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1  General / General Discussion / Kingsley's Customerpalooza Situation on: July 30, 2019, 09:09:34 AM
If we see someone has submitted more characters than allowed, we usually disqualify some of them so they can't make it into the Top 32.

So basically, when I started to wonder about one group chat why the person who has 2 sets of characters, managed to snag one of the characters in, I commenced my investigation with two of my friends on Facebook [this remained anonymous due to personal (because Facebook) and confidential reasons].

At the end of investigation, this concludes that Matt made the right decision: Allow only the first set of characters but disqualify anymore further sets of characters submitted by the same person. Unless if you're some account which used by multiple people [I have seen one], this one takes a cake.

For me, disqualifying someone already on the Top 32 doesn't make things right and cut the Flipline's reputation of being fair. But honestly, it's all about common sense why one set of characters per person.

In regards of ~Aqua~'s case, the one who is recently accused of this case, it's safe to say his Donny is only character that will be in, and that's it. Yes, it was part of his first set, but Solar/Herald/Trixie, which it is part of the second set, is disqualified.

Oh, in addition, best to use your originality since someone copied Ibzy's name and his characters to enter the competition, Matt got his banhammer to the person who did it, disqualifying him from the competition [Ibzy is safe].

Add up, voting to your own characters too much can also gets you disqualified. There's a history about this and once you have done it, you're much out of here.

Best to use common sense folks.
Mira (Erikah Mabayo on Wikia)

A little take note that this topic is A-OK to be separate from KCP Discussion.
A few moments earlier:
Matt [Jul 30 11:59 PM]:   @Rias I guess so, what did you want to post about?
Rias [Jul 30 11:59 PM]:   About the multiple sets for KCP.
Matt [Jul 31 12:00 AM]:   yeah I guess that would be fine
2  General / Forum Discussion / How many PMs do you have? on: July 27, 2019, 09:59:06 PM
When I was ewn [my 4th account], I always kept my PM count to 666.

No regrets.
3  General / Help and Support / Avatar Change Problems on: July 22, 2019, 10:18:58 AM

To ask a question, how big should be the maximum file size?
Yes, my current avatar got through, but not the another one I'm also testing.
4  Community / Sign-Up Games / Majority Rules: Game 11 on: May 13, 2019, 01:16:56 AM
1. Alex Amethyst
1. wannabeontop

3. Ibzy [Eliminated Final]
4. -YellowPenguins- [Inactive FR1/R4]
5. JEBZ Komics [Eliminated R3]
6. Speedo [Quit R2]
7. Nίκοs [Eliminated R2]
8. SuperMarioBros [Eliminated R2]
9. Rocky [Eliminated R2]
10. Ianiant [Eliminated R2]
11. Aceticke [Inactive R2]
12. Tamatim [Inactive R2]

Note that at the end of the game, this will be merged.


ROUND 1: Hifumi Togo or Yu Narukami?
Result: Tie [6-6]
Notes: Tamatim had a reasonable excuse to avoid elimination.

Speedo - Hifumi Togo
Ianiant - Hifumi Togo
wannabeontop - Hifumi Togo
YP - Hifumi Togo
Alex - Yu Narukami
Nikos - Hifumi Togo
Rocky - Yu Narukami
Ibzy - Yu Narukami
JEBZ - Hifumi Togo
Ace - Yu Narukami
SMB - Yu Narukami
Tamatim - Yu Narukami

ROUND 2: Pyrrha Nikos or Cinder Fall?
Result: Cinder Fall [6*-4-2]
Notes: Speedo quit afterwards.

Speedo - Cinder Fall
wannabeontop - Cinder Fall
YP - Cinder Fall
Alex - Cinder Fall
Ibzy - Cinder Fall
JEBZ - Cinder Fall
Ianiant - Pyrrha Nikos
Nikos - Pyrrha Nikos
Rocky - Pyrrha Nikos
SMB - Pyrrha Nikos
Ace - N/A
Tamatim - N/A

ROUND 3: Robby or Allan?
Result: Robby [4-1]

wannabeontop - Robby
YP - Robby
Alex - Robby
Ibzy - Robby
JEBZ - Allan

FINAL RUSH 1: Rias Gremory or Raven Branwen?
Result: Raven Branwen [2-1*]
Reality Shift: People having the most points survive.

wannabeontop - Raven Branwen (+1), Wallpaper: Not Picked (0)
Ibzy - Raven Branwen (+1), Wallpaper: N/A (0).
Alex - Rias Gremory (0), Wallpaper: Picked (+1).
YP - N/A (0), N/A (0)

FINAL RUSH 2: Kurumi Tokisaki or Emerald Sustrai?
Result: Kurumi Tokisaki [2-1]

Alex - Kurumi Tokisaki
wannabeontop - Kurumi Tokisaki
Ibzy - Emerald Sustrai

WINNERS: Alex Amethyst, wannabeontop
5  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWG CXV: Mirai [Zetsubou: Wolf] on: April 01, 2019, 08:59:23 PM
This will be opened once all participants received a PM about their roles and their teams.

Good luck.
6  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWG CXV: Mirai [Lounge] on: March 31, 2019, 06:39:35 PM
I honestly can't bother not doing things in the forum for awhile. BTW:

Role list:




Brutal Wolf

Disguised Wolf


Oh, story soon, and sign-ups open for now for 12.
7  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWG CXIV: The Lost Files [Wolves] on: October 04, 2018, 04:57:53 PM
So it's time, this was the night I gotta deal with this area... There's no sign of maids because they are asleep, nor it was someone under the Saihara tag. Haven't seen what they call "Wolves", but still I gotta be careful... Good grief...

What am I anyway...? I wanted to know everybody without making a damn issue... that was me... Rodrigo Mizanin under the username "Lilith"...

Argh, Wolves!


Bae Ho-Seong, pro gamer [Penguin]
Clara Bischoff, pro gamer [TUA]
Amber Reckonn, pyromaniac
Iruma Tojo, talent unknown
Isabella Romanova, scientist [Gre3n]
Cassie Moats, talent unknown [Moon]
Harold Gagarin, holy knight [Pine-Apple]

Calvin McCloud, swordsman [Trans]
Dylan Linberk, swordsman
Jenna Ranallo, freight forwarder
Quattro Sigundo, comedian [eevee]
Katarina Yamarov, military strategist
Aimee Cope, talent unknown
8  Community / Other Forum Games / Danganronpa Hurt and Heal: Season 2 on: September 30, 2018, 07:03:39 PM
Okay, the rules are simple. Each post, you will heal one character by 1 point and hurt them by 1 point. When a character reaches 0 they are eliminated. Last one standing wins.

Please keep the characters organized by amount of points.

Copy/paste the list into your post, change the numbers, PLEASE STATE WHO YOU HEAL/HURT. That is all.

Original List:
Akane Owari: 15
Angie Yonaga: 15
Aoi Asahina: 15
Byakuya Togami: 15
Celestia Ludenberg: 15
Chiaki Nanami: 15
Chihiro Fujisaki: 15
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu: 15
Genocide Jack: 15
Gonta Gokuhara: 15
Gundham Tanaka: 15
Hajime Hinata: 15
Hifumi Yamada: 15
Himiko Yumeno: 15
Hiyoko Saionji: 15
Ibuki Mioda: 15
Junko Enoshima: 15
K1-B0: 15
Kaede Akamatsu: 15
Kaito Momota: 15
Kazuichi Soda: 15
Kirumi Tojo: 15
Kiyotaka Ishimaru: 15
Kokichi Oma: 15
Korekiyo Shinguji: 15
Kyoko Kirigiri: 15
Leon Kuwata: 15
Mahiru Koizumi: 15
Maki Harukawa: 15
Makoto Naegi: 15
Mikan Tsumiki: 15
Miu Iruma: 15
Mondo Owada: 15
Mukuro Ikusaba: 15
Nagito Komaeda: 15
Nekomaru Nidai: 15
Peko Pekoyama: 15
Rantaro Amami: 15
Ryoma Hoshi: 15
Sakura Ogami: 15
Sayaka Maizono: 15
Shuichi Saihara: 15
Sonia Nevermind: 15
Tenko Chabashira: 15
Teruteru Hanamura: 15
Tsumugi Shirogane: 15
Ultimate Imposter: 15
Yasuhiro Hagakure: 15

- To claim the power-up, you need to take a screenshot for it otherwise it is invalid.
- You must include the Up/Down or Heal/Hurt if you can. Otherwise it won't count as other can catch.
- Limit marked to 100, and that's until Top 10.
- Absolutely no raging. Oh well.


[This remained locked due to the fact I can't host S2, Nick still]

X00th post: Minor Life Siphon [Makes the Hurt/Heal 5x stronger on one.]
X500th, post: Major Life Siphon [Makes the Hurt/Heal 10x stronger on one.]
X000th post: Resurrect / Instakill [Can either resurrect someone [back to 20] in the game or kill someone in the game.]
9  General / Help and Support / Scooperia [Mobile] question... on: September 30, 2018, 03:43:36 PM
What's the required [Android] version to install it when I had time to pay for it?
10  Community / Sign-Up Games / Majority Rules: Records on: September 27, 2018, 11:02:17 AM
[because heck I'm bored enough to do so riskfully]

Game 1:
Host: Ember Moon
Winners: Toooaaastyyy and Headmaster Oofis

Round 1: Winter or Summer
Result: 10-1
Majority: Summer
Minority: Winter
Headmaster Oofis - Summer
android - Winter (Eliminated)
Lilith - Summer
Rantaro - Summer
Toooaaastyyy - Summer
Faithesque - Summer
snivader - Summer
God Usopp - Summer
Penguin022 - Summer
Kangablue - Summer
*Sayori - Quit

Summer: 10 Winter: 1

*- Sayori quit, but before the results post was posted she changed her decision and was given a second chance because of her having trouble with messaging

Round 2: Werewolves or Vampires?
Result: 6-5
Majority: Vampires
Minority: Werewolves
Rantaro - Werewolves (Eliminated)
Faithesque - Werewolves (Eliminated)
snivader - Vampires
Penguin022 - Werewolves (Eliminated)
Sayori - Vampires
REDACTED - Werewolves (Eliminated)
Toooaaastyyy - Vampires
God Usopp - Werewolves (Eliminated)
Lilith - Vampires
Kangablue - Vampires
Headmaster Oofis - Vampires

Werewolves: 5 Vampires: 6

Round 3: Visit the Past or Visit the Future?
Result: 4-2
Majority: Visit the Future
Minority: Visit the Past
Lilith - Visit the Future
Sayori - Visit the Past
Toooaaastyyy - Visit the Future
snivader - Visit the Past
Kangablue - Visit the Future
Headmaster Oofis - Visit the Future

Visit the Past: 2 Visit the Future: 4

Round 4: Coffee or Tea?
Result: 3-1
Majority: Tea
Minority: Coffee
Toooaaastyyy - Tea
Lilith - Coffee
Kangablue - Tea
Headmaster Oofis - Tea

Round 5: Pop Music or Rap Music?
Result: 2-1
Majority: Pop Music
Minority: Rap Music
Toooaaastyyy - Pop Music
Kangablue - Rap Music
Headmaster Oofis - Pop Music

1. Toooaaastyyy
1. Headmaster Oofis
3. Kangablue
4. Lilith
5. Sayori
5. snivader
7. Rantaro
7. Faithesque
7. Penguin022
7. God Usopp
12. android

Game 2:
Host: Lilith
Winners: Faithesque and Toooaaastyyy

Round 1: DotA II or League of Legends?
Result: 11-1
Majority: League of Legends
Minority: DotA II
God Usopp: LoL
android: LoL
Ember Moon: LoL
snivader: LoL LoL
Cosmic: LoL
Toooaaastyyy: LoL
Faith: LoL
Pingu2: LoL
Oofis: LoL

Moon: DotA II

Round 2: Palm Tree or Cactus?
Result: 7-4
Majority: Palm True
Minority: Cactus
Usopp: Cactus
Penguin: Cactus
Cosmic: Cactus
snivader: Cactus

Toooaaastyy: Palm Tree
Android: Palm Tree
Faithesque: Palm Tree
Ember Moon: Palm Tree
Oofis: Palm Tree Palm Tree

Round 3: Mario VS Waluigi?
Result: 4-3
Majority: Waluigi
Minority: Mario
Android: Mario
Ember Moon: Mario Mario

Faith: Waluigi
Toooaaastyyy: Waluigi
Oofis: Waluigi

Round 4: Signe or Sergei?
Result: 4-0
Majority: Sergei
Minority: -
Faith: Sergei
Toooaaastyyy: Sergei
Oofis: Sergei

Round 5: Vanilla or Strawberry?
Result: 3-1
Majority: Vanilla
Minority: Strawberry
Faith: Vanilla
Toooaaastyyy: Vanilla
Oofis: Strawberry

Round 6: Lilith or Morrigan?
Result: 2-1
Majority: Morrigan
Minority: Lilith
Faith: Morrigan
Toooaaastyyy: Morrigan

1. Faithesque
1. Toooaaastyyy
4. Headmaster Oofis
5. Ember Moon
5. android
8. God Usopp
8. Cosmic
8. snivader
8. Penguin022
12. Moon

Game 3:
Host: Ember Moon
Winners: snivader and Headmaster Oofis
Round 1: Halloween or Thanksgiving or Christmas?
Result: 10-1-1
Majority: Christmas
Minority: -
Votes: - Christmas
REDACTED - Christmas

Lilith - Halloween
Cat Kyle - Christmas
Moon - Christmas
Toooaaastyyy - Christmas
Headmaster Oofis - Christmas

jacobarmada - Thanksgiving
God Usopp - Christmas
snivader - Christmas
Sayori - Christmas
Cosmic - Christmas

Round 2: Lemon Crinkle Cookies or Peanut Butter Cookies?
Result: 12-0
Majority: Peanut Butter Cookies
Minority: -
Lilith - Peanut Butter - Peanut Butter
Cosmic - Peanut Butter
Moon - Peanut Butter
Cat Kyle - Peanut Butter
Toooaaastyyy - Peanut Butter
REDACTED - Peanut Butter
jacobarmada - Peanut Butter
God Usopp - Peanut Butter
snivader - Peanut Butter
Headmaster Oofis - Peanut Butter
Sayori - Peanut Butter

Round 3: Pancakes or Waffles?
Result: 6-5
Majority: Waffles
Minority: Pancakes
Lilith - Waffles
God Usopp - Pancakes
Toooaaastyyy - Waffles - Pancakes
jacobarmada - Pancakes

Cat Kyle - Waffles
REDACTED - Pancakes
Headmaster Oofis - Waffles
Moon - Pancakes
Cosmic - Waffles
snivader - Waffles

Sayori - Did not answer in time

Round 4: Wildberry Derps or Cupidberry Derps or Splashberry Derps?
Result: 4-1-1
Majority: Wildberry Derps
Minority: -
Cat Kyle - Wildberry
Lilith - Wildberry

Cosmic - Splashberry
snivader - Cupidberry
Toooaaastyyy - Wildberry
Headmaster Oofis - Wildberry

Round 5:  Love or  Crying Laughing?
Result: 5-1
Majority:  Crying Laughing
Minority:  Love
snivader -  Crying Laughing
Headmaster Oofis -  Crying Laughing
Toooaaastyyy -  Crying Laughing
Lilith -  Crying Laughing
Cosmic -  Crying Laughing
Cat Kyle -  Love

Round 6: Iron Man or Captain America?
Result: 3-2
Majority: Captain America
Minority: Iron Man
Headmaster Oofis - Captain America
Lilith - Iron Man
Toooaaastyyy - Iron Man
snivader - Captain America
Cosmic - Captain America

Round 7: Dr. Cherry or Purple Burple?
Result: 2-1
Majority: Purple Burple
Minority: Dr. Cherry
Cosmic - Dr. Cherry
snivader - Purple Burple
Headmaster Oofis - Purple Burple

1. snivader
1. Headmaster Oofis
3. Cosmic
4. Lilith
4. Toooaaastyyy
6. Cat Kyle
7. God Usopp
7. Moon
7. Sayori
7. jacobarmada

Game 4:
Host: Pine-Apple
Winners: Headmaster Oofis and Penguin022
Round 1: Cherry Bombs vs Cordial Bombs vs Truffle Bombs
Result: 8-5-1
Majority: Cherry Bombs
Minorities: Cordial Bombs and Truffle Bombs
Ember Moon - Cordial Bombs
Oofis - Cherry Bombs
Moon - Cherry Bombs
AyKooChao - Truffle Bombs
android - Cherry Bombs
Cosmic - Cordial Bombs
Toasty - Cherry Bombs
snivader - Cherry Bombs
Zuki-Chan - Cordial Bombs
God Usopp - Cordial Bombs
REDACTED - Cordial Bombs
Rantaro - Cherry Bombs
Cat Kyle - Cherry Bombs
Penguin022 - Cherry Bombs

Round 2: Hope vs Yui vs Elle vs Amy
Result: 5-5-4-2
Majorities: Elle and Amy
Minorities: Yui and Hope
Oofis - Hope, Amy, Yui
Moon - Eliminated (never sent)
android - Yui
Toasty - Amy, Elle
snivader - Yui, Amy, Elle
Rantaro - Amy, Yui
Cat Kyle - Amy, Elle
Penguin022 - Hope, Yui, Elle

Round 3: Orange or Tangerine?
Result: 4-2
Majority: Orange
Minority: Tangerine
Oofis - Orange
Toasty - Orange
snivader - Tangerine
Rantaro - Orange
Cat Kyle - Orange
Penguin022 - Tangerine

Round 4: Neptune's Feast vs BavariaFest vs Portallini Feast
All players participated in this round and those who were in the majority returned to the game.
Result: 5-3-3
Majority: Neptune's Feast
Minorities: BavariaFest and Portallini Feast
Ember Moon - Portallini Feast
Oofis - Neptune's Feast
Moon - never sent
AyKooChao - Portallini Feast
android - Neptune's Feast
Cosmic - Portallini Feast
Toasty - never sent (Safe)
snivader - BavariaFest
Zuki-Chan - BavariaFest
God Usopp - Neptune's Feast
REDACTED - BavariaFest
Rantaro - never sent (Safe)
Cat Kyle - Neptune's Feast
Penguin022 - Neptune's Feast

Original Round 5 was cancelled by the host, while Cat Kyle and Rantaro were eliminated for not sending in.

Round 5 (named as Round 6): Sarge Fan vs Radlynn vs LePete
Result: 3-2-0
Majority: Sarge Fan
Minority: Radlynn
Oofis - Sarge Fan
android - Radlynn
Toasty - Radlynn
God Usopp - Sarge Fan
Penguin022 - Sarge Fan

Round 6 (named as Round 7): Calypso Island vs Sakura Bay
Result: 2-1
Majority: Calypso Island
Minority: Sakura Bay
God Usopp - Sakura Bay
Oofis - Calypso Island
Penguin022 - Calypso Island

1. Headmaster Oofis
1. Penguin022
3. God Usopp
4. android
4. Toooaaastyyy
6. Cat Kyle
6. Rantaro
8. snivader
9. Moon
10. Ember Moon
10. AyKooChao
10. Cosmic
10. Zuki-Chan

Game 5:
First Host: Moon
Second Host: Cat Kyle
Winners: Lilith and Toooaaastyyy
Round 1: Leave them alone or Eat the Berries
Result: 9 - 0
Majority: Leave them alone
Minority: -
Cosmic: leave them alone
Zuki-Chan: leave them alone
Toasty: leave them alone
Algodecathlon: leave them alone
Oofis: leave them alone
Lilith: leave them alone
Phil: leave them alone
android: leave them alone
Ember Moon: leave them alone

Round 2: attack the girl's attackers or shoot the girl
Result: 6 - 3
Majority: Attack the Girl's Attackers
Minority: Shoot the Girl
Cosmic: attack the girl's attackers
Zuki-Chan: attack the girl's attackers
Toasty: attack the girl's attackers

Algodecathlon: shoot the girl
Oofis: attack the girl's attackers
Lilith: attack the girl's attackers

Phil: shoot the girl
android: attack the girl's attackers
Ember Moon: shoot the girl

Round 3: pink Otamatone or pipe made out of jade?
Result: 3 - 0
Majority: pipe made out of jade
Minority: -
Toasty: pipe made of jade
Lilith: pipe made of jade
android: pipe made of jade

Cosmic: -
Zuki-Chan: -
Oofis: -

Round 4: Apple OR Orange
Result: 2 - 0
Majority: Apple
Minority: -
Lilith: Apples
Toasty: Apples

Android: -

1. Lilith
2. Toooaaastyyy
3. android
5. Cosmic
5. Zuki-Chan
5. Oofis
7. Ember Moon
7. Algodecathlon
7. Phil Swift
11  Community / Fan Characters / Cortonith's FCs [KCP 2018] on: September 18, 2018, 11:42:28 PM

▲ Place #1 on Morrigan, Anca and Shouko. It helps. ▲


12  General / General Discussion / Kingsley's Customerpalooza: Advanced Tactics on: September 12, 2018, 10:24:16 AM
Use Papa Louie Pals instead of KCP 2018.
This way, you could have more access to other packs as well. A pack costs like a dollar—enough for Students' budget if you even ask me. However, if you don't have any packs from Papa Louie Pals, this tactic won't be quite necessary.

Custom Flipdecks are allowed.
Even if you have a different background, you must not mess the format itself and the coding, otherwise there's a higher chance it will fail.

.minerva. []
This site can check cookies, which when it checks "workercachedpoints#", it does show what score your customer has. 1.25 = 1 star, 2.75 = 5 stars, 2 = 3 stars.

There may be more later on, but that's what I just saw on the new update.


13  Community / Sign-Up Games / Majority Rules: Curse of the Black Rose [Game 7] [lajoie] on: August 25, 2018, 09:17:04 AM


  • Ember Moon permitted me about this.
  • This is currently format-mode, so once it is unlocked there would be sign-ups.
  • Some TBDs will be revealed upon Game 5 sign-ups, while all other TBDs at Game 6.

  • First question will be one from Game #2.
  • Some questions will be [Danganronpa] related.
  • Some questions will be [Lilith's FCs] related, which is likely to be related to the [Witherwood Clan].
  • Sign-ups will be at 12, 16 overflow.

  • Upon going all reply, you are automatically disqualified, and the round ends immediately.
  • Upon going into an alliance, you are automatically disqualified. Report it immediately to me if so.


OPTIONAL TWIST: Wallpaper Peppertown - Give me a certain wallpaper. This is ever optional.
- If Lilith ever picked your wallpaper, and you survived, you are immune for one round.
- If Lilith ever picked your wallpaper and you didn't survive, you aren't eliminated.
- This is only assigned at Round 1.

SERIOUS TWIST #1: Curse of the Black Rose - Pick a rose from seven.
- If he/she gets no survival points, he/she is eliminated off the competition.
- This isn't happening in the Finals.
- PM the host which rose you should pick.
- A tie on the regular choices, and one-sided choices [3-3 or 0-6 for example] [not roses] will force this twist to restart.
- Getting on a majority will give you one point.
- Picking a red rose will give you one point.
- Sharing a rose with someone will lose you one point.
- Caught actually teaming up for this twist will lose one point. Reporting such issues will be determined.

SERIOUS TWIST #2: Final Wallpaper
- Whosoever has the highest survival points wins, and will be awarded a pack from Nickito.
- Being on a majority will award 2 points.
- Being chosen will be awarded 2 more points.
- Having similarity except the main topic speaking of wallpapers will be deducted one point.
- Teaming up = DQ.


Point of View: Colin Marche

I saw... a lot of people... going to the area where no one is allowed to go in.

What are their intentions anyway?

I have no idea...

Sometimes, most people have to fear when the black rose blooms. I don't.

But, they somehow had intentions to.
14  Community / The Werewolf Game / TWG CXIV: The Lost Files [Lounge] on: August 04, 2018, 07:39:19 PM
Note that this won't be locked for polls and name suggestions. And in the future— signups.

With my days left in the dark, I have no choice but to leave the town after I got kicked from the school for no good reason at all (no, it really happened...) and I reach places that I'm yet to discover. Despite of these flashbacks on my head, I miss a few people: cypher, D-Walker and the one who dumped me well but gives me a chance if she could ever will, however she won't ever do it. Though I got exhausted over the adventure, I passed out on a dark town.

There I woke up within a mansion which is full of darkness, some windows broken thanks to the incident back then, and there was this mysterious woman in a purple hair who still up, if I remember correctly, her name was Ayako, though she left me with something to eat. Good thing she took care of me temporarily until my belongings are good as new and I would be prepared for another journey.

Sadly, one time happened, all Mansion townsfolk have retreated from their respective rooms once an alarm has been set by an idiot Wolf, giving them enough time to retaliate. But there's something that I could rather understand what's going on, the Wolves were hunting down a mysterious woman called Widow Schrond, but it's not the same person, but her conspiracy files and what was real behind her. Of course, they actually started from their respective rooms I even forgot about, so I run to where Widow (real nickname was Martha, real name Morrigan Witherwood) actually dragged me onto back then.

Weird enough none of these wolves target me, nor they can fight them at a bright day, sadly they don't have good technologies back then, there was just an Archiver who had the list of all attendees who are present on the current onslaught. She randomly lists anyone who seemed "Human" or anyone who seemed "Wolf" according to her own discretion. So there are the names of attendees, five of which is currently missing in action the Archiver even forgot to sort it due to panic.

Bae "Benji" Ho-Seong, pro gamer
Clara Bischoff, pro gamer
Amber Reckonn, pyromaniac
Katarina Yamarov, military strategist
Colin Marche, magician
Harold Gagarin, holy knight
Edith Lightsworn, martial artist
Jenna Ranallo, freight forwarder
Quattro Sigundo (real name Quattro Sinque), comedian
Aimee Cope, unknown
Cassie Moats, unknown
Miranda Orlando Mitnick, sharpshooter
Calvin McCloud, swordsman
Dylan Linberk, swordsman
Neilson Truesdale, undercover
Jin Zhin-Hao, engineer
Isabella Rimanova, scientist
Erikah Mabayo, bailed out

I guess I have to dig on her origins so that I'll examine it with the police before the Wolves did... or do the Wolves have better intentions than I do? Do the wolves have to kill me when they found out my intentions...? I don't know ever, but I have to do it.

Julia's also missing, too.
15  General / Other Games / Town of Salem on: June 29, 2018, 07:33:04 AM
matt pls nerf
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