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Flipline Studios World is a game that is available on the Internet.

The first time you play, you would see a character creator. After you're done creating your character, you would appear in front of a gameria-styled mansion and the mansion and the yard are 3,000 square feet. People would welcome you. You would live right across the street from a Shoutbox billboard. You would have to get something up there by using the Shoutbox app. You would live right next to an office building. There would be people talking about different topics. There would be Georgito's Palace, Papa Louie Arcade, Buckwheat Bakery, Pauly's Pepper, Griller Stadium, Foodini's Mini-Game Place (from Wingeria), Just Quinn and Associates office, a little gondola river, KCP and PNC Contest Buildings, Ricotta Inn, Chicory Cafe, Rico's Chiliria, Papa's Jaileria, Crystal's predicting place, Cletus' Scrapyard, Kingsley's Comedy Club (Camp Kingsley), Kahuna's Surf Shack, Ingredients Store (where Papa buys things for Gamerias), The Shop (where you buy furniture, poster, wallpaper, etc), Powder Point Amusement Park, Toastwood Trading Post, S.S. Louie Docks, Flipline Studios Headquarters (where admins and mods work). There would be 3,000 mansions.

Streets:Tastyville Street
Oniontown Street
Burgerburgh Boulevard
Tacodale Trail
Calypso Lane
Maple Mountain Road
Starlight Street
Frostfield Corner
Portallini Place
Powder Point Plaza
Toastwood Terrace
Sakura Street
New Pepperton Pike

The game would look like The Sims 3.
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