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1  Community / Fan Fiction / TOWN OF SALEM PART FOUR: Coven Edition? (CLOSED) on: June 08, 2017, 02:47:06 PM
It's been a while since I've done one of these, and with the new Coven expansion, I figured it was time to bring these back. Please sign up with one of the roles listed below, and with a name for yourself.
Jailor: Banagooz (BonBon)
Retributionist: Punny Toasty (Toasty)
Psychic: Everilyfel (Calvin)
Tracker: Valkyr (Thatcher Alainn)
Trapper: KitKatExtreme (Izzy Mae)
Vigilante: Naffian346 (Fathan)

Potion Master: DJ Roomba (Roomba)
Hex Master: Arme Thaumaturgy (Robin)
Necromancer: Lucia
Medusa: Zuki-Chana (Zuki)

Arsonist: Tin
Pirate: Leia (Leia Lu)

Plaguebearer: SenpaiViolet (Dr. Violet)
Jester: Roronoa~Zoro (Roronoa)
???: Taken.
Thanks for signing up! Chapter one is coming soon.
2  Community / Fan Fiction / TOWN OF SALEM PART THREE: You guys pick the roles/Custom Edition! (SK WINS) on: November 20, 2016, 07:26:22 AM
Greetings, Forumers! Lately I've been having a hella lot of fun with the past two Town of Salem fics, and I really don't want to stop. I'd also like to include you guys more, so I've decided that this round will be a custom game, as in you guys pick the roles you want! You may sign up as any role you wish, and with a name for yourself.
Serial Killer: Cinnabon (Robin)
Investigator: I (Ataino)
Witch: Lena Rostova
Classic Disguiser: shalomblue (disguised as PepsiMan) (Joey)
Jester: No No No (Oofis)
Vampire: SirCutieYuki (Maria)
Godfather: Jasper (Ben)
Doctor: AwesomeAF
Serial Killer: Wulfric
Executioner: Neptuna (Kankri)
Consigliere: Kahili
Consigliere: Blaze (Gladion)
Arsonist: Penelope Rivera (Diara)
Survivor: Joyce
Jailor: PepsiMan (identity stolen by Joey)
Strikethrough = Deceased
Italics = Doused
Bold = Confirmed
Serial Killer wins! Thanks to everyone who signed up and supported this!
3  Community / Fan Fiction / TOWN OF SALEM PART TWO: Rainbow Edition! (ARSONISTS WIN) on: October 27, 2016, 08:04:07 AM
Greetings, Forumers! I had a lot of fun with the last ToS fic, so I wanted to do it again. This time, Rainbow mode! I will be inserting myself as the second Arsonist.
Please sign up with a name for yourself.
Godfather: Smoky Quartz (Ataino)
Arsonist: No No No (Oofis)
Survivor: shalomblue (Joey)
Jailor: Epic~Nerd (Ben)
Amnesiac: snivader
Serial Killer: MariaYuki (Maria)
Witch: Kirigiri
Any(Executioner): Cheesecake (Lena)
Witch: Thorton
Serial Killer: The Shiny Hydreigon (Shiny)
Amnesiac(now Witch): Robin the Wizard (Robin)
Veteran: PixelHunter
Survivor: MayorKief ("Mayor" Kief)
Arsonist: KhaZix (Kha'Zix)

Mafioso: Prizella (Minga)
Strikethrough = Deceased
Italics = Doused
Bold = Confirmed
Arsonists win! Thanks to everyone who signed up and supported this!
4  Community / Fan Fiction / TOWN OF SALEM: Forumer Edition! (TOWN WINS) on: September 20, 2016, 06:18:18 PM
Greetings, forumers! GDC here with yet another cringy fanfic! This time it's finally forumer-based. Considering that I've recently been pulled into the hell that is Town of Salem, I figured I might as well write one of these. I know many people have done this, but I thought I'd contribute to it. I will be inserting myself as the Serial Killer.
Jailor: Cheesecake (deceased)
Investigator: Oofis (deceased)
Sheriff: Purple~Pearl (deceased)
Doctor: Platinum
Bodyguard: Smoky Quartz (deceased)
Medium: Red
Vigilante: PixelHunter (deceased)
Retributionist: Epic~Nerd
Veteran: Akasha
Spy: shalomblue

Godfather: cardbord (deceased)
Mafioso: LogicallyLogical (deceased)
Consort: BlackAF (now Mafioso)
Consigliere: Leia (deceased)
Blackmailer: Megurine Luka (deceased)

Serial Killer: GladiatorDreamCat (myself, deceased)
Arsonist: Sushi Mia (deceased)
Werewolf: MariaYuki (deceased)
Jester: Martin Garrix (deceased)
Survivor: Joyce (deceased)
Town wins! Thanks to everyone who signed up and supported this!
5  Community / Fan Fiction / DANGANRONPA: Papa Louie Edition! (13+) on: June 07, 2016, 02:39:18 PM
CHAPTER ONE: It begins.
    It is hot and humid. The AC is turned up to the highest it can go; somehow, I am sweating. School is out. I have completed the 9th grade. My 15th birthday is coming up in less than two weeks.
    Today is Tuesday. My brother is home and adjacent to me, tuning his electric guitar and trying to play a familiar song by ear. I believe the name of it is... When You Were Young. Something like that. I need to ask him later.
    We hear thunder booming in the distance. "That's strange... the forecast said it was gonna be clear," my brother comments in English. He groans and says, frustrated, "I swear, meteorologists are becoming more off by the day."
"Pretty good inference there, my spiky-haired student," a voice came out of nowhere. "Wha- who said that?!" my brother yells. We turn our heads to see... a strange-looking teddy bear. One side of it was white and looked like a normal teddy bear. The other side was black, with a red slash for an eye and a wicked grin that stretched across its face. "I did! My name is Monokuma, and I'm your headmaster!" The walls of the garage fall down, revealing a school gym. I gasp in shock as I see several people with the same expression as me. I recognize a few of them being Rita, Rudy, cousin Scarlett, and the one whom I feared; Scooter. She was spouting out words in a language I did not recognize. Monokuma teased her, "Puhu... yelling at me in a different language won't work!
    "Now, let me introduce myself." Monokuma jumped onto the stage. "I am Monokuma, your headmaster!"
6  Flipline Web Games / Papa's Bakeria / GDC's Bakeria! [CLOSED FOR NOW] on: April 02, 2016, 09:46:16 AM
I will not be able to complete orders at this time, so please don't order until I get my files back.
Hello! I've been seeing this go around, so I thought "Hey, why not jump on the bandwagon?" Here we go!

I am currently on the holiday Summer Luau, and have all the toppings and specials unlocked.
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