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1  Community / Fan Characters / Raven's KCP 2018 Entries on: September 14, 2018, 09:33:57 AM
I wanna get opinions on my designs before submitting.
Feel free to comment on her.
2  General / Off-Topic / Books on: April 21, 2018, 06:38:37 AM
Discuss the books you've read or are reading here.

I'll start. Im currently reading the Miss Peregrine series and I'm on the second book, Hollow City.
3  General / Off-Topic / Appreciation on: February 20, 2018, 12:54:55 PM
This topic is for appreciation. It can be something vague or specific. A special encounter or just something that you think is a thing that makes you feel good. Share things about this world that are special to you. Grin

I'll start.
I appreciate the people who smile back at you.
4  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWG XCVIII - Locked And Loaded [Lounge] on: December 04, 2017, 02:33:22 PM
It's time to start the next TWG, Locked and Loaded!
Locked and Loaded will be hosted by Lu and I'm here to shadow!
Here is the gimmick and rolelist:-
Backup Gimmick: Both town and wolves will have a “backup” role, which are on opposite sides to the original role. This backup role’s abilities will only come into play once the original role has been killed.

For example, if Town had a Jock, the Wolf's Backup Jock would only be able to use their powers once the Jock died.

Disguised Wolf


Town Backup Espionage: If the Espionage dies, they will be able to use the Espionage’s abilities.

Wolf Shaman
Wolf Backup Jock
: If the Jock is killed, they will be able to use the Jock’s abilities.
Espionage Wolf: Chooses someone to see who they visit and who visits them.



1. Lusamine
2. Green
3. skylark89
4. IllogicallyIllogical
5. ZechAkari Killed by Wolves N1
6. Nickito Lynched D2
7. Kassem Killed by Wolves N3
8. Temmie
9. Gigi Lee Lann Lynched D1
10. KKE Lynched D3
11. DeluxePizza
12. Qazikol
13. Widow Lynched D4
14. Daenerys Killed by Monster N1
15. Sent Modkilled - Permabanned
16. Faithesque
17. Futaba Sakura Red Velvet
18. HyperGreen Red the Birthday Man
5  Community / Fan Fiction / A Colourless World (A tale by blankin) on: November 11, 2017, 04:44:04 AM
Chapter 1: Breath

A fading memory...

[unknown]: Is she okay?
[unknown]: I don't know I DONT KNOW
[Boy]:         Im sorry, I'm really sorry, mother. I did not foresee this unexpected turn..
                  The events that have.... not your fault...


[unknown]: Forgiveness is only bestowed upon those who deserve it...

A distant melody dances across the plains
The wings shall not be shattered
They shall soar and overcome

is one that cannot be retrieved


Pit Pat Pit Pat
The water droplets moved in sync to my wild heartbeat
I approached a tiny tombstone engulfed by the eternal and ever-growing moss
A solepurple hyacinth rested upon the rough granite.

[Hecate]: She hated them
[Dad]: Hm? Did you say something?
[Hecate]: She hated them. Grandmother used to hate purple hyacniths.
[Dad]: Oh really? Do you know what they mean?
[Hecate]: "I seek your forgiveness"

The identity of the sender was not known... neither was it required
For my parents did not care, they did not care
To them, my grandmother was a burden that needed to be disposed of
She knew what others did not
She was a mystery
She had an aura - a dark one - an inpenetrable one


6  Community / Sign-Up Games / The Book I: Warlock of Firetop Mountain on: September 10, 2017, 02:19:04 PM
Gamebooks are books with a story in which your actions determine the outcome.
This sign-up game basically turns a chosen gamebook into a forum game where YOU race other forumers to the END. Keep in mind, there are bad endings and if you reach one, you go back to the start line. Yes, you heard me, back to the BEGINNING. I am your guide, Direraven. This installment's chosen gamebook is:

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the content in this sign-up game. It is based entirely on the gamebook, Fighting Fantasy: Warlock of Firetop Mountain. I might decide to make my own if this one has a good response from the forumers  Wink

Before you sign-up, let me warn you, this game can last for more than a month, so if you're gonna be inactive, DO NOT SIGN UP

Goal: Beat the Warlock of Firetop Mountain and take his treasure

1. You many not discuss your actions with another player.
2. You may not cheat using the internet; all of your decisions have to be chosen by you.
3. You cannot go back once you have made a choice
4. If you would like to, you are allowed to start back at the beginning if you get stuck at any point in the game.
5. You must use the dice provided when asked to; you cannot make up your own numbers

Adventure Sheet
In the actual gamebook, you are provided with an adventure sheet which records your Initial Scores, Equipment, Gold, Jewels, Potions, Provisions and Battle Encounters. The adventure sheet in this game, however, will be handled by me. Each player's adventure sheet will be posted in this topic. The game will proceed through PMs but your progress will be shown in the topic. (Including your encounters with monsters and all the things you have collected so far) This adventure sheet also includes your strengths and weaknesses. You have 3 variables which aid you in battle that constantly change throughout the game.Skill, Stamina and Luck. Skill is your attack power. It determines whether you successfully attack or get wounded. Stamina is your health. If you reach 0 stamina, you have died and must start over. Luck is a variable used during certain situations such as escaping (See below, Test your luck).

Initial Scores
To determine your initial Skill, Stamina and Luck, you must do the following:
1. To determine your Skill, roll one die, add 6 to this number, that is your initial Skill.
2. To determine your Stamina, roll both dice, add 12 to this number, that is your initial Stamina.
3. To determine your Luck, roll one die, add 6 to this number, that is your initial Luck.
Your Initial Scores are extremely important as no matter how many extra points you are awarded, they may never exceed your initial scores, except for on rare occasions, when instructed on the page.

You will often be surprised by encounters with gruesome creatures which you must fight. An option to escape but if not, or you decide to attack it anyway, follow the instructions as per below.
Every creature has a Skill and Stamine score, just like you. They are provided to you on the page of the book. This is the sequence of combat:
1. Roll the two dice for the creature. Add its skill score. This is the creatures Attack Strength.
2. Roll the two dice for yourself. Add your skill score. This is your Attack Strength.
3. If your Attack Strength is higher than that of the creature, you have wounded it. Proceed to Step 4.
If the creature's Attack Strength is higher than yours, it has wounded you. Proceed to Step 5. If both Attack Strength totals are the same, you have avoided each other's blows - start the next round from Step 1.
4. You have wounded the creature, so subtract 2 points from its Stamina score. You may use your luck here to deal extra damage (See Using Luck in Battles).
5. The creature has wounded you, so subtract 2 points from your own Stamina score. Again, you may use luck to avoid losing Stamina (See Using Luck in Battles).
6. All of the changes in Stamina (if wounded) and Luck (if used) are recorded in your Adventure Sheet.
7. Continue this sequence (Steps 1-6) until either one of you reaches 0 Stamina (death).

Occasionaly, you may be given the option to escape from a battle. However, if you do run away, the creature automatically gets in 1 wound on you (-2 Stamina). Such is the price of cowardice. You may use luck on this wound like any other wound (see below). However, you may only take the option to escape if it is specifically given to you on the page.

Fighting more than one creature
If you come across more than one creature in one encounter, you will be given instructions on how to treat. Sometimes,
 you will be asked to treat them as a single monster and sometimes you will be asked to fight each one in turn.

At some points in your adventure, you could come across encounters in which you are either lucky or unlucky (details of these are given on the pages itself). In these situations, you may use your luck to help you. However, you are not always lucky and the results of being unlucky can be disastrous!

Using your luck:
Roll two dice. If the number rolled is equal to or less than your luck score, you have been lucky. If the number rolles is more than your current luck score, you have been unlucky. This procedure is known as "test your luck". Beware! Each time you test your luck, you lose 1 point from your current luck score. This means that the more you rely on your luck, eventually you will run out of it. Use it wisely.

Using Luck in Battles
Unlike on certain pages where you will be asked to test your luck, in battles, you may always use luck to influence the result. You may use luck either to inflict a more serious wound on your opponent or to minimize the wound your opponent has inflicted on you. This is done through the procedure "Test your luck", as explained above. If you have wounded the creature and you're lucky, you may subtract 4 stamina points from the opponent instead of the usual 2 but if you're unlucky, the usual 2 points turn into a point (1). If you have been wounded and you're lucky, you have managed to avoid the full blow and instead, only lose 1 stamine. If you're unlucky, subtract 3 stamina points instead of the usual 2. Do not forget that 1 Luck point will be subtracted each time you test your luck.

Your initial skill score cannot be changed unless an item is found to do that. Weapons can be used to give you a skill bonus for the rest of the game. However, only one weapon can be used at a time so you may choose to keep your weapon or exchange it for a presumably newly found weapon.

Restoring Points
Skill: Your Skill does not change much throughout the game as no encounters can change your attack power. However, through weapons, as mentioned above, you may receive a possibly permanent skill bonus (unless you change your weapon). Again as a reminder, your Skill level may not exceed its initial value.
Stamina and Provisions: Your Stamina level will change a lot throughout the game as you fight horrifying monsters and undertake arduous tasks. As you near your goal, your Stamina level may be dangerously low and battles may be particularly risky. so be careful! Your haversack contains enough provisions for ten meals. You may eat and rest only when allowed by the instructions on a page, and you may eat only one meal at a time. Eating a meal restores 4 Stamina points. When you eat a meal,
 add 4 Stamina points and deduct 1 point from your Provisions. Remember that you have a long way to go, so use your ten provisions wisely! Also, remember that your scores may never exceed their initial values unless specifically instructed on a page.
Luck: Additions to your Luck score are awarded throughout your adventure when you have been lucky. Details are given on the pages. Remember that. just like your Skill and Stamina, your Luck score may never exceed its initial value unless specifically instructed on the page.

Equipment and Potions
You will start your adventure with a bare minimum of equipment, but you may find other items during your travels. You are armed with a sword and are dressed in leather armour. You have a rucksack on your back to hold your provisions and any other treasures you come across. You also come across a lantern which lights your way. In addition, you may take one bottle of a magical potion which may aid you in your quest. You may choose one of the following:
A Potion of Skill - restores Skill to Initial Level at any point in the game
A Potion of Strength - restores Stamina to Initial Level at any point in the game
A Potion of Fortune - restores Luck to Initial Level at any point in the game + adds 1 Luck point to your Initial Luck

Make your choice carefully! You don't get to change it!

Each potion contains enough for two measures. In other words, you may restore your Initial [choice of potion] points twice at any point in the game.


The Dice:

1. Ataino
2. Archi
3. Leia
4. Ravine Roth (Zuki - its a reminder for me)
5. Sean
6. Typo
7  Community / Fan Characters / The Unofficial List of Forumers' KCP Voting Links on: September 06, 2017, 01:19:12 PM
This topic is here so your link doesn't get buried in the share your customers topic,
I didn't really know which board to put this in but whatever
The list is organized in an alphabetical order so if you're looking for a certain forumer's entries. you can easily find them.  :cheery.
So, let's start. Post your link here for me to add it into this list.
(Leave the colours to me. I've been using different HTML colours)

Juniper Montage:
Park Jinyoung:
Ravine Roth:
Sae Niijima:
Thick Apple:
W.D Gaster:
Witch Cherry:

I vote for all of the links submitted btw  Cheery
8  Community / Fan Characters / DireRaven's Entries for KCP 2017 on: August 30, 2017, 03:32:29 PM


9  Community / Community Q&A / blankin's Q&A on: August 26, 2017, 01:00:52 PM
Ask me questions  Cheery

No personal ones pls
10  General / Suggestions / Kid sizes for customers on: September 16, 2016, 06:17:56 AM
I think they should add different customer sizes to the gamerias. Not just weight. All of the customers are the same height and I think there should be templates for kids so Greg can actually look like a kid.
11  Flipline Web Games / Papa's Pizzeria / Papa's Pizzeria Leaderboard on: September 12, 2016, 10:52:51 AM
So this is basically a leaderboard for everyone who plays Papa's Pizzeria. You just have to post your rank down and you're in it.

Rank 90-100:[Screenshot required]

Rank 80-89:[Screenshot required]

Rank 70-79:[Screenshot required]

Rank 60-69:[Screenshot required]

Rank 50-59:[Screenshot required]

Rank 40-49:[Screenshot required]

Rank 30-39:

Rank 20-29:

Rank 10-19:

Rank 1-9:
DireRaven: Rank 2 (lul)

12  Flipline Web Games / Papa's Wingeria / Papa's Wingeria Leaderboard on: August 19, 2016, 08:31:24 AM
This is a leaderboard for Papa's Wingeria. Feel free to post your rank on this topic and it'll be on the leaderboard. This is based off of CalzoneManiac's leaderboard and all of the titles were also created by CalzoneManiac so credits go to CalzoneManiac.  Grin Grin Grin

King of Wings: Rank 1000+ (Screenshot Required)

Wing CEO: Rank 500-999(Screenshot Required)

Wing Tycoon: Rank 400-499(Screenshot Required)

Wing Master: Rank 300-399(Screenshot Required)

Wing Title-Holder: Rank 200-299(Screenshot Required)

Wing Champion: Rank 100-199(Screenshot Required)

Wing Expert: Rank 75-99(Screenshot Required)

Wing Pro: Rank 50-74
TheBlackBerryGuy: Rank 63
CalzoneManiac: Rank 64
Ghost: Rank 74

Wing Veteran: Rank 30-49
Epic-Nerd: Rank 35

Wing Builder: Rank 15-29
Sushi Mia: Rank 17

Wing Apprentice: Rank 5-14
Leia: Rank 12
Twilight Sparkle: Rank 11
Wing Newbie: Rank 1-4

Current Highest: TheBlackBerryGuy

13  Flipline Web Games / Papa's Wingeria / Should I start a new leaderboard for Papa's Wingeria? [POLL] on: August 03, 2016, 01:25:46 PM
Since there isn't a leaderboard for Papa's Wingeria that is currently active I thought of making one. What do you think?

Ps. I have a similar poll for papa's pancakeria. Check it out.  Cheesy
14  Flipline Web Games / Papa's Pancakeria / Should I start another Papa's Pancakeria Leaderboard? [POLL] on: August 02, 2016, 09:11:14 AM
So since there isn't an active leaderboard for Papa's Pancakeria I was thinking about making one. What do you think?
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