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1  General / Forum Discussion / 7th Annual Flipline Forum Awards (RESULTS HAVE BEEN POSTED) on: December 11, 2018, 03:37:09 PM
Welcome, one and all, to the 7th Annual Flipline Forum Awards! Lia was supposed to host, but she's very busy right now so I'll be hosting until her schedule frees up. For those of you who have never participated in a forum awards before, here's how they're going to work:

From now until 12/12/2018 at 9 PM EST is the suggestion period. I've curated 13 different preliminary categories. Over the next 24+ hours, it's y'alls job to suggest adding/removing/altering categories for the 2018 Awards, which I'll consider and likely implement for the finalized categories. (This usually doesn't happen. I'm being nice.)

From 12/12/2018 at 9 PM EST to 12/31/2018 at 11:59 PM EST, you can nominate users for the finalized categories by PMing me the name of the user and which category you want to nominate them for. Please nominate someone for every category. The user with the most votes wins the category!

I (or Lia) will announce the winners 1/1/2019 at 3 PM EST. This time might change, but you'll be warned if it does. Be there or be square!

- - - - -

Forum Game of the Year
Flipline Gamer of the Year
Best Food Restaurant Topic Owner (i.e. Zetsu's Pizzaria, etc.)
Best PLP Comic Maker
Best FC Maker
Best Fanfiction Author
Most Likely to Become a Global Moderator
Most Improved User
Most Missed User
Kindest User
User I Most Want to Meet IRL
Ruler of the Shoutbox
Best Username This Year
Fan Artist of the Year
Newbie of the Year
User of the Year (Note that AskJoe cannot win this award this year, as he won last year)

Forum Game of the Year
1st place: Flipline Forum Playlist Battle
2nd place: Adam’s Quizeria
Also nominated: Nickito’s KO Topic, daddyria, so wtf do we do with ffpb, Survivor, TWG, Count to 2019 before 2019, Nickito’s Flipdeck Game, Count to 10,000 before 2020, Battle of the Genders

Flipline Gamer of the Year
1st place: Zetsu
2nd place: Kirby
3rd place: DeluxePizza, Kangablue, SpongeBob29
Also nominated: Faithuccino, speedo3539, Daniel Delta

Best Food Restaurant Topic Owner
1st place: NachoCheeseonPizza21
2nd place: DeluxePizza
3rd place: Tamatim
Also nominated: Faithuccino, eevee, Zetsu, Kassem, Sean, Sea Anne

Best PLP Comic Maker
1st place: JEBZ Komics
2nd place: Ianiant
Also nominated: AyBlueChao, Ninja Monkey

Best FC Maker
1st place: Ianiant
2nd place: DeluxePizza
Also nominated: Kassem, Cinnablob, Zetsu, Tamatim, Mystic, plankton, Petey K, speedo3539

Best Fanfiction Author
1st place: lajoie
2nd place: Fuzzy Zombie Cherry
3rd place: Survivore
Also nominated: Sea Anne, Gato, JEBZ Komics

Most Likely to Become a Global Moderator

1st place: Mystic
2nd place: Theo, Tamatim, SpongeBob29
Also nominated: Moana, Penguin022, Flipline_Tony

Most Improved User
1st place: Ianiant!
2nd place: Moana
Also nominated: Saburo, lajoie, NoRegrets, Tsumngi, Gato, Posioncrene, Cyana-Fis, SpongeBob29, Coatl

Most Missed User

1st place: Fuzzy Zombie Cherry
2nd place: LeBlingKing
3rd place: KitKatExtreme, Baba Ji
Also nominated: Phil Swift, Saburo, Archi, Cosmic, Kiefer

Kindest User
1st place: Tamatim
2nd place: Cinnablob, Moana
Also nominated: JEBZ Komics, Theo, Mystic, Petey K, Nikos, AyChaoBlue

User I Most Want to Meet IRL
1st place: Flipline_Tony
2nd place: Mystic and SpongeBob29
3rd place: Moana
Also nominated: AskJoe, lajoie, Kowhai, Faithesque, Sea Anne, AyChaoBlue

Ruler of the Shoutbox
1st place: SpongeBob29
2nd place: Ianiant
3rd place: JEBZ Komics
Also nominated: Cinnablob, Tamatim

Best Username This Year
1st place: Breaking Free
2nd place:, Cinnablob
Also nominated: TransCatgirlsRiseUp, Blobfish, JEBZ Komics, Louie, Sea Anne, Spamoni, Toooaaastyyy, The Flipverse

Fan Artist of the Year
1st place: Mannievelous
2nd place: ObedART2015
3rd place: Cinnablob
Also nominated: Zetsu, AyBlueChao, OCFanatic, Ianiant

Newbie of the Year
1st place: JEBZ Komics
2nd place: speedo3539
Also nominated: Moon, ColtsFan18, John Johns, Salt, Ninja Monkey

User of the Year
1st place: lajoie
2nd place: Ianiant
Also nominated: Mystic, Cyana-Fis, Midnight Express, SpongeBob29
Links to Previous Years:
2  General / Forum Discussion / 6th Annual Flipline Forum Awards on: August 12, 2018, 07:40:19 AM
Welcome all, to the 6th Annual Flipline Forum Awards! I’m not really one for speeches, but I will say this: If you voted for KKE for User of the Year, or yourself in any of the categories, I did not count your vote. Sorry.

Anyways, up first we have the Best Flipline Game Player Award!! This forumer is great at playing Flipline developed games like Gamerias and platformers. Drumroll please~

And the winner is . . .:
Sodium Chloride!

2nd Place: Kangablue
Also nominated: DeluxePizza, SpongeBob29, and Kiefer
Next up is the Best Forum Game Player. Slightly different from the last one, this forumer is skilled in playing all sorts of forum games, from TWG to Survivor to _____.

And the winner is . . .:

2nd Place: Gato
3rd Place: DeluxePizza
Also nominated: Nickito, blankin, Memes, Temmie, Qazikol, Sodium Chloride, skylark89, Jody, Gigi Lee Chan, Cyrus
Next up is the Best Other Forum Game. You all had a lot of opinions on this, but in the end there were two games that stood out.

And the winner is . . .:
Tied for 1st: Customer Hurt/Heal Race Game and Battle of the Genders

Unfortunately, we can’t split this award in half, so please direct your attention to the poll at the top of the thread to determine which game will win Best Other Forum Game! You have 5 minutes to vote. The rest of the results will be revealed at the end of the voting period, where you’ll have another 5 minutes to react before the next award is revealed.

2nd Place: VulpesVespa’s Quizeria
3rd Place: Vending Machine
Also nominated: Ship the User Above You, TWG Race Game, Universe Simulator, Yum or Yuck, The Alphabet Game, Survivor, Disturb a wish, Pokédex Game

*After the voting period, the winner was Battle of the Genders
Next up is Best FC Maker. Despite a controversial Customerpalooza, this user still created impressive in depth fan characters for the forum.

And the winner is . . .:

2nd Place: Juniper Montage and Nonsensical
3rd Place: OC Fanatic
Also nominated: Natayla, Faithesque, AyKooChao, DeluxePizza, HG
Next up is Best Fanfiction Author. The board may have slowly died out this year, but this user has been consistently creating solid content for the forumers in her well-known I AM . . .  story, along with skits and other stories.

And the winner is . . .:
Mint Cherry!

2nd place: Aleister Black
Also nominated: Ianiant, Natayla, Excalibur, Ravine Rother, border, blankin
Next up is Best _____’s Gameria. I probably should’ve been more clear about this award, because I got some varying results. Apologies for this- it will be cleared up next year. Despite the confusion, it was clear that the forum favored one user to win this award. This user has managed to keep track of numerous gameria orders to please the digital customers. Drumroll please . . .

And the winner is . . .:

2nd place: Sodium Chloride
Also nominated: Sky, Kiefer, Snowman Sean, Cyrus, Marshmallow guy, Chema
Next up, we have Most Likely to Become a Global Moderator! The forum was clear about who they thought Matt would appoint to oversee the forum’s actions. The winning user is widely thought to be one of the most trusted forumers by Matt, only second to Joe.

And the winner is . . .:

2nd place: Juniper Montage
Also nominated: Sodium Chloride, Leia
Next up is Most Improved User. The winning user had some controversial interactions with users on this forum, but has been doing much better recently and making active steps to improve. Congrats to . . .

And the winner is:

2nd place: you got mail
Also nominated: HG, Flipfan Oofis, MarkiplierFana, Gaster
Next up is the Most Missed User. The winning user had been a strong force in this forum as the oldest active member. Known for her memes and copypastas among other things, give it up for the previous host of the forum awards . . .

And the winner is . . .:

2nd place: Watermelon
3rd place: Sent
Also nominated: Chef Ben, magicmusic, Lollipop, Dark~Knight
Next up is the Most Comedic User. There were a lot of nominations for this, but one user managed to pull away. He’s constantly cracking jokes and making everyone smile. Drumroll please . . .

And the winner is . . .:
Gigi Lee Lann!

2nd place: Nickito
3rd place: HG
Also nominated: Sent, Lusamine, KitKatExtreme, Lore, Excalibur, Leia, DeluxePizza, Bang, Ianiant, border
Next up is the Kindest User. The nominations were pretty consistent for this one. The winner is indisputably kind to everyone he talks to.

And the winner is . . .:
Shuichi Saihara!

2nd place: Juniper Montage
3rd place: Faithesque
Also nominated: KitKatExtreme, Tamatim, Momo-senpai, Kangablue
Next up is Ruler of the Shoutbox. This user is often found in the shoutbox, whether that be lurking or engaging in conversation.

And the winner is  . . .:

2nd place: KitKatExtreme
3rd place: Flipfan Oofis
Also nominated: Shuichi Saihara, Gigi Lee  Lann, Ianiant, Rachel AMber, Chieko Tsukada, Excalibur, AskJoe
Next up is Best Username. Somehow, all throughout vote collection, there was never a tie in this category.

And the winner is . . .:

2nd place: Qazikol
3rd place: Rainbow Rocket and trash
Also nominated: the, Psyker-kun, memes, TheStarvingOne, DeluxePizza, Sodium Chloride, Swamp Sashimi, Nukes, Red
Next up is Fan Artist of the Year. There was a variety of nominations, but one user certainly stood out.

And the winner is . . .:
Swamp Sashimi!

2nd place: Mannie
3rd place: Ianiant
Also nominated: Chieko TSukada, Mint Cherry, Excalibur, OcFanatic, DokiDokiTsuna, Lemonade812
Next up is Newbie of the Year. Once again, a lot of submissions, some for users who didn’t technically meet the criteria. However, one user stood out.

And the winner is . . .:

2nd place: Gigi Lee Lann
3rd place: DeluxePizza
Also nominated: Josh_Legacy, zeezo, Ianiant, Cyrus, skylark89
Finally, we have User of the Year. So many users were nominated for this award, including KKE somehow, despite the fact that I specifically wrote not to? Anyways, there was one user with more votes than the rest. He is constantly keeping the forum align with the rules by dealing with reports, deleting spambots and alts, and applying the banhammer when needed. You can probably tell who he is just from the description, but give it up for . . . *drumroll*

And the winner is . . .:

2nd place: Lusamine
3rd place: AyKooChao
Also nominated: Zetsubeau, Sent, Matt, Sodium Chloride, Leia, Suichi Suihara, DeluxePizza, Kangablue, Park Jinyoung, Ianiant

Thank you all so much for voting this year in the 6th Annual Flipline Forum Awards, and congratulations to everyone that won!! I had a lot of fun hosting. I’m currently in the process of putting all of the results on the front page, along with links so you can read the reactions, which should be done in 10 minutes or so. This topic will be left unlocked and stickied for a few days so you guys can discuss. Here’s to a year of (hopefully) less forum drama!!

note: someone deleted the original topic, so I'm posting the results and commentary here. Soph and Moana think it's BabaJi but idk *glares at all users with moderation powers*. see y'all in a few months.
3  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWG XCVIII - Locked And Loaded [WOLVES WIN] on: December 05, 2017, 05:17:29 AM
Just a reminder to all players that blankin is shadowing this game. Treat it as you would any cohost and send all your PMs to both Lu and blankin, instead of one or other. It'll take you 3 seconds.

It is Night 1! Story coming maybe later.
4  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWG: Lost Connection needs a host on: November 06, 2017, 04:54:23 PM

So as some of you may know, I need someone to host Lost Connection because I really want to play it. I've gotten a few PMs already, basically the only requirement is that you can't have a game already queued up to play. Other then that, I'll probably it (although maybe give it to a new host just because of how easy it will be to mod).

Just post in the topic below if you want to host, I'll leave this up for 36-48 hours before I decide on who to choose. And then I'll probably either lock/delete this when it's over.

- Leia
5  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWG Rules [Vote + explain in poll] on: October 19, 2017, 12:03:12 PM
What's going on?
TWG is in the middle of a reconstruction, and one of the things we're changing are the rules. In this topic, we'll be voting rules into play.

How the Process Works
I'll put all of the rules into a queue, and we'll vote on them (similar to the BPT). Your options will be to either Pass, Change, or Reject. If you have a suggestion for a rule, I suggest PMing it to me.

/pass means that you are completely happy with the rule.
/change means that you would like to change some aspect of the rule.
/reject means that you never, ever want to see this rule in action.

If you vote either /change or /reject without explaining yourself, I'm not going to count your vote. Each poll will be 48 hours long. If the majority is to Pass it, the rule will immediately be put into effect. If the majority is to Change it, I'll rewrite a new version and the next thing we'll do is vote on it. If the majority is to Reject it, then it's rejected and we never use it again.

I'm trying to organize the passed rules on the first page, the categories might change eventually but currently it's "Behavior" "Playing" "Spectating".

As for current gameplay, it is up to the Game Moderator to make decisions on punishment if there are no rules on it yet.

So! Let's start.

Previous Votes
Dead Player Game Thread Posting 1.0
Editing/Deleting Posts 1.0 1.1
Posting Host PMs 1.0
Gamethrowing 1.0
Staying Dead 1.0 1.1
Activity in Game 1.0 1.1
PMing Conversations 1.0
Automatic Self-Votes 1.0

Official TWG Rules

Do not post in the game thread if you are dead. You may make one post after you die, but after that you are not allowed to post. Breaking this rule will result in 1 gameban.

Editing posts is never allowed, even if it's editing a typo. If you want to edit a typo or anything in your post, just post again.

Do not post any PM conversations with the Host in the thread. You may paraphrase, but directly quoting or screenshoting will result in a modkill.

Try to Win. Gamethrowing, or purposely trying to make your team lose, is never allowed. If you make your side lose on purpose, then you will be modkilled and gamebanned from the next TWG.

If you're dead, STAY dead. With the exception of having a specific gimmick in the game, dead people must stay dead. You can have one last-post to write anything you want, but after that, you can not PM any living players, post anything in the game thread, or post anything with game-related content in the lounge. Breaking this rule will result in one gameban.
Furthermore, living people can't talk to dead people in real life, so living players can't talk to dead players in the game. This means no PMing dead players once they've died. (This includes PMing the Maniac on who they should kill after they die). Doing so will result in a modkill and a gameban.

Try to be active during the game. Whenever a game starts, the host sends out a confirmation PM to all players. Anyone who doesn't respond to the PM or do anything in-game within 3 real life days will be replaced by someone on a list of overflow sign-ups. However, if there is no one on the list, the player is modkilled. Furthermore, if you have signed up for the game only to realize that you won't be able to commit to being active due to real life issues, you may replace out if you have a reason deemed valid by the host.

PM the Host all TWG related conversations. As a Host, we choose an MVP at the end. If you don't give us your thoughts, we assume you did nothing and you cannot get MVP.
6  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWG XCIII: Pathological Lying [TOWN AND AMNESIAC WIN] on: October 11, 2017, 07:43:36 PM
Rolelist + Playerlist for Reference:
TWG: Pathological Lying

Once upon a time there was a town, a town with werewolves, humans, and more. Some like to lie about who they are. Others are truthful.

Human - Basically, a Human votes and does strategy. They vote for who they think is suspicious, and they should attempt to band together to form an alliance

Knot Expert - survives their first attempt of being lynched
Insomniac - can see who visited them each night
Disguised Wolf - just a normal wolf with no abilities but shows up as Green in Seer checks

Seer - Every Night, the Seer asks the Host the colour of someone in the game. The host will reply. For example, Humans are green and Wolves are red.
Guardian - Every night, the Guardian protects someone of their choice from being killed.
Coroner - Every time someone dies, the Coroner learns their colour.
Necromancer - Once during the game, the Necromancer can revive someone dead.
Wolfsbane - Survives the first time the wolves try to attack it

Brutal Wolf - a normal Wolf who can brutalize (kill) a target if they are lynched
Eidetic Wolf - wolf version of the insomniac
Wolf Shaman - wolf version of the Seer
Mason - thinks they are human but shows up as Red in Seer checks

Pathogen - selects a target and chooses any color (green, red, blue, black) to remain as on Night 1. This target will now be infected with the pathogen’s curse. The curse spreads to anyone who visits or is visited by the target. Nothing happens when people are cursed, but they will be notified. After at least 60% of the players are cursed, the Pathogen is able to kill up to 2 people. From there on out, the Pathogen beats all if it makes it to the end. The Pathogen itself also counts as part of the 60% by default. (the percentage is only tentative, I might change it depending on what people think)
Cheater - Each night, the Cheater chooses a target. This target has two extra self votes the next day, and their vote will not count. This is not announced. Wins if their target is lynched at least 3 times. Wins with anyone.
Amnesiac - can remember as the role of anyone who died

Wolf kill order goes Brutal --> Disguised --> Eidetic --> Shaman

Sign Ups:
1. Qazikol LYNCHED DAY 2
2. Chasi Cheesemaster Weran
3. StarfallQueen
4. greenviceroy LYNCHED DAY 1
5. Toasty
7. Temmie
8. Coach Huzzy
9. Ravine Roth
10. blankin
11. ~CandyCorn~
12. TheStarvingOne
13. HyperGreen
14. CosmicCoolA34
15. nachos
16. Jane the Killer
17. Flipfan Oofis
18. Nickito WOLFED NIGHT 2
I know I sent this out in all of your PMs, but I'll post it again: please DO NOT FORGET to include both Lu and KrispyKremeExtreme in all of your game related PMs. It’ll make the game run much more smoothly, and it only takes about 3 second.

All role PMs have been sent out. It is now Night 1.
7  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWG Headquarters on: October 04, 2017, 06:22:09 PM
Welcome to the Official TWG Headquarters. I am Leia. This topic is for rules, FAQs, roles and game statistics related to TWG/The Werewolf Game.

How to Play:
The Werewolf Game (or TWG) consists of the battle between two major teams: the humans, also referred to as the town, and the wolves. The main goal of the humans is to rid the town of wolves. The main goal of the wolves is to ensure that their numbers are equal to that of the rest of the town. For example, if there are three wolves, then they would win when there are six total players left, and none of the wolves died.

At the beginning of the game, the host will PM you your role, allowing you to know your alignment and any special abilities that you may have. There are usually some unaffiliated roles that have different win conditions. These roles are commonly referred to as "Independents". Independent Biased roles are almost always killing roles that will bypass Human/Wolf wins if they are still alive at that time. Independent Unbiased roles have different win conditions completely, ranging from getting lynched to predicting who dies thrice.

The game consists of two phases. During the Night, the wolves have the opportunity to kill/"wolf" a player. Some humans have special abilities, which they can use during the Night. These abilities range from discovering the alignments of players to protecting people from wolf kills. During the Day, the players must discuss who they believe to be a wolf, and they vote/"lynch" this player.

The Werewolf Game is an intense lying game about trust and outwitting the other side. Wolves need to be quick-witted to avoid detection, and humans need to be shifty to see through the wolves' façades. We hope that you will enjoy the game! We recommend reading up on at least one past game before starting to get an idea of some strategies, or you can read the Tips & Tricks section.

Tips & Tricks:
-Look for any suspicious or unusual behaviour from your fellow players. If you see something strange, pick up on it and alert your fellow players.
-Make sure to pick up on everyone's strategies. An inactive player might be a wolf blending in, and a bold player might be a wolf trying to misdirect the humans.
-Claim as early as possible. If the wolves happen to kill say, the Seer on Night 1, then one of them can pretend that they're the Seer. You want as much information as possible.
-If you're not a power role, act like you are. The humans have to lose someone each night, and would you rather a normal Human goes, or the Guardian?
-Most importantly, make your voice heard! Bring up anything suspicious that others may have missed. Don't be afraid to list all of your leads.

-Many humans don't want to rock the boat too much. If you and your wolves are able to start a bandwagon on someone and make it sound legitimate, then many people would be willing to just go along with it.
-Inactive players are never useful to the town. If they can't find someone suspicious, then an inactive player is the next best thing. Always be as active as possible.
-Remain calm. Humans have no reason to get riled up by lynch votes, so why do you?
-Keep track of your lies and misdirection. If you mess up, someone will spot it. Be ready to justify your lies, and don't back off when someone challenges you.

Independent Biased
-Don't become a target. Independent Biased roles will quickly be lynched or killed if their identity is discovered.
-Use your ability wisely. Independent Biased roles usually have a limited amount of kills. If you kill two people right at the start and can't do it again, it might end up costing you the game.
-Deflect suspicion whenever possible. Read up on wolf strategies for how to do this. Get inactive players lynched, make up a lie and pretend to be another role.

Independent Unbiased
This faction has such a wide variety of win conditions that it is difficult to provide tips for them. Some even want to die, while others don't. If you need help with an Independent Unbiased role when you get one, don't be afraid to ask the host for help.

How do I host?
PM your game idea (with a complete role list and name) to Qazikol, the owner of the TWG Bidding Topic. It will soon enter the queue and be voted on by TWG players in that topic. If you need help creating a bid, check here for a comprehensive guide on how to bid a game.

How do I play?
Sign up for the next game, and if you need help and/or tips, the spoilers above this one will give you insight for that. Click here under 'Successful Bids' for a list of upcoming games.

Who is hosting the next game?
Check here under 'Successful Bids' to find a complete list of past and upcoming games.

How can I play if someone has ignored me?
It is the responsibility of the host to relay all messages between players who have someone on their ignore list. Do not be afraid to join in even if someone has blocked you.

Why do some games have 2 hosts, while other games only have 1?
Sometimes, an experienced host will choose to mentor a player who has never hosted before. If you would like to mentor or be mentored, check here to see if you qualify and learn about upcoming opportunities. Other times, hosts could want a partner to host with for fun or if the host is busy in real life.

Important Links:
The following links are important if you wish to get more involved in the TWG community. Rules, Roles and Statistics are in this topic, just a few posts below.

TWG Bidding Topic
TWG Community Poll
TWG Rules
TWG Roles
TWG Statistics
Ultra Ultra TWG Roles Tournament
8  General / General Discussion / Crazy KCP Entries 2017 on: September 06, 2017, 12:31:27 PM
Post em' here ~

9  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWG XC: Return of the Circus {WOLVES WIN} on: September 06, 2017, 12:08:09 PM
      There were flyers in the streets. Posters advertising the wild events hanging on the walls. But no one believed it. Not even the children, who hadn't even been alive the first time around.

      But then one night, weeks after the first posters had mysteriously appeared, Qazikol heard faint noises from outside his window. The far-away roar of a Lion, and the brassy sounds from a Trumpet.

      He hadn't heard these sounds in over 30 years.

      The circus was coming back to town.

It is Night 1. Night roles, send in.

*the post activity role won't apply in this game because otherwise the Circus will have too easy of a win. But I will get very mad if you refuse to post and quasi-yell at you through the internet for signing up if you weren't planning on being active.
10  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWG XC: Return of the Circus {LOUNGE} on: September 04, 2017, 06:53:21 PM
TWG: Return of the Circus

Rumor has it, the circus is back in town . . .

Knot Expert
Disguised Wolf

Brutal Wolf
Wolf Shaman

Ring Master
Trapeze Artist- Can paint a player each night, paint lasts one night.

2. KitKatExtreme LYNCHED DAY 1
4. Ravine Roth LYNCHED DAY 2
5. Chasi Cheesemaster Weran
6. Jane the Killer LYNCHED DAY 5
7. greenviceroy LYNCHED DAY 6
8. Toasty
9. Qazikol LYNCHED DAY 4
10. Stormbreaker LYNCHED DAY SEVEN
11. Flipfan Oofis
12. CosmicCoolA34
14. Direraven WOLFED NIGHT ONE
17. The Starving One WOLFED NIGHT SEVEN
18. Coach Huzzy
11  Community / Sign-Up Games / Double Agent 7 (HEADQUARTERS WINS) on: July 12, 2017, 03:34:14 AM
I wasn't entirely sure what number this game was, but, well, here you go:


Double Agent
Double Agent
Double Agent

Mission 1: Zero, Penguin, Typo SUCCESS
Leader: Zero
6 Approves (Penguin022, Symphony, DJ Roomba, Typo, Tin, Stormbreaker) - 1 Deny (Lyka)

Mission 2: Zero, Penguin, Typo, Stormbreaker FAIL
Leader: Lyka
5 Approves (Penguin022, Tin, Butanol, Zero) - 0 Denies

Mission 3: Penguin022, Stormbreaker, CosmicCoolA34, DJ Roomba SUCCESS
Leader: Penguin022
5 Approves (Penguin022, Stormbreaker, CosmicCoolA34, Tin) - 1 Deny (Lyka)

Mission 4: Zero, Penguin022, CosmicCoolA34, Lyka, DJ Roomba FAIL
Leader: Zero
5 Approves (Typo, Tin, Zero, CosmicCoolA34, Penguin022) - 0 Denies

Mission 5: Tin, DJ Roomba, CosmicCoolA34, Penguin022, Zero SUCCESS
Leader: Tin
4 Approves (Penguin022, Tin, Cosmic022, Zero)- 0 Denies

Leader Order
DJ Roomba
12  Community / Sign-Up Games / Double Agent 3 (HEADQUARTERS WIN) on: April 15, 2017, 12:50:00 PM
New to Double Agent? Click here.

Chief Agent

Double Agent
Double Agent

Veteran - The Veteran starts off as an independent role that has to choose a side. The first mission the Veteran is on, they can choose Success or Fail to decide which team they will join. If they choose Success, they will become an Agent. If they choose Fail, they become a Double Agent.

To add to everything, there is also a power called Hacker. One random player starts out with Hacker. They can choose one player to "hack" and learn their alignment. The hacker ability is then passed on to the person who was last hacked.

Mission 1: 3 people- Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Penguin022, Len Kagamine SUCCESS
Mission 2: 4 people- Lover of Lemonade, Breath of Isolation, Penguin022, Zero FAIL
Mission 3: 3 people- Penguin022, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Len Kagamine SUCCESS
Mission 4: 5 people- Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, Penguin022, Len Kagamine, This House Believes That, Lover of Lemonade SUCCESS
Mission 5: 4 people

Leader Order
Prem Ratan Dhan Payo
This House Believes That
DJ Roomba
- Rumen -
Breath of Isolation
Len Kagamine
Lover of Lemonade
13  Community / Fan Fiction / FQ Academy on: March 04, 2017, 03:27:58 PM
I'm in the mood for a cheesy forumer fanfic  :3 Most of you will already be in this, but you're welcome to let me know if you'd like to be in it anyways via pm/post.

Anyways, IDK if anyone knows what the show Quantico is. It'll be based off of that.
14  General / Forum Discussion / Chart of Name Changes on: March 04, 2017, 12:35:19 PM
About the Topic
Has someone changed their name and you don't know who they are? Well, you came to the right place! Here you can find any user's name changes.

Personalizing Your Name
All names must be bold, normal-sized, and left-aligned. However, you can choose a color for your text, provided it is not white, beige, bright yellow, or any other colors that require you to highlight the text to read. If you are requesting more than one color for your name, you must write it out for me.

How to Help
To make this chart easier and to make it easier to track usernames, use the "Past Usernames" feature in your profile. Please try to have them all in order. Thank you!

> This means the username was changed to the one next to it.
>> This means the username was changed to the next one after a few hours or days.
= This means the user deleted their account but came back with a different name.
@ This means that one username will be the 100% certain and confirmed future name of a user.

Past Owners
  • v1: nicccky
  • v2: Flare
  • v3: Penguin022
  • v4: Lpcarver
  • v5: Cuppa Tea
  • v6: Widow
  • v7: Hamilton
  • v8: iRossome
  • v9: Saburo
  • v10: Paramore
  • v11: Hamilton
  • v12: Lore
  • v13: Cuppa Tea
15  Community / Sign-Up Games / Mafia Roman Numeral 5 MAFIA WINS on: February 07, 2017, 05:01:31 PM
3x Human
1x Angel
1x Seer

2x Mafia

While KKE is wrapping up the last game, I thought I'd start a new one. Baby steps, my friends. Baby steps.

1. RXO
2. BOI
3. I
4. Lena Rostova
5. ThePGuy
6. Oofis
7.  Kangablue
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