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1  Community / Fan Fiction / [Tales of Windsong] Darkest of Times [T] on: July 03, 2015, 11:07:14 PM

Warning- this fic is very violent! If you are squeamish I'd recommend not reading it.

Darkest of Times takes place in the primary timeline, where the Shadowblood is destroying many corners of the Windsong universe. In fear of being hurt, Elidra turns to the Heroes of Windsong for help. After spending some time with them, she is forced to watch as the Shadowblood picks them off. So, desperate to save the universe from destruction, she set out to find her strength...and her daughter.

Part of the Tales of Windsong fic series!
Check out the other parts:
The Horror's Seal (warning: Old, doesn't have Elidra's current character!)

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
2  Community / Fan Art / Floofshi Collabs [Currently on: Collab #16] on: June 28, 2015, 03:43:27 PM
Had a discussion with Logan about the collab topic over Skype, and it's back in my hands, so I'm going to boot it back up.

The rules:
Max one slot per person; slots are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis (unless the first person to reserve is someone on the PM-only blocked list). Slots can get taken away if you fail to follow rules below.

You may do your slot in MS Paint, SAI, or any other program you'd like- just make sure that the other slots are still easily edited by the others! [Which is basically saying please don't save as a JPG. PNG works the best!]

Make sure you didn't save the thumbnail when saving the collab image. Flipline Forum uses PNG_THUMB files for the attachment thumbnails for some reason, and no art program likes those. To get the original file, click the name of the attachment.

RESPECT THE ORIGINAL ARTIST. If an artist accidentally covers up other slots, just take the previous image before they posted theirs and layer them so the slots aren't covered. You may only revert the collab if it's blurred and unusable, for any reason. Never, ever replace, edit, or otherwise touch an artist's work, even if it sticks out from the rest or just isn't that good. It's disrespectful and invalidates their work.

If someone who I have blocked posts a request to reserve a slot, tell me which slot they picked. I don't wanna leave anyone out. (There ARE certain people who aren't allowed to reserve, though. PM me if you want to know who.)

If you forget to put someone in the collab, get ninja'd, or anything similar, then make sure you crop them back in afterward.

You must finish within two days or your spot is taken out. If you have a valid reason (or you're N0vaBlue :'D), extensions may be given.

No particular theme.

Slots taken right now:

1) Almei's Abby
2) Azuki~Anko's Reese
3) Peridot's Dimada
4) N0vaBlue (Reserved)
5) Morenatsu's Altaran

(NOTE: An [!] means that this person did not finish their slot within two days on a previous collab, and thus it is highly possible that this slot will open up later. An [H] means "Hurry up!"- they have one more day to finish their part, or they'll be removed! A [F] means they blurred the collab and it needs to be fixed.)

Finished Collabs:

3  General / Help and Support / Ignoring users issue?? on: June 05, 2015, 02:31:25 PM
I seem to be having the same problem Nekra had. Someone I had blocked was just suddenly unblocked on my list and now I can't reblock them. Every time I try, their name disappears and they're not reblocked.

I know Nekra figured out how to fix this problem but they didn't say how. Can you guys tell me how to fix it?
4  Community / Fan Games / Papa Louie: Welcome to Windsong on: May 30, 2015, 10:42:39 PM
Jumping on the "Papa Louie fansequel" bandwagon.
Papa Louie: Welcome to Windsong is your average game in the Papa Louie series, except...IN WINDSONG!
This game is heavily boss-centric, having a boss at the end of every world, and is noticeably longer than other Papa Louie games. It also has much more default health for each character (the health system gives you more hearts and allows them to split in half like in Zelda), allowing for debuffs! I'll explain those as we go on.

One day, Akira was playing with Phantasm when she noticed a shiny green object on the ground. Stopping to pick it up, she investigated it and found it to be a Windian Warp Key. These were unpredictable items made in the early days of teleportation magic study, before the magic was further refined. Every key had a different location it would go to, and it would only go to that location and back- but it was utterly random, and could take the user anywhere in the multiverse. Curious, Akira threw it to the ground, to see where it would take her...

Meanwhile, a sale was going on at Papa's Pastaria- it was free pasta day! Just about everyone had stopped by and was enjoying the free pasta...but Deano had grown a little genre-savvy. Having seen what happened every other time one of Papa's restaurants held a free food day, he was hanging behind in the back of the line, watching from afar to make sure Radley didn't crash the party again.

The party did get crashed. But it wasn't Radley.
It was Akira.

A green-and-pink portal opened in the restaurant, to everyone's horror, but no one came out. Instead the portal immediately entered vacuum mode, and within seconds everyone was gone. Deano managed to find Cori in the building and get her out, but the portal didn't close. So, the two of them entered, wondering what they would find this time.

When they arrived, they discovered that beyond Windsong, Windian Earth was being ravaged by a mysterious new evil. So, they teamed up with the residents of Windsong to find a way to stop it before it was too late!

Deano [Default] - Oar
Captain Cori [Default] - Flag
Sienna - Crescent rolls
Yui - Crossbow
Shannon - Camera Flash (Stuns enemies before killing them)
Sho - Blade Ring
Akari - Bananazooka
Quinn - Clock Whip
Willow - Skull Boomerang
Orianne - Gears
Nick - Paddle
Gremmie - Lobster
Lumino - Fins (He's hilarious to play as I swear)
Timm - Dance Moves
Wendy - Wrench
Faroku - Dragonfire
Robby - Anchor
Radlynn - Plush Radishes
Ember - Fire Axe
Phantasm - Claws
Foodini - Balloon
Xandra - X-Wand (Nerfed)
Boomer - Roman Candle
Akira - Rose Spear
Kahuna - Surfboard
Xolo - X-Hammer
Crystal - Crystal Ball
Zaedhuth - Beak Jab
Elidra - Shadow Arms (Elidra is this game's secret character)

Windian Earth Forest-
Felidae (Felidae Soldier, Felidae Rogue, Feral Felidae)
Iridescians (Iridescian, Single-Color Iridescian)
Wild Cat
Toxic Cat
Wild Bird
Toxic Bird
Zaknon Isle-
Zaknon (Zaknon Commoner, Zaknon Guard, Zaknon Royal, Zakling)
Alien Dragonfly
Alien Snail
Deep Sea-
Merfolk (Surface Merfolk, Abyssal Merfolk, Icy Merfolk)
Temple Outskirts-
Ruin (Ruin Worm, Ruin Spider)
Toxic Rat
Corrupt Rat
Ruined Temple-
Ruin (Ruin Worm, Ruin Spider, Ruin Avian, Ruin Equine)
Corrupt Rat
(Unlocked from start, but insanely hard to compensate!)
Any and all enemies can show up here. A set of six is randomly chosen each time you enter this constantly-shifting zone.
Castle Shadowblood
(Bonus level, unlocked with lots of warp keys)
Shadeling Bat
Shadow Tentacle

This game is very boss-central. Every world has a boss at the end!

Windian Earth Forest- Mutant Wildcat
A gigantic, malformed version of the normal wild cat enemy. Fought by attacking its single eye when it roars (and opens it). Three hits and it's done.
Attacks using its spiny tail, long claws, and toxic breath. Can inflict the Poison debuff.

Zaknon Isle- Zaknon Queen
Formerly a benevolent ruler, the Zaknon Queen has been driven mad by Ruin. Fought by using every character's block (attained by ducking in this game; doesn't work with dashers) to reflect her projectiles back at her. Goes down in three hits.
Attacks using a beak jab, rapid-fire claw slashes, and ruin-sludge projectiles. Cannot inflict a debuff.

Deep Sea- Akyri
Not even the gods are immune from the Ruin's corruption. Akyri is the reason for the icy tunnels in the Deep Sea, and he has frozen an entire bubble of water around himself, creating a slippery arena for his opponents. He has been blinded by Ruin and can no longer sense anything visually. He barely knows what he's done.
Fought by leaping up the icy platforms he creates in battle to strike him. Goes down in five hits.
Attacks with ice blasts, ruin slashes, and melee attacks up close. Can inflict the Frozen and Ruined debuffs.

Temple Outskirts- Mirror Match
When you reach the Ruined Temple, the Ruin surrounding it forms into a being that copies the abilities, weapon, and stats of the character you are currently playing as, and loosely reads the way you play the game in an attempt to pit you against your own moves. Fought as you would a normal enemy. Goes down in four hits. Do not fight this boss with Elidra unless you want a significant challenge.

Ruined Temple- Rahhoxahr
A bizarre creature born in a deep, starless corner of the universe, Rahhoxahr is the source of the Ruin that has corrupted Windian Earth and desires to destroy it, simply for its own sadistic enjoyment. Has the most health of any boss in the game, across its two phases.
First Phase- Humanoid form. Fought like you would Luau LePunch. Shifts to second form after five hits. Attacks using shadow tentacles, melee attacks, and Ruin-sludge projectiles. Can inflict the Ruined debuff.
Second Phase- Monster form. Abstract and utterly gigantic, it is fought like Master Core- the player must go inside the monster and find its heart, striking it. This takes several strikes (about 10 with a melee weapon), but you are on a time limit. Entering the beast automatically inflicts you with the Severely Ruined debuff, so you must fight off the Ruinlings and destroy Rahhoxahr's heart before you are corrupted.

X-Zone- Xipyhl
A strange, colorful dragon that wouldn't look out of place on a parade float, this creature has remarkably low health but an erratic attack pattern and teleport spam, making it hard to land a hit on it. Fought like a typical hack-n'-slash boss. Goes down in two hits.
Fights with claw slashes, X-flame breath, and stomping. X-flames can inflict the Confused debuff. Xiphyl is the only enemy capable of inflicting this.

Castle Shadowblood- Mock Shadowblood
Since the Shadowblood was locked away long ago, Rahhoxahr has created a mock Shadowblood from Ruin. It looks almost identical to him, beyond the Ruin dripping from his sleeves. Fought like you would Radley Madish. Goes down after three hits.
Fights with tentacles and melee attacks. Can inflict the Ruined debuff.

Poisoned- Character is slowed down slightly and loses health at a rate of one heart per 30 seconds. Goes away after roughly a minute.
Frozen- Character is locked in place for about five seconds, leaving them wide open for attack. Mashing buttons reduces the time taken for the debuff to wear off.
Confused- Reverses controls.
Ruined- Character's hearts are turned to Ruin Hearts, at a rate of one half-heart per 10 seconds. These still count as health, so no health is technically lost, but if all hearts are converted to Ruin Hearts, it's game over. Can be cured with Raven Feathers, which are obtained from Oblivion midway through each level that the Ruined debuff is possible in. This causes a different death animation from the norm.
Severely Ruined-Same as Ruined, but can't be cured. Only Rahhoxahr can do this to you.
5  Community / Fan Art / Calfuray's Random Recolor Raffle on: May 20, 2015, 05:18:39 PM
Welcome to Calfuray's Random Recolor Raffle!

"Ugh, hi. Peri dragged me in to explain this Recolor Raffle thing. To be honest with you, I'd rather be looking for treasure, but whatever. So what's gonna go down here is that every week, a new random Recolor avatar will be posted, and eight people can sign up for a chance to have it raffled off to one of them. When a new avatar is posted, the old one will be raffled off. It's done with a random number generator, so you won't win twice in a row unless the RNG decides to let you.

Oh yeah, also. If the slots aren't filled at least to #5 within the week, either the RNG will be activated prematurely, or Peridot will keep the character, depending on whether or not she liked it enough to sign up herself.

So, yeah, that's about it. The signups and current avatar are down there. Sign up if you want to and if there are still slots open, and then leave me to my business, got it?"

((I'm totally gonna be musing a random favorite character of mine for each of my fan art topics lmao))


1. Peridot
2. Azuki~Anko
3. Almei
4. Actinium
5. Morenatsu

Lost Image - Won by Peach~Tea
- Won by TheLionKing
- Won by bord
- Won by VanillaMilk
6  General / Other Games / Spelunky! on: May 20, 2015, 03:26:48 PM
So Spelunky is this really great randomly-generated roguelike platformer. I have the HD version but there's a classic pixel version up too. It's awesome and you should play it if you haven't. I'm on a huge kick for it.

Also silly stuff like this happens all the time:

7  Community / Fan Art / Skyler's Amazing Avatar Generator! on: May 01, 2015, 12:38:34 PM
Welcome to Skyler's Amazing Avatar Generator!

"Why, hello there! I see you've stumbled across my latest contraption- the Amazing Avatar Generator! You can see I've made myself already- which effectively shows what the machine can do. Just input a name and picture here, and let it do its work- soon, you'll have a brand new picture of your character! Just be warned that it's clunky and sometimes takes a while- and it can only process five requests at a time. I can't make a flawless contraption, after all.

The machine is working fine right now- it's not overloaded and you should be able to make a request. Give it a shot!"

((I felt the need to muse Skyler for this after I decided to use my current Skyler-cosplay avi as my example. Gomen.))

1. Laurel
2. Chiki
3. Ciara
4. Jacob
5. Julia


COMPLETED (Long list!):
- Valentina
- Amy
- Bellatrix
- Abrahão
- Aimee
- Daina
- Giullia
- Riccardo
- Citrus
- Alyzzah (Elidra cosplay)
- Holly
- Missouri
- Melivika
- Stevia
- Jetty
- Gengar
- Asteria
- Palkia
- Gold!Palkia
- Moseph
- Hering
- Sky
- Thalia
- Circe
- Gwen
- Vanessa
- (a very failed) Amai
- Mauve
8  Flipline Web Games / Papa's Cheeseria / Blog Upd8 Discussion on: April 25, 2015, 07:11:05 PM
To clean up the board.

Discuss blog updates regarding the game here.
9  General / Other Games / One Night at Flumpty's on: April 24, 2015, 04:50:38 PM
Anyone else familiar with this actually-really-good FNAF clone? Here's the wiki if you don't know what it is.
I recommend checking out the second one, as it distances itself from its FNAF roots with new mechanics and has new characters that are somewhat more interesting than the older ones.

Personally I've been enjoying it since seeing Markiplier's LP.
Redman is best character tbh.

10  Community / Fan Characters / FC Theme Songs (And fanfic soundtracks!) on: April 17, 2015, 07:03:22 PM
I swear I've seen this topic on here before but I can't find it to save my life so here's a new one.
Link the old one if it does exist and I'll move this stuff there.

Long post warning, sorry!

So I've been soundtracking Windsong (namely, a planned story arc to accompany a planned redesign for Akira) with Steven Universe music. So far, Old!Akira, Phantasm, Orianne, Zhiara, Thana, True Akira (The new design- this will make sense if you read all this word vomit) and a couple scenes have themes. Story arc where Thana and Zhiara decide to separate themselves from Akira, believing that they are strong enough to live separate from her and she can't keep them trapped anymore. This plays when they split from Akira, leaving her without her black half/white half theme and an integral part of herself. (Her wings turn gray with darker gray tips and her eyes turn blue.)

Blathering about visuals for this scene:
Feeling broken and empty, Akira slowly turns from her original energetic, charismatic self to a depressed shell, and Phantasm and Orianne set out to find Thana and Zhiara and bring them back to their true host- they can't afford to have Akira broken. Their Hero powers don't work as well without her, and her state may cripple them to the point of being unable to defend Windsong. This is something no one- not them, not Akira, not Faroku- can afford.

Phantasm hurt Akira accidentally at some point while chasing after Thana and Zhiara. Akira ran between them to prevent damage to the two. She wanted them back; she didn't want them killed.
The sad little piano bit was a scene with cuts of Akira sitting in shock while Thana storms off and Zhiara glances back, briefly questioning what she's doing, before closing her eyes and turning away, walking off with Thana.

It's revealed later in the story arc that it was a plot by Thana to damage the Heroes' system- her being chaotically-oriented, she wanted to see what would happen, and fooled Zhiara into leaving as well with a convincing, though completely false, speech. Zhiara, being the good one, later realizes the error of her ways when Akira confronts the two, yelling at them about how she can't live without them, they're a part of her. Even if Thana is evil, she still loves her and believes her to be a necessary balancing force.

Zhiara decides to return to Akira- her alone makes Akira's eyes green and both of her wings white-and-red- but Thana refuses to return. Even if it was just a devious plot to ruin the Heroes' skills, she actually enjoyed being free and doesn't want to go back to what she had to deal with. No amount of persuasion from Akira or Zhiara can convince her to come back- and finally, she becomes so enraged that she simply flies away. Akira watches as her evil half leaves without a word, disappearing into the void, likely never to return. Here's Zhiara's theme plus more word vomit!
More blabbing:
Akira still felt as though there was a piece of her missing- and was still somewhat depressed. That's when Zhiara felt the need to help.

Leaving Akira's body again, she manifests herself as a pure-white Skydancer instead of her Akira-morph form. This is not her true form, but is the form she likes to take when not in a body and trying to comfort someone. She gives a sweet, gentle speech to Akira about how what's really important isn't how she and Thana influenced her, and she needs to unlock her real self again in order to be happy with Thana gone. Akira smiles and hugs Zhiara, but both know that it will take a long time for Akira to be restored to her old self without Thana.

It indeed does take a long time, but Akira eventually does return to her old self- kind of. Her colors remain the way they were without both personalities, as Zhiara decides to remain in her physical form without returning to Akira's body. (To avoid bothering the others she now manifests in her own unique human form.) Akira is still mentally damaged and isn't quite the same, but the others come to accept this fairly quickly.

AND THEN THE NEXT STORY ARC HAPPENS! Sequel to the arc where Thana comes back to try and forcefully take Zhiara with her, anyone?

This is the theme for a fight scene between her and Zhiara, and the piano at 1:40 is where Akira finally realizes her true self again when Zhiara is at risk, and her wings light up brilliant pink with red tips- her left eye turns pink as well. She stands up for Zhiara and, with the help of the other Heroes' Harmonia power and Zhiara's light magic- and after a powerful boast about how she isn't them, she is herself- she wipes Thana out of existence for good. Glad she's finally back, Zhiara gently hugs her while Phantasm aggressively glomps her in pure joy, and this leads to the cutest frickin' group hug ever.

Miscellaneous themes: This is True Akira's theme, and it plays during the group hug. Probably goes into the credits for this mock "episode" too. Here's Old!Akira's theme. Playful and bouncy but noticeably a bit sad too. Hi Orianne, bye Orianne. Phantasm, tho it'd need to be greatly extended. Lastly, Thana.
11  Flipline Web Games / Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack! / Your favorite outfits? on: March 04, 2015, 08:45:44 PM
[If this topic already exists on this board, lemme know! I'll delete this and move my material there.]

So who has your favorite outfits, of the ones you've unlocked?

Personally I love Yui's Robin Hood one, Akari with her goggles down, and Papa Louie lookin' stylish in blue, complete with scarf.
12  General / Other Games / Raymaaaan on: February 26, 2015, 08:38:21 PM
Guys help me I'm on a Rayman kick. Am I the only person here that really likes Rayman?

I got into the series via Origins (which is currently my favorite Rayman game), but heard about it via the Rabbids (which I now hate with a passion). I really like the Nymphs' designs especially; Edith Up, Holly Luya and Annetta Fish (my current icon) are my favorites.

Sooo...what do you guys think of the games? (Rabbids games not included.)
13  Community / Fan Characters / AU FC Art on: February 06, 2015, 02:41:39 PM
Because Mage demanded it.

If your FC doesn't exist in the main Flipline universe; rather, they exist in an AU (with more room for creativity >.>), the art goes here. I pretty much only made this so people would stop fighting over this. I really want it to stop because I'm getting tired, so I'm making this to get it over and done with.
14  General / Other Games / Flight Rising on: February 03, 2015, 01:18:03 PM
So does anyone else on here play Flight Rising or have interest in it?

For those of you who don't know it's kind of like Neopets but with dragons, pretty art, factions (referred to as Flights), and some of the deepest, coolest lore I've read in a long time. There are eleven flights to pick from, each flight has a deity (Shadow has the Shadowbinder, Earth has Earthshaker, Water has Tidelord, etc.), and depending on your dragon's birth flight, their eyes will be your respective flight's color.
The eleven flights are Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light, Shadow, Plague, Nature, Ice, Lightning, and Arcane. I'm in Shadow, but I also really like Plague and Arcane.

Also the dragons are super pretty:
Spoilered because big images:

As an added bonus there's a pretty great forum community, which means you guys should fit right in! Here's the site for anyone who's interested! I'll bump the post to alert you guys if there's a registration window, since this site has locked registration. Aaand this is my account.
15  Community / Fan Games / Windsong - Enter the Void on: January 31, 2015, 01:58:40 AM

Windsong - Enter the Void is a first-person adventure-type game, heavily inspired by Metroid Prime 3 - Corruption. You play as Faroku, in a Windian timeline where Ciardha has taken over as Balancer of Chaos and Sirenne is long dead. Elidra's violent destruction has left chaotic influence across the universe, appearing as the (mostly) bright purple fluid known as Chazotin. Many planets have been corrupted by Chazotin, creating a danger zone in the universe known as the Void. Whatever enters there may never come back, and if it does, it is likely to be permanently disfigured. Faroku has been exposed in the past, and has learned to harness the power of the chaos fluid, using it to give himself extra power if need be.

Now, with Ciardha's influence on the universe, the Void is spreading...coming dangerously close to Windsong. Faroku must risk his life and sanity, and enter the Void in search of the Balancer of order, to put a stop to Ciardha's Chazotin crusade before the universe falls into darkness forever.

And he just might need to use Chazotin to do it.
Chazotin Mechanic
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