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1  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWG Rewind III: Cold Blood {Day 3} on: August 23, 2016, 12:55:19 PM
FYI, the PMs stating your roles also count as your Confirmation PM.
2  Community / Fan Fiction / Man vs. Madish on: February 04, 2015, 01:15:28 PM
Papa Louie was a chef from a town called Tastyville. He owned a little pizzeria at the ground floor of a large apartment, called "Papa's Pizzeria". Until recently, his life was considered boring. But then one fateful day, everything changed.

It all started when he saw a man staring at him intently. He had been seeing this person his entire life, but he had been seeing a lot of this person lately. Either he increased his observation skills, or something weird was going on.

Once the man noticed Louie staring at him, he would run away. But this time was different. The man did run, but he ran towards Louie, and put a bag over his head.
3  Flipline Web Games / Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack! / Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack! Trivia on: February 01, 2015, 08:16:19 AM
Do you have any trivia about this game?
4  General / General Discussion / Official Theories Topic on: December 21, 2014, 09:07:27 AM
Share and discuss theories here.

Iggy knows more than we realise

Take a look at Iggy's Flipdeck:

As you can see, he saw something through the telescope that he's worried and shocked about. His telescope is facing the direction of what appears to be the X-Zone's atmosphere, which means he saw the X-Zone.

We're not sure exactly what he saw, but whatever he did he's very shocked and worried about it, so it must be important!

Joy is Ninjoy

In Papa's Pizzeria to Go, the female chef is Delivery Girl Joy. She is similar in many aspects to a character named Ninjoy, leading many to believe they're the same person. They're correct.

We've never seen them together before. We've only ever seen one or the other. It's intriguing that when one is in a game, the other is absent, often the only customer absent. Why would it be that all customers are in the game, except one?

The only solution is that they're the same person.

Xandra and Xolo's Backstory

Xandra's Flipdeck said: "Xandra and Xolo’s royal coronation would have happen at age 10, where they would have received the royal X-Wands."

It's interesting that it said 'would have', as if something happened that prevented them from becoming crowned. Maybe somebody who badly wanted Warp Keys overthrew the kingdom. Somebody like... Radley Madish! But what happened to Xandra and Xolo when the kingdom was overthrown?

Well, Edna's Flipdeck said: "...she found an odd deflated hot air balloon strewed across her tiny backyard. Beneath a patchwork sea of fabric was a basket holding two tiny red-haired twins."

That quote, and the fact she's knitting X-jumpers in her Flipdeck picture, proves that Xandra and Xolo were sent in a balloon as a means to escape Radley. The balloon landed in Edna's backyard, and she became their adoptive mother.

And Xandra and Xolo found their X-Wands in the X-Zone when they were trapped by Radley in PL2 and PL3.

Santa and Radley's Connection.

We all know that Santa comes in only during Christmas in most of the games, but what is he doing all year?

Well laid and gents.. you are in for a ride.

So... Santa of course is an anagram of Satan but...he could actually be him. In the Christmas 2014 poster by Flipline, on the back of his sleigh is a warp key.

How could he get that and why would he travel to these places, Sarge and Radley may easily get him... unless.... Santa is really Radley Maddish in disguise. Oh...and this could really make a good sequel, right?

One last thing... apparently warp keys can take you to Jacksmith too, that would be a good crossover sequel. Wasp keys can do good and bad remember, this could be how everyone came together for the 2012 Thanksgiving poster... but who was missing? Sarge and Radley Maddish. True, Radley Maddish want a character, but Radlynn's backstory means that he was around. Maybe he was planning his arrival.

Papa Louie 2 came out two months before Cupcakeria. Santa was introduced as a customer in Cupcakeria. Maybe? I still what to know how he got the warp keys. This is just a theory that I had that I would like to share with you.

Radlynn is Radley's Daughter!

Radlynn is Radley's daughter. Why else would that mysterious dude (who's obviously Radley) give her all that stuff, especially a Radish-themed hand knitted hat ?

A hand knitted clothing isn't like any kind of clothing. It takes patience, love and care to make. It would make perfect sense to give something like that to someone dear.

You could argue that Radley is a radish and Radlynn's a human, but Radlynn's mother is probably human.

But why would a woman fall for a Radish? Well that brings us to the next theory...

Radley was once human

This would explain how a woman would ever fell for him.

However, how would he turn into a radish? Well, it could be the result of a genetic modification experiment gone horribly wrong. This would imply he was a scientist, or at least into science, which his Flipdeck proves.

He probably worked alongside Professor Fitz. Or maybe, just maybe, he's Professor Fitz from the future!

Anyways, after he turned into a radish, it probably turned his mind insane, and he ended up using a warp key to find and conquer Munchmore.
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