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1  Flipline Web Games / Papa's Pancakeria / Grilling tips? on: May 03, 2016, 08:00:22 AM
I have, so far, played 2 days. And, of course, by "days", I mean the game days, not, like, real, actual, calendar days. Obviously.  Laugh Um, anyway, I need a little help. You see, I mostly kinda-sorta understand how the grill works in Papa's Pancakeria, but...what about if you have orders piling up (as I know will eventually happen)? Can you, like, do like in most of the other games where you just, like, let the grill do its thing for a little while while you go and take some more orders, or do you have to watch it like a hawk? Also, do the customers care which pancakes are their pancakes, like, which ones were cooked and put on the green check first, or no? Oh, and...what about those little percentage thingies? Does it have to be precisely 50-50, or no? 'Cuz I don't think I can get it to be a perfect 50-50.  Laugh Hmm Thanks in advance.
2  Flipline Web Games / Papa's Bakeria / How many customers do you get a day so far? on: April 30, 2016, 09:23:28 AM
I get 8 per day now. The total customers I can get so far is 83. I get Akari, Xandra, Foodini, Alberto, Austin, Big Pauly, Little Edoardo, Boomer, Captain Cori, Trishna, Brody, Bruna Romano, Janana, Cherissa, Carlo Romano, Cletus, Chuck, Clair, Clover, Connor, Edna, Cooper, Crystal, Deano, Doan, Ember, Franco, Xolo, Georgito, Greg, Hacky Zak, Gino Romano, Hope, Julep, Quinn, Iggy, Ivy, James, Johnny, Jojo, Kahuna, Kayla, Maggie, Whiff, Kingsley, Mary, Lisa, Mandi, Marty, Matt, Mayor Mallow, Tohru, Mindi, Mitch, Utah, Peggy, Olivia, Nick, Nevada, Prudence, Professor Fitz, Penny, Perri, Radlynn, Rico, Rhonda, Sarge Fan, Robby, Shannon, Roy, Rudy, Scarlett, Scooter, Skyler, Steven, Sue, Taylor, Wally, Vicky, Wendy, Willow, Yippee, and Zoe.

Current Holiday I'm on: Halloween.
Stickers: 35.
Rank: 51 - Cookie Champ.
66 more points to Rank 52.
21 Special Recipes.
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