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1  Community / Fan Fiction / A False Shade Of Hope on: August 07, 2014, 03:58:39 AM
Okay. I NEED to finish a fan fic here, so I am determined to finish this one.

Chapter 1: Captured

Ember sits on her soft velvet couch, with a bowl of popcorn in her lap. The lights on the ceiling start flickering uncontrollably, and the lamp crashes onto the floor into a million tiny pieces. Tears go down her forehead, the curtains by the window blow with the breeze crazily. The fans start spinning around unusually, strangely going with the tone of the wind. Suddenly the lights all go out, with the dead of the night showing it's real colours, she quickly grabs her flashlight and cautiously scans the living room. While holding her flashlight, she slowly walks toward the door, it creaks loudly and starts to being open slowly. Each step she takes, the door creaks louder, she hears someone's footsteps gently stepping on the veranda, each second she wastes they get closer.

A can gets thrown from the window, hissing venomous toxins into the air. Ember lays on the ground lifeless, while two people masked electrocute Ember to further delay her.

"Put her in the truck, let's go get the other victims. Next Stop: The Harmonic Actions." the leader of the masked one says.

The Jeeep revs up and heads to the heart of Starlight City. Within a few hours, they reach to the heart of the night. All the glitz and glamour of the nights goes to a halt.

"Hello fellow citizens. I am the Masked Marooner, are you tired of having to live under the power of others, has it felt right? Join me in my quest! We don't have to live under their moronic power! We are strong, oh and your mayor? I've got your powerful mayor here with me."
The camera points to a constrained Mayor Mallow tied up with him sitting in a corner.

The camera buzzes out and the Masked Marooner's forces start going towards to Mayor Mallow's headquarters.

The Revolution has begun~
2  Community / Fan Fiction / A Deadly Game on: June 15, 2014, 12:19:15 AM
Chapter 1: The First Victim

James and Willow are at the Cupcakeria, working the usual work day or are they? Chuck comes running into the shop, pushing the door with great might, causing it to break, the door flies across the room destroying the lobby. James pokes his head out of the kitchen seeing the ruckus, dropping his freshly baked cupcakes onto the floor. Willow looks at the Cupcakeria lobby, tables have been flipped over, chairs toppled onto each other, posters ripped into bits and scattered all over the lobby. It's almost too much for her to take and James comes walking towards Chuck with an enraged look.

'What are you think you're doing there, hotshot? Wrecking up the Cupcakeria like it's not better than that dingy Wingeria that reeks of fried poultry!' James shouts to Chuck, while nearly falling over a chair.
'Dingy Wingeria? It's so much better than this place! What, with your little frosting machine and midget boxes? I fry my food like a man!' Chuck replies, while grabbing a chair.
'MIDGET? OH YOU'RE GETTING IT QUEEN LUAU LEECH!' James retorts, while also grabbing a chair.
'Well, at least I still have a job.' Chuck says with a cheeky look on his face.
'What do you mean?' questions James, he picks up the newspaper from Chuck. His face drops, he looks at Willow, her face filled with sadness.

Chuck hears footsteps behind him, walking towards him. James looks at the shadow, it's somehow very large, it can't be...
'Mayor Mallow' Willow says with rage in her eyes. She drops the newspaper onto the floor, everything is falling apart now.
'Good day to you three. You three must have been very adventurous, am I right? Well won't this be fun then. I'll be the cat and you'll all be the mice!' Mayor Mallow says with an icy voice, while his entourage of security guards are around him.
'You can't do this!' Willow protests with tears in her eyes.
'Yes, I Can.' Mayor Mallow replies. He clicks his fingers.
A hissing noise suddenly goes off, they all see a gloomy, green colour going through the air. Their eyelids are closing, they all fall onto the floor. Each of them get taken into the police van.
'Take those low lands to where they'll never be seen again!' Mayor Mallow commands to his officers. 'let them never see daylight again'.

The deadly game begins...
3  Community / Fan Fiction / No one is Safe..... (Yeah, I know pathetic title) on: May 09, 2014, 12:17:14 AM
This fan fiction is going to be investigating murders of papa characters.

This is Criminal Case inspired so, credits to the developers of the game.
Also credits to MintExprezz! for his excellent fan game 'Criminal Flipcase'. The first Criminal Case inspired fan game. (I think, BTW check it out!~) I AM NOT COPYING IT

I will be doing original plots, and will go through the actual conversations, plus going in depth with the murder cases.

Chapter 1: Starlight City Devious Core
Tohru and Cooper are waiting eagerly at the center of Starlight City, for the grand opening of the latest movie: Kingsley the Saviour. They see his limo pull up around the corner, Cooper is getting his scrunched up piece of paper, for the autograph ready. Tohru shakes her head in laughter, but feels like someone is watching the two. She grabs a hold of her bag, with fear.

'Hey, Copper do you think someone is watching us?' she asked with a paranoid look, constantly looking behind her shoulder.

'Bored IT'S COOPER NOT COOPPER, anyways chill! Just cause we became junior police officers doesn't mean something is going on! Come on, let go the Kebaberia and get a kebab!' replied Cooper with a innocent look in his eyes.

Tohru hears footeps running away from the crowd. She looked back instantly, it was someone and it was suspicious. Without hesitation she instantly grabbed a hold of Cooper and hopped onto a popcorn machine cart, to chase this runaway. She carefully maneuvered the cart over people, candy carts, toys and the giant Kingsley statue made of ice. It looked at her with an evil look, literally... It shot out lasers from it's eyes and nearly snipes Cooper on his face with the laser.

Something is really up now... She grabs Scooter's skate board and falcon kicks the statue to make it fall down. She back flips and uses the ice statue as a lift to pursue this mysterious person. Meanwhile, Cooper is on the banquet table being stared simultaneously by several people.  

Tohru in pursuit of the person goes along the abandoned hotel behind the Wingeria. But she hears a blood curdling scream, she bolts over to where she heard it. She remembered from her training in the Maple Mountain Rangers, Hank's wise words. 'Approach carefully, you never know what you'll find'. She goes to see what happened, she carefully tip toes to look over the wall, but she hears Cooper calling for her.

She looks back, he is running from several people in the crowd. Armed with cotton candy.

He hides behind the wall next to Tohru. He immediately questions:
'What were you thinking? Our reputation is at stake here!'

Hey! Something suspicious is going around, I know it. So if I destroyed some popcorn carts, candy, ice statue that probably costed a fortune- OKAY. I get it. I shouldn't of done that-'. She is stopped in her speech.

The two see something shocking behind the wall. A MURDER.


4  Community / Fan Fiction / WBA Events Twisted! The epic fan fiction! on: April 08, 2014, 11:53:15 PM
Well here is my first fan fic, it's about events in WBA. BUT WITH A TWIST.

REALLY IMPORTANT UPDATE!: magicmusic is co-writing with me on this now!

First Chapter: Marty and Rita, perfect or not?

Marty wakes up, at 7am sharp as usual. With the sun shining on his face, and birds chirping with such delight. He gets ready for yet ANOTHER day, of tiring flippling patties, making burgers and dealing with impatient customers. Not to mention, Big Pauly's constant beking for 5 patties in his burger. And for what? Some lousy tips.

He thinks: "Everyone else with their bad boy paychecks, that just creams my pie". He looks at the calender. OH BOY. FREE BURGER DAY.

While in this negative mood, Rita honks obnoxiously in the car at Marty to hurry up. Marty once again goes into his productive thinking modes" Sure, Rita is nice and all. But she is SO lazy. I mean the other day, I was doing 12 orders and Rita was taking a freaking selfie. -.-'".

After this, Rita gives a vicious honk from the car accompanied with a chilling icy glare.

Marty gets ready, grabs the Flipper 500 and goes to the car. But Marty rushes back, cause he was still in his Captain Radley PJ's. After that minor mishap, Rita and Marty go to the burgeria.

On their way, they see a line of 50+ customers outside the Burgeria. All chanting. WE WANT BURGERS! WE WANT BURGERS! WE WANT BURGERS! like zombies. To avoid the freak crowd they park near the BurgerBurgh hair dresser salon, and roll through the bushes. Afterwards, opening the door and opens the Burgeria with a smile.
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