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1  Community / Fan Characters / Rose's Flipline Next-Gens Q&A! on: March 02, 2019, 06:13:19 AM
A brand new, Q&A for my next-gens! All of them are available for questioning except Will, Evelyn, Julius, Niccolas and Nye, as they haven't gotten remade/revealed properly yet.

Until they do, here are the kids you can ask questions to!:








One who are bolded have remade info about them, and one who don't are either currently getting new info to their stories, or haven't been updated just yet.

Go wild about asking them questions! Cheesy
2  Community / Fan Characters / Rose's Reviesed Flipline Next-Gens on: February 23, 2019, 08:17:36 AM
FINALLY made a little place to house my very own Next-Gens. I've made them a long time ago, yet never made a topic for them for you guys to view like a dummy. Anyway, I made this to place all the ones I've made in the past that have been rewritten (Or planning to be rewritten). Thanks for viewing in the meantime!

3  Community / Fan Fiction / All Your Fault! (Prologue) [E10+] on: August 30, 2018, 05:51:26 PM
Hello! Before you read....

This is a written version of my deviantart-only fan comic, All your Fault!

This is half of it's prologue, as only half of the comic's prologue had been released. (a planned total of 8 pages) Once the next half of the prologue is complete and officially published on my DA, the written version will too be published here!

If you've read the comic before, you'll notice that there are some differences between the comic and this version. This was done on purpose, since some of the word changes (and how what they look like in the comic cats) doesn't really come into play until the next chapters of the story.

Please point out any mistakes you see, and I'll fix them as soon as I can!

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you enjoy my writing! :3

Tonight would mark the strangest event Tastyville has ever witness in it's history.

It wasn't because of a strange weather-related pheonomeon, or some catasrofic event that ended up
helping the whole town, no. It was some completely different from any of those things. Everyone in the
town would have some relation to it. Weither it be family or friends effected by it.

It first started with a quick robbery, of a far city. Starlight City. And a infamous mask robber.
While it was very common for him to branch out to other locations, Tastyville knows him way too well.
He's known as The Dynamoe, an absolute crime magnet to any banks or rich areas. Starlight City was easy
to navigate for him, everyone being too busy buying, gambling, or eating to notice any devil-wearing villains scaling buildings.

Usually, The Dynamoe would rob places like Gerogito's Palace for the high amounts of money. But for
this night, he deiced to steal valuable item from someplace...different, in Starlight. And it was easy.

No really, it was. No one was even in the room the item was in, it was closed for the night presumably. So he made off with it with ease.

Now The Dynamoe had to backtrack to Tastyville, and hopefully sell it off without anyone noticing...


"There you are!"

Oh great. Just in time too!

Here she was, the self-proclaimed 'Hero of Tastyville' in the flesh. Ninjoy, standing right behind The Dynamoe as he just jumped from the previous ledge of another rooftop. That was fairly quick, wasn't it? It's almost like she knew he would take this route! But that wouldn't be possible, she must've seen him as he almost fell off the abandoned apartment's roof...

"A little too late for you, you know? I've already gotten what I needed back in Starlight City!" He said to her, turning around to face her in the moonlit night sky. Ninjoy didn't look too happy about that comment, her face already getting more angry than before.

"I don't wanna hear it!" She yelled at him, stepping one foot closerto him. "You're not getting away this time, I promise you!"

This just made The Dynamoe laugh, a snarky, rude laugh.

"Oh, how sweet," he said. "This is REALLY rich coming a vigilante who can't even catch one person!" He slowly backed up away from Ninjoy, closer and closer to other side of the ledge,The Dynamoe smiled as she noticed him trying to sneak away. This was it! He wanted to try this type of escape for a while, and here was his chance!

"While I would stick around and chat... I gotta go." And then he made a break for the legde.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going!?"

The masked villan quickly stepped up to edge of the roof, turning the figure speedely gaining ground behind him to catch up. Before Ninjoy could though-

"Good luck getting to me now!"

And he jumped off the roof.


Well, he isn't flat on the ground bleeding. And he didn't hear any discusting sounds of bones breaking and cracking either, so that was a great sign he wasn't dead!

That was amazing!

The Dynamoe looked up from where he had (unsafely) jumped. Ninjoy wasn't there anymore, probably running off back to where ever she came from until the next time he steals something. And to fail once again, but now he didn't need to think about that. He needs find someplace to hide for now. He dashed behind small buildings, stores and other ways of getting possible distance away from other people. He wanted to find a good spot to rest for now, and take another good look at what's he's got. Gotta make sure what your steal is truely worth your time and effort!.

So, after finding some pretty good coverage in a almost completely dark alleyway, he stopped running and headed straight for it. Leaning against the dark side of wall, The Dynamoe took out the treasure he's got...

It was pretty strange for something located in a lab. A gold, gear looking object, but just looking at and how it lightly shines unnaturally for being in the dark gave him a tiny bad thought about this thing. But that was quickly pushed to the back of his mind. It was gold, that's what mattered.

He placed it back in his right pocket, and went ahead to the end of the alleyway, poking his head out to see if the coast is clear.

"...hmm," he quietly though to himself aloud, seeing as no one was currently anywhere near the streets. It was pretty empty around here, which was good for his case.

"I wonder if I could sneak one more trip in, it  was a pretty easy break getting the other treasure...-"

"What was a pretty easy break, Dynamoe?"
4  Community / Fan Art / get rose to make drawings and doodles on: June 24, 2018, 02:01:18 PM
deleted the old one, but it's back and more in bussiness than before!

I'm more better humans than I was before, but please go easy on me I still suck at it a bit  Nervous

But go on, request! Just give me a pic of what you want me to do and I'll deliver.
5  Community / Community Q&A / Give That Comic Maker Questions! (Rose's Q&A) on: June 10, 2018, 09:05:50 AM
Best title I could honestly come up with. Go on ahead and ask me stuff while I'm here! :3

It could be about anything really, even about my characters, headcanons or more!
6  Community / Fan Art / Fan Comics! on: April 06, 2016, 04:30:14 PM
Welcome to the official Fan Comic Topic!

This is a place where you can make any Flipline fan comics you like! It's your choice what it's about any where they go! But of course, like all boards and topics we have rules people!

- These comics are meant to be short, if you want to make a Long comic (Like 10+ pages or more.) pm me and I'll give you approval. (Comics under 10 pages are the standard, everyone!)

- (Follow the guidelines of the forums. Don't make them inappropriate. (You all know this by now, c'mon.)

- Shipping comics are okay, and any (light) romance in a comic is alright! But please do not bash other ships. We're better than that people!

- Graphic comics (ex: mild cartoon violence, fighting.) are allowed. However, scenes that do end up having blood in them  must have spoiler and viewers must be warned. If possible, please censor the blood, or add no blood at all!

-The comics must be (of course) related to Flipline, whether it be the games, PLP, or other content Flipline was made.

I'll add more rules if needed, but right now have a great time making your comics everyone!
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