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    Welcome, to the arena. You have been chosen to fight against others of your own kind just to please us. Do not try to be peaceful or leave the arena, you'll be executed without a second thought. Now, usually we'd just throw you headfirst into the bloodbath but I guess we have to make sure you know the rules. Make yourself comfortable because this is the last time you're ever gonna be comfortable, I'm going to explain to you the rules of If you do manage to survive your first game, do know that some future games might have certain
twists to them...

How To Play:

You start with 3 health, with the maximum amount of health being 4. This game is a turn-based game, every round you may choose one of the following actions as your turn. The actions you can choose are:
Attack: Damage an opponent (of choice) for 1 health
Heal: Increase your health by 1, you fail to heal if you are attacked
Block: Blocks a single attack against you (Blocks lowest damage attack), if you successfully block your shield breaks and you must repair it to block again
Counter: Anyone who attacks you is instead damaged for 1 health and you aren't, if no one attacks you then you are damaged for 1 health
Repair: If you successfully block then your shield breaks, you must spend a turn repairing it to block again but if you are attacked you fail to repair it

  • You cannot attack yourself
  • Maximum health is 4 and you cannot heal above it
  • You cannot do nothing for a turn, if you do nothing for a turn you become idle and take 1 point of damage, 2 turns idle and you get removed from the game
  • PM me your turns, do not post them in the thread, you may discuss the game in the thread
You may not change your turn after submitting it unless your turn is invalid, if your turn is invalid you must change it otherwise you will do nothing and become idle[/li]
[li]Players may truce but do not have to follow it[/li]
[li]No not having fun[/li]

Health Counter:

Game 1:


If you want to join then simply post that you want to join in the thread, game starts with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10

Note: I will update this game, I'm just starting with the essentials to see if the community likes the game
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