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1  Community / Fan Games / Danganronpa: Trepidation Rising on: April 19, 2018, 09:02:38 PM
I hope I'm allowed to post this here!
This topic is about my danganronpa fangame. Go ahead and ask questions if you'd like!

I'm going to post about each character first,in groups of four at a time. Then i'll move on to the chapters!!

Bear with me bc i gotta type the first descriptions
2  Community / Fan Characters / Abbey (that's me)'s FC's (and Q&A?) on: March 12, 2018, 07:14:02 PM
Annie is a starry-eyed girl who dreams of being famous. While she's generally a cheery, optimistic gal, she can be rather reckless and indecisive. She takes drama at Burgerburgh High, and aims for broadway. She also has a summer job in Starlight City at Papa's Wingeria.

(her image reads taylor- she was renamed)
Avery is a wizard with technology. When not busy with college, she can be found building robots at her apartment in Tastyville, or cooking hotdogs at the Griller Stadium- she is a big fan of baseball.

Marilyn is a relaxed, friendly girl from Frostfield. A recent graduate from Hazelnut High School, she plans to become a doctor at Frostfield Clinic- a fitting job for her caring, nursing nature. While wise, she is somewhat forgetful and airheaded, and can be found wandering the town with her head in the clouds. To pay for all the books she buys, she works part-time at Papa's Cupcakeria.

Eli is a stubborn gal from Toastwood. She is easily bored, and is often looking for adventure- she works at Papa's Cheeseria when at home, but her summer job is working at Powder Point's amusement park. She loves thrill rides, and always rides one or two when her shift is over. Wherever she is working, she likes to strike up conversation with customers and often slacks off, but works hard when she isn't taking a quick break.

Jackie is a carefree girl from Oniontown. When not serving up cookie sundaes at Papa's Scooperia, she might be seen listening to Scarlett and the Shaker's latest hits, or drawing cartoons in her sketchbook. She has a rebellious side to her, despite her generally chill and kind demeanor- she can sometimes be caught doing graffiti late at night. She truly means well, though, but can be rather shy.

yes they're all girls.. i cannot control myself. more may be created eventually.
they're all pretty newly developed but questions would be appreciated as they would help me develop them more!
images will be in the next posts
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