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1  Community / Sign-Up Games / Monopoly: Forum Edition (Round 1, Game 1) on: January 03, 2020, 03:02:53 AM
Welcome to Monopoly: Forum Edition!

This is where Forumers play a standard game of Monopoly, but is Forum Themed! The idea came through me actually making a joke in the shoutbox and well, it ended up actually quite popular as an option! For that I must say thanks everyone for actually supporting it because otherwise, I wouldn't have even BOTHERED to undergo this project.

As of this post, I have worked 7 hours continuously through the night (2-9 AM) to have this in such a state that I can start sign ups.

Due to it being Monopoly, it will be very hard to accomodate everyone. In the case we get overflow sign-ups, I will host multiple games at once, with both being play-ins leading to the Final Match.

The Properties and Cards are all related to the Forum in one way or another.

House Rules:
1. Auctions will take place if a property is not bought. These will last 24 hours after the option to decline the property.
2. Each Player starts with the following amount of notes:
$1 - 5 notes
$5 - 1 note
$10 - 2 notes
$20 - 1 note
$50 - 1 note
$100 - 4 notes
$500 - 2 notes
3. Once you run out of money and have no option to pay up (including mortgages and selling houses) - you will be declared bankrupt and out of the game.
4. For all other rules, check this link:
5. Since this is the first instalment of Forum Monopoly (and there may be more), I wish to refrain from using twists at all that may change the game. I might change my mind if we have overflow and be forced to play a final match.
6. I will not play whatsoever.

Sign Ups:
1. Oofis
2. Mai
3. Kiefer Masala
4. Abu
5. De Ja Vu (question mark)
6. wannabeontop
7. Soup Mia
8. Pizzaccino
9. Dr. Phil Swift
10. pleasehelpme:(
11. yves
12. Ianiant
13. Brother E
14. English Dinner Tea
15. The color of mood is blue
16. android
17. CaMeo
18. Towers
19. Brother Z
20. AskJoe
2  General / Suggestions / Adding a New Post Count Color Between Blue and Purple (Petition) on: January 02, 2020, 09:54:32 PM
Quite Simple I say.

I suggest making 5000 the end of the blue threshold and maybe adding a different color in between blue and purple. Navy would be nice. Brown and Teal too


Petition Signs:
1. CursedSkylark
2. Brother E
3. Dr. Phil Swift
4. Pizzaccino
5. Brother Z
6. Bassettt
7. Espeon
8. De Ja Vu
9. Kaito
10. Tamatim
11. -BluePenguins-
12. Masquerade
13. Rocky
14. James
15. English Dinner Tea
16. Kiefer Masala
17. pleasehelpme:(
18. CaMeo
19. AskJoe
20. Oofis
3  Community / Fan Tournaments / Sky's Mystery FC Forum League 2020 on: January 02, 2020, 05:06:14 AM
Influenced By a Failed Project:

Welcome to the Mystery FC Forum League! This is where Forumers send up to 4 Mystery FC's (2 Male and 2 Female) and hope that they end up being the best Mystery FC Creator of 2020!

Anyone can sign up, but sign ups will held in my Private Messages for anonymity reasons. I will need a Style A and Style B for each FC you submit. You may decide to submit the Style B later on this year due to them not being needed until the second half of this tournament. There is no limit to the amount of Forumers that can sign up.

Sign ups close on January 20th 2019. Good Luck! If you have any questions/concerns, please shoot me a private message instead of asking on the shoutbox or posting here.

1. You cannot use an FC that you have released anywhere on the Forum. This is to prevent bias voting.
2. You may not reveal you own said FC under ANY circumstances, doing so will cause immediate disqualification from the tournament. This is also to prevent bias during voting. I also ask you, to not do this deliberately due to an act of salt or giving up. By doing this, I will most likely not allow you to participate the next time I do such a tournament.
3. Activity is NOT required for the League, but if you want to do well in the cups (side tournaments as part of this big tournament), activity will be required, as you will have to send themed outfits. This is optional.
4. In the case of a tie in a League Matchup, it will be announced as a tie. In a Cup Matchup, a tie will mean I will remove my vote to determine the winner.
5. Once the tournament is over, you have the choice to reveal that you made said FC. I will not reveal you made them under any circumstances.
6. The League Points System is 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 points for a loss.
7. Sign Ups will be put in a random order, to avoid suspicion of a particular user for making a specific group of FC's and to avoid assumptions that a group of FC's belong to the same user.

Sign Ups (Updates Every 48 Hours):
9 FC's + Reserves.
4  General / Suggestions / Forum Award Symbols On Profile, Maybe? on: January 01, 2020, 09:15:39 AM
So, I was thinking about it. The Yearly Forum Awards are the biggest tradition in existence of this Forum, having been done since 2011.

So, what I was thinking is, maybe have a small section in that left hand section where you see who posts, avatar, custom text, etc. in a topic to also have a section with symbols that show Forum Awards earned? I'm sure it's a long shot but I've seen it appear on other Forums and that's why I'm suggesting it.

So yeah, basically I'm asking if its possible first, and if it is, I'd also want to wonder if this is a thing the Forum in general would be in support of? As well as to show recognition to those that deserve it.

I just see the downside of it being a negative influence to some Forumers based on the fact some Forumers have awards and others don't. I'm on the argument for while never having won anything in Forum Awards in my life.

Just let me know your ideas.
5  General / General Discussion / Flipline Game Leaderboards V.3.0 on: November 22, 2019, 03:08:24 PM
Past Owners:
  • V.1.0 - Nickito
  • V.2.0 - Pizzaccino

This topic will be a centralised leaderboard for all Flipline Games with ranking systems. Almost every Flipline game will have its own leaderboard. I will not be accepting any Ranks of 1 or scores of 0. The topic will continue to evolve, with more features being added as more ranks and scores are submitted.

Proof Limits
You will need some sort of proof (video or screenshot) if you are or above at the following ranks or scores:
Gamerias: Papa Louie Unlocked
Platformers: 80%
Steak and Jake: 50
Jacksmith: 50
Slider Scouts Rank: 100
Slider Scouts High Score: 1250
Guppy Guard Express: 150
Meteor Blastor: 15000

Papa's Pizzeria:
1. Resolutely (Rank 30)
Papa's Burgeria:
1. Nickito (Rank 16)
2. Resolutely (Rank 12)
3. Kirby (Rank 8)
3. Oofis (Rank 8)
Papa's Taco Mia!:
1. Ellie (Rank 50)
2. Saburo (Rank 25)
3. Kirby (Rank 24)
4. Resolutely (Rank 16)
5. Nickito (Rank 8)
6. Archie (Rank 7)
Papa's Freezeria:
1. Ryuji (Rank 55)
2. Archie (Rank 53)
3. Ellie (Rank 52)
4. James giacotib (Rank 51)
5. Nickito (Rank 36)
6. Abu (Rank 30)
7. Resolutely (Rank 16)
8. Saburo (Rank 3)
Papa's Pancakeria:
1. SpongeBob29 (Rank 43)

2. Ryuji (Rank 32)
3. Ataino (Rank 30)
4. Lil Nas Flex (Rank 24)
5. !!Vinnie927 (Rank 21)
6. Ryuji (Rank 20)
7. Resolutely (Rank 16)
8. Nickito (Rank 15)
9. Saburo (Rank 12)
10. Kangablue (Rank 7)
10. Zaphkiel (Rank 7)
10. Zuki-Chan (Rank 7)
13. Archie (Rank 3)
Papa's Wingeria:
1. Kangablue (Rank 78)
2. Kirby (Rank 77)
3. Ellie (Rank 72)
4. SpongeBob29 (Rank 59)

5. Nickito (Rank 27)
6. the color of mood is blue (Rank 23)
7. Oofis (Rank 17)
8. Resolutely (Rank 15)
9. Ataino (Rank 14)
10. Zaphkiel (Rank 8)
11. Saburo (Rank 5)
12. Archie (Rank 4)
Papa's Hot Doggeria:
1. Kangablue (Rank 150)
2. Kirby (Rank 142)
3. Ellie (Rank 107)
4. Gato (Rank 79)
5. SpongeBob29 (Rank 59)
5. Archie (Rank 59)

7. Nickito (Rank 52)
8. Lil Nas Flex (Rank 37)
9. !!Vinnie927 (Rank 21)
10. Saburo (Rank 15)
10. Resolutely (Rank 15)
12. Louie (Rank 14)
13. Zaphkiel (Rank 13)
Papa's Cupcakeria:
1. Kangablue (Rank 300)
2. Kirby (Rank 295)
3. Gato (Rank 158)
4. Rocky (Rank 152)
5. Ryuji (Rank 151)
6. Faiz (Rank 131)
7. Saburo (Rank 116)
8. Abu (Rank 71)
9. SpongeBob29 (Rank 67)

10. Zaphkiel (Rank 58)
11. Archie (Rank 27)
12. Nickito (Rank 17)
13. Resolutely (Rank 15)
Papa's Pastaria:
1. Kirby (Rank 201)
2. Kangablue (Rank 199)
3. Ryuji (Rank 152)
4. Ellie (Rank 151)
5. Saburo (Rank 117)
6. James giacotib (Rank 67)
7. Rocky (Rank 66)
8. Archie (Rank 65)

9. Ataino (Rank 25)
10. Zaphkiel (Rank 21)
11. Nickito (Rank 17)
12. Resolutely (Rank 15)
13. Kiefer Masala (Rank 2)
Papa's Donuteria:
1. Kirby (Rank 308)
2. Ellie (Rank 248)
3. Zaphkiel (Rank 86)
4. Archie (Rank 66)
4. Rocky (Rank 66)
6. Kangablue (Rank 65)

7. IHobbes (Rank 53)
8. Abu (Rank 36)
9. Nickito (Rank 22)
10. Resolutely (Rank 15)
11. Cosmic (Rank 10)
12. Saburo (Rank 9)
13. JakeZ (Rank 3)
Papa's Cheeseria:
1. CursedSkylark (Rank 245)
2. Kirby (Rank 241)
3. Rocky (Rank 234)
4. SpongeBob29 (Rank 216)
5. Ellie (Rank 213)
6. Kangablue (Rank 113)
7. Saburo (Rank 82)
8. Ataino (Rank 65)

8. Zaphkiel (Rank 48)
10. Nickito (Rank 45)
11. Abu (Rank 25)
12. IHobbes (Rank 23)
13. Zuki-Chan (Rank 21)
14. Resolutely (Rank 15)
15. Archie (Rank 13)
16. JakeZ (Rank 9)
17. Mystic (Rank 2)
Papa's Bakeria:
1. Kangablue (Rank 231)
2. Kirby (Rank 213)
3. Rocky (Rank 197)
4. Ellie (Rank 187)
5. James giacotib (Rank 102)
6. Zaphkiel (Rank 87)
7. Archie (Rank 78)
8. IHobbes (Rank 77)
9. Comeback King (Rank 69)
10. Toooaaastyyy (Rank 65)
10. Zuki-Chan (Rank 65)

12. Lil Nas Flex (Rank 47)
13. Louie (Rank 45)
14. Ataino (Rank 35)
15. Nickito (Rank 26)
16. Abu (Rank 21)
17. Mystic (Rank 16)
18. Saburo (Rank 12)
18. Resolutely (Rank 12)
20. JakeZ (Rank 9)
20. Cosmic (Rank 9)
20. Oofis (Rank 9)
Papa's Sushiria:
1. Ianiant (Rank 200)
2. Rocky (Rank 191)
3. Ellie (Rank 189)
4. Kirby (Rank 173)
5. James giacotib (Rank 160)
6. Kangablue (Rank 141)
7. Archie (Rank 69)

8. Zaphkiel (Rank 47)
9. IHobbes (Rank 42)
10. Abu (Rank 20)
11. Resolutely (Rank 16)
12. gimmicks (Rank 15)
12. JakeZ (Rank 15)
12. Toooaaastyyy (Rank 15)
15. Nickito (Rank 13)
16. Cosmic (Rank 11)
16. Zuki-Chan (Rank 11)
18. Tangerine (Rank 6)
Papa's Scooperia:
1. Rocky (Rank 264)
2. Kirby (Rank 101)
3. Lil Nas Flex (Rank 85)
4. James giacotib (Rank 84)
5. Kangablue (Rank 76)
6. NachoCheeseOnPizza21 (Rank 70)
7. Paramore (Rank 66)

8. Alex Amethyst (Rank 64)
9. DeluxeFaith (Rank 28)
10. Dorothea (Rank 26)
11. Moon (Rank 14)
Papa's Burgeria HD:
1. SpongeBob29 (Rank 57)
2. IHobbes (Rank 41)
3. Pizzaccino (Rank 40)
4. Nickito (Rank 31)
5. Gato (Rank 30)
Papa's Freezeria HD:
1. Gato (Rank 95)
2. IHobbes (Rank 90)
3. Pizzaccino (Rank 65)
4. Nickito (Rank 24)
Papa's Wingeria HD:
1. Gato (Rank 197)
2. IHobbes (Rank 81)
3. Pizzaccino (Rank 74)
4. Nickito (Rank 37)
5. !!Vinnie927 (Rank 24)
Papa's Cupcakeria HD:
1. IHobbes (Rank 126)
2. Gato (Rank 103)
3. Pizzaccino (Rank 71)
4. the color of mood is blue (Rank 21)
Papa's Taco Mia HD:
1. SpongeBob89 (Rank 191)
2. Gato (Rank 142)
3. IHobbes (Rank 130)
4. Rocky (Rank 106)
5. Nickito (Rank 95)
6. James giacotib (Rank 84)
7. Pizzaccino (Rank 81)

8. !!Vinnie927 (Rank 45)
9. Cosmic (Rank 36)
Papa's Pancakeria HD:
1. SpongeBob29 (Rank 216)
2. Kangablue (Rank 196)
3. Rocky (Rank 190)
4. Petey K (Rank 154)
5. IHobbes (Rank 130)
6. Nickito (Rank 128)
7. Gato (Rank 93)
8. James giacotib (Rank 89)
9. Pizzaccino (Rank 76)
10. Alex Amethyst (Rank 67)
11. Cosmic (Rank 66)

12. Aussie McQueen (Rank 39)
13. CheesyBurger (Rank 37)
14. Comeback King (Rank 28)
15. Kiefer Masala (Rank 24)
16. the color of mood is blue (Rank 12)
17. Tangerine (Rank 7)
Papa's Pizzeria HD:
1. SpongeBob29 (Rank 227)
2. Ianiant (Rank 211)
3. IHobbes (Rank 147)
4. Rocky (Rank 27)
5. Louie (Rank 7)
Papa's Hot Doggeria HD:
1. SpongeBob29 (Rank 222)
2. IHobbes (Rank 200)
3. James giacotib (Rank 103)
4. Rocky (Rank 88)
Papa's Scooperia HD:
1. IHobbes (Rank 189)
2. Spongebob29 (Rank 126)
3. Rocky (Rank 66)
4. Cosmic (Rank 37)
5. Kiefer Masala (Rank 22)
Papa's Burgeria To Go!:
1. Ellie (Rank 69)
2. Gato (Rank 31)
3. Saburo (Rank 20)
4. Nickito (Rank 18)
Papa's Freezeria To Go!:
1. Gato (Rank 183)
2. Ellie (Rank 170)
3. Kangablue (Rank 150)
4. Saburo (Rank 114)
5. Nickito (Rank 108)
6. Zuki-Chan (Rank 71)
7. IHobbes (Rank 58)
8. Raven (Rank 26)
9. !!Vinnie927 (Rank 5)
Papa's Pizzeria To Go!:
1. Gato (Rank 95)
2. Kangablue (Rank 77)
3. Nickito (Rank 32)
Papa's Cupcakeria To Go!:
1. Nickito (Rank 193)
2. Gato (Rank 190)
3. JakeZ (Rank 65)
4. Kangablue (Rank 11)
5. Cosmic (Rank 10)
Papa's Taco Mia To Go!:
1. Nickito (Rank 149)
2. AppleCherryPie (Rank 96)
3. Gato (Rank 74)
4. Kangablue (Rank 66)

5. Toooaaastyyy (Rank 61)
6. Shrek (Rank 46)
7. Comeback King (Rank 37)
8. Aussie McQueen (Rank 16)
9. Leia (Rank 15)
10. IHobbes (Rank 13)
11. Resolutely (Rank 7)
11. Cosmic (Rank 7)
13. Louie (Rank 5)
Papa's Hot Doggeria To Go!:

Papa's Scooperia To Go!:
1. Bassett (Rank 233)
2. CursedSkylark (Rank 78)
3. Rocky (Rank 67)
4. Im_tired (Rank 28)
5. snivader (Rank 22)
Papa's Pancakeria To Go!:
1. KylesRandomContent (Rank 235)
2. Rocky (Rank 116)
Papa's Wingeria To Go!:
1. Rocky (Rank 119)
Papa's Donuteria To Go!:
1. Bassett (Rank 256)
2. IHobbes (Rank 132)
3. Rocky (Rank 110)
Papa's Cheeseria To Go!:
1. KylesRandomContent (Rank 200)
2. IHobbes (Rank 92)
3. Rocky (Rank 87)
4. Masquerade (Rank 83)
5. Nickito (Rank 31)
Papa's Bakeria To Go!:
Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack!:
1. Kangablue (68,505)
2. Archie (57,125)
3. Kirby (55,790)
4. Ellie (55,740)
5. Zaphkiel (54,775)
5. Nickito (38,780)
Papa Louie 3: When Sundaes Attack!:
1. Kangablue (55,787)
2. Zaphkiel (55,406)
3. Kirby (54,834)
4. Ellie (52,747)
5. Archie (52,510)
Cactus McCoy and the Curse of Thorns:
1. Ellie (151,208)
2. Ianiant (147,652)
3. SpongeBob29 (81,907)
Cactus McCoy 2: The Ruins of Calavera:
1. Zaphkiel (168,333)
2. Ellie (165,427)
3. Archie (161,906)
4. Penguin022 (94,600)
Steak and Jake:
1. Ellie (Trailhead 186)
2. Kangablue (Trailhead 160)
3. Nickito (Trailhead 45)
4. Zaphkiel (Trailhead 11)
1. Kangablue (Level 63)
2. Zaphkiel (Level 38)
Slider Scouts (Rank):
1. Ellie (Rank 347)
2. Nickito (Rank 222)
3. Kirby (Rank 104)

4. Kangablue (Rank 100)
5. why (Rank 95)
6. Penguin022 (Rank 92)
7. Cosmic (Rank 87)
7. !!Vinnie927 (Rank 87)
9. pleasehelpme:( (Rank 62)
10. Rocky (Rank 55)
11. Archie (Rank 50)
12. Zuki-Chan (Rank 44)
13. Ataino (Rank 43)
14. Park Jinyoung (Rank 30)
15. SpongeBob29 (Rank 15)
Slider Scouts (High Score):
1. Kangablue (2054 Points)
2. Nickito (2018 Points)
3. Kirby (1955 Points)
4. Ellie (1636 Points)
5. Cosmic (1198 Points)
6. Park Jinyoung (1134 Points)
7. !!Vinnie927 (1095 Points)
8. Rocky (1052 Points)
9. Ataino (938 Points)
10. SpongeBob29 (608 Points)
11. Zuki-Chan (356 Points)
Guppy Guard Express:
1. Penguin022 (70 Points)
2. Toooaaastyyy (67 Points)
3. Kirby (50 Points)
3. CursedSkylark (50 Points)
5. Archie (48 Points)
6. Nickito (42 Points)
Meteor Blastor:
1. Penguin022 (14340 Points)
2. Kirby (12100 Points)
3. Toooaaastyyy (9010)
4. Nickito (8000 Points)
6  Community / Fan Characters / The Skylarkist Village of FC's (Sky's FC Topic//Q&A) [V.1.0.8] on: September 14, 2019, 01:20:38 PM
Gonna work on that during any time I have here - from time to time.

Also, I'm setting a poll out for some things. The order is basically random of all FC's I currently own, but will be ordered with any new releases/adopts taking the next number on the list.

1.0.0. - FC Topic Created, Images Added, All FC's Added.
1.0.1. - Just a small refinement, will be hard to notice.
1.0.2. - Major Updates to Patricia and Himiko, Minor Updates to Stewart and Latisha.
1.0.3. - Minor Updates to Fianna, Isaiah, Bryony, Kimberly, Santiago and Diego.
1.0.4. - Patch, Removed Anthony due to no data on said FC anymore.
1.0.5. - Patched Ander and Claudia, Added Shane, Celestine and Lux; Minor Updates to Etsuko, Rochelle, Prescott and Alexander.
1.0.6. - Minor Updates to Golden, Silver, Jasper, Christina, Dawn and Clara.
1.0.7. - Minor Updates to Golden, Açúcar, Caroline and Claudia, Added Ashley.
1.0.8. - Minor Upates to Latisha, Sharon, Stella and Shane.

0. Sky:

-I don't count this as an official FC of mine - this is just me as one.
-The outfit itself is representative of my own clothes mostly, sans the hat, which was based off my mangatar back then. The only inaccuracy this has nowadays is that I wear glasses.
1. Fianna
Style A:

Name: Fianna
First Forum Appearance: Customerpalooza 2017 Discussion
Favorite Holiday: Halloween
Occupation: Student
Personality: Popular, Usually Anxious, A Goth.
2. Rochelle
Style A:

First Forum Appearance: Customerpalooza 2017 Discussion
Personality: Social Butterfly, Often Sassy, A Little Rebellious (in a Good Way)

3. Sophia:
4. Patricia
Style A and B:

Name: Patricia
First Forum Appearance: FC Discussion (August 8th 2019)
Occupation: Store Manager
Loves/Likes: Reading Literature, Classic & Romantic Music.
Hates/Dislikes: Book Adaptations of Films, Bias in News/Podcasts.
Personality: Down to Earth, Neutrally Optimistic, Accepting of the Truth, Typically Modest

5. Shaun:
6. Isaiah
Style A:

First Appearance: DeluxePizza's Customerpalooza 2018
Occupation: Student
Personality: Adventurous, Quiet, Smart
7. Himiko
Style A:

Name: Himiko
First Forum Appearance: Sky's Own FC Tournament 2019 (Abandoned) (July 11th 2019)
Occupation: Self-Proclaimed Psychic
Loves/Likes: Fortune Cookies, Making Predictions, Scaring People When They Least Expect it.
Hates/Dislikes: Self-Centrism, Accidentally Causing Chaos.
Personality: Uncertain of her Ability, Sceptical of Beliefs, Bubbly, Aware of Things Around her.

-She is loosely based off my own ability to come out psychic about events that happen to me, with high accuracy.
8. Santiago
Style A:

Name: Santiago
First Forum Appearance: Sky's Own FC Tournament 2019 (Abandoned)
Personality: Sometimes Delusional, Overhyped, Hopeful/Optimistic, Sometimes Sarcastic
9. Christina
Style A:

Name: Christina
First Forum Appearance: Customerpalooza 2017 Discussion
Personality: Fearless but Crazy, that should sum it all up.
10. Açúcar
Style A (Without Boater Hat):

Name: Açúcar
First Forum Appearance: [PLP] Somehow I Can't Find the Boater Hat in PLP
Personality: Sweet, Daydreamer, Always Loses Things and has to Find Them.

-Her boater hat does not exist in PLP as of yet.
-Her name means sugar in Portuguese.
11. Golden
Style A:

Name: Golden Méde-Léon
First Forum Appearance: The Adventures of Joey Jr. Detective
Loves/Likes: Taking Charge of Things (Becoming a Leader)
Hates/Dislikes: Missing out on Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunities
Occupation: None
Known Relatives: Silver and Bronzo (Brothers)
Personality: Quite Proud, Over-Protective, an Introvert

-His name and look are based off a gold medal.
-He is the oldest of the three brothers.

12. Silver
Style A:

Name: Silver
First Forum Appearance: My Old FC Topic (Deleted)
Known Relatives: Golden and Bronzo
Personality: Usually the Third Wheel, Indecisive, Quite Passive

13. Bronzo:
14. Prescott
Style A:

Name: Prescott
First Forum Appearance: Sky's Own FC Tournament 2019 (Abandoned)
Presonality: Quite Dry, Vanilla to Talk to at First, Quite Serious in Tone and Nature.

15. Carla:

-She is a furry, and would normally be blonde with her tips dyed pink.
-Her spirit animal is a rabbit.
7  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWG Bidding Topic (Bidding Open) on: August 20, 2019, 04:47:54 PM
Welcome to the Official TWG Bidding Topic! This used to be the Upcoming TWG Queue Topic, let's consider it a merger, shall we?

Basically Discuss Future TWG's here, share potential rolelists and PM me bids which we will vote on to pass as a TWG. Games that have been included in the original queue will be given the go ahead due to fairness.
Current Queue:

Here is a small guide from the old bidding topic:

Guide For TWG Rolelists:
Standard TWG List
For those of you who struggle balancing roles, here is what a typical rolelist template in TWG looks like. You can always change it up a bit and add new roles, but preferably, keep it at 17-19 roles. The most common number for TWG roles is 18*.

Non-Human Town Population
Disguised Wolf

Town Support
Town Killing
Random Blue Town

Brutal Wolf
Random Wolf

Neutral Selection Unbiased (Amnesiac, Student, Stranger, etc)
Neutral Unbiased (Fool, Cheater, Maniac, etc)
Neutral Biased (Vigilante, Arsonist, etc)

Note: Due to the large number of games waiting to be played currently, please do not bid any boring games which are merely passable. People with original bids want to have their turn too.

Keep it simple
Unless you are very confident and have been playing TWG for a while, your first bid should probably be nice and simple. Avoid new gameplay mechanics, or large numbers of new, complex roles. Come up with a couple of ideas for neat new roles, and place them into a fairly simple rolelist. Or, if you have no such ideas but want to get a feel for hosting, you may just want to bid a standard rolelist with no new roles or anything, as it will likely be approved. Good games don't have to have complex gimmicks or 7 new roles and a new faction, all good games need are active hosts, active players, and interesting gameplay, all factors which are barely affected by the rolelist.

Role Choice
NEVER ever ever add roles that automatically grant victory to one particular team or ends the game if they are killed. If you have any further questions, please check TWG: Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil for more information as to why this is a terrible idea. Do not add roles that are almost automatically confirmable such as Miller, Lackey, and Mayor. It is also a good idea to not use roles that are in general poorly received, i.e. Lovers and Magician Wolf.

Don’t be repetitive!
Even if a previous game had a gimmick/faction that made the game extremely fun, don't reuse it in the bid right after. Try to mix roles up a bit. Don’t use roles where other people have been using a lot lately (besides your typical roles from each alignment). There are a lot of underused roles that may work just as fine, if not better!

Learn from others
Look at past bids that have failed and passed, try to either take ideas from failed bids and make them better or try to learn from the good bids. It’s good advice to especially look at the balancing on bids that have won for good examples. It’s also a nice idea to look through the bidding poll history of bids that didn’t make it, and try to read the reasonings as to why they failed so you won’t likely end up making the same mistakes.

Team Games
Team games are now a bit of a special case with TWG. They were once deemed as quite fun, except, there have been several issues regarding either majority rules (when it’s Team 1 v Team 2) or severe inactivity and lack of clear ideas for lynching (check Another Party of Death). As many team games require different teams to kill off specific teams, it’s hard to gain leads in them. Please try to avoid team games as much as possible unless you have some way to solve both issues (Rivals is as of the time of writing, the best possible format for team games). First-time bidders should avoid team games altogether, as they can be more complicated than regular games and are not as good at preparing people for hosting regular games.

Don’t copy Town of Salem rolelists
This is TWG. Rolelists that are ToS based with lots of colors for various roles don’t work the same way they would in ToS. Please avoid imitating these rolelists as much as possible.

Make sure to get feedback
While the rules in this guide should help you avoid most major mistakes when bidding, there will always be little things which can slip under your radar. To avoid this, it is recommended that before submitting your bid to the queue, you send it to 2-4 experienced TWG players/bidders. Preferably submit your bids to someone who’s at least hosted one TWG and played more than five games. These people will hopefully be able to spot any issues in your bid that you may want to work on, and help you with solving them.

Written by: Kowhai, Chiral of Doom

If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them in this topic.

* - During this current Revival TWG era, the typical number is around 12-15. Be sure to keep the rolelists condensed for that amount of players, but be ready to have at least 4 other roles ready in case more sign up.

Also remember to give your TWG a name <3.

Past Games from this Topic's Existence:
TWG CXVII - The Secrets of the Boulevard (Host: CursedSkylark)

Current Queue
TWG CXVIII - The Time Travel Paradox (Host: Soup Mia)
TWG CXIX - Nickito's TWG (Host: Nickito)
TWG CXX - The Anomaly (Host: English Dinner Tea)
TWG CXXI - Raven's TWG (Host: Raven)
TWG CXXII - Bandero's TWG (Host: Bandero)
TWG CXXIII - The Exorcist's Corridor (Host: CursedSkylark)
8  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWG CXVII: The Secrets of the Boulevard (Humans and Fool Win!) on: August 20, 2019, 10:44:44 AM
TWG CXVII: Secrets of the Boulevard:


Long ago, when the songbirds sung and the skylarks flew in the alleyways of despair, there were flashes of lightning and lots of rainfall. Little did any of the population know it was a full moon night, and consequently, some werewolves climbed out of a mysterious portal. They massacred a large town named Relica Una Carta. This town quickly became a ghost town, sort of. During the whole night, almost everyone was decimated, just the survivors, which made it past sunrise, the exact time the werewolves became ordinary people again.

It was at this moment the whole game turned around. This one boulevard in question, was one to be wary of. They didn't call it the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, but they called it the Boulevard of Everlasting Pain. It could be both I guess, but a thick gloomy atmosphere enshrouded the few that remained here. It was do or die, and if it was to die, so be it for them, but I deep inside knew, they'd choose to live. I just knew inside myself they would.

- Switches to a new green role each night
Knot Expert - When lynched for the first time, will survive.
Disguised Wolf - A normal wolf that appears green to the seer.

Seer - Can check a player's colour every night.
Interceptor - Every night, can guard a player. If someone visits said player, they kill the visitor. If more than one person visits, the death is randomised unless a wolf visits, where the wolf will die as a priority kill. They die the following night if they kill a blue role.
Spy - Twice per game, can check a player to see who visits them and who they visit.
Psychic - Once in the game can manipulate who the wolves kill.

Brutal Wolf - When lynched, will kill a player.
Confrere Wolf - Once per game, can check a player. If they have a special ability, they can use it once.
Mason - Human that appears red in seer checks. They think they are Human.

Fool - Wants to be lynched. Wins if lynched.
Rifleman - 2 times in the game, can kill a player on odd nights or even days. Wins if makes it to the end

1. A Red Cube - Wolved N1
2. Soup Mia - Lynched D1
3. Q For Quality
4. Emerald - Modkilled N3
5. Bandero - Wolved N3
6. Archie!
7. Raven - Brutalled D4
8. AskJoe - Wolved and Shot By Veteran N2
9. sansaery - Wolved N4
10. Super Boomen - Lynched D3
11. Pizzaccino
12. Ingredient - Lynched D2
13. Sean
14. AwesomeHwy - Lynched D4
9  General / Forum Discussion / Flipline Forum News V.3.0. (FSN2) on: August 18, 2019, 05:26:36 PM
Can Colts get an L for this:
CursedSkylark [Aug 19 01:11 AM]:   Ah you missed the best one
CursedSkylark [Aug 19 01:11 AM]:   Flipline Forum News was actually good
CursedSkylark [Aug 19 01:14 AM]:   I wonder if anyone minds me starting V3 *shot
CursedSkylark [Aug 19 01:14 AM]:   Ofc no lol I won't
ColtsFan18 [Aug 19 01:16 AM]:   @Sky Do it you won't

Credits for Oofis for running V.1.
Credits for Lil Nas Flex for running V.2.

Welcome to Flipline Forum News! The place where I will report the breaking news on the Forum and the Blog whenever I can! I'll also post some stuff to other people's things as I can to keep the 2nd Version's legacy going forward!

Also, please don't fight here or create newer topics about this to rival it, unless its time for me to pass my job on to someone else for V.4.0., which is an exception since, I won't be running this stuff then of course.

Until the first news report, peace.

List of Articles:

As of November 18th 2019, we have been certified as a best topic by you all! I can't thank you all enough for supporting this topic so much, even while I was gone for a bit! I definitely wasn't expecting it to happen at all considering I'm not really a user who has popular topics!

10  Apps / Papa Louie Pals / Release the Onions - A Flipline Take on Release the Hounds [Prologue Out!] on: August 03, 2019, 08:44:08 AM
Hi all! I guess you may be wondering why I'm creating a topic here, but I thought I may as well try and go for a Flipline take on Release the Hounds, with Release the Onions! (I'm actually scared and nervous posting this too)

Literally, the concept is actually taken from the TV Show called Release the Hounds, but the truth is, its far from based on it - its much more expanded and more detailed so I wonder how it works out! I also don't have a title screen for it just yet as I'm bad at brainstorming.

Character List:

TBC - To be fair, I'll leave that to be a mystery - for now. Cameo appearances will be spoilered.

Section Guide

Part 1 Part 2

And um yeah, this is going to take a LOT of time making all those parts, especially the Onion Track, where I'm going to have to edit a LOT of onions in! Luckily it won't be too bad I hope as a first comic!

Forenote: There will be deaths included, but not every section will have a death. To keep with Forum Guidelines, no gore and no blood or anything of the sort will appear, as it would just destroy the intention of the comic. However, this is NOT ETN, and thus, please don't make any comments aimed towards that since I know what I am doing and its much different. If I do see one, I just won't do this comic at all.

If anything, I'll post stuff around pretty soon, like teasers and previews to keep you updated!

Other than that, wish me luck!
11  General / Help and Support / Steak and Jake's SWF File Says "Free Version" on: August 02, 2019, 03:00:35 PM

Okay, I found this little thing and I'm wondering to myself, was Steak and Jake going to have a paid version one day or something like that?

Literally am curious to see the response!
12  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWG CXVII: The Secrets of the Boulevard (Lounge!) on: July 26, 2019, 03:04:04 PM
TWG CXVII: Secrets of the Boulevard:


Long ago, when the songbirds sung and the skylarks flew in the alleyways of despair, there were flashes of lightning and lots of rainfall. Little did any of the population know it was a full moon night, and consequently, some werewolves climbed out of a mysterious portal. They massacred a large town named Relica Una Carta. This town quickly became a ghost town, sort of. During the whole night, almost everyone was decimated, just the survivors, which made it past sunrise, the exact time the werewolves became ordinary people again.

It was at this moment the whole game turned around. This one boulevard in question, was one to be wary of. They didn't call it the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, but they called it the Boulevard of Everlasting Pain. It could be both I guess, but a thick gloomy atmosphere enshrouded the few that remained here. It was do or die, and if it was to die, so be it for them, but I deep inside knew, they'd choose to live. I just knew inside myself they would.

Knot Expert
Disguised Wolf

- Every night, can guard a player. If someone visits said player, they kill the visitor. If more than one person visits, the death is randomised unless a wolf visits, where the wolf will die as a priority kill. They die the following night if they kill a blue role.
Spy - Twice per game, can check a player to see who visits them and who they visit.

Brutal Wolf
Confrere Wolf

Rifleman - 2 times in the game, can kill a player on odd nights or even days. Wins if makes it to the end

Rolelist should be enough for 14, but I can do more in case there's overflow since my original plan was for 18 back in 2017.

And yes, I'm reviving this thing because I care about TWG.

Polls coming on but feel free to sign up!

1. A Red Cube
2. ColtsFan18
3. Q For Quality
4. MintGold
5. Bandero
6. Archie
7. Raven
8. AskJoe
9. hyewon
10. Super Boomen
11. Pizzaccino
12. Ingredient
13. Sean
14. AwesomeHwy
13  Community / Other Forum Games / Alphabet Game With a Newer Leaderboard [V.3.0.] (Game 61) on: July 25, 2019, 05:27:50 AM
Let's say the English Alphabet. The one who will say Z wins the round.

Past Owners:
V.1.0. - Ixora
V.2.0 - dar

1) Simply write the letter.
2) You can write it in another way, it's OK.
3) If you repeat the previous letter or write a random letter, then your post will be ignored.
4) The winner will win an onion.
4) (for reals) One exception is that the person skips X and Y. You can post Z after (QRSTUVWXZ or QRSTUVWXX)

Let's start now.

The Leaderboard hasn't been reset as the previous topic still remains but is unable to be updated because dar deleted his account:

A start is a start, you can't change it.

Game 0: CursedSkylark
Game 1: dar
Game 2: CursedSkylark
Game 3: VeryoneSliceLike
Game 4: VeryoneSliceLike
Game 5: Pizzaccino
Game 6: Ataino
Game 7: Tamatim
Game 8: Chiaki Nanami
Game 9: VeryoneSliceLike
Game 10: VeryoneSliceLike
Game 11: Pizzaccino
Game 12: CursedSkylark
Game 13: Dr_Mallow
Game 14: Archie (Dr_Mallow skipped y)
Game 15: Chieko (Archie and Dr_Mallow skipped X and Y.)
Game 16: Chieko (Dr_Mallow skipped Y)
Game 17: CursedSkylark
Game 18: CursedSkylark
Game 19: Nethisa
Game 20: CursedSkylark
Game 21: CursedSkylark
Game 22: Chieko
Game 23: dar
Game 24: CursedSkylark
Game 25: Chieko
Game 26: ZechAkari
Game 27: Pizzaccino
Game 28: Bandero
Game 29: CursedSkylark
Game 30: Zuki-Chan (JEBZ double posted Y then Z)
Game 31: Toooaaastyyy
Game 32: dar
Game 33: AyKooChao
Game 34: Nickito
Game 35: AyKooChao
Game 36: Lil Nas Flex
Game 37: JEBZ Komics
Game 38: NachoCheeseOnPizza21
Game 39: Tamatim
Game 40: Soup Mia
Game 41: CursedSkylark
Game 42: CursedSkylark
Game 43: Ibzy
Game 44: Ibzy
Game 45: Archie
Game 46: ColtsFan18
Game 47: Nίκοs
Game 48: Archie
Game 49: Soup Mia
Game 50: Lil Nas Flex
Game 51: Ibzy
Game 52: Nίκοs
Game 53: Tamatim
Game 54: CursedSkylark
Game 55: MarkiplierFana!
Game 56: CursedSkylark
Game 57: Lil Nas Flex
Game 58: Nίκοs
Game 59: Nίκοs
Game 60: IHobbes
Game 61:

Onions Won:
CursedSkylark: 13
Chieko: 4
VeryOneSliceLike: 4
Nίκοs: 4
dar: 3
Pizzaccino: 3
Archie: 3
Soup Mia: 3
Ibzy: 3
Tamatim: 3
Lil Nas Flex: 3
AyKooChao: 2
Zuki-Chan: 2
Nickito: 1
Bandero: 1
Toooaaastyyy: 1
Dr_Mallow: 1
Ataino: 1
JEBZ Komics: 1
ZechAkari: 1
NachoCheeseOnPizza21: 1
Nethisa: 1
MarkiplierFana!: 1
IHobbes: 1

Note: I will not be deleting the winner of Game 14, sure there is no evidence of it anymore, but Archie won it. All of Archie's posts were deleted when his account got deleted due to revoked parental permission.
14  Community / Sign-Up Games / Survivor: Mozambique DAY 29 on: July 21, 2019, 02:56:30 PM
Gato allowed me to attempt to revive Forum Survivor, since it has been some time since it has happened. In addition to that, after Kief revived this, I ended up locking this for Season 11.

Survivor Mozambique

CREDITS: Nickito, Original Creator; Gato, Survivor Council Member; Kief, Survivor Council Member

Welcome to Survivor! The contestants will be split into 2 or 3 tribes after signing up. These tribes compete in challenges. Reward Challenges give the winner some sort of advantage in the game, and are a little uncommon. Immunity Challenges give the winner immunity from being voted out of the game. If a tribe wins immunity, the losing tribe(s) go to Tribal Council. At Tribal Council, everyone attending must vote for someone else without immunity to be eliminated from the game permanently. After a certain amount of people are voted off, everyone merges into one tribe. Before the Tribe Merge, some games may have had a new tribe or tribe switches. Challenges are now individual. One person gets the reward, one person gets immunity. If the Immunity Challenge is won at this stage, everyone goes to tribal, but the person who won the Immunity Challenge cannot receive votes. When only 2 contestants remain, a jury of eliminated contestants will vote for the winner, these are generally the contestants voted out after the Tribe Merge.




1. Play the Game
There are 3 parts to the game. Reward Challenge, Immunity Challenge and Tribal Council. If you sign up, make sure you are prepared to take part in all of those. If you don't, the host might give you a strike.

2. Alliances
Alliances are perfectly fine. You are allowed to have these but you MUST PM the host as well. If you don't and it is found out, you will get a strike. The host will warn you first of all, but do it multiple times it will lead to a strike.

3. Activity
It is not known for users when they might become inactive, but if you know you might go inactive or take a break, don't sign up.

4. Cheating
Don't cheat. Just don't.

5. Complaining
If something happens that you don't like, to complain about it unless you find it serious.

6. Patience
The game is hard to run and host, so have a little patience for updates.

7. Editing Posts
Don't, just re-do it by posting it again. Don't remove them either.

8. Respect
At all times, please show respect to the host.

Link to HQ:
Link to Forum with Info:

3. Archie A.K.A. Archie
5. Kief A.K.A. Kief
6. ColtsFan18 A.K.A. Colts
9. wannabeontop A.K.A. Ontop
15. Ibzy A.K.A. Ibzy
17. JEBZ Komics A.K.A Brother E



7th - 16. Ianiant A.K.A. Ianiant 7th Voted Out, Day 22, 3rd Jury Member
8th - 8. Azzurro A.K.A. Bluey Medically Evacuated, Day 20, 2nd Jury Member
9th - 1. Bandero A.K.A. Bandero 6th Voted Out, Day 18, 1st Jury Member
10th - 11. Vespacito A.K.A. Vespa 5th Voted Out, Day 15
11th - 7. Speedo A.K.A. Speedo 4th Voted Out, Day 12
12th - 4. Rias A.K.A. Mira Quit/Medically Evacuated, Day 10
13th - 13. Comeback King A.K.A. Rumen 3rd Voted Out, Day 9
14th - 10. LavenderTowne A.K.A. Lavender 2nd Voted Out, Day 6
15th - 14. ~JustAqua~ A.K.A. Aquadonna Quit, Day 4
16th - 2. flipfan007 A.K.A. Flip 1st Voted Out, Day 3
17th - 12. sonyejoos A.K.A. Hye Quit, Day 2
15  General / Help and Support / [PLP] Somehow I Can't Find the Boater Hat in PLP on: June 19, 2019, 04:45:48 AM
So, let me get this straight, I was doing remakes of my own FC's and I came across Acucar, who wears a black and white boater hat, something you typically find in the Gameria Shop or in KCP I presume. However, I couldn't somehow find it and I don't know why?

I don't know if its being saved up for the Pastaria Pack or what, but I'm going by her original style and adding it into the app and I couldn't find it.

Has that been added since into a patch after the Onionfest one or not? Just curious because I may have missed it.

Either way, if I'm just too blind to see it, let me know as well but I just what checked before posting this too.

I'll post a picture of what I mean (I cannot find this hat anywhere):
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