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1  Community / Fan Characters / SonicWolf7263’s FCs on: March 10, 2018, 01:10:57 PM
Do you think they look good? I never got a chance to see the characters I made for the contests yet because they weren’t available for the contests. Tell me how they look.
2  Community / Roleplaying / The Preposterous Plight of Lieutenant Parmesan (Roleplay) on: October 18, 2017, 03:09:47 PM
If you don’t know who Lieutenant Parmesan is, he’s made out of Parmesan boneless wings, Parmesan chicken strips, Parmesan wings, Parmesan shrimp, French fries, cheese cubes, and celery sticks, and he uses Parmesan sauce as a machine gun.

Taylor: Oh yeah! Taylor’s on the move! Going into the ocean!
Mitch: Look out for the swordfish, Taylor! Swim down!
Big Pauly: Grab the steel paddle! Oh, and look out for the piranhas! Smack the piranhas with your steel paddle!
Prudence: Gosh, Taylor! You quadruple smacked those piranhas!
*video game beeps “you win”*
Taylor: YES!!! I beat level 3!
Video Game voice: Continue to next level?
Taylor: I’m in!
Tony Solary: Hey Taylor, what game is this?
Taylor: It’s called Stick Man Adventure.
Video game voice: Ready? Start!
Taylor: Boo yah! I’m in the jungle now!
Maggie: Look out for the snake, Taylor! Jump the snake!
Penny: Hey, what’s that red crystal?
Taylor: That’s the Fire Crystal.
Johnny: What does it do?
Taylor: Glad you asked! It turns your stick man into a fire stick man so he can use fire abilities.
Johnny: Oh, okay, then.
Sue: Taylor, you know you lose one more life, it’ll be game over, right?
Taylor: I know, Sue.
Matt Neff: Look out for the falling coconuts! Roll and dodge the coconuts!
Taylor: Uh-oh! The gorilla is gonna squash me! Aaah! I’m doomed!
Video game voice: Game over!
Taylor: Aww, maaaaaaaaan!  Sad
Alberto: Ugh! This game is soooooooooo boring!!
Austin: No way, Alberto! Old school games are the greatest! Wink
*door opens*
Perri: Guys! What’s going on??
Taylor: Howdy, Perri and Cherissa! We’re just relaxing and playing some video games!
Cherissa: Don’t worry about it! Lieutenant Parmesan is on the loose! It said so in the Toastwood Inquirer!
James: Lieutenant Parmesan is the wildest, most vicious criminal in the world?
Perri: Yeah! And Local News Weekly!
Doan: Lieutenant Parmesan and Make-Believe Stories Are Real? That’s the stupidest and most annoying thing I’ve ever heard!!  Angry
Perri: Well maybe it is stupid and annoying, but it’s also dumb and pointless!!! Angry
Doan: Look, it’s not the way it sounds, it’s the way it looks. And clearly–
Janana: End of story! It is the way it sounds! You need to respect other people’s opinions, Doan.
Prudence: How about we all just calm down and not make the situation worse?
Big Pauly: I agree with Prudence! I know some of you are angry that Lieutenant Parmesan isn’t real, but he is no laughing matter.

To be continued...
3  Community / Roleplaying / Re: Mario & Sonic Roleplay on: August 13, 2017, 02:07:52 PM
James: Hey guys!  Smiley
Everyone except Yippy: Hello James, Lisa, Kingsley and Mary!
Lisa: Yippy, what happened? Why are you crying?
Yippy: Daisy threw a temper tantrum, just because she thinks the pizza we brought for the picnic was almost burned into a crisp!
Daisy:  Shocked  Wait! No! It's not true!
Kingsley: Daisy, stop lying!
Rosalina: If you didn't want the pizza the way it is, you could've asked Tony to order it lighter!
Daisy: You don't understand...! Oh...!  Cry
Blaze: Daisy, sometimes you need to watch what you're saying to other people so you don't end up making them angry or sad.
Lisa: Anything you wanna say to Yippy, Daisy?
Daisy: Yippy, I'm so sorry for the way I yelled at Rosalina and made you cry.
Yippy: Apology accepted Daisy. I know you didn't mean to do it on purpose.
Daisy: You really mean that?
Yippy: Sure I do!
Daisy: Alright! Let's enjoy this wonderful picnic!
*after the picnic*
Mario: That was an awesome picnic! Wouldn't you think Luigi?
Luigi: I sure would Mario!
Bowser: Bwahahahaha!  Evil
Mario and Luigi: Bowser!
Dr. Eggman: Oh ho-ho!  Evil
Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles: Eggman!
Dr. Eggman: That's right! It's us! Look who else I brought with us.
Bowser: Yeah, we're not the only ones here!
Zazz: Gonna beat you like a drum...!
Zavok: Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
Sonic: Zazz! Zavok!
King Boo: Hehehehe!
Luigi: King Boo!
Dry Bowser: Bwahahaha!
Dry Bones: Hahaha!
Mario, Toad and Toadette: Dry Bowser and Dry Bones?!
Bowser Jr.: Bwahaha!
Yoshi: (Bowser Jr.?!)
Radley Madish: Mwahahahaha!
Roy and Joy: Radley Madish!
Luau LePunch: Mwahahaha!
Clair, Sue, Maggie and Prudence: Luau LePunch!
Zavok: That's right! It's us!
Sonic: What do you think you're all doing here?
Tails: Yeah! Why don't you all just get out of here and leave us alone?!
Dr. Eggman: Shut up Sonic and Tails!
Radley Madish: We heard you had a picnic without us!
Vector: Yes we did!
Donkey Kong: (What's it like to you?)
Dry Bones: (Well, we wanted to have a picnic with you guys, but we guess not!)  Angry
Dry Bowser: So, we plan on trapping you all in a cage!
King Boo: That way, you won't be able to have anymore picnics without us!
Everyone except for the villains:  Shocked
The villains:  Evil
To be continued...
4  Community / Roleplaying / Re: Mario & Sonic Roleplay on: August 13, 2017, 01:04:12 PM
Silver: It's a pleasure to meet all of you guys.
Maggie: Yes. Say, wanna get a pizza so we can all enjoy it?
Mario and Luigi: Oh boy, yes please Maggie!
Knuckles: I sure am in the mood for pizza. In fact, we'll all go with you!
Prudence: Great!
*text ringtone beeps*
Austin: I got a text from Lisa.
Perri: What'd she say?
Austin: She said she, Kingsley, James and Mary are having a picnic.
Vector: Who's Lisa?
Donkey Kong: (Who's Kingsley?)
Diddy Kong: (Who's James?)
Silver: And who's Mary?
Tony: They're friends of ours. We go way, way back.
Austin: Yes, and on their picnic, Lisa ordered enough hot dogs with ketchup and mustard, topped with chili. And she ordered just enough for everyone. As for Kingsley, he ordered just enough burgers for everyone.
Shadow: What do they have on them?
Austin: The burgers are well-done that have American cheese, lettuce, ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, bacon, and tomatoes.
Shadow: I like that!  Wink
Perri: James ordered half of exactly enough boneless wings that are BBQ, and ordered the other half that are medium. Therefore, he ordered enough boneless wings for everyone! And as for Mary, she ordered up to 4 dozen roll-shaped red velvet donuts with chocolate icing, topped with rainbow sprinkles and crushed peanuts, and filled with cookie dough cream.
Peach: I love red velvet! It's one of my favorite flavors!  Cheesy
Yoshi: (I love picnics!!!)  Cheesy
Matt: Then are we waiting around here for? Let's grab the pizza and after that, let's head to the picnic!  Smiley
*At Papa's Pizzeria...*
Mario and Luigi: Who's gonna order the pizza?!
Everyone (except Tony):  Eyebrow
Tony: Why is everyone staring at me for?  ???
Johnny: You said you were gonna order the pizza!  Angry
Prudence: Yeah, Tony! You do the work!  Angry
Tony:  Shocked  Um, okay. *walks to the order line*
Guy in a Papa's Pizzeria uniform: May I take your order?
Tony: Can I get a large well-done pizza with thick crust, classic marinara sauce, smoked cheddar cheese, pepperoni, salami, meatballs, bacon, pulled pork, and smoked salmon please?
Daisy: I'm doomed!  smh
*16 wasteful minutes later...*
Tony: I got the pizza.
Everyone except Daisy: Alright!
Daisy: What a waste of time!  Grumpy
Everyone except Daisy: Daisy!  Angry
Daisy: I know I admitted it, but what's the big deal anyway?! The crust is almost burned into a crisp!
*Rosalina slaps Daisy*
Daisy: Ow!
Rosalina: The big deal is, you need to stop being such a big, mean little girl, act like a princess, and deal with it!
Daisy: Do you know what? I hate being treated like a child! So how about you stop telling me what to do... RIGHT NOW!!!
Yippy:  Cry
Daisy: Not only you treated me like a child, but you---
Clair: Alright Daisy, that is enough! You made Yippy cry!
Sticks: How about we all just calm down and not make the situation worse?
Sasha: I agree with Sticks. I know some of you are upset that the pizza looks almost burned into a crisp.
Sue: Let's just get out of here and go to the picnic.
To be continued...
5  Community / Fan Games / Papa's Sandwicheria on: July 20, 2017, 12:23:58 PM
Papa's Sandwicheria adds in different types of sandwiches rather than grilled cheese sandwiches!

Standard Breads: White, Multigrain, Whole Wheat, Sourdough, Wheat, Brown, Pumpernickel
Standard Meats: Corned Beef, Ham, Turkey, Chicken, Brown Sugar Bacon, Roast Beef, Angus Steak, Brisket
Standard Cheeses: American, Cheddar, Swiss, Pepperjack, Queso Blanco, Provolone, Feta, Mozzarella, Asiago
Standard Toppings: Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Pickles, Onion Rings, Fried Eggs, Mushrooms, Black Olives
Standard Sauces: Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo, BBQ Sauce, Awesome Sauce, Wasabi Sauce, Southwest Sauce, Buffalo Sauce, Medium Sauce, Atomic Sauce, Blazeberry Sauce, Queso Blanco

Feel free to add more suggestions for Papa's Sandwicheria!  Wink
6  Community / Roleplaying / Mario & Sonic Roleplay on: July 02, 2017, 10:56:10 AM
Vector: What a beautiful day!   Smiley
Knuckles: You said it Vector.
Charmy: Yeah! It sure is a beautiful day out here.
Espio: It's like a sunny day out.
Sticks: That's because it is a sunny day out. Let's go on an adventure!
Tails: I agree.
Sonic: Me too!
Amy: Me three!
Blaze: Me four!
Silver: Me five!
Shadow: Me six!
Mario: Me seven!
Luigi: Me eight!
Peach: Me nine!
Daisy: Me ten!!!  Cheesy
Yoshi: (Me eleven!)
Birdo: (Me twelve!)
Donkey Kong: (Me thirteen!)
Diddy Kong: (Me fourteen!)
Dixie Kong: (Me fifteen!)
Toad: Me sixteen!
Toadette: Me seventeen!
Wario: Me eighteen!
Waluigi: Me nineteen!
Rosalina: And me twenty! Beautiful sky, beautiful plants, beautiful... Oh! Who are you guys?
Prudence: Allow us to introduce ourselves. I'm Prudence.
Matt Neff: I'm Matt.
Tony Solary: I'm Tony.
Clair: I'm Clair.
Roy: I'm Roy, and this is my sister Joy.
Joy: Hi.
Johnny: I'm Johnny.
Kayla: I'm Kayla.
Sue: I'm Sue.
Sasha: I'm Sasha.
Hope: I'm Hope.
Maggie: I'm Maggie.
Yippy: Hello! I'm Yippy!!!  Cheesy
Austin: I'm Austin.
Cooper: I'm Cooper.
Perri: I'm Perri.
Hugo: I'm Hugo.
Cherissa: I'm Cherissa.
Janana: And I'm Janana. You guys must be Mario, Sonic and friends, aren't you?
Mario: Yes we are! I'm Mario, and this is my brother Luigi. And these are my friends Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, Birdo, Wario, Waluigi, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Toad, Toadette, and Rosalina.
Sonic: I'm Sonic, and these are my friends Tails, Knuckles, Vector, Amy, Blaze, Silver, Shadow, Espio, and Charmy.
Austin: It's a pleasure to meet all of you.
Vector: Same with you guys!
(stomach growling)
Hugo: What was that?
Daisy: That was Luigi's stomach.
Amy: Perhaps this would be a good time for lunch!  Smiley
Sasha: Lucky for all of us, I brought this!
Prudence and Maggie: The Pumperjack?
Knuckles: What's this "The Pumperjack"?
Sasha: It's a grilled cheese sandwich I ordered from Papa's Cheeseria. And it's scrumptious.
Mario and Sonic:  Hmm
Sasha: It's made with pumpernickel bread pepper-jack cheese, salami, fajita peppers, and Southwest Sauce, and there you have it! The Pumperjack! And it's jumbo supersized, so we should all be good.  Smiley
Silver: Yes! We like all of those things for that grilled cheese sandwich!
Tony: Then what are we waiting for? Let's eat!!!  Cheesy
Tails:  Cry
Knuckles: Tails, what's wrong? Why are you crying?
Tails: I'm kinda in the mood for... for...
Perri: Kinda in the mood for what?
Tails: Tacos!  Cry
Janana: Aww, here Tails. You can have my Cheesy Chicken taco. I didn't want you to starve, so I thought I'd give you the whole thing. I ordered it from Papa's Taco Mia. (gives Tails the whole Cheesy Chicken taco that she ordered from Papa's Taco Mia)
Tails: (dries his tears) What is it made with?
Janana: A pita taco shell, chicken, nacho cheese, shredded cheese, and Queso Blanco sauce. And you have a Cheesy Chicken taco! And it also comes with fiesta chips, plus some refried beans that I ordered to make it on as well.
Tails: Wow!!! Thanks Janana!! I feel so much better already!  Cheesy
Janana: You're welcome Tails.  Smiley
*6 1/2 hours later*
Prudence: Hey, let's all have a sleepover slumber party at my house! It's getting dark.
Amy: I always wanted to do that!  Cheesy
Maggie: Oh, I got a text from Trishna. She said she, Mandi, Chuck, Marty, Rita, Mitch, and Peggy are all waiting for us.
Cherissa: Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!  :D

Feel free to add more!  Wink
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