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46  Community / Fan Characters / ZechAkari's FC page + Q & A on: September 23, 2017, 02:56:15 PM
Hey! Welcome to my FC page. I use these FC's for roleplays I do.


Imaginary Country for FC's: Quarterwood
Cities(NORTH TO SOUTH):[/b]
Ridgoe (North) (people that live here: Akari Fan, Zach, Chris, Layla, Natalie, Maurice, Zech, Alan, Dexter, Anabel)
Hesaan (North) (people that live here: Giovanni, Marissa/Mrs Super)
Viridia (North) (people that live here: Chris J, Naomi)
Tilo (West) (people that live here: Andre, Nolan)
Megass (West) (people that live here: Amanda, Patrick)
Friligor (East) (people that live here: Eli, Warren, Vanessa, Joshua, Ken)
Tiffas (South) (people that live here: Darrell, Julie, Barbara)
Aerocross (South) (people that live here: Christina, David)
Panthoville (South) (people that live here: none of my FC's) (for the most part, Panthoville is abandoned)

Agents of QIA
Boss Giovanni Simmons (north quarterwood)
Boss Philip Richmond (east quarterwood, father of kyle richmond)
Boss Taylor Middleton (south quarterwood)
Secret Agent Eric Holmes
Secret Agent David Thomas
Agent Kyle Richmond
Agent Richard Ford
Agent Abraham Galvart
Agent Simon Halcok
Agent Hiker Benjamin Ligas
Agent Nathan Fistall
Agent Al Wilcox
Agent Tony
Agent Chris
Agent Unknown
Agent Rachel Anderson
Agent K. Frisk
Agent Michael Baltop
Agent Melanie Charstock
(NEW) Agent Time Spent Jr.
(NEW) Agent AV
(NEW) Agent Rin Descend
(NEW) Agent Randle
(NEW) Agent Red
Agent Riko (resigned after 6 months)
Agent Naomi Chissels (resigned after 10 months)
Agent Jake Jackson (died in a car accident)
Agent Time Spent (died in a shooting)


Birthday Chart
January - 2 Warren, 3 Amanda, 19 Patrick
February - 13 Chris, 22 Anabel
March - 11 Chris J, 7 Dexter, 9 Vanessa,
April - 4 Eli, 4 Akari Fan, 8 Joshua, 15 Alan
May - 17 David, 23 Christina
June - 1 Kai, 14 Naomi, 20 Serena/Lavawoman
July - 14 Marissa/Mrs Super, 25 Giovanni
August - 9 Nolan, 12 Ken
September - 2 Andre, 7 Darrell
October - 4 Zach, 4 Zech
November - 9 Maurice, 3 Julie
December - 12 Natalie, 24 Barbara


Zech Akari
Age: 18
Job: Waiter
Personality: Laid back
Likes: Pokemon, computers, basketball, racing, animals, zoos
Dislikes: Harsh sunlight, outdoors, seafood
Fun Facts: This FC is based on me..obviously.

Style A Casual Wear

Style B Secondary Casual Wear

Zachary Mallow Karrington
Age: 30
Job: Assistant of FFSE, Manager of Zachary's Bakeria
Personality: Laid back, bored
Likes: Pokemon, computers, big animals, basketball, racing
Dislikes: Untrained/small animals, tennis, seafood
Fun Facts: He is based on me when I'm 30. (besides the job)

Style A Casual Wear

Style B Formal Wear

Chris Karrington
Age: 27
Job: GameStop Manager
Personality: Calm, happy for the most, reliable
Likes: Animals, sports, tacos, red
Dislikes: Impatient people, time, being old, chocolate
Fun Facts: He is a very good guitar and ukelele player.

Style A Casual Wear

Style B Secondary Casual Wear/Winter Wear

Eli R. Derron
Age: 21 (at death)
Job: Student
Personality: Excited, optimistic
Likes: Red, cheese, bread, sleeping
Dislikes: Road trips, purple, wearing earbuds due to it being uncomfortable for him
Fun Facts: He died when someone shot him at a grilled cheese shop.

NOTE: Eli is a dead character, he died of murder.

Style A School Wear

Style B Formal Wear

Layla Kirstie Karrington
Age: 24
Job: Makeup Designer (barely works, but she is a student as well)
Personality: "Mean girl", dramatic, aggresive
Likes: Makeup, the movies, gossip, school
Dislikes: Fake friends, loud noises
Fun Facts: An excellent swimmer, and she has won many swimming competitions. (estimate: 8-13 won)

Style A Casual Wear

Style B Formal Wear (sometimes casual wear)

Adam "Akari Fan" Jackson
Age: 25
Job: Cashier
Personality: TOO happy, not worried at all
Likes: Bananas, yellow, cheese, spagetti, games
Dislikes: Waiting, bad games, any bananas that aren't yellow
Fun Facts: He eats 4-10 bananas a day

Style A Formal Wear

Style B Casual Wear

Chris John Emparo (Often referred to as "Chris J" or "Chris E")
Age: 43
Job: Critic/Closer
Personality: Picky, nice
Likes: Food, cooking
Dislikes: Bad food
Fun Facts: He has been a critic for 15 years, before that he used to be a chef

Style A Work/Formal Wear

Style B Casual Wear (Could be another Formal Wear as well)

Kai Naikado (NAY-KAH-DOH)
Age: 17
Job: Student
Personality: Nice, sweet, caring
Likes: Guns, water, noodles, chicken
Dislikes: technology, confusing stuff, school
Fun Facts: N/A

Style A Casual Wear

Style B Secondary Casual Wear

David Johnson
Age: 6
Job: he's 6
Personality: Clueless, gentle, cute, loving
Likes: Peanut Butter, goldfish, soccer
Dislikes: Bugs, being yelled at
Fun Facts: N/A

Style A Casual Wear

Style B Secondary Casual Wear

Christina Johnson
Age: 29
Job: Caregiver
Personality: Gentle, playful, caring
Likes: Green, avocados, black, pie
Dislikes: Sad people, blood, hospitals
Fun Facts: She is David's mom.

Style A Casual Wear

Style B Secondary Casual Wear

Nolan Middleton
Age: 18
Job: Zachary's Bakeria employee
Personality: Laid back, scared
Likes: Pie, trucking, basketball, soccer, baseball, red
Dislikes: Spiders, bugs, brown
Fun Facts: He can play the guitar

Style A Casual Wear

Style B Work Wear

Andre Hanther
Age: 19
Job: Zachary's Bakeria employee
Personality: Happy, chill
Likes: Pie, black, blue, chips, basketball, shoes
Dislikes: Vanilla plain, sauces that aren't spicy, celery
Fun Facts: He is 6'9 already, and an excellent basketball player

Style A Casual Wear

Style B Work Wear

Amanda Thomas
Age: 16
Job: Student and Part Time Face Painter/Costume Designer
Personality: Scary, fun, playful
Likes: Noodles, halloween, skeleton, money
Dislikes: Pizza(xd), mansions that are too big, people that insult
Fun Facts: She is a halloween face painter sometimes, and costume designer. She has scared about 140+ people in her life

Style A Casual Wear/Costume

Style B Secondary Casual Wear

Natalie Karrington
Age: 52
Job: Caregiver
Personality: Caring
Likes: Yellow, racing, sports
Dislikes: Red, baseball, doughnuts and sugary items.
Fun Facts: Mother of Zach, Chris & Layla

Style A Casual Wear

Style B Exercise Wear

Maurice Karrington
Age: 52--almost 53
Job: Basketball player
Personality: Chill, worried
Likes: Red, basketball, football, ps4 and game consoles
Dislikes: Salt, green, soda
Fun Facts: Won 4 championships in QBA (Quarterwood Basketball Association), now retired but plays in RBC (Ridgoe Basketball Club)

Style A Casual Wear

Style B Secondary Casual Wear

Patrick Chino Sylade
Age: 17
Job: Waiter and Rockstar
Personality: Chill, sweet
Likes: rock and roll, bands, blood, red, bones, halloween
Dislikes: his job, money, sweets
Fun Facts: He is the lead singer and guitarist for a rock and roll band.

Style A Rock Wear

Style B Work Wear

Giovanni Simmons
Age: 48
Job: Secret Agent/Director of QIA
Personality: Strict, rude
Likes: Brown, formal wear, suits, cakes, pies, holidays
Dislikes: Untermainbach (Jody's country), Splinters, bright colors, flowers
Fun Facts: N/A

Style A Work Wear/Formal Wear

Style B Secondary Work Wear/Formal Wear

Marissa Suprella
Age: 23
Job: Artist/Ticket Booth Clerk
Personality: Nice, inspiring
Likes: Purple(a lot), superheros, comics, art, college, black, children, saving people
Dislikes: Blue, sad themes, horror movies, dark colors, dead flowers, sharp items, Lavawoman her main rival
Fun Facts: She is secretly a superhero..her superhero form is below this spoiler.

Style A School Wear/Art Wear

Style B Casual Wear

Mrs Super (Disguise name: Mary)
Age: 23
Job: Superhero, ticket booth clerk
Personality: Nice, strict, inspiring, helpful
Likes: Same as Marissa
Dislikes: Same as Marissa
Fun Facts: She is a superhero, Marissa is her REAL self, her disguise name is Mary for when she doesn't want people to know her real name, she acts like Marissa and herself are "twin sisters".

Style A Superhero Wear

Style B Work Wear (Ticket Booth Clerk)

Naomi Chissels
Age: 31
Job: Bartender
Personality: Nice
Likes: Holidays (a lot, though Easter is her favorite), Easter, Christmas, soda, black and white, aesthetic themes, dancing, ballet
Dislikes: Dead people, graveyards, ghosts, being sick, fire, some advanced electronics

Style H-A Casual Easter Wear

Style H-B Casual Chrismas Wear
47  Community / Roleplaying / Family/Town Roleplay on: September 21, 2017, 05:26:38 PM
Welcome to imstillthinkingabouthenameTown! We are a fun, loving community and welcome people from anywhere!

Families & Jobs:
Karrington Family
Smith Family
Wilson Family
Wonder Family
Custom Family

No Job
Real Estate
Custom Job


Name: First Name Last Name

Love Status:

Position in Family:

--Insert Picture of Character here-- (OPTIONAL)

48  Community / Fan Fiction / Flipline Skits (ZechAkari) on: September 21, 2017, 07:32:03 AM
joining the skit trend, taking requests but im also gonna do skits
49  Community / Fan Games / Papa Louie 4: When Tacos Attack (ZechAkari's version) on: September 20, 2017, 08:14:43 PM
Credit to Sean for idea. I just have a lot of ideas for this game, so sorry if you feel I copied.

Level 1: Burrito Bay
Level 2: Rice Road
Level 3: Casserole Jungle
Level 4: Enchilatown
Level 5: Lake Nacho
Level 6: Quesadilla River
Level 7: Tortilla Beach
Level 8: Guacamole Caverns
Level 9: Ocean Madish
Level 10: The X Zone

Starter Character: Mitch or Maggie (No ability) (Both weapons are a fryer)

Burrito Bay:
Rescue Carlo Romano (Needs no ability) (Weapon: Banjo, rapid melee) (ability: none)
Rescue Tohru (needs no ability) (ability: none)
Rescue Kayla (needs ground pound) (ability: dash)
Defeat 3 Tacotarantulas(still thinking) needs no ability
Find 5 Coins (still thinking) needs ground pound
Find 100 Coins (needs gliding)

Rice Road:
Rescue Rhonda (needs no ability) (ability: ground pound)
Rescue Franco (needs ground pound) (ability:none)
Rescue Kenji (needs dash) (ability: none)
Defeat 6 Tacoturantulas (needs gliding)
Find 5 Coins (needs x2 jump)
Find 100 Coins (needs ground pound)

Casserole Jungle:
Rescue Nick (needs no ability) (ability: swim)
Rescue Zoe (needs: swim) (ability: none)
Rescue Georgito (needs: x2 jump) (ability: crawl)
Defeat 8 Tacoturantulas (needs crawl)
Find 5 Coins (needs swim)
Find 100 Coins (needs: dash)

Rescue Jojo (needs no ability) (ability: x2 jump)
Rescue Gremmie (needs x2 jump) (ability: swim)
Rescue Quinn (needs crawl) (ability: none)
Defeat 11 Tacoturantulas (needs: swim)
Find 5 Coins (needs: pushing)
Find 100 Coins (needs: wall jump)
NEW BOSS: Tako Tariyoce (thinking)

Lake Nacho:
Rescue Rico (needs no ability) (ability: pushing)
Rescue Allan (needs dash) (ability: double jump)
Rescue Ninjoy (needs pushing) (ability: wall jump)
Defeat _ Burgerzillas (needs wall jump)
Find 5 Coins (needs swim)
Find 100 Coins (needs pushing)

50  Apps / Papa's Hot Doggeria HD / Will games on tablet be added to phone? on: September 20, 2017, 07:19:48 PM
My favorite games I want to play on the go, but I only have a phone, not a tablet.
Will games like Hot Doggeria be added to a phone?
51  Community / Fan Games / Papa's Seafooderia on: September 19, 2017, 07:10:27 PM
Chefs: Austin & Ember

Location: Barcalu Bay (CUSTOM PLACE)
Location Near: Calypso Island

Austin & Ember win a vacation to Calypso Island. They hop on a ship. Papa Louie and many customers are on the ship as well, and the ship crashes. They find themself at a mysterious bay. They find an abandoned building, which looked like an old restaurant. Papa Louie claims the restaurant, starting Papa's Seafooderia. Luckily, there are many living spaces. As the customers were included in the crash, they already had many customers to serve. Austin & Ember were not expecting their vacation to turn into this. Now Papa's Seafooderia is growing popularity everywhere.

New Customers:


52  Community / Community Q&A / If a customer was in a Papa Louie game, What would be their ability and weapon? on: September 19, 2017, 05:44:09 PM
Mary's would be a paintball gun or paintbrush.

Her ability would be none, or swimming. (Maybe dash)
53  General / Suggestions / Who would you like to see in Papa Louie 4? on: September 19, 2017, 05:35:44 PM
I would like to see Quinn, JoJo, Doan, Mary, Bertha and one of the Romanos in Papa Louie 4.

What about you?
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