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Chapter 1: The Devious Plan

Mayor Mallow sits in his office at the peak time of midnight. The icy, chilly feeling of the midnight intoxicates the room. He looks out his window with his mug of half full of cocoa in his hands. The deep gush of the wrath of the wind blow with force against the curtains. He hears a minor knock on the door. He gives a slight, mild smile for a second and goes back to his stern frown.

"So I am finally blessed with the leader of the so acclaimed Shakers of music," Mayor Mallow says with a deep, dark voice accompanied with his deadly glare of power.

"Roses are Red Violets are Blue, cut the crap why am I here? It's freezing, the gusty feel of the night had no mercy tonight. The wind had no mercy, the weather had a gloomy feeling and I feel you do too. So what's the deal?" Scarlett replies with her a hand on her hip.

"What. So the winds are more important, then meeting the mayor?" the mayor says with a icy voice.

"err.... I didn't mean that but...." Scareltt replies while she looks into the distance.

"Will the winds help you if I cut the funding for the Shakers? Will the winds help you then?" Mayor Mallow says with the look of rage.

"No. But seriously why did you call me?" Scarlett says with a slight look of fear. The bright luminous light blinds both of them, only annoying the pair more.

"I want you to play this tomorrow at the promotional Frostfield campaign concert tomorrow. The other electives will be there. Maggie, Clair and even Papa Louie." Mayor says while handing a small, sliver object with the words simply "URGENT" written on it.

Scarlett takes the disc, putting it in her jacket pocket. She leaves the room and quickly exits the building. Mayor Mallow looks out the window with a look of pride.

Scarlett quietly mutters while driving her kart home, "Mayor Mallow my bleep...."
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