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1  General / Forum Discussion / Forum Triggers on: January 05, 2021, 11:27:52 AM
Hello everyone, this is a topic about any triggers you and other forumers may have. This topic was primarily created in an attempt to make this place a safer environment, because once in a while, you may accidentally "trigger" someone without meaning to. No one should feel alone or uncomfortable while surfing this forum!

What is a trigger?
A trigger (and if I seem to perceive this word wrong, apologies) is a subject or topic that causes one to feel an overwhelming amount of sadness, anxiety, stress, unease and/or panic. Some triggers might be more common amongst and others might have one specific to the person entirely.

Whatever a person's trigger is, this is not a topic to judge and/or make fun of someone's triggers. Refrain from commenting on how silly a trigger is, sometimes the most unexpected things cause dread in a person.

Read this please!
If you plan on submitting your own triggers, please include a spoiler tag! Your trigger might be the same as someone else's, and the aim of this topic is to make people feel as safe as possible. If you need to censor a couple letters to minimalize your emotions when thinking about the topic, that's fine! I'll try my best to keep up and add everyone's triggers here.

Directions on how to add a spoiler tag:
Not sure how to do this? Here:
1) Please click on the "Sp" square under the bolding feature.

2) This will show up. Write your trigger between the tag.

3) Wow! You have successfully created a spoiler tag!
2  Community / Fan Tournaments / The Anonymous FC Tournament Season 8 (Adffogato Division Round 1) on: January 01, 2021, 01:14:35 PM
Season 7:

Hello everyone...
cover by -Flare-, meme by Zuko

In Season 2, hosted by Karrot, -Salome-'s Evelyn managed to beat Soul Survivor's Mehki in the finals with a one vote difference, and became the first anon tournament winner. Season 3, which was hosted by , had James' Jayson beating Tamatim's Anushka. Season 4, which was hosted by Masquerade, and indeed the most memorable season, included two finalists, Kyoko and Sterling, both made by Nikos. Eventually, Kyoko ended up winning Season 4. Season 5 which was hosted by Nikos, had -Salome- earning another win with his entry, Magda who faced up against Towers' Kareem. Then, in Season 6, we had James' Carter being defeated by Eclipse's Meghan and taking the winner's throne. In Season 7, Zuko joins the hall of fame with his Welsey defeating Sokka's Jubilina! It's a new year, and new year, new tournament, so it's time for another brawl of anonymity! I'm your local goth girl Opal, and welcome to Season 8!

Basic Rules
This tournament is simple, and it follows the same format as usual. Just like every tournament, we will have 64 contestants, facing off each other without knowing who created their opponent. To enter in this tournament, you must send me two FCs, a male and a female, by sending a PM to me. However, (and obviously), these FCs cannot have been seen by anyone but yourself. At the end of this tournament, the creators of each FC will be revealed, so make sure you don't let anyone know who your FCs are or what's the point of the tournament?

Season 7 Finalists
After a lovely Christmas, the final 8 finalists of Season 7 come back and take their places in the Hall of Fame! Welcome back winner Wesley (made by Zuko), runner-up Jubilina (made by Sokka), third-place Rufus (made by Prismatic), Lindsey (made by Adrian2802), Abraam (made by voksu), Ericka (made by OBED Art), Niko (created by Kismala), and Imani (made by DeluxePizza)!

Like previous seasons, our divisions will be represented by the previous season's finalists! Wesley will represent the Impulse Division, Jubilina will represent the Harlequin Division, Rufus will represent the Pendulum Division, Lindsey will represent the Glacier Division, Abraam will represent the Adffogato Division, Ericka will represent the Macabre Division, Niko will represent the Taxidermy Division, Imani will represent the Stardom Division! Each division will have a significant color scheme!

Special Prize
"Yep! Like in Season 6, we will gurantee prizes in this tournament as well. When the semi-finals of this tournament will start, everyone is encouraged to send me their best guesses for any contestant in the tournament. You don't have to give guesses for all the 64 contestants, just for the ones you're certain on. The ones to guess the most accurate number of guesses will get to win one out of multiple prizes, while the person to get the most accurate number of guesses will get to choose his prize."
- Matty

Season 8 will include strikes! While the rules are concrete, major violation of the tournament rules will result in strikes that may result in your character being eliminated or the disqualification in further torunaments!

Sign-Up Rules:
- YOU MUST SUBMIT VIA A PM. You ARE allowed to reserve a spot for this tournament this year, but please read through the rest of the sign-up rules first:
- You must submit one male and one female FC. If you submit one FC, or two FCs of the same gender, your entries will not be accepted.
- Your submissions must have not been seen by anyone but yourself. Your entries will not be accepted if I, or anyone else in the Forum have seen them before. If your entries turn out not to be anonymous, the idea of this tournament will blow up, so please make your submission super-secret. Please double-check if your FCs are anonymous to not mess up stuff when the tournament has already started,
- Do not send in any troll/joke entries, meaning no Basketball Heads. Troll entry means your FC tries to imitate a famous character (like Mario) or any noun, or is made lazily and with no effort. If you submit a troll/joke FC, I will not accept it. Some people spend lots of time working on their FCs, and it will turn out to be a shame if their FCs win or lose unfairly.
- Do not send in a recreation of an FC, whether it has been a contestant from a previous season, or just an FC someone has made and shared around the community. I will not accept your entry if it has been a clear recreation of any FC around the Forum.
- In the PM, you must include the following:
     1) The names of your FCs
     2) Two PLP scenes, one for each entry (and not one for both), using white background. Preferably without resizing your character, so this way, editing will be easier for me
     3) A confirmation stating that your entries have never been seen by anyone else but yourself.
     4) Some information about the entry. I'm looking for things such as age, occupation, hometown, any fun facts, etc. It's nothing too important, it's just a way to provide an introduction for these FCs when they are first revealed. Please choose a city within the Flipverse, and don't send me an entire Flipdeck about your character since that will be too much info.
     5) This one only applies to those who did not participate in Season 6. If you did not have FCs compete in the previous tournament, please let me know in the PM. This will let me know to give you a guaranteed spot in this tournament.
- If you are interested in reserving a spot for this tournament, please send me a PM letting me know you're interested. Also, please commit to send me your FCs over the three days of sign-ups. If you won't, I will have to kick you out of the tournament and hopefully let someone else in.
Tournament Rules:
- From now on, until the creators are revealed, do not reveal your FCs. In case you know someone else's entries, as well as knowing if someone participates in this tournament, do not reveal them either. This rule applies on this topic, in the shoutbox, in PMs with another forumer, or elsewhere outside or inside the forum.
- Do not make any “fake reveals” for other FCs in this tournament. Even if it does fool other people, it causes a lot of trouble.
- When people guess the creators of the FCs in each round, be respectful of their guesses. Don't react heavily and don't start fights. Do not put too much criticism on one's opinion, some people may see stuff differently than you do.
- When you give feedback for the FCs, don't be rude and try to write them in a respectful way without using insulting language. Do not use any offensive or inappropriate language and if there's anything that you see "off-track", please let the person who wrote know KINDLY.
- Please do not advertise your topics or updates here!
- Do not send PMs to other forumers, asking them to vote for certain characters.

Current Tournament Bracket:

Tier List (credits to Zee):
3  Community / Fan Tournaments / Opal's FC Tournament: Season 2 (Winner Announced!) on: December 14, 2020, 10:00:14 AM
Hey everyone, it's your favorite goth girl Feng Opal here! As 2020 comes to an end, I have a handful (if your hands are really big) of FCs I need to add to my archive! So, I want to put them all up against each other to see which will win Feng's FC of the Month (name patent pending)! Most of the FCs will be new to the scene (you probably have seen all of them if you have Discord) but there are a few classics mixed in.  Wink Without further ado, it's time to go onto Round 1!

Current Bracket

Credits to Silver Shades for the bracket!
4  Apps / Papa Louie Pals / An Elf’s First Christmas [Chapter 3 out!] on: December 10, 2020, 12:53:53 AM
Heyo, it’s Feng and we’re back with a short PLP comic about one of my most recent FCs, Honoka, experiencing her first Christmas!

5  Community / Fan Characters / Katelyn's Adoption Castle! on: October 29, 2020, 06:50:20 PM

Hey everyone! It's Feng/Katelyn, and here is an adoption topic for FCs I don't want to keep anymore. Sorry for cluttering up the topics so much! You may have seen them, whether from Discord, tournaments or elsewhere! Anyways, enjoy yourselves and make yourselves at home <3

(2 FCs per batch <3)
6  Community / Community Q&A / Opal's Goth Pizza Hut on: October 28, 2020, 01:28:30 PM

No, I'm not taking your order
7  Apps / Papa Louie Pals / Carpe Diem [Chapter 3.6 out!] on: October 26, 2020, 10:22:16 AM
While I'm currently on chapter 4, I plan on posting this story from the Discord to here! (I'll be posting on both so don't worry :3)

Chapter 1: Prologue
1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Chapter 2: Outspoken
1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Chapter 3: Cabin in the Woods
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Chapter 4: And Then There Were None
8  Community / Fan Tournaments / Forum All Stars (Chilifest Division Round 2) on: October 20, 2020, 05:42:53 PM
Have you ever wanted to enter your FC into a competitive all-stars tournament? You probably have, but look no further! I'm Feng, and I welcome you to Forum All Stars! 64 FCs enter, but only 1 will come out on top! Do your FCs have what it takes to handle the heat and beat the rest?

General Rules
1. Please do not complain that your FCs losing. I unfortunately don't have 64 trophies individually, and it's okay that your FC loses in the first round!
2. Do not pressure me to post. Each round will take a day or so, and I'll try my best to build this tournament with my schoolwork.
3. Adding onto the previous rule, I'll try my best to keep round times consistent. There might be days where I am unable to update because of school or family matters. I apologize in advance.
4. Do not bring creators down because "your FC is better" or "their FC sucks". Constructive criticism is okay, but please try your best to keep this tournament as friendly as possible.

Submission Rules
1. Submissions will be sent here, so don't worry about PMing me your submissions.
2. You are able to submit up to 2 FCs!
3. Please place your FCs behind a white background individually. Do not try to disproportion all 4 FCs into one photo.
4. Do not shrink or enlarge your FCs. Every FC will be up to scale.
5. Do not send any troll FCs. This is serious business pog
6. Make sure your entries aren't blurry please!
7. Entries can not be edited. This is a fair game!
8. Reserves are allowed, but please don't forget about this tournament!

Entries (64/64)
1. Feng (Mel, Draco)
2. Hermes (Clara, Kez)
3. Sag (Micah, Eunice)
4. Tigrr (Rick, Lily)
5. Computerized (Mardelaine, Favrett)
6. The Gameria Expert (Jakub, Jenna)
7. Super Boomen (Natalie, Kevin)
8. Ecopania (Byron, Silvia)
9. Hrinx (Denver, Lilith)
10. James (Alexa, Carter)
11. Bassett (Kai, Aurora)
12. Silver Shades (Stella, Kenn)
13. Dlsja (Fallon, Chad)
14. Raph (Maurice, Samantha)
15. JustStars (Reserve)
16. CinnamonGirl (Tris, Theo)
17. Toph (Guthrie, Justice)
18. Cinnamon (Vietnam, Lucas)
19. Overbord (Annika, Maui)
20. Lynx (Felicity, Symon)
21. #Sweet cake (Jezebel, Zacharis)
22. Iced Ibzy (Dyani, Tokyo)
23. Petey K (Sabrina, Christian)
24. KeinkoMusic (Julie, Pen)
25. Breadstick (Shawn, Carmen)
26. Maya (Coral, Gideon)
27. Joshua (TJ, Rosetta)
28. Troublemaker (Dakota, Leo)
29. Danil (Sandrea, Kirsty)
30. Girasolito Happy (Lyx, Tohka)
31. WolfGirl (Seth, Stacy)
32. Roundy (Jasper)
33. ThatOneChef (Luci, Sandra)
34. Smores (Elise, Romeo)
35. kacpi (Susie)
9  Community / Fan Tournaments / Feng's Next Chefs 2020: Mystery Edition (Winners Announced!) on: October 13, 2020, 04:25:54 PM
Welcome to the OFFICIAL first season of my FC Tournament!

To choose which two will become my FCs, I have picked out 8 of my strongest male and female FCs. However, I wanted to implement the ideas of my previous two failed tournaments: mystery FCs and PNC2020! So: I have combined both!

Sixteen known FCs versus sixteen mystery FCs! Who will work at Papa's next establishment? Find out now on...

Feng's Next Chefs 2020!

Current Bracket
10  Apps / Papa Louie Pals / Tohru's October Escapade on: October 01, 2020, 06:43:57 AM
It's the month of spookiness, and it's time for a SPOOOOOKIER comic!

11  Community / Fan Tournaments / Feng's Next Chefs: Rookies vs Veterans! (Koilee Division: Round 2) on: September 26, 2020, 12:48:11 AM
As Papa's Next Chefs start to settle down, Papa Louie has an announcement at his establishments...

Hey everyone! Feng here,
With PNC2020 about to reach the finals, I was thinking of what two FCs to take into working at whatever Papa's next establishment is! However, as an indecisive person, I'm turning to you all to help me choose! However, I always love adding a new twist so...

I've pinned 16 of my All-Star FCs, each with their own personality and interests at heart...
Against 16 mystery FCs that will be revealed when we reach the final two divisions!

Will the next chefs that'll work at my establishment be two all stars familiar to the forum, or two rookies that have a sudden uprising after their appearance?

Find out now on Feng's Next Chefs!
12  Community / Fan Tournaments / Willow's Screamfest 2020! (Winner Announced!) on: September 22, 2020, 02:38:04 PM
As a full moon rises above the Flipverse, a sudden broadcast goes live...

Since Halloween is my favorite holiday and Willow is my favorite customer, I decided to enjoy being a goth and host a Halloween-oriented tournament! 32 FCs are going head to head in a battle that requires no mercy, leaving only two people standing to become this year's Scream Kings and Queens! Will you reign victorious in this year's Screamfest?


- Please submit via PM! That'll avoid clunking up the first few pages of the tournament!
- Please submit 1 boy and 1 girl FC! That'll even up the numbers and make rounds go smoother and smoother!
- Please have a white background! I want to make this as easy as possible so I can continuously pump out rounds in October!
- Not sure if this one has to be stated but make sure your FCs are in costume! We wouldn't want the Grim Reaper taking the souls of the unfaithful.
   - Side rule: Please describe your FCs costume! I'm really bad at guessing.
- Troll FCs will not be accepted! Self-explanatory.

- This is my first FC tournament, so please bear with me! I really hope I don't mess this up!

Submissions don't have to be anonymous so trick or treat, and the moon starts to set on 9/30! The moon doesn't stay high in the sky forever...

If all submissions are received, the tournament will start on October 1st!

11/32 set in stone!

Red Raisins

Petey K

Status: All spots filled up! Just waiting for submissions... Smiley
13  Community / Fan Characters / Opal's Ominous FC Discussion [Update: Megumi added!] on: September 16, 2020, 06:44:52 AM
Welcome to my QnA! I'm here to listen for feedback, and my FCs are ready for questions!

10/1: Arowana, Opus, Coronith, Artemis, Thalia, Soleil added.
10/5: Noelle, Katelyn, Ameno, Morrigan added.
10/6: Wyntir, Vick, Piper, Iana added. Zee's bio updated.
10/7: Allura and Izora added.
10/10: Evie added.
10/11: Celestina, Kirumi, Othello, Ilomilo, Lucoa, and Zarina added.
10/12: Paige added.
10/13: Tamaki, Talon and Ophelia added.
10/14: Moira added.
10/16: Mel, Levi and Katarina added.
10/17: Lilith, Cannon, Lianna, Clem, Tiernan added.
10/19: Draco added.
10/20: Aspen added.
10/20: Teaser #1 released. Mel and Tamaki's bios updated.
10/21: Tessa added.
10/22: Katelyn updated.
10/22: Teaser #2 released. Katelyn and Lilith's bios updated.
10/24: Signe added.
10/24: Zee's outfits updated. Giulietta added.
10/25: Daphne added. Giulietta's trivia added.
10/27: Yuna added. Flint added.
10/28: Holly, Skylar, and Shiloh added.
10/29: Maya and Odette added.
10/30: Verushka and Emilia added.
10/31: Hecate added.
11/1: Mocha added.
11/3: Rin added. Prescott added.
11/4: Jayde added.
11/7: Keagan and Sonata added.
11/10: Viv added.
11/11: Kyoko added.
11/13: Trent, Drake and Nyx added.
11/15: Violet and Topher added.
11/17: Kay and Azrael added. Sylv, Katelyn and Ameno's relationships updated.
11/18: Kitana added.
11/19: Freya added.
11/20: Nolan added.
11/21: Jaspyr added.
11/22: Paige updated. Sento and Fox added.
11/23: Camilla added.
11/24: New archive banner. Talbot & Magnolia added.
11/25: Rouge and Ramona added.
11/26: Solis added.
11/27: Montoya added.
11/28: Luna added.
11/29: Archive redesign added. Sabryna added.
12/2: Navi added. Paige updated.
12/3: Claude added.
12/4: Honoka and Momiji added.
12/7: Peyton and Payton added.
12/9: Astrid added.
12/10: Pierce added.
12/11: Orion and Reid added.
12/13: Ali and Dahlia added.
12/13: Trixie Lynn added.
12/14: Teddy and Laverne added.
12/15: Izabel and Idris added.
12/16: Hunt and Matias added.
12/17: Cheiko, Nexus and Logan added.
12/20: Katelyn updated. Zee updated.
12/25: Charlotte and River added.
12/27: Mel updated. Shiloh updated.
1/1/21: Lissa and Edgar added.
1/2: Summer and Margot added.
1/3: Kane and Dallas added.
1/4: Robyn and Niall added. Viv updated.
1/5: Berlin and Averly added. Cannon updated.
1/6: Nikolai and Cheryl added.
1/7: Rae and Maki added. Viv updated.
1/9: Lucian added.
1/10: Isaiah added.
1/11: Savannah and Eryn added.
1/13: Annalise added.
1/15: Oceana added.
1/16: Imogen added. Logan updated.
1/17: Megumi added.
14  Community / Fan Characters / Opal's Black Oasis on: September 15, 2020, 05:38:30 PM

Archive Format:

Full Name:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Favorite Holiday:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Color:
Flipdeck Info:

15  Community / Fan Characters / ⛧ Skylar's Victorian Mansion! (Archive) ⛧ on: September 02, 2020, 01:29:30 PM
Welcome to my luxurious mansion! This is my FC Archive, and you will see the Flipdecks and exact information of all of my FCs! I request that you do not post here!

Send all questions for me & my FCs, or any comments or suggestions here:

Full Name:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Favorite Holiday:
Favorite Color:
Flipdeck Info:

Enjoy your stay at the mansion, but don't get lost in all the memorabilia...
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