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1  Community / Roleplaying / ~Noodles Clan~ on: October 15, 2020, 05:07:46 AM
Hewwo, this is the noodles clan UwU
This roleplay is technically about a clan of pots of noodles (as the title suggests, duh!). Humans are allowed to be in our clan but they must promise to shower us with love and affection and flavours. If you’re a noodle-eating human, you are NOT allowed in our clan ÒnÓ
If any humans in our clan eats any of us noodles or me, the clan leader, they will be tranquillised and thrown out of the clan ÒnÓ
But, if they did it on accident, it’s alright. But if the same accident happens three times, bye bye human, we don’t want you eating us ÒwÓ
You can choose to be either a pot of noodles (Any flavouring is allowed OwO), a human who is gonna protect us and shower us with love, affection and flavours, or the noodle-eating humans, which is a no-no ÒnÓ

(BTW, I’m a pot of noodles with drawn on glasses)

Characters in this roleplay (so far):
*Neutral means not an ally, but neither an enemy (or a mix between an ally and an enemy XP)
Strikethrough means that a character in this roleplay has died.

Noodle: The queen/leader of the noodles (ally)
Chicken noodle: A fellow pot of noodles, best friends with the noodle leader (ally)
Curry noodle: A fellow pot of noodles, in charge of the weaponry (ally)
Chili Beef noodle: A fellow pot of noodles, provides food (ally)
Sweet and Sour noodle: A fellow pot of noodles, provides water and other beverages, alongside Chicken noodle (ally)
Chow Mein noodle: A fellow pot of noodles, teaches the younglings how to fight (ally)
ShinySharp: A fellow pot of noodle (ally)
Kismala: A giant human (ally)
Spongeboymebob: A... sponge (neutral*)
Lynx: A giant human (ally)
ejb5634: A giant human (?) (ally)
Drama Watcher: A giant human (former enemy, now ally)
KeinkoMusic: Leader of the sushi clan... who is also part of the noodles clan (ally)
Brother Z: Is a... Brother Z as he claims XP but is a giant human (ally)
sus: A bad, bad human who tried to eat us ÒnÓ (enemy)
Hades: Another bad, bad human who ate one of our members ÒnÓ (enemy)
Bluey: A blue, bouncy ball (ally)
Noelley: A giant human who somehow can fall for eternity XP (formally neutral, now ally)
King Spag: King/leader of the spaghetti clan (enemy)
Pork noodle: A fellow pot of noodles, got expelled from his other clan (ally)
“The Ultimate Strings” clan: Another noodles clan, the one that Pork noodle was formally in (enemy)
Spumoni noodle: A fellow pot of noodles, joined the clan in a sudden surprise (is actually a traitor but no one knows, but he’s considered an ally)
Seafood noodle: A fellow pot of noodles, will watch for enemies and spies (ally)
2  Community / Fan Characters / Welcome To The House of Doodle's FC's (Discussion + QNA) on: October 10, 2020, 10:16:18 AM
(I've recreated my FC topic so that users can vote for multiple FC's on the poll XP)
So, yeah... I've created an FC Topic. Enjoy looking at my weird but possibly amusing FC's and ask them a question!

Room 1

Room 2

Room 3

Room 4

Obviously, these pictures will be updated whenever I add a new FC to the "family".
3  Community / Fan Art / ~Noodle’s Doodles~ on: September 01, 2020, 08:37:47 AM
Hi everybody! *cue the “Hi Dr. Nick!”*
I’ve decided to make my own fan art topic.
Here on this topic, you will find: non-flipline fan art, my FC's (and OC’s), ships, mini comics and such...
Hope you enjoy looking through my arts! If not, then... well... I can’t do anything about that XP
Quick note: For comics or silly drawings, I'll vary my artstyle to add some humour to the drawings XP
4  Community / Community Q&A / ~Noodle’s Tea Party (AMA)~ on: August 03, 2020, 07:52:42 PM

So, I created my QnA a few months ago, then I deleted it... and now I’ve recreated it, so yeah...
Ask me anything! From FC’s, to music, to literally anything. (But do NOT ask anything that’s too personal or inappropriate (it’ll make me uncomfortable UwU))
I'll answer some questions with scenes, others not (mostly without scenes because I’m too damn lazy XP)
5  Community / Fan Characters / Kawaii's Funnily FC Archive on: June 29, 2020, 05:34:04 PM
Hi, everybody! *cue the "Hi, Dr Nick!"*
This is my FC topic where I'll be posting my new FCs (obviously...)
This topic will be kept locked. If you find it unlocked, it means that I'm updating on this topic, so please do not reply.

30/06: This topic was created...
30/06: Cynthia, Amelie, Rodrik, Cat, Liam, Arizona, Andrew and Maya were added.
05/07: Mary Jane and CJ were added. Changed the colour of Maya's Style A shirt.
29/08: Ativeer, Michael, Zach and Gigi-Kim were added. Added ‘Height’ and ‘Sexuality’ to everyone’s bio.
05/09 Lady is added. Added a Style B for Mary-Jane and CJ.
10/09 Mike, Justin, Kiki and Mari were added.
16/09 Changed a few tweaks on some FC’s.
23/09 Charles and Elisa were added.
24/09 Sylvia and Stryker were added.
26/09 Added a Style B for Ativeer, Michael, Zach, Gigi-Kim, Sylvia and Stryker.
04/10 Neil, Aurora, Charlotte, Ernesto and Finlay were added.
10/10 Changed up some FC's design.
14/10 Ana and Zahari were added.
26/10 Grizzly and Vinnie were added.
19/11 Kianne and Blake were added.
21/11 Added a Style H to Amelie, Andrew, Mary-Jane, Ativeer and Lady.

FC Links

6  Community / Fan Art / ~DoodleNoodle’s Drawing Request~ [Closed] on: June 15, 2020, 08:30:24 AM
Send me your drawing requests!
. I’ll draw Flipline, non-Flipline, FC’s and ships.
. If you want me to draw your FC, show me a pic for reference and please tell me their eye colour (however, if you don’t tell me their eye colour, then I’ll pick an eye colour for them XP) Also, if you want to, tell me if you want your FC (or a recommended non FC request) drawn with a half body (only draw up to their torso, maybe near the knees) or with a full body (you should know what that means XP)
. No inappropriate requests! If I reject your request because I find it weird (although probably no one’s requests will be weird, lol), don’t fuss about it.
. Please be patient, it takes a long time for me to draw something (although generally, I procrastinate one too many times XP) .
. Do not request anything when the requests are closed.
. If your request is still on the pending slot, please wait until I’ve finished it before requesting again. In other words, don’t send in multiple requests Nervous

Pending request slot:
1. Jeff x Malessica (dragon-human form) for Adrian2802
2. Medha by topeka
3. Jezebel by #Sweet cake
4. Aiguo (in his Halloween outfit) by Silver Shades
5. Leona (in her were-leopard form) for Lynx
6. ‘Butcher being the evil little woman she is’ for ChurroSalesman25
7. Glenn by Qualityghosst
8. Miss Fischer by Super Boomen
9. Any FC for ^Poseidon^
10. Lucky by Drama Watcher

Finished requests:
. Yumiko by -Iced_Ibzy-
. Mystery by Petey K
. Demi by Timm~Quinn
. Lola by -Loth-
. Brian by James
. Thiago by Almei
. Andrea by Super Boomen
. Cora by Ecopania
. Ms. Stones by Adrian2802
. Nova by -Phil-
. Miranda by Zuko
. Karen by Maestro
. Haruhi Suzumiya and Shinx For Ducky Mioda
. Gray by Drama Watcher
. Dan by mika
. Izumika by Gothboiclique
. Esmé by ~Faith~
. Rotobaga for sus
. Any FC for Sokka
. Chimaera by Ecopania
. April by Spearmint
. Petey K (human form) for Petey K
. Drago (with his sailfin dragon) by Lynx (request changed)
. Tyler by Almei (request changed)
. Leon by Ecopania
. Nany by Adrian2802
. Carl by Greenste
. Kai by Bassettt
. Shawna’s Customer-sona
. Leo by ChurroSalesman25
. Pen (as a pen) by KeinkoMusic
. Avery (with her pet dog) by Silver Shades
. Oldiei by Almei (request changed)
. Nyla (with a parrot on her shoulder, eagle or hawk on her arm, and various birds) for Lynx
. Vanna by Petey K
. Hailey by Timm~Quinn
. Wisconsin by Forneus
. Noelle and Vika hanging out for Noelley
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