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The wafer icon looks like a tampon
Momoiro_Prince [Jul 21 10:20 PM]:   Jake Paul is daddy
KitKatExtreme [Jul 27 02:47 PM]:   LEIA I LOVE YOU
Leia [Jul 27 02:47 PM]:   Huh okay I'll keep that in mind
Ianiant [Jul 30 06:13 PM]:   Men's nipples don't even serve a purpose.
Ianiant [Jul 30 06:13 PM]:   They're just vestigial things.
Rossome [Jul 30 06:13 PM]:   Butts are considered Sex symbols, but now you can find them in kids cartoons
Rossome [Jul 30 06:14 PM]:   Wait why are we talking about this?
CosmicCoolA34 [Jul 30 06:14 PM]:   this isn't what I was expecting when I came to the sb
Everilyfel [Jul 30 06:14 PM]:   Lmao
Arme Thaumaturgy [Jul 30 06:38 PM]:   I'm not pregnant
KitKatExtreme [Aug 04 08:12 PM]:   dying is fun

thanks for stating the obvious
autocorrect Sad
Lusamine [Jan 13 06:29 PM]: Rachel Amber sounds like a man from the 1930's
Nickito [Jan 14 02:32 PM]: do you want to spectate Gigi
Gigi Lee Lann [Jan 14 02:46 PM]: no i'm Matt the Radar Technician lol
Nickito [Jan 14 02:47 PM]: (sad)
Ianiant [Jan 15 04:31 PM]: Don't make me cyberbully you.
Jules [Jan 15 09:33 PM]:   posted a link
Jules [Jan 15 09:33 PM]:   to a picture
Jules [Jan 15 09:33 PM]:   is that lik
Jules [Jan 15 09:33 PM]:   legal
Jules [Jan 15 09:33 PM]:   haven't been on this forum since the middle of 2017
Gaster [Jan 15 09:33 PM]:   its illegal
Gaster [Jan 15 09:33 PM]:   im afriad i must call the authorities
Jules [Jan 15 09:34 PM]:   darn
Jules [Jan 15 10:03 PM]:   Indigo, Cameo and Moe?
Ianiant [Jan 15 10:04 PM]:   @Jules Cameo debuted in Pancakeria HD
Jules [Jan 15 10:04 PM]:   wait really?
Ianiant [Jan 15 10:05 PM]:   Yeah
Jules [Jan 15 10:06 PM]:   huh
Jules [Jan 15 10:07 PM]:   guess you can say he made a CAMEO in this game
SupremePizza [Jan 15 10:12 PM]:   Rachel, check my signature
SupremePizza [Jan 15 10:12 PM]:   You made some cameos lol
Rachel Amber [Jan 15 10:12 PM]:   Aww
Rachel Amber [Jan 15 10:12 PM]:   I'm iconic
Rachel Amber [Jan 15 10:13 PM]:   thanks danielle <3
SupremePizza [Jan 15 10:13 PM]:   Ffs
Rachel Amber [Jan 15 10:13 PM]:   OKNVM
Rachel Amber [Jan 15 10:13 PM]:   WHY DO U HAVE URSELF IN YOUR QUOTE WALL
SupremePizza [Jan 15 10:13 PM]:   I’m deleting your quotes for calling me Danielle
SupremePizza [Jan 15 10:13 PM]:   Idk
SupremePizza [Jan 15 10:13 PM]:   I’m lonely
Rachel Amber [Jan 15 10:13 PM]:   that's the unspoken rule of quote walls
Rachel Amber [Jan 15 10:13 PM]:   u don't quote urself
Rachel Amber [Jan 15 10:13 PM]:   Aww thanks Danielle <3
Rachel Amber [Jan 15 10:13 PM]:   I feel the love
SupremePizza [Jan 15 10:14 PM]:   I want to eat a tide pod now
Rachel Amber [Jan 15 10:20 PM]:   say 'svefn-g-englar' 5 times fast
Rachel Amber [Jan 15 10:20 PM]:   99% of people cant do it !!111!111
Gaster [Jan 15 10:20 PM]:   i cant even say it once
SupremePizza [Jan 15 10:23 PM]:   I think I put too much things in my quote spoiler. It’s too long, no pun intended.
Ianiant [Jan 15 10:24 PM]:   I'm responsible for Flipline releasing only apps in 2017.
Ianiant [Jan 15 10:24 PM]:   And for the decay of this forum
Gaster [Jan 15 10:24 PM]:   no you're bleeping not lmao
SupremePizza [Jan 15 10:24 PM]:   Um no
SupremePizza [Jan 15 10:24 PM]:   They just wanted more money *shot*
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