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16  Community / Fan Fiction / The Criminal Underworld [T] on: April 18, 2018, 10:03:53 PM
I have decided to discontinue 2nd person choices fiction. It was way too cringe for my mind. I'm gonna continue Elementals, not sure what FGT 2018 is gonna do, it's just gonna sit there I guess. So, here is my teen rated (violence, mature language, mature scenes) criminal underworld fan fiction. This is based on the Grand Theft Auto franchise, and I've been watching a few criminal films recently. All the locations are based on American cities.

Chapter One: The First Heist

2 years ago, in San Garidoss (GARE-ID-OSS)(based on San Diego)

This is your first and final warning of the teen rating, so this chapter is in a spoiler:
J: Gavin, you motherbleep. (pointing gun to head)
Gavin: J, I'm sorry..just please don't kill me, I-I-I-I-
Gavin: I have a wife, and kids.
J: Gavin, you're bleeping 23.
Gavin: She-she-she forgot to take a pill on a few nights..
J: Okay, forget that. I don't care about your life, give me your banking information.
Gavin logged into his fake bank account, showing thousands of dollars.
J: Psh, poser. Log into your REAL bank account.
Gavin logged into his real bank account, showing millions of dollars.
Gavin: Y-yes.
Gavin: ...I don't know what to say J.
J: Nothing.
J: Kai, put this money in our fake bank account.
Kai: Alright sir.
Kai started transferring the money into the fake bank account.
Gavin ran out quickly.

J: Alright, he's 100% calling the cops. Let's get out of here.
J, Kai and Sebastian ran out of the apartment building and into their escape vehicle.
Locron: Yo, what took yall so long?
Sebastian: Shut up and drive.
Locron started driving to the escape spot.
Sebastian: SCORE!
Kai: Let's all buy beer and get drunk when this all cools down.
J: Or we can just go to the club.
Sebastian: Either one, we're doing it.
J: Cops, they're here.

Sirens could be heard in the distance.

17  Community / Fan Fiction / Elementals [PG13] on: April 13, 2018, 06:39:59 PM
Okay I'm gonna try to make a fan fic that's not I came up with this idea. It's kinda like pokemon..but it's with people with elemental powers that just kinda fight. Not sure what I thought of and how this isn't going to be bloopy but I try Laugh.

Chapter One: Mark.


?: It's 12AM! It's 12AM! I'm 13 now! I can get my elemental powers!
This is Mark, he is the main character.
?: Shut up, I'm trying to sleep!
This is Chris, his brother.
Mark: You were like this when you turned 13 too!
Chris: No I wasn't..
Mark went into Chris's room and smirked at him.

When Chris was 13..


Chris when 13: It's 12AM! It's 12A..oh..I broke the window..

Mark when 11: I'm trying to sleep!

End of flashback
Mark: And I didn't break a window!
The mom, Caroline, wakes up.
Caroline: What's all this commotion?
Mark: I'm 13! I can go get my powers!
Caroline: It's 12am..the man is probably asleep..
Mark: I'll go call him.
Caroline: Please don-
Mark ran to his room and grabbed his phone.
Mark: Mr. Power! Mr. Power!
Mr. Power: Mark? What are you doing? It's 12am!
Mark: I'm 13 now, can I have my powers..pleaaaaseee?
Mr. Power: It's 12am Mark!
Mr. Power: *yawn* Fine, meet me at my office.
Mark: YAY!

Julian, Mark's twin brother woke up.

*thud* *ring*
Julian: I'm 13! I can get my powers!

Maria, Mark's 12 year old sister woke up.
Maria: You guys are lucky.  Asleep
Julian and Mark got dressed quickly and ran out the door.
Mark: Wait..we don't know where his office is..we have never walked to somewhere farther than 3 blocks..
Julian: Right, I'll just pull up my GPS.
Julian entered the office address.
Mark: Great!
Julian: For me only, I want my powers first.
Julian pushed Mark sarcastically and went off.

Mark: Ugh, I hate him.
Mark started walking around, looking.

18  Community / Fan Games / Papa's Chili Mia on: April 09, 2018, 07:39:42 PM
Chefs: Rico, Zoe and Custom
Location: Chiliworks
Serving: Chili

Obtain Waiter at Rank 4
Obtain Second Chef at Rank 30 (easier to get 100% order)
Obtain "Better Kitchen" at Rank 40 (easier to get 100% topping, 100% cooking and 100% building now, as there is new technology)
Obtain Papa Louie at Rank 55 (even easier to everything)

Note: This game is far bigger than other gamerias

Order Station - everyone knows
Build Station - Pick the bowls and chili
Cooking Station - Cook the chili
Topping Station - Top the chili and add sides like chips

Amy (from KCP)

Tutorial: Rico(if you chose Zoe or Custom)
Tutorial: Zoe(if you chose Rico)
Tutorial 2: Big Pauly
Tutorial Closer: Mark
Rank 2: Tohru
Rank 3: Tony
Rank 4: Nick
Rank 5: Hacky Zak
Rank 5: Cameo
Rank 6: Matt
Rank 10: Cooper
Rank 11: Prudence
Rank 12: Joy
Rank 14: Ninjoy (and Joy disappears)
Rank 15: Roy
Rank 20: Amy
Rank 21: Rudy
Rank 22: Sasha
Rank 23: Cap'n Cori
Rank 23: Robby
Rank 27: Allan
Rank 27: Wylan B
Rank 28: Koilee
Rank 30: Taylor
Rank 31: Peggy
Rank 31: Alberto
Rank 32: Penny
Rank 33: Romanos
Rank 36: Mandy
Rank 37: Kayla
Rank 38: Cletus
Rank 40: Papa Louie
Rank 41: Connor
Rank 43: Timm
Rank 45: Rudy
Rank 46: Vicky
Rank 47: Winona
Rank 48: Cecilia
Rank 50: Hank
Rank 51: Gavin
Rank 52: Mindy
Rank 55: Akari
Rank 55: Karen
Rank 56: Amy
Rank 58: Hugo
Rank 60: Boomer
Rank 61: Dave
Rank 64: Senia
Rank 65: Scarlett
Rank 65: Penelope
Rank 65: Utah
Rank 67: Skip
Rank 69: Julep
Rank 69: Lucas
Rank 70: Whiff
Rank 72: Radlynn
Rank 72: Sarge Fan
Rank 72: LePete
Rank 73: Chuck
Rank 73: Hope
Rank 74: Greg
Rank 76: Santa
Rank 76: Shannon
Rank 79: Vicky
Rank 80: Yippy
Rank 81: Scooter
Rank 81: Ivy
Rank 83: Mary
Rank 85: Doan
Rank 86: Mitch
Rank 87: Maggie
Rank 90: Clair
Rank 91: Willow
Rank 92: Pinch Hitwell
Rank 92: Ember
Rank 92: Austin
Rank 92: Johnny
Rank 93: Wendy
Rank 94: Sienna
Rank 94: Marty
Rank 95: Rita
Rank 95: Moe
Rank 96: Indigo
Rank 97: Foodini
Rank 98: Fitz
Rank 99: Sue
Rank 99: Kenji
Rank 99: Lisa
Rank 99: Nevada
Rank 99: Edna
Rank 100: Deano
Rank 100: Georgito
Rank 100: Skyler
Rank 100: Duke Gotcha
Rank 100: Olivia
Rank 100: Kingsley
Rank 100: Bertha
Rank 100: Joy re-appears
19  Community / Fan Fiction / Flipline's Got Talent 2018 (FC's) on: April 05, 2018, 06:43:43 AM
Quick Disclaimer: This is Fan Characters/Original Characters.

Welcome to Flipline's Got Talent, 2018. We have moved to Starlight City for this wonderful 2018 event and we now have access to every single city for auditions. We have 4 totally new judges.


Gordon Phalor

Who is this? He's from Whiskview, he grew up in a poor family, his son is Jalen Phalor from Survivor(another fan fic wink wink) he's from Flipline's Got Talent 2015 and transferred to X Factor Kongregate but now he's back in 2018! He now lives in Starlight City, and he's now 56. Hey, he seems like a nice guy but don't get him wrong, he's not afraid to press the buzzer.

Kate Ulderstock

This is our youngest judge and newest judge. She is only 29 and is from Starlight City. She loves to party, hates dark colors and is extremely friendly. She used to be a full time Manager at the Fluffmart, but has recently moved away and back to her hometown in Starlight City. She currently works part time as a waitress at the Wingeria, though. Just because she's extremely friendly, watch out, and don't get on her bad side.

Tina Maylor

This 38 year old woman you might recognize, she's from Flipline's Got Talent 2011 and from Kongregate's Got Talent 2012-2017 but she's coming back! Her hometown is Tastyville and still proudly lives there for 38 whole years. She loves fashion and dark colors, a very romantic and friendly person but also very strict and critical. Her favorite food is hot dogs, and she is proudly bisexual. She currently is wives with Korina Johnson from Kongregate's Got Talent. Make sure you try to impress her, or else.

Damon Kanter

DAMON KANTER! Come on, everyone knows him, he's been on the show since 2007, left last year to be a Guest Judge at Kongregate's Got Talent and is now back for more, Flipline's Got Talent! He is now 42. He's extremely wealthy but humble, has 4 kids and is happily married for 18 years. His wife is a retired famous singer in "Kia" and he loves spicy and mexican foods. He's humble, but is he nice enough to let you through? You'll find out!

Oh how can we forget our reigning host for 6 years, Kyle McDermot!

He always wears shades, and I mean always. He's from Starlight City and is now 35 years old and is married to Alaya Telok (now McDermot) for 10 years and adores chicken wings and goes to the Wingeria at least once a week. He has one 4 year old daughter. He used to be a full time singer but he tried his chance at being Flipline's Got Talent's host 6 years ago, and got accepted! He is still a singer but doesn't post music as much as he did.


Order of Acts:

Judge's Cuts (guest judge here)
Stage Fright (host is the guest judge these acts)
The Audience's Return
Quarter Finals
Finals First Episode
Finals Last Episode
Winner's Performance

You can submit up to 12 acts.
You can sign up anytime before Private Acts and Lives


Name or group name(if group, each name of person):
Act for Auditions:
(If group), how did the group get together?
Why and what you will do if you win:
Picture (optional):

20  General / Suggestions / Idea to stop alts on: March 29, 2018, 10:24:07 PM
This is an idea to stop alts from cheating in tournaments or sign up games.

Since they use the alts for voting, how about implementing a system that makes it where you can only vote once per ip.
21  Community / Fan Fiction / 2nd Person Choices Fiction (VOTE!) on: March 24, 2018, 11:43:03 PM
 Hi, Mega Charizard X here. I've decided to make a 2nd person fan-fiction that the forum chooses what path they take.
For example:

You do your homework
You play on your Xbox

and you guys vote..and that changes the story. It's about a 14 year old freshman.
Oh. And your goal is to keep yourself alive..if you die then the fanfic's over. But the story'll get into that later.

You wake up. You're in class and everyone's staring at you. You think, I wonder how I got here. I was just at-- The teacher interrupts your thoughts.

Mr K: Hey, you. You've been asleep all class. Tell me your name for attendance.

((Okay so this part doesn't actually have a poll I jsut need name submissions)
22  Community / Fan Games / Papa Louie Deluxe on: March 07, 2018, 07:59:34 AM
The papa louie platform expanded

Sean I swear I didn't copy you /s

Battle. This is 1-4 players, basically Super Smash bros with Papa Louie characters
Story. The areas.

Area 1: The Sky Is Falling! (Unlocks: Roy and Joy)
Area 2: Is that a human eating Burger? (Unlocks: Marty, Rita and Big Pauly)
Area 3: That Sundae is Horrifying! (Unlocks: Utah, Clover and Captain Cori)
Area 4: The Scientist Onion arrives.. ((First boss battle, "King Teriyaki")) (Unlocks Ninjoy, Taylor and Hunter(NEW))
Area 5: Tastyville Havoc (Unlocks Matt, Tony Solary and Mandy)
Area 6: Pizza Catastrophe (Unlocks Papa Franceso(new), Papa Alessandro(new) and Rosa(new))
Area 7: The Stadium Chaos (Unlocks Peggy and Bertha)
Area 8: Hotdog Disaster (Unlocks Pinch Hitwell)
Area 9: Ballistic Burgerbugh (Unlocks Wally, Sasha and Mindy)
Area 10: The Burgeria ((Second boss battle, "Upgraded Burgerzilla"))
Area 11: Where are we going? (Unlocks Hank, Hope and Harry(new))
Area 12: Back to Tastyville (Unlocks James, Connor and Rico)
Area 13: That's not a hotdog... (Unlocks Greg, Kingsley and Foodini)
Area 14: We're blasting off! (Unlocks Boomer and Akari)
Area 15: Calypso? More sundaes? ((Third boss battle, "Upgraded Sundaesaurus")) (Unlocks Alberto, Penny and Gremmie)
Area 16: The Freeze, Literally ((Fourth boss battle,  "Radley Madish, with freezing weapons")) (Unlocks Frank(new) and Nick)
Area 17: Sushi Bay (Unlocks Amy and Elle)
Area 18: The Sushilands (Unlocks Sarge Fan and LePete)
Area 19: Sushisauruses? ((Fifth boss battle, "Sushisaurus")) (Unlocks Steven)
Area 20: Oniontown (Unlocks Sarge Fan Fan(new) and Luau(new))
Area 21: So many onions! (soon)
Area 22: Scooperia, here we are (Unlocks: Skip and Yui)
Area 23: P-Pancakes (Unlocks Liezel, Cooper and Prudence)
Area 24: More p-pancakes
Area 25
Area 26
Area 27
Area 28
Area 29
Area 30

23  Community / Other Forum Games / count to: ok this is real on: March 04, 2018, 06:46:42 AM
count to 200 but the 200th post has to contain "this is real i swear"

Winner of Death: Panda-Chu
Winner of Nature's Revival: The Shoutbox Master
leaf revive

Wow, I've never won anything in my life
Winner of Lore Copy: Keeza Andrews
i copied lore
This Next Poster Won: CursedSkylark
Lmao, I win lol
24  Community / Roleplaying / The Criminal Underworld Roleplay on: March 02, 2018, 12:38:54 AM
This is a roleplay that takes place in Quarterwood, a pretty ordinary country. But this is a country. What city does this place mainly take place? Panthoville. The southest city in Coridon, the abandoned one, mostly known for the law being broken.

Inspired by Domino, a youtube video made by Rudy Manusco.

Map of Quarterwood:


Basic Info:

Full Name:
Zodiac sign (optional):
Nationality (optional):
Sexuality (optional):
Education: (preschool, elemantary, middle, high, college, university or none?) (preschool = 2-5 years old, elemantary = 5-11, middle = 11-14, high = 14-18, college = 18-24, university = 24+, none = N/A)
Occupation: (if 13 or younger, or pet, put N/A. If your character is 14+, you must fill this. If (s)he doesn't have a job yet, even if 14+, put "Unemployed")

Medical Info:

Blood type:
Medical/Mental problem(s): (any medical/mental problems? If not, put N/A)
Addiction(s): (nothing too inappropriate, please!)
Allergies: (if none, please put N/A)


Skin pigment:
Distinguishing feature(s) (optional):

Clothing (optional): (What do they wear? Do they have a certain outfit they wear? Or are there certain clothing pieces they wear with that outfit? A description or an image should be fine either way)

Everyday Wear:
Formal Wear:
Athletic Wear:
Party Wear:


Fun Facts (optional):


Characteristics (optional):
Lives in: (where do they live? The options are: Ridgoe, Viridia, Hesaan, Tilo, Friligor, Windonium, Morongo, Pairingtop, Aerocross, Zelcorse or Coridon. Or do they come from somewhere outside of Quarterwood?)
Friends with (in RP):
Neutral with (in RP):
Enemies with (in RP):
Love status: (single, dating, crushing, married, or recently broke up/divorced [and please include reason if brokeup/divorced is chosen.]) (you can only marry if 18+ in RP. You can only crush and date at 8+ in RP) with? (who is your RP crush, bf/gf, or husband/wife, if single, put N/A)
What role are they?: (Criminal, bystander, police officer, firefighter, lawyer, other forces of the law, etc)
If criminal, what do they do? (Steal, murder, etc.)

To a youtuber named "Rudy Manusco" that made the video "Domino" that inspired this roleplay.
To Jody for the application

Baneo Lettersman
Cecilia Lettersman
25  Flipline Games / Papa's Scooperia / How would the Papa Louie game work? on: January 17, 2018, 01:31:52 PM
If there is one, I imagine it being very similar to Papa Louie 3.
26  General / Suggestions / Papa Louie Games Suggestion (PL2, PL3, etc.) on: January 08, 2018, 03:00:08 PM
You know how in the gamerias you can create your own chef?

How about in the games you can create your what to call them) and you can choose their weapon style, etc. And the more abilities you unlock, the more abilities you can choose from to but on your custom..explorer.
27  Community / Other Forum Games / If the Flipline Forum was... on: January 06, 2018, 03:54:45 PM
inspired by if the flipline games were realistic
28  General / General Discussion / The Default Shoes (All White Shoes) on: January 04, 2018, 10:22:56 PM
Why do people hate them?

I think that they could look good in some styles like a black and white wear.

The creator of Sabrina admitted to forgetting to changing the shoes, but we barely get pants and shoes in the first place. The solid pants and shoes are most of the time the best option.
29  Community / Other Forum Games / Lyrics Game on: December 28, 2017, 01:57:48 AM
New lyrics game..!

How the game works:
You can only say 3-5 lyrics/words. I will start with a song, and you have to say the next 3 lyrics, etc. we do this until the song ends. When the song ends, then the next person restarts with a new song. Song ends at the end of every 5 pages. The song theme will be decided by the song starter.

Leaderboard for Song Enders:
Song 1 Ender:
Song 2 Ender:
Song 3 Ender:

I'll start.

Two plus two
30  General / Help and Support / Access to Forum on mobile on: December 26, 2017, 05:19:45 PM
On my cell phone, I can not access the forum.

It says:

Sorry Cyrus, you can't access the Flipline Forum!

Reason: Death threats and continuous innapropiate behavior, permanent ban.

This is a permanent ban from the Forum.

when I try to access the forum on my phone.
Is there a way to fix this? Reason to why this is happening?
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