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1  Flipline Games / Papa's Sushiria / First customer that received your gift on: December 13, 2016, 11:21:06 AM
As for me, none atm. Laugh
2  General / Help and Support / A problem I have with some of the games on: September 20, 2016, 08:08:06 PM
So, sometimes it happens that an ingredient would move around the cursor. In Cupcakeria it's fine but if that happens in Pancakeria and Bakeria, you can't progress further Sad it's horrible in the latter when you have to serve closers (I'also call it "the white rose's syndrome". I tried it on Mayor Mallow and lost all his stars...

Is there a way these type of things can be prevented for ever? Is it a common glitch that happens to others also?
3  Community / Fan Characters / ❆ SND's FC exhibition ❆ on: December 31, 2015, 01:43:11 PM
So, hello, and welcome to my upcoming exhibition in a style of a TV show if no one minds here.

All will of course be fictional because IDK if ALL of the FCs must reside somewhere in the world of Papa? Afterall, it's a TV show shown in Papa world. It can be a sitcom or mystery murder series (à la How to Get Away with Murder) or whateva.

Location: Maydette, Strawmangia

The Students (so far):

Molly McChin
Dommy Hansen
Lily Schmettelan
Ulyssa Roberts
Leo Koralinski
Karen Berg
Mulberry Lipdale
Anthonia Zisebura
Anne Bellamy Teal
Celestia Lantonni
Noia Monaxia
4  Flipline Games / Papa's Donuteria / Your current Donuteria rank and day on: November 08, 2015, 07:28:02 AM
Tell me exactly what the title says 8)

Mine would be rank 5 and day 6.
5  General / Help and Support / Out of sync movements in Papa Louie 3. on: November 06, 2015, 12:40:08 PM
I might as well have found the answer but I'm not sure if it's clear enough for you to think of it as a legit answer. JUST READ

ok so during Papa Louie 3, when my laptop is slow, the customers do not react to some of moves, especially underwater. But later on they react to the comment but a bit too late. I have to click on them several times so they'd keep moving by the regular command.

Is that because of my slow computer, or is the game trying to break itself a little bit? Hmm
6  Community / Community Q&A / SND's Cue-Hey (Q&A): One more desperate attempt to get ratings~ er, asks on: October 28, 2015, 02:05:17 PM
Eh, I was encouraged to do Q&A of mine so let me do it.

But a couple of rules before:

• Never question my real name and other things like my address, my family member names and etc. However I can tell how many people are in my family and that's enough
• Also don't get started with questioning about my body parts and other sexual things. I was questioned once how big are my... well, the two big round things on every female's front. In another forum. And then people made fun of me actually answering these things. Bored
• Don't ask me dumb questions just because I'm an Aspergerite and people think these people are mentally unattached to the normal beings.
• Don't worry if my answers are tl;dr, I am a master of throwing a wall of tl;dr with my English skills ;-)

I don't know but so far that's it
Plus, my basic info. Just in case you missed it
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