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I'll join you
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Just casually passing by
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I love how it's moving! Honestly, it looks really cute especially when Willow smiles. Smiley
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Hello, everyone. I just want to let all of you know that I will no longer be handling this topic. Now, in order to not disappoint anyone who wants this to continue, I am willing to give this project to someone who can handle this for me. If you are interested, you may inform me through this topic or through a private message. I hope that all of you may continue to support The 10 Most Handsome Faces In The World [Forum Edition] even if it will be under a new host!
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Hello to all the followers of The 10 Most Beautiful Faces In The World. Today, I have an announcement to make. I will no longer be managing and handling this project as well as the Handsome Faces version. To continue this project, I have asked Ducky Mioda to handle The 10 Most Beautiful Faces In The World for me instead. Meaning to say, on July 13, which is tomorrow for me, I will be locking this topic. I hope all of you continue to support this project even if the host will be changed.
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I got 0%, but I'm not straight so it makes sense that I got it
Same Laugh
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Banned for not having a signature Laugh
8  General / Off-Topic / Re: Top 20 Songs Of The Week [Forum Edition] (Nomination Period) on: July 11, 2020, 11:26:43 PM
Noted Smiley

I also nominate Drag Me Down by One Direction:
9  General / Off-Topic / Re: Top 20 Songs Of The Week [Forum Edition] (Nomination Period) on: July 11, 2020, 11:11:02 PM
I guess I should only nominate K-Pop songs since everyone likes K-Pop here ._.
Practice your ability to vote! In Week 3, only 11 K-pop songs were in the Top 20.

Daft Punk: Get lucky.

Breakbot: Baby im Yours.

Scatman John: Scatman (ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop)

Eiffel 65: Blue (so bad it's good)

Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody

Marry You by Bruno Mars:
I Knew You Were Trouble by Taylor Swift:
Hold by WINNER:
I'm Gonna Be by The Proclaimers:
Baby by Justin Bieber
Savage Love by Jason Derulo:
Thank you!
10  General / Off-Topic / Nominations Are Open! on: July 11, 2020, 08:08:46 PM

Nominee Requirements

1. Title and Artist of the Song
2. Hyperlink of the Song

Note: Users may nominate as many songs as they want.
11  General / Off-Topic / Top 20 Songs Of The Week (Week 3) on: July 11, 2020, 05:12:43 PM


Another week has passed, and I am about to reveal the Top 20 Songs Of The Week! 29 different songs from varying artists were nominated this week! What makes this week special, however, is that the algorithm has changed. Finally, I will repeat that whatever songs are in the Top 20 this week are automatically nominated for next week's edition!

Ranks 20 to 3

Coming in number 20 is...

At rank 19 we have...

Entering the list at number 18 is...

The 17th placer is...

In the 16th rank is...

Coming into the Top 20 at number 15 is...

The 14th place is occupied by...

Entering number 13 is...

At number 12 is...

In the 11th spot is...

In the number 10 spot is...

At the 9th spot is...

In the 8th place is...

Coming in at number 7 is...

In the 6th spot is...

In the 5th place is...

Entering the 4th position is...

In the 3rd place is...

Top 2

The time has come to see our Top 2! Among these 2 songs, one will be crowned as Song Of The Week. Again, whichever song gets higher in a component will automatically get the highest score possible for that component. Now, it's time to reveal the Top 2!

The Top 2 Songs Of The Week are...
Top 2:
Fake Protagonist (Theory Of Love OST) by Getsunova

Feel Special by Twice

Let us see their scores!

Fake Protagonist (Theory Of Love OST) by Getsunova
Google Forms (30%): 3,000
All Counted (30%): 115
Private Message (40%): 400
YouTube Like Ratio (70%): 70
VidIQ Score (20%): 18
VidIQ SEO (10%): 8
Total: 3,611

Feel Special by Twice
Google Forms (30%): 141
All Counted (30%): 3,000
Private Message (40%): 400
YouTube Like Ratio (70%): 68
VidIQ Score (20%): 20
VidIQ SEO (10%): 10
Total: 3,639

That means the Song Of The Week is Feel Special by Twice!

To summarize, here is the Top 20!
Top 20 Songs Of The Week
1. Feel Special by Twice (^ 3 - 4)
2. Fake Protagonist (Theory Of Love OST) by Getsunova (==)
3. Just Right by Got7 (^ 3 - 12)
4. Lullaby by Got7 (^ 2 - 11)
5. Happiness by H.O.T. (^ 1 - 10)
6. Candy by H.O.T. (v 3)
7. Ok Na Ka by Katreeya (^ 9 - 10)
8. Dark Blue Kiss Intro by GMMTV (v 3 - 4)
9. All I Want by The Offspring (NEW!)
10. Ten In 2010 by Bad Religion (NEW!)
11. Fancy by Twice (==)
12. More & More by Twice (==)
13. Koi no Dance Site by Morning Musume (NEW!)
14. Hard Carry by Got7 (==)
15. You Calling My Name by Got7 (==)
16. Wannabe by Itzy (^ 2 - 4)
17. Not By The Moon by Got7 (v 2 - 11)
18. Kan Goo (2Gether The Series OST) by Bright Vachirawit (v 1 - 2)
19. Stuck On You (2Gether The Series OST) by Max Jenma (==)
20. Love Story by Taylor Swift (v 5 - 14)

Goodbye Stage
These songs were in the Top 20 last week, but did not make it this week.
Coming Of Age Ceremony by Park Jiyoon
Fantasy ga Hajimaru by Morning Musume
Be Mine (TharnType OST) by Kaownah

Honorable Mentions
These songs represent the 21st until 25th place in no particular order.
Don't Look Back by Boston
Coming Of Age Ceremony by Park Jiyoon
Take On Me by A-ha
Be Mine (TharnType OST) by Kaownah
Fantasy ga Hajimaru by Morning Musume
12  Community / Other Forum Games / Re: Song game on: July 11, 2020, 06:59:36 AM
Secret Story Of The Swan - Iz*one
13  Community / Other Forum Games / Re: Song game on: July 11, 2020, 06:08:54 AM
I'm Gonna Be A Star - Twice
14  Community / Fan Fiction / Episode 3 [2/2] on: July 11, 2020, 05:51:45 AM
In the B Class, the trainees are practicing their vocals for the theme song.
Leilani: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…
Brooke: Try to sing from your core instead of your throat.
Natsumi: Stronger! Stronger!
Brooke: Breathe. You’re running out of breath!
Miyumi: Brooke is a perfectionist. Ever since I knew her, she would always try to help us do better.
Liann: I love how caring Brooke is to us especially since she already is famous.
Leilani: I admire her humility.
Brooke: Even if this is a competition, I want to help my fellow trainees. Of course I would love to debut with these people! I see their drive and desire to debut, and I want to see them achieve their goal.

Brooke: Alright, let’s all sing together.
B Class Trainees: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! Stand a little taller!
Cecilia enters the training room from the back door.
Cecilia: Wow, I could hear all of you from the studio. Are your dance skills as good?
The trainees stop and look at the back.
B Class Trainees: Hello, Trainer Cecilia!
Cecilia: Good morning, girls. I’ll teach you the choreography, okay? Find your happy spots.
Miyumi: It’s 7 in the morning, yet she manages to look so fabulous.
Brooke: *Imitating Cecilia* Good morning, girls. Laugh

The B Class trainees position themselves to have sufficient space for dancing.
Cecilia: My standards are already quite high for all of you since this is the B class. I will push you all to reach the A class. I hope all of you will cooperate.
Cecilia starts with a warm up, and she immediately begins teaching the choreography.
Cecilia: 5, 6, 7, 8. Okay, do it.
The trainees start doing what Cecilia taught.
Liann: The choreography is a little tiring, but I’ll manage.
Leilani: We just had breakfast. We’re all full. I felt the food I ate in my stomach as I was dancing.

Cecilia: Alright, we’ll carry on.
Cecilia continues teaching the choreography.
Cecilia: Now we will try with the music. I will watch all of you.
Natsumi: Oh no! Laugh
“Stronger” starts to play, and the trainees perform the choreography. However, it is prominent that Leilani, Brooke, and Miyumi are struggling.
Miyumi: I couldn’t process what was happening.
Brooke: I was trying my best to get everything perfectly, but I was a bit frustrated at how poorly I was doing.
Leilani: I froze the moment the music started. I forgot everything.

Cecilia: Stop the music.
The music stops in the middle of the song. Cecilia looks at each of the girls sternly.
Cecilia: What happened?
The girls remain quiet.
Cecilia: I asked a question. Answer me.
The girls still remain quiet until Brooke has the guts to speak.
Brooke: We are sorry. We were still trying to memorize the steps.
Cecilia: All of you must do your best to memorize the steps. That’s not even step 1. That’s step 0. It’s absolutely necessary. Some of you may have trained to be vocalists or rappers, but don’t forget your skills in dancing. This is part of your job. We’ll do it again, okay? Good job, Liann and Natsumi. Keep it up.
Natsumi: Receiving a compliment in the midst of a lecture was unexpected. Laugh
Liann: I felt good since Cecilia noticed my effort.

The trainees try again to impress Cecilia. Again, the 3 girls mess up.
Cecilia: Stop the music. Liann and Natsumi, sit down. The rest, do it again.
Liann and Natsumi sit down at the side of the training room. The music plays again, and throughout the song, Brooke is able to do the choreography decently.
Cecilia: Okay, Brooke, sit down.
Brooke sits beside Natsumi. Meanwhile, Miyumi and Leilani keep trying to do the choreography, but Cecilia is not impressed.
Cecilia: Stop.
The 2 girls stop dancing.
Cecilia: Liann, Brooke, and Natsumi, join them. Miyumi and Leilani, observe how they do the steps. 5, 6, 7, 8…
Liann, Brooke, and Natsumi do the choreography according to Cecilia’s counts. The other 2 girls simply watch.
Cecilia: What are you waiting for? Join them! Go go go!
Miyumi and Leilani attempt to imitate the other 3 girls.
Cecilia: Look at yourself in the mirror. See if what you’re doing is right.
Leilani looks at herself, while Miyumi locks her gaze at the 3 girls.
Cecilia: Miyumi, focus! Your moves are getting worse!
Liann: I felt bad for her since I saw that she was trying.
Miyumi: I was doing my best, but I think Cecilia didn’t see it.
Brooke: I’ve never seen Miyumi struggle that much.
Cecilia: Of course, I have to push the girls since I will not be their trainer forever. Once they debut, they will meet other choreographers with different expectations and teaching styles. I want all of them to have excellent skills now instead of them being embarrassed as they perform on stage.

After the session with Class B, Cecilia enters the training room of Class A.
Cecilia: Good morning, girls!
A Class Trainees: Good morning!
Cecilia: I just came from the B class, so I already have a standard for all of you. I hope all of you prove that you’re A class worthy, alright?
A Class Trainees: Yes!
The class with Cecilia begins. After teaching everything, Cecilia tests the trainees’ memories.
Cecilia: 1, 2, 3, 4…
All of the trainees are in sync as they perform with the slow counts.
Cecilia: Alright, let’s try with the actual tempo! I love all of the energy.
Patty: The class was very smooth and fun.
Oku: This was more fun than the vocal lessons! Laugh
Myoko: It was definitely a relief after the vocal lessons.

What happened in the vocal lessons?
Oku: What doesn’t kill you makes YoU--
Amy: Do it again. Breathe! Laugh
Myoko: sTrOooOOngEr~
Amy: Laugh You’re out of pitch. Do it again!
Vivian: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!
Amy: There we go! High five!
Oku: Amy was really calm, but I just felt my throat seeking for help during the class. Laugh

Cecilia: 5, 6, 7, 8…
The A class trainees start to dance with much energy.
Cecilia: The girls did really well in executing the choreography, but it wasn’t A class for me. I would consider it marvelous for the B class, but A is a different level.
Cecilia: Make one line, everyone. Let’s try to adjust your angles.
The A class trainees form a single file line.
Cecilia: 5, 6, 7, 8…
The A class trainees execute the choreography.
Cecilia: Patty, watch your fingers and form.
They continue to do the dance.
Cecilia: Stop, keep that stance.
Cecilia starts to adjust the angles and forms of the A class trainees.
Wanda: While looking at the mirror, I realized that we weren’t as synchronized as I thought.
Patty: I’m used to dancing solo, so this was really new to me.
Cecilia: As the A class, they are able to execute and comprehend the choreography. However, they still seem to underestimate such details.

Cecilia: Girls, the adjustments I made might seem small, but they will really change how the stage will look.
Yuriko: I remember Brooke having that level of perfectionism. Laugh

Meanwhile in Class F, the vocal training is going on.
Emmlette: How will we begin when you can’t even do the basics?

Current Voting:
30. May Pocky [Strawberry Entertainment] (v 1)
29. Kim Ashfield [Jackfruit Agency] (v 3)
28. Cressia Min-Berry [Blueberry Business] (v 1)
27. Sayumi Takara [Cantaloupe Company] (^ 1)
26. Natsumi Watanabe [Orange Agency] (v 5)
25. Starr Lunera [Blueberry Business] (==)
24. Magenta McPurpia [Cantaloupe Company] (^ 6)
23. Mariana “Marie” Thompkins [Fig Entertainment] (v 6)
22. Izumika Kamiya [Orange Agency] (^ 1)
21. Jennette “Jenny” Hedgehog [Avocado Agency] (^ 1)
20. Nelly Son [Grape Agency] (v 2)
19. Vivian Dupree [Raspberry Company] (==)
18. Miranda Jemston [Dewberry Entertainment] (^ 6)
17. Kassidy Ortega [Jackfruit Agency] (v 1)
16. Yuriko Tanaka [Grape Agency] (v 2)
15. Myoko Hamari [Mango Entertainment] (==)
14. Yoonjae Seo [Avocado Agency] (^ 6)
13. Destiny Wilson [Watermelon Agency] (v 3)
12. Sonia Sudesterre [Lemon Business] (^ 1)
11. Eva Edwards [Strawberry Entertainment] (v 3)
Top 10:
10. Adjuba Aiterra [Lemon Business] (v 5)
9. Wanda Winnfield [Watermelon Agency] (v 7)
8. Leilani Jugueta [Mango Entertainment] (^ 3)
7. Oku Nomura [Papaya Business] (==)
6. Natsumi Nakamura [Watermelon Agency] (^ 3)
5. Celeste Lian [Tomato Agency] (^ 7)
4. Patty Andison [Kiwi Company] (v 3)
3. Brooke Addison [Grape Agency] (^ 3)
2. Chanthara “Liann” Chaisurivirat [Raspberry Company] (^ 2)
1. Miyumi Kumonosu [Grape Agency] (^ 2)
15  Community / Fan Fiction / Episode 3 [1/2] on: July 11, 2020, 05:50:52 AM
Kassidy (F): Knowing that, I totally want to be in Class A. I will prove them wrong for placing me in F.
Yuriko (A): Of course I want to maintain my position.
Starr: (F): This is my chance to show my talents.

After the evaluations, the trainees head to their respective dormitories. They are greeted by the house rules of the dormitories.
1. Keep the rooms tidy and neat
2. Delivery is not allowed
3. Cellphone usage and of any mobile device is prohibited
4. Be prompt and follow the trainee schedule
5. Keep the training center neat and undamaged
6. Bedtime is from 10:00PM until 6:00AM
7. Remain quiet during bedtime hours
Magenta (D): Some of these are really weird.
Jenny (D): I honestly don’t get the bedtime policy like parties don’t even start yet at 10. How do they expect me to be quiet and sleep at those hours?
While exploring the dormitories, the trainees discover their class shirts in their wardrobes. The F class has black shirts with the letter “F” imprinted at the back, the D class has orange shirts with the letter “D” imprinted at the back, the C class has green shirts with the letter “C” imprinted at the back, the B class has brown shirts with the letter “B” imprinted at the back, and the A class has purple shirts with the letter “A” imprinted at the back.
Kassidy: I can still manage with this.
Jenny: Ugh, I want the purple shirt instead.
Vivian: This is really cute!
Destiny: I was a little jealous of the A class since they got a good shade of purple.
Nelly: The shirts really emphasize your class.
Brooke: Oh how much I want the A class shirt! Laugh
Yoonjae: I want to wear the purple shirt.
Myoko: I really hope to stay in the A class after the reevaluation!

The next day arrives. The trainees come in the studio by rank. The A class trainees enter first and are positioned at the most front, and it goes on until the F class trainees are at the back. As they enter the studio, they are greeted by the trainers on the stage.
Scarlett: Good morning, trainees. Did you have a good sleep?
Flipduce 30: Yes!
Adjuba: I actually couldn’t sleep last night. Laugh Someone was snoring!
May: We had a snorer in our dormitory, and she’s loud!

Scarlett: Today, we will reveal the theme song for this season. All of you will perform this song at the Starlight Jubilee celebration in Griller Stadium.
Leilani: I really aspire to perform at such a large event!
Cressia: Simply performing at Griller Stadium would really make someone popular.
Izumika: This adds so much pressure.

Scarlett: All of you will perform “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson.
A short sample video of the choreography is shown on the LED. Some of the trainees try to dance along while others softly sing the song.
Natsumi: The song is already overwhelming me.
Marie: I hope I can execute the dance well.
Wanda: I feel confident in myself to perform the song.
Brooke: I think the song will be able to show our skills.

Scarlett: However, we have a twist.
The trainees start to murmur to each other.
Scarlett: The distribution of the singing lines and your blocking will be based on your ranks.
The trainees have serious faces, with the F rank trainees overflowing with pressure.
Scarlett: The ones who are in the A class will be the main group and will sing the most parts. B, C, and D will be subgroups, and they will sing less lines as the rank goes down.
May: How about us?
Yoonjae: What about the F ranks?
Scarlett: Unfortunately, for the ones graded as F, they will be the backup group. In addition, they will not have the chance to sing.
May: That was the worst part.
Kassidy: Ugh, I feel bad for the audience since they will miss out on my vocals.
Celeste: I want to be a vocalist, but I can’t do that for this performance. Sad

Scarlett: However, let me remind all of you that in 3 days, we will reevaluate all of you. All of your levels can change. The ones currently at the front right now, may be at the back after 3 days.
Sayumi: Of course I want to go up to the A rank!
Yuriko: I must be able to show that they didn’t make a mistake in grading me as A.

Scarlett: However, all of you must practice. All of you will be taking vocal, dance, and rap classes for the next 3 days. Included as well is your free time for unsupervised training.
Timm: Please maximize these 3 days as this is your chance to step up your game.
Scarlett: We will now present your schedules.
The LED flashes the schedule of each rank.

Vivian: The schedule looks really hectic.
Jenny: I’m happy that I didn’t get Emmlette as a vocal trainer.
Cressia: I feel bad for Wylan B. He has to work all day too! Laugh

Scarlett: The time is now…6:35. All of you are expected in the training center by 7:00. Tardiness will not be tolerated!
The trainees begin to murmur.
Izumika: The competition is real.
Sonia: I’m still tired from yesterday.
Sayumi: I have to persevere despite how tired I am.

The trainers leave the studio, and they are followed by the trainees.

The trainees all head to the training center, and they are greeted by a breakfast buffet.
Liann: Ooh, food!
Natsumi: I want to eat already!
However, the buffet has divisions for the trainees.
Miranda: I found it a little unfair since the A class trainees could eat bacon, omelette, and drink different types of coffee and juice. We only had sandwiches and bottled water.
Jenny: I’ve been to a poor house party with better food than ours.
Patty: I’m on a diet, so seeing the amount of grease and calories in the A section, I kind of wanted to give some to the other trainees.
Wanda: I felt like a celebrity already. Laugh
Magenta: Food is food. That’s what I thought about instead. Laugh

After a while, a bell rings in the training center. The clock reads 6:50 AM. The trainees all head to their respective training rooms.

The D Class trainees are quiet in the room as they wait for their trainer.
Jenny: How do you all feel that we’re here?
The other trainees just look at her.
Izumika: Really bad.
Jenny: It was as if I was talking to air, honestly. I’ve known a couple of wallflowers, but these people are really different.
Jenny: Did you all enjoy breakfast? I’m honestly unsatisfied. I hope we could experience the special treatment as A class.
Marie: Oh my, just shut up! Laugh
Magenta: I admire Jenny’s effort to break the ice, but it wasn’t working.
Izumika: I kind of felt embarrassed for her.
Marie: We were all tired from the evaluation, and we have to train until the evening. I’m not in the mood for chatting. Laugh
Jenny: I was honestly frustrated at how they were ignoring me. It’s kind of inhuman to do. I would’ve been fine if they told me they weren’t in the mood. Oh well.

Eventually, Wylan B enters the training room.
Wylan B: Good morning!
D Class Trainees: Hello!
Wylan B: You all seemed quiet while waiting for me.
Jenny: Yeah. Laugh
The other trainees look at Jenny with a stern face.
Wylan B: Alright, so I’m expecting that all of you will do well in our session?
The trainees look uneasy. Meanwhile, Wylan B gets a paper in his small bag.
Wylan B: As a rapper or even a singer in general, you must be able to pronounce words clearly. Let’s practice by using tongue twisters. I have tongue twisters in this paper. Each one of you must be able to say all of these fast at least 10 times.
Izumika: I know I’m going to screw up.
Marie: I hope I can do well.

Wylan B: Alright, Izumika, you can try this one.
Wylan B hands Izumika the paper.
Izumika: How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would--I’m sorry.
Wylan B: It’s alright. Try again.
Izumika: How much wood could--
Wylan B: Again.
Magenta: I could tell that she was struggling.
Izumika: I am from Japan, and English on its own is already difficult for me. I feel like I can’t live up to the expectations of this competition. Cry

Wylan B: You’ll have to keep trying, so you could do well.
Izumika starts sobbing, but she tries her best to hide it.
Wylan B: Oh no, don’t cry.
Wylan B starts comforting Izumika.
Wylan B: The purpose of this is so that you can improve. You can do this!
Izumika: Can you ask someone else to go first?
Wylan B: Alright, I’ll get back to you, okay?
Wylan B: I want the girls to realize that we are doing this so they can reach their maximum potential. It’s okay to cry since it really is difficult to practice and master the needed skills, but at the end, you have to suck it up and do your best.
Izumika passes the paper to Jenny
Jenny: She sells seashells by the seashore. Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled peppers.
Magenta: How can a clam cream--Oh sorry, how can a cream--XD
Marie: Near an ear, a nearer ear, a nearly near--Near an ear…
Jenny: I guess being noisy has its advantages. Laugh
Izumika: I still think I did the worst among them all.
Marie: Jenny did well. Only she was able to accomplish the challenge.

After multiple attempts, Wylan B looks at the trainees seriously.
Wylan B: Do you know why I chose this activity to help you all?
Jenny: To make us suffer?
Wylan B: Nope! The reason is because as idols, you must be able to get your message across clearly. How can anyone understand what you’re singing if you simply mumble? I would feel sorry to the writer of the song if I mess up like that.
The trainees nod their heads in agreement.
Wylan B: This challenge also tested your perseverance. If you simply quit, you won’t reach anywhere. All of you must strive and exert effort to be your absolute best.
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