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16  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWG LXIX: Blackout {WOLVES AND MANIAC WIN} on: February 05, 2017, 10:37:01 AM
Maybe I'll write a story if I have more time, but for now, it's simply Night 1.

Night roles, send in. Reminder that wolves have only 1 kill tonight.
17  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWG LXIX: Blackout {Lounge} on: February 02, 2017, 06:39:11 PM
Kids these days, and their artificial light sources.

Gimmick: During the day, the town can lynch up to 3 players, but the roles of the dead will not be revealed until the town votes for “black out” by majority rule. However, the twist is, for every additional lynch the town chooses to impose, the wolves would get an additional kill.

If you are confused, here is an example. It is Day 2. Lets say Thorton is voted up and lynched. After he is lynched, the town decides to go on and lynch KitKatExtreme. After KKE is lynched, the town decides to vote for night by voting for “blackout”. Once they have majority, the game transitions into night like it usually would. Thorton is revealed as a brutal wolf and his target dies too. However, KKE’s role is not revealed since she isn’t a wolf. The wolves are allowed to kill two people now, since two people were lynched during the day shift.

Things to Note:
-Possible Random Wolves: Elder Wolf, Wolf Shaman, Disguised Wolf, Dauber Wolf, Psychotic Wolf, Arctic Wolf, Decoy Wolf, Hypnowolf, Magician Wolf,
-Wolves kill once on n1
- Once you are lynched, you can post once before the end of the day, and again once the day ends  

Knot Expert


Brutal Wolf
Random Wolf


1. KitKatExtreme* LYNCHED DAY 2
2. Nickito*
999. Lena Rostova* BRUTALIZED DAY 3
5. Spy-bot*
6. Oofis*
7. Cinnabon* LYNCHED DAY 1
8. Adriel* LYNCHED DAY 2
9. Breath of Isolation*
10. Kahili* LYNCHED DAY 3
12. you*
13. Smaarti_Pants*
14. SirCutieYuki*
16. Lenny*
17. Lars Douglas* WOLFED NIGHT 3
18  Community / Fan Fiction / Flipline Haikus on: January 29, 2017, 12:34:47 AM
Okay so THIS board counts posts, right?

Doan and Mindy are
both customers who eat at
Papa's resturants
19  Community / Sign-Up Games / Mafia TOWN WINS on: January 20, 2017, 10:04:29 PM
It's a classic.

3x Humans
1x Guardian Angel
1x Mafia

1. TSH
3. No No No
666. Lena
5. Lenny
20  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWG Study and Letter on: December 01, 2016, 10:58:43 AM
Hey TWC (and community),

        First off, please read this entire letter. This isn’t something that is readily summarized into a 3 sentence paragraph, which is why we won’t be giving a tl;dr. Please feel free to share your opinions on this.

   So a few users and I were talking about TWG, and we’ve been thinking that this game is going downhill, and we want to stop it before it does. We wrote a survey, and it turns out that 1 in every 3 players do not enjoy their TWG experience and that 3 in every 5 players are not pleased with the way the TWC handles the games. We believe that these statistics are not the best for the success of the game, since TWG is supposed to be fun for everyone and for users to not feel threatened. Below are the three main problems we’ve identified ourselves and from the survey.

   First of all, the game size is really affecting the game play. Games usually quickly fill up to about 15 or 16, where the host will spend a few days trying to convince people to join. Unfortunately, there is a chance that the player only signed up to get the host to shut up, meaning that they will either be inactive or vocal about their want to not play. This was prominent with Platinum in KitKatExtreme’s game and the InfiniteUltimateDespair’s game. We suggest that you lower the game size to 15, as it appears to have a good balance between your regular good and evil roles, along with neutrals, as seen in Town of Salem.

   Second, the blackmailing of roles was frequently brought up. More than half of the responses complained about the blackmailing of roles, and were hoping there could be a ban of sorts on this action. This ban would cover anything from forcing people to reveal their role to forcing people to lynch.

   Lastly, and the most popular problem, the TWC and its reputation with players. We’ve received feedback that there are A LOT of users that feel threatened or self-conscious when they play the game mainly because of TWC. This is quite shocking, considering TWC is supposed to serve as a role model for the game. Based on the collected data, we think that some members should be kicked and some new members should be recruited. Of course, kicking out does not necessarily mean for them to never be able to rejoin. We just feel like the kick should be temporary until the user chooses to either passionately care about their role as a leader in both the TWG and forum community, and be active again. Obviously, it won’t be guaranteed that users are active nearly 24/7, as there are some events that can come up as seen with And Peggy’s case, but this isn’t true for all of the members from many users’ perspective. As for the recruiting, we don’t exactly know what you look for when choosing members, but we asked  users to suggest potential TWC members in the survey and a few users were consistently listed, the top two being KitKatExtreme and Kangablue.

The results of the study will be posted below. We hope that the TWC will take this into consideration and hopefully make changes as needed.
   Leia (and 2 other users who wish to remain anonymous for privacy reasons)

*Note: If you were sent this survey, PLEASE do not reveal the name of the sender. They do not want themselves know. I also omitted some things from answers for privacy reasons. 

Short Answer Questions:

Long Answer Questions:
What is one of the TWC/TWG's biggest flaws? :
Being unfair on bids.
Bias. BIAS.
Hosting is limitied.
Inactivity. Because of it, theres a lot of disconnect between amongst the members.
Not enough games Wink
Not making sure there is a game to play or at least signups
People are able to get away with stuff like pming people for their roles.
People quitting
Repetitive and lack of freshness, allowing more freedom may let it grow and get big again
The lack of currently active players
Inactivity and carelessness
Inactivity and failure to complete things on time

Describe one rule or idea that can be enforced to make TWG a better gaming experience for all:
Players who manage to, blackmail your role out of you by asking for it and if they don't give it, they're "suspicious". That shouldn't be allowed.
NO PMing people for their roles. Role sharing must be voluntary.
No idea.
ban messages demanding role claims or lynch
Stop making jokes about game bans and handle power wisely.
Maybe making it a bit more strict but also allowing more freedom within the game
Faster pased
For the schedule to be posted in the HQ (I'll PM you if I can think of any better ideas)
People get more chances to host.
If they could have a consistent schedule for games that everyone knows. The game doesn't need to start immediately after one game ends, but it would be nice to know if "hey, X is starting sign-ups for the next one in 24 hours"
"This game is just for fun, don't get angry if you lose"
"You cannot pm everyone for their roles" 

Don't reveal sides upon death
If a game isn't active for more than a week, it is cancelled
inactivity and carelessness

Please list a few users that you feel will have potential to be a member of the TWC:
Leia, cheesecake, kke
KKE, Nickito, Kangablue
Smoky Quartz, SirCutieYuki
Thorton (no bias)
Isa-dono [KKE]
Any good AND active TWG player
Kangablue, KKE, maybe Thorton
KitKatExtreme, Leia, Thorton, Kangablue
Kangablue, KKE, SQ, and Cheesecake.
No one
Kangablue maybe? Not many people really.
KKE and Leia
KKE, Leia, Kangablue
thorton leia kangablue kitkatextreme
Sincerely had no idea.
apart from, or a part of? this question is confusing.

21  Community / Fan Fiction / in my own eyes on: November 06, 2016, 05:54:27 PM
This isn't much of a story, honestly, it's much more a recap of an event translated through my imagination. I'll update infrequently at non-periodic times.  

Nov/6/2016, 6:23 pm

     "Hey, all," I said as I walked into the Common Room. It was fairly empty- just Isabelle, Zet, and Robin. Everyone else was probably still in class.
      "Hey, Leia," Robin greeted me, looking up from his drawing. The other two smiled at me in greeting, fairly engroused in their laptops.
      I kicked up my feet and sighed. It had been a long day- humanitites, followed by a double period of biochem, which ran through lunch. Not to mention all the assigned homework I had to look forward to.  
     I was enjoying the silence when Isabelle screamed.  
     "HOLY ∗∗∗∗!" She screamed as she ripped her earbuds out of her ears and jumped up onto the back of the couch and nearly lost her balance.
     I looked up, bemused. "Iz, you okay?"
     Isabelle fumbled for the space bar on her computer. "Yeah," she smiled sadly. "They were gonna put a dead deer out of her missery and I was like awww, then right as he pulled the trigger the demogordon or whatever screamed." She replaced her earbuds and pressed the space bar, only to shoot back and rip them out once again. "∗∗∗∗. There is blood. Holy crap. I actually did not expect that."
     She paused for a moment and then shut her laptop. "You wanna get dinner? I've had enough jumpscare for a while, and I think the dining hall opens in a few minutes."
     I laughed. "Sure, I'm hungry. Robin, Zet?"
     "I'll come," Zet finally said, shutting his laptop and sliding it into his bag. "Cinnamon roll?"
     "I'm good, thank you," Robin answered.
     And so we headed off to the dining hall.
22  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWG LIX: The Clairvoyant {CLAIRVOYANT WINS} on: October 11, 2016, 06:28:50 PM
      It used to be that the Clairvoyant could be found in the Fantasy Section of the Public Library of a town that you could find if you searched hard enough. She would be sitting in a chair, reading through endless stacks of thick encyclopedias. You would approach her with your question, and she would answer you for a small price. The Clairvoyant liked to help. But slowly, less and less people came to her with questions. So she just sat and waited.
     Until one day. It had been 59 years since she was last approached with a question, when she overheard two children talking a few shelves over.
     "The book is about this Clairvoyant, who can, like, tell the future. Its so cool!"
     "Wow! Thats like, awesome, dude!"
     "It sucks that the Clairvoyant isn't real though. It's just like, a myth."
     "Like the easter bunny?"
     The Clairvoyant stood up, enraged. How dare they call her a myth, how dare they compare her to the easter bunny!
     And that day, the Clairvoyant vowed to get revenge. She promised herself that she would destroy the entire town- or die doing so.

Night roles, send in.
23  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWG LIX: The Clairvoyant {Lounge} on: October 10, 2016, 05:32:07 PM
TWG LIX: The Clairvoyant

Think the Clairvoyant is just a myth? Well, she knows exactly who you are. And she's hella pissed.

Disguised Wolf

Guardian- can also protect from Clairvoyant's actions

Brutal Wolf
Wolf Shaman

- can change the actions of one person each night. Ex. LogicallyLogical wants to seer KKE. Sushi Mia the Clarivoyant decides to have LL target Lenny instead. LL does not know that the Clarivoyant changed his actions. Beats all if they make it to the end.

1. KitKatExtreme WOLFED N2
2. BLU Spy
3. Cheesecake LYNCHED DAY 1
4. Platinium
5. shalomblue
6. Oofis
7. Lenny
8. Smoky Quartz
9. LogicallyLogical
10. MayorKief
11. Epic~Nerd
12. Pixel Hunter LYNCHED DAY 5
13. Kenny WOLFED N5
14. Sushi Mia
15. MariaYuki WOLFED N1 REVIVED N4
16. Robin the Wizard BRUTALIZED DAY 5
17. The Shiny Hydreigon LYNCHED DAY 3
18. French Toasty LYNCHED D2
24  Apps / Papa's Taco Mia HD / Favorite Starlight BBQ Ingredients? on: September 02, 2016, 06:06:41 PM
25  Community / Fan Fiction / Town of Salem: II on: June 14, 2016, 06:15:23 PM
Hey look at that! There's a sequel! And RED Spy is co-writing it!

Godfather: The Silent One
Arsonist: Chitoge
Survivor: Meryl_and_Maks
Jailor: Leia
Amnesiac: Ataino
Serial Killer: KitKatExtreme
Witch: bord
Any (amnesiac): Chef Ben
Witch: Mousse Frappucino
Serial Killer: Professor Hershal Layton
Amnesiac (remembers as SK): Bubba Peterson
Veteran: Blueberry Cordial
Survivor: Sweetie135
Arsonist: GladiatorDreamCat
Mafioso: Black Lotus

26  General / Help and Support / IP Banned? on: January 22, 2016, 01:57:42 PM
Hi, so my phone won't let me access the forum. I'd post a pic, but I don't really have time right now, so here are the exact words:

"An Error Has Occurred!

Sorry Guest, you can't access the Flipline Forum!"

Reason: Continually being rude after numerous warnings and bans, and a last warnings. Goodbye.

Your ban is not set to expire.


Please Note: Many proxy servers are banned from accessing the Flipline Forum. If you see this message while using a proxy service, please try accessing the Flipline Forum directly instead.

If you believe you're seeing this message in error, please contact us at support AT flipline DOT com. "

No I was not using a proxy.
Yes I had tried logging in, but it keeps bringing me to the same screen.
27  Community / Roleplaying / QUESADILLA LAND on: August 29, 2015, 11:10:21 AM
Welcome to Quesadilla Land! My name is Titanium- i'm your president! Froot Loops here is my second in command. He is vice president.

In Quesadilla Land strive to do good for our people. Our gods make sure that this happens. Everydat qe say preyers to the gods, and we have services on Sundays, which mainly consist of an all you can eat Quesadilla buffet.

Our Most Worshipped Gods Are:
~Chris Colfer (sometimes refered to as Kurt Hummel), master of looks, books, singing, dancing, acting, and individuality
~Arnold Myint (Season 11 Food Network Star Finalist), master of food, sass, personality, and drag queens
~ MatiN
Secondary Gods and Goddesses:
~ Rue Runisk (Season 11 FOod Network Star Finalist), master of international connections

Thirdendary Gods and Goddesses:
~ Dom (Season 11 Food Network Star)
28  General / Help and Support / leet on: August 28, 2015, 11:35:38 AM
Everilyfel says it was an easter egg but I thought it was kind of funny so -
29  Community / Fan Fiction / Town of Salem on: August 27, 2015, 09:37:18 AM
In a small town in the middle of nowhere, townspeople started disapearing out of the blue. In order to stop this, someone ordered an investigation in which the town would vote on people each day to hang. In this town, no one is safe.

Sign up a NAME, not an FC or anything:
1-Charlotte Alaskan(investigator and protagonist)
2- GigzaPunk(sheriff)
4- Sherlock(jailor)
5-Barnie Sandlers(medium)
6-The Puppet (godfather)
9- Froot Loops (escort)
10- Celeste (mafioso)
11- G Pizza(lookout)
12- Professor Hershel Layton (serial killer)
13- Ravine Roth(random town/invest)
15- Sushi Mia (jester)
16- Hecatia Lapisluzli (vigi)

*btw i put in Charlotte Alaskan because it would have been awkward if I had to impersonate someone
30  Community / Fan Games / Papa's Fish and Chips Mia! (2 SIGN-UPS for FC Closers and HOLIDAYS) on: August 24, 2015, 10:16:16 AM
*credz to Stadium_Star for format
** also, these "Chips" are british chips, i.e. american fries
***also also, credits to Wulfric for helping with Valentines Day

WORKERS: Robby/Captain Cori/Custom Worker
LOCATION: Sakuya Bay
INTRO: Robby/Captain Cori/Custom Worker is sailing into Sakuya Bay when suddenly, CRACK - the boat hits a rock and splits in two! Everyone gets into lifeboats and makes it ashore safetly. However, when Papa Louie totals up the damage, its $$$$$$. And he expects Robby/Captain Cori/Custom Worker to pay for it. He/She doesn't know what to do, when Papa Louie taps them on the shoulder and hands them a solution- a Fish and Chips Mia apron.


Order Station:
self-explanitory, take orders and stuff

Ticket Example:
*from top to bottom
chip type
fish and batter
paper wrapping

Batter Station:
here you will choose the fish and coat it with batter
Fish Types:
Batter Types:
- White Flour Batter
- Whole Wheat Flour Batter
- Corn Flour Batter

Fry Station:
here you will fry the fish
Fry Times:
Almost Burnt

Wrap Station:
here you will wrap the fish in a paper wrap
Wraps Used:
- Classic Wrap (red checkered)
- Newspaper Wrap
- Brown Paper Wrap
- Wax Paper Wrap
you will also fry and assemble the chips
Types of Chips:
- classic (thick cut)
- thin cut
- curly cut
- waffle cut
-Vinegar Spray
- Chives
- Sea Salt
- Pepper


Maple Mornings
Fish: Maple Glazed Salmon
Spray/Drizzle: Maple Drizzle
Topping: Bacon Bits
A- (classic)
B- brown background with red/yellow/orange leaves
C- white background with plaid red/yellow/orange
D- tan background with white swirls

A- Classic Wrap

A- Classic Wrap

New Years
A- Classic Wrap

Valentines Day
Fish: Pink Ling Fish
Spray/Drizzle: Strawberry Vinagrette Spray
Topping: Sundried Tomatoes
A- Classic Wrap
B- Red hearts on white background
C-  Red/Pink/White Stripes
D- Whitw swirls on pink background

St. Paddy's Day
A- Classic Wrap

Fish: Poached Salmon
Spray/Drizzle: Hollandaise Drizzle
Topping: Deviled Egg Bits
A- Classic Wrap

Portallini Fest
A- Classic Wrap

Summer Luau
A- Classic Wrap

more Holidays to come

1 Yuno Motasuki (ColinMedia6)
Fav. Holiday: Valentines Day
Classic Chips
Sea Salt
Vinegar Spray
Cod/White Flour Batter
Classic Wrap

2. Cutie (Einstein)
Fav Holiday: Unknown
White Wheat
Light fry
Wax Wrap
Thin Cut
Sea Salt
Vinegar Spray

3. Reznor (Einstein)
Favorite Holiday: Unknown
Corn Flour
Crisp Fry
Classic Wrap
Sea Salt
Vinegar Spray

4. Hania (Lena Rostova)
Favorite Holliday: Unknown
classic w sea salt and chives
light fry
white flour
classic wrap
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