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1  Community / Fan Tournaments / Favorite Customer Tournament on: December 20, 2015, 07:43:01 PM
Welcome to my very first Tournament where we will see who is the overall favorite customer (from 2015). This tournament will pit all 100 Papa's Gameria's Character, including Joy and Steven, against each other. to see who is the forums favorite. Matches will be about 24 hours and then i will close the pole and start the next match. In event that I may be away for a time, I will alert you when i go and about when i will be back. The Tourney will be a Double Elimination so this will be a very long tournament. In the event of a tie, I will break it. if you have anymore questions, feel free to pm me.

Here is the brackets:

And here is the current match:

Round 1 of Winners Bracket, Match N:
Maggie vs. Tony

2  Community / Fan Tournaments / Mario's 1st Papa's Gameria Character Tournament (Needs More Voters) on: February 22, 2015, 09:44:59 PM
name pretty much sums up what this is, I have made a bracket of all the Character from our beloved game series, The Papa Louis games, and you will vote on who will continue. 24 hours will be given for each pair. After words I will tally the results, reveal them, advance them on Challonge, and then start the next pair. This will be a double elimination tournament, which means it will be longer yes, but all character get a second chance so if your favorite loses right away, they aren't immediately out. I did this because I more interested in seeing who get s the farthest then just who wins and this allows if someone got a unfair match at the beginning, they get a second chance. Because of the off number of characters tournament wise, some characters will get a by. Just know all positions in the tournament have been randomize for all fairness. I will only vote in the event of a tie. Matchs start and end around 10:00 p.m. every day
Here is the Bracket:

Current Match:
Winner's Bracket, Round 1 (Byes) Match I (#9)
Gino Romano vs. Hacky Zak

3  General / Help and Support / Glitch with Papa's Raceway on: February 22, 2015, 08:40:12 AM
There is a glitch in Donuteria's minigame, Papa's Raceway. Even when yo have the sound off, you can still hear the engine reeving noise. I like to play the game with sound turn off so I can play music as I play but this noise can be annoying when I get to it. If you guys could find someway to fix it, I would be very grateful.
4  Community / Fan Tournaments / Mario's Customer Tornament on: March 20, 2014, 03:54:27 PM
    I always wanted to do a customer tournament and i am going to do one right now. I will be using the tournament program, Challonger, for this tournament. This tournament will be Double elimination witch means all contestants must be voted off twice in order to leave. This will make for a long but interesting and informational tournament as everyone gets second chances. All matches are randomized by randomizing all contestants seeds and the paring "a&z" "b&y" "c&x"......  but with numbers. Due to the weird number of contestants, the tournament structure may look very weird due to tons of contestants getting bis first round. This is to ensure that there will not be any bis in latter rounds. Contestants with Round 1 Bis are all because of random (not because of favoritism).
    I will close the previous match, update the results on the site, and start the next battle roughly every day. If I miss a day or two, forgive me as I am only human (also in the middle of school). If i must take a hiatus for any reason (Vacation, Camp, ect.) I will inform you and tell you the exact or roughly time to expect me to continue OR I will temperately hand control to a trusted person who stands up. In the event of a tie, I (or the current care taker) will make the deciding choice. With that, lets begin

Winners Bracket, Round 1, Match 18
Skyler vs. Olga

Challonge Tournament link:
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