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1  General / Suggestions / Re: Customer Coupon Declination (is that a word) on: December 16, 2018, 02:57:53 PM
That's a really cool idea. But would they give you the coupon back?

Yeah! So you don't waste coupons!
2  General / Suggestions / Customer Coupon Declination (is that a word) on: December 15, 2018, 07:25:19 PM
What if customers could decline coupons?

E.x. if you failed their order 3 times, they'll decline the coupon due to the negative aspect you give them.
3  Community / Fan Fiction / Re: Into The X Zone [T] on: January 19, 2018, 06:34:25 AM
Chapter 3: Together

X Forest: 12:15am

    "Jesus, Ninjoy! You are much more agile than me!" Roy exclaimed, slowly jumping to tree to tree. "C'mon, we have to make sure Willow and her group doesn't die." Ninjoy nodded. "We will be going from the top and meet them into the barracks." Roy nodded and grinned, and they kept jumping.

South of the X Forest: 12:15am

    "Guys, we are going the wrong way." Elle said, reading the map.
    "WHAT!? We have to go back now. Argh!" Hope said, trying to run on her swollen ankle.
    "Calm down, Hope. Let's go." Yui picks up Hope and they start to sprint over to the barracks.

The Distorted Barracks: 12:15am

    As a Burgerzilla launched a toxic tomato at Penny's sweating face, Peggy lassoed the tomato over into a Sundaesaurus, melting it. Willow, Perri, and Alberto started to eliminate the ones surrounding Kahuna and Penny. "Thanks, girls."
"Hey!" Alberto said.
"Oh. No no, thanks girls." Kahuna grinned while Alberto gritted his teeth.
"C'mon, everyone! Into the fortress!" Peggy, determined, lead the group into the barracks.

Willow was mesmerized. "So big and chocolate-y.."
"Uh.. guys?" Kahuna pointed at the portal keys, and there are only five left.

The Flipverse: 12:20am

   Waking up, she saw Mitzi and Halo, playing cards. "Fold."
"Where is Willow?" Taylor looked around the room, looking for the goth.
Halo smirked. "Still in the X Zone, brother. You're safe now."
Taylor pushed himself off the cold concrete floor and right in Halo's face. "Let me go back. NOW."

   Mitzi was confused. "You want to go back and possibly die?" She said while looking at an ace, giggling. Taylor was furious. "Anything for Willow." Taylor said, his arms crossed.
"Are you sure about this? You seem a bit less.. qualified.. than her."
"And that means? I can shoot a gun." He grabbed a hunting rifle from over the unlit fireplace and shot it at a target board, but falls to the recoil. Mitzi and Halo started to laugh.
"Hey! I can use.. my earbuds!"
"Your.. earbuds?"
"Yeah, here, right now!"
He used his earbuds as a whip, and pierced Halo's jacket.
"OW! Kid, calm down! I'll let you back. Just.. try not to die."
The wooden door opened. "We'll come with."
Mitzi got up. "Hey, hey, hey! This is EMBER's brigade room, not NEVADA's brigade room."
Nevada seemed determined. "Let us go with. We'll promise not to be a nuisance here for the minute we are here."
Tohru and Cherissa nodded as Halo reluctantly opens the portal, and all four jump through.

The Distorted Barracks: 12:20am

   Peggy's worry for Taylor grew more and more as Perri and Willow look at the portal keys. "Five trips, here and back."
"For what?"
"To rescue anyone we can find. Will you join me?"
"No!" Kahuna said, his arms crossed. "My gang will stay safely at Calypso Island."
Perri said. "Go ahead."
Kahuna attempted to open a portal. As they jump in, Utah is hit with a dart before entering the portal, and she is poofed away. "Take cover!"
Peggy, Willow, and Perri ducked behind a few spears.

Robby's Brigade: 12:30am

   "Are you sure they are in there?" Radlynn said, polishing her radish plush. Robby's brigade household was a small cabin, tucked in firewood and a few pirate-like decorations around the house.
"Aye, they are in the X Zone, matey. Nevad'r said it 'erself!"
"You don't have to speak like a pirate."
"Thank god." Robby laughed.
"Like.. bro.. how are we going to save them?" Cameo chewed his nails.
"Attack the front lines to clear any debris in the way of their escape.. maybe Nevada and Ember's, too. If we are going to attack, let's go now."
Cameo sighed as Radlynn excitedly nodded. Robby pried a portal open and jumped through.

North X Forest: 12:30am

   A big loud "ow!" played as Nevada's brigade and Taylor landed on Matt and Hope's group.
"Where did you come from?"
Nevada shook her head. "No time, I need to make sure my sister's safe."
Tohru nodded as Cherissa read her map. "This way!"
They sprinted.

Front of the Distorted Barracks: 12:40am

   Ember threw her last fire ball. "Mitzi, I need help!" She looked around. "Mitzi?" A blue dart flew into her neck, and she poofed away.
"Oh god!" Koilee said, covering her eyes.
Nevada sweated. "Let's clean up."
"For her." Taylor muttered.
"What was that?" Elle grinned.
"Nothing! Uhh, hi-ya!"
Taylor whipped a Burgerzilla while Nevada sent a sun ball into a few Sundaesauruses. The others also attacked with moves I'm too tired to create at the moment.

The Distorted Barracks: 12:40am

    "Coast is clear." Willow said. "What is that?"
Peggy was pointing at a mysterious key in the corner of the room, held by a skeleton, the skull fractured from the table.
"Let me open it." Perri grabbed the key but fell back in recoil. "Ow! The shock! We need someone with gloves."
"And you called?" Ninjoy smirked while Roy was out of breath.
"I was waiting until you noticed. Now let me try." Ninjoy grabbed the key, but a mysterious portal opened. "What the.." She was sucked in, screaming.. for once. Peggy tried to lasso her out, but the red portal burned one of her lassos. The portal closed.

4  Community / Community Q&A / Re: ask bordicorn! shipping sheriff Hank~ on: January 18, 2018, 09:20:35 PM

would you cook for anyone on the forum and why?~
5  Community / Fan Fiction / Re: Into The X Zone [T] on: January 18, 2018, 09:17:13 PM
hmm, poofed away lol. also they gotta work together more ~ anyway still interesting story

noted. thanks bord
6  Community / Community Q&A / Re: ask bordicorn! shipping sheriff Hank~ on: January 17, 2018, 10:12:38 PM
willow x mezzaluna?
7  Community / Fan Fiction / Re: Into The X Zone [T] on: January 17, 2018, 09:42:07 PM
Chapter 2: Apology

The X Forest, 11pm

    The group arrived into a forest that looked like Cloudburst. Kahuna was mesmerized. "Wow, I remember this place.." Utah perked up. "I remember Scooter saving you.. I miss Scooter." Kahuna nodded. "We need to get out of here." Hope was slowly crying while walking and falls into a hole. "Eek!"

    The whole group surrounds herself. "Hope? Are you okay?" Yui shouted, worried. "I.. I think I just rolled my ankle."

   "Go in, Rudy." Mandi grinned as she pushed in Rudy. "Woah!" Scarlett was infuriated. "Mandi, what the heck?!" They argued. "What if I push Tony in, huh?!" Scarlett pointed at Tony. "Calm down, you two!"

   While they were arguing, Willow pulled Peggy and Taylor over. "Peggy, do you have a lasso?"
"Sure do, hun!"
"Hand it."
Peggy passes the lasso over and they start to pull Hope and Rudy up. "Help me pull!"

    One by one, everyone started pulling. They manage to get Hope out but Rudy falls deeper. "Argh!"

    "RUDY!" Scarlett shouted, pushing Mandi into Tony's arms. She looked into the hole, crying. "Babe?.." Mandi looked worried.

    "Don't worry, Scarlett. We'll find hi--!" Marty patted Scarlett's shoulder until a dart hit his neck, poofing into mid air.

   "Run!" Everyone scattered.

Elle, Koilee, Yui and an incapacitated Hope in Yui's arms ran South, following Mandi, and the Flipline creators Matt and Tony.
Kahuna, Alberto, Utah and Penny head North, towards the chocolate fortress filled with portal keys.
Willow, Taylor and Peggy also head to the fortress, but is not in sight of Kahuna and his gang.
Roy and Ninjoy head west, jumping on trees.
Under the two were the remaining, Scarlett, Chuck and James. They followed Willow but head northwest.

???, 11:30pm

   Rudy lands in a cage area, similar to where he started. "Huh?.. Is that-" A masked figure, more unique than his kidnapper, shot him with a dart, and he poofed away... somewhere close.

Nevada's Bridage, 12am

"Okay, team! Ember's Brigade has already left into the X Zone.. we need to follow up."
Tohru was chewing gum and nodding. "Got it.. who are we going to bring back?"
Nevada nodded. "Anyone we find. The three of us won't be as outstanding as Ember's Bridage, but we need to save anyone we find.." She repeated herself and sighed. "Utah.."
Cherissa patted her back. "Don't worry. The Mayor has already handed down funds for Ember and our's campaign. We can save them. Let's open."
Nevada wiped a tear from her cheek and started to open the portal.

The Distorted Barracks, 12:15am

   The barracks were guarded by Burgerzillas and Sundaesaurases. The trio was the first to arrive.
"What will we do, Willow?" Taylor asked automatically as they crouched behind the bushes. Peggy seemed bothered and Willow seemed confused.
"We need to go in the back. I watched the quartet from Calypso Island (Utah, Alberto, Penny, Kahuna) sneak to the back. We'll meet them there." Suddenly, a spray of ketchup hit Peggy's hat. It started to burn through the leather. "Eek!"
"They saw us, c'mon!" Willow and Peggy ran. Taylor was grabbed from behind. "C'mon, kid, we need to go." Halo said, and took him back to the Flipverse. He shouted one last word. "WILLOW!"

   Willow looked behind while running, seeing the Sundaesaurases surround their former hiding spot. "Taylor?" Peggy seemed more concerned. "Taylor?.."
"Over here, guys!" Perri shouted, running next to them. Peggy and Willow were surprised. "Perri?"
"That's right. I'm part of one of the five brigades!"
"What are the brigades, lass?" Peggy said, running.

"The brigades are tasked to solve more dangerous tasks in the Flipverse." Perri explained as the three hid behind a wall. "There are currently five brigade leaders."

"Leader Ember. She runs the head brigade, and would always go in first. It consists of Ember, me, and two other members."
"The other four leaders come in shortly after."
"Leader Nevada."
"Leader Robby."
"Leader Akari."
"And finally, Leader Nick."

"Who are the members of their brigades?" Peggy said, while Willow was watching Ember's fireballs and Mitzi's shadow balls fly by. "Well-"

"Over here, guys!" Utah shouted. They ran over, and they saw a rather horrific sight. Kahuna and Penny were cornered.
8  Community / Fan Fiction / Re: Into The X Zone [T] on: January 16, 2018, 11:37:05 PM
Chapter 1: Wise And Well-Being

Clover walks out, tripping a trip wire, and a dart is sent flying through her neck. She collapses and her body disappears. Marty looks heavily concerned obviously. "Sis?"

The booming laugh laughed: "She is dead, Marty! Dead! Now, leave the cell before you die, too!" Willow didn't seem convinced at the voice's claim of Clover being deceased but head out of the cell with the rest of the gang.

Ember's Bridage: 10pm

"So Mitzi, why did you call us here?" Ember said, her arms crossed. Ember was a rather uptight and demanding person, despite her teammate, Perri, being heavily laid back.

"I watched some customers in the Wingeria become kidnapped by the possible X Twins.. We need to rescue them." The male figure was throwing a ball in the air and looked at Mitzi. "And why'd you think we'd save 'em?"

Mitzi giggled. "I have a few of my reasons, Halo. Now, if you please.."

Halo sighed as he started to pry open a portal out of thin air. The four jumped into the X Zone.

The Cages: 10:10pm

Willow reluctantly looked around. Peggy was the last one out and before she left, she turned around and saw one rather fishy old man. "Peggy.. run.. tell the others.." Wally said. "What--!" Peggy was suddenly pushed out of the cage. The door slammed shut and the cage disappeared.

"This can't be happening!" shouted Rudy, clutching onto Scarlett's waist. "We'll get through this." She stuttered.

Willow looked at a fudge covered tree, the bark seeping with chocolate chips. She started to reach up for something. Taylor quickly ran over to her side. "Need help, Willow?" Willow shook her head as she pried an ax out of the fudge. "I got it."

Taylor was amazed. "Good job, Willow. Hey guys! Willow just got an ax for... defense?" Willow shook her head. "Roy if you please."

Roy handed her a map and everyone crowded around. Penny was on Alberto's shoulders while Utah was crouched down. "Guys.." Willow said. "Apparently, portal keys and weapons can be found here. We need to recover them, and we will be home free."

Gremmie disagreed. "Uhh.. sister.. shouldn't we y'know.. wait for he--!" Gremmie was shot with a dart and disappeared. "Run!" Willow shouted, and everyone scattered for cover.
9  Community / Fan Fiction / Re: Into The X Zone [Chapter: Prologues] [T] on: January 15, 2018, 10:47:59 PM
Prologue: Chuck

While James worked on fixing a leaky sink, Chuck calls Mandi, who was scrubbing the oven.

"Hey, Mandi! Someone wants to see you over here!"

Mandi walks over, and sees Tony and Matt holding a big vanilla cake. "Happy birthday!" The two said.

Mandi suddenly blushed and squealed. "Thank you guys!" James and Chuck crossed their arms and smiled as they push Mandi over to Matt and Tony. They form a big group hug. "Fixed the pipe, now, in return.." James held out his hand. "Any time, bro." Chuck handed him some tips.

A masked figure walked in while all five were talking. The doorbell rang and all five looked at the figure.

"We're closed, sir." The masked figure didn't move, only pulled out a wand. "A decorated stick?" James said. Chuck and James laughed but suddenly poofed.

"Chuck?" Mandi looked around.
"James?" Matt did the same.

The other three were teleported to the X-Zone, where everyone was.
"You guys were caught too?.." Scarlett waved.

A dark voice echoed throughout the cage, waking all 24 up.

"Welcome to the X Zone! You 24 will be going in and out until you succumb to our army.. you 24 have caused us harm.. and we cause you harm!" The cage suddenly opens. Clover is relieved. "Finally!"

Willow looked above the cage door through the cheese-made cells. "Clover, no!"

Meanwhile.. in Flipverse..

Mitzi snickered as her legs dangled from the tree. "Oh, Ember is going to enjoy this." She dials on her phone.

"Ember.. listen. Get your little 'brigade', we have a bit of saving to do."

The chapter begins... into the X Zone!
10  General / Help and Support / Quinn Can Fly on: January 15, 2018, 10:33:09 PM
File too big, here:
11  Community / Fan Fiction / Re: Into The X Zone [Chapter: Prologues] [T] on: January 14, 2018, 12:15:55 AM
Prologue: Peggy

"Where's Taylor? Is he slacking again?" Peggy said, wiping the Doggeria counter until it is pristine and green. The Shakers took up a table, eating hot dogs and making fun of their record producer Hugo.

"He's soooo bossy!" The red-head, teenage Scarlett said.
"Maybe we should respect him." Clover said. The other three shook their heads.

Kenji just left when three last customers sneaks through. "Sorry, you three, we are closed."

The Shakers watch.

"No no.. we'd like to try your great hot dogs, madam." The newcomer said, bowing her head down.
Peggy shrugged. "Sure. Names?"
The last one was on her phone before realizing the question. "Oh! Elle, Elle."

Peggy raised an eyebrow. "Uhh, okay.. who's that behind you?"

"There's only three one of us!"
"Not really.." Elle said, pointing at the masked figure.

The masked figure opened a briefcase.. holding the portal.

"You got to be kidding m--"

Peggy, the Shakers, and the Newcomers are all sucked in. The masked figure called on the walkie talkie.

"One more stop.. Starlight City."
12  Community / Fan Fiction / Re: Into The X Zone [Chapter: Prologues] on: January 13, 2018, 03:36:50 PM
Prologue: Taylor & Willow

"I heard you have one of the only limited edition consoles "Brain Sundae" can run!" Willow excitedly said, holding the disc. "Thanks for inviting me."
Taylor smiled. "Any time, Willow." They sat down on his couch, a small stain of month-old pepperoni pizza sauce lingered. Willow didn't mind it, though, she was more calm and relaxed.

This was, of course, Taylor's first time having a girl as charming as our goth, and tried to spiffy up the whole apartment. He untangled chords, threw away many pizza boxes, and even folded his laundry. "Have a seat, Willow, we'll play in a moment." Willow nodded, and crouched down to place her game in.
Taylor ran to his bedroom and got a cleaner red T-Shirt. The one he was wearing was covered in burger grease and onion stains, so he chose a new one. After a moment, he ran back.

"Ready?" Willow said, smiling as she held a second controller to Taylor. Taylor blushed and smiled as he grabbed the controller and they started playing.

"I almost had that zombie sundae!" Willow exclaimed, laughing. It was an hour into the fifth campaign, and a knock was at the door. "I'll get it." Our gentleman-like gamer said. It was Roy and Joy.. dressed like a ninja?

"One pepperoni pizza for Taylor!" said the smiling Roy. "May we come in?"

"Sure.. but don--" "Is that Brain Sundae?" Ninjoy asked, running over to Willow. "It is!"
Willow smiled as Roy and Taylor walked to the girls, holding the pizza. They open it, and as Taylor reached for that delicious slice, smoke filled the room, coming from the vents.


The four fell onto the ground, and Willow ran out of lives.

On her game of course, as she and the other three also woke up next to our Calypso Island crew, encaged.
13  Community / Fan Fiction / Into The X Zone [T] on: January 13, 2018, 03:05:15 PM
24 characters, stuck in a mysterious place. Will they all be able to get out alive? Or will their fears take over their bodies?

The Castaways of 24
- Utah
- Penny
- Willow
- Ninjoy
- Peggy
- Scarlett
- Clover
- Yui
- Hope
- Koilee
- Elle
- Mandi

- Kahuna
- Alberto
- Gremmie
- Roy
- Taylor
- Rudy
- Marty
- Tony
- Matt
- Chuck
- James
- Wally

Ember's Brigade

- Leader Ember
- Mitzi
- Perri
- Halo

Nevada's Brigade

- Leader Nevada
- Tohru
- Cherissa

Robby's Brigade

- Leader Robby
- Radlynn
- Cameo

Nick's Brigade

- Leader Nick

Akari's Brigade

- Leader Akari

Prologue: Utah

After enjoying a sundae from the nearby Freezeria, one of our many protagonists, Utah, passed by the big Kahuna's Surf shop.
"Weird.." said our party girl. "Kahuna's shop is never open this late." She walked in, her footsteps tapping the raft wood. "Kahuna?"
Kahuna wasn't moving. He was standing, turned away from Utah, cleaning a surfboard. His voice trembled. "I.. I'm cleaning a surfboard. You can leave now."
Utah came closer. "Kahuna, you normally aren't this quiet. You usually are happy-go-lucky. Are you okay?"
She tapped Kahuna on the shoulder. Kahuna turned with his might. "We need to leave the island, now."
"Why?" Utah asked, feared.
Suddenly, Utah is hit with a dashing blow on the head. Utah woke up and looked around, seeing many other patrons of Calypso Island: Alberto, Penny, Gremmie, and Kahuna, tied up along side her.
"Where am I?" Utah looked at the only conscious one, Penny.
"Remember that Saucy Party game that everyone played on that show?"
"This is it.. except this is real."
14  Community / Fan Fiction / Re: Criminal Cake: Season 1 on: May 24, 2017, 03:45:02 PM
The victim's blood?

If you are referring to the gun, then maybe.
15  Community / Fan Characters / Re: Jules's FC Board on: May 22, 2017, 10:23:02 PM
It is not fc board Laugh
It's fc topic

Thanks for clarifying! Haven't been here for a while, my mind is all dozed.
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