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1  Community / Fan Fiction / WBA Events Twisted! The epic fan fiction! on: April 08, 2014, 11:53:15 PM
Well here is my first fan fic, it's about events in WBA. BUT WITH A TWIST.

REALLY IMPORTANT UPDATE!: magicmusic is co-writing with me on this now!

First Chapter: Marty and Rita, perfect or not?

Marty wakes up, at 7am sharp as usual. With the sun shining on his face, and birds chirping with such delight. He gets ready for yet ANOTHER day, of tiring flippling patties, making burgers and dealing with impatient customers. Not to mention, Big Pauly's constant beking for 5 patties in his burger. And for what? Some lousy tips.

He thinks: "Everyone else with their bad boy paychecks, that just creams my pie". He looks at the calender. OH BOY. FREE BURGER DAY.

While in this negative mood, Rita honks obnoxiously in the car at Marty to hurry up. Marty once again goes into his productive thinking modes" Sure, Rita is nice and all. But she is SO lazy. I mean the other day, I was doing 12 orders and Rita was taking a freaking selfie. -.-'".

After this, Rita gives a vicious honk from the car accompanied with a chilling icy glare.

Marty gets ready, grabs the Flipper 500 and goes to the car. But Marty rushes back, cause he was still in his Captain Radley PJ's. After that minor mishap, Rita and Marty go to the burgeria.

On their way, they see a line of 50+ customers outside the Burgeria. All chanting. WE WANT BURGERS! WE WANT BURGERS! WE WANT BURGERS! like zombies. To avoid the freak crowd they park near the BurgerBurgh hair dresser salon, and roll through the bushes. Afterwards, opening the door and opens the Burgeria with a smile.
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