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1  Community / Fan Characters / Sporty Eel's Customers on: September 12, 2017, 06:50:55 AM
So with only a few hours left. I am pushing my link wherever I can. I'm probably gonna get a spam report for this- but let's do it anyway. So vote in the poll above, vote in the KCP and please let me have some feedback. I need to know where I an lacking and how good or bad my characters were.


This here is Piper nee Ripley. I changed her name. Or rather Matt did. Anyway... she doesn't work. She is an heiress. Her Dad is the lead drummer for Doom Brûlée and her mother is one of Georgito's business partners. So naturally they have around a bajillion dollars and the next five or six generations don't need to worry about getting a job. She has appeared on the cover page of Big Money Person of the Year more than once. Although she looks like a spoiled girl at first glance, she is actually pretty nice. She is an active activist for the protection of animal rights and a strict vegetarian. She also has a fondness for the fashion industry, particularly costume designing. She wears only what she designed herself and her name is common knowledge in boutique stores, especially Fashion Flambé, which she half owns. She has made her lifelong ambition to 'bring back hats to their former glory' as can be seen in her hat collection. To date, she has over three thousand different hats in her closet, two thousand and ninety of which she designed herself. Yeah. She's weird.


So this is Pierre. He's a skater and one of Scooter's cousins. They both share a love for the deep thrill of skating. They are just about the same age, they learned how to skate together, perfect the styles and become the Tony Hawk's of the Fliplinian world. The difference between the two is however, that while Scooter kept skating a hobby while balancing it between roller-coasters and her shift at Papa's Donuteria, Pierre took up skating as a career. While there can be no doubt that Scooter is just as good a skater, if not better, than her cousin, she wouldn't be taking part in the professional sport. Meanwhile, Pierre has gone up in leaps and bounds in the skating world. Nicknamed 'The Green haired Bandanna Bomb' by fans, and armed with his trusty Cherry bomb skateboard and his lucky purple bandanna, this guy is ready to take on any ramp!


And last of all is Joseph- veterinarian extraordinaire! He passed out as a straight A student from Onion town High,
 went to Eclair academy where he spent five years studying veterinary science and emerged as a qualified vet with distinction. One of his professors, was known to remark - That lad's a full grown animal at heart.
 As indeed he is. Joseph is tremendously dedicated to his profession. He is a genius when it comes to animals of any kind. Crystal, Cooper, Willow and Perri have often stated that they would rather travel all the way to Sakura Bay, which is where his practice is (much closer to nature he says), if Tart loses her tweet or Cannoli gets indigestion, rather than consult some inexperienced local practitioner living next door. In the past few years, Dingwall & Co. (Joseph's surname is Dingwall if you are wondering) has expanded from it's humble beginnings to a well known honorable establishment, endowed of course in Dr. Dingwall's favorite color- a shade between avocado and green-yellow, which you can see on the shirts which the vets in this institute wear. Dr. Joseph Dingwall has had several honours to his name but no less dedication to the welfare of animals. In his spare time, he grooms his various pets including four dogs, seven cats, two parrots (which he keeps free, not caged), turtle, eight pigs, twenty white mice, fox cub, no less than a hundred and fifty lizards, two lambs, two kids, and thirty snakes all of them well provided for in the natural habitat of Sakura Bay!

Vote for them at
2  General / Help and Support / Steak & Jake - loading problem on: September 19, 2015, 04:04:29 AM
I don't know whether this is happening with everyone but Steak and Jake is not working in my computer. There is just the loading screen that appears for a second and then suddenly disappears. And then I hear the sound of swords clashing but the screen is blank. And then it is all done. The game screen is completely black and I can do nothing about it.
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