the city. Then, a military parade was held for their return.
Gliding 107: Creamopolis always has an annual gliding race.
Halloween: BOO! Did we scare ya?
Thanksgiving: Thank you, everyone!
Christmas: Merry Christmas!
New Year: Happy New Year!

Matt/Clover/C Worker were booking a hotel room in a hotel called Hotel Maximus in Creamopolis. Then, he/she went to Hotel Maximus and got into their room, but when he/she entered the room, Papa Louie was inside and was holding a card that said Papa's Pastry Mia.

That's it for now. I'll post the stations and the instructions soon.
2  Community / Fan Games / Papa's Frieria on: February 13, 2014, 03:04:59 AM
Introduction: I would need suggestions, so please give some!

Stations: Order, Cut, Fry, and Sauce & Sprinkle
Order Station
First comes the Order Station. You take customers' orders here.
Build Station
First, we select the type of fries. Here they are:
French Fries (start)
Zigzag Fries (Rank 4)
Waffle Fries (Rank 9)
Potato Wedges (Rank 15)
Then, we select the size of the packet: Small, Medium, Large.
Then, we have to wait for all the fries to be sent in the packet.
Fry Station
After the Cut Station is the Fry station. It is the place where you fry the fries.
Sauce & Sprinkle
This is the place where you add the sauces and sprinkles (If the customers want them)
Here are the sauces:
Ketchup (start)
Garlic Sauce (Rank 3)
Ranch (Rank 6)
Garlic Ranch (Rank 10)
Zesty Pesto (Rank 17)
3 Cheese Sauce (Rank 25)
Marinara Sauce (Rank 30)
Here are the sprinkles:
Black Pepper (start)
Parmesan Cheese (start)
Crushida Pepper (Rank 5)
Italian Seasoning (Rank 31)

That's all.
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