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1  Community / Fan Art / topeka does fan art of your kcp20 entries (closed for now) on: October 20, 2020, 11:16:02 AM
requests are open, go ahead. here's a sample made for the three of my entries as posted on the Customerpalooza 2020's Sharing Section so you guys have an idea what my art style looks like:

just give me one of your entries (or all of them), eye color (optional, my mind is not the exact same of a genius) and a color used for the background. take note that these requests takes longer than usual, patience is your best friend  Cheery

other than kcp20 entries, free feel to request one of your characters if you wish. you are allowed to use it as your profile picture, as long you give me credit.



1. Sag (2/3)
2. Almei
3. Bassett
4. -Loth-
5. Petey K


1. Ecopania
2. KeinkoMusic
2  Community / Fan Characters / Yume/Natsuki/Chieko's FCs Topic? (Version 1.5) on: September 10, 2018, 10:10:58 AM
Coming soon, I guess?
3  Community / Fan Games / Your Old Pal Kingsley: When Customegvs Attack! on: November 16, 2017, 05:48:34 PM
TBA, credits to Ianiant for the idea mentioned in the shoutbox, and DeluxePizza for suggestions

Main Characters. Hope and Dice, because why not.

Side boss is Lizzy, other bosses revealed soon.

Unlockable Characters:


Customegvs sign ups (26/32, you can sign up to 4 customegvs):
- Casey P. (AyKooChao)
- Pinkie (W. D. Blaster)
- Orang (Chasi)
- Right (Chasi)
- Ocard Yoflam (Faithesque)
- Veria Unique (Faithesque)
- Caillou (Ianiant)
- Troomp (Ianiant)
- Mia (Ianiant)
- yEEHAW (Ianiant)
- Sarah Insane (IDK)
- Olddoman (VeryOneSliceLike)
- YEH BOI (Ravine Roth)
- ricawdv (VeryOneSliceLike)
- Elly fatsie (VeryOneSliceLike)
- Morie Insane (VeryOneSliceLike)
- Coolkid4923 (ZechAkari)
- Derpbrina (ZechAkari)
- Princess Timmy (ZechAkari)
- i rlly like red (ZechAkari)
- lil bro (Nestea)
- oompy (Nestea)
- mEmE (Toast)
- yasqueen (Moose)
- Princess Failure (me)
- Risa-chan (PastelFailure)

This is a joke game. Laugh
4  Community / Fan Characters / • Azuki's raffles [SECOND TIME] • on: December 30, 2015, 09:11:14 PM
• Welcome to Azuki's Raffles Topic! •

I am bringing back this from one of my old topics, since it could be more interesing if I've continued it. So well, I've revived it! Well in this topic I will give away one of my FCs that wasn't never used, or KCP customers.


- Please don't rage if you didn't won an raffle, it's an matter of luck who will won.
- If you didn't wanted the person you've won for it, that's okay! You could give it to someone who wanted her.
- When you won any of these persons, you are free to change their name, appearence, bio, etc.
- Free feel to sign up the raffle anytime!

Current raffle: Rina

Sign ups:

- GladiatorDreamCat
- Kirito
- Simba
5  Community / Fan Art / Chieko's Lazy MS Paint Art Shop (Closed) on: December 17, 2015, 10:51:03 AM
Reviving this from my old topic. Well, here are the rules:
*New rules are in red

- When all the lists are full, I'll try to lock this until I finish them.
- Please don't rush me. I am possibly a lazy and bored person, so wait.
- For the flipline versions and the customs only, I will not make plagarized FCs or a person based on games, tv characters, songs, etc. Example: ''Make me a FC based on Meghan Trainor!'' or ''Try to make a female custom based on Nagisa Motomiya!'' will not be accepted.
-Please note that if I ignored someone and I forgot his/her request, try to copy & paste his/her request.
-Please don't request the same FC in another section! Like, if you're requesting the same FC in the chibi section, and then now in My style section; will not be accepted. If you're changing the section you requested before, please tell me.
This is outdated, so things that may been added before will not count anymore, sorry. Hmm

Well, you get it? Okay, so request ahead!

- Piper (AyKooChao)
- Spade (OcFanatic)
- Raven (Panda-Chu)
- Chris (Cyrus)
- Marilynn (Ianiant)

(Overflow~ Just wait for it, since im just a procastinator... Nervous)
6  Community / Fan Characters / Tsukada's Hall of FCs. + Q&A on: November 11, 2015, 12:17:31 PM
Hello, hello here, everyone! In this topic, you'll will find about my FCs.  Free feel to make tributes or any recommendations to my FCs! ^‿^

UPDATE: Just only going to add random FCs, so... Just wait. Wink
There are so many FCs to implement sooner, but meanwhile this topic may get temporary locked if there's too much to plan. You'll have to wait soon...

Main persona to ask me for:

''Full Name'': Rasd. Don't ask why...
Occupation: Student, also does various weird jobs.
Personality: Mostly lazy, procastinates a lot. She tries to finish her homework as soon as possible. Sometimes, she's very shy and quiet until you know her better...
Likes: Drawing, playing games, painting, writing, chocolates.
Dislikes: Socializing (...A bit), Rude people, Stress

Wiki Page:
7  Community / Fan Games / Papa's ??? [REBOOT] on: November 01, 2015, 05:00:18 PM

NOTE: This is on constrution. Do not reply until I have done reserving.
Chefs: Custom Worker

Story: TBA


Order Station: You know what is all about.
??? Station:
??? Station:
??? Station:
8  Community / Community Q&A / Tsundere's Q&A. on: November 01, 2015, 02:17:04 PM
Ask me anything, but don't answer me personal or random questions please.
Credits to BS for the first Q&A topic.

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