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1  General / General Discussion / Speedrunning Papa Louie games! on: February 13, 2018, 03:29:56 PM
Hello everyone, have you ever thought about speedrunning Papa Louie games?
Here's a link to the page of the series on
All of the games (except the HD and To Go! games) are there, and you can run them anytime!

Here are a few steps:
1: Download LiveSplit, search "LiveSplit" and download it. (You can skip this if you want to use any other stopwatch/timer program)
2: Setup LiveSplit, and get it ready for use.
3: Do a speedrun on whichever category you'd like, and record it.
4: Upload your video of your speedrun to YouTube, or anywhere else.
5: Make an account on, if you haven't already.
6: Publish your run to it's page respectively. (Your run will be verified by one of the moderators of the game respectively. I am a moderator of all the Papa Louie games, so I can verify your runs)
That's it, pretty simple. If you wanna speedrun a Papa's Gameria game, I highly recommend doing a "Rank 5" speedrun, which is just getting to Rank 5 as fast as possible.

Here's a guide on speedrunning the Gamerias:

Hope you have fun speedrunning Papa Louie games, and remember to always be friendly to your competitors. Smiley
2  Flipline Games / Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack! / Papa Louie 2 Speedruns! (TRICKS AND GLITCHES TO HELP YOU PLAY!) on: October 18, 2017, 01:23:37 PM
Hey! I have the WR (World Record) for the PL2 Speedrun! (Papa Louie 2)  Hooray
And there's a LOT of speedrun tricks and glitches to use! here is my playlist of my videos on PL2 showing off these tricks, glitches, and my speedruns are there too.
Anyway, you should check it out... want a sneak peek?... Scooter can kill all enemies at once!!  Wink
and not only that she can insta-kill both of the bosses with her skateboarding... If you watch all of my PL2 videos, you will have a LOT more knowledge of the game, so what are you waiting for!? check 'em out!  Sleepy
maybe you can skip my old runs, like the "Outdated" ones... just watch the current WR.

check this video's description for a more in-depth guide on how to insta-kill the bosses. (Scooter Only)  :3

oh and this one is for the insta-killing all enemies. (and just hurting the higher HP ones, also Scooter Only)  Smiley

And another link... to the page for PL2!  Cheesy
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