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31  General / General Discussion / Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Gameria on: May 08, 2019, 01:14:59 PM
Yes, usually a tier list starts from S, then goes alphabetically from A to F, sometimes even H if the game or whatever the list is based on has a lot more variables.
32  Flipline Games / Unfinished Sarge Game / Re: Unfinished Sarge Game Discussion on: May 08, 2019, 01:13:01 PM
The game seemed pretty interesting. It’s cool to know the origin of some of the Papa Louie 2 enemies.
33  Community / Community Q&A / Re: Speedo's Q&A Lounge! on: May 07, 2019, 06:23:22 PM
Favorite cartoon? Sorry if this was already asked I did not look at much previous posts.
34  Apps / Papa's Burgeria To Go! / Re: Did you ever buy this game? on: May 07, 2019, 06:21:03 PM
I’ve played it, was pretty fun. Significantly easier than the Web and HD versions because less customers in a single day and no patty temperature. I’d recommend it definitely.
35  Apps / Papa's Burgeria HD / Re: Burgeria HD? on: May 07, 2019, 06:18:32 PM
The title has been like that since launch. Pretty sure it’s supposed to be like that.
36  General / General Discussion / Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Gameria on: May 07, 2019, 05:40:43 PM
That’s pretty cool
37  Apps / Papa Louie Pals / Re: The Adventures of Joey Jr. Detective, Part 24, Final Chapter Is OUT!!! Poll Up!! on: May 07, 2019, 04:43:06 PM
Just read a bit of it, pretty nice! Congrats! Smiley
38  General / General Discussion / Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Gameria on: May 07, 2019, 04:32:47 PM
I created a tier list for my favorite gamerias. Here it is below:

Again, all games are great in my opinion this is just ranking them in order and by tiers for how much I like them.

If you want to create you own tier list, here is the link to the template:
39  General / Help and Support / Re: How to get colored usernames? on: May 07, 2019, 04:13:30 PM
Thank you for the information.
40  General / Help and Support / How to get colored usernames? on: May 07, 2019, 03:07:09 PM
Simple question, how do I get a colored username? I checked in the settings and could not find anything.
41  General / General Discussion / Re: Unpopular Opinions About Flipline games, apps, and the forum on: May 07, 2019, 01:53:13 PM
Wylan B is actually one of my favorite customers.
42  General / General Discussion / Re: Favorite and Least Favorite Gameria on: May 07, 2019, 01:48:02 PM
Donuteria is definitely one of the best in my opinion. It was interesting to make three items, similarly to Cupcakeria where you made two. My second favorite is definitely Pastaria though, very nostalgic and it's currently the only one I unlocked all gold customers.
43  General / General Discussion / Favorite and Least Favorite Gameria on: May 06, 2019, 08:33:07 PM
Hello, flipline fans. What is your personal favorite and least favorite gameria? I by no means think any of the games are bad, all of them are very well made and fun. I definitely do say, that I prefer others over others so I decided to post this.

My favorite is:
Papa's Burgeria. Why I really like Papa's Burgeria is the challenge, if you play HD or To Go!, It'll be about the same difficulty as the rest. But I'm talking about the original flash Burgeria, with the 10 customers that come in really fast, the low amount of lobby upgrades that make the order station very hard. That one to me is very fun because of the simplicity and the difficulty. While it does not have many different features, I still really enjoy it due to the fast paced gameplay and difficulty.
My least favorite is:
Papa's Bakeria. Why I don't care for Papa's Bakeria as much as the others, well I of course, like the game, it's good. But I feel that the game is too slow paced for me, the baking takes about 45 seconds with boosters and customers can order a lot of topping to drag, so it can take quite a while to finish a day. Again, Bakeria is by no means a bad game, just not my favorite.

So, what are your opinions? Share them below!
44  Flipline Games / Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack! / Re: Papa louie 2 or Papa louie 3 on: May 06, 2019, 08:20:09 PM
I personally prefer Papa Louie 2 for many reasons. I like how there's no water, while yes, the water parts were fun in PL3, I just find the standard parts to be more fun. The game is also pretty nostalgic to me as I first played in 2013. There are a few more reasons but I don't think I need to go on about this too long, basically I just prefer PL2 in general.
In the end, both are great games, I just prefer PL2 personally.
45  Community / Fan Games / Re: Papa’s Quesadillaria on: May 06, 2019, 08:04:52 PM
Pretty good so far. Nice job. Smiley
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