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1  Community / Fan Characters / Re: Flipline FC and User art on: August 07, 2015, 01:24:39 PM
Some changes that made this pic  to see if Peridot accepts put this on Wikia. Nervous

edit: Actually, no, now that I think about it, the problem here isn't the outfit; it's what's going on here. This is against the "no suggestive artwork" rule, regardless of outfit.
2  Community / Fan Characters / Re: Tributes on: August 07, 2015, 12:47:22 PM
Made some slightly less dull outfits for Orianne so she can't be as easily objectified or exploited for dullness (since those dull colors Floofshi has been making, make me extremely uncomfortable).

Orianne doesn't have that painful-to-look-at dull colored jacket anymore but still has the jacket design.

You really, really like to make fun of me, don't you?

Really, what's the deal? If something like this makes me uncomfortable I have a reason to complain about it. This isn't the color fiasco all over again. This is a legitimate thing to complain about.

Also, I like how it's perfectly fine when other people make alternate outfits for other people's FCs, but oh, when I do it, it's taboo and something to be made fun of. Pretty funny, eh~?

Admittedly I do like Orianne in green though
3  Community / Fan Characters / Re: Tributes on: August 07, 2015, 02:33:04 AM
Made some slightly less revealing outfits for Abby and Gummi Jolie so they can't be as easily objectified or exploited for sex appeal (since those "sexy" basedolls Almei has been making, alongside Abby's underboob, make me extremely uncomfortable).

Abby doesn't have that painful-to-look-at underboob anymore but still has exposed midriff, and Gummi has an illusion top that reaches slightly further down her body than it used to.
4  General / Other Games / Re: ROBLOX on: August 06, 2015, 10:24:40 PM
I'm not surprised other people play this!
My account is EightballPixels and this is my character right now.

It'd look better if the Pinktastic Hair still came with female characters, because then I'd have the adorable Pinktastic Hair + Messenger Boy combo seen here, on my old account:

I hardly play the game anymore, though.
5  Community / Fan Characters / Re: AU FC Art on: August 06, 2015, 08:05:40 PM
Nithya is one of those people who's really gentle and sweet normally but is terrifying when she's angry. She has a habit of hamming it up with her light-wings and various other background antics to make herself look intimidating. This usually does work, though.

edit: Put it in the post for transparency reasons.
6  Community / Fan Fiction / Re: [Tales of Windsong] Darkest of Times [T] on: August 06, 2015, 04:36:37 PM
Aww fluffy little Yooshi you're back.
A new chapter is ahead, sound the trumpets!
Sir, it seems Elidra died.
I think I need to read previou chapters to know this whole Chaozotin?

I have a doc on Windsong terms- including Chazotin- over here
7  Community / Fan Art / Re: Floofshi's Request Hall [Now with heads!] [CUSTOMS CLOSED] on: August 06, 2015, 01:10:47 PM
Here's this.
8  Community / Fan Characters / Re: AU FC Art on: August 06, 2015, 10:32:45 AM
PS: As Diana is mother Axel and Ceri, she could be a zombie undeveloped (Use a lighter skin like dead, and behavior tired... and a walking stick to get around.)

You clearly have a fundamental misunderstanding of Diana's character, and of the Sleet family's overall backstory. Axel and Ceri were born before they turned into zombies.
9  Community / Fan Art / Re: Floofshi Collabs [Currently on: Collab #16] on: August 05, 2015, 11:25:56 PM
It's 2 AM over here and I'm not even sure if Zuki is aware they got the slot, so I'm going to just up and give it to N0va. I'll notify her in a moment.
10  Community / Fan Characters / Re: AU FC Art on: August 05, 2015, 10:56:20 PM
See how the game of life is playing all of us for fools?
Dancing a string around us, making all these silly rules
See how he looks down on us, like we're acting out a show
Throw the dice, and let's see which head will roll...

(Completely forgot to attach the image! Hang on a sec...)

Character development for Shadowblood ahoy!
This is very long word vomit so I've put it in a spoiler.

Clicking for good quality will not work, as some of the image is cut off by the left edge of the screen. Right-click it and click "Open link in new tab"!

I feel like I should reveal where I'm going with this now. So I listened to The Game of Life earlier, and I thought of something completely new for the Shadowblood. Instead of being an omnipresent evil in the entire multiverse, as he used to be, he's now a strange, adaptable being that regenerates in a brand new form with a brand new personality every time he's killed, sealed, etc. These are known as his Lives, and while he does have a real name that he reveals to those who are very close to him, he goes by a title for each life to everyone else. The Shadowblood as we know him was Life 11, the Monster. He had ten lives before that, and since he's been sealed away by Elidra and Jada, Life 12 isn't far away. (He also had a Life #0, which was his original, evil blob form.)

Each life is at varying degrees of evil, ranging from good to neutral to evil. Life 11 just so happens to be the furthest on the evil end of the scale thus far. So, how does this tie into the basedoll I'm making? Well, you see, each of the Shadowblood's lives looks uncannily like each of these characters, minus the discolored clothing/skin, solid-color eyes, and long, prehensile tail. You see, when one of his lives is ended, they come back a short while later as a new person- and each of the characters I've basedolled here is one of them! All of the lives' titles, bar 5 and 10, are based on one of the lives from The Game of Life.

#1, the Ordinary - Mimoza
#2, the Rebel - Crim
#3, the Hateful - Cobra
#4, the Pianist - Sho
#5, the Mage - Lamya
#6, the Corrupt - Zircour
#7, the Mournful - Diana
#8, the Rich - Maura
#9, the Artist - Mioda
#10, the Scientist - Axel
#11, the Monster - Simon
#12, the Gambler - [I've yet to design the Gambler. I'll show them when they're done!]
11  Community / Fan Art / Re: Morenatsu's Custom Topic. Only Customs. (Open) on: August 05, 2015, 09:57:18 PM
i already finished one.

Behold. Creativity Level: 0/10

Looks nice, I like her!
12  Community / Fan Fiction / Re: [Tales of Windsong] Darkest of Times [T] on: August 05, 2015, 06:44:02 PM
Chapter 6

Walking peacefully through the halls of the Harmonia Temple, Nithya checked up on the universe with a blink of her eyes. Complex patterns appeared before them in bright gold, and she calmly observed them to see if anything had changed. This was her method of making sure everything was right in the universe- which it was not. Gasping at what she noticed, Nithya blinked a few times to make sure there wasn't something wrong with the display. There was a massive zone of emptiness right over where the Harmonia Temple was on her map...something was very, very wrong. That was usually the very brightest spot of the entire display...

Just as she closed her eyes to make the display vanish, an inky black substance seeped from a crack in the floor, forming into a dripping tentacle, before reaching out for her ankle. She failed to notice its presence before it had her.



Drifting mournfully through Skylands, Elidra could only wonder what the Shadowblood would attack next. He'd killed her love and the only protection she had on Windsong, and was clearly just tormenting her before he decided to finally kill her off. She could only hope that what he'd go after next was something more inconsequential, like maybe Faroku, or possibly another island's leader. Laurel was a likely target, actually- she'd already been possessed by him once...She deeply hoped that he wouldn't decide to kill her next, or attack the Harmonia Temple.

...The Harmonia Temple!

Elidra realized that she hadn't checked on her home in a while. Frightened by the thought of an attack happening in her absence, she switched her shadow arms into wing mode for extra speed before taking off for the temple. She happened to shoot by a massive, light purple creature while heading there, and its numerous eyes followed her before settling on the planet she came from. If a Balancer of Chaos resides there, it must be an interesting planet, it thought. So, it began to slowly drift towards Earth, wondering what would await it.

Upon landing at the entrance to the Harmonia Temple, Elidra immediately noticed that something was very, very wrong. The pure dark energy surrounding the Temple was giving her a headache, even from here. This was unusual- she was completely unaffected by Chazotin and normal dark magic. What form of horrific spell could be affecting her in this way? As she stepped toward the door, small, weak tendrils of black goo reached from cracks in the damaged floor and grasped at her ankles, barely even fazing her. She knew exactly who was behind this- but she didn't want to encounter him. All she wanted to do was make sure everyone was alright.

Stepping in, she was immediately repulsed by the overwhelming dark energy that was released from within. Sounds akin to a heartbeat could be heard coming from everywhere in the temple- each beat seemed to come from a different place- while grotesque, pulsating veins crawled across the walls, dripping a pure black, viscous fluid Elidra mentally likened to Chazotin. But if this was Chazotin, how was it affecting her this much...?

Her thoughts were interrupted by a sudden burst of pain. She gasped in pain before staggering and falling to her knees, gripping her head. Her head felt like it was burning and being stabbed at the same time- and the burning felt as though it was radiating down her spine. The dark magic here was too powerful for her in her current state. She couldn't go any further without the pain getting worse and very possibly killing her. She had to find some way to get her old power back- to get this damned power limiting spell off of her. She wouldn't be able to do anything if she didn't. So, deciding there was nothing else she could do, she turned around and left- to hunt for Harmony.

She failed to notice the faint pinpricks of light staring her down from the end of the hallway, watching her as she left.

Wondering what they could do to her next.
13  Community / Fan Fiction / Re: Every Form of Love [T] on: August 05, 2015, 05:58:26 PM're using REACTION GIFS? In a WRITTEN STORY?

Wow, this really IS starting to stagnate...
14  Community / Fan Characters / Re: Flipline FC and User art on: August 05, 2015, 05:35:08 PM
Here's a Velma and an updated Maura!
I had to update Maura's hair to make it easier for me to draw, because in its current state I have absolutely no idea how it works. So here's a new hair style.

I've also finally started on Velma and Maura's backstories. They're friends and both singers in bands! Velma performs alongside Akijin in the duet Contrary, which is a genre-smasher using both classical and modern instruments in their catchy tunes. Maura, on the other hand, is the lead singer of the Brasspunks, an electro-swing band inspired by Caravan Palace! The two bands have had a long-running friendly rivalry since Velma started performing.
15  Community / Fan Art / Re: Morenatsu's Custom Topic. Only Customs. (Open) on: August 05, 2015, 04:45:22 PM
Try making something based on this palette! I'll leave everything else up to you.

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